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Nasal Allergies In Autumn


Are you sneezing dozens of time in a day? Is your nose dripping like water from a tap? Are you getting itchy and watery eyes and all of this has been there since the last few days or weeks? If yes, than it is probably due to the fact that you are suffering from seasonal allergic rhinitis or autumn allergy. This kind of upper respiratory allergy develops due to the increased presence of allergens (allergy causing substances like pollen etc.) in the environment during the months of September to early November. An extension of this kind of allergy occurs in the months of April and May.

Although the tendency to develop allergy lies in the body itself (all allergies have a strong genetic angle linked to them), seasonal allergies develop either due to pollens or as a reaction to mold spores .A very promising way of treating this allergy is with Homeopathic medicines .Homeopathy, Not only does it give relief, it also helps in eliminating the disease from the body. Although homeopathic treatment at times can be slightly lengthy but it gives a very lasting cure and does not produce any side-effect like drowsiness and sleepiness.

The main symptoms produced by seasonal allergy like autumn allergy are- having a constant runny nose which at times drips with a continuous water like discharge , watery and itchy eyes, frequent sneezing, itching in the nose roof of the mouth. Some patients complain of a crawling sensation in the nose. At times cough; pain and pressure in face may also be present. The unpredictable timing of the symptoms is a very troublesome part of this disease. The sneezing can start anytime. The patient may have to wake up in the middle of the night due to sudden sneezing and dripping. Early morning attacks of sneezing are a very common feature of this kind of allergy. Fatigue may also be present in some patients

A great way to get rid of this kind of allergy is to use homeopathic medicines. Although I would not recommend self medication but a brief knowledge about how homeopathy and which medicines work will help you in getting yourself treated from your Homeopath. In allergies, it is our body?s own defense system that starts to overreact to substances like pollen, dust particles, fumes etc which are otherwise harmless to the body. The reaction between the defense cells and the substances like pollen leads to the production of a chemical called as histamine which is responsible for the production of the symptoms that are produced in allergy. Homeopathic medicines work by inducing a similar reaction in the body at a very low grade; this leads to a gradual desensitization of the defense system .Many homeopathic medicines used in this process are made from substances or plants that are known to produce such allergies. Most common example is of plant called Ragweed, which is the very common culprit in allergic rhinitis. Homeopathic medicine Ambrosia is made from this plant and is a top grade homeopathic medicine used for treating respiratory allergy. Other Homeopathic medicines that are very useful in treating autumn allergy are Aralea Racemosa, Allium Cepa, Sabadilla, Histaminum, Galphimia Glauca and Natrum Mur.

Dr. Vikas Sharma is a Homeopathic specialist based out of Chandigarh India.


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  1. Rezlin Sahiba Ahmed says:

    Itchy and watery eyes

  2. Arunima Mondal says:

    My bf has continuously suffering from runny nose, headeache and cold from 6 years. He used many Alopathich medine even but not. Working properly. Someday after wake up he suddenly got cold, runny nose problem and after few hours it was also gone few times automatically and sometimes he had taken medicine for that also. Please suggest any good. Solution for this problem?

  3. G.R.Binjhwar says:

    Chhik aana fir nak se pani aana ( sardi) aur jab nak se pani aana band hota hai to muh me nak se pani (kaf) girta hai Iska dawa Kripya bataiye.

  4. Bonnie Lemley says:

    I go from constant dripping clear liquid to stepped up. Sometimes one side of my nose is blood tinged. Has been going on for 6months. No other symptoms.

