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Top 5 Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Cystic Acne

Having acne  during teens can be bad but having Cystic acne is terrible . Cystic acne leave big scars and are  usually large and at times very painful . Although their causative factor is same as that of  regular acne (increased secretion of sebum ) , they are the most severe from of acne . Homeopathic Remedies for cystic Acne are a great form of natural treatment  . Homeopathic medicines for cystic acne are very safe and natural for our body . Moreover homeopathic remedies for cystic acne do not produce any side effects and once treated with homeopathic remedies  , cystic acne do not recur . Homeopathic medicines may even help in lightening of the old scars . Here is the the list of the top five homeopathic remedies for cystic acne  that I have found to be very effective in my practice.

Sulphur -Homeopathic Remedy for Cystic Acne with unhealthy and Itchy Skin

I rank sulphur as the top grade homeopathic remedy for treating cystic acne .It  is a  great homoeopathic medicine for treating cystic acne that itch a lot. It is greatly recommended when the skin has an unhealthy look. It is also indicated when Cystic acne after some reaction of cosmetics or any locally applied medication. . Sulphur also gives good results in cystic acne which tend to itch and burn. Sulphur is strongly indicated for acne that  are filled with pus and at times bleed on washing.

Silicea – Top Grade Homeopathic Remedy for large Pus-filled  Cystic Acne

Homoeopathic medicine Silicea is another remedy which gives good results in cystic acne.It is very effective in cystic acne that  have a rosy red color and are filled with pus. .  Silicea is seen to give good results in cystic acne in patients  who feel extremely cold and always want to keep themselves  warm.  The acne cyst are usually very large and painful. Silicea also comes handy in treating the scars left by acne .

Tarentula  Cubensis- Homeopathic Remedy for Acne that tend to become large boil.

Homoeopathic  medicine Tarentula cubensis is a good remedy in treating cystic acne that tend to become large and eventually become a boil .These kind of boils are associated with a severe stinging type of pain. Another Indication for Tarentula to be used is that the skin around the acne  has a a purplish look . Tarentula is strongly indicated for Cystic acne which occur  in the arm pits with a sharp pain that is present  at all the times. This medicine also acts well in cystic acne that take a long time to heal and  also for  boils tend to ulcerate.

Hepar Sulph – Homeopathic medicine for Aborting acne In Early Stages.

The Homoeopathic medicine Hepar sulph is another great remedy in treating cases of cystic acne that are filled with pus. It gives very good results in the early stages of the cyst formation. It helps in stopping the pus formation or will abort the pus in a few hours. Hepar sulph also helps in controlling the pain that arises due to pus formation.

Calcarea Flour for Cystic Acne that are Stony Hard

Homoeopathic medicine Calcarea flour is a very good remedy in treating cystic acne that are stony hard to touch. The skin has an unusual whitish look. It works best in cystic acne that are slightly elevated from the skin and are surrounded by  a purplish margin and are filled with a thick yellowish pus.

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  1. Rajib Kr. Naskar says:

    Cyst on my cheek for two years Taking helper sulphur 6 for 5 months but getting no relief

  2. Abdur Rahman says:

    Pimple cyst on testis skin. Like in face pimple but it is very large from the skin pimple.

  3. Moksha says:

    Hello sir /madam
    I have half inches cyst on my right cheek
    I didn’t noticed how long I have this but last year it was seen clearly on my cheek ,I went to doctor he gave USP gel I applied and it drained out but not completely drained but last few days back again it appeared …now again it drained by itself …I went doctor again he suggested for minor surgery..but I’m not o
    Agreed …now my question is homeopathy
    Can cure cyst completely or not…if it can cure then I’ll go for homeopathy treatment please help me
    . thank you

  4. Arpita kaushik says:

    Sir in the month of August I used a face wash which reacted badly on my face.After which I have got severe acne,initially I thought it is normal but from 3 months I am treating my acne and not seeing any improvement..It is going very bad with me plzz sir suggest me how to treat it permanently.I am loosing my confidence…
    I have sensitive and oily face suggest me the best medicine to treat my acne full of push

