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Homeopathic Remedies For Alopecia Aerata


homeopathic remedies for alopecia aerata


Having bald patches on one?s head, beard and eyebrows can be very distressing. Although alopecia areata does not affect the patient health in any other form, it is certainly life-altering and its sudden onset, recurrent episodes and unpredictable course have a great impact on the psyche of those suffering from it. Homeopathic remedies for alopecia aerata provide an excellent treatment for it  . They are  fairly successful as it quickly helps the hair in growing back .

Alopecia areata is the loss of hair in circular or oval patches from the scalp or elsewhere such as eyebrows, beard, etc. The bald patches are usually of the size of a five-rupee coin or one-rupee coin. Complete loss of hair may also occur in some individuals although it is not very common.

Alopecia areata is a fairly common skin disorder and about 1 per cent of the population is affected at any given time. Unlike other kinds of hair loss, alopecia areata is a reversible hair loss as the follicles (structure that encloses the root of the hair) of hair are not damaged. Alopecia areata does not affect the patient health in any other way. Few people complain of itching when hair starts falling. There is no physical discomfort associated with it. Alopecia affects all ages, races and sexes equally.

Though not very certain, it is assumed that your body?s own defence system attacks the hair follicle. The defence system attacks the cells of the follicle as a case of mistaken identity. These cells resemble a protein which our defence system is programmed to destroy. Pigment cells and the sweat gland around it get destroyed but the follicle protects itself by moving into the higher layers of the skin and sheds off the hair shaft. The follicle then remains dormant there.

Although not very strong, the genetic factor is also associated with alopecia areata. This means that some children whose parents have had alopecia areata or are suffering from it may have a predisposition towards developing the disease later in life.

As the hair follicle is not destroyed, the chances of hair growing back is always there. The true and exact nature of an untreated case is very difficult to predict. Some hair experts believe that there are certain conditions where the prognosis is not good.

Although there has not been found a direct link between stress and alopecia, its involvement cannot be totally ruled out. Stress is known to aggravate immune (defence) system-related disorders and also a variety of skin conditions, including urticaria, psoriasis and hyperhidrosis.

Homeopathic Remedies For Alopecia Aerata

Homeopathic treatment is very effective in dealing with alopecia areata. Researches shown that homeopathic remedies for alopecia aerata affect our body by optimising our immune system. Thus, homoeopathy can provide an effective and a permanent  solution to this problem.

Moreover, once it is treated with homoeopathy the chances of the problem occurring again are also highly reduced. Although certain homeopathic medicine like Flouricum Acid and Phosphorus are very often and effectively used in treating this disorder, one need to go through a constitutional analysis before any prescription is made. Constitutional analysis is the prescription-based assessment of your physical and psychological characteristics.


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  1. Abhishek kumar says:

    I have light beard and I want to make it dense. How should I use this product?

  2. Kousik Das says:

    I am 25 years old.I am suffering front alopecia. Hairloss started 4 years ago..can homeopathy recover my hair..plz suggest me..

  3. Mazna Adnan says:

    Dear Sir !!

    My niece is 6 years old and it’s been more then two years she is suffering from Alopecia areata totallis. Even after number of expensive homeopathic plus herbal treatments, nothing has helped muhlch, got treatment done from Dubai and America. She got some patches about 6 months back but it has stopped growing and even no new hairs are forming. N need of a help.

  4. My daughter is 6 yrs she has lost her scalp hair , eyebrows and eye lashes in 7 months…her allopathy treatment is going on but no results are shown…is there some solution to tjis problem in homeopathy??

  5. Partha Tarafder says:

    I am 44,,when I take food and drinks from that time I feel pain my upper right corner of the abdomen, and urine colour yellow, but bilirubin not found from urine test, I have suger 198&230(fasting & pp) & my health is going to poor but weight 62kgs.kindly advice me

  6. Dear sir ,
    My five year son suffering from this Alopecia Aerata from last one month
    It is just starting Pl suggest homeopathic medicine

  7. Hello sir , I suffering from alopecia areata since 12 years ,please help me for this rediculous disease please sir.

  8. Hi doctor I m suffering from alopecia from last 4 years… I lost hair from heads please help in regain my hair

    • Hi sir I am vijaya, suffering with alopecia areata since 9 years. I loss my hair 85% on my head .so please solve my problem sir.i used many medicines allopathy and Ayurveda but no result so pls help me sir.i am in hyd thanq sir

  9. hello dr. this is mounika i’m suffering from alopecia since 6 yrs now i lost almost 60% of my hair im just 23yrs old and this is really humiliating for me please do help me to regain all my hair i lost all my hope and confidence

  10. Meenakshi Dhar says:

    Hi Dr.This is Meenakshi . I had Alopecia Areta initially and finally it got processed to Alopecia Totalis. I lost all my hair. I took Steriods and other medicines but its not giving any good results. I am planning to get the Homepathic treatment. I have this problem from past 6 months. Please suggest what needs to be done.