  5. Garad prabhakar says:

    I am garad Prabhakar from Selu district Parbhani Maharashtra I have done septoplasty in 27th February then after 3 months at this time I have symptoms of right nostril of nose and after sometimes it flows stuffy mucus and at this time of blocking it flows watery drops , these symptoms are from 15 days I have taken allopathic treatment but I can’t it any result so I want to take homeopathy treatment , please guide about homeopathy treatment and side effects

  6. hello sir i am 38 years old women. somtimes when i take breath i feel heavyness and tightness and dry in my left side nose and feel dificulty to take breath only one side of nose and feel norvous .is karan se me bhut pareshan ho chuki hu pls btaye iske liye kya karna chahiye

  7. Hi Dr.please am 33 years of age and am always suffering from flu even sometimes during the summer my nose used to get blocked till I couldn’t breathe in anymore,,now during the winter immediately I sneezed my nose will start dropping and I will feel some scary cold in my body for like 5 min.sometimes I will ge feeling little good till after I bath with hot water ,,I will sneezed like 3 times and my nose will start flowing again.sometimes my nose will get blocked while I was sleeping till I tied some handkerchief on my nose to get mor warm inside before it will open a bit and I could sleep. I really need your help doctor because am suffering for the past ten years now for this situation. Thanks alot and hope to get you reply soon.

  8. Rajesh kumar Yadav says:

    Hi sir I’m patient of nasal polyps and I see today your vedeo on your YouTube channel drhomeo .com
    I have Same problem sir what to ..
    And sir ,
    I check up in my nose , in IGMC HOSPITAL IN SHIMLA
    THEY SIDE ONLY FOR SURGERY OPTION, but I don’t want any surgery
    An today ,I called your clinic in Chandigarh she side our Doctors will call you shortly

  9. V.Anuradha says:

    Iam Anuradha of age 38, …2 daughters i have …One is 13 another one is 11 years old. From past 15 years my husband had dust allergy…He uses nebulizer to control allergy. From 4 days i also having the same problem…But I couldn’t tolerate it….It disturbing me seriously. I am suffering not only running bose and also severe caught. It’s very difficult to breathe also. So Doctor….Can you please suggest any solution to this problem

  10. Hi Dr. Pls my 14yrs son is always sneezing with run nose and watery eyes for 5yrs now

  11. prashant keshari says:

    Sir, my mother is suffering from throat dry and throat problems happening and stop sometime ,but today it is too much dry she will drinks atleast 9 – to 10 glass water in 2hrs

  12. S M SAMI says:

    Dear sir, iam SM SAMI 42 years male suffering from sneezing watering nose and eyes itching in thoart little smear smell from thoart some time in when i wake-up in morning and some times afternoon or night sicen 4 years i also consult the ENT specialist Aarti Clinic Secunderabad Telangana, they diagnose as allergy and prescribe fro Allegra tab but no use for time being only plz do suggest best medcine and eyes nose burning

  13. Harpal Singh Tiwana says:

    I am suffering from running nose in summer. I am taking homeopathic medicine but could not get relief. My nose starts running from March and and run constantly whole the day and whole the summer and when winter is to start it rduces.

  14. Shamji Marand says:

    When I go to bed every morning, when I go to bath then the sneezing is very high and it is very frequent and then dripping water from the nose, is it an allergic problem? And how can this be corrected?

  15. Hello Dr.,
    I am suffering from a seasonal asthma( as Dr. Says) but I want to get rid of it. It occurs mainly at the beginning of summer and ends for a week or two but my physical condition becomes depressing. Plz. Help me for permanent cure. I would be thankful

  16. soon o choi says:

    Hi,Dr.Sharma. my nose is dripping, sneezing,and crazy, crazy itching in and out all year long. i met few doctors but didn’t solve the problem. i am suffering many years. can you help..?? thank you.


  17. RENI BASIL says:

    iam suffering form running nose and sneezing continuosly one hour after wake up from the bed.last one month am suffering from this problem .this is the first time in my life. but i have respiratory infection from my childhood.means ESR AND EASNOPHILS COUNT is very high.still mostly iam suffering from throat pain,infection in throat and chestand head also.sometimes nose also close.before 5 months i suffer from tonscilitis pblm and salivary gland infection also.i cant eat any cold food items like keeping in refrigerator and small banana,grapes,milk,,curd,leban…etcnow i am eating and drinking only hot food items.but now am suffering with running nose and sneezing in the early morning…please advise which homeo medicines will cure my problem. i am using only homeopathic medicines.thanks

  18. Uzomba Uche says:

    I have been sneezing with running nose and most recent watery eye for so many years but since I am approaching 40yrs it has in creased. Please how can I have a permanent cure. It has becomes so embarrassing all my cloths is full with carter and I can’t relate or be in the management without sneezing. Though I Treated nymopnai 14yrs ago and after 2yrs the symptoms of continues sneezing, running news and watery eye.

