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Top 10 Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Anxiety

What is anxiety?

Anxiety refers to a mental state of nervousness, fear, and worry. Getting anxious once in a while on certain occasions is a regular part of life. For example getting anxious before an examination, while giving an interview or during stressful events is somewhat normal. The anxiety on such occasions is short-lived and temporary. But anxiety becomes a problem when the reaction of the person in a given situation appears in a highly intense form and out of proportion than what one usually expects. If the episodes of such extreme anxiety appear frequently, it tends to interfere with the normal activities in everyday life and puts an adverse impact on relationships. Homeopathic medicine for anxiety works in a mild, gentle and effective manner to gradually reduce the physical and mental reactions associated with anxiety.
There are various types of anxiety disorders, like social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, substance-induced anxiety disorder and separation anxiety disorder.

Does Homeopathy work for anxiety?

Yes, there are different homeopathic remedies that effectively treat anxiety. The homeopathic medicines for treating anxiety are made of natural substances, making them safe for use without any side effects. Homeopathic medicines are used to treat anxiety that varies from mild to severe in intensity (like general nervousness to panic attacks). Homeopathic medicines work by seeking insights into the psychology of the person to bring about complete recovery. Since these are natural and not habit forming, there is no risk of drug-dependency.
Most cases of anxiety that fall under the category of mild to moderate intensity are treatable with homeopathy. In cases of chronic anxiety of high intensity, homeopathy can help manage the symptoms.
Homeopathy can also help treat panic attacks. The medicine Aconitum Napellus, for example, is a good example of a homeopathic medicine for anxiety.

Anxiety: Causes and Contributing Factors 

The exact cause of anxiety in an individual is yet not understood. However, genetic and the environmental factors conjointly play a significant role in developing anxiety.

An individual with a positive family history of anxiety is at risk to suffer from the same. People who are prone to stress, or have had bad life experiences in the past (like domestic violence, bullying, child abuse) or emotional events like the death of a loved one are at risk to develop anxiety.
The stress can be associated with relationships, friendships, financial instability and problems in the workplace.
Anxiety also tends to arise from abuse or as withdrawal symptoms of certain drugs and alcohol.

Certain medical disorders also predispose a person towards anxiety. These include thyroid issues, heart complaints, asthma, cancer, diabetes mellitus and brain degenerative disorders like Parkinson’s disease.

Symptoms of Anxiety

The signs and symptoms of anxiety include nervousness, worrying, tension, trembling, restlessness, palpitations, sweating, headache, concentration difficulty and trouble sleeping.
Frequent urination, nausea, and diarrhea are other features of anxiety.

Diagnosing Anxiety

Anxiety is a mental health complaint that is diagnosed on the basis of the symptoms provided by the patient. There are no tests to diagnose anxiety itself, but tests like thyroid function test and vitamin B12 are recommended to rule out other medical conditions that could be giving rise to the symptoms of anxiety.

Homeopathic Medicine for Anxiety

Aconitum Napellus – Homeopathic Medicine for Anxiety

Aconitum Napellus is a homeopathic medicine for anxiety where the person gets palpitations. Cold sweat on the body during an anxiety attack, a constant chain of changeable thoughts in mind, fear of death, talkativeness, fear of public spaces are symptoms that indicate the need for this medicine. Consuming cold water may offer relief.

Arsenic Album – Homeopathic Medicine for Anxiety about Health

Arsenic Album is a homeopathic medicine for anxiety about health where the person experiences extreme restlessness. Symptoms like changing positions from one side to another, sadness, gloom, fear, trembling, chilliness, weakness, and nausea that gets worse after midnight indicate the need for this medicine.

Argentum Nitricum – Homeopathic Medicine for Anxiety from Anticipation

Argentum Nitricum is a homeopathic medicine for anxiety that links with anticipation, also known as anticipatory anxiety. Anticipatory anxiety means anxiety from constant thoughts about events that are about to take place in the future. For example, a person may get anxious about a public meeting to be attended in the future. The person tends to think constantly about the event until the final day. Diarrhea may set in during the anxiety phase. Hurriedness and impatience, and weakness in the legs are other associated symptoms.

Gelsemium Sempervirens – Homeopathic Medicine for Anxiety about Public Appearance

Gelsemium Sempervirens is a homeopathic medicine for anxiety related to making a public appearance. If the individual has to go and engage with many different people, excessive anxiety and nervousness arise, along with exhaustion and drowsiness. Sadness, melancholy, and confusion of mind, irritability, and diarrhea are associated symptoms. This medicine also works for stage fright.

Opium – Homeopathic Medicine for Anxiety from Fright

Opium is a homeopathic medicine for anxiety that arises from fright. The person needing Opium usually has a history of some sort of fearful incidence in the past that triggers the anxiety. The terror of that episode reoccurs time and again, leading to bouts of anxiety. Nervousness, uneasiness, and irritability along with fear and anxiety appear.

Calcarea Carb – Homeopathic Medicine for Anxiety with Fear of Misfortune

Calcarea Carb is a homeopathic medicine for anxiety with fear of some impending misfortune where the person develops an intense fear of some terrible mishappening. Symptoms like palpitations, shuddering, and restlessness with anxiety, sweating and trembling, nausea and a fear of death and hopelessness indicate the need for this medicine. The anxiety tends to get worse at night.

Phosphorus – Homeopathic Medicine for Anxiety about Future

Phosphorus is a homeopathic medicine for anxiety about the future where the person experiences sadness, restlessness, melancholy, indifference, weariness from everyday life and extreme irritability. Sweating on the forehead, nervous exhaustion and fatigue are other associated symptoms, and these tend to get worse in the evening.

Coffea Cruda – Homeopathic Medicine for Anxiety with Sleeplessness

Coffea Cruda is a homeopathic medicine for anxiety with sleeplessness. Thoughts crowd a person’s mind when attempting to sleep, along with palpitations and nervousness. The person may toss and turn from side to side in the bed in anguish and remain wide awake all night due to anxiety.

Ignatia Amara – Homeopathic Medicine for Anxiety with Depression

Ignatia Amara is a homeopathic medicine for anxiety with depression. The person has anxiety as a result of long-standing grief from the past. Sadness, social isolation, and aversion to talking are the predominant symptoms, along with brooding about past events. There is also an aversion to speaking, and sudden mood changes may occur.

Kali Phos – Homeopathic Medicine for Anxiety with Weakness

Kali Phos is a homeopathic medicine for anxiety coupled with weakness and fatigue. The person needing Kali Phos experiences dread, fear, nervousness and anxiety. Slight noises tend to trigger anxiety, and the person may feel tired and fatigued all the time. An aversion to being alone, weariness from everyday life, negative thinking and excessive sensitiveness are other symptoms.

Lilium Tigrinum – Homeopathic Medicine for Anxiety of Incurable Disease

Lilium Tigrinum is a homeopathic medicine for anxiety where a person fears contracting an incurable disease. The symptoms include nervousness, restlessness, and hurriedness. Palpitations, fear of becoming insane and fear of being alone are present. Remaining busy or engaged in work relieves the symptoms.

Homeopathy for Anxiety: Frequently Asked Questions

I get worried, stressed, anxious and tensed very quickly and tend to get palpitations. Am I suffering from an anxiety disorder?

Getting worried, stressed, anxious and tensed is a regular part of life and every individual tends to experience it every once in a while. You are not suffering from an anxiety disorder if these symptoms last only for a brief period. However, if these symptoms occur too frequently with high intensity, last for a long time and tend to interfere with your everyday life, then there are chances that you have an anxiety disorder. A clear diagnosis can only be made with a clinical analysis and in-depth discussion of your symptoms.

How do I come to know if I have panic disorder?

Recurrent panic attacks are one of the most common indications of a panic disorder. Panic disorder can be suspected if you have sudden, frequent episodes of heightened fear, terror, along with palpitations, shortness of breath, pounding heart, dizziness, and sweating.

I am a male aged 30 years and get very anxious, self-conscious with trembling and palpitations in social situations and tend to avoid them. Do I have social anxiety?

As per your symptoms of getting anxious, self-conscious with trembling and palpitations in social situations and their avoidance, there are chances that you have developed a social anxiety disorder. You must get yourself analyzed by a psychologist who can confirm the diagnosis.

I am a female aged 25 years with a family history of anxiety. Will I also develop the same?

Having a positive family history of anxiety does put you at risk to develop the same. But it doesn’t mean that you will develop anxiety because of that.

Can anxiety lead to any complications?

Yes, people with anxiety are at risk of some complications like isolation, disruption of relationships, suicidal attempts, addiction to drugs and alcohol. Such people are also predisposed to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), heartburn, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and weight fluctuations.

Will I have to continue taking my anti-anxiety medicine if I start homeopathic medicines for my anxiety?

You will have to continue your anti-anxiety medications, but only during the initial months alongside the homeopathic treatment. It is not advisable to suddenly stop your anti-anxiety medicine because your body has become habitual to it, and stopping suddenly can cause withdrawal symptoms. Once you respond to homeopathic medicines, then you may gradually stop the anti-anxiety drugs and transition entirely to homeopathy.

I am taking anti-anxiety medicines for my anxiety for a long time; can homeopathy help me not be dependent on these?

Yes, homeopathy can help you to get rid of the anti-anxiety medicines that you are already taking, but it is a gradual process. You will have to continue taking anti-anxiety medication along with the homeopathic medicines till you respond to the latter.

For how long a person with anxiety needs to continue homeopathic treatment for complete recovery?

The recovery period in any case of anxiety varies from a few months to a year. However, most cases of anxiety start to respond at the beginning of the homeopathic treatment. Factors like duration and intensity of anxiety and an individual’s response to homeopathic medicines tend to affect the length of the treatment.

If I start homeopathic medicines for anxiety, will I have to take it throughout my life?

No, you don’t need to take homeopathic medicines for your anxiety for life as these medicines are not habit forming. Once you get better to the point where you manage the symptoms yourself, you may gradually discontinue the medications.

Which homeopathic medicines work effectively to treat anxiety?

The top-ranking homeopathic medicines for anxiety include Aconitum Napellus, Arsenic Album, and Argentum Nitricum.

Do conventional medicines for anxiety have side effects?

The most commonly prescribed medicines for anxiety are made of substances like benzodiazepines and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). These medications have shown side effects like low blood pressure, nausea, depression, lack of coordination, emotional dysfunction, memory loss, dizziness, weight loss and more. These drugs may also cause ‘paradoxical effects,’ where a person may suffer a worsening of the symptoms.

Tips to Manage Anxiety

Certain lifestyle measures that can help manage anxiety include:

– Taking a walk regularly
– Doing regular exercises
– Ensuring adequate sleep
– Avoiding use of alcohol
– Quitting smoking if you are habitual to it
– Adapting techniques like yoga and meditation to manage stress
– Increasing the intake of water, green vegetables, and fruits
– Joining some anxiety support group
– Sharing your problems with family members or doctor and avoiding isolation

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  1. Sir meri age 36 year hai.muje anxiety ki problem hai..har kaam jaldi-jaldi me karne ko mann karta hai.muje koi rok-tok na de isi liye..har time ghabrahat rehti hai.logo se baat krne se darr lagta hai. darr bna rehta hai..heart pulplation hoti hai.plz medicine bataye…thanks

  2. I get worried, stressed, anxious and tensed very quickly and tend to get palpitations. Am I suffering from an anxiety disorder? i also suffer fromm sinus, this situation ruined my daily life i can’t concentrate on my work, can’t go anywhere unless some one gives me a company, am taking homeopathic medicine for almost 5 years
    doctor is giving me 4 different medicine at one time, can i take the mix dose of homeopathic medicine

  3. jatinder sehgal says:

    Hi Sir, my father 78 yr old under go CABG on 03/01/18 after 30 days of hospitalization, high pulse rate (105-108) hypertensive & mild diabetic. After 3 months of poor recovery , 15 days back he stars showing symptoms of depression. Feeling too much general weakness, mostly tend to lie on bed, remain quiet, alone even not interested to answer, hesitant to take food/medicine. Always telling that he is not going to get well now. Became lean with in few months ( 55kg). Already taking allopathic medicine of heart beat, BP, AF & Blood thinner as prescribed. Kindly advice homeopathic medicine to recover from such state.

  4. Nicola Mossman says:

    My 8 yr old son is very anxious about school. We have moved to France from UK and so lots of changes. Mostly finds difficulties at lunchtime when not totally understanding his friends.
    He is a very talkative boy, so gets frustrated as not completely fluent in French yet
    Many thanks
    Nicola Mossman

  5. Nafisa Parmita says:

    Hi I have Asthma, IBS and high level of anxiety and panic attack any time specially at outside or when I m alone or even any time in day and night. Feeling dizziness , balance difficulties, stiff neck shoulder and heavy head, shortness of breathe palpitations lack of energy, loss if kibido lethargic

    Pls help how to treat. I had 3 c section and bladder injured 2cm while snd repsiredno fall bladder, found right kidney cyst . It’s severly started from 2012. And now severe

  6. Heather says:

    Hi i am giving a speech at my sons wedding in a week…and have a constant knot in my stomach.. i seem suited to arg nit from what ive read…constant worrier. Pls advise what u would recommend? I dont sleep at night from anxiety in stomach and constant thinking.

  7. melanie Rkein says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma and staff,

    Hello, I did receive a call and Thank you! I am interested in starting my 15 year old son on homeopathic remedies. We are on a tight budget and I would need to know the upfront costs.

    He has autism. He also suffers terribly now from anxiety, OCD, will not drink liquids and is starting to refuse to eat at times. He makes bowel accidents often and is difficult to be around him. He repeats the same phrases from TV shows over and over up to 1000 times per day. Its nearly impossible to enjoy his company. Can homeopathic medicine help? He is on a gluten free diet and that is helping. We are working on going dairy free. He only eats yogurt no cheese or milk now. He takes some minerals and other supplements and they are getting us through this period. He is no where near being normal even with all of the interventions tried. We are a sugar-free and very natural family. Very careful about processed foods and any toxins.

    I worry because the quality of the water here is extremely low and he attends school near a meat processing plant. These are both big concerns.

  8. Rakhi sarkar says:

    I have tremendous hairfall and uneasiness inside head for along period.I know it is from anxiety. Please suggest me remedy.

  9. Nitesh patel says:

    Main Nitesh Patel Jabalpur M.P. se hun,main 1.5 saal se pareshan hun koi doctor sahi se diagnose hi nahi kar pa raha,maine M.D se.sanjay k nema,dr.gangwani,neurologist anupam sahi,physcatrist dr .sarang panditji etc ko dikha diya lekin koi bhi mujhe sahi se nahi bata paya ki mujhe anxiety hai ya weakness.Ek dr.amit hain ne mujhe kaha tha ki ek baar eye test bhi karwa lo to maine wo bhi karwa liya to mujhe chashma lag gaya -0.5,lekin Abhi bhi mujhe chalne mein dikkat hone lagti hai aisa lagta hai gir na jaun.sir plz help me

  10. Vishal jha says:

    Sir whenever i talk to someone on intellectual topic my heart beating fast , my face turned red , and i start sweating . Actually i know everything about the topic but i feel that i am not explaining things upto my knowledge all becouse of this panic attack . Sir can you suggest me any medicine, actully i am suffering from this since last 12 year


    I am using 0.5 mg tablets of Clonazepam two times from 20 ,years but now I want left please suggest

  12. Hi.
    i have sleeping problem sins 2017/Feb .after EEG doctor say me your brain is not shutdown he give me 1mg clonazipam i teak and sleep good but i feel side affect so i teak .5 mg but not sleep better before 1 month i teak passe flora Q 7Pm and 10 Pm also teak 0.125mg clonazipam but not sleep batter i want withdrawal clonazipam may bee after 2 week i stop clonazepam but not sleep even i teak passe flora i have not to much anxiety only think sleep coming or not before going bed so please advise me medicine.
    ahmad from Canada

  13. Hi Dr.
    My naturopath gave me aconite yesterday for my anxiety due to severe blood pressure spikes. The disappointing thing is that it actually worked to lower my blood pressure, but it gave me a migraine. She had me put 3 pellets under my tongue. Within an hour, my blood pressure was down, but I started having a headache which continued into a full blown migraine. I have been struggling to control my anxiety related blood pressure for years, and I’ve tried all natural supplements, but none of them worked to reduce blood pressure. The only other thing that has worked is Ativan. Any suggestions? Thank you!

  14. SISTA K PRASAD says:

    Respected sir,
    I am getting the anxiety with fear suddenly. I am able to control a big when I am with my family. Office pressure and outsider domination is not at all accepted by my mind. I am also getting diziness some times.
    i am also not getting good sleep some times. When I have tension, I get headache. I do have gastric trouble.

    Please suggest the best medicine.

  15. SANJAY JAIN says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I am a 52-year-old man and would be what you describe as a ‘Generalised Anxiety Disorder ‘. You have suggested taking Argentum Nitricum. I would be grateful if you could help me in telling me what potencies and number of times to be taken and in what dosage. Furthermore, I would like to share some facts about me that I am working in a marketing company some time I have work pressure and have to complete my task in a short period of time. I have observed that when I am under pressure I start getting itching on my surrounding anus, penis and below the navel stomach area. But when I come out from the stress then everything gets normal, there is no itching. Thank you so much.

    • Pauline Linton says:

      Native remidies has a homeopathy product that has Aconite 30c natram carbonica 30 c and calevrea carbonica,called agorafear relief. Can this be taken with paxil and venlafaxine and anti-anxiety meds or will they interact?

  16. L

    • Hello Dr Sharma,

      Currently i am 14 weeks pregnant lady taking anxiety treatment. i take Nexito 5mg a day. Also I take Lonazep 0.25 once in 4 days. Can i switch over to Homeopathy without have any side effects over my unborn baby with positive effect

  17. Safina Samiuddin says:

    Dear Dr Sharma, I am a 62 year old woman and would be what you describe as a “worrier”. I would be grateful if you could help me in telling me what homeopathic medicine to take and in what dosage. Thank you so much.

  18. Ashish Tiwari says:


    Want to study about honepathy can u help me out

    • Vidya S. Rao says:

      Hello Dr.
      Now I am on ecitapax 5 mg every night as per Dr’s advise. Can u pls suggest homeopathy medicine fr me.


    Respectable Dr. Sharma
    My childhood to 30 yr.: chicken pox typhoid amibiosis
    Young from 16 to 25 . Good footballer.Had a continuous muscle pain in cuff muscle in my legs just 30 minutes after playing.Took cobastant and neurobine.but did not the age of 32 my appendix was operated. Indigestion and anxiety persis in a parralal way. Attacked from atopic dermatities.began homeo treatment since 2004 whe I was 42 and continued till 2012 to a renowned homeopath.but gradually dry eczeema appeared around genital type of spore come out behind my neck right and left waist. The main symptoms starts while i uncover my dress and at midnighy.sleep is not good.have a recent blood pressure with a problem of gas and acidity. Itching foollows scratching and get relief if pours water
    Please suggest what should.i do?
    With regards

  20. Braam Lourens says:

    Hi Dr.
    I am praying for your help.
    I am a believer in hompathatic healing.
    I am using rivotril 》 1mg daily. For 30 years now.
    My hononest opinion is the side effects is a major problem with my health.
    Reaxing through your side effect list. In short my effects is close ataxia.

    The reason why I am using Rivotril is a very rare brain surgury in 1990.
    A V anomoly 》 anuerism on the cerrebelum.
    Since the operation I was fine. No anuerismism
    But the side effects of rivotril is killing me.
    NB my GP Specilist do not want to change my meds.

    I know you can not make any decision. But your help may safe my life. I am thinking of succide because I am on a deadline with the orthodox meds.
    Waitng for any advice.

    Braam Lourens
    South Africa

  21. Peace Farideh Azad says:

    HI Dr. Sherma,
    I have thought mess in my forehead and it started when I stopped taking Clonopin after taking it on a low dose of 1 mg per day. I suffer from anxiety and fear when I think of how my life, specially has fallen apart. What do you think will help me. Also I feel terrible in the mornings since I am not working and feel bored. Is there a way I can feel normal like I do in the evenings in the mornings. Also where I live in Costa Rica and in two weeks back to Boquete, Panama I don’t have access to homeopathic remedies. So how to get them? Thanks for your help. Are there certain foods that can help me?

  22. Rosalind Mixson says:

    During my Senior year in high school ~ ’74-’75, a doctor treated me with Librax (lithium) for nervous stomach & intestine after an emotional event. I did better in my concentration and studies than ever in my life. What supplement or herb might give me a similar effect? I have been taking 300mg of 5-HTP for a year, and I would like to think it helps me concentrate and remember if I really try with quiet time & no constant interruptions from my husband. When he gets me going, my brain shuts down from former PTSD, for which I had counseling. I still have a hard time starting & finishing tasks. The house looks like a hoarder’s house. (I do not have the finances to get tested & take meds.) I take care of my disabled husband. I have no insurance & do not work it draw retirement, for 5-7 more years.)
    I heard that 5-HTP is similar to PAXIL, (which I took for a year after an assault in 1997.) I feel that I have had adult ADD ever since I was hit in the head in 1970.

