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Allergic Rhinitis


Are suffering from frequent sneezing attacks, constant runny nose, and itchy eyes during this weather? If yes, then you are suffering from nasal allergy or allergic rhinitis. This time of the year (April-may) i.e. early summers, is not a good time for those who suffer from nasal allergies. Pollen levels are high during this weather and also this is the time for harvesting and threshing of wheat in the farms. Allergy to wheat threshing dust is very common and causes symptoms similar to pollen allergy.

Nasal allergy, hay fever, allergic rhinitis, pollinosis are the names that are often used to describe this condition. This condition at times gets complicated with breathing problem and is called as hay asthma. Homeopathic medicines can provide a great treatment for those who suffer from such seasonal allergic conditions .The treatment with homeo medicines not only provides a short term relief but also a long term cure from nasal allergy.

The main symptoms of allergic rhinitis are profuse watery discharge from the nose and at times from the eyes; sneezing can range from few to hundreds per day. Itching in the nose, eyes, roof of the mouth and throat may also be present. Difficulty in breathing may also be present in some patients. At times mild fever may accompany the above mentioned symptoms of allergy. Symptoms of allergic rhinitis are not life threatening but can seriously affect the quality of one’s life.

Nasal allergy or Allergic rhinitis is a consequence of a misdirected defence response from the body. This occurs when the body’ own defence cells called as antibodies start attacking substances like pollen, wheat thrashing dust etc . In other words the body’s defence cells which are meant to fight micro-organisms like bacteria’s and viruses, start attacking substances like pollens which are otherwise harmless for our body. This interaction between the defence cells (antibodies) and substances like pollens wheat threshing dust (antigens), results in the production of a substance called as histamine which is responsible for all the local symptoms produced during allergies.

Homeopathic medicines work by optimizing the overactive immune system. Homeopathic medicines provide a stimulus (in a highly diluted form) to the body like that of the trigger or allergen leading to the gradual desensitization of the immune system. Homeopathic medicines used for treating allergies mainly come from the plants or substances that in their raw form are usually responsible for causing allergy-like symptoms.

The following homoeopathic medicines are found to be very useful in treating Allergic rhinitis. Natrum mur , Arsenic Album, Sabadilla, Allium Cepa and Aralea racemosa. Natrum Mur and Arsenic album lead the homeopathic medicine table in treating allergic rhinitis. Both of them treat nearly all aspects of allergic rhinitis and are  most widely used homeopathic medicine for treating nasal allergy. Sabadilla is indicated in patients who are usually very sensitive to cold and smell; and even a least bit of exposure to cold air or strong smell can excite spasmodic sneezing and profuse watery discharge from nose. Allium Cepa and Aralea Racemosa are very useful in nasal allergies which occur in this weather. Aralea is also useful when nasal allergy in this weather is complicated with breathing problem. Two medicines that require a special mention in homeopathy are Galphima Glauca and Histaminum. Both of them have been lately introduced in homeopathy and have a wonderful role in treating the acute symptoms of allergic rhinitis.

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  1. Sir,

    Due to this i was taking L-Dio-1M ( Montelukast Levoctrizen) from Last 5 years every days 1 pill . But after watching your video i consulted some homeopathic dr and now i can see the results in a week . I dont take that medicine now .Still some sneezing is there some time but still i am relieve that i am not taking L-DIO 1 M now.

    Hope this will also get resolve soon. My Dr told me that he also using the medicine Natrum Mur in his medicine.

    Thanks for your help .God Bless you.

