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13 essential Steps For your Child’s Recovery from Autism


13 essential Steps For your Child’s Recovery from Autism

It is very natural for  all parents to go through a  ‘difficult period’  initially once they come to know about their child ‘s autism issue. My advise would be’ please don’t despair’  even if your pediatrician has taken away every bit of hope of your child’s recovery from autism. I have seen plenty of cases recovering or becoming quite significantly better after early behavior and Homeopathic intervention. You can believe me because I have huge experience in dealing with Autism. My Clinic  deals with nearly 3-5 new cases of autism every day and a follow-up of at least dozen Autism cases every day.

Autism Intervention -Earlier the Better

Start early. Once the diagnosis is done, it is very essential to come to terms with the diagnosis as fast as possible.  I have seen that most of the parents struggle with the diagnosis for months or years together, which is extremely harmful for the child. Early intervention has a  very important role in the recovery of the child from autism.

Making sure of the  Autism Diagnosis

In a very young child, lets say between 18- 24 months, the diagnosis is difficult and it becomes all the more difficult if the child has mild problem. Taking the child to your Family doctor or a pediatrician can at times delay the diagnosis as some of them might be not clinically trained to identify Autism Spectrum Disorder ( I could be wrong here , as the clinical training differs from country to country  and also the experience and the awareness  has a  strong bearing  on the knowledge of the Pediatrician.).  A Neuro developmental specialist is the right person for diagnosis. One diagnostic  sign that I have always found very useful in diagnosing Autism Early is how the child reacts to his name being called out. Especially, when a stranger is calling it out. If out of ten, the child is responding less than 7 -8 times when a stranger calls out his name, there is a strong chance that the child could be falling in the Autism Spectrum.

Bottom-line if you suspect that your child has autism; please take him to the right place for diagnosis as fast as possible. And if your fears are confirmed, Start Behavior and Homeopathic Intervention as fast as possible .

Understand what has happened to your Child.

If you can leave the medical diagnosis aside, Take a brief pause and understand  what has happened to your Child ( it will help you in his recovery ). It seems that the child has slipped into his own world . He is less connected to the world around him . His mind is getting trained to be in his own world . He is self – stimulating because of that . Prevent that . This is stopping him from learning new things

Autism Confirmed -Time to go all guns blazing

Its now or never, you cant afford delay in this matter. Put all your energy into pulling your child out of the world that he has slipped into. ‘Concentrated effort’ is what is required , I have realized  that parents who put in all  their resources early ; whether it time or  available  manpower , stand a very good chance of seeing a recovery in their Child’s Autism  problem.

Autistic Kids -A big No To Regular  School

I was treating a child who was three and a half with moderate level of Autism and no speech . This child after 3-4 months of Homeopathic Treatment developed speech and could speak between 20-30 odd words although they were just single words . Then suddenly he started losing all what he had learnt. After good deal of discussion with the parents , I found out that the mother had put the child into a regular primary school . This School had no Special infrastructure for handling autism . I asked the mother to go and observe the child in the school . She reported back after 2- 3 days that the child was not being attended well in the class and was quite isolated  . He was also self Stimulating  in school. As per my advise , the parents withdrew him from school , he started gaining back his speech and was back on the road to recovery from autism . I would suggest that one should avoid school for kids with autism in early stage . Child should be only put in school , only if the school provides a dedicated shadow teacher . Regular schools should be completely avoided ; in fact they can work against your child’s improvement . The big reason for not putting your child into school is that it causes pure regression as the child gets good enough time to be into his own world, hence his learning is not happening and also his mind is getting trained be in his own self.

Autism Therapist vs You 

It is  you and  not the therapist who is going to make the big difference . Taking the child to a therapist has a pitfall . Most parents get relaxed and they stop working with the child as much as they should, once they are seeking help from a therapist. They completely overlook the stimulation that should be given at home. Its my personal experience with thousands of cases that I am writing this feature and have seen this fallout of the therapy in quite a number of cases. I will try and make myself more clear – If you are taking your child for therapy make sure that when the child is back home ,he should not get any free time in the house to slip into his own world. This slipping into his own self is the biggest  impediment to his recovery . Most of our learning occurs from what we learn passively. When a child with autism slips into his self , his passive learning is not taking place hence he is not learning. Taking the child to the best therapist or the best therapy centre makes the parents believe that they are doing their bit and the child will automatically or over a period of time recover from autism because of the therapy he is receiving; where as what is actually happening is that the all the good work that therapist is doing , is getting anti doted by the hours of isolated state that the child slips into when he is back home. Once back home , keep up with the stimulation . Play , talk , dance …do all kind of activities . Keep him engaged in a loop with you and  the regular world around him

Parents are the best Therapist for Autistic kids

There is no harm in engaging a therapist or taking your child to the Autism therapy centre as long as you are spending a lot of time with the child. I have always suggested parents to take more pro-active role in the execution of therapies. I have seen that  children recover from autism  more when their parents are actively involved in giving therapy to the child at home . Autism therapies are no rocket science ; one can easily learn them . There is a lot of information and videos available on the net . Try Searching You Tube for videos and you will find thousands of them. You are the best Therapist For him.

The Big Mantra in Autism Recovery Therapy  – Stimulate &  Simulate & Stimulate

As I already said autism therapy is no rocket science , the basic fundamental behind every therapy is to constantly engage with the child ; Never leave him alone .Don’t let him slip into his own world . This is what is most damaging for the child with autism. His slipping into his own self is keeping him away from learning new things hence he is not speaking and doing things. Constantly stimulate the child ; talk , play , dance . Engage with him in every moment . Do not leave him alone. You have to train his mind to be out of the Inward State . The whole exercise aims at training the mind to be constantly connected with outer world so that he can passively learn things.

Tv , iPad , iPhone  etc  Make your  Child’s  Autism Recovery Difficult

I have already written about dangers of television watching in my previous post and its suspected linkage to Autism . Please keep them away from gadgets . He is  not learning anything from it ; most of the times they are a big fixation for them and are making things worse . I have seen miraculous results in hundreds of cases where the kids were pulled away from gadgets . These gadgets promote their self stimulatory Behaviour.

What Working mothers  with Autistic Kids should do for recovery ?

Its now or never . If you are not the only bread-earner in the family , leave your job and be with  your child for an year( if you have caught him early) . Early intervention with Right Homeopathic treatment can really pull your child out of  Autism Spectrum . Prioritise your child’s Recovery . Unfortunately you might not  get this opportunity to revert back his state after an year . Another advise that I have always given to mothers and has really helped many kids is that the mothers should match their Sleep Rhythm with that off the child . It really helps  them to focus more on the child and gives more ‘High energy Time’ for the mothers to engage with the child .It is  about matching your peak energy hours with that of the child .

I have often observed this ,that once the Parents come to know about their child’s autism issue , working mothers tend to do their office work from home ; this again can be  a misleading situation . In my experience noting major is achieved by this in most of the cases.The child will still be getting  a lot of time to be into his own world. For what I have said in the last few lines might differ from case to case , so use your own discretion but be aware of what I say – ‘working from home might not carry the full impetus that is needed to bring your child out of autism’

Get More People In the House

Are nuclear families to be blamed for an increase in the incidence of autism , no one really knows the real answer ; but certainly human interaction has a lot to do with the child’s recovery in autism . Its my personal opinion that if there more people available in the house for kids to interact with their chances of recovery  from autism are high – Remember it is beneficial only if those people spend time  by playing and  interacting with the child .

 Train your Autistic Kids mind for Passive learning

A lot of learning happens passively in kids ; they learn a lot from what is going on around them . Kids with autism tend to slip into their own world , thus their passive learning is not happening . Constant stimulation trains their mind to be out of their state and they start learning things passively . So My advise is to give constant stimulation and avoid what is the conventional practise nowadays of taking the child to the therapist for an hour or two in the morning and then letting him  be in their own world throughout the day.

Do Not Focus only on Speech with your Autistic Child

Speech is not a stand-alone feature of brain , it results from the cumulative development of various faculties of  brain . Many parents mainly focus on making their kids speak a single word like Mama, papa or dada. I opine that parents should not do this and should focus on the overall stimulation of the child . Spontaneous speech is what we really look for in kids who start recovering from autism . A child having Spontaneous speech refers to a situation where the child  can speak more than what he has been forced to learn. He is able to pickup words from his environment and speak on his own .

Start Homeopathy for Autism -.

The sad part in my  years of hard work with autism , is that most of the parents do not provide any kind of testimonial once their kids have recovered from autism . Although they are not obliged to do so , yet it is something that I feel that they owe it back to the society . It is very frustrating and humiliating when you are refused a testimonial . I have explained the parents that it is not for me that they should do this but for those thousands of parents who are hopeless about their kids recovery from autism. Most of my request go in vain. Yet ,Some brave ones  have given video testimonials of recovery which are available on my you tube channel. Homeopathic medicines have a big role to play in the field of Autism . Data analysis from my Thesis ( My Masters in Homeopathy has been in the Autism and the research on The role of homeopathic medicines in the field of Autism) has  clearly indicated strong efficacy of certain homeopathic medicines in Treating autism spectrum disorders. There are plenty of features in this website  that I have written on how homeopathy can be helpful in treating autism. Try the search facility in the site and read them.Briefly I  will explain the modalities – Autism Recovery with homeopathy has certain factors  attached to it. Age of the child , Hyperactivity and last the verbal development has a lot to do with the overall outcome in the case .Homeopathy can in some kids ,can be a big boon ( I am  clearly stating that only some kids recover dramatically with homeopathy… not all ) .



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  1. Navneet Singh says:

    Good morning Sir. My son is 25 months old and i am finding some difficulty while i called him. After 10 times of calling he interact only 1 or 2 times and sometimes he didn’t respond. Should i start homeopathy?

  2. Hello Dr. Sharma
    My daughter will be 3 years old by sep 25th 2019, she is unable to speak .i.e., not concentrating on what we are saying but says all the rhymes numbers and alphabets. Says mummy and daddy .but is not speaking not responding to her name whenever we are calling , rarely she responds . Can u please help me in this situation , I am too much worried

  3. Hello Dr Sharma,

    My daughter is 2 year old and is having mild features of Autism. She is undergoing Various therapies at an institute and we are helping her at home also.
    I read at the above post that homeopathic treatment helps in treating Autism . Can you help me with this .
    What kind of medicines can help her. From where can I get that medicine.

  4. Hii dr. I am swati my nephew is an autistic child. He is 9 year old. His parents admit him in a special school but I have not noticed any improvement in him still.what can I do for him

  5. Yogendra Kumar Das says:

    Sir, my child is 5 1/2 year old with ASD and MR. Can i recover my child from autism with the help of ur medicine and therapy.

  6. Hello doctor where r you from?

  7. Thuvaraka krishnarajan says:

    Hi my son have autism last 3month ago.he 4years in response to call him name,no talking and cognitive poor.plz help to mehealing my son

  8. Wajeeha Wasib says:

    A. Salam-o-alakum,,, should I start home pathic treatment for my 8 years old border line autistic daughter,,, would it be helpful,,, she has speech of some words and only tries to join two words

    • Anita Poddar says:

      Hello Dr Sharma..
      My child is 14 yrs n is light ADHD n light Aspergers …He repeats things …n when according to him doesn’t happen gets Angry…
      he needs his father to wear clothes as his chachas if they r wearing any particular Color n fill sleeves then he wants him to wear like that otherwise gets upset.
      ..he has very big fascination for trucks from childhood.when in school bus…he sees truck he starts saying something or the other about truck….on that other kids start testing n Bullys him…On that he gets very much angry when he reaches home…sometimes he throws his school bag n hits me while onboarding from the bus
      He uses negative words also in anger
      One of the teacher he doesn’t like …always say s negative about her
      Kindly help
      What can be done

  9. Tshering says:


    My son is 2.8 months old now and he seems to have autism disorder by now and I am worried how to improve his condition hereon. Please can you provide me practical guide to save him from Autic behaviorism?


    Hello Sir,
    My son is 3.5 years. Doctor has referred him for assessment.

    He is tall guy, athletic, independent, changes his clothes, diwas brush, goes to toilet himself.

    His problems that we spotted is, he doesn’t answer means 2 way communication. Whatever he wants he will let you know and and will say complete sentence. He goes to shop, he says choclate de dijyeee please and other things.

    But somewhere we found 2 way comms is poor. Also making friends. Short of sentence and word. His attention span is less. And don’t follow others.

    But he is intelligent can say 1-100, a-z, apple, ball till zebra, identify fruits, ride cycle like adults, can make things with blocks. .

    Sometime he gives a feeling he is very stubborn and don’t want to listen other, good with himself

    • Hi Jainendra,
      My son is 3.1 year old and does similar things that u have mentioned. the doctor has assessed him and he has autism.
      How are u dealing this currently I need help too.
      Have u put him for some therapies ?
      Do u have any suggestions ?
      u can reach me at

  11. Tuhin Das says:

    Ned help fir my son name Mr. Ahilan Das who is 3 years 7 months old.
    I think he sufferd with Mild Autism

    And I nerd to recover him 100%…and find out for him a normal life to leves like others.

    Plz suggest.

    Mobile 7908286303

  12. Hello Dr. Sharma
    I am a mom of child with autism. My son was diagnosed at his 3 years of age. I have several problem about my son but at this time I would like to know that,how can I get attention while I try to teach something to him as he looks on other things, and also where can I take him for homeopathy therapy ?please help
    Thank you

    • Mati isackson says:

      My grandson is three years old just diagnosed in the spectrum. He is very vocal making all the best eddary sounds for speech. He loves music, maintains eye contact but only responds to his name if in a song.
      My question to you is, will he be able to talk if we keep working with him? His 6 year old brother is a chatter box and it’s hard to attend to the little guy when they are together. As grandparents we take the little one to our house and play sing and constantly try to engage him.

      Thank you for your suggestions. We appreciate your feedback.


  13. mahdi asadzade says:

    Hi Dr.Sharma. my son (7.5 age old) is autistic spectrum with Inferior poor speech.
    i’m from iran and I dont have Possibility to visit you in person. how we can start homeopathy treatment? and can i Prepare homeopathy medicin in my country?
    please Guide me.

  14. bnkulkarni says:

    My grandson of age nine years is having autism we consulted many doctors but no hopeful result is come up so please help us

  15. Hello Ma’am I want to start homeo treatment but my husband is still not conveienced for online treatment; he said how surely your treatment will help him out because from last one year we are already giving him homeoo medicine few changes are there but still lot of improvement is needed. Could you help me ???

  16. Dolly poddar says:

    Give me ur number mam … I want to meet you regarding my baby

  17. Hi Sharma, my kid is 2.3 months old and he is beyond his development with speech and cognitive thinking. We live in Netherlands, next month we are coming to India, where do you live in India, can we make an appointment for December? We like to know more about theraphy you are proving.

  18. Hello Dr.Sharma.

    My daughter is going to be 4 on jan 29 2019.she recite peoms ,read books, say counting, can read sentences by her but she doesnt communicate lot.she says i m hungry ,i want milk but when we ask her anything she doesnt respond except for question what are you doing and where are you going.
    Recently she is joined in pre k school and her teacher say that she is different and she doesnt follow her instruction and she move in class and she doent reply usually.she is saying she need early intervention because she cant concentrate on her alone she has other kids also in she is saying they need a helping hand in class for her.

    Plz help me.
    What should I do to make her respond and speak.

    I find your blog very productive. Your the first person with whom I am sharing my concern.

    Please do reply


  19. my child has started homeopathy treatment two months ago, i have seen a different in her respond, she respnd very good and follow intructions when you speak to her though she still have no speech. im a full time working parent my mother was looking after my child, but to think of in most times shes letting my baby slip into her own world by letting her be full time playing alone or living her in the tv room. so this month ive decided to put her in a creche full time where shes gonna imititate what other kids do. because shes not yet potty trained. i know she hate day cares, but im afraid at home most of the time she slip into her own world. did i make the right choice by putting her to the creche full time.

  20. Chandroop says:

    Dr Sharma.
    I have read about homeopathy treatment for autism in your post but confused with last line saying homeopathy treatment is effective only for few kids not for all

  21. Dinesh Kapoor says:

    Hi Doctor,

    Thanks for the awareness and sharing you experience, would like to know the Homeopathy effectiveness in Autism.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Dinesh Kapoor.

  22. ARKA PRADHAN says:



  23. Have a Good Day Dr. Sharma,

    My 16months old daughter had diagnosed “autism” she can’t pronunce any word like “mama dada papa tata” my wife and I had a 8 hours work a day we don’t have a time to Play our baby now we our dicide to send her in a Therapy Center can you give us advice what to do is this our decision is can help to our baby?

    Please help us please…

    Ama Yasnairaj…

  24. Bhaskar Karnik says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    My son is 10 yrs old and he is in counseling centre at Vasant vihar school thane Maharashtra. My son is having problem in study’s. We already taking homoeopathic medicine from last 3 months. My son diagnosis as moderate autism. Can he able to complete his study

  25. Puneet Bansal says:

    My Child is three years old and he is having following issues. Please suggest me best medicine:-

    1) He is having difficulty in understanding what others are saying.
    2) He is having difficulty expressing thoughts and ideas.
    3) Eye contact is missing.
    4) He is not socializing with any one and playing in his own world.
    5) His peers chat and tell jokes, but my child may is having trouble following the conversation and miss the jokes. He also may speak in two-word sentences and have trouble answering even simple questions.
    6) He is always in his own world.

    Important :- He knows counting, fruits name, vegetables name, all vechiles,planets name all shapes etc.( all these things he can speak very properly).

    After seeing full rhymes he can do all the actions

    Can you please suggest me best medicine

  26. Hi Dave……
    Can you suggest me what r the diet following for ur child….

    Because am also thinking to plan for diet changes for my kid …. Can u help me text / call me… 9652221254

  27. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My just turned 3 year old son has development delays in spontaneous speech, social interactions and is a sensory seeker that shows signs of autism. We engaged with early intervention and he saw a therapist three times a week for an hour each time over the past three months. We are transitioning to dart next week, but we realize that time is of the essence to help Chris with his development. We started a nutrition program and eliminated gluten and casein this week. Some improvement for sure, but, still long way to go and from what I’ve read it takes three months to see full impact of a new diet/vitamin regimen.

    I agree with what you wrote about keeping him from slipping into his own world. He goes to daycare 5 days a week and we are concerned he’ll get lost when he transitions to the 3-4 year old classroom next week. The ratio of teachers to students goes from 6-1 to 8-1.

    Do you recommend us switching to nanny care to help Chris? Based on what you wrote, it seems to me that it would help him engage more and stay outside of an introverted world.


  29. Bala Priya Manem says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma,
    My son is 2 1/2 year old and recently we found out he is having autism.when ever i am trying to teach him something he started hitting himself ,He is having poor eye contact ,He is hyperactive .we consult doctor ,he prescribe some medicine fro him .Using medicine is a good option or there will be any side effects.I am confused to train my kid. Plase help me.

  30. Girisanthan says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,

    my son is 2 .5 years and recently we found out he is having Autism. we spent lot of our time to play and speak to him. he has now good eye contact but doesn’t speak any words. some time he walk on toes and make noise when he excited. he laugh when we sign song and make hand moment for that song. if he needs any think he hold my hand and take me to the right place to get the things for him.

    please let me advice what sort of stapes I can do for my son

  31. my daughter suffers from autism she is 2 and half

  32. Vrushali says:

    Hello sir,
    My child is 2yr 10month old. He recently diagnosed autism spectrum disorder , he talk all A to Z alphabets most of poems, all colors, all shapes, but he don’t communicate in family, he doesn’t say mamma & Pappa, if want anything he just take mi with holding my hand but don’t order me, not follow any command,
    Plz help

  33. Dear Sir,
    i have read above article & find helpful. My son is 3.7 year old and speak only single word Dad, mom tec. and facing difficulty in communication.
    please suggest for the same through mail.

  34. I just stumbled upon this site researching lectin free dieting for my son. Reading your page fueled me even more on my path. My son is 11 going on 12. Middle school was my breaking point and I enrolled my son in a program called Florida Unschoolers. I design the curriculum for him. You are absolutely correct about parents playing a major role in “recovery”. In 1 school year, my son speaks clear sentences with emotion and tone that is accurate. He now showers himself. We have successfully completed 2 haircuts. He is teaching his 2 yr old sister words! His eye contact is officially 100%. All I did was enter his world and allow him to navigate comfortably in to ours. However, the one thing I haven’t done is remove technology. He does chores and earns electronic time in 30 minute intervals that he has to manage. That is a part of his time management development. He is coming out of his “shell” both mentally, emotionally, and vocally! He has made friends and is actively seeking others to play with. At the end of 5th grade my son was labeled as socially a neurotypical 4.5 year old. I had a neuro psyche/developmental specialist evaluate him for his IEP, he’s now equivalent to an 8 year old. 1 year and we have made a HUGE leap in the positive!!!

    • Hi Jessica,
      Congratulations for your kids recovery. Can you please give some tips for how you entered you kids world and how you allowed him to navigate comfortably in to yours?

      Thanks in advance.

  35. Hello Dr Sharma my son is 5 year 8 month old having moderate autism. Can you please suggest best treatment for the cure of autism. He speaks very few words and struggles for conversation.He wanders around and less interested in play. He hurts other children by grabbing hard.
    Please let me know if I get a solution for his condition.
    Thank you.

  36. Priti vedi says:

    Yes Dr Sharma
    As i already told you i know my child has autism around 8 months back.At that time he was busy in his whole world he is still but by efforts and homeopathy medicines now he is listening to us understanding few things ‘ following instruction but when dont understand the instruction he start crying tapping his feet etc h. I m giving behaviour therapy at home because we live in interior and OT and other therapy is not available here. Now he is 4 yr 5 month old and stil his speech is not developed; i m worried what to do now?? Please help me

  37. Rakhi Mishra says:

    Sir ur suggestions r really very good… My son 2.5 yrs old had initially suffered from autoimmune encephalitis from which he has recovered now… Still medicines of seizures r going on… Overall he is all right but not take interest in speaking nd learning… His senses r very good he understands everything nd communicate all his requirements by pointing

  38. Hello Dr Sharma,
    Since it’s clear that autism is a behavioural disorder and it is different for different child, how can a homeopathy treatment help such child. I am a mother of 3 and 6 month year son who was recently diagnosed with autism. He is in occupational and speech therapy.

  39. Ahmed olambs says:

    I have a child of about 7.5years of age who is suffering from autism. He was doing well in school as at when he was 2years of age but suddenly changed that he could not talk, could not learn new things and can not relate with others any more. He his restless and very destroying.

  40. Sanjay mehta says:

    My daughter vanshika age 5 years suffering from autism

  41. JUGAL kishore says:

    Hello sir I was reading your article for autism treatment my son is ten years old sometimes he is hyper and also intimated that he has no any worn clothes upon his body before six months he is totally without clothes pl give me suggestions for his clothes problem

  42. Hi
    Doctor my son is 2.5 yrs old.points things says mama papa.Pushes us to the thing that he wants.But no eye contact,hypractive and listens to no one.
    Pls suggests some homeopathic medicines and tratment.

  43. Dear Doctor,

    I was reading your article about autism and is interested to know more about you and your treatment.
    Do you have treatment through mail?

    Best regards

  44. Poonam Singhal says:

    Hi Sir
    My son is 2.9 years old and had been diagnosed with mild autism (Rating is 33.5). He doesn’t speak but can express his needs non verbally. No therapy has been started as of now. Pease suggest me remedies..

  45. Aarti Choudhary says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    My son was diagnosed with Autism spectrum when he was two and a half year old.He is a hyperactive kid and now he is three and a half. He has got his speech and he speaks about three word sentences.He doesn’t speak his mind and speaks only learned sentences.He has sleeping issues.But he is good at learning things.He has attention deficit hyperactive disorder.Please suggest some best remedies and medicine.

  46. Asma Siddika says:

    My boy 4years 6 months has been diagnosed ASD. He has been given speech &occupational therapy for 6 months.Now I’ve sent him in village before 5 months. He is now under homeopathy & alopathy treatment.He was developed his speech in 1st month but now there is no change

    • My boy 3 years old, has been diagnosed mild autism with point 37. He is under going occupational therapy and speech therapy for one and half years. His speech was developed and said five words. After some time it lost. Now there is no encouragable achievement.

  47. Allie Hill says:

    I would like to create a brain game for autistic preschoolers, and I’m not sure what qualities would be best for this game, need your help.

    Thank You,
    Allie Hill

  48. Nona Singhnon says:

    Dr Sharma
    I read your article.My granddaughter is going to be 5 in May.She is ñon verbal but understand everything. Need your help to make her speak.
    Nona Singh

  49. Hello sir
    My baby is 3.9 yrs, he is mild Autistic , taking therapy classes from last 1.5 yrs, but there is no difference, so now looling for homeopathy treatment, pls help me out.
    Thank you

  50. Mozammel Bin Motalab says:

    Dear Sir,
    My son Muddassir is identified with ASD. He is now 4 tears and 2 months old. He is going through therapy from his 4 years of age.
    What Homeopathic medicines do you suggest for him?

  51. Dr Sharma, good day, my son is 5 years 8 months old. He is suffering from very mild autism. He has recovered 70% I think, but still having some gap. Can u suggest any medicine for him. He has lack of concentration, anger, strikes hand with wall or doors, can read but can’t write etc.

  52. brajesh tiwary says:

    Name of the child: Newer
    Age: 4th Dec 2015 born.
    Last verval: One year bach he used to meaningfully said mamma and papa and repeat when I called her sister’s name.
    Hyperactivity: not seen but active enough.

  53. Padmanabh N C says:

    My 18 months old kid has symptoms of autism.
    Can you please give me appointment to meet you .
    He utters few words like appa, Amma, jasti, papu, Beebee, but doesn’t make an eye contact and doesn’t respond to our words.
    Please help us.

  54. My four year old has just been diag any tips on language explosion he speaks clear colors etc still talks in jargon and baby foreign language I’m hopeful at three he already knew all letters numbers shapes colors spell etc please send me helpful info I’m not happy with local school district after meetings with the pre-K staff admin etc just no they won’t allow him in gen regular ed pre-K even though he’s highly function and genius smart

  55. Dhanamjaya varma.D says:

    Hi Sharma,

    My son ( Kartikeya) is about 6 years old and he is having autism (ASD), he is going to therapy ( OT, Behaviour , speech) from last three years.

    We could not see any progressive development after taking therapy treatment all these years.
    my self along with my wife and my parents trying to attend him most of the time.

    Could you please assist me about homeopathy treatment and how can we consult you in this regard.

    Thank you,

    Dhanamjaya varma.D

  56. Ashley Beasley says:

    Good Day,
    I have encountered a 21 year old non verbal Autistic male. Upon first meeting he put my hand to ear to tell me he is listening to his music. Mom said up to 8 he was on the level of improvement but retreated within. While there in home I heard him singing with songs he likes. It seems he is so close to speech if we can figure that key if he can sing. Any suggestions? Thanks.
    Ashley Beasley

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  58. Kassia Dunnan Bee says:

    Hi, I have a 3 year old that’s non verbal and Is autistic . I have faith that he will recover. But I need help. I’m very interested in homeopathy and would love to learn more. When my son recovers I would definitely do a testimonial. It’s important to give other parents hope. Hope to hear from you soon.

  59. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    My son is 12 years old and is HF autism. He has a hard time with language and socialize with same peers and has been receiving therapy since 3. I’d like to hear on how I could help him. Thanks.

  60. Hello Sir,
    My son is 3 yr old and recently been diagnosed with ASD. he is quite a happy child who loves to be in momentum. He has not started speaking yet. So what homeopathic medicine has to offer for my son.
    Please help me.

  61. Disha Shankar says:

    Hello Sir,
    My son is 3 yr old and recently been diagnosed with ASD. he is quite a happy child who loves to be in momentum. He has not started speaking yet. So what homeopathic medicine has to offer for my son.
    Please help me.


  62. Ranjeeta mutum says:

    Can we get treatment at imphal manipur

  63. Ijaz ahmad says:

    Respected Dr.
    I have a baby boy six year old he has following problem
    1. Delay in speech
    2. Flapping hands specially when he is alone starting at age of 6 years
    3. Problem in recognising things,words etc.
    4. Poor eye contact
    5. Socialisation problem

    Kindly guide me…..waiting your reply

  64. extremely worried mother says:


    My son is 3 year and 1 month old and diagnosed with autism.
    He has no vocabulary, spoke 2-3 words when he was one and a half year old but dont speak now. Does not make eye contact, some times he does but not much. But he is a very calm. he never cries. and he dont jump and do not point out to things like birds cars etc. but he take my hand to show what he wants, and pick his jacket or shoes when he wants to go out. what is your suggestion. Sometimes he appears he dont listen at all. but other times he hears even the smallest of voice.

  65. mpho matotoka says:

    I have a three year daughter turning four this march she was diagnosed with autism last year. she was vey hyperactive, a paediatric suggested that she should be on meds, shes talking Risperdal and epillim. which helps to calm her down she does not speak the only word she knows is only to say bye bye. she can say different words if u ask her to speak after you but yet she does that when ever she want. sometimes she would just look at you and keep quiet. she’s at a normal crèche but still she doesn’t wanna play with other kids. she loves being alone. she is still on diapers, afraid to use the toilet. I spend most of my time with her every after work and on weekends when I’m off. she enjoys being with me than anybody else. I’m just concern about her coz next year she’s turning 5 still with no speech and she is still on diapers. and I’m afraid children her age are starting school next year. I need help

  66. Hi,

    I am not sure about my Son whether he is Autistic or not.Going to meet Dr. for this next week.He is 3 yrs and 4 months old.He knows A to Z, 1 to 10, colors and shapes.He has recently started to write alphabets and no. on his own.He can recognize no.s and alphabets and read them well.He has started showing interest in books now.He loves out door activities and playing with other toys also.He is very careful while playing and knows when he can do things own or when when he need hand of other people or mine.He doesnt mingle with other children much but when he need their help while sliding or swing , he ask them by holding their hand.
    watever he wants , he shows us by holding our hands or sometime by bringing things or pointing.

    He can say words like Apple, cat dog, yr to rhyme some poems also.

    My problem is that he doent say yes or no, if anything is asked.If we will ask, if he wants to swing , he will not say or swing his head to say yes but take me with him in playground.Sometimes while eating he turn his head to say no.
    Second thing he doesnt want to follow any command.He seems very stubborn sometimes.He follow these commands only like- lets go outside or for bathroom or to bedroom for sleeping.
    sometimes he switched on fan and light, and when i ask him to switch it off, he does it.He coperate me to dress or undress him.He can wear shoes and help in wearing pants.sometimes he keep shoes in rack when i ask him.
    Whenever i or my husband call him from outside , or come from office or to his daycare, he give hugs and kisses.He knows that if bell is ringing , it means , someone is outside.When i say see daddy has come, open door, he tries to do that.
    When i cry, he kiss me.If i carry other toodlers , he act possessive but if any body ask him where is your mumma, he doesnt bother to show by finger.
    If he is somewhere where he cant reach us, he will point towards us and yell to call but doesnt use word mumma or Daddy.
    As he doesnt want to follow commands , i started to sit face to face with him, making him learn by holding his hand, but he learnt this trick and he is not willing to sit now.If i hold his hand, he hide his hand and face and start to cry.
    Plz help.
    Need your guidance.I am doing half day job since 1 year and decided to quit now but speech therapy and other courses are very expensive .I dont know how to manage.

    Does he sounds like Autistic???///

    Please help.

    • Minu mohan says:

      Hi…. I face the same thing with my son…kindly reply wat ur pead said in ur sons case… Hope hes fine…

  67. Sachin ramteke says:

    Hi doctor
    I am sachin…my baby is now 16 month but she is not properly eye contact with me amnd my wife.and harm herself when something not given to her which she want.and also she is not responding when i call her.and repeat action from her..

  68. Cindylou HALL says:

    Hi Dr Sharma. My name is Cindy. I just read your article and it all makes sense in what I read. I am the aunt of two autistic nephews ( Brandon and Joshua). Brandon is 16, Josh is 12. Brandon talks only when he needs something, he can’t hold a full conversation, while Josh can. They both getting, speech, and behavioral therapy. About a month ago Brandon started regressing, picking on food, afraid to touch any gadgets, afraid of touching musical instumemts, not wanting to sit on the couch. We’ve taken him to his primary care Doctor who told us, that his behavior HS to do with his autism. That was it. No kind of further suggestions. We are devastated. Homeotheraphy? Would that help in Brandon’s case? Please help!!



    • My son is 15 years and 5 months now. Non verbal , non social but do not mind people around him.
      He has sensory issues as well. Cover his ears to avoid sounds or voices he want to block. He wakes up in night and go around the house. Some times come to me or go other room. Very busy boy. Physically he is ok.
      Allergic to pea nuts and egg. I want him to talk. He had all kind of therapies since he was three. He has words and little sentence. But never initiate by himself.
      Please tell me any homeopathic treatment. I belieave
      In some time he will be ok. Give your treatment plan and recomandations please.

  70. Hello, my daughter diagnosed with autism at the age of 2 and 1/2,now she is 4.4 year old .she is taking therapy last 1 and 1/2 year almost and improving very much but yet there is something missing like,she is not sitting in the classroom and give less response while knowing the answer .