  23. Arvind Vidyarthi says:

    Sir i am 38yr.old,MALE,Married,
    Sir i am suffering from Anxiety/ PANIC ATTACK, Depression, since from last 01yr.for these taken treatment ( Paxitor CR12.5, Alprax0.5)but not getting satisfactory relief. Till then treatment continue feeling better But when stopped taken such medicine then again started same problems as previously.
    So please advice me.

  24. respected sir, myself uzim,aged about 21 years old.i have been suffering anxity problem for the last one year.
    1) unable to digest food easily.
    2)unable to think one topic for a long time
    3)when i got angry i fell very nervouse.
    4)be always in quick and hurried
    5)uneasy feeling
    6)loose my temper very quick
    7) donot care of other even though they are good to me
    some one suggested me to take argentum nitricum 30c,is that ok if so how to take this one ,
    before eating or after eating…

  25. Sir,
    I m suffering from social anxiety. I m taking clonazepam and paroxetine but having only temporary relief. Kindly suggest me homoepathic medicine. Because i want to take homopathic medicine so that i dont get side effects, and i want a permanent cure.

    • Sir,
      I m suffering from social anxiety. I m taking clonazepam and paroxetine but having only temporary relief. Kindly suggest me homopathic medicine so that i may dont get any side effects and a permanent cure.

  26. I just wish to confirm that aconite napelus is the proper choice for panic or acute onset anxiety attacks. Is there a significant difference between brands and anything to look out for when purchasing or dosing? Thanks! Trying to get away from clonazepam:–))

  27. LUCKY SHARMA says:

    I am suffering from social anxiety
    I feel fear when I have to give the lectuer on stage

  28. Respected sir I have depressed anxiety disorders stealing money over thinking and fear please help me

  29. I was having anxiety and stress depressed problem 2 years ago ,I then undergone medical treatment with schietraist..

    I consumed alopathic medicines for some6-8 months ,now I am very much out of that situation but still somewhere sometimes I feel anxiety and a sort of depression..

    I stopped now alopathic medicines as it caused me nausea,womitting more often and also fatigue..

    Now I am seeking homeopathic treatment for my complete lifelong care..

    Please suggest good treatment for me..

  30. Utpal Mitra says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am very much worried as my daughter,13 years has developed symptom of acute nervousness in examination, mainly math. If she fails to do the sum at beginning ,she feels acute nervousness and she becomes in blackout condition and fails to do very easy and known equation. She also reports that her hands and legs become moist.
    She had been suffering from ashthma since her age of three years. After long medication she is recovering. She has been under the treatment of a pulmonologist since one and half years. I notice that this symptom is more vivid currently.
    May I request you to prescribe medicine and dose for my daughter so that she can overcome this difficulty. I do not find any way to overcome this problem.
    Regards and warm wishes .

  31. My husband passed away about five months ago. I am having a difficult time with anxiety, fear and occasional panic attacks – lots of fight or flight feelings. I have trouble sleeping and sometimes feel mildly depressed. Lately my fears have led to some bouts of trembling and hot flushes. I am generally cold-natured but I cannot stand to be too hot either. When my husband first died, I was crying off and on, but now I cry very seldom. I am not usually very thirsty. I prefer to be alone and become uncomfortable when I have to be around people, although I manage to interact with people when I am out. I do have issues with my digestion, with my bowels, with my blood sugar being low and with occasional headaches and dizziness. I have become very worried and fearful about my son’s health lately. He is under a lot of stress. I worry that he might break down. I don’t feel capable of taking care of him. My level of worrying and fear has become excessive lately and out of balance. If I were to try one homeopathic medicine, which would you suggest?

  32. Shailesh dutt says:

    I’m suffering from anxiety and fear while going to office since many months I have a constant anxiety please tell me the doses

  33. SHAKIL AHMED says:

    I am suffering from anxiety and depression. Always shy meet people. Couldn’t face my closest friends. Especially unable see in their eyes. Eye contacts has become a big problem. Like I feel I am looking on their private parts both in male and female. Always in doubts like feels my wife in with relationship even boys studying from her or neighborhood or relative’s. Phobias like what others feel and thinking about me. Sugar has raised to 185 to 200 random. Always want Sex with my wife daily or twice a day.

  34. I am using zaptra 25 tab since last two years Sir, any other ayurvadic medicine that can cure my disease?

  35. Vishal talwar says:

    I m suffering from anxiety and depression and fear please suggest me cheap and best Germany medicine

  36. Hi, I was on antidepressants for around 5 years. Last one year I was not taking any medicines , and I was doing good. Sir due to a situation took place at my office , my symptoms again started to appear from the last 2 months, first one month my symptoms were severe , now this month my symptoms are becoming mild though I m not completely out of it. I consulted again with my psychiatrist ,she once again asked me to take antidepressants ,which I never wanted. I thought I got rid of those pills. I am not yet taking those pills. Sir Does Homeopathy have permanent solution for anxiety. Can you help me with this problem.

  37. Varalakshmi says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    I am a 63 year old female . I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes for the past 20 years. I also have cervical spondylitis. Of late I am experiencing Sudden anxiety when I go out to places like shopping mall or when I suddenly move around while doing chores at home. I am taking allopathy medicines for sugar and bp, though they are not high. Can I take chamomile for anxiety ? If yes, dosage?.

  38. hi ,
    i was suffering from anxiety panic disorder, and taken paroxetine 25 mg for almost 5 years….last one year i was not taking medicines and i was doing good, But suddenly since one month my symptoms are relapsing once again like palpitation of heart , dizziness, negative thoughts, unknown fear etc, i had consulted with my psychiatrist , she suggested me to take the medicines again , here i m confused , i thought i never had to get back to anti-depressant pills again. But i was again prescribed, Now i am worried whether to start does pills or i should learn to manage my anxiety , i am also an occasional drinker , so if i take paroxetine i will not be able to drink again. Can Homeopathy cure Anxiety ?PLEASE SUGGEST

    • I have had chronic anxiety, 24 hrs/day, for my whoIe life. I worry excessively, have a constant brain fog, get overwhelmed with anything and feel tired all the time. is there help for me?

  39. I have depression and anxiety problem from last3 years… I am not able to do anything because of it… my heart feels very heavy… help me sir

  40. I ‘ve chronic anxiety for the past twenty years digestion is bad .indigestion gives headache finally when.i burp or gas passes i feel fine .high calorie diet nuts beef lead to indigestion recurrent thoughts b nervous in people n eventually I am once I took carbo veg 200 n.was perfectly fine but it no lo her helps .pls suggest a medicine .pls reply soon

  41. As I realize most people get nervous before performing in front of an audience, very few have their nervousness be Beth’s betrayed by their bodies. I am a makeup artist, and skincare specialist. I am presently not practicing in either. What to get back into the makeup industry, however my hands shake due to expecting them to, and for my what ifs. I even get nervous when I have to prove that I can do certain things in myself. Not measuring up. I know that it is rooted from my past. Thinking perhaps I can do something, only maybe to fail. I am my own worst enemy. Maybe I am

  42. Lorraine Magor says:

    I would like to know if it’s safe to take acconite with citalipram please?

  43. Partha Pratim Deb says:

    Automatically fear and tension coming. After that heart beat become fast and feel restlessness. Sleep remain in eyes but not getting proper sleep. Sir,can I cure completely and how many days I have to take the medicine for complete cure. I think I am suffering from panic disorder

    • My son was diagnosed with generalized anxiety , he had panic attacks in the past . He also is depressed .
      He was taking prescribed psychiatric medications ,welbutrin and lexapro. He did not like the secondary effects and that creates dependency and withdrawal .
      He stopped them . I worry because he looks sad , lack of motivation ,mood fluctuations , cry ,irritability ,(18 years)
      What do you recommend for him ?
      Please replay.
      What is the best way to get in contact with You?it is Is better to call..?

  44. Namaste Dr. I am nivedha from tamil nadu, my child 15 days old fright suddenly from the fall of an iron rod to the floor with sharp loud sound. From that onwards she startled from sleep, moan during sleep, did not suck milk enough, always want to crab me and simply put mouth in my breast with out sucking, sleepless night. Sir, what shall I do, can u prescribe any homoeopathy remedy in my childs case, pls help me and reply me sir.

  45. Md Muzibor Rahman says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    Hope you are fine with all. I am now 45 years. Last three years always I am feeling an imbalance. It seems to me that I will fall down anytime like drinkers. Again if I hear any death or sad news I become very puzzled. At that time my body became cool and sweating from legs and cool. I feel very uneasy, my stomach became pumped and my I hear my heart beat in the stomach, mouth became thirsty. It seems to me that I will die.
    Now I am in UK. The GP prescribed me for taking sertraline 50mg and mirtazapine 15mg but I am feeling more critical.
    Now If I want to visit you for my treatment. How I and where I can contact with you. Actually, I am Bangladeshi. Please help me.

  46. Dr. i was diagnoised with hyperthyroid and was on medication ie.Neocarbimazole 10 mg twice daily ,at first on regular usage for say about two months it become normal and i started to leave the medicine but due to return of symptoms i checked my thyroid level it was up so i have started the same medication twice daily with inderal tablet 10 mg once daily ,so after taking the medicstion for about 2 and 1/2 months i re tested my thyriod abnd the T3 and T4 are normal range but the tsh is still low,so i want to know if i am under medicating/over medicating or wrong medication .I am also taking Iodum 30 x 3 ,Nat mur 30 x 3 and Argentum Nitricum 200 SOS .Please I need your esteem advice on this

  47. Anxiety with headaches everyday

  48. Joseph A. Fad says:

    Dear Dr. sharma
    wish that you in good health
    Simply my wife fear of blood color , when she see blood she becomes unconscious

    is there any treatment with homeo medicine for her case?

    thank you sir in advance

  49. My mother is heart patient and he is also a docter but my mother is suffering from chronic anxity tell me about homoepathic medicine please give tell me about it fast

  50. My cousin is suffering from some shorts of problems. Symptoms are less pleasure in daily activity, doubting,insecurity, loss of appetite, listing others talk secretly, less talk, going washroom many times.

  51. Md.Mazsharul haaue says:

    Sir.i am suffering from fear as alonely.sleepleness
    .darkness and travel by train in long journey.faraway to family.etc.

  52. jim Tatro says:

    Where can buy Aconite and Argentum Nitricum? What dosage is recommended?

  53. Aslam o Alaikum hope you are doing good.My issue is 6 to 8 months earlier i woke up at one night with having sensation in complete body with high heart beat and difficulty in breathing after 1 or 2 hour it get bit better later on this system tends to continue twice or thrice a week.I also get my Ecg and Alhumdullilah it was all fine then i took appointment from gastro specialist he ask me to get two test 1 of blood test and other was of helicobacter pylori igg blood test was all clear Alhumdullilah but the result of helicobacter was positive doctor gave me medicine for that and things started to improve the medicine i took were lanzol along with zantac and muccaine.Now there is betterment but still most of the nights i get awake and i found difficulty in breathing. After 10 to 15 minutes every thing get all right plz advice me how can i get rid of these issues i have doubt that it is because of anxiety but i am not sure…thanks

  54. I am working in Saudi Arabia.
    I have generalized anxiety from child hood. my symptoms are anxiety, anger (sometimes), headache
    very poor concentrations ( I read a sentence sometimes two to three times to understand it)
    If I have to do two or more tasks, I get confused and angry most often with my family
    I feel my body muscles are stretched, tired and painful (especially arms, neck)
    sleep is good but I cant sleep more than 6-7 hours normally
    I am serious, solid and dependable person, a little shy, reserved, realistic
    my height is 5-10” and body weight is 80 kg,
    I had mild asthma when I was child. also I caught common cold quite often. both the problems are quite less common now.

  55. Sir I always wake up in the middle of the night with sudden unset of strong palpitations and breathlessness and strong desire to empty my bladder with my blood pressure going high .this lasts for about 30 minutes
    What’s the best homeopathic remedy

  56. please give ur advice about argnit 200 in how many symptoms

  57. Lana Drake says:

    Is this safe to take while breastfeeding?, I am inquiring on my daughter’s behalf as she is suffering from extreme anxiety attacks and needs to know before perusing this. She doesn’t want to take prescription medications due to the side effects. Thanks for your input.

  58. Chandni says:

    So a. I m doing job my problem is this whenever I m going to do presentation I feel shivering less breathing I cannot speak even single word….it’s embracing for me……due to this tension I feel sever panic attack ….taking medicines…….got ignitia30……how I overcome this situation

  59. Rajesh Verma says:

    Sir i am taking stalopam 10 and petril 0.5 mg for the last 7 year now i want to shift for homeopathy medicine pl suggest the medicine having both salt

  60. Ramesh Kumar Khaitan says:

    Respected Doctor,
    My son aged 20 yrs is suffering from feeling of Dirtyness in his cloths/hands since more than one year. he was under treatment of psychologists and get 30X3 minutes RTMS in April 2016, 9times ECT from August 2016 onwards but no relief. Now from one month he is under treatment of a Homeopath Doctor who is given some medicine but also no relief so far. He always feel dirtyness & wash his hands 10-12 times with soap in a day. Can you suggest some medicine?& oblige.

  61. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    Can Kali Phos , Ars Nitr and Arg alb be taken together

  62. Dr Sharma, my husband 62 yrs for 2 months already has a feeling of dry mouth. He made some blood tests, but nothing was found except cholesterol, for which he takes fish oil, lecithin. Now, in the last several days he started to feel light tremor in both hands. He is doing a very stressful job, and is very afraid for his health. I have to mention also that he has a problem with his prostate for 3yrs already, a benign kind of tumor, for which from time to time doctor prescribes medication to suppress hormone activity. He is kind of person that worries a lot about everything.What would be your recommendation? Thank you for your attention

  63. Daphne Vives says:

    Dr Sharma, I am suffering anxiety and depression since my husband has been diagnosed with lung cancer in both lungs also alzeimers disease and he has had 3 ictus.We live in France and our family are in the UK. He is starting chemotherapy later this this month in France. Even when I’m exhausted I have very restless sleep, waking often. I don’t want to go down the road of anti-depressents and wondered if you would recommend Aconite? Thankyou in anticipation of your reply;

  64. Does argenticum address insomnia too

  65. My husband is suffering from Bipolar Disorder.His age is now 47.He had 5-6 attacks starting from 1999 to 2016.Lasr 2 attacks –
    05-03-2017 and 15-07-2015
    He is taking allopathic medicines+Lithosun 300,Depakote 500 ,Ouitipin Sr 200.
    I want to give Homeo medicine only.Pl advise the medicine names

  66. Sir ,my wife suffering from anxiety with chronic headache .Please prescribe me any homepatic German best medicine to cure anxiety and headache. Her blood lithium levels are very low . Is there any homepatic medicine for it

  67. K.ramadevi says:

    Sir, my name is Rama iam 36 years old 2months back due to taking continues spice food loose motion started I used English medicine for 2weeks motion control ed but now also when iam getting any negative thought feeling something happening in my stomach &feel to go for motion,iam also having burning sensation in stomach
    .please suggest medicine.

  68. How it works for hyperhondria

  69. Dr. Sharma
    I am suffering from anxiety for past many years tried everything but in vain and more embarrassing is  which causes me to urinate very often.
    all negative thinking has made life worst don’t know how to react

    I have similar things happening as you have mentioned in your description of Argentum Nitricum

    like if I want to travel I feel I will urinate on the way so I run to the toilet 10 times before I leave then I get palpitations, hands shivering. fear of wrong things in mind, shortness of breath, heavy head etc etc.

    I have stopped going out socially, I don’t have anything out no food or water in fear of urinating and  with the shame of urinating all the time my friends  also are away from me, this is causing more depression and lowliness in my life for me its only office n home.

    I am fed up now please please help me you will be like an angel in my life I want to get rid of this.
    I too want to enjoy my life like others do hope you will help me out please Dr Sharma I beg of u get me out of this


  70. Sarfaraz Ahmed says:

    Sir I’m 62 years old man sr.citizen Sir I’m suffering anxiety No willpower phobia nervous panic confusion problems last 8 years till date Sir Can I use Kaliphonce homeopathic Remidies. Sir please guide me help me which Homeopathic can I use to relieve my painful and stressful life.Sir I’m very grateful and thankful to you.Best Wishes.

  71. How aru dr? my name is zaidi.iam married plz tell me witch homeopathic medicine increase sex timing.

  72. Dear dr. Sharma Saab

    How r u dear sir,

    My age is 47, male married with kids and I do my own business. I am a patient anxiety fear panic attacks and restless sleep for last many years. Please help me to get rid of this disease. I also have anxiety and fear while I am sleeping my mind have lots of bad dreams and also my heart beat goes very high during sleep sometimes when I wake up I feel pain on the left side of my chest and left arm but after sometime it’s gone. I feel stress and difficulty is doing small things. Whenever I have to travel next morning that night my sleep is very much disturbed and when I travel towards airport I am very much anxious and my heart beat goes very high

    Please help me guide me and tell me a medicine to be used which have no side effects

  73. Dear doctor
    I am having anxiety attacks. Especially at night. I have thoughts that i am going to have a heart attack or my bp is shooting up or i am going to have brain hamreage or any other fatal diesease. This has made me a high bp patient. Can i use aconite. Kindly suggest me potency and dosage.

  74. my heart beat increases very rapidly due to any kind of fear.some times stomach also becomes upset.when i think to go to meet a new person my heart beat goes high and hands and body starts mouth gets dry.always thinks negative.while siting in car i always thought that accident should take place.i cnt see down from too much height

  75. Sunil wadhwa says:

    Sir, I am facing with nerves strange feelings in whole body sleep for 5hrs

  76. Hi, hope you get to read this . I’ve been suffering for many years now of anxiety and depression 2 years ago I’ve been prescribed citalapran 20mg and have helped me tremendously however I do not want to stay on them for the side effects
    I do haVe my depression under control and the anxiety occurs now and then I do stil get that rush and I feel if I did not have the citalapran when I get that anxiety attack I would get full blown symptoms
    Please could u advise me on what is the best homeopathic medicine to take thankyou

  77. Hello sir I am 32 year male last 10 years I have suffering sever depression and anxiety now I am taking treatment psychiatrist Dr Karandikar in Ahmednagar. My majar problem is lack confidence fear dry mouth loss of memory scalp hair fall constipation erectile dysfunction loss of sex drive also medicine dose increases day to day also muscle tention on right side of face also right side ear have senserinural hearing loss right side ear totally dead. Plz tell about homeopathy treatment for me.

  78. Does argentum help essential tremor?
    I do not have an anxiety disorder.

  79. Muhammad Faysal Ghazi says:

    Respected Doctor,
    I am a patient of anxiety disorder for few years and facing stomach disorder as well. Some times I felt afraid of death and heart attach. Despite of all this I am doing regular walk at night.
    I am much depresses due to this and using blood pressure medicine. Your kind help requested in this respect and oblige.

  80. Penny Belton says:

    I started taking argentum nitric him 30 CH one sugar pill per week a few weeks back. It does seem to help with my anxiety/claustrophobia, but I’ve developed some other symptoms. I am getting headaches, and I am slightly constipated. Could these be side effects of the medication? Or is it likely unrelated?


  81. HI sir

    I’m suffering from fear ( job what eill happen in thing )mind &soul not present not remember thing in daily life mood swing .please help me

    Than king you

    • Dear amar there r cured medications for fear in homeopathy. Pl see a homeopath where u pay very less money when compared to allopathy. Right now I have been treating for anxiety and I am anxiety free

  82. Helenne Parrett says:

    My 19 year old son has had stomach problems for the last year. After many tests it seems to just be bile reflux which is causing gastritis and nausea. Because he feels ill he doesn’t go out and has developed anxiety about going anywhere and doing anything. He is getting depressed and keeps expecting a miraculous cure. He has taken a year out of college to recover. Is there anything that could help with his excess bile and acidic stomach and nausea and also his anxiety.

  83. can i use argentum nitricum 200 daily twice for one month ?

