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Nasal Allergy treatment with homeopathy

Allergies are fast emerging as a major threat to our health. There are three basic reasons why one should prefer homeopathy for this problem.

One, it is the most natural and safest treatment. As it is based on the principle of ”like cures like” it forms a natural way of conditioning our healing responses also. The substances used in homoeopathy are in a highly diluted state and they act very safely – without any side-effect. Two, as it is a natural form of medication it does not suppress the disease. Three, the beneficial effects achieved with homeopathic medicines are lasting and do not vanish once the treatment is stopped.

What is allergic rhinitis?

It is nasal allergy which is also referred to as hay fever. This mostly affects our nasal path (nose tract) and the conjunctiva of the eyes. Its symptoms are frequent sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, congestion, and itchy eyes, nose, and roof of the mouth or the throat.

Allergic rhinitis is like any other allergy. The only difference is that the fight between the antigen and the antibodies takes place in the nose, eyes, etc.

As we breathe, we take in many substances along with the air. Substances such as pollens, animal dander and smoke (allergens), for some individuals, are countered by the body’s own defence system in our nose. They are attacked by the already developed antibodies in our system. This is called an allergic reaction, which also results in the release of an inflammatory chemical called histamine. It causes the swelling of the mucous membranes in our nose, sinuses and eyes, leading to a runny nose, watery eyes and sneezing.

The most common allergens are pollens (released by trees, grasses or weeds.), animal dander, dust mites, molds, dust and smoke. For those who have seasonal allergies, pollens are the main culprit, and for those who suffer all the year around animal dander, dust mites, cockroaches and molds are the culprits.

But it is actually no fault of the person who suffers from this allergy. It is your body’s own watchdogs that have (by mistake) started fighting the substances that are not at all harmful to you. The hereditary factor plays a major role. If one of your parents is suffering from any kind of allergy the chances are that you would also develop an allergy of some sorts. If both parents suffer from allergy, the risk for you to develop allergy is 70 per cent.

The homeopathic medicines used in treating allergic rhinitis are Sabadilla, Natrum Mur, Arundo, Allium Cepa, Histaminum and Wyethia. Another medicine that has been introduced and has a great role in treating allergic rhinitis is Glaphimia Glauca. The medicines mentioned are for information only. Self-medication can be harmful.

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  1. Sony Thomas says:

    I am having a seasonal allergy, like in the extreme winter, I am okay. But since the starting of summer and spring, I started having severe continuous sneezing and irritation inside my nostrils. it gives me a hard time to sleep during nights. what medication should I buy to treat this condition. I live in Canada now.

  2. Saima Naz says:

    My son age thirteen almost from one year he is having problems of sneezing, cough n runny nose. Whenever he takes anything sour it becomes sever I am so much worried ant him.
    Give me ad ice please

  3. Hi I am falak Naz Abbasi from karachi. I am 28. My issue is,I have closed nose,and nazla galay mn girta hai. Doctors ny nose operation btaya hai. Mjhy taste bhi bht kam Ara hai khany ka,or Mera sans Lena mushkl hora hai q k naak bnd hai.
    Main operation ni krwana chahti mjhy tonsils bhi hory hn
    Help me

  4. Mujhay post nasal drip problem hy.continuously sneezing hoti hy.mostly jb so k uthti hun.eye puffiness b saal se yeh problem increase hoti jarhi hy.gums bleeding b hy.kaira r gums bleeding subah k time he peak pe hota hy.jb so k uthoon.acidity ki b problem hy.muscle weakness aur nervous weakness bohut hy.his se eye sight b weal hogyi hy.kindly recommend some medication

  5. Arav singh says:

    My son is having problem of sneezing,block nose,watery eye special in morning.

  6. Meenakshi Tiwari says:

    Mam mera beta 8 sal ka hai use naak ki zhilli me swelling ho jati hai din me kai bar sneezing hoti hai aur naak bhi band ho jati aisa 10-15 din se ho raha hai pleas aisa kyon ho raha hai aur iski kya ilaj hai

  7. Maam…mujhe pechle 1 saal se flu nhi ho rha..bht medicine use ki pr koi faida nhi huwa…nazla na hone ki wjh se raisha bahir nhi niklta…munh pr dane nikal aty….plz suggest me med…mai bht prashn hn

  8. Kamran Khalid Makhdoom says:

    Madam Galay Me Keera Girna Khas Taur Pe Subah Subah Nahanay Kay Bad , Yeh Kis Chiez Ki Alamat Hay ?

  9. Dr.Basit khan says:

    Sir Mara allarji ha bar bar Cheka at I ha awar har 2 din bad hota kabi hafta bad awar cheka is tea ha awar anki sorah hota ha awar pani at a ha sir koi single remidi ma koye dawa bata d pls

  10. Ejaz Afzal says:

    sir mera allergic ka masala kafi purana mera nasla or chanke nahi rukti please mujay koi hal bata dain

  11. Mushtaq Ahmad war says:

    Mere bacha do Saal ka hai lagbag eik saal se sote waqt naak band rehti hai bahut ilaj kiya lekin kuch farak nazar na aye

  12. Sir I have allergic rhinitis.what to do sir

    • Sir mara 15 15 dino se chanke nahi ata aur is se mare sar pe shadid boj mahsos ho raha hai is ke liae mai kia karon ke mare chanke azad ho jae

  13. Sir .Mara name Tushar may ap say allergy ki khuye homoeopathic medicine batau

  14. Ajay Sharma says:

    I am having sinus problem since 10 years.. before time it was not heavy on my body.. but now it takes over me… I am fed up of this.. I am taking Livo Cetirizine LECET 5 mg… It give me relief but not permanent cure.. so tell me a right information… Pls…

    • Maam…mujhe pechle 1 saal se flu nhi ho rha..bht medicine use ki pr koi faida nhi huwa…nazla na hone ki wjh se raisha bahir nhi niklta…munh pr dane nikal aty….plz suggest me med…mai bht prashn hn

  15. Shaheen khan says:

    Sir muj may yeah behmari 4sal say a abi tak katam nae hua a.ap Kuch karo plz plz

  16. Vivek kumar says:

    My wife has sinus and migraine both for last 4 years. She feels too much pain if she travel anywhere winter and summer both. In winter every day feels head pain . she feels pain in nose corner , eye brow corner, forhead

  17. Vivek kumar says:

    Sir my wife has sinus and migraine both. She has suffered 4 years . if she goes anywhere full safety in winter or summer after come back too much pain in forehead , nose corner, eye corner eyebrow corner and skull.

  18. sanjay kumar tripathi says:

    बच्चे की उम्र 17 वर्ष हैं बच्चे लो ठंडी में बार बार पसीना आता हैं कृपया उपाई बताए

  19. Sir mere eyes MN or SAR MN Dard hota Hai or nose or ear se voices bhi aate Hain and nose MN kuch feel hota Hai but zukhaam bhi nhi

  20. Sir ,I akash raj mera right ear 16 years se billiding ho raha hai mera age 22years ho raha hai Ishka koi solution hai to bataye thank you.

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