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Homeopathic Remedies for Acne Rosacea | Homeopathy Treatment

Homeopathic Remedies For Acne Rosacea

Homeopathic Remedies for Acne Rosacea

Homeopathic Remedies for Acne Rosacea

Acne Rosacea is a skin condition affecting the face characterized by marked redness or the flushing of face followed by appearance of acne/pimples. The skin of the mid-forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin are the most affected parts. As the condition advances, the blood vessels over the face get dilated, and become visible. If the condition continues unabated, connective tissue grows around the blood vessels, and it results in thickening of the skin. Nodules are formed, especially, on the nose, and it gets enlarged. In the more complicated cases, there is redness, itching, and watering from the eyes.

Homeopathy promises great results in cases of Acne Rosacea. Homeopathic medicines greatly help control signs and symptoms of Rosacea. Not only does it help in reducing frequency of flare ups, and intensity of its symptom but also helps in complete cure if taken regularly for a few months as suggested by the physician.

Best Homeopathic Remedies for Acne Rosacea

The top recommended homeopathic medicines to treat Acne Rosacea are  Belladonna, Carbo Veg, Hepar Sulph, Lachesis and Psorinum.

1. Belladonna – Is The Top Medicine Which Helps Treat Red, Flushed Face

Belladonna is a leading medicine for Acne Rosacea when the main complaint is red, flushed skin of the face. The skin appears very shiny and is very hot to touch. Facial swelling may accompany. Besides the cure of skin, it is a wonderful medicine when rosacea affects eyes with marked eye redness. Dryness in eyes accompanies. Sensitivity to light may also be present.

2. Carbo Veg – For Red Face With Prominent Blood Vessels

Carbo Veg works well as a homeopathic cure for rosacea in case the facial skin appears red, glowing along with prominently visible small blood vessels. The cheeks are, especially, prominently red. Cold sweating on the cheeks may occur. The face may also be found to be swollen along with the above-mentioned symptoms.

3. Hepar Sulph – To Manage Pimples On Face

It is a magnificent medicine for the treatment of the pimples on face. It is administered for papules and pus-filled pimples (pustules) on the face. The pimples may be painful. Pricking pain is felt. Pimples may bleed upon being scratched. The face is fiery red. There is an accompanying heat sensation.

4. Lachesis – For Circumscribed Red Spots On Cheeks & Flushes Of Heat

Lachesis gives good results where the skin has circumscribed red spots on the cheeks. Flushes of heat on the face are felt. Blood vessels are visible on the face. Face becomes swollen with itching, especially at night.

5. Psorinum – For Red, Hot Face With Red Pimples

Psorinum is an excellent homeopathic medicine when the face is red and hot with red pimples. The pimples form on the nose, middle of cheeks and the chin. The skin on the face is very rough with the above-mentioned complaints. There is sweating on the face with the sensation of heat.

6. Eugenia Jambos – For Treating Pimples

Medicine Eugenia Jambos works in cases of simple and hardened acne. The pimples and the area around it is painful.

7. Sulphur – For Circumscribed Red Cheeks & The Burning On Face

Sulphur is most helpful when there is circumscribed redness of cheeks, and burning on the face. It is also useful when pimples appear on the face. The pimples are very itchy. There are also prominent swollen blood vessels on the forehead.

8. Hydrocotyle Asciatica – For Thickened Skin

It is a wonderful medicine when there is the growth of connective tissue over the skin making it thickened, and hardened. There are pimples, especially, pus-filled on the skin. Scaling of the skin may also be present.

9. Euphrasia Officinalis – For Rosacea Affecting Eyes

This medicine holds good promise in giving natural relief when rosacea affects the eyes. The eyes are red, itchy, and watery. Burning and biting sensation in the eyes is also felt. A gritty sand-like sensation in eyes is felt.