  71. Hello
    I’m writing in regards to my 6.5 yr old son … he is echolic and only speaks using I want or I need how can I get more spontaneous language out of him will homeopathy help us? Thank you so much

  72. My grandson who is 2.5 years old is still not talking. He is banging his head when he gets angry. He likes to watch tv and mobiles. He eats only when we give him to watch tv or give video to see.
    When he gets excited he flapps his hands. Please help us, if there is any way to make him a normal boy.

    • Dr. My son 2.3 yrs not talking anything. Eating solid foods by watching tv or mobile. He is not giving attention at all. For this reason we are unable to teach him anything. Doctor please help us.

      • ANJALI PRASAD says:

        although i am not a doctor but my son is of same age and has the same problem a couple of months back. i visited a child psychologist and he told me to limit the use of gadgets to a minimum or else child might develop autism and if you want your child to talk then communicate more often and connect with him. because my son was not responding during therapy i hid all the gadgets and talked to him all day ….then played, dance, traveled and did shopping with him making all these activities a play. since these days we have these nuclear families it is better to get them admitted in preschools by the age of two. children learn when they see other kids of their age talking.

        best wishes

  73. Doctor,

    My son is 4 yrs old. He tell all alphabets and number till 10. He also tell good number of words. But some time it is difficult to understand his language.

    His teachers complain that his do not respond to him when called. Some time he do the same with us too. Teachers advised for separate teacher. He do not socialise much with peer group.

    Please recommend something for us.

  74. Dr Sharma
    Wanted to understand more about how homoeopath can help. Kindly provide further details of getting in touch to explain the case to you

  75. Hi Dr sharma.i m a mother of 3.8 year old boy having mild autism…my son s speech is 70 percent developed but my son shows tentrums nd meltdowns.he strt head begging ND bitting himself…he irritate wid toys wid in a second although he lyk that toy…some self stimming behavior also exist like he move his fingres near his eyes.Im a single parent and only have a one child . currently I m living with my parents…plz suggest me any medicine or treatment to recover my child issues.all therpies r done at home by myself .I didn’t hire any Therpist due to my financial problem.plzzzzz guide me I will b really thankful to u…nd waiting for ur rply

  76. Hello Dr.Sharma
    My son is 2.5 yers old and diagnosed with mild ASD and having a delayed speech, he bables papa,mama etc of his own not to us. when we call him by his name he responds but not every time. we are undergoing OT & Speech Tehrapy for him immediately for the last one month.

    There are three thngs which we wold like to share to you about her activity.
    1.He produces an mmmmm sound most of the time.
    2.He flaps his hands when he is alone some times
    3.He follows his shadow of his body and finger some times when he is alone
    4.Not very social and likes to play with other kids

    He has a good eye contacts
    He understand when we say to drink water or go out side
    Plays with us and his elder sister
    get involved with different kind of toys

    Some additional information about him

    The child who seeks extra touch sensations may:
    a.Touch objects and people constantly, with “in your face” behavior.
    b.Seek certain messy experiences, often for long durations.
    c.Rub or bite own skin; twirl hair in fingers; prefer being barefoot.
    d.Chew on inedible objects (fingernails, collars, cuffs, toys, pencils).

    No suggest how can we start homeopathic medicine for him, if required we would like to meet and discuss with you in detail

  77. Abhishek Pathak says:

    My nephew is of 30 months and very hyperactive does not speak and react to the outer world. She do not give response to anything, sound or action seems busy in her own world.
    She jumps on the bed like crazy but never go the edge of the bed . When anybody will stop her she start hitting her head badly.
    Initially she use to speak but at the age of around 24 months she stopped speaking also. We got all the clinical test done and has diagnosed Autism.
    She is the elder one among the twins, the second daughter who is hardly a minute younger does not have any problem and is a normal child.
    Need your valuable suggestion how to go about it and how fast she can recover.

  78. Hi,
    I have a 2 yr 3 months old son, who has some development delays as per his age. He doesn’t talk much except when playing or going through familiar books and rhymes. He doesnt converse and only say some single words. He doesnt give much attention to other toddlers, but likes to run around witj big kids in the playground. He has always been hyperactive and doesnt sit at all because of which i am having trouble in potty training him. Our pediatrician has also told us that he might have autism but have asked us to wait for 6 months. I have left my job post baby and give my hundred percent time to my baby as we stay in a nuclear family.
    Can you please help us in getting through this tough times.

  79. divya bhalla says:

    Hello Dr Sharma
    My son os 3.4 yrs now he doesnot speak much currently we had come to delhi were we have shown him to doctor n they r telling he is having mild autism.where can v start his homeo tratment plz help n advise further course of action.

  80. Priyanka Bansal says:

    Respected sir , we are giving resperidone 4 drops to our kid. Can we give homeopathy medicine with it….. thank you

  81. Hello Dr. Sharma
    I desperatly need your guidance. My son is 2.5 years old. He is very fond of watching mobile from where he has learnt lots of rhymes, abc, 123. But this gadget has spoiled him as he speaks only these poems but do not converse with us. He doesnt even call me mommy and his father papa. Ours is a joint family but he never calls anybody . We have 3 more kids in the joint family of 4 -5 years of age but he dont talk with them. But he plays with them very happily, running and shouting. Whatever he is doing he keeps on reciting any of his learned poems. If he wants something he will take us to that place and point towards it without even uttering a word. He recognizes colours, alphabets, numbers, he sometimes repeat whenever we ask him to do so. What could be the problem. I dont know from where I can get him diagonised. Can you also please suggest doctors and therapist for the problem. Is it only a speech problem or something else.

  82. Sheeba jawad says:

    Plz help me dr. Sharma my 4 year old son has autism.. How can i get him homeopathy treatment in karachi Pakistan

  83. My daughter is 2.8 years old.She speaks many words,knows complete ABC,counting till 40, shapes,colour, animals, fruits and vegetables. She can recite more than 20 rhymes. She can eat by herself.But problem with her is that she knows everything but responds only when she wants to. She can listen to even minor sound from far away but you keep screaming next to her to do things but she will not respond. Even she knows very well her name but will respond only when she wants. She cannot form complete sentences but she tries to speak long sentences which we are unable to understand. Recently we put her in play school.she stays there,will not cry and play and eat .but she will play according to her own will and will not follow instructions of the teacher.
    I am very worried ,please suggest what to do?is she suspected of autism.please guide

  84. Prashant wadgure says:

    Dear Sir, My son is 3 year old and we noted the symptoms of autism in him .. please guide to recover from it

  85. Dr Sharma my son is 3year 3 moths he is very hyper and now he digonesd autism moderate doctor start his other and speech therapy he is not toilet train N he is just say single words

  86. Mary Nanfuka says:

    My boy is now 5and 1/2 years non-verbal, urinates in pants and on chairs which annoys alot despite of the toilet training l try to give. I have just started giving him alot of time when at home. We are nuclear family and is the only kid. He attends therapy at a special needs school half a day were he also plays and interacts with other kids. He responds to some commands like we go, bring this, put on your pants, no and yes. I want to put him on homeopathic medicine like Ritalin but am afraid of the side effects. Advice please.

  87. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    My son is 2 and half year old, he is good at telling rhymes but not very clear words.He says A to Z and 1 to 20 , months, days of the work so on.. he is always active and doesnt sit at one place. how ever i teach he is not calling me as mom he calls me as mam as he is going to play school all kids there call their teacher as mam.
    He was born in UAE and I was working that time. I left my job when my son was 1 year old and stayed in India for some days and I left my kid in India with my parents and returned back to UAE. I used to visit 2 months once.
    He is very stubborn and dont listen to anyone and wants Ipad and phone always. He operates the phone / Ipad by playing few games and watches rhymes on Youtube.
    I have observed few things in recent days he likes to roll around with eyes pointing to one side. He likes wheels of the car and always play with that wheels. when he is playing with wheels he will not respond to his name when called.
    we have to forcefully feed him the food. he is not able to communicate in our mother tongue..
    Kindly let me know whether this is a serious problem and what is the remedy.

    Thank you very much in advance.

  88. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    My son is 2yrs and 9months old he has no speech he just babbbles like papa, ha ha, mum mum and few more and has only basic understanding like come here, sit down jump, and few more but he plays with other kids and no other such problem. Im concerned what i should do plz help me i will wait for your reply.

  89. Hi,
    My son is two years and he has dignoised with autism recently..i want to know a recovery from autism is possible..or it is life long disorder.he says single words. But he doesn’t how to use it to we do know his problem is just mild or severe.


  90. Priyanka Mishra says:

    Hello Dr.sharma,
    My son is 3 yrs 4 mnth and he is diagonised with mild to moderate autism .I want your advise for his recovery process.can u tell me how to contact u. Can u refer any doctor in Kolkata.

    Waiting for ur reply.

  91. Bernie C. Laguni says:


    A blissful greetings to you and to your family.

    I’m Bernie Laguni from Philippines. Recently, last November 04, we found out that our son has ASD. He is 2 years and 8 months. Pain, and lots of questions in our minds. We prayed to give us courage and peace of mind during this trial in our life. Rather than cursed and stabbed, and based on the instruction of a neuro-developmental doctor, we immediately started attending an occupational therapist’s intervention program. We have been advised that the child’s therapy should be progressive. My spouse and I are working, and now we are thinking that one of us must left the job to learn about our child’s development.

    May I respectfully request some pointers from you on how my spouse and I should handle my son? Im planning to record my child development from day 1 to last. I want our journeys to serve as inspiration to everyone.

    Thank you Dr. Sharma

    Bernie C. Laguni

  92. Mahbuba S Keya says:

    Hello sir. AM from Bangladesh . Advance sorry for ma poor English . My child is 18th months old. Still now he can’t speak a meaningful word. Otherwise he is quite active in running n picking ma stuff .playing with Tab. But when he busy with tab or mbl phn he doesn’t react on ma words. When I loudly mentioned his name 2/3 times then he reacts. Plz help me . Ma fault is I m busy in ma regular work in home n his papa also busy in his office. That’s why I gave my child tab or TV. Otherwise he cried a lot.

  93. Hi mr.Sharma. My sisters son had got ASD. How can we recover him from that.

  94. Kirti soni says:

    Please doctor help me
    Name the medicine of austim spectrum disorder.
    Which is the best medicine for 2 and half year old child

  95. Vishal Baid says:

    Dear Doctor Sharma,

    I have a 2.11 yo son and he has not become verbal yet,
    We have just done all his evaluations and therapist will get back to us in 2 to 3 days, he doesnt have very classical symptoms like flapping hands or walking on toes or starring fan or anyother objects, but yes he has 50% eye contact with us, I mean he does listens to us when is is not engaged in his play, secondly his verbal words have not come yet, but he understands pur instructions and points to what he needs..

    We were making our new house last year and we were so busy that he use to be under gadgets for hours till now, and now for last 20 days we have removed all gadgets from home and seeing little difference..

    I want to consult with you for the medicines and how to go further..

    Please do get back to us we are in high tension nowdays..

    • SMARAJIT MAITY says:

      My son is 3years and 2 months old he is not responding when i call his name or not eye contacting what should i do plzz suggest

  96. Krishnakumar says:

    Hi Dr,
    My 2 year old son(Dob: 14-oct-2015) has diagnosed to have ASD. He tells only one or two words. He is not playing or relate with other kids. He is not responding when calling his name. He is not aware of danger. Likes to walk more.
    Now, we put him in ABA and OT therapy. He is going for a month only.

    We r much worried about him. We r South Indian family living in UAE. Can you please tell me how homeopathy treatment helps my child to get back from Autism.

    Pls help.

  97. Neeti Gupta says:

    I have a 2.5 years old son. He is suspected autism. I want to know how homeopathic treatment helm him.
    Please let me know. Where are the centre available in Delhi.

  98. Nina. Raymond says:

    My 17 year old non verbal Austin son has been in Sheppard Pratt for over 8 months for aggressive an self injury behavior we were have been close the two of us and his sisters until now he has started to push us away sending us away in visits. He will be going into a group home soon maybe or back home how do I get him back into connecting. With us again no matter where he is please help he normally is happy to see us with Huggs and smiles I’m afraid this place is now his normal What do I do

  99. Sonu Varghese says:

    Hi Sir,

    My name is Sonu, mother of Alwin 2years 10months old . He has been diagnosed with ASD (mild) last month. I have started Ayurveda as that was the only option we knew month before. Unfortunately we haven’t seen any improvement in him, rather i see him developing some characters he never had before. While doing some research i happened to see your website. Can you help me bring my child to homeopathy world? I stay in Kerala. We have started his speech and i am constantly with him so he don’t slip away.


  100. My son is 26 months old he is not responding when i call his name or not eye contacting what should i do plzz suggest

  101. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    My name is Golok and I am currently living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. I am writing to you for my son Gaurav.
    Gaurav born in Michigan, USA on 17th Oct 2011. After 2 years of his birth, we started noticing that he does not respond to our or some stanger’s call. Also his speech was not developing and only limited to few distinct words. We consulted pediatriceian and she suggested not to worry as for many Indian kids born in USA delayed speech is very common. We went back to India (Thane) in May 2015 when he was 3.5 years old. In India, the school we took his admission, suggested us to consult development pediatrician. We visited Dr. Rajeshwari Ganesh and she mentioned that Gaurav has ASD symptoms and suggested us to start his speech therapy and occupation therapy. We started these therapies in Aug 2015. Gaurav showed good progress in his speech and behavior. Dr. Rajeshwari Ganesh did ADOS test in Jan 2016 and his score was 7 which is the cutoff and Dr. suggested to continue his therapies. We continued his therapies but had seen when there was long vacation in school his progress takes a U turn.
    We moved to Minneapolis, USA in Sep 2016. In USA the school district conducted (he was in pre-school) a month long evaluation of Gaurav and came up with Individualized Education Program which includes speech therapy, social skill development, occupation therapy. From Dec 2016 till May 2017 he went through these in his school but after that there was a 3 months summer vacation. On 6 Sep 2017 he resumed school in kindergarten after the vacation. Again he went backwards in terms of the progress he made on his social, behavioral n speech skills.
    Current concerns he is having:
    1) He is hyperactive. If he meets with his friends or some guests come to my home or we meet outside he becomes very very hyper, runs around, speaks loudly, makes lot of noise..doesn’t listen any instructions becomes very difficult to control him. But at home when he is only with me and wife he follows most of the instructions though sometimes we need tell him multiple times before he starts following the instruction.
    2) He is far behind in terms of his social skills. He doesn’t interact much with friends or others. He is not able play or work with others in group. He always does what he wants not what the group want hence always other kids avoid him while playing and he tends to play something on his own and in between goes and disturbs other kids who are playing in group.
    3) He speaks Bengali with me and my wife..mostly forms sentences right way but not as a normal kid of his age but when it comes to talking with others in English it’s limited to only few known sentences. The interactions doesn’t go beyond 1 or 2 iterations.
    4) In his school he is not following teacher’s instructions..runs around, talks loudly, makes noise, disturbing other while they are trying to concentrate on something. Sometimes he pushes hits other students in his class.
    5) He screams very loud when he doesn’t get what he wants. His habit of screaming was reduced a lot (he used to scream very frequently when we were in India) but it again started in wrong direction.

    Sorry for long description. I would like to consult with you for Gaurav and will seek suggestions about starting homeopathy treatment for him. Please let me know what is the best way to make an appointment face to face or on call.

    Thanks and Regards,

  102. Supriya Dutta says:

    Hello Dr Sharma my son is 2years n 7 months. He is cute n active. He talks only when he needs to like he wants watch tv, wants to go potty, needs milk like this. He likes watch tv a lot he plays with mobile phone. He use to be very aggressive at times.he hits other kids who ever comes near to him. If we do anyactivity which he doesn’t likes he hits us n shouts a lot also speaks like if I switch off the tv in between he gets frustrated cries n starts hiring me n shouts says “tv chalao”. We r Bengali n he speaks in Bengali. He knows a few sentences in Hindi, n few words in English. If we call him he responses sometimes not every time. He likes to roam a lot. If we go out n while returning he will refuce to return n He lies anywhere on the floor, rood, shops. He is too naughty always jumping n running here n there. He can draw curve, circles, straight lines. He repeatedly asks us to draw bus. At time more than 10 times we get fed up n then he will try to draw. He plays with blocks, he is good of cars n buses. He likes to roam in car. Likes to eat sweets n drink milk his daily intake of milk is 1.2 later. If we reduce to give him milk he shouts a lot. We don’t know what’s his problem. He never plays with other kids. He sits n plays alone for hours drawing, making buildings, blocks cards act. He likes to listen music a lot. He demands me to sing certain song while sleeping. But he never behaves properly to strangers. He avoids eye contact with strangers. We r from Andaman n Nicobar islands please help we don’t have good hospital here.

  103. Dear Sir,

    My name is G.Elsherif from Egypt
    my child suffer from Autism as Egyptian doctor FB , and we have three years till now in the medical treatment and speech training but with no improve
    can you help me to check with a doctor from America or Euro area have a powerful experience in this field

    Thanks & BR

  104. Hello Sir,
    My son is 21 month old He doesn’t respond to his name,do not do eye contact,find his own company.
    I suspect moderate autism.
    We leaving in Bangalore. Please advice the best treatment.

  105. Khuram shehzad says:

    Dr. Sharma pleasure to read your experience with autism my son diagnosed autism how i get your advice please how contact you

  106. Neha Talwar says:

    Hello Dr sharma
    I have a doubt- is it that till the time the child is taking homeopathy medicine, he is fine.. And if he stops his medication he will again have that autistic characteristics??? Pls reply doctor.

    Mother of a 4yr old boy who has mild autism

  107. I also need a craft or vehicle..

  108. Mohammad Ali says:

    Dear Sir
    My son 3 year 3 month diagnosed moderate autism
    Please advise

  109. Hi dr.. my daughter is 2 years 3mnths old.. she is not responding when ever i am calling her.. she is very much habituated to phones.. but now am nt giving any gadgets to her.. she play alone.. we live in dubai . She is the only child in home.. my husband my daughter n myself live in a house.. its a nyckear family.. plz suggest something plz

    • Koushik Chanda says:

      I am Koushik Chanda from West Bengal , my son age is three years he can do my physical activity like taking own food , running, easily seat on bike without any help etc. He can speak many words , but can’t respond by his name . He also understand many direction . But I not understand that my only son face the problems of artism spectrum disorders. Please give me answer or suggestions about my son.
      Thanking you.

  110. Dr Abhishek Jain says:

    Hello sir my baby is 2.4 year old and first he was not giving response to his name call 5out of 10 times but now he is giving response to his name call 8 out of 10 times once we start actively involve all the family member but still confused he is under going behaviour therapy at Mumbai they told us we can’t say he is in spectrum or not we will say it after 4 years of his age please suggest what should I do

  111. Arun solanki says:

    Dear sir
    I am arun solanki from jodhpur rajasthan and I have one son and his age is 3 year 4 months.I am thinking he has autism coz he not speaking and he not be social with other child.he always run and his behaviour is always attacking mode.I already consult with speech therapist and to a Dr 1 year ago they not say he has autism.please provide ur phone number and address I want to start his treatment

  112. Dr. Sharma,
    My grandson is 8 yr old. He has been in the Marcus Autism center for 4 months. He does great for them. However, coming back home has been terrible. We haven’t been able to get an ABA therapist or anyone in to work with him. He has a stretched colon and has to have 4 or 5 bowel movements a day, hence lots of laxatives. He’s non verbal and he has regressed so much. What can we do to help? The main thing is he hits his head very hard with his fists. We try the arm guards but he takes them off, he can come out of everything. We live in a very small town and there is simply nothing here. We are at our wits end. He has a younger brother that does not get the attention he needs but he is in kindergarten this year and loving it. I am very worried about my daughter, she never gets any time. My husband and I are the only support they have. Thank you for listening

  113. Subha Aich says:

    sir I am Subha Aich from west Bengal. my child could not speak at the age of 3.6years . though he can understand sometimes but cannot speak. feelings are all good in condition. anger, happiness. one thing he is addicted to mobiles. and gets very angry when we did not give him that…very nasty in nature but calm with mobiles..

  114. bernadette reyes says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma, I am teacher of Autism Children and i have this one case of a child who is 17 years old still shouting, biting and steaming a lot in everything he do i do not know anymore. I am thinking is a professional like you could share something for me to help this adolescence on what he is facing right now. Before i am thinking that this child is just being challenge that is why he is doing this things because according to the father his behavior is different from home to school. at home he is quiet inside his room and will just come out if hungry.

  115. My granddaughter is 19 months old and I think she is autistic, she doesn’t engage or respond when calling her name! There are other things also We live in Chelan WA do you know of a trained person like you that is close to Wenatchee Wa where we could get help! Her mom is a single mom and has to work! She also has a 13 and 16 year old at home

  116. Priti vedi says:

    Sir my 3 yr 7 month old boy has moderate autism . The neurodevelopmental paediatician has confirmed that.which kind of treatment should i prefer?? One more problem is that i am conceiving 2 months pregnancy ?/ is genetic counselling necessary for my future child???

    • Hi,
      Autism is not proven to be as genetic until now, but do what the Dr. Sharma says:
      You should keep up with the stimulation . Play , talk , dance …do all kind of activities . Keep him engaged in a loop with you and the regular world around him.
      Please write this sentes with gold: “Parents are the best Therapist for THEIR Autistic kids”
      Citating Dr. S. MD.
      “There is no harm in engaging a therapist or taking your child to the Autism therapy centre as long as you are spending a lot of time with the child. I have always suggested parents to take more pro-active role in the execution of therapies. I have seen that children recover from autism more when their parents are actively involved in giving therapy to the child at home . Autism therapies are no rocket science ; one can easily learn them . There is a lot of information and videos available on the net . Try Searching You Tube for videos and you will find thousands of them. You are the best Therapist For him.”

  117. Rajesh Kodag says:

    Sir my 04 yr old daughter having problem of speech delay, not attentive, no communication, no social with other children…….is this autism?? BERA test was normal.
    I am worried about my child.

  118. hi, my son is 4 years 6 months. he has been dignosed wih ASD recently. he is saying few words very clearly and can say about 3 sentences. I just wonder will he be ever able to speak like other children. How can i contact you over the phone plz

  119. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I have 5 and half year kid , he is going mild moderate program in school, He has obsession of restroom, whenever he sees restroom he just run to their. We started karate class for him bt there also he just in his own world. I see him always thinking in his own thing. Can you tell me how can i help him?

  120. Mr. Gadekar says:

    My son is 7.5 years old and we are continue referring him to speech therapist right from when he was 2 years old. He is in Std I’m and going to regular school. Teachers says that they do not understand whether he is attentive in school or not. I explain him at home all the subjects showing pictures on net and score more than 75% marks. He speaks at home but mostly confused with verb and tense and answering for how question when it is asked to answer what and so on. Both I AND MY WIFE ARE WORKING and we keep him with one care taking family and collect him in the evening. He mostly like to download new car racing game and to play and also like to watch movies. He is much interested in dance and going for dance classes twice a week.
    Whenever we try to have conversation with him he do not give attention but when we call his name once or twice he listen to the things and answer. He takes 2 to 3 times more than actual needed to answer the thing. Teacher at school says that he is not answering the thing for routine things.
    Sir can you please advise and help me to improve his concentration. Is going for music class will be helpful for concentration and to improve his condition.

  121. my son is aotistic pls help

  122. Richa srivastava says:

    When and where can we meet you at the earliest doctor?

  123. Rajeev Kumar says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    I am totally agree with you. I found your arcticle very useful. My baby is 2 years and 3 months old, identified with autism. Although we noticed few symtomes six months back and started early intervention but in irregular manner and found it effective. Now i along with my wife have decided to give 100 percent as per your guidance. Just small support we need from you. We approached few homeopathy doctors but none of them could neither advise any meicine nor promise it is 100 percent curable. Please guide us. Also share the medicine name and dossages. I will be highly obliged to you.

  124. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My son is diagnosed with moderate autism. He also speaks one word but not improving or picking up more. To bring him to one word, it took a lot of efforts. He has started echolalia recently and a lot of gibberish.

    He is 3 years old now. Our main issue is to how to get him talk more and improve. His eye contact with us is ok (mostly for his interest) but not good with strangers. His receptive language is ok with family members(especially mom) but not with outsiders.

    Occasionally he does look at the other kids and shows interest to play with them but due to lack of language, he can not initiate play. He started going to daycare now and has shown great improvements. His teacher says he likes circle time and sings rhymes.(although they are not clear). Many of his words are not clear.

    He also does have tantrums but we try to redirect him. He loves to play outdoor mostly and he jumps a lot when excited especially when there is a cool breeze. He jumps on the sofa when we whole family watches TV. Sometimes when he is ideal runs back n forth.

    My son is toilet trained recently, he does tell us that he needs to go toilet but he doesn’t tell his daycare teacher that needs to go toilet.

    One of the big problems my son has is social etiquettes, he climbs up on people he gets friendly with, people don’t like to get touched inappropriately.

    Looking forward to your reply sir. Thank You.

  125. Hello dr sharma,

    I am from Bangalore, my son 2.5yrs old is showing mild autism and speech delay. We wud love to hear what homeopathy has to offer in his treatment. Looking forward to your reply

  126. Hello sir,
    My daughter is 3.9 year old now and she diagnosed with mild Autism one year ago I start early intervention and she improve very much in one year . She is going play school also and her school is also very cooperative. I am very happy to hear that in homeopathy there is medicine for autism, please let me know how can I take advantage which make faster my daughter’s improvement. I am living in lucknow. Thank you.

  127. Gajendra says:

    Hello Dr.,
    I have a 31 month old son. Very lively, playful and beautiful child. about a year ago we noticed issues/ delays in his development with respect to speech and learning abilities. We read about Autism and saw a couple of pediatrician’s and therapists who , while did not confirm, but somewhat agreed that he may have a mild Autism symptoms.

    Our son goes to a play school where his teacher confirmed that he showed a lot of improvement in his behavior and iteration with other kids. However, he still does not have a normal interaction i.e. talking or playing with other kids. he usually plays by himself and is very happy and participate during Rhyme sessions.

    He can recognize numbers, alphabets, animals, shapes etc. but still does not say ‘potty’ or ‘susu’ when he wants to go. he asks for water by crying and saying ‘mum-mum’. He is a very choosy eater and only eats a few things. ‘touchwood’ …he does not have bowel issues (is happy to sit on pot when he has to go potty, infact , he sometimes takes me to the bathroom door when he wants to go Potty.

    He shows symptoms of ‘Echolalia’ i.e. repeating the words and sentences. he sings songs (in his own language), he dances on music. loves jumping on sofa. but he does not like to play with his elder sister who is elder to him by 18 months and is a chatterbox.

    He makes eye contact with his mother and father but hardly responds to any stranger talking to him. he would complete the sentences or sing rhymes with actions. but in most cases when we ask him a question.. he does not respond. when he is watchin TV from too close, if i tell him to go back.. he will comply. he says ‘no’ if he does not like anything and he does understand when we say ‘no’ he stops.

    I live in Hyderabad and i am unable to find a good homeopath here who specializes in treating Autism and ADHD. I can use all the help i get.

    Thank you in advance !

  128. child is 21 month.after one year he say papa,kaka, bua,dada.but now time he not speak regularly.after forcing some time he speak dada.i see a vedio about atism some character show in my child but he walk run and name speak he has eye contact.he play with round thing like car but only wheel of the car .He very enjoy when see running fan.he eat only milk ceralak some semi food made in house.please help me and advise.l strongly believe in homeopathic.

  129. sir my baby is 23 months old he screened with autism we are from vishakapatnam here we dont have much scope for this problem we met doctor neeranjan he advised us soome foods to stop like wheat products milk products sugar and junk food…. asked us to give sprouts dry friuts ragi flour bajra rice fruits and vegetables… he dint gave any medication… please sir suggest us what to do completly im very confused..

  130. Hassan farooq says:

    Hi dr Sharma…my son is 3 and a half…we think it’s mild autism…but would love to hear back on the homeopathy solution…would be great if you could share a contact number I can connect you with…look forward to hearing back…Hassan Farooq

  131. Autiqa noreen says:

    My son is 1.5 year old. He responds to sounds except his name. He has never been babbling so far, just murmurs when going to sleep. He doesn’t say a word or wave or point to things. Moreover he is sleepy all the time. Can you help with your suggestion.

  132. jignesh patel says:

    my son have autism and he is 4.5 year old. presently he is in Jr.Kg., presently we are doing speech therapy. if any medicine for him, please

  133. Hello Dr Sharma
    My daughter is 3yrs old.she was diagnosed with mild autism spectrum at the age of 2.6yrs. she was having very less eye contact, zero verbal communication nd no chewing sense. But she likes the company of other childrens, as we belongs to nuclear family. So the Dr suggested us to put her into the play school nd after doing that we really cud find a lot of improvement in her.She can say now all the alphabets, numbers, shapes, colours, fruits, nd recognize them as well but still can’t say the complete sentence (only 2 words at a time) like the other kids of her peer age do. she is saying rhymes only by sound nd not the words.she can’t even say her name as we are making her huge practice for that but she is unable to say it. She can’t express herself, her feelings with us nd her eating habit remains as such…still she is not chewing the food, she only takes semi solids nd used to swallow them. The only thing she is interested is watching the Tv, Mobile vedios, playing nd having very less interest towards her studies.
    Please assist me in this regard nd would really want to improve her verbal communication skills.Waiting for your best suggestions for my child.
    Thanks nd regards

  134. Mrunmayi waghmare says:

    Hello sir,
    My child name is mrunmayi she is 3.5year old
    Her diagnosis done at the age of 18 months, we also done genetics test nd in that we found some problem, I mean it’s in her genes nd Dr. Said it’s gene mutation plz give us ur valuable advice

  135. Dear Dr Sharma

    My son 14yrs old just found out he might have ASD and I want to ask is it too late to help him
    !!why it was so delay cause all the doctor said he might have ADHD/ADD etc

  136. Hi sir,when can we meet u for consultation?

  137. Sylvia payabyab says:

    Dear Dr. sharma
    My daughter is diagnose with autism at 16 months, just recently how can she be treated , please help.

    Please assist us we do not know what todo

    Thank yuo

    Sylvia payabyab

  138. Hello Dr.Sharma,
    I just read this article and a lot of the things you said seem like they can help my son.but please where do I start from, I don’t want to waste any more time.tbe doctor that diagnosed him said is mild autism but then the tantrums he has been throwing today is scaring me.what should I do?

  139. Keshav Patil says:

    Dear Sir
    Most of your suggestions & conclusion are very near to Recovery of autism child, and I am one of them parents of them
    My child have all quality of normal child only the communication problem and Listening capacity is zero
    Other wise he is perfect and very energetic
    I wants to do and help him,please give me a solution if you have?

  140. Dr.
    My child is around 3.8yrs old.he was diagnosed as autism when he was 2.5yrs.
    From that day we have started OT & ST. But till he is not so recovered eventhough we are continously interacting with him.
    He is speaking by prompting only in low voice with single word. He can’t speak sentence.also he is not self expressing or not addressing his natural issues.
    He only speak peoms, Alphabets, Numerics only.
    Plz. Tell what is the state of autism he has now & what to do for the recovery.
    I am big frustated about his present & future.

    • Tasneem Tamanna says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma my son is 27 months old and his m-chat score is 9.he cannot speak.seems to remain in his own world. His eye contact with me and his familiar person is present but it is not adequate. He cannot understand simple command but he is interested in other child.I am a doctor. What is your suggestion for me

  141. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My kid is 3.6 years old, he was 3 years old when I came to know about his autism. Though, I have started his therapies under ABA, at of the leading therapy centers, but would really want to improve on his verbal communication skills. Can you please help me?

  142. Jagadeesh kumar says:

    Sir, Iam jagadish kumar. spouse name is sailaja. Our son is just 3 years old. Before few weeks he easily speaking all the words, which he can listen, watch on TV, singing rhymes & he replies to us what U ask. Suddenly what happened to him is he become slow tonguer. Now he is not giving quick replies. He is so dull. We don’t know what to do. Can you suggest me to overcome our child’s slow tongue..?

  143. Bikash Paul says:

    Dear sir,I am Bikash.spouse name Parmita.We have only baby of 3 years old.He is well in physical structure but realiging he is going to autism.He is no talking his name.He is not talking like another baby.Iam trying to recover him by various exercise two times daily.But nothing to done for him. He is interested only to watch TV songs,Mobile vedeos,He always want to keep his hand in mouth. He is not able to say his name.What can we do. pls say about your treatment &chambet details. pls pls.

  144. M R Prathapasimha says:

    My name is Prathapasimha I am from Girinagar,Bangalore my sun Pranavsimha is suffering from autism His age is7 years. I want meet you with my sun please confirm your appointment tomarrow
    Or give your phone number I will call you sir

  145. hi doctor i read your full article as my son who is 3 year is suffering from delay speech .well i m teacher so my son remains with his dad in the morning hours, is it hampering my childs growth? or like what to do?

  146. hello sir my name is i geeta my baby boy is 5 years old and he is having all the autisic features he can not recognise anybody properly he can not stand without support he does not speak a single word .plz suggest me something for my child

  147. SAIKAT ROY says:


    Plz help me to over come this Autism of my child who is now 3.5 years , try to speak but could’t, he is doing Speech Therapy from last 5 months, but his is doing his forehead to the wall l or in ground surface once he is very angry . He is in Play school, not interacting with other kids , saying maa- baba but not to recognize the terms with value .

    I am thinking to visit Chennai Applo, kindly suggest what to do more !!!!!

    my no is 9934621034

  148. Hello sir, my son is 2.8yrs and he is showing all signs I’d autism.. I m really worried.. Read the full topic.. Is this really possible to recover my child.. I m really upset. If I follow all d instructions u provided. will he recover? .. Pls. Guide.

