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Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Psoriasis Treatment

090806-scratching-head-02Is psoriasis really curable? Will Homeopathic remedies for psoriasis permanently cure it ? Why use homoeopathy for psoriasis? How is it so that a disease which is termed incurable by the orthodox system of medicine can be cured with homoeopathy? These intriguing questions are very commonly faced by homoeopaths all over the world, dealing in skin disorders.

How Homeopathy works for Psoriasis

Firstly, one needs to know that Homoeopathic remedies for psoriasis work by optimising our defence mechanisms. Psoriasis is a result of an overreaction of an immune response, and homeopathy cures it by optimising the immune over-response. It does not suppress the immune system. So, homoeopathic healing is not a miracle or a lucky exception but a fact of biology; the result of the optimum utilisation of the body’s natural healing system which is curative and non-suppressive in nature.

Secondly, it is important to realise that the statement by the conventional system of medicine that psoriasis cannot be permanently cured, is only their own opinion, based according to the results achieved with their treatment.

The safety aspect also strengthens the case for homoeopathic medicines to be used for treating psoriasis. While using them, the patient is not exposed to the risk of toxicity as homeopathic remedies for psoriasis are highly diluted and side-effects are extremely uncommon.[toc]

What Is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a chronic non-contagious skin disorder. It can affect any part of the body but most often occurs on scalp, elbows, knees, hands, feet and genitals. It may present itself with severe itching and physical discomfort. Although there are many types of psoriasis, the most common type is characterised by raised and thickened red patches covered with silvery scales. Many skin disorders may portray such symptoms, but three main features which differentiate psoriasis from other skin disorders are: psoriasis has well-defined borders. The surface has silvery scales that easily come off and the skin under the scales has a shiny red appearance

Half of the cases of psoriasis show some changes in their nails .There may be pitting, yellow – pink discoloration or complete loss of nail due to the involvement of nail matrix and nail-bed.

What causes psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a skin disorder caused by the over-reaction of our immune system. T-cells (a type of white blood cells) usually protect our body from certain infections and diseases, but in psoriasis they are put into an over-action mode along with other immune responses. This immune over-response leads to inflammation and fast production of immature skin cells. Usually, the production of skin cells takes about a month before they mature, but in psoriasis it may occur in only a few days. One-third of all the cases have a strong family history of psoriasis.

Homoeopathic Treatment for Psoriasis

It is very clear from the above discussion that psoriasis is not so simple to prescribe for. So, it requires a lot of detailed study of the patient before anything can be prescribed. It requires a deep constitutional analysis. The history of the disease, the family medical history, physical and mental characteristics of the patient, the likes and dislikes, medication details are all taken into consideration. This approach stands in consonance with the homoeopathic convention: Treat the patient, not the disease. here is the details of the top grade homeopathic remedies for psoriasis . I would rank Arsenic Album and Graphites as the top grade homeopathic remedies for psoriasis treatment.

Top Two Homeopathic Remedies for Psoriasis

1.Arsenic Album – Top Grade Homeopathic medicines for Psoriasis

Arsenic Album tops the list of homeopathic remedies for treating psoriasis. Homeopathic medicine Arsenic Album is indicated in psoriasis where skin peels off in large scales. Skin is dry, scaly and excessively rough. Dryness is accompanied with burning and itching.  Cold applications worsens the itching and burning. The use of homeopathic medicine Arsenic album must also be considered for patients who have alternation between their skin symptoms with respiratory troubles like asthma. In homeopathy mental symptoms of a patient are given extreme importance while deciding the constitutional remedy . An Inportant mental symptoms for selecting Arsenic Album in psoriasis include anxiety and restlessness

 2.Graphites –  Homeopathic medicines for Guttate Psoriasis

Graphites is a highly effective homeopathic remedy for psoriasis . It is mainly used when there is excessive dryness and scaling . Graphites is effective in various types of psoriasis – scalp , guttate , inverse and nail psoriasis. In scalp psoriasis , it is mainly used when psoriatic patches over scalp are attended with marked itching and burning . Slight sticky discharges may be present. In guttate forms it is used when skin is dry and rough with fine scales. In inverse psoriasis it is indicated when patches appear in bends of limbs, groins and behind ears. Lastly in nail psoriasis it is the best indicated when nails are brittle, deformed,  and crumble very easily.

Homeopathic Remedies for Psoriasis – The Plaque Type

Amongst all types of psoriasis plaque psoriasis is the commonest form. The lesions are mostly seen on scalp, elbow and knees. The lesions are typically dry, red with adherent silvery white scales in abundance. The best homeopathic remedies for psoriasis of plaque type are Arsenic Iodatum, Arsenic Album and Phosphorus.  These homeopathic medicines can be used as per the main symptom presentation. Arsenic Iodatum is best choice when large scales peel off  from the psoriatic patches with rawness of skin left behind. Arsenic Album is used when excessive scale exfoliation is accompanied with marked itching, burning and cold application worsens the symptoms. Homeopathic medicine Phosphorus gives good results when plaques are prominently present on knees and elbows.

 Homeopathic Remedies for Psoriasis –  The Guttate Type

Guttate psoriasis mainly shows its presence on arms, legs and trunk. The lesions are small drop like with fine scales. Homeopathic remedies for psoriasis of the guttate type are Graphites, Sepia and Kali Ars . Graphites is mainly indicated when the psoriatic lesions show extreme dryness and roughness with fine scales. The constitutional symptoms that carry high value for selecting Graphites in psoriasis include timidity, indecisiveness, sadness and despondency. Homeopathic medicine Sepia is another top remedy for guttate psoriasis. To make Sepia a choice of remedy in psoriasis, constitutional symptoms are given importance. Last mentioned remedy Kali Ars is used when numerous patches of dry, scaly skin appears with intense itching. Kali Ars is also applicable when discoloration of skin results after psoriasis

 Homeopathic Remedies for Psoriasis – Scalp Psoriasis

 Homeopathic remedies for psoriasis when scalp is involved are Calcarea Carb, Lycopodium and Graphites . Calcarea Carb is selected mainly for scalp psoriasis in those persons who shows a tendency to perspire freely mostly on scalp. Intolerance towards cold, increased body weight and craving for eggs are another set of symptoms that carries importance to make Calcarea carb a choice of medicine in scalp psoriasis. Worsening of symptoms in wet weather may also be seen. The next homeopathic medicine Lycopodium is selected when psoriatic patches over head are attended with excessive itching. Evening time between 4:00pm to 8:00pm is the worst time for itching aggravation. The psoriatic subjects needing Lycopodium may give some sort of history related to urinary or gastric sphere. Homeopathic medicine Graphites is used when scalp is covered with thick, dry psoriatic patches and itching with burning accompanies. As a result of intense itching and scratching sticky discharges may be seen on scalp.

 Homeopathic Medicines for Psoriasis – The Inverse Type

Inverse psoriasis is marked by red, inflamed skin areas in folds of skin like armpits, groins, under breast, bend of knees/elbows. Inverse psoriasis is also called as flexural psoriasis. The main homeopathic remedies for psoriasis for the treatment of  inverse psoriasis include Graphites, Merc Sol, Graphites, Natrum Mur and Sepia. Graphites is best choice when inverse psoriasis is mainly seen in groins, bends of limbs and behind ears. Merc Sol is to be thought of in inverse psoriasis when excessive sweating accompanies and worsens the symptoms. Natrum Mur and Sepia both works well in inverse psoriasis when bends of limbs are involved.  

 Homeopathic Remedies for Psoriasis – Nail Psoriasis

Homeopathic medicines Graphites and Antimonium Crudum are the top grade homeopathic remedies for psoriasis when nails are involved . Graphites is indicated when nails are deformed, brittle and crumbling. Nails may also get thickened, and may become sore and painful. Antimonium Crudum works best where nails are split and grow out of shape. The nails are also discolored ranging from yellow to red.

 Homeopathic Remedies for Psoriasis- The Pustular Type

Homeopathic remedies for psoriasis when it is of the pustular type are Hepar Sulph and Silicea. Both these medicine occupies high rank in homeopathy for eruption with pus discharges. Hepar Sulph is indicated when excessive burning, stinging pains are present and skin is sensitive to touch. Warm coverings are preferred by the person needing Hepar Sulph. Silicea is second most preferred homeopathic medicine whenever skin shows suppurating tendencies. Silicea helps in proper healing of pustular psoriasis by absorbing  the pus in the most harmless manner.

 Homeopathic Remedies for Psoriatic Arthritis –

 Top homeopathic remedies for psoriasis when joint are involved are Sulphur, Radium Bromatum, Staphysagria and Rhus Tox . Sulphur can be used when increased use of local medication have suppressed the psoriatic skin lesions and joints are affected thereafter. Radium Bromatum is useful for where the psoriatic patches have itching and the joint pains are worse at night. Staphysagria can be used when skin symptoms alternate with joint pains. Rhus Tox is useful for relieving acute joint pain attacks in psoriatic arthritis

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  1. There are red rashes on the inner sideof the elbow on both the sides of both the arms,have irritation,little stiffness,but no the fresh air or in swear heat red straks and patches becomes very visible .please help me to find the remedy.

  2. ravindra singh senwal says:

    psorisis prob

  3. ravindra singh senwal says:


  4. Anil Kumar says:

    Hi Sir,
    Am having Psoriasis on my scalp and used doctor prescribed medicine,but still it’s not cured.Is it possible to get it cured thro homeopathy?Kindly please let me know.

  5. Anil Kumar says:

    Hi Sir,
    Am having psoriasis on my scalp n used some doctor prescribed medicine,but still it’s not cured.It is possible to get it cure thro Homeopathy?Please let me know.

  6. Lisa Gorman-Disbrow says:


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  7. Ashoke Das says:

    Hello. Sir
    I am Ashoke Das. 26 years old. I have been suffering poikiloderma atrophican vascular for 25 years.
    It is affected on plam,sole, elbow,knee, every joint, red and black patch like raindrops..
    Now, Arsenic Album 200 medicine is going on… recommended by Homeopath doctor.
    Kindly suggest me, how can get better results…..
    Please advise me, I am waiting for your email…….

  8. Hello dr Sharma,
    My son who is 31 years old suffers from sever psorises. It started at his puberty age and by time despite using many different remedies and following different food regiment it just got worse and it’s all over his body and scalp. The only place saved was his face which now also has small patches and that is depressing him despite trying to be positive.
    He tried humira few years back which helped a bit but then he stopped as we were worried about side effects. Specially that he was not getting totally cleared. He tried it again last year with less results.
    We live in Bahrain. I don’t know how you can help? Is it possible that we send you pictures and based on that you send us the medication? I know how the doses of homupathic medicines can be small. Pls help

  9. hina khan says:

    Hello DR my name is hina.i have psoriasis from past 1 yr . tried various medicine now I am taking homeopathy medicine. Can psoriasis b cured in homeopathy if yes how much time does it Ihave severe itching on my legs and hands with red patches .pl help can I come out if this disease and lead a normal life

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  11. himadri bera says:

    Sir, Psoriasis parmanantly cure by homeopathy treatment?kindly reply please.

  12. Dr. Diya Basu says:

    Doctor, I am suffering from psoriasis since last 3/4 years. It has affected the soles of my feet. I am taking Dr. Batra’s homeopathy medicine since last 1 year. In the start the problem was almost gone, but since last 3 months it has again come back in a bad way. I had Vitamin D3 deficiency and had taken D3 till Feb. 2016 (weekly for 4 months ).

    Request your suggestion.

    Dr. Diya

  13. Hello doctor…,i am suffering from psoriasis from 2 months itss on my palms i have prescribed some homeopathic medicines like kali brom…graphite n so on.i would like to confirm whther it woul get cured or not…thank you

  14. Sourav M Dhar says:

    Hello Doctor Sharma,

    Greetings of the day!

    I am a patient of Psoriasis. It started last year around Dec with joint pain and i consulted some allopathy physician. They are renowned doctor. However still continuing with the medicine like Momate Lotion for Scalp and iONAX T Shampoo and also Calpsor C cream for skin and Venusia as lotion to keep the skin moistened.

    This got cured but suddenly from May’2016 it started evoking again and I am consulting homeopathy and right now I am having Sulphur 200 and Graphites 200 separately past 3 weeks. Seeing a little change with the red inflammable patches to be turning blackish and fading away.

    Can I use this medicine R65 and is it to be used with R21. I need to get out of this at the earliest. I am into Sales and Marketing. This may cause because of Stress.

    Kindly help and suggest.


  15. when I do medical checkup there seen a scar on my lungs. all other condition of my lungs is clear and normal. only scar is sceen.. is there any treatment in homeopathy to remove those scar?
    please suggest me

  16. jayeshkparikh says:

    i have psoraisis since 20 years.Its place of body is changing time to time. Presently it is on both hand fingers, scalp and grow in. i have tried various therapy but still it is in the same position. itching is lot on fingers,scalp and grow in. white patches are found on fingers. skin is cracked and some papadi is coming out. what medicine shall i take in homeopethy?

    • Hi dr sharma i have psoriasis since last 7 years. It started in scalp knee and shin areas but got fine after taking allopathic medicines around knee and shin. Aftet a year it came back around my left malleolus area and stayed there for few years as i neglected the problem a bit though i took few hoeopathic medicines in between but not regularly. Few months back i saw one allopathic doctor and he gave me a gel n the patcj disappeared. But after a month or two later now psoriasis came back on the nack of fingers and knuckle areas and also back of elbow n right malleolus and affecting my work. I have seen one homeopath and he gave me petroleum and sulphur 200 but didnot see any results so far. Its been 2 months. Plz help me in this regard…

  17. Felicia Chen says:

    My son has sever dry skin that turns into rough red patches that itch like crazy! I have tried everything dr.’s and friends have recommended. I did dermalmd psoriasis serum morning and night and have finally got rid of the rash. Now it’s just used after baths or pool time to keep the skin from getting irritated again.

  18. i am now negative of chronic HBsAg by the help of MED LAB Vancine, if any one is diagnosed of HBsAg or any diseases should contact them now via email :

  19. Pradip Kumar Barick says:

    Respected Sir,
    My wife is suffering from psoriasis with the following symptoms since long so please help.About her sickness history it is such that she is now bedridden due to attack of epilepsy since December 2013 accompanied with high BP and blood sugar.Now her BP and sugar are in control. She is using allopathy medicines for the ailment regularly. Her nail in left ring finger and nails of both feet have deformed and having yellowish and reddish discolouration. Psoriasis spot are mostly below knee and scales coming out. On itching blood comes out from itching site, also few spots are there on other body parts.
    Yours sincerely ,
    Pradip Kumar Barick, Samalpur, Odisha, India.768005,Mobile No. 9777813311, mail address

    • Pradip Kumar Barick says:

      Respected Sir,
      My wife is suffering from psoriasis with the following symptoms since long so please help.About her sickness history it is such that she is now bedridden due to attack of epilepsy since December 2013 accompanied with high BP and blood sugar.Now her BP and sugar are in control. She is using allopathy medicines for the ailment regularly. Her nail in left ring finger and nails of both feet have deformed and having yellowish and reddish discolouration. Psoriasis spot are mostly below knee and scales coming out. On itching blood comes out from itching site, also few spots are there on other body parts.
      Yours sincerely ,
      Pradip Kumar Barick, Samalpur, Odisha, India.768005,Mobile No. 9777813311, mail address

  20. Hi Dr Sharma,

    I am suffering from psoriasis for 20 years on my hands,elbows and knees.Many other family members have same is dry no itching ,cracks on skin which is very painful .after some weeks dry patches disappear but come to another place.I would be thankful if you can help me and other family members.



  21. ajay kumar says:

    Sir mai 4 sal se dandruff se presan huin aur aur bal jharte hai , jab nahate hai tab sir mein aata taip ka saphed rang ka ho jata hai aur bad mein papri hoke ukharta hai

    age 23 Sal

  22. Shuvendu Dutta says:

    Hello sir i am a dentist have to wash hands regularly and also have to wear gloves sir few days back i visited a dermatologist for my nails the dermatologist diagnose it as psoraises .Also i feel itchy near elbow my nails getting slightly yellowish discoloration and nail bed is thicker so please give ur line of homeo treatment for psoraises

  23. Hi , I have psoriasis, and was interested to know if you can help me ? My worst area are my hands, elbows, knees feet and this year got really bad and went to my legs. I’ve been to many doctors and spend a lot , but with no success .I am interested to know more about your treatments and how they work.
    Hoping to hear from you soon.

  24. I started taking medicine of psoriasis from dr. Batra’s Amritsar clinic for my 10 years old daughter but instead of cure, it has spread in many other parts of the body. Should I stop taking it ?

  25. P.devaraj says:

    Sir, since 25 years I hv nail psoriasis culture test report was trichophyton fungal infection.after 5 years I got scalp psoriasis. Since 10 years I hv genetial psoriasis.i am 60 years old.wen I was 16 years old I had testicle itching and scaling after using medicine testicle itching and scaling cured. I hv taken treatment with dr. Batras for 5 years. There is no improvement and now iam suffering with finger joint pain and swelling. Now dr advised me to take hydro chloroquine tablet. Ther is improvement in joint pain. But psoriasis activating.and I hv side effects of gastric,fatigue with hydro chloroquine tablet. My psoriasis is very less may be its mild.dr let me know that it’s curable or not.if curable how long treatment I hv to take. And what will b the cost of treatment.kindly reply.

  26. manoj sharma says:

    I’m manoj sharma have psoriasis many year ‘s not well now take homeopathic ‘s long time not well .
    Pls let’s know how ‘s fast well ?? Pls help

  27. AS Sajid says:

    Hello sir, last two years back I noticed in my scalp some oily and white dandruff. But just within six month it turns into another problem that a big number of dead skin portion is comming out. Even when I use water in my scalp it becomes white and a huge number of white skin notice in my head. I have severe itching problem too. I have visited some skin specialist and they suggest me to use some Aloe tar shampoo and Xenosal cream but! not get ride off from this disease. Can you help me please ..

  28. Albina khawas says:

    Gudmrng doctor please could you help me out because my father is suffering with choric scalp psoriasis.I’ ve taken all the allopathy treatment as well as homeo treatment but the condition is getting worst. please help me out.

  29. Hi

    I have severe skin allergy very old .wanted to know cost n duration of treatment

  30. Adrienne McGuire says:

    I’ve been using DermalMD Psoriasis Treatment serum for about one month. Since I began to use this, I’ve noticed a remarkable difference in the psoriasis that has troubled me for the last six years. My skin has become more supple and less itchy – it looks much better as well as feeling better. The balm has a great scent and the fact that it is all natural is really important to me as I am very allergic to many products.

  31. Sir,
    I have psoriasis since 10 years, huge patches which covers 70 percent of my arms, stomach,back,thies and on ear lobs. I have itching at mid night. Recently nails are also getting affected. Kindly help.

  32. Suk anta Gangopadhyay says:

    I have been suffering from acute psoriasis since last three years. My entire under feet skin of both go legs are badly affected. Condition is such that I can’t even stand or walk. Skin layers are coming out with bleeding. This is creating wounds in the underfoot region with pain.

    Please help me.

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  34. I don’t know if telling you my symptoms is any use. You are not being paid to help me, and so I apolgise if Im out of line sending this. I hoped that perhaps something may jump out if I list my symptoms? Im at my wits end; sorry. Here goes.

    I had psoraisis on and off my whole life (from age 2, now age 47). Homeopathy cured it three times but dont know which remedies as it was too long ago now. I Have it all over, 80% of body (plague), scalp, athritis, and nails. I am on no medication.
    I also have adrenal exhaustion, extreme ocd and tic disorder (intrusive thoughts, music in loop, strong tics, these are the main ones but Im also overly sensitive to other people’s energies and energies of a place). I had a full breakdown a year ago due to stress and health issues. Since then I cant bear visitors anymore as I feel too contaminated by their presence. I cant go visit them as I cannot sit on chairs. I cannot touch or hold a pen, it is too unbearable so I cannot write anymore. It has all gotten so extreme the last 18 months that I am now living in a nightmare.

    I am overwhelmed and exhausted all the time, have insomnia and wake up several times in the night- slightest thing wakes me up. Im highly sensitive to all things: smells, sounds, noises. Injustices and cruelty really get to me deeply. I cant let go of anything from the past, constantly greiving and resentful of past hurts. I am lonely and all alone, but long to find love and be loved. Im afraid to get close though, and have trust issues due to being hurt a lot. I seem strong but Im fragile and cry all the time, really deeply every day. Feel like ending it all, but I don’t want to do that, for various reasons… I just want to suffering to stop. Dont worry I wont do that!

    The urge to eat is strong, I binge a lot with no sense of satisfaction. I cant stop eating warm foods, spicy, carbs, pulses proteins and breads. Im vegetarian so cant eat meat though often miss it.

    Im always thirsty, and find it hard to keep warm. I have a stomach hernia and acid reflux, very constipated, and exhausted even when lying still. Constant palpitations. Poor circulation. legs and feet go numb if sit still for long. Lower spine curved exaggerated from birth so get back ache if standing up.
    Very forgetful and difficulty concentrating. Put keys in the fridge and things like that… foggy minded. Was not always that way. Get mentally worn out quickly. Cant take it in when Im reading.

    Hates sweet things, dislikes salt, loves coffee and starchy foods, spicy and warm foods. Loves rain and thunderstorms. Birdsong irritates me to the extreme.

    When I went to homeopaths in the past it was just for the skin, I didnt have all this going on then. The picture was simple and I always saw a cure in my skin in weeks or days. Now I keep going to homeopaths and not getting any better. I cannot find out what I was given, it was too long ago and no records kept that long. I was recently given cal carb which did nothing; I didnt feel it was right anyway but trusted the homeopath. Now Im about to give Nat Mur a try… off my own back. Homeopath is ok with that, and advised the dosage of LM three times a day.
    Fed up with not getting the right remedy and it is costing me a fortune going to homeopaths… My current homeopath doesnt seem to be getting a remedy that works and he is quite difficult to talk to so Im looking around for someone else. Feel totally at a loss here.

  35. rajesh kumar says:

    I am suffering from Psoriasis from past 14 years. I have developed arthritis also. No such case of psoriasis in family so far as I know.Intially for two years was on methotreaxate but after that mostly on ayurved. It has helped me control psoriasis to some extent but not complete control.I am 42 years old. These days suffering from acute joint pains. Can you please help me to control this disease in a safe and effective manner.

  36. Lalitha Venkat says:

    I have psoriasis since 8 years in my palms. I have tried all medicines but of no use. Can it be treated in homeopathy

  37. yatin rastogi says:

    sir, I’m 21 yrs old and I have psoriasis from last 17 18years on my left leg knee.Sir from last 1week the puss(पस) is coming on very little part of tha psoriasis and this symptom is increasing but little slowly and my weigh is also very much according to my year and hight is 5.8 and weight is around 95.plzz sir suggest me some medicine.I m very much scared plzz help me..

  38. mahaboob says:

    Dear Doctor. Good evening.

    The patient is 10yrs boy since 2 years he is having psporisis in the palm area but now it is spread to foot knee and elbow .At present halopathi treatment is on we want your advise may be we would like to visit you also on need be basis .
    looking for your early reply.

  39. DR.HARESH says:

    how can deside potency?WHICH POTENCY TO GIVE PSORIASIS DZ?

  40. Mahommed Feroz says:

    I have red patches on my head and certain parts of my body. I have psoriasis on both my lower limbs, elbows, behind my ear lobes and lower back. How can you assist me.

  41. Subhasmita says:

    Hello sir,
    My grandmother is having has started from last 3months .she was take homoepathy medicines it was totally cured then again the doctor has given some medicines saying it would totaly go away but the itching will increase,now from last 2o days it has increases alot even more than the last time.i kindly request you to tell will it cure? Or the doc has given the wrong medicine knowingly?plz reply

  42. sakshi mishra says:

    Meri mumy ko psoriasis ki problem hai unko head mei B bahut iching hoti hai N dandruf type lgta hai puura N hands mei back mei sb jgh hoti hai iching can u plz suggest some gud medicine fr her

  43. Hello Doctor
    I am 31 years old.I have been suffering from psoriasis since more than 10 years, but for the past 4 years it became very severe that I lost all my hair as my major affected area is scalp. I took allopathy medicine and ointment (Propysalic),when I use I use to be very free and my hair was also good, I stopped using it and then I got it back. I am working women not house wife so I am unable to go office as everyone keep asking em what happen.So taking advise from my dad, I started homeopathy’s my last hope to clear. But homeopathy has no affect.
    Now it has become arthritis and very sever that I became very inactive/dull. I really have very high pressure from my in laws to get it cured else I would have to stay in my mothers home itself.

    Please advise or help me.


  44. Pourus Wani-Deshmukh says:

    I have major scalp psoriasis. Please help me. I’m 19 years old, a student and it’s very embarrassing for me to go out with this condition. I use long hair to hide my scalp but only I know what I go through. I avoid wearing black too. I need help.

  45. Rakesh kumar says:

    Dear sir
    i am suffering from psoriasis nearly 6-7 years.I have taken too many medicine like homeopathy and allopathy due to that psoriasis cover all my body chest,hand,nail,back in all nearly from 1 years i am suffering arthritis. now I am taking allopathy medicine but no improvement.please gibe me a good advice and medicine.

  46. Nikhil Garg says:

    Sir, jaise he summer ka season start hota ha mere gala per black nishan ho jate ha aur hand ke khoni ke jood per bhi black nishan ped gaye ha sir gale black tava jaisa lagta he sir jase dhoop jyada hoti black nishan aur jyada ho jate ha . Thanks in advance sir please advice me

  47. suman awasthi says:

    My age is 32 yrs suffering from psoriasis and now it has reached to my head also. hand and toe fingures are also effected. i have thairoid also, which is controlled at present. Stones is alsos htere in gall bladder. Pls recommed the medicine i can take to recover from all these.

  48. Sir, hopefully you will be fine.
    I am under treatment for psoriasis from two weaks but my psoriasis is increasing since I started homeopathy treatment , even new patches are also grew and itching on the body.
    I want to know that can is top treatment , how much time it will take for reducing it

  49. Poonam Sharma says:

    Dr I am a 35 years old female and suffering from psoriasis since last 13 years.. First it was in small patches.. But slowly it spread to my legs, arms, behind the ears and scalp.. I’ve tried many treatments from homeopathy to ayurveda but none has helped much.. Please suggest me some treatment which can cute me from this condition.

  50. sir I m 22 yrs old girl suffering from scalp psoriasis from 3 yrs tell me is it curable or not? n wat are its causes

  51. Prabhakar mishra says:

    Sir mujhe pure saris par psorasis rog hai mai topisol lotion aur novel ct scalp lotion ka use karta tha pure sarir par mujhe chamdi ke phatne jaise barrohaa aur kaan main buz buz hona susti lagna nose se sent aana bhookh na lagna kamzoori lagna chhakar aana sarir foolna chehra main soojan eye ke niche pet mota mota lagna sir please koi uppaye bataiye

  52. Ashish kumar says:

    My skin is affected by pulse,it is type of desses on kachh/gangha. Plz help me

  53. sonu james says:

    I am a 26 year old. suffering. With scalp psoriasis. For 14 years. And year psoriasis for 2 years. Now I just. Started. long it will take to cure.

  54. rashid husain says:

    I am45year old male isuffring from psoriasis last 5 year small and long patches hole body is leg hand stomch back hip so itreat elopathik but no respons this deseiss i very tense the problum pleas what treatment for me .kindly give and immidiate riply i ‘ll”be very greatful .

    Rashid Husain
    Jaunpur u.p.

  55. Kamalakar says:

    Dear sir,

    I am suffering from psoriasis since the last ten years recently i confirmed it is psoriasis. It is in form of rashes and patches on my knees,scalp and elbow, I have tried ointment (propy salic NF) when i used this ointment it disappear after few days it appears again. please give suggestion ,
    i’ll be very grateful. Thank you

  56. sir am 26 yr old suffring from psoriasis.. scaling over the scalp and reddish liesion over the abdomen and upper limbs pls prescribe somethng for a permenant relief from this

  57. azharali says:

    doctor sub mujay b 10 sal say hai is ka koi elaj to btain

  58. hi, doctor
    I am taher. I live in Bangladesh. I have psa for a long time. at 19 I first find psa. I went to a doctor. she prescribed me conventional treatment. but I am not benifited. at 24 I found I have attacked by psoriatic arthritis(spondylitis). now I am in a tough state. I can’t walk well. I wanna treat myself by you. how can contact with you. please, please, please tell me.

  59. nagarjuna miriyam says:

    Sir..i am using homi care medicine for psoriasis .i am using from 1 month..that doctor told me that it is a slow process u should use for 1 year..permenent curing is there by using this it useful r not..plz ans to me sir..

  60. Muhammad Zareef says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    I Muhammad Zareef 30 years old male and suffering from Psoriasis last 10 Years. There are Small Patches on Hand, Head, and face

    I remained under Treatment of Many Skin Specialist but there is no Solution. Please advise me a parmnent Solution for this Problem

  61. dattatray dattatray jadhav says:

    mala tin mahinya pasun soriasis aahe.ayurvek treatment keli aahe.panchakarma paiki vaman aani virechan zale aahe.pan phkt thodach pharak padala ahe.kadhi kami hote tar kadhi jast hote aani khaj jast sutate.char varshapunvi mala zala hota pan vaman kelyanantar lagech mhanaje don mahinyat bara zala hota.pan atta lavakar bara hot nahi tar to bara hoil ka?va tyavar aushadhe konati ghyavit? te sanga please!!!!

  62. prabir kumar chattopadhyay says:

    Sir, Please note my daughter is suffering with psoraisis for fast afew years and she is now under treat ment of Dr. P.Banerjee but not getting any favourable improvement . Please advise if you have any better treatment and can help in this regard with your appointment.



  63. sir,

    I am a patient of psoriais since last 9 years. My body has undergone the treatment of allopathic medicines, but no effect has occured. You are kindly requested to guide me the treatment of homopathic medicines in the permanent cure of psoriais.

  64. Oormi Fotedar says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am 35 year old and have been suffering from psoriasis from past 9 years. I have been on homeopathy medications since last 7 year. Although I have seen improvement but still itching is unbearable.

    After my delivery in Nov 2012, it just aggravated like anything and now it is been spread to my soles and fingers which is quite stressing due to very sad itching sensation.

    nNed help to get rid of itching on the patches.