  11. Sir I am Mary from Hyd uppal suffering with alopetia for long time taken treatment but it is repeating

  12. christy nazario says:

    i’ve been having alopecia areata for about 3 years now. i live a healthy life, i workout, i eat healthy, my bloodwork is normal except for a low but not serious vitamin d level (23) and a high wbc level but that could be due to me getting steroid injections every three weeks. i am thinking about going a homeopathic route and wanted your opinion. please help.

  13. qazi waseem says:

    Sir , i got hair patch on forehead little right side so pl slove my problem.i am very thankfull of you.

  14. Ratnesh Kumar says:

    Hi Doctor,

    I am also suffering from alopecia areata there’s a Patch in my head Hairs about the size of Rs. 1 Coin. and its increasing on day to day bases. However i have started taking allopathy treatment buy no +ve results shown. Kindly suggest homeopathy treatment to first stop my hair fall then to regrow of my lost hairs.
    Will be a great favor on me.

    Thanks in advance.

  15. Ms. Sanchari Bose says:

    I have severe problem of alopecia. At the age of 9 had alopecia, I took homeopathic medicine and it was cured. Now my age is 36 last 6 years my hair started falling. I took lot of medicines, but not helped. At last I took injection, the hair came and again it fall drastically. Now I it in very bad situation. I have very less eyebrows.

  16. Hi Sir,

    i am suffer hair loss and alopecia. please suggest medicine.

  17. ANA GAVRILA says:


    My name is Ana. I live in London and I have been diagnosed with alopecia areata since the summer just gone. I have read about your work and I would like to discuss my condition with you as it is rapidly worsening. Is this at all possible?
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,

  18. Hi Doctor,

    I am also suffering from alopecia, there’s a Patch in my head Hairs about the size of Rs. 1 Coin. and its increasing on day to day bases. However i have started taking allopathy treatment buy no +ve results shown. Kindly suggest homeopathy treatment to first stop my hair fall then to regrow of my lost hairs.
    Will be a great favor on me.

    Thanks in advance.

  19. Somenath Sarkar says:

    I am suffering from alopecia barbae in one area from last one year and I am under homeopathy treatment . But no improvement is there. What I should do??

  20. Hi Dr. Sharma, this is waseem from Pakistan, i’m very much worried about my elder son 12 who is suffering Alopecia Areata from last one and Half year, lots of treatments i have tried by Alopathic but all were steroides and at the end no progress, can you please advise what homeopathy can help? Iit started on his head back side but now we noticed that baldness is spreaded and he doesnt have hair on his arms, legs and face as well, plz help

  21. simran jaisinghani says:

    my bro is suffering from alopicia are at since 3 year ihave losy my hair in face eyebrows head allso white hair patchas in face i taken many treatment

  22. Good after noon sir, my sister named shaista is infected with hair loss disease since 4 years. Right now she is bald. We r very much worried about her. We consulted with many doctors but we didn’t got any result. But as per your advertisement u say that u have medicine for that so if u can help us we will be ur obliged. My contract number is 8923251775

  23. One patch on the scalp that’s it now taking dr. Batra homeopathy treatment

  24. Nilesh Kumar says:

    Hello sir I am suffering from alopecia disease on my hair. Lots of patches I have. My age is 28 is I will regain my hair. If I will go for treatment may you give some good suggestion.

    • harsha santlani says:

      My daughter is 2 yrs old.. she got Alopecia a months back, we live in Dubai and consulted dermatologist and ayurvedic doctor, not satisfied with the results. One fourth of her scalp is affected and yesterday i saw two patches at her Lower back. We are very tensed, ayurvedic treatment is already going, some ointments and oils we are putting on her scalp. Please suggest us Homepathic medicines, we are out of india, medicines over here is very expensive, please suggest us some good option, or some medicine so we can arrange from iNDIA..Waiting for your earliest response.

  25. Divya bharti says:

    I have a daughter of five years , she has few round patch of hair loss all of sudden .I am seriously worried about it .and her is coming out so easily. Please suggest me some medicine or helpftips to cure her. I will be so thankful to you.