  2. Dr shoaib says:

    Hi there,
    I’m Dr shoaib from pakistan.i have been suffering from allergic fungal sinusitis since 10 years.had 2 FESS surgeries but still thick green sticky mucus sense of smell is lost.almost daily headache and obstruction.only oral steroids help but my sugar levels shoot diabetic also.44 yrs of age.
    Kindly help

  3. Mitesh Kumar says:

    I have a sinus last 8 year, it is controlled by yoga and jal neti but permanent treatment not done till date max. In Winter nose should be blocked and breathing problems and khich khich problem in gala so please you have treatment it please call

  4. Gopal shukla says:

    Dear Sir, I am very pledged to see your video this is great work for humanities. Sir, my wife have suffering from some allergic problem. That symptom are:
    1. During sleeping her nose has chock.
    2. Suddenly in a day she suffer from sneezing attack and nose internal itching. Maximum after kitchen work.
    3. Between the sleeping if drink water then immediate sneezing start.

    Please prescribe some homeopathic medicine to avoid this allergy.
    Gopal Shukla

  5. Ganesh Saini says:

    Sir muje hamesh allergy rhti h nose se pani aana or sneezing bani rhti h

  6. Arundhuti Mukherjee says:

    Sir,I am Arundhuti Mukherjee ,age-20 ..its been years i have been facing this sneezing problem.Everyday i get sneezing attacks several times irrespective to any season or weather or months and could not find any proper triggers at all .it is worse in winter due to cold and also worse in summer due to heat and sweating.Along with nose starts running, water starts coming frm eyes and have to face tremendous itching inside my ears and throat.Please suggest me the correct medicine and please tell ne how much time it will take to cure .I thought that i wont be able to treat it . But i got a hope through your vedio.please help me out

  7. Rajesh Meena says:

    I have been suffering from allergic rhinitis since childhood. Now I am 30 years old. Can you treat this disease???

  8. Mohd Uzairuddin says:

    Sir i am suffering from allergic rhinitis last 6 Month im 47 year old

  9. Sir I m 32 years old I can’t Face AC bcs I have cold allergy from 1year and 2month and can’t take ice cream or cold drink or curd etc .Is it treatable ?

  10. Kailash sonwani says:

    Dr. Sahab mera naam Kailash sonwani hai meri umra 34 saal hai mujhe 4 se 5 saal ho gaya hai allergic rhinitis hai jisme subhah uthathe hi chhik aana shuru holo jata hai aur din bhar naak se pani bahana suru ho jata hai aur bahut pareshani hoti aur naak me khujali gale ke andar kharas aur khujali jaisi lagati hai kya kare dr sahab is samasya ka upay bataye pleas mai bahut pareshan hu .

  11. Manoj Kumar says:

    Mera naam Manoj hai .Mujhe pichle 15-20saalo se allergy rhinitis ki problem hai thoda sa bhi temprature change par naak bahne lagti haai .Lagatar 5-10 chhinke aana suru ho jati hai.lagatar naak bahta rahta hai.Bahut medicin khae aur ilag krwaya lakin koe fayda nhi hua bahut paresan ho chuka hu plz koe ilag bataye taki is rog se chhutkara mile

  12. Arham Aleem says:

    Hi Mne abhi allergic rhinitis k bare mn video dekhi h mujhe 6 years s allergic rhinitis k symptoms hn aur temperature change s sneezing attack hota h jo 2 din tak watery flue k sath rahta h aur Ziada garmi s bhi cheenken ati hn aur agar AC mn jaon to AC mn cooling Ziada hone s bhi cheenken ati hn aur sardion mn bhi ziada sardi s cheenken ati hn ,Mn pehle Sabadilla try kar chuki hn Lekin koi affect nahi aur alopethic medicines bhi har tarah ki use ki h Lekin koi affect nahi kindly koi aesy medicine prescribe karden jo meri humesha k lie ye desease khatam karden.

  13. Maya sharma says:

    Sir I am suffering from allergic Rhinitis from many years

  14. Sir i am suffering from allergic rhinitis last one year

    • Raushan Kumar says:

      Sar mera naam Roshan Kumar hai main pichhle 10 sal se allergy se parate hoon ek sath 25 Karti hai ab mujhe sans Lene me problem hoti hai

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