  65. AMIT sharma says:

    Sir I m 32 year old nd last 9 year I have psorsis de as ease nd it’s my whole body so plz I want to completely relief psorsis

  66. Dear Sir,

    I am suffering with psoriasis on bottom side of foot and please tell medicine how to control it

  67. Hi i am 35 man , please hel with face and scalp psoriasis. , thanks

  68. Mahmud Faisal says:

    Sir,I am suffuring psoriosis since last 6 years.I am from Bangladesh.pls send me some advise & a address in Bangladesh who the best treatment of psoriosis.

  69. My son has patches on his lips and near the finger nails. Doctor said it is vitiligo. The patches are increasing. Could you provide a treatment for this.

  70. Deepak shende says:

    Dear sir,I am 32 year old.I have same symtoms like psoriasis.I am suffering it from since1998. I thought it is just dadruff.I used to suffered in winter season mostly.but this year intensity increased so I shown to skin specialist he told me it is psoriasis.He prescribed for me steroid I know the side effects of it so i am is on my head and some red patches started n my face .my hansome face would not spoil.please tell me is it curable and how effective homeopathic medicines are? Shall i get homeopathic treatment for it.

  71. Mujhe 4 saal se phoresis se presan hun plz helf me

  72. Satesh Rampersad says:

    Hi I am from Trinidad and Tobago. I am 36 years old. I have scalp psoriasis. I also have patches at my elbows, knees and some other patches on my back. I would like to know what homeopathic medications I can use. Thank you.

  73. i want a cure for psoriasis for my child who is six years old


    sir. I am suffering from psoriasis from 6 year mainly on scalp first and then it appear on my back and elbow pls suggest some suggestion. presently I am uaing steroid like clobetasol and methotrexet.

  75. Sir,

    I am suffering from severe psoriasis since last nine years , Relief with allophatic medicines is temporary . My age is 28 yrs, can i have complete and permanent cure with homeopathy .Already gone treatment with allophatic medicines Methotricsate and Acetrate.

  76. Hi Dr.Sharma
    I am 62 years old male from Hyderabad, India. I have had Psoriasis for about 10 years .I took Methotextrate a ling time ago it went away then it came back. So I went and saw a homeopathic doctor in Chicago he gave me homeopathic meds and it worked for a number of years. Now its back again can you please advice what I should take. I am noticing by bones are protruding on my index fingers , my big toe and my right elbow.

  77. Brij Pal Singh says:

    Sir, I am suffering 4m skin problem since about 3 + years. I take treatment ayurvaid, homeopathy, elopaithy continuously & now under treatment through Dr. Batras since 18 Jan’2015 but i feel no relief they declare it psoriosis, i have no relief from itching. Have any effective permanent treatment

  78. ANGELA DATTA says:

    Dear sir,
    I am 35 yrs old. I am suffering from psoriasis from the age of 15, when i noticed at first. First it was thought to be acute dandruff , allopathy doctors treated for dandruff. Then one doctor suspected it to the psoriasis.
    i have gone through homeopathy treatment by doctor for long time say for 3 rears but there is hardly any improvement. affected areas are scalp, both ears, where skin gets dry and comes out in forms of white colour flakes. also some circular patches of about 1.5 cm dia. have appeared in hands, legs and back of body. when white flake ase too much I am using ELOCON lotion on scalp for about lat 3 years to get rid of flakes temporaryly, but re appear again after about 15 days. on patches of hand and legs and for years I am using TOPI BERBERIS CREAM, Also I am taking Homeopathy medicine Dr. Reckeweg R65 , Psoriasis drops ( 15 drops in water 2 times a day) for last two years. But it is not much effective. It at times seems reduces a bit but again reappear. i am not suffering from itching yet. I have constipation problem . My father side family have history of psoriasis.
    I shall be highly obliged you kindly advise me and guide me to get rid of this problem permanently.

    thanking you and best regards
    Angela datta, Kolkata.

  79. Leena Dsouza says:

    Dear Dr.

    i am having small water blisters on my palms and on my feet (Sole) since from almost 1 year.

    it started with a small blister on my leg which i ignored and it went on growing… till i got it on both my feets (sole) and now its come on my palms.. i went to Dr. he said its Chronic Dyschro Enzymes and he gave me medicines for month it went and reoccurred back — same went on for 3 month now… its healing but recurring back. it itches so bad that i need something to itch… then it hurts…. now its started getting in my nails… i changed the Dr. today and he said i got Psoriasis. Do you have cure for the same… as i have a Son and get scared it might affect him…

    i am having Cholesterol and Thyroid.

    Await your kind help and reply.

  80. dhiraj nayak says:

    i use protor sampoo
    and tapisol lotion
    its medicine are ok according to you

  81. i am suffering from skin psoriasis from last 2 years and being treated by allopathy medicines with steroids, antibiotics ,anti allergics and supplements but for some time it totally dissappears from the body but after stopping the medicines it again starts with much more impact on skin
    is there is permanent cure in homeopathy

  82. sovit garg says:

    I am 27year old male and suffering from psoriasis on my hand since 1year.for that I have concern the doctor but I am not satisfied with the treatment it occurs again on my hand,elbows and knees.
    So you pls advise me a permanent solution for this problem I have already tried allopathy treatment but it did not work for me so pls advise me which treatment is good for me to permanent get rid of this problem.
    Thank you

  83. Jyoti Ghosh says:

    I am suffering the psoraicis deases from last one, mainly effected to my foot (crack) waist and leg. I am living at siliguri. tomorrow i shall go to kolkata, can i visit with you.

  84. Dear sir,

    Thank you for giving an awareness about psoriasis in your above article. I am suffering from psoriasis from past 15 years and i am taking a homeopathy treatment from past 5 years. This period has shown a good decreasing trend. Iam currently working in Bangalore- India, from past 3 years. Now i got an offer from Oman, kindly suggest me whether to accept the offer or not since im in a dilemma whether the Oman environment is suitable for psoriasis or not.

  85. Chintan Chheda says:

    Dear sir Muje Ye soriasis he bahut iska kiya ilaj he????

  86. Debjani Burman says:

    Dear Sir,
    my father is suffering from psoriasis for past 8 years. He is having ayurvedin medicine it was reduced but again it’s become red .Please help and guide us how to get cured .
    Thank you
    Debjani Burman

  87. i m so upset last few years to it possible psoriasis treatment i have skull and body psoriasis and its effective on my arthritis problem sir jst literaly tell me it can be possible or get rid of psoriasis.tell me i will be very thankful to u .alopthic medicine side effect on my body.plz give me solution

  88. Dear sir,
    I have been suffering from psoriasis for about 6 years below my feet. my aunt had psoriasis too. but not severe like this, i have applied clovate N ointment, kerasol. MTX, amino 20, soritec according to doctor’s prescription, but immediate after applying medicine it reduces, but never cured. what can i do now?

  89. Dear sir,
    I have been suffering from psoriasis for about 6 years below my feet. my aunt had psoriasis too. but not severe like this, i have applied clovate N ointment, kerasol. MTX, amino 20, soritec according to doctor’s prescription, but immediate after applying medicine it reduces, but never cured. what can i do?

  90. Saurabh Vyas says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am suffering from scalp psorasis since 6 yrs now, I tried Ayurveda, Homeopathy and ALLOPATHY BUT NONE of the treatments are making any effect on it.
    Scaling is continously on and now nails are also showing psorasis symtoms.
    Apart from it acute itching is associated with this at scalp and other parts.

  91. sir mre pairo me sbse phle ye symptoms pairo me the den maine homeopath medicine khayi fir increase huye symptoms kafi.6 mhine tk…what

  92. my phone no – 9992221710

  93. Esnel Principal says:

    My auncle have psoriasis over 2 years we buy every cream for him but they dont work
    I’m really scared for him because they are getting all over his body
    please some body help me

    • Using the coconut oil on effected part. It get more relif than creams .. and drink coconut water daily . Hopefully it works

  94. Sir,
    I am 25 yrs old. I have psorasis from my childhood. I took various medicine. But its .not cure. i am frustating day by day. Please help me out

  95. Shabir ahmad wani says:

    hello sir i hve red patches on body and also scalp exist first on my before a year later it got disappear on my it appears ussing homopathic medicines.plz give me some instructioons.thnkss.

  96. Brian Doogan says:

    I have psoriasis and have had it for most of my life, but seems to have gotten a lot worse in the last 10-12 years. I’m 44 years old and have a stressful job and kids and that seems to make the flare ups happen more often. I just seem to get it on my scalp and in my ears. I’ve been treating it with olux-e foam and also with taxlonex which I got from my dermatologist. I have heard from several people that it is curable with homeopathy. So u was wondering if there is anything you can suggest to help me. Please let me know when you get a chance.
    Thanks for your time!!
    Brian Doogan

  97. Archana Gajbhiye says:

    Sir, last 10 year se Safed Dag hai, please homeopathy treatment ki details dijiye….wait. 08087333233

  98. Nikhil Bhandari says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma

    My father has psoriasis from last 10 years and his age is 50+. Sir please advise me a permanent solution for this problem

  99. iram fatima says:

    dear sir i m suffering from this disease from last 2 months nd m really worried abt it coz it is getting severe day by day my whole body getting red spots having silver patches, almost 6 months before i got c-section and i felt after delivery nd heavy use of medication cause it and might the blood they use after c-section cause it. m feeling very uncomfortable nd its now appearing on my face as wel which is more serious kindly suggest me smthing while keping in view that my baby is on mother feed kindly suggest smthing asap. awaiting for ur quick response sir

  100. my daughter is turning 5yrs this april. it’s been more then 2yrs she getting differnt treatment for her egzema.past 1yr she is taking hoempathy treatment as the doctor were giving medication her symptom got so aggrevated, unbearable itching,burning.her face skin cheeks,thin was peeled out teared with untorelable itching.hoempathy doctor said it is psoriasis it will take time but how long my & my daughter life is becoming hell.this is my third doctor of hoempathy.1st doctor igave him 6mth.2nd i on the right path or waisting my time.why i choose hoempathy becoz iam scared of alopathy side effect .what shall i do please give me advice my daughter is suffering a lot

  101. harish kumar says:

    My wife 32 year old female suffring from psoriasis for last 6 yrs.there are small patches at almost whole body except my face. Nobody is affected in my family with this problem. Therefore it is not genetic to me. I just need your kind advise if this is curable for me. I am very tensed with this. and if it is curable please let me know the process to start that treatment which can help me to overcome this diseas.

    Your kind advise in this regard will be highly thankful.

  102. Samayita C says:

    Sir, I have been suffering from preliminary stages of Psoriasis since past 2-3 months. I have red patches with dry skin on my back near waist and on my left leg below knee. But there is no itching, while rubbing the dry skin goes off, then only red patch is there. I have taken allopathic treatment but it is not helpful. Please guide me as soon as possible. Moreover there is no family history.

  103. Samayita C says:

    Sir, I am suffering from preliminary stages of Psoriasis since past 2-3 months. I have got red patches with dry skin on my backside near waist and on my left leg below knee. But there is no itching

  104. sandeep Naik says:

    I m suffering from psoriasis for last 7yrs on whole body. .. can it is curable permanently

  105. Skin white in panis areya 2 yar

  106. Farida Quraishi says:

    I am suff ering from cracks in my fingers palms soles since last more than two decades . when it occurs at any of the above place it requires great courage to anything like soap water or a plain touch to anything since it causes pain I.e. tees the trouble emerges as a small dry point in my thumb or finger or palm or at my soles which extends its radius with slight itching . on rubbing the place a thin skin layer shreds which clears the way for having a painful new crack . now I am taking cuticet tabs and clobetasol cream as per the advice of an allopath. I want to abondone allopathy since it has no permanent cure for the problem. Kindly advise homeo treatment . my weight is 54 KGS height is 5.3 feet complexion fair with no psoroisis family history .

  107. Dear Sir,

    My Mother is suffering with psoriasis on her hand palms. It’s like black marks and lot of itching is there and after few days, skin on wounds go off and again itching will start. We have visited many skin care clinics and been taking medicines from past 4 years, still its not cured. As long as you are using medicines, everything will be in control. If you stop it even for one day, again rashes will start and it will Aggravated.

    Could you please suggest me any best Ayurveda medicines for this problem? Please…


  108. Rajni 38years old says:

    sir psorisis thora theak he but black spot bahut ho gaye he please tell me any tube for this

  109. parveen chhoker says:

    my father 62 year old .his wbc 89000 and gallbalder 5mm poly .plz help me how best tertment .

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  111. Ghulam Dastgir says:

    plz sir Psoriasis ka elaj batay ma 5years say es ma mobtala hun

  112. Irfan Bhatti says:

    Hello Doctor,

    I am 35 years old male i was suffering psoriasis from 6 to 8 years almost all over the body exempt main face area and hands. i have taking many treatment but result not satisfactory even nowadays i have using homeopathic drops R65 Psorianian atleast 1 & half years but my skin nor recovered..

  113. veena Muppala says:

    i am suffering with Psoriasis from last 3 years.
    how to cure my disease

  114. ASHOK KUMAR says:

    I am suffring from skin psoriasis last nine years. I am used aelopathic med first two years pgi chandigarh, last seven years used hemopathic med 05 years chandigarh and last 02 years forbisganj bihar.there are small patches hand,arms and joints. sir please advise me a permanent solution for this problem.I am tensed that ppoblem .Sir my psoriasis repatied again and again excess winter season.Kindly give an immediate reply,i’ll be very grateful.


  115. Ambar Khona says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,

    I am suffering from Psoriasis from may be last 5 years. I remember it started from small patch on backside of scalp. Later on it started on forehead, abdomen, back, legs hands.

    Now it has worsen a lot with patches growing on almost all parts of body, even private parts.

    I tried several doctors from Dermatologists to Homeopathy.

    It would be really great if you can help in this regard’s

    Ambar Khona.

  116. m l soujanya says:

    having psoriasis since 2 1/2 years in ankles, legs taking allopathy and ayurvedic medicine. having severe itching, burning sensation. skin has become thickened and it is becoming difficult even to walk since the psoriasis in the ankles. I will be highly grateful for your kind help sir.

    Thanking you and with kind regards,

  117. Neeraj Prasad says:

    Respected Doctor,

    Recently 2-3 patches appears in both my palm. These patches are small and gets cut. Currently, I am applying Betnovate – GM and it get cure but after few days again it appear. Please advice Homeopathy medicine which cure Psorasis.

    Thanks and regard

  118. Mujhe psoriasis problum hai mujhe 12 se 13 saal ho gye thi ni ho rahi hai iska treatment kese hoga.pls help me

  119. Umesh Acharya says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma!
    I am from Kathmandu, Nepal. I see this website from google. My mother is suffering from Psoriasis from past 10 years. We have beet met to different renowned skin doctor in the town but we have not feeling any improvement. Currently my mum is taking Homeopathic medicine from the Government owned hospital named “Pashupati Homeopathy Centre with Dr. Shabbir Khan”. It has become one year but we have not felt any improvement. He used to give medicine for every 15 days and used to change frequently. What we can do for the better treatment??

  120. mass faisal says:

    i am one of psoriasis patient. still i haven’t took treatment from homeopathy doctor.Please advise?

  121. i ve this for last 15 years i tried many treatments but no use could u help me please

  122. Shaimun h. Kherani says:

    There is a walking problem to my son from 20 months, some pain in left leg, small walking is catch more pain. He has done 4 brain tumo surgery at mumbai and also taken radiation tretmant at tatat memorial at mumbai in year 3/2009
    he is only 21 years old only. So we are suffring many figically & financialy problem, so please give chipest advise for treatment.
    If u have required any other details about write me here. I will wait for. THANKR
    Shaimun kherani

  123. phanigayathri says:

    hello sir my mother is suffering from psoriasis from past one year the disease effected her feet and palm she is having sever pain in evening it is just like some one poking with pins and itching previously she used English medicine for 7months but no change from past one month she is shifted to homeopathy medicine but she is saying that whene she takes food her body weight is increase now she can’t walk if she walk cracks are occurring if she do some work cracks occur in her palm and they start paining pls kindly tell me sir how much time dies it take

  124. Johnson pradeep says:

    Dear sir I am suffering from Psoriasis from 2007.I tried so many medicines including Allopathy, Ayurveda, and homeo.But it is not reducing.From past one month it becomes high.please give me some suggestions.

  125. Sir,
    I m 24 years old girl. i m suffering from psoriasis since last 5 years firstly it appers only on scalp but since last one year i observed it on hair line ear n sinxe last one month it appears on genitials and it gives lot of discomfort ..intially around for 3 years i applied topisal lotion but when my hairs got white because of side effect dr suggested me colbet s lotion so since last 2 years m applying colbet s lotion.. So please suggest me what should i do should i go for allopathic medication or homeopathy and what habits should i include in my daily routine to stop it..

  126. dear sir, I am suffering from diabetics, can you suggest, either English medicine is better or homeopathi

  127. Rahim redkar says:

    So homepaths are not permanent curable,and according what the best to control disease at home remedies so that as well with medecine n personal precaution as well.

  128. Asim saeed says:

    I have psoriasis problem since 2007. plz guide me how can I cure from it. in winter season, it flares up but summer is ok

  129. sapna vishwakarma says:

    Hello name is sapna and from 7 years i m suffering from psoriasis.Now from 1 year i m suffering from fungal inffection.i take homeopathic medicines for both t prblms.I take R65 for psoriasis and graphtis 30 for fungal..But i dnt know how to perhage those things which is harmful for my plz suggest me medicines and things which i shld eat and drink

  130. K.Dilipkumar says:

    dear doctor,i have psorosis in my hand middle finger not spreading for past 4 months i need to cure now i apply salicylic acid oniment please do the needful thanks

  131. Tayyab Hussain says:

    I am 31 year old and i am suffering from psoriasis before last 10 months. First time I feel itching on my right hand right figure. I used lot of English medicine but no permanent relief.
    now this psoriasis cover my right hand all figures top surface and some area of left hand figure.
    Please suggest homeopathic medicine which are help full for me.


  132. santhana barathi says:

    doctor i am having many cracks on my feet and also in foot fingers just now completed 4 months of homeopathic treatment .but i am crying and suffering a lot due to these cracks in my feet. eventhough i haven taken medicines but still now the cracks on my foot.please help me

  133. surya prakash says:

    i’m 22,and having this problem (psoriasis)for five years,i tried lot of treatments but it works temporaryily,and also i lost my skin tone,please suggest me a permanent solution for this stupid disease,i’m very much afraid of my future

  134. Nalini Rathod says:

    I am 49 year old female. I am currently taking Homeopathy medicine.
    I am suffering from psoriasis on the scalp. Also I have irritation sometimes on the palm, foot, sole.
    & lot of itching on the genitals. Since 2 days I am finding red clotted skin here & there on the body
    Please let me know if I should continue with homeopath.
    A year ago I had taken allopathy for 2-3 months. I am worried about any side effects it might cause.
    Kindly give a satisfactory reply.

  135. md. sahabaj hussain mondal says:

    With great respect i beg to state you that my son,age 9 months,suffers from pleaque psoriosis for 4 months. I use allopathy medicine , but there is not sufficient’s seen on his whole body. Is it curable in homeopathy?please help me how my baby will free from psoriosis?

  136. Dear doctor
    My name is usman.i am 25 year old.before 6 months small spots of light yellow colur appears in tip of 2nd fingure of my right is below the skin.then after 4 to 5 days skin become hard.and it can be peal off easily.after appling some creams it becomes normal.but again it happens in same fingure its third time.please help me.and tell me what is this.

  137. mohammad.alam says:

    sir ji mai 15 saal se prishaan hoon.
    mere sar me dandruff jaisa hota aur bahut khujlata hai aur khujane k baad paani aata hai fir chhota funsi ho jata hai aur fir dead skin nikalta hai fir paani aata hai.
    aur sardi ke mausam me yeh bahut jiyda parisaan krta hai.
    ab 6 saal se pura face me ho jata hai.
    aankho k bhanw me aur gaal par ho jata hai aur bahut khujli hota hai aur khujane se paani aa jata hai.

    doctor saheb aap koi perfect medicin bataye aur mujhe parishani se bachaye.
    shukriya sir ji.
    mai india me jugsalai jamshedpur jharkhand se hoon

  138. Binoy Chakraborty says:

    I am a Psoriasis(only on scalp) and hypothyroidism patient since last 7 years. Now I am 25 years old Male. I used Thyronorm 75 mcg regularly for hypothyroidism. I used many treatment including homoeopathy, but nobody is effected till now. Please suggest me what should I do about my treatment? Is it really possible to heal from this horrible situation? Is PSORIASIS curable or not, please make me aware because I can’t tolerate this type of irritations. Is hair loss problem related with it or not ? Please doctor help me. I am waiting for your early reply.

    Binoy Chakraborty.

  139. Palash Chowdhury says:

    Dr. Sharma, I am palash 43 years, last three years I faced psoriasis problem in my 2 hand. I try varieties treat ment for 03 years but no cure it, please tell me what can I do.


    i iam seffering with psoriasis in child food

  141. Biplab chatterjee says:

    I am 30,male, skin of my hand (palm & opposite side) and feet has become very hard,very dry ,nail and tips of finger and toe are litle painfull from last 2 months.After first 20 days skin of this areas are gets cracked and i have remove one thick layer after that skin become effect my elbows and nees also but a very litle.
    It feels good in warm water or after moisturise.

    please help….thank you.

  142. i have psoriasis in scalp patches type, at the back of my ears, nasal foldes, at the back side of body near to anal area some patches ,not soo itchy. all this for 3 yrs, i am taking kali ars 30 for 2 yrs ,got response only 80 % , yur comments

  143. chandima gunarathna says:


    I have psoraisis all my last ten years.i have lot in my head ,chest,also back.some times it will control and increase this become worst sometimes.can you tell me what i can do sir.please advise me.i am from srilanka.

    I can come if want sir.i need the control.


  144. priyanka kumari says:

    sir,please advice me the medicines relating my itching problem under my both nails of leg and hand finger tip! I am suffering this disease from 2years at the winter season! thank you!!!

  145. hi dr
    iam anum dr sahab mery mouth mai under lips or tongue py black colour k nishan ho gye hain jo ahisa ahista barh rahy hain mujhy samajh nai araha ye konsi benari hy mai bohat pareshan hn plz mujhy btain ye kia hy

  146. suraj verma says:

    Dr. I want to meet you regarding my problem

  147. Anil Tripathi says:

    I have been suffering from psoriasis for over past 18 years and have tries allopathic/homeopathic and ayurvedic treatments. At times ckin is clear but it comes back again. It’s very frustrating. I can continue medicine but want my skin remain clear. Also have been diagnosed as diabetic recently. I want to know if your treatment will help to heal my plaque psoriasis without any side effect? What would be the cost of treatment and how can it be started?

  148. shaukatali- says:

    Dear Doctor,suffering psoriasis since26. tell what to do

  149. Hello, how are you doing, you can email me : and explain to me better. Thanks

  150. ishu is my doughter . she is suffering from psoraisis after one yrof birth .she is now 9 yrs

  151. mir jamal marri says:

    sir im weak in english so write in urdu,, im from kohlu balochistan pakistan,, mera illaqa bhot dry hai rain bhot kam hota hai,, main pani b kam peta hun, cigrette bhot peeta hun,, 1997 mai muje psorasis hua 1997 se 2000 tak bhot hua pir khud he gaib hua,, pir kaheen kaheen jism pe te lakin kam te lakin 3 saal hue hai k sir, kamar ,nails payr, jaga jaga ye psoraisis hai bhot dr ko dikaya,, cloba gel, klearz shampoo, soothe oil use kerta hun to teek hojata hun lakin dawaee chorne pe aik week mai he wapas ajate hain,, meri umer 34 saal hai,, mera ilaj kerain koi dawee bataen ,, zindagi bhot muskil hogae hai……….. plz sharma saab help me

  152. Ashok Kumar Sen says:

    sir,i am running at present 65 years. 2/3 month back i observed silvery scales coming out from my scalp and it seems to be downdraft. But now i have observed 3/4 patches on my back. It’s symptom says that it psoriasis. For your reference I am clearing some common answer.
    1.There is no history of psoriasis in my family.
    2.I have no diabetic but some time i suffer from high blood pressure and after taking medicine for several days it became normal for quite a long.
    3.I feel sweating first under arms then on face, a odd smell occur on my sweat but no strain.
    4. I like sweet not sour.
    5.I suffer from some anxiety and dissatisfaction due to some family situation.
    Pl. give me some guideline from your end . Thanking You.

  153. I am 22 and I have psoriasis from birth. can it be cured?

  154. venkatesh says:

    hello doctor i am suffring from psoriasis from 8 yrs i have taken 1st ayurveda for some month and got healed and later again it started but very worse i taken allopathy methotexrate for 4 yrs now if i leave that medicine if come again but get some side effects i had tryed unani for 6 months it never healed so gone back for allopathy but i need homeopathy medicine to heal completly ..i had been admitted twice for serious psoriasis in whole body in st johns hopital my mother has this problem is this genetic please i want to heal i have no support from any body i want to take care of my mother she is 58yrs i am 35yrs……reply sir

  155. Sir,
    I have too much problem of my hands palm and Feet Skin Cracking and too much dry in winter. I am suffering from it approx 20 yrs.
    I have to use oil and cream to moisturise my hand, but no hands skin become like like dry wood. plz tell me medicine about it..

  156. Balwant singh says:

    scalp psoriasis on whole body

  157. Gagandeep Singh says:

    I have psoriasis form 2years

  158. sonjoy chatterjee says:

    I am a psoriasis patient since last 3 years my palm and foot are affected.
    please advice.

  159. satish kuamr patil says:

    Patch in right leg & head scalp near by 12 years. No cure.

  160. sir moja psoisais ha plz koi madison ya hal bata day

  161. ashraf ali says:

    Dr sharma. my wife has got psoriasis sinc 6to 7 years she has legs both affected below knee just above ankle SKIN HARD ,rough pulp skin and itching more with knife until bloods begin,she is very sympathaically, obsinate.craving ,pickles,many medicines has been given allopathe,as homeo.starts she starts itching more.joint of elbow.also affected.she has taken steriods which gave her relief but later again relapse.she is also problem of short temper.

  162. Muhammad shahzad says:

    Sir my skin of under side get itching due to itching I made injury what can I do?

  163. Sumit Verma says:

    May I know the chemical formula for Special Ointment No. 3. Is this the same as Silkis 3?

  164. i m 24 yea r old female & suffring psoriasis last 18th year can you suggest me a dr & give me a advice what can i do

  165. ROHIT AGGARWAL says:

    Hello Mr. Sharma
    I am suffering with Psorasis from last eight years. I have psorasis on my scalp, chest & now on hands. I am taking homeopathic medicines & also taking Psorasis Cure liquid.
    I need to know that is that disease is really not curable. If yes.kindly suggest me remedies to cure it.


  166. Dear Sir,
    I am Sobuj. Live in Dhaka Bangladesh. I am Psoriasis effect on 2 years in homeopathy treatment, but some improve, not fully cure. Pls you suggest me.

    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  167. Manoj kumar Patel says:

    Dear sir, I am a scalp psorosis patient, suffering since how many year.I don’t know but I started to cure allopathycally three years.I did not get good result. I am embrassed with the etching and flaking. Now I am taking Homeopathic medicine like AC9, AC4, formula D, dermoZen, p Zen,R21, R65, since five months without getting significant result . Sir now I totally disheartened with such type of result .Please guide me.

  168. Manoj Mishra says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    Greetings !

    I am from Bangalore, India.
    Suffering from psoriasis from last one year. Gone through numerous Alleopathy treatment, but there is no sign of significant improvement. Sometime, i felt that its healing but after few days I can see some new patches on body.

    Right now, am going through UVB phototherapy, though old patches are seems going down but new are still coming.

    Request you to give a kind look into my suffering and advise accordingly.

    Thank you & Warm Regards,
    Manoj Kumar

  169. prasanna kumar dash says:

    Sir, First I showed my palm of my hand to One skin specialist.He advised to take Folitrax 10 mg,omega-3,halovate ointment but after using three months it did not give any effect.Then I showed to one Homeopathy Dr and he has advised me to take psorinum 1M 10 dr0ps every sunday only.I have taken three sundays.There is improvement. But I feel the doses is more than required.Should I reduce the dose.Please advise.Please advise if it is required to change the medicine.Thanks and regards

  170. varun pandey says:

    I am suffering from psoriasis since the last five years. I am 27 year old.sir please advise me a permanent solution for this problem.It starts in the months of september-october & continues till febuary-march.It covers almost whole body except face. Kindly give an immediate reply,i’ll be very grateful.

  171. divyani sharma says:

    Sir meri homeopathy ki tratment chal rahi hai..mere face me right cheek ke niche ek white patch hai vo piche 8-9 saalo se hai jo na hi ghata hai na hi badha hai par vo birthmark nai hai..halke halke white colur k jo ki pure white nai dikhte but vo change hote rhte hai kabi jada kbi kam to sir plzz help me out ke ye hai kyaa or cure kya hai iska

  172. I have scalp psoriasis on the back side of scalp and behind ear side of hair scalp for last 7-8 years. Pl suggest some treatment.

  173. Rouvik Dutta says:

    Hi sir,
    I am suffering from psoriasis last 5-6 years i am trying several doctors several types of treatment,
    but I am just cured from it for few days but it repulse within a few days i need ur help, please tell me how long it will take to get complete remedy from it and pls mail me ur clinic address and ur mobile number so that i can get in ur touch

  174. Rahul kumar pandey says:

    कृपा करे सर जी मैं सोरैसिस से बहुत परेसान हु मेरे सरीर के कई हिसो में हो गया है बहुत इलाज करवाया नहीं टिक हुआ डोक्टर मै डेल्ही एम्स में देकाया डॉक्टर बोले इसका कोई दावा नहीं बनी है कृपा कीजिए सर जी बस अप ही पे भरोसा है


    i am having eczema on my right leg last 25 years. now i am 52. 6 years back my left leg also got similar type of eczema spot and highly with itching sensations. Now my problem is all over the body i got itching and red spots and i am unable to bear this. i am being treated by homeopathic doctor last 20 years. but still my problem persists. I am unable to judge whether this is eczema or psoriasis.? i want to meet you in person and discuss. give me appointment

  176. payel banerjee says:

    sir, m suffring a whith spot my right hand nd bally nd my brast last 8years…pls tl me hw i remv nd cure my spot.

  177. anita Beedasy says:

    I am from Mauritius.I am suffering from psoriasis since 25 years.I tried medicines as antibiotic cream,vitamins and many other ointments but it does not work. I am very disappointed. Please help me.