  26. Hi! I’m suffering from alopecia areata since the age of 14. It occured once then and then totally recovered. And now i’m 18 and seems like it came back. First it was a small bald patch and then it became to increase and then the hair started regrowing and now I can see another patch right above the old one. What should I do now?

  27. Jagdeep Singh says:

    Respected sir, My age is 26 years . A small round patches below my chin like 5 rupees coin that is alopecia areata . Am very worried please tell me a homeopathic medicines to solve this problem. Please give me advice help me sir. I thankfull to u

  28. Swati chadha says:

    Hello Dr.
    My five year old girl is suffering from alopecia. It was all of a sudden that I noticed an oval shaped patch exactly in d center of her head. She generally complains pain while combing. She is very fond of long hair n happily puts oil n keeps hair tied up. But m worried as her hair r becoming thin day by day. Today only I have noticed few more patches. M so worried plz help me n tell if it has a proper treatment. If treated can it occur again? What type of food she can take or can’t take?

  29. Muhammad Ajmal says:

    Dr. Sahib I am from Pakistan, I am a patiant of Alopecia areata since 3 Years. I treated by a Dermotolngist since 2014, he segessted me Triton Injs.(steroids). I am now using these 2-3 injections after every 3 months, the hair created and grown in affected areas of the body. I am confused now because regular use oe steroids is harmful. In this stage, any Homoeopathic product available in Pakistan who treatment my problem. Please inform me.

  30. sagar nisal says:

    Hllo dear doctor
    myself sagar nisal i m suffering from alopacial and itching scalp plz help me

  31. Is alopecia affect face hair fall at beginning? Is phosphorus best remedy for that.

  32. Shyam jhunjhunwala says:

    last 2 month i am seeing some bald patches on my beard .is there any homeopathy medicine available for this.

  33. Shibashish dehury says:

    Dear sir
    I have hair loss from scalp in small round patches and the patches are pink in colour. I have this last 6 to 12 months and my age is 30 yrs. So help me how to treat this disease.

  34. poonam goyal says:

    How should I treat my 5.6 years old son losing hairs from his head in big patches… even brows …and upper lashes are completely gone…how should I tackle the problem… my son is really looking unrest …is there any health problem too because to which his hairs are losing…

  35. Praveen Srivastava says:

    Dear sir

    last 2 month i am seeing some bald patches on my beard .is there any homeopathy medicine available for this.


    i am suffering from patchy Alopecia Areata in my head ..what i will do .

  37. Sapna Agarwal says:

    Hello Dr,

    This is with reference to my Daughter who is 6 year old and has been suffering from Alopeicia Aerata since the last 5 months.
    The 1st visible hair loss was on the left scalp which is now having a regrowth and 1 patch on the same side but at the back.

    We got her treated with Aloopathic medicines (prednissone 8mg ) and see some hair growth although the density is not high.

    Kindly let me know if we can start the Homeopathic treatment and is it fully Curable.

    Sapna Agarwal

  38. Salim Hossain says:

    I am loosing hair right back side of my head .it looks like o spot without hair .the skin seems oily .pls give me a solution.some time I am applying onion juice.

  39. Raman Bhardwaj says:

    Im 23 yrs old, weight 60 kg, height 5 feet 6 inches. Im not suffering from any other disease.
    Im suffering from Alopecia areata barbae. My beard hairs r shedding away from couple of months. There are round circles on face with no hair due to this disease. Please prefer me some homeopathy medicine with name so that i can buy them from nearby homeopathy shop. I live in Gurgaon, Haryana.

    Thank you

  40. umakant mishra says:

    Dear Sir
    7 years ago my stomach system was upset due to change location of my home
    after that mujhe bahut loose motion hone laga kafi dini tak
    uske baad maine dawaiya li phir thik ho gaya magar us samay mere baal tutne lage the aur mere bhair lagte the jaise sacalp ek dum gila ho jata tha jaise ekdum dandruff se bhara gila
    uske baad kuch baal tutthe the par utna nahi uske ek saal baad mujhe tyophid ho gaya
    uska ilaaj hua uske ek saal baad mujhe jondis ho gaya wo thik ho gaya
    uske baad se lagatar maine dawaiya khai homeopath ki magar koi result nahi aaya
    aap please bataye ki mai kaun se dawai mere liye behtar hoga taki mere hair phir se regrow ho jaye
    mai issse upset raha karta hoon
    mere jab baal tutne start hue the us samay meri age 20 years thi
    abhi to aap jaan hi gaye hai
    please give me a right solution to cure my hair to hair fall and regain my hair
    my hair fall from forehead
    plase sir give me a solution





  42. raghavendra says:

    sir i have alopecia areta for more thatn 2 years please suggest any solution for which homeopathy medicine i have to use to get solution for my disease. i am really feeling shy to go outside for any place please help me sir

  43. santosh soni says:

    dear sir
    i am santosh soni and i have problem by alopecia ill to my beared to 5 months and many alopecia product and docter treatment dont effect my beared patches blanded please suggest and any easy , fast solution provide.

