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Allergies Making Life Miserable? Homeopathic Remedies Are Natural Solutions

homeopathy for allergy Allergy refers to a sudden hypersensitive reaction, presented with a number of symptoms. Allergen is an agent that is considered harmful by a sensitive/allergic person but doesn’t have any effect on other persons. The main allergens include dust mites, pollens, animal danders, certain food like eggs and shellfish etc. The main allergies include nasal allergy, allergic cough, food allergies, dust allergy, and skin rash. The allergic reactions to Hair dye are also prevalent in some. The homeopathy treatment for allergies not only helps in giving relief in acute attacks of allergy but also promises to effect a cure and exact the condition from its root. The cure is possible by application of properly selected constitutional medicines to the patient. In homeopathy, the allergies are treated not on the basis of the allergen triggering the allergic response, but by the characteristic individual symptoms narrated by the patient. These characteristic symptoms are, in essence, the key to unlocking the most suitable medicine required. Homeopathy for allergy works by moderating the overactive immune system. In this article, various types of allergies and their corresponding  medicines have been discussed.

Homeopathy for Allergy

1. Apis Mellifica: Apis mellifica holds a prime position to treat the hives or urticarial rash due to allergic reactions. This medicine can be utilized in all cases of allergic hives that result in violent itching with burning and stinging sensations. The patient may be relieved by cold applications. The skin is sensitive to touch. Swelling also accompanies. Slight betterment in the skin symptoms in the open air is another prominent factor which, if present, confirms that this medicine should be used.

2. Arsenic Album: Arsenic Album is a frequently used medicine for treating nasal allergy. The symptom that points towards this medicine’s implication is fluent and burning discharge from the nose with much sneezing. This may be accompanied by watering from eyes with burning.

3. Natrum Mur: Natrum Mur is suitable medicine for both nasal and skin allergies. The important pointers for using Natrum Mur in nasal allergy are running nose with sneezing and breathing difficulties, and in skin allergies, it is used mainly when excessive itching is present that mainly gets worse in a warm room and better in open air. Craving for salt is usually noted in all the patients requiring Natrum Mur.

4. Sulphur: When it comes to skin allergies, Sulphur is the foremost and an infallible medicine for allergies. This can be employed in all those cases of skin allergy where excessive itching with extreme burning sensation is present. Skin usually remains dry. The patient scratches the skin and gets relief. These are all the local skin symptoms for using this medicine. The constitutional symptoms used for selecting this medicine for chronic treatment include an aversion to bathing, unhealthy dirty looking skin, craving for sweets and an utmost heat in the whole body.

Various Allergies and Homeopathy

1. Nasal Allergies (Allergic Rhinitis)

The main causative allergens towards exciting an attack of nasal allergy are dust mites, animal danders and pollens. The main symptoms of allergic rhinitis include sneezing, fluent discharge from nose, dropping of nasal discharge back into the throat which is referred to as postnasal drip in some cases, itching in nose, throat and ear, and a discharge from eyes with itching in them. The natural medicines that show excellence in treating nasal allergies include Allium Cepa, Arsenic album, Arundo Mauri, Kali Bichromicum and Gelsemium. The first two mentioned medicines vis-a-vis Allium Cepa and Arsenic album are natural medicines for nasal allergy. They both work well when the symptoms are running nose with sneezing, burning in nose and eyes. But there is a very fine line of demarcation that decides the application of medicine out of these two, which is that if the patient feels better in open air and worse in warm room Allium cepa is selected, and for the exact opposite condition in which patient is relieved in warm room and worse in open air then Arsenic album becomes the choice of medicine. The next medicine Arundo mauri is the best choice when extreme itching in nose, eyes, and throat predominate with sneezing and fluent nasal discharge. The use of medicine Kali bichromicum is called for in those patients of nasal allergy in whom the nasal discharge dropping into the throat (postnasal drip) stands out to be a dominant feature along with sneezing. The last medicine Gelsemium is prescribed when the running nose and sneezing are present with pain in head and a feverish feeling. The above mentioned medicines can also be used as remedies for seasonal allergies .

2. Allergic Cough (Allergic Asthma)

Allergic cough mainly presents itself as cough with difficult breathing, suffocation, chest tightness and wheezing/whistling sounds from chest. The medicines of immense help in allergic cough include Arsenic album, Ipecac, Bryonia and Sambucus. The selection of medicine to treat allergic asthma is based upon the dominant symptoms of the patient. Arsenic album is selected when cough with chest tightness and suffocative attacks is the main complaint of the patient. The patient feels that this problem is worse at night time and has to sit up for relief. Warm drinks usually bring relief to this person. For using Ipecac in allergic cough, the main symptom is a violent loose cough with wheezing sounds due to the loading of mucus in the chest. Sometimes vomiting accompanies cough and relieves the patient. The next medicine Bryonia Alba gives good results when the cough is dry. This may be accompanied with chest pain and difficult breathing. Mainly the person over all feels better on lying down and worse on walking. The last medicine Sambucus is of supreme importance when nasal blockage is present with suffocative cough. Due to nasal blockage, the patient wakes suddenly at night with symptoms of difficulty in breathing and suffocation.

4. Skin Allergies

The skin allergy includes rash with itching, eczema (allergic dermatitis) and urticaria (hives). In urticaria the skin gets raised in patches with itching. The best medicines that come into play for treating allergic skin rash are Sulphur, Apis mellifica and Urtica Urens. Sulphur is a well known allergy medicine for treating skin complaints. Sulphur can be prescribed in all types of allergic skin rash where dryness, itching and burning sensations predominate. Apis mellifica is of great help in treating urticarial rashes where intense itching with burning stinging sensations and swelling of skin is present. Cold application may relieve the patient. Swelling of face may also be present. Allergic rash with asthmatic symptoms yield wonderfully to this medicine. Urtica urens is the first choice when eating shellfish has excited the skin rash with violent itching and heat.

5. Food Allergy

Food allergy refers to a series of symptoms that follows after taking in a particular type of food to which a person is allergic. The symptoms may occur in four planes. The first is nasal symptoms like discharge from nose, itching in nose and eyes and even difficult breathing. The second is gastric symptoms like loose stool, pain in stomach, nausea and vomiting. The third symptom is swelling of lips, mouth or of face. And the last symptoms are related to skin and include itchy rash, eczema or hives (Urticaria). The common food allergens leading allergic reaction are Egg, shellfish, nuts, wheat and milk.

The medicines for egg allergy are Carbo veg, Nux vomica and Sulph. Carbo veg and Nux vom are the natural medicines for egg allergy where gastric symptoms predominate. Carbo veg is prescribed when loose offensive stool, gas in stomach, nausea, vomiting follows eating eggs. And if this is accompanied with pain in abdomen Nux vomica is selected. When the gastric symptoms are accompanied by skin complaints after eating eggs, Sulphur can be used where itching or burning on skin are present.

For combating with shellfish allergy, the best natural medicine is Urtica Urens. This medicine can be taken by all those patients in whom sudden hives with violent itching and burning follows eating shell fish. This medicine has excellent power to control such symptoms.

The food allergy to wheat can be controlled with medicines that include Lycopodium, colocynth and Natrum Mur. Lycopodium can help in controlling the gastric symptoms. Lycopodium can be used when loose stool with gas in abdomen predominates. Colocynth is used when cramping pains in stomach accompany loose stool, and Natrum Mur is used when skin rash occur either independently or along with gastric trouble after taking wheat.

The last mentioned food allergy to milk can be treated with natural medicines without any side effects. The natural medicines include Aethusa Cynapium, Natrum carb, and Pulsatilla. Aethusa cynapium tops the list of medicines for milk allergy. The symptom for its use is vomiting immediately when milk enters the stomach. Sweating and weakness may follow vomiting. Natrum carb is indicated when loose stool follows milk intake. Pulsatilla is used when milk or any milk product excites allergic reaction. The prominent symptoms that call for the use of Pulsatilla medicine include loose stool, nausea, vomiting, gas, or acidity after taking milk or milk products. A complete absence of thirst is an accompanying symptom in some cases that if present forms an important symptom towards selecting Pulsatilla for milk allergy.