  178. skin disorder

  179. AJAY ANTONY says:

    i am 32 and i have this psoriasis on my hands, legs, and back there are small patches at almost whole body except my face. Nobody is affected in my family with this problem. Therefore it is not genetic to me. I just need your kind advise if this is curable for me. I am very tensed with this. and if it is curable please let me know the process to start that treatment which can help me to overcome this disease.

  180. Aaryan Sharma says:

    Sir m a patent of soraices. My hands and foot are fully effected with it. My skin under the scales has a shiny red appearance Help me how can I safe myself with this skin disease.
    I eat meal with spoons. I can’t show my hands to other peoples. It like shy feel for me. Plz Dr. Suggest me how cn I safe from it.

  181. kush kaushik says:

    hello dr. ,
    i am 27 years old and having lots ofd patches on my scaLP from the last 3years..I have tried allopathy medicine but it was of no use.

  182. Dear Dr,
    I’m Fatima 32 years old from Iran. It’s about 10 years I suffer from psoriasis. I want to India for not familiar with India and it’s my first trip. You are kindly requested to guide me how and when can I get appointment and how long should i stay there?
    Best regards.

  183. sir m hving skin lesions kind of psoriasis on my back, elbow nd legs… what should i do to reduce them.. kindly suggest pls.. . m frm ludhiana.. nd doing bachelors in veterinary..

  184. HA Bakhsh says:

    I am 68 years old and I have psoriasis from last three years knees, shin, elbows and back body are badly effected from it. I have used many allopathic and homeo and hakeem medicines but still not recovered, i am really in trouble every time doing itching, If you suggests any medicine. I will really very thankful to you.

    Best Regards
    HA Bakhsh

  185. ankush sudan says:

    i am psoriasis patient for the last 4 years.

  186. rishabsingh says:

    Dr. Sharma I am 21 yrs old and am at an early stage of scalp psoriasis, as there are small latches on my scalp. These patches come and go with time, and this has been going on from past 1 year.
    I tried some lotions described by the dermatologists but they were not much usefull.
    I searched for homeopathic consultancy and found your site. I am hopeful that you might be able to help me with my problem.
    Please reply soon.


  187. Sir, I am suffering from psoriasis last 3 years in my scalp. A white spot cover around head. It is not cure, so please give your suggestions. Thanks

  188. k.suryachandra says:

    Iam 19 years old i have psoriasis on my figures of my both hands and legs and little patches on my stomach and recently I feel itching on my back head so please suggest me a good medication finally I don’t have psoriasis family background

  189. srikant singh says:

    dear sir ,
    i am suffering from psoriasis from last 5-6 years , and i am continuously having treatment in homoeopathy. it almost end up last year but i suddenly find that it is once again come back on my body as august month starts and now spared on my legs especially on knees of legs and hand , on little with on my back and also on the stomach. recently i taking medicine such as ….- Arsenic um iodatum, sephia, mersol……….
    kindly tell me is this a appropriate medicine for this disease or not???

  190. veerendra kumar lodhi says:

    sir i am suffuring with psoriasis from 4 year .I have taken homeopathic treatment 2 yaer ago and get cured but now again its appearing in my body and head.
    so please give me some suggestion and tell me whether it can be cured permanently or not?

  191. ved prakash gupta says:

    i have psoriasis in left leg skin. my age is 40 years. it is not genetic.

  192. VINOD KUMAR K G says:

    Respected Sir,

    I have been suffering from Psoriasis since 2006. I have taken various treatments for the same but not got any relief. Now for the last two year I am taking homeopathic medicine. Though by taking this medicine all my previsous marks of psoriasis have disappeared but it has spread on new areas like; sclap, ears, elbow and legs. Please suggest, whether this disease is cureable or not? Can you suggest me any effective medicine for the same..


    Vinod K G

  193. VINOD KUMAR K G says:

    Respected Sir,

    I have been suffering from Psoriasis since 2006. I have taken various treatments for the same but not got any relief. Now for the last two year I am taking homeopathic medicine. Though by taking this medicine all my previsous marks of psoriasis have disappeared but it has spread on new areas like; sclap, ears, elbow and legs. Please suggest, whether this disease is cureable or not? Can you suggest me any effective medicine for the same.


    Vinod K G

  194. James Kalal says:

    Psoriasis on my middle finger tip & I’m a professional guitarist.

    Tried Apple cider viniger & VIt.D

    any ideas?

  195. Can Homeopathy treat psoriasis, when the patient is already administered with cyclosporine and methotrexate.

  196. Currently m treating my psoriasis with dr sonavane as homeopathy treatment but now after taking 1 month medicin, I seen dat my psoriasis become more severe and no of patches increases on my body.
    Is it good to continue with homeopathy?????

  197. Dr Rahul Ghodke says:

    My son age 10 years has predominantly palmoplanter psoriasis since age of 7, now I am seeing some tiny lesions on skin folds in groin, axilla, I want to know whether homeopathy can really cure his disease? Because he is already on homeopathy treatment for the last 2.5 years and it has not become worse but neither it has completely eradicated.

  198. BABU LAL HOUDHARY says:


  199. nemichand says:

    I am suffering from psorasis on my palm since last 9 months. I use xeria cream and arovera cream and tab finbid. But it comes and go. If homeopathy treatement is good please let me know. I request to you.

  200. Amol shete says:

    Dr my father suffering from psoriasis from last four years can it realy gets cure now we are taking homiopathic treatment i am from india plz give me reply

  201. mitul kunar says:

    I am suffering from psoriasis since was started on neck near ears with small silver patches.but now spreaded on back neck.i tried many ayurvedic;and naturopathic treatments but didnot get result.except neck it was not spreaded any other parts of body.
    Some spots on cheeks and forehead was removed by homeopathy treatment.but unfortunately the doctor was died in between.
    Please sir tell me some me.

  202. VAILANKANNI says:

    Dear Dr.
    I am a 40 year old woman suffering from psoriasis for the past 30 years. It was only on my scalp . But for the past 10 years it came to both my legs and elbows. But now I find it on my back a big patch with borders of pus . The leg patches are also having pus. I am getting new patches every day I have tried all sort of treatments only topically but no use . Pls suggest a remedy as I am in great pain coz of the pus
    Thank you

  203. ankush sudan says:

    respected sir
    i have suffering from psoriasis for the last 4 years. i take lot of medicines from different doctors but no result found. sir kindly help me and suggest tips to control this disease. i highly thankful to you

  204. om prakash singh says:

    I have been suffering from psoriasis in my fingers from last two years

  205. vijaykumar says:

    I am taking R-65 and R-21 for three years but no improvement. Howlong does it take for psoriasis to get ok. Please reply.

  206. Anuj Chhabra says:

    My age is 25 , I am suffering from psoriasis from last 1 years, please tell me how I cure this

  207. DINESH GOEL says:

    It has been more than 10 years I have been suffering from Psoriasis / Eczema. I have gone for all types of treatments i.e. Allopathic, Homoeopathic and Ayurveda many a times. But no permanent cure has been found. The parts affected are feet and hands. Is there some one who can take guarantee to cure it in a specific time period because everyone claims that he would cure it but no relief is observed even after a long treatment.

  208. manish kumar dubey says:

    sir my wife chhaya is suffering from psoryasis from 2 yrars
    it increases in winter season
    skin par halki halki papdi
    aankh k niche, ghutne k niche, aur chest k niche hai
    pls prescribe any tube because she can not take medicine

  209. qaiser gillani says:

    i m suffering from psoriasis for the last 15 years plese help

  210. Md. Mosharul Islam says:

    I am a Bangladeshi. I am seffiering Psoriasis Guttate from 4 years. I want Homeopathy treatment under you. please reply how can you treat me in online.

  211. devendra kumar says:

    my wife suffering from prurigo nodularis past 10 years, in her hand, leg , back, stomach has small round nodules. She suffering from intense itching all over body. If you suggest any remedy you are my god. pls reply

  212. I have been suffering from itching problem for 6 month. I take the treatment for it but it doesn’t work. The problem is that red spots on my body and these are very itchy. So I am not concentrating on my work. Please tell me what can I do to get rid of this problem. ..

  213. Manoj Kumar says:

    Dear sir,
    Sir muje last 9 year seems psoriasis ki problem hai mere legs, hands, back and head m psoriasis hai. Sir aap eska koi permanent treatment batiye. Mein Ayurvedic,Alopethic, treatment liya per muje koi jyada aaram nahi hai .sir season change hone par problem jhyada hoti hai.
    Sir aap treatment coastly tho nahi hai .

  214. rohan sharma says:

    Helo gm sir. I m rohan sharma frm fatehabad. I m 35 yeard old. I hav psoraysis last 20 years. Aur maine sab jagah se treatment karwya but thik nahi hua. Plz help me. I m so sad.

  215. shailesh jadhav says:

    sir im suffer from two years this deasis

  216. Respected sir is their any treatment available for psoriasis for new borns in homeopathy

  217. Jagjit Singh says:

    Hi, I am 50 yr old. Was asthamatic till age of 29 yrs. Taken a lot of steroids as a result developed dandruff of scalp and later psoriasis on scalp & face. for the last 20 yrs it subsided on its own and no medicine was taken. Now since 2012 have occurence of white patches on forehead, neck, few spots on hands.
    The Dr. declared it as Vitiligo & went for allopathic treatment, but was getting cured from outside but internal itching was there always.Was The spots increased.
    Last month switched to homeopathic & now dr has confirmed its vitilgo due suppressed Psoriasis.
    Please suggest if its curable or not.

  218. Jagjit Singh says:

    Hi, I am 50 yr old. Was asthamatic till age of 29 yrs. Taken a lot of steroids as a result developed dandruff of scalp and later psoriasis on scalp & face. for the last 20 yrs it subsided on its own and no medicine was taken. Now since 2012 have occurence of white patches on forehead, neck, few spots on hands.
    The Dr. declared it as Vitiligo & went for allopathic treatment, but was getting cured from outside but internal itching was there always.Was The spots increased.
    Last month switched to homeopathic & now dr has confirmed its vitilgo due suppressed vitiligo.
    Please suggest if its curable or not.

  219. mini bhalla says:

    hi..actually my left feet swells when i walk ye autmtcly chali b jati h bt puri tarah se nhi n full feet b swl nhi hota half hota h almst 10yrs u plzz sgst me sm mdcns

  220. Hello, I’m 39 years old I have hypothyroid problem but recently rumatoid arthritis factors showing possitive Esr is 63 CCP too high is therepermanentcure in homeopathy? How long it will take time, mine is in beginning stage
    Pl advice

  221. I am 44 yr old male sufferring from psoriasis for the last 15 year with no solution in sight.
    It is predominantly dry scales that are located on back side of neck that itch mostly at night.
    Please help.

  222. ABDUL AZIZ says:


  223. Sir i Am suffering from psoriasis from last 7 years
    Pls help me to avoid this

  224. samad akbar says:

    i am suffering from psoriasis for past 10 years .i used so many kind of medicine but still not gone
    pls send me advice from homeopathy that about treatment

  225. Dr sarojinidevi says:

    Dear sir, I have eczema with scaling associated with itching over dorsum of right foot for past seven years now its extends to left foot and both legs scaling and itching are increase d for fifteen days kindly give me treatment solutions and food plan to cure this condition

    Dr Sarojinidevi.

  226. I am suffering from psoriasis from 3 years plz tell me about treatment and any medicine

  227. Dear Dr Sharma. I am suffering from psoriasis (as diagnosed by a skin specialist) for about 5 months. I have scaly eruptions or rashes on scalp, elbow, groin, elbow, neck and knees. I have itching in groin area. I am using various ointment lotion and creams but of no use so far. Kindly suggest some homeo medicine for the disease and soap or shampoo for taking bath.
    Thanking you,

  228. Anuraag Raj says:

    My hight is 4.10f,in how many hight posibal to 5.5finces ,pleas solved my probleam….age:-21

  229. pratul porwal says:

    sir i am sufrinig psoriases
    25 year.
    how can i cure in homeopathy…

  230. om prakash. says:

    dear sir today i came to know that i have psoriasis not curable but only controllable when i met dermatologist for itching spots on upperside of my feet & elbow.I am 53 mild nature ,mediuum constitution 5ft 8 inch 78 kg.this since last two years.frequent soar throat & dry skin & itching in winter.

  231. s.karthikeyan says:

    I am suffering from psoriosis for the past five years.mainly on cure in engish it possible to cure inhomeo. I am 56 yr old having controlled diabetes

  232. khawaja M. Saeed says:

    I was a candidate for liver transplant 8 years ago and slight cancer cells in the deudonum. But through herbal treatment I fully cured according to two colonoscopies and two endoscopies 6 years ago. Currently I had a sonogram done and the physician said my liver was ok. I take lot of herbal pills and vitamins but do not know the protocol.

    In August I used a facial cream from Cindy Kraft and others. My forehead is blakish from whitish. It has spots light and dark more visible in sun as if I come from African country. I am 77 but had facial conditions swellings in the past with tumor, swelling, etc. But I never had this and I am depressed badly.

    I have slight pain on liver and my left side of testicle seems slightly weighty but this condition goes away if I do not take spicy or oily food.

    Are my bile ducts blocked since the flow of bile is restricted and bile builds up in the liver. This damages liver cells which in some cases leads to scarring of the liver (cirrhosis).Common early symptroms are itch and tiredness. This is what exact I feel like sleepy and muscle fatigued out.

    Best wishes.

  233. Dear Dr. I am suffering due to exzema or fungus on under my bally buttion and on my feet i am from Pakistan and i have consulted with many homeo doctors it is from 17 years but it still was not cured so please help me out of it
    Imran wyne

  234. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Thank you for this information. However I am currently on aulopath medicine. I have gained about 15kgs in weight since the time I started the treatment for psoriasis. What ever I do to reduce weight seems not happening. And off late severe fitigue. I am wanting to try homeopathic treatment for this. Should I stop the aulopath medicine. And start homeopathy. What is the time duration to get this things in control. Please advice.

  235. sir my wife is suffering from psoriasis since last five years. whole body is effected. kindly advise some useful treatment.

  236. HI there,

    I’ve had it since i was 4, i’m scared that it can never be better. I have it on my face and all over my body. I only turned 20 this month and i really am looking for anything that could help me. People have given me remedies some dangerous but I’ve tried because i wanna get better. I only kiss Guys never went far with them because i’m too afraid they might see my disgutsing body. PLEASE help. i really do need help and i would do anything to get help. High school was a nightmare but at least i’m out, some times i wish i could wear small dresses but i can’t i have to hide my legs and arms. DR. Sharma i really do need you help.

    King Regards,

    Promise A, Noqayi

  237. Md.Tariquzzama says:

    is psoriasis curable from body perfectly? is it a curable deasise ?
    is it fully curable Treatment by Homeopathy ? Answer please.

  238. Please advice me. How to cure lung scars. Can I get medicine in the related dieses. I am planning to GULF COUNTRY . If lung scar PTB we cannot get medical fitness certificates .

  239. Sukanta singha mahapatra says:

    if psoriais curable?

  240. I m suffering by psoriasis from 7 yrs.

  241. Thomas E. Crawford says:

    Hi Doc,

    I have had plaque psoriasis since high school – I’m now nearing 60.

    I’ve utilized a number of treatments…topical corticosteriods, PUVA, Embrel, Humira (which apparently caused my palmoplantar pustularis) and am now on Stelara. I’ve had two injections thus far of the Stelara.

    The palmoplantar pustularis continues despite being off Humira for several months (I never had any PP symptoms in the past) and I’m told Stelara is supposed to have a reasonable efficacy with regard to the PP.

    I’ve been able to mitigate the worst of the PP on the palms with clobetasol proprionate and nightly occlusion but the soles of the feet are more difficult to treat. I’m not as concerned with the appearance of the PP on the soles as I am with the fact that walking and standing is most difficult and painful, due I believe, to the nodules that are just below the surface of the plantar skin. I have been using special insoles for plantar faciitis (sic?) for years but have found that I must change them out for different ones or go shoeless much of the time for any relief.

    Your thoughts?

  242. In psoriasis pt which potency r selecting. And how to prescribe , like repeted daily or wkly or mthly.

  243. In psoriasis pt, which potency is useing . And either give to repeted dose every day or wkly .

  244. chandra mouli says:

    I’m 27years old I’m suffering from scalp psoriasis on my hair from 3months first form a small patch on my head and slowly form another patch on another slowly increasing the first patch and comes a type of water from the patches.. I’m so suffering with this problems now my parents are so suffering about me for this.I’m not married they are seeing wedding matches please help me Doctor….

    • Dear Dr. Sharma,
      My daughter is suffering from scalp psoriasis for the last 4 yrs. She is 19 yrs old and otherwise having good health. There is no family history of any kind of skin decease. Please can you help us as I believe in Homeopathic treatment.
      looking forward your reply.


  245. hi sri, my husband is suffering from pesoriasis ,please can you tell me that he can use homeopathy ,

  246. Gheyas Sarwar says:

    Dear sir,
    I have problen of psoriasis since 4 years now i am verry depressed its spreading very fast
    Any treatment not helping to cure
    I need you help
    Please help me

  247. Gheyas Sarwar says:

    Dear sir,
    I have problen of psoriasis since 4 years now i am verry depressed its spreading very fast
    Any treatment not helping to cure
    I need you help

  248. Dr. Sharma Sahab…….I am 67 years old and have been suffering from skin disorder. In 1959, I had an acute and weeping eczema below the left knee covering 5-6 inches which was later on cured completely by homoeopath medicines greatly & largely supported by applying a desi black ointment prepared by my uncle’s peon. In Nov. 1999,I was operted upon for broken left knee. After a year or so red patches with itching appeared on by back, chest etc.and psoraisis was diagnoised for which I had initially allopathic treatment. later on switched over to homoeopathic. All the patches disappeared from the body but surprisingly it sprang up in the portions half way below the knees of both the legs upto fingers joints. It was very painful and weeping and diagnosed as conversion of psoraisis into infected eczema. The affected portions got to be bandaged for a very long period. Fortunately I got rid of the entire problem but skin of the affected parts turned dark for ever. This all happened in my home town Kanpur. Now I am in Vaundhara, Ghaziabad. Now since last week of July this year I again after a gap of seven years developed dry rashes with burn like itching & uneasi ess below both the knees. I am under homo. treatment but not feeling any positive response. kindly suggest me something very effective. Thnks

  249. drvinodsingh says:

    How psorisis cure pt treat mental symtoms. Or othor

  250. Dear sir
    Itching is going on all body

  251. sunil kumar says:

    Hi, I have skin problem which looks like Psoriasis. Where can I get your appointment. My Mobile No: 9900506994

  252. I have patches of dry skins in my fingers of both hands. It peel off daily. I have no itching or pain or puss in the patches. Doctors said that it is hand eczema, but a doctor from Calcutta Medical College once told me that its psoriasis. Sometimes I have crack in the patches. Is it curable by using homeopathy?

  253. sanju kumari says:

    i want to know the homeopathic treatment of psoriasis….a permanent removal of this disease…

  254. Vishweshwar says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,

    I have been suffering for psoriasis from last 6 years. Is there any medicine which completely cures psoriasis. If yes please let me know how to contact you for the treatment.

  255. Varadharajan says:


    I am taking treatment in the homeopathy for my psoriasis for one year. I found it spread all over the body in this one year and the skin is coming out 24/7. It reduces on applying the parachute oil. I just wanted to know when this skin flowing outside will stop and when will i get cured.

    I am a working professional and I lost my confidence to my family and everything and now ia m standing alone.
    I need some counselling session to think over my body effect so that it get cured and whether i can search for a better job and go for.
    the homeophathy medicines are also keeping me little bit drowsy as I am not able to concentrate on my work.
    Anyway, I am going to resign this company, I would like to know when should I go for an interview to the better company as the psoriasis spreaded all over the body.
    I need to have a talk about the confidence and so many things,
    If you could give me a personal appointment would be fine sir
    Thanking you
    You may also call me at 8187022430 in the morning hours between 8 AM and 11AM .

    Thanking you

    Yours faithfully

  256. gurudas panda says:

    sir.iam sufering from 1999. now i am in control of this disease with ayurved medicine. my mother had this disease. can i be totally cured ? thanks gd panda.

  257. Neeta Shrivastava says:

    Hello doctor… I have a problem of nail psoriasis since last four years. Also there are small patches on my hand. I have tried many medicines but no result was seen. Kindly give me a permanent solution for my problem. Reply please.

  258. Dr.sharma how long does treatment to get ok

  259. monie davis says:

    Hello, my niece suffers from chronic psoriasis… would a raw diet help her? she is 15 and her skin is really causing her to be depressed. I hope you can help!

  260. I am suffering from Psoriasis for last 3-4 years, it started from scalp but now my whole back side become red. It burning, eaching.

  261. chandan kumar gautam says:

    i am suffering from psoriasis since childhood it controlled but not fully controlled. Is any permanent treatment of my skin problem by homeopathy.

  262. chandra prakash srivastava says:

    My age is 30 , I am suffering from psoriasis from last 12 years, please tell me how I cure this .

  263. R P Deobhankar says:

    red patches on palm ,some time covered with whitish skin. Also pressents at foot (at side only)skin gets black and after some treatment black skin get removes and red skinappears. Some what makes uneasy to drive two wheeler. Pl tell me the remidies.

  264. shrawan kumar says:

    I am suffering from phimosis from last 4 yrs i had shown urologist and they told me to go for curcumision. I want to know your opinion weather hemopatic has any cure so that i will not do curcumision.

  265. rina sharma says:

    Have psoriasis on soles and palms. For last two years tried cosallic, salicylic, clobetosol, mometasol lobate GM etc scales soften fall off all looks very nice but recurrance takes place. Have bleeding cuts in soles and have difficulty in walking


  266. diana moreno says:

    i been sufering from psoraisis for 10 years and i really want to get rid of it i have it all over there is no part of my body that doesnt have psoraisis please help

  267. abhinav jain says:

    i have problem for last 4 years.
    itching is lot and slow and steady they are becoming dark patches itches a lot.does scratching increase the patches.plz suggest

  268. Md. Safiqul Islam Mia says:

    Dear sir,

    I am a patient of psoriasis from 1 year and 6 month till now. I took many medication like mithotoxin , doctor (Prof.) tell me it is a complex disease and it will not cure. Now i am vary depressed for my disease and i want leave form psoriasis. pls advice me.

  269. Manuel Gonzalez says:

    I´m a psychologist working in the field of psychodermatology.
    Iwould like to know if you have some treatment for plaque psoriasis?
    Please let know as soon as you can.
    Ps. M.Gonzalez

  270. rita singh says:

    My son aged 10 yes is suffering from skin problem since last 3. years.there is skin dryness on the toes of my son and often it leads to cracking and bleeding if proper care is not taken. I have taken Al types if medicines like a allopathy & homeopathy. Since last 2 months the same thing is appearing on his finger tips the doctors have said that it is psoriasis and it will be life long.sir I and my husband are very disappointed.sir please let me know whether it is
    psoriasis or not and if yes then whether it is totally curable or not.sir please help me out.

  271. Dr. Batinder Singh says:

    Respected Sir, I practise Homeopathy since 2004. i treated lots of patients suffering from skin ailments, however Psoriasis remains a complex, is there any new research having better treatment, please share. Thanks with regards.
    Dr. Batinder Singh.
    Udhampur, J&K, INDIA.

  272. namaste dr. Sharma G

    I’m 24 year old and unmarried. Suffering from psoriasis from 7 years. Three times i got relief from this issue but after some time it reappeared. Now i have started homopethic medicine from 2 week . So how long it would take to get permanently cured .It is maximum on my head and on face . Please tell what to do now , to clear my face only as soon as possible.

  273. My nephew is diagnosed with phsorasis. He is just 4 years old. Pls suggest me some medicine for his treatment. I am myself a student of homeopathy. In a college in rajasthan

  274. Sajjad Ahmed says:

    Hi Dr. SHARMA
    Hope you are doing well. Sir i hv been suffering from psoriasis forlast three months. I am visiting a renowned aelopathic still no improvemwnt. Psoriasis covering my whole body n hands except my feet. Lost too much hair.scalp is very dry..pls suggest me some cure for this.hoping for a positive response.

  275. Respected Sir,
    My age is 24. I am suffering from Psoriasis from last 4-5 months. It has affected my buttocks ,inner thighs and scalp. On scalp there is dandruff like powder and no patches. But buttocks and inner thighs are badly affected. the area get raised after itching and gets silver or white. i intakes a plenty of water and my body sweats a lot. There is no case of psoriasis in my family. Please suggest me some solution .

  276. SHAHBAZ KHAN says:

    Iam 23year old male & suffring from psoriasis before 2year.there are small patches hand,arms and joints. sir please advise me a permanent solution for this problem.

  277. Ashok Patel says:

    My age is 45 , I am suffering from psoriasis from last 2 years, please tell me how I cure this .

  278. hello doctor,
    i am kutty i need a some aurvethic treatments for psoriosis…..
    pls send me details soon….

  279. ARCHANA DEB says:

    This problem start to arise from July-2013,first some small pimple like used to come out from the base of hair in legs,then after few days the place is used to be surrounded by small pimple uncountable.Also big wounds (boil) start to come out on the whole body mostly in legs and back.after that it is observe that the skin becoming cover by red cell.when using ointment it reduces but if the ointment is not use thereafter then it again start to increase.presently it is occurring throughout the body,itching is there and also pain.Presently I am going through Homeopathy from April-2014,yet I don’t have any relax.its increasing day by day.when asked to doctor he said that he is curing by first clearing all cell out from inside the body and also curing them at the same time.But I am not relax.
    I wish I will get my cure from you.


    Sir, I have been suffering from this disease for about two years now. My father and my mother also have this. My ankles, fingers, knees and elbows are affected by this. I have consulted dermatologists several times but of no use. CanHomeopathy help me out of this.

  281. Bharat sharma says:

    I m psoriasis patient.I am suffering from psoriasis since the last six years.I have tried hemopatic medicine but not please help and suggest me that what I do.

  282. Delmira Cruzado Medina says:

    Gracias por preocuparse sobre esta enfermedad tan rara y también poder, encontrar alguna respuesta a mi problema, ya me e tratado con cremas recetadas por el dermatologo, pero es tan incomodo, al principio pensé que era algún hongo pero no sanaba y cambie de dermatologo me diagnosticaron que tenia la Psoriasis, lo mas triste es saber que no tiene cura y lo peor es que al principio solo era una después dos y así fue aumentando todo mi cuerpo la crema lo desaparece pero de nuevo nace por otro lugar y va en aumento. la verdad no se que hacer.
    Me gustaría algún consejo o algún medicamento para detenerlo o mantenerlo y que no aumente mas, la verdad es tan desagradable por que piiicaaa y me siento muy mal.

  283. i am suffering from sculp psoriasis for six month. in sculp of head four to five itching and silvery spot is is increasing day to day. after raised of dead screen on sculp a little liquid is come out.
    now my request – is any homeopathy medicine is available by which it will cured fully.
    thank you

  284. Abu Sayeed says:

    I m suffering from psoriasis for the last 8 years. Tried all type of medicines-homeopathic, ayurvedic and allopathic but unable to cure permanently. Is there any permanent solution for this disease?
    Abu Sayeed

  285. mahendra patidar says:

    plez sir send info

  286. Krishna Sinha says:

    Dear doctor my feonce is suffering from psoriasis from her childhood days in both of her legs. Many treatment were taken but results were as it is. Recently she took treatment in Dr Paul’s Meso treatment for more than a year but results are back on there side. Now the lessons swelled up. Doctor kindly prescribe a remedy to cure the psoriasis completely. I will be kindful to u always.

    Thanks & Regards
    Krishna Sinha

  287. kiran raj says:

    Dear sir, my name is kiran raj, im 30 years old and i habe a foreskin problem. I doñt want to cut it or any surgery. It wont go backword to my glan and im scared to sex without condom. Plz give a sugwtion to my penis problem. I hope u so plz

  288. Harpreet singh says:

    I am suffering from psoriasis since the last eight years. i want to treatment

  289. sandeep semlani says:

    I have psorasis for last 8-9 years started from knee. Now it has effected all my nails, hair scalp & mild patches on body. I am also suffering from Urticaria which is also not found any reason. It comes in April & goes with August. Pls suggest any treatment.

  290. PRAVEEN kumar says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma’.
    sending you my diseases detail in hope of getting some good news from your side..
    m 33 years of age male, when i was 14 yrs old i was cought with rheumetoid arthritis by the age of 20 joints of my hips lost movement and other joints was getting deformed i am continuously since then using various kilnd of treatments and regularly on Pain killers, by the age of 23-24 i got a small tumere ( boile) at my leg that brust n got well but some time later it reoccer as psoriasis, firstly it was being treated by Dr. as eczima bt when it start covering my entire body head to toe.. Dr. dignosed it as arthritic psoriasis since then m taking all kind of treatments but of no use my condition is still getting worsen.. and not at all wish to live anymore bcz entire joints has stoped moving n all body is suffring from psoriasis, now i think it has affected my internal parts of body as am suffring from Piles, sever acidity or heart burn, burn in urinating, pain in touching tasticles, gastric problems, and am too weak now only 35kgs of waight n height is 5ft7″
    in my body psoriasis always reoccer as a small tumer than spreads all over. my family history has no skin diseases,
    sir plz guide me wht should i do cope with deformed n fixed joints with pain and extreem poor condition of psoriasis.
    plz help sir
    waitig for your response asap

    thanks and regards
    praveen kumar
    Delhi india

  291. nitin singh says:

    I have psoriasis on my left hand palm and between fingers of leg though it is not much spreaded but some times caused too much itching and it creates uneasiness also.
    kindly suggest me any homeopathic medicine which is easily available in market as near to my home there is no good homeopathic doctor is available, but one homeopathic medical store is available

    kindly help me

    thanks nitin singh

  292. Vashita sharma says:

    Hi doctor,
    I suffer from
    Plaque psoriasis in both my feet and palms for past 10 yrs. my father s sister had the same disease but her condition improved with time when she got married and had kids. I am unmarried and not marrying a guy since i dont want to deceive him. I have been on homeopathic medicine for long and it sometimes works for me but it aggravates again. I have read your blog and you look quite confident in treating the disease i would be grateful if you can take my case and help me . Please suggest what is your fees for consultation and how much would it cost for medicines overall. Just a estimate would be fine.

