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Homeopathic Medicines for Scars Caused by acne

Getting pimples or Acne is irritating and embarrasing enough for young people, but the thought of scars being left behind by Acne can lead to sleepless nights. Acne is one of the most common skin diseases affecting young people of 12 to 18 years in the puberty and adolescent age. Acne is a result of inflammation of sebaceous glands present in the skin. It can appear in various forms on the skin like small red-coloured elevations (papules), eruptions containing pus (pustules), fluid containing deep sac like eruptions (cysts), or thick, hard eruptions (nodules). The most common sites of appearance of Acne are face, shoulders, chest and back. Acne mostly disappears on its own without leaving any mark behind. Small Acne or pimples do not lead to any scar formation. But the large-sized deep Acne like Cystic Acne and Nodular Acne leave rigid scar marks on the skin after their disappearance. Excessive pricking and scratching of Acne worsens the condition. The more the pricking of Acne, the higher are the chances of inflammation and infection and thus scar formation. In the beginning, scars appear to be red or pink in colour. Later on, the scar colour becomes purplish or deeply pigmented. The scar can present itself in various forms like small, deep holes in skin as if the skin is pierced by some sharp-pointed object(ice pick scars); or round, oval depressions in the skin(boxcar scars); or unevenly pitted scars giving the skin a wave-like appearance (rolling scars); or only as pigmented skin. Although not a serious health condition, Acne scars can be a cause of continuous feeling of low self-esteem and confidence levels and even embarrassment. Here’s where natural Homeopathic remedies for acne scars can be of great help. With no side effects, the natural Homeopathic treatment for acne scars can effectively and gently cure these scars.


Homeopathy has a wide range of natural medicines to deal with the problem of Acne scars. The natural Homeopathic remedies, which are completely safe, are prescribed taking into view the mental and physical makeup or constitution of the patient along with the skin symptoms. Acne scars can be treated in the most gentle and mild manner with the help of natural Homeopathic remedies.


Berberis Aquifolium: Best natural Homeopathic remedy for pigmented Acne scars

Homeopathic medicine Berberis Aquifolium is a wonderful natural remedy for acne scars and is of great help in treating them completly. This natural Homeopathic remedy is mainly recommended for the treatment of pigmented Acne scars. Berberis Aquifolium acts by clearing the skin pores and toning up the skin. It decreases the pigmentation of scars and efficiently cleanses the complexion of the face. It can be used in 30 potency internally and as a tincture externally for best results.

Psorinum: Natural Homeopathic Medicine for Acne scars on dirty face

Natural Homeopathic remedy Psorinum is of great help for treatment of Acne scars of face where the face looks very dirty as if it has never been washed. The patients requiring this natural Homeopathic medicine have a very oily skin due to highly active sebaceous glands. The Acne scars that have been worsened by external application of skin ointments can also be cured by Psorinum. Another marked symptom along with the scars that guides towards this natural Homeopathic treatment is that the patient feels extremely chilly even in summers and wants to be totally covered up. In patients who experience worsening of Acne by taking excessive coffee, fats and sugar,natural Homeopathic medicine Psorinum can be very beneficial.

Kali Bromatum: Natural Homeopathic remedy for Pustular Acne scars

Kali Bromatum is a natural Homeopathic medicine of great help for the treatment of Acne scars and is mainly prescribed where indurated or Pustular Acne has left the scars. Pustules are inflammatory lesions and become nodules when left untreated. The Acne scars on the face, chest and shoulders can be wonderfully treated with this natural Homeopathic remedy.

Mercurius Solubilis: Top Homeopathic remedy for Acne scars accompanied by profuse perspiration

Mercurius Solubilis is among the best natural Homeopathic medicines for reatment of Acne scars and is mainly given to patients who perspireprofusely and the perspiration is very offensive. The patients requiring this natural Homeopathic remedy have an unusually excessive thirst with moist mouth and a lot of salivation from mouth. If the face of the patient ofAcne scars appears pale and unhealthy or dirty, Mercurius Solubilis is the ideal natural Homeopathic remedy.