    • Take isotroin 20 capsule …..alopathic remedy….one cap a day will vanish all pimples in 3 weeks…..useful in nodular hard big acnes that leaves big scars om face… is safe , except in pragnancy…..itt is highly affective salt formulted fr severe acnes….that dnt gets healed by other medicines

    • Contact fr any suggestion 9653639369

  5. Sir i am facing acne conglobata gentic problem like blackheads ,whitheads,nodular acne pus filled very pain ful like arms, back ,neck, shoulders ,buttocks,chest last 2 years i am using allopathy medicine but koi result nhi hai please give me permanently Solutions i am very tired .pls pls sir

    • Take isotroin 20 capsule …..alopathic remedy….one cap a day will vanish all pimples in 3 weeks…..useful in nodular hard big acnes that leaves big scars om face… is safe , except in pragnancy…..itt is highly affective salt formulted fr severe acnes….that dnt gets healed by other medicines…..
      Contact no.9653639369

  6. I am facing acute cystic acne. It is 2 inches large , very hard, reddish skin color and doesn’t pain often but small boils are coming out also. Doctors advised for steroid injections. Would you please advice me how to cure!

    • Take isotroin 20 capsule …..alopathic remedy….one cap a day will vanish all pimples in 3 weeks…..useful in nodular hard big acnes that leaves big scars om face… is safe , except in pragnancy…..itt is highly affective salt formulted fr severe acnes….that dnt gets healed by other medicines…..
      Contact no.9653639369

  7. I have prb of acne and I am taking natrum m 200
    C from 2 months , earlier it’s effective but now I am having acne again even I increase the dose …. May u please tell how long I have to continue this or it really curative for acne or not ??

  8. My baby is 4months old and he is having a dermoid cyst in right eyebrow we are using calcarea fluorica 6x. Is this the correct medicine for the problem??

  9. BN Choudhary says:

    Sir, I have BP that fluctuates between 130/90 to 160/100 after taking Losar H 150mg/day and Ecospirin 150 for VLDL Cholestrol, but I am not taking any medicine for Triglyceride up to -350
    Kindly suggest the medicines in Homeopathic

  10. I’m realy struggling with hormonal acne, 3 days before my period is due I break out in boils and yellow painful spots on my chin and sometimes they scar, I’m not sure if I have a hormonal imbalance as I suffer with very bad migraines, sweating, waking up in the night, hair loss, and swollen sore breasts, every month my period controls my life I need some advice other than the doctor telling me to go on the pill

  11. Satyabhan singh Rajput says:

    I am 39 years old man .My shoulders left back side cyst
    large from 7 years old.
    How can remove cyst ?

  12. How can I purchase this sulfur or Silicea for cystic pimples which I get on occasion. This time I got two which really is unusual. I do suffer from acne rosacea

  13. lilypanda says:


  14. Shouvik Pal says:

    In my body,there are no of cyst which are generally stony,no pain.early this are in small size but gradually they are growth in size,but the size is not large, marbel size cyst….plz recommended suitable homeopathy medicine with doses that I use

    Thanking U….Sir

  15. hello Dr. I have an arachnoid cyst in My lower most spinal cord . is it curable by homeiopathy?

  16. sir i have cyst on scrotum (hard)for last2year but now its
    acene appear on chest sir plese guide how to treat. it is completely curable?

  17. Arunabha Biswas says:

    I have Cyst on the side of the Spine just above the waist. Kindly advice remedy and medicine.
    I am 65 years old.

    Thank you.

  18. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I am a post menopausal woman, with itchy burning red acne like warts, and some small flat brown warts for a long time. I tried Sepia, Arsenicum and Calc without any effect. Which remedy do you suggest me to take?
    I have some anxiety and stress as well.
    Thanks for your help.



    • Sharad Modi says:

      Hello Sir,
      Just below my right eye, a cyst was developed around 10 years back. It was filled with pus and I just ignored it as I thought it will go by itself with time but it didn’t get diminish completely. A shape of cyst is still there with some extra skin which looks like hanging or like a cyst without pus. It gets into notice when looked with focus or very close. I want to get rid of it. Please suggest me something.

      Regards and Thanks,
      Sharad Modi

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