    Vashita sharma

  293. anil kumar says:

    Hello sir, i belong to lucknow,india….my father is suffering from psoriasis frm a long time ago….um now preferring homeopath….his condition is not good..he is having white like infection on scalp and rest of the body….and fever is not getting low….plz tell what to do…

  294. sashikala says:

    I have psoriasis problem for more than 10 years in my right leg – side of my leg above the foot. It has started as a small wound and had great itching. In due course, it started enlarging and scales like skin appeared which is hard and like scales on fishes. I went to allopathy – stopped it as i hv to consume too much of medicines for long term and fear of side effects. I went to naturopathy – accupuncure, no medicines, just home remedies and regular accupuncture treatment. They recommended Eladi thailam, it was ok but itching didn’t stopped. So discontinued. Now it is spreading more. What i should do????? Please help me.


    I AM sufering from psroisis last 30 yrs. i get treatment from various doctor skin speclist throughout india but only after some cure it again happen. so please suggest me what i have to do for my above disease

  296. dr.lokanath( homoeopath) says:

    its very nice guidence and also details abt psoriasis. thanks you

  297. Prakash Kumar says:

    Sir I am having dark pigmented patch on medial aspect of both fleets and over left palm,which are sometimes scaly and hard and I have been also diagnosed having IBW,what should I do?

  298. Sir , i m suffering from psoriasis since 13 years and i am totaly irritated . Plz help me and reply me sir .

  299. Mange Ram says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am 22 years old and suffering from psoriasis since last one year. Please suggest me permanent solution of this problem. I am in highly tension thinking about it.
    Thanks in advance for your suggestions


    I am suffering from psoriasis of nails, the nail of thumb of left hand is in disorder,colour darker than the skin, disfigured and unshaped. I am getting homeopathic treatment for one year, but no success.Please advise me.


    I am suffering from psoriasis of nails, the nail of thumb of left hand is in disorder,colour darker than the skin, disfigured and unshaped. I am getting homeopathic treatment for one year, but no success.Please advise me.

  302. N M Ambade says:

    My wife is suffering from psoriasis. She has been trying allopathic medicines for quite some time. But results are not encouraging. Her legs and palm are highly affected.
    Can you please advise us as to how to control / eliminate the occurrence of psoriasis

  303. dear dr, i have scalp psoriasis from last 10 years. it was started from my head. from last 2 years it is expanding in all parts of my body like chest,lower back , elbows, under arms ,legs and genitale area. i have used aproximately every kind of allopathic medicines. these days using homeopathic remedies but not getting good results. i have used mezerum, calcarea carb, radium brom,arsenic alb etc.
    please tell me is psoriasis curable in homepathic? if yes then how much time it will take??? and which medicine is best for my condition

  304. monirul islam (Munna) says:

    i am suffering from p soriasis last 6 years now my condition is so bad
    i need your help and care als your advice
    Cell +8807171529571

  305. Md. Nazmul Islam says:

    Dear sir,
    I am Nazmul Islam from Bangladesh. My father is suffering from psoriasis for last 2 years in his palm. At present his palm condition has become very worst. How Homoeopathy can cure him? pls reply me sir.

  306. ARIJIT KOLEY says:


    2. ALLEGRA
    3. UDILIV 150MG

  307. Syed Mehmood Shah says:

    I am suffering from psoriasis since the last ten years. Kindly advice me any medicine.

  308. I have been suffering from psoriasis for tht past 5 years and using aurvedic medicine, 3 months back i switched over to homeo. When i switched over it was only 10%. But with in 2 months of using it spreads widely in to all parts of the body and the scaling is very fast happening. Pl tell me do u have really medicine in iur homepathy or deceiving the people’ can i still belive or go back to aurvedam

  309. farha ahmed says:

    Dear Sir

    I suffer from migraines which often start in my sleep. Some nights i am fine sometimes it so bad that i have to spend the day in bed being sick PLEASE HELP.

  310. Sanjay got says:

    I am suffering psoriasis since last 10 year
    Please help me out how homeopathy can work
    To treat

  311. I m years old male from ..fair comexion..I developed psoraisis seven years before and it was not controlled by any ointment…then took methotrexate 7.5 for few years..then due to marriage stoped taking it since aug 13..I was applying salvate mf on affected I hav skin thining in inner thighs n arm pits n buttocks..doctors say it z called inverse psoraisis…I hav patches allover body.. kindly advice

  312. kamal khan says:

    i am suffering plage psariasise.last 10-12 year it possible cure

  313. A.salam.dar says:

    I am sufering from last ten yrs.sometimes it disapears but rapear at any me by prscription/medicies,..precautions, .food chart

  314. sandeep says:

    i am also suffering from psoraisis like skin disease since long it is on elbow,wrist joint,foot ancle ,front foot joint and back footjoint right above toe
    It is itching resulting of redtype patches after itching ,silvery on drying and red on wet.
    Please advise some strong homeopathic medecines.
    Dr Please help me

  315. Gopal krishna agarwal says:

    Dear sir
    I have been suffering from psoriasis since last several years….mostly palm of hand and feet is suffered more….besides this my whole body is suffering slowly day by day….scalp of the head,under legs area,back of my body etc also have patches….I m taking homoeopathic medicines of doctor Harsh Nigam of kanpur since last 8 months then also I m seeing no changes…when I take allopathic medicines then only I feel some relief but when I stops taking them…skin again becomes rough with silvery leaves…kindly suggest me some very good medicines so that I can get rid of this bad disease.

  316. arijit koley says:

    dear doctor,
    i have been suffring from psoriasis for last 4 years. i am now under allopathic treatment. but it relapse in every 6-7 months. it appears all over my body. i am totally becoming frustated. is it curable with homoeopathy? what shoul i do now?

  317. Mithileshwar verma says:

    Suffering more than 14yrs .in summerit is quit well aprox but in winter it will on pick and eaching also .i am 60 yrsold I had taken english ,aruvedik anahomeo drug long time. Ibecame sad from my deasese and feel same at workplace .i understand thatiwill not fit now..
    If any drug available on earth pl give me .iwill take chance againm.verma patna 22.07.2014

  318. amit manitripathi says:

    Dear Sir
    my father is suffering last 5 years of PSORIASIS, i had allredy consulting many doc. like Sufdarjung Hosp., Moolchand Hosp any many others.. but still i m not suttisfied of the same…

    Sir, If u have understand my problem and also a better diagnosis kindly contact to me asap that is- 9971659669

    With Regards
    Amit Mani Tripathi

  319. Hi my age is 29 years next month my marege
    I have one big prob about my penies, my penis skin is berry thin if I do hand play some time the skin get bearst and bleeding and rashes also is there in that skin I want to make a ruff skin plz help me out

    I need answer soon coz I need to take a treatment before my marrage


  320. hemant kumar says:

    hi sir,i m facing skin problem from last 8 years.I used allopathy medicine but it doesn’t cure my problem.after stoping medicine,pimple again come all over the my frnds advice me to use homeopathic medicine.after using homeopathic medicine also i am not finding any change rather it increases more.l m not faceing skin problem like pimple but also dry skin problem from last few month.dead skin all over my face.i m not useing anything on my face and not even taking heavy plz help me how to get rid of pimples and dry skin..

  321. Kali Nath Basak says:

    Sir, I am suffering from psorasis since 6years 1st two years I tried with Allopathy but instead I found liver getting damaged in the mean time I meat some one who is not a doctor in profession, he digonest a cases of mazorium .He gave 1 dose of mazorium 1M with is a there is lot of rush in the body then he applied mazorium 10M after a month and then psorium 1m after few days then my condition became shiver lots of water flowing out from my neck a full length sari getting wet in a single night there were toomuch swellking in the face. after about 30 days it starts releiving slowly I was 90% cured full body was cured only in my neck is concentrate with the problem ie. growth of cells and secretion of water some time get bit relieve and some time more like wise two year past finally I met a homeo doctor he applied graphitis 1M initially I could not find much improvement after that he applied more potential dose 50/50 or so then I was completeley cured. after two aagain it relepsed but this time spread all over body at the gap of one month three times he gave graphitis 1M but htere is not much of improvement. please advice the treatment.

  322. waseem khan says:

    I am suffering from psoriasis
    since the last three
    years in my total body is their is a cure for psoriasis

  323. SALIL SHAU says:

    I am suffering from chronic psoriasis from last 12 year.please tell me the permanent cure…..

  324. vikas bhardwaj says:

    namaskar dr. sahib
    i m 35 yrs. suffering with skin psoriasis since last 6 months. i take homeopathy treatment fr 3 month with no result. i m alsosuffering of uric acid since last 10 yrs. i had got inflmmtion in right ankel since 2 months. plz help nd suggest .
    thanking u in anticipation.

  325. Pankaj Mittal says:

    I suffer soraysis from last 2 years. this is effect on my head.
    I Take homeophathy medicin few months, first its work but after some times is didn’t work.

    suggest me….

  326. A.salam.dar says:

    I am suffering from psoricab for last 30 yrs.I used once homopathic psorinum for one yr .got relief but it recur .presntly I use derobin .it does not come under controle.I have full trust on recomend medicines and necessary preventions

  327. I have been suffering for this diseases from 2010. Used many cream and antibiotic. Can you suggest if i take homeopathy medication it will be cured?

  328. SURESH S BHALERAO says:

    I am getting treatment from a local Homeopath for last 2 years . The patches are on both legs below knees . When I started this treatment it was on right leg only that too only on the ankle .
    Then it subsided in one year treatment . But then again it came and that too on both the legs from Knee to foot . The condition is inflammatory for past 6 months with acute burning sensation .
    As per the Homeo Doctor , it is one step behind the recovery .
    The burning sensation is unbearable and now I want to shift to Allopathic medicine .
    Kindly advice !!!

  329. vikram Singh Sisodia says:

    i am a patient of psorisis plz give me medicine in homeopathy

  330. mustafa says:

    Sir,i am suffering frm psoriasis for 10 years .i am taking treatment of homeopath at times it dicrease and it is in my elbow,back and more scalp what to do for better result.iam very tensed with this that can it transfer my baby.i am 28 years it treatment frm homeopath regularly its not come again.please reply just sir.

  331. Md. Mokbul Hussen says:

    Dear sir,
    I am 36 year old. I am suffering Psoriasis from 2007 to until now. The Psoriasis is my all body coming. Now I am filling the very series. One time am taken the treatment paleolithic but sometimes coming good and sometime coming side effect my body. In this time what I will do about my psoriasis.
    Sir, Can you help me please.

  332. Prakash sharan says:

    Suffering from psoriasis for more than 20 yrs (Age 40). Tried various option in homeopathy and Ayurveda medicines. It aggravates and finally modern medicine helps me to reduce it (so that i can again try some alternate medication 🙂

    Last time (1 month back ) tried Graphite 200 and applied glycerin +lemon on skin. It aggravates as well (now it is on my face and fingers giving embarrassment). Now i am on modern tropical medication.
    The another problem with alternate medication is that doctor does not let know the name of the medication, so that i can tell what all have been already tried. Pls suggest if there is any tretement plan which can reduce psoriasis considerably and keep it under control.

  333. sandip kale says:

    Hello Dr. Dharma,
    I am sandip kale from Maharashtra. My niece ( 5 year old) had some spots like psoriasis and its increasing day by day. Could you please suggest any homeopathy treatment or hospital.

  334. Mahbub Hossain says:

    I have been suffering in skin disease “PSORAISIS” for the last 5 / 6 years. I used alopathy medicine but no permanent cure. Kindly help me.



  335. Santhosh Nk says:

    I am suffering psoriasis deseasis from last 10 years.I hd treated with alopathy and homiopathy.I got some releif through the treatment of homio. I have not been use any medicine for the last 6 month . But nw the symtoms reoccured.
    Kindly advise me for complete cure.

  336. Hareeqa says:

    What is the treatment the appearance of white spots on the penis and forehead?
    since 2007 I am visiting a doctor, he usually giving me a Protopic.

  337. sumit kumar says:

    i need to treatment about psoriais. i have to problem last 9 year so plz tell me best solution for this problem . and given then the best docotor list with address .

  338. Dear,,,
    I got psoriasis its abt 4 age is 23 i try alot of medicines 
    but the mdcn treat me temporary….sir plz tell me psoraisis are careble ..if psoraisis careable the reffer me some bst mdcn for psoraisis which availble in pakistan rply me must sir tnx in advnce

  339. Andrew Ernest says:

    I am victim of psoriasis from last 4 years used different medicines but didn’t recover. Can you help me by telling me some herbal or homeopathy medicine. I shall be very thankfull to you.

  340. Aitazaz Ahsan says:

    hello sir,
    I am suffering from Psoriasis since 2010 .Now my scalp ,knees , hands and feet are slowly developing hard patches and I feel helpless when a lot of itching and pain occurs.Please sir give me the ultimate solution so that i can get rid of this problem thanks

  341. hello sir,

    my son is suffering from nail psoriasis and in scalp also but it is mild in scalp.its like dandruff..

    we took allopathy treatment like 5 injections of steriod on nails and one in scalp.

    there is no much change in the colour of naiils.but in scalp its okay.we use tar shampoo also and for nails we apply night .

    daviobet steroid cream.we always keep his entire bodymoisturising with olivd oil.

    i understand that it will take time for nail psoriasis but still i need ur advicec and suggestions whether we are on right treatment and abt other treatments to cure completely.
    i m worried abt his nails and whether it will spread.pls suggest some treatment immediately.

    thanks.waiting for your reply.

  342. surabhi khanna says:

    I have psoriasis on my palms and feet since 1 year and during the winter season…please let me know an effective homeopathic treatment for this….

  343. Rajnikant Mandalia says:

    all hair (head) effected, some red dot in all body

    • Rajdip Singh Ratol says:

      My daughter is suffering from Psoriasis for the last 8 years.No improvement after so many treatments.Can u help?

  344. Sonia nagpal says:

    Hello Dr .
    My husband is suffering from psoriasis from last October 2013 . He had big patches in his scalp
    He is taking homeopathic Medicine from last 15 days mezerium 200 and hydrocotyle Q thrice a day , but there is no recovery at all . can we give him seven seas capsules and vitamin D for faster recovery . I have read in internet sites that these are very useful in psoriasis. He takes alcohol once in a week only 2 pegs ( 60 ml) is it ok for him or not ?
    pls reply

  345. Hello doctor I am ameen from chennai I am having two problems in my private part one is white paches like dead skin in my balls two side and second one is red dots on penis need some advice to cure it thanking you

  346. sir my cock not work and small

  347. waseem.ahmad says:

    psoriasis for two years

  348. arvind kumar says:

    dear sir
    psoraises name ki bimari lagbhg pure sharir
    me huva hai ?yah lal rang ke chate hai our chadi
    ki tarah safed our esme bahut khujli hoti hai
    may sir es se karid 2 shal se paresan hou
    abhi may homiopaithik ki dava kha raha
    hou ? ……….,

  349. virender singh says:

    Iam 26 year old male & suffring from psoriasis before 18year.there are small patches hand,arms and joints.
    I have gone through ayurvedic treatment also many a times and have tried alopathy also .
    sir please advise me a permanent solution for this problem.

  350. venkata sai G.S. says:

    Hi Doctor,

    My Name is venkata sai and 47 yrs old Male ,Suffering from Psoriasis from over 7 years.

    Presently I am taking homeo medicines in Hyderabad for past 7 years but still same condition.

    Pls suggest something for me . Also pls let me know if you have any branches in Hyderabad Telangana (New State) where i can take treatment. Is there any permanent cure to this imbalance .


    venkata sai

  351. KM Pradhan says:

    I am suffering from psoriasis since 12 years I used allopathic medicine till today but no cure can homeopathic medicine cured psoriasis I’m very irritated this psoriasis so please help me sir and reply me sir.lm very great full to you sir

  352. UTKARSH SAXENA says:

    Sir, my father is suffering from psoriasis for last twenty years his age is 57 years
    and taking homepathic treatment for this and now it spread over whole body and there is acute itching and pain tell me how can get relief from this condition.



    I have psoriasis on my hole body I am frustrated with the recurring this. Right now I am taking Dr regway R65 and R21 three times a day by my own. Could you please tell me would this going to help me or not and also is there any cure on psoriasis? Please answer my question.

    Thanks, Ashutosh

  354. MIR ABDUL WAHEED says:

    i have psorises for last 7 years

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  357. Moin khan says:

    meri 2 saal se is bimaari se pareshan hai koi iska ilaaj bta to do pls pls pls

  358. manmohan mohal says:


    My wife, aged about 54, has developed few red patches on her body. (mostly on legs). Dr. has diagnosed it as psoriasis.

    I am interested to know how homeopathy can help and also time and expenses involved in the treatment.

  359. Amir riaz says:

    Hi sir hw ru dear dr sharma actuallay from 7 years imhaving psoriasis skin problem in my every part of my boday so plzzz give a permanat treatment for this tht it remove forever pkzzzz i beg u bcz ihave to much suffered wid this plzzz reply me if u get my msg im 22 years old and ilive in dubai im waiting for ur reply

  360. Harish Sharma says:

    Hi Sir,

    My son of age 8, is having pitting nails which is just start of Psoarisis (as per skin doctor). There are no signs on other parts of body (hair, skin, toenail etc.). Please let me know if it can be stopped at this point only.

    His mother is also having nail pitting with nail fungus for last 11 years,but she is also not having any other sign on her body.

    Please let us know how it can be be limited to nails for my son.


  361. kaushak kumar says:

    sir , my brother who is about 28 year old is suffering from psoriasis ,he check up various doctors in all over country but till date he not get any relief. can any medicine is available to cure he?

  362. md. azim uddin says:

    I am suffering from psoriasis for the last 15 years and till date no cure after appliying may creams, alopathy as well as homeo medicin. I am very disturb. I have much dandraf at my forehead and head, cracks in fingure and patches at elbow and also my face is look red and dandraf in my moustach.

  363. anilkumar says:

    hello doc, i have psoriasis from past 8 yrs and its on my head , face, hands, leg. I am taking homeopathic treatment from dr.batras since 2 yrs. Its like patches on skin and silvery scales on it. At some place , blood and watery things coming out if i remove the scales.homeo treatment is little effective.nobody have psoriasis in my doc is giving me tablets to twice a day before food so plz doc suggest me any creams,ointents or lotions or shampoo for speeding the curing process. Plz reply

  364. Ravinder Singh Dagar says:

    I have a Psoriasis on whole body. Now what I should do.

  365. Dear doctor.
    My sister is suffering from psoriasis diseases since last 17 year . We took all the medicine but they release problem for a short time period . Most of doctors said that there is not permanent release from this disease . Please tell me is their any permanent solution for it.

    Thanks & regard
    Hitesh bhardwaj

  366. Hi Sir,

    Skin problem h mjhe 3 years se , White white spots h neck, back, or front pe bhi. or pheil rahe h poori body pe. Skin sensitive h dhooop boht jaldi asar kerti h or spots dark ho jate h , water lagne se bhi spots dark ho jate h . mjhe na constipation h or na dyspepsia h. PLZ mjhe bataye me kia karon .

  367. davinder singh says:

    my husband 35 yrs has been suffering frm psorisis for last 9 months.he has patches on scalp and nw getting stsrtd on face n body..,,can it be permanantly cured wid homoeopthy mrdicine?????

  368. sakthivel says:

    dear sir
    This is sakthivel for tamilnadu . i was affected with psoriyasis in last 16 years . i would like to take treatments from HOMEOPATY. Now i got one offer to dubai if any proble to atten the medical test.
    please clarify my confusion

  369. kavita goyal says:

    h i

  370. Sir
    suffering from 6 years from psoriasis.after taking long treatment of Allopathy sometime disappear but again reoccur.kindly suggest some homeopathic medicines as my parents are searching match for me.


  371. P K Ray says:

    Sir, my 8 year daughter is suffering from Psoriasis from last one and half year and we have used all kinds of Alopathic and Ayurvedic medicine from reputed Doctors. But she was not getting cured. Now we have started Homoeopathic medecine. Please advise us, what should we do and how the disease can be cured completely. We are from Nagpur. Regards,

  372. Elisabeth says:

    I have had pso for 35 years and had used Enbrel for 4 months before i got terrible sideefects. Stopped with Enbrel and was guite good for 4 months. In january i got erytrodermi. Do not use any drugs, only vitaminer and minerals but it seems not to help. Got a advise to take sulphurkl2 one granulat shake well in wather an take 1 teaspoon each day. I am not sure if i shall do so when the dose is very strong. What do you think about it?
    Will be glad for an answer

  373. ashok kumar mohabe says:

    sir i am suffring from psoraisis from 2 years

  374. hi i have devoloped sorisis after a very stressful time it really flared up and my whole body is covered in the red inflamed patches some are smaller but mostly cigarette sizes i cant wear shorts as its all over my legs ,feet scalp, back and now my tummy n somtimes i get small patches on my face…its never been this bad..the doc gave me some cream n a steriod but it hasnt worked…please help!!?/

  375. q.s.khaan says: age 40 my panis is not streagt & also size is not larg & fat , i can also not do more then 1 minute intercorse.
    Please help me my wife need more but i can not controle & now day by day i am feeling is killing me.
    Hope u understand my problume have u good solution.
    I am living in jeddah.saudi arabia
    Thank you
    Qasim s.khan

  376. Jazmine says:

    I am 18 with psoriasis, I’m to embarrassed to go out in public because of it and if I do go out in public I have to have my whole body covered up. Please help me.

  377. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I have Psoriasis problem in my hands, earlier it used to be in fingers only but now it has started on some part of palm areas as well. I have observed that it aggravates during season change and settle down once the season settle down. I have applied various ointments like MOISTUREX, SORVATE C and nowadays I am trying one Ayurvedic oil named CUTISORA.
    I request you to please suggest me some homeopathic ointment/cream/oil which can cure this problem for always. I never had taken/eaten any medicine which was prescribed by the doctors as I am scared of the side affects but I can take/eat homeopathy medicines as there are no side affects for those.
    Request you again to help me to cure this disease.


  378. sunil patil says:

    My 16 yrs son is sufferings frm inverse psoriasis .is there any treatment for this

  379. shavnam says:

    i m 22 years old. i m suffering from scalp psoriasis from last 8 years. i have taken a lot of medicines bt there ws no solution of my problm. plz sr give me solution to ovrcm this problem.

  380. shavnam says:

    i m 22 years old. i m suffering from scalp psoriasis from last 8 years. i have taken a lot of medicines bt there

  381. AminaWasim says:

    Hi I’m a homeopath consultant but long time I haven’t done prectise but cut story short
    My husband got psoriasis all over his body bout 3 weeks ago and he got infection is well was really bead also watery discharge from it so I take him to dr and he gave him anti biotic rebate and fucibet cream and it dos work and gone down but it come back again this time I start to give him shulpher 200 15 drops every 3hours so please tell if this is right I’ll be really greatful to you thanks

  382. Shameem says:

    Dr. Dharma. I am 42 years ,when I intercourse with my wife and with a second my sex out quickly. Now I want to long time sex by homeopathy .Can you help whice medicine for me. Please let me know the name of homeopathy medicine.



  383. Dr sharma I am suffering from psoriasis last 7 year patches are on whole body plz help me out thanks a lot

  384. Amir Khan says:

    Sir, i am suffering from psoriasis since last 10 years.Please give me some solution to cure it.

  385. Shazia Kazi says:

    Dr. Sharma I am having Psoriasis on my feet (top. bottom, nails). I ma having it since 8 years, I have tried all modes, but nothing worked so far. Now I am writing you with a hope.
    Please reply me.

  386. rajesh pawar says:

    i had kidney transplant operation in 2012 but unfortunately i am on dyalsis from last 6 months. i had already 10 years of soriosis on my body, i can’t understand who cure me, my mind is very unstable about which treatment is cure me. Plz. do the needful.

  387. Moin Sheikh says:

    I am 32 years old
    I am suffering from psoriasis since last 12 year
    100% body in psoriasis
    Plz plz plz plz plz help me……….

  388. mohsion kasar says:

    मै काफी परेशान हु इसी बीमारी से
    5 साल से है इलाज बताय

  389. Hi doctr meri prblm hai k mere hand sweating bahuth hoti hai

  390. Elizabeth Rowe says:

    Hello doctor.
    I have been suffering from pslorisis for the 6 years. On my both ankles. Both elbows both knees and my scalp.
    And its very itchy. For the last 8days my both inner plams are itchy. I am 53 years old. Living in New Delhi.
    Please suggest what to do.
    Thank you.

  391. deepak joshi says:

    sir im facing problem of azoospermia hw to cure this problem

  392. d.sushma says:

    plz sir i hav white patches on my skin.i am phasing a lot of problems.plz sir i want permanent solution to no:9989092431

  393. VENKATESH says:

    Iam staying Hyderabad,India and iam suffering with psoriasis last 9years. Sir please advise me what medicine useful for permanent cure

  394. K.NIKHILA says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I introduce myself as nikhila aged 24yrs and I am suffering from psoriasis past 11 yrs..At initial phase i have suffered both skin and scalp psoriasis but now my skin is effected very minutely bt my scalp is totally effected and i dont have any problem of nails pigmentation or any other swelling…i have tried many medicines from allopathy and ayurvedic..but they left me untreated though the medication taken was okay for a while but i had few side effects such as hair loss, burning in the stomach and vomits i have thought of skipping to homeo..Kindly suggest me of how the medication would be and also make me aware of the side effects on using homeo medicines…


  395. Maria Caminos says:

    I am interested in homoeopathic remedies for psoriasis.
    Thank y0u.

  396. rimla irfan says:

    hello doctor
    my daughter is 3 years old she has psorisis on wrist of right hand and on left arm also it is inherritence from my husband side doctor advised me for calcium sulph 30 but she itches a lot at 4 , 5 am plz tell is this completely curable in homeopathy plz sir plz answer me i m very much worried for my daughter as his uncle told me it is not curable plz reply me soon

  397. Sujit K Navale says:

    My Name is sujit, im from Aurangabad , t v center area
    last 7 to 8 years i’m very truble from psoriasis, pl suggest me, what can I do?
    pl help.

    Sujit K Navale



  399. ashwaq hussain says:

    dear sir,

    I am suffering from palmar psoriasis, my palms toe & first finger affected both hands it is cutting and bleeding after take medicines it dry and spread, please advise

  400. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I am seventeen years old, and I have just recently been diagnosed with psoriasis. It is only affecting my scalp, as I have not noticed its presence any where else on my body. I have been using tar shampoo, but it does not completely eliminate the psoriasis patches and it takes quite a toll on the health of my hair. I’ve also used some home remedies, but nothing really helps. I realize that there is no actual “cure” for psoriasis, but I just want to keep my patches under control. I’m a seventeen year old girl, so I want to be able to nicely style my hair, but this condition makes it difficult! Are there any homeopathic remedies for psoriasis? I would really appreciate your help.

    Please and thank you,


  401. ram gopal sharma says:

    nameskar sir…. mujhe last 5 year se psorsis h or m kafi alopathy madicn le chuka hun …..per koyi fayda nhi hua…….
    or ab ab m homopathy treatment le rha hun ………..jisme m salfer 30 or ……..bc20 …….le rha hun ……….please mujhe advice kre taki m thik ho sku

  402. Irfan Ahamad says:

    I am suffering from psoriasis since 2009 but i did treatment only homeopathic doctor but no response from any doctor. plz reply on my no- +91 8459464563 , 9555995905

  403. zeeshan athar says:




  404. r.k.dash says:


  405. suganya says:

    i am suganya 22 year old. i am suffering from palmoplantar psoaiasis nearly for 4 to 5 years . i took alopathy treatment at the starting level by that my periods becames irregular and i looked so fat. now i am so depressed of this disease and i don’t know what to do plz help me
    i am tamilian

  406. swapan kumar chakraborty says:

    for the last two years my wife has psorasis on her palms she has been taking homeopathy medicines for the last 7 months of late we have been noticing some improvement in her condition the patches on her palms have been clearing please advice if she is taking right medicines ,dr Reckeweg psorasis drops along with dr Johns psorasis drops and Scaboil &Dercut ointment to be applied on the affected areas.Awaiting your reply ,

  407. sunil thakur says:

    dear sir
    I am suffering from psoriasis since the last two years.and i take every allopath medicine since two year ,but my problem is not stop,so sir kindly advice what i treatment,

  408. ranjit thakur says:

    it is critical pro in skin inf

  409. sir,
    i am 36 yrs having 2 kids of 10 yrs and 4 yrs.i m suffering from psoriatic arthrities since 5 years.
    i am in allopathic treatment over the nature of disease is symmetrical.i have psoriasis in scalp and all the joints and few parts over the body.two fingers in my left hand and toes of both the foot are affected. i cant walk properly. kindly suggest the treatment or remedy in homeopathy on which my life will become smooth and peaceful.Thanks.

  410. Ajay Duggal says:

    Is it really curable?

  411. manish gupta says:

    Dr. i am suffering from psoriasis in my palm and sole since last 10 years,now psoriaatic arthriatis has also been developed. pl suggest me the treatment

  412. Hi I have psoraisis since 1999 n had one severe episode of psoraisis in 2005 the next one is now just before my wedding which is in aug. I am in need of help desperately and very stressed with the wedding preps and the constant psoraisis outbreak. If one lesion goes another one appears I have now stopped all allopathic medications over a month and controlled my diet with veg and fish n dropped chicken from my diet while I don’t eat beef mutton or any other meat. I am now using dead sea salt n baby oil to relieve the redness. But need help to cure myself.

  413. sneha shrivastava says:

    I am suffering from soriasis all over scalp ear palm from more than12 years and I am of 25. Please docter help me out of all this

    • Abhay Vinayak says:

      Hey sneha I live in delhi me suffering from psoriasis from last 6 years me also suffering from joint pain did u got some relief

  414. Respected Sir,
    My wife is sufferering from year will complete in june 2014 of our marriage. We are taking treatment.But, We are in problem of pregnancy.Please tell us that she can pgeganant or not.Please revert back.

    With Regard
    Nishant Sharma

  415. MD.Abdullah All Mamun says:

    Dear sir
    I am mamun from Bangladesh.I have been suffering from genetic tumor of all body .I have got it inherited of mother .I feel pain from some tumor.please suggest me

  416. Mubarak Al araimi says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My aunts undergoes coma for 2 years ,currently her status is open eye unconscious.
    Kept under observation without any helopathic medicine for comatose.

    Best Regards,

  417. Mrs. Nivedita Shome says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma,

    On behalf of my husband I’m approaching to you. He is having torned shin on top his fingers for the past few months, we’ve tried both allopathic & homeopathic treatments in Kolkata. Can you help us , one of the doctors said it is the first stage of psoriasis. we are keen to know the treatment procedure at ur clinic, pl advise..
    Awaiting for ur reply..

