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Homeopathic Medicines for Zika Virus Treatment and Prevention

Role Of Homeopathic medicines in treating Zika Virus

homeopathy-zikaZika virus is transmitted to people through bite of an infected mosquito belonging to Aedes species. These mosquitoes are day biters and are the same ones involved in spreading the dengue and chikungunya fever. However the illness caused by Zika virus is much milder than that in dengue fever. The illness from Zika virus can last from few days to a week. Zika virus can also be transmitted from one person to another through sexual contact and also from infected mother to fetus. Severe complications and death are uncommon.

Symptoms of Zika virus Infection

Eighty percent of the infected with Zika virus do not develop any symptoms. Those having symptoms complain of fever, skin rash of maculopapular nature, joint pains, headache and conjunctivitis. In December 2015 an association was found between serious birth defect called as microcephaly (small heads) in babies born in a mother having Zika infection during pregnancy due to transplacental crossing of virus. Microcephaly leads to developmental issues in children. Ongoing Researches are also trying to find out if any relation exists  between this virus and Guillain –Barre syndrome where life threatening paralysis appears.

 Homeopathic Medicines for Zika Virus

Homeopathic medicines Eupatorium Perfoliatum, Belladonna, Rhus Tox can be safely used in Zika virus infection treatment. These medicines come the closest in treating the symptoms of Zika virus infection. In an epidemics when a huge number of person are attacked by acute and similar sufferings from similar cause, Homeopathy can be of great prophylactic help. Homeopathy has been highly successful in treating epidemic diseases. Among them are cholera, dengue fever, yellow fever typhus, and conjunctivitis. Records show that during epidemics , homeopathic medicines are of great help in reducing the  mortality when compared to those put under conventional system of medicines. One very popular example is of homeopathic medicine Belladonna as prophylactic for treating scarlatina epidemics.  In year 1801 when scarlatina prevailed epidemically among children, those who were given homeopathic medicine Belladonna as a prophylactic remained unaffected with this highly  infectious disease. So homeopathy has a huge role to play as prophylactic when a disease spreads abruptly over a large area . So in such cases , a single medicine that is most closely allied to the symptoms picture of the disease can be used as a prophylactic. Thus , Homeopathic medicine Eupatorium Perfoliatum can be used as  prophylactic in Zika virus infection as this medicine has the closest match to the  symptom set presented in Zika virus infection.

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  2. Marytere Sultan Farell says:

    Hello Dr Sharma. I live in the southern coast of Mexico and have contracted the Zika virus. It is a mild case, but I wanted to ask you the dosage to give to my family of the Eupat Perf. Can I take it too? It is worth it to take Rhus tox for the rash? Thanks a lot, Marytere

  3. a prabaharan says:

    dr sir my dad age 60 uric acid lev 7.1
    piz tel me treitmend

  4. T.K.Banerjee says:

    Excellent work.The explaination is crystal clear.We are a great believer of Homeopathy and this has been of great help.
    I shall only request to bring in the literature a few pinpointed symptoms. Also please explain from your great experience the sympton transformation progressively during ailment and the consequent change in medicines(hierarchy).
    Thanks all the way

  5. game news says:

    Wow because this is extremely helpfulexcellent work! Congrats and keep it up
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  6. counter strike says:

    Love the site– really user friendly and lots to see!
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  7. Angela Cook says:

    Thank you so much for this information. I have been using homeopathy for 40 years and have experienced it’s effectiveness time after time for myself and family. We plan travel to West Africa this summer and would like prophylaxis against Zika which is not in high concentration yet where we’re going. However, the potential for spread of Zika is great. I would like to know how soon before embarking, what dosage and frequency to administer the Eupatorium Perfoliatum as prophylaxis before and during travel. Thanks.

  8. keerthika says:

    good afternoon sir. can we get any help in zika virus regarding its cure in homeopathy

  9. Satyawan says:

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  10. Oscar Oliverio says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma!
    The remedy Eupatorium P. and Rhus tox to prevent Zika Virus is good taken orally(globules) in
    Doses of 30CH?
    Thank you very much
    Oscar Oliverio

  11. says:

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  12. sally dunkley says:

    Dear doctor Sharma My son will shortly be travelling to south america .I am a homeopath and plan to make

    up a small kit of remedies appropriate to the Zikka virus and the cmplication of Guillain Barre Syndrome

  13. Oscar Oliverio says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma!
    I heard abou the zika virus, which seems to be very dangerous to travel to certain places like Cuba
    and other countries. I am 76 years old and never took any kind of vaccination like flu, etc.
    I am a healthy person and have use homoeopathy all my life. In April I am planning to travel to
    Varadero Cuba for hollidays.
    In my case what will be the best medication to prevent the Zika Virus?
    I use to take medicines in 30 CH potency granules or liquid.
    Thank you very much for your attention.
    Oscar Oliverio

  14. please suggest me medicine for grey hair ..I m 24yr old. silecia 12x I will try but do not effect my hair.

  15. Hello sir
    My father is 68 yrs old and he is suffering from dementia (binswenger syndrome )
    Sir plz reply can homoeopathy help anyhow in this respect.
    I will be obliged

  16. Samuel Paris Jr says:

    Just saw this.

  17. Sir
    Im 32 years old and im facing some pains in my joints. My doctor recommend me to have renal function test. Firstly i have done my test on 25 aug 2014 and the result is 6.1 and now today i do that test again and the result is 6.4. Can you please tell me the reason

  18. Jacinda Fisher says:

    I have diabetes,high blood pressure, MS.and severe arthritis!!!! Been trying essential oils, what can you recommend!!!! Jacinda Fisher

  19. Peter Reeve says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    I am a student of homeopathy, having attended the College of Homeopathy College of East Anglia in Norwich for two years. I am very interested by the challenge that the Zika virus poses to homeopathy. I have read what you have written on this website. Surely there must be a way of taking a nosode of the Zika virus, as is done for other diseases? Would you know if this has been tried in a high potency? It seems to me that if it cures – and I don’t see why not – then it could be a breakthrough for the acceptance of homeopathic medication, particularly as a remedy could be produced in very little time and in large quantities, even to be used as a prophylactic.

    Best wishes,
    Peter H Reeve
    Sheringham, Norfolk, England.

  20. vijay kakra says:

    baryta c calc c mag c tuberculinum

  21. Rosalia Mariz says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I hope you and yours are wel. I am wondering if there are other remedy possibilities for preventing the microcephaly, can a woman of child bearing age take propholactically to prevent passing it on to fetus? would you still recommend belladona? in what potency? for a woman trying to get pregnant, who may be infected without knowing it?

  22. cgvhjkl;

  23. Kolby Jones says:

    How deadly is Zika virus and is it life threatening? Is there a cure and when might a vaccine be made?

  24. Ranjit singh says:

    Homeopathik me thyrotoxicosis ka kaun sa dawa hota hai aur kitna din khana parta hai please batay.

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