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Save your Kid from Adenoid Surgery – Homeopathic Medicines are the Best Bet

Enlarged Adenoids

Homeopathic Medicines for Enlarged Adenoids

If your child constantly has a blocked nose, breathes from the mouth or snores, chances are there that he/ she might have enlarged adenoids. Adenoid enlargement is a problem affecting children, those in the 3-10 years age group are the most vulnerable. But what does enlarged adenoids mean? It refers to the enlargement of adenoids i.e. the lymphoid tissue located at the junction of the back of the nose and throat. Like tonsils, they are a part of the body’s immune system and play a major role in fighting infections in children. Adenoids help fight the bacteria and virus entering the body via the nose. They normally grow up till  5-7 years of age and thereafter, they start shrinking and finally disappear around teenage. This is the physiological growth and regression pattern of adenoids, which are needed only until the child becomes a teenager. By that time, the other immune systems get mature enough to fight infections and disease. The adenoids, which are no longer needed, regress and disappear.

Homeopathic Treatment Of Enlarged Adenoids

Homeopathic medicines are a natural and safe alternative to surgery in children with enlarged adenoids. Adenoids, when surgically removed, have the tendency to regrow, it has been noted. Homeopathic medicines, on the other hand, focus on strengthening the child’s immune system. Once the immunity is strong, the child becomes less susceptible to recurrent respiratory infections. Once this key factor leading to enlarged adenoids is treated, the adenoids get the time to shrink and go back to their normal size.

Homeopathy treats adenoids in two phases. In the first phase, homeopathic medicines treat the ongoing infection, which is recurrent and generally acute and has caused the condition in the present moment. In the second phase, these medicines build immunity to prevent chronic respiratory infections. Homeopathic medicines are safe and do not have any adverse side effects. They treat the condition of enlarged adenoids in a very gentle and natural way.

Homeopathic Medicines To Treat Enlarged Adenoids

Homeopathic medicines that work wonders in treating enlarged adenoids include Agraphis Nutans, Baryta Carb, Calcarea Carb, Sambucus, Ammonium Carb, Kali Sulphuricum, Nux Vomica and Tuberculinum

1. Agraphic Nutans – Top-Grade Medicine

Agraphis Nutans is one of the best homeopathic medicines for treating enlarged adenoids. It is a natural medicine prepared from plant Bluebell, also known as ‘wild hyacinth’. This medicine is mainly prescribed based on its two important indications. First is nasal blockage due to enlarged adenoids where it proves very effective. Next is ear complaints mainly deafness, resulting from adenoids growing big in size. Apart from these, Agraphis Nutans is also very effective when enlargement of adenoids and tonsils is present together at the same time.

When and How to use Agraphis Nutans?

Agraphis Nutans can be given in any case of enlarged adenoids once diagnosis is confirmed. It will help in managing nasal blockage which is the foremost complaint a child faces from enlarged adenoids. Side by side it will help in shrinking the size of the adenoids. Also never forget its use for ear complaints, especially deafness resulting from enlarged adenoids. A child having enlarged adenoids can be given this medicine twice or thrice a day as per the intensity of the complaint.

2. Baryta Carb – For Managing Recurrent Tendency To Get Cold And Sore Throat

Baryta Carb is a homeopathic medicine of great help in treating numerous health concerns in kids among which enlarged adenoids is a prominent one.  It is mainly prescribed where a child has tendency to have colds and recurrent throat infections. Both adenoids and tonsils may have enlarged together simultaneously. In acute phase of URTI (upper respiratory tract infection), pain in the throat on swallowing, sneezing and thick yellow nasal discharge may also be seen. The mouth gives off an offensive odour. The child may be physically inactive and sluggish.

When and How to use Baryta Carb?

Baryta Carb is considered in cases where the tendency to have recurrent cold and sore throat is present. This medicine can also be used when adenoids and tonsils, both are enlarged. Its use is recommended in the phase when acute URTI has not set in.  This medicine will help build up immunity to prevent frequent infections. Its use can be done from low (like 30C) to high potencies (like 200C and 1M) but not in very frequent doses. To begin with, one can take Baryta Carb 30C twice a week only. To increase dose or potency, kindly consult a homeopathic doctor.