  418. pallavi tyagi says:

    i am 27 years old and i am suffering from psoriasis last 11 is on my scalp,ears and on my back is totally unbearable.sir,can u plz tell me how can i get rid of dis disease.

  419. i need treatment for psoriasis

  420. Hello sir i have infection to my skin psoriasis in my hairs i am so treatment but he cant not clear for proper time plz help me say some medicine which was a proper treatment and psoriasis cant attack my skin again

  421. I have itching I n my inner palm with pain and sometimes heels also itches and pains

  422. Munsur rahman says:

    Hi…….One of my relative is suffering from a kind of skin desease from last 10 years or more. Now she is 23 yrs of age.She is suffering from under feet skin cracking and peeling off the skin….Its dry but looks very ugly……we have tried a lot to cure it but could not success………plz let me know is this curable…….plz mail me if it is so….

  423. girmachew gizaw says:

    about soriases funges

  424. somnath biswas says:

    I am a male of 64 years. For last 2 years I have developed rashes on back of my hand, scalp, arms and back. They constant itch make me impatient sometimes. In the begining the doctors attributed it as uv allelgy form sunlight. When I went throuth internet compared the rashes as explained on the net, I find it resembles with psoriasis ie. rashes with grey skin.
    Please tell me whether it can be permanently treated or may be subsided temporarily?
    Now I have started Homoeopathic treatment since last 2 months.
    I shall be obliged for your reply and guidance.
    Biswas, Kota

  425. Sami Ullah says:

    Doctor sab apna mobile no likh den muj ko ye sikin wali bemari hai .ap say advice leni hai
    sami ullah Patwari Islamabad Pakistan.

  426. Wazir Singh says:

    Kindly advise how to handle psoriasis problem already taking homeopathic treatment but not that much relief

  427. udit narayan singh says:

    sir i am 22 year old and am suffering from psoriasis last 2 year .thnd ere are small and big pitches on finger and skine and joints . so sir plz advise me a parmanent treatment for this problem.

  428. I am a patient of psoaraisis.And I had been suffering with psoaraisis for 2 years.Psoaraisis is now increasing on my body.First it started on my joints (knees & elbows) and now it is on my shoulders,back and on stomach also.Please tell me the treatment of psoaraisis and tell me how this spreads over people. Regards Rayyan class 6 student 10 1/2 year old

  429. s k tiwari says:

    I have psoriasis last 6…7 years, all type medicine used..homiyopath, ayurvad, unani, patanjali, , but not satisfied. ? Ab kya kare…bahut paisse mangte hai..guarantee koi nahi leta…aap kuch kar sakte hai…?

  430. sir, iam psoriasis patient and faced 10 times my body effected by head on white silver scales,back is white silver scales, two elbow hands white silver this time use only hellopathy medicine some times cure and some time coming.pls give me prminent solution.iam prsnt 30years.iam suffering from 15 years

  431. Mrs T.M.Rajasree says:

    Respected Dr.Sharma,

    I am suffering from scalp Psoriasis for the past 4 years. As prescribed by Doctor I used DanCare shampoo and Ultirderm lotion. But not much recovery. I travel lot to different places on my work. Tired of everything I want to go for Homeopathy treatment. I need treatment which will not disturb my work and I am relieved of this illness. The biggest problem with my illness is I have itching problem. secondly the powder like thing falls on the neck and irritates me a lot even draws the attention of other people where i feel low in my spirit.

    Thanking you


  432. Hello Dr Sharma.. I have been a psoriasis sufferer for many years now.. It all started out as a red patch at the back of my neck and then it spread to my fingers, and elbows.. it was really bad but with diet an homeopathy it got better.. Once the skin eruptions got cleared up i ended up gettting psoriatic athritis.. Started with the knees swelling , then spread to other joints.. Fingers , jaw, elbows, wrists.. it was all very sudden. Cleared that up too and was fine for 3 years.. Now it’s all back.. the psoriatic athritis mostly and some red patches on elbow , fingers and palms.. The skin isn’t that alarming.. It’s the athritis that is a problem… Jaw pain.. Swollen knee, sore fingers..

  433. i m having psoriasis for the last 8 years and it gets very problematic in the windy season. so pls suggest some cure of this disease

  434. Gopal kumar says:

    Dear sir I have psoriasis problem in my head from last 7 year I suffering from itching dandruff and spot and head affected area is paining . So which homeopathic medicines can treat this problem permanently.

  435. Anindita Bhattacharya says:

    Hello sir,
    I am really tensed for my fiance who is 27 yrs old has recently developed the psoriosis problem on fingers of hand. We have consultant dermatologis who have make us understand the term psoriosis. But does psoriosis spread all over body? Can we switch to homeopathy treatment? He doesnot smoke or consume alcohol. Psoriosis is recently observed for about four months. Does any barrier in certain food ?

    Please guide us our problem.

  436. Babukuttan Nair.R says:

    I am suffering from psoriasis for the last 12 years. I tried allopathy treatment, and ayurdevic ntreatment for a short period. will you advice me whether this can be cured and your mode of treatment and expenses that will be incurred

  437. govindarajan says:

    Iam suffering from psoriasis in my head, back side of ear loab, nails and now starting at palms and foot. i am taking siddha but not satisfied and i am a diabetic also so kindly give your lsuggestion and will it be able to cure this under your treatment and i am from a place near coimbatore how to get treratment at coimbatore please doctor please help me.

  438. Dr.Shamsun Nahar says:

    i am suffering from scalp psoriasis for 4.5 years. i have taken many medicine but no improve occured.I am really upset just now.i am still on treatment but all are hopeless.please give some suggestions that may improve or control it.thanks a lot

  439. Sir,
    I have Scalp Psoriasis since last 2 Years.
    Give me Treatment Suggestion.
    My Contact No- 07588539644.

  440. SOWJANYA says:

    I am suffering from psoriasis from last 7Years and plz suggestme good doctor . i am living in vijayawada

  441. mahesh rao says:


    I suffuring from 2009 to till date for p soriyasiss In head and all body and legs, I went somany hospetals but not reduced,

    I hope to tell me any suggestiions for reduced the soriyasis

    Thanking you sir

    Mahesh rao

  442. Madhumita saha says:

    Doctor i m 20 year old and i have psoriasis its on my scalp and nail and a small patches in my leg please help me get rid of it

  443. AKSHAT SWAMI says:

    I have psoriasis problem on my head for last ten years . Previously it was only on head but for last two years there are white spots on my knees , slightly on my back of ears and red small spots on chest . Very intense itching on head . I am preparing for government exams . My age 26(weight 73) and have other skin problem since birth as told by my parents. I have grey hairs now due to this.
    I am not talkative person but rather sincere ,you can say . My first aim now to get selected for any government jobs . I like to respect elders and expect same from my juniors. I like to go for ride and enjoy music of all sorts. There is no one in my family who suffered from this disease earlier.

  444. please mery body per 3 saal sy psoriasis ho gy he main ne ilaj krwaya liken mukamal araam nahe aya pher ho jate he ab homeopathy sy koy medicines tajweez kar dayn….thanx sir

  445. SAM BABY says:

    Dr Vikas,

    i have got psoriasis (white powerdered kind) developing on my back side of head (hairline), which is itching too. Since one year i have this problem. I used some English medicine, but still it is developing. But i strongly believe homeo can heal this problem.

    Coudl you kindly advise me some medicine.

    best regards

  446. Hello Sir,
    my son is 8 years old he some problem i check his hormones testosterone 12.14 and fsh is 1.2
    can u give me suggest what is the problem and it is solve or not
    pls give me reply

  447. Tasmiya Jaid Kazi says:

    Hi doctor..m suffering from psoriasis from 6months it is spreaded all over body including scalp..plz advice me is homeopathy gud for psoriasis or ayurveda or allopathy..n how homeopathy works

  448. George Abraham says:

    Dear Sir,
    For last 5 years I noticed some scale formation on my scalp. Doctor diagnosed it as Psoriasis, it is on my side logs, and behind ears.I have have itching sensation too much, Also my legs it is formed in black c lour and i am getting itching specially under the penny.
    Kindly advice me homeopathy treatment. Also to control the itching. I am staying in Oman is there any good doctor in Oman to consult. please guide me.


  449. Dear sir,
    I have blackhead under my eyes. my nose and head are in white color while remaining area of my skin is looking black. could you say any remedies for this problem. shall i take treatment with you? please make me cure from this problem. I’m waiting for your reply.
    Thank you sir.

  450. Hi Dr. Sharma
    I have scalp psoriasis since i am young but lately it getting worse it start a sport on my back and my all nails is getting out from fresh and there is 2 sport at leg too.
    What should i do or what u recomment?
    Kindly reply

    From Elaine (malaysia) 27 years old

  451. ANOOP TIWARI says:

    Hello Dr.
    I have poriasis since 8 years sometimes its finished bt it will generate also.i hve take all homeopathy r allopathic cure bt i can’t get relief and it will generate more this time.i hve psoriasis in whole body.
    pls give some curable advise for my illness.

    Anoop Tiwari

  452. Fazlul Haque says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am fazlul haque from bangladesh i want to meet with you,
    please send your dretails in mail,

    Fazlul haque

  453. Javid Dabir says:

    Suffering from scalp psoriasis for last 4 years. Homeopathic medicine & seek advice for cure the same

  454. My homeopathic doctor said continuous six month treatment will cure psoriasis and I have taken treatment for psoriasis for last 4 months continuously and now there is a one month break due to chicken pox. Now treatment for 2 months will be ok or it requires another six months.

    Initially i had psoriasis on scalp alone, when i started medicine it came all through the body(doctor said it is a process of blood purification). Now lot of patches has come in face too.

    Please do reply as fast as you can

  455. Bhushan Patel says:

    Dear doctor, I am suffering from psoriasis for almost 8 years now and the patches are from scalp to legs.
    I have all over about 30 patches and some scaled some does not. The one which does not scale remains as dark black spots. The size of the patches are small except one or two are size of 1 rupee coin. I apply clonate and sorvate cream as prescribed by dermatologist but it is temporary relief. However I do take aurvedic medicines of genuine quality and ensures it does not contain mercury, lead or any other harmful material. It helps but does not curing. Over all otherwise I am healthy person. I do have family history of mild psoriasis to mother and her brother. On father side no body has. I have border line BP for which I take Stemlo 2.5mg (calcium channel blocker). I do not have any habit of consuming tobacco or alcoholand I am vegetarian and good life style including balance diet and regular exercise but I am very sensitive person and have tendency to get tensed fast and I am very emotional too. With this back ground doctor can you cure my psoriasis? If yes can you let me know how to go ahead and tenure, side effects while taking your medicine and also if stopped does the psoriasis tiger with double intensity and appx. cost of the treatment

  456. Neha Punjabi says:

    Hi !

    My name is Neha. I was looking forward for the treatment for psoriatic arthiritis as my husband
    Is suffering from psoriasis from about 9 years he is 34 now. Few days back he had some joint pain too which is ok now but we came to know from the doctor here that he has psoriatic arthritis. I would like you know if homeopathy has a cure for this. In last 9 years he has already lot of medications like humera, methotrexate and enbrel and also steroid ointments but nothing really worked well. It improves for a little bit but then comes back again.
    So pls lemme know if it can be treated thru homeopathy. Thanks ! Neha

  457. sury kant Tiwari says:

    Iam32 year old female & suffring from psoriasis before10year.there are small patches hand,arms and joints. sir please advise me a permanent solution for this problem.reply plz

  458. samay singh says:

    I am sufring from psoriasis (i have paches on elbow s’ knee, hands fingers and others body’s parts and have inching) last 4 year and take many alopathic medicines .plz adwise me

  459. Dr. sumit says:

    Yes it is curable by homoeopathic

  460. santosh pareek says:

    Dear Sir
    my mother is suffering from psoriasis of hand and feet and from last 10 moth taking homeopathic medicine as on starting only 2 finger is affected and now on whole hand and palms and feet is also affected . if i talk about medicine these are– arsenic album , hepar sulph, and graphites, petroleam is used … and symptom— worse with cold and better with heat, burning, itching on whole body, emotion have, …current treatment running in aagra.. please reply what you suggest.
    santosh pareek

  461. Manish Dua says:

    I have skin order.. I have patches on my back,neck, side stomach and also on my arms and shoulder. I have consulted many doctors and they said it is psoriasis. Can I get rid of it? If yes, then how long will it take?

  462. I have psoriasis last 1 year, and my age is 24 can it cure by homeopathy?

  463. kanchan singh says:

    sir, Iam 25 year old male & suffring from psoriasis before 4year.there are small patches hand,arms , head and joints. sir please advise me a permanent solution for this problem.I am tensed that ppoblem can be transfer to my family.what treatment?reply plz

  464. Satavekar Swapnil says:

    i am 30 years married person havin 2 years child.
    I am suffering from psoriasis since last 2 years i have taken 3 to 4 private doctors treatment over it not cured
    Now i am taking treatment fom civil hospital sion mumbai.
    medicines i am taking presently are methotrexate 2.5 mg 2 pill on every sunday, wax parrafin ,liquid parrafin after bath,cetirizine ,
    it may disapers from some portion and spreading in new area.
    now which spreading in hair, SCALP,knee,elbow,back etc.
    Could you please suggest me wheather your treatment cures the psoriasis permanantly.
    I am tired of this . please give treatment so that which can permanantly disappesr.
    Swapnil Satavekar.
    Mumbai Vikhroli.
    Mobile no. 09960268987.

  465. Jitendrabhai says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am 57 year old and suffering from Psoriasis from 15 years but m not getting full recovery. I am trying Ayurvedic medicines but from that medicine i recover but after 1 year or 6 month it comes back so please guide me how Psoriasis get out from my body…

  466. Hemant Chandra Singh says:

    Sir i am suffering from psoriasis in my hands for 3-4 years. I treat it with alopathy but result is none. Can homeopathy can treat the psoriasis permanenrly

  467. Dr sajjad Ahmed channa says:

    hi dear sir,I m suffering from psoriasis since last 8months,feeling discomfort,but I can say I m totally distrubed,throughout hours itching,almost my whole body is involved,I m dr ,doing postgraduation in general surGerry,but I m in trouble to perform work properly,I got treatment by consultants,but no remedy yet,so sir requested to consider on me and treat me,I ll b remain thankful.I do wait your opinion.thnx

  468. Naveen Bachu says:

    Dear Sir,

    In my right hand one small black colour mark formed and right hand thumb nail is getting problem 6 months back and now it become a big mark and in the left hand 3 small marks are formed 2 months back. So, I went to a hospital and they are doubting it is psoriasis.

    Please suggest me in this regard.

  469. G K Rastogi says:

    Dear Sir
    I am suffering from scalp Psoraisis and red patchy scales on legs since last 4 months. Kindly suggest.

  470. I am 9 years old girl, have been suffering for 6/7 years. Symptom: small rash on all over the body, rapidly growing, expanding, dangerous itching day and night, even during sleep, seriou sitching cause open and blooded. Till know used so many steroid, antibiots. Please help me to be cured, to survive.

  471. NH David says:

    Hi, doctor.. My Aunt has been suffering from this particular disease for 5 years now.
    We have consulted many doctors but to no avail so far.. but the disease only spread even more on most parts of her body leaving just her facial and neck areas.
    And to worsen it, she also is suffering from Diabetes.
    Its a Pain to all of us in the family to see her with such disease on her skin. And also, to see her writhing in itch on all over her body. PLEASE HELP!!
    And I don’t think its from Family hereditary as there is no other person in the family or relative with such a disease.
    Will be ever grateful to have your remedies or solution or treatment…
    Eagerly waiting for the response.
    God Bless!

  472. Sutanu Mitra says:

    I am suffering from Psorisis from last 12 yrs.I have tried lot of treatments but didnt completely cured everytime dr prescribe medicine firstly it get cured almost 95% but after few month it again occured and thn same medicine doesnot work. Please suggest what can be done.I am a resident of Kolkata.

  473. Moumita Saha says:

    hi doctor,
    i have a thin skin with itching in my thumbs on plam side dc give the oinment calpsor c. is it psoriasis or eczema. Is it curable?

  474. tushar kanti ghosh says:

    My nephew is suffering from this disease since last 10 years..all methods of treatment including homeopathy has already been tried but all in vain.he is 30 yrs suggest ne how u can help us in treating him.we reside in Kolkata. Regards

  475. varun sharma says:

    Hi sir,

    I am suffering from psoriasis(on head) since so long years. even slowly slowly it is spreading on my face.
    Please provide better solution for this problem.

  476. Dear Doctor Namaste Iam suffering from psoriasis for the last two years., now am taking homeo medicine.R65. Some times it reduce. Suddenly it increase. I dont know why?.iam using panmasala also. R65 Medicine only ok for me? I request yourself to advise me.for the two months suffering joint paints also. Pls advise me sir. I hope you will help me. With Regards Sriram

  477. sir,
    am suffering from psoriasis for past 3 years .i used so many kind of medicine but still not gone
    pls send me advice from homeopathy that about treatment

  478. i want my pine large and fat.i am married but i have no age is 38 and my wife is 25 years.please help me.

  479. my wife is suffring from depression and gain weight upto 102 kg due to antidepression drugs. high weight causes less gap between bones of back and she observed heavy pain. how she loose weight

  480. Duryodhan pradhan says:

    i suffer psoriasis since 5 yr .i take allopathy treatment but not cureable to allopathy .sir suggest to me.

  481. vanita barneto says:

    I have psoriasis since 6 years. Was under homeopathy treatment and it went off except a few timed during stress a few would appear on my scalp. But from the last month it seems to be increasing. Kindly suggest

  482. Dreiana Daniels says:

    I have had this scaly itchyness in my hair and in my ears for about 4yrs. I’ve seen a dermatologist but she can’t seem to know what the problem is. Please can u suggest something for me to get rid of or tone down. I’ve used apple sided vinegar and it helps but it hasn’t rid the problem…Thank you for your time

  483. Raunaq habib says:

    i m a lady with the age of 42.some days before suffering from phynimoniya.and took some antibiotic medicine after two days i have got rashes in my both handa starting from my elbow to wrist.and some fingers looks like phosoresis .i know because in from 98 to 2005 i sufferd with this problm and i dont know even the name of this skin desiece.i have got relief from homyopethic medicine but dont knoe the name
    i m dipresive person .suffering with lots of problem in my life no children many abortions .seprate with husband .
    i want to know what medicines will suit me for this skin problm .
    please help me .

  484. maneesh says:

    Hi Sir,

    I have been suffering with this disease for last 7 years and now I am completely frustrated with this life. I cant even think of my marriage because I dont want to spoil my partners life and since this is an hereditary disease so I would never like to have my own child. I feel so negative and thinking of suicide now.
    Just in hope to hear a positive reply.


  485. Sanjay Balakrishnan says:

    I am suffering from psoriasis for last 10 years. Till now with alallopathic but no results. Last medication is Methotrexate, when I heard this is kind of chemo, I got fed up. Please help me. I have in my palms and first one seen today on my right leg.

  486. kulasekeram says:

    I have been suffering from psoriasis more than ten years. I tried all the medicines. I have patches in back and head also psoriatic arthuristis

  487. Anurag sharma says:

    Sir I m only 20 and I have prorasis from 6 years I took some alopathic treatment but no permanent solution Is there and now I m using homopathic medicine which is calcarea carb. Hydrocotyle.and thuja is there any possiblity to cure permanently and how much time is required to cure

  488. R.I. MALIK says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am pateint of Psorias since 2003, once in 2003-2004 at Dubai its gone away but in 2005 its occurred again and stick with me till now and in worst condition, Now a days I am using clobevate oinment 15 days use and then stop for 7-15 days and again using it but now its 60% on my body especially on on back, hips, legs, ankles, elbow, wrist, feets and some spot on forhead chin, chicks, and nose as well. Also on full head scalps. Kindly tell me if there any permanent solution of psorias in homepathic.

    I will be gratefull to you.

    Thanks & regards.
    R.I. MALIK

  489. Muhammad Zeeshan says:

    I am suffering from psoriasis since the last eight years. It is in form of rashes and patches on my whole body, I have tried allopathy medicine but it was of no use. Kindly give an immediate reply,i’ll be very grateful.


  490. Riti Roy says:

    I am suffering from psoriasis from 2yrs,but it not properly cure.

  491. Jose Thomas says:

    I was diagnosed with it like ten years back I haven’t tried homeo yet

  492. Naresh Goli says:

    Namstey Doctor,
    I have been declared scalp psoriasis patient by allopathy doctor. The allopathy doctor suggested the kertyol shampoo, I used the shampoo daily then the black patch on my scalp is disappeared temporarily. After 2 weeks it came again in the same area. This time doc prescribed “sebowash shampoo”, immune suppressor,steroid lotion. But none is stopped itching, i stopped the immune suppressor lotion, because I am getting head ache by using that suppressor.But after reading your article in web, the symptoms are not full in me, i.e., I don’t have any problem with nails they are looking fine, but I have severe itching on my scalp, is it psoriasis or any other skin disease?
    I have been using the homeopathy also (SBL bio combination.20) since from Jan-14, i didn’t found any improvement.
    I have acidity also since 2011.
    Please suggest a suitable medicine.

    Thank you very much,

    Naresh G

  493. kantika mukherjee says:

    Hello sir, i am suffering from this skin disease from 2011. it comes in winter and goes away in summer.. i had tried homeopathy in 2011, and got results.. but again i can see red patches are coming.. it been 2months now i am suffering again.. the affected areas are both my hands, and legs. how to cure this .. please help..

  494. s.k.dash says:

    I have psoriasis since last 4-5 years. it spread in my legs, hands, ears, nose, eyebrows, back , naval etc. In this connection, i would like to request to kindly suggest me the way as to how it can be cured. I have taken a series of treatment but nothing has happened.

    Thanking you.

  495. sanjay singh says:

    Hello sir;
    Psoriasis treatment is possible Mybrother has a Psoriasis .sr plz reply to me my number is 9717755582 I m waiting ur reply

    • R.I. MALIK says:


      I will be gratefull to you.

      Thanks & regards.
      R.I. MALIK

  496. PAVITHRAN.C says:


    I am suffering from small skin coloured pupules on my right little finger for the last 3 months. it broke down and gradually increased in size. Four years back i suffered from similar problem in right ring finger. I took ayurvedic treatment for six months. Today (01-03-2014) , I consulted at medical college hospital kozhikkode, kerala, india. Doctor advised that it is a type of palmar psoriasis. He prescribed Zincoderm -G cream and a plane vaseline. I request you to give an advice for the treatment about treatment in homeopathy.Which is better treatment for this, homeopathy or alopathy.

  497. shabir ahmad says:

    respected sir i belong from pakistan.and i m psorisas patient from since 8 years before its appear in my body slowly slowly and noe its becom larger in my head,face,arms,back and foots.from the beging i start the alloy patic madacine but i dnt got rest.then i start the homopati madacine like,sulpher,psorinam,grapitas,petrolim,and many obout the doctor advise but sorry to say its also effect.

    plz advise

  498. pustular psoriasis for five years and taken steroid trratment can the condition may improved with homoeopathy

  499. I am 25 years old and I am suffering from scalp psoriasis since 5 years . N I recently started getting small patches on my legs as well . Sir i have consulted somany dermatologist but even then I can’t see any improvement . Sir please suggest me the best medicine where I can cure my disease . Am really very tensed and feel ashamed to go out as it is so visible on scalp . Sir please help me out

  500. Dear Sharma,

    I have psoraisis from 9 yrs . please provide me proper treatment.

  501. veer singh parihar says:

    I am suffering since 8 years from ksoriyasis desease,last two years I am taking homopethic treatment. I am getting relief some. I want to ask can this desease cured rootly by this pethy and its side effect about.

  502. sir g me 2007 me avil k inj karta tha 2008 me chor dye h ab hatho ur paon ur gotno me psoriais h elopethy ka tertment b kawaya h bohat zada aram nai ata plz sand me a medicin Asad Ali my age 23 from pakistan lahore plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  503. sri i am suffring psoriasis last one year so please help me sir thanking you

  504. my son 4 years old has psoriosis at the feet….is that can be cured completely..

  505. I’m patient of psoraisis from last 15 years.It covers 60% of my body.allopathy treatment is of no use.tablet methtraxate used after 1year.

  506. meena prasad says:

    I have feet psoriasis. IT breaks out as red long cuts in my feet. It is very paiful and very light bleeding. I keep wearing shocks all the time. Doctor gave me urea cream and clobetasol propionate usp, .05%. It helps but new ones come out an dkeeps going. 817 776 2184.

  507. Rana imran says:

    I m 51 years old , i m suffering from psoriasis since the last 15 years. Psoriasis full covered my advice me a permanent solution for this probable and medicion for used.

  508. Dear sir,
    how can i get fair look?
    Are there some medicines or cream or anything else to help us to get rescue such kind boaring and embrassing life without any side effect?

  509. Dear sir,
    how can i get fair look?
    Are there some medicines to help us to get rescue such kind boaring and embrassing life?

  510. tuhftullah qureshi says:

    it desease has to much time all treat ment have done but no result

  511. Mahesh kumar says:

    Dr. Which medicine is best for the penice large and healthY.JO KI MARKET MAIN ASANI SEI MIL JAYE.I WANT MAKE MY LARGE PENICE.

  512. My son age 15 has recently diagnosed as psoriasis. It’s very mild as his father has we guessed and did a biopsy test to confirm the result was positive. Now he undergoing homeopathic treatment but I font know whether it’s working or not as his body hair r falling.
    Want to know what treatment you would suggest
    And v live in bangalore

  513. sanjay kumar says:

    i am suffering from psoriasis in head from one year.please suggest me homeopathic medicine.

  514. Vineet Choudhary says:

    Dear Sir,
    I read you blog ,I am also suffering from this. Could tell me what I can do?
    I think 10 year passed ,I have this problem.
    In my family also some people suffered but once they
    Cured by allopathy ,they never suffered again
    But this couldn’t happened in my case.
    I have psorisis on my back ,head,almost everywhere .
    Plz tell what can I do?

  515. Hi Dr Sharma,

    I am 23 year old female & suffering from psoriasis from 2years with silver scales. till now i am using sterrnon lotion and scalp shampoo but it is not getting cured that is spreading . could you please suggest me the shampoo as well as lotion.reply plz…

  516. Hi Dr Sharma,

    Iam 23 year old female & suffering from psoriasis from 2years with silver scales. till now i am using sterrnon lotion and scalp shampoo but it is not getting cured that is spreading . could you please suggest me the shampoo as well as lotion.reply plz…

  517. shakera begum says:

    Dear sir, my wife who is in 40’s is suffered cracks in her legs, she is using homopatic for last 3 years, once it got off, but after 1 years it comes again, now cracks are on her hands and legs also. plz. suggest remedy. thanks

  518. Dr.K.V. Joga Rao MBBS. PGDPHM says:

    Dear sir, my son aged 25 yrs, professionally a software engineer at Hyderabad is suffering from psoriasis (particularly scalp psoriasis) He has been on homeopathic medication for the last 18 months. The patches have subsided in the first 3 months on the body but it remained the same on the scalp. He has discontinued the medication at the Homeo clinic which he went initially, presuming the medicine is not so effective. later he consulted another Homeo physician and with that medicine the condition worsened both on the body and scalp. kindly give advice regarding whether to switch over to the first physician or any better (or best) clinics either at Hyderabad or any other suitable clinic. with regards

  519. Shyam Laxman Ghag says:

    Dear Doctor,

    My daughter is suffering from Psoriasis disease from last one year. Can psoriasis curable? What treatment is require? Please advice.

  520. hi,
    i am suffering from psoriasis since 5 years.i consult skin specialist but there is no use pls give me permanent solution for this psoriasis…plz ans me to my mail or mobile No 9741469753……

  521. I am 24 year old male & suffering from psoriasis before 6 year.there are small patches in hand, and joints. sir please advise me a permanent solution for this problem.I am tensed that problem can be transfer to my family.what treatment for psoriasis ? give me permanent solution for psoriasis treatment?reply plz……..
    I Alredy show in some skin specialist but there is no use….plz gudie me 9741469753……kumar

  522. I am 24 year old male & suffering from psoriasis before 6 year.there are small patches hand,arms and joints. sir please advise me a permanent solution for this problem.I am tensed that problem can be transfer to my family.what treatment for psoriasis ? give me permanent solution for psoriasis treatment?reply plz……..
    I Alredy show in some skin specialist but there is no use….plz gudie me 9741469753……kumar

  523. s.k.tiwari says:

    I have psoriasis last 8 year. I have taken medicine Ayurvad. Patanjali homiyopath. Unani.all type medicine. But no any result, so pl.give better advice. Mobile no. 09893518529 me..

  524. saleel kumar says:

    i suffering this skin disease from 2003 but not cure and i am very fed up.

  525. I am suffering from psoriasis since the last three years. It is in form of rashes and patches on my whole body, I have tried allopathy medicine but it was of no use. Kindly give an immediate reply,i’ll be very grateful.


  526. Manoj sharma says:

    hello sir, i have been recently diagnosed with psoriasis . i am 25 year old and i have the same symptoms appearing on my feet and my leg finger(silver pathches of skins)… i would like to know about the homeopathic treatment for this condition and is it curable ???

  527. I am suffering from psoriasis arthiris . Please sugegest Homepathy medicine .

  528. Hi,
    Am suffering from psoriasis for the past one year. I have under gone ayurvedic treatment last year but it has started appearing again on whole body. I wanted to know whether it curable in Homeopathy.

  529. jahnabi handique says:

    sir i have scalp psorasis.i am using sternon-s from palson drugs but it is only controllable and now i i am having hemepothy from repl.what should i do to vanish scalp psorasis.

  530. Vibhawari Ranjan says:

    Respected Dr Sharma,
    i can’t exactly remember from how long i am suffering from psoriasis but from last 2years it started showing itself, then i took some medicines as gunpowder 3x,skookam chuk 3x,silacia 6x if i can spell the name correct and BC20 after using the meds for a week it vanished but always came back…and finally from november 2013 it attacked me with full strength then i consulted a Doctor but even after 10 days of treatment it keeps on growing every day i think….these are the medicines prescribed by the doctor..
    Hep Sulphur0/4
    1/2 cap every morning empty stomach
    Psoralia cor 0/30
    15 drops BD morning & evening
    12 drops BD day & night
    Hydrocotyle 0/30
    15 drops BD day and night….
    after my itching increased my doctor changed the dose and told me to take hep sulphur weekly and rest meds will should be taken TD 10drops each.
    these meds had no positive effect on me infact my face,eyebrows,genitals,arms,Legs and my back is getting infected day by day and i m very sure that very soon my face will be horrible.
    please help me…

  531. SHIVAM PATHAK says:

    I am suffering from psoriasis to 1 years so plz tell me some tips and medicines name plz.