  149. Sir,we have a kid aged 4 years with adhd n hyper active,just now started homeo medicines..will he get cure completely

  150. Hi Doctor,

    I have 4.5rs son been recently diagnosed with Autism.He has little or no speech.If you could help me out.


  151. Sanjeev Srivastava says:

    Hi doc
    I am writing for my 3 year old kid. He turned three just 7 days back. We have issues with his speech. He is not talking much. He has very few words like daddy water bye. He is as well not able to imitate the sounds. He just imitates the sound of A and M.
    He sometimes out of blue says few words like banana good morning purple potty but doesn’t says it again.
    He is also hyperactive and doesn’t sit much. He sits for few minutes if at all his preferred activities.

    Another concern we have is he usually moves his hands in front of his face whenever he tries to speak something.

    He doesn’t have any other delay. His gross motor fine motor and cognitive are all good with no delays. He is good with identifying all alphabets number shapes and colors. He is pretty good in one step and few 2 step instructions. It’s more like he doesn’t want to do them and not like he doesn’t understand.

    Is it anyway possible that we can have any video online appointment as we are presently in USA. Can you please suggest us with something.


  152. Khushbu says:

    Hello Doctor,
    My daughter was diagnosed with autism at age of 3. Now she is 5 & half yrs old. She learns thing quickly​ by now a days she is too much lost in herself . She has poor eye contact. She can read 3-4 letters word, can write also. She had developed echolia too. She knows things but not able to answer. She never raise questions and reply back. The major problem is that she is always in her own world. Please help me.

  153. Hi Dr Sharma

    I am a fully qualified special needs teacher as well as a therapist. I am home schooling a little boy who has been diagnosed with Autism. He is now 6 turning 7 this year. He definitely using expressive language, many words, and many phrases such as “I want a lollipop please” however there is no conversation skills.. As his teacher and therapist, occasionally I become doubtful (but I don’t stop pushing him). What are the chances of him becoming completely verbal ? What are the chances of him being able to have a day to day conversation ? He is turing 7 this year (July), when do you think this will happen ?

    Thank you

  154. sharmistha says:

    my daughter is having autism syndrome. she is 30 months old. she is having hyper tendancy.

  155. Amazing grace says:

    Hi Doctor, I Come across this, please help. My child is six plus Not talking and restless. Yes Doctor said is Austism, How can I help?

  156. Lisa SantabarConnor says:

    My Daughter has twin Boys they are 30 months now. They have A.S.D they said it was a mild case. I am not sure what you may need to know to give me an answer on if homeopathy could help in treatment.
    Not talking
    No pointing
    Little eye contact
    They have expressions (smile, mad face, sad)
    Sometimes if asked to go to say papa, mommy.
    They will.
    They do not eat well at all, only like maybe 3-5

    • Hello sir, on 2nd may 2017 i got to know that my baby have autism. he is 27 month old. I am really very worried about him. We have already start the therapy and same instruction follow at home also.

      But being a motehr i am very much tensed. If possible pls call me my no is 09718405324.

      please please help…

  157. Hello Doctor, my kid is 21 months old he doesn’t point anything, or watch things that I am pointing, doesn’t response every time, 2-3 words, no repeat work, inconsistent eye contact, smiles to everyone but shy, doesn’t walk outside home, not interested in peer group.

  158. My son is 2 year old … Recently we have been told by our doctor that he my son is suffering from otestic disorder.

    He does not make I contact any one apart from me and my wife,
    Also he can not relate to object with person ….Like he speak mumma but some time he can not realize his mumma.
    He does not play with his age of kids ..Rather play with 3-4 year elder kids.

    But he identify no very easily (1-10)

    He can easily identify animals (4-5 ) animals

    He can easily identify object with its voice, like if a crow is making noise …He says crow even with looking
    He also bring my trousers when ever he want to go out ..That means he knows what will I wear when I go out.

    I would like to know is it curable or not ?

    If yes then how much time it will take specially when he is 2 year old ?

    What techniques I should use so that he can do I contact with me ?

    • Hi Bhavya…My daughter has also same condition like you..she is of 2.4 months old..
      We stay at bangalore.. My no is 9731643344. if possible can you cal me or text me…I want to talk to you on this.

  159. Dear Doctor

    My boy toddler is 33 months old, he talks continuously, and shouts like anything. when he is at home want to watch tv, mobile etc. If i let him out he starts to run continuously, here and there and touching this and pulling that, if i warn he starting crying loudly, but he can able to and understands little. Am very frustrated how to cure him, please help.

  160. Dear Doctor,
    My baby girl of 3.. is deley speech.. some times she only said maa otherwise all the time she bubbling . She can do eyecontact and smile everyone .. some time she respond her name.. she is very famillier. She cmmunicate with me with her gusture posture… I cant understand is dhe austic baby … pls help me..

    • suman paul says:

      Hello Dr. I m Debalina from Agartala. I have a daughter of 27 months old. She couldn’t not responding on her own name.She couldn’t indicate or call her father or mother or other family members.I don’t understand that she understands or not our languages. She only responding on particular words and also tell few words from particular rhymes like when I say “Johny Johny yes ” then sometime say only “papa” but not frequently. I m nw really don’t know what to do? So please help me.

  161. Dear Doctor,
    My relative is the mother of an Autistic Girl of 10.
    The mother is the only earning member of the family, she also has an elder daughter of 14.
    She is working abroad and is looking for a residential facility in India where her Austistic daughter can be taken care of and also rehabilitated.
    Can you guide us please?

  162. Hi Doctor I am Garima my daughter is 2.5 yrs old she was speaking 15 odd words by the age of 2.2 but suddenly stopped speaking all the time.Although she understands think but does want to speak. Her Paediatrician has suggested to get her into a play school.what should i do please help

  163. Hi, Dr. Sharma Sir

    This is Durga. I have one son. He is mild autistic child. He responds only few things, what he wants he does otherwise he doesn’t listen. How i have to treat to him ? He is using homeopathy medicine. and also going SPARSH special school for occupational therapy . He has lot of memory, and lot of grasping power. He knows all alphabets, all fruits, vegetables. He can identify everything but speak one word. Now he has 4.5 years.
    Please suggest some therapies for my child. He is my everything. I loves him a lot . only i want he does only his own works.

  164. Hi dr my son is 10years old .he is my 1st child he got fix at age 1.5 till that his activity is Kiev normal child ,we found he got autism in 2 nd age and giving occupational therapy n speech therapy for past 8years he don’t talk yet but always he is blabbering he sings any songs with hymping with words tell me what to do to stop blabber and start to talk sir

  165. satyanarayan says:

    sir good morning,my second son aged 7 yrs having mild asd n become hyper when i beat him otherwise not speaking is cleared know everything also clever still he is responding to loud voice and comanding order memory recall past thing, places, incidence, cooking help but not keeping interest in learning,most of the time he is taking a bed sheet sleeping inside and living in own world in class 1 he has taken admission dr suggested us to visit at nimhans also sir another problem of his, is constipation he never sit on latrine at isolated like corner and dark ,lonely place choose and cleared if laxative syrup colax 12ml is given otherwise not these two asd and constipation are now overburden for us so, sir pl suggest for quick recovery of my child.

  166. Moumita Chanda says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma,

    I am a mother of 2.3 years old. My daughter has a speech delay issue and has been diagnosed with a mild to moderate Autism. I wold like to know how homeopathy treatment on autistic kid helps a faster recovery.

    Thank you.

  167. Dhruba Jyoti Saikia says:

    I have a baby of 3.5 year. She can not speak.
    I have treatment many. .but can’t found any solution so please help me.

  168. My son is two years and four months old and he is towards Autism.He is in regression autism .Earlier called the names now i do not called anyone. Don’t mingle with his peers or others.Do not response his name .He has been evaluated by specialist and they said he his earlier intervention stage.He needed sessions by psychologist and speech therapy.I also want to give homeopathic medicine .Please help me in this regard.

  169. David Zabb says:

    Dear Dr,
    Thank you for your article but could you please explain where diet, detox, medications/supplements etc… fit in your 13 essential Steps For your Child’s Recovery from Autism?

  170. Abdul Rahim says:

    Hello Sir,
    I would like to know about medicine is being given to such patients.
    My son 3 years of age is mingling with relatives, playing but verbal respond is weak.
    Kindly Help me.

    Thanks in advance..

  171. Jyothi shetty says:

    Good morning doctor. My daughter was 3 years old we found that there was no speech. Also she was not interactive with other children. Hence we started with speech and occupational therapy. Now she is 4 years and started repeating words which she wants but she never tries to reply back.

    We thought of engaging her in dance as she liked it but in vain. She was not interested in class.

    Kindly help me out on this as what else I can do for her


  172. Tejsingh Palharya says:

    Hello Sir,

    My son is 3 yrs old and we found that he is also a case of autism after consulting with the Doctors. I just read above article and got to know that Homeopathy can help my son to recover. So could you please let me know where I can contact you so that I can get better treatment. I am living in Pune India.

    Thanks in advance.
    Tejsingh Palharya

  173. My 2.5 years old nephew could speak well and recite full poems, songs, identify animals, fruits, shapes, etc. from books and showed great intelligence for his age. Suddenly, two months back, he stopped speaking.. He makes a hissing sound from his mouth.. is laughing in an unnatural tone mostly, and likes to play alone.. Sometimes he does speak a word or two.. but with great difficulty and without clarity.. what should we do? Is this autism?

  174. Dr Sharma, my 2years child is unable to speak anything but he plays and laugh and even sometimes does what he is told to do. But the unfortunate thing is he had a problem with the eye when he was born and was discharged, he didnt sit early as most children do, also his crawling delayed too and now that he is standing. Dr, is it a sign of an autism? or will he recover as he is developing/growing?thank you

  175. My 15 months baby have seizers frequently and developmental delay now she is sitting alone and also vision imparement with albitisom what to do not showing intrest to learn anything an really stimulating her but not working out really am a worry mom about my chid. Really homeopath helps me?

  176. my 6 yrs son is asd diagonosed from NHANS bangalore . he can,t speak. bt can shout. very ofter he becomes hyper and those tenure controlled by resperidone med only. till he is taking the med, is there any permannent solution to recover those issues. i want persnal appointment if possible.

    • Murugadoss says:

      My Elder Daughter
      DIAGNOSED:–ASD by NIMHANS at her 3Yrs age.
      LEVEL:- ASD Seems MILD to Moderate.




  177. Baligun Maria says:

    Dr.Sharma…my girl is 5yrs old going to six years and she has not started talking very well,she has not started writing anything yet not even number 1 by herself….am tired pls help me out if there is drugs to boost her or anything to do….I was told to leave her with my mother INLAW so that she can mingle with children BT still no change in her academic

  178. Marie tuffin says:

    Hi I wish I had seen this when my son Ben was diagnosed at 4 years old, he is now 9. Ben lost his speech gradually after his sister was born when he was 2.5 years, he was saying long sentences and having conversations but by 3 had lost his speech. He only says a few words now -( juice, chips, wee, swim) I wondered if it is to late to do homeopathy now ? I’d do anything to have him communicating again, it’s so sad when he can’t tell me what he wants or when he’s ill. Thank you, marie

    • Monika kumari says:

      My daughter is 28 months old and she is diagnosed with moderate autism spectrum disorder. She does not only speaks a single word but also does not pay attention to what she is asked to do. She at this age unable to understand any instruction or single word said to her. In addition to this she is not a sitting tolerant. She does not sit more than 5 mins and hence difficult to play or perform any activity with her. I am very worried on how to get the activities done as she is not a sit still kid.

  179. My son is 24 month old..he is active in his motor movement and playing activity but he doesn’t respond to his name and his speech is not initiating..he only babble smtm he speaks 2 or 3 world with very weak tone. I took pediatric neurologist opinion and he doubt about mild autisim. He prescribed syp piracetam and syp brainiq after one month he is still not able to speak…his eye contact is poor…kindly guide me…I m also a doctor..I m MD physician and read ur article

  180. Asmaa mounir says:

    Hello Dr Sharma ,I have achlid has 3.6 years after long discussions with doctors in Egypt .They confirmed that he has some properties of autism .Not full austistic .
    After three months of giving him some vitamins eg vitE and omega 3 and but b12
    He understands all orders and start to look at me and speak some words .
    Please give me your advice and experience as I was very angry about my only son

  181. Sir,

    My 31 months old boy understands everything but talk continuously some thing or the other, the problem is we live alone. Myself, husband and son i always engaged in work and spend only few hours with him. I am an housewife i quit my job to take care of my kid. I won’t let him alone or not let him to mingle with other kids, we gave him mobile, tv, system instead. Now the problem is if we try to avoid him in watching all this, he shouts like anything, that we have to listen him, when am trying to talk to him he will not see our face, watch somewhere and always running here and there, shouting non stop, tapping non stop, talking non stop, not eating properly even not sleeping properly. So when we referred to pediatric, they said he is suffering from asd. We don’t what to do and how to deal with it and how to cure my son, so please doctor help me in this regard….. waiting for the reply… Help us .

  182. Sir,
    My 25 months old son recognises all the alphabets from A to z n its words as well. Also he can say say counting from 1 to 15…recognises them as well.. He constantly keeps repeating them through out the day..sometimes he repeats whatever we say but in single words Also he can say rymes bt in a broken way along with their actions…but the problem is thst it depends on his own will..some times even after pleading he ignores us as if he is not listening.i have read so many times about autism..i am confused whether he is autistic or not..he sleeps well sometimes play hide and seek with me and many small games but gets fedup after twi or three games…please gelp me in this regard

    • Hi Cathy…My daughter has also same condition like you..she is of 2.4 months old..
      We stay at bangalore.. My no is 9731643344. if possible can you cal me or text me…I want to talk to you on this.

  183. Girish Murkute says:

    Sir My child Raghavkumar is having autistic features that we came to know before 3 months we are treating him with occupational therapy also we were started Homeopathy tratment at Dr Anish Vakanali at Dadar Mumbai but no much improvement we have seen we have stopped homeopathy treatment because Raghav is getting hyper sometimes and not able to sleep after stopping his medicines he is regularly sleeping at 10 to 11 at night., pls advise us how to gey proper homeopathy with Occupational therapy so that he can cur early.

  184. Girish Murkute says:

    Sir My child Raghavkumar is having autistic features that we came to know before 3 months we are treating him with occupational therapy also we were started Homeopathy tratment at Dr Anish Vakanali at Dadar Mumbai but no much improvement we have seen we have stopped homeopathy treatment because Raghav is getting hyper sometimes and not able to sleep after stopping his medicines he is regularly sleeping at 10 to 11 at night., pls advise us how to gey proper homeopathy with Occupational therapy so that he can cur early.

  185. Hi sir….My son is 2 years old…He has high risk for autism,does homeopathy can treat my child…? And how…?

  186. Ranjani Sarma says:

    Hai doctor,
    My son is 3 years 3 months old. He was diagonised with autism spectrum disorder when he was 2.5 years. He underwent a group intervention therapy during which he fell behind. Before the intervention he used to be very attentive but after the therapy (mostly after observing other kids there who werent paying any attention) he too started ignoring people and things. Now our doctor has again adviced to go for a therapy and I am scared if we would be jeopardizing whatever development he has had till now. Kindly advice what can be done.

  187. Gandhi mathi says:

    Sir my son is a 12 yr boy with autism can u treat now.. As u said early intervention can cure… He still speaking single words and not interested in anything… As u said.. I know they should be fully occupied but as home maker iam unable to do that.. He is intersted in swimming bt in winter i can’t send him… He is not interested in academic… need ur help.

  188. Shibani patra says:

    Hi, I am Shibani. My daughter is 3 years 7 months. She has mild autism and is on medication like attentio, zincovit and brain IQ. She is very good in studies but doesn’t talk. Whatever I ask her she replies but in words. I want to know what more shall I do to cope

  189. sanjay mahto says:

    Hi I am sanjay Mahto,my daughter is suffering from mild autism ,she is treated with homeopathy medicine,she is still hyper ,what I do help me please

  190. Hi I m from London. My son has minor autism. He is 8th years old.He is getting support from school.but he is much better then before.but he has still difficulty in speech.He is really kind and happy boy,his sleeping and eating routine is very well.he is much independent.could you help me what shall do for him.

  191. Anuj kumar says:

    Sir ,i am anuj ,i have a little brother whose age is 6 year,he started walking at age 2.5year,he is mentally not sound.he speaks but not clearly,do not speak mama papa,but he speaks loudly but not clear.he often runs away from home.what to do please suggest sir

  192. Arvind raj .h says:

    Doctor sir iam arvind raj from bangalore india my baby boy is in mild autistic state he is 1 year seven months old, till he was 9 months he was in hometown in a big family of 7 people,
    later he came to bangalore after he came to bangalore he is between me & my only we three from past seven months he is flapping his hands, earlier when he was in home town hardly he would flap hands but after he came to blore he started flapping his hands he started seeing up down ayurvedic doctors & alopathic doctors have said mild autism now again we have taken baby to hometown to socialise with big family, we are giving him ayurvedic massages & therapies we are taking him to parks & public places we are stimulating him by song dance talking doctor please advise me what can be done to overcome his problem, sometimes he responds immediately sometimes he does not respond immediately

  193. My son is4yr.1mnt He is suffering from mild autism We are giving him Nootropil pirecitam, zincovit and bethadoxisde. AS per suggesstion of nerosurgn Dc. Shidhart Ghosh Chennai Appolo hospital. Now We are giving him Speech class and jst from 11 occupetional therapy too.. He used too many words infacts sentences too.. AS.. Mummy ko de do, nanu Good night, but not said any thing when We ask him.. Its painful to see him in this condition. Please help us sir its an humble request from A mother Please sir..

  194. patan mohammed mansoor khan says:

    good after noon sir iam age 17 years old sir toilet doing in the bed in nights and i don’t understand sir itreatment in somany doctors

  195. My sons 3 year old have mild mild autism please send any good Dr address I am in dubai now this my number 00971565936668

  196. Jessica Moreno says:

    Please. How much would it cost to come to different country and be surrounded by kind spirits with no electronics and only natural foods and water.
    It would be for the both of us and eliminate many distractions we currently ha e.
    Please. Please tell me how I can do this for my son and I. I also ha e a daughter who would greatly benefit from it but I have to focus on him since he is the one with autism.

  197. Raazia Tahir says:

    My Son Azaan is 4 years and 2 months old. We both are doctors in Saudi Arabia. We belong to Pakistan and 3 months back we get him checked from neurologist and psychologist in Pakistan as he was delayed in speech and communication. And they diagnosed him with mild autism with scale 34.5 for autism. His twin sister is normal for her age. Kindly advise me about your homepathic medicine and how can we get here in Riyadh,Saudi Arabia.

  198. Ashok chhetri says:

    Dear doctor sharma, my son is 23 years old,he is unable to speak more than 4 words, only says mamama dadada bababa some time baba didi we stay at chennai, I am the earning member my wife and son stays at home, very limited talk son loves to watch TV, we don’t have relative , very less touch with outsiders, my son whenever he wants anything he figure out by fingers, he mingles with peoples , he smiles lough every things seems normal, only the problem is whenever we call him by his name he is not replying properly , we call him in many names like babu, beta, abhi his name is abhigyan, chennai doctor done blood test thyroid result was normal and doctor suggested us to take him to our native place where he can mingle with others- now we are in native place but 15 days past no progress- is it autism please give me suggestion what to do

  199. My child whose Dob is 7jan 2014 .walks shows more ement nicely but does nt pay heed to his name .mostly loves to remain isolated.actualy I hv twin babies .another baby z quick.plz do tel me if my child is having any problem

  200. Dear Dr Sharma
    Can you please tell us how homeopathic treatment brings speech,focus and spontaneous learning ability.
    my grand daughter is 5.5 years old and has developmental delay as the doctots waited for normal delivery and problem arose due to less oxygen during birth time and had gone into c section. Now we are facing mental agony and we wait each day for a speedy recovery in her neuro activity.she goes for physio,occupational and speech therapy and her mom is always with her giving all activites and sees she is not idle and goes off to her own world and we too give a big moral support in anything to be done.
    i want my grand child to be as how other children are at least to maximum extent

  201. Krishna Swarnkar says:

    My 2.6 years child is showing weared behaviour,
    Still he didn’t started speaking properly.
    Not even know the things like when we try to tell that this is ball even we show but he didn’t undersatnd what is ball.
    He is not even making eye contact or sit ideally for a minute so that we can teach him.
    But few things he do very intelligently like whatever we are doing he tries to copy that immedialty.
    We consulted from child development specialist and get to know that my child is suffered from ASD.
    So i want to know what we need to do to recover him from this stuation …even he didnt respond to his name as well.
    Specialist suggested that put him in some play school first ..and asked for some therapies.
    So please let me know will it help or else is there any other way like hhomeopathy.
    And what we can do at home so that he try to recogize things or peoples..etc by name…
    Krishna Swarnkar

  202. My child is 8 year,s old.he is listening and anderstanding every word but can,t reply.
    he is only saying mama papa and bili means cat and chabi means key.
    only these word he is saying.
    what i do.
    overall he is normal.

  203. I have a 2 years 9 months son who is autistic and would love him to be treated using homeopathic medicines. The problem is that am in Africa and I think most medical doctors have little knowledge on homeopathic medicines. Please help.

  204. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I read what you wrote about Autism. I have a 3 years and half old granddaughter who has Autism Spectrum Disorders. I noticed that and called regional center but my daughter and my son in-law did not want to accept that their child needs help finally after 3rd birthday they took her for evaluation on March 21, 2016. after complete evaluation by school district the result was my granddaughter has Autism and speech delay.
    She doe not speak and when we call her she does not respond. She is very smart and she understands anything we tell her but she cannot express herself. She also is not potty trained yet. In March 2016 they took her to private preschool from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 pm when my daughter came from work to pick her up.
    My daughter has a baby girl was born on Dec. 2nd 2016. My daughter was home for 3 months then she went back to work on March. It was very hard for my 3 years and a half granddaughter to accept that her mom is spending most of her time with new baby. She was crying and suffering a lot for few weeks. Special ly just before the baby was born they removed her toys out of her room and put them in the living room and told her you can play in living room. They live in 5 bedroom house but they do not believe that it is an issue and is not important if they kicked out the older child from her own room. She sleeps with the parents at night they said it does not matter she does not need to have her room. I think that was very damaging to her well being. She saw mother is spending most of her time with baby. Now after evaluation they confirmed that she has Autism and she goes to public school at special education. My son in-law does not want me to see IEP and said I am not involved. He told me my name is not on the list I am not allowed to contact her teacher or go to school. I took care of my granddaughter for 3 years the parents work and I always took care of every thing I always help other people and I am very helpful and I spent on birthdays and christmases and I am a giving person but they take advantage of me being nice and now they do not want me to help my granddaughter. She comes to my house from school by bus at 1:30 p.m until 6 when my daughter comes and my husband and I will go to their house and bring the baby at 7:00 a.m to our house they live very close by. They chose the school near my house but I am not allowed to call the school and that hurts me I love my granddaughter but I can not help her.
    Fullerton, Calif.

    • My son is 22 months old he is not responding when i call his name or not eye contacting what should i do plzz suggest.he eats/drinks only when watching TV.pls suggest how to divert him and make him eat

  205. Gerry corona says:

    Hi Dr. Shamra
    My son was diagnosed with autism just before the age of three and we started some therapy. Now he’s at a special-needs school and I still don’t see any signs of improvement. It all started after you got a MMr vaccination. Now I am looking to start recovery now and it looked into several things on the Internet for help. I’m looking into doing the cod liver oil and some other home remedies that I’ve seen online. I’m thinking about doing the gluten-free and Cassie and free diet and then trying to figure out how to remove all the metals, from what I read on the Internet out of his body. I’m hopeful that he can be cured and willing to put in the work. There’s a lot of information on the Internet and I can’t be confusing but I deafly want to do something ASAP.

  206. Respected dr. Sharma .my daughter is 4.5yrs old and still not started speech her mother is worried .we have got her ears tested twice

    1st report conclusion .
    This isan abnormal brain stem auditory evoked potential study and findings are suggestive of probable rigth lower brain stem pathology..clinical correlation is advised.
    This test was repeated again ..and.
    2nd report conclusion .
    The current brainstem auditory evoked potential study is normal. There is no electrophysiological evidence of auditory pathways dysfuntion on either side. A normal brainstem auditory evoked potential study on board band click may not exclude mild deficits or frequency specific hearing deficits .consider repeat study if indicated clinically .Further clinical correlation is advised.
    I believe reports are said to be in normal range
    You are kindly requested to suggest me what to do .

  207. Dhritiman Bhattacharyya says:

    Hi Dr . Sharma,
    Looks like my son is suffering from autism. His age is 2 years. He has spinning habit, hand flapping habit, gets very shy with strangers. Showed him to development padeatrician followed by clinical psychologist. She referred for special education followed by speech therapy. Can homeopathy help in this situation?

    Dhritiman Bhattacharyya

  208. hi
    looks like my son is suffering from autism..he is very hyper also..gets super shy with strangers…showed him to padeatric neurologist..he just referd for occupational thearapy…can homeopathy help

  209. I live in USA.. my 4 year old boy diagnosed with high functioning not speaking yet. help on this case

  210. I am based in the UK. Can you recommend an alternative here?

  211. Hello Dr Sharma ji,

    My son of 21 months running, is diagnosed as mild-moderate autistic. With the help of my friend,I started Activities to be performed with him.

    Kindly let me know,will the homeopathic treatment is going to cure my son’s Autistic

  212. Rhonda Puetz says:

    My long time friend has an 18 month old granddaughter that clearly has all the signs and symptoms of autism. However, she hasn’t been diagnosed because the mother is in complete denial. The child is with my friend 80% of the time and she has spent countless hours researching autism and is doing her best to help the child. Her hands are tied as far as getting this beautiful little girl an actual diagnosis and the help she needs. Is homeopathy something she could do in the meantime?

  213. My daughter has autism.she is 2 yrs and 9 months..what medicines would you suggest for her.and how these medicines can help her

  214. Hi my name is kala… child have difficulties in socializing with his peers…..he will be 5 this comming december….according his pedetrition he have some of the autism spectrum such as difficulties in socializing and throwing tantrum on some conditions…..i myself harfly can accept tat my child is an autistic child because he is very smart bcos at this age he can read any books given to him and knows all the word but he finds difficulties in putting them in sentences….i still believe it is due ti his speech delay…but he do has some motor skills problem in writing and riding a bike etc….i would like to require some homeopathy treatment for my son..

  215. Hello Dr,
    My daughter is 3 years one months old. She dsnt speak complete sentences, sometimes refuses to make eyse contact with me n her father, never replies to questions asked by others and replies only if we teach her the answer. Also she goes to playschool but dsnt interact with other children and tries to play alone. She often likes to play with shadow . And when we call her name she responds only to me and her father after calling out several times. She dsnt sit at same place quitely and roam around.She keeps jumping too often. Again somedays she keeps staring to light or some object. What can be done to bring her to normalcy? pl suggest

  216. Hello!
    My son is completing 4 years old coming January. But he did not start any kind of conversation so far. Though he sings, plays and if we say something he repeats and follow us like any other normal child. My only concern is he should have started conversing by now. It’s really bothering me. I need your help. Thank you.

  217. my child is 2.3 years alo..he is not responding quickly when other call him.his memory is very strong..but not interaction with childern .wat i do?is that autism?

  218. Sukanta Sarkar says:

    Sir, i have a 2yrs 10 months autistic son, i want to (appointment)saw u my child, i’m in bangalore, India.

  219. Hello Mr Sharma,
    Based on recommendation from my friend already we have tried homeopathy for a year but no results are seen….Do you stil suggest homeopathy will help in our case…Do let us know to decide further

  220. Majory Mwitila says:

    Good morning doctor,my son often cries so loudly that every one around him are disturbed. when playing with friends suddenly he isolates him self.and his speech is not clear such that only i his mother tries to get what he opts to me and my three year old son.thanking you in anticipation

  221. Sir, My child age 27 months male suffering from ‘mild autism’ it was identified by NIMH. he play in his own world for hours and hours is that he will recover??
    my name is K.Naresh from Hyderabad.

  222. Dr.sharma my daughter is 1 year old she is cp child…. in EEG she dignosed with ptimary generalized epilepsy and mild encephalopathy…..she is suffering from epileptic fits….she cannot hold her neck yet weak response behaviour…..kindly guide me what i do

  223. respected dr sharma,
    My nephew is six plus is unable to read and write ….doesnt gve eye to eye contact…always ready to walk and happy to walk here and there….

    • Shubham Thakur says:

      My son is 6 plus and he is not able to narrate the things that happened in the past,he forgets the things very quickly.He is always ready to walk hear and there and always makes grammatical mistakes while talking.Otherwise his performance in academics in school is very good and he is always ready to learn new things by asking questions frequently.
      Plz suggest me what should I do for him and homoeopathy doctors for him in Pune.

  224. Sir, This is Krishna and I am suspecting my son is suffering from ASD .I am based out of Hyd. Please guide us me and my wife as we want to see our son normally.

  225. Hi,

    My son started treatments almost three years ago. He’s going to be 6 next week. They diagnosed him as autistic at almost 3 yrs old. He was allergic to a lot of things and and now they have been cleared from his body. I stopped taking him because it was getting too expensive. He had ear tubes placed because the dr said he wasn’t able to hear for 2 1/2 years from and his hearing is fine now.He follows direction and listens but he’s still not saying much. He will only say a word if he wants something. I need help please how do I give that push to start talking and saying things on his own without me telling him to do so. Thank you!

  226. Kirit naik( Surat ) says:

    Is thear grantee for recovery and speck kids is 5 years old still not speck

  227. Ishteyaque Ahmad says:

    Dear Sir,
    My son is three years old but not clear talking except Papa and Mamma, he tries to talk but not not say any thing clear except Papa and Mamma. Is there medicine in Homeopathy for his clear talking.
    I Ahmad

    • mariam ramazani says:

      Hello Dr. Sharma
      My son is autistic , he is almost 5yrs with little speech and anger issues. How can i contact you and can your treatment help him ? He had no understanding but he is improving now.

  228. sunil pandey says:

    Hello sir mera beta jo 12 yers ka hai use 6sep 2016 se piche ke raste se pani aa raha hai jo ki din me 4,5 baar ho jata hai maine bahut sare doctor ko dikhaya per uska water discharge ruk hi nahi raha hai sir koi suggestions dsne ki kripa kare

  229. Anju sharma says:

    Hello Sir my son is 7 years old but he can not speak and some time he behave like me try retarded. I have no money for his treatment like speech therapy. Plz tell me about homeopathic medicine for him

    • Hi Dr sharma thank you for your article .. My son had been just diagnosed autism mild -moderate . He will be 3 in December . He has speech delay .. Is there any medication or therapy for that ..

  230. Danish Nasir says:

    My son is diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2.5 years. Currently he is 3 years and 3 months. He has no speech, communication problems. He is going to Study hall school for 1.5 hours for therapy in lucknow.
    Pls help if we can do more to improve his condition. Any medication allopathic or homeopathic.

  231. sanjay mondal says:

    My child 5year 10 month age not speak clearly not ckear eye contact.dr declear Autism what type treatment was require.

    • Rosalyn Gaynor Donnelly says:

      My 3+ 1/2 yr old Granddaughter is a very happy little girl, still in nappies and babbles – no words spoken. What’s the best way to help her and what to buy her for Christmas please and thank you.

  232. Hello Dr,

    I would like ro talk abt my child. I have somethinv to doscuss with you. Also I wanted to meet you. Please tell me where is your clinnic and how can we meet. Many thanks foryour post. Thanks,Debasish

  233. Hi Dr My son is 2.9 and he is having mild autism I am doing therapy for him but I want homeopathic treatment

  234. SIR

  235. Vasile Mihaela says:

    Hello, I am from Romania. I have a 1 year and 4 month boy with autism. I read about your treatment. Is there any possibility to receive a homeopatic treatment from you. What should I do. Thank you very much for reading my ms.

  236. Hello Doctor,
    I’m from Bangalore, India. My daughter is 22 months old and diagnosed as mild autistic. I have consulted a homeopathy doctor and he gave us medicine called “Tuberculinm” (apologies if i spelled it wrong). But when i googled, I can see many other medicines also there for autism. So i wonder, whether i can continue with it or should i go for some other. Please guide me

  237. suman yadav says:

    Hii .my boy is 2.4 months old .having a speech delay n diagnosed as autistic child ….how can I help him to be normal …how I engaged him in activity he is hyperactive too

  238. Dear Sharma,
    Very well explained, and steps to cure. The one on one interaction is a must ? and for how many days ?

    My child is stepping into 4th year in the coming month, and have started the therapy before 4 months, but still not seen any progress other than eye contact sometimes. Not saying words even he sees the actions and listen the words (eyes, nose, etc. )Some times starts crying if he does not like anything and never stops till we divert/take him outside. He does not like to walk outside, always needs lift up. May be need to spend more time with him, but without his attention i cant spend time anymore. Should i change the therapist ?
    Currently my parents are not staying with us, does it help if i stay with them too ?
    Please advise.

    Thanks in Advance

  239. I called u but no body picked the fone. I live in london. What tine will be suitable for u to talk? My 6 year old boy is autistic and nonverbal. He goes to special school. He is getting better but doesnt speak a single word but babbles a kot. He communicates with us through pecs( picture exchange comunication). I want to start his treatment as early as possible.