  44. rahul kishor says:

    hi. dr sharma.i am suffering from fever,dry,red and hot and there is no sweat

  45. Mohammad tausif says:

    dear doctor ,,
    yesterday I was send email to u on dis behalf nobody call me but ur email arrived I thankful to u I m suffering alopecia on head its itching me continuously very hard I m fedup plz help me I use homeopathy alopecia drops n blue ointments…m suffering 2 disease like glaucoma on my left eye n also blood sugar for glaucoma I used lummigan drops n refresh liquid gel both eyes..for sugar glynase MF .

    please help as possible as thanks sir

  46. bikramjit singh says:

    dear sir,
    i m 42 yrs old,i m suffering from alopecia of beard for last 10 yrs, tried various treatments but all in vain,
    pl suggest treatment to overcome this

  47. Jiten Kumar Pradhan says:

    Respected Sir I am 46 years old and facing thinning of hairs and loss of hairs also. Now I am taking folliplus @ 20drops thrice daily since last 2 months according to homoeopathy doctor. According to his diagnosis I am suffering from male pattern baldness. I need your kind attention towards me regarding the above matter. Thank you.

  48. Iris V Montañez says:

    Hello, my name is IV and i suffer from Lupus which i think may be the cause of my hair loss. Please help.

  49. vaneet kaur says:

    I am suffering from aleopoacia for last 10 years. First I was treated by Dr.Ramji gupta.
    He gives me storid 2 mg for thee to four years. when he reduce the medicine hair
    fall start.
    Then I join another hemopathic doctor he gives me mix of 1mg storid with hemoptic
    medicine for last five years.I have hairs but when he start reducing storiod hair fall start.
    I am realy fed up now i want to stop storid and want to remain only on hemopathy and I like
    that my hair remain safe.

  50. Purnima Ladhani says:

    Have been diagnosed with aa since a month..have multiple patches..which seem to be increasing..pls help me. ASAP..thanks

  51. mahesh singh says:

    hair not growing after transplant

  52. my hair is falling on age 16 th sir there is as above u said that hair falls cause of tension. and poor diet. and hi sexuality.
    please send me affective medicine to control hair fall

  53. snehaletha says:


    iam 42 years old & mother of two.Iam suffering from alopacea ince last 18 years. I may also inform you that i am a patient suffering with hypothyroidism.Is there any relation btween hypothyroidism $ hairfall?
    treatments were made e trough different methods.Can you help me?

  54. khaja nawaz khan says:

    hair falling problem i need your help

  55. Why are those people tiaseng this girl? Do they think it’s funny when someone has a disease? It’s like if I’d say: Haha, you have cancer and you’re gonna die! I mean, WTF?Those bullies are saddos who bully people who can’t defend themselves.The girl is actually REALLY PRETTY. Even without the wig.

  56. Hi mr sharma, i m having this disease of alopecia aretia since 7 8 years andd I have tried lot of oils and medicines, and even I had got steriods inject on effectd area but nothing worked permenantly, yes by having this it worked but for a very short while and it started again, I live in dubai and hair treatment is vvery expensive. So I cannot go around and experience new doctors new medicines so please guide me what is the cure nd how to prevent it. Plz reply

  57. Mini PC Reviews says:

    I simply could not leave your site prior to suggesting that I extremely enjoyed the standard info a person provide in your guests? Is gonna be back regularly to check up on new posts

  58. Sovan Saha says:

    Sir, I am 40 years male, I am in the process of hair fall followed by itching symptom. No body have their hair after 45 in my family. I noticed thinning of hair from the topical region. Another problem I have been suffering for long is premature ejaculation of sperm and having very bad sex life.
    I started applying minoxidil 5% solution on the scalp and also administered by finasteride tablet by skin specialist. But I don’t want to take the tablet as it affects testosterone hormone. One homeopathy doctor suggested me to take Lycopodium and selenium 200, some suggested me Reckweg combination 89. Please doctor, suggest me correct medicine primarily for my hair fall(baldness) problem.