    Best Regards

  19. Mirza Muzaffar Ahmed Baig says:


  20. Anavi Jain says:

    I am a 13-year-old girl. First time in my life I am sneezing and my nose is running, eyes are red and irritation is there. I sneeze in bulk in the morning and intermittently during the daytime. please advise what medicines will cure my problems.

  21. Sir I am a COPD patient, having regularly coughing problem is there any homeopathy medicine to cure parmanently? I am 45 years old female.

  22. Amarpal singh rana says:

    sir nak se gle m cuf drain hokr aata h nak block hoti h.opreat bhi krwa liya plz help

  23. Dr Sharma please I sneeze a lot in the morning and evening and also feel severe itchiness in the root of my nose after every sneeze .This mostly happens during the night and at dawn and sometimes during the day. Please Dr. Sharma what medications am I supposed to take

  24. Deep Malkani says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    I am suffering from allergic rhinitis since last 14yrs. Initially it used to occur during change of season only. However for last 3 yrs i have this problem throughout the yr. I get up 0230am/3 am everyday and start sneezing, runny nose, itching at the roof of mouth, irritating nose etc. Thn i take montelaukast wth Cetrizin 10mg and 5mg Cetrizin extra. Still the relief is not guaranteed. I took the help of homeopathy…and my last 4 months were gr8. However I have started having the problem again despite having the homeopathy pills. And that is why i need to resort to allopathy again. Kindly help.

  25. Sukanta Kumar Pani says:

    Hello Doctor,
    I am suffering from severe cold attack. I have tried many aelopathic medicine but the result is temporary. My problem is I am facing catarrh(nose dripping like water) and sneezing, both after I get up from bed in morning and evening. Coughing and throat itching mostly in evening and after going to bed. Itchy and watery eyes during whole day. This allergy is repeatedly happening since 4 to 5 years in start of winter season and continue till 4 to 5 month.
    Earlier I have tried Aconite 200 for 3 to 4 days.
    Pl suggest some good medicine and advice what to eat and what to not during the course of treatment.
    I have one bad habit of chewing pan masala/Gutkha and trying to get rid of it, is it the reason for this allergy.

    • Hello Doctor,
      My wife is 47yrs and she is suffering from severe cold attack , dust allergic, continuous sneezing, watery running nose from almost 20-25 yrs. We have tried many top aelopathic, ayurvedic, homeopathic , herbal medicine but the result is temporary. Her problem is she is facing (nose dripping like water) and continuous sneezing, both after she get up from bed in morning and evening..and sometimes all day especially in this wintern rainy season. Coughing and throat itching mostly in evening and after going to bed. Itchy and watery eyes during whole day. This allergy is repeatedly happening since 10 to 20years in start of winter season and continue till 4 to 5 month.
      Earlier we have Tried all good Doctors n taken all medicines but everything in vain and she has lost all hopes on any medicine or treatment, she is getting weaker and weaker day by day and i am very very scared about her illnesses.
      Pl suggest and i beg you to kibdly advice some tge best very good medicine and advice what to eat and what to avoid during the course of treatment.
      How yo improvise her immunity power and see her lead a happy healthy life please.
      Thanks a ton Doctor much in advance for all your kind great support and treatment given. I am giving my very last hopes in you respected Doctor.. Please i beg you to give and advice the very best medication to overcome my wifes illness once for all.
      Thanks, Manjunath