3. Calcarea Carb – To Manage Disposition To Take Cold Easily

Calcarea Carb is the top most medicine for kids who are highly susceptible to cold and fall sick after every such exposure. They get repetitive cold with clear watery nasal discharge or yellow foul discharge. Besides, nasal blockage is very prominent which is the most troublesome at night.  The chronic tendency to infections results in enlarged adenoids or tonsils. Such children also tend to perspire excessively on the scalp.

When and How to use Calcarea Carb?

Calcarea Carb is used in kids who are inclined to get recurrent colds from even slight exposure to cold weather. Like Baryta Carb, this medicine is also used when no active infection is present to strengthen a child’s immunity making him/ her less prone to catching cold frequently. Its use varies from low (30C) to high potencies (200C, 1M) varying from case to case. Initially, Calcarea Carb 30C can be given twice a week or 200C be given once a week. For changing its dose or moving to higher potencies, advice from homeopathic expert is a must.

4. Sambucus – To Relieve Nasal Blockage

Sambucus is a natural remedy sourced from plant Sambucus Nigra commonly known as ‘elder’. Its use is highly considered to manage blocked nose at night with thick mucus in nostrils. The mucus is also very sticky. Mouth breathing due to a blocked nose is pronounced.

When and How to use Sambucus?

This medicine is best to relieve nasal blockage in kids. This medicine acts for a short period of time and bears repetition well. Sambucus 30C can be used two or three times a day as per severity of the problem.

5. Ammonium Carb – For Intense Nasal Blockage

Ammonium Carb is a very suitable medicine to manage nasal blockage. The blockage is intense causing the child to breathe through mouth. The child may jerk several times during sleep due to obstructed breathing.

When and How to use Ammonium Carb?

Ammonium Carb can be given when there is nasal blockage along with mouth breathing. Ammonium Carb 30C given three times a day gives great relief in nasal blockage.

6. Kali Sulphuricum – When Symptoms Still Trouble Even After Surgery Of Adenoids

Kali Sulphuricum is a specific medicine for managing symptoms that persist even after surgery of enlarged adenoids. This medicine can be used to manage symptoms including nasal blockage, mouth breathing and snoring.  It can also be given when yellow nasal discharge accompanies these symptoms.

When and How to use Kali Sulphuricum?

If symptoms like nasal blockage, mouth breathing and snoring are still disturbing your child inspite of adenoids surgery, this medicine is an ideal prescription. It is majorly used in biochemic form in 6X potency that comes in tablet form. Kali Sulphuricum 6X can be used three to four times a day at a three-hour gap. Number of tablets to be given at a time varies from 2 to 4 as per age of child.

7. Nux Vomica For Managing Snoring

This medicine works wonders in managing snoring. It is helpful for kids who snore and have nose congestion/ stuffiness at night. During the day, there may be watery discharge from nose but at night no discharge occurs.

When and How to use Nux Vomica?

Use of Nux Vomica is highly suggested in cases where snoring is well marked. Though it works well in various potencies, it is mostly used in 30C power. Nux Vomica 30C can be taken one to three times a day based on severity of the complaint.

8. Tuberculinum – Homeopathic Medicines To Treat Recurrent Infections Causing Enlarged Adenoids

Tuberculinum is a very effective homeopathic medicine to help build a child’s immunity so that he does not catch infections repeatedly. Children needing it are very sensitive to weather changes and highly susceptible to infections. They frequently suffer from sore throat, colds and upper respiratory tract infections. These medicines are given in chronic cases and when no active infection is present. They strengthen the body’s immune system.

When and How to use Tuberculinum?

Tuberculinum is mainly used as a medicine to boost a child’s immunity that will make a child less susceptible to catch frequent infections. It is mainly used in 200C or higher potencies. The dose varies from just one dose in 15 days or in a month depending on the age of the child and severity of problem. It is advised not to self-medicate with this medicine as it is a strong remedy. Always use this medicine only after consulting a homeopathic physician.