6. Euphrasia for Allergic Conjunctivitis

Euphrasia is the best natural medicines to deal with eye symptoms due to allergy. This can be taken in all such cases presenting with redness, itching, burning in eyes with watery discharges.

7. Dust (dust mite) Allergy

The leading natural medicines that provide a great helping hand to deal with dust allergy include Lycopersicum, Bromium and Arsenic album. Lycopersicum is the leading medicine that is used when breathing in of the slightest dust particle leads to running nose and sneezing. Bromium is utilised when dust inhalation leads to discharge from the nose along with chest complaints. The chest complaints include difficult breathing, cough with mucus in chest. Lastly, the medicine Arsenic album is used when fluent nasal discharge with burning in eyes and nose and sneezing predominate.

8. Allergy Caused By Hair dye

The symptoms that follow dye application on hair include skin rash, itching and swelling that appears mainly on the face, the ears, and the neck. There are various natural medicines to deal with the allergic reaction to dyes, but they are not specific or patent medicines for dye allergy. Suitable medicine is to be chosen after taking the symptoms from the patient. Few medicines like Sulphur, Arsenic album, Natrum Mur and Sepia can be used following case taking.

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  1. Kailash agrawal says:

    When I take coconut.there is started burning in stomach
    Eractation like bile

  2. Hi Dr Sharma,
    My son is 8 yrs old, and he is allergic to dust mites. This allergy intensifies during weather change and on rainy season. Have done all the test, and result says Vitamin D3 is severely deficient. He is coughing non stop like every 45 sec he will cough. Right now he is using Symbicort Turbuhaler, Azelastine Hydrochloride and Flucticadone Propoonate Nasal Spray, nezact powder nasal spray, Montelukast Sodium & levocetrizine Hydrochloride tablets, Cholecalciferol Capsules USP (Uprise D3 60k)
    As of now his coughing is in control but wondering if you can suggest homeopathy medicines. Can this homeopathy medicine can be used while he is having his allopathic medication?
    I can send over his detailed report in mail. Any guidance is highly appreciated.

  3. I have nasal allergy due to dust pollen cold air and cold things since childhood..I am 27 years old….Sneezing nasal discharge itching nose redness and itching eyes ear itching….Cough in throat….Post nasal cough…..Can it be treated permanently kindly provide best medicines.

  4. Satish kuma says:

    Sir, i am suffering from piles and hemmorid for last 15 years. I have taken treatment several times. I observed that my problem increases when I take ginger in my food.It react like allergy. My anus get swell immediately and burning sense develop.Some time blood comes in drop.Is there any remedy of this problem?

  5. Nikita Srivastava says:

    I have been suffering from this allergy on my face for the past six months. Its a rash that only occurs on my face on the same areas usually on my cheeks and above my eyes. AS the rashes flare up after a few days redness and swelling comes. I have been prescribed bovista it helps a bit but the rashes are still there it keeps coming back . there has not been a week since six months that the rashes have disappeared completely, once the old ones go new ones appear.

  6. V. K. Kumar says:

    Dear sir I am suffering from nasal discharge? 365days some times thin some times thick yellowish and left nose blocked most of the time my left nose is deviated by burth and yearly twice I am suffering from fever cough with mucus please sugust good medicines for this problem and sneezing is coming several times lost 8years I am suffering from this I don’t have specified elergies like dust foodthanking you

  7. Emilia Drake says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma. I have mite (not dust) allergy issues since many years. The symptoms are getting worse in damp, wet weather mainly in houses with old textiles. Especially in the morning and evening. Sometimes it’s just a runny itchy nose and sometimes combined with a lot of sneezing, itchy eyes, headache, tiredness and dizziness. Being outdoors in the fresh air and movement helps. I’m eating super healthy organic vegan raw food with lots of juices and taking raw prenatal vitamin at the moment since I’m pregnant. Can you please advise me which homeopathic medicine and dosage could be good for me? I tried Nat Mur some time ago but no improvement. Thank you. Emilia

  8. dr shakeeb says:

    use arsenic album 30
    7 to 8 drops daily for a week

  9. Pk yadav says:

    Sir, when eating watery discharge in my nose from 20yers.spicy food take much water fall.
    Lemna miner, Silecia,licopodium,cal carb taken but no any effect.

  10. Harbir Kaur says:

    I am looking medicine for my allergy which causes nasal congestion and phelgum from my lungs with sneezing .I am taking regularly antihistamines montek lc. from last 4 yeard

  11. Cindi Gellert says:

    I’m looking for remedy for Sesame Allergy. Is there a single remedy? Or a blend?

    This allergy is increasing in severity, unfortunately, and the 14 year old girl is responsible and still – she seems to pick it up wherever she goes.


  12. Hello Dr

    My 4 year old son has very high dust mite allergy. He has itchy nose eyes and sneezing. Have nasal congestion each night. A homeopathy Dr have him on tunbercullinum and calc carbs.

    Is it the correct medication for him? Please advice

  13. Hello Dr sharma
    Im mona from bangalore. Im suffering from urticaria since 2months.
    I was diagnosed with extensive fungal infection called tinea corporis for which I was prescribed I-win 100mg capsule for 7weeks. I started getting hives from the third week and it has worsened even after finishing the course of the capsule.

    Suggest me some remedy to get rid of urticaria.

  14. Geethanjali says:

    Hi after hairdye my whole face becomes swelling & rashes whts are the medicines sir

  15. Dear Sir,
    My son is 5 years of old. He has allergy cough. He been treated by homeopathy medicine since 8 months. But there is absoulutely no improvemet at all.
    How can i go about it

  16. SatishSrivastava says:

    Respected Dr Sharma,
    My grandson who is 5-6 yrsoldand suffering from dust ,cold,and chocolate cake etc and become very critical then to use breath analyser and in day time uses mask please suggest your medicine

    Thanking you
    Satish Srivastava
    Kanpur 9956029675


    Hello Dr Sharma

    I live in Richmond Virginia which is well known for allergies throughout the year. I am 43 years old.

    My main symptoms are post nasal drip into throat causing congestion which leads to cough and sinus headache if not treated in time. The allergy tests revealed that I am allergic to
    dust mites, mold and cockroaches.

    My PCP has asked me to take Dymista, Singular.

    Even though the allopathy medicines are helping,
    I don’t want to be on these medicines for ever.

    In revewing this page, Kali Bichromicum and
    Arsenic Album seems to match my symptoms .

    Can you please advise if I can take these medicines throughout he year , what dosage and also what other medicines might help ?

  18. Surovita Nag says:

    Dr. Sharma I am 40 years old and my husband is 42 and my daughter is 8 years old. we are into same problem. We always suffer from allergy to cold and dust also. Would you please refer me that what medicine we can take and its dosage also.
    With regards,
    S. Nag

  19. My homeopath is giving immunity medicine for treatment of allergy due to igE increase. Is it possible in homeopath to lower the IgE level to check the alltergy/asthma.

  20. What is a homeopathic remedy for coconut allergy in infants? it is almost impossible to find a baby formula without it.

  21. I have prominent hair fall. I have boils on the scalp which is painful depending on their position on the nerves. It cause pain teeth sometimes and hair roots also painful when ties

  22. Doctor sahib,
    Iam suffering from skin allergy after wearing shirt or pant which have slight acrylic fibre.

    Request you to suggest medicine.

    With regards,
    Rajinder Vij

  23. Hi.

    i have a very itchy scalp all the time and sometimes on my face or eyes and ears. It drives me mad with itch. I also have allergic rhinitis. What natural things can i take.. Thanks.

  24. SUNIT Baya says:


    • SUNIT Baya says:


    • Hii. After hair dye my face and nose becomes red and bit swell.Any homeopathic treatments.Please guid. Sk

  25. I have inguinal hernia on my right side since last one year. Sometime there is swelling around groin area with pain whenever I have stand for long periods and when suffering from cough and sneezing. Swelling settle down after lying on bed with foot upward but sometimes it takes time. I am suffering from cold during morning and night time since childhood with cold palm and feet. I have weak digestion as well from long time.