    Respected doctor,
    I am a degree student. From the month of august onwards l am suffering from continuous sneezing and runny nose. Severe sneezing occurs throught the day. I cant study well,or could not do anything. I went to an allopathy doctor. She gave me montenac l tablets for one month. I felt recovered for about 15days. Again the problem started. I continued with the tablet without the advice of doctor. I stopped when l felt relief. But again the problem continued. Again l went to the same doctor. She asked me to continue the medicine for 10 days and to consult an ENT if not recovered. She also conducted a blood test. But no problem was found. When the medicine is stopped the sneezing and continuous runny nose again started after 3 days. Before consuting ent, l want ur advice. Is there any permanent cure? Iam so fed up with this decease. Two or three minutes is the gap between consecutive sneezing. I am fed up. Cant do antthing due to this. Should i consume montenac l tablet thriughout my life.?

  27. My problem is I sneezing and runny nose
    regularly over all every month and every day

  28. Any homeopathy doctor treat this Ellerby problem plc suggest right doctor

  29. Mohammad Shafivulla Baig says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am 50 years old Male. I am suffering from Nasal allergy due to cold and strong smell like deodorants and flowers. In winter season I sneeze a lot and my nose block. feel like something is obstructing in my nose. I cannot smell anything. During summer i will become normal. please suggest a medicine.

  30. Sandeep Kumar says:

    Sir, past few days I usually get a feeling that mybone of right nostril is probabbly touching the adjoining skin which results into a itiching and crawling sensation. Hence continous sneeze starts with 6 to 7 sneeze at once leaving watery red eyes and water discharge from nose.
    Timing is unpredictable. But mostly at night while sleeping and ocasionally if I rub my right nose.
    I need your guidance as this is newly dwvloped and must be treated as soon as possible because I have interviews very soon.

    • Dinesh Kumar says:

      Sir, past few days I usually get a feeling that mybone of right nostril is probabbly touching the adjoining skin which results into a itiching and crawling sensation. Hence continous sneeze starts with 6 to 7 sneeze at once leaving watery red eyes and water discharge from nose.
      Timing is unpredictable. But mostly at night while sleeping and ocasionally if I rub my right nose.
      I need your guidance as this is newly dwvloped and must be treated as soon as possible because I have interviews very soon.

  31. Abdulrehman says:

    Dear Doctor !
    My daughter her age is 14 now From childhood she is sufring with Constipation The stool looks like Donkey stool ,Dry and v hard cant pass stool without Enema .Dr,s told that the some part of rectum is not in working and sugested to oprate it to cut that part of rectum witch in dead .Can u can u help in this regard please ?

  32. L srikanth says:

    What are the precautions should be taken during homeopathy treatment for nasal allergies?
    Which type of food is prefered?

  33. Doctor whenever season change my wife suffer seviviour allergy in form of sneezing, itching in nose and oozing water from nose. Very serious problem she face.Simple smell of anything like agarbati, vegetable flavour at the time of cooking. Scents body spray. Means every type of smell tease her a lot

  34. INDER SINGH says:

    Hello Sir, Myself Inder Singh, age 41 Years. On 11th Oct,17, Doctor operation of my Anosmia. But after 1.5 months, I am again facing same problem and lost my smell. I don’t know what to do now. I already spent 50,000/- in my operation. Again Nose watering started and I am not able to judge whether something smelling good or bad. Please do help me or guide.

  35. Good evening Sir.. my name is sufyan.. i am 21 years old. and i am suffering from cold since 2008… i had visited many doctors but no result.. they say that i have allergy… i have continuous running nose and sneezing so loud that it can be heard a Km away and sneezing may vary from 20 – 30 times an hour… Now sir i am in depression because of this… i feel embarrassing.. it has adversely effect my life…. i have lost hope now… please sir help me..

  36. Rajeshkumar Mishra says:

    My son is 8 month old and has running nose from last 1 month, even allergic medicine Monticope prescribed by doctor has not benefited him.
    Pls suggest some homeopathic medicine for him

  37. Teena swarnakar says:

    Namaste sir, my son age is6 year old he suffer from cold and nose unblock problem an night time he kitter ssound with his teeth ,plz ssuggest what medicine i give hhim

  38. hiren Bhimani says:

    I have a frequent sneezing and coughing . so I can not breath properly . that problem common in humid environment . at night that environment breathing very difficult so I can’t sleep til 3 am ..
    Give me advice how I control sneezing within few time .
    And also give me advice how home made therapy used to remove alargy from my body.
    Give me reason why that problem occur last 1 year.

