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Homeopathic Treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder

borderline-personality-disorder-homeopathyBorderline Personality Disorder is a mental illness with symptoms of emotional instability like sudden, uncontrollable and unpredictable mood swings. People suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder are insecure about their image and identity and face difficulty in maintaining a stable self-image and interpersonal relationships. This disorder is usually inherited and environmental factors like childhood abuse, childhood neglect and lack of love from parents in childhood are some associated factors. Homeopathic medicines are very effective in the treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder. The Homeopathy remedies for Borderline Personality Disorder are completely safe, have zero side effects and are made of natural substances that provides effective treatments for personality disorder. The Homeopathic medicines for Borderline Personality Disorder aims to reach the underlying cause of Borderline Personality Disorder and root it out, besides controlling the effects of the worrisome symptoms.

Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder

The symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder include sudden outbursts of anger; irritability; sudden mood swings; impulsive and destructive behaviour; depression with a feeling of worthlessness, self-hatred and loathing life;and self-injury, including suicidal behaviour. All these symptoms make it difficult to maintain a stable self-image and relationship with others.

Homeopathic Medicines for Borderline Personality Disorder

1. For Sudden Burst of Anger

Chamomilla is among the top natural medicines for patients of Borderline Personality Disorder who easily get angry and quarrelsome without taking into account the feelings of the other person. The sudden outbursts of anger because of contradiction or when the feelings are hurt can be best managed by Chamomilla. This remedy is also of great help to patients who admit that they are unable to control their temper and those who want to do everything as per their wish and get angry if their wish is not fulfilled. Moschus is another natural medicine that is very beneficial in dealing with the sudden outbursts of anger in patients of Borderline Personality Disorder. The patients have sudden fits of anger and even scold others till their face turns blue and they faint and fall down. The sudden outbursts of anger are accompanied by trembling and uncontrollable laughter. Moschus also acts wonderfully as a remedy for obstinate and self-willed persons who right from their childhood have the habit of getting each and every demand fulfilled by hook or by crook. This habit continues in advancing years and outbursts of anger increase in intensity if their desire or demand is not met.

2. For Borderline Personality Disorder with Sudden Mood Swings

Crocus Sativus is a natural medicine of great help for sudden mood changes in patients of Borderline Personality Disorder. The patient has a sudden and frequent change in mood from extreme happiness to sadness. The patient requiring Crocus Sativus is joyous and affectionate in a specific moment and the very next moment unpredictably bursts out into anger. The patient very soon feels sorry for this behavior. Valeriana is also very beneficial for dealing with sudden mood swings in patients of Borderline Personality Disorder who are excited easily with trembling and palpitations. The patients experience mood swings especially when resting and at night and feel better by walking. The mood swings from excitement and happiness to sudden sadness and irritability are also very well dealt with by medicine Crocus Sativus. Ignatia Amara is another useful remedy for mood swings in Borderline Personality Disorder patients who are of a sensitive nature and find it very difficult to control their emotions. Their mood changes from laughing to weeping and from happiness to sadness in quick succession in a very short time. Patients of Borderline Personality Disorder who have a history of some grief or disappointment in love affections prior to onset of the disease can greatly benefit from Ignatia Amara.

3. For Borderline Personality Disorder with Irritability

Sepia is an excellent natural medicine for patients of Borderline Personality Disorder who get irritated over no reason and feel sad. Such patients have an aversion to talk along with irritability. Only their own opinion matters for such patients and they cannot bear to be opposed. Another marked symptom along with irritability for this medicine to be used is indifference to family and aversion to any work, be it mental or physical. LiliumTigrinum is another remedy of great help for patients of Borderline Personality Disorder who get aroused from even a slight emotional excitement with palpitations of heart. Such patients are so irritable that they cannot utter a decent word to anybody even if the other person speaks in the mildest tone possible. The patients are known to sit for a long time thinking about themselves and don’t want to be disturbed. They get extremely irritated if disturbed and run away and even forcefully shut the doors.

4. For Destructive and Impulsive Behaviour

Nux Vomica is the top natural medicine to deal with impulsive behaviour of Borderline Personality Disorder patients who are sensitive and want to force things according to will. If opposed, such patients have violent destructive impulses like an impulse in a woman to destroy her husband, to tear things and to throw her child. The patients requiring NuxVomica cannot even bear a chair to come in their way while walking and if such a situation arises, they just kick it to clear the way. Another medicine of great help in controlling impulsive behaviour in Borderline Personality Disorder patients is Hepar Sulph. Such patients are disturbed very easily by small things with violent impulses like the impulse to kill the best friend, to destroy everybody and to put things on fire without any cause.Belladona is also a highly ranked natural medicine for controlling impulsive patients who strike, bite and spit on the persons nearby with a red and hot face. Stramonium is another remedy for impulsiveness when a patient tears clothes, curses and indulges in excessive screaming till the voice is lost. The condition gets worse in darkness. Yet another top medicine to deal with the tendency towards destructiveness in Borderline Personality Disorder patients is Staphysagaria. This medicine is the ideal remedy for patients who control their anger till the highest limit possible and when the level rises, they become violent and destructive and throw things.

5. For Depression, Self-hatred, Suicidal Thoughts

Aurum Metallicum is the best natural remedy to deal with depression and self-hatred feelings in Borderline Personality Disorder patients who feel it’s of no use to live, life is a burden and constantly think of suicide. Lac Caninum is also very beneficial for dealing with patients who feel hopeless, have a low opinion of themselves and feel no one is a friend. Such patients weep a lot and fear to be alone. Antimonioum Crudum, meanwhile,is of great help for patients of Borderline Personality Disorder who have no desire to live, who remain sad with weeping, have lost love for life and want to commit suicide.

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