  240. sonikas bhosale says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    Good Evening,
    Recently my youngest sister from Delhi who has a son of age 3 year old diagonised with mild Autism. They have started speech theraphy and occupational therapy their. Both parents are under the state of shock. So I want your help whether the boy will recover completely or not. Please comment.

  241. Belkis Correal says:

    Would love to talk to you about my child .

  242. Jeeta Saikia says:

    Sir. My son is 3 year old, he is very active and happy going child, has good memory and cognitive ability, but has no meaningful word at all. His receptive language is okay, but not able to follow all commands. He does not seem to fully autistic , but mild autism may be there . We stay in Guwahati, Assam and treated him with him homeopathy for 6 months, but no improvement in speech, please advice

  243. Muhammad Tariq Siddiq says:

    We have 4 years baby and started autism treatment one year back. Initially he was diagnosed to carry mild to moderate autism. Now he can drink himself, but doesn’t like to eat himself, partially can wear or off clothes, doing well on specs/objects/picture matching, identifies all 0-9 and a-z characters, identifies 10 colors and routine objects with usage, observes on road/outside/TV but still not speaking except vocals and own noisy language. He started speech before 2 years age but in regression later.

    Motor skills are difficult for him (handshaking good from start, clapping took long time but OK now, bye-bye still in progress), body parts pointing is good, still likes corner among children, doesn’t like to eat and chew, likes to run here and there and rubbing body on bed but can sit with me cool n calm, drinking Ok, night sleep start is quite comfortable now compared to 2 years back, now wearing and bathing are almost matching as his age, early school skills are good as explained above, never made self injury, responding to name better when he is called not artificially as during training session (he can judge under which situation is called), no one complains how for eye contact.

    Right now we are doing for him ABA, Speech and OT at special school and home (total 3.5 + 4.5 hours daily). How much more he will take to speak out and to go in normal school? 1 year ?

  244. sumit pandey says:

    Dear sir
    I have 3.2 years old son. He is premature born child. He didn’t start to speak till now. As a parents we have done the bera test which was not confirm properly till now 4 months ago we have done a bera test which was positive according to doctor. She suggested that he can have 90% loss. she has given one ear machine. Sir when I clapped he (My child) respond but if I call him by his name he doesn’t respond. he is active and play with his elder sister who are 7 years old. he kiss us if he want to say any thing he cried like ‘ae……’ and pointed to the thing. he carried us by the finger if he want to carry us somewhere. we both are doing job so he is passing 6 hours with our maid who is 19 years old girl. he loved us very much but he didn’t start to speak till what should we please suggest us as soon as possible. I am a principal in a cbse school. so some times I allowed him to sit in class with the maid.
    Please guide us

    sumit pandey
    Sumit Pandey

  245. MANAS MANDOI says:




  246. Debarati Saha says:

    helli doctor,
    i am a mother of a 2.5 year old baby girl, her name is saanvi, she is still nit speaking any meaningful words ( other than dada, baba, pappa), she does not make eye contact evrytime neither she responds to her name evrytime we calk her, she always uses gestures and sign language if she want anything, i repeatedly teach her how to call anyrhing by its name, but all in vain, i feel so helpless and frustrated sometimes, i discuss her problem with everyone i come across who has a son or daughter of her similar age, well 50% of them says their kid is speaking and 50% says not speaking till now, so there can be a possibility of speech delay. bht today, after waiting for nearly a month for a appountment, we went to a child pschychriatist, she told us she may have autism, although diagnosis is not confirmed yet, she only done M-chat, asked us to visit on monday.
    We are completely shattered after hearing this. Dont know how to handle this situation or what to do next, can you please please help us out.

  247. My two years old is suffering from Autism. he does not talk, no eye contact. when i carry him to garden to play with other kids he just play alone .. he does not response when i call his name. before he was watching cartoon too much but we off the tv and let him play with toys but he does not like with his toys only with the ones that make music or have light. we try to carry him to a psychologist but unfortunately could not find any doctor available. they give us appointment for next month. what i want to know is that how we can do home therapy for this time before the appointment time.

    best regards

  248. gurpreetkaurgjll says:

    Sir my when he was one year old he was all looking fine.but after that suddenly he stopped speaking.he play with her sister at home but sometimes he give response sometimes he do not give response.brain development and bera test are OK. What to do plz tell

  249. Puja Gajaria says:

    My son is going to be 6 in October 16 and is studying in grade 1. However the teacher’s observation about him is that he reply irrelevant answers to the questions asked to him and need one on one attention in the class.
    Though he has improved from his previous term but school special needs section has suggested some pull out sessions for him.
    I need to know if homeopathy treatment can help in this.

  250. Ramya Bollineni says:

    Dr sharma
    My name is Ramya, i have a 2 year old who has
    Is not talking yet. He has shown all the symptoms of autism like no eye contact, not responding to name or not able to follow instructions. Playing by himself for hours together etc. we have been to speech and occupational therapy and have been advised to go for autism evaluation as all the red flags are there. We will be seeing a specialist very soon. I am intrigued by your article and was interested to know if we can still consult with you, we live in united states and wanted to see how that would work am sure you would have clients oversees. Please let me know how I can get in touch.

  251. hi Dr. My two year six month daughter has been diagnosed with autism this September. she can’t speak nor interact with people nor me sometyms she play with hands most of de tym nd make signs cry like a motor bike nd she always want to play alone when I try to play with her or talk to her she ignores me de most. wen I call out her name she d ometyms look at me sometyms not. tried different c reches bt ol she is live other kids and plays alone. on the 28 of dis month m taking her on her first session to therapist. bt I nid more advices on how I shud treat her. she’s eating normal dis days I tried to change her diet coz at tyms she was choosing food. I need More advices. M scared nd worried

  252. Dear Doctor,
    My son is 24 months old. He’s suffering from mild autism. He regresses his speech for last 3/4 months.Even he can not response his name. Till 19th month of his age he was perfectly ok. He responded his name & can say many words. But now he says nothing but can response to our direction or can express his feeling by symbols. Me & my husband r doing job. He stays with my family where atleast 4/5 people always there for his caring. Please guide me how can we help him to cure from this situation.

  253. Yogesh Mamile says:

    Hi Sir, I really thankful for your detailed guideline. My son’s (26mohts old) having same behavior as mention above. I started treatment at KEM child development center but except speech theropy nothing provided by doctor.
    with liquid medicine like attentia and brainwiseIQ (OMEGA3) ,Sir request to guide homeopathy treatment

    My son always playing one or two objects and get slipped down or just run round and round.

    Please guide.

  254. Dear Doctor

    Thanks for writing so much on detail regarding Autism. My male child is 12 years old He has recently been diagonised with Mild autism .

    Pls guide how to proceed. Though clinical psychologist has mentioned therapies like behaviour and Motor skills – Speech therapy and Giving Max exposure to outer world . We are doing so . Can Homeopptahy wold heal my child .

    It will indeed be kind of you to consider and Revert .

    Atulya Dev Issar .

  255. Sir its Dr saurabh ,my son 4.5 yr old is non verbal started to speak and whole ABCD alphabet, 1-10 but is aggressive too. He goes normal school, will it helpful in his recovery?

  256. Hi Dr. Sharma,
    My daughter is 22 months old and was recently diagnosed with pdd-nos. We have been aware since she was 15 months old that there was a big change in her after 5 vaccines following an ear infection. We saw a nd in February and had her on some supplements but she ended up in the hospital following a viral infection with hypoglycemia . After blood tests were ran we found out she had slightly elevated liver enzymes.

  257. hello sir
    mera beta 3.7 years old hai wo abhi kuch hi words bolta hai like dedo,mama papa,chalo,khalo,pei,car and shoes but not make sentences even wo ek jagah par rukhta bhi nahi jaldi se distrect ho jata hai maybe he is superactive kyoki aapke article ko read kiya toh samjah aaya ki wo hyperactive hai toh ab kon medicine do usko jo uski speech improvement ho.

  258. Ms.smita Amol Dumne says:

    Hiii, very essential information about autism i want to know homeopathy how helpes in hyperactivity.

  259. Lisa newman says:

    I am in desperate need of help for my son he is non verbal and cries most of the time he is 10 and I can’t find a dr to really even treat him willing to try anything that can help

  260. Ajay Upadhyay says:

    Dear Doctor
    One of my friends child (girl) around 5-6 yrs old can not speak . she even did not cried after birth. what can be done. they are from Nepal. please advice.

  261. Partha Sarathi Sarkar says:


    My grand son is suffering from austism who is about 36 months.
    Please advice me in this respect.

  262. Mahua kundu says:

    My child is 4years old now he can understand everything but can’t speak fluently giving him speech theraphy from 1year. I want your help when he will recover properly & can lead a normal life.

  263. My son is about to be 6 he says about 50 words with a lot of one on one from me , eating is the worst , I would like to give him supplements could you please recommend what to give to heal the gut & remove the toxins ty

  264. Hello sir
    Cud u giv medicine on autism by courier

  265. mongku badung says:

    Sir im frm itanagar,arunachal frst born child now 7 half yrs old which suppose to b comes under autism..i hd tke him to gauwahati for some medical test like mri,throid ,ent but all comes normal wen he was 3 n a half years old ..but most of d time i tried my level best to let him interact with other kids by sending him to day care but didn’t help ..he response wenever anyone call him by his name..dont khow how to wear,potty at toilets ..can’t even send him outside itanagar..what should i do now..having lots of difficulties..he loves moving around n inside our home but didn’t mingle with others.sometime he use to suddenly start crying,laughing .my son always playing with any kinds of thread like things…i.e strips of paper,mobile charger etc ..using his fingers n moving around …

    • Hi sir i also having same problem.My son age 3 years now. The problem his similar cant speak until now and use finger most of the time..didnt seat in one place..kindly guide on this. How to do hometherapy and any ayurvedic medicine.

  266. Hi..

    My 2.5 yrs daughter have been recently been diagonised on austism spectrum. We have just started her therapies and medicines as prescribed by one of the best child psychiatrist dealing with autism cases in india. I would like to also use homeopathic medicines if they can help my daughter to recover.

    She is able to walk and speak about 300 words come clearly and some only understandable by me. She knws her abc and 1 to 20 count and colors and shapes. She is hyperactive and its hard to make her sit at one place… few routine commands she follows and doesnt entertain new orders. She is not able to mingle up with people n kids anymore which was nt the case 6 months back. She have intermittent eye contact and loves to dance and play.

    • Jasmeet kaur says:

      Hello doctor
      My daughter is 2 years old she even not react when some body say something .. No eye to eye contact .. Please help me .. She even not speak a single word properly and also she dont even listen to strangers

  267. Sushmita biswas says:

    Hello , Iam from banglore actually i want to know is homeo treatment good for Autism people . My baby is now 4yr she had autism in mild stage due to speech delay is also . so plz suggest me.

  268. Hi,

    My name is Fatima and I have a 22 months old son who was recently diagnosed suspected ASD. He still does not talk and has limited eye contact and partly responds to his name. Knowing that my son had delays in other skill developments (like teething, crawling and walking) physiologist told us that she was not sure if my son really is autistic; she said that all the symptoms of my son might be due to developmental delays, and it is possible that in a few months he starts speaking then things will be changed.

    We are immigrants (living in Montreal) and our family (my son’s grandfather, grandmother and aunt) will be visiting us soon and will stay with us for at least 6 months. I hope that our family’s presence can help him to stimulate and improve his symptoms.

    My son is in daycare now and I work. Do you really think that I should stop working and keep him at home, as our financial situation obliges me to work!

    I have read your page and it seems to be an interesting approach for autism treatment. We want to start homeopathy for him. Do you have any advice?
    We started naturopathy for him, but it showed negative side effects so we stopped supplements.

    And also, I continued breastfeeding, do you think it is better for him to stop nursing?

    Thank you so much for your help
    Have a good day

    Best regards,


  269. shailendra kumar singh says:

    my 2 yrs and 10 month old daughter is not able to speak fluently.some times she speak some words and try to speak some words but she has not fluent power to speak,kindly suggest me

  270. Dr.Farzana says:

    dear Dr dharma
    I’m from Bangladesh. my son is 6yrs old with autism.he reads in a normal school and has speech.but he can’t remember lesions specially math.he tries to be in his own world.pls inform the ways or medications helpful for him.should I admit him in a residential school ?

  271. Trimani Baro says:

    Hello sir, my son is 3 years old. He has no speech. Even He does not respond when we call him and most of the sounds. By BERA test an ENT doctor said that he has low hearing capacity. But i have various proofs that he can hear. So what is the actual? Is this the problem of autism? Please help.

    Than you sir.


      Hello Dr. Sharma
      I am Shila from Bangladesh. My son is 5 years and 9 months old. delayed speech. After diagnosis doctor said that he has Social Communication disorder. He can repeat words and now sometimes he can say single word to indicate his needs like “Water ” that means he wants to drink water. He has also hyper activity. we wanted to admit him at special school but after assessment for admition the doctor of a famous special school of country advised us to admit him a normal school and he needs speech therapy, occupational therapy . we admitted him a normal school two years before but he could not adjust with others. Please give us your suggestion what can we do now for him. What medicine you would suggest for him?

  272. Neha gupta says:

    Hi doctor

    My son is 34 months old who’s has diagnosed with mild autistic features. We have already started speech and occupational therapy. Please help and advise me what I do. We are staying in USA.

    Neha gupta

  273. Dr. Suneet Kumar singh(paediatric Occupational therapist ) says:

    Very helpful tips for Autism

  274. SITU KUMAR SINGH says:

    My daughter speaks but can not hear and can not walk should be made, how the doctor treating him

  275. angel mendez says:

    My son is 21 years old with autistic can you help i live in the city of Stanton CA.

  276. dr durgeshi baral says:

    dear dr sharma,
    my son has been diagnosed with a mother and as an allopathic doctor i want only one answer IS IT POSSIBLE FOR MY 3 YEAR 6 MONTHS OLD to revert back to a normal child.his paediatrician has recommended for speech therapy while one of my friend,a pshychiatrist, has recommended for ATTENTROL CAPSULES.i am a big fan of homeopathy and have seldom given my son any allopathy medicine.but at this stage i feel helpless after this diagnosis.what should i do and from where should i begin?please help as the place where i stay doesnt have experienced homeopathic doctors to handle such type of cases.
    please help..

  277. SK Sharma says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma, where is your clinic.

  278. Shailendra Singh says:

    Your Autism cure centre in Lucknow.

  279. A.santhi says:

    My child Is an austism child now age 18 whether it can be cured by sidha medicine. She went to school.already I take nuero and physiologic medicine. Dr. Jambu manivan in erode sidha he told I can be cured within three years. It it realy true.

  280. Hello Dr sharam. Are u located in dubai.? Else how will I meet up with u regarding my child

  281. mrinmoyee basak says:

    My duagher has auitism spectrum disorer,age 3.7 months.she cant talk properly.recently we admit her in a speech threapy centre.but we want her fast recovery .she has no hyper active child only has mild auitism .please suggest me what ll we do for her fast recovery.i am from kolkata,have you any chamber here..?? Or any your branch here.

  282. mrinmoyee basak says:

    Sir, my dughter has auitism spectrum disorder.i recently admit her for speech therapy.she has no hyper active child.she has mild aurism only.but i am in so tense for her problem & want to her fast recovering.

  283. Dr. My son is 3.6. We r in uganda. He has a speech delay. He talks like 30 words. He makes a sentence of 2-3words. he doesnt understand much unless he is taught. Sometimes he seems so sharp that u tell him somthing and gets and never forget but sometimes he seems so dense.for example we have been teaching him to reply am fine what greeted bt he failed he just repeats what you said to him. Am so scared for my boy. He has oweiz been a sharp stuborn baby since he was ababy.he was so first in all dat he did but when he came to speech he is just stuck. He is in preschool but the teachers say he gets what ever he is taught, u can wonder the things he does at school. Bt they say sometimes he doesnot concetrate bt aftersometime he does what they taught him when his not attentive. He hears very well. Responds to his name he goes to the toilet by himself. He seem not to understand what he is being told. What should I do

  284. Sreesakthi p says:

    Hello doctor, I have my 2 1/2 year old son which has autistic features.rarely he look at us and he wil not respond when we call. He will concentrate only on cooking, TV advertisement n mobile. He wil not sit on his own if we make him to sit he will sit for an hour also.we stay in Bangalore. We took all tests and scan, everything comes normal. All we need him to do independently and a speedy recovery.

  285. Hi Dr Sharma,

    I am a mother of 2 year old son with special needs. His main issues are no proper eye contact and stimming by holding his fist tight and raising his hands when excited and slips into his own world if left alone. His speech is delayed, but can say all alphabets and count till 20. He used to sing songs but stopped now. Please let me know if you can work with us and help us treat him.


  286. Manju Surju says:

    My son (Yash) was diagnosed with worst case autism at 2.5years last year (August) by a paediatric neurologist . Our Concerns were, he had extreme tantrums, picky eater, wakes 2 -3 times at night, lost the 20 odd words he had at 2years. We went for several testing, MRI-clear; hearing – good, many special school evaluations. We bought him a trampoline, Jungle gym and socialised him every weekend with his cousins. We also changed his crèche. We then did an amino acid test which revealed that glycine was going to his blood stream so we had him on a gluten free diet for 4 months with many vitamins – NGF; N-Acetyl L Carnitine; intestinal assist and Vitamin C – all natural. We also got him doing Speech therapy & OT once a week, therapist said they will request more days if necessary.
    About 6months later (January), he showed a lot of improvement, much calmer and a lot happier in the new crèche but was still barely talking, he had about 30 words. In April, we went for a second opinion to another paediatric neurologist. He diagnosed Yash as mildly autistic, bright, hyperactive spoilt child. Dr prescribed Risperdal 0.25ml which I give to Yash because all teachers and therapist have noticed his poor concentration. I have stopped all other medications.
    Yash, understands everything we say, can follow instructions when he wants to, attempts to make his own tea, cook his own noodles (from age 1.5). Loves his cousins, has Eye contact, hugs people, smiles, sings, dances, loves rolling with the dogs and is extremely active. He is now 3.5 years and has about 80 words. One or two 2 & 3 word phrases. He is fully potty trained (but does not wipe!)
    My current concerns, and the thing that is making me lose hope is that,
    – Yash does not allow me to teach him anything. If I try to show or help him do something, he screams.
    – He sometimes counts, but mixes the numbers, if try to correct or count with him, he smiles and stops saying anything.
    – At the mall, he is fascinated by lifts and escalators so even after I take him up and down a few times, he will not proceed to something else. If I try to take him away he will throw a huge tantrum loud enough for the whole mall to hear. We avoid these areas.
    – I will be over joyed if I could play with him or teach him something but he does not concentrate or try.
    – He is extremely strong willed which is working to his disadvantage.
    During pregnancy there where complications e.g Uterine Growth Restriction, but at birth it was noticed that the umbilical cord was very thin. Does this mean he was lacking oxygen apart from nutrients? If so, does this mean my son has permanent brain damage? He was also colic for a month after birth.
    I don’t know where to from hear. I wish I knew if he would be independent when he grows up. I am 3 months pregnant with my second child. I wish I knew what to expect as he grows older, will he ever talk? Should he be in a special school?

  287. Mithun Majumdar says:

    Dear Sir
    my child have some mild risk autism female baby of 4.1 years age with speech delay and some behavior problem at Kolkata, India, how Homeopathy can help them please advice for further treatment, please sir.

  288. K v Shyamala says:

    Please help my autism son please sir

  289. Vijaya sharma says:

    I have a 13 year old autistic hyperactive daughter her menstural cycle has started 3months back she was controllable earlier but suddenly fr last 10 days she has become very hyper she goes to ASHA special school. What could be the reason how can I help her

  290. sir.plz suggest me, as a govt employee with shift duties how i manage for my baby boy.m is only the earnest person in family

  291. My 2 year not talking he only use one word baby that’s it and he chewing on everything he’s juminG handflapping no eye contact and my pediatrician said may be he has autism so what next

  292. Hello sir,
    My son is 3 yrs 1 month old, he speaks many words, repeats with us if we tell him some new word, but can’t create sentences. He is little bit agressive also after playing toys he throws it, some time he puts them down very politely. We don’t understand what could be the problem he just swallows his food never chew them, not responding to his name every time, he responds only when he wants to. Eye contact is much better from before he says hello n make eye contact, but socializing with other kids is missing. Plz help me sir n guide us what is needed to be done

  293. Lumbeelady says:

    I have a 3 year old daughter who is non verbal and very hyper very sensitive to noise just to name a few could you please help us or let me know what we can do please it is so hard to understand!!

  294. Neel Kamal Tiwari says:

    Hi Sir !
    My Son is now 3 Yrs and Above and he is speaking but some word he spoke but not understandable and some word he spoke very clear. I was also got the response while my son was not speaking and tell me for delay in speaking. but now a days i just want to how its will be recover and how many later my son will speak work clearly. When he speak some word we won’t understand.

    Please suggest !!!!

    Thanks in Advance.

  295. Alice George says:

    I am the mother of an autistic adult male completely non verbal. I would like to know what help I can get for improving my son’s condition

  296. Hello
    My son is 2.8 yrs.he speaks very little..cant create sentences..what we tries to teach like transportation name animal fruits name etc he learns cant create sentences..i dont know wats d problem..he is little bit agressive also..after playing toys he throws it…my granny told me that he is late talker.nothing to worry…bt i m still worried wat to do…he doesnt want to chew food..he only want oats dalia type of food..pls suggest me wats d prblem nd wat to do..
    Thank u

  297. Hi.. My child has been diagnosed worh mild autism… How will homeopath help him? Kindly put light on it..

  298. Saba shahid says:

    Hello sabahere
    My son is 2.5 years old he speak 20 words but try to speak new words also but he can’t speak in flow he speak two words separate…
    He iis very very hyper
    He likes to play alone
    We understand what he tells us through jestures and he also understand but unable to speak a whole sentence
    Kindly suggest what should I do
    He is first child and we live alone

  299. Sandeep Sengupta says:

    Hi our daughter s 5yrs6mnths old n hvin 35% ASD wid speech delay n ADHD . She s under therapy for last 1 yr . We hv tkn hr out of d regular school from Jan of dis yr . Mother s der wid hr 4 24*7 . Her speech s still lk babbling . She s vry hyper n cnt give much attention 4 a longer period . Still in diapers . She hs improved a bit but no much in speech . Cn we get some hlp . Tks in adv .
    Sandeep n Soma .

  300. Sambit Dash says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    My son is 2.9 yrs old and has not yet started talking sentences. Few autistic symptoms are evident in him like , not responding to his name every time( he responds only when he wants to), choosy and fussy about food places changes etc. Doesnt mix with other kids. Is keen on wheels and bikes and car wheels..
    Though we havent yet got him diagonised , but would still like to get your details to connect and discuss regarding him with you and take the medicines.

    Please mail me back with your contact details.



  301. Naheed Akhtar says:

    Dear sir,I have just read tips given
    .My child has just recently been diagnosed with autism and can not sleep due to the upsetness that I am undergoing.I am trying to follow your suggestions but still need your help.My child s age is 2 years and 9 month.Kindly guide what can be done next.

  302. Catherine Ndeke says:

    My son is 3yrs,has autism,advice me.

  303. Nazik sharef says:

    Iam mom of autstic chid.have 12 year old.he can write and read.arabic and english.he have vgood vocabulary.but he cant make sentences.or long conversation.before 5 monther untle now istopped to give him ipad .or tv.iplay with him but not all day as you said…iam from sudan live in ksa.please can you help me..lcan make any thing with my self.

  304. Ahidul Islam says:

    I am Ahidul Islam, from Bangladesh. My son Akkhor is 27 month, he can not talk, even singal communicative word. He always wants to go out side from home and become very hyper. now a days he bite us suddenly.
    After taking details about my son doctor/councilling person/ said my son talking level age is 7 month, over all age 16.5 month. (2 june 2016).

    They give us lot of way to spent quality time with my son.

    We are try to follow all their advice.

    At the same time we wants to use YOUR homeopathy medicine. How can we get YOUR MEDICINE? How much we have to pay?
    If we wants treatment will we come to India?

    Please give us details about your treatment.

  305. Komala Devi says:

    sir i have a son 25 years old suffering with autism please tell me at this age can we reduce the symptoms of autism with homeo medicines, if it possible give me a reply for this question?

  306. Bibek Bhowmik says:

    Dear concern,

    I am Bibek Bhowmik. I am Bangladeshi. I have a daughter. Her age is 2 years and 4 months. She is a very active child but she still does not speak legible words or sentences. She indicates her needs by pointing figure and/or taking me or her mother to the place. She babbles a lot…says things like “ta-ta, bye” but not beyond that yet. Where our local doctors said that she has show any trends of being speech delay or autistic. However, we are quite worried. What can I do for now. Can I appoinemnet to you for my daughter?

    Please replying me as soon as possible.

  307. abhinav das says:

    We need to consult with you and to get medicine for our child. He is diagnosed with mild autism. His age is 4 years 4 months.

  308. Suhail Akhter says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,

    My twin boys are recently disgnosed autistic.They are 4 year old.

    We live in London, after studying your above article i need your advise for the following :

    a) As they are going to nursery but they dealing with them with separate teacher specielly focusing on thier learning.In this case there school sessions are beneficial or we should not send them school?

    b)What best homeopathic medicine do you advise for them my one twin is not fully disconnected from his siblings and he speaks or i would say just repeat sentences but dont have sense what he sayd. But the other kid doesnt speak and most disconnected behaviour.

    Please eagerly waiting for your advice.


    Suhail Akhter

  309. Hello dr Sharma,

    I hv boy of 23 months old suffering from cerebral palsy and can’t walk talk has hearing problem also is there any treatment in homeopathy as I am not aware of homeopathy

  310. Hello Dr. Sharma my son will 3 towards the end of August, he was diagnosed with autism in December 2015. I have already removed gluten from his diet and he is doing better with that we can basically understand him by him showing us what he needs he makes lots of baby talk I also give him fish oil and I feel like that made a big difference but I feel like there is still something I’m missing please let me know what I can do to help him and thank you so much for what you are doing to help parents that have hope for their children to recover. Thank you for your time,

  311. nousheen Rehmani waseem says:

    my daughter zoha is 7yrs old has OSD And speech delay she is intelligent tries to hum sentences when she walks plays with her fingers but not describing thoughts into words or sentences she is a happy child but not yet ready to convey through language and words…living conditions lack of like minded children…and she is not like them having shared mind state or interactive play interest. ..she is my only child and with other kids no interaction match…any advice .thanks.

    • Malay Roy Sinha says:

      Dr. Sharma,
      My daughter Sraddha is 3years old till now she is not speech a meaning full word, she is identify the persons but namely not identify, time to time we are requested to speak BABA, Ma, Mama, Dada, when she is sudden not meaningfully BABA, Dada, Mama. She loves the TV programming advertisement and maximum time running and jumping in home. Please advise me.

  312. MRS. MAJID says:

    Respected Sir,
    My son was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum disorder when he was 4 years old. Now he is 9 years old. With the help of my father’s hard work and concentrated effort by my family, my son has gained a lot of speech, has become social and doesn’t lapse into his own world but problems are still present.
    1. He is very hyperactive and has odd hand movements. Restlessness and crying spells.
    2. Behavioural problems are on the peak. He intentionally teases new members of the family. Laughs uncontrollably.
    3. Cannot retain school work hence is refused by all normal schools. Behavioural problems are also a reason why he doesn’t go to school.
    4. We were given risperidone for him by a doctor. It used to slow him down in the beginning but with continuous use the medicine has no effect.
    5. I am very worried as he is getting older, his teasing behavior is getting worse and surviving socially is getting difficult. Please help. Thank you

  313. Hello Dr Sharma,
    I am really really depressed about my niece.She is a 3 years but she is not able to understand the things,what we are saying to her even she did not react for the things,speak in her own language,not attentive,we are very tensed about her,i request you to give best treatment.


  314. My son is 4 now…A little speech is developed..One syllable and eye contact has improved ,understanding has also improved the improvement is there but very very slowly. I do a lot of interaction at home and I have put him in an inclusive school.
    But he has this repetitive behaviour of taking object n banging, no pretend play, no mingling with kids, no likes or dislikes , no tv.would come to you only if he wants something. I can’t follow gfcf diet n I can’t do full payment at one time.I am consulting Dr.Viraj Sanghi as well. Can I give both medicine together.
    I can’t travel to chandigarh too so now I want to start homeopathy how do I start. I have done all assessment. How to go further.

  315. Hi Dr Sharma,
    Your article has been so much help. Been scratching my head direct
    solutions and this is it.
    I new about the choice of schools.
    The rest no.
    God bless you.

  316. Can u suggest any ot therapist in kanpur (u.p)

  317. Sugashini says:

    My son is 9 month old and I could see most of the symptoms of autism for past one week. Please do let me know if diagnosis can be made at this young stage . My pediatrics said me that it cannot be diagnosed at early age and have to wait till 18 months.

  318. my grandson has autism he is 2yrs 7months i amsure homeopathy can cure it

  319. Sudhaman says:

    Our son is 2 yrs 4 months he is diagonised with mild austistic spectrem disorder he is a hyper active kid and has sensory issues he is already going through occupational therapy since 2 months we see improvements still need some help… Pls guide is for homeo treatment for him..

  320. I am not sure if my child is autistic.. My child is 17 months old and she is able to say a few words like Mamma, daddy, cat, Tata, Byee but does not say these words when asked. She speaks these words when she feels like..but not when instructed.For example she say cat when really sees a cat and not when she is asked to repeat.However calls “mamma” to me,her dad,her sister, neighbour,granny,grandpa and everybody that she is fine of.
    2. She plays peek a boo, imitates and enjoys being cuddled..also once expressed worry,when I attached to our neighbour, my sister in law etc
    4.She humms and sings the rhyme Twinkle Twinkle but not very clear..
    5.She loves to play with her sister also bites her to see her getting scared.Points at things that she food,you and door wen she wants to go out.

    6.However she does not respond to her name.She respond very rarely..only if she wants to..but she recognizes voices and turns back to see who has come

  321. Thank you sir for sharing the above details … You are 100% correct … In normal schooloing.. And patents.. Freeness on there children…
    Even i am fimding. Same cases who just reli on therepist. I demand for a home work day to day bases of my language or speech traning.
    Thank you somuch.

  322. My son is 18 months old and was just siagnosed with Autism. How does homeopathy work ?

  323. vinay kumar says:

    My brother is suffering from autism and many of the time he also get shock and fever what can i do for him

  324. Zeinab Elmi says:

    My son is 11 yrs old with autism. He was in I tensive behaviour therapy for three years. After that he went to school and no therapy. He then started to loose some of the skills he learned at therapy but gained some speech. He doesn’t act his age. Has a lot of echlolia and scripting. Poor eye contact and very behind academically. Is it to late to help him with homeopathy. He takes fish oil and pribiotics

  325. clayton Benham says:

    my child is 24.he did his ms in the US..Now suddenly he came for a vacation and became so silent.he doesn’t talk .doesn’t respond to anything doesn’t react to anything no expressions on his face for joy or sadness pls advise as to what to do

  326. Bhopal Singh says:

    My grand son 2 and 1/2 year old now.he does not speak any meaning full words.when gets angree try to hit by hid head and keeps spinning.he does not play with other childrend.happy when watching T v or a mobile phone.i am much worried.please advise. I am interested to see you personally.please communicate your mobile number.
    Bhopal Singh

  327. Hi Doctor,
    My son is 27 months old. He is not interested in playing with other kids. He is afraid of people. He speaks 60 words,but don’t form sentences. Could you please advise what could be the problem? Any solutions?

  328. simarjeet says:

    hello dr sahib my 4 year son not understanding proprerly .
    please help me!

  329. Jyoti khare says:

    Sir,my daughter Aadya is 2 and half year old but she is not speaking while she is not mostly make eye contact,not respond after calling her name,sometimes I feel that she is in another world and many more activities which make me worried. Sir but my daughter act very wisely when she work or play herself e.g. she use stool to reach higher place ,she keep similar colour aside ,she can recognise small and big blocks she fight with his brother to what she wants or like and their are many more activities which make me confused to decide that she is autistic or not. I am very worried about her and I have no idea how to handle my problem. So please help me.
    Thanking you

    • Sirisha Arli says:

      Dr Sharma,
      My niece is of the same age and is in same condition as mentioned by Mrs Jyoti Khare above.
      Kindly suggest what care and medical attention to be given to the child.


  330. Konteso kri says:

    My son is of two years but cannot walk and speak properly. But he can recognise all relatives and friends . His main problem is cannot walk at all.His both legs are hard and unble to walk and speaks more than 3-4 words.please Help me to get up my son.

    Thanking you sir

    Konteso kri

  331. Konteso kri says:

    My son is of two years but cannot walk and speak properly. But he can recognise all relatives and friends . His main problem is cannot walk at all.

  332. My son is 27 month old. He does not responde when v call him by his name. He spins round. He flappers his hands. What to do?

    • My son did the exact same at that age. Now he is 4 and for a change he likes to jump…..a lot! ….and to play wrestling. He is still non-verbal but he always makes eye contact and loves to be around other kids. At age two, I noticed, he didn’t really look into my eyes, only for very short times….not anymore, he even stares.

      My advice, just play with him, or rather play along with him. Do what he does, imitate him and sooner or later he will start imitating you!! You have to gain his confidence.
      Try to find out what he loves and always add another toy or activity to that thing he loves so much (do this very slowly and do not give up). This way you’ll expand his interest. Do NOT force him to do anything. You have to go with his flow but gently be there as much as possible.

