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What are comedones and its homeopathic remedies

Comedones or comedonal acne refer to small, dark, white or flesh-colored bumps on the skin resulting from blockage of the hair follicles by sebum (an oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands) and the dead skin cells. Comedones are one of the different types of acne. The most common location of comedones is the forehead and chin on the face though may also occur on other body parts too. When only one bump occurs it is termed comedo, while multiple bumps occurring together are called comedones. These are common in the adolescent age group though it can affect people at any age. Some risk factors predispose one to comedonal acne. They include increased testosterone secretion that enhances oil production, skin irritation from the secreted oils, chemical peeling, popping an acne, overhydration of the skin, excessive intake of sugar, fat and milk, and smoking. Having a family history of comedones also increases the risk. The comedones get worse from scrubbing and the application of certain skin products that might block the pores. Picking the comedones may result in irritation and infection.
There are different types of comedones. The first one is whiteheads (closed comedones). These look flesh-colored or creamy white. In this type, the oil plug forms below the opening of the hair follicle. The second type is blackheads (open comedones). In this type, the oil plug develops near the opening of the hair follicle. These look dark brown / black not due to dirt but due to oxidation of melanin pigment on exposure to oxygen. When it is popped it looks dark from the top but from the lower part it looks creamy white. Another type is solar comedones that result from excessive exposure to the sun. Solar comedones mainly occur on the cheeks. Other types include microcomedones (the smallest comedones invisible to the naked eye) and macrocomedones (the comedones that are larger than normal-size comedones). These are larger than 1 mm. The blackheads that are larger than usual are termed giant comedones.

Homeopathic Management

Homeopathy is a very natural system of medicine that helps in treating numerous skin complaints including comedones. Homeopathic medicines prove highly effective in treating comedones. They go to the root of the skin problem to ensure great healing. These gradually heal the complaint very gently in a very natural manner with zero side effects. The results vary depending on the duration and intensity of the complaint. It is always advised to get your case of comedones evaluated by a homeopathic doctor to get the best prescription for your case as there are no specific medicines that will help in each and every case. The prescription varies from case to case as per the case details. Do not take any homeopathic medicine on your own without prior consultation with a homeopathic physician.

Homeopathic Medicines For Comedones


Eugenia is a top-recommended natural medicine in homeopathy to manage various types of acne including comedones. It gives excellent results in treating comedones. Besides comedonal acne, this medicine is very effective for cases of acne that are painful and sore. The pain in the pimples goes to some distance around the acne where this medicine is required. It works well in simple as well as hardened acne. The acne worsening during menstrual period in women is also one of the characteristic indications for using this medicine.

2. Silicea

Another prominent homeopathic medicine for managing cases of comedones is Silicea. In most cases requiring this medicine there is pale looking, oily, waxy face. A tendency to excessive sweating is present on the face and other body parts like feet, hands and axilla (i.e. armpits). Red spots may occur on the face attended with a burning heat sensation. Cracks may appear on the face. There is a tendency to get acne especially pus-filled. The acne are prominent on the face, especially the forehead where this medicine is required. The acne tend to itch during the daytime.

3. Graphites

Graphites is a highly effective medicine to manage cases of comedones. In cases needing it, there occur flushes of heat on the face. The face looks pale and bloated. Scabs may occur on the face. There may be itchy spots on the face. In some cases, few spots appear on the cheeks which are covered with dry scales. Besides comedones, this medicine is also indicated to manage pimples on the face that are itchy. After scratching, these become moist. In general, the skin is dry with tendency to develop cracks.

4. Hepar Sulph

Hepar Sulph is the next beneficial medicine for managing cases of comedones. In cases needing this medicine, pus-filled acne are also prominent along with comedones. These acne are attended with a prickly type of pain. There may be bleeding from these acne when they are scratched or popped. There can be sensitivity of acne to touch. There is also tendency to increased sweating that smells sour or fetid.

5. Juglans Regia

Juglans Regia is also a natural homeopathic medicine for managing comedones and acne cases. Those needing it complain of comedones and acne on the face. Small red pus-filled pimples are present where this medicine is needed. These pimples are quite itchy. Small red pimples appear mainly on the face, shoulders, back and neck in those requiring this medicine. There may be redness on the scalp attended with itching.

6. Sulphur

This medicine is highly useful for managing comedones that form mainly on the forehead. Several black points in groups are seen on the forehead in cases needing this medicine. Other than this, pimples may appear on the face that are very itchy. The center of the pimples is red. The pimples present on the forehead are inflamed. These are also painful to touch.

7. Natrum Mur

Natrum Mur is the next highly valuable medicine for managing complaint of comedones. Those needing this medicine have very greasy, oily face. This can be accompanied by heat in the face. Pimples appear on the face, especially pus-filled pimples on the forehead.

8. Drosera

Drosera is an important medicine for cases with blackheads occurring mainly on the chin. The black pores can also be seen on the chest and shoulders. Burning sensation may be felt on the cheeks. Additionally, pricking sensation can attend it.

9. Nitric Acid

This medicine is another homeopathic medicine that works well on comedones. Black pores appear on the face. It is attended with redness on the cheeks, and dark yellow spots around the eyes. Brownish spots may occur on the face in some cases along with above indications. The skin is usually dry that can be attended with cracks.

10. Thuja

Thuja is a very useful medicine for managing cases of comedones with greasy, oily, waxy face. Dark rings under the eyes can be present too. The face looks swollen and bloated. There is well-defined redness on the cheeks with burning sensation. The skin looks dry in general. Brownish spots appear on different areas of the skin.

11. Sepia

This medicine is indicated for comedones with pale, yellow face. Yellowish brownish discoloration mainly occurs on the nose and cheeks. The forehead feels rough along with tiny, red pimples. In women, the problem worsens before the appearance of menses.

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