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Two homeopathic medicines that I have found are very useful in treating cough variant asthma are Drosera and Coccus cacti. Drosera stands at the top of the  table for treating this recurrent cough episodes ;the main symptoms for its use are cough that aggravates at night and is also aggravated in the morning. Coccus Cacti is useful when the child vomits every time a spasm of cough comes on. I have used both the medicines with great success in treating many cases of cough variant asthma. Although there are other medicnes like Antim Tart and Ipecac ; but for my patients  Drosera and Coccus cacti have worked wonders.

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  1. Rebecca Norman says:

    Hello i have cough varient asthma my doctor has put me on two ventalins simocort twice a day but have found it doent help i am so over the cough and need a relief that will work for me please help

  2. Where can I obtain Drosera ? I have not tried anything to treat my symptoms, just suffer through. It seems to come after eating, maybe one hour? Is there a connection…

  3. Tashi Choden says:

    Hi Doctor,
    I have a 8 years old boy who has been diagnosed with cough variant asthma (dry cough at night) since he was three years old. Doctor had recommended him to use Asthalin and becklate inhaler and used about almost two years duration but there was side effect like excess saliva coming out of mouth and as such we stopped using inhaler despite Doctor said to continue to use for years ahead. After stopping it has been three years since the asthma didnt attack him but now it started again. Please suggest the treatment without side effect…


  4. Hi,
    Sir actually i was suffered by cough last five year.I am consulted lot’s of doctor but not cure also
    Allopathic medicine not properly work.
    last week i was consulted to doctor. he is saying me. Its a problem of cough variant
    but i am not sure.
    I write down my Symptom
    1. Trickle on throat
    2. cough dry
    3.morning time (littel bit amount wet cough (very small amount))
    4. Always irritating my throat(something have inside and cough try to help pull out)
    In any case i was suffered ‘CVA’ so i am taken these homeopathy medicine Drosera and Coccus cacti

    Thanks .

  5. laxman khilwani says:

    could i please be known that cough variant asthma is curable r nt ??
    please guide me the treatment in homeophthy..

  6. Monica Tiwari says:

    Coughing in every two to three months …

    Cough comes from throat.. Khansi comes in day and night too much even in day also with coughs
    what is this? How it can be controlled .

    pl help me.

  7. manmeet Chawla says:

    Hello Dr, My name is Manmeet from Delhi India, I was looking for Homeopathic medicine for ASTHMA for my Father that gives Permanent Results to cure this Disease which he is having from his childhood, even though he is taking ASTHLIN 4 nd Inhaler and Also Ventilator but no Results. can u suggest him the Medicine that suits him. he is having COUGH WITH ASTHMA during night and Morning with sometimes wheezing. his Age is now 67 years old and he is becoming Weak too. please Reply me… THANKS

  8. jennifer cook says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    I wonder if you could help. I had a history of asthma, albeit mlld and intermittent until 2 years ago when
    I was prescribed Ramapril and since then have a severe cough which has kept me awake virtually every night since. CVA was eventually diagnosed, but i am doubtful. Each medication i have had has caused worse coughing. I have used the blue ventolin when necessary and gave up the brown one when the cough did not subside. I was then given Seretide which has caused severe coughing and gave that up last weekend.
    My GP (in London) has now given me a Turbohaler 200 200/6 inhalation pwder, and this looks good, my
    cough has subsided a little. I am, however unhappy about taking constant drugs and especially steroids, and therefore wonder inf you could recommend anything. I am 70 years young and normally very healthy.
    I would be grateful for any help you may be able to offer
    thanking you in advance
    Jennifer Cook (Mrs)

  9. I have a daughter with CVA and you are very right. Drosera has been the most successful remedy with her.

  10. g n s murali krishna says:

    Dear Sirs,

    i am suffering with cough variant asthma ( uncontrolled cough ) irritating in the throught , please let me know dosage of Drosera, coccus cacti and ipecac.

    thanking you,

    murali krishna.

    • Dear sir,
      my wife is 50 years old she is patient of CHF and she had a dry cough which is worse on night
      the allopathic treatment is on going for CHF but there is no relief in dry cough she have usesd many medicine her wieght is reduced 10 pound
      may i used spongia or drosera if yes than tell me potency further also describe the CHF
      i am also give her cratagus deigtalus and cactus
      please help me

    • Tashi Choden says:

      From where can i buy Drosera, coccus cacti and ipecac

  11. Syed Mamtajul Islam says:

    Dear sir, Is cough variant asthma curable? Is it dangerous or what problems arise if remains untreated? Does it requres taking inhaler? or simply homeopathy medication can cure it. Would appreciate if you explain alternatives in details.

  12. M. Markandeya Sharma says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma,

    This is Markandeya Sharma from Hyderabad, I recently (1st April’14) diagnosed that i had effected by cough Variant Asthma (CVA) by Dr. Raghothama Reddy from Yasoda Hospital , HYD.

    My present symptoms are:1. Coughing frequently 2. feel dryness in mouth & throat .
    Kindly suggest medicine for me to come out from CVA.

    Thanks & Regards
    M. Markandeya
    Mail :
    Cell 9502094797
    Hyderabad, A. P

  13. M A Mustafa says:

    I myself is suffering from allergic rhinitis, due to which i have to suffer a lot in cold seasons for cough cold in repeated stage. I am also suffering from tonsils attack. Please suggest any proper treatment and precautionery to be adopted fro getting relief.

  14. dr chirag nirmal says:

    useful material thanx dr.

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