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Homeopathic Remedies for Bed Sores

Bed Sores are commonly seen in persons who are immobilized and stay in bed or wheelchair for a long time. They do not change their position often and this results in damage to the skin and the underlying tissues because of the constant pressure on skin for a long duration. Bed Sores are also known as pressure sores or Decubitus Ulcers. When a person lies in bed for a long time — due to medical conditions like paralysis, spinal problems and several others — the skin is constantly pressed between the bones and the bed. As a result, the blood supply to skin is hindered, resulting in skin damage. Persons who involuntarily pass urine or stool are also prone to develop Bed Sores due to constantly moist skin. Elderly people and diabetics too are more likely to develop Bed Sores, which are mostly formed on the skin over bony prominences. Bed Sores are commonly seen on heels, hips, sacrum, elbows, shoulder blades and spine. Natural remedies are very beneficial in treating Bed Sores. These homeopathic medicines for bed sores are completely safe with zero side effects and treat Bed Sores effectively by providing relief from pain and curing blisters and pus in ulcers.  homeopathic medicines for bed sores

Signs and Symptoms of Bed Sores

In the beginning, Bed Sores show their presence as red skin area which soon turns bluish or purplish due to diminished blood supply. The patient experiences itching and pain. In the next stage, blisters appear on skin. When these eruptions of varying size containing fluid burst out, ulcers appear on the skin. The ulcers then start to find a way into deeper tissues. If the condition deteriorates, damage to deeper tissues, including muscles and even bones, may occur. Pus discharge or foul odour discharge is a warning sign and it needs immediate attention.

Top Homeopathic Medicines for Bed Sores

Arnica, Apis  Mellifica, Carbo Veg, Arsenic Album,  Silicea, Hepar Sulph, Paeonia, and Pyrogen are the top remedies for bed sores.

1. Arnica: For Bed Sores with Black and Blue Spots on Skin

Arnica is the best natural medicine for treating Bed Sores when the skin turns bluish or blackish in appearance. The colour changes are due to marked stasis of blood because of the constant pressure on the affected part. The bluishness is accompanied by marked soreness. The patient complains of bruised and sore feeling in the affected part and feels as if the bed is too hard to lie on. Along with soreness, the patient may also complain of itching. In such conditions, Arnica is the ideal Homeopathic prescription to reduce blood stasis and hence, the black or blue spots. The soreness and itching diminish with its use. Apart from these effects, Arnica also acts as a preventive medicine against pus formation that occurs in late stages of bed sores.

2. Apis Mellifica: For Rose-Colored Bed Sores with Burning Sensation

Apis Mellifica is the ideal natural remedy for Bed Sores where the skin appears rose coloured. There is a marked burning sensation in the spots. The patient complains of pain in the spots and it gets worse by touch. The condition also gets worse in a warm room or from heat of bed. The desire is to be in open air or uncover the affected parts to reduce the pain and burning. The pain may be of a stinging kind.

3. Carbo Veg: For Bed Sores with Blue Spots and Coldness of Affected Part

Carbo Veg is of great help for treating Bed Sores when the skin is bluish with coldness. Excessive sweat may also be present along with the coldness. The person needing Carbo Veg has bluish-coloured Bed Sores due to stagnation of blood in capillaries. Because of stagnated blood, there is imperfect oxidation, resulting in Bed Sores with a bluish tint. Apart from bluishness, coldness and sweat, the other complaint is itching. The itching most of the times gets worse by warmth. Itching may also be mostly experienced towards evening time. Bleeding from the sores is also narrated by a few patients. Marked weakness forms a part of the total symptom picture.

4. Arsenic Album: For Bed Sores with Offensive Discharge

Arsenic Album is the top natural remedy for Bed Sores where ulcers have formed with discharge of an offensive character. The discharge from ulcers is extremely putrid. Pain in ulcers, especially of a burning nature, is dominantly present. The pains in majority of cases get worse at night. Cold may also worsen the pain and burning in ulcers. The person also seems weak. Homeopathic medicine Arsenic Album efficiently helps in clearing the putrid discharge and ulcers as well as reducing the burning pain.

5. Silicea and Hepar Sulph: For Bed Sores with Pus

Silicea is a natural medicine that always stands out in the treatment of various medical conditions associated with formation of pus. Silicea is a very powerful and efficient medicine to get rid of pus discharges. It can be prescribed in all cases of Bed Sores with discharge of pus. Hepar Sulph is the remedy when the pus discharge is bloody. There is extreme pain and sensitiveness in the ulcer. The person needing Hepar Sulph may also have a burning and stinging feeling in the ulcers. So, while Silicea is selected when only pus oozes out of ulcers, Hepar Sulph is the best remedy when blood oozes out along with pus from ulcers.

6. Paeonia: For Bed Sores on Sacrum and Coccyx

Paeonia is the most efficient natural medicine for Bed Sores that show their presence on the skin covering sacrum and coccyx. Ulcers are present with pain and sensitiveness, Itching and pain in ulcers may also be felt and are effectively controlled by Homeopathic medicine Paeonia.

7. Pyrogen: For Bed Sores tending towards Sepsis

Sepsis is a very critical condition also called blood poisoning. In Sepsis, the septic or poisonous matter appears in blood and spreads to the entire body. In such cases of extreme Bed Sores where the infection has gained access to blood, Pyrogen is a very beneficial medicine. The patient shows symptoms of increased pulse rate and high fever with shivering. The skin is cold and sweaty and there is a presence of deep ulcers with horribly offensive discharge.

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