  59. shah javid says:

    i am 27 year old male, i am having hairfall and cronic dandruff from last 6 months. I have gone for almost all the treatments but,temperary results.Dr can u help me out of this problem.

  60. Hello,

    My name is Ather Ahmed and I live in Karachi, Pakistan. I have been suffering from Alopecia for 6 month . I have had different treatments but I don’t see any change.Have got 5 patches at beared, 4 at head . Initially they were only 2 at head, now there are hairs at those places. But current patches are at different places.I have intake different kind of vitamins and tablet like HCL formulated and cream HCL formutaed
    Can you please help me to get rid of this disease?

    I have been using Alopethic mediciens + vitamins + Injections (cortizone, dermatozile).

    What medicines to use or who can i consult who can treat this disease well?


  61. Iam facing hairfall problems day by day im using ayurvedic good shampoo bt problem is still dere. My hair became so much thin. Plz sugest me good hair growth medicines

  62. Muhammad Noman Banka says:


    My name is Muhammad Noman Banka and I live in Karachi, Pakistan. I have been suffering from Alopecia for over a year now. I have had different treatments but I don’t see any change. Can you please help me to get rid of this disease? What medicines to use or who can i consult who can treat this disease well?


    Muhammad N. Banka.

  63. Sudhir Dahiya says:

    Sir my name is sudhir dahiya. I have some bald patches on my forhead.

    i had taken treatment from skin hair-V.D & Cosmetology Clinic.(Dr. Sandeep Sharma M.B.B.S (AIIMS)). Dr. said me that there is no parmanent solution for your hair even for every bald head patient. you will have to take the medicine whole life. when you will leave the medicine than the problem raise again. That’s why i m so confused what should i do. pls suggest me that if the treatment is possible or not.

  64. jachindra kumar rout says:

    I have been suffering from alopecia since five months. Now I have an oval patch just above the centre of fore head and two round patches joined just on the left side sulf and one at back. I am 45 years old man .Iam very worried about this .Please tell me how to get over it quickly.

  65. mitchell gordon says:

    I have two nickle sized bald spots on the front sides of my chin they have white hairs trying to grow within them like peach fuzz the spots are still visabul after shaving and can at times look a little pinkish to red in color no iching or other irratation is present i had thought it was a ring worm form of break out because two of my boys had gotten a bad spread of ringworm when i had started to notice the hair loss i had used there oitment for ring worms for a month and no change please contact me if you have any idea what my issue is i can send pictures if needed

  66. Mallikarjun says:

    have been suffering from Alopecia Areata since last 2 years. Have got 5 patches at beared, 2 at head currently. Initially they were only 2 at head, now there are hairs at those places. But current patches are at dirfferent places.

  67. Mallikarjun says:

    have been suffering from Alopecia Areata since last 18 years.Now Iam 32 years, Have got 5 patches at beared, 8at head currently. Initially they were only 2 at head, now there are hairs at those places. But current patches are at dirfferent places.Aready I lost almost my hair. sir plz give me medical remedy.

  68. mr.mausam says:

    i am suffered from hair loss from 2 years dandruf development is in a large amount hair loss is enough please suggest me something.

  69. Alopecia Areata as suggested by 4-5 different doctors. Started loosing hair on a tiny patch in scalp around Jan 2011 and slowly it has grown bigger in size. Any attempts with medicine steroids applied locally have always increased the same. Now there are close to 12 different patches of different sizes and including 2 in beard area. My barber had put some oil in my hair in Oct 2010 which gave me small but many blisters on my scalp whcih slowly and greadually got ok till in Jan 2011 I noticed 5mm patch where the hair were lost totally. Also my mother suffered from Acute Transverse Myletis in May 2010 and my father had ulcerative collitis in late 1980’s. Please let me know if this is totally curable.. and in how much time. Or should I learn to live with this and stop spending time and money on this.

  70. HI,
    I have had a bald spot on my scalp for the last couple of years. But I ignored it. But now I am finding bald areas in many places , plus the hairline near my forehead is receding and my hair in most of my scalp has thinned. Please advice treatment and if this condition can be completely cured and will the hair grow back again. I have heard of alopecia, is it the same condition?? Can it lead to complete loss of hair on my scalp. Please advise. I am very much concerned.