  39. geetika agarwal says:

    Hi Dr
    I have a bad nasal allergy since 7-8 nose gets too dry from inside due to ac blower fan and i hv to put oil in the nose wlls inside using an ear bud and i hv to do itiching arou d nose wall inside from the bud to get bit relaxed from the extreme drynesz.i sneez if i go from sun to ac or vice versa and from strong smells.i hv tried taking lemna minor and kali bichrome but the nose dryness is nt improving .also i hv a urticaria since 8 yrs and i hve to take 2 anti allerguc (elina) everyday to subside the red patches snd itiching on the body.

  40. Aysha Dawood says:

    Hi my son is 9 years old.he had adenoid and tonsils removed last year Jan in 2016 because they were infected and from childhood he would catch cold v easily. I think he has cold allergy problem also. After this surgery his situation is much improved.
    Suddenly from this year end of May he has very frequently nose block which sometimes causes ear blocks for a while , continuous running nose along with sneezing.. after giving medicine he becomes ok but after few weeks running nose etc starts again. At home we take care of v well – there isn’t change if any routine that should triggger this. Can u plz suggestion a medication for him.

    • Amit Gupta says:

      Hi, my son is 6 years old he has seveour nose block when season get change and taking breathing problems I take homeopathy since six months in starting I got good results but last 15days I got no relief please me advice

  41. Sanjay Bedi says:

    Dear Doctor,

    My daughter, age 20, is having problem of running nose and sneezing since August end/ September which isn’t getting cured – problem typically worse in evening or mornings – we are wondering whether it’s dust or pollens which could be causing it – can you pl suggest the treatment,



  42. guy berridge says:

    Hi Dr Sharma
    Since beginning of September I have been sneezing a lot every morning – really big sneezes with runny nose and slightly itchy eyes . I swim in the sea every day and am surprised there would be anything to create allergy – there are quite a few pine trees etc in the area .
    I lived in Barbados for 10 years and would sometimes get allergy there – I think when they cut the sugar cane .
    This is very exhausting – I took homeopathic tablets before and it helped a lot but I have lost the name of it .
    Please can you help me

  43. Sujata Nair says:

    Repeated sneezing and running nose. Please advice a homeopathic medicine for the same.

  44. Running water by My nose allergies and continuous sneezing what is the medicine

  45. Bone in my nose is increased. Doctor said that I have allergy also and bcoz my left nostril is block its side effects are coming to my throat for which he gave my 1 spray (Tamomist nasal spray) and tablet(T Montec) and said to do operation Want genuine Suggestions. I was operated and remove the a piece of bone, after two month again same position. Plz doctors help in homeo pathy medicine. Can I cured.

  46. Surendra kumar says:

    Sir….I hav allergy due to sea climate atmosphere from last 5 years. Symptoms are continues sneezing, running nose, itching eyes, watery eyes & coughing. Prolonged allergy causes asthmatic problem to for which I take the treatment….but I take medicines Having salt.. montelucast & fexodoxine like Alegra M regularly almost every day to relax body… I am very disappointed ..& helpless.. please guide me/ treatment for this allergy… I am ever thankful to you.

  47. My son Suffering from continuous sneezing, watery n red eyes and normally eyes gets affected itching in the eyes in the morning only and after sometime he is fine. But during the sneezing he is obvio very restless n nt able tp move for collage etc. Kindly suggest effective homeo medicines..He is 18yrs

  48. In the morning my son face so much sneezing problem as nt able tp adjust immly with the atmosphere temperature..provide sm good Remedies

  49. Hello!
    I have chronic allergies to dogs and horses. Both of which Iam around daily. Some days Iam fine with no symptoms at all. Others my nose runs, sneezing, itchy eyes and roof of mouth.
    Frontal Headache.
    Ears pop when I try to blow my nose.
    My nose is stopped but runs and drips nonstop.
    Open cool air seems to help.
    Wet rainy days are worse. Or when the weather changes.
    Dust of any kind make matters worse.
    And wood smoke will start a flare up for sure.
    I have used not mur for over a year and it does help but doesn’t seem to cure. Ars. Album also.
    Thank so much for any help.