Silicea: Natural Homeopathic treatment for Acne scars with pits of varying sizes

Silicea is the natural Homeopathic cure forAcne scars which are a result of deep-rooted Pustular Acne and where the skin of the face shows pits of varying sizes and the scars give a sensation of pain. The patients for whom Silicea can be of great help usually feel very cold and also have an offensive foot sweat. This natural Homeopathic medicine is beneficial for patients of Acne scars who are very obstinate and headstrong mentally.

Belladona: Natural Homeopathic medicine for red-coloured Acne scars

Belladona offers the natural Homeopathic treatment for patients with red-coloured scars due to Acne. This natural Homeopathic medicine is beneficial for patients whose face is dry, hot and gives a shining and flushed appearance.

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  1. Jeevan chaganti says:

    Hi I have rolling acne scars. Can you please help me to get rid of these scars

  2. My daughter’s age is 10 years 6 months. She is getting facial pits since 6 years without any wound . how can this facial pits formation can be treated. I have consulted many allopathic doctors but they are of little use.

  3. Which potency of silicia to be taken and for how long

  4. Rhiya Madan says:

    Can we talk? How much do you charge for consultancy?

  5. Hello sir i have acne scars on my face last 10 years and very oily face also i used so many products but no use one day my friend told use homeopathic medicine so tell me good product i am waiting your answer

  6. akash kumar says:

    hello mam I have acne scar problem I can take this medicine silicea 12x& berberis aquifolium&calendula& thiosinaminum 3x &marks go cream was this correct?

    • Dr, sharma says:

      What’s app me for more queries -7023055174

      • Jobayer islam says:

        I have suffered from pimples in which sticky fluid used to come out then I took allopathic treatment and cured but it leaves holes it has been 5 years. Which med should I use to treat it. I am 17 years old and Male.

  7. Suchitra says:


    My age is 37. I have some small and large pores on my cheeks. Please suggest me any homeopathic medicine so that my face looks clean. I want to reduce the pores on my face.


  8. sir in have acne scar problem I can take silicea 12x &berberis aquifolium&calendula& thiosinaminum 3x or marks go was this medicine correct

  9. Hi, My age is 34 and I have an open pored oily and sensitive skin, with acne eruptions along with deep pitted scars of acne for long years. Please suggest me an effective homeopathy medicine to get rid of open pores along with the acne scars.

  10. kuljeet says:

    hello sir
    i have pimple scars on my face.
    please suggest a medicine to remove scars from my face

  11. I cure my acne from december 2017 but till acne have appeared simultaneously.and left black scars

  12. sonali sandanshiv says:

    Hello Dr…..i don’t hv pimple but sometimes hv pimple that’s pimple created pits on my face and really hurt abt that… plz recommend me a special tratment for pits…

  13. hello doctor, i am 31 yrs old, i am looking for a medicine that helps me get free from scars on my face due to pimples.

    Please suggest which medicine shall i go with.

  14. Sir I have red acne scars and small small hole also. Please suggest which medicine is appropriate for me

  15. Sudhir kumar says:

    Sir there is acne scars and small pits on my face suggest the treatment

  16. Sudhir kumar says:

    Sir i have acne scars and small pits like structure what is the treatment

  17. Monalisa Deka says:

    I started taking homeopathy medicines Kali bromatum nd Ledum but then I started getting too many pimples more than I ever had. Then my doctor asked me to discontinue both and take Berberis aquifolium. But still no improvement. My pimples are aggravating more. Please help

  18. Rasik Patel says:

    I want to know about Acne scars removing treatment, expenses, side efect etc….Please Sir,

    • Hello sir i have acne scars on my face last 10 years and very oily face also i used so many products but no use one day my friend told use homeopathic medicine so tell me good product i am waiting your answer

    • My daughter’s age is 10 years 6 months. She is getting facial pits since 6 years without any wound . how can this facial pits formation can be treated. I have consulted many allopathic doctors but they are of little use.

  19. I am 19 years old female and i have fair skin..few years bavk i got huge amount of red acnes filled with yellow pus and blood but those are cured now..the only thing left are the slight pink marks which appears more dark when i feel hot or go out in sunlight..please advice me a good topical gel and internal homeopathy remedy..will berberis aquiforium gel applied topically helps??

  20. Rashmi suman says:

    Homeopathy medicine or cream for mild acne scars or pits

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