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How Do You Get Autism

How Do you Get Autism

What Causes Autism

How do you get autism

After having worked in treating Autism spectrum  for more than 13 years , I am posting my researches on the probable causes that lead to the Development of autism in kids . ‘ How do you get autism ‘  is one big question I that hear many times a day from curious parents ; and the answer to how do you get autism is very complex and is still very unclear.But there are certain researches that  hold some great clues to its development and it getting triggered. I am also including interesting experiences that have led me to thing about certain developmental roadblocks or probable causes of autism.

The role of  Genetic Factors in “how do you get Autism”    

It was earlier thought by many researches that genetic factor  was a major contributor to the development of autism ; But a gradual consensus coming out nowadays relies more on the assumption that it is combination or an interaction of genetic predisposition and an early environmental  insult that leads to the development of autism.

The  role of  Age Of Parents  in ‘How do you get Autism  ‘

Some researches have pointed at the age of parents ( mother and father both ) being a major risk for developing autism . Sperm of an gaed father could be carrying mutated material hence leading to higher risk for developing autism in the offspring.

 The role of parental  health in ‘ how do you get autism’      

   Health of parents also has some bearing on the  child developing Autism . Diabetes , stress , bleeding and use of psychotropic drugs during pregnancy are few of the reasons that have also been attributed to the cause .

The role of Conception in’ How do you get autism ‘

Research carried out in California indicates that in a second child the chances of development of autism are high if the latter conception was very closely spaced . i.e  within six months ; here I want to add my experience that even an abortion  carried out few months prior to the conception has similar results.

Environmental factors playing a major role in ‘ how do you get autism’

When parents ask me this question of ‘ how do you get autism ‘ and ‘ is there anything that we have done that could have caused autism to our child , my immediate reaction is to try to make them feel guilt free and tell them about the supposed factors that are responsible for it. But broadly we humans ( as a community ) are somewhere responsible for its upsurge. Here is an important research that does verify my above-said statement.

In a study carried out by the health department of california found out that kids born to  females living near farms where pesticides were being sprayed were much more  likely to develop autism and the rate of incidence kept decreasing as proximity to the farm decreased.

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