  333. dawn somelofski says:

    I tried homeopathy for one year with my 4 year old son with very minimal gains. Does it take longer to kick in or is a year enough time to see if its,effective??

  334. Hello Sir,
    My son is 3 years 8 months. He has been diagnosed with autism 3 months back. His hearing is fine. He makes eye contact, toilet trained, understands instructions. He enjoys rhymes and speaks 1 to 10 but not clear. HiS memory is high and remembers even small things.But he speaks only 5-6 words. He is very active and doesn’t spend much time on single task. He is lagging in educational learning due to this apart from speech delay. He is a happy and social boy.. I’m from overseas and staying in India with my parents till 27th April. Plz advise me to overcome my son’s condition.
    Thank you

    • abhijit chowdhury says:

      My son is 28 months old.he only knows 3-4 words.but sometimes lost it.he does not follow our instructions everytime.he can not understands all what we said.he enjoys rhymes ,song etc.he is also very social and play with other children.what should i di?

  335. Dear Dr
    My son is 3 yrs 6 months. He has been diagnosed with mild asd. I would like to meet you at the earliest convenient time. Could you please let me know the address
    Many thanks

    • scott mann says:

      Looking for some advice son has lots of red flags no speach some spinning etc James is 2 and half years old.



  336. Jenny benz says:

    My daughter is going to 4 years old ,identified on boarder line of autism spectrum. She is going to nursery here in Qatar.she knows alphabets,numbers,shapes ,nursery rhymes .but she can speak only some words and sentences ,communication is very poor.she does things independently ,what we need to do ?is this autism curable ?can she become normal like other children .

  337. c Siva krishna says:

    Sir, my boy having 4 years of age. He is not able to speak and undstand. Pl advice .

  338. Sharmila saha says:

    Respected sir,
    My son is 3 year 1 month old.He is responding a little with his sister,speech delay etc.At his 32 month we have gone to nimhans at bangalore.At nimhans,they suggested that he is in autism at risk.At that time he had poor eye contact but now his eyecontact is good.Nimhans told that if we train him properly he will be fine.At kolkata we had given him speech therapy but it is not possible for me to stay at kolkata and give speech therapy because I am doing job inAgartala,Tripura.Kolkata speech therapy has given some work to do at home like putting buttons in a pigi bank,some animal,fruits and vegetable,vehicle etc. picture cards toshow and many more.We are doing those things at home.Now we are giving speech therapy in agartala but cannot find any improvement.Sir please can you tell where is your chamber and in which city ?we want to meet and get your advice.

  339. Suhel Ahmed says:

    My child is 2 years 6 months old. She has got the same problem.
    I wanted to meet with relating autism in my child.
    Please give me the address of your chamber. Please inform me

  340. Dear Sir
    My daughter is two and nine month old. She is not hearing as per bera test that is why not to speak any words. she is active and understand everything but we are worried. Sir any possibilty in hameopath how she will speak. please help us with your advice

  341. subroto mukherjee says:

    Dear Sir
    My grand daughter was born on 22.11.2013. She is not learning to speak words like mama papa etc .Doctor says some children speak late but we are worried.she is very active and does not have sound sleep from the begining.Sir what is wrong with her when and how she will speak ? Please help us with your advice.

  342. Hi, my nephew is showing signs of autism..he is 20 months old..doesn’t respond to his name..etcpls advise

  343. Dhirendra Kumar Choudhary says:

    Dear Sir,

    My child is 2.5, he speaks meaningless words, not able to communicate.
    obsessed with playing with toothbrush, hyperactive, shows signs of autism,

    We as a parents are frustrated please help us


  344. Dear Doctor

    our kid is 8years old ..we want to go with homeopathy treatment with you..we have been using homeopathy since last3 years but there no much difference we can find…please suggest.

  345. Himanshu Pathak says:

    Hi Doctor,

    I’m mother to Agastya(my elder son) who is born on 12 Jan 2013 and is 3+ Years now. We got worried about his speech delay when he was 2.5 years and took into Internet for aid. Reading about autism there made me worry if my son was having ASD, without wasting any further time, we consulted some neuro development experts who diagnosed Agastya as NOT having autism but he does require some sensory integration/occupational therapy along with speech therapy as he has mild PDD/ SCD apart from good engagement at home. Would you advise some medication in his case. Some of the following facts may help you understand Agastya’s case better:
    – Agastya achieved all his development milestones other than speech in time.
    – He spoke his first word at 18 months and had a vocabulary of around 40-50 words only by 2.5 years. He now has a vocabulary of around 120+ words and can make some 2-3 words phrases as well.
    – He was born in an emergency c-section and had no medical issues (other than regular cold etc.) since birth.
    – He does toe walking when bare foot and hand flapping sometimes(mostly when he gets excited)
    – He does look like a hyperactive kid at times.
    – his first round (15 days) of occupational and speech therapy did a lot of good to him after which his speech is expanding and his hyperactivity has gone down.
    – He gets around 1-1.5 hours of screen time, most of which is rhymes or educational apps.
    – Our family includes my husband (36 years), myself (32 years), Agastya ( as described above) and our younger son Ayaan(6 months old).

    Pls suggest the further course of action.

  346. My son is in India now and I need speech therapy for him can you help.

  347. my son has turned 6 today no speech can you help

  348. Neha kauthankar says:

    Hello doctor, i am neha kauthankar my 5year old son is speechless but now he started imitating first letter like for water he will say wa, i am doing occupational therapy daily for 2 1/2 years and speech therapy also, therapist say he is having motor planning problem i went to banglore in comdeall trust for i month he is going normal school in resource room he is diagonised as autism with lees attention spam. Please advise

  349. 2yr5month baby boy not speaking holding things in hand but he cn understand he as low tone muscle.he cnt sit by himself he crawl and com and stand but run vry well

  350. Phallguni mishra says:

    My2.5year old son ,sometimes says mama baba and some words which I cannot understand…but I talk something today this…word…he doesn’t listen to me…he also often create some sound like mmm..ummm…and he is very active…when he was 8month old hetold 6 word…in time he lived in joint family…but now about 1.5year he lived with me…he has less eye contact….i don’t understand…what can I do….

  351. Hi Mam

    Can i get your appointment for this week

  352. Hello Sir, my daughter is 26 months old.She has partial eye contact.she partially responds when we call her name.she never calls us amma or appa. She can identify and name toys. She speaks single words but irrelevant to situation.Doctor diagnoised it as autism and developmental delay. Give me some tips on how to make her speak meaningfully and relevant to the situation

    • minu kumari says:

      Hello sir my son is two yrs and eight month he speaks only mamma and pa with confident otherwise he speaks a few words like nana papa baba by imitation his bera test is clear i consulted a speech therapist he suggested some tips for my son but the therspist did not confirm that my son has autism my son always engages in some naughty activities he never plays with other child but he understands every thing please suggest me for her treatment

  353. Nishant Shrivastava says:

    Hello sir. My son is 2.5yr old. He makes sound no words. Takes time to adjust in new places. Does not easily bonds with new people around. As diagnosed by our doctor is autism. Like to play alone. Like tv ads.
    But plays with my brother. My parents and in two three days gels with new person.
    But never points to some one as mummy or example as nose ears etc with normal child of his age do. Please auggest

  354. Sir, my son is 4 years mild autism he can’t speak not a single word what should do?

  355. Shabia hasan says:

    Hello doctor… my son who’s now 27 months old.. He is going for therapy from last 3months and homeopathy treatment from last 1 months. . He doesn’t have speech at all… before he use to speek 4 5 words. Doesn’t make eye contact.. doesn’t listen by his name mostly. He only plays with d blocks all d time… plz suggest what I can do to bring back my child… I m sooo worried for him.. plz help

  356. I would like to know more about homeopathic therapy for my 13 year old daughter. We just recently found out that she falls under the ASD, with mild autistic behaviors. Mainly with her social interactions and communication or lack thereof. Currently we are working with a Nuerofredback psychologist which seems to have done wonders. She also has been on a higher dose of concerta since January which has made a significant positive change in her. I prefer more natural remedies so I would be happy to practice some of your suggestions and provide feedback and a testimonial for sure. Thank You.

  357. Shweta Agrawal says:

    Hi sir my son is almost 14 month old he wave,point but clap . he dont bring toy to show us,nither he feed us. He spin wheels. I’m really scared he is autistic or what. He is very pricy eater ,have sleeping issue.
    Please help me I’m really very worried.

  358. my son is suffering with mild autism.
    please suggest some medicine.

  359. Preeti Chib says:

    Hello doctor

    I am a mother of a 3 year 3 months old boy.
    He has been diagnosed with autism features by doctor uddani in Mumbai.
    He has speech and great motor skills and extra ordinary memory. He loves to play with children.
    But his interaction skills are very poor. He does not answer questions, doesn’t tell us what he has done in school etc.
    At this age he doesn’t understand the difference between ‘you’ ‘I’ ‘me’ ‘yours’ etc.
    Lately he has started to push children and even his 2 month old sister. And when I ask him, he doesn’t realize that what hurt means and if someone cries (even me) he smiles and laughs.
    We started speech therapy for him and I am awaiting few doctors / therapists appointment dates.
    If homeopathy can help… It will be really great. But how do we consult you? As we are in Mumbai and you are in Chandigarh.
    Please let us know.
    I have another infant which makes me feel helpless as I am not able to spend quality time with my toddler which I used to earlier.

    Please help!

  360. Gitanjali sarkar says:

    My son is recently diagonsed with ASD:his age is 2years9months:we have started homeopathy treatment:he is completly non verbal and only make sounds:eye coordination is there with parents not with outsiders:will he be able to communicate and gel with the mainstream :kindly guide us:we wll be obliged for your kind cooperation

  361. Andrea Landa says:

    Hi, beautiful daughter is 21 months and was just told she is likely to have autism. I’m lost right now, scared, I’m trying to think what went wrong or what we did as parents I want to help her however I can. Since we caught it early if we do everything and anything is there any chance she can overcome this. I’m trying to seek any answers.

  362. pradeep bagde says:

    Dear Sir,

    my child is 3 year old , he is not telling any word of daily routine.
    He is only playing , eating and sleeping .
    pls suggest me what i do.

    thanks & Regards
    pradeep bagde

  363. Hello sir I am a mother of 5yrs boy with autism I need your suggestion about improving his attention span and food habits can you Please reply to me

  364. jagatjanani sahu says:

    my 5 year son sai pratik is an austic .after consulting a therapist he develop a lot.sir i need your help to cure my child from autism.plz show me the right way for my son

  365. my female child two years old. my family doctor said early autism. Now she can talk but not all words clear. But attention deficiency & hyperactivity remains all most same as it was before. please help and suggest the cure. Please explain how homeopathy may help my daughter and where can I get it. I am living in Tuticorin, Tamilnadu.

  366. Hi doc, I have a kid sis of age 16, can’t phantom out what is wrong with her, but from what I studied in her, I found out that she seldom communicate with people, she can’t even spell her name at her age, she bed-wet and sometimes pee on her self while working or walking. The bottom- line is that, she doesn’t takes to correction (she is obstinate), and forget things easily. I really feel sorry for her and I hope that I can help her. please sir, what should we do to mitigate her pains (conditions) despite her age?

  367. Sir,
    My son age is 22 months. His is not responding sometimes his name and he is do hand flapping, teeth grinding and toe walking and vibrating entire his body sometimes. Now I am confused whether it is autism or notnot.please suggest me sir

  368. zama manzini says:

    Hi dr, my son is 5 years old, he can talk when he want something or when someone took his toy or something, but when you ask him something he won’t respond, for an example if you ask him boy how was school today. he won’t answer, he was supposed to go to grade r these year but his teacher told us that. he can’t read, he doesn’t concentrate, he can’t use a scissors, and he also don’t do group task, we took him to pedeatrician and he say he has autism, i don’t want to agree because he talks when he want. and he play very well with other kids, so i don’t know what is wrong with my ynboy.

  369. Dear sir, my 3 yr old son has recently been diagnosed with autism. He does not repeat words.speaks mama, papa sometimes on his own but not on request. Has poor eye contact, does not use index finger for pointing. No preyend play. Not potty trained yet. However he is very affectionate and seems to understand a lot more than he can say.please suggest homeopathic medicines with their proper dose snd duration. I am desperately waiting gor dome miracle.thankyou.

  370. Bijay Baidya says:

    Dear sir
    I am father of girl baby of 7 years old.Recently we have been visited Bangalore on her treatment purpose.There the doctors said that she is facing this regard I want to say that earlier of her age of 4 years she was treated for her speach problem
    & hyperactivity & attention defeciancy .now she can talk but not all words are clear but attention defeciancy & hyperactivity remains all most same as it was I requesting you for giving your kind suggestion how can help homeopathy treatment & what types of medicine can she can take to overcome such problem & whether it is available in Tripura because we are inhabitant of Tripura. I am eagerly waiting for your response.

    Bijay Baidya

  371. Bijay Baidya says:

    Dear sir
    I am father of girl baby of 7 years old.Recently we have been visited Bangalore on her treatment purpose.There the doctors said that she is facing this regard I want to say that earlier of her age of 4 years she was treated for her speach problem
    & hyperactivity & attention defeciancy .now she can talk but not all words are clear but attention defeciancy & hyperactivity remains all most same as it was I requesting you for giving your kind suggestion how can help homeopathy treatment & what types of medicine can she can take to overcome such problem & whether it is available in Tripura because we are inhabitant of Tripura. I am eagerly waiting for your response

  372. My son is 3.4 years now. At age 2, I found that his communication was not there although rest of his development milestones were great. I searched through different websites and found that he could possibly have ASD. I,fixed an appointment with Child Development Centre and after several visits I came to know that he is diagnosed with mild autism. Actually, the truth was when he was 2, there were certain behaviour issues,like body rocking, hand flapping,tip toeing and a few more. But the appointments duration was so long that I couldn’t wait and with the help of websites and you tube, I started giving my son stimulus. And with some sensory activities, I found that it did wonders to my son. I think it was less than 2 months, his behaviour issue was gone. He is visiting OT and SLP and it is really helpful. He also had an ENT done. On the 2nd visit with the ENT , it was found that that his pressures of the ears are not equal so on the next visit(which is in March), his ears pressure will be rechecked and if he finds it like before than a 15 mins surgical procedure will be done. But the doc said that it will make no difference on his speech. He also diagnosed my son with ADD. I have made his daily schedule which he has started following and changed his eating habits. He has started speaking 2-3 words sentences., but only at home(husband & me)and not with any third person. Since we live in nuclear family so there s no one else. He is not yet potty trained. He likes to be around the kids but he never takes initiative to play with them. His eating habits are fine. His intellectual level is great, but sometimes I feel like he gets lost to his own world( this is happening from last 15-20 days). His eye contact is ok. I tell it ok because earlier it was not at all and I find that there is potential to be good. Because when he eye contacts then he is attentive or vice a versa. Is there, any homeopathic medicines for attention of or any similar drugs for his problem. Can you also suggest whether or not at his age a CT scan of his brain is ok/required?

  373. Quazi Salahuddin Mahmud says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    Very much fortunate to write to you about my autistic girl ( 17 yrs ). She is now become VIOLENT, CANNOT TALK, DOES NOT TAKE FOOD, only milk, coke,candy etc. Tried to habituate on regular food from childhood, but failed. Going to school but not regularly. Always bits her mother, other family members even maid servants,guards, Teachers. Already taken to hospital four times within last 10 months. Visiting psychiatric doctors ( visited at least 6 specialist doctors in DHAKA ).
    Totally scared what to do. Need your best suggestion pls.



  374. Sansmrti Rawat says:

    Hello Doctor,

    My brother is 14 years old and is suffering from autism or down syndrome. He lives with my parents while I work in Delhi. My brother doesn’t speak a word and barely understand any thing. He can walk, run and do physical activities fine, but there is no way to communicate with him. My parents live in Jhansi and there are no special school,treatment or any therapist present. Hence there has been no progress for my brother. Most of the time he just sits idle and remains in his own world and even when I try to teach him any thing, he doesn’t focus or listen.

    I believe he has potential to learn as he gives little bit of hints(e.e to give ball or to go toilet etc.).

    If you could suggest anything for my brother, I would be really grateful.

    Thanks & regards,
    Sansmrti Rawat

  375. Deepti Dhawan says:

    5 year old boy is not interested in studies.His graph of learning is not want to go school. Loves playing but in his own way. Do not listen what is said.Stubborn. Talks excessively. rarely response when his name is called . Gets annoyed frequently. Less emotional attachment with family. Imagine too much .Think of Godly things to do,abstract imagination,out of the reality world. Please help and suggest the cure

  376. hello Dr. Sharma,
    I m mother of a 2.5 year old son with ASD. I have been trying as much as I know for our son since we found out about his condition 3 months back. we are from Bangladesh. can u please explain how homeopathy may help my son and where can I get it?
    will wait for ur prompt reply. Thanks.

  377. Deepak Kadam says:

    Dear Sir,

    My son is 4 years old and diagnosed with ADHD. Your write up on this subject is very good and an eye opener. You have mentioned that Homeopathic drugs are miraculous in treating kids with ASD. Please give me some insights about homeopathic drugs.

  378. bhim sethi says:

    Hello ,
    Dr. Sharma
    My daughter is 2 yr 9 m old. She can’t speak much. She only speak 10- 20 words. She is very aggressive in nature nd can’t concentrate any thing. She can’t sit quite for 2-3 minutes. But she has a eye contact with me.She does not listen to me . she do what she want. We r nuclear family . I want to know is she autism . if she autism then she talk clearly in future or not.
    Please give me some suggestions
    Bhim Sethi

  379. bhim sethi says:

    Hello ,
    Dr. Sharma
    My daughter is 2 yr 9 m old. She can’t speak much. She only speak 10- 20 words. She is very aggressive in nature nd can’t concentrate any thing. She can’t sit quite for 2-3 minutes. But she has a eye contact with me.She does not listen to me . she do what she want. We r nuclear family . I want to know is she autism . if she autism then she talk clearly in future or not.

  380. How do I get started with some homeopathy? My son is 4.4 and he is autistic

  381. Mrs. Rashmi says:

    My son is 4.5 yrs and has shown regressive autism features since last 12 months. He lost more of speech, communication, connectedness with everything around him. He is not interested in anything, not even to play or talk with his sister, which he used to do before.
    We live in USA and I am desperately looking for his recovery. If homeopathy can treat autism, where can I find the relevant help here in USA?
    Where in India should we approach to get the Homeopathy treatment?

    • Anna Cripe says:

      Dr Goldberg. Tarzana California, USA. Our son is a different child since seeing him. Blessings.

  382. sachidanand Shetty says:

    Dear Doctor,

    My son is now 4.5 years old, and he is going to normal school(nuclear family me and wife, she is with him all the time). he is speaking very little eg. he is telling A to Z and 1 to 20 numbers, but it is not clear. and behavioural he is very highper. he cant sit more than 2-3 minutes silently.his words also not clear. his intrest only on physical activity, he is not mix-up with his aged children. What treatment we have to do, please advice. we are staying in pune- vadgaon maval.
    when he is watching TV, whatever advertise come, that product is in home, then he asking to his mumy to give that things and he keeping that things on table( not spoil or tearing or break).

    Please advice us.


    Sachindanad Shetty

  383. sadhana Desai says:

    My sun 2.6 month old he is not talking about

  384. sudhakaraganesh says:

    Dear Doctor Sharma,

    Good evening. It is great information you have specified in this article. I am Sudhakara ganesh from chennai. I am having a kid with ASD . He is about 4.5 years old. We are providing him Therapy ( OT, Speech) parallely. I addition to this , kid is also going to Early Intervention School. We are living in apartment which is one of the major cause for ASD as we are having kids to play & see. Dr, i just wanna to know, what are the major homeopathic treatment needs to be given for the kid. Kindly specify the same. I am more interested in going for that. I am pretty much sure, i will reap great results.

    Thanks sir. Waiting for your kind words


  385. Chaitali sarkar says:

    My 4 yes son is an mild to moderate autistic child.he can’t speak till now pls suggest

  386. Erika Larson says:

    My daughter slipped away after her 18 month dtap and hep a shots. I have been doing gfcf and biomedical treatment. She is high functioning but still not talking. She seems to be regressing due to her breaking her leg. I dont even know where to start. Please advise what should i do. She wilp be 3 in a month

    • Dtap ruined my son. We cut all junk and went 100% organic. We had seven people speak to him constantly. We used sing along videos and music at night. We keep the chatter on for years. He started speaking at four. He stutters, but he can speak. It takes time to heal the brain/stem from dtap swelling. The therapy is intense. You need to treat your LO like a car crash victim. Everything from birth has to be retaught. At 8 my son is not yet reading, but he is on track in spec ed.

    • Hi Doctor,

      My son is 4 years old ASD and has very little speech . He can say the start some single words but usually can’t finish them e.g mo for moon, hor for horse etc He is very active and likes to move all day long. He has diarrhea and then constipated every couple of days. He points and calls everything bah. He gets easily frustrated and as meltdowns and bites and pinches. What remedy would you recommend? We currently have him on Stram, Saach, Cupp. Thank you

  387. Good morning doctor
    My son 4yrs old he is ADHD and pdd he is delay speech some but full English rhymes he kknow. Now we are starting in accupunture treatment in 6 months. Not improve . any suggession pls.

  388. Linet Atieno says:

    my son was diagonised to be autistic at 2 yrs.He has delayed speech and also hyperactive.what signs should i look for that will show my son is improving.

  389. Tiffoney Bryan says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma my son is 9 years I lI’ve in Jamaica he was talking up to three worded sentences up to about age 5 then he started saying just one word depending on what he wanted now he has stopped completely. There are times wen he looks at meand directly utters sounds and tries to say something. I would desperately like to know if he will talk again and what to do. I can’t afford speech therapy at present unfortunately. I had eclampsia when I was pregnant with him. Two days after his due date I had a seizure and an emergency c section was done. He is hyperactive n understands when he is told a command, very loving, and demonstrates a lot of potential. Please help or advise me Doctor.????

  390. Tiffoney Bryan says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma my son is 9 years I lI’ve in Jamaica he was talking up to three worded sentences up to about age 5 then he started saying just one word depending on what he wanted now he has stopped completely. There are times wen he looks at meand directly utters sounds and tries to say something. I would desperately like to know if he will talk again and what to do. I can’t afford speech therapy at present unfortunately. I had eclampsia when I was pregnant with him. Two days after his due date I had a seizure and an emergency c section was done. He is hyperactive n understands when he is told a command, very loving, and demonstrates a lot of potential. Please help or advise me Doctor.????

  391. Hi, my son turned 4 yrs on 11/01/2016 still no speech at all, he can’t even say mummy, everything was normal until he had burns accident on his chest at 16 months, he had skin grafting, he was put to sleep for the operation, from then everything changed, he stopped eating the food he used to eat, at 24 months I got concerned and went to see health visitor from then he was diagnosed with autism, he’s also hyper active, we checked his hearing and it’s fine.

  392. Respected Dr.Sharma,

    I m the father of 2.1 years old girl and we are assuming that she having mild autisms. She will do some activity like operating mobile, playing games. If I call her by her name he doesn’t response, don’t do eye contact, follow sum instructions rarely, but don’t say any word except amma, baba recently forget few words shortly like akka, thatha. Please tell me is it a part of mild autism? Is there any homeopathic cure? What should I do? any clinic in Bangalore.

    Please let me know.

    Thanks in Advance

  393. sudip karmakar says:

    my three and half yr old son talk very less and very hyperactive, we consulted many child developmental Specialist and since last five months he is attending Spl. education, occupational therapy, and latest add on speech therapy, but not of much help. He mostly respond to his name and follow few direction. But most of the time he play jumping, running listen to music etc. Please help

  394. Mohammed Aftab Hussain says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma,

    My son 5 yrs 4 months old, Neuro Pediatric doctor did Brain MRI and declared there is mild autism. As he is perfect in all areas like eating, sleeping, walking every thing is good but he is hyper and he is not speaking but he sounds different repeatedly, when we call with his name he will turn and respond some times not regular. The most frequent he ran around in the hall and flip the hands.

    Since 6 months he is going to special school where they are treating Occupational Therapy, Behavior Therapy, Sensory Therapy and Speech Therapy. So far i did not find any change in my child.

    I humbly request you to advise me a proper treatment or give me any doctor’s name in Hyderabad-India to consult in person.

    Thank you for precious time spare to awareness of autism.

    Mohammed Aftab Hussain
    Hyderabad – India

  395. My son just 15 months old
    Show signs of autism
    Whats ur advice please
    Thanks much appreciated

  396. Lakesia Thompson says:

    Hi my son is 13 years old. He was diagnosed with Autism at 5 years old. He was in the public school system since 5th grade. Now he is in a private school going on 3 years. I came across this article of yours and I’m trying to get more information on these services. I live in Houston, Texas. My child cry and get upset when another child is corrected. He have words and phrases but don’t know how to tell me what happened or if anyone did anything to him. Do you think this therapy would help him?

  397. Susan uwich says:

    Hi I have a 7 yr with autism only says wants n needs

  398. My son master naveen he as a activity disorders problem he has speaking repeted and writing also difficulty to write pls give the good oppinien to rectify my child my phone no 9094052118

  399. Santos patra says:

    My child suffering autism.he is 2 yrs 3 month old.pls suggest

  400. Respected sir,

    I m the mother of 2.3 years old boy who is suspected as ADHD (attention deffict hyperactive disorder). He is a hyperactive boy, dont do eye contact, follow sum instructions but dont say any word except baba, hihh tantrums, get frustated shortly. Please supervise me and tell me is it a part of mild autism? Is their any homeopathic cure? What shuld I do?


    Siliguri west bengal

  401. Hello my son is 3 and 1/2 and was diagnosed with autism at 2 years old. He spoke a few words before but regressed at 18 months. Is there hope that my baby’s brain will work Normally again and he will speak.

  402. I have 4.5 years old baby boy with the same issue. Is there anything i can do to improve his speaking? The positive side for me is i can ask him to do something for me but when i call him. Hard to catch his attention and he is very talkative but cannot understand. Another is, he love singing but a rhyme only hard to understand the lyrics.

  403. Ekta Marwaha says:

    patient age 18 years but brain does not work properly,this boy behave just like 4 years,pleaes give me reply treatment is possible or not.

    • Manivannan says:

      I m the father of 3 years old girl who is suspected attention disorder.she is a hyperactive girl, dont do eye contact, follow sum instructions rarely, but dont say any word except baba,mama but forget those words shortly. Please tell me is it a part of mild autism? Is their any homeopathic cure? What shuld I do?any clinic in tamilnadu please let me know.

  404. Hi
    I’m having twins with autism.

  405. My son nithish 4 years old living in salem tamilnadu.. Sorry tamil than enaku therium nan en paiyanuku 2 years irukum pothe homeopathy treatment start paniten dr. Kailasam amrudha homeo clinic from hosur avarukita than pakkuren.. Ipa than inner vision child clinic la therapy start pani iruken eppa en paiyan recovery aguvan sir please tell me

  406. Hello Sir,
    How r you?Thank you for the article.It’s really inspiring.I am from Bangladesh.My son is 19th months old.He recently diagnosed by autism.If I call him by his name he doesn’t response.Also flip his hand and spin in one place.he do lots of sound but non of them have meaning.recently I start sensory behaviour therapy.Can u plz guide me to help this little angel?

  407. Hi doctor
    I have some confusion related to my child behaviour. He is doing everything like normal child but little slow in studies as well he has very poor stamina to sit for studies for an hour atleast. He is very good in learning but learn when he wishes. I have seen little crankiness in his behaviour and he is shy with outside people but agreesive with family members …
    We are giving him therapy for behaviour stability and also want to know to have some medication which help him to recover from this issues
    Will look forward to your views and please share how to contact you

    Much appreciated

  408. Dear Dr. Sb, thanks for posting this article which help out in assessing our child issue. Pls guide as my daughter is 2.5 years old and she is very hyper and unable to speak and understand us. Only watch Baby Tv cartoons and if we try to close the TV she shouts and cry a lot. Pls suggest any safe and effective homoeo medicine for her cure. I am from Pakistan.Pls guide me I m very worried about my child.
    Thanks & BR,

  409. Hello Sir,
    This is Viswanath. My son is 5 years old and there are speech delays, not playing with other kids, no eye contact and I need to call 2 or 3 times then only he responds but he responds very quickly to my wife.

    I really impressed with the steps you mentioned in the site. Can you please suggest is Homeopathy is going to help my kid to improve?


  410. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My son is 3.5 years old mild autistic and non verbal. His receptive langauge has improved he is doing vocalising alot these days but unable to speak , Also he does verbal stimming. I shall be grateful if you can suggest some treatment for him.

  411. kamallatamilselvam says:

    sir, my son aathithiya is now 12yrs ,he is good at adl activies, but in acadamic part he cannot do even simple addidtion, money used for goetting this thing is correct.
    can you help me to develop his acadamic.pls help me sir.

  412. Gurwinder Singh Gill says:

    hi Dr Sharma
    my name is gurwinder singh gill. my son 2 year 8 months old. he suffering from autism. please guide me which treatment suitable for my son.

  413. Hi my son has mild to moderate level he is 3 years old and taking homeopathic medicine from 8 months he is improving a little but not speaking a single word can you prescribe some medicine so that he should start speaking some words and some more medicine to treat autism. I have read ur article above where you have written 3 to four months on moderate level he started speaking. I m waiting. Thanks

  414. Yasmeen Khan says:

    My 2 years old son is diagnosed with very mild traits of ASD. We have started his Speech therapy since last 3months. What more can you suggest.

  415. Mera bachha 2.9yeat ka h bolta nahi na hi apne se latrin jata h na poilate jata h apne duniya me rahta h tye tye by by ka jawab na deta h eye contect bahut kam h name pukarne par jald reply na deta h

  416. Nilesh Padelkar says:

    dear dr.sharma I have child of age 4.5 years old and suffering from autistic problem , he can not speak or listen can I get any suggestion or advice where should I get good treatment on in it so I can make him as a normal child .please advice your reply

  417. Reshma bhatkar says:

    Hi i i have son is 6years now and he have mild autism.i have daughter who is 2and half she is fine.what can i do to help him recover from autism.i stay i goa.should i consult a homeopathy doctor about this.plz help.

  418. radhika more says:

    dr said my 2.5yrs child have autism we started occupational therapy for him we decided to homeopathy medicine also
    still he is not talking any word how homeopaty help what way to explain homeopathic dr means he will get my child better treatment by homeopathy to recover autism fast plz tell me

  419. Sir,

    My cousin sister’s son is born autistic. Initial 4-5 years they could not identify the problem associated with him but later when they got it diagnosed, they have started medication. But unfortunately the medication was not of much use for the child. The boy is now 13-14 years old.

    My cousin is economically not that sound. They are facing so many hurdles in managing their day today basic needs and on top of it, their son is badly affected with autism. The boy has become hyper aggressive in nature and he needs proper treatment. They are currently based out of Visakhapatnam.

    Just wanted to know if there is any chance to cure his ailment. Since my sister’s family cannot move out of Visakhapatnam, it would be of great help if you can provide appropriate point of contact who can help their son in overcoming the current problem.

    Thanks & Regards,

  420. Asadur Rehman says:

    Dear Sir,
    My kid 5yrs has moderate Autism and he is under sensitive. He has started words and regular efforts from behaviour as well as speech therapy is in progress. Please advise us some medicines.
    With all our best wishes,
    Asadur Rehman

  421. hello sir, i have a 8 year old nonverbal hyperactive autistic child. he has moderate autism. please suggest some medicines for him. thank u.

  422. Tekiba Sarah says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    I am Sarah, my daughter who is six years was diagnosed with Autism and ADHD. She does not speak clearly and at times she does not respond when I speak to her. I am a working mother, and have very little time for my daughter to practice Homeopathy. I need your advice

  423. Dear sir, my kid is 5 yr old and very clever ….. He is perfect by physical and any other activities… But still his brain doesn’t understands the communication…
    What we ask him… He replies the same thing as I spoke… But he know how to speak what he wants… He get his things by his own choice …. By demanding ….. But when we ask then he don’t respond …. Right now he go in the normal school and also some special classes and dance classes…. He like to dance and learn songs …. Pls suggest me how I bring him in our world

    • Hi
      I found the same problem with my child as you mentioned. I am taking treatment from Dr.Sharma clinic since last 6 months.hope for the best.

  424. Johnerick reyes says:

    Dr sharma my son is 5 years and 11 months autism, my question is, am i not to late for homeopathy therapy… I read bout ur article and i am willing to do it in my home, what are the tips u can share to me of how to start it?

  425. Sachin Mahendru says:

    My daughter is 2.5 years old she is delayed I do regular occupational therapy daily basis but not good response please let me know any medicine is the autism patients Pl z reply fast

    Warm Regards
    Sachin Mahendru

  426. Maria selus says:

    My brother is 12 year old child .he is an autism child can we change him as a normal child

  427. Our daughter has just been diagnosed with asd. We want to do what is best for her. Please share more about homeophatic. She is 7 years old. Challenges with speaking, reading comprehension and social skills. Thank you.

  428. Shweta Jain says:

    Hello dr
    My daughter has been diagonised wid asd wmat 4 yrs. She is 5 and half yrs now. She is going fotmr ot and speech. I just came across ur website…..sir plss help

  429. sathiyapriya says:

    hello sir , iam priya, my brother is 17 years age and he is a autism child . i want to my brother in a normal man ,for this age we can cure it or not…..