  84. 2010 me MUJHE fever tha .me toilet gya to mujhe chakkar aa gya AUR me gir gya ..usi time se mujhe problem shuru hua mere man me baith gya KI me khi fir gir na jau lekin aisa kV nhi hua ..bus man me baith gya road par chalu to lgta aisa KI gir jaunga uske bad se mere man me ye baithta chala gya uske bad kya kya hua me btata hu ..mind aur body KA talmel unbalanced ho gya ..chalta to lgta jameen dhas raha h.  Kahi journey karu AUR train se utru to lgta body train me hi h AUR under se thartharahat hota uske bad Maine ayurveda dawa khaya bhut din fir kuch normal hua bat man me ye baitha hi raha fir ek din 2016 February me mere friend holy me MUJHE bhang khila diya gya usi rat MUJHE bhut tabyet kharab ho gya man chakkar AUR bechaini aisa lgta KI me chat se gir jau brain me itna pressure AUR dar jaisa tha KI me pesab v khada hokar n kar sakta lgta gir jaunga fir Maine bhut si dawa khai but me thik nhi hua fir chakkar uske bad nervous jaisa AUR ghabrahat AUR rat ko nend nhi.  Dar lGna andhera me khi bahar Jane KA man n karta ..train bus me baithu to speed dekh kar aisa man karta kud jau ..lift se neeche utarte wakt bhut dar lgna khi bheed me khada hone KA man n karta hamesha thartahraht AUR negative thought ana anytime uske bad patna me dikhya pmch me to WO 1 dawa di d-veniz kar ke ..fir khaya to 3-4 month bad aram mila but 8 month bad me dawa chorta hu to MUJHE fir usi type KA lgta …travel me bhut problem HOGA HAI train chalti h to

  85. Dr.vijay Mane says:

    Sir i have fluctulance, i got fear that my heart will stop working,during mid night i get wake up & think i will not reach up to hospital ,how can i wait for morning& in my previous life i had tachycardia ,i notice fullness in left thorasic side,other biochemical parameters are normal pl.suggest .I am veterinariy doctor&using some homoeo medicines sucessfully in animal treatment

  86. I take 11 drops of Argentu. Nit in 2 table spoon of water 30 minutes before dinner is it proper.
    I feel palpation and heaviness in breath and stomach bloating. Also I take alopathay medicine for anxiety.

  87. Hi doctor Sharma,

    I’m 40yrs and have a disorder that has made work and life in general seriously cumbersome.

    When I am in a meeting, I better chair it so as to speak first. otherwise, if the opposite is the case and it’s my turn I sweat profusely, my heart races, my voice box seems blocked and all of a sudden I get tongue tired. Same at home functions or parties.

    I’ve tried psychologists, mental drugs, even acupuncture last week, but to no avail.

    I’m the eldest child, Father of three and a supervisor at work. Therefore, this has made life pretty bad. I avoid crowds and shun meetings/ social gatherings.

    Is there anything I could take to help?

    Thanks and regards,

  88. I am in constant state of slight anxiety and nothing seems good to me I have stopped enjoin life things and insides constantly bother me even a small pressure gets on my nerves I am a quiet type of person and never happy the career of my children bother me if they are not working I get irritated easily

  89. Prashant Kumaar says:

    I have problem in behavior problem which does not remain same ever and its not in my control. When comes to public speaking my hear beats go fast and mind does not respond what i want to communicate and become nervous. Most of the time i remain in low life state, depression and think a lot and lost confidence. Also i am having concentrate problem and feel like it is because of brain weakness.

    • Hi.
      I have a problem whenever I m asked to give a talk to public or group of people I become nervours ,lost coordination,my mind stops thinking, Later after the talk I’m always very stressed ,no confidence and I cut the relationship of everyone who was in that group, keep on talking to myself, I developed self hatred. How do I overcome this?

  90. Dear Madam,
    Hello. I have vomiting and nausea when talking to people
    and cant go in gatherings. I feel anxious around people.
    I took many homeopathy medicines for months but they increase my vomiting
    or make me agitated.
    I am taking oleanz 2.5,mastil plus,prowin and daxid for anxiety as allopathy medicine.
    Can you help me? Therapies are not working on me.
    I have taken bach flower remedy, rock rose, mimulus, crab apple and rescue remedy.


  91. Dr.Shailendra says:

    Dear Dr,
    My daughter who is 11yrs old is suffering from Anxiety disorder from 6months,this all started when I sifted her to a new school 1st day she had gone to school happily but seen one teacher beating a student, from that day she does not want to go to school,become very sad from the evening & in morning just cry & cry ,does not eat or drink till the school is over,kdly help we are in great stress & oblige.

  92. Homeopathy is good for migraine.I am suffering from sewere headaches everyday . Please tell me which kind of homeopathy is good for me.

  93. Hi Dr. Sharma

    please I like to give me the answer of my question

    musturbate does cause glossophobia or not.

  94. Ishtiaq Ali says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I love to read your apt and rapt explanations on various conditions and exact remedies. However i have found many symptoms in my conditions but still i am confused as my case is a bit complex.

    I would like to draw your worthy attention to my case.

    My father was a poor fellow while my uncle was a rich man. I was intelligent, good learner and beautiful. My uncle took responsibility of my education in the best institutes in town and offered anything for my development. I came across rich class and college and university fellows who had money, cars, bungalows and a lot to be proud of, they would spend lavishly while my home conditions were deplorable. I was confused as i wanted to be as rich as my friends were while my home was poor. After my graduation, i started teaching at a school where i fell in love with a lady 14 years older to me. She introduced me to sexual entertainment and fought to marry her. But my family resisted my desire and frustrated my attempt to marry her. The lady left me high and dry and i was looking for sex everywhere but could not find any relief. During my struggle i came to know that our background though apparently social and good but our caste was socially outcast. The discovery plummeted my esteem and i fell victim to extreme inferiority complex. I was and am a perfectionist and took claims and offers of people and ‘friends’ at their ‘face-value’ and rendered my money and belongings to them and in return i incurred heavy losses.

    I studied Philosophy and Political Science and didn’t appear to any competitive examination and job as i thought that i can only prepare myself for exams and jobs unless our family’s economic conditions are perfect. Thus i sold property of my family and invested in plethora of projects losing all the money without letting my family know. I developed chronic internal insecurity and doubting my inability to carryout anything to a success. I suffer from acute lack of confidence. My family like my brothers are still waiting for my economic success and releasing them their due share meanwhile my contemporaries and youngsters made fortunes while i am still sitting with fingers crossed.

    Sex has an still dominates my life. I came across many ladies but i couldn’t get sexually involved with because i wanted myself to be in perfect conditions of having my car, office, business, bungalow but i came to know that same women were utilized sexually by people with much much lower social status due to their sheer confidence.

    I am a gregarious and gullible fellow, start trusting people easily for different tasks such as offered businesses and lending loans, render my money and belongings to everyone who came across and they finally deceived me through different pretexts and caused me losses.

    The string of losing hard earned money of my parents and myself i find myself incurring losses every year.

    I have almost tried my luck with over 20 ‘friends’ in as many businesses and incurred losses with ‘friends’ leaving me in the lurch.

    I have studied different sites of recovering from these conditions including Bach Flower Remedies but failed to recover. I find similar symptoms in every remedy i study and get confused which one to use and which one not.

    Dr. Sharma kindly help me out.

  95. My name is Vidya Rao.
    I am 55 years old.
    I lost my elder daughter eight yrs back
    And worried abt my younger daughter, who is studying engineering and hv love affair with her classmate of different caste. I am not worried abt caste or religion but worried abt her safety and future. We r very orthodox, indian Brahmin family.
    I am having mild chest pain. I was on anxit tablet whenever I had on Dr’s advise. Bit it has side effects as every allopathy medicine has.
    Now I want to go on homeopathy medicine.
    Please advise medicine fr this problem at the earliest.
    Hope to receive Ur reply soon.
    Vidya Rao.

  96. Rudra pratap says:

    My son is having fragile x. I have consulted with Dr subhash kaushik at CRI Noida. Dr advice to take trantula hishp same medicine is taking for last two years. Some positive result is advice the same medicine is continue or consult to other doctors.

  97. Teresa Nightingale says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    I have trouble with insomnia (age 64) for manly years now, I sleep ok as long as I do not have anything different on next i.e. I play a lot of golf & want to play well but if I am playing next day I do not sleep at all night before! Also if I am staying somewhere different other than my own environment I don’t sleep. Any ideas please ?

    • Extreme anxiety,insomania,atonic siezures due to extreme anxiety.Any bad news results in atonic siezure.age 45 three sons happily married

  98. Rajiv Gupta says:

    I am suffering from panic disorder since last 20 years. It has ruined my life. I am consuming antidepressant since last 20 years under the care of a psychiatrist. Doctor has suggested me some relaxation exercise which i do regularly. My dispute with wife and inlaws, job stress financial stress are factors responsible for my Anxitey disorder. I feel intense fear whole day. I am an officer in state bank of india. Although i never remained absent from my work but i am doing my work without interest

  99. Khalid Lakdawala says:

    I have anxiety problems for the last 5-6 years. I was always a worrying and depressing type of a personality. I am also suffering from ulcerative colitis diagnosed in the year 2000. After 8 years of allopathic treatment without any relief I started ayurvedic treatment which was very effective by the grace of God.
    I am desperately looking for homeopathic option for my anxiety problem which would not disturb or aggravate my colitis symptoms.
    I have tried Homeopathy earlier but had to stop, as it created problems related to my bowel and gave me painful symptoms like rectal pain, IBS etc.
    After reading “Argentum Nitricum as a Homeopathic remedies for Anxiety”, I think this medicine is suitable for my anxiety problem provided it does not create bowel problems for me.

  100. Anima pathak says:

    I m 53 yr old well educated lady. Im suffering from ocd since 3 month.if some unwanted things touches me i wash my hands&take bath.this continue whole day.i hadnt taken any medicine till now.can u help me to come out of tell me if homeopathic medicine have any sideeffect

  101. It comes suddenly from stressful thoughts or events: horrible dizziness and fear in my chest. The fear in my chest I can feel almost all days. It is not normal is it? I am 44 today and this fear is since I was a child. My father is creating this fear within me. He shouts, he used to bit me, he was unpredictable. Aggressive, hot headed. The fear comes from luck of support and luck of protection, total panic. I don`t sleep well waking up several times. I am not in any relationship. Men usually leave me. And I do not know how to deal with them because it looks like I need this protection that I have never got from my father. This is so dificult.

    I use to take Nat mur, Ignatia, Arsenic, Acon high potencies as well. Feels like I have grow up a bit. Just a bit. But It has been like 6 years that I am taking homeopathy.

    MAybe I will try Argentum Nit now? what potency shal I try?

  102. Dr I think I have an anxiety issue my condition is when I am facing an interview, dating with a girl meeting with special person,talking in front of people meeting at public place automatically I start to fear,my hert will beat and mostly I start sweating.Dr I think it is social anxiety disorder. Please help me

  103. Diagnosis with pericardic effusiom
    What to take nature

  104. I can’t even check my Facebook or call anybody because my anxiety is so bad

  105. i suffer from severe anxiety and panic attacks

  106. R Gopalaswami says:

    Can Aconite and Argentum Nitricum be taken together? Both specific and general symptoms calling for these currently exist together in my case.
    If they can, in what dosage and intervals?

    • i am suffering from panic disorder. i am using escilopram 20 & 10 mg. and clonamalt 1 mg. Now i want to stop them and want to continue medicine in Homeopathy . Please suggest medicine

  107. Sir
    I am 53 yrs.I have bp,bph,some white spots on back.i am very sensitive in nature specially to insults.small arguements disturb me.i keep thinking about them.i have palpitations ,weakness often.Avoid going out,meeting people.pretend to be very confident but low on it.
    Take medicines for bp n bph.often take Alprazolam for increased anxiety.
    Kindly suggest me some medicine for making me positive,less worrisome n less sensitive in nature.

  108. mazhar abbas says:

    Feeling fear of every time death fear , after death fear fear going to public fear to drive sir not happy with life fear fear fear pleas help me
    Next problem is feeling pins and needles on body every time .

  109. K. Shivram says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma, I am 52yrs male and am suffering from generalized anxiety disorder from two yrs and have some phobias also such as fear of closed rooms,lifts or closed environments. I also suffer from Gas (with bad smell). I also suffer from blocked nose and it is worse when I have gas. I feel I am going to die.

    I am feel worried about my health and when ever i see or get to know about any disease i get thought that whether i will die because of that disease, always stressed and not relaxed..this all problems started 2yrs ago … I lost my close friend who passed away due to hear problem that too in a foreign land. I cannot forget and am worried most of the time.

    I have to travel on business by air and nowadays feel uncomfortable.

    Kindly help with a suitable medicine

  110. Sir
    I had been on serta 50 and lonazep .5mg for last ten years . After a bout of depression. For past one year I have been trying to wean away by cutting dosage into half.Results are worrisome . While sleep is good there are physical problems like left hand / leg numbness , shifting pain in neck arm& feet , balance problems , double vision , inability to turn around in bed etc.The causes for depression ( financial) no longer exist . But I want to lead a normal life badly .
    My question Sir is
    Is there a solution in homeopathy. All other kinds of practitioners have given up

  111. Sir I am a bipolar disorder patient as my doctor said I am taking paroxitine with lamotrogine for 2 year but I want to stop this medications and want to start homeopathy plz help me….

  112. Hello! Dr sharma
    I am suffering from aniexty disorder from an year i feel nausea,fear and heart palpitations please suggest any homeopathic treatment for the cure of this disorder please!

  113. devesh Kumar says:

    Mera problem normally me fit Hun.but new person se Milne ya more people se Milne after heart rate fast hand slowly vibrate.
    So please advise

  114. Respected Dr. Sharma,
    I am suffering general anxiety disorder with hurriness. please suggest homeopathy medicine and doses

  115. My son who is 41 has become excessively worried about his daughter being autistic who is extremely shy and shows some very minor symptoms of autism. He is constantly worried and unable to function.

  116. sir i have problem of low self estee,social phobia, low self confidence since childhood. now i am 38 years old. due to that im unsuccessful person in life.sir please help me and suggest me any homeo medicine to overcome this problems.

  117. Sir,i am 25yrs male,i am suffering from generalized anxiety disorder from two yrs and have some phobias also such as fear of closed rooms,lifts or closed environments.(in medical terms as my doc said closed circuit fear).also i am getting more obsessed about my health and when ever i see or get to know about any disease i get thought that whether i have that disease or i will get that disease,always stressed and not relaxed..this all problems started 2yrs ago when i took clonazepam on phsyciatrists prescription and stopped them after 20dys these all problems started …bfore i didnt had any mental problems,, only problem for which i consulted the phsyciatrist was that whenever i would go through any terrible tragedy (such as my close ones death) my whole body would bcome cold,sweat and felt nausea and when i would lie down for sometime i would again bcome ok..this was my only problem bfore…now i have all the symptoms stated above…pls pls help me to get rid my problems…should i use argentum nitricum or there are any other better alternatives,,thank you very much

  118. Harihar Lenka says:

    sir I harihar lenka age-23.
    i am suffering form anxiety disorder past 2 years. symptom-fear,stomach pain,back pain,ear pulshing,nerveousness,tightness of muscle,acidity,gas.

    sir now i alerady use alopathy drug-Duzela m 20,Lonazep 2mg,Prozole Dsr,

  119. Sangeeta says:

    I am 4.5 months pregnant. I am having constant anxiety or fear or something that constantly going at back of my head. Which leads to breathlessness. I could find interest in anything I do. I sleep in night but I wake up early and could not able to sleep after that. As negative thoughts and chest heavyness breathlessness came to my mind after that I could not able to sleep. My mind is constant running in negative thoughts could able to gain weight also.

  120. Ziaullah Sheikh says:

    Dear Dr Sharma, I have been taking depression medicine Zoloft since 2007, since felt drowzy with Zoloft so a Physaciatrist dr replaced it with Zylexx 150 mg 1+0+0 and half tab of 25mg seroquil at night. Even with all these medicines I have anxiety attacks off and on. Mostly triggered by some problem or event in the surrounding, which than continues until I take Rivotril to stop it. The anxiety may also start without any external reason. The point of of anxiety feeling is at the pit of the stomach where food pipe meets the stomach. I feel if this anxiety issue is cured by Homeopathic medicine, I may be able to stop taking Zylexx & Seroquil. Kindly prescribe some homeo remedy so that these anxiety attacks stop for good and I am able to stop taking Allopathic medicines.

  121. Dr Raman sharma says:

    I am given paroxetine 25 mg and Clonazepam 0.5 mg for 1 year. Previously, i took Clonazepam 0.5 mg for 3 years . Problem started in 2013 when i consulted physician who referrd so many blood and CT scan brain tests but nothing was found. Then they started lonazepam as i had sleeping disorders like dreaming while in sleep. Morning was horrible due to lack of sound sleep. So, Doctors recommended anxiety nedicines. Now, i am habitual and not able to reduce dose. I want to leave allopathic med. Kindly suggest Homeopathic medicine to discontinue cLonazepam abd paroxetine combination.

  122. Yasir Mohavia says:

    I m Yasir and suffering from GAD & Depression for last three years. I have been used estalopram 10mg for one year but no good result. Now i want to use homeo remidy. Can i use homeo remidy? please help me

  123. My daughter fears from mob she feel chockinģ and faint so pls advice

  124. Urvi shah says:

    Feeling and dying soon thought come in mind why

  125. I am also a single mother of 4, & I had a baby 6mo. ago, and am still nursing.

    Can you tell me what effects taking Argentum Nitricum 30 will have on my milk, or my nursing baby, and if it will show up in any drug test?

    I am not sure I have all the symptoms that you have listed above. I think a lot of my anxiety is due to the stress of the moment. I am responsible for a lot of people & responsibilities at work, and the only one responsible for my kids, so I am wanting to make sure I do the best possible job on all spectrums.

  126. I have anxiety disorder . I worry all th time about my sickness and my journey the future. I have alot of health issues I am sure due to stress with my stomach and diarrea. I don’t sleep at night and I can’t fall a sleep at night.hand and feet are cold .legs sweating .
    my mind is always wondering and worries and I don’t switch off. what can I take to help me with homophatic.
    I am tired all the time. I’m takeing allopathy medicine but I wan to stop allopathy medicine witch I am taking last 6 month.
    From Hanif

  127. I have anxiety disorder . I worry all th time about money and the future. I have alot of health issues I am sure due to stress with my stomach and diarrea. I don’t sleep at night and I can’t fall a sleep at night.
    my mind is always wondering and worries and I don’t switch off. what can I take to help me with homophatic.
    I am tired all the time

  128. Abdullah Khan says:

    Hellow Dr Sharma, hope you will be in good health condition. i am suffering from Social anxiety disorder for about 5 years. i usually feel very uncomfortable in social gathering.. the main problem which i face is a physical symptom that is shivering of hands and stretching of muscles and fingers while doing task on laptop in front of others. other symptoms that are associated with social anxiety are now minimized but this shivering of hands has increased and continuously bothers me all the time. my focus is constantly on my hand that it will shiver. i also feel uncomfortable while taking lunch with friends. my hand don’t shiver but near to shiver. i usually avoid that meal which requires spoon. please suggest me homeopathic remedy as soon as possible
    I have a detailed information of my disorder in a documented form if you are interested i can mail that document so that you could aware of my psychological history and that can help you selecting remedy for me.
    thanks and regards,
    Abdullah Khan

  129. Peg Anderson says:

    Dear Doctor Sharma,
    It is my nature to be optimistic, fun and happily excitable, so there is too a side that can be jumpy, tense and too sensitive to my environment. I am 65 years and have recently seen dear friends and family members go through terrible troubles and dangers. The dangers have not completely abated. I find that my anxiety is high. Iseem to be waiting for bad news, and the anxiety is dragging me down. Also I experience insomnia for 7 or so years now as often as 4 times week. Sometimes trouble falling asleep, often waking around 1:00-3:00. MY mind unable to rest even seems as though the lights are on inside my mind. I will respect your advice. I do not want to take pharmaceuticals for anxiety, depression or insomnia.

  130. Dear Sir,

    I am having chrinuc claustrophobia and it has really ruini g my career.

    I am unable to stay in ac room or travel in ac train.

    It is causing me severe panik attack with short of breath,hand and leg get tight and i run for fresh air.

    Pl guide me .

  131. JAYAPRAKASH E says:

    I am a anxiety patient please presecribe me medicines for anxiety

  132. Hi doctor I am anxiety disorder patient last 1 year taking allopathic medicine but no good results i am taking parocen cr 25 I am very tired & rest less pls Help as


    • Suffering with Depression, Anxiety and sleeping problem. Taking allopathic treatment.
      Frequent attack of depression

  134. Respected Dr ,
    I am from allahabad uttar pradesh , india.
    My problem is that i am suffering from nervous diarrhea , with chronic anxiety and depression ,
    Please help me , tell me about medicine for my problem , how can i solve my illness of depression and anxiety .