    I want to mainly cure hernia to avoid operation.

  26. Shani Gupta says:


  27. Deesha Mahajan says:

    Sir.meri problem bahut chronic hai.I cannot tolerate humid weather.when I wear clothes I feel stinging sensation all over my body.I feel acute stinging sensation when I go out in sun.I am a hypothyroid patient but this starts about 4-5 years ago and now it becomes chronic.sir help me there any medicine for it.

  28. Mrs.sajid says:

    Female patient. Age 30 yr. Patient ko cough start hoti hy jb kitchen me kuch fry ho rha hota hy kisi b time or cough itni barh jati hy k phr saans rukny lgta hy.. us waqt pani b nhi utrta halq sy.. hum ny note kia hy kitchen me hony waly smoke sy cough barhti hy.. waiting for reply

  29. I am 35 yrs old. Since my college time i got Egg allergy.Whenever i ate egg or egg containing products my face will have a big swelling reddish big size of acne. I always try to avoid but sometimes unknowingly i might consume. In homeopathy any medicine can cure my food me .

  30. suman rani says:

    My name Suman hello Dr. Sharma . Mujhe food and dust allergy h 30 years se .mujhe sneezing watering and eachy eyes nose and throat infection. I am very tired .food allergy wheat milk dairy product and packed items .please give me solutions my allergy treatment. My age 36 years old .

  31. Nada Massoud says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma, my 5-year old son has nose and chest allergy: in normal days, his nose is usually blocked with a noise from his nose when he breaths and nasal drops do not help and he coughs quite frequently: when he wakes up and then every 15-20 minutes. When he gets allergy attacks, he coughs every 30 seconds and usually throws up by night, around 11:00pm.
    What remedy can work for him?
    Thanks a lot,
    Nada Massoud

  32. Hi,

    I got litle pains in my ches ,heavy chest sometimes difficulities of breathing in the evinnings ,when i smell perfumes,paints ,dust
    ,lotions.They realy make me weak and bring a bad feeling to me help please am from kenya

  33. Both of them have been suffering from allergic rhinitis, bronchitis .I have tried both homeopathic and allopathic treatments but symptoms always reappear.
    My kids’ common symptoms include:
    1. Loud Wheezing and snoring
    2.Getting tired easily
    3.Liking of sweet foods
    Gas and flatulence
    Falling sick with cold, cough and fever on slight exposure to changing weather
    Intolerance of sour/cold/spicy foods such as ice creams, cold drinks etc
    Severe nail biting so much so that there is blood in fingers and skin around nails

  34. Veena G k says:

    I have blood allergy from past 8 yes any medicinecan u suggest

  35. mohd Farook says:

    hi how are you
    I am problem food allergy
    sans lene me presni hoti he
    chike bahut ati he

  36. Good Evening
    My dad is suffering from a sulphur allergy.. his body tends to get red and itch terribly, sometimes even swelling..we have been to doctors and they have prescribed cortisone.. even after the use of cortisone this rash tend to flare.. he cant eat most fruits as they are sprayed with sulphur.. is there any home or natural remedies that we can utilise.. would really appreciate it..


  37. Grete Bravo says:

    Can taking Urtica urens cure your shellfish allergy, or does it just treat the symptoms when having ingested shellfish? Thank you for your response,

  38. Good evening sir .I am suffering from allergy last ten yrs .problembs than change seasion cold water fish food perfumed. Symptoms are itching nozzle running water by nose sneezing.and breathing problems .so write a good medicine plz

  39. Shilpa singh says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,

    I have 2 kids, daughter is 6 years 9 months and son is 3 years 8 months old.

    Both of them have been suffering from allergic rhinitis, bronchitis and asthma, swollen adenoids and milk protein allergy. I have tried both homeopathic and allopathic treatments but symptoms always reappear.
    My kids’ common symptoms include:
    1. Loud Wheezing and snoring
    2. Constipation( slimy hard greenish stools)
    3. Swollen adenoids
    4. Frequent asthmatic attacks
    5. Getting tired easily
    6. Liking of sweet foods
    7. Gas and flatulence
    8. Falling sick with cold, cough and fever on slight exposure to changing weather
    9. Intolerance of sour/cold/spicy foods such as ice creams, cold drinks etc
    10. Severe nail biting so much so that there is blood in fingers and skin around nails
    11. Disobedience
    12. Aggression

    My daughter is shy when meeting anyone but is doing well at school. She likes going to school,is very obedient at school but completely opposite at home. She has been over-weight since 1 year of age. Likes eating food and her apetite is good. She sleeps well but wheezes and snores. She remains constipated and has had uti when she was 5 years of age.

    My son is social and aggressive, extremely adamant, gets tired very easily but is almost hyperactive. He does not like to sit at one place. Because of this he does not sit in his class and also does not listen to his teachers. He is extremely restless,temperamental and may be lacks concentration. His apetite is very poor, he is weak in body and prefers sweet food. His sleep has always been inadequate and disturbed( since birth). My son also has frequent throat and ear infections ( has hd ear infections 6-7 times since birth). He has recently had typhoid and uti( 2 and 1 month before, respectively). Now for the last 3 months or so he hs been constipated. Pediatrician suggestd that his uti is also because of this,though both typhoid and uti have been cured, but his wheezing, cough/ cold and suppressed apetite continue.

    My kids habit of chewing nails is also an indicator of their anxiety and restlessness. Both my kids were born of full-term normal deliveries. Both were of normal birth weight.

    My pediatrician suggested that both my kids may have cow milk protein allergy. Please advice as i am now in a state of despair . Please please please suggest treatment for both my kids…

    • Dear dr.sharma my grand daughter aged two and half years old suffering from allergic conditions from the following since birth:
      all dairy products (cow and goat)
      Fresh strawberries
      Her skin gets rashes itching severely occasionally cough,breathing difficulties she is taking all medication but no permanent remedies

  40. Patricia Gill says:

    Can homeopathic allergy eye drops be used in a 2 year old eyes. She will be 3 in Feb

  41. Rakesh Arora says:

    sir i am working at Nijjar Scan and Diagnostic Centre, Amritsar Suddenly ring type patches developed with normal skin color in the center I consulted at least 4-5 dermatologist regarding my problem but there was not relieve with their medicines Then I went to homeopathic Dr. Amitoj Singh He started the treatment with sulphur medicine and gave me six and half months during that medicine course I told him new patches developed on my body One patch developed after some time 2nd patch developed but after few days they were mingled with each other. He told me to get medicine allergic test after that test then I knew that I was allergic to sulphur after stop that medicines no new patches develop. Kindly suggest me the right treatment to remove that patches from my body especially on the face. thanking you

  42. kanwaljit kaur says:

    sir rat ko mujhe gla bhari uneasy lgta hai

  43. Aparna mishra says:

    Hello Sir,
    my face is looking so dirty due to allergy and so many pimples are comes out.
    what type of medicine i prefer??

  44. Dr I have food allergies in 2012 …I got cured …but now again it started for me when I ate Maggi once …please give me home remedies or any tablets

  45. Jagadabba prasad says:

    For last ten years milk creates skin problems to my wife. Now more serious as she is not able to eat any thing solid. Every thing is bitter in mouth. She is allergic to Bananas,Apples etc. Gallbladder removed. She is on bed more. 65 yrs age. Liver is fatty. Piles operated. Kindly tell me some cure.

  46. Hello.My 4 year old son is healthy and happy child.He is not vaccinated and we used homeopathy for mild virus colds, teething discomfort(our Homeopathic dr gave us pulsatilla and sussler bioplazma).Recently he had first virus flue with high fever so we used sodium ascorbat to boost his imunity and he got better quickly but he developed hives two days after got better.Here in Croatia we do ot have naturopatic doctor and alopetic is not sure why is that…He eats organic food 90% of the time.I am his mother and I had food alergies before but after I changed my diet to organic gluten free many years ago and detox myself it is rare and mild.Can you tell me what this could be?Thank you and best regards.