    Thanking You.
    Shivam Pathak

  532. mahesh hada says:

    hopefully, dear sir i hve pso… pblm 4 a long time 10 years. i took alopathy medicines 5 to 7 years. but no result. right now i m taking homeopathy medicines since4 month. i got 70% result. but still some spot are very dangerous… so pls. suggest me. . . what actual tretment.
    pls. . mention. . kin kin cheego ka parhej karna hai. my age is 26 years. indore . . 9473755916. /. . 8717952764

  533. Arif Mainuddin says:

    I have been suffering psoriasis since 2006. Now I am using Dermovate Scalp Application or Diprosal Scalp Application for 10 to 15 days. After this period, the psoriasis is increased rapidly.

    Now I want treat by Homeopath medicine.
    Please will you say me, what medicine/ dosage may I used?

  534. i was suffering with Sebo Psoriasis for for years . Two year back i got english medicines and got treated but its again come back though severity is not so high but it its remain. it is on the head and side of the neck and i also loose hair
    pl suggest some homeopathy medicine for and will i gain my hair back

    thanking you

  535. I am suffering from psoriasis for last 3 year, initialy 1st & 2nd year it start come on scalp with thick white layer of psoriasis , then later in 3rd year(current year) it was not come on scalp but appears on whole body like lower leg,elbows,back etc with red patches with sever itching in night . Kindly give an immediate reply,i’ll be very grateful.

    Thanks & regards

  536. Santosh S. Chitre says:

    I have psoriasis since last 15-20 years. In this winter it has aggravated and I am suffering from irresistible itching followed by burning and secretions of juice or blood. Previously I had taken treatment from Allopathy Doctor. Now since last 1 year I am taking homeopathy medicines, out of which since last 6 months I am being treated at Dr. Batra’s Clinic. My family members are very tense with my condition and want me to start allopathy medicine from a good doctor. Kindly advise me how I can relieve myself of the itching and burning. I am also not able to go to office since last 10 days and is still at home.

  537. SANJU SINGH says:

    Respected Sir;

    I got to know that I am suffering from psoriasis, in Oct 2013. As I am from agra, i got tratment startred from Dr R S Pareek. I am taking the medicines, but their is not considerable effect that can satisfy me. what should I do. is this disorder passes from one generation to another. what is the duration of treatment. also guide me, what to eat nd what not.
    i will be highly thankful to u.

    sanju singh

  538. Doctor,
    I am having diadetes for last few months. Is it possible to get permanent cure from this. Expecting your earliest response.
    Thank you.

  539. Respected Sir,
    I have psoriasas on my penis and arrond it. So please advice me to get rid of it.

  540. Sir I am suffring for psoraisis since 2003 . i am 31 years old. I taken all alopathic treatment even methotrate .50 mg tiwce in week two years. now i am using sulphur 200.10 drops once every day from last 3,4 days.what i feel its growing my deases now sugest me what to do . in between i deed my sperm test also report saying that i am azoospermia is it due to methotrate. i am in height 5’7 weight is 60 kg having fair complexion .in my one fingure i feel pain and swalling always and pain in my knees.its effected on my scalp,elbows over chest, on buttocks over hand and foot nails .silvery layers comes out if i scrath it it become red. kindly suggest me tretment.
    it started from my head

  541. furqan shafi says:

    It is a great hope for psoriasis patient knowing that the homeopathic doctrine considers psoriasis as a curable disease.i am suffering fromplaque psoriasis which has affected 60 percent o my body .major symptons are severe itching silver scales oozing of glue like liquid from scales and worsening effect of cold honeopathic doctor after taking my symptons and doing repertrials prescribed me GRAPHITIS 200 and APIS 30 however another competeny homeopatetic doctor is of view that apis and graphitis have totally different temperament and cant be used together.plz enlighten me with your valuables opinion in this regard.

  542. Deepak Aggarwal says:

    My age is 29 , I am suffering from psoriasis from last 2 years, please tell me how I cure this .

  543. Ajeet. Shukla says:

    Hello Sir,

    I got this desease since 1 month.. Its slowly spreeding in my while budy. It has started from my belly and covered right and left side of belly, hand inner side and some piples in leg…

    I am taking treatment in Nanavati hospital mumbai from Dr. V.V . Saraf.

    He prescribed PSorid 100 mg and Protal lotion…

    I have some relief in my hand but belly does not have any improvement…

    Need your help.

    Ajeet shukla

  544. puja pandey says:

    I am 28year old female & suffring from psoriasis before last 06 months there are small paches whol body. sir please advise me permanent solution for this problem.

  545. dig vijay singh says:

    dear sir
    i am suffering from psoriasis for last 15 years. i use many tablets and creams but they work for a month .after that the patches are grownup again. please tell me a complete treatment for this.

    dig vijay singh
    shimla himachal pradesh india.

  546. Sir,
    hope you are fine.this is karim from bangladesh.i am effected by psoriasis last 3 years,firstly i have taken alopathy treatment but my decease not fully cured,then i was decided to treat homiopathy treatment.last one year i have taken homiopathy medicine then i am fully cured but last two months my disease again increase now my doctor has said that again it can decrease
    what can i do ?
    please prescribe me


  548. Subhadeep Shah says:

    Hello sir,
    I am suffering from psoriasis from the last 4 yrs. It has grown all over my body. I am now taking homeopathic medicines but it is of no help. Please advise a solution.

  549. Ashok Das says:

    Dr SharmaJi Iam 36 year old male & been suffring from psoriasis since 3years.There are small & big patches on knee,palm,arms ,elbow,toe and hip. I had tried allopathy but not cured parmanently. Please advise me for a permanent solution for this .I am worried that my wife & baby are little affected from me.Which medicine & what treatment should have been adopted.

    You will be highly appreciated.

  550. Hello, i had psioriasis for the last 30 over years, it never fully disappeared. It got worse for the last 10 years and i even stopped caring. I applied a lot different medicines. It is all over my body, now it is even on my forehead

  551. Md. Nafisur Rahman says:

    I am a male aged 49 years. I have been suffering from psoriasis probably since 2007. Initially it effected few of my finger nails and was wrongly diagnosed as fungal. In April 2012, a skin specialist in Chennai finally could diagnose it as psoriasis. Since then I am under treatment of Dr. Taposh Neogi of Kolkata. He visits Dhaka once in two months.

    After getting treatment for six months the appearance of my nails started becoming Ok from pitted and yellowish form but still some hemorrhage under nail bed is seen. Gradually the psoriasis effect came down to the finger tips with scaly and silvery growths. During dry winter the finger tips often break and bleeds from the cracks. After one and half years of Homeo medication the area effected is gradually increasing instead of diminishing.

    I will be ever grateful to you for any of you suggestions.

    Sincerely yours,
    Md. Nafisur Rahman
    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  552. vikas sharma says:

    hello sir
    my age is 26 & I am suffering in psoriasis in scalp from the past 5 year’s. plz sir you suggest me lffective medicine

  553. nagendra gupta says:

    i have a scalp psoriasis and since thirteen years have been treated,i dont know what disease they treated normal dandruf or some other skin problem but recently i have come to know that this is a psoriasis.

    kidly tell me the medicines which required for me.

  554. Sir, I am suffering with psoriasis from last 10 years.Some patches in head and legs. My nails al effected. Plz give me a permenant solutions for the diseases.

  555. piyush sah says:

    Hello Expert ,

    I am gets it in ears , head, back and huge spot on my legs . sir please advise me a permanent solution for this problem .

    my family condition not so good , that’s why I not effort much more on my treatment . please help me sir I am really afraid from this bad disease .

  556. I am suffering psoriasis from 5 month and iam really sad worried about this diseases and dr prescribed me arsenic so I want to ask you i will be cure in how many day please satisfied me thanks dr.sharma

  557. Dear sir,,,,
    my frnd suffering these frm 1half year,,,my frnd age 22 that tyed all medicne i.e homepathy, nrml treatment also but no use that treatment sir…………so pls u help me frnd my mrrg after 2ys sir…so u help me my sir plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  558. Al-Haj Mohammed Jalaluddin says:

    I am a male person. Having psoriasis for the 15 years having with Rheumatoid Arthritics. First effect arthritics then effect the psoriasis. it is red spot then change the colour with white dry scale. having itching & burning sensation.

  559. Neha Sharma says:

    I am 27 years old. Suffering from psoriasis for past 8 years. I have red patches all over body. Please suggest medicine.

  560. My daughter (age 12) has psoriasis on her scalp. What information is needed to prescribe her a remedy? Thank you.

  561. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Thankyou for your post. I am a 28 yrs old unmarried young boy, suffering from psoriosis for a long time. Initially it was there only on the front of both my legs but gradually say about 6 months, spread to all over my body. Tried home remedies first, like applying of coconut oil, but realising the seviority, went to a dermatologist. He suggested of some antibiotics, anti allergics and some steroidal creams, which did work for some time, but the moment i left the antibiotics, it started flaring up at new places also. Medicines and creams were expensive too. Then saw a yahoo post online which said it can be cured with homeopathy. With a new hope tried them. The medicines i am having now is 1) echinesia 2) sulphur 200 potency and 3) graphites 200 potency. Also have stopped using soaps while taking bath and instead use multani mitti and besan. Apply glycerine mixed with lemon juice 30% after taking bath, all over my body. It has severed furthermore coming out on almost everypart, eg. Scalp, forehead, hands, palms, belly, eyes, whole of legs, thighs, buttocks, genitals. Almost no place left. Was told that homeopathy first increases and then gradually decrease it. Been one month and hope it will be gone one day. All the disgrace i am going through will be over day. Please help, if you can….

  562. Hi Sir, i am suffering from scalp psorisis from past 1 year, i used 2 months regularly “coal tar” and “salcilic acids” and its cured. since last two months its again started this scalp psoriasis. is there any other way to cure this scalp psoriasis?


  563. Mrs Sonali Shinde says:

    I am suffering from psoriasis since the last six years. It is in form of rashes and patches on my gential body, I have tried allopathy medicine but it was of no use. i have eatching on that place Kindly give an immediate reply,i’ll be very grateful.

  564. Mayur Shah says:

    Dear Dr.,
    My daughter is 14 years of age and she is having this serious problem of dandruff and she continuously scratches her skull. The white dandruff like substance is also at the back of her neck and a local doctor did confirm that it was psoriasis. Kindly advice.

  565. Dr. Sharma,
    I have had psorisis since I was 18. I am the only one in my family who has it. I also have Hoshimotos. I have two autoimmune diseases! I didn’t have Hoshimotos however until I was 26. I keep gaining more and more weight too. Is there something I can do to help stop the attack on my body?

  566. Ankita Das says:

    Hi Doctor,

    I have been suffering from this disease from the time I was born. I had started to see the effects on the scalp when i was a child. Today i am of 29 years old and is married. My status of being married and being a girl leads me to several queries about my life. I have the patches on my legs ,elbows,and other parts of the body as well including the scalp. I want to get cured as i want a clean life. It makes me feel insecured. My husband is very supportive but i want a good life ahead with him.
    Please advise


    I am suffuring cronoc psorisis since 19yrs. I visit many homiopathic doctor and take their treatment but winter seasen it is increase more and whole body speared .silvery scale lay in the bed in the morning.I am also suffuring in sexual defeciency for 6yrs.whole body psorisis their are no emty space in my body and head also.pls help me.

  568. Dr. Jilesh tank says:

    Hello sir,
    My one pt 34 yrs female, has suffering psoriasis.
    Eruption first start on scalp region( frontal area) and than back and than all over body .
    Now sever burning pain and aggravet winter sesion.
    Other symptoms pt not answering. Physical general and mind symptoms , pt was very confused .
    Menses is at present 2 days.
    So which medicine is helpfull to cure psoriasis.

  569. S.Chakraborty says:


    I am suffering from psoriasis for almost 9 years. It got cured by using homeopathic medicine 2 times but again occurred after 2 years. Now it is in legs and slowly started upside. Plz. help. Now I am using R-65 and R-23 homeopathy medicine.



  570. Gracifills says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma, I am a 51 year old woman with three children. I’ve been suffering from psoriasis on my feet now for the past 16 years. I have gone to some skin specialists and taken some treatments . It gave me some relief for a short time. I also took treatment from one homeopathy doctor, but I am not alright. Please let me know how I can get help through homeopathy.

    Thank you.


  571. Abdullah Al Mamun says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am from Bangladesh. i am 30 years old, male. i have problem of Psoriasis since 3-4 years. I have treated Psoriasis firstly from Allopathic. But i didn’t get result. So, after that i have gone to several homeopathic doctor but i dint get cure fully. i am treated by homeopathy since seven months. But little cure. i think, they are commercial. i have problem in two part of hand in thumb neil in left hand and first neil in right hand. i have some part of leg of thickened area of patches with redness. Now i like to treatment from you.If necessary, I can give that image. So, how can I get the treatment from you?

  572. Disha Khanna says:

    Morning Dr Sharma
    Dr my husband, 38 years old is suffering from Psoriasis and recently I have started giving him R21 AND R65 by Dr Reckeweg, German medicine to him. Just need to confirm is it going to work and how long will he take to recover.

  573. Hi Sir,
    i Am ravi ,Actually I am suffering from psoriasis last 10 years I tried so many ways but I don’t get any relaxation but whenever I read your article that is only correct whenever I am some medicine(like headache,cold,bodypains tablets ) at that time I am getting more how I avoid my problem please guide me.
    Ravi K.

  574. Gurvinder kaur says:

    Hi doctor i have big problem. When i have bath my palm of hands go white and spongy plus start to peel. Is there any cure for this. Please can u help doctor?

  575. nadeem yasin says:

    i have plaque psoriasis from last 10 years. i have treated it in all parts of pakistan, but no good result yet. kindly suggest me some medicine for treatment of psoriasis

  576. arun baro says:

    sir, i am suffering from cough last six month please sir, what medicine should i take ….

  577. antesh kumar dubey says:

    My age is 30 years, and i am suffering by nil sperm count please inform me any treatment is possible in homeopathy.

  578. kishor mohite says:

    sir last 2-3 months .i had a problem of psoriasis….
    my back side 5-6 spot r present and in my head also …..
    sir please give me medicine for that to recover thih deasease.
    thnk you….

  579. shweta tyagi says:

    hi my sister is suffering from Psoriasis Problem. i want to know is she can be cured.

  580. i am Thanusha. i am 16 year old. i am really suffering of psoriasis since my 5 years old. Now i am taking treatment in Homeopathy but after i in-took their medicine. it becoming more worst and worst.before its only on my knees but after i took Homeopathy’s medcines it starting to come on my whole body even on my face.please can you help me to reduce my problem with kindly? please

  581. Thomas Antony says:

    I am suffering from Psoriasis since the last 6 years.Now iI am 58 years old.It is started from my head but it has been spreded in back side of ears and legs.I tried the Psoranil Oil and some Ayurvedic kashayam for a long time,but no use. So please give your valuible advice.Waiting for your answer impationly
    Thanking You
    Thomas Antony

  582. md irshad says:

    hello sir, myself irshad suffering from plaque psoriasis since 9 months taking homeo treatment from 3 months recently noticed that my joints are paining and are swollen plz plzz suggest me the right procedure to treat this. i will be very thankful to you

  583. nitalie mukerjee says:

    dear Dr Sharma,

    i have just 1 query regarding Psoriasis. how long will the homeopathy treatment will take to clear the infection ?

    so far only 1 month has passed and its getting cleared gradually. the area is on my hands and wrist. both the hands
    thank you and would appreciate your quick reply.regards

  584. Muhammad Tariq Shehzad says:

    Dear Dr . Sharma ,
    I am patient of Plaque Psoriasis (espacially on my Hands & Legs+feet).It is inherited from my father they have alos on their under feet but now they have no Psoriasis .
    can give medically treatment of this …..
    waiting your kind responce…………


  585. Dhiraj Kumar Ray says:

    sir, i am a patient of psoriasis and suffering from 2 yrs. Doctors says that it not fully curable. Now i want to take homeopathy treatment. can I get rid of it by homeopathy treatment.

    From Bangladesh


    sir, my father is suffering psoriasis(white small cracks in legs and in some amt. in hand) last 8 months suggest me a suitable treatment of homeopathy

  587. very nice


  588. saraswati mondal says:

    i have psoriasis on scalp for seven years.please suggest any medicine to cure it.

  589. Dr.can psoarsis be cured. My name is Shibin from KSA i need to know the is psoarsis can be cured or not. if it can be cured i need to know what are the steps to recover. Waiting for your response

  590. lalit bisht says:

    dear sir i am very disturbing from my skin problem please kindly help me
    kaafi eatching hoti h mere penis area me leg me or chest me
    daag ho jate h eatch kiya to. paani nikalta h usme se
    kafi pareshaan hu sir bahut jagah dikhaya thoda shi hota h fir or buri halat hi jati h
    please sir help kr do na please

  591. Cecilia Guidry says:

    l am really deseperate for 15 years my psoriasis was only on my feet but since 4 months ago started growing all over my body specially may hands elbows and neck. I have heard that homeopathy has better result that the regular medicine in psoriasis treatments. Please help me to find something that really work for me or be part of homeopathic researches for psoriasis. I am 60 years old live in Tucson Arizona. Thank you very much.

  592. m suffering from guttate psoriasis from last couple of years.

  593. Mrs.Rohini Vijay Deshpande says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma Sir,

    Last 20 years,I faced Psoriasis problems.First start this on my right leg one patch only. First I was taken Auervedic treatment from Dr. Anna Datar in Nasik one & half year only.Then One Dr. give me suggetion for Steroid Injections,so I was taken this continusly three year one`s a 15 days. One day my foot was swelled. I stop this treatment immidiately.Then 10 to 15 years I was not taken any treatment for psoriasis.
    Now last two years I take a Homeopathy treatment from Dr. Jaiswal in hyderabad,because I am working in hyderabad in clerical job.
    From starting the 7 to 8 age my life so many physically problems came ( first small pulies in my head,then start dangrous back pain .
    Pls suggest what I do ?

  594. Is there any homeopathic medicine for ‘Lichen Sclerosus’?
    I am a 64yrs old ,over weight women
    small white spots appear on the skin. The spots are usually shiny and smooth. Later, the spots grow into bigger patches. The skin on the patches becomes thin and crinkled. Then the skin tears easily, and bright red or purple bruises are common. Sometimes, the skin becomes scarred. It itchy and pain full.

    Thanks for the help.

  595. Usha Chopra says:

    I am 20 years old female. I have psoriasis since 6 months on hair scalp. It appears red, itchy, nd please tell me what are the cures and how long it will take to get cured from this problem . Is there any treatment in ayurvedic . Please Reply…

  596. Hi….dr..tis is sukanya…45 years old….am suffering from psoriasis on scalp from last 3years……I tried many medicines..but no use…nw am taking homeopathic medicines. …am nt satisfied wit tat tooo….bcoz….aftr taking homeopathic medicines also….I dnt find any results….soo plzzzzz help me doctor…plzzzzzz

  597. PAVAN PRABHU says:

    i have psoriasis on my palms from past 5 months please advice me some medicine or sumthing to cure it

  598. Dear sir,
    I m suffering from psoriais from last 2 yrs.sir can u plz tell me how it ll be cure as early as possible.
    sir plz help me.
    Thank you

  599. Vikram Singh says:

    Hi Sir,

    I got black spot in my face last 2 year. I’m facing lots of problem cause of this problem.
    What should i do for this.
    Please advise me!!!!

  600. Girishant dipt says:

    Sir,I have been suffering badly from patched
    lips,continuos layer formation on the lips,thick and goes of and another forms,sometimes it becomes swollen.I have been suffering from it by 5years.

  601. Satish Kumar KV says:

    Hi sharma,

    This is satish and i think , i am suffering from psoriasis.

    I had this scaly spots on my body when i was 12 yrs old and it was cured with homoepathic treatment.

    Now i am 26 years old and started seeing these scaly spots on my body on knee, back , elbows and biceps.

    It seems to be very minor and want to cure it before it hets worse.

    Please suggest whether i need to go for any treatment under ur guidence.

    Thanks and regards

  602. Please tell me is there any permanent cure to psoraises.if then what are your charges.

  603. Pragya Sharma says:

    Sir, I am 18 year old female and I am suffering from psoriasis for last 8 years. I have taken ayurvedic and alopathic treatment but got no relief. At present 90% of my skin is affected. Lot of scaling and severe itching. Please guide. My career is at stake. Thank you.

  604. Utpal Sarker says:

    Dear Sir

    I am man of 34 year old . i have no diabatic. my weight 80 kg height 5.6″. i have sextual probleb . my panis is small size . i have no longtime sex. pls advice me and give me a madicine.

  605. dushyant kumar says:


    i am dushyant and i am 23 years unmarried boy and i am suffering from psoriasis since last eight years and it has covered almost my whole body and it is being increse day by day and i am very tensed about my futute so please help me i want get parmanent cure for this disease so please tell me by using homeopatic how can i live psoriasis free life

  606. Sir i am suffering from psoriasis past two years in mustache ,beard and now spread to side of the nose . its curable fully or controlable

  607. AVINASH B. KUMBHAR says:

    My son is 8 years old only & he is suffering from this skin problem from the April 2013 ,
    in our family no body having any kind of skin problem ,
    my son got this skin problem on both hands palm , & lower portion of both feet, initially we have taken the treatment from the skin specialist but his medicines are working temperory if little irregular for eating medicines it is coming on same step ,
    now we have started for the homeopathy treatment ,
    I know this is long time process , so please tell me how this treatment will work on the skin problem
    & approximately how much time it will take for permanently cure

  608. Good afternoon sir,please my palms and feet are so strong that I can’t even shake people because I’m afraid they would insult ♍ƺ in which they still do most times,sir please what is the solution to my problem?I would be so grateful at the sight of your reply.

  609. jaskirat singh says:

    hello sir,my self jaskirat singh doing job in Army(army medical core). Sir,i have suffered from this last 2 years. My life is totally distrub, in army medical core i doing job as a ot tech. So sir please help me. I shall be very thank ful to u for this act of kindness. Please help me;’……….. please send me ur mobile no nd adress

  610. Iam 25 year old female & suffering from psoriasis before 4 year.there are small patches hand,arms and joints. sir please advise me a permanent solution for this problem. reply plz..

  611. rosalinda borja says:

    hi, good afternoon…. I am Rose from Philippines and i had psoriasis for almost 17 years in my life, i ‘ve been taking methotrexate and many other cream but sad to say until now im still with this spots all over my body…. any recommendation for me would be very much appreciated.. thank you and God bless

  612. Maria O'Brien says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma, I have a patient who has white patches which began on corner of his lower lip and travelled up to his upper lip. He has dark skin and says that his lips should be black normally. I have tried him with sepia and sulphur, yet both did no good. Sulphur made it worse although he does not like the heat of the sun and wears a peaked cap when he goes outside. Yet he likes the open air. Hypothyroidism. Please help!

  613. manika tondak says:

    i have psoraises since 5 years and i m taking a homeopathy treatment can it be really cured by homeopathy??

  614. mohd falahuddin says:

    i m suffering from psoriasis for three year an going to treatment in homeopathic it is good for me

  615. ROHIT MENROY says:

    Hi Doctor,

    My Name is rohit and 35 yrs old Male ,Suffering from this imbalance from over 10 years now.
    I have gone through ayurvedic treatment also many a times and have tried alopathy also .

    B ut every time i tried something ,it has increased only rather than getting a relief.

    Pls suggest something for me . Also pls let me know if you have any branches in Haryana where i can contact you. Secondly, is there any permanent cure to this imbalance .


  616. sahadev k c says:

    Does it really work for psoriosis

  617. sahadev k c says:

    Sir my name is sahadev i am frm karnataka i am 40yrs and im sufferiny frm psoriosis since 10yrs fristly it was only one spot behind my ears but now it has spreaded all over my body nearly 50to60 spots and now i am suffering frm artritis i took aurvedic medicine and it was comletly gone but it appeard again so how can i be cured by homeopaty pls let me know

  618. Iam 31 year old male & suffring from psoriasis before 1year.there are small patches hand,arms and joints. sir please advise me a permanent solution for this problem.I am tensed that ppoblem can be transfer to my family.what treatment for not transfer this problem to baby?reply plz

  619. Gaurav rai says:

    Sir I am suffering from 10 yers it started from scalp now every were over my body kindy suggest medicine

  620. Gaurav rai says:

    Sir ,i am suffering from psoriasis since 2003 . i am 34 years old. I taken all alopathic treatment even methotrate .50 mg tiwce in week two years. now i am using sulphur 200.10 drops once every day from last 3,4 days.what i feel its growing my deases now sugest me what to do . in between i deed my sperm test also report saying that i am azoospermia is it due to methotrate. i am in height 5’7 weight is 76 kg having fair complexion .in my one fingure i feel pain and swalling always and pain in my knees.its effected on my scalp,elbows over chest, on buttocks over hand and foot nails .silvery layers comes out if i scrath it it become red. kindly suggest me tretment.
    it started from my head

  621. hello sir…
    Asslamu Alaikum

    Sir, Mujhe Apke Madat Chahie.. Meri Gaar Main Patent Hai Mera Maa ko lekar Bhoot Tension Main Hoon Patent Kho Laiker . Patent Ka Problem Medicine Bina Nind Nehi Athi. Ramzan Ki Time
    Kuran Padrahata Tabi un Ki Bp.. High Hogaya taa. is Bazase un ki Nind Chala gaya, Aab aap bolo mai kia karunga please?

  622. Hello sir my age is 17 I cure psoriasis completely from my body except onee place that is bomb or hip…how to cure………….please help

  623. Sanjib Rajak says:

    Dear Sir,

    My father is suffering from psoriasis disease now it has been spreader in hole body for last 6-7yrs & he is also heart patient.
    So many doctor told him that this type of disease has no medicine available in market. I tried every thing every kind of medication but no use. Please suggest me what should I do about my father treatment & where i go? Is it really possible to heal from this horrible situation?Could you please guide me towards this way of healing? i am from Kolkata so, please help me to have solution for this if any medicine or cream name is there please sugest.

  624. Roshan Gupta says:

    Dear Sir,

    Myself Roshan Gupta,from Ambernath.I am suffering from psoriasis from last 4-5 years and tried every form of treatment but didn’t got the complete relief from the said problem.It cures till the treatment is going on but the problem get back soon after stoping treatment.I have this problem on my both hands fingers and on both legs as well.It develops dry & rough and get cut marks on fingers.It looks like that my finger is burn in fire.I desperetly want to get rid of this problem as it looks very ugly.People don’t take any thing from my hand after seeing such fingers.As I could not bear the expensive treatment of any skin specialist,even though I done 4 month course said by one skin specialist.
    Please help me with your kind advice and best treatment to get rid of this problem as soon as possible.
    I will be waiting for your much needed response.

    Thanking you in advance.

    Your’s faithfully

  625. dear sir i m suffering from psoriasis for 8 months in scalp and whole body ,, and i have strted medicine of baba ramdev maharaj from 1st dec 2013. so jst i wnt to know tht m i going on right way to take medicine of baba ramdev maharaj? jst wnt to get satisficaion… plz reply… God bless u

  626. lucky hensil says:

    Dr,1 yr back i had scalp psoriasis.had taken allopathy medicine
    and was cured.but it reappears after 6 months.but this time i had taken homoeopathic treatment and completely cured .but i stopped the medicine and it reappeared after 6 months.

  627. Hi

  628. Hello doctor,

    I am deepthi I am having psoriasis as I under gone treatment in homeopathy in 2010, it got increased heavily all over the body…. After some days there was a little change , after few days I found lesions got increased it repeated up to 1 yr . I have been with patience for a year and changed to allopathy …. Again in 2013 June I under gone a treatment to Homeo and same it repeated vigorously 3 times by December how time will it take me to cure ……. Plz suggest me and my doctor advised me too stay patience for 2 yrs it’s a very long duration , can I trust in homeopathy or Homeo treatment is not suitable for me ….. Plz reply doctor will be waiting for u

  629. Jitendra Pal says:

    Hello Sir,

    I have scalp psoriasis since last 5 years.I got treatments from many doctors .But Still i don’t get anty solution and benifit.Please advise me some treatment for this decease.


  630. shilpa sharma says:

    i have psorasis last 2 year nd also take homeopathic treatment bt there no relief .so tell me how to treat by homeoparhic medicine

  631. My wife has just got affected with psoriasis. basically she have poor health like she have low blood pressure, back ache due to displacement, allergic to many allopathy medicines like paracetamol etc., Problem with breathing due to Asthama and even pneumonic at times. She is 28 years now and weighs 44 Kgs. Six months ago when we consulted a gyenacologist for the pregnancy issue, she prescribed one medicine for some harmone enrichment at that time. This started only after having that medicine. It started like small rashes on chest and severe dandruff on the scalp. Now it kept on growling and she scalp psoriasis so that she have to peel of the skin twice daily from the scalp despite using oil with elocom lotion. The rashes on the body were gone when she used the same ointment, But started to come again once she stopped. As of now she have rashes on some parts of chest, face, behind ear, hands legs. we are staying in dubai and yesterday she went to india for treatment.when consulted the doctor he said it cannot be cured permanently but can be minimised by taking medicines for the life time. One more important thing he told is that once she delivers it will spread all over the body despite having medicines. So she is really upset and depressed with this. kindly suggest if there is any remedy which will be of a grt help. Thanking you in advance for your valuble reply.

  632. Iqbal husain says:

    Psoriasis.hamy 1 saal set hay yeh hamare head met and Peth mey hai ser iskey liye ham bahut. Paresan hai

  633. I am having scalps in my head and ears. Previously, i spread upto eye-brows, face, and ears. Now it has gone from face. It is now on head, side of heads, ears and back of head. I have take all type of medicines, it goes and come back again.

    White patches with lot of itching and some liquid also comes. Lot of dandruff in the head. as per my reading of symptoms of psoriasis.

    Please guide me how can i treat it permanently.

  634. I have exactly same symptoms of psoriasis .
    on scalp, fingers,ears and nose tip.
    Would please recommend name of medicine .
    Will be highly appreciated if you lease assist in that ASAP.