Note: When exposure to sun excites the condition, Cantharis Vesicatoria is the medicine to fall back on. However, Bovista Lycoperdon medicine can give good results when one uses cosmetics excessively. When there is excessive use of alcohol or spices Nux Vomica is a very effective medicine. The above-mentioned homeopathic remedies for Acne Rosacea should only be used after consulting a qualified homeopathic doctor.  

Signs and Symptoms

The signs, and symptoms vary from person to person and at a given time not all signs, and symptoms may be apparent.

Areas Affected

1. Face: The mid part of the face is typically affected including forehead, nose, medial cheeks (towards nose side) and chin.

2. Areas other than face: In some cases, signs, and symptoms may go beyond face including chest, scalp, neck, ears and upper back.

Following are the Signs & Symptoms:

1. Flushing (Redness) of Face: Facial flushing, and redness is often the first sign of rosacea. It affects the mid part of the face and appears symmetrically. The redness may tend to come and go or may persist.

2. Visible Blood Vessels: The small, and dilated blood vessels on the face may be visible.

3. Pimples on the Face: There may be presence of red bumps on the face called papules or pus-filled bumps called pustules.

4. Burning and stinging on the face and itching at times. The skin area involved may be hot, and painful to touch (tender)

5. Facial Swelling: It may occur alone or along with other signs and symptoms.

6. Dryness, Roughness & Scaling Of Facial Skin: In some cases, thickening of skin can be present.

7. Nasal Enlargement: with the progression of the condition the skin of the nose may thicken leading to its bulbous condition known as rhinophyma. It is common in women as compared to men.

8. Ocular Rosacea: Redness of eyes, dryness, burning, stinging, grittiness, itching in eyes, watery eyes, light sensitivity, blurred vision.

Types of Acne Rosacea

1. Erythematotelengiectatic Rosacea (ETR): In this, there occurs redness (erythema), and flushing. With this, tiny widened blood vessels are seen on the skin surface (telangiectasias). Itching, burning, and stinging are usually seen along with the above features.  Other than the face, involvement of neck, chest, ears, scalp and upper back may be seen.

2. Papulopustular rosacea: Here facial redness is accompanied by red eruptions (papules) or pus-filled bumps (pustules). Mostly middle-aged women are seen to be affected with this problem.

3. Rhinophyma: It is a rare problem in which there occurs enlargement of nose (rhinophyma). The skin of nose gets thickened with irregular nodes (lumps) and an accompanied enlargement. It is mostly seen in men.

4. Ocular rosacea: This type of Acne Rosaceaaffects eyes. The eyes appear red and there may occur dryness, gritty sensation, itching, burning stinging or irritation in eye. Sensitivity to light may also accompany. If cornea is affected, vision may get blurred and vision loss may occur.

Causes Behind Acne Rosacea

The exact cause behind Acne Rosacea is not clear yet. However, it is thought that hereditary, and environmental factors collectively play a role.

Some of the factors that may worsen Acne Rosacea symptoms as follows:

1. Certain Food and drinks: Drinking tea, hot coffee, caffeinated beverages, alcohol, eating spicy food, chocolates, tomatoes, food having cinnamon

2. Extreme of temperature, heat of sun

3. Excessive exercise

4. Stress and anxiety

5. Use of Topical Steroids (steroid-induced rosacea) and certain treatments for acne, and wrinkles removal like chemical peels, microdermabrasion and also isotretinoin and benzoyl peroxide

6. Excessive Cosmetic Use

7. Demodex Mites: It has been found that some persons suffering from rosacea have increased demodex mites. In a study, it has been revealed that mites demodex folliculorum may be a triggering factor for Rosacea. A bacteria Bacillus oleronius present in these mites leads to inflammation of Acne Rosacea as well as papules and pustules.

8. Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO): It is found that SIBO is more prevalent in persons having Acne Rosacea which suggests that the gut bacteria may be involved in causing lesions of Rosacea.