  50. dinesh sharma says:

    as the winter approaches early morning sneezing is a usual routine .it subsides after bath and morning hours are finished .damped clothes and damped environment creates itching and sneezing in the nose and eyes. even in the night when I touch cold water the sneezing starts .as the rainy season starts ending and winter season approaching sneezing and itching increase during morning times and even in night .sneezing Due to change in weather phase and in cold temperature is very common. and damped clothes or environment making things worse .help me

  51. Osiebe kelly says:

    I have being continuously suffering from running nose, snizzing, watery eyes.
    The symptoms are very similar to what you have mentioned in your Blog -NASAL ALLERGY & HOMEOPATHY(Nasal Allergies in Autumn) .
    Generally in the morning he suffers more from this problem. We tried lot many medicines but the results are temporary.
    Will be really grateful if you can suggest some medicines for him. Age is 25 years.

  52. Janesh Kapoor says:

    Dear Doctor
    I am a patient of nasal allergy, bronchial asthma which is aggravated during changing seasons, particularly in March-April and September-October. I also suffer from a chronic sore throat – swollen tonsils with tendency to pus formation.
    Skin problems like fungal infection/eczema and indigestion with bloated abdomen, education and heart burn are common concomitants.
    I was a patient of epilepsy in childhood and was put on heavy drugs for a long period, due to which I do not appear to respond to homoeopathic medicines whenever I tried them locally.
    I am a male, 50 yrs and an introvert, given to over thinking and take offence easily.
    I live in Himachal and am a college teacher by profession . Am inclined to pop in antihistamines and take inhalers in order to keep up with my daily business.
    Do you think that you can help me?

    • Kiran kulkarni says:

      Sir, Suffering from continuous sneezing ,runny mose, watery n red eyes and normally left nostril n left eye gets affected itching in the roof ofcd nose nvcraelingcsensation in d nostris. Kndly suggest effective homeo medicines

  53. Manish Jangid says:

    Hello sir, I am 28, mujhe bar bar jukham ho jata h or cough ban jata h jo jaldi se sahi nhi hota lagbhag 20 days m jakar sahi hota h or AC bilkul suit nhi karti h turant nak bahne lag jati h aankhe red ho jati h koi samadhan h kya iska regular exercise bhi karta hu

  54. Hello Sir, Since last 2 years my father is continuously suffering from running nose, snizzing, watery eyes.
    The symptoms are very similar to what you have mentioned in your Blog -NASAL ALLERGY & HOMEOPATHY(Nasal Allergies in Autumn) .
    Generally in the morning he suffers more from this problem. We tried lot many medicines but the results are temporary.
    Will be really grateful if you can suggest some medicines for him. Age is 60 years.


  55. Peter Rodrigues says:

    Dear Dr. My wife came across an accident on the Navratri in the year 2013 and she was knocked down by a bike and had a fall on her back which resulted in her having a slight blood clot in the back of her head which resulted in her getting mucus every night whenever she goes to sleep. Please suggest a good remedy for this cause. I would be highly grateful and ever remain thankful throughout my life. Awaiting for a better treatment regarding the same.

  56. Hi sir,
    I am suffering from lot of sneezing,running nose,stuffy nose,body ache,join pain and always feel says this is allergic rhinitis.please sir suggest me homeopathy medicine for this.