  71. jamshid says:


  72. jamshid says:

    sir my name is jamshid i am living in gulf country i have alopecia toyaile since i was 10 year old that my whole body hair falling start now i have compete boldness an d beard eyebrow eye lesh everything lose even emoton and deep stress i marreid man have no chlidren too duble stress please tell me what i do kindly help out this problem any cost thank

  73. Praneeth Undella says:


    I am suffering from Alopecia on the beard for last 8 years .please suggest a medicine how long i need to take it.

    Present i am using English medicine steroid injections(Kenocort 10mg and Tri cort 10 mg) but is is not curing 100% . please suggest Homeopath medicine…

    Present i am in hyderabad…please suggest Hospitals or Medicines
    please send mail…


    • abhishek singh says:


      I am suffering from Alopecia on the beard for last 8 years .please suggest a medicine how long i need to take it.

  74. Kashif alu says:

    Dear doctor
    i m to much about about this dieses alopecia i,ll lost my hair kindly send me a treatment

    kashif ali

  75. Am suffering from hair fall and baldness problem. as i am 30 now, this problem occurred from last five years i used to take some homeopathy medicines but the result is as temporary and couldnt take me out of this problem.
    Right now am sufficiently bald and am using CAP all the time. is that real by using cap continuously one can loos hairs? if so why the turban man couldnt have such issues? and also tell me if there is any treatment to get rid of baldness except wigs and hair transplant. and where i can get treatment of this?
    I’ll be thankfull to you if you resolve the issue.
    thank you!

  76. m 25yr female suffering 4rm alopecia areata 4rm last 8yrs n wid treatment patches dissappear bt new patches are formed at sme new places nw i hve 4 patches on my scalp n also severe itching should i get rid of ds disease permanently n plz suggest me which treatment should i follow thnx n plz snd me mail

  77. sudanta sen says:

    Every day when I go to shower for bath 20 to 30 hair falls. If there is any low price medicine to cure the excess hair fall, my age is 34.

  78. Everybody reading this website is an idiot. Homeopathy is a scam. Go read a science book.

  79. Debabrata Saha says:


    I am 34 years young man, want to solve my boldness of the heair. pl. advice me the medicine name as soon as possible

  80. my daughter has alopecia aerata last 2 years we have tried allopathy and homeopathy medicines but no result pls give advise and medicines

  81. ranjit kaur says:

    i am 38 years old female. i was also suffering from alopecia aerata since last 20 years, like allof u i tried all but all in vain.

    since last year i found a homeopathy doctor, he throughly collected symptoms and then started disgnosis. now i am 80 % relieved. 20 years of experence says that there is no permanent cure, u have to visit doctor whenever it appears / re-appears. thats it. if required phone of doctor can be furnished..


  82. siddhartha dutta says:

    sir.., iam 23 and i am suffering from sevsre diffuse hair loss.. i hav tried many allopathic medicines but they dint worked.. i wold l[ke to get cured .please give some advice and medicines…. thanx

  83. sir, i am 27 year old male, suffering from male pattern baldness and hair density decreased. sir i want to cure this by homoeopahic medicine. sir, please give me some advice soon on my email address: i am curiously waiting for your response.

    thank you!

  84. Sir,I am 24 year old male ,suffering from male pattern baldness.I have lost my hair from forehead in M-shape and it is genetic.I do not want to use alopathic(minoxidil & finasteride) because of severe side effect and it would have to use forever without stop.
    Sir,I want to know a good powerful DHT inhibitor homeopathic medicine which is main cause of mpb.Is Sabal serrulata(mother tincture) homeo medicine which made from saw palmetto(natural DHT bloker) good as a DHT bloker.plz,give your advice soon on my e-mail,I am curiosly waiting for your response.
    Thank you!

  85. Sarang Ghotkar says:

    i have suffering from alopcia areata since 6 years i have losy my hair in face area , & some white hair patches in face, i had taken many treatment of alopethic , result is positive but once stooped the medicine the hair is also gone in new area, so please look into matter & mail me as early as [possible.

    My Medicine,

    1. hair 4 U oil, 2. Thromlophob ointment. 3. Transhipa 3 ointment.
    4. Tab. Betnosol. 5. Tab. Sintamil 75 mg. 6. Govifort 70 ML Syrup.

  86. R.ANAND says:

    Dear Sir,
    i am suffering from male pattern baldness my age is 29 i have tried so many medicine,ayurvedic,alopathic but nothing worked out and i am looking like age 40 but my father do not have this problem plz suggest some good treatment


  87. seetha edirisinghe says:

    hi my loving granddaughter got alophecia desease recently. round pacthes in her head.( hair loss) please tell me is there any medicine for get rid of this problem. thanks.