Note Use of these medicines is recommended only in mild to moderate cases. They can be used for about a month or two in recommended potency and dose. For further continuation of these medicines or for increasing dose or potency, kindly consult a homeopathic physician. In severe cases (for example, sleep apnea, mouth breathing even during daytime, recurrent ear infections or retarded overall growth of child), kindly take help from conventional mode of treatment as homeopathy has its limitations in treating severe cases of enlarged adenoids.

Cause Behind Adenoids Enlargement

Adenoids are present in every child that act as the first line of defense in the body along with tonsils. However, this does not mean that adenoids will get enlarged in every child. Recurrent upper respiratory tract infections (URTI) and nasal allergies put a child at risk and cause adenoids to enlarge. As soon as the germs enter via the nose, adenoids trap them and fight them. In this process, the adenoids get temporarily swollen. With time, this swelling reduces and they come back to their original size. However, if the infections are recurrent, the adenoids, due to constant swelling, are unable to return to normal size and get permanently enlarged even in the absence of any acute URTI.

Signs And Symptoms Of Enlarged Adenoids

1. Nasal blockage causing mouth breathing, noisy breathing and snoring

2. Dry mouth, dry cracked lips, offensive breath due to breathing from mouth

3. Disturbed, restless sleep; drowsiness and sleepiness during the day; difficulty in concentration

4. Nasal voice, enlarged glands in the neck, frequent colds, sore throat and difficult swallowing. Appetite may also be poor. A child having enlarged adenoids has a blocked nose and breathes through the mouth. Chewing and breathing at the same time are difficult, therefore these children avoid eating at all.

5. Adenoid facies: The term facies refers to a set of specific facial features in a person suffering from a particular disease. The typical set of facial features noted in a child having enlarged adenoids is known as adenoid facies. The features of adenoid facies include a long face, open mouth, high arched palate, prominent incisors, short upper lip and a pinched nose.

Complications Of Enlarged Adenoids

1. Sleep apnea (momentary pauses in breathing arise during sleep) in severe cases. Sleep apnea leads to poor sleep, fatigue and difficulty concentrating in studies at school.

2. Ear-related complaints such as difficulty in hearing, deafness and ear infections. The eustachian tube connects the throat to the middle ear. When the adenoids get enormously enlarged, they may block these eustachian tubes, leading to deafness or middle ear infection.

3. In fact, persistently enlarged adenoids retard the overall development of the child. The retarded growth in such cases is attributed to two main factors – poor appetite leading to nutritional deficiencies, and improper sleep. The growth hormone required in children is primarily secreted during sleep. A child who lacks sound sleep will have lower levels of this growth hormone and hence, suffer poor growth and development.

Frequently Asked Questions

My child has a persistently blocked nose, are enlarged adenoids to blame?

Blocked nose is a key feature of enlarged adenoids and is attended with symptoms like mouth breathing and snoring. However, nasal allergies and nasal polyps may also cause a blocked nose. So a diagnosis and X-ray of soft tissue of the neck are needed before enlarged adenoids can be established as the cause.

Can enlarged adenoids and enlarged tonsils appear at the same time?

Yes. Tonsils are located in the back of the throat, one on either side, and are a part of the child’s defense mechanism along with adenoids. Both adenoids and tonsils are masses of lymphoid tissue. There are high chances for both adenoids and tonsils to get enlarged at the same time.

Our ENT specialist has advised adenoid surgery for my son. Is it wise to try homeopathic medicines at this stage?

Yes, it is. Why put the child through the trauma of surgery? Even though conventional medicine treats enlarged adenoids as a case for surgical intervention, proper homeopathic medicines can treat the condition in a safe and natural way. Homeopathic medicines do not take very long to show positive results in some measure. How much they can help and for how long they need to be taken depends on the severity of the condition.

Can adenoids grow back after surgery?

Yes, there is a fair chance they will. This is because even though the adenoids have been incised, the root cause behind their enlargement remains. Homeopathy first attacks and fixes the root cause, for example recurrent respiratory infections, and then helps the adenoids shrink back to normal size.




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  1. Hi Doctor, I hope you are doing well. Below is my inquiry

    Issue: 6 year old boy with liquid in middle ear, boy breaths through mouth, always congested, audiology test shows he hears 40% from right ear and 35% from left ear. Study confirmed his hearing loss is temporary and due to liquid contained in middle ear drum.

