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Homeopathic Medicines for Angular Cheilitis

Angular cheilitis, also known as angular stomatitis or perleche is an inflammatory skin condition in which swollen, red patches appear in the corners of the mouth. It is the area where the upper and lower lips connect at the corners of the mouth to form an angle. This area is medically called oral commissures. People from any age group can get it on one side or on both sides of the mouth. Homeopathic medicines for angular cheilitis bring excellent recovery in such cases by targeting to treat the root cause behind it (like infections, allergies etc)Homeopathic Medicines for Angular Cheilitis

Homeopathic Medicines for Angular Cheilitis

Homeopathic medicines are very mild and gentle, and can help effectively treat angular cheilitis. With its use, the inflammation at the corners of mouth reduces and the cracks, eruptions, ulcers heal properly. They also provide relief from symptoms like pain, burning, and itching. Further, they help treat recurrent tendencies of such diseases. 

1. Cundurango – For Painful Cracks at Corners of the Mouth

Cundurango is a top-grade remedy for angular cheilitis prepared from the dried bark of the condor plant. This is a plant of the family Asclepiadaceae. It gives great results where painful cracks at the corners of the mouth are present. The cracks can be quite deep. In some cases, the corners of the mouth may be ulcerated. 

2. Graphites – When Corners of Mouth are Dry, Rough, with Cuts

Graphites is a very effective medicine in cases where the corners of the mouth are extremely dry, rough and have deep cuts. These corners are highly cracked and fissured. Apart from this, it is an excellent medicine to treat cases with eruptions, crusting or ulcers at the mouth corners. They have a watery, sticky, gluey discharge. It also helps reduce scaliness in eruptions. In many cases, dryness, cracked lips, and a persistent burning sensation is also present with the above symptoms.

3. Petroleum – When Deep Cracks Bleed

Petroleum is considered in cases of angular stomatitis when there are deep cracks at the mouth corners that bleed often. Along with this the skin is rough, thick and hardened. The condition is worse in cold weather. Its use is also made when there appear crusts at the angles of mouth with redness, burning, itching and bleeding. Another indication to use it is eruptions at mouth corners with scaliness. 

4. Natrum Mur – For Blisters at Mouth Angle

Natrum Mur is well indicated for treating angular cheilitis with blisters at the mouth angle. With this the corners of mouth and lips are dry, ulcerated, and sometimes cracked too. Sometimes there appears scabs on the lips with burning, smarting sensation and sometimes bleeding.

4. Merc Sol – For Ulceration at Corners of Mouth

Merc Sol is a prominent medicine for ulceration at the corners of the mouth. Pain and soreness is present in these ulcers. Sometimes yellow scabs form at angles of the mouth. Along with this, the lips are dry, cracked, ulcerated and painful to touch. Excessive salivation and bad taste in the mouth may be resent along with some cases of oral thrush (fungal infection in mouth) along with angular stomatitis presenting with above symptoms. 

5. Silicea – For Crusts at Corners of Mouth 

Silicea is mainly indicated for treating crusts at the corners of the mouth. The crusts are usually hard and brownish coloured in cases needing it. Sometimes corners of the mouth are ulcerated with it. These ulcers may be painful. Itching is also present in these ulcers. Its use is also suggested where pus has formed in the affected area at the angles of the mouth.

6. Rhus Tox – For Crusty Eruptions at Mouth Corners

Rhus Tox is beneficial for cases where there are crusty eruptions at the mouth corners. Itching and burning is present, along with blisters and ulcers. The lips may be dry and parched and can be covered with reddish-brown crusts.    

7. Sulphur – To Manage Itching

Sulphur is an excellent medicine for cases where there is itching present at the angles of the mouth. These angles are ulcerated, and there is also pain in the oral commissures (mouth corners) in angular cheilitis.

8. Nitric Acid – For Rawness, Ulcers or Scabs at Mouth Angles 

Nitric Acid is indicated when there is rawness, ulcers or scabs formation at mouth angles. It is  attended with dry lips in most cases. The lips may also have blisters or ulcers attended with swelling and itching. Cracking and peeling off skin from lips mainly lower lip is mostly present. Stitching pain as from splinters may be there in lips. 

9. Belladonna – For Redness and Pain 

Belladonna is prepared from the plant called Deadly Nightshade that belongs to the family Solanaceae. It offers great help in treating redness and pain at the corners of the mouth. Sometimes eruptions are present with it. The lips may be dry, cracked, swollen with burning sensation. 