  57. shaheer usman says:

    I am suffering form throat infection whenever i drink coke or cold water i feel pain and can’t sleep even whenever smooking cause pain to increase and i also feel that infection spread to my ears
    PLZ Kindly Advise me and tell me the pill to take i shall be very thank full to you

  58. Hello Dr my catarrh and itchin eyes start July of every year for the pass 3years I dnt sleep sometimes at night bcos my nose gets blocked i will scratch my eyes till they swollen pls I need help

  59. Shweta panchal says:

    My 13yrs son sneezes a lot..we tried allergy medicine but not work everyday he takes allergy medicine like cetrizen and claritin. Lots of runny nose with sneeze. It’s been 3years. I’m so worried about him he is tired with all this. When he start sneezing never stop until take medicine.what to do.

  60. Arun kumar says:

    I am suffering from sneezing from 10 years approx and have different types of treatment such as x ray of my skull etc but no benefit at all now I have allergy by everything in this world it may be smoke dust guava pomegranate coolar air fan air and it is spontaneous as it may occur within 5 min the only thing that give me relief is closely packed AC room for long time which I can not afford

  61. nose block everytime

  62. shafi ullah says:

    sir i am suffuring from 2 years from seasonal allergy so i had gone to many doctor but the result is allergy so high that during mid night my breath is stop and nose is fluid and start sneezing .and then day time my chest is block and i requsest you that send me medicine formula that treat my allergy.
    so i shal thinkfull to.

  63. Sir usually when i wash my face with facewash or simply wash my face with water , i starts sneezing and nasal discharge takes place. Usually getting hair bit wet starts of with cough and sneeezing toomany times.

  64. Dhrubajyoti mohan says:

    Dear Sir
    My wife often sneeze continuously in the evening daily…One more problem is her dry allergic cough..whenever she gets cold….her dry cough continues for a long period..sometimes she takes inhaler to prevent it…kindly provide some remedies..

  65. hello doctor,
    i have a problem of sneezing that begins all of a sudden, goes on the whole day and then goes off the next day. by evening i also develop headache. and if i touch anything that is cold, the sneezing worsens. sometimes even touching something warm also gives sneezing. basically, once the sneezing has begun, any change in temperature worsens it. also leads to runny nose. the next day i am absolutely normal. please suggest what could be the issue and what medicine should i take
    i am a 36 year old female and this issue has been there for atleast 10 years now

  66. Puranik M.R. says:

    Food Allergy – to Spicy Food (Capsaicin).instantaneous reaction.
    Avoiding eating spicy food items.
    Itching with water from eyes.
    More spicy/less spicy-more quantity – vomiting.
    Discharge from nose & eyes.
    Stomatitis,canker sore,mouth ulcer.
    No other complications.
    Rarely visit doctor.
    Sr.citizen 80 yrs,5′-5″,60 kgs,BP 160/80,BMI 22.3
    How homeopathy can help?

  67. Masiuddin Uddin says:

    Sir my nose is closing night time… and chest also full congested to cuf… if i take homeo medicine nose open cuf will come much qty… i can’t explain u… after breathing problem start . So i warrey i stop medicines please help me…

  68. Tanusree Majumder says:

    Hi Sir M a patient of allergy. I regularly used to attacked by allergy. And sneezing is the most irritating thing in my life., my nose continuously itiches. And i used to get attacked by the allergy throughout the whole year sir. I eagerly want to get rid of it sir. Can it be curable sir?? M very much tensed. Its made my life hell.

  69. Manoj patel says:

    Watery nose in the morning everyday. Sometimes,
    1 or 2 handkerchief get wet. This problem is from last 20 years and it is not seasonal it is continuously for 365 days. I taken homeopathic medicine for 2 years from 2 different doctor. I get tired. Please help….

  70. Esther Adedia says:

    I wake quite early at dawn so I find myself sneezing most of the time after I wake up. Please,can you suggest any remedies for me ?

