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Best Homeopathic Medicines for PTSD

What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is a psychological condition which commonly occurs in people who have undergone some stressful trauma. Terrifying or traumatic events such as warfare, sexual assault, an accident, or a natural disaster, are the main factors leading to PTSD. PTSD can occur in both children and adults. Men and women, especially those who are emergency personnel and rescue workers, are often affected by PTSD. The main symptoms of PTSD are flashbacks of horrifying events in the past, nightmares, and delusions which also known as hallucinations. Patients with PTSD want to be left alone and are indifferent to life, especially towards their family and friends. Disturbed sleep and difficulty in concentration are also common complaints of PTSD. Most people who experience a traumatic event undergo fear, anxiety, shock, and nervousness. These are the common reactions in response to stressful events and do not usually result in PTSD. But if the anxiety or stressful conditions remain for more than a month and get worse then it is indicative of PTSD. In homeopathic treatment for PTSD, the patient is considered a whole entity. Thus, the cure acts at all the levels, including the psychological level.

Homeopathic remedies are made up of natural substances and are very safe. The advantage of homeopathic treatment for PTSD is that it does not make a person dependent. Homeopathy cures the person without any side effects. These natural homeopathic remedies do not slow down the body’s natural processes and make it dull, as might be the case with other treatments.

Homeopathic Treatment for PTSD

Recommended medicines in the homeopathic treatment for PTSD are Natrum Muriaticum, Ignatia, and Kali Phosphoricum. Natrum Muriaticum acts well for PTSD when a person tends to dwell on past unpleasant memories. The person wants to be isolated and is afraid of new relationships. Ignatia, an excellent homeopathic medicine for PTSD, is of great help when frustration and hopelessness accompany PTSD. Ignatia also works well when a person is quarrelsome and has many changes in mood. Kali Phosphoricum is a well indicated homeopathic medicine for PTSD when night terrors accompany it. In such cases, patients have an aversion to meeting people and talking to them.

Homeopathic Medicines for PTSD with Flashbacks of Past Unpleasant Events

Staphysagria and Nitric Acidum are considered as top grade medicines in the homeopathic treatment for PTSD when flashbacks of previous unpleasant events occur. Staphysagria acts well when a person keeps dwelling on past unpleasant incidents of rape or sexual abuse. The patient tends to throw or break things. Nitricum Acidum is a very effective homeopathic medicine for PTSD in cases where a person holds grudges and dwells on past horrifying incidents. Nitricum Acidum treats symptoms like violent anger and hatred for the people who have offended.

Homeopathic Remedies for PTSD Accompanied by Disturbed Sleep

The most effective homeopathic remedies for PTSD accompanied by disturbed sleep are Opium and Coffea. Opium acts well in cases of PTSD when a person is sleepy but is unable to sleep. The person develops a fear after the fright, which remains for a long time. Coffea works well in cases where there is sleeplessness with a continuous flow of ideas in the mind. Mental activity keeps a person awake and makes him restless.

Homeopathic Treatment for PTSD with Nightmares

Excellent remedies for PTSD accompanied by nightmares are Arsenic Album and Staphysagria. Arsenic Album is a beneficial homeopathic medicine for PTSD in cases where there are nightmares and restlessness. In such situations, the patient has dreams of dead persons, fire, and darkness. Staphysagria, a well selected homeopathic medicine for PTSD, works well, especially in children. Usually, the child screams, wants everybody to go out, and calls for the mother.

Homeopathic Medicines for PTSD with Delusions or Hallucinations

Prominent homeopathic remedies for PTSD along with delusions or hallucinations are Agaricus Muscarius and Hyoscyamus. Agaricus Muscarius is a well-indicated treatment for PTSD when the person is preoccupied with thoughts of death, graves, and dying. Hyoscyamus, another effective homeopathic remedy, acts well when a person talks to imaginary characters and also imagines he is in the wrong place.

Homeopathic Medicines for PTSD Accompanied by Indifference

Top homeopathic remedies for PTSD accompanied by indifference are Sepia and Aurum Metallicum. Sepia is very useful in persons who show an aversion to family, friends, company, and sympathy. Aurum Metallicum acts well while dealing with patients who have lost love. In such cases, patients tend to commit suicide and imagine they are unfit for the world.

Homeopathic Treatment for PTSD when a Person Wants Solitude

Natrum Muriaticum and Ignatia are excellent homeopathic remedies for PTSD when a person wants to be alone.Homeopathy can be of great help in depression– Natrum Muriaticum is of great help in cases of severe depression and feelings of isolation. In such situations, the person shuts down emotionally and closes off from others after the traumatic event. Ignatia is a well chosen homeopathic remedy for patients who want to be alone and cannot tolerate contradiction. Other symptoms include indifference, excessive emotion, moodiness, and an aversion to any amusement.

Homeopathic Medicines for PTSD with Anger

Top grade homeopathic remedies for PTSD accompanied by anger are Chamomilla and Nux Vomica. Chamomilla works well in cases where the patient gets involved in disputes and quarrels without a valid reason. The patient also tends to dwell on past disagreeable occurrences and keeps on moaning. Nux Vomica is a very effective homeopathic medicine for PTSD when the patient is impatient when spoken to, spiteful, violent and angry without provocation.

Homeopathic Medicines for PTSD with Difficulty in Concentration

Anacardium and Kali Phosphoricum are excellent homeopathic remedies for PTSD for patients experiencing difficulty in concentration and memory.

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