  635. Tammie Grim says:

    For the last 22 years I have been suffering with chronic pain everywhere, migraine headache, fatigue and depression. I was told I had fibromyalgia and nothing to be done. Recently my pain became so bad I went back to the dr to go on the medications, and the doctor now said it was Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have gone through all of the medications in the last year, none of them helped. Most recently I started taking Humira shots, and now have a severe case of palmoplantar pustular psoriasis on my left foot as a side effect of the medications. Nothing is helping. I have huge blisters that look and feel like cigarette burns. After researching psoriasis, I think I have had this since I was a child, where I suffered strep throat quite often, had a bought of scarlet fever, and have always had widespread pain and some kind of “rash”. I also notice that food aggravates my sympltoms. I was wondering if you would recommend imupsora and if so how much and how often. Thank you for your time.

  636. RAJU UPADHYAY says:

    iam 34 years of age male, iam suffering from psoriasis in the area below my penis, for around 5 years it is very itchy,and dry skin comes out in winter it is very itchy and dry,please help

  637. jeevan bailur says:

    i am 58 yr old suffering from mild psoriasis for last 15 years it is mild types which patches on leg ,and back i have tried,side of my upper side of leg , i have tried all the possible medicine but no use
    i have no other health complication ,please appears in winter,and rainy season,and when strees in workplace .is there is way atleast to bring under control nor cure

    Best Regards,


  638. SACHIN N WALKE says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am suffering from psorasis since last three year specillay in scapl portion , during last six month i finally diagonist it, & iam taking homoepathy medicine from last two month, for fast healing, it it safe to take ayruvedic medicine with homoepathy.
    Please suggest?

    sachin walke

  639. Jhuma Mallick says:

    12 years old psoriasis on left&right foot

  640. i am facing problem last 5 year due to psoriasis but i did not recover i used lot of tretment but i did not cover,i am student of engineering please suggest for me what i should do,i am in problem.

    kind regard Abdul jabbar

  641. Dr Iam Indraja Iam 19 years studying btech old Iam suffering with psoriasis since 6 years Pls can u help me in getting complete relief from psoriasis. Iam treated with homeopathy doctors English medicine Upto now but i want complete cure from it . can u help me out with best medicine plz

  642. Dr. Sharma seems to be DEAD now.


    Kindly let me know either the psoraisi is curable or not and how can i contact you. Incase it is curable what is the time required.

  644. sir,

    I am suffering psoriasis form and and half year. First time it is coming on the left leg. On that time i used alopathic medicine . it is cured . After six months black spot is coming on the right leg. still i faced digition problem and joint pains .Pl. suggest me for better treatment.
    I am 41 years old

    thanking you sir,


  645. dear sharma sir

    my wife suffering psoriasis disease pls tell us how to cure in homeopathy medicine

    & is there any homemade redemies for cure this diseases


    omer khan

  646. ravindra kurup says:

    sir, i am a psoriasis patient. i am taking ayurvedic medicines for 5 years.but there is no significant change in my condition . so i need to know how homoeopathy can help me?

  647. I suffered from scalp psoriasus since it spreaded total head and some parts in body also please help is there peramanent solution

  648. bhujanga rao delhi says:

    good morning. Suffering from Psoriasis since last many years. Was taking treatment from Homeopathic Doctor. Since last five years,stopped taking medicines. Started Meditation and the disease is under control. Though I am trying some breathing exercies and controlling through spiritual, I would also like to continue medicine. Can you please suggest and if so what would be the fees (Please keep this confidential and do not publish)

  649. paras mahajan says:

    i have this problem . It has spead in mah whole scalpand nw in some nails . I m a student plz help me

  650. arindam gupta says:

    I am 58 years old and have psoraises for last 25 years both light and severe eruption kindly help medicine and diet

  651. jairaj kumar says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am 40 year old and ill from psoriasis in head & hole body in small spot last 6years. i want homeopathic medicine.please help me.

    Thanks & warm Regards

  652. Hello Doctor

    I am 45 years old male and initially i had itching on my ears, then it developed in ankles. It used to disappear often and reoccur. Then another patch and itching appeared in my left leg little finger. Then a small one in left arm pit. All these used to appear and disappear on and off. Also a new patch developed on my face. Please do advice.

  653. mukesh sharma says:

    suffering from psoriasis for one year

  654. Hi doctor,
    I am a known case of psoriasis from past 5 years. The scaly lesions are seen on and around the left ankle with a lot of itchy feeling. More so in the night. I have a strong maternal positive family history of psoriasis. i had been to bathras & sent 15000 rs. It subsided & recurred in a short while. i have lost faith in heomeopathy. kindly suggest solution
    Thanking you & awaiting ur reply eagerly
    srihari naidu

  655. Srinivasamurthy R says:

    I am facing scalp psorosis problem from a year, doctors recommended Salysylic lotion, Propyl salisilate, mineral tablets, but iam unable to completely cure it, it often comes as hairs grow,

    I too have upper respiratory infection, i feel difficulty to breath some times, but it come some time and some i wont problems, means in a week three days i feel normal and another three days will be worse.

    I feel there is connection between these tow, i want cure both permanently, How can i cure this problem. please suggest me

  656. Mahtab Alam says:

    Mai 28 saal ka hu. 2003 se mujhe scalp me bahut itching sensetion aur burning suru hua aur bahut hair falls hota tha.hum bahut salo tak homeopathy dawa khaye par hum puri tarah abhi v thik nahi ho paye hain. ab mere haath aur pair me v psorisis ho gaya hai.Pahle skin pe dot dot ki tarah ho jata hai fir wo badhte jata hai aur usme bahut itching aur sensetion hota hai,effected area se silver scale nikalta hai aur scalp se v white scale rusi type ka nikalta hai.Winter me bahut problem hota hai. mujhe constipation ka v problem hai. So please give me advise.

  657. Hi doc
    this is kiran from bangalore in am 22 years old.
    My proble is i feel lot of ichings on around and near my tender. I have not done any sex in my life with any girl.and this as been from a month o less after i started to work is this becaus of heat o is that any infection and how can i get out of this i feel lots of icdurin night time can u please help me out…. And i have observed that there is bit rashes on fore skin wen it expands… I am bit scared can u pleasehelp me out …
    kiran waitin for urs reply

  658. Rajesh Sharma says:

    My son is suffering from psorises since last 3 years. Can it be cured permanently. Do we have history of certain patients who has been cured with homeopathy.

  659. manoj sharma says:

    dear Sir i am a male aged 32, I am suffering from Psoraises for past 10 years. t Kindly advice.



  660. Prof.SantiGopal Pal(Retired) says:

    Dear Sir,
    My wife,aged 69 yrs.,is suffereing from psoriasis for three yrs. on her arms,in parts of abdomen,etc.
    Her discomforts are slight itching, red patches, with sharp margins; at time she gets boils in such
    areas. After some days she gets some sort of dry scales. She has used betadine soln and skin oinments with vit.c. She does not get the total cure.
    What would be your homeopathic tretments?; Please suggest the name of the medicine and the dose.
    I would very greatly appreciate your suggestions.
    With best wishes.
    From Prof. Santi Gopal Pal(Retired)

  661. himanshu sharma says:

    dear sir,
    i am 17 yrs old.i am suffering frm psorises since 4 months. there r many patches on my skin.
    sir i am student so plz give me permant solution plzzzz..

  662. Md. Yamin Khan says:

    Hello sir,
    How are you? I am 33 years old guy from Bangladesh. Sir i have taken many elopathyc treatments for psoriasis. But none of those are working properly.
    All general features of psoriasis are present in my skin. I have been suffering a lot. Itching problem is first and then it strats to burn a lot it has spread all around my body except my face and some parts of hand and neck. I feel like its better to die.
    Please tell me if its curable in homeopathy.
    What should i do now?

  663. i am sufferig from psoris from last 1yr i hv patches on my sclap .plz infrom me is it no. is 9717735921

  664. Respected sir
    I am suffering from psoriasis since last 11 months.first off all it was appear on my left foot in the foarm of a boil and after few weeks it converted into wound bcoz i had ignored the was recognized as a psoriasis by skin specialist at the l 2nd week of june 2013 after its horrible appereance on my whole body at 20th of may whole body is in hold of the disease even my ears,cheek,nose, lips,forhead and head,i am taking homoeopathic medicine(1.Annacardium occidental-3o=3 times in a day: 2.Rhusven-30=3 times in a day: 3. Kaliars-30=3 times in a day: 4.Echinacea-200=once in a day: 5.xerophyllium-200=once in a day) by a local practioner from 23rd of july 2013.the above mentioned medicines affected incredibly on me and i got 96 precent well/cure only in 2 nd half months but i am noticing from last 20 days the medicines r becoming effectless day by day nd the disease is attacking once again in previous even when the medicines r continue.i did not stop the doses of the medicines even 1 im so uncomfort due 2 re attack of the disease. Thats y i would like 2 ask the following questions: psoriasis permanent curable in homoeopath?if yes
    How long treatment will be on?/how long does it take to get permanent cure in homoeopathic treatment?
    3.the medicines which r mentioned above r correct,suitable nd proper for permanent treatment of psoriasis?
    4)why the above medicines r becoming effectless day by day?what may be the reasons behind reducing the effect of the medicine day by day?

    I request u 2 please give me propper guidence and suggestion. what should i do to get permanent cure from this titan disease?

    thanking you.

  665. Hello sir,
    I am 23 yr old I am suffering from Psoriasus for last 5 year ,there was some small patches ear behind and in my back Some dandruff like patches around head please help me in this ! can homeopathy totally cured it! reply me sir

  666. VERONICA MENDEZ says:

    IS IT OK ??????


  667. Sir, I am 26 years old.suffering from ps for 3 head is full of psoriasis and also in my body small size.
    plz prescribe me.

  668. I have been suffering from psorasis for the last 4 months.ihave used some allopathic medicines and its spreading day by day.please tell me uif psoarasis can be cured by homeopathy

  669. hello sir
    i’m also suffering from this problem from last 7 years does it really work the mixture of all three element please reply me !!! i am tension that problem.?

  670. Deepak Mathur says:

    Dear Sir !!

    I am Suffering from Psoriasis in my both Hand Finger & Palm since last 2 year ( i.e Since 2011 )

    Can it be cured Permanently

    Pls let me know if it is Communicable Disease

  671. UDAYAN BHATT says:

    Namaskar Dr. Sharma Saheb,

    I am suffering from Psoriasis since April, 2013 and the same is very very much visible on my palms and at the bottoms of my both the feet. At times, recently, I have itching at several parts of my body also intermittantly. The skin of my above mentioned parts of body become dark red and skin starts becoming hard, then dead. Also small and big painful small a big cuts too develops on both the palms and bottom of feet intermittantly which is very very painful and burning. At present, I am under homeo medication since last five six months and my Doctor gives me his medicines every six days, plus Calendula liquid, advised to be mixed with Boroplus Antiseptic Cream from Himani. It is so much apparent in my both the palms, I feel ashamed to either show my palms to anybody or to shake hand. Kindly extend your greatness by giving me trustworthy advice as to whether I must continue the Homoeo treatment and has a sure cure from Homeo ? I shall be ever grateful to your prompt response. Please note that I am a vegetarian by diet, however, on few occasions, we go to eat eggs items. Please advise.

    Thanks very very much.

    Yours sincerely,

    UDAYAN U. BHATT, Ahmedabad

  672. vijaya reddy says:

    sir i have psoriasis .it is only visabul on winter .present i am tacking homeopathic .but it is not control .so plez tell me the medisens

  673. R.K.MISHRA says:


  674. Ambu Sharma says:

    Dr, my 10 years old daughter have spreading dark patches on hand and thigh nearlly less than 1 % since 1 and half years .she is taking homeopathic medicine nearly from 6 months but it is spreading,there is no itching,itis light black color and hard skin,also dandruff on scalp and near eyes.Sir please give suggestion for treatment.I am from Nepal.

  675. dibas adhikary says:

    sir,my daughter is 14 years old and she is suffering from psoriasis for last eight years. Effected areas are her two legs,scalp and now it is spreading to her belly too. I think she is suffering from scale psoriasis.sir,we live in assam and she is under treatment of a local homeopath.but,her problems are aggrevating now.please help me,sir. If you ask we are ready to meet you.thanking u. dibas adhikary,dhubri,assam

  676. vaibhav singh says:

    respected sir
    i m suffering from psoriasis since 8 yrs .i have tried many of allopathy medicine. could u please suggest.any better option in homeopathy. kindly reply

  677. Mrs Waqas says:

    Any cure for icthysois vulgaris?

  678. hi i am 24 yr old.i am suffering from psoriasis. and it is extremely itchy and painful also. kindly tell me wat to do and how to treat dis?

  679. A.Chandra says:

    Dear Sir,
    For last six months I noticed some scale formation on my scalp. Doctor diagnosed it as Psoriasis, it is on my side logs, and behind ears. but i don’t have itching sensation, when ever I comb it feels rough and some patches like dandruff drops down. Similar thing I notice at my lower back,
    Kindly advice me homeopathy treatment, as fear side effects for allopathy medinces. I take a enam .25mg tablet for BP as advised by doctor. which was advised as take outside food during my travel.

  680. Iam 35 year old female & suffring from psoriasis before 10year.there are small patches hand and legs. sir please advise me a permanent solution for this problem.what treatment for not transfer this problem to baby?reply plz

  681. Suffering from Palmar Plantar Psoriasis. Pls advice treatment

  682. Smita Iyer says:

    I have psoriasis on the three fingers of my right hand affected to the maximum, like itching, red patches, silvery scales and then cracks which are painful. Rest of the places are on the face – around the eyes, lips with little itching and white patches. Other areas are the finger folds of both feet, a small patch on both the elbows. This development of Psoriasis has taken place to severity over 3 to 4 months now. I am undergoing homeopathic treatment, but I feel depressed many a times since I have heard from many people and read many articles while referring internet sites that this is incurable. There is a treatment which very slow and even if treated, reoccurs. Please advise, if you have a treatment which fastens the healing because this is now spreading and has become worrisome for me and causes lots of stress, as I am having difficulty doing household work with the right hand, which remains constantly in use.
    Kindly help me.

    Smita Iyer

  683. Kishore Barman says:

    My wife is suffering from psoriasis from the last 8 years. after the birth of my second child the condition is getting worse. she is regularly taking pills containing omega 3 fatty acid and also exposing the effected area, the soles of her feet and around, to sunlight. but no visible improvement is noticed. I am writing this mail in expectation that I will get some good advice from you.

  684. swati vaibhav says:

    gud morning sir
    I am suffering from psoraisis from last 12 years. There are small patches on my back, scalp, and in hand. Though they ara not very much in number but 2 or 3 in abovesaid place. Whenever i apply the medicine like propysalic on my scalp and ultravex on the body they disappear temporarily but they again occur. Plz suggest me any medication for permanent solution. waiting for ur reply.
    Thank u so much

  685. Anita yadav says:

    Hi sir myself anita yadav working in a export company as a designer actually i m facing a problem in the evening when i change my clothes my legs itching very badly request u to advice me on the same or suggest me any homeopathic treatment. Regards anita yadav


  687. hira badar says:

    Dear dr. Sharma,
    My 4month old son has eczema on his face and body which is spreading overtime. He got it at 2months of age. I live in Australia and am from Pakistan.

    Do you have any advice for me regarding its treatment?

  688. AMIT SHARMA says:

    I am suffering from Psoriasis and it is spread all over the body incluiding head scalp as well.. I was taking Ayurvedic Medicines, Cutisora Tablets & Pesins Capsules, since last one & half months but it has increased enormously on the whole body. I was also taking Aloe Vira & Amla Juice but I have noticed that after having the juice, etching starts enormously. There is tremendous etching as well due to which I cannot sleep whole night. Now, 10 days back, I have switched to Homoepathic treatment.

    Kindly help me out for treatment of Psoriasis.

  689. harwinder singh says:

    hi doctor i am harwinder my age is 17 and i cought by psoriasis for past 3 years i take alopathy medicine but i can’nt cured permanently i gave my blood sample for the checking of my total elhargies test their are some thing from which elhargi to me these are
    brinjal,eggs,cotton dust,moong daal
    now i can folow this report and try to avoid these elhargies things
    but in my family there is no other psoriasis sufferd patiant!
    psoriasis effects on my chest,arms,scalp and upper back but not on joints,knees and any other
    i dnt now i suffered from which type of psoriasis
    plzzzzzzz tell me have there any permanent cure by homeopathy plzz help me to cure from this deadly disease????

  690. harwinder singh says:

    hi doctor i am harwinder my age is 17 and i cought by psoriasis for past 3 years i take alopathy medicine but i can’nt cured permanently i gave my blood sample for the checking of my total elhargies test their are some thing from which elhargi to me these are
    brinjal,eggs,cotton dust,moong daal
    now i can folow this report and try to avoid these elhargies things
    but in my family there is no other psoriasis sufferd patiant!
    psoriasis effects on my chest,arms,scalp and upper back but not on joints,knees and any other
    i dnt now i suffered from which type of psoriasis
    plzzzzzzz help me to cure from this deadly disease????

  691. Surve Satish K. says:

    Dear doctor,
    I am suffering from psoriasis since one year , Main affected area is palm on my both hands
    I have consulted & taken tratment of so many skin specialists –but recovery has not been seen. its became embrassing for me while working with my collegues — I am working wel-known company on respectable position . Therefore I am hereby seeking your valuable suggetions for fast revovery on this cronic problem.

  692. Bhavna Midha says:

    The first time Psoriasis surfaced was when I was 28-29 years. I took proper ayurvedic treatment for 6 months and was relieved of it for around 5 yrs. It seemed it had totally gone away.., sadly, it came back some 2yrs back. Took to allopathy, this time, but was a bad decision, since, the steroid creams cleared off the patches very fast but they came back with full force.. and is increasing day by day..My main problem areas are the scalp and the lower legs..Please advise if homeopathy can help..

  693. Bidyadhar Sial says:

    For last 4 years suffered from Guttate psoriasis Now I am 54 years On back side and front side of body is full of red patches white sclaps comming out no itching is there from the age of 16 to 26 suffered from Eczema in right foot joint upperside continous flow of rough smell water , after using Ascetic acid dilue and flucort C oint on it it is totally gone away but gradually i felt it is comming over to my bodies Then for last 4 to 5 years suffered from it Please help me to coming out from that dieases

    Bidyadhar Sial

  694. Nitin Kumar says:

    नमस्कार डॉक्टर साहब
    मेरी उम्र 39 साल है मुझे बचपन से हाथों और पैरों की उँगलियों के जॉइंट्स के पास त्वचा मोती हो जाती है लेकिन त्वचा लाल नहीं होती है ,खुजली के साथ सफ़ेद पपड़ी उतरती हैं खुजाते खुजाते घाव बन जाते है लेकिन कभी भी शरीर के अन्य किसी भी भाग में ये नहीं हुई है | अब मेरे 9 साल के बेटे को भी इसके लक्षण नज़र आने लगे हैं बहुत इलाज कराया एलोपेथी डॉक्टर इसे सोरायसिस बताते थे लेकिन होमियोपैथी डॉक्टर इसे एग्ज़ेमा कहते थे कृपया हमारी मदद करें धन्यवाद
    आदर सहित
    नितिन कुमार

  695. Salma Begum says:


    I have been suffering from psoriasis for 5 to 6 years. The same things happen to my two younger sister.Nobody is still cured although using very costly creams and ointments like Daibon or Daibon plus etc.There no substantial itching; but sometimes, the affected parts show lesion which is painful specially at using water or spices like red chilies, coriander seed powders etc.
    My age is 52 and I am obese., a patient of hypertension pressure ranging from 130- 80 t0 160-100. I am very fond of cooking and I like Fish much more than meat. I am not at all fond of red meat, chicken or sweets. I don’t like fruits at all except some sour fruits like wood apple.
    would you please suggest me medicine; so that I get relieved within very shorter period. Please !please!! please!!!

  696. g.vasudevan says:

    my wife is suffering from this disease since 3 to 4 years

  697. Dear Sir, I am suffering from same problems from past 3 years I have taken medicine from Dubai Doctor but no remedy from this disease . Please help me to get rid of this disease.
    Thank you for your co operation

  698. Sasmita Sahoo says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have been diagnosed with psoriasis last few years, and have been on ointment halovate.When i apply it on affected areas it vanishes, but again comes back after i stop applying it.
    I am really tired of such things.Kindly help me out how can i get proper homeopathy treatment to cure this disease.

    Thanks and Regards,

  699. My daughter is 8years old. She is having nail psoriasis . Is it curable. Pls send your phone number or address.

  700. mohinee gupta says:

    Frm past 10years m suferng wd dis diseases. Alopathy,ayurvedic nd nw gng thru a homeopathy treatmen !!! I m quit depresd nd fel complex for hvng dis in m bdy!!! I jus ned an answr dat it is curable or nt????

    • vikas sharma says:

      hello sir
      my age is 26 & I am suffering in psoriasis in scalp from the past 5 year’s. plz sir you suggest me lffective medicine

  701. mohinee gupta says:

    Did u got d cure?? Plz cntct if yes!!

  702. Partap Singh says:

    Namaste sir, i am partap singh from amritsar (Punjab). sir i would like to ask about psoriasis. i am suffering by this since four years. four year before i saw little skin problem on my left hand thump . after it it cover my whole palm of hand and also feet. now it is covering my other hand also. i am taking homeopathy treatment but there is no positive response. now i am worry sir for this problem. please tell me what is the real treatment and how i can stop it and finish it. sit there is no any one in my family suffering by this problem. please sir help me.

  703. DEAR SIR,
    I have been PSORIASIS from the past 2 years. i had used some antibioticts for sometime.but ther is no relief from please suggest me some homeo medicine for this

  704. Dear Sir,
    I am Ashim Banerjee 36 years old from Kolkata. I am having Chilitis past 2-3 years. But from childhood i
    have a problem with my teeth and gums. Last year I have remove my front lower teeth because of bad
    condition. Presently I am using dentures in lower front teeth. Now my problem is my lower lips is
    swallow and reddish. It also very dry and painful. Last one year i have under treatment by specialist.
    Initially he was given some medicine but last 6 months he is giving a injection called Tetracot 40 on my
    lower lips twice a month. After using that there is no betterment found. Lips condition is more reddish and
    swallowed. Now really worried with my lips condition. It always itching and paining.

    Please guide me how to relief from this condition.




  705. shalini khanna says:

    I am having psoraisis for over 1year on my neck and below knees it becomes dry and itchy
    I have taken doses of rhus tox 1000 15 days back but there has been no improvment iam thinking of going for allopathyic treatment please help if you can.

  706. Atopic skin?

  707. i am herpes patient sir herpes can cure

  708. Ahmed abdullah says:

    Im 15years old.i have psorises cover my all loock veary big dry wound but not not round.some time bleeding on it.know it is dark red spot and it cover my all elder brother his age is 29 he has too sorisis and his dises time is 19year.his dises is very old but his condition is better than in very trouble please guide me in right pakistani please start my treatment and give me chance 4ur thanks.

  709. psoriyasis phermanetly cur yas are no

  710. mohit kumar khari says:

    Hi sir,

    I am suffering from Psoriasis and this has been confirmed by tests.
    I am suffering from last 3-4 years but it worsened in last 2 years.

    I want to go for homeopathy as allopathy.. they are giving medicines which are very costly and due to which i am unable to study or work efficiently because i feel like very tired with those medicines.

    Please suggest.

    Your help will be highly appreciated.

    Waiting in anticipation

    Regards Mohit

  711. sir, i am a govt employee in delhi, ia have been suffering from psoriasis from 2009. intially i took halopathy treatment from skin specialist but that was tempararay releaf for me.sir i am very depressed because of thi disease . after that i went to dr batra, but i did not observed any diference .but still i am taking homeopathy treatment from our relative upcoming doctor.i am treating with kali ars 200 and topi berberies cream. is it ok for me ? please suggest any other medicine which cure psoriasis properly . i also have anxity and stress from office, of coarse i am capable of doing hard work. one more thing is in last one year i face some family problems (my father died in jan 2013.)

  712. Pradeep Kumar says:

    hi doctor,

    I am suffering from psorasis and taken allopathy & ayurvedic medicine but all are temproary kindly suggest me how it can be cured permanently by using homeopath medicine.

  713. Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from Plaque Psoraises, please advice proper medicine(Perment ) for the same.
    Thanking you

  714. G.Veerapandu says:

    I am suffering with psoriasis for one year. I am getting watering bubbles on my body . these are pain, itching and physically discomfort. after 2 or 3 days these bubbles are broken and skin become red and very pain. my age is 45 years. in my family no one faced with this psoriasis. I request you to tell me how cure this problem.

  715. Stephanie says:

    I am 39 y/o Caucasian female. I am obese & am a smoker, 2 things that I know contribute to worsening my psoriasis. I’ve had psoriasis for about 27 years since I was about 12 years old. I had chronic tonsillitis as a child & believe my first symptoms started once they were removed.

    When I was younger I would get small scaley patchs especially where I may have injured myself i. e. A blister on the foot or a scraped knee. The past 8 years I have been suffering great pain in joints & the psoriasis has progressively gotten worse. I have been seeing a rheumatologist for about that long & diagnosised with psoriatic arthritis. I have tried just about every medication availAble: Steroid creams, fish oil, huge doses of vitamin D, sunlight, humira, enbrel, symponi, methotrexate, cyclosporine, arava, prednisone , & multiple combinations of them all. Rarely does anything help & if it does it’s very short lived. I have noticed that a high protein/low carb diet like the Atkins almost instantly improves my psoriasis, but it is most difficult to follow & it is often said not healthy.

    My psoriasis is presently the worst it has ever been. I’ve got new patches coming out all over almost daily. Even my palms are getting patches & is not good for a registered nurse to have open areas especially on hands. My legs are raw to the point of ulceration & on top of the itching I am in constant excrutiating pain! I’ve just about given up on “traditional” medicine to help me.

    As I said, I am a nurse. I know the disease & the process involved. So I went with the doctors & treatments I was used to dealing with. I Am now looking into alternative options since the medical field has failed me. I am desperate for any help you could provide.

    Thank you,
    Stephanie C.

  716. Dear sir,
    My Son age 7 year she is suffering from psoriasis please advice proper medicine for same. I recently know about this.
    Thanking you

  717. iam 25 years old now. i had been suffering from Psoriasis for 7 years now. I have consulted many allopathic doctors and they prescribed me betemetasone and clobetasol salicylic acid oinment, coal tar soap along with folic acid tablets, omega 3 fatty acids, dovonex oinment, methotrexate tablets and multivitamins. But the worst is at the beginning in 2006 a doctor misdiagnosed me and prescribed me wrong medicine which aggravated my conditions rapidly. I have not found any relief from these medicines. i have tried homeopathy for 2 months but since i did n0t know aggravation occurs in homeopathy i gave up the treatment. But now i am planning to take again either homeopathic or ayurvedic medicines… Please advice me what should i do… can homeopathy cure psoriasis?

  718. Cure for scalp psorasis in homeopathy.

  719. Abdul Qadeer says:

    hello Dr. Sharma,

    This is A. Qadeer from Pakistan, I have a problem of my skin, seborrheic dermatitis and i think psorisis also found in my skin. (itchinig, patchs, dandruff, irritation a lot)

    I already have taken aloepathic medicine but as i get the rid them, the systems again occurs. That is not a absolute cure. I need your suggestion in homoepathic as you mentioned in your articles that homeopathic is the best in skin disorder.

    Thankyou and waiting for your positive reply.

  720. suram jagan says:

    Sir, My son is suffering with psoriasis from last 4 months. a few reddish swelling patches on his foots and wrists. can u give the suggestions how it will control which type medicine and precautions are required and it can spread others.

    Thanking you sir.

  721. i have psoriasis problem in my skin . these are 8 year back started

  722. Rahul Binit says:

    I am suffering from acute itchy scalp psoriosis. My cholestrol is a littlr increased , say 236 or so. It has severed off late and now its justvso sad to see it all over my body. Front of both my legs, genitals, on my left hand surface.

  723. Hi,

    i am suffering for scalp psorasis from past 2years, first 1 year i took treatment with English medicines which was of no use and later i am taking treatment from Dr.Batras from 1 year and my condition has become still worst. please let me which treatment is good for scalp psorasis and is this curable.


  724. Ateetpandey says:

    sir mai five saal psoraysis se paresan hain. krpya elaj batayen.

  725. javaid Qureshi says:

    i am diabetic for the last 30 age is 64.i have psorisis on my palm of left hand and back of my right hand for the last 10 years’ with itching in the evening and so on.also itching on knee joints and some homeo medicine

  726. neetu sharma says:

    Namaste sir…My sister is having skin problem for the last 15 years. Doctors have diagnosed Psoriasis. She is 45 years old. I want to know whether homeopathic medicines can cure the problem or not? Thanx sir

  727. Sir i am suffering from PSORIASIS. i WANT treatment.

  728. Hi,

    Iam suffering from psoriasis in my palms and soles its is my family my bro had it now I have since in the soles finding diff to walk at some times even I tried sidha it didn’t,t work kindly give your insight and I have a query how could this problem can be cured my tiny pills kindly explain it will help me to move on with homeopathi treat ment.

  729. Santosh Mangaraj says:

    I am a Psoriasis patient since last 4 years.Now for the last one year I am taking homeopathic medicine my medicine are HYDROCOTYLE , SULPHUR 1M, ACID FLOUR 1000,PHOSPH 200,KALI SUL 3x. But not properly cured kindly suggest me what type of treatment i should take

    Santosh Mangaraj

  730. suresh chouhan says:

    body me wbc jyada hone par normal karne ka kya upay hai.

  731. Aditya challapalli says:

    Sir my son is suffering from psoriasis. he is under homeopathy treatment, but it is not getting cured . pls advice.

  732. Aditya challapalli says:

    Sir, as my son is suffering from psoriasis. he is under homeopathy treatment, but it is not getting cured. pls advice

  733. Dear Dr Sharma,
    Ill write imp notes in this email as u might be busy reading all the story.
    I have white dandruf type on scalp (all around my head) , it becomes hard, thick , but before it is appearing on scalp the head becomes ichy . I use Magicream( product which helps me a lot but only for a week time , i have to put them again. I tried many products but nothing works properly. Kindly recomment something good , and long lasting for my scalp. (shampoos never works , hence increase it more)

  734. I am suffering from scalp psoriasis from past 3 years with lot of itching. Due to I am very depressed

  735. Dear Respected Dr Sharma

    Good Afternoon with Greetings from Sydney

    I am very pleased that you have described the psoriasis which am suffering from since 10 years or before. As I came to know from unauthorized person that the cement (using in building construction material) can cure the Psoriasis as any other medicine is already been failed in regards to this. Is that true any chemical which has been used to made cement that can cure my psoriasis permanently. I would like to let you know that I have tried to use by myself( using like powder on my body) then can feel & see where effected area of my body is seems bit getting better once i used couple of time.