  47. sanghamitra banerjee says:

    Dr. Sharma , i have allergic rhinities with profuse runny nose, sneezing and wheeze when i come in contact with dust, clothings, pet animals, drink cold bevearages etc. Also when i am exposed to cold weather or sweat. I have been suffering from acute allergy for the last 10 years. Please siggest a remedy. Mrs Das,

  48. David MacDougall says:

    I have burning in my throats and lungs and tongue.
    I had my tonsils out in May and one was enlarged and hard. The doctor figured this was the problem but it hasn’t improved much since the operation. My wife thinks it’s an occupational condition, I am a Master Brick Layer and have noticed that my condition worsens when I’ve been working inside and am exposed to cement dust… Perhaps I have an allergy?? My wife thinks I should find a more holistic approach to this problem. I’m having a biopsy today to ensure I don’t have cancer etc.
    Any suggestions? Thank you, David

  49. Dr. Sharma,

    I usually suffered form breathing problem when there is a seasonal change (starting of winter).What should i do to get relief and what precaution should i take so that i can not face this problem again.


  50. Biswajit Das says:

    The leading natural homeopathic medicines that provide a great helping hand to deal with dust allergy include Lycopersicum, Bromium and Arsenic album. Lycopersicum is the leading homeopathic medicine that is used when breathing in of the slightest dust particle leads to running nose and sneezing. Bromium is utilised when dust inhalation leads to discharge from nose along with chest complaints. The chest complaints include difficult breathing, cough with mucus in chest. Lastly, the medicine Arsenic album is used when fluent nasal discharge with burning in eyes and nose and sneezing predominate. i have facing same problem please tell me something….

  51. Anisa asif mistry says:

    Good morning Dr. Shama
    I am suffering with allergic cold from last 7 years. Took many medicine including homeopathy as well not not cured as yet I’m above article there are some medicine name how could I find them. Plz help to cure
    because I tried everything but zero result

  52. Gajendra Jain says:

    I have an itching from last 8 months .I have taken many medicine but it not cures.wat to do.can ur homeopathy will cure itching in one month plz and

  53. Dear sir,
    My name is Imran i am 27 years old i have a skin allergy since 2012 i haven taken allopathy treatment and stopped due to ineffectiveness and now i am taking homeopathy medicine for the last 6 months but it is still appearing on the body the symptoms are the body gets red cuts every where mostly in face shoulders and hands left and right and back of my body and also on hips, redness, dry & dull looking skin, body itching, burning sensation and watery nose when i take spicy food and also when i take the meat the cuts will be more it will get even worse. What should i do shall i stop the homeopathy treatment are any other solution to this please help me and reply me as soon as possible.

    With regards

  54. Fasahat Karim says:

    Hi, I have allergic cough accompanied by throat uneasiness, heavy breathing, running nose and itching eye ( but not severe). This happens mostly at early morning when I wake up. I am suffering from 2009.
    I also have calcification on my lungs.

    Is there any treatment for its permanent cure. Please suggest. Appreciate your quick response.

    Fasahat Karim
    New Delhi – 25

  55. CHITRA BHAGWAT says:

    Hello, Dr. Sharma
    my son 11 &half yrs. old is facing allergy problem since last 4-5 yrs.. the symptoms appear in the following cycle :

    1) irritable bowel that’s loose stool twice or thrice in a day ,specially after lunch and dinner . Immense gases .
    2) rash on skin , like behind knees, under arms or armpit , and behind elbow thats where our hands fold.. The rash (pink thick skin) does not burn but itchy.
    3) runny nose ,nasal congestion lasts for month ..finally I have to give him antibiotics .
    Please help

  56. I am allergic to hair dye it causes redness and swelling on the area applied and I am suffering from urticaria for which I am taking apis mell,is there any cure for this hajr dye allergy.

  57. Hello Doctor
    My mom is suffering from skin allergy any remedies plz tell me..she is 40 yrs old.
    Waiting for ur answer.

  58. Hello doctor my who is 22 yrs of age has a severe attack of sneezing and flowing nose with watery eyes and also droppings in the throat kindly help

  59. i am suffering from alergy cold ( running nose, itching, bunring in the nose, sneezing)
    can i get homeopaty medicine / suggestions

  60. Hello dr sir.
    I have allergy of ginger mirchi cofee tea and spicy food. Red rashes skin swollen and itching khujli.
    On hands shoulder legs hands fingers stomach.
    Cetrizine medicine only taking
    Any homeopathic medicine
    Amit Jain

  61. Ratnesh Kumar Sinha says:

    Dear sir
    Mein 30 years ki hu 4 mahine pahle mein net pe dekhker (methi,kali jeeri ,or ajwine )k churan Khai 2 month hote hote mujhe shortness of breath and us do mahine me kai bar acidity b hui .fir mein vo churn Khana chod di per shortness of breath ajh tak nahi chuta or badta gaya ab to dinbhar hota hai saans nahi le pati hu.

  62. S K MISHRA says:

    Dear Sir
    My grand son age 4 years has problem of coughing, while allopathy doctor checks and find no cough in chest. Doctor declares that he has allergy. He coughs and vomit coughs loose mucus. Its all symptoms tally
    IPECAC. For using Ipecac in allergic cough, the main symptom is a violent loose cough with wheezing sounds due to loading of mucus in chest. Sometimes vomiting accompanies cough and relieves the patient.

    Please guide which medicine is suitable for my grandson and of what potency.

  63. Sushil Roy says:

    My daughter, age: 11 years, is suffering from restless Allergy all over the skin of her body for last 3 months. Please help.

  64. Dear Dr.sharma,
    I have a severe allergy to ppd in hair dye. I believe sulphur and tuberculin are the remedies. Could you advise on what potency to take these and when.
    Thank you,

    • Thank you for sharing these remedies. My question is, these medications are to be taken on regular basis or only when symptoms appear? My children have various food allergies and we avoid all there allergens. In the rare event of exposure/ingestion we use benedryl or epipen in severe case. Im looking for a cure.


    My mother is 70 years old and she is taking english medicine for heart problems. when she take medicine she face allergy problem. etching in all body. doctor has changed his medicine but there is no relief from etching.
    please suggest some homeopathic medicine so that mom can get some relief.

    thanking you

  66. Raees Khan says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma

    I read your page on “Allergies”. I am writing here about allergy facing by my wife, age 28 years is “Dermatitis Hiperformis”. When she took wheat, then have intense burning sensations on certain parts of body and ome blisters on the skin. It declared DH through biopsy. She is taking table DAPSONE n have little positive effects, but when she is taken wheat, it appears again.

    It is requested to you to kindly help us if any remedy available in homeopathy to get rid from this disease.

    Raees Khan
    Islamabad – Pakistan

  67. Joydev Das. says:

    Allergy from dust and during cooking.Symptoms like coughing and pain in throat.

  68. Ramachandra.M says:

    Respected Sir I am workig as as teacher .I am suffering from Lungs Allergy since 2 years .Last month due to dust I admitted to the Hospital with numonia. If I travel by Bus or train the respiratory track completely fills wih Mucus and cough also comes .My lungs fills with mucus in the morning when I wake up and it is too hard and I breath.So please help me in anyway sir

  69. Hemant Thapar says:

    I am problem of allergy. In the morning when I wakeup, I start sneezing. After that water comes out. Sometimes on my eyes start echining. Which homeopathy medicine I should take.

    • laxman gaud says:

      same problem is here sir i am suffering from morning and evening sneezing and in sometimes rainy season. starts itching in ears eyes start burning reddish colour
      please help me doctor.

  70. T..JOOSHI says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Greetings from Nepal !

    I am having itching throat and have khash khash and always want to flush my throat. Having this problem all the long.

    I would like to have your valued for the complete and successful remedy for my problem

    I look forward to your valuable response.

    Wih best regards,


  71. Rajendra says:

    My daughter aged14 is suffering from allergic rhynitis. Sneezing, eye itching and face itching. When she goes to school/ outside the home it becomes severe. I am very frustrated because every type of medicine were used but there was no response.

