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Nasal Allergies In Autumn


Are you sneezing dozens of time in a day? Is your nose dripping like water from a tap? Are you getting itchy and watery eyes and all of this has been there since the last few days or weeks? If yes, than it is probably due to the fact that you are suffering from seasonal allergic rhinitis or autumn allergy. This kind of upper respiratory allergy develops due to the increased presence of allergens (allergy causing substances like pollen etc.) in the environment during the months of September to early November. An extension of this kind of allergy occurs in the months of April and May.

Although the tendency to develop allergy lies in the body itself (all allergies have a strong genetic angle linked to them), seasonal allergies develop either due to pollens or as a reaction to mold spores .A very promising way of treating this allergy is with Homeopathic medicines .Homeopathy, Not only does it give relief, it also helps in eliminating the disease from the body. Although homeopathic treatment at times can be slightly lengthy but it gives a very lasting cure and does not produce any side-effect like drowsiness and sleepiness.

The main symptoms produced by seasonal allergy like autumn allergy are- having a constant runny nose which at times drips with a continuous water like discharge , watery and itchy eyes, frequent sneezing, itching in the nose roof of the mouth. Some patients complain of a crawling sensation in the nose. At times cough; pain and pressure in face may also be present. The unpredictable timing of the symptoms is a very troublesome part of this disease. The sneezing can start anytime. The patient may have to wake up in the middle of the night due to sudden sneezing and dripping. Early morning attacks of sneezing are a very common feature of this kind of allergy. Fatigue may also be present in some patients

A great way to get rid of this kind of allergy is to use homeopathic medicines. Although I would not recommend self medication but a brief knowledge about how homeopathy and which medicines work will help you in getting yourself treated from your Homeopath. In allergies, it is our body?s own defense system that starts to overreact to substances like pollen, dust particles, fumes etc which are otherwise harmless to the body. The reaction between the defense cells and the substances like pollen leads to the production of a chemical called as histamine which is responsible for the production of the symptoms that are produced in allergy. Homeopathic medicines work by inducing a similar reaction in the body at a very low grade; this leads to a gradual desensitization of the defense system .Many homeopathic medicines used in this process are made from substances or plants that are known to produce such allergies. Most common example is of plant called Ragweed, which is the very common culprit in allergic rhinitis. Homeopathic medicine Ambrosia is made from this plant and is a top grade homeopathic medicine used for treating respiratory allergy. Other Homeopathic medicines that are very useful in treating autumn allergy are Aralea Racemosa, Allium Cepa, Sabadilla, Histaminum, Galphimia Glauca and Natrum Mur.

Dr. Vikas Sharma is a Homeopathic specialist based out of Chandigarh India.


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  1. Harish Meena says:

    नमस्ते सर
    मुझे 5 महीने से लगातार छीके और नाक से पानी आता । अभी 15 दिनो से ऑख से पानी ओर ऑख मे खुजली चलती है ,खांसी चलती ,

  2. Rezlin Sahiba Ahmed says:

    Itchy and watery eyes

  3. Arunima Mondal says:

    My bf has continuously suffering from runny nose, headeache and cold from 6 years. He used many Alopathich medine even but not. Working properly. Someday after wake up he suddenly got cold, runny nose problem and after few hours it was also gone few times automatically and sometimes he had taken medicine for that also. Please suggest any good. Solution for this problem?

  4. G.R.Binjhwar says:

    Chhik aana fir nak se pani aana ( sardi) aur jab nak se pani aana band hota hai to muh me nak se pani (kaf) girta hai Iska dawa Kripya bataiye.

  5. Bonnie Lemley says:

    I go from constant dripping clear liquid to stepped up. Sometimes one side of my nose is blood tinged. Has been going on for 6months. No other symptoms.

