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DSCF1359 My granddaughter was seven years old when we got her to Dr. Sharma. She was having strong symptoms of autism and was diagnosed by Dr. Sharma on the autism testing scale to be suffering from moderate level of autism. She hardly had any speech. Her symptoms of hand flapping and other fixations were also very prominent.  She has improved a great deal ;She is now quite verbal and attends a normal school although she still has some issues but has improved a great deal.Dr. Sharma’s treatment protocol has helped in neraly curing her autism.

Mrs Meenakshi ( Chandigarh , India)

Call Dr. Sharma's Clinic - From United States and Canada call 703-659-0873.Patients From rest of the world and India call+91-9815299965

AUTISM My son is getting cured

Autism getting cured

 autism is getting better Says Sangeeta goel….My son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder when he was 2 ½ years old. I was told by doctors that there is no cure for it and we just need to be deeply involved in his development. He has been getting speech and occupational therapy at school since he was three and has shown great improvement in his speech and motor skills due to early intervention.

He is very intelligent and grasps things very quickly but it used to be very difficult for him to explain himself. The main reason for concern for me was his very small attention span. His teacher used to send me an email everyday that he was not able to focus in the classroom and did not finish his morning work and she is sending the work home. I used to dread to see his teacher’s emails that another day of complaints.

Autism treatment , One day I was just browsing the Internet to find some cure for him when I came across an article published by Dr. Vikas Sharma in The Tribune. I took his email address from the article and wrote to him asking if a long distance treatment was possible. I was elated to know that it was possible and I asked Dr. Sharma to send me the evaluation form. Dr. Sharma was kind enough to call me several times to get clear picture of my son’s symptoms. The treatment was started soon after the evaluation. I got my son started on the medicine and within a week I received an email from his teacher saying that he finished his morning work without any help or reminders. I have only good things to hear about him from that day. He used to stammer while talking, but soon he started to talk with less difficulty. His hyperactivity has decreased a lot and he started to follow the directions. His bowel movements have become regular and he gets less irritated. I have seen tremendous improvement in him ever since I started his treatment with Dr. Sharma 6-8 months ago. Dr. Sharma is very prompt in addressing any health issues I have had with my son. He has always made sure that the medicines are dispatched in a timely manner.

I am thankful to God that I found Dr. Sharma and cannot express enough gratitude towards Dr. Sharma as he has helped my son a lot in getting him where he is today. … Sangeeta goel  (US)

This mail was sent To Dr Sharma BY Sangeeta and has not been edited or restructered.

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