  72. Jagan Mohan Nyayapati says:

    Dear Dr. Sharmaji,
    I am suffering from hypersensitivity of mouth for pungency & all food preparations which contain very little chillies/ chilly Powder. All the other family members can relish such food while I only complain about excess of pungency of chillies. Please suggest some homeopathic remedy for my problem. Thank you for this favour.

  73. LL Shukla says:

    hello Dr sharma ji,
    since long back I am effected of skin allergy. suddently iching begins on any one point of skin, as soon as I startes touch for relief, immediate iching raises/increses and rash comes in whole of the area where it is touched by nails or by any other objects like combs etc. when I takes allergy medicines like avil and other allergy tablets, I immediately gets relief. kindly advise me simple homeopathy treatment. this situation, I am facing since two years.

  74. Ashok sharma says:

    I am suffering from dermatitis itching &burning on eyes and nose due to sneezing.please ptescibe me suitable medicine

  75. Hi Dr.
    My wife is suffering from dry cough. Old clothes are main reason for allergy. She has taken number of homeo medicines as advised by doctors but no use of all. Can you advise her medicine for dry cough which starts from smell of old clothes.
    Raj pal 9779586331

  76. Anshul Sharma says:

    Hi doctor,

    My name is Anshul Sharma. I live in Pune. I m writing to ask few questions associated with my Daughter’s allergy problem. She is 3 and since past 1 year she is suffering from night coughing. It starts at 1- 3 AM and last for couple of hrs. We have been following a homeopathic doctor. But some how not able to solve her illness. Recently she started coughing profusely then she become breathless. To our worry we went to allopathic doctor and he gave her steroids nebulizer. Which changed the degree of her allergy and now she has developed rashes on her body (hives). To counter that we went to another allopathic doctor and he gave her Montair anti-allergic medicine and asked to stop the steroid’s. now the situation is even if we want to stick to homeopathic, her night coughing and rashes on body force us to give Montair. Which contradicts homeopathic treatment. The day we dont give her Montair her condition goes further bad.
    I am firm believer of homeopathic. But this episode is changing my belief. We are having sleepless nights since 6 months now. We have tried many things. But not sure, why she is not getting relief. Looking forward for some advice here. Thanks.

    Anshul Sharma

    • Jennifer Gentry says:

      I am so sorry for your daughter’s and yours sleepless night. I believe I would start Aconite at first onset of breathlessness . A 30 c every 15 min for 5 doses helps then cut back to one dose every 30 min. For 2 hours. After that she should rest and can get relief for an hour or so. Repeat until sleeping bag soundly. probably 3 doses. Repeat the next three days, 3 doses daily. I have this issue and have to do this to break from allopathic.
      What remedies have been used and dosage please.
      Does she have other symptoms?

  77. sukhvinder singh says:

    hi sir,my daughter 10 yrs old. She suffer from fan air, cold water and dust allergy. from this the cough and nasal cold beging. pl advise me for treatment.

  78. My son, one among the triplets is suffering from sneezing and running nose for the past 18 months. The problem is severe when he gets up in the morning.Tried Allopathy and even homeo but when the medicine gets stopped the problem pops up again. please prescribe the apt medicine he should take and how long he has to continue the medicine

  79. Sumit Agarwal says:

    Hello Doctor… My son is going to b be 9 this year and he is having an allergic problem since the last three years…. What happens is when the summers are about to start generally in the month of April he has a swollen face, lips, eyes and sometimes his private part too…. Rashes appear anywhere on the body and he starts itching badly and with the span of time it vanish automatically….. It mostly occurs when he wake up in the morning and the rashes after the afternoon…..please suggest?

  80. Riffat Shah says:

    My husband have a problem when he take chicken he get allergic his skin is red itching and swelling allergy mostly start at night some time face and lips swelled itching and redness and swelling are prominent symptoms mostly at night

  81. sir,
    My daughter is suffering from sneezing, running nose , sore thoart, sometime fever which goes upto 104 degree since last september. On the advise of local homeopath we gave her baladona and reckwez R1 in last october . The medicine cured the symtoms but symtoms came back again after around one month and we had to give the homepathy medicine again. this time also the sympotms again came back in january 2016. So we changed our homeopathy doctor and the new doctor asked us to do some tests like nasal xray, blood test. After the test, the doctor informed us that my daughter is suffering from adenoid and mild allergy and due to adenoid she is suffering from recurrent cold, cough, allergy.. And he prescribed medicine for allery and other symptoms but after taking his medivine she started dry coughing non stop and due to fear we went to allopathy doctor and he prescribed anti biotics, nasal spray and asthaline nebulizer. my daughter responded well to the allopathic treatment and all of her symptoms went away in 10 days . As their is no treatment of enlarged adenoid in allopathy , so went to homeopathy doctor. The doctor presbribed tubercolimun 200 one dose per month and calcerra crab 200 one dose weekley. And we gave her one dose of tubercolimun and one dose of calcerra crab in first week and in second week we gave her another dose of calcerra crab and she was alright with some sore thoart . so we decided to sent her to school again after one month. After 2 days in school, she started to feel some irritation in her nose and next day she started to cough with running nose . The doctor advised to give her arsrnicum 200 but after taking she started to cough more . So the doctor stoped arsenicum and give her allium cepa 200 twice daily for 5 days and she recovered well except running nose and occasional dry cough. But the doctor stoped allium cepa after 5 days and prescribed her sulfur 200 one dose but from 3rd after taking sulfur she started dry coughing regulary and running nose is still their.

    Is her treatment in right direction.

  82. prem chand verma says:

    mujhe egg se allergy hai jab bhi mai eggs khata hu to mere pet me bahut dard suru ho jata hai aur gas bhi bahut banane lagta hai lekin ye problem mujhe kewal 2 years se hi suru huwa hai eske pahle sab normal tha please dr.saheb kuchh dawa bataiye jis se ye samasya thik ho jaye.

    • Bala Rengaswamy says:

      My Grandson, 10 yr old, is born with 3 major allergies namely
      1. MILK & Dairy products,2. EGG & 3. TREE Nuts (ok with Ground nuts)
      When he was around 4 yrs, he came out of MILK & Dairy products allergy and since then he has been consuming them without any problem. However he is having very severe allergy for the other two things.
      Q1: Is there a permanent cure for EGG & TREE Nuts; if so how can we go about?

  83. Gope Nagpal says:

    Last 2 year dry cough very chronic went homeopathy he is treating for pherangytis allergy since last 4 month feeling much much better but not totally cured Dr say will take 6 more months for 100 % wipe out please advice am I on right path my age 63 years

  84. Hello doctor hope u doing well,
    Sir my mom is suffering from dermatitis herpetiformis since last 10 years we tried many medicines in allopathy,auyrvdeic but of no use now finally we started homeopathy treatment, the doctor has prescribed sulphur 1m 5 drops once a week ,apis mellifca daily 5 drops 1 time and alfalfa 5 drops 1 time daily I just want to know sir/madam weather this combination is suitable or not pls reply sir/madam.waiting 4 ur reply
    Thanking you

  85. my daughter was suffering form khansi from a six momth, i had consulted many physician but get relief only for few days only
    then i consult homeapath and they give antim tart, aconite, drosera, L p 30, rebrrum, etc. but she got relief for some time, but the again the problem was same
    recently i consult asthmatic specialist she after some test found her 19% asthmatic, and after done allergy test she found house dust mite +ve the test value is 35 which is 100% then a normal valuse, the doctor suggest for vaccine every 6 yrs and upto 3 years
    after consulting homeopath he told me to give arsenic alb. 30 regularly 3 times a day
    does it suffficient, she still suffering from bronchitic,
    please suggest me the effective remedy for asthma and house dust mite allergy

  86. Dear Doctor, I’m having skin allergy like mild swelling, redness and itching on my scalp, ears, forehead, when I applied hair dye. Now my whole body feeling itchy, and when I scratch the area it swells and becomes red.
    Could you please recommend a best homeo medicine. Thank you.