    ENT Doctor said he has to conduct surgery on child to place ear tubes on him, drain ear fluid AND also remove adenoids.

    Someone advised me to look into homeopathy. I read agraphis nutans, calcarea carbonica, baryta carbonica, kalium muriaticum, silicea, thuya can help shrink adenoids until boy grows up and his own system starts getting rid of them.

    Can you help me with this? Guiding me on which natural medicine & dosage exactly I should use to help him? Also, will any of this or any other natural medicine you recommend help with the liquid contained in his middle ear?

    Looking forward to your response

  2. Prem Panigrahi says:

    Dear Sir, My daughter is 3.5 years old. Since last 1 year she is suffering from nasal rhinitis problem. We visited many local homeopathy doctor as well as allopathic doctors, but no body able to cure. When ever she came across a sick person, she was suffered from nasal rhinitis problem. Recently when we do a nasal x ray, the doctor told us that her adenoid gland is enlarged, due to which she is suffering from nasal rhinitis. Most of the time she breath from her mouth and at night snoring sound comes due to which she is sleeping problem. My daughter is lean and thin with 13.8 kg. Please help us. She is unable to go to school due to nasal rhinitis.

  3. Hi
    My husband snores a lot at night. He also have sleep apnea and adenoid hypertrophy. Could you please advise me of any homeopathy medicine. He is very cold sensitive and also sweats a lot at night. Feels very tired to wake up in the morning.


    Hello, my son is 5 year 8 months old. We came to about his adenoids problem just before 3 months only. but he has faced many issues because of this. Actually he got viral infections multiple times. And every time we used allopathic medicines only. He is 15.5 kg only. I.e he is skinny.. but energetic in nature. The matter is when we came to know his nasal issue we consulted one homeopathic doctor near by. We got good result. He didn’t tell us about medicines name. Now he has shifted some where we don’t know about him.
    Our kid again Started mouth breathing snoring vomiting with light cough and thick yellowish nasal discharge. So please suggest good homeo medicine.

    • Uma deepthi says:

      Hai sir ,my daughter is 4 years and having adenoids problem,confirmed by ENT specialist by x- ray,she is getting infection multiple times repeatedly ,she is skinny but energetic in nature, snoring at night ,mucus from nose with yellow discharge ,having ear infection and cleaned the ears once by doctor, having throat pain ,after 3-4 days of cold and snoring she is getting high fever with 101-102 f , please suggest the suitable medicine and dosage , please please help us sir

  5. Hi,
    I am in Nigeria. All 3 kids have adenoid and Tonsil issues. 2 have done surgery but still have symptoms.
    The last one started showing severe symptoms. She’s currently on meds, but no significant relief.
    please, how do i get your nefications in my country?

  6. Marta Garcia says:

    Hello, my son will be 3 on May 12, 2022. In March of 2021 we noted he began to become sick very often with a lot of congestion, regular fevers and eventually speech delay was noted. We took him to a ENT & audiologist. We were advised that he had fluid in his ears which has resulted in hearing loss therefore causing the speech delay. We were also told that there’s a high possibility he can have enlarged adenoids due to his mouth breathing, snoring and disturbed sleep.
    We were told my son was a good candidate for a myringotomy & very likely an adenoidectomy. I would like to avoid surgery as much as possible however time is spreading thin & im afraid my son’s speech is too delayed at this point. I would like to find some relief for him through homeopathic medicine.


      Sir. My 12year son having trade adenoid doctor advice to get operation
      Suggest me for homeopathy treatment and how long to time to recovery it Permanently

  7. Jannatun Naim says:

    My 7years girl has enlarged adenoids and she frequently suffers from sore throats, colds and caugh with nose block.
    Our ENT specialist has advised adenoids surgery for my girl.
    Please suggest a Homeopathic medicine.