  88. abhay joshi says:

    sir i m 37 years old and have 84kg wt..obese hypertensive with 160/90 mmhg……with chronic hair fall.vertex..forhead……..please give me homoeopathic drug please…thanks

  89. I’m suffering alophecia. I’ve visited different doctors but no result. please help me if there is any solution.

  90. i am suffering alopecia for 10 mounths. i never had this problem before. got the treatment from doctor . but not any positive result.
    i discovered a patch on my beard. plz suggest me some treatment.

  91. i am sufring elopecia universal sinse 5 yearsi took so many medicen but no solved now we are takin hemeo path from 16 month still same can you suggest me

  92. A. Rajput says:

    Dear Sir

    I’m 36 years old and having many close round patches about the size of coin (Doctors called it Alopecia Areata) in my head and full body since last 5 years which is increasing slowly. I’m getting medical treatment which is included MINOXIDIL GEL 2%.
    One year ago, one doctor injected 1 KANACART OR CANAKART injection/month for 5 times but not any positive result.
    Now since last 10 months, I’m using MINOXIDIL GEL 2%, still there is no result. I visited few clinics in UAE. I’m seriously depress now a days.
    Can you advise me!!! what I’ve to do!

    Thanks & regards

    A. Rajput

  93. Morgan Cota says:

    Dear Doc,

    I have been suffering from alophecia since last 2 months only before i never had this problem.. i am currently having 3 patches on my head and my darmatologist in Dubai have precsribed me perfectil,stresstabs with zinc and ointment elicasal and also have injected over the area but still i do not see any improvement so i hereby seek for your advice on the subject matter.

    I am looking forward for your earliest reply and wish to seek a treatment.

    Best Regards,

  94. mohd danish says:

    i have been suffering from alopecia from last year.first i got it on my scalp’ got the treatment from homeopathy doctor . i started to have hair witin 5 months .but in the meantime i discovered a patch on my beard. for that i was getting treatment from last 9 months’but few days i discovered 2 patches on my beard
    plz suggest me treatment

  95. I have been suffering from alopecia areata from the time I was 5 years old. Initially I lost my hairs on eye brows. I got treated at Allopathy doctor’s clinic. Then I started growing hairs on eyebrows. then It started to move towards eyelashes. It subsided later it moved to whole body. patches of lost hair started to appear on my body. Now I am 25 years old. I have lost substantial amount of hairs on my chin. since there were not many good allopathic doctors in my city. I couldn’t cure it. plz suggest me a good solution.

  96. suchita sharma says:

    i am 33 years old lady,suffyering from female pattern baldness.My father is also bald.Do i need to do some kind of test done? Pl. help me…

  97. sir,
    i am 28 yrs and have been diagnosed with alopecia areata on my scalp.
    i am horrified to see the bald patch as i guess it has increased in size it started
    as a 50p coin size and now have grown. am under homeopathy treatment in india
    but it doesnt seem to be working. sir, can homeopathy make a difference in the condition. if yes then how much improvement can be seen and what will be the duration of the treatment.

  98. Sir,
    I am suffering from Alopecia on the beard for last 6 months . I recently suffered Stomach infection due to the medicines which i have used for the teatment of alopecia. please suggest a long i need to take it.

    Ashish kumar

  99. last 5-6 years i have got typhoid. due to this, its occured a particular kind of dandruff in my head skin. i tried many medicine, shampoos, etc. but no relief. My frontier head’s hair is very weak and thin. plz tell me what i should do in this condition. how can i get rid from this condition.

  100. Dear Doc,
    I am 49 .since last two yrs my hair has reduced consireably above forehead sides and lightly in the rear. None of my parents have hairloss problems. please suggest a suitable medicine. Also i am allopathy medicines for hypertension since 6 years.

  101. Phani Kumar says:

    I am suffering the Alopecia Areata on beard, 4 months ago all of a sudden I got one small patch on my beard and currently I am undergoing with Allopathy medicine, small thin white hairs are appearing to grow on the effected area…Can I get any suggestion to get this problem resolved at the earliest…

    Many Thanks,

  102. Sir,
    I am suffering from hairfall since last 15 years, i am 41 now. 50% hair has been lost.I have taken so many ayurvadic madicines but no improvement found., Kindly suggest me any effective/result oriented madicine for the recovery of lost hair and baldness.