  87. Sanjana Dey says:

    sanjana is suffering from allergy over four years.She has the problem of coughing ,sneezing and eaching skin.she faces the problem of congestion she has vomiting tendencies she will recover?

    • Sanjana Dey says:

      sanjana is suffering from allergy over four years.She has the problem of coughing ,sneezing and eaching skin.she faces the problem of congestion she has vomiting tendencies she will recover?

  88. Bhanudass Kuriyadi says:

    Sir, I have rashes with severe itching all over my body and running nose with sneezing at times. And also my face became darker and the eyes are puffy. I am using hair dye for a while and I think it triggers the allergic reaction. I request you to kindly prescribe an appropriate medicine for this ailment. Thanks. Bhanudass Kuriyadi

  89. GITA NAGAR says:

    I am suffering from frequent bouts of allergy. Symptom are excessive running nose with watery flow, frequent sneezing, watery eyes with itching, feverish feeling, one side headache after taking rest lying on one side for easier breathing due to nasal blockage, feeling of weakness and body-ache. My IEG level was 1400 a month ago and now it is 680. I am taking Montair LC 1 Tab. daily night time for last one and half month and have also started Homoeopathic medicine Arsenic Album 200 once daily morning empty stomach for last one week. I live in Kolkata which has high level of humidity and pollution. It all started for last 2-3 years when I used to get such allergic symptoms while taking out warm clothes at start of winter season, pungent smell of spices being used in kitchen, smell of clothes kept in closed almirah not used for some time but the frequency has now increased too much. Please advise me the remedy.

  90. somasi ravi shankar says:

    What is the lotion for skin allergy for applying on body in homeopathy medicine. I have itiching and burning sensation. Please help me.

  91. hi sir m nihaal from pakistan. few years back because of sun exposure i got black spots on my cheeks nd my upper lips which gradually darkened day by day and i went to many dermotoligists and they gave me seevral creams for use but all in vain.. it creates more problem as my skin start feeling itching and redness and sensitive to sun.. couples of weeks ago i met with an homeopathic dr and he gave me some medicines but to get right of these freckles or dark spots i start searching medicines from the net and purchase them from market and start using them but right now its start darkining my skin day by day and the marks which i have as well start more dark and prominent and redness as well.. please suggest some medicines so that i can get my confidence back as i have stop meeting with people because of my facial condition and i am very disheart these days.. waiting for reply

  92. Nasal allergy

  93. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I suffer from gluten and dairy intolerance………symptons are bloating, gas, and nausea and somtimes burning sensation on the left lower side of abdomen…………dairy intake results in almost immediate diarrohea…………have read the above and would appreciate your advise on dosage of the medicines……….lycopodium and aethusa cynapium………..many thanks…….hope to receive a reply……

  94. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    This is for my daughter, 5 years old. She has eczema right from birth and then in her first year of life came to know she has asthma and nut allergies.
    Now, 5 years later, after trying herbal medicines and Ayurveda cream, she don’t have any eczema though her skin is dry. If I don’t put moisture or if she stays in pool for a week (30 minutes everyday), I can see her skin getting very dry and rough and in pool ( a slight flare up and need to stop her going to pool). Need to put lot of creme.

    Her asthma, again I give her herbal drops but when it gets real bad, then inhaler.
    Her nut and sesame seeds allergies, I don’t give her these things.

    Wondering is there a permanent cure for her in homeopathy, that she is off from all these ailments and can lead a life like healthy kid. I hate giving her allopathy medicies.
    Can you suggest what we need to do?


  95. Narinder Singh says:

    My son is 15 yrs old. He was suffering from bronchial asthma since he was 3 yr old but has since been cured with homoeopathic treatment. His present problem is that as soon as he sits in an airconditioned room for about 30 min, he gets non stop nasal discharge followed by irritation and itching in the throat and his eyes get reddish with intermittent wet cough. He is also suffering from swollen adenoids. Arsenic iod, allium cepa, merc sol have not managed to have any effect at all. Please advise.

  96. Soniya Jain says:

    Good afternoon sir
    I read about your medicines prescribed above. Csn u help me in treating my face allergic. It is very severe on my front face 2 inches around nose and up till eye brows. It has infected even my eye lashes. I donthave any medicine or food allergy.

    • Lynn reid says:


      I’ve been allergic to hair dye for over 2 years now. I always went to a salon and was fine but after trying a shelf product I became sensitised too.

      My symptoms are not skin related. A few hours later i start feeling heavy and nauseous. I can feel ill for the next couple of days. Even just doing the test behind the ear makes me ill.

      I’ve tried lots of different products including organic, products which wash out after so many washes, pre mixed henna/indigo cream/powder, even highlights in a salon. I still have the same symptoms.

      Recently i tried henna and indigo powder bought from a reputable supplier and not premixed. Had same symptoms which was disappointing. I think i must be allergic to indigo. I’m persevering with that as want to cover my partially grey hair.

      I also have had electrolysis to remove unwanted facial hair. This has been fine in the past but now have same symptoms as hair dye. Also i have my eye brows plucked and have had waxing at same appointment. Fine in past but mostly recently ill, again with same symptoms. Very odd. It’s as if in general my skin doesn’t like being tampered with.

      Any homeopathic remedy suggestions would be much appreciated.

      Many thanks

  97. My 3 yrs old daughter is snoring very high past 5 days. She is also grinding teeth occasionally in sleep. We celebrated her 3 rd birthday last week and she had cakes and chocolates … Does not have cold and cough, I showed it to the local doctor he says there is no congestion but mild swelling and redness in the throat .. Please advise

  98. mrs. mamta dubey says:

    complaint of hair fall.

  99. I hv been having fungal and bacterial infection . Which has been treated by antibiotics but it’s keep
    Coming back. And unfortunately it has passed to find husband as he has rashes on his penis. Could u suggest a homopathic treatment for both of us.

  100. Brijendra Singh Rathore says:

    I have a chronic cold allergy since last 10year
    any where anytime it is been. Presently with my cold allergy I already invited Rheumatic fever and pain. when fever its biting full body and other pain in wriest-finger, I as a patient 100% feel because of it Could allergy, I am ready to join medical packeg, please advise me.


  101. T,V,MADHAVAN says:

    My ‘ bulganin’ beard has become a part of my personality and I used to apply beard dye for keeping the colour as natural black. Now a days the applying of hair dye has become very traumatic as it gives lot of itching and burning sensation. I am practically unable to endure the pain. . Is there any homeopathic medicine for eliminating allergic problems altogether? On the day of application and next two days have become really intolerable. Can you help me?

  102. Swati sinari says:

    I have lactose intolerance and coconut allergy. It causes heavy gases with skin darkening.

  103. Hi Doctor,

    My girl of 4 yrs is suffering from dust allergy since she was of 2 yrs…fluent cough and cold sneezing and breathlessness …nose block…i am taking a homeopathic treatment since 5 months …how long do i require to continue with this… please suggest….

  104. Chandan Kazi says:

    I have a chronic cold allergy since last 10year
    any where anytime it is been. Presently with my cold allergy I already invited Rheumatic fever and pain. when fever its biting full body and other pain in wriest-finger, I as a patient 100% feel because of it Could allergy, I am ready to join medical packeg, please advise me.
    Chandan kazi

  105. I m 13 years old, problems on nasal sneezing, fall water from nose and growing big Toncil from last 8 years. All doctor has suggest me to operations, can i get any help to solve this problems (Toncil) without operations, waiting for u r feedback.

  106. prasanta das says:

    My 6 yrs old daughter suffering from drug allergy which happen due to wrong treatment (alopathy). Presently she advised not to take any kind alopathy medicine for any problem. I am hopeless. Is there any treatment to cure her? Please reply.