  8. Emran Shah says:

    Hello sir,
    My daughter is 3 year and 10 months old.
    She is suffering from adenoides enlargement since last 1year.
    I have consulted the local doctor and follow the treatments suggested by him. But there is not much improvement in the condition and she is felling irritation all the time. Doctor has advice for a surgery now.
    She slept with open mouth and scratching her nose all the time and complaining that my nose is choked.
    Her nature is also changed and feel irritation.
    Please provide us any contact no so that we can talk to you directly. It will be a great help.

  9. Hi Dr Sharma, my daughter is 5 and a half and she breathes from her mouth and has a nasal voice and what feels like a full of mucus nose. She snores at night and has a little but if sleep apnea. What do you recommend we start her on and what would be the dose.?

    • Harpreet Singh says:

      Hello doctor my son is 6 year old and he has enlarge adenoids due to which he can’t sleep well at night mostly .he has tendency to catch cold very often although we don’t give him cold food to eat. He less active due to which he is obese
      Please suggest me treatment or your contact number for consultation Thanks..

  10. Hii

  11. Madhu Kattana says:


    I had Covid 19 symptoms three month back and now it is cured. However, I have some post-covid problems now i.e. burning on my chest some time and mostly when I have food and/or hot water. Kindly advise.

  12. Muhammad Afsar says:


    I live in Istanbul and my elder daughter Zaynah is suffering from enlarged ADENOID. She is 12 years old and she suffers from open mouth sleep with a lot of snoring. I don’t want to remove her ADENOID. She also suffers from a lack of focus, low appetite, and an increased heart rate of 115. Though she is being treated for anemia due to prolong periods probably due to hormone changes. Her HB as a result is around 09. She appears healthy otherwise with a weight of 50 kg. Could you please guide me about any good Homeo medicines, please?


  13. My son is suffering from enlarge adenoids,, can I have treatment for the same?

  14. Firooza taher says:

    Hello. I have two and half year old girl who is suffering from hard breathing at night. We did MRI 2 month ago and she has enlarged tonsils and adenoids. Her doctors here in the U.S. suggested surgery to remove those. I would like to talk to the doctor and show the MRI result of my daughter and talk about the treatments. Please let me know how to get online visit and talk to doctor.

  15. Hi
    Please I have a child suffering from heavy snoring. He underwent adenoidectomy (tonsillectomy) at age two (2).
    Please the snoring has become persistent just after some time?
    Please could you direct to to a homeopathic specialist?
    Thank. A concerned parent

  16. Hi Dr Sharma, my 5 year-old son is having adenoids enlargement and middle ear infections, it has lasted for 2.5 years. According to the report of his x-ray, the enlargement of the adenoids is about 50% of the air way. What should I do to help to improve his condition without surgery? Thank you.

  17. Ruben Ibas says:

    Hi Doc my son is 3yrs old and confirm had adenoids enlargement the ent doctor advice for surgery but I am thinking that tiny body of my child so I have hesitated to this operation so as I observe my child he is active even his weight is under for his age but he is playful and easily memories something if we will teach him so lately I think he experiences a short breath again that lead him to wake up. What should I do, I don’t want surgery. Hope I can have reply from you.

    Than you,


  18. Mohammed Ali says:


    Thank you for auch informative post. Keep up the good work.

    My daughter is 2.5 years and has enlarged tonsils and adenoids. We did xray and showed to a specialist who suggested for both glands to be removed by surgery.

    I am not comfortable for her to under surgery in this young age.

    I have read above article but need advice on where to buy such medicine and if there is any trustworthy homeopathy doctor in Sydney Australia, i can see.

    Please advise.

  19. Nazia Ali says:

    My child has adenoids enlargement his age is 11 yrs. I have been visited doctor they suggested me for surgery. I couldn’t take that step further. My child has restless sleep his noise bleeds when he has eretation in noise. I want go with homeo treatment so please can u send me the medicine online for the same or give me near branch of homeo centre in Hyderabad where i stay.


    • Sir,
      My child has adenoids enlargement his age is 5 and a half yrs. I have been visited doctor they suggested me for surgery. I couldn’t take that step further. My child has restless sleep his noise bleeds when he has eretation in noise. I want go with homeo treatment so please can u send me the medicine online for the same or give me near branch of homeo centre in Hyderabad where i stay.


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