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Pulsatilla for women

HOMOEOPATHY acknowledges certain groupings of bodymind symptom patterns that a person has and which correspond with the sensitivity of a particular medicine. It takes into account information about the person’s body type, temperament, disposition, and behavioural tendencies to determine the appropriate medicine. Remedies, as homoeopaths realise, step forth as personalities. These become creatures of temperaments, have likes and dislikes, cravings and aversions and sensitiveness to human interaction. The medicines speak out their terror, real or imaginary – their strange obsessions, etc. Here is an account of pulsatilla (an important homoeopathic medicine) describing its own medicinal virtues and the characteristics of the patient. Of course, the words are of this writer.

Commonly called the windflower, I was ignored for millions of years in the pastures of Europe before my master Samuel Hahnemann brought out the best in me. I call him my master because it was only he who first realised my immense medicinal power. I am Pulsatilla, a homoeopathic medicine.

If ever there was a medicine that would cater to the most sensitive lady around, I would be the one. I am most often a remedy for women who are submissive and clinging in nature and also whom their surroundings and people they happen to be with at that time very easily influence. There is nothing positive or assertive about her, and the last person who sees, or advises her, is the one whose opinion she accepts. Her moods are a big problem for her. She can be on the verge of ecstatic frenzy one moment and well in the doldrums the second moment. With lots of decision-making problems, she lives up to my plant name windflower, as it is changeable like the wind.

She can weep very easily. Laughter and tears are both very near the surface with my patient, and are apt to succeed each other. She is very tenderhearted and her feelings are very easily hurt, she is inclined to be fretful and too full of care. If she has no trouble of her own, she is ready to condole and weep with any of her friends who may be afflicted. But she craves and needs sympathy in her troubles from someone, even when she knows that the recital of her real or fancied wrongs and the receipt of the sympathy that she longs for, will make her cry. When she is blue she will tell you that she feels as if a good cry would make her feel better. It will. She longs for fresh air. Closed and tight places suffocate her.

I am best suited for her gynaecological disorders. She is very irritable and days and weeks before and after her periods arrive, at times there are hardly any days in a month when she is back to her normal self. And those acne, headaches and agonising pains in her abdomen, legs and back during her period days are more than she can tolerate, PMS (premenstrual syndrome,) I believe that is what doctors call it.

Just to name a few conditions that I as a medicine am able to treat are depression, chronic gastric disturbance, migraines, acute and chronic colds and rheumatism. I Pulsatilla, work wonders in the hands of those who strictly follow my Master Hahnemann’s regimen.

I require to be studied well enough to be used effectively. Please do not use me without competent advice. Look for my Master’s true disciple – one who has studies Hahnemann and his teachings well.

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