    • kulprit singh says:

      Dear sir
      Mujhe hair dye se allergy hai.mein koi bhi colour use krta hun to bhut chubhan aur khujlhat hoti hai jaise kuch kante ki tarh chubhan phir jb hair colour ka asar km hone pr aur khujli bd jati hai. yeh pichle 1 sal se hai

      Plz doc help me

  107. sunil gautam says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from allergy.
    Sir jab Mujhe allergy ka attack hota hai to mughe sans lene me problem Hone lagti hai Aur mera stomach ekdam tight Ho jata hai. Suffocation hone lagta hai jaise mughhe asthma Ho Gaya hai. Tab kewal straight letkar hi aaram milta hai. Chalne me to bahut problem hoti hai suffocation ke Karan

    Please hel me sir

    Travel ke time ye bahut problem Karta hai sir

  108. Sharadindu Das says:

    I have a typical allergitic condition since 30-40 days.. itchinig in upper hands,elbows,arms,thigh,hips,bumps,toes,even if around penis is great trouble.
    With a few little itchy bumps.which are small in size but frequently causes for itching & inflammation.. i already use dettol,B-TEX.but nothing cures.. what i have to do.. plz tell..

  109. Dear Doctor
    I am suffering with boil on my head and slight swelling behind my neck due to these boils I feel like scratching my body please help me with some medicine

  110. Saurov kr says:

    Sir I’m suffering from season allergic(asthama) so sir please give the better solution in homeopathy medicine

  111. Linda Aguilar says:


    My problem is that I went to have my hair dyed about a month ago and had a reaction to the dye this had never happen before. My neck and face turned red. It went away but since then I have had itching over my whole body including my head. Its driving me crazy . I have tried all allergy medicines but nothing has helped , can you recommend something homepatic to take. I truly appreciate any help you can offer.

    Thank you.

    Linda Aguilar

  112. lubna khan says:

    my son age 23 suffering from
    -enlarged tonsils and adenoids
    -sleeps with mouth wide open and snores
    -has headache in morning
    – has allergy ,rashes appear all over the body with severe itching nd heat takes one Zyrtec everyday
    Hair turning grey and thinning
    Dr have advised surgery
    One Dr said adenoid too is because of allergy
    – severe itching in nose too

  113. Farhan Khan says:

    Hellow Dr.Sharma,

    My wife has allergy by chicken. when ever she eats chicken after few hours she get hives all over her body and stays for 3 to 4 hours.

    Can you prescribe any homeopathic medicine. We usually use Schwabe brand

    Thanks and Regards

  114. P.Chatterjee says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I am 60+ and recently having a throat problem , while I feel something at my throat area and I have to clear my throat several times – this continuous clearing affected my voice and I am not able to sing properly – Seems I am loosing my voice when I am singing.
    I do not understand why it is happening sometimes – whether it is an allergy or not ;
    Can you help or suggest some remedies ?

    Thanks so much,
    Kind Regards,
    P. Chatterjee

  115. Allergic reaction from dye used by my father. I just hugged him and I stated to feel burning
    Sensation in ear, itching in both eye and on the same side of neck area.

    Could you please guide for solution. There is a homeopathy store nearby..


  116. Mahesh Sanyal says:

    Sir I’m Mahesh Sanyal from Chakdah, Nadia Dist.and suffering from nasal allergies with huge sneezing and running nose specially occurred in season change time.A etching problem is permanent in inner nose is the main cause at the time of rapid sneezing.I want the permanent solution and consult with you.

  117. Hi Dr.Sharon
    I am allergic to wheat can I take homeopathy medicine? Cis on all honeoathy prescription it says not to take the medication if yr allergic to wheat.
    I am highly allergic to strong smell…how will I use homeopathy.
    Pls help

  118. Krishna Murthy T L says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I am 64 year male. I am using hair dye for coloring my moustache. My hair on my head is in natural black and I dont use hair dye for that.

    I am allergic to ppd and I get irritation on the lips and its side. I am a stage actor and a TV serial actor and hence I cannot be without moustache. I am on cetrizene 1-0-1, daily as anti allergic. Though it is helping, but not completely. As I am an artiste, I will be feeling guilty with this allergy on my face.

    Please help me doctor.

    Krishna murthy

  119. Gary swanson says:

    Hello my child is allergic to about all types of food. Wheat gluten rice? Will Homeopathic help?


    have been suffering from allergic dry cough for last 2 years
    pl suggest suitable remedy

  121. Prashant dubey says:

    Cold coryza headache oftar hair dye

  122. Ramjot singh says:

    My father’s age is 48 yrs. when ever he apply hair dye on his beard and scalp,after one day redness started occuring on his chin and scalp. What should b done and which medicine shd b given to him???? M very much worried

  123. Winter itch:
    For the last 3/4 years I am getting itching all over the body IN WINTER only. It is severe for the last 2 years. I have been dermatologists the have been giving antihistamines and moisturizers. It did not help me. When I apply vegetable oil it gives me relief for 1 or 2 hours. 6yrs back I was a NHL (non-Hodgkin lymphoma) patient in remission(no evidence of disease). I went through chemo treatment 6yrs back. Please help me with bio chemic medicine

  124. Hello mam my self JatiN mam I am suffering from skin allergy as there is itching on my back ,check and face is being swallowed and sometimes I felt itching all over the body and I get the long treatment from skin doctor but no relief I get so far so mam please prove me a strong remedy so that I get solution of my problem

  125. Col Rupinder Sekhon says:

    I get severe alergy with hairdye to including breathlesness rashes &redness ulticaria like skin errptions on face & neck & lips with severe irritation Pls advise me homeo medicine

  126. Aziz Ahmad says:

    Hone lgty hae Raat ko 12 se 5 ke dusrey ya tesrey din bdn me khujli hone lgty hae aur khujlane pr chala pd jata hae ctz ka falf tablet kha lete hae to 10 minut bad theak ho jata hae lgbhag 5 mah se hae ,age 11 year, gender f, koi homopaithi ke medetio bta den

  127. KR.MUKUNTHAN says:

    Hair dye regarding . For white hair.

  128. md tahmil ekram says:

    I have been allergy and asthma with severe cough and cold..and having problems in breathing since childhood .my age is 34 years. I have been taking modern medicin and homeopathic. I take inhare three times in day.but there is no relief. I take laches 30.ipecac 30 , chelid 6 , h.s 200, k.i 6 .so what will I life became hell.thank you, md tahmil ekram

  129. Abdur Rafique says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am 47 years old (male) and have been suffering from allergic problem in my nose for more than 10 years. Every morning when I get up I start sneezing almost in ten minutes. Sometimes it happens at dead night when in bed. It wake me up. Often my nose and eyes get watered before I start sneezing. During and after sneeze my nose and eyes get watered so much that I feel embarrassed. I have observed that I sneeze more in dust, smoke and when I am in hot sun. Reading your article above lead me to choose Arsenic Album as the most appropriate medicine. If you agree with me please suggest dose. If not, then please suggest appropriate medicine.
    Thanks and regards.

  130. Allison babcock says:

    Looking for something for food allergies. Egg/chicken/tree nut allergies. I see the info on here. How would I get proper dosage and info for a 5 year old?


  131. good morning doctor sir my mother is 72 year old we give her multivitamin herbal supplements even then she suffers from cramps in rib bones hands fingers etc plz suggest homeopathic drugs for cramps

  132. Aslam Bashir says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I have a problem is chronic nasal polyps both sides and i am suffering from last few years can you tell me any medicine for this problem my polyps are large and swell i can’t breathe from nose kindly advise me any homeopathic medicine.

    Aslam Bashir.




  134. sir I m S k Sharma (28yrs old)

    since three years I have been alergy rhintis(sneezing Nd running nose,eaching throat Nd eye,) I have Alergy for cold,domestic dust and various meals(apple fish ladies finger etc) initially I tuke Adel(recura),nd became well but when I leaved medicine it again started. long time Alergy has been changed into allergic asthma for one situation became worst. I have tightening chest,short of breath,sound during exhaled air,i cant run and labour hard. doctor told me u r intered into astma in primary phase.sir can asthma be cured by homeopathy?

    sir please reply me soon

  135. ruth spirkova says:

    Please, I am after PTDS, Ca mammae,l.sin( treated RAT , CHE and quadratectomia- 2002, I have protrusio LS3-4 , LS4-5 , ventral deformation Th11, hair fall, hypotyreoidism, gastritis /treated accupuncture from 04/08/2014, and dark circles under eyes/ , cut bladder after Sectio caesarea with swelling and occasional burning when urinating 1989. Please a reply and a proposal for homeopathic treatment, my homoeopath I have been prescribed Lachesis 30 1 for seven days, and I can not reach her.