  135. Hello Doctor,
    I had previous history of trauma and chronic stress. Now I get panic attacks for no apparent reasons, the panic attack starts from palpitations that followed by weakness and feeling cold. The attack last usually 30 seconds. I was given cipralex for the disorder. I am not satisfied with the medication and its sides affects. So I weaned cipralex. I am desperately looking for the treatment in holistic medication. Please reccommend that is affective in treating my illness.

  136. deanna dumain says:

    dear doctor I am 75 yr old female who lost 25 lbs from ibs-d. I’ve had high blood pressure many yrs and think I have anxiety from it all. please recommend a treatment for me. this stops me from attending some gatherings. thank you

  137. ishfaq ali dar says:

    dear doctor
    i am from kashmir india i am 21 years old i think so much when i am taking rest or going fr sleep it gives me so much fraustration plz help me and recomded some medeicines
    thank you

  138. Dear doctor
    I have symptoms of anxiety I feel haveyness in my head less focus or consternation in my eys fear in thoughtful age 25 this lead me to high bp pls help me

  139. m a gilkar says:

    I am 55 year old and am suffering from bi-lateral tinnitus from the last ten year – disease is improving – Deafness is very severe with gooooooon sound in – hearing aid is not helping much now – please advice any homeopathic remedy.


  140. Hi I worry a lot about everything I feel depressed all the time I get flutters in my heart digestive problems have hpv virus cyst on overie arthritis back and knee pain

  141. I have at least one attack per day. The doctor has me on zanax. I get pain down my left arm and shoulder as well. They did test my heart bwfore determining anxiety. It can also effect my blood pressure at times. I just want to find more natural ways of stopping the symtons….the symptoms make the attack worse

    • Dear Doctor,
      I have following Symptoms:
      1.Roaring noises in head.
      2.Lack of sleep.
      3.Tightness/pain in chest/abdomen.
      4.Pricking in eyes/mouth/throat.
      Kindly suggest suitable Homeopathic medicine & oblige..
      Thanks & Best regards,

      • Neeraj Srivastava says:

        I have going through bad time in office – some official enquiry going on, transferred to other location, so I m getting anxiety attacks, sudden sweats, sleeplessness and mind is not ready to accept these facts.
        I am feeling very low and am not liking anything.
        Please help me with some good medicine which gives me relied from these symptoms.
        If need be, I can call you to speak to you. Please help me.

  142. buddhi beduin says:

    I read the article and I found that some of the symptoms of GAD are present in myself. But mostly I concern about sexuality ( quick fall). I talked to my pcp and he gave me chemical medicine citalopram that is used for this type anxiety and I had better result. I have the same problem again. Can you please tell me which homeopathic remedy is good for me to get cured permanently?

  143. a v krisha mohan says:

    I am suffering from panic attacks and agoraphobia since 10 years i used allopathy medicines paxil , clonazepam and propanolol for 2 years some better but not cured sent percent . sudden anxiety with out cause heart palpitate very rapidly iam almost avoid travel by bus car any way if any cant but position for traveling iam taking alprazolam or diazepam take tablets before journey please help me.

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  149. Hey Dr Sanjeev

    I read your article and really like it. I am suffering from anxiety. It started with panic attacks and I guess turned into recently GAD

    I m Alwyas worry in with stay in touch over phone with my loved one. If I won’t get hold for one second I started getting panic. When in sometime I get attack I pass stools frequently my body shakes badly get out of breath. I used to take effoxar and during attack sometime take Ativan. Even afraid of flying that I dnt want loose communication. Please help me sir. I have tried homeopathy too coz I want permanent cute from this. Took homeopathy for 7-8 months but didn’t seem to get any results. Please guide m. I m in India right now. Thanks!

  150. I am currently on homeopathic treatment for anxiety. I have neen but on the 2 week shock treatment to see how I feel and cope. I have been structure with this for 5 years. I am on the treatment for 5 days now. I do see changes like the physical pain isn’t that intence anymore and I sleep better. I feel better in general but still feel offich. Am I wanting tooo much too soon. When will I feel completely free of all the pains and symptoms from Gad

  151. ajit D Desai says:

    I have the problems of anxiety disorder, and panic fro m last 12years. whenever i want to go outside from home i cant go alone. But trying to go it creates panic so it become phobia.please suggest me remedy.

  152. G.C.Mohapatra says:

    Respected Dr.Sharma
    I have been suffering from Anxiety and Panic attacks since last 6 years. I do not know the type of this deases or its homeopathic remedy.It all was known before 6years when suddenly I felt congestion in chest and a feeling of heart attack.Rushed to hospital and tested to be everything normal.
    Now sometimes I feel fearful having night dreams like falling from height and being hounded by somebody etc.
    Pl.advise the treatment.Few days back I came out of the cataract opetation table as I felt suffocating when they put a plastic cover on my face to avoid sprinkling of water. After that day I have been on a constant fear when I think of going for my cataract surgery. ZI donot know how I can make it.


  153. Sir i am suffering from anxiety and insomania from last 6 months. Doctors suggests me to take alleopathy medicine which is a muscle relaxant tablet … But i googled it , it has a major side effect after some time plz suggest me some homeopathic medicine

  154. kumar manish says:

    dear sir …i m suffering from d problem of panic…all d day d bad things or negative things come to my mind n my mind is always upset…i do not like anythng..i cant body s here but my mind s somwhr…at night wn i sleep i deeply thoghts for my life…i thnk my age s 36 but my mind s jus like an old age man…pls advice me wt i ve to do…since last 1 yr i m vry panic n fearful

  155. soumendu mukherjee says:

    I feel extreme anxiety when going out for a holiday.Everyone is enjoying holiday and I feel distressed due to the panic attack.I have also fear of narrow places and heights.Please suggest me anything.Thanking you.

  156. Anuj agrawal says:

    Dear sir
    I am suffering from anxity and panic disorder and taking treatment from Dr. They are giving me paroxitin and clonezapam . I want to take homeopathy treatment. So plz. Give me advice.

  157. lalita sharma says:

    hello sir,
    my mother has been taking antideppresent serlift 100mg for last 7-8years for the treatment of somatization n panic disorder.but it cud nt be cured yet infact episodes of it comes continue aftr 6mnths or year.all time she feels in pain n vid anxiety her bp alwz shoots up.For bp she has been taking telma h for same period n sumtimes takes help of amlopress at n i when anxiety makes her vry panic, she also takes lonazep 0.25 to down it.besides it she is also taking lipvas 10 for cholestrol n pantocid dsr as an antacid.n last thing she is also using muktavati of patanjli as 2 tabs in mrng n 2 tabs at evening.i need to add here al these r regular medicines she is taking now but otherwise in bw she also used some prescription for short spam like when she got admitted in hospital for same acute bp n smtimes when she felt vry disturbed physicaly due to this particular my question is as she had a lot of allopathic salt, is there some effective homeopathic med she can start to cure it permentaly without affecting ongoing med or she should take risk to quit allopathic b4 coZ her doc had strictly advised her to not taking other kind of treatment with this it realt nt safe to do it?

  158. jill jones says:

    hallo, fear most of life ,of death,first thought as a child, can i open my eyes oh its going to let me live OH I’M ALIVE this was age 5? 2 poss reasons, sleeping with parents to age 4-5 and aq v v frightening dental experience.i am a v v imaginative person, who is v strong,i.m 70 new but not good on self defence and tend to have morbidity, perfectly well, in my 30’s had acute angst and longing for better,worked v hard found someone to love for 18 years lost them 6 years back, was found by an ‘ex’ he wished, who persecuted me and i left london to live here with old friend who is v set in ways but basically good/kind, restrictive,i feel trapped i’ve suffered belief,lately more problems,everyday a problme,and i don;t like it, but my disabled son just down road, i also lost a son to suicide,i have to sleep enough else i’ll panic lately started waking in night seems last straw….thought about homeopathy,but don’t seem to fit categoriers being v fit,even now v,strong when helping,religious, and also terrified .thank-you jill ps take after mum in this morbidity also granddad,being aware of that does not help,as i age and become less active a,a long hard life love nature

  159. debashis munshi says:

    Good evening sir

    Myself Debashis munshi I have been suffering from chronic anxiety from last 8 years. Started with anxiety now depression and acidity problem also has arised with due time.

    Right now i am taking alophathy medicine SSRI type antidepressants for anxiety and depression.

    Is medicine available in homeopathy for chronic anxiety , depression, acidity and constipation which can i take for long time.

    . Thanking you
    .your faithfully
    Debashis munshi Debashis.electrical@gmail .com

  160. Nidhi Sharma says:

    Hi Dr Sharma
    I suffered from Anxiety disorder with panic attacks 3 yrs back ,was put on allopathic medication which i took for three and half months, and I am fine since then.
    I have been also suffering from claustrophobia for last 10 years, because of which I am unable to take flights now. Before that, I had flown many times without any problem.
    I request your comments and suggest medication, so that i can again start taking flights without any fear.
    Nidhi sharma

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  162. SK Tripathi 46 yrs says:

    problem in crowd, closed place lift ,narrow streets unknown places

  163. Hello I am writing from Edmonton Canada
    I have been struggling and suffering with a feeling of “heart sinking” feeling when I don’t have a good sleep for decades now!!! I feel like I’m going to faint all my tests come back normal except ferritin iron levels are usually LOW please advice me it’s hard to maintain a normal life.
    Thank you.

  164. My 11 yr old son suffers with some sort of anxiety with going to bed, he won’t let me go to sleep until he is asleep and if I do he cries until I go bk downstairs! When I am in bed asleep however and he wakes up he takes himself downstairs and watches tv and falls asleep on sofa but leaves me upstairs asleep!!! At school I have to take him to his class he won’t go alone, he won’t go to playground at break/ lunch times but goes instead to an intervention room to an adult he feels comfy with, he constantly needs attention in class and needs to be told what to do and is behind with his grades! Is there any advice please?? Thanks mandi

  165. Bhavdish N Johri says:

    I am an old patient of IBS which also two years agon ddeveloped in oral thrush. However my basic problem relates to anxity and panic phobia which leads to unannounced attack resulting in lack of confidence, The most recent case is that of calling off of a flight from Bhopal Delhi one day in advance; three other similar instances of calling off of flights has happened in the past including an international flight. For me this is very frustrating since I used a plane as early ar 1969 and was a frequent flyer until the year 2000. The other part of this syndrome is my lack of confidence by way of stayng alone for wife travels to meet children abroad. Consequently it tells on my sleep.
    I am being treated for anxiety for last six to eight years but now feel like giving up on the medicines sych serta, lopez, and oleanx. These have done their job at a time when claustrophobia was my partner. AT one time I could not use airconditioned class travel in train where the allopathic medicines have helped.
    I will appreiate appropriate homeopathic preparation to wipe out anxiety with resultant freedom of air travel to meet my children and a capacaity to stay aloof when situation arises

  166. Mohammed Azeem says:

    Dear sir,
    Im suffered with chronic anxiety, stress, panic, irritates,narrow place fair, hight & etc. From last 7 yeras Pls suggest to me now currently getting alopathy medicine as PERI-CR 25mg. getting well by this medicin but I want to permanent solution by homeopathy medicine.

    Mobile. 8010687009, 9991110461

  167. ravi jaiswal says:

    hello sir, i have some mental problems.. i dont know what is that? i meet with the neurophyschatarist and they say that i have anxiety depression.. i ate the medicine for a year and more but latter left that thinking its side effects. i have been eating homopathy medicine named SL 30, recommended by a doctor.. is this medicine okk to cure me..
    i feel some talks going inside me.. i feel the sound coming from inside from frequent basis… most of the time.. i dont want that to happen..i feel like i am talking insidely…

  168. sir what is dosage of gelisemium 200

  169. Mariam Khalid says:

    Hi Dr!

    I am a 32 year female, who is suffering from Trigger finger/Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as I believe it is. There is a loss of strength in my fingers, and once they are in a certain position, they don’t bounce back to their original position, esp. the thumb. Gripping objects, cutting veggies and typing becomes close to impossible.

    Please let me know what is it and what homeopathic remedy should be taken for it?

    • Misty Moore says:

      Mariam. Look up the ice cure. Its where you dunk your hands for a maximum of 10 secs, 8 to 10 times over a 2 hour in a ice and water mixture for a 7 day period. I felt better after the 2 nd day. Google it. I had pain in my tendons in my hands. Weakness, couldn’t lift anything, really scary. Even wore a brace to bead. Try it. Thank me later.

  170. dr. I am a male age 22 year.but my problem is two 1.neuritis 2. height my height small 5.3 I want developed my height fast 5/6 ince pls help ur suggested for me.


    Dear Dr,

    I often suffer with claustrophobia, over the year its increased and I often get down from flight after as I enter the flight in fact from train. second as in Nagpur I had recently got down from flight and as next day took train to Mumbai had to get down at AKOLA and co passenger took me to clinic. took cab & went back to Nagpur . there went for check the doc gave me zapiz for 1 month and for cholesterol and liver after doing test.
    Later I went to Neurologist. He diagnosed as chronic case as genetic adv drugs like Cipralex 10MG &, Xanax 0.5


  172. is arnica good for anxiety? thanks

  173. Cyndy Mazzola says:

    My Dear Doctor.. Please tell me what the best replacement homeopathic remedies for Klonopin and Wellbutin. Also the best remedies for OCD. Also, I am currently titrating off of these drugs. What is the safest way to get off these drugs I listed above?
    Thankyou,Dr. Sharma, Sincerely ,

  174. Cyndy Mazzola says:

    My Dear Doctor.. Please tell me what the best replacement homeopathic remedies for Klonopin and Wellbutin. Also the best remedies for OCD. Also, I am currently titrating off of these drugs. What is the safest way to get off these drugs I listed above?
    Thankyou,Dr. Sharma, Sincerely ,

  175. I need to know what are the BEST / most effective
    HERBS or Homeopathic ——- FOR ANXIETY AND STRESS.

    Bruce // Fla

  176. vinodthampi says:


  177. shanaz shaikh says:

    Suffering from OCD problem had done allopathy mwdicine bt does nt help me it become to uncontrollable when I get my periods I feel likr I didnt washed my hand I jst touched any object without washing my hand wen I get into washroom I feel menstrual bloods are stick to my hands I with dat dirty hands only I touched other things also which make my entire day in frustration…
    Even if in dis days I touch my clothes I feel blood had stick to my hands….I feel ao uncomfortable in dis days and in normal days when I walk on roadside when I pass by any garbage of white color or red color I feel like its a sanitary pad and I touched dat pad I keep washing my clothes and myself a ling in washroom bt drn to I dnt satisfaction if like I wash them properly
    Dr please help day by day my life is becoming very pethetic u losing my memory…..

  178. Sir.i feel something will happen.Someone will beat me.i am a psychiatric patient.think too much.suddenly speak and always absorbed in past.i feel desire of sex no erection.Black spots flying before eyes specially in sun.severe backpain due to l4 l5 .

    • sir I m 50 I want to come out from fear to xpress my thoughts before public cant adrees the meeting lack of confidence .know everything bt cant say by profession I m advocate so tell me what I s remedy

  179. Gulab singh says:

    Anxity argentam nit . Symtms
    Gas ,headache sound in ear,pulpitation ,fear.hi Bp
    Under phy. Taken pexep cr12.5mg BD, Arbitel 50 MT OD.
    Symbol 20 mg OD

  180. Neha aggarwal says:

    Suffering from anxiety disorder n currently on inderal 10 mg.want to switch to homeopathy. Pl help.

  181. I am a male aged 58 years and enjoying good health, free from any medical ailment other than lumbar disc herniation resulting from gym related workout. Life has been extremely stressful till date. Suffering from severe anxiety neuorosis. Symptoms include severe shortness of breath accompanied by tightness and pain in mid chest region, with weird sensation radiating from both shoulders to the wrists. The panic attack gets severe usually late night and lasts for an hour, sometimes even longer. Pls recommend remedial treatment. Allopathy medication Rivotril 0.5mg (Clonazepam) taken twice daily morning-evening helps control all the above symptoms comfortably but, unfortunately, intake of the said medication is very addictive. Need assistance fervently. Thank you.

  182. Dear Docter,
    iam in39 years i suffering form anxitia what is solution please help andgiving proper dose of acconite or any other medicine.

    • I am suffering with anxiety and have symptom as of argentum nitricum. I am always worried and mind discuss anything every time. I have no sound sleep.


    I am suffering from anxiety disorder. Always thinking about how to tackle coming denger,the symptoms of Argentum nitricum ( in the annexure) is absolutely fit for my disorder. Base less denger situation always seems to me that surely it occurs and I am always thinking about the remedy of that denger. Kindly help me by giving proper doses of Argentum Nitricum or any other medicine.

  184. I’m 46 yrs old and 3 months ago I passed out and ever since then I have been having anxiety and panic attacks I have tried lots of things but nothing has helped the dr gave me buspar but I can’t take that all it dos is make me drugged up I work and I don’t like the feeling he also gave me volumes which is worst. I don’t now wat to take anymore I tried all kinds of teas. Also

  185. Hello Dr.Sharma please suggest me how to use Aconite for anxiety like potency and dosage.

  186. A friend of mine recommended Rea Rem which was prescribed for her anxiety. What medication is that and what is it?

  187. Hi doctor,

    I had vitreous hemmorhage in my left eye around 2 months back. Opthalmologist have confirmed of no retinal tear or detachment.

    I have been taking arica 30C (5 drops 3 times a day) since past 1 week but so far only 40% blood has cleared and there are some tiny black dots floating in my vision.

    Now my homeopathy doctor has prescribed me argentinum nitricum200 (5 drops in water in morning) and phosphorus200( 5 drops in water in night).

    Can you please tell me if above prescribed drugs are safe to be taken for my eye situation and are there any side effects of taking these two medicines?

    Thanks & regards,

  188. Pankaj Kumar says:

    I am 40 years old man. Last 2 years i am suffering from heart problem. when we talk any other person my heart trimming and my speech also like a “haklahat” . So plz suggest me a medicine.


  189. Dear sir/ma, i have been going through nervous tension and anxiety for the past 5years,which i really don’t knw the actual causes, and i ve taking all kind drug and supplement but all to no avail, a friend told me to try the use of Homeopathy means of treatment and, when i was surfing the net i saw your site, inaddition they are many symptoms that comes with it such as: Headache, chest pain, fear, irritable bowel, stomach pain, back pain, unable to concentration, dizziness etc. I will expecting your reply! Thanks.

    • Dear sir/ma, i have been going through nervous tension and anxiety for the past 1 years,which i really don’t knw the actual causes, and i ve taking all kind drug and supplement but all to no avail, a friend told me to try the use of Homeopathy means of treatment and, when i was surfing the net i saw your site, inaddition they are many symptoms that comes with it such as: Headache, chest pain, fear, irritable bowel, stomach pain, back pain, unable to concentration, dizziness etc. I will expecting your reply! Thanks.

  190. erika lundberg says:

    hello, someone in sweden recommended me to take one dose aconite d200 15 pills, (and mag phos for some weeks,) I was afraid to take aconite after reading it came from a poisonous plant, but after a negative discussion with my husband that made me feel anxious I decided to take some aconitum, but I put it in some water and only swallowed some of the water and used some of it to massage my stomach area since I feared eating all the pills even if the recommendation was that I should take only the pills, with no water. but still, after I swallowed some of the water I felt like some kind of heat in my head and lumpfeeling in my throat. I became afraid it might be some negative effect, and the day after I wrote to the one who recommended me the remedies. she wrote that its the fear since I think it is poisonous, and that I feel the enegy of it. I´m not sure if I felt what I felt because of fear or because of the aconite remedy. I wonder if people use to get negative side effects of aconite or is it totally safe to use.

  191. dear sir i have been suffering foe generalized anxiety disorder for 10 year i have taken lot of medicine ..but no result. mch fear ghabrahat every time ,little situation like talking meeting anyone shaking hand foot fast heart beat … suggest some good medicine to reduce this problem…

    • viraj khurana says:

      Hey there !
      im viraj, 19 yrs old,studying at NSIT(New Delhi), i have been suffering from social anxiety from past 2 years i.e., frm the beginning of the college. I just want to clarify that is there any link between masterbation and social anxiety??
      Im asking this because i often masterbate, frm past 5 years. i.e., when i was 14. At beginning i felt pleasure but frm past 2 years im suffering frm social anxiety.
      So, I decided not to masterbate.its been now more than 2 weeks that i havent masturbated and i found a SUDDEN DECREASE in my anxiety levels and i feel less anxiety….

      Looking forward to ur reply as soon as possible !