  430. Dear Dr Sharma,
    I hope this inquiry finds well.
    I have a 10 year old son with Autism Asperge’s i have c to the conclusion through Internet research and different consultations with Doctors from a distance who sent me Questions to rate my son’s case. But since in my country we don’t have professionals to intervain i your quick help the boy is attending school but with challenges.
    Please respond so that we move forward.
    Thank you

  431. Hello Doc,
    My son is five and was diagnose with ADHD at 3. he had few word but those words have slipped off. Now, he only mumbles sounds and very destructive. Kindly reply

  432. kavitha Nedunseralathan says:


    My son is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. He is 5 years old. Please let me know if I can give him homeopathy medicines. He has some words but not speaking well. He has sensory issues also. We live in usa. He goes to special school.


  433. Dr. Azhar mughal says:

    My son age is 3 and half year but not speaking just mama and papa but even not clear . I saw your website from net and try to contact you .
    And want to know how you help me in this matter
    Thanks you advanced

  434. Dr Sunil Gandhi says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    My son is now 18 years old and attends a specialist ABA school. We caught him early but despite trying multiple ABA programmes did not find much success. We have also tried a number of medical interventions, both allopathic and homeopathic, although the homeopathic was not truly homeopathic in the pure sense. I would be most grateful if we might converse on the possibility for improvement from here.


    Dr Sunil Gandhi

  435. Hello Dr

    My son is 4 years his always mumbling ,and playing on his own. He can say a few words like mummy, wow etc.I’m very worried about him being late with his speech.his in is own world playing and talking to himself. I tried reading and talking to him but he still doing the same behaviour. Please what should I do?

    Worried mother

  436. kamda nandan says:

    Dear Dr. my grand son of 22 months not responding to his name calling him out by anybody. Always very fond of looking running – fans and rotating wheels and remains busy within his own world. Not indicating his needs, not pointing out to any things of his choice rather running towards those items such as electric switch, fan rotating switch. Always remains hyper, except when TV is on or mobile is on he wants to push or put on the buttons on them. I request you Sir, if you guide us for treatment. His mother and father are both doing job in Pune and gave little time to their child for last 12 months. I shall remain obliged for you kind suggestions to save its life.

  437. sir i have 3.3 year old daughter she is dignosis as autism at 3 years speek all the needs exam for food toilet water song etc follow 80% direction good eye contact ,full enjoyment with us play with us, less play with toys less play with same year kid no tanturm some times hand flapping(rare about 2-3 times in a day when she was happy) spining in circle about 4-5 times in a days, able to catch the big ball, play with bat n ball play with car in right manner but play span is less around 1 to 3 minutes only, ear close by hand some sound (pressure cooker sound and mixer sound), repetative behavior most to listen particuler 3-4 song as which she is want and repetative demand to climb in window, sometimes uses the song rythem in any word by herself,smell interested means want to smell bad smell, good memory learn a to z meaning, 1 to 20 counting , k kh to ghh, a aa e ang ahh, sunday to saturday, jan to dec,3 to 4 poems, not able to talk in full sentence, exam when his mother washing clothes then she is question his momm mummy kapre kapre, mummy burten saaf ,demand eat as per need exam mummy biscuit, kheer milk, give firstly thank u to fulfill his need, say sorry whem his mother goes angry on his wrong doing plz suggest me doctor she has asd and some another problem and his treatment option in homeopethy plz reply me on my mail id thanking u sir

  438. sabrina charania says:

    Dr I thank god I found you please help me I m from Uganda I live in ottawa ont canada my boys father is from Nigeria joshua was diagnosed as severely autistic n would never recover was verbal till 18months very joyful n than he was stolen from me living in fear not understanding autism at the time afraid of drugging him up I kept him with me is there still hope getting older stronger fits. Get tiring what homeo treatment u remmcond at this stage his father can’t rest with house not having peace wants to medicate him as a mother from indian background I m ismaili my belief of medicating anyone scary please help me I have already lost my child he has never been in any therapy or school without heavy meds they won’t jousha we call him jaja can not sit for long as any kid his age makes more challanging with his condition I can’t go shopping or any place without friends help fear when I come back he might have had another tantrum help me I know you can my last hope. Thanks sabrina in ottawa

  439. Lim Fei Ling says:

    I am a kindergarden teacher , my child 8 years old need help for his school homeworking. he will run away if he is alone alway not patient with things that he was doing.Cannot sit in one place,no interesting to read and write .What can i do with him?

  440. siddhartha gupta says:

    kindly help me for curing my child from autism

  441. tharani priya says:

    hi sir my daughter is 24 months old I used to show her TV just to feed her for the past one years and now she is talking only two to three words only and my peditrians said she had ASD after hearing dis I quit of TV totally will did thing alone recover my baby or should I need to do any other therapy pls suggest me my total family is depressed….

  442. Hi My son is 3.5 years old with a diagnosis of asd he is in a asd pre school and have a tutor for 2 hours a week , can you please offer me advice on how homeopathy can help thanks .

  443. Hello dr sharma my child is 4 years old n he started speak at 3 now he is going to school n not able to recognize numbers n alphabets is this autism. Plz help waiting for ur reply.

  444. Hello sir
    My son is 2.5 yr old he speak single words if I consider to words then it’d like bless u,see u.
    He recognise colors ,shapes and even animal with there sounds
    But my problem is that I just started sending him to schol from last week and his teacher is complaining that he does not listen to them and water he wants and if the call his name he don’t respond them and never sit with them n if they try it forcefully then he cries.
    She says when they recite rhymes then he contribute otherwise no
    Waiting for ur reply
    Thank u

  445. Temitope Adeyemo says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma. My daughter is 6 years old now.I can’t really say if her case can be classified as autism. IUGR was queried at her birth. She weighed 2.2 kg at birth. She was always irritated with loud sound, like the sound of blender. She would almost freeze if she was thrown up to be caught. All these stopped when she was 2. Her speech didn’t come until she was 3 years old. She is talking very well now. The challenges I’m having now is that (1)she is hyperactive and (2)she’s not doing well in school, (though she has crossed eyes from birth) and she is presently seeing a paediatric ophthalmologist. What can be done concerning these challenges? Thank you.

  446. Pradipta Routh says:

    Respected Sir,

    My name is Pradipta Routh. I am really facing lots of problem for my only child. last six months he is not speaking. its suddenly stopped by him. Earlier he was speaked but at this moment he is not speaking. he is taking special education & speach teraphy from reputed hospital but unfortunatly improvement not shown. my contact no is 09830258880. requesting you to help me to recover from this pathetic situation.

  447. Hello Doctor, I have read the cases about autism. One of my niece has the same problem since her childhood at the age of 3years. Now she is 20years old. She was taken to many neuro clinics but proper treatment was not provided. So is there any chance for her recovery if we restart the treatment again ? I am hoping that homeopathic treatment would definitely work for her recovery and your suggestion would be definitely helpful for us. Thank you.

  448. Zainul Abedin says:

    My son is 5 years old he is Autism shouting and when he don’t gets his required thing e.g. milk within one minute he use to beat his forehead on ground which makes his forehead reddish and running and throwing things pulls hairsnof family member

  449. santosh kumar nag says:

    Mera bachha 2y 7months ka h na bol pata h na isara kar pata h apne duniya me adktir rahta h latreen toilet paint me karte h plz help me

  450. Abu Syed Md. Ashraf Uddin says:

    I have 06 years old son name adit. He is suffering from Autism Specturm Disorder. He use few words in communication. He can’t reply against any question. He is always engaged in disturbing works like contionous shouting. He is never follow orders. Pls help me

  451. My 2.4 year old son does not speak. i am so worried. Please give us right and best advice.

  452. Ranbir singh says:

    My 3 and half year old son does not speak. His iq level is 68 i am so worried. Please give us right and best advice.

  453. My son Dhrov is 7.5 years old and is on autistic spectrum he can talk but I am facing difficulties in language he is not able to communicate with us and thus his anger and frustration levels are going up. He is undergoing multiple therapies and going to school also but he is not on any special diet or medicine.

    We stay in Delhi I want to try homeopathy but my problem is it is difficult for me to take him to doctor at regular intervals due to his busy schedule with school and therapies can you please help.

  454. kishore dora says:

    My child suffering from autism spectrum disorder.he is 3 yrs old.we are presently staying in Visakhapatnam andhrapradesh

  455. Dear Dr. Sharma.

    I just chanced upon your website and i must admit; your position on autism has been extremely enlightening. We live in Africa and have a 2.5 yr old son who seems to possess the signs of mild-autism, although he is still being evaluated. We recently conducted an EEG and awaiting the results. I crave for him to lead a normal life like any other kid and will do anything to get him through.

    How can we start his homeopathic treatment? Your help will be extremely appreciated.

  456. There is not RECOVERY from Autism. You can help your child learn to manage the symptoms, the symptoms could even lessen, but to use the word recovery insinuates that the child’s autism can disappear. It CANNOT. There is no cure for it. I think it’s horrible for you to give parents such a false sense of hope. I agree that early diagnosis & intervention is crucial…that’s true. I don’t agree that you should take all gadgets away from your child. My son’s tablet helped him start speaking in full sentences, taught him to ask for help on a more consistent basis. Taught him about feelings, how to learn to potty train, taught him about the dentist and being sick. Most kids with autism are VISUAL learners. Whether it be books with pictures, pictured daily schedules or learning videos. I can’t attest to this Carsinosin that you talk about, as I cannot find any scientific articles or evidence on its results or what it does to actually help ‘cure’ autism.

  457. Ogunbayo olajumoke says:

    My child his 3 months old. He has didn’t develop speech any form of speeech at all.He was diagnosed of speech delay and attention deficit disorder. He started his treatment 3 month ago but I don’t if he would recover.

  458. Resepeted sir
    plz help
    my child no lisen when call.but he go ahed when he drop her toyes he go and catch the toy also he looking ant he trying to catch him going ther ant is go.
    now he is 1 year old say mom also looking tv when start music plz help
    sir plz help

  459. plz help

  460. payal madaan says:

    My son 3years 2 months old is on autism spectrum. I am working so hard on him. Following therapies plus speech therapy plus proper attension at home plus following diet of gluten free casein free sugar free from last one year. He is improving a lot but his flapping is still not under control. What can i do to prevent or vanish his flapping

  461. sir my grand son has suffering with GI issues .and hyperActivity .Floppin his hand. COrner eye ,with no speech ,and he does not pay attention.but he repeets some stranzas of rhymes .Now he was 37 months . he identifies alphabets , and identifies the names of some colours.fruits, some pictures ,animals.limitedly. But he does not speek.he is under speech therapy.he is doing some eye contact. And facing frequent yeast infections candida . He is in uk. can you give valuable suggesstion to me.

  462. sir my grand son has suffering with GI issues .and hyperActivity .Floppin his hand. COrner eye ,with no speech ,and he does not pay attention.but he repeets some stranzas of rhymes .Now he was 37 months . he identifies alphabets , and identifies the names of some colours.fruits, some pictures ,animals.limitedly. But he does not speek.he is under speech therapy.he is doing some eye contact. He is in uk.I am requesting you to give your valuable suggession for my grand son.

  463. my son cant speak he is 2 yrs 3month he is playing with toys but not doing eye contact sometimes very agreesive dr says he is having autism but he is not having all syptoms autism

  464. Partha Pratim Ghosh says:


    My Son, aged 18 years, has qualified in CBSE X Exam in 2014 with 84% marks. He was diagnosed as having ADHD and childhood autism since childhood and we had problem in getting his admission to good schools. He has been under treatment of a Psychiatrist since 2012 and taking medicine Serenace Liquid 20 drops at night, Zypine MD 5 mg 1 tab at night and Attentrol. These medicines were continued for a period of three year and discontinued from March, 2015 after it was found that he got high blood sugar level. Doctors immediately advised to stop the drugs because in their opinion, the cause of high sugar is zypine and attentrol. Now he is taking metformin 1 mg after lunch and dinner and sugar is within control. But withdrawal of those medicines resulted in him becoming very restless, increase in behaviour problem and less sleep at night.

    May I know if you could help him with Homeopathic treatment.

    Thanks & Regards

  465. Dear Dr. Sharma.

    I would like to have some information for 3.8 years old son who cant speak much.
    I think he is mild autistic. what are the homeopathic medicines available.

    Please guide us.

  466. May we kindly get your contact details Mr Sharma. We may want to immediately start the treatment.

  467. I have son 4 yr old with Echolalic speech and repetitive behavior and hyperactive. Lives in usa. Needs strong sdvise. Asap

  468. Please send me details how homopathy helps or also send me from where we can get the medication.

  469. Sir,
    I am really thankful to you for such a nice and in-depth article on autism.
    We are based in USA and my 4 year son seems to have all the signs of mild-autism(evaluation is still going on with him).
    I strongly want him to come out of this and lead a potential life.

    How can we start his homeopathic treatment here?

  470. Satyendra kumar says:

    Dear sir my son is 4 and 1/2 year old and suffering from autism with global development delay. He is not speaking.he started walking after 3 and 1/2 year .he is not walking every places. He walks known places about. We had done treatment at cmc vellore. Presently we are leaving at visakhapatnam .now a day we are taking treatment with homeopathy. Please suggest right decision to me what l do.we got fully nervous. Kuch samajh nahi aata kya kare .

  471. Anuradhasingh says:

    My 4 year and 8 month son have speech can I contact u.

  472. Dear Dr.Sharma,

    My Son, Haadir , is 4 and half years old . 1 year ago he is not even say a single word like mamma, papa and he is nt even idedntify who is mama and papa… after schooling he started saying A to Z, 1 to 10 and some words. Now he is going to speech theropy for 3 months now he can say rhymes with out my help and answering to some questions which are favour to him . But he is not able to speak our common language like general conversations. we are in confusion what the exact problem he faced… whether it is autism or hearing problem… He is still not good at speech. He is trying to say something but his not say exact thing or vocabulary. He struggles a lot during speech. Top of that , he doesn’t seem to understand things easily. he will repeat the question or repeats every word we speak. He is not stood at one place for 5 minutes while we are speaking to him, not even try to hear or understand what we say at home .
    Sometimes he looks normal, sometimes he is worrysome. Overall, he is too much hyper active. I dont know if i have to call this AUTISM disorder.
    I think we will need your help for sure. Please kindly reply me.

    Kind Regards,


  473. My nephew is showing symptoms of ASD.
    How can I contact you ?

  474. K yogeswara Rao says:


    My daughter have 3 years old but sill she is not able tot talk clearly she is not able to talk words fluently can you give me any suggesstion

  475. My son is 3 he has suspected autism . We are now in the process of educational therapy and speech therapy. He sings some songs and says some words but he may go days without saying anything. This is devastating us . I feel I could turn things around as some times he really is just the same as any other chd then he may show some worrying symptoms. Please help.

  476. Rommel Lianza says:

    Im a father of a 3 yr old daughter. She is actually a high functioning ASD. at the age of 1 1/2 yes old she was able to memorize the alphabet and count 1 to 100. now she can really read.

    thank out so much dr sharma for your article. it was very enlightening. from now on I won’t give my daughter a chance to be on her own. will try my very best to play and talk with her. god bless you and may you continue helping more parents like me in guiding them the right way to out grow. their child’s autism.

  477. Dear Doctor

    My son is 3.8 year old and had febrile seizures and is currently on medication for last 3 years for the same. He has speech delay . He is able to understand any and everywthing we say in our mother tongue and english. He is able to speak few words and sentences in mother tongue but not in english. The school people say he has difficulty understanding them or they understanding him. Please let me know if there ia any medication to improvise his speech.



  478. HI Dr,

    Please let me know how to improve the cognition for more stubborn kids?
    he does not know how to express his anger, thats y he always beating himself on his chest.
    How can i work on this habits to be changed?

    Kindly help and guide me.

    Thanks and Regards,

  479. Sukumaran C P says:

    I have a grandson 7 yrs. with mild autism, ADHD & ESD (Expressive Speech delay). We had taken him to the COMM DEALL institute in Bangalore when he was 3 for two years. In the second year side by side he also went to a pre- school that took in a few of such children with shadow teacher. He has now joined another school (UKG) in BANGALORE that has provision for Special Education Needs (SEN ) children (one to one) . The child sits with regular children for most of the time and is given special one to one sessions depending on his needs. He had a dedicated shadow teacher until recently, but the school removed her when they suspected she was mistreating the child. He has shown progress, but tends lose it fast. He finds it easy to use single words for communicating unless we insist on full sentence. He can write and read numbers and letters. He can read some words, but I think he remembers these by visualising the whole word as a picture. He has been receiving Ayurvedic treatment for about 3 years now. Besides the unbearable expense, we are not sure if this would eventually benefit him. I would appreciate it immensely if you can advise us on the best course.

    • son 3.3years old is mild autism,he dose’t speaking,no eye contact, hyperactive, he didn’t paly other childrens,what are the homeopathic medicines available, we live in A.P ,please guide me sir.

  480. delayed milestones . less speech. behaviour issues

  481. arindam sarkar says:

    My daughter 4 yrs old have mild autism.

  482. Manimekalai says:

    My son is 4 years old and is autistic still depends on me for his personal work though not all of them, speaks words occasionally and has a great liking for numbers and letters and can’t get diverted from it. Pls guide as to what I can do.

  483. Jay pardeshi says:

    My son, gaurav 6 year old. Sir gaurav ko ham 1saal se speech theorpy chalu hai our medicine gaurav ko mildautism aur pdd bola hai lekin utna usme progress nahi hai usko school se bhi utna involve nahi karrhe our usko invoirment nahi de paye ki bacho ke sath time de paye. Pls help

  484. Hello,
    We found out today from a pediatrician that my 3 and a half year old son has autistic spectrum disorder.
    The news of this is very difficult to take and I am looking into what help I can get him.
    He doesn’t talk, he uses gestures to communicate or points.
    He is social but he only enjoys playing with children when the activity is something which interests him.
    He plays with things such as water, sand, play doh and his favorite play is ripping paper and lining up the pieces.
    He doesn’t like to participate in nursery story times, and he won’t listen to instructions and dislikes having a routine. He also has a very bad temper and bangs his head or pulls his hair because he gets upset due to his inability to express himself.
    He has many positives however I listed just the problem areas.
    I live in London and am willing to travel in order to get him the right treatment. Please tell me what treatment you offer and costs.
    I look forward to hearing from you

  485. Hi,
    I am a working mother.I have 2 years old boy.He is not yet start talking. Only told some meaningful words like Mama,papa,dida(my mother) and many meaningless words. But not pointing papa to tell papa.
    most of time he run. Whenever excited he start running.In a day at least 3-4 hrs he run.
    whenever any children came to our house he looks very happy,but don’t play with him.Only smile and start running.
    But seems not listening to us or talking.If any advertisement came in TV he ran wherever he is.

    Can you please guide us on this how to make him talk? Is it a serious problem.?

  486. kunbi owoeye says:

    I will like to know how the treatment can help my daughter .3 years 5 month old diognose with autism.

  487. sunil kumar dubey says:

    Dear doctor
    My child is 2 year and 10 month old. He have autism problem. Pls give us appointment so we can treat our child in better way.
    Waiting for your valuable reply…… no. Is 09819493323.

  488. Shahzad parvez says:

    My daughter have 1 year old. She is suffering from delayed mild stone . She can’t sit itself. Please give your value able advice. THANKS

  489. shiv Dayal singh says:

    Hello sir mera son 2 year 10 month ka hai aur uska treatment appolo hospital me challenge raha hai u ASD ka 3 month ho gai sir plz guide me

  490. Hi Dr.Sharma
    I’m writing in regards to my 4 yr old son diagnosed with mild autism 2 yrs ago he is in therapy and school I have tried homeopathy with vaccine clearings and it didn’t help interested in starting again but does your protocol only focus on nutrition ? He is still not talking and has some stimmimg issues that I would like to see resolved hopefully! I look forward to hearing from you and working with you:)

  491. My almost 3 to be in September is diagnosed as moderate autism by school district and mild from physchiatrist. He does have 1 word speech and a lot of behavior issues

  492. Sailen ghosh says:

    I want Dr Sharmas appointment. Please tell me how can I get it?

  493. Sunil Rawat says:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to consult with you for my 4 years old son . He is delay in speaking. Please let me know how can I contact you and possible date for appointment.

    We will in INDIA from 24th July till 30th Aug.

    Thanks in advance!

    Kind Regards,

  494. rashmi sanjivarao says:

    I have a son who is 9yrs old suffering from mild autism.i stay in bangalore..I would like to start with the treatment

  495. K Manjula says:

    Sir my son Purvendra is 3 Yrs and 4 months old. We have recently diagonised that he has autistic features. Past one month we are taking for occupational therapy. Can u please guide us how we can help our son to recover from autism.

  496. mr.venugopalreddy says:

    sir,myson is a 10yr old kid who is diagnosed to be suffering from learning disability.he is very good in all activities(games,horseriding,swimming skating,interaction with ppl etc etc) except studies.his vocabalary in english is also very good bt when it comes to writing he gives a blank face.he is nt able to write what he hears bt copies anything written corectly only
    is there any treatment in ur knowledge for him.

  497. pawlos tamiru says:

    hello Dear Doctor can i get your address.
    thank you.

  498. shipra rani dam says:

    Patient : SIPRA RANI DAM Patient ID p230615016
    Six F Age (y/M/D): 40
    Vist Date 23/6/15 Report Date 23/06/15
    Ref. By AK Das, DGO MS

    Lower Abdomen
    Uterus: Anterverted bulky uterus, with lobulated margins (L: 12.46cm, T: 7.15cm, AP: 5.28cm).Homogeneous Myometrium; Multiple small periendometrial cysts in necklace fashion, cencircling endometrial cavity at lower segment. Averarage diameter of cyst 0.85cm. Endometrial thickness 1.12cm.Collapsed endometrial cavity. Mass effect absent.
    Adnexae: vol. of Rt. & Lt ovaries are respectively 5.09ml & 3.64ml. Both contain multiple immature follicles. Small cyst (D: 1.76 cm) in Rt. ovary.
    U- bladder: Contour normal; Intrinsic mass or calculus adsent.
    RUV: Insignificant.
    Impression: possible Adenomyosis of Uterus.
    Small Rt. ovarian cyst

  499. My baby is 2yrs and 5 months old.her speech is delayed .and does not respond to her name at first can I consult you.pls help

  500. Dr.kursheed says:

    inam a psychologist deals lot ochildren affects with autism. Ur tips r really good & usefull

  501. George mcdonald says:

    My baby is five month but cant grab an object even she cant smile or even look at us.

  502. rajeshwar singh says:

    sir my only son 10years has an autsm please suggest me a school and remedial measures for my only son thank you sir rajeshwar singh

  503. Manish Agarwal says:

    My son is 3 yrs old suffering frn delayed mildstone and single word speech .I want to contact u sir pls help me with the medicines.and how can I contact u sir pls reply


    My son is 9yrs old suffering with autism
    There is no default in MRI scan
    Please suggest me to contact doctors
    Please,please sir

  505. murad mustafa khan says:

    i just need to know about the homeopathic treatment and its response. Kindly guide me how to get the treatment

  506. Qasim raza says:

    Hi sir ، my name is qasim raza. .doctors diganose that my child is asd . .he is now only 2.6 year old. . once in a week we go to hospital for his behavior theraphy and also get homeopathic medicine from well knowned doctor akmal hussain . .in lahore pakistan. .
    The head of audiology said that our child have high frequency hearing loss according to ABR . .and after that we purchase widex b32 hearing aid for my child. .but there is no good response after this hearing aid too. . .we give theraphy sessions 4 to 6 times in a day

    plz help me to cure my child

  507. Annie Susan Thomas says:

    My grand child David is 3 years and months.He is diagnosed havingASD.Now he is undergoing trainning.can you please tell me any body whom you know in united Arab Emirates who can treat my child.
    Thanking you
    Dr Annie Thomas

  508. Budhadev Bala says:

    Dear Sir, I would like to start the treatment of my 3 1/2 years old son suffering from GLOBAL delayed, he also not walking and speech problem. I am based at west Bengal, how do I go about it ? Pl advise. Thanks.

  509. Dear Dr. Sharma
    Thanks for yr very helpful articles. Recently doctor has detected poor eye contact and poor response in my 2 and 11 months yr old daughter. She can speak spme words like papa, mama, vaiya, water, pani, banana, ice-cream. She also memories A to Z alphabet and recognize them. But when u call her she does not response. Not even look at you. Some times only if I go out of her sight and call her with her name she will look for me.
    She always remains in her mind and singing rhymes like ABCD or Ba ba black sheep or something else (She knows around 40 rhymes. She memorizes it with her brother through internet). I am trying to cut her mind by using other words or by playing with her but she does not cooperate and ignore what I say.
    Doctor suggested me to put her in a regular school but I am leaving in small town where there is no special school for her and regular school does not have facilities of shadow teacher.
    …what can I do in this situation. will medicine work for her. please write me.
    will wait for your answer.
    Best regards


  510. My 4 yr girl baby reapeating words wt ever we speak…. She didnt call mummy pappa.. Shes not respondng hungry … Wt ever we speaks shes repeatng only wt i do doctor. is treatable?

  511. tapash karmakar says:

    Dear sir
    I have a son which is 2.5yr old having an autstic spectrum disorder ( a s d ).he used the words that’s mama papa baba and he is hyperactive. Please gives us treatment of this .
    Thanks nd regards
    tapash karmakar

  512. Zareen syed says:

    My son is diagnosed with development delayed microcephaly. He is two years old and born 33 weeks.
    His left side is weak,the right brain has no signals.
    He is coping up with his therapy
    the physio occupational and speech.
    I want to know how homeopathic can help my child regarding his progress.

  513. My son is 20 months old…n i jus discovered dat he is autistic…as he doesnt talk or respond 2 his name..n he doesnt play wid other kids..doesnt pinpoints things…if he wants sumthing…plzzzz…suggest sum medicine..which can help my child…i read ur article..vry useful…

  514. B.lavanya says:

    My 3 year old son is delay in speech….how can i contact u
    …we r from chittoor dist both husband and wife areworking

  515. Dipti mishra says:

    Hello sir,my baby boy is 22 months old and he is a autistic child ,I don’t know what should be the right way of treatment. Is it the right age for giving homeo medicines. And what therapy I should follow at home. Please help me in finding my way.

    With regards

  516. snigdha khatawkar says:

    My child 56 months old though not autistic has speech delays and social interaction issues. She is on therapy but no psychologist has labelled her autistic.
    How can homeo help?

  517. Laxmikant says:

    Hello Doctor,

    My baby age is 2.4 yrs… he still not able to speak… even he is not responding to us.. not responding to his name… not social in school… feels bored lots of time…

    I want to meet with you for more discussion and remedies for my baby..


  518. Atik Anwar says:

    Dear Dr. SHARMA : I am from Bangladesh and living in LA for long time. I have a 3 years 8 months old boy. He is diagnosed with ASD. I was reading your article and very impressed. My son Arfan just came from Bangladesh 6 months ago. He used to speak few words but unfortunately he lost most of his words. He is not eating properly his meals but we have to force him feeding often. We took him recently to Los Angeles Regionale Center, there he was diagnosed with autism disorder. I need your help with homeopathic. Do you think Arfan could talk again and be recovered ? Please let me know if you have time I really appreciate your kind reply. I am Atik .

  519. Didi my son is 3 year 6 month. still he can’t properly. plz give ur cell number. i think he suffering with language disorders. plz help me

  520. Sachin Sharma says:

    Dear sir,

    Please reply to me as soon as possible, my son is suffering from autism and is 18months old… Please provide the proper medication. Will be thankuful to u.. And very very thank you for this great article. Also please provide the list of important point’s to remember for the recovery of my son

  521. ramesh jain says:

    my child age 24 year iq 50 /55 no clear speak no clear writing no clear reader very poor in education very good in sports treatment please guide me

  522. Rahul rathi says:

    Sir my daugther is y years old and she’s suffring from autism can you help me in this matter

  523. Hello sir

    My son is of 4 years old and having speech delay.Please guide in this matter.

    Thanks and Regards

  524. john cristopher says:

    my son is 4 years old, and i admit i made mistake to not give full attention to listen and take care him. as we are working in dubai me and my wife, when we come home we did not focus on him. but we already see some of sign that they say it is a sign of autism. like when he hear something he dont want he will put his hand on both ear covering and coming afraid, he does not respond to the question of new people talking to him like for now we are try to admit him in school but he is not responding in interview. but last night he is playing to this child in restaurant and he try to communicate to him like asking what are you doing and speak the tagalog laguage anu ginagawa mo. he is so smart when ever we teach him he can learn and he knows how to spell and i think he can read coz he always watching youtube with educational video abcd shapes. he know the colors whenerver we ask him he respond. but like i said we try to admit him to school but there is one lady who speak to me that she notice that my son having mild autism because he is doing the parrot what ever she tell to my son my son repeating only but after some times my son responding to her as her son is playing with my son. its like when he get a time to know the peroson then he will be givng his attention or respond. should i go for screening check or should i do full attention and expose my son to many people and children like in play ground. im seeing some improvements to him just a 2days of focusing to him talking to him taking him to other people to talk or to interact to them like one of my office mate is having too much hair in face then he dont want him and he saying to me to close the car door coz my colleage want to touch him hehe.

    and we did mistake to give him all the time to use gadgets like cp tablets. now we are doing what we need to do let him use but having a limit of time that we saying to him after 5mins you need to stop. but as i read your post i think i stop giving him opportunities to use gadget and always need to get his attention.

    regards & thanks,

    God bless!

  525. prabhat says:

    Sir my son aged of 5 and half years , has been diagnosed with autism. Can u please suggest medicine and address for meeting.

    Thank u very much.
    Lieutenant Prabhat

  526. HILARY DCUNHA says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,my grand daughter is a victim of autism,she is 4 years old after lot of therepe and homeopeth started responding.she is a lovely child getting angry very offen.please suggest remedy

  527. Abid Sheikh says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please let me know if you found any contact number or treatment.


  528. surraiya gurung says:

    My son was diagnosed with autism in November 2014. He is 3 1/2 year old .He was born 27 weeks preterm .
    During his stay in hospital he had PDA surgery.
    We have started ABA therapy he can say alphabets numbers shapes.
    When he is happy he says the phonic. He is hyper and jumping on the bed all the time.
    He does not talk besides the repetition of numbers .alphabets and sometimes some of the words that he learnt on TV.
    I want to start his homeopathic treatment also wanted what are the side effects on the long run if any at all.
    Thank you

  529. Madhumita Mukherjee says:

    My son is now 6 yrs old,born 7 and half months with IUGR symmetrical and Rubella positive in Kolkata.I am a working mother,and me and my husband tried many options medical for my son.So need to discuss with u for son,if it’s possible with phone number of yours.Thanks.

  530. shah akram says:

    mere bhai ka ladka hai jo 8 saal ka hai. woh paidaishi na bolta hai or samjhta hai.nehlane,pehnana,khilana,pilana,sab cheezey zabardasty karni padti hai 2saal tak humne kaafi ilaaj karwaya lekin iska hume koi fayeda nhi mila,sir hume koi rasta batayen or PLEASE hamari help kijiye.taake hamara bachcha kuch samjhne or bolne lage…SHUKRIYA
    CELL NO :- 8108088020

  531. Dr chandan Das says:

    Hello Dr Sharma, I am now at Hyderabad. Me and my wife both are doctor. My child is 2yr & 4 month of old. He is having Autism. I want to contact you. Waiting for your response.Bye

  532. varshita sinha says:

    My son is autistic . He is 4 now please suggest.

  533. My 2 yr old son is diagnosed with autism . Please let me know the details to reach you to start on the homeopathic treatment.

  534. For my child doctor said he is slow learner. What is the difference between slow learner & autism? Ho wto make sure my child is Autistic? How can I start his Homeopathy treatment?

  535. Atiya alam says:

    Hallo, dr sharma, my grandson who s 4 yrs old s autistic. His main problem s speech n understanding He s taking regular therapy but still he lacks both d things! Will u pl suggest some medicine or something useful 2 help him out. Can u pl give yr contact no n address…thanx n regards
    Hope 2 hear from u soon
    Sincerely yours….atiya

  536. Akhilesh Jha says:

    Dear dr sharma,
    my son is 4 and 1 month old one year back he has been diagnosed with mild autism spectrum disorder and so we have started occupational therapy , and also sent him to play school.since last six month he is not taking any therapy.
    In present scenario he is talking for his own need eg. Mummy pani chahiye, mummy su aayi hai etc he is a lo taking orders like beta towel leke aao and he follows that.evhas memorised counting from 1 to 20, a to z ,January to December.he tells name of all body parts… but no initiative from his side.he is repeating the lines like he I tell chalo gum ne jayenge he also replied Ghana jayenge.

    If he is suffering from such symptoms of autism , will it be cured if please suggest what and how to proceed.

    Kindly suggest

  537. Hi Mam,


    I have a son aged 6 years who is diagnosed with autism. Daily he is having one hour of speech therapy and he is going to school regularly(very few times responding to teachers mostly sitting idol and running in play grounds ). he is not able to communicate, just using single worlds for his routine work and some how he can understand what we are telling. he is facing problem in communication, repetition of worlds, and behavior problem please let me know can he lead a normal life in future??