10. Psorinum – For Soreness at Mouth Corners

Psorinum is useful for reducing soreness at mouth corners. Ulcers may also be present at this site in cases needing it. Along with this dryness, burning, pain on lips is frequently noticed. Sometimes scaling is present on the lips.

11. Hepar Sulph – For Eruption with Heated Sensation

Hepar Sulph is an important medicine for eruption attended with heated sensation in corners of mouth. Sometimes there are ulcers at mouth corners. Itching around my mouth is also felt. Cracks in the lower lip may be present. It is also important medicine for healing these cases when pus has formed in the lesions.

12. Bryonia – For Dryness of Lips

Bryonia is useful to treat cases where dryness of lips is present. The lips are also swollen and cracked or covered with crusts. Sometimes bleeding appears from cracks. Burning sensation may appear in the lips when touched. 

13. Arsenic Album – For Burning Sensation in Mouth

Use of Arsenic Album is done mostly in cases where the burning sensation in the mouth is prominent. Along with there is excessive saliva with frequent spitting. This is accompanied by a bad taste in the mouth. The lips may be dry, parched, cracked along with constant licking.

14. Arum Triphyllum – For Burning Sensation on Lips

Arum Triphyllum is well-indicated for managing burning sensation on the lips. The lips in such cases become rough, sore, and cracked, and are accompanied by an intense burning. The corners of the mouth are also sore, cracked and bleeding. Those affected keep on picking the lips frequently.

Symptoms of Angular Cheilitis

The signs and symptoms in this condition appear at the corners of the mouth. Red spots develop at the corners of the mouth initially, particularly in mild cases. These spots may be attended with swelling. As the condition progresses, cracks begin to appear at the corners of the mouth. Bleeding may also arise from these spots. While in many other cases blisters (fluid-filled eruptions), ulcers, scaling, crusting may appear at corners of mouth. Irritation, itching and pain of varying intensity may appear in affected skin areas. With the above, a few other symptoms can appear. These include dryness of the lips, burning sensation on lips/in the mouth and bad taste in the mouth. In case of excessive irritation difficulty in eating may arise. The symptoms may last for just a few days or persist for a long time making the condition chronic. In chronic cases pus may form in the lesions at the corners of the mouth. When it develops from bacterial or fungal infection then the infection can spread to the adjoining skin area of the face. In some cases it can also cause oral thrush (fungal infection of the mouth).

Causes of Angular Cheilitis

Angular cheilitis can occur due to various causes, the most common among which are infections. The yeast Candida Albicans is a major cause. It usually begins from the collection of saliva at the corners of the mouth as a result of which this area remain moist for quite a long time. On evaporation of saliva dryness, cracks, irritation and pain starts appearing at this site. A person may then lick the lips frequently to reduce the dryness, irritation and pain. It will again make the corners of mouth moist and warm which gives an ideal environment for fungus to grow there.

Apart from this certain virus and bacteria can also cause it. The bacteria involved in causing it mainly includes staphylococcus aureus and beta – hemolytic  streptococci. If no cause is found behind it then the case is referred to as idiopathic angular cheilitis.

Risk Factors 

  1. An overhanging of upper lip – It causes deep angles at the corners of mouth and increases the chances of saliva to pool in these areas making it constantly moist. It leads to softening and breaking of skin and also favours growth of fungi. 
  2. Oral  thrush – it is a fungal infection in the mouth that predispose a person to angular cheilitis
  3. Allergic tendency – Allergies to certain products like toothpastes, lipsticks, lip balms, chewing gums and from material used in dentures can cause allergic contact dermatitis in the angles of mouth
  4. wearing braces or dentures – it plays are role if they are poor fitted and have associated receding of gums
  5. Having sensitive skin
  6. Certain habits like repeatedly licking lips and/or sucking the thumb
  7. Excessive salivation and drooling
  8. Sagging skin around mouth from weight loss or ageing process increases the chance of saliva collection in the angles of the mouth
  9. Use of certain medicines: Side effects of some medicines, like the  excessive use of corticosteroids, antibiotics and use of oral retinoid medication like isotretinoin employed in treating pimples can be contributing factors 
  10. Smoking 
  11. Nutritional deficiency of iron and vitamin B have been linked with angular stomatitis.
  12. Some medical conditions including diabetes (it causes weakening of the immune system making a person prone to yeast infection), inflammatory conditions like ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, anaemia, genetic condition like Down’s Syndrome and infection near mouth like cold sores. 

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