    Finally, you would be much appreciated if you could advise me & share me your knowledge in relation to this because of I am unable to find any other solution yet here in Australia where I am suffering from this disease since long time ago. My crucial query is that how cement is possible to cure my psoriasis as I m feeling better then before?? Is that ok if I am keep trying to use cement for cure of psoriasis until as long as I want. Is there any other issue in relation to use of cement in effected area of my body??

    I am eagerly waiting your reply which has sincere hope to cure my psoriasis.

    Thanking you.

    Yours sincerely,

    Dinesh from Sydney Australia

  736. sanehdeep singh says:

    Sir Iam suffering from psoriasis as well as mild deppression can homeopathy cure me??

  737. Vijay A Khot says:

    Dear Sir,
    My yr old daughter is detected with Soriasis recently, my Uncle is also having the same disease.

    Currently I am giving her Allopathy treatment I want to go for Homeopathy so please guide.I am located in Mumbai.

    Vijay A khot.

  738. Dear sir, with due to respect I have hsv in my penis
    I 29 yrs old and sufffering from Genital Herpes from last seven years and my last Blood test on 06-02-2007.. and i have taken treatment 6 yrs back for1 year of alcyclovir 500 mg one times a day but it was relief for one year only now i am having problem sometime 2 times in a month. i have consulted Doctor here in Guwahati (assam ) and he advised when blister are there valcyvir 500 mg tab once daily for 4 years and microvir250 6 month a tab dalye .but I relief when take tab.. So i request you to tellme that is there any treatment for this problem .AND REMOVE COMPLITE..PLEACE TEL ME.
    My bold test report are
    Hsv(1+2)IgG patient index value=1.39 cut of value=1.0(positive)
    Hsv(1+2)IgG patient index value=.79 cut of value=1.0(negative)

  739. Naina sharma says:

    Before eight yrs i am suffering from this disease And It is Increase I lost my Life Plz Help..

  740. Respected Dr.
    I am from India (Bengal) Male 37. (Unmarried). Doing Computer jobs (10 Hrs. per day). I have psoriasis last 18 months. First it seen in feet. After 1 yr. it rising in hand finger (mostly Joint). I meet a Doctor. He prescribed me Carcinocin (3 months). But after 3.5 months I feel (Last dose Carcinocine 600) the problem did not solve. Its rising. What to do?

  741. Pavan Kumar Mandava says:

    I am Suffering from Psoriasis last 2 Months i have taken treatment from English Medicine,that medicine was curablae But it’s comming again in another places.Could you please help me the Homeopathy is good for Psoriasis or i can take any other medicines please help me on that.

    Thanks & Regards
    Pavan Kumar M

  742. sir

    Iam suffering from skin disease from past 13 yrs
    begening it came on foot then it start spreading slowly , n now on fingers n foot there are dead skin turned black n will cut n som time blood will come, i am unable to bear itching, Symptoms are first sking becom rough , then slowly turn dark brown then it become more dry n start ichinhg n cut in its own , kindly suggest me homeo pathy medicine name n dosage instructions

  743. Amrit pal singh says:

    Dear sir,
    My daughter age 10 year she is suffering from psoriasis please advice proper medicine for same. I recently know about this.
    Thanking you


  745. sir,
    My brother Prakash is a 4 year patient of psoriasis .skin is colour blood red .I will send body photo my brother age is 48 year & weight 85 kg so please tell me exactly treatmet .please i will request again.

  746. sir,
    My brother Prakash is a 4 year patient of psoriasis .skin is colour blood red .I will send body photo

  747. Manish Lakhotia says:

    Sir, I dont know wether I am having psoriasis or not but I am having skin problem on my fingures ,there I am having small are patches on the joints of fingures where itching And redness is there and sometimes due to itching blood also comes. At present I am applying calpsor-c cream.
    Please advice something better and permanent solution for this disease .
    Thanks and regards
    Manish Lakhotia

  748. Ajit kumar says:

    Hi gmg mera pennies ka upar skin niche khichneka baad jo round safe ke andar chota chota ghab jesa hogaya hai kya karna padta uske liye
    my contact number 9542929819 i am from hyderabad

  749. i have keloid on my chest 10 to 12 size 1 inch i ake various teatment but not quar what your homeopath teatment quor my keloied skin dease plese give me reply i am waiting your reply my cell no 09810741694

  750. Rakib Hossain says:

    Dr Sharma
    I am Rakib Hossain a patient of psoriasis from Bangladesh. I have been suffering from this disease for the last 4 years and had lots of medicines prescribed by the doctors but didn’t get any cure. Could you please tell me some ways to get relief from this disease. I have psoriasis vulgaris.

  751. Dr.Sharma garu
    My husband has only scalp psoriasis. getting treated by allopathy whenever it gets more on the scalp. he will have much symptoms especially more from rainy season(june-feb as we stay in Hyderabad) to winter, every year more than in summer. he has scaly dandruff like small patches falling down on his shoulders, little in moustache, back side of ears. Rarely three years once he gets small red dots like patches on the body.
    He is diabetic and has BP also. his age is 40 yrs. he might be having this problem for the last 10 yrs. he has good sleep. mostly his sugar levels are in control. no smoking and no alcohol.
    Pls advice the right medicine in homeopathy. We use much homeopathy for cold, coughs and other issues with a good belief. I have been reading – Lycopodium, Lachesia, Ars alb, sulphur, petroleum etc medicines good for Psoriasis. I thought of trying on him but which suits exactly in these am not able to judge. Pls suggest the potency and exact medicine and the frequency. Pls help me out.


  753. shamshad alam says:

    mere shareer per rozana pitti ke jaise dane bante hain aur kharish aati hai

  754. Anupam Barua says:

    I have scalp psoriasis..white silvery patches comes on my forehead

  755. mansuri mikail says:

    respected dr,
    i have problemof psoriasis, on my head the drandruff is seen more and red marks also.
    on back,spinal cord area, red mark are seen in large size and quantity, if i try to remove , drandruff type particles are stick on my hand.

  756. please tell me easy way to stop psoriasis quickly i am very worry about it plaeas

  757. Bhanmati Devi says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,
    I have psoraisis about 15 years now.
    I am now 49 yrs old.
    Lately my psoraisis has become worst & I have it fro. head to toe.
    It is very flaky & very very itchy.
    Because I have it on my scalp as well ,my hair is also dropping.
    Please ,please assist.

  758. prashant sharma says:

    Dear Sir,
    Im suffering from body itch since last month. Some parts of back and sides are infected with redness and tiny rashes.

  759. md. zakir hossain says:

    Here m seeing patients problem….but not ur prescription. If u would show or prescription for public then it Wii be better to us.

    Thanks a lot and hope u’ll consider it to all.

    • Dear Dr. Sharma,

      My sis is suffering from Psoriasis since childhood, now she is 23yrs old. She underwent many medication, she would get relief with the help of those medicine but they were just fr the time being…

      Once we even had Ayurvedic treament, but during this treatment her condition got worst… due to which she stopped her medications.

      She never mingles with anyone due to this problem,, her friends teases her for this skin problem… i feel hurted when i see her sitting alone.

      Please help me in finding her some good treatments… so that she can recover it permanently…

      Please help us…..

      We are residing at Nerul, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.

  760. chinmoy Roy says:

    i am suffering from psoriasis for last eight years. Now it is effected allover my body (back,leg,chest,arms,face).In past i was taken some steroids but it create some gastric problem so i stop the therapy. now what to do ?

  761. my finger nails is change different shape

  762. Sir i am 18 yrs old and have been suffering from exfoliative cheilitis since 4 yrs now…some says that i am suffering from lip psoriasis …
    there is a continuous formation of new cells mostly on my lower lip ..they are inflamed
    sir please help!

  763. please help for tretment i am using r21and r65 germen hemo tret

  764. Ahmed shezad says:

    Dear Dr.sharks, Hello! I m from Islamàbad Pakistan .I have agreat problem of psoriasis on my whole body therefore I m suffering in a bad condition which I can’t explain. I have big sours on my whole body and I feel itching and pain.I can’t sleep on bed.m
    My age is about 38years.I have also taken homeo medicines but could not get releaf.kindly let me know the right Medicine which may recover early. Thanks in advance.

  765. Dr. K S Babbar says:

    physician by profession , having seborrhic patches behind ear and on pinna of ear pl. guide

  766. chandra prakash jain says:

    sir i am suffering from PSORIASIS last one year and taking homeopathic treatment from last 6 months sometime patches go small and big i cant understand what to do pls suggest can i go throw same homeopathic treatment and suggest what to take care about foods and

  767. waseem iqbal says:

    sir! i am suffering from plaque psoriasis past one year. i visited and treated by many dermatologist but cannot healing. plz recommend me the homoeopathic age is 24.

  768. sheshnath singh says:


  769. SUNIL KUMAR says:

    respected sir
    I am Ph.D. student in department of human genetics, Punjabi university, Patiala. I am working on psoriasis. I required the subjects (psoriatic patients). can you help me regarding sample collection from your hospital.


  770. yogesh yadav says:

    respected sir i am yogesh and suffering psoriosis last 12year. approx overall body affected .i m taking homeopathy treatment from 18months ..symtems red spaches,silver scalp..itching so much…what should i do or avoid in my daily routine..i have no family baground about age is 23yr..plz tell me it can be removed occurs again n again after finished..plz reply

  771. Hema Chaturvedi says:

    Sir, I am a mother, no other introduction is required…My son…is 3 years old and suffering from acute eczema, since the time he turned 2 months. Followed by allopathic and then homeopathic treatment, none of the doctors could cure my son….rather…they are only experimenting….

    Sir, I need my innocent child come off these pains and itching that he doesn’t even know….and cannot make out what is he suffering from….

    Please cure my son….after lot of search….regardless to say and explain….it is difficult for me to trust the doctors now….It is only a doctor’s healthy experience in treating the patients especially children….

    Please call me or suggest what should i do now???…

    Please speak to me once….or please suggest me the best homeopath in bangalore…

    Warm Regards,

    Hema Chaturvedi


  772. Turag Musavver says:

    Have you invented the antidote?

  773. Hinal Khima says:

    I suffer from gutted psoarisis. I have tried allopathic treatment but it helps for a while then re occurs. I initially just had scalp psoarisis but due to medicine allergy it flared all over in a year. Any alternative treatment available to cure it?

  774. I am 30 year old male & suffering from psoriasis before 2 year. There are small patches on head & Itching. sir please advise me a permanent solution for this problem.

  775. Ami gupta says:

    I am very upset because of my skin i want instant fair skin but when i serch on internet the first option we get lemon i tried this but i got pimples on my face and my knees an elbow are also too black how can i get rid of this and get fair skin doctor…….???

  776. sarika sharma says:

    Dr Sharma,

    I have a problem of psoriasis from last few years and because of that I m now diabetic. Is there some medicine to cure it. I m having sugar medicine Glycomet GP 1 once in a day. I have used so many ointments for psoriasis but all in vain. I want some medicine who will cure it completely. Please help me if u can.


    Sarika Sharma.

  777. Ashish Monga says:

    Hi ,

    My wife ( age 29 Years ) is suffering from psoriasis 3 years ago. we have taken a lot of

    Alopathic treatment but still the problem is there, there are red patches in the skin and dryness

    in some areas.

    Kindly suggest suitable treatment , duration of the treatment, types of medicines, course fees.

    Also after taking the treatment , what are the chances of recurrence.

    Your earlier reply is highly anticipated.

    Ashish Monga

    Sec 46 Chandigarh

  778. 40 years male with patches mostly on head scalp and legs. been suffering from since last 8 years and tried various homeopathic medicines aswel but no relief.

  779. Jenny kalathil says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    Thanks. Homeopathic approach stands in consonance with the homeopathic convention: Treat the patient, not the disease?.

    I know one of the specialist homeopath in Kerala who claims a total success in Psoriasis cases. A detailed study revealed this particular doctor used a paste made out of certain leaves (herbs) and to remain 1 hour with that paste in the body and a particular oil to apply over the body daily and to remain one hour with that oil. Apart from such herbal /Ayurveda remedies probably he gives his own decotion ( not homeopathy) to take in the empty stomach and before bed.
    It is understood people get a relief for some times, it reappears in the same form or in a bit more aggressive forms but never cured even after the last 6 years.

    I would like to know your success in treating psoriasis. Can you give us a fully guaranteed treatment that will not recur at all. We will send you the entire information required by you and will stick very honestly to your treatment.

  780. mdkareembaig says:

    dear sir,
    i have psoriasis for the last one year, the dieseas the permanent solution or not

  781. Skin pimpal Problem

  782. Akhileshwar says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am suffering from psoriais from last 6 years from 2006.
    But at that time only on the head.
    So i will take one cream lobat-m and that will finish this but again after sometimes i will face the same.
    But in feb 2011 i will suffer more that includes my whole body so i will consult to skin specialist and they give me many of cream and tablets but i will face same after leaving the medicine it will come again.

    After that i am going to one place near my village varanasi. there is one BABA they are doing the pooja path , jadna phukana and after they are suggesting me some kind of ayurved medicine with one jadi.

    I have to take that jadi in morning with 5 garlics khali pet.
    And that oil is a mixture of(gurda of gogha(found inside the shipi), juice of bhaigraiya grass, paste of soth(dry adarakh)).

    After using this i will see the magic.

    So might me you have some easy available medicine for that.
    I am very exiting to talk with you on this 2 years treatment.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Akhileshwar Kumar
    Design Engineer


  784. KIRITI BASU says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am a 52yrs old male from Guwahati Assam. From last 2 years I am having skin problem below my feet. After consulting with 2 skin doctor I came to know that it is called sorosis. after having full medicinal course it subsided some what but after 2/3 months it relapsed. I use to take 2 pegs of
    whisky everyday & also I do smoke 10/12 cigarette per day. I am non- vageterian and very fond of mutton. In my family as per my knowledge no body was effected with this decease.
    Please help me.

  785. I m suffering from psorasis since last 10 years . it is only on my right bhand palm and on the palms of my feet . pl let me know if there is any medicine 4 its cure.

  786. Liton Rozario says:

    Dear doctor, please help me as I suffer from psoriasis for the past 10 years, can you please recommend any medicine,
    Thank you

  787. Robert Bohn says:

    I have been on embrel for a few years now and it has worked but I worried about the long term effects of using it. I woulducj prefer a natural way to treat the issue

  788. muktadir ahmed mazumder says:

    i am having psoriasis since 1995 but by taking medicine sundimun neoral by the last four years i was ok. but now it effect my stomach and can not continue the medicine as it was reacted my stomach.

  789. Hello dr sharma,

    Hope you are doing good. I have psoriasis on my hand & sole of feet it started to appear few months ago now there are cracks on both the places. It takes a lot of time to feel the crack on hand but cracks on feet are not healing completely. Please give your valuable suggestion.



  790. jayakumar says:

    Dear Sir,
    Iam Jayakumar, a software engineer, I have the problem of Keratakonus and astigmatism, now iam wearing hard contact lens in my left eye. In my right eye i have done c3r procedure ,Now the problem isthat my right eye vision improved but not satisfactory level. my doctor informed me , to implant INTACTS ,sothat i will get an ordinary vision . ,Now iam not wear hard contact lens in my right eye. ,still i cannot get a satisfactory feeling. Nowadays i heard about Homeopathic medicines are an optimum solution for Keratakonous. so please inform me the latest medicine for solving this problem in ur homeopathic sector.
    i wearing hard contact lens having power -6.00. i hope a positive reply from your side as early as possible.

  791. drneerajchhari says:

    sir, pls treat peri anal psoriasis of 10yr boy. suffering since 5yr

  792. drneeraj chhari says:

    sir good evening
    sir my brother’s son suffering psoriasis over peri anal regeon since 5year. which not releaved by allopathic management.
    sir kindly advise homeopathic management for same.
    pls do needful.
    thanking you sir
    drneeraj chhari

  793. suresh kumar says:

    i am 40 male got psoriasis on head, knee, elbow, lower back leg caffs front for last 3 years my both knee swollen and got arthritis Dr says joint is effected with psoriasis i have pain in other joints.
    all finger joints

  794. Hello Sir,

    I have psoriasis for more than 10 years. I have been using Flucort-H (Fluocinolone Acetonide Cream) ointment. When I use it, it will heal and the spots go away. Then come back again in different place or in the same place. If I apply frequently, it will go away and repeats when I stop using the ointment for 2 or 3 days. I do have itching if the problem is severe. Three months back, I have used ayurvedic medicine that i got it from KOYA RAJU(Tribal) who is from Kammam District. It showed me results in 20 days, but the liver size increased when i went to regular physical check up. Not sure if it is due to that medicine or the excess food I ate because I was so hungry when I took that ayurvedic medicine. Then i stop that medicine and same problem reoccured again. Please suggest me or let me know the best time to call you and discuss more on this.

  795. subramania rajan says:

    Respected Dr.sharam,

    my name is Raj. i am suffering of psoriasis for past 6 years .can acupuncture & homeopathy together can cure this psoriasis.Please advise.


  796. SOMEN SARKAR says:

    dear sir, this is somen sarkar from ranchi, aged 28 years, male. I have been suffering from Psoriasis for last 5-6 year. Can it be cured by homeopathy treatment? If yes then how long it will take?
    thank you.

  797. Kamala Sharma says:

    Dear sir,
    I am suffering for Psoriasis since from 2002 along with ortharities.I am following Homeopathy treatment since from 1year4months at Homeocare international but,pain relief is only 30%.
    Before treatment of homeopathy i have followed naprocin 250mg tablets,but after homeopathy treatment i discontinued the tablets,if more pain i will have the naprocin tab.
    Now also i continued homeopathy treatment.Kindly suggest me i want to be fully 100% relief from the Psoriasis and ortharities problem.
    Thanks regards,


  798. shaji joshua says:

    Respected Doctor,
    My wife is having some skin problems on her foot for the last 7/8 months. Allopathy Doctor diagonised that it may be Psoriasis. I also searched the photos of Psoriasis from the internet wherein I can understood that it is psoriasis.
    Now, for the last 2 1/2 months, she is taking treatment of a Homeopathy Doctor. He prescribed – Sulphur 0/2 (once in 4 days) and Mancinella 30 (3 to 4 globs daily evng) and she took for two months. As there is no improvement, he advised to drop the second medicine and take Sulphur 0/2 (every alternate day) and apply Hydrocotyle mixing with coconut oil. But, there is not much improvement. Kindly advise, whether these medicines are mennt for Psoriasis. Shall I continue with these medicines. Kindly advise . Out family is totally under stress.
    thanking you

  799. i am 40 male got pasoriasis on head, knee, elbow, lower bacl leg calfs front for last 10 years my right knee swoolen and got arthoscopy dr says joint is effected with proriasis i have no pain in other joints

  800. arati m kadabi says:

    My husband is having psoriasis since 17 years , initially we got to know it is psoriasis, we got tensed, but it was not spread for the first 5-6 years,but slowly it start spreading from cheat, back ,below knee, we tried all Ayurveda and also aliphatic medicine ,we find no relief


    Dear Dr . Sharma,

    im a 24yrs old male from Malaysia and im suffer from psoriasis for about 17yrs, i have try all kinda medicine but yet its still incurable…which its leads me attempting suicide twice unfortunately im still lives…i know that this skin disease in incurable but it can be controlled but how??? reduce stress & depression…as you see once you got these kinda problems how am i going to live peacefully? how long can a human hold on to this…WE DONT NEED A ADVISE…WE NEED A CURE…SORRY IF I AM SPOKEN WRONGLY DOCTOR I AM JUST EXPRESSING WHAT I AM FEELS..


  802. Gopal Agarwal says:

    Sir,I have been suffered from skin psoriosis since last 8 years.At present the skin of my most of the fingers of hands and feet is removing from there.Please suggest me some very good medicine for its cure.

  803. helo sir , sir i am radhika frm pathankot i am sufferng frm psoriasis problem its really irritate me plzzzz tell how it should be removd permanently ….. it in on my body and in my head …plzzzz rly me as soon as possible i cant afford so much money plzzz help me i shall be very thank full to u .

  804. prakash sethia says:

    i am having psoraasis on my both legs and was getting treated first by allpathy & off late by homeopathy but all waste? what do you suggest? i am diabatic & on insulin, heart patient. &bp patient for last 20 years or so!

  805. narasimhamurthy says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I am 40 year old man suffering from diabetes since 10 years. I do not have any other co morbidites right now. I have had scaling of palms since one and half year and i have had allopathic treatment with ointments and antihistamines. It subsides whenever i uses those medications and it comes whenever doctor advised me to stop. I have had recently second opinion about this problem and he told me that this palmar psoriasis. I consulted a homeopathic physician here in Guntur, Andhrapradesh since 3 months. He gave Douglas cream and other oral medications but my symptoms have not cured. I am having itching in the morning and in the night. I have also dandruff problems since 20 years. Again, this was also treated by ketoconazole shampoos and it was not totally cured. This problem was also named by the dermatologist as psoriasis. Kindly advise me how i can get rid off this problem.

  806. i ve psoriasis for last 25 years. no it started in my nails also. please suggest me some homeopathic treatment to get rid of it..


  807. krishan gopal sharma says:

    HELLO Dr, Sharma ji. I am 25 year old Dr Sharma mere gale ki side mai white sa dag hai, to mere bi soriasis per yeh lal nahi hai. Dr saab mene vase skin ke Dr ko bi test karvaya tha mana kar diya tha ki ape nahi hai .pls bata ye ,

  808. SRIHARI RAAVI says:

    Sir I am from vijayawada. I completed my MBBS 2 yrs back, preparing for PG entrance for 2 yrs. I am diagnosed with psoriasis 6 months back by a dermatologist with some scaling lesion on the right elbow, I am shocked , can’t able to concentrate on my studies. Now lesions are increasing .
    Please give me some suggestions
    With regards

  809. what the complete treatment for psoriosis am suffer from that .pls give some answers

    • sir, i am a govt employee in delhi, ia have been suffering from psoriasis from 2009. intially i took halopathy treatment from skin specialist but that was tempararay releaf for me.sir i am very depressed because of thi disease . after that i went to dr batra, but i did not observed any diference .but still i am taking homeopathy treatment from our relative upcoming doctor.i am treating with kali ars 200 and topi berberies cream. is it ok for me ? please suggest any other medicine which cure psoriasis properly . i also have anxity and stress from office, of coarse i am capable of doing hard work. one more thing is in last one year i face some family problems (my father died in jan 2013.)

  810. Sir, I am 32 years male. I am suffering from scalp psoriasis since 2 years. At first a small white dry patch on my scalp started 2 years back. slowly it expanded to big white scaly patches all over the scalp. the flakes are not shedding it self. I am removing the flakes by combing after applying coconut oil. most of the scalp skin turned into brownish black like burnt skin. I have taken treatment for 1 year from a skin doctor. he suggested me ketocanozole, HH Salic and coal tar shampoos. he never prescribed be any oral medication. The flakes are clearing for two to three days only when I applied these shampoos. After then the condition is remaining same. I fed up using these shampoos. Most of hair also fallen after this.. I am now taking homeo treatment from a local doctor since three months. till there is no improvement. Please suggest me the best homeopathic medicine.

  811. hi sir, my brother sffering from 1year psoriasis, please help us.thaks

  812. karthick says:

    Hi, iam karthick, 29 years suffering from psorasis from past 8 months but i started my treatment from homopathic of 3 months but it is becoming more in my body. and it started pus formation. pls suggest me.

  813. AMIT RANAJN says:


  814. sir
    i’m also suffering from this problem from 10 years does it really work the mixture of all three element please reply me !!! now i have homeopathy medicines since last 5 years. i get good improve but last couple of months the patches are improved in my legs and head and belly elbow,neck and hand. now i have sepia 10mm and mother dingier dail morning one doss but still i have not get any improve please advice me sir

  815. neha pathak says:

    hello dr.

    i am neha, i am suffering from psoriasis in my hand’s finger since 5 years, as well as my nails are also damaged. i did treatment to several doctors and did not get any permanent cure. please suggest me a permanent treatment so that i can live my life normally.

  816. sethuraman says:

    I am 46 year old Male suffring from psoriasis for last 2 yrs. There are small patches at almost whole body and my face. Nobody is affected in my family with this problem.
    I just need your kind advise if this is curable for me. I am very tensed with this. and if it is curable please let me know the process to start that treatment which can help me to overcome this diseas.

    Your kind advise in this regard will be highly thankful.

  817. sudha pradhan says:

    Can homeopathy treat psoriasies which i am having from 30 years
    i am 33 years old

  818. Pooja buthelho says:

    I m 32 years old married women n i hv a kid of 5 months old n i m suffering from this diseases from last 1 month please help me to over come from this diseases

  819. ALOK KUMAR says:

    I am 38 year old. Suffering from psoriasis for 8 years. Toes to scalp ,whole body is affected. Please Suggest me medicine and method of taking. I will be thankful whole life.

  820. paresh vyas says:

    i suffer from psorrisis on my skin very chronic tried allsorts no joy have been toldhomeopathy could help

  821. sawant N.P. says:

    i have psorisis since last 10 year , i am just 34 year old
    lesion on the head, legs and back only.
    kindly advice. thanks

  822. dear sir

    i would like to inform you that iam patient of psoraisis is effect my feet and i have seen many doctor here in karachi but still is same can you please give me some advice
    iam 2nd year student

    awaiting your early reply


  823. SMRUTI BHANGLE says:

    Hello Sir,

    Iam 26 year old female & suffring from psoriasis before 4 years.there are small patches hand,arms and joints. sir please advise me a permanent solution for this problem. I am tensed that problem can be transfer to my baby. what treatment for not transfer this problem to baby?

    Awaiting your prompt reply.


  824. Mr. Torres says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I wear hair replacement and have struggled with psoriasis at the edge of my hairline for 15 years. It smells after a couple of weeks post have a service done on my full bond hair replacement. This has caused me to have services done every two weeks instead of every month like the norm. I would appreciate any help you could offer.
    Thank you

  825. Dr.shashidhar says:

    My son is suffering from Psoriasis since a year.The plaques are on scalp,knee,elbow & small spots below eyes.Any cure for psoriasis in Homeopthy?Reply sir

  826. j.p. bundela says:

    dear sir
    my wife is suffering from psoriasis since last twelve month. she has hard skin in foots and her foot cracked than feeling pain. some times blood lining looks in the crack of foot. A allopathy skin specialist doctor (MD) gives treatment , but due to side effect not taken regularly.and now stopped. Some body told me this is allergic skin disease and only cured by HOMEOPATHY TREATMENT. dear sir please suggest me what I do. now I am going to for HOMEOPATHY TREATMENT. .

  827. jayabharat says:


  828. abdul kabeer says:

    My son who is 5 yrs old has the skin problem on his legs, this is there since he was 1 yrs, we consulted a doctor who informed us that by age this would improve. Kindly suggest what is needed to be done.

  829. hi sir mu age is 18 and i m suferring psorisis from last 9 years i used tubes but the tube is temprary works …………sir plz tell me any medicine

  830. shameer mannaril says:

    Hi Doctor,

    I am 38 years old. I have been suffering from psoriasis for the last 12 years. until last year it was mild psoriasis especially on scalp and little part of body. But from last year it is moderate and it affected my face also. I am using topical ointments now. please advise if there is treatment in homeopathy

  831. sherief says:

    I am affected by psoriasis as spots in my fingers and legs. some hard spots. some times itching. some time rashes appears. only temporary cure from allopathic madicines. I like hot foods. take non veg food. kindly advise a homeopathic medicine

  832. my daughter is 21 years old suffering from psoriasis for the past 7 years. we have tried all sorts of medicine including allopathy, ayurveda, homeopathy and cnr herbal treatment. so far nothing could solve my problem. The disese is spreading fastly. kindly help me tto get perrmanaet cure pl.

  833. samanta dhir says:

    I have been suffering from skin disease for 4 yrs. It started like small area of dry flacky skin in my scalp , at the back of my head.Mild itchy,easily remove by itching & left noscar but shiny area of skin in that area. It lasted for yrs. but for the last 4 yrs,it sudenly get spread almost 80 percent of my back of head.Very itchy,dry whitish, scaly skin.If I use steroid cream it disappear but again come bac. In hot, humid ,sweaty condition, make it very itchy. After itching,raw skin exposed.
    Also in my leg infront lower leg similiar kesion , dry somewhat scaly,itching. after removing the dry skin area get red & moist.
    And also I have nail pitting.
    no other areas are involved.
    I need advice from you.


  834. sk momenul islam says:

    I am suffering from psoriasis since the last fifteen years. It is in form of rashes and patches on my whole body, I have tried allopathy medicine but it was of no use. It is also in my inheiritance from my maternal side. Kindly give an immediate reply,i’ll be very grateful.

    sk momenul islam

  835. HI there,DR,sharma,
    I am 66 yrs old man normal health,only visited my wife,no other woman,My Glans have itching problem,used different cream as described by different doctor. but NO result.Please advice Homeopathic medicine.
    with Blessing,

  836. Hello Dr. I am 44 yrs old married having two girls aged 16 and 12 yrs. and hailing from Bangalore. A year back I came to know that I’m having this scalp Psoriasis. Recently I started taking homeopathy medicine from one of the doctor.

    I’m getting too much itching and HAIR FALL too………….. Being a working woman, it affects my physical appearance also.

    Kindly advise me for further treatment ……………


  837. nidhi pande says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    My daughter Vaibhavi is 2 yrs old and suffering from psoriasis for 1.5 yrs. It was firstly seen on left side of her neck and till date it has covered front neck under eyes, chin, underarms. Sir kindly helpme my daughter irritates and starts itching very roughly her effected area. sir waiting for ur help.

  838. muthukumaran says:

    i am male i have psoriasis problem from 2000 , i take many medicine but not get cure , now i am in ayurvedic treatment for past 2 1/2 year, i want to get cure fully please reply immediatly.
    thank you

  839. Shyla Abedin says:

    I have scaly psoriasis since age of 10.

  840. Anarul Islam says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am 25 years Allopathic medicine practitioner. I am patient of Psoriasis. I used several allopathic medicine but there was no cure.The patches are on my Penis Galans (under foreskin). As a Muslim when I was minor my my penis foreskin was cut (circumcised) before almost 15 years. Then I eat eggs and under my foreskin portion ( Penis Glans) fully became white like milk colour. there is no infection and not spreading. please give suggestion and effective medicine also.