  538. sarah H. says:

    My son has a global deficiency and NOS autism. He has excessive diarrhea and stims allot. He hardly ever gains weight and I can’t get him to eat much . He is also non-verbal.

  539. Brajesh kumar says:

    My son have mild autism Symptoms.he is 5year do I know that he is suffering from autism.
    Plz guide me sir.
    What is the procedure to meet you.

  540. Bruce Hodes says:

    My 3 year old granddaughter has been diagnosed with the autism spectrum.Lots of babbling,taking the hand and leading to where she wants to go.Also,intervention was started early,but not much speech as of now(some incidental words).Only organic foods,but an ipad is used a lot.

  541. Sir,

    My son Prem [with ASD] is now 19 years and studying x std with special care.

    He could not interact , hyperactiveness is slowly down after 12 years. Please guide me how

    Homeopathy helps my son to face his teenage problems.

  542. priyanka singh says:

    My son is 3.4 yrs .he could not speaks properly.he cant joint the sentenceshe has poor concentration.and also very hyper active. So plz sujest me that hw can i trea ti him t

  543. Bharat Sachdeva says:

    Dear Sir

    I have 5 year old SON diagnosed with Autism, main problem for now is speech and eye contact ,please advise the medicine

    pls advice

  544. jesmin akter says:

    dear sir,
    I would like to inform u that I have a boy of 2 years six months. his doctor diagnoses that he has ADHD and also autism, though autism level is not so high, my baby doesn’t talk,,but what he says is nothing but a nonsense rhymes. his doctor prescribed him rispolux 1mg two times a day. his way of communication is not like other children of his age. if homeopathy does make any difference then pls inform. it will b a great pleasure if u advice what to do in that case.

  545. hi

    my kid completed 17 months and currently running in 18 months

    after through search on internet, comparing with others i strongly be lieve she has autism


    hands flapping
    noor very less eye contact
    scream and laugh out of blue
    picking grass infront of the house
    babling some word repeatdly

    so what i request is

    do we have a complete treatment for this?

    i currently live in andhra pradesh,ongole
    do i need to travel some where for evaluation ?

  546. my child aged 6years suffering from ADHD and symptoms are restlessness,shouting unnecessary, no concentration on studies,watching cartoons at midnights so please suggest what to do and whom to concern

  547. My Son has 3 yrs old and he has ASD .
    Please help on this

  548. sampath kumar says:

    Dear sir,
    My son Master Sharwanth of 10 years age, with autism.
    We have sent him to special school for more than 6 years, halopathic treatment for 3 years but now we kept him at home along with his younger sister of age 2 yrs.
    Please suggest what to do ( my financial position is very week now)

  549. sree choudary says:

    hi sir,

    I have a girl child of 4.5 years who is hyper active & not concentrating on what is said by us in school & in home also.

    when we are trying to teach her alphabets & numbers she is not listening at all . just looking around her surroundings without responding to us
    she is doing same in school & home also. We are very much worried about her behavior.

    she will not sit in one place for a second.
    she keeps on moving from one place to another place.

    sir, please suggest me how to give training to her & get cured from autism.

  550. Hello sir, my kid is 4yrs old , he repetes wht ever i tel , but he dont understand the meaning ,and he doesn’t speak 2 sentence on time, he speaks more all r meaningless words ,but he identifys animals few fruits..and wht ever I say he repetes same.and he c mirror and talks something with out meaning . my mothertounge is Tamil so wht ever I say in Tamil he understand wht I give instructions he follows like sit stand come pickup etc….I wana know whether he falls under autism or only he requires speech therapy..pls help me on this…thank you.

  551. Debasish Ray says:

    Dear Doctor,
    My child is 3 years old. He is diagnosed with ASD 4 months back. Presently he is under supervision of a special educator. He is sometimes hyperactive. He makes sounds but with no meaning. His speech has not developed yet. He Has no GI problem, no sleeping problem. We are very worried about his speech which has not yet developed. Please help me.

  552. Hi Dr.sharma
    My nephew who is 9yr old,he speaks very less and we dont understand what he talks we have taken him to child doctor they have done some test but he is not responding to any of the tests.when with doctor he dont talk at home atleast he opens his mouth.he watch toomuch of cartoons,whatever that cartoon character talks he try to match to they.but we dont understand. But he is very good in writing he remembers everything,he write everything but he dont tell that if we ask.we are worried as he is already 9yrs and he is not like normal kids.
    we stay in bangalore. Suggest us some clinic where we can talk him and right school for him.,
    Thanks in advance waiting for ur reply.

    Asha s

  553. Ravi Madhan says:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to start the treatment of my 3 years old son suffering from delayed milestones.

    Please help me with the procedure.



    My nephew is 10 years old and identified as autistic child. He always plays alone and talk himself. We are taking him for theraphy. some improvement is their. He doesn’t want to go to school. Inspite he is above to study. He is a slow learner. Need your help in guiding us.

  555. anupambachhil says:

    Sir,my 3 n half yr baby girl is mild autistic, problem is speech and no connection with anyone, she even doesn’t respond to her name.Plz tell what next.eagerly waiting for ur reply.

  556. raisa mahin says:

    what are the medicines of autistic ?

  557. Mrs. Supriya says:

    Hi, i like to know more about the treatment for autism. I have daughter 3 and 1/2 years old prematurely borned in the month of 7 and 1/2. She is very hyperactive and aggressive. As her speech was very delayed by the age of 3 yrs old we consult with developmental pediatrician he diagnosed her as moderate autism after several tests and now past 6 month she is undergoing speech therapy and occupational therapy. Nowdays her development is she is not much hyper, avoids chocolates and junk foods. But her speech is not yet developed, she says some words from starting onwards by the age of 2 yrs mummy, daddy, baba, de (if she wants anything). Plz advice. Thnks.

  558. sir
    it looks my child may be suffering from autism….how to confirm the same….i live in chennai

  559. Hi Doctor,

    I am sree choudary.

    I have 4.5 years girl child who is having autistic characters. We joined her in school. She is unable to concentrate to what teacher saying.

    Sometimes she will listen to whatwe say. She will listen everything & talks very well & if she likes she will tell what is asked by us.

    She will tell if she likes what ever we ask . But if she don’t like she will look around without telling anything.

    She is not writing alphabets & numbers with her own hand. She is taking my support or teacher’s support at school.

    We have taken Doctor.

    Doctor told that my kid is to be given behavioural therapy
    Please suggest me can I give her behavioural therapy at home or have to be taken to therapist.

  560. my son is now 3.8 years old.he s a mild autistic child.v know dat frm 2.6yrs.he loves to play wid color color bottles wid labels like lotions nd powder bottles hand wash bottles like dat.he s able to speak like hi byee ya like dat.if v teach means he wont reply and attention skill s less.if v said 100 times means one time he ll reply.lot of self stimulatory behavior like jumping,laughing,crying like dat..he ll get sick often like cold fever cough.what kind of food shall I do I improve him..shall I put him n special school or normal school.he a smiling and looking like normal child only.not any special difference in face or in physical do I improve his understanding capacity.

  561. how could I contact you in Chennai.are there any clinic in Chennai .as my daughter aged 51/2 yrs old is not autistic child but she has speech delay.

  562. rebecca garcia says:

    hi dr.sharma,
    i am a single parent with a 13 year old son with mild to moderate autism. he did not start speaking til he was almost 4, and very little. He would answer the question with the question you just finished asking him. He can answer with a answer and will sometimes catch me off guart and answer with a joke or funny comment.( thats pretty cool).Now he has a big vocabulary but still lacks a lot. My son is a very picky eater and has a very small variety of what he will eat. He takes Kenpo 3 days a week and i believe has been a great therapy for if anything his self esteem. I would like to know more about the homeopathy and how treatment can benefit my little boy. thank you so much for your time. Rebecca Garcia

  563. Geetha Ravikumar says:

    I am a mother of a 12 year old boy who was identified with autisim (ASPD) very recently. he is studying in 7th standard in air force school,jamnagar. can i have details about the homeopatic treatment and whether it can be done online. we are staying in jamnagar.


  564. Shailendra Prasad says:

    Dear Doctor
    My son is 5& half years old and does not speak a full sentence. He is mildly autistic. He does not like to follow instructions. He understands everything but acts very stubborn at times.
    I live in Fiji and would like some help in getting him treated. Any help from you would be highly appreciated.

  565. srabani banik says:

    I had 8yrs old daughter with autism. She also an ADHD child. She doesn’t speak any meaning full word but every time she was talking something which had no meaning. She followed instructions some time but maximum time she doesn’t understand what we’re saying. That’s my child condition if you help me to recover my child from this condition plz contact me.thnx

  566. Dear Sir,

    We need your advice on my Daughter’s case.
    I am writing you the details for your immediate perusal:

    D.O.B: 5th JAN 2015 (currently 23 days old).
    Delivery: Normal with forcipes

    She did not cry at the time of birth with the 2.12 Kg Weight also with low sugar levels. Admitted in NICU in Fernandez Hyderabad for 2 days and discharged.
    She did not take good feed that day and by midnight we found her with still body and widely open eyes without any body movement, immediately ran to the hospital and again she got admitted. She had total 3 fits (at the admittion time, then same day evening with controlled sugar level, and next day morning again with controlled sugar levels). Doctor got her EEG done and attached the report here with, also they started Phenobarbitone. MRI Reports are also attached here with. Please have a look of the complete discharge summary.

    1) Doctors advice at Fernandez Hyderabad: Give Phenobarbitone 0.75mg 2 times and look for any symptoms in upcoming months and we have to monitor till she completes 2 years.

    2) Dr Lokesh Lingappa (Consultant Child and Adolescent Neurologist) from Rainbow Hospital Hyderabad advice: Give Phenobarbitone 1mg 2 times and look for any symptoms in upcoming months and we have to monitor till she completes 2 years.

    3) Dr. Suneel Godbole (Consultant Child and Adolescent Neurologist) from Deenanath Mangeshkar Pune: We should start Early intervention rather than waiting for 2 years.
    discussed with him over the phone.

    Please advise us in this case .

    Rahul Merh

  567. Sir, My son is an autistic kid. I have gone through your review regarding autism through a web, could I get to know where exactly is your treating the autistic kids. so that I could bring my ward for the treatment

  568. My son is 3years old and dont speak dont interact dont lisen He is stuck in his own word I dont know where to start .. But he so highly intelligent and such a loving soul .. Please help *

  569. Dr Senthil Kumar says:

    Sir,my son is 2yr 8m old and is suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder (mild),we wants to meet you,please provide appointment for us,thank you.

  570. Sir pl do share your contact as we would like to take a consultation for our 28 month old son.Regards

  571. I would like to start the treatment of my 6years old daughter suffering from delayed milestones.
    She has a learning problem.

  572. My son is 4 and half, diagnosed with mild to moderate autism, how does your treatment work? Please reply. Thanks

  573. prasanna kumar says:

    My Son is now 5 years old. He has speech problem. he is still not able to speak letters like “La”, “Ta”, “Da”. I have taken him to Autism center. They gave 1 month treatment. He is far better than before. They asked me to join him in their special school for few months . But the fee was very high and i cannot afford that much. Now i am sending him to normal school. But he does not mingle with other kids . Sits ,Plays alone .

    Please i need your help. i can’t see my son like this any more.

  574. Showvick Chakraborty says:

    My son aged 2 years 4 months is suffering form mild to moderate autism and ADHD. The main problem with him is delay in speech and low and low adaptive behavior skills attainment. We live in Kolkata. Please advice us for a quick recovery?

  575. Sir,
    My daughter is 4 years old and she is having speech and language delay..we are so tensed that it can be Autism also..pls help us to get started..

  576. rajesh chakraborty says:

    I have 6 yr old daughter with pdd adhd and iq 65.i am living in agartala tripura!

  577. Anil Kumar says:

    Hello Dr

    My Child is 3.4 years old and doctors said he is mild autistic. Please suggest me next steps for treatment


  578. Hi Sir,

    I have kid of 4 years with autistic characters. Upto 3 years she was very good . what ever we used to say she used to respond nicely.

    But after completing 3 years when we sent her school we noticed Autistic characters in her. She stopped to respond to her teacher. When all kids in class says what teacher says , she is not telling & just looking to her surroundings & spoiling her friends books , pencils , crayons, color pencils etc. She used to say to her self siting alone at home what teacher said in the class. she knows everything but she is not opening her mouth.
    we have taken her Rainbow Childrens Hospital, Hyderabad. Doctor Tested & told that she she should be given behavioral therapy .
    Teacher reported to me that she is responding to her. please solve my kids problem.

  579. hello sir i have 2 year 4 month boy diagnosed with Autism please help and suggest.Thanks

  580. Hello sir Let me know your contact no or address.Thanks

  581. alekha kumar sahu says:

    dear doctor sharmaji,
    namastee. my daughter is 17 years old and suffering from autism.we both are working so it becomes a problem for us to dealwith.kindly advise me what to do

  582. Haripriya Vijayakumar says:

    Hello Dr,

    My son KRISHANTH 2 years 1 month old, we found he is an autism child, we are in Dubai.
    Here we showed him to a audiologiest she told us. She will give the treatment to the child through the parents and at the same time he can go to play school also. For one month, after then will see his recovery and then move foreword.
    as we r in Dubai she told us to that we can treat krishnath in chennai also where there is special centres for them is available.
    But at present we decided to treat him in Dubai as she said through parents treatment and play school.

    Can u please suggest us what can do.

    Regards ,

  583. I would like to start the treatment of my 2 1/2 years old son recently dignose with mild Autism. I am based at Kanpur(UP), how do I go about it? Pl advise. Thanks

  584. Shailesh kulkarni says:

    How to meet u…where is ur clinic

  585. Hello sir, my son is diagonsed with aspergers by NIMH hyderabad ladt year when he was 3 n a half. After that v stated his therapy by a person doing his PG frm NIMH. It helped us a lot but v use to play Rs. 500 per hrs n after three months v found that that person is teaching hin new things n v stopped him start giving training on our own. Believe me parents are the best teachers n not only mother but also fathers should give their time to make ur child learn new things bcoz these special educators n some of these special school are their to make money n nothing else this is my experience.plz give ur child time love n ur training that u feel id gud for ur child.. and homeopathy is really gud option that v can take.
    thank you.

  586. Kalpita Bhattacharyya says:

    Psychological Testing Report

    Identification Details
    Name: Rishav Bhattacharya
    Age :13 yrs
    Sex: Male
    Education: no formal education
    Residence: urban
    Family Type: Nuclear
    Referred by: Dr. D. Pan
    Reason for referral: Psychometry

    Chief Complaints
    • Hyperactivity
    • Anger Outbursts
    • Violency
    • Problems in social interaction
    • Breaking things at home
    • Poor intellectual functioning

    Mental Status Examination
    • Appearance: Slightly Clumsy
    • Mood: Anxious; restless
    • Mode of Communicability: Verbal and non-verbal
    • Attention and Concentration: Medium
    • Speech: Speaks only when asked
    • Memory (Immediate/ Recent/ Remote) : Satisfactory
    • Perception: Normal
    • Thought: Obsession
    • Orientation (Time/ Person /place): Partial
    • Insight: Absent
    • Motor Skill: Gross – Achieved; Fine-Achieved

    Test Behaviour
    • Cooperative
    • Rapport- established with difficulty
    • Restlessness- Present

    Test Administered
    1) Conner’s Abbreviated Rating scale (CARS)
    2) The Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS)
    3) Bender Gestalt Test (BG-II)

    Test results
    Conner’s Abbreviated Rating scale (CARS):
    Pt’s score is 25 which indicates Severe Level of ADHD ( Mixed type). (
    Score of 15 and above indicates presence of ADHD).
    The Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS):
    As assessed by the scale, his score is 31. Hence falls in the
    category of Mild-Moderate autism.
    15 to 29.5 – Non-Autistic
    30 to 36.5 – Mildly-Moderately Autistic
    37 to 60 – Severely Autistic
    Bender Gestalt Test (BG-II):
    His score in Copy phase is 81. It indicates “Low” Visual-motor Functioning.

    Impression :
    Information obtained from Case History session, MSE and Test Results
    indicates that Rishav is suffering from severe ADHD and Mild-Moderate
    Autism with related behaviour disorder. His visual-motor functioning
    falls in the “Low” Category.

    Recommendations :
    1) Pharmacotherapy
    2) Behaviour Therapy and Counselling


  587. My son is 3 year 1month ..other than speech delay , i dont have any worries regarding him.
    I have 2 elder daughters..aged 11 and 10..
    Can you treat him ..for his speech delay..

  588. SUBRATA SARKAR says:

    I sri SUBRATA SARKAR residing at siliguri,w.b. having a child( son ) 4 yr old. Last 1n 1/2 yr visited lots of doctors n therapist, following all the instructions but all in vain. Till now he is unable to speak n day by day he has becoming hyperactive.
    I have got some hope from your article. So sir plz suggest me what sould I do now, we seek your help so pl advise how could we get in touch wtih u! If it is necessary then we ready to meet with u. Plz reply asap.
    With regards
    West bengal

  589. My son is 3yrs 2months.he is diagnosed with adhd and autism.he is hyperactive and has sensory problem.he is saying all animals , vehicles name.he is trying to repeat the words we say .but not able to speak on own.

  590. Kaylan chakravarthy says:

    My child of 3 years age suffering from adhd and speech delay . Please suggest therapy and medicinal advice and how to overcome from adhd

  591. Praveen Srivastava says:

    Dear Sir

    My Friends child abhi wo 3 year 5 month ka hai par naa hi wo bolta hai aur naa hi wo chalta hai ghar me sabhi pareshan rahte hai pleae koi upay ho to batane ki kripa kare dhanyawad

    Please Reply on my ID or my Contact No : 9935421518, 9935643600

  592. Dear Dr.Sharma,

    My son is 6.5yrs old.He is doing well in studies and is in a good school in Gurgaon ,where all good therapists and special educators are working with him.
    Our major problem is with his speech.He is mostly non verbal,although have very good cognition ability.He is not at all agressive,never have urt anybody,receptive language is also good.
    We have very strong faith in Homeopathy.Kindly advise if he can be cured.

    Thanks ‘n Regards,

  593. Jayashri PRADHAN says:

    Dear Dr Sharma, read the article. It’s very informative and inspiring. My daughter 2yr10months has mild autism
    She is going to speech therapy and even we r working on it all d time. Still want to know about the homeopathic treatment.
    Any diet or other things we should follow please advice.thanks

  594. Hi Sir,

    My sister’s son is suffering from autism. He is 6 years old now and was identified with Autism almost 3 years back. She’s in terrible pain and trying to take care of her kid. She has an elder 11 years old son who is being totally neglected because of this. She herself has become totally weak and in depression because of sleeplessness and fatigue. The kid is hyperactive, doesn’t speak and it’s worsening day by day. She is taking him for therapies but none proved to be positive until now. Please suggest.

    Name: Manisha
    Patient’s Name: Shivam
    Sister’s Ph No: 7042 11 2746
    Place: Noida

  595. jyoti sharma says:

    hello doctor im mother of 3years and 3months old boy who has ASD..last 1year his treatment is going on, both OT and ST..all his milestone till 1year is acurate…but now he started with one word like car,cookie,pani,du-du,bye,ta-ta,su-su,papa… many words…he knows 1-20 numbers plus alphabets…im concern about his concentration, which is not there…pl advice me.thanks..

    • Suresh Nankani says:

      Hello Dear Doctor,
      My son age 11 yrs is Down Syndrome he is very Aggressive and having speech Problem, Please suggest.
      Suresh Nankani

  596. My 2 yr and 8 month old boy is somewhat autistic. Pls. Suggestme for remedy.

  597. Hello Doctor,

    I read your page just.I have a 10yr old and having sever speech delays.We are in US .

    Reply back so we can talk further on this.

  598. my 2 yr and four months child plays with his shadow listen music laughs entertains but do not respond to any command what should i do

  599. Neetu Baheti says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have a a 4 year Son diagnosed with Moderate Autism and Hyperactivity. How can I get the homeopathic medicine for hm. I am based out of B’lore.

    Also, Thank you sir for this very informative article.


  600. Dear Doctor,

    First and foremost the tips that you provided is really informational and one to act on.

    My son is 3 and half now. He was diagonized with autism at age of 3, and we instantly put him in ABA therapy, after consultation with doctor. We had never heard of autism before, so when we came to know, I did not know, panicked , heart broken. I cried, cried, cried. Now I have become determined to take him out of this, but sometimes in process, I just give him some leeway, so that he does not feel pressurised, because sometimes he gets irritated, if I constantly talk to him.

    On Laptop, he sees the rhymes, I point to him the things etc., he has started pointing, but it is like in his own will. If he wants he will, otherwise no. So is this ok.

    He is not talking still, merely one word or so, he calls me amma. Responds to his name (rarely not, if he is asked to stop something), is playful with us. When we take him to play, he tries to play with other kids. He is undergoing Homeopatic treatment also.

    We have seen improvement in him, but not started talking yet.

    Can you pls. tell me, for how long should we take homeopthic treatment. Now it is being 6 months for my son.

    Thank you.

  601. Mercedes Gonzalez says:

    Hi my name is Mercedes I’m 28 and have a 31 month old son who was recently diagnosed with autism. He says no words, but does a lot of bab bab ya ya ma like if he be speaking in different language. When he wants something he comes and gets me by my finger or if he hungry he will bring me what he wants. He is going to be starting ABA therapy soon and also has an hour a week of speech therapy. He did not need occupational therapy though. He is my oldest child, then his 14mont old sister who absolutely loves her older brother and follows him everywhere, copies what he does(I have also caught my son copying her couple times) in other words she drives her brother nuts, but as much as she annoys him takes his toys from him he has only acted out(push her) 4 times. He knows it’s not ok to hit, because he knows he will get in trouble by me. I treat my son no different then my daughter. He may have autism but he will act right, listen respect his elders. He will not be treated with special privileges because he has autism at the moment. I strongly believe this will pass and my son will be better the ok . He will be great. God is good… And this will be my testimony. Over all my son may flap his hands, run back and forth the hallway, like to spin wheels of his cars, but he is just the happiest full of energy loves giving bear hugs to mom and dad(but not to his sister or uncle who lives in the house also)little boy. I’m a stay at home mom and as I was reading this article it was like that’s my question to you is how can I help my son at home.what should I do or shouldn’t do, this is my main and most importantly question. My son is never around nobody but me,dad,sister,and uncle. People that live in the apartment.the reason being is because we have no family where we live(California) . All my family is in Washington state. I’ve telling my husband we going to move , our son needs to be around other kids we’ll people in general. Different faces, so he can learn to interact.. I told my husband within a year. Do you think I need to move now ? Would it impact my son greatly. He knows them cause we have gone to visit vise versa. The longest has been 10 days. So just as he is getting comfortable with his cousins it’s time for us to fly back home… It makes me sad because my 2babies are alone and only have us to play with.. Please help I really need advice on the move.. Thank you a mom in need of. Help

  602. DEBASHIS BANIK says:

    dear Sir,
    My son aged 4 is suffering from autism. This was diagnosed when he was two years and 11 months,since then we have been taking all sorts of possible therapies. Presently i am in Kolkata and he has been going to a montessory school.Presently he can speak much better than earlier but can’t learn ALPHABETS till now.I want to start treatment, Please help me.
    Regards DEBASHIS

    Regards Prashant

  603. Mukesh Kumar Ahir says:

    Dr..My son his age is 19 month, he is still not speck single word we try but he didn’t pickup, he didn’t response on voice also he symptemous of autisum..
    kindly guide us

  604. Kalidass Machaappan says:

    Gd day DR. I’m a father of 6 years old son who is suffering of autism effects. I would like to knw how i can treat my son. PLs guide me.Im frm Malaysia. Or pls recomment me any branches of indian homeopathy treatment here.. Tq DR

  605. My 3years and8month old son knows all the alphabets small and capital as well as numbers from 1-20 but does not talk at all .he points out correct alphabets numbers photos of animals vehicles fruits things in the house food when asked to show but does not talk. He writes his name, he knows colors and a lot more but only points out .when I call his name he only responds to my call.he sits on the table and eats by himself and a lot more but does not talk and does not respond to anybody else .he is very intelligent when taught and showed to him a couple of times he picks up and points it out when asked to show.i am very worried ,could you please guide me ?What do u think in your opinion?

  606. Susant Behera says:

    I want to start a home therapy for my 3 years 8 months boy who is suffering from delayed milestone and PDD..
    please help me with your effective suggestions.i would be very much Thank full. .
    sir we are odisha based..need your help badly.

  607. syed azharuddin says:

    dear sir

    my male child 2 year autism so please what i can do iam taking him for therphy

    please give me so new idea and food and school for 2 year age


    syed azharuddin
    91 9059672734

  608. My son 4years old cannot speak but he understands whatever told him. But sometimes he is on with some words & sometimes he is mute.

    I have put him in a regular school from last year. But the school authorities denied him the promotion this year to the upper class as he lacks speech & does not show any interest in learning.

    I am a working woman & have less time to spend with my son as ours is a joint family with 10 people together.

    So please advise want would have gone wrong with him as he is not able to speak.


  609. Vijayalashmi says:

    Dear sir my daughter aged 17 has autism though it may be mild. She has difficulty socialising and does not like talking to anybody. From age 13 she has been in a home school environment. Now she is in eleventh thru correspondence. We are hoping that she wl change to just be more social, smile (she hardly smiles) and be relaxed. Can homeo help us ? She does not having any particular interest in anything n likes to be only by herself. She has poor self esteem. Her talk sounds monotonous. Can we help her improve these ? Surprisingly her childhood milestones were good. She was socialising n talking better then. But she did not like her nursery school. We had consulted a child psychiatrist but we did not get any leads then.

  610. Dear Sir , kindly mention any delhi contact. I want to meet u. I reside in delhi.

  611. Hi Sir,My son of 2.5 yrs has mild autism.Please guide me what can I do at home.I am based in pune.Please tell me some hospital for homepathic treatment

  612. Jayadeep Purushothaman says:

    My brother’s son had mild autism and was treated at Nimhans Child Psychiatry department in Bangalore, and recovered very well and now going to regular school with a one year delay. My take here is that it is the therapy by the parents that matter than anything. I don’t think Homeopathic medicine has any role to play or for that matter any medicine.

    Though NIMHANS Bangalore is a Govt. Hospital, the Doctors here are very very good. So I recommend anyone with autistic children to consult NIMHANS Bangalore.

  613. Shajia Khan says:

    My daughter has late speech problem. She is 3 years 4 months old now. She has mild autism. Kindly advice.

  614. sheetal mishra says:

    hello sir,
    i went through the entire post of yours. My daughter is 3.8yrs old. she started singing since she was 1yr old. till 2 she was quite ok with response, eye contact, saying single words everything. but after 2 i started getting worried as she didnt feel like talking much. i even tried her potty habit, but all in vain as she was not interested to sit in a potty seat. In between all the other skills like listening to us, understanding us, obeying us, following our words like(pick that, do this, stand up, go to bed etc) all increased and she did it all well. her only problem was talking. cooperating in study, answering the bookish qs, memorizing thing all went excellent. when 3 she even started reading lines and words by herself. Asking for the things she needs like maa gmme some water, lets go out, gmme some chips etc also started. she started goin a playschool.
    NOW THE PROBLEMS : i started finding out the she is less social, as very much upto music she treated eveything as TABLAA and plays it hyperactively ,
    talks less about social things(what happened in school, what grandmaa is saying etc…) as if she dsnt understand…
    i took her to IHS(institute of health and scince) today. they said she is having hyperactive ASD… she needs therapy and time to recover.

    i have patience n i ll fight my daughter as i know she has no visible disabilities. she is lacking smthing and i ll pull her back. But sir, is it nyway a chance that she cant be ok ever…?????? please guide me. I am so helpless.

  615. Mrs. Aditi Basu says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    I was going through your article , honestly is an excellent. I am surprised to knoe that homeopathy does have the treatment for auotism. I am having twin baby boy of 2 years old and one of them is having few features of auotism like not talking which earlier he did, dont say buy buy or hello to others which he used to do.

    I am eagarly want to meet you regarding this matter and want you to see my baby once.

    Please help and confirme me the same.

    Thanking you


  616. NEMICHAND says:


  617. my son is 10 years old and has mild non verbal autism. he was normal till age two and half and thn had regression in speech n lost all functions including social intraction and eye contact

  618. Sir,
    With due respect i want to state that my sister,who is 10 years old,is an autistic child.We have consulted with one neurologist,and few doctors and she is going through allopathic treatment,that is,the neurologist has prescribed her to take some medicines on a regular basis to reduce somehow her hyperness. We are giving her those medicines since last 5 years,but still nowadays her hyperness is increasing. I just wanted to know whether there is any solution of this problem through homeopathy treatment and where we could find it out?What shall we do now?Is there any institute or home for these child’s treatment?
    Please do kindly reply to all these confusions and queries sir. I would be highly obliged.

  619. Hi Sir,

    I have a kid of 2 year 5 months old.She is speaking only 3 or 4 words for now.She is very stubborn and independent kid.When checked with neurologist have told that she is not so hyperactive and autisim kid.Can you suggest me what can be done to her to get the speech.

  620. Utpal Maji says:

    My son 2 years & 7 months old has been diagnosed as ADHD &within Austism spectrum. Doctors prescribed no medicine ( allopathic ) & suggested for therapy. He has poor eye contact, does not respond to calling & is always moving (want to climb upstairs , on chairs etc), no meanigful speech etc. My father who is presently 75 years of old & a homeopathic practitioner for last 35 years is treating him with homeopathic medicine. He has given him Natrum Muratium 200 weekly once for the next two months. I discussed with my father regarding your treatment & writing you to show us the right track. Hope to receive your valuable suggestions .

    with warm regards
    Utpal Maji

    Utpal Maji

  621. kamini dsouza says:

    hi my son is 5 yrs old.hes suffering from autism.he doesnt speeks a single eye to eye contac.doesnt pay attention.he needs help.plz tel me what to do.where to go.any school anY Help plz

  622. samantha waterhouse says:

    Harry is 5yrs old and has mild autism. He lives with his mom and is much loved. We play with harry all the time. I have learnt him every nursery rythme you can think off along with other songs. He can now catch a ball, he rides a three wheeled bike. He will attends a new autisic school in September 2014. His balance is outstanding, he runs like the wind. He will kiss and cuddle you, look you straight in the eye. His consultant has said that harry has gone from being ‘off the wall’ to being slighty/mildly autistic and that was down to my daughters doing. Harry is treated like a normal little boy, he is not allowed to misbehave. He is in mainstream school at the moment and is far better behaved than ‘normal children’ He can count up to 50, knows shapes and colours, can sing nursery rythms can ask for a drink etc but in reality he does not speak does not hold a conversation with you. We so want him to speak to say what sort of a day he has had. My heart goes out to my daughter because when the children come out of school they are talking talking talking, not harry, he just skips along mumbling to himself. He is well liked and a very popular little boy. I read that one particular little boy was taken to see mystic sharms in african tribes and that it worked wonders for him. Do you advocate such therpys.

    • How is Harry doing now. I would like to know. Did the special school helped for hime? Did you start giving any homeo treatment. I would like to know. Please reply.

  623. amit rohila says:

    res sir,
    my sister baby 20 month old. he have creabal atrophy problem in brain. he having continues feet and jark problems many time in day .he have no any eye contact due to his visual cortex is damage . last 15 month treatment of dr vineet bhusan delhi and dr veena calda aiims delhi not have improvement. feet problems is continue.
    plz do need full.
    amit rohila
    Saharanpur 0 9808716292

  624. Anjana N says:

    Hello Doctor,

    I am Anjana N , Mother of Nidhi Praveen who is 6 and half years old. She has been already dropped out of school once. She is studying at KV DRDO. My issue is that my child has a very strong social stigma . She has a learning disability as if some thing is blocking her strongly.
    We tried various including homeo when I read about cease therapy. We would like to take your advice and intervention ASAP to save her desperately.

  625. Satavisha Saha says:

    My son has diagonised with AsD recently. He is only 2.4yrs . Very active , doesn’t play with toys properly , limited eye contact , limited pointing skills with no speech. Will Homeopathy help him ? Can u syggest something plz.

  626. charu khurana says:

    Helloo Doctor,

    my 16months old boy is just diagnosed with autism. he has no eye contact, non verbal, no pinting,doesnt listen to his name , plays with gadgets, spoke papa for 4-5 dfays before his 1st bday.

    understand few words like mum, chiji, dudu, baitho, chalo, he is too young i just wanted to do best for i have read early intervention can do great progress in this kids.
    i have read your 13 ways of recovering from autism. my child always spent time alone. we
    \hardly talked to him. i blame myself today for my kids condition.
    could you please share some activities we can do with kids to involve them.what kind of toys we should play with them.anything.
    what is the scope of homeopathy for treationg autism.
    request you to please reply asap.

  627. Srinivas says:

    Hi Sharmaji,

    This is Srinivas from Hyderabad, This is with regards to my son Sai who is suffering from hyperactive kid and age is 15 years. I tried hallopathy for hyperactivity but no cure.planning to use homeo ,please suggest where can I meet you in Hyderabad.


  628. Bibrkananda Hota says:

    My son 15 y.o is completely verbal but seems to lack in processing.Kindly help me.