  192. malliswari says:

    sir, my. Health problems are hyper thyroidism. And. High sugar level. I want to take homeopathy medicines. Pl. suggest. And save me sir with ver early permanent cure, I will be faithful to u sir

  193. Doctor does homeo medicines have side effects like alopathy have, is it habit forming or have withdrawal symptoms?

  194. Aconite is poison if taken oraly —at web Med ,please advise.Thanks

  195. Bakht fakhar bahzad says:

    I am suffering from depression.tell me treatment

  196. My son has social anxiety he his taking 40 mg of propanlol but not really helping can u pla advise a homepathic tablet he his very fearful of socialising with others pls help

    • Mahtab Alam says:

      Age 58 years male. Married with three children. Profession is writing and typing since the age of 22. Now feel nervousness, heart palpitates and only right hand starts trembling when some one asks to particularly fill the cheque or form making it difficult to right. Feel nervousness and hand also trembles while writing infront of other people. It is happening from the age of 45. No high blood pressure no diabetes. Taking one lexotanil and one Inderal in the morning decrease the intensity. In the night at home I feel much better. Some doctors say it is essential tremor and some writers cramp but no parkinson and some doctors say it the result of over masturbation and ill effect of over indulgence in sexual activities. God knows better.

      Kindly suggest most effective homeopathic remedy for which I shall remain grateful to you.

      Thanks & Best Regards,

      Mahtab Alam

    • Hey De,

      Same story as your son here.

      I’ve been on every tablet my doctor can prescribe for anxiety, ranging from antidepressants, to sedatives and anticonvulsants right through to anxiolytics.

      Not many have made a difference apart from drugs that my doctor isn’t keen on giving me regularly purely because of the risk of addiction and further harm from taking the drugs themselves.

      I went to my dentist, freaked out and had a panic attack, and he threw me a bag of Aconite-30 and said try this whenever you feel a bout of panic or fear or apprehension.

      I was super skeptical to say the least. I’d only heard of homeopathy and never looked into it. Antidepressants have never worked for me and I don’t particularly believe I am overly susceptible to the placebo effect. Nonetheless, everytime I take Aconite-30, I have a massive reduction in my feelings of anxiety, especially the symptoms like ice cold adrenaline coarsing through your veins. Now, I don’t know whether they’re doing something, or if it’s placebo and purely myself thinking they’re doing something. But either way I cannot discredit the effect they’ve had on me.

      I still think most things like acupuncture and hypnotherapy is a farce, and I thought the same of homeopathy… But, like I say, sonething has happened. And for the better too.

      Hope your son feels better soon.

  197. ajit kumar singh says:

    earlier some bad elements beaten me in very crowded place for no reason and due to which after some period i was feeling that my prestige has down and then in any situation i felt myself feared when any like situation arisen. i became suffering from fear and social phobia and also i started becoming panick in any hard situation.
    some doctor has advised me to take passi flora q, avina sativa, argentum nitricum and ignatia 10 m once in 15 days. although i have not started the medicines but i want your opinion.

  198. GAURAV KUMAR says:


  199. Kamrul Hasan says:

    I have fear and negative thoughts of study from my childhood for 24 hours.last 1 year I was really good but now I feel death fear and future fear as well as my childhood fear. Please suggest me I am 23 years old and a versity student.

  200. Manoj kr chaubey says:

    Sir I am suffering from lot of fear including fear of death and always feeling worry and lot of negativity and have low confidence feeling. Please suggest me best homeopath medicine

  201. syed sarfraz says:

    My brother is himself a doctor but suddenly started getting acute panic attacks.
    His heart beat rythem disturbs for several minutes and sometimes it take hour.
    Continuously in extreme anxiety palpitation, fear of I am dying.
    what medicine you advice

  202. rosemary finney says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma I have had problems with anxiety for many years. The main problem is with sudden loud bangs and flashes so as it is coming up to November 5th it is at the front of my mind as they start letting them off two weeks before and after the events My doctor is not keen on giving me diapam because of the addictive risk and antidepressents make me feel worse. So have you got any suggestions. Rosemary

  203. That’s an interesting point made at bad secnice blog on the article about Dr. Roy. If water is claimed to be the magic in homeopathy as its proponents say, then therefore, some causal explanation must be produced to account for every & all materials that homeopathic water had come into contact with in the past, well may be in the last 1000 years or more in the entire duration of their existence on this planet). Does the water molecules remember every materials that it came to contact with when it went thru (e.g., toilet flush) in the past? Or perhaps it does somehow loss its memory about those nasty toilet chemicals it came into contact with? The fact is, the water that we use today had been recycled from many different sources in their past history of existence. May be the glass of water that I drank this morning had been thru Stalin & Hitler’s stomach from over a half a decade ago. I’m wondering if I may have the propensity to go for a shooting spree & kill people in Queen St, this afternoon, simply because the water in my body will impart those killing spree memories held by those water molecules during their time spent in Stalin & Hitler’s brains from more than 50 years ago.How about that for a homeopathy cause & effect hypothesis?

  204. Nasim Ahmed says:

    I have constont burning sensation in my stomach and back,The burning sensation start from my brain and came down to my spinal cord and then came to my syomach.I could not sleep and has to take heavy sleeping pills.In pakistan somr Dr says it is anxity and some says it is neuropathy. Now days i am taking Nux Vomica as per advise of my homeopath.I have also suicidal thoughts.In the afternoon in case i try to take a nab my whole body burns up and i have strong pain in my head.Kindly help me.
    With Best Regards

  205. Sir Please tell me any homeopathy treatment for my penis enlargement, for strong and powerful stamina.Thanks

  206. sanjiv sabharwal says:

    i am physically dependent on allopathic medicines for anxiety like (drug abuse) and looking for an alternative in homeopathy .

    can you please help me

  207. Neetu Nayyar says:

    Sir I have a teenage son age 14 .5 yrs..He is having stammering problem since the age of 8..We have taken classes from speech therapist but no cure..He gets very tense axietied..and his speech stops in between ..on phone also he is not able to communicate..kindly prescribe the medicine for him

  208. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    My name is Catherine Iam from Greece I was wondering about my condition. The first time that i used homeopathy was along time ago ( 18years old) when i had some allergies and they passed away. Now i am 36 and i suffer 7 years with anxiety and panic attacks, for 8 months now i take aconitum napellus, iam feeling a lot better than before but i still have the worry of happening again and doing bad thoughts, which means that i am still stressed. Is that normal and the treatment needs time to occur or i will have to change my medicine?

  209. Hi! I am 39 years old (married, mother of 4) and suffer from frequent, urgent, not normal bowel movements. I’ve always been a worrier and have suffered in the past from heartache and spiritual abuse. I can usually fall asleep fine, but not more that 4 hours. Any time I try to heal my gut through healthy food or supplements I seem to make symptoms worse, often feeling gallbladder/liver pain, pinching in neck/shoulder and heaviness over right eye and making bowel movements much worse. My heart also beats heavy, especially after eating. I have had tons of lab work which has come back normal (low vitamin d). I have had a colonoscopy/endoscopy test, 2 gallblader tests and a test for SIBO; everything normal. I have been diagnosed with GAD and slight depression. I have been taking Ignatia 30c (3 pellets/3x a day) for 3 weeks. I intially noticed improvement with bowels, only twice in the morning, but still urgent. However, I’m still pretty anxious and not sleeping well. And If I try any thing healty, i.e. juicing, homemade chicken broth, by bowels become a complete mess and I feel the gallbaldder liver/pain. Any help would be appreciated.

  210. sahina parvin says:

    Dear Dr
    I am 35 yrs suffering from sweet craving ,sleepless night, 15kg over weight, get angry fast, gastric problem,see bad dreams at night,1cm tumours in uterus
    Thanking you
    With regards
    S parvin

  211. Kaushik Banerjee says:

    Dear Doctor,

    My wife has been suffering from gastric and acidic reflux trouble which makes her feel lightheaded / dizzy. The dizziness happens when there is acidic feeling in the throat or upward thrust of gas.

    The is often associated with headache, especially, behind the eye.

    Pathology has found nothing. So, the doctor says it is due to anxiety.

    And, yes, she does have anxiety.


    (1) She had a Temporary Ischemic Attack over more than a year. MRI Revealed infarct and was treated with intravenous and
    We have consulted neurologists due to this dizziness but everyone has found no more neurological problem. CT Scan has revealed nothing.

    (2) USG has revealed small multiple fibroids in the uterus. She is 49 years. Doctor says surgery may be required if menopause doesn’t happen within 5-6 months.

    Thanking you,

    with Regards

    Kaushik Banerjee

  212. MUHAMMAD USMAN says:


    • MUHAMMAD USMAN says:


  213. Respected sir
    My son aged 17 is suffering from anxiety and depression. He complains for chest pain and Skipp school .he cannot concentrate in study ,feels hopeless and try to hit in wall etc. I got him councelled but when school started the problem resurfaced.
    His main problem now is chest pain and skipping of school.
    Sir please help me out from this .
    Avijit Roy

  214. Hello Dr.
    I would like to know if there’s a cure for Devic’s disease please. Someone suggest that I take Argentum Nit 200, but I do not know how. Help me please because I am in pain physically and mentally. Thanks!

  215. Abdur Razzak says:

    Dear sir,I’m suffering from mental anxity and mental sadness since last1 year,please help me to suggest homeopathy medicne for remedy from about my problem.Abdur Razzak,Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  216. Biswadip Chakrabarti says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am Biswadip Chakrabarti (Male, age-41 years), suffering from acute anxiety and panic attacks, along with depressive disorder, for the last 7 years. I am highly claustrophobic and avoid crowed places, air travel, crowded buses and trains, staying outside my residence at night etc..
    This had made my life miserable, and put my professional career at stake.
    I tried anti anxiety meds. for 1 year, but ultimately forced to discontinue them due to tremendous side effects. I have consulted a homeopath in my city, who gave me gelsemium 6 (twice daily), coffea cruda 200c (once daily), & aurum met. (200c, twice a week). I have been on these medicines for the last 3 months or so, but my anxiety and panic increased almost twice. Sometimes it becomes almost unbearable to cope with. I have heard about retracing effects of homeopathy, the symptoms aggravates first, before it disappears. In my case does it seem to be a retracing effect, or do I need a different line of treatment altogether? Please advice.

  217. Hi i am 27 yrs male. My problem is i get excessive sweat on my face, forehead ,palms and foot whenever i am tensed,anxiou,fear or nervesness and this happens whenever i go for a crowded places ,meeting a new person,waiting in a queue to pay bills or take some grocery even when i attend for any interviews i start sweating a lot and due to which i am not able to attend for any interviews. So please i request you to sugesst a permanent solution for me.

  218. Nancy Julian says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma, wonder if the Aconite is also good for fear. I’m going to a party on a yacht, however, I have a fear/anxiety of water along with the movement. … Please help me. Thank you

  219. Hello dr sharma i want to start taking homeopathic medicine for general anxiety ive been on paxil for 4 years now and would like to know if i take the homeopathic medicine would it affect the paxil of me

  220. Manjulmohan says:

    my thirteen year old daughter comes down with anxiety just before exams.her hands become cold,and many times she developers nausea.even though she is well prepared for her exams.please suggest some remedy.

  221. I have severe anxiety, I overthink, generally negative thinking, I’ve had 4 panic attacks over the span of 6 months, always fatigued, lacking motivation, lack interest in things I used to love doing on a daily basis now I go on for months without carrying out those activities. I’m always thinking negatively, even the smallest thing seems like the end of everything, can’t feel completely happy ever despite some really happy moments I just can’t seem to feel it, I’m 90% of the time feeling low, I overthink, I have trouble falling asleep and if I do the anxiety keeps waking me up and I have bad dreams or worrisome dreams. My environment is also stressful but I still feel really sad and low in happy moments. I should mention that my family has a long and widespread history of depression and anxiety which I came to know of a few days ago. Please help, I don’t want to feel this way I want to get better.

  222. Ajay kumar says:

    I am 43 years old and i am facing fear and anxiety problem since 8 years. Unnecessary fears make me very upset. I can’t travel , move alone and neither I can face any situation in my life. I need your help to overcome this fear problem. Sir please suggest me some good treatment so that i can start improving. Thanks in advance

  223. Sir, I am suffering from anxiety since child hood. now i am 40, Every time doctors give me alprozam tab. for this. I have used many medicines in alopathy. anxiety grows me depression, fear, panic attacks, unknown fear, sadness etc etc. Now i am suffering from more panic attacks now a days. Please help me by suggesting good tonics are medicine in homeopathy.


  224. Shehnaz mulla says:

    Good Morning Doctor Sharma,

    I have been suffering the anxiety and depression since couple of months now, tried treating the concern by visiting india and medcare dubai as well. Doctor prescribed to take tryptizol since May completed 2 course yet dont see consistency in cure. Therefore i would like to know incase the homeopathy medication is more effective than the current medicines that i was taking. Continous fear of something happening or muscles pain, stressed, dry mouth, tired and fatigue, recently i am suffering severe migrane everyday. Please advise

  225. I feel like I’m going crazy with all kinds of noise. Even someone singing can put me in a rage.
    There are “right times” and “wrong times” for certain types of noise and if they do not conform, I get very angry. It’s especially bad around sleep times—going to bed and arising. I would like to feel more disinterested in these noises. Thank you so much!!!

  226. Prakash Barretto says:

    I am 50 years old and have been stuttering since I was 13. I am also a very out-going person and don’t know a stranger. I don’t think I am a nervous kind of person and I don’t stutter all the time. My thinking is that even I don’t think I am a nervous kind of person, my speech system is very sensitive and would need calming down. Is there any homeopathy medication I can try, that would calm down by speech mechanism ?

    Prakash Barretto

  227. Hilda Pereira says:

    Dear Dr.,
    I have been suffering from chronic anxiety disorders for nearly 20 years. It started in 1996 when my husband’s aunt sufferinf from terminal cancer frightened me saying I should have been going through menopause- Iwas 52 then-. She made me think that if My periods hadn’t stopped I too would have cancer like her. I was having spot bleeding and so with fear I had a DNC done . While being wheeled into the Op theatre, I suddenly felt a deep fear overtake me, and from then on my situation got from bad to worse. Today I am feeling worse than ever. I live alone-since I lost my husband 9 mths. ago- I cannot watch TV or even read anything. I cannot apply my mind to thinking of anything and then pains shoot through my body. My BP too has gone up. I have been to a couple of homeopaths but it did me no good. Psychiatric medicines only worsened my symptoms and made me feel like a zombie. Please help me Doctor. I can’t even go out to do any shopping, I feel nervous.
    Thanking you,
    Mrs. Hilda Pereira

  228. Kelly Hall says:

    Hi….im a 39 yo female diagnosed with fibro 2 years ago. I developed generalized anixety, ibs, hypertension, and a lovely ulcer along with the considered standards for this diease. What Im looking to conquor is the anixety…its anticipatory daily when i know im gonna be alone, supposed to travel or sometimes when i know i have to leave the house. Its accompined by muscle tremors, racing heart, stomach upset, Ibs issues (sudden), and chaotic thoughts. I’ve managed to get the full out panic attacks under contol but ive hit a wall getting it fully under control. As Im not taking any meds for the fibro..( prefering not to for obvious side effects)..Im looking at Arg.nit, Aconite, and Gels…all at a 30cc dose…what would ur recommendations be regarding the best choice n dosage for any or all?…..keeping in mind Im not looking for something for the fibro but the severe anixety that came with it????…ty kindly

  229. Rohini Chaudhari says:

    pl. suggest medicines for anxiety

  230. Sir, I become very serious . nervous and anxious about anything not so serious. I thinks a lot about anything like what will happen I don’t get in time to the exam center. Or what will happen if I drive and met an accident. Please suggest me the correct dosage of this medicine.

  231. DHRUBA JYOTI DAS says:

    respected sir, myself mr dhruba jyoti das,aged about 36 years old.i have been suffering anxity problem since 2012.
    1) unable to digest food easily.
    2)unable to think one topic for a long time
    3)when i got angry i fell very nervouse.
    4)BP frequently changing
    5)uneasy feeling

    dhruba jyoti das

    • I am a 44 year old woman who has been suffering from severe anxiety . I have bad dreams which upsets me all the time . Someone stole my ID and tried to portray me like an illegal immigrant although I was born brought up and educated in the UK . I am a qualified teacher . Since this incident I have been suffering from severe anxiety and not sleeping well .I always talk on my own .sometimes I curse the enemy and I am always angry . I had some homeopathic medicines which made my condition worse . Can you please advice me .

  232. yyyyyy

  233. Tayyab Janjua says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am a patient of Claustrophobia. Just mere thought of getting stuck in an elevator with power failure fills me up with fear. Similarly I feel afraid of getting stuck in crowded places which I avoid in all cases. There are a number of similar issues which are disturbing.
    In addition I often feel myself absent minded and forget some small little things which just passed. Although its not very grave but is obviously not desirable.
    My age is 47 years.
    Kindly suggest some homeopathic remedy. I would be highly thankful.
    Kind regards.

  234. A.A.dr shrma i am married and am sick of panic attacks and fear of travel,fear of markets.i can not live alone .i weep too much .i can not travel plz help me and tell me medicines

  235. Arshad Ahmad says:

    Sir, I am a patient of claustrophobia. Plz suggest me treatment for it. Thanks

  236. Ramakrishna says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    I was treated with Clonazapam & Setralin (Zoloft) for my GAD. I used those medication
    for almost 7 years. As I started looking at the side effects of those benzos, I decided
    to stop them, and stopped gradually and not taking them anymore since November, 2014.

    But I am still getting that anxiety and panic attacks now and then, and the fear/anxiety/depression
    is still there in my mind and can’t able to focus because of it. Not sure if these are still the side effects
    of those medication with-drawl symptoms. I live in US. Can you suggest me some medication in
    homeopathy that can cure this permanently please…..


  237. Imogen bryson says:

    I am currently suffering with genralized anxiety disorder that is causing agrophobia and panic attaks I am taking avena sativa and would like to know if there is anything else that I can take to help get over this

  238. my 13 yrs daughter suffering with heavy anxiety disorder while in sleeping every night. she is also very week in studies. she is very weak in studies. she is very lazy and almost every time in anger. she is very fond of music, travelling and movies. please tell me some medicines because i can’t sleep last 4 months for her anxiety. thanks

  239. Gourav Biswas says:

    Sir, since 2 months i m suffering from generalised anxiety disorder suffered from panik attack also has some symptoms of depression suffering from excessive sleepiness sometime body weakness unwanted fear, sometime palpitation ,uneasyness,traveling on long distance by bus or by motor cycle and i get anxiety of being just like dead in crowd of jam etc kindly suggest best homeo remedies.
    I am having AURUM Met 200 and Coffea Cruda.

    Gourav Biswas

  240. p k batra says:

    Anxity creates burning in the entire body. Nrvousness lot of
    Kindly give your mob no. My mob is 9999213080

  241. i have panic disorder

  242. POOJA KULKARNI says:

    depression, want to cry most of the time, nervousness, anxiety

  243. Ravinder singh says:

    I am suffering from old illigel happening.when I remember these things,anxiety comes out,what when I take ambulax pill,I come in normal postion .So provide the best treatment in homeopathy.

  244. anil bhaskarrao kulkarni says:

    Sir I am a patient generalised anxiety disorder. Prescribe me medicine.

  245. Deepak Kumat says:

    Sir My self suffering with type 2 diabetes since 2010 after herpizjoster. Presently taking Uranium nitricum30 , Argentum nitricum30 and Arsenic Bromide Q.

  246. Arshad Ahmad says:

    Dear sir. I am working as Asstt. Professor of Biology at a local college in Peshawar (Pakistan). I am claustrophobic for the last 10 years. Kindly suggest treatment for me. Thanks

  247. Anxiety for apconite dose

  248. Ravinder singh says:

    I am suffering from. anxiety and stress from past happen bad events.They repeat again and again in my mind. but medicine I use.