  136. L.N.Chaudhary says:

    Dear Sir,

    For 6 months I am suffering from Burning sensation . I have taken several treatment and finally taking B12 and D3 supplements. Level of Burning sensation is 50% less but not cured . Time and often I am in very discomfort level. Either this disease is curable through Homeopath . Kindly Guide us .


  137. Hi Doctor. I am a 33 year old male living in Bangalore. 3 weeks back i started getting itchy red spots all over my body. I have no fever or history of rashes. I went to my regular homeopathy doctor and he gave me Sulphur 1M. The itching or rash did not subside. I went for an allopathy checkup and doctor told me it is “Pityriasus Rosea”. I went back to my Homeopathy doctor and considering that sulphur did not react, he gave me 1M Psorinum. After 2 days when problem aggravated due to Psorinum, he gave me Sulphur 1M again. Now sulphur has again reacted badly and rashes and itching has aggravated. I am very restless and want to switch to some lotion or medicine that will help me relieve of this itching. Kindly advise,

  138. sir i am dibetic iam suffering in summer season from alergey in my hands legs now this time glad in penis both side upper portion in both leg pls give me suggestion regard my problem alopethy tablets i take but full relief not realise by me suggest me homepathy surpuph age 32 yrs i am phyically phite

  139. Hi
    I am suffering from Cold from quite long with runny nose starting after it turn down to cold and everyday sneezes early in the morning with runny nose upto half an hour sometimes observing some short of sound while breething.please let me know what it is?

  140. Kamala Shankar says:

    Dear Doctor,i am suffering from dry cough which comes very off and on.I am basically an allergic person with dust ,agarbattis,perfumes etc.I have skin roblem lso like contact dermatits and detergents are not suitable to my hands.Though the problem is not always with me but in a year or two it comes.Please advice…Thanks

  141. Hi Doctor,
    I am sufferring from Allergic rhinitis. Major symptoms are:-
    Sneezing, dry cough, running nose, discharge and stuffed nose, short of breath due to post nasal drip, irritation in nose, throat and ear, suffocation and wheezing sound from chest at times.
    I was referred to use Sabadilla and Calc Carb 30 medicine by Homoeopathic practitioner. When I take this medicine then it relieves me but again during weather change, I tend to get this allergy again.
    I have been operated due to difficulty in breathing and accumulation of infection on the sinus region of frontal area.

    Please suggest which medicine would suit me the best if I need to cure my disease permanently.

    Thank you

  142. amod sharma says:

    Hello doctor,
    My ear and neck both are blocked and my uvula is toughing to tongue and making lot of mucus.Many doctors says it causes of allergy or infection. Please advise me for any treatment.
    Thank you.

  143. nirmal grewal says:

    cal 7327404263

  144. DIPAK DEBrOY says:

    I am suffering from heat burn (PD-PID with miliaria) in this month of May 2014 in Kolkata due to heavy heat generated from sunny weather.
    I am applying orally ‘FLUCORT LOTION (.25%) TWICE A DAY MIXING WITH SUPRAGENT LOTION AS ADV ISED BY MY hOUSE PHYSICIAN.. But, I am not taking antibiotic medicine ASEERT D which was advised by my my Doctor.
    I am requesting you to prescribe any homeopathy medicine which has no side effect, so that I may get relief from heat burn.
    Awaiting your valuable advise.

    Dipak DebRoy, Saltlake, Kolkata

  145. Dear Sir,
    My daughter age is 5 year and 3 month. For last year and a half she has been suffering from dry cough. When it starts she would woke up in night keep on coughing for more than hour, it would happen mostly in night . since it started i took her to many doctors. one doctor prescribed her a allergy test (it was i think lgE or something like that) and result was 1900].
    She took prescribed medicine of that alopathic doctor and it gave her little bit relief.
    After that i took her Homeopathic Doctor and she gave her medicine. By the grace of Almighty her condition is pretty much good but still she would cough but not for an hour and also not during night.
    I donot know the name of that medicine because it is in small packets and in powder form which has to be taken 4 times a day.
    I want this allergy to be eliminated please help me in this regards.
    I cannot come to you as i am not from India

  146. SHASHIKALA. says:

    I humble request Dr when ever i dye my hair i face sever allergy like i will have itching all over the body i fell to sc arach where ever itching is the re i use reviolon colour &care product brown black colour i take english medecine TECZINE 10 MG

  147. My age 63 (Female)

    MRI Reports:-
    Spondylo-disco-degernative changes with degenerative scoliosis with convexity to right

    Perineural cysts at bilaterial D1-2 level

    Mild posterior dis bulge from D2-3 to D5-6 levels indenting the anterior thecal sac.

    Is it can treated by homeopathic , if so suggest medicine

    Thanks and regards


    • Ratna rajani says:

      Hi dr, I am suffering from hot flushes for 15 years I have tried Harbal medecine, homeopathic,estrogen therapy nothing helped my sleep is distrubed wake up middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep,I had ellergy test I have told that I have dust mite ellergy can you please help me. I will appreciate you

  148. Good evening doctor,

    My son is suffering from allergy rhinitis (some allopathic doctors say). He is going to be 12 years. He is having this problem since he was about 4 years of age. His main problems are running nose most of the day, specially in the morning, nose blocked, frequent bouts of cough, and husky voice at times. We had resorted all sort of allopathic treatment including the use of nasal spray. Then, for last three years or so we have tried homeopathy from different doctors. In those last three years we have shifted at least three places (Jorhat, Chandigarh, Agra and back to Jorhat). Presently, homeopathic doctors say that his polyps have increased in size. His problem appeared to have been under control when we were in Agra, but not fully cured. We shifted back to Jorhat in Nov 13. Ever since his problem appears to have deteriorate. However, we are continuing to take homeopathy treatment, but without much relief as we were getting in Agra. I would be ever indebted to you if you could help me out by giving my son some relief.

    Thanking you,


  149. Hi Dr. Sharma long time already I’m suffering from blocked nose and it affect my whole life and almost all the time its difficult to breath I feel fatigue every time pain in my back I always want to lay down all the time… I went to Dr many time but they can’t find any thing wrong just an allergic rhinitis but my whole life is affected because of my blocked nose… hope you will help me doc
    Tnax in advance

    • Dr. Sharma……… long time already I’m suffering from blocked nose in the very morning sneezing, watering nose, irritatoin in eyes , it increased as & when I used alcohol . its difficult to breath even I feel fatigue every time hope you will help me by suggesting best medicines from homeopathic.
      Thanks a lot in anticipation

  150. Ritu Chawla says:

    Hello Doctor,

    I am suffering from Chronic Urticaria for last 16 months. 14 months I had allopathic medicine and noticed side effects. From past two month I switched to homeopathy and despite changing medicines by the doctor, I still get hives. Its flared up and itching sensation is all over the body and even on the face.

    I feel the itching with lot of heat and burning sensation over neck, behind ears and abdomen and sometimes on the legs too.

    The rashes are not getting better and not sure if change the doctor or continue with the same. Is flaring up the right sign of the allergy cure or its the myth?


  151. Yogendra ChowdarY Lavu says:

    Good evening and Namaste doctor,
    My wife is suffering from Itching below the navel(between the to legs) skin became black in color the same under the breasts. Many times she is feeling itch the different places. We visited a dermatologist. He prescribed some clinical tests. ie, thyroid, blood and urine. But nothing he found and gave a medicine named livo cetrazen , But, No result.
    Kindly choose a Homeopathic medicine to solve the problem.

  152. shobhalaxmi says:

    thank u .memorising all the remedies for allergy.I read all your articles without fail.Thank u once again.

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