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Homeopathic Remedies for Peanut Allergy

 Homeopathic Remedies for Peanut Allergy

Caution: Nut Allergies can be life-threatening, kindly consult your physician before using any homeopathy medicine. A food item as simple as a peanut can trigger an allergy in some people. Allergy basically refers to an abnormal exaggerated immune response to a substance (or allergen) in an individual who is allergic towards the specific allergen. When the allergic reaction is life-threatening, it is referred to as Anaphylaxis. Peanut intake leading to such an allergic response is termed Peanut Allergy. Here the allergen is peanut and the person in whom eating a peanut excites a reaction is allergic towards peanuts. The Homeopathic remedies for peanut allergy are of great help in the treatment of Allergy and work towards extracting the allergy from its root. These natural remedies strengthen the immune system and the severity of an allergic reaction is reduced.

Peanut Allergy is one of the most common food-related allergies. The symptoms of Peanut Allergy may emerge in three spheres. The first one is skin, where redness, swelling or urticarial eruptions appear. The second is gastro-intestinal symptoms with loose stool, vomiting, and cramps in the abdomen. The last sphere is the emergence of respiratory symptoms with wheezing, throat constriction, and difficulty in breathing. The severest symptoms with Anaphylaxis include reduced blood pressure, severe tightness or constriction of respiratory tract and loss of consciousness. The anaphylactic reaction may prove fatal if not treated in time.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Peanut Allergy

Homeopathy aims at strengthening the immune system. These medicines, which are made of natural substances, help in modifying the immune response to peanut intake and makes it reach the optimum level. With the use of properly selected remedies, the severity of allergic reaction can be reduced with every subsequent attack until it is totally diminished in its entirety. They are recommended after taking proper case history of the patient. The mental, as well as physical and general symptoms, are taken into account to recommend the best remedy. However, in the case of a severe anaphylactic reaction caused by peanut intake, one should seek urgent medical help as the condition is life-threatening.

1. Apis Mellifica: For Peanut Allergy with Skin Reactions

Apis Mellifica is one of the best natural treatment for allergies arising on the skin following the intake of peanuts. The symptom guiding towards the use of Apis Mellifica is the appearance of large elevated wheals over the whole body after eating peanuts. Marked burning and stinging pains are felt in such wheals. The stinging burning in most cases gets worse with touch or pressure.  Most of the persons needing Apis Mellifica feel worse in a warm room. In such persons, going out in the cold open air is somewhat relieving. In a few persons, cold bathing seems to provide some relief. Apis Mellifica is a very successful remedy for treating urticarial wheals following peanut intake if these symptoms match. The body may also show swelling along with skin symptoms for using Apis Mellifica.

2. Rhus Tox: For Peanut Allergy with Skin Eruptions

Rhus Tox is a very beneficial natural medicine for treating uritcarial eruptions appearing in response to peanut intake. The most important guiding symptoms for using Rhus Tox are utmost restlessness with skin eruptions. The person needing Rhus Tox shows restlessness of the utmost degree, and cannot sit still in any place. He or she moves here and there in a random way. Another important feature indicating the selection of Rhus Tox is worsening of condition from cold air. Warmth provides relief to the person.

3. Nux Vomica: For Peanut Allergy with Stomach Problems

Natural medicine Nux Vomica is of great help for treating Peanut Allergy where stomach symptoms predominate. The symptoms that can be treated with Nux Vomica are nausea, vomiting, cramps in abdomen and loose stool. All the persons requiring Nux Vomica have a major complaint of cramps in abdomen with a constant urge to pass stool or poop. A little relief is afforded by passing stool, but the cramps are renewed soon after passing stool, so is the need to pass stool. The stool is passed out in a small quantity and the desire for stool is ineffectual and constant. Nausea and vomiting also appear along with cramps and loose stool.

4. For Peanut Allergy with Skin Complaints

Apart from Apis Mellifica and Rhus Tox, the other useful natural remedies for treating Peanut Allergy with skin complaints are Astacus Fluviatilis, Sulphur, Natrum Mur and Pulsatilla. Astacus Fluviatilis is selected for chronic treatment when the patient shows one major symptom: liver complaints in association with urticarial skin rash. Sulphur, Natrum Mur and Pulsatilla are natural medicines for allergies and are selected constitutionally for treating Peanut Allergy with skin affections. The constitutional symptoms that guide towards using Sulphur are mainly heat sensations in the body that are most marked in palms and soles, a desire for sweets, an aversion to bathing and a general aggravation from standing. The constitutional symptoms for using Natrum Mur are the reserved nature of the person, a desire for salty food and a general worsening of the situation from the heat of the sun. Pulsatilla is the medicine that is selected based on the constitutional symptoms of mild, sensitive, yielding nature, a desire for open air, no thirst at all and fatty food intolerance.

5. For Peanut Allergy with Stomach Complaints

Apart from Nux Vomica for stomach complaints due to Peanut Allergy, the other top remedies are Arsenic Album, Lycopodium and Phosphorus have proved to be very effective treatments for allergies. These medicines are also selected based upon the constitution of the patient. Arsenic Album is mainly selected if there are the constitutional symptoms of anxiety, restlessness, fastidiousness and thirst mainly for a small quantity at short intervals. Burning in the stomach with vomiting, nausea and loose stool are also felt. Lycopodium is the best natural remedy when the constitutional symptoms of chronic gas in the abdomen, desire for hot food and drinks, irritable nature, intolerance to opposition and contradiction predominate. For using Phosphorus, the constitutional symptoms to be looked for include weakness following loose stool, a desire for cold drinks, ice creams, juices and sensitivity towards external impressions like light, noise and touch.

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  1. BALKRISHNA says:

    My grandson has an allergy from nuts of all kind . He can not consume little of the nuts . Can you suggest any strong medication for him . He is 16

  2. Get difficulty in breathing for many days after eating nuts – no other problem , but need to breathe from mouth in severe cases

  3. uttam chakraborty says:

    i am suffering pain , burning and vomiting tendency of upper abdomen, stool also semi lqd, food cannot take properly, what medicine is use for this desices, i want permanent soln.

  4. Hello Doctor
    My daughter aged 15 is anaphalaxis to nuts like cashew and peanut. She is alright in having almonds soaked in water for night. I have recently started with homeopathic medicine. Will that take her allergy away or reduce it. Couple of days ago she had the attack I gave her the antihistamine along with loads of water could be 4 lts and she vomited out within half an hour.she was crying saying that her throat is getting smaller. Could your help doctor .thanks

  5. Steve Hunter says:

    Hello Dr Shadows.
    I live in England and have a friend who’s 3 year old boy suffers from nut allergy and numerous other allergies including dairy milk. Conventional doctors have said is allergies are ‘off the scale’. As a therapist myself I feel powerless to help but said I would look into it. I am staying in Germany over Christmas to a few weeks and discovered that homeopathy is widely accepted and used on infants for various conditions.
    My question is in your expert opinion do you think homeopathy can help?
    There is a lot of claims on internet and I am slowly collating information to pass to his father. As I said I am alternative therapist myself so you can understand my mindset and concern.
    If you can take the time to reply with some advice it would be great. Many thanks. Steve

  6. You havent mentioned the homeo meds for anaphalactic symptoms dur to peanut allergy. Is there any medicine for that?

  7. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My daughter has a peanut allergy. The first time was wheezing, sleeping, runny nose.
    2nd time, stomach pain and sleepy.

    What can suggests to get to try in homapathic medicine.

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