  6. Garad prabhakar says:

    I am garad Prabhakar from Selu district Parbhani Maharashtra I have done septoplasty in 27th February then after 3 months at this time I have symptoms of right nostril of nose and after sometimes it flows stuffy mucus and at this time of blocking it flows watery drops , these symptoms are from 15 days I have taken allopathic treatment but I can’t it any result so I want to take homeopathy treatment , please guide about homeopathy treatment and side effects

  7. hello sir i am 38 years old women. somtimes when i take breath i feel heavyness and tightness and dry in my left side nose and feel dificulty to take breath only one side of nose and feel norvous .is karan se me bhut pareshan ho chuki hu pls btaye iske liye kya karna chahiye

  8. Hi Dr.please am 33 years of age and am always suffering from flu even sometimes during the summer my nose used to get blocked till I couldn’t breathe in anymore,,now during the winter immediately I sneezed my nose will start dropping and I will feel some scary cold in my body for like 5 min.sometimes I will ge feeling little good till after I bath with hot water ,,I will sneezed like 3 times and my nose will start flowing again.sometimes my nose will get blocked while I was sleeping till I tied some handkerchief on my nose to get mor warm inside before it will open a bit and I could sleep. I really need your help doctor because am suffering for the past ten years now for this situation. Thanks alot and hope to get you reply soon.

  9. Rajesh kumar Yadav says:

    Hi sir I’m patient of nasal polyps and I see today your vedeo on your YouTube channel drhomeo .com
    I have Same problem sir what to ..
    And sir ,
    I check up in my nose , in IGMC HOSPITAL IN SHIMLA
    THEY SIDE ONLY FOR SURGERY OPTION, but I don’t want any surgery
    An today ,I called your clinic in Chandigarh she side our Doctors will call you shortly

  10. V.Anuradha says:

    Iam Anuradha of age 38, …2 daughters i have …One is 13 another one is 11 years old. From past 15 years my husband had dust allergy…He uses nebulizer to control allergy. From 4 days i also having the same problem…But I couldn’t tolerate it….It disturbing me seriously. I am suffering not only running bose and also severe caught. It’s very difficult to breathe also. So Doctor….Can you please suggest any solution to this problem

  11. Hi Dr. Pls my 14yrs son is always sneezing with run nose and watery eyes for 5yrs now

  12. prashant keshari says:

    Sir, my mother is suffering from throat dry and throat problems happening and stop sometime ,but today it is too much dry she will drinks atleast 9 – to 10 glass water in 2hrs

  13. S M SAMI says:

    Dear sir, iam SM SAMI 42 years male suffering from sneezing watering nose and eyes itching in thoart little smear smell from thoart some time in when i wake-up in morning and some times afternoon or night sicen 4 years i also consult the ENT specialist Aarti Clinic Secunderabad Telangana, they diagnose as allergy and prescribe fro Allegra tab but no use for time being only plz do suggest best medcine and eyes nose burning

  14. Harpal Singh Tiwana says:

    I am suffering from running nose in summer. I am taking homeopathic medicine but could not get relief. My nose starts running from March and and run constantly whole the day and whole the summer and when winter is to start it rduces.

  15. Shamji Marand says:

    When I go to bed every morning, when I go to bath then the sneezing is very high and it is very frequent and then dripping water from the nose, is it an allergic problem? And how can this be corrected?

  16. Hello Dr.,
    I am suffering from a seasonal asthma( as Dr. Says) but I want to get rid of it. It occurs mainly at the beginning of summer and ends for a week or two but my physical condition becomes depressing. Plz. Help me for permanent cure. I would be thankful

  17. soon o choi says:

    Hi,Dr.Sharma. my nose is dripping, sneezing,and crazy, crazy itching in and out all year long. i met few doctors but didn’t solve the problem. i am suffering many years. can you help..?? thank you.


  18. RENI BASIL says:

    iam suffering form running nose and sneezing continuosly one hour after wake up from the bed.last one month am suffering from this problem .this is the first time in my life. but i have respiratory infection from my childhood.means ESR AND EASNOPHILS COUNT is very high.still mostly iam suffering from throat pain,infection in throat and chestand head also.sometimes nose also close.before 5 months i suffer from tonscilitis pblm and salivary gland infection also.i cant eat any cold food items like keeping in refrigerator and small banana,grapes,milk,,curd,leban…etcnow i am eating and drinking only hot food items.but now am suffering with running nose and sneezing in the early morning…please advise which homeo medicines will cure my problem. i am using only homeopathic medicines.thanks

  19. Uzomba Uche says:

    I have been sneezing with running nose and most recent watery eye for so many years but since I am approaching 40yrs it has in creased. Please how can I have a permanent cure. It has becomes so embarrassing all my cloths is full with carter and I can’t relate or be in the management without sneezing. Though I Treated nymopnai 14yrs ago and after 2yrs the symptoms of continues sneezing, running news and watery eye.

    Best Regards

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