  249. Susan Satsangi says:

    My 5 (nearly 6) year old daughter suffers from separation anxiety when going into school. The anxiety is apparent in the way you describe in your article: very sudden and out-of-control so that nothing said makes any difference. Would aconite 30 be suitable, effective and safe for my daughter? Thank you

  250. Sir main hamesa kisi baat ko sochte hue pareshan hota hoon wo kuch aisi baat hoti hai jiska real life me koi kaam hi nhi hai

  251. hello sir my name is aaqhib and i m 21 yrs old doing mba 1st tr. from past 3 years i m suffering from indigestion problem such as gas formation in stomach and chest,constipation and burping after eating food for few minutes every time when i eat food r anything..and that disturbs my mind so much and also in public. now a days i getting a lot of anxiety and fear for small things such to travel , to go out with other and sometime fear of death and negative thoughts . my mind is not relaxed and keeps on thinking unnesscery and negative thinking. i need to be normal like others and happy and shouldnt think always that i m sick and feel sad about my health. give me a permanent solution for this problem doctor.

    thanking you

  252. Rohit chhetri says:

    Since 2010 I’m suffering from a disease it seems like generalised anxiety disorder. I feel dizzy and mood swings, and sudden sick feel and slowly I feel everything is suggest me to take clonazepam and other anti depreesent tabs but due to fear of its side effect I stop to take these medicine, I’m healthy and I tests blood and result is okey, but also I’m feeling these, now a days I’m taking homeopathic tonic alfalfa, is there any Homeo remedy that cure my disease

  253. Ashraf Ali Ahmed says:

    I Got convulsion one night sleep during around 2 am.From that time I am getting various problems. tingling from leg to chest and then faintness feeling with coldness sensation. this sensation is now decreasing. This tingling was more when I got convulsion 1year ago. Instead of that jerking sensation comes and it strike the brain and then faintness feeling comes with coldness sensation. My muscles twitch,jerks everywhere in the body, cracking and ringing sound in the ear,pain in forehead in a small spot and in root of the nose. tingling in the testes and penis, divided stream of urine, interrupted urination, dribling urination after, erection wanting, sensation of contraction and extension of lower limbs like pulling and leaving a rubber, dreams horrible, distorted face on closing eyes. I am getting chest pain from a few days. my age is 27 years. complaints are more mainly sleep on going to, lying bed in, night? thinking the complaints, seeing a mental derangment patient. relieved by mainly walking, roaming.

  254. When I sufer from anxiety I thing my heart is going in problem which make me more nervous and confuse. I also feel different type of worries like my childs are going to die and I also feel fear of death due to this I feel headache. Pounding heat. And acute stress etc. Resultantly I can’t describe my condition. It is also mention there is no specific time of panic attack or nervousness

  255. DEAR SIR
    my son is suffering from ataxia and dystonia he is taking causticum, plumbum gelsinium barytaca conium for his treatment almost 10 years before he was given causticum 1000 after two days he has bad feeling that some things bad can happen he has bad feeling from heart and stomach we went to hospital all tests came normal since then he has problem of anxiety on and off. he does not want to sit in home he woukld klikle to go out side please help me

  256. Hi Dr

    Please can you tell me which homeopathy medication to take …I suffer with panic attacks and anxiety….I worry alot…about anything and everything ….dont seem to have much of a life….. I suffer alot with my health….if I could just take away the panics and anxiety I really feel I could cope more…please can you suggest which treatment for me. The above 2 sound alot like me !! Can those 2 medications be took together ?
    Thanks very much for your help.

  257. sandeep tiwari says:

    1- sound sleep not pesent
    2- alot of dream in sleeping time
    3- body pain
    4- skin burning, constipation when taking alopathic antidepression tab( alto of side effect in antidepression)
    5- headache
    7- more sensityvity (according to psychiatrist)
    8- wekness

  258. rajendra singh says:

    I am taking escitalopram5mg:clonazapalm5 from last 10years for GAD suggest me any medicine.

  259. Donna Nathan says:


    I have been suffering from severe OCD for almost a year. I have a constant fear of harming my daughter. I have been on medication and undergone intesive exposure therapy and the fear and anxiety still persists. Any recommendations?

    Thank you,


  260. Need help and you have been searching for one about a homeopathy doctor to treat your disease

    Contact Dr. Alex on (

    He will b of help to you cos he did same to me when i was in a difficult situation

  261. Biswajit Chatterjee says:

    Myself Biswajit Chatterjee from Durgapur, W.B. by profession HR Manager, aged about 40 years . I am always in a state of worry/fear, suffering from an anticipatory anxiety since last 4 years. I am also feeling weakness . Never treated myself for this disorder in the past. Pl suggest /prescribe Homeopathic medicines with dosage to be taken.

  262. Ajay kumar Pattanayak says:

    Dear sir
    I had developed phobia from last 8 months for enclosed room,likely meeting room, ac bus ,ac train.
    Please guide me to overcome the phobia.

    Thanking you

  263. Clara Griffin says:

    I am looking for a homeopathic remedy for the social anxiety I have. I am a 17 year old teenage girl who has to experience social interactions every day, but I have a constant fear of rejection or teasing that prevents me from speaking my mind I way I want to. Inside, I want to be very social but my mind seems to stop me from “putting myself out there” and focuses on the worst possible outcome all the time. I’ve gotten used to being alone a lot but I would much rather be in the company of friends, except I haven’t worked up my self esteem to the point where I can actively seek out friends beyond my small group. I am leaning toward Natrum Muriaticum to address my anxiety but I was wondering if there are any other remedies you would recommend or suggestions you would have in dealing with a situation such as mine.

  264. lakhpat raj arora says:

    sir, I am suffering from fear since 1987. I don’t have dare to go out alone. I always want to live among familiar people. my all symptom increase from evening. I don’t want to go through new route. If I have to go for any reason anticipatory fear starts and I desire company. please look and advise.

  265. Shazia Firdose says:

    Hello Sir,

    My Mother-in-law is around 60 years, she was taking medicine for thyroid she is fine now she has stopped the medicines as per doctor advice.
    Evry now and then she has the symptoms of flu- fever, body pain etc.
    Can I advice her to take Aconite 30x ??
    If not please suggest the medicine n dosage as per the age..

  266. SANTANU BARUAH says:

    Respected sir,
    Above findings diagnosised in NIMHAMS, BANGALORE. Thereafter, treated at Nueru psychiatrist but no result. She is very weak and unable to speak due to low toungue mobility. saliva comes out frequently. please suggest name of medicines or your address to send the documents. She is 58 years old. We are all helpless.

  267. maqsood ali says:

    dear sir, Replacement of (paroxetine 20mg) n homeopathic medicine

  268. KAILASH BOHRA says:

    I am suffering due to anxiety and depression from last 10 years . At present I am taking allopathic
    treatment. Usually I feel fear of any upcoming serious disease . At the time of attack of anxiety I feel helpless with sad mood . I can not travel alone . I chew tobacco . Sir Please give me effective treatment so that I an get quick and permanent relief .

  269. Elisa Guerra says:

    I suffer from major depression and anxiety for over 10 years. I have tried almost every antidepressant with no avail. It’s been debilitating. I have had multiple spine, thoracic, and now bilateral vocal cord implant surgery. After some research, I found that all the narcotics I been taking for 10 years, has depleted my dopimine level to zero. Please help! 951 679 0281 Hm #

  270. N SARVESH RAO says:

    I am suffering from the symptoms you have outlined above- a state of constant anxiety . a world full of fear, irrational impulses, always in a state of worry. anticipate all kinds of worrisome things . I have palpitations, trembling, a cramping pain in the abdomen and at times a strong urge to pass stool. But am not able to pass stools at one go. My abdomen is always in tense,rock hard state and expanded from a waist size of 38 to 41. There are times when the stomach muscles loosen, that time my waist is 38 this is only once in awhile. Can i take the medication you have outlined above, in what dose? Kindly advise.

  271. espected Sir,
    I am 23 yrs old and unmarried.
    1. I am very shy guy, lack of confidence, stress/ depress all the time. Palpitation when talking to someone or girl , hesitation in tongue when talking, memory loss, shyness.
    2. I can’t speak in public meating or at stage, my heart beat increase. I can’t speak in Interview and Group Discussion (GD). Palpitation, trembling problem.
    3. fear of accident, i can’t drive bike or car.
    4. fear of height.
    5. I have strong fear or anxiety of Sex and Marriage. i can’t talk to girls, can’t look at girl. When I think about girl or sex, my heart beat increase(Palpitation), becomes nervous.

    So kindly tell me which homeopathic medicine i should take to get rid from these problems. Please also mention the amount of dose, potency, time and how many days/months need for permanent result.
    i am waiting for ur reply. thanks

  272. Aristides Alvares says:

    what is good for fear and anxiety, which is more when you have appointments and meeting, guilty felling on occasion of certain events you are reminded. Anticipated fears and guilty feeling etc

  273. hello i have suffered a first panic attack some 3 years ago and was on medictaion effexor 37.5 ..i have stopped that med for more than a year now but my problem is my boss keeps trying to downgrade me the first panic was due to that and around a year ago he did it again which brought the panic attacks from them on have been on lexotanil 1.5 but not helping panic and anxiety are sudden and out of the blue and makes me doubt my taking pulsatilla and natrum mur 30 ch..but im still having sudden panic attcaks

  274. my husband ,30 is having symptoms of anxiety…he is afraid of his success in his new business..also fears of his death…suģgest medicine…

  275. sharif khan says:

    Symptoms feeling anxiety starts in evening time day time busy with work and friends Other symptoms in evening time pounding heart what will happen in the future, especially at night and when alone Frequently feel heavy tire exertion or when walking uphill or climbing stairs sweat in tense on exertion or during sleep Fear of the dark, snakes Anxious thoughts at night avoids going to bed irritability from anxiety. worry over excitement. fear having something bad will happen. if any part on left side pains like back, arms, or mild acidity pain always keeps on thinking whether heart attack is going to come, daily sleep break is there start at 1am, 3am, 4am and 5am daily
    BP medicine i am taking is angicam beta reading is 130/92 with medicine and with out medicine is 160/90, cholesterol is 214mg triglycerides
    please suggest me what i need to do

  276. VV Ramana reddy says:

    Two weeks back send my health problems. please Tell suitable medicine

  277. VV Ramana reddy says:

    am suffering from anxiety and dipression and sleeping problem in the night since
    2 year .psychiastry doctor saidYou are suffering mixed anxiety and dipression.Iam working shift wise duty since 18 years . day and night shift duties. {3shift duty }

    Shift change every week.Iam 43years.I am Liking sweets. Iam sensitive person .Iam using english medicine ZAPTRA 12.5Mg daily 2capsels in the night. ICANOT SAY My feelings to others.Kindly suggest treatment.

  278. dear sir,i m suffering from anxiety from last 25 years.i used alophathic medicine named prozac 20 mg for several years but still i m suffering from i want to start homeopathic medicins. plz help me suggesting medicins.thanks

  279. VV Ramana reddy says:

    I am suffering from anxiety and dipression and sleeping problem in the night since

    2 year .psychiastry doctor said mixed anxiety and dipression.Iam working shift wise duty since 18 years . day and night shift duties. {3shift duty }
    Shift change every week.Iam 43years.I am Liking sweets. Iam sensitive person .Iam using english medicine ZAPTRA 12.5Mg daily 2capsels in the night. ICANOT SAY My feelings to others.Kindly suggest treatment.

  280. I just started suffering panic attacks with an MRI machine. Now small places give me panic. Places that wouldn’t normally bother me make me have a full blown attack. Clostaphobic I guess. Would aconte be the best one to try. Although the past few days I sense anxiety throughout the day now.

    Thank you,

  281. Sir,
    I am under medication of anxiety/agrophobia and lost confidence going alone outside my home since last ten years and started with pexcep 25 mg then pexcep 12.5 mg presently taking cilentra 5. I want to replace allopathic medicine by homeopathy as all above mentioned medicines have its side effects. Whenever I have to go I urge for urination. Please suggest me suitable homeopathic medicine for this. I shall be highly obliged if you could suggest me suitable homoepathic medicine.Thanks

  282. Sir,
    I am under medication of anxiety/agrophobia and lost confidence going alone outside my home since last ten years and started with pexcep 25 mg then pexcep 12.5 mg presently taking cilentra 5. I want to replace allopathic medicine by homeopathy as all above mentioned medicines have its side effects. Whenever I have to go I urge for urination. Please suggest my suitable homeopathic medicine for this. Thanks

  283. Sir,

    Please tell me best combination of homeopathy for anxiety, depression and sadness. Also suggest for sexual excitement or this is being because of dipression.

  284. i am in depression and the allopath has diagnosed OCD . I am not happy and sometimes want it all to end.I dont want to bathe or get ready or go for any kind of entertainment etc. I also have low confidence.Please suggest how can i lead a good life.

  285. Tiana Winchester says:

    Hello, I have suffered with ocd for years. now i walk around anxious for most of the day. I take aderral,luvox cr 400mg at night. prozac 20mg, artane 2 mg. and xanax prn. will any of these meds make me unable to use this product

  286. Tiana Winchester says:

    Hello, I have suffered with ocd for years. now i walk around anxious for most of the day. I take aderral,

  287. Abdul Ghaffar says:

    Dear Doctor Sahib,

    My age is 56 years, married with three children. My profession is writing and typing on computer as PA to Director. At the age of 40 I noticed my right hand only is trembling while writing. I took a lot of english and homeopathic medicines but no fruitful result. Nervousness increases and hand trembles more while writing in front of strange people, signing cheque or filling form. If some one asks me to write, my heart palpitates and hand starts trembling during writing. No sugar, no high blood pressure, no Parkinson. Presently I am taking one lexotanil + one inderal 10mg in the morning making it somehow possible for me to perform my office work. Please suggest me most effective homeopathic medicine for which I shall remain grateful to you praying for your longevity and good health.

    Thanks & best regards,

    Abdul Ghaffar

  288. rakesh kumar says:

    I m 65 male with ok health except suffering from hyper blood pressure, to control this I m taking 15mg Lisinopril.I have to take .25mg Alzolam every night to get sound sleep otherwise my sleep is full night of baseless dreams and in the morning I wake up with odd head.I want to switch to homeaopathic medicine for sound suggest

  289. T.M.Gopinath says:

    I am suffering from bp from 15 years my age is 48 ,in addition to this i have anxiety nervouness our doctor suggested to take atenex50 in the morning and olmetrac20 in the night still i am not comfortable my mouth is making movements sleeping trouble,loss of memory lack of concentration please suggest me good medicine

  290. My son not well since many days .. Mentally not well taking treatment in r.k hospital. They prescribed alprax . consulting the psychologist also feels to die .. Really
    He is in severe depression and cries always. Not going to school since many days. Speaking to himself and getting so short tempered. He repeats speaking to him. And sometimes gets very scared and runs here there.. Sees so many things like many green coloured people are beating some one and all.. Some type of violence. but y my child he is becoming and behaving wn he WS too young he used to get fever and shouts and cries never allowed ne to sleep at nights.. Wn he was just 3 yrs. Now he is 13. .. . I can’t see him taking these tablets and in this condition da

  291. Krishna Rajesh says:

    Based in India. Willing to pay for treatment . Can buy medicines locally



    Respected Doctor
    i am p0oornachadra rao , my age is 40 now.
    from 23 age onwardsi have been suffering from heart palpitations and cold arm foot forehead.
    recently i started homeopathic medicines , but i dont know the name of the medicines

    i have anxiety nuerousis problem. from past 10 years, i used so many english drugs.

    one week back only i started homeopahic medicines.

    how many days take to cure my problem,

    presently i am using nebivolol 5 mg for bp.
    my bp range is 140/100 only .
    night. i am taking escitalopram10mg and clonozepam0.5 mg english medcines.
    i have alchohol habit also ihave to stop while take homeopathi medcines
    send your clinic address and no also.
    Thanking you sir
    Poornachandra rao

  293. prabha Chauhan says:

    My mother is 63 years old. She has symptoms of anxiety. She has problem in chest and abdominal.kindly suggest treatment.

  294. I am very sensitive person and have inferiority complex. If anyone says anything to me I will start thinking about that. I am afraid of fighting with anyone. I can’t say No to anyone. I have low self confidence and self esteem.

    I have performance anxiety and also meeting any person. I start developing the image of that person. If I start thinking very highly about any person then I will keep worrying about meeting him and when I meet then my hands will tremble. I will have problem in speaking. i have problem in public speaking. I always think what others will be thinking about me. I forget things so very easily. More I try to overcome these things more I faulter. When I don’t think then I am better. Sometimes I feel quite confident. But then again

  295. krishna murari says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am 60 year old suffering from depression(as per psychiatrist )since the end of 2008 .At initial stage Dr. advised me DULOXITINE – 40 ,After taking same medicine I thought that i have been cured and stopped the medicine.Rfter some time I become more serious.Again I meet the another doctor he advised me escitlapram-10 .After taking this medicine for some weeks, I felt better and taking same medicine since march 2013,but my weight has been increasing cont.
    pl.suggest homeopathic medicine so that I can take it without side effects.

  296. Recently moved my 9 year old is frightened of her own shadow she won’t go any where on her own even to the bathroom this isn’t a new thing she was like it before we moved she says she is scared constantly please help it’s driving me insane thank you

  297. Sandeep Sharma says:

    Sex: Male
    Occupation: college student
    I like sugar products most.

    I have fear of people. I can not make friends. I can not talk in group of friends or people.
    I can not make eye contact with person with i talk.
    I have fear of my seniors. My hands tremble all the time when i go to to class or crowd place.
    Sadness in mind due to these problems.

    Whenever I go to meet a strange person……..or the person with i meet first time………i think before meeting him “how to meet him”……”what will happen while meeting”

    I have nervousness while talking all the time. I can not speak with confidence. I think it is wrong when i do anything or speak….
    My mind thinks about mistakes and complaint.
    The more i dwell on the anxiety, the worse it becomes.
    I am always in hurry to do things… excitement in mind, unsteady mind……..I can not do anything with relax mind.
    I always try to stay away from crowd. When i go to Temple or Church, my heart beat increases after seeing the crowd.
    I am unable to remember subject topics of my study of college. My memory is weak.After coming from college to home, i feel very tiredness.
    I can picture myself in any given public situation (i can think of) having a panic attack and being paralyzed by fear not knowing what to do or where to go.its a terrible terrible picture that my mind paints.
    Whenever i want to go outside of home like go to market or go to shop….my mind alarms me if someone meet me accidentally then how i shall face him.

    Currently I am taking anti depressant medicine “OBSENIL 50mg” for this since 1 year. I am approximately 90% fine and feels relax with this medicine (sometimes little bit hurry and unstable mind, excited mind). But due to this medicine i have constipation and digestion problem. Due to this i feel disturb during college class.
    I need a permanent cure for my problem. I don’t want to live my whole life with anti depressant medicine “OBSENIL 50 mg”……….please someone help me…….i will pray for you for treating me.

  298. Satish Kumar Anand says:

    Dear Doctor, I am suffering from depression since long . I am a very lazy person and always avoid to do work , though I plan everything in mind but cant implement the same. I cant come with the situation when 2 or more works faces me. I try to ignore most of the works and expect some body to do the same for me. I think for secure future too much and always try to take easy path. I am very much worried about my son who is suffering from bipolar disorder for the last 4 year, He had to discontinue his studies midway. His present position also increase my depression and I am too much worried for his future. By nature, I get irritated very soon and suffering from mood disorder too. Please advise me homeopathic medicines for treatment. Thanking you, Yours Sincerely, Satish

  299. ilse engle says:

    Dear dr
    I live in south africa and tried all meds even mood stabilizers

    Addicted to benzo’s

    Please help


  300. Sandhya sin gh says:

    I have fear of travel in trains, aeroplanes, closed rooms . i have claustrophobics . please suggest me some medicines.

  301. Dear Sir, My mother, aged 72, suffers fever with chills. What can medicine can be given to her. What potency, No of pills, frequency and no. Of days.

  302. I used to be anxious about maserbation and that tiggered the anxiety of getting week, then i found that one day i can not have errection and since than i am victom of anxiety. My fear has alway been about getting errection and how to perform sextual activity or intercoiuse. I don’t get pleasure at the time of orgasam.

    Please prescribe me some good medicine to get rid of the problems i face.

  303. Maureen Welsher says:

    Hello Dr. My husband died in January and I have recently been put on 7.5 mg of Zopoclone to sleep and 5mg of Citalopram for my anxiety-and recent panic attacks. I have been advised to seek a homeopath from a friend.Will my doctor let me run this natural treatment along with his medication .? I want so much to go the natural route but afraid the doctor will stop my medication if I tell him. Thank you .maureen .