9. Increased Cathelicidin & Stratum Corneum Tryptic Enzymes

10. Hpylori Bacteria In the Gut: It can increase gastrin (digestive hormone) that may cause flushing of skin.

Risk factors

1. Age: Persons between 30 and 50-year-old are at the highest risk

2. Women are more at risk compared to men though it can occur among men

3. Fair-skinned people are more prone

4. Family history of Acne Rosacea

5. Those who smoke are at risk

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  1. Sangeeta Awan says:

    I have developed some pustules and redness on my nose also with skin that is drying.
    I use boroline or Vaseline but it’s not helping.
    Since it’s on the nose the bridge of the nose it’s very prominent.
    Any suggestions?

    • Rita Sandi Tothne says:

      Dear Dr Sharma,
      I have developed heavy redness on my nose and cheeks right next to my nose.
      It’s not itchy at all bur totally different from the other complexion of my face. Nothing have helped so far. What could I do?

  2. Julissa Closson says:

    What to take for my daughter who is 16 years old and has rosacea

  3. I have rhinophyma. actually rosacea phymatous rhinophyma. have you cured this befoe with homeopathy. I’m 68year female..

  4. Ravi Shirurkar says:

    I am suffering from rosacea on nose. Is there a treatment available?

  5. Sandra Press-russell says:

    Hi so I’ve got the nose issue happening. A few lumps ans indentations visible. Always things going on around my lips. Please, what exactly should I be doing to fix or cure this.

  6. I have acne rosacea on my checks and on my lip line. The postules hurt and nothing I do seems to work. What should I take?

    • benaifer bodhanwalla says:

      Hi doctor. I have rosacea. Started with redness on the face. Now I get pustules on the cheeks and forehead which sometimes hurt and itch. Gets aggravated in Summers and sun exposure. Had it through winter also. Sometimes it comes and then goes away. This time it has stayed for many months now. Can you please suggest a remedy?? Thank you

  7. Tina singh says:

    Hi , I’m suffering from lots of problems with skin , my skin gets red in sun , very cold , in heat , and in changing seasons, gets too dry and itchy , it happens on the face area mostly and nothing works and worse around eyes, pls suggest some good medicine in homeopathy to treat

  8. Aasia Chaudhry says:

    I have very bad Rosacea in my face sometimes it go and after few days come back can u please tell which medicine will give me hell for

    • Shweta Dighe says:

      Hello doctor I have rosecea n red n itchy face. Now I hav little acne too. Please can u suggest some homeopathy medicine to get rid of itchiness n redness

  9. Leslie Polson says:

    I have acne rosacea and I need to know how to treat it. My dermatologist will not give me any medicine for it saying that it is cosmetic and I just need to deal with it

  10. Christine Renggli says:

    Hi there! I wanted to ask you on what would be the best homeopathic meds to help cure my husband’s “Acne Rosacea” on his forehead. He said it feels itchy, dry, & sometimes scaly. His dermatologist prescribed a cream for acne rosacea but ‘til now the pharmacy doesn’t have it yet. He’s so sesperate to have his skin condition feel better. Thanks in advance for your help! (Christine)

  11. David Rouillard says:

    69 y/o male with rosacea. With burning the tongue and throat times one year. I use proscea with some success but nothing has helped my burning mouth syndrome. I also suffer from gout. My family history includes my father who died from hemochromatosis. I don’t know if any of has a relationship to the other. Please advise. Thx

  12. Michelle Strayer says:

    I battle rosacea with acne which I don’t think is actually acne but bumps that ooze and very dry flaky skin around my cheeks nose and mouth. I get bumps in those areas that are very uncomfortable.
    the dermatologists want me to take antibiotics and use a steroid cream which I don’t want to use so I am looking at alternative solutions. My face is red but that isn’t my biggest concern. I am most concerned with the flaky skin, oozy postules and overall discomfort of those.

  13. Sai Vemuru says:

    Iam 40 year old woman living in USA .
    Iam Indian origin.
    I have acne rosacea (erythematous telangiectatic ) type
    Which one do you recommend for me
    Thank you

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