  71. RAHUL GUPTA says:

    Sir, I am suffering from nose alle2 years
    Help me to giving the advisable

  72. Gyas ud din says:

    I have problem about a month sneezing running nose and eye irritation in the early morning and i take cold time tab and cefixime 200 cetrazine for a week but never any kind of releif what should i do this further

  73. Bharat Bhushan says:

    My son aged 14 years VB is allergic to water since last two years. When he wash hand or bath or even open water tap, starts sneezing for 10-15 times. Presently taking 6 tab of BOVISTA.30 + SABODIL 30 + URTICA.VR but no relief after 3 days of consuming above med 3 times a day.


    Good Evening ! I am suffering from sneezing . When I will touch water at early morning then started sneezing 6 to 12 times consecutively with nasal itching – bi lateral. I am suffering up to 3 years. Please help me by Rx

  75. prakash sharma says:

    what can I do sir

  76. dipanjan M says:

    HI Doctor,

    I stay in Bangalore. Now, here the temperature is between 20-25 and in night drops down. I have problem of very frequent sneezing in early morning after wake up mainly in this season. If I catch cold, then it happens whole day.

  77. Hey.
    I am suffering some type of nasal allergy but in june july. Tried many medicines but in vain.
    I have feel etching in my nose specially in under fan air, sun rays, perfume, dust, smell, bad smell, even every type that enter in my nose.
    Please suggest me medicine that available in pakistan and cheep. Thanks

  78. ravindra jaiswar says:

    i am 32 yrs old my problem is when i using body spray or any other perfume to my body.
    after sometime i started coughing and head is paining lightly

  79. My son daily sneeze in morning and have itching in eyes n watery eyes I give him citizen tablet it is allergic tablet he feel good my son is fifteen year old. Sir how can you help my son in curing this problem he is asthamatic too sometimes his pulse runs very fast

  80. Bharti bhalla says:

    My 5 years old son sneezes badly early in the morning with thick mucus coming out of his nose.this happens everytime during change of season.he continuously keeps sneezing .

  81. Hello Sir, I am suffering from running nose, watery eyes, itchy nose, ear and eyes from last three months. I have taken ayurvedic medicine for this. even till day i am taking these medicine i.e. tribhuvankriti ras, lazmivilas ras ect but no benefit. I ALWAYS PREFERRED AYURVEDIC MEDICINES. THEY ALSO WORK ON MY BODY FROM LAST 15 YEARS. BUT THIS TIME THESE ARE NOT EFFECTIVE. PLEASE SUGGEST

  82. Haresh.l.dhanwani says:

    I am 50 year old and i am suffering of nose choked very heavily even though the otrivin nasal drops are not work.n due to that sleep is also advise

  83. I am 30 year. I have nasal polyp since more than 2 year. I have already treated 2 times with homeopathy but after starting treatment for 2 days i got irritation in chest and my stomuk feels like full. And due to that i cannot complete my treatment. I told all that to my doctor but they have not given any advice.

  84. I am 30 year. I have already treated 2 times with homeopathy but after starting treatment for 2 days i got irritation in chest and my stomuk feels like full. And due to that i cannot complete my treatment. I told all that to my doctor but they have not given any advice.

  85. Adheeba Razik says:

    I am 23 years and i have been continuously sneezing since last 4 years.sneezes goes on in dozens and running nose,itchy throat and itchy eyes are very making me very irritable.i anxious every time, feel dizzy often.i have used western medicines continuously but they never gave me relief except causing gastritis there any cure for this?

  86. Balan Vettukattil says:

    I am 66 years old and nowadays facing problem of repeated sneezing n nose running. I observed that the smell coming out at the time of putting mustard in the oil is one of the reasons. I don’t have any other disease and I have not taken any allopathy medicines for last more than 15 years not do I want to take for the side effects. I only take homoeopathy medicines.

    I shall be grateful if you advise proper medicines for the above problem.

  87. sir am suffering from sneezing and sorethoat for the past 6years it usually disturbed in the mid-night or early in d morning. I have tried different medicine bt it didn’t stop

  88. Dr Brajendra Kumar Singh says:

    Sir, i am suffering from itching nose throat and ears every 3rd day in evening from 06.00 pm to 10 pm with anxiety restlessness and uneasiness. Throat and ears itching gives me