  304. Sir, how I use this and how many time I want to use aconite or argentum nitric um daily

  305. p c chopra says:

    Due to a long tension life both at home and at work I am now on anti depressants by a well qualified psychiatrist. I am ok most of the time by taking medicines for 6-9 months but the same reoccurs. Symptoms include feeling of doing nothing just wanting to sleep but actually cannot, tingling in the body, bad thoughts, and very bad feelings.
    I feel that by taking homeopathic treatment I will be able to rid myself of depression . Can the same be taken with allopathic treatment?
    I do meditation and pranayama and that seems to help but not with acute symptoms.
    Kindly advice including name of a very good homeopathic doctor in south Delhi.
    I a retired 67 yrs armed forces person

  306. kuldeep singh says:

    My problems r a lot like trembling ,highly sensitive 2 noise, lack of confidence, shyness, timidity, social anxiety, palpitations, low self esteem,all time nervous, confused, fearful etc. Since my childhood. Now I m 38 n absolutely unsuccessful due 2 my personality disorder. So pls help me n guide me. Thanks

  307. Hello Doctor, After reading dis article I am vry much confident dat I will get fully cured with the help of Homeopathy . I am sufferimg from anxiety disorder n panick attack for last five yeats but dint hv idea dat its bcoz of anxiety. plz help me…

  308. Respected doctor
    I am azhar and now i am 39 working as teacher. I eye witnessed of a murder when i was 15. Then panic attacks started i was in a fear of death constantly. After some time i.e one year that symptoms gone away with out any treatment. But from 2003, these panic attacks came back more worst. I have visited many elophetic doctors. Their treatment gave me relief for the time being but these panic attacks comes back again. I feel fear of death. I have got a crowd phobia too that why i feel uneasy during religious or social ceremonies. Some time i get these attack during class and i have to leave the class in its middle. I am suffering from a worse fright of stage which is badly effecting my performance because some time i have to deliver speech to students during ceremonies.
    Pls advise my treatment with details

  309. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    Allow me to ask you for help. I suffer from milk and gluten intollerance and also panick attacks. In the past I had salmonella, mononucleosis and was vaccinated for tetanus. I have problems since.
    I was very attached to my mother for many years and we were best friends. We are enemies since she knows I like different religion than hers. I lost home.

    Thank you for your help.

  310. Hi, i have been left very anxious afyer suffering a stroke at 49,
    diagosed with depression and ptsd, can you recomend anything please

  311. i have come to know that Aconite is best for unknown fear and anxiety.In how much dose i take this medicine.kindly help me.
    best regards

  312. Hi Doctor,

    Recently, I have been detected heart problem i.e. my heart is getting loaded. I am 57 yrs old working woman, having emotional stress. Can my problem be treated with homeopath medicine?



    my name is prasad am fourty yaers aged male teacher shall i enter in to my issue since last19 yeasrs i have been suffering from generieised anxiety disorder panic attacks and depression i am taking alloppathic medicines upto two years i had taken arjentum nitricum that time i got rid off all alloppathic medicine and went on with the same but i came to know silver nitrate is not at all herbal and wont cure anxety . is it total remedy doctor today i cosulted a homeopath she prescribed arjentum nitricum 30 c . now i also taking librax and cofranil sir will i get full remedy with the arjentrum niticum a full remedy for it plese answer me

  314. zafar javed says:

    in 1999 my child age 12 years expired in an accident then after one or two days i have feeling fear unknown with chest pain and pulpitation , myn pulpitation is offen goes to 120 for one to two hours and back to 80 , i have used cipram ,prozek,motival ,tryptanol etc etc after a few years i have used so many homeo remedies and feeling well but i understand that there is no qualified homeo doctor in our village who prepare the specific dose of any homeo remedies this the main cause that after a few days i am again feeling fear etc aspecially pulpitation at this time my main cause of fear is pulpitation .my pulpitation is work normal but after 2 pm or 4pm i am feeling a little bit of fear which is going on to 8pm after 8pm i am feeling well offen,my pulpitation is going on 90 to 100 at morning from 7am to 10am and after meal from 2pm to late night then i am taking 1/4 piece of tab pulse 50mg .If i am taking this 1/4 pc of tab pulse 50 on 7am the pulpitation is normal 24 age is 53 year my weight is 90 kgs and i have two son and two daughters and a govt servant,moreover iam feeling muscular weekness ,headach,sexual weekness,chest & arm pains for a few time /minuts which are automatically leftover after few in want to use homeo remedy for especially pulpitation no.2 fear no.3 weekness no.4chest & arm pains. no suger and no other cholestrol level is near about blood pressure is offen read normal,my ecg and ett test 100% normals.

  315. sanjay rathi says:

    i suffer from agoraphobia
    I m 40 years old
    kindly suggest me some remedies
    I can travel alone 7,8 kms from my home but nit much far off
    your remedies are highly appreciated

  316. Deb Kumar Kundu says:

    I have been suffering from anxiety and fear since last twenty years. I have tried my best from coming out from this disease which is associated with bipolar depression. I have consulted number of homeopathy doctors and psychiatrists of Kolkata, WB.

    Kindly advise.

  317. anees ahmed says:

    Aôa dr sb. Is peyronies dîsease treatable wid homeo

  318. prakash tripathy says:


  319. Repected Dr.Sharma, I am much worried about my unwanted thoughts and worries like unsafe future,death fear ,hight fear etc.When I am busy in my work I feel no thoughts no fear and no worries and when I sit alone different type of thoughts comes in my mind and I feel so much upset.Homeopathy Dr.advise me medcine Aconite, carbo veg, assafotida and robinia.I am using the medicine from one month .I want to get your openion plz advise….

  320. g.swapna says:

    Dear sir,
    I am 30 yes old mother and I have been suffering with depression symptoms like sad mood,lack of interest on sex and hope, sleeping little,always feeling tired, sometimes suicidal thoughts,over weeping,lack of concentration,low blood pressure, etc.I lost my loved mother in law and father in law an year ago which was a shocking. Since then I have been feeling the depression.once I was admitted in the hospital with severe low blood press sure which was cured temporarily but the disease is not gone from my body and mind.and having browsed in your website I developed hopes of treating my problem.sir , please help me by addressing my issue as soon as possible.I am from andgra Pradesh.thank you very much sir and eagerly waiting for your reply.

  321. Sheetal kumar Kad says:

    doctor Sahib . imay mention that my symptoms of anxiety Resemble nearly 99percent of Argentum Nitricum But seeing to the side effects ,imam afraid of taking this Medicine. kindly Advise

  322. sanaullah says:

    Sir I feel very sadness ‚fear‚upset ‚alway in panic ‚hopeless condition I have always fear in my heart that something will happen . I have always whistling sound in my ears in lonely places .I feel anger so I become violent on small things when I m angry I always cry .I have used Kali phos6x ‚kali mur 6x Argentumnite200‘‚china200‚ferrumphos200 ‚passiflora Q for one and find nor result plz give your kind recommendation thanks

  323. Hi Sir
    I am amit suffering from anxiety disorder
    I am getiing nerous better exam /interview /to meet stranger
    Iam too shy involved in public presentation . Seat in palm / Feel heavy load on heart /to aviod situation

    Plz provide the remedy for the same

  324. khalid malik says:

    HELLO DR SAHIB.H R U?I got problem of claustrophobia in long flight i am now in Canada traveling from Pakistan to Toronto was havoc for looked like i will die like fish out of water.this is happening seldom in long flights.i feel i am bound in jhaz where i want to g et out of it in fresh body becomes fainted type and perspires plus cold with sweetening.i beg to people like i am very needy person to go outside or dyeing.
    some one suggested me net rum mure 200 it works but no permanent treatment could be.sexually i am non inclined even got three marriages.whims come and circles round my heart etc.
    can you suggest medicine according to my symptom so that i can get out of malik

  325. Hi sir
    I am amit age 30 I got nervous before giving presentation asking question in seminar ; interview & even in social interaction
    What is best medicine fo r it
    How much dosage & how much time should I take

  326. i think he needs spiritual treatment. go check up to some maulana.

  327. Tariq Hussain Rashid says:

    Dear Dr.

    I am 33 years old. I had symptoms of stress when I was in 5th class at the age of 8. Due to being jobless I had a constant stress and worries in 2002. Since then following symptoms arose.

    Fatigued all the time.
    take a deep sleep but no freshness
    too much sweating.
    sever pain in my shoulder, abdomin, legs, and feet.
    burning sensation in feet.
    lack of concentration
    loss of memory.
    poor confidence.
    rapid heartbet.
    feel to much on small issues.
    dry skin.

    At present I have a good job and no stress but I have anxity attacks and depression.

    Please advise the medicine available in Pakistan.

  328. Kulbhushan Garg says:

    I always have afear in mind as to what will happen if I close my eyes.In Dec 2013 I had the Catracat Surgery and that too was under GA. So I have a eye closing Phobia. Can I have Argentum Nitrocum. If yes what is the dosage.

  329. Hello Sir,

    I am getting panic attacks every now and then. 1 to 2 panic attacks per day. I am on Allopathic medication for depression, I am using Remeron 30 mg before going to bed.
    I feel numb, feared, short breathe and tight muscles during the panic attack.

    Please suggest me a homeopathic remedy for this.


  330. my doughter suffers from anxiety and depration every now &them wants to vomet but she doesnt.
    42 years old 3children doctor in education.
    one of the kids a girl 8 years old has learning set back . relations withe husband in general ok . his computer ginus . they are economicaly ok.
    what would you recmend?
    thanking you in advance

  331. sayan chatterjee says:

    i treat in alopathy medicine for last 11years . but till now i can not get permanent relif from it. it relapse again &again

  332. sir I am 26 year old suffering from panic disorder with agoraphobia since 2006. now it stuck me so hard that I do not even out of my home. Always feel nauseated, loss of appetite, pounding heart, tremor are the main symptoms. please help me

  333. My cousin is suffering fro severe dipression, stress. She got this problem after her pregnancy. When attack happens she abuses every one, shouts uncontrolably.

    She has one year daughter.

    Please suggest remedy for her

  334. Nitin sharma says:

    sir good evening sir i alwase feel fear, mostelly when i drive car and in night sleep time. Sir ple help me. i am just 35 years.

  335. Shahida Gulzar says:

    Hi i had a very stress full time since last April. Marriage and family problems and then stressing
    about my childrens exams . Any way last year i started grtting very very tired and forgetting things. And pins and needles on my left hand some times feet . Symtoms got worse and last week the pins and needles travelled up my arm and neck and my face. I got so scared went to hospital and they ruled out stroke . Whilst i was in hospital i was geting palpitations and they started to monitor my heart and everything was fine. My legs turning jelly and light headed ness some one pointed out stress related symptons. I pani so much i think im going to die. My hearts starts beating fast and the onset can sometimes be really fast. I cant go to work as im so scared im going to have an attack and i cant cope at home . Plz help me im desparate to get my life back to normal.
    Shahida gulzar


  337. Hi i have been suffering from a very severe kind of anxiety and depression for the past 3 years and it has paralyzed my life. It all started with depression then to panic attack, and now just severe anxiety disorder. These are my symptoms-constant ringing in the ears, plugged ear and nose(allergies), headache, tingling and numbness,blurry vision,moving mouth,sweating,tense muscles and tightness, body pain,voice cracking, choking feeling,extreme anxiety for public speaking,trembling and shakiness. Nevertheless, i feel very less nervous talking to people when the sun is shinning and when its dark, but i have extreme anxiety talking to people in a room where there is bright light. please what can i do? i dropped out of school, and couldn’t develop a relationship since i start having this problem. I used to be opposite! thanks

  338. Sir,
    I am very lazy I feel that my body is very heavy and I have no energy. I feel sleepy more time also I am very hesitative and weak memory.I feel better at the time of evining, bathing. I feel more apetite but digestion is weak and also I am a little weighty and fatty.

    Sir, I will be very thankful for your effort .

  339. Fiaz Husain says:

    I m feeling not well from last 16 years, and treated by different encephalopathy doctors can u guide me.

  340. jitendra kumar says:

    Sir , I m suffering from long period of anxiety about 2 years. Sir I m very upset about this everytime in home, college, tution…there are symptoms ..1) shortness of breadth 2) chest conjestion 3) nasal blockage 4) fear about my health . 5) fear about my future 6)think about suicide. I always try to solve this problem but I failed . This problem increases day by day . I m not went anywhere college, tutions, competitive exams. due to this problem. When somebody talk to me I m always fear, I don’t like anything like travelling, meet to friends,phone calls,I m always at home. When somebody ask me what’s your problem I never tell, I m always say I m fine. The main problem is shortness breath everytime and fear about to go any place like college, exams,etc.I always monitoring my breadth .
    So, please sir solve this problem very urgently and permanently.

  341. Chhavi Dixit says:

    Dr. jee,, i have fear from closed spaces, like lift, aeroplane etc. please help me,, how can i relief from my claustrophobia,, plz i need ur help.. plz help me

  342. angela simons says:

    Hi, I developed severe anxiety attacks after having a typhoid vaccination 8 weeks ago, it has set me up with a generalised anxiety disorder with derealisation , unable to sleep , churning stomach etc.
    I am unable to let go of these thoughts and worries about how awful and strange I feel, it is ruining my life.

    what do you suggest ?


  343. Hi Dr. Sharma

    i am arun 38 yrs.old. my brain is little slow, i don’t have mental clarity. i have tried several medicines like Ginkgo biloba, ginesing, avena sativa etc. but could not meet any success. few months back one of my friend who is studying homeopathy recommended damiana. i started taking it and found it very much useful. but after taking for few weeks i started feeling pain in my right leg. whenever i get up i feel pain in hip joint area and while walking also i felt my right leg is jammed.

    Actually it has a history. i had a hip fracture in right leg around 1.5 yrs back. surgery was performed and doctor recommended me not to put weight on leg till the fracture is healed. here i took symphytum and ruta and my fracture was healed within 6 months. doctors were surprised at this speedy recovery. i am still taking above medicines now.

    however, when i started taking damiana i felt severe pain in hip joint area, due to which i had to stop medicine midway.

    please advise as i want to cure both problems.


  344. Rishabh Mishra says:

    How can I quit to chewing gutakha. I am taking last ten year.
    My age is 28.

  345. dear doctor i am suffering from depression from last last one and half years and having a severe negative thoughts about my religion and holy book.kindly advice me some homeo medicine for its remedy.thank you very much.

  346. ashok goyal says:

    dr is severe anxiety 100 percent curable & hw long will it take i hv a severe anxiety with legs trembling & afraid of darkness could not beer any noice


    Dr I have stage fear, I become blank on stage,panic so kindly tell me perfect remidy,

  348. Kulbhushan Garg says:

    Dr. Sharma, I have a very sever CLOSING OF EYES Phobia. Is it curable & to what extent.
    Kulbhushan Garg 9811228976

  349. Feel anxiety all the time however while dealing with peaple and communicating over phone l feel fear and come under stress.

  350. g suresh kumar says:

    iam 46 year old. i am suffering from tinnitus in both ears (right one being severe) for last 17 years. Initially it was little, not significant in day time and manageable. recently (since one year) it is really bothering. i tried all medications and treatments. recently i have tried tinnex injection also but no improvement.

    i have hearing loss of upto 60db in the high pitch range (2khz), continous ringing noise is bothering me. i am having sleepless nights and fully exhausted tired through out the day. i heard about argentum nitricum in a tv program. i have many of the indications like anxiety, low self esteem, vertigo, digestion problems, vision problems, memory problem, dullness, ear problems, so on. In addition to these, i have hypertension and high cholesterol. please suggest me if it would help an other remedy for my problems.

  351. Pawan Kumar Kumar says:

    Dear sir,

    Pls suggest me the dosage of aconite.I am suffering from depression,anxeity & panic attacks.

  352. sangram keshari rout says:

    Anxiety attacked 15yrs back seeing a bloodshed dead body while I was going jobless then and family disturbance too.continued medicines allopathy for 4/5yrs,took anti depressants for also.everything get okayed after 5yrs.but seeing an emotional scene in movie,listening a death news and fear of height have been a constant threat to face has turned black not the body,loss of hair in head.getting good sleep for 4yrs without sleeping pills,good appetite also..i am a male,age 40,private marketing job,no peace in me out.

  353. sujan kumar lo says:


    • Suffering from axiety& nurvousness in morning upto noon only after that it become alright but during this period verry confusing thought are comming in my mind, feeling bad pl sujest ?

  354. I started experiencing severe depression symptoms 12 yrs ago when my kid was 2yrs 5 months old., this include I might hurt myself and heart sinking down, totally cant enjoy life at that time. sometimes I felt like I might hurt my kids than I started praying so thnks to god no more of those feelings but now I started getting scared of things around me that I might hurt myself and heights started bothering me whenever I m driving over bridge. it never use to happen but lately that has started. Actually 12 yrs ago when I started taking Zoloft I was able to perform at that time started with 75 than reduced to 25 mg. but since last two yrs my depression or anxiety is bothering me a lot, I m losing my health , don’t want to increase the dose of Zoloft is there any cure you know abt in homeopathy medicine. plz reply

  355. I am 46 years old man in 1980 one seizure episode came to me when I was 13 years old I took that time ayurvadic treatment . up to 10 yrs I have no problem but in oct. 1990 some problems occurred suddenly as I am going to loose my controlled ,violent palpitation , disturb sleep and ideas, shortness of breath ,nausea, missed heart beat and so many problem according to psychetrist panic disorder and anxiety presently iam taking antidepresent ,benzodiazepine and beta blockers .

  356. Deborah Silver says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I suffered from depression so severe I was near suicide and reacted to all the SSRI drugs. I was prepared to pay $15,000 (which I did not have) for a magnetic treatment for depression which came with no guarantees. Fortunately, I decided to try homeopathy and Aurum Metallicum changed my life! It not only pulled me out of my long term depression but it has been nearly a year and I am still doing very well. That’s the good news.

    The bad news – my daughter suffers from severe anxiety and depression. She is not open minded enough to see a homeopathic practitioner. After reading your article “Argentum Nitricum as a Homeopathic remedies for Anxiety”, I am convinced she could benefit from this treatment since she exhibits every symptom you discuss.

    However, I am concerned that she has been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder in the past. She tells me this diagnosis was incorrect. If she does, in fact, have bi-polar disorder, could Argentum Nitricum, cause her harm?

    Thank you so much for your input.

  357. Dear Doctor,

    I am suffering from Anxiety disorder and depression for about 5 years now.

    This started when I am constructing my house. I got vexed on a worker who used to trouble me a lot. One day I shouted at him and he shouted back at me. And I don’t know what happened, soon after that I started feeling dizziness/fainting and I came out of the house and rushed to doctor. My BP shot to 170/80 and doctor prescribed temporary relief medicine. Since then, I am suffering from symptoms like, fear of loud noise, when I hear a train sound , or if some one shouts at me, my heart rate used to go up. Another issue is, I was not able to walk on a wide place, or ground, as I used to feel I am walking imbalanced and need support, or else I am going to fall down and run for support. Later I approached Psychiatrist. He subscribed medicines on low dose and using it. But not of great help.

    The basic reason why this happened is because of this construction work, there is lot of stress and i am keeping it to myself and it kept adding and bursted out all of sudden because of this worker. Thats wahat I feel. Just FYI.

    After some time, it got controlled and these symptoms reduced but used to come back depending on situation.

    Later I developed symptoms like shivering of hands ( very lightly) but this is again situation based. I again reported this to doctor(English medicine). He asked me to continue same medicine.

    Its gone but less frequently comes back. Again depends on situation.

    My current situation is, the original problem of heart beat goign up if some one is souting or hearing a train sound is gone but concontration issues I am facing. I mean, I am unable to concontrate on the computer screen and need lot of effort like making eyes big and shaking my head to get concontration on what Iam doing , like reading computer screen. So I am living in virtual reality like world. Some how my mind cant concentrate on what I am watching. Many thoughts.

    As I am alone , as long as I am busy at office thoughts vanish up to 50% at office , but soon after they start to come back.

    Once I had a situation where I felt like blood rushing down and felt like going unconscious. But this happened only once when I attended my close relatives funeral.

    Recently I came abroad on company purpose for a long period and my brother is not well at that time and leaving parents as well, I am very sad. Again the anxity issue came up. Suddenly while I am in the airport, I started to fell dizzy and feel like taking support so that I wont fall down and some how I sat in the flight. But the situation is so worse that for first time in life, i think this is againg the symptoms of anxity, I felt like my left hand is going paralysed slowly and losing strength.After long time I got my strength back . Now after landing now my left leg has the same issue. I was sort of dragging my left leg and took taxi to company rental house.

    But with in a day these paralatic symproms are gone. Then at the end of the week while I am in office working , I saterted to feel my left hand is loosing strength. Then I rushed to local Psychiatrist and he asked me about my history. Then he said all these are anxity symptoms and you are not going to get paralysed dont worry. He said, your anxity levels are raised because you came away from your family and one of your family memebers is ill as well, so thats the reason hese paralysys like symptoms. He asked me for the medicines I am using and asked me to continue the same and practise soem meditation.

    Now afte using the English medicine for nearly 5 years still I am not back to normal. So I though of asking you to help me out in Homeopathy.

    Can I get some help doctor?

    Eagerly waiting for yor response.


  358. Hello dr my question is how many times in one day can aconite be taken also do these medicine interact with alcohol how many hours gap do you need before consuming alcohol thank you.