    Thanks and Regards


  103. Cynthia Smith says:

    I have had Alopecia from the age of 12 to current( 58), I am a female, I now wear a unit that is glued on and changed 6 to 8 weeks. Very costly but so much more freedom than I ever had. My heart goes out to any one with this mostly young children. Because I know how kids can tease and I remember how I felt. I get tears just thinking about it. I would truly love to find a cure, if there is hope for me and others please let me know. Right now I found out that my friends 8 yr. old grand daughter has Alopecia. Thank you


    sir iam only 29 years old but due to baldness looks like a man of 50 years . kinndly suggest me a good medicine to use so that i may get mt losss hair back.

  105. anil kasera says:

    Hi ,i m 28 year i m suffring frm male androgenic baldness 4 year.i hv taken many medicine,ayurvedic,alopathic and homeopathic bt dont get any effective result.i m very very depresd of my baldness plz suggest any fast effective treatment.

  106. Himangshu says:

    I am 34 yrs Male weight 73 height 5′ 7′ healthy, suffering from baldness, my hair’s are
    thinning from the scalp and from past one year it is severe , iam using ArnicaPlus with Triofer Tab. and zinc Capsules & B-Complex Tab , Magnesia Tab and previously used Minoxidal Topical .
    Sir, plse help me by suggesting some homeopathic remedies

  107. Sir,
    I am suffering from hairfall since last 15 years, i am 45 now. It can be called alopacia (male type baldness)

    I understand that this type of baldness is due to DHT, I want to know in Homeopathy any effective DHT blockers are there?

    Thanks and Regards


  108. Dear Doc,

    I have been suffering from Alopecia Areata since last 2 years. Have got 5 patches at beared, 2 at head currently. Initially they were only 2 at head, now there are hairs at those places. But current patches are at dirfferent places.

    I have been using Alopethic mediciens + vitamins (skinvita, sentry etc) + Injections (cortizone, dermatozile). Doc says it is due to much stress, personally i dont agree with it; but they put me stress less/sleep medicines like (lexotenal, frezium, Alp etc).

    I have looked at many sites related to homeo. Medicines like: Sepia, Graphites, Phosphorus seemed to be the possible cure for it. BUT all of them seemed to be mostly for women 🙁 MY Doc has prescribed me Sepia.. but when i went 2 other doc for second opinion, she told me it is only for women & specifically in case of women hormones disorder.. FOR GOD SAKE.. is there any medicine of alopecia for MEN in HOMEO ????


  109. Paul Hunt says:


    I have been diagnosed with alopecia areata. I have about 20 bald spots on my scalp and beard one of which is a 75mm round bald spot. I have recently moved to Melbourne Australia from Europe. Can you please help me with this disease as it is causing me extreme emotional stress.

    Thank you

  110. Prashant Choudhary says:

    Sir fromlast 2 years i have lost lot of hair .my hair were really very thick i done lot of treatment but its not affecting .once my hair grown bit long around 3-4 inches again hair fall starts plz suggest what should i do

  111. shubhashish says:


    I am suffering from Alopecia on the beard for last 10 year .please suggest a long i need to take it. I am 31 years, tall,fair,frequently suffer cold & cough.

  112. I am suffering from Alopecia on the beard for last 1 year .please suggest a long i need to take it.

  113. my daughter, she is 9years old is suffering from alopecia and its increasing day by day even in front side also.she has skin allergy and cough problem also and masturbation is also noticed these days. plz suggest what to do and for how long.

  114. Hi my 31/2+ year old son has be diagnosed as having alopecia-what are some homeopathic things we could try-any appointments are not until may or October-as of this week I have seen new patches form-please give me some ideas-thanks

  115. rajesh motivaras says:

    i have suffering from alopcia areata since 12 years i have losy my eyebrow , beard & some patches in head, i had taken many treatment of alopethic but result is positive but once stooped the medicine the hair is also gone, so please look into matter & mail me as early as [possible

  116. Hi sir ! I am suffering from pain in my lower legs which becomes worst while sitting and sleeping

  117. deepak Sahdev says:

    I am suffering from Alopecia on the beard for last 1 year .please suggest a long i need to take it.

    Deepak Sahdev

  118. i am infected a major tinea capitis pls send atreatment.

  119. Hiii
    I am infected in alophecia in 5 years.i have many docters treatment in adopted but not realief I have hemeopath treatment is also adopted But no relief . I have atlast goes
    Aurvedh treatment so less benefit .pls suggest aurvedic medicine &desi medicine &
    Home medicine. I have used in divya kesh oil .i have daily yoga exercise in home of 7 month.
    Please solve my difficult problem.


  120. Dr. Bhavin Modi says:

    Kindly send the miasmatic evaluation of the alopecia.

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