  629. Sudha Mahale says:

    Sir, my son is 6 year old diagnosed with mild Autism and he is attending special school. He has problem in communication.
    He speaks for his needs and he answers to the questions raised and listen to only few of my commands. His speech is not in an ellobrate way and not able to narrate the things in very descriptive way, His mental age is not age appropriate. Can u suggest me your homeopathic medicine

    Await for yr kind help

  630. My daughter is 3 year old diagnosed with mild autism..She has speech delay still on around 25-30 words and is not able to form sentences..Since last week I am noticing severe tantarums also….Going for grocery or any public place has become a nightmare for us..She also got the speech therapy but the main problem is she wouldnt copy the words which me or my husband would ask her to say she simply say no or would be least interested in what we r trying to do..Please advice .

  631. says:

    Respected Sir,

    We live in Kolkata, West Bengal.

    My nephew is 1 year and 5 months old. Last few months we observe some symptom that he is not response when some one called him, he does something repeatedly and others symptoms are matched with Autism. (Our family Doctor inform that)

    Please let me know if you want to know anything about my nephew.

    Also please suggest what steps we should take to recovered from that.

    We are very grateful to your early reply.

    Thanking you,

    Somnath Mitra

  632. Sufian waheed says:

    Hey Dr Sharma Imy nephew 22 months has speach problems as well as adopting to new people and kids and also loves TV iPad and all he’s starting to improve but very slowly I re cently went for pediatrician appointment and he said that he has mild to moderate autism…. It is very difficult for all of us to come to find out as he is my first nephew please advise me to what I can do to help him be like other normal kids and get his learning and speach going thank you very much
    Your help is really appreciated

  633. Hi
    Impressed with yr approach. I have a 4 yr daughter on ASD, she is non verbal, learning speed is slow even though works with play therapist and ABA therapist. Progress is there but slow. She is on gfcf for 2 years now on gaps diet for last 2 months, takes fclo, fish oil, and probiotics basically following gaps protocol from 2 months with good results , I ‘do like to start homeopathy and need yr advise

  634. M.J. Maisarabanu says:

    Hi Doctor,
    My son is 3 yrs old and he is not able to speak, he use to speak 5 to 10 words not more than that. we want to meet you and start the treatment for my child. Pls give us your appoinment. Kindly advice the treatment cost.

  635. seyi alakanse says:

    .My son is 4yrs 9month has ASD ( he sings, count 1_10 n ABC) bt does say any sentence he attend a school where the teaching assistant does 1;1 with him. He also has music thearphy , speech n laugauge theraphy . Please is there more I can do to help him along with the treament. Thanks

  636. Srikumar says:

    This is nice article. but it is helping and guiding million of people in right direction.
    Thanks for guiding in right direction.

  637. femina javed says:

    This is about my 4 month old son am concerned, he is showin lot of autistic symptoms since he turned 3 months.his eye contact has reduced , doesnt smile much, he hates to be touched and held, he is having lactose intolerance,when i discussed this with my family nobody seems concerned, but am sure things are not right with him, please help me, i know early intervention can help him if there is a problem, i dont want to waste time by waiting.

  638. Dear Sir,

    After Reading your article i feel confident I feel you would help me on our child problem he is 5-6 years old and been diagonsed suffering from mild ppd -disorder .The main issuses is he is not sitting in the class and i dont know any school that provide special care to these children as far i enquired none of the chennai has told they have na special care to these type of kid. Can you please suggest me how can i make my son sit in school (regular schoo) and can u please tell me can we solve out through homeopathy medicines? can u please list of school that would help in behavorial therapy and in his studies?

    You answer will be more helpful and value to us

    • homeopathy is a sham . littered with charletans raising peoples hopes only to be dashed.
      i have extensive experience of these “methods” Believe me they dont work

  639. Towhid Islam says:

    Dear Dr. SHARMA, i have read your article how to recover from autism following thirteen steps. I am from Bangladesh. I have child with three and half years with mild autism may be. Till now he is nonverbal . He has a facination to watch television specially doraomon and advertisement.He can ride bicycle and write some numerical numbers from 1-100. He does not respond properly. Whenever he needs something he only say Mum. when we called his name some times he responds and sometime doesnot respond. Sometimes he tries to climb something to get something.when needs his toilet he put off his dress and go to toilet. When somebody knock the door he just see that smiling way. What sould i need to give him treatment to recover his from autism.Your valuable suggestation give me a lot.

  640. L Fernandes says:

    Hello Doctor,
    Our son has a delayed speech, he repeats words, He will be 4 on 12th may this year, we had shown him to a child specialist and she asked us to see a speech therapist, he has had speech therapy sessions, not much improvement. You ask him anythin from a book, he will asnwer, intelligence is good. You ask his name, he may or may not answer but sometimes he doesn’t, eye contact is bad but improving a bit, he repeats words sometimes, so we thought professional advise may be a good idea.

    Please help and advise.

  641. Vilma Olivares says:

    I can’t understand why pleople don’t post any review about your Homeopathy medicine. I would like to know if your Homeopathy medicine would work on my autistic son who is 23 y.o. He talks but he is limited. Usually he responds any question with only two words. when he can focus in his answer he only said “I don’t know”

    Thank you.

  642. Alka Mitra says:

    My child is 5 years old moderately autistic.Goes to a regular school and always slips into hi own world Has started communicationg of late but has expressive language help me thru homeopathy.

  643. Sidhartha Tripathy says:

    Dr Sharma

    nice to see your article, my 4.5 yrs son is having some difficulty in speech and social interaction and to some extend comprehend the questions. pls advice me what to do


  644. S.HARI KUMAR says:

    my daughter is 7 years old and suffering with autism sir we are at Andhra Pradesh, how do I go about the problem . what should be the course of action.

    S.Hari Kumar

  645. mithleshs harma says:

    Till date not recived my medition.

  646. mithleshs harma says:

    Dear harsha ji
    Till date not Recived My medition pl provide urgenr basis .
    Mithlesh sharma

  647. Melinda Cortez says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    I am so excited about your information on Autism. My son Innocente Demitre has Autism. The information/facts you have available for parents of children with Autism is awesome. I’d like more information about Homeopathy/homeopathic medicines in treating Autism.

    I love forward to receiving your helpful information.
    Thank you very much.
    Mrs. Melinda Cortez

  648. aoa, my son is 9 months old ,he donot sit yet,and he donot responds actively to us,he donot recognizes his name,doctor says he is suffering from oxygen deficiency at birth,how we can come to know that whether he is autistic child or not?please let us know,we are much worried about my son.thanks

  649. Dear sir,
    I hav a 6 yr old son suffering from autism..the specialists have diagonised him as high functioning Aspergers syndrome, he was diagonised at the age of 2 and half yrs and is on homeopathy since then….there is drastic development in him…he is speaking well two languages , sits in the classroom , listens to the teacher, can copy from the board and write dictation.,.but what I am concerned is there are few behavioural issues like unnecesary laughing , talking to himself and unable to do things in group.,,.but at the same time plays and interacts with his peer group…He is a regular school going kid where the strengh in class is 20 and the teachers are very cooperative and pay him attention..Sir now the problem is the school is upto std 1 now we are hunting for a school once we say he has autism school says a big no sir what to do plz advice coz he is a brilliant student and functions much better than the kids of his age. He is well through with most of the written exams ( entrance exam) of the school but most of the schools deny to take him coz he is autistic…

    Waiting for your earliest reply

  650. v.aditya bharadwaj says:

    my son aged 10 years with moderate autism is verbal.but answers only when repeatedly asked.he has ecolalia ,is going to normal school with shadow teacher,but writing is totally illegible and needs prompts certain times.can identify the letters and numbers but cant name.

  651. Jordans mommy says:

    My son is 16 months and will be evaluated next week after doctors concern. I was so curious as to how I could help my son before therapy began. After reading your article I now see that I was doing everything all wrong. I would let him be in his own world because I thought he wouldn’t understand “our” world. If he wanted to watch TV all day I would let him. He won’t respond to his name and does not speak. He is fascinated with cords!.! Is this normal? Thanks for explaining everything I needed to know to best help my baby.

  652. I am a HomeBase teacher which means I go into homes for 1hour 30 min and bring the classroom into the home this is my first year I have a diagnosed child who is autistic and has no speech. I have wondered what advice you could give me. I have started with a routine flashcard activity to be done daily with mom and entire family. just started a week ago. I have visited the family 3 times and it seems child is left watching tv alone all the the time I have made it aware to mom but she says everything is ok. another hurdle is that they are a fully Spanish speaking family and I am a bilingual teacher but his special school he goes to is fully in English. is this child going to get lost in translation.???

  653. Hi,

    I have a 4 year old son newly diagnosed on the autistic spectrum. Doing a lot of research on the subject has been quiet a journey. My son has never had speech delays but does perseverate at times about things as well as repeats things frequently. He does not seem hyper and is frankly too advanced for the autistic programs near us. He is by no means ready for regular school corriculum though. He is very interested in others around him and we often struggle with how to get him to wait before asking multiple questions in a row. I was wondering besides diet control and behavioral modification what other treatments are easily available??

    Warm regards,

  654. Grace Ratheesh says:

    I am from Bangalore. My son turned 3 this October. Doctors said he is mildly autistic. He hasn’t started speaking yet. He does say his ABC, 123 and all the basic colors. But all that was learnt from iPad. He doesn’t speak anything else. He has been going to toddler school and day care since Feb, but in school too he is all by himself. I am a working mother and have tried to take shifts so that I can be with him post 4 in the evening. He is going for therapy but not much of a difference. Please advise how can I help him stand on his feet.

  655. Ravi Sastry says:

    My 7 years old son suffering from delayed mile stones and speech disorder. We are already using homeo therapy since 2 1/2 years. But not much improvement has been seen. We are in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh. I sincerely request you to show me a WAY to overcome it. His I.Q was tested in Bangalore in Dr.Suresh Rao Arur clinic and it was 75. My son was suggested Behavioural Therapy and we could not provide that therapy since those centres were not available near by. Please suggest.
    Thanks Regards.
    Ravi Sastry.

  656. Sir my son is now 10 yrs old. He is very hyperactive with some symptoms of adhd. We have started homeopthic medicine but no more impeovement is observed. We want to cons
    ult u please provide us the contact details.

  657. I would like to start treatment for my son diagnosed with ASD, currently now being assessed for ADHD. I am keen to speak with you please.

  658. Hi i have an 8 year old son who has add but also autistic and has asbergers days are so tiring and lost and dont know how to best go about treating his disorder.right now he is in a public school ,and he says he hates school and i dont really see him learning much of anything.are there other options besides public schools?

  659. Jayanthimala Suresh says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Your article is so wonderful. I strongly believe in homeopathy. My child is autistic and he was with Dr Tinus Smits for Cease therapy and currently with Homeopathy Centre of Houston.

    1.Can you guide me how to improve the child’s intiative speech and cognitive abilities. There is adequate language in him but he does not initiate conversation always he is provoked or prompted. Except his needs and wants there is no initiative talk.
    2. It is so difficult to eradict the Candida in his system. How to eradicate Candida?

    Your guidance is highly appreciated.


    Jayanthi Suresh

  660. sir me 23 year ka rajasthan se belong karta hu… sir mujhe bolne me tarif hoti h … sir me atak atak k bolta hu… ya halakar bolta hu …jisse samane wala person sahi tarik se meri baat ko samaj nhi pata h…
    sir plse mujhe advice karo ur iss k tretment karwane k liye uchit maargdarshan kare….

  661. Sally Sackey says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I have a son who is awaiting diagnose but shows some autistic characteristic like limited eye contact which is improving now,flits between activites,like banging his head on soft things like pillows and cushions,spinning around and to music, and says words occasionally but cannot for sentences yet even though he use to say lots of word before the age of 2 but now uses more non meaningful word.He is 4 now and will be starting a special school soon.I’m considering homeopathy too ,i need some advice because i believe more son has high chances of recovery with lots of help.At the moment we attend lots of activities like rhyme time,communication through play and stay and play section and i also do my part at home by following his lead through play and making up games to play with him.I have seen some improvement so far like playing with his little brother who is 2 and will even play along side and with other children at the play ground by playing chasing games even though he cann’t speak.I need help and advice to help my son speak.

  662. Hi Dr . Sharma,

    i read your “13 essential Steps For your Child’s Recovery from Autism” article .very true i find them. i have 2 and half year old son . he spoke PAPA and bua at the age of 9 -10 months but after that he stopped. he is on epilepsy medicine . (3 ml -epilex and 2 ml -kepra)twice a day .
    he is understanding all talks and doing whatever he wants .but he is not talking any single word .
    but he sings songs by saying aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… when he sees any good song in TV. or mobile.when we try to teach him talk he tries but he cant speak.he is having physiotherapy exercise twice so that he can stand after sitting down on floor.if we make him stand he walks .
    i am worried about his talking thing . when he can speak??what way i can follow to help him speaking .or can you homeo pathy help him?please advise. or feel free to call me so that we can have little discussion.or plz pass me your number i will get in touch with you.i am in bangalore .

  663. kamini vincent dsouza says:

    My elder son is 3 and a half yr old & younger one is 2 yrs old both r not speaking at all.bcoz they watch TV all time.I m taking them to a homeopathic clinic but no improvement.what should I do plz help.


    i have an autistic five years old son ,he is unable to make meaningful speech.i read ur write up and am quite impressive.i want to know how homeopathy can help in treating my son.thanks

  665. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I am currently living in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. I have a 9 years old son who is very hyperactive with some autistic features. No proper communication / speech and most of the time jumping, laughing and moving around. Is there a possibility to start your homeopathy treatment in Jeddah?

    waiting for your response, thanks


  666. Hai Good Morning sir ? Nice to meet you sir I am from Nellore (Andhra Pradesh) My name is D.Jayakalpana Iam a private employee .I saw your add in net My son have a problem I don’t know what is that problem .My son age is 3 years 8 months old sir my name is Sai Cherran. .When I call to sai cherran. he cant response me and he will not see the face and he cant tell anything just he will come and gave a smile to the mother. He cant response to the family except mother only. He cant tell when urine and motion is passed simply he will do anywhere in the house and when he will hunger also he will not told that also mother itself put food time to time .so please take this action as own and told me what we have to take next step to my child. In my life son future is important as well as my life also . In my house .In my house everybody is telling mother itself only take precaution to your working hours is morning 10 am to 6 pm so I unable to take time to my child . I am trying to spend at least 2 hours to my child but it is not possible me . If have any remedies in house itself to take care my child. if it is possible to you please tell me some important tips to me whether I take care in house itself.. I take admission in the school also whether change the surroundings people react and he will speak out. but no use of them .He will calm in the school also simply site at a side. when he is in mood only he will respond other time he will calm .Myself only talk to the principle to provide separate made to my child ok we will provide this year not it is not possible for us to provide separate made to your child like this progress is there in next year also we will unable to take admission to your child in our school.. I took my child to doctor also he told me your child is suffering with ADHD and mild autism It depends on the age comes your child speak otherwise your child not talk. they provide tablets also now i am continuing same tablets also name is (arkamin 1 mg) 1/4th , syrup name is piracetam 5 ml this all in night time only
    i will showthat nimhans hospital at bangalore,and possitive Homeocare in thirupathi but no use just he can speak thats it enough. lots of money vest i am a poor Private employ
    So please sir after reading this letter my huble request is take precaution to my child and solve the problem as soon as possible
    Thanking you sir Reply

  667. Pawar sanjay Raman says:

    Dear madam, my 6 years son detacted mild autisum from nair houspital before two years. Speech and o.t. Theraphy is going on but results are not satisfied. We have put him in regular school. Complaints of teachers comes as he don’t reply. I am confused what to do? Please guide me.

  668. mary ann m.ordesta says:

    i would like to start the treatment of my 5 years old son suffering authism

  669. my daughter prisha įs abt 3 shs unbl 2wlk wdt support nd spkš nly mama sgst me m vry dstrb

  670. sanjay tiwari says:

    Sir, my child also suffering from autism , he is 5years 9 month . I sent him a normal school where he can not doing well and always we get complain. Plese suggest good organisation for his future.

  671. RANJAN SETHI says:



  672. My son is 3.5 year old, at this age he is speaking few words , , always doing some activity like destroying toys etc , we send our child to play school , whether he is suffering from austism ir not , how much Time will take for Recovery

  673. Dr.Sangeeta panda says:

    my son 15yrs ADHD,AUTISM,since birth verbal after home based training at 6 yrs developed complex partial seizure at 9 yrs,taking antiepileptic in high dose from NIMHANS since 4 yrs,his wt is 62kg now,obcessive,autistic,self stimulating murmuring etc still persist with low attention.concentration,resoning .
    Can ur homeo medicine will be suitable for him?actually we had tried homeo med from kolkata in2005,but his hyper behaviour exaggrated so we stopped,
    pl guide me the right path.


  674. raju bondre says:

    my son 12 yrs age is very hyper and need toilet present he is under allopathytreatment of DR. mahesh Kamthe from kle hospital.
    he is taking tablet SIZDON 0.5 mg and valence syrup.
    i wud b highly thankful if u guide me further.

  675. Dr. Sharma:

    How can I get my grandson (3 years olds autistic) to eat food. He will only eat mash potatoes and french fries. If we try to force him to eat someything else he will get sick.

  676. Monica Burns says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I am a CYW in a children’s residence. I work one on one with a young man 12 year old with ASD and Global Delays. When I began working with him a year ago he was at a 17 month old mental capacity, now he sitting at a 7-8 year old mental capacity. I have taught this non verbal boy to use sign to communicate and he is doing very well. However the residence he is in does not specialize in ASD and they believe my hands on approaches are not the best for him. I make sure he attends OT every 2 weeks and Speech and language when ever possible. I was wondering if you could recommend how I could get started on open a residential facility for those with ASD so I can help these children with the proper therapies they need to succeed.
    Best Regards,

  677. thank u very much for ur valuable tips sir mayi know what diet to be followed and avoid sir

  678. SARVESH KUMAR says:

    My son is ~ 6 yrs old and suffering from moderate level of autism. We came to know tis fact when he was about 2.5 yrs old. For some time we have gone for homeopathy medicines for about 6 month and then left. We have engaged at therapist for 1 hour every day since then and give our time also. But we have been sending him to Play School also. Bur we are not observing much improvement. Please suggest, if you have some cure in homeopathy.

  679. Four months son not responding for sounds. He smiles. And sometimes he says poo,MMA,ba,awoe. When he sees my face ,he watching keenly. Otherwise he doesn’t see my face. When he sees he smiles. Eye coordination is good. But pblm is not responding sound. And most of the time he ie watches left and right direction. Pls help me.

  680. haresh bhinde says:

    Sir, my son is 9 year old and is suffering from mild Autism and Adhd. Sir we are giving him lot of other therapies..we have never tried giving with any medicine to child yet . sir we are Navi mumbai based and want to meet you. Thanks.

  681. my son is 8 years old suufering from mild autism and adhd. he is very hyper and can’t able to speak. i have already giving homeopathy medicine.please suggest me medicine.

  682. Atanu Seal says:

    My child having mild autism and MR. He has no speech. He is now six yrs old. Pls suggest some homeo medicine

  683. Teresa Nichols says:

    Hi there,
    My name is Teresa and I have a daughter with autism. She is now 16 and we started various alternative treatments when she was 2 and 1/2. We noticed all this started after she got vaccines. we have done HBOT, various detox methods, vitamins, detox foot baths, homeopathy, and different dan protocols. Everything has helped but she is not back yet all the way. She has ssome language but no conversational language and she still has stimming. She got rid of it at one point but after homeopath gave her something it came back so we are looking for new homeopath-my daughter responds very strongly to the pills-I still think she may have yeast overgrowth in her gut-maybe known as leaky guy syndrome. Not sure if vaccines have all cleared-tell me how we can get started?

  684. Vaishali Saxena says:

    Respected Sir,
    I kindly request you to read this letter from your busy schedule.Sir i have already informed you about my Autistic brother.Sir please provide some link so that i can contact you easily,please treat my brother,i want him to live happy and normal life.I am resident of Indira Nagar,Lucknow.Waiting for your positive response.

  685. Aviraj Bhanwala says:

    Dear Dr,

    My son Aviraj is 17 yrs age & is 6′ 2″ tall 85 Kg well built normal looks , good motoring skills but has following problems:-
    – poor comn skills & earlier used to spk sentence but has come down to one word verbal comn.
    – Improper social behaviour
    – Hyper active
    -learning disability.
    In last six months has seizers 6 times. he is on medication for loc epilepsy & hyper activity.
    – In past few years his comprehension has improved & IQ is -65.
    pl advise
    Col RS Bhanwala (father)

    • Dear Dr Sharma,

      I did not see your reply to any parents,It would be greate you can post your reply or openion about all parents queries which will help all us to better understanding.

      Thanks you very much.
      Rajveer Singh

  686. G.GIRIJA LAKSHMI says:

    Dr. Sharmaji my sincere thanks to you for the concern and care you have
    for children with autism.for the past one year i had several times tried in vain to get my daughter’s autism treated by you. but on contacting over telephone i was informed by your clinic that as my daughter was 20 years old there was not much to help. i was crestfallen. now your mail has given me the hope that you can certainly help my daughter with your vast and rich experience and dedication. kindly respond to my mail i promise to give full testimony for your curative powers if my daughter shows improvement in any aspect.
    girija lakshmi

  687. Rekha Balakrishnan says:

    My 16 year old daughter Meenu is autistic. She communicates in single words and small sentences to communicate her needs and has good self help skills. Also has basic reading and academic skills. she also rides a honda activa confidently. Her problem areas are she still has bursts of hyperactivity and for the last couple of years she has sleep disorders. Kindly advise if homeopathy can help her. Thanks Rekha Balakrishnan

  688. Pramilapersonal says:


    I have a son who is 11 years old with autism spectrum disorder. He speaks for his needs and he answers to the questions raised and listen to my commands. His speech is not in an ellobrate way and not able to narrate the things in very descriptive way, His mental age is not age appropriate. Can u suggest me whether your homeopathic medicine will help me ? Await for yr reply.


  689. JESUNAYAGAM says:

    It is really an excellent article. It is an eye opening for the parents. This article has given me hope and I am 100% sure that we can come out of this problem very soon, if we follow the tips. I am writting this out of my own experience.
    Thank you.

  690. Victor Santhiagu says:

    I have son aged 24years old diagnosed as suffering from Asperger Syndrome & Behavoral Issues(NOS) since childhood. Will your medication work in this case as the ward is a 25 years old adult?

  691. I have 6+ year old daughter diagnosed with Autism, main problem for now is speech, please advise the medicine, What should be the course of action ? and treatment cost ? Please suggest in detail.

  692. Jayanthimala Suresh says:

    How to arrest the tantrums and heavy melt downs in Autistic kids?

  693. Sandeep khot says:

    My son shivam 12 years old suffering from autism .he did not speak & he always like to eat. Sir we are giving him lot of other treatments but i not found good result so pl advice me

    • Tarak Majumder says:

      My son Arup 12 years old suffering from autism .he did not speak & he always like to eat. Sir we are giving him lot of other treatments but i not found good result so pl advice me


  694. Shaili Marakini says:

    I am a Neuro-cognitive developmental therapist working in my own clinic in Vizag. I constantly see young parents faced with several questions and doubts about how to plan and proceed with the intervention for the child. The article is very comprehensive and addresses all the important areas to keep in mind.
    1. School should be introduced in small packets of hours only when the child shows “readiness”- e.g has started to sit & play meaningfully with some activities. has stated to follow some instructions in a “paired session at the therapist’s. This can be achieved only with intensive one on one intervention. once the child is ready the parent can introduce the child for some specific time at school, say, for circle time, snacks time, …then eventually increasing the hours depending on how the child responds to a shorter program. The schools should be understanding & encouraging for such programs. Kids vary in the time they take and their ability to adjust to an integrated approach.
    2.I would like to add that keeping a daily account at the end of the day in a dairy with a timetable with the child’s activities during the day, diet, and general response before going to bed helps to be organised & keep things in perspective.

    • krishnareddy says:

      pl give us your address.

    • Hi doctor, My niece is 8 years old. she has speech and developmental delays. but all doctors so far said that she is not autistic. we are so worried about her and want to help her. could you please let us know where you are located. My sister is in visakhapatnam. She would be very glad to come and see you in person. Please let me know your address and phone number. Thank you.

      Dr. Sharma, this is a nice article. Thank you

      • my 5 year old child has beginning to interact saying between 4 to 6 words. he could tell you things like, mummy Jay hits me. I want yugort or anything he wants. i can send him to call the sibling and he will go and do so. he can ask you for help. he play a lot with his siblings and he also plays on his own. he do lots of repetition, like if you ask him what he does not understand, he will repit the question or say yeah or yes. It is so frustrating when you are telling him something and he will not understand. he seems to be learning things on his own. he knows his alphabets a to z. he can write his name. he can write 1 to 20 , he like ipad, iPhone, and not really so bothered with the telly.

  695. Shaili Marakini says:

    I am a Neuro-cognitive developmental therapist working in my own clinic in Vizag. I constantly see young parents faced with several questions and doubts about how to plan and proceed with the intervention for the child. The article is very comprehensive and addresses all the important areas to keep in mind.
    1. School should be introduced in small packets of hours only when the child shows “readiness”- e.g has started to sit & play meaningfully with some activities. has stated to follow some instructions in a “paired session at the therapist’s. This can be achieved only with intensive one on one intervention. once the child is ready the parent can introduce the child for some specific time at school, say, for circle time, snacks time, …then eventually increasing the hours depending on how the child responds to a shorter program. The schools should be understanding & encouraging for such programs. Kids vary in the time they take and their ability to adjust to an integrated approach.
    2.I would like to add that keeping a daily account at the end of the day inr a dairy with a timetable with the child’s activities during the day, diet, and general response before going to bed helps to be organised & keep things in perspective.

  696. Shaili Marakini says:

    I am a Neuro-cognitive developmental therapist working in my own clinic in Vizag. I constantly see young parents faced with several questions and doubts about how to plan and proceed with the intervention for the child. The article is very comprehensive and addresses all the important areas to keep in mind.
    1. School should be introduced in small packets of hours only when the child shows “readiness”- e.g has started to sit & play meaningfully with some activities. has stated to follow some instructions in a “paired session at the therapist’s. This can be achieved only with intensive one on one intervention. once the child is ready the parent can introduce the child for some specific time at school, say, for circle time, snacks time, …then eventually increasing the hours depending on how the child responds to a shorter program. The schools should be understanding & encouraging for such programs. Kids vary in the time they take and thier ability to adjust to an integrated approach.
    2.I would like to add that keeping a daily account at the end of the day inr a dairy with a timetable with the child’s activities during the day, diet, and general response before going to bed helps to be organised & keep things in perspective.

  697. Anand M.Mallick says:

    My son, Anay Anand , 2 yrs 8 month old is showing some symptoms of PDD( as Pshycologist termed in last assesment on 2nd Jan 13), although Dr. said it is very early to say ….

    A history – after 1st year he pronounced few words like Papa..mama..nana..buwa very clearly but since 2yrs of age his speech is not progressed. When we consulted our pediatrician he suggested that dont worry … if he spoke once he will surely speak again. But at the age of 2 n 4 months we observed some more activities like … no eye contact, playing with his fingers, sleep disturb- very late at night, laughing without any reason, fear of strangers , no toilet sense etc…4 months back we get him addmited in a play group.Thankfuly now he is a bit of social and not showing fear of strangers. but rest of the problem remain same even further detoriated….

    Hence, we went to speech therepist but after two sessions she suggested to meet a clinical pshycologist to determine the therepy need for my son. As I shared earlier that pshycologist will take IQ n Autism test minimum after 3 n half year of age, and suggested to continue schooling and speech therepy.

    Now , I want to request you to suggest the best ways through homeopathy to overcome the challenge of getting my son out of suspected autism…

    Thanks !

    Anand M.Mallick
    Mob – 9369691123

  698. Shailesh Baranwal says:

    my 2 and half year son is autism . My baby is operated for hip displassia and kept under plaster for a period of five month from the 16 month age to 21month age . I am in pune and want to meet you to start homeo medication .

  699. Banishree Dash says:

    I have a son aged 3 years,he have minor autism,he is talking
    mama,baba,papa also some bubbling words,also he is mild hyperactive.
    kindly suggest me some advice,how can i get medicines from you means address or ph no

    Pls mail me ASAP.

    Thanks & Regards
    Banishree Dash

    • Pradeep Kochhar says:

      Dear sir
      I have a son which is 3 yr old having an autstic spectrum disorder ( a s d ).he used the words that’s mama papa baba and he is hyperactive. Please gives us treatment of this .
      Thanks nd regards
      Pradeep kochhar
      Saharanpur (u p)

  700. sir, My son is 13years old and suffering from mild autism. Sir he is attending special school. He has problem in communication. I need your assistance with regard to his studies. I stay at Hyderabad(A.P). Plz let me how to contact you.

  701. sir,
    My nephew suffer in autism.His age is 4.we gave lot of medicines for him recovery but no use for that medicines.we want to meet for my nephew’s treatment sir.kindly reply me soon.

  702. My daugther have autism please I need help .

  703. prashant parihar says:

    dear Sir,
    My son aged 4 and half is suffering from autism. This was diagnosed when he was two years and since then we have been taking all sorts of possible therapies. Presently i am in chennai and he has been going to special school and we have also have admitted to normal school. We aslo showed him to nimhans, bangalore and they have also advised continuing of occupational, speech and special education therapies for him . please advise as to how can we get in touch with you and seek your help in improvement of our child.

    Regards Prashant

  704. I am already on treatment path for my two girls from dr.Sharma,believe me or not he is one professional homeopath i should say,with awesome grip on autism spectrum disorders.My elder one is showing 80% improvement after the medication and with other therapies.Now i hope my little one also recovers soon.Suggest dr. Sharma highly for all the parents and don’t loose hope.Spreading the word so that others will also gets benefited as i can understand how difficult it is.

  705. Sir
    I would like to start treatment for my 8 years daughter suffering from Autism.
    Please advise how to proceed.



  706. Dr Pratibha Patil says:

    Thanks for this article and excellent tips Dr. Sharma.
    This is quite encouraging, informative and a very good hope for all of us.

    • daivik sahoo says:

      my son is 1yr 10 mnths. he is diagnosed with ASD. please help. we have already done some blood tests. the reports are ready.

  707. I have a two year old diagnosed with autism. Can you help?

  708. sir my son sundeep age is nearly 13 now. can i expect good result or compleet autism cure from homeopathy? what should be the treatment cost?

  709. sunitha mahapatro says:

    dr.sharma , thank u for the information which u have shared with us for the autism, want to know about the diet which to be given and avoided, pls suggest us to make them perfect in all way,

  710. My daughter,8yr.old is diognosed as suffering from delayedmilestone,mild autism,ADHD etc.Presently she is given Axcepta 18mg/day.Now she has been advised INSPIRAL SR 10mg.What should be the course of action? Please suggest in detail.

    Dr.NR Prakash

  711. Dr.Roopa J Rajeev says:

    Dear Dr,Sharma
    Excellent article with invaluable tips. I am sure, if followed carefully can make heaven and earth difference in the child’s progress.
    Thank you.


    Sir, Your mail is very important to me. Bcos My son has autistic feature. The instructions given by you is absolutely correct for my child. Thank you very much.

    • My 4 yr girl baby reapeating words wt ever we speak…. She didnt call mummy pappa.. Shes not respondng hungry … Wt ever we speaks shes repeatng only wt i do doctor. is treatable?

  713. khalikuzzama chaudhary says:

    is there any effective treatment for hiv in homeopathy?

  714. Dear Sir

    I have 5 year old daughter diagnosed with Autism, main problem for now is speech,please advise the medicine because i am a big believer in homeopathic medicine

    • I have 6 year old daughter diagnosed with Autism, main problem for now is speech, please advise the medicine,What should be the course of action? and treatment cost ? Please suggest in detail.


    • B.Venkateshwarlu says:

      My grand son is 22 months old and has a very little vocabulary say 3 little words such as mama, papa and some times amma and do not respond for our suggestions to act. Kindly advice me what to do

  715. Sir, my son is 7 year old and is suffering from mild Autism and Adhd. Sir we are giving him lot of other therapies and medicines. sir we are Delhi based and want to meet you. Thanks.

    • Mrs. Pramila says:

      I am based in Hyderabad but my grandsons live in the USA (age 9 and half and 8 yrs). Can you help me take this mediicne to them? How do I go about it? Pl. advise. Thank you.

  716. Excellent article. Dr sharma has indeed in depth knowledge of the subject.

  717. Ashok Nigam says:

    I would like to start the treatment of my 6 1/2 years old daughter suffering from delayed milestones and PDD. I am based at Delhi, how do I go about it? Pl advise. Thanks

    • Chaitali sarkar says:

      my three and half Yrs son is speech delay how can i contact u

    • S.Satish Kumar says:

      Dear Dr.Sharma,

      My Son, Aryansh , is 3 and half years old . He still is not good at speech. He struggles a lot during speech. Top of that , he doesn’t seem to understand things easily.
      Sometimes he looks normal, sometimes he is worrysome. Overall, he is too much hyper active. I dont know if i have to call this AUTISM disorder.
      I think we will need your help for sure.

      Kind Regards,


      • My son is three years old. he say two words like give, take, different all animal names, know ABC knows to say 1 to 5. but i cannot have conversation with him. if he want milk , biscuit he take me and say biscuit….I have put him to nursery school. teachers observe that he is not making eye contact and do not listen when called out. but if music is put he comes and dance and jumps . but at home he watches tv plays with cycle, run around plays with dog, play football kick and throw etc…. sometimes he scream makes cow horse sound. i want to know if my son is suffering from autism or is it somethin

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