  359. Dear Doctor. Since childhood I have been suffering from Generalised Anxiety, Depression and Panic Attacks. Basically I am from Andhra moved to Delhi working as Central Govt employee went to Allopathic, Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist, Ayurveda, Naturopathy what not and what more. But the problem is intact. Now the symptoms are:

    1) Generalised Anxiety (feeling of uneasyness)
    2) When I laugh I get pain in the jaw and unable to laugh much time because of tightness in the jaws.
    3) Panic Attacks when argumentable situation occurs.
    4) Depression (mild & mood swing) through out day.

    To control all these symptoms I am taking Rivotril 2 mg one tablet in a day.

    Kindly suggest permanent remedy to this please. Suggest good medicines to overcome this problem for which I shall be grateful to you.

    As far as Exercise is concerned I am doing regularly, taking proper diet with ample water, sound sleep. Even though the problem remains intact.

    Waiting for your reply, pl

    With regards,

  360. rajat jain says:

    m 40 yrs. 5-5 “, 72kgs. suffering from generalised axiety disorder, since 13-14 yrs, mother is scziphrenic. digestive discomforts(IBS).

  361. Lincoln Smith says:

    Since 9 years suffering form depression,used a lot of Alopathic medecine .But now turned to homopathic treatment. But still having problems like head ache especially on the left side variable pain,with pain in the eye and sometimes deep anxiety regarding health condition. Always concluding that I am suffering form dreaded deseases like cancer etc. please help.

  362. I am very glad that I found this page and particularly this article. It seems that NITRICUM it just fits me. I have a fear to be alone in the house, my husb. will go out of town for a 5 month job work, and he will be home just in weekends. Just the thought of being alone makes me feel bad and maybe already in panic. I am very worried about what will I do, how will I cope alone and so much more things, all in panic disorder group, according to what I’m reading thus far. I want some natural remedies such as homeopathy. I know that as for as I’m going to be alone I’m going to be in a state of panic, worry, anxiety till he returns. Sometimes, there are some panic attacks with all it includes heart palpitations, mind craziness, thought of going crazy, mind exhaustion while seeking a way to go out of this, worry that I wont be able to make it etc. Please, could you tell me what should I take during these 5 months. I already started to take B vitamins, and vit. C (high doses). Multivitamins and Wholemegas from New Chapter I take on daily basis because I am a breastfeeding mother. Please, could you tell me what homeopathic medicines should I use, how much, for how long?! Can I use them paralley with the vitamins that I am currently taking? And, is it ok to breastfeed my 14 month old girl while taking the homeopathic medicines?!
    Thanks in advance for your answer,

    • A.A.dr shrma i am married and am sick of panic attacks and fear of travel,fear of markets.i can not live alone .i weep too much .i can not travel plz help me and tell me medicines

  363. RAHUL KUMAR says:

    Dear Sir
    i have been suffering from anxiety from last 6 years. but this anxiety is intermittent ,say sometimes it lasts for 6to 7 months and automatically disappear & i remain quite free from it for next 7-8 month. again after few months i suffer from this. some times its is very mild,some times i feel extreme anxious. major problem i am suffering due to this is as below.
    1)trembling while speaking
    2) heart palpitation
    3)fear without any reason
    4)trembling in hands and foots
    5)change in behaviour
    6) irritating nature
    7) try to avoid all such things which make me anxious,fear etc
    8) fear while meeting any new person or new situation
    9) avoid to initiate any new thing.

    please help me in this regard.this anxiety is ruining my day to day life..

  364. Harikrishnan P S says:

    Iam suffering from General Anxiety disorder from my childhood(from about the age of 7 as found out by the diagnosis of the first psychiatrist who treated me at about age 21).Now iam 25. I had OCD and have overcome it almost.But my main problem now is the increasing inability to eat food.Whatever i eat, i have to goto toilet after few minutes or hours .This makes eating very stressful activity for me and iam very exhausted and tired.Doctors(Allopathy) have told me this is because of IBS aasociated with GAD and some serotonin issue and all.I have been taking psychiatric medicines(Allopathy) for about five years now and i don’t have any relief.Would like to get a guidance from you on which Homeopathy doctor to visit in terms of degree.I see MD,BHMS,PGDEMS etc and am confused whom to approach for this problem(GAD and IBS)

  365. Respected sir,
    I have been taking homeopathic medicines since 4 years. I have been suffering from depression & anxiety & high B.P..The doctor is M.D.homeopath.So far I have not got cured 100% although there some temporary relax sometimes. Many times I feel drowsiness & dizziness & because of that I can not focus, concentrate on work properly & do the justice to my responsibilities. My doctor have never told me that which homeopathic medicine he is giving to me.So you are requested sincerely to please suggest me the most perfect homeopathic medicine so that my faith in homeopathy remains firm.
    Thanks & Regards,

  366. mushtaq ahmad says:

    dear dr saheb,
    I am generally enjoying good health but have to constantly struggle(without elopathic medication) to manage,high cholestrol, minor level diabetic stage and some stress.
    I have read ur description and chosen Argentum Nitricum. Can u advise on potency and frequency of taking this remedy
    mushtaq ahmad, lahore

  367. Ajay singh says:

    Respeted sir mai akele safar nahi kr pata hu.apne sarir (body) ke ango ko leker chintit rahta hu.kisi bhi mareej (Patient) ki death kisi bhi rog se hota hai to lagta hai ki kahi easa rog mujhe to nahi ho jayega. nakaratmk soch hamesa bni rahti hai.

  368. Sir,
    My brother 33 Male.
    He has symptoms of anxiety, stress, anger sometimes voilent , irritation.

    low confidence, getting angry and irritated over small things (like if bus come late, not getting result as per his requirement etc ), get hurted over small things, assume other think negative of him, in anger he become violent and (like throwing things) and abusive, worry on small things ( like if he going to some place he get worried how he get hotel, how he will manage, how will be the weather etc), thinks many times before taking decision and after taking decision he worries whether he has taken right or wrong decision, confused what to do
    kindly suggest what medicine will help him.

  369. very good, but taking potency level not perfect

  370. Hi Dr Sharma ,
    My husband is a 59 year old army officer who suffers from cerebral ataxia, and has not slept for over 25 days since last month . He has developed severe claustrophobia and becomes uncontrolable in the confines of a car so now taking him anywhere is become impossible . Please help.

  371. i m sufferng GAD-sad…!,my age 28yrs,guwahati…plz give me advice hw can treat…?!!! in homo…thnks

  372. Shrivastava Abhishek says:

    sir according to the symptoms im suffering from generalised anxiety disorder, im taking duloxetine 2 mg 2 times a day but on any time of the day the feeling of sadness comes like why im doing this, why im working. The more i think about this the symptoms increases, please tell me the medicine dosage and how to get cured from this anxiety. Will Argentum will work

  373. Dear Sir,

    I am very glad today as i find myself to know what i was searching for since years ago.

    I would like to share and ask your opinion as i am suffering from below sypmtoms since childhood or at the age of 14 04 15. Some of them are disappeared but i don’t know permanently

    1. At the age of around 15 travelling on public buses , i get worried when stop is very near and i dont have words how can i ask conductor/driver to stop the bus (as this is common practice in pakistan to stop bus wherever you like)

    2. When i start talking to any girls at my school my muscles of face strat trembling and i cant even speak a single simple word in my mother tongue.

    3. when it is about to speak in front school assembly my legs were trembling and i was so worries and try to hide.

    4. When ever there is any pubic event like eating out, presentation, talking to seniors or even junior, i faced below randomly
    4.1) I am totally blank minded,
    4.2) face’s musles start trembling
    4.3) Fear to speak out
    4.4) Words are not coming in my mind (English or even in Urdu)
    4.5) Hands shivering
    4.6) Badly heart palpitation
    4.7) Feel heart beating in my ears
    4.8) Fear alot
    4.9) Take negative impact of other peronality by looking on their face or profile
    4.10) Feels someone capture my mind
    4.11) Feel load around my upper forehead and around eyes
    4.12) People can easily find out i am badly nervous from my face and eyes
    4.13) Feels hotness in ears and really at that time they are red bcz of blood flow
    4.14) Inferiority complex although technically i am very sound and hardworking
    4.15) High sexual desire
    4.16) Start thinking in mind before or after meeting with single person or group, what they will ask me and how i will reply, what i had to reply, How to start the topic, Afraid to be wrong this make me so confused and anxious.
    4.17) Check door locks many times after closing it properly. and etc

    But I keep trying and never sit back and always participate in such events but this weakness is really a BIG and Worst obstacle for me in my life.

    and lately i came across the term “glossophobia ,claustrophobia ” which is EXACTLY I AM.
    and I am glad to know the cure is “Argentum Nitricum”

    But please doctor advice am i right? and which potency and dosage pattern is good for me.

    Other details:
    Age: 32
    Gender: Male
    Surgery: None
    Diet: Normal
    Health: Good
    Cholesterol: No

    I sometime use Aconite 200 one time a day, but it gives me i can say temporary relief.


  374. keshav kumar says:

    i am taking Escitalent 10 from last three year, if i do not take this pill i cant concetrate.whenever i put oil or water on my head it start paining and i find that my memory has gone weak.

  375. abdul ghulamhussain says:

    have sleep disorder and depression and anxiety

  376. doctor
    sir i am 39 years old female having one child of 14 yrs. old. i have got gall bladder operated 6 yrs back.
    presently ifeel insomnia and depression for the last 5 yrs,and anxiety. my husband is acute patient of anxiety. his allopathic treatment is on for the last 7 yrs.

    please suggest me to get-
    good sleep
    and of depresion/anxiety.

  377. Annmarie Kelly says:

    Hi I would really like a second opinion, I have been seeing a homeopath and for the last year I’ve been taking arnica, which was a great help, for my prolonged anxiety, then my mum died a month aha and he prescribed ignatia, that worked too, I felt ready to come off it as I felt better, so he said to go back onto arnica the thing is I’ve feeling anxious a fear of bring anxious is this the correct remedy for me thanks

  378. Shashank Gupta says:

    Hi Doctor, I am 30 years old male. 5 feet 11 inches tall, 74 kgs weight. seeking for ur advice on below:
    since last 5-6 years i am suffering from nervousness, anxiety, sensitiveness and stomach problems. for example, If someone sasys something to me I will keep on thinking for entire 2-3 days and keep on scolding that person in my mind but this increases my anger and i feel exhausted with in 4-5 mins after my ager but I find myself unable to react in front of that person but there is no feeling of fear from that person or from any situtation . I m getting irritated from little things, feels very high anger in my mind like uncontrollable but either i will not react or if i start speaking i can not controll and after that i feel like my power of whole body is taken from my body. If I say something to someone after that I feel that why i say so i should not react like that or there was nothing like reacting so much but if i dont do that i keep on thinking very deeply and emotionally in my mind which will exaust me mentally and physically. My second problem is that i think that what other think about me, I get nervous if i have to speak in a group of less known people or people i am not comfortable with. I can listen my heart beat or kind of beats in lower part of spine if i am asked to speak in group of lesser known or new people. I am getting more sensitive and emotional for least things. My third problem is I am worried about my carrier future but it doesnt trouble me much. it may be due to other problems. and my Last but not the least problem is my stomach. My bowls are not cleared and feels like somepart of it remained in my stomach due to which i always feel heaviness in left side of lower stomach like my stomach wants bowl movement but it is not happening due to any reason.I am very much emotional and getting sensitive what others say to me. I dont know that when I was happy last time, I never feel happy. Kindly help me. it is hampering my presonel and professional life. an
    Best Regards,

  379. Rajesh Kumar Singh says:

    My wife, 29 years old is suffering from OCD (diagnosed by doctors) as one thought appears in her mind all time i.e. every second. To get rid of unwanted side effects of allopathic medicines I would like to switch over to homeopathic medicines. Which one you would prescribe. Kindly suggest.

  380. Zaheer Ibn Yacoob says:

    I am suffering from anxiety since last two months . lost lot of weight 5kg dont enjoy while eating worry about loss of weight stomach gets tense feels hard previously aconitum used to help .Now which medicene should i have

  381. Evette Stuck says:

    Hello , I’m looking into a good homeopathic for anxiety / panic attacks. Right now I’m taking calms forte which helps some. I don’t take any prescription drugs as I don’t like them. I have had anxiety / panic attacks off and on for about 25 years now. They usually hit me when something major happens in my life ,like a death in the family , or just recently my youngest son moving out. The more I think about them the worse they get. What would you recommend for me homeopathic . Thank you , Evette Stuck

  382. Inder mohan miglani says:


  383. Dr Sharma

    I have been suffering with panic attacks for about 12 year. I did have them under control but they have come back to me. I get panic attacks at the thoughts of leaving the house, going shopping, supermarkets, crowed spaces, flying .. A lot of the time having to go somewhere I can’t leave when I want to. This is having a huge impact on me and my families daily life please advise what u can recommend..

  384. Dr. i don’t know whether i’m suffering from anxiety or panic attacks, but for last one year i’ve been suffering from dizziness. my blood pressure also fluctuates off and on. always feels like shaky. cannot concentrate on objects. cannot look down from the roof of the building. did all the tests but everything is normal. don’t understand what is happening. read many articles on net about anxiety and most of the symptoms are matching. please help me.

  385. RATAN PAL says:

    Dear Sir,

    Dear Sir,
    I am Ratan Pal from Chhatisgarh. I am 32 years old. I have been suffering for headache problem since 2007. I have been consulting several times with the doctors for relief my headache problem. But result is same as before. I did C.T Scan in 2011 in self interest .The problem is that:-A small punctuate hyperdensity is seen in the left anterior paraventricular white matter. There is no perilesional edema.Resest of cerebral hemispheres are normal in morphology & attenuation. I am feeling tension due to headache and sleeping is not good as my require. Is it GAD problem or not? My question is that is it curable disease or not? I want to be permanently cured from this kind of disease. Would you please let me know how can i relief from this kind of disease?

    Thanking you,

    Ratan Pal

  386. Nadeem khan says:

    i have been treating more than ten years of anxiety problems i have taken many alopathic medicine like zara CR, proxil, xenix, tofranil etc. in different periods but problem is that when i off taking medicine anxiety cam back after few month. My problems are given below

    Feeling Stress in my left shoulder and in chest
    problem in breathing
    worried about upcoming disease like heart attack , anxiety panic attack etc
    afraid off from long plane traveling very much
    feeling high TEMPER and anger event on little problems

    kindly advice me for permanent solution for anxiety either in form of medicine or exercises advice medicine which have no side effect.


  387. neelam sharma says:

    anxiety to all wark,fear,pt is hard wark fear of father, responsible.ambicios, fear of violence.irribl.disease-GAD

  388. Dear Sir,

    I have been having the following symptoms:

    1) have a great anxiety of fear of death and traveling on long distance by Air, bus or by motor cycle and i get anxiety of being just like dead and have a cardiac arrest
    2) I keep thinking i will have a cardiac arrest . Due to anxiety and stress my bp is on a higher side.
    3) I user to take parioxitine 20 mg for five years and then stopped it as was not helping and my liver enzymes were coming high.
    4) I take alprazolam .25 mg from time to time
    5) I feel irrrtable and am always thinking about stressful situations and am not at easy most of the day.
    Would request you to help me as i have not been able to live a happy and healthy life. Also have got a big phobia of flying so cant travel also.


    • Nadeem khan says:

      i have some thing same to you my brother if you got any treatment plz advice me too



    • Gopalakrishna Bhat says:

      ,Dear sir

      I have been having the following symptoms:

      1) have a great anxiety of fear of death and traveling on long distance by Air, bus or by motor cycle and i get anxiety of being just like dead and have a cardiac arrest
      2) I keep thinking i will have a cardiac arrest . Due to anxiety and stress my bp is on a higher side.
      3) I user to take parioxitine 20 mg for five years and then stopped it as was not helping and my liver enzymes were coming high.
      4) I take alprazolam .25 mg from time to time
      5) I feel irrrtable and am always thinking about stressful situations and am not at easy most of the day.
      Would request you to help me as i have not been able to live a happy and healthy life. Also have got a big phobia of flying so cant travel also

  389. Sir, since 2 years i m suffering from generalised anxiety disorder 5 times suffered from panik attack also has some symptoms of depression suffering from excessive sleepiness sometime body weakness unwanted fear, sometime palpitation ,uneasyness,kindly suggest best homeo remedies

  390. ashutosh verma says:

    sir i have a great anxiety of fear of death and traveling on long distance by bus or by motor cycle and i get anxiety of being just like dead in crowd of jam etc. pls help me i will be highly obilize to you.

    ashutosh verma

  391. Kathryn Weber says:

    Hello,I have been diagnosed with P.T.S.D. clinical depression and severe anxiety. In the past six months I have experienced sudden loss,much trauma.I am on medical leave from work.I have been senior Ayurvedic therapist for 9yrs. at the Chopra Wellness Center.I am 56yrs.old.Never have I experienced so much fear,anguish, and lonliness.Antidepressants are not helping.I worry about everything.I feel hopeless.I know I must move forward,get back to work,embrace life however time has only increased my symptoms.Please can you recomend homeopathic remedy that will stabilize and help me to recover my enthusiasm for life?Years ago I was seen by a Homeopathic Doctor who told me my constitutional remedy was Phosphorous.There are so many dfferent remedies I am confused.Thank you!Sincerely, Kathryn Weber.

  392. Mohammed Ansari says:

    Previously I had no anxiety but at the age of 32 , I suffered from malaria( first time in my life) and I was admitted to hospital in a critical condition. I experienced a great fear that time. Once the treatment went on , I experienced great tachycardia while taking chloroquine tablets and falcigo injections. Then I discharged and become completely ok. After two months again I suffered from malaria and again I was treated with the chloroquine. Even I was not fully recovered from my illness , I went out of station and after reaching my destination at evening time I felt panic nervousness at my guest room. I took lycopodium 30 , 6 doses and feel some what better from the next day. After 6 months I felt nervousness in evening time. Observing my symptoms for a week, I went for homeopathy and Dr. gave me Phosphorous-200(single dose) and I was cured. Then some critical family problems aroused due to which I was stressed too much. I am in a state of too much worry thinking of the consequences of the problems. Problem is related to sort of dangerous disease of my family member. All the time I thought about the problem and made myself much worried. Then again after 5-6 months ,I felt nervousness in the evening time and again I was treated with Phosphorous-200 but this time I was not cured after having two doses. Situation became worse within 15 days as I also withdrew myself from chewing tobacco. Then I had a cramps in my stomach , I took offloxacin-200 BD and was cured . Again in same month I had stomach cramps and chest discomfort. I took offloxacin -200 again and cured and at the same time I took my ECG which shows tachycardia and some abnormalities. It worsen my situation of thinking. Then as per Dr. advice I was tested heart ECHO, which was normal and I was diagnosed as a patient of Psychiatrist. At this time my symptoms were:
    1. Too much stiffness at neck and between scapula towards left.
    2. Due to this constriction and past experience of my ECG I was in much thinking state – “What will happen? Is there any disease in my heart? Could I have heart attack?
    3. Due to chest constriction , neck stiffness , I was totally thinking about my heart condition at all the time.
    4. Insomnia.
    5. Tachycardia at day time.
    I was put on Triptomar-12.5 which makes me completely normal and relaxed. As I make my dose half again I am experiencing above mentioned symptoms but somewhat less.
    Now I am expecting complete cure by homeopathy and I want to stop allopathic treatment.

  393. I am 50years old , an advocate,suffering from stammering . previously I was ok but since 2006 I am unable to go for arguments in the courts. there is fear , trembling , anticipation that I could not speak etc . etc.please if there is any treatment

  394. Hello Dr.Sharma
    i m very skinny (5 foot 10.5 inches 57kg) 22 years of age male.i remain in anxious state especially when i am outside the house and in presence of strangers or even in front of guests(and sometimes in front of my family) I have a severe feeling of weakness even i just walked some steps and tired immediately and need a sleep i tired immediately after doing anything i am very self conscious and do things wrong in front of strangers and also my friends. i cant stand straight or walk straight in front of crowd. i eat well but can’t have a good looking health(as i want to gain some muscles on my body). I want to remain a cool guy but i always reserved with everyone.i also have extremely extremely lack of concentration and lack of memory performance………! here is my problem and this is going worse day by day so plz. suggest me some useful treatment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  395. i am interest to enquire more about remedies on anxiety plz

    • 1.kali phos 6x.4star.
      arsenica album.3star.
      argentum 3star.
      try ths medicnes.

  396. Dr. R.S. Manik says:

    My son is 22 years old. He has symtoms of anxiety, what others will think of me, escapism, low self esteem, fear of facing world, can not say no to others, feels alone in this word, kindly suggest treatment

    • takecths medicne
      1.kali phos6x.before the bedfor better sleep for atlst 8week.4 pills
      2.ignitia200.on empty stomach.early in the morning.daily.
      3.alfalfa(wth ginseng) general tonic for better body and mind.
      do pranayam and meditation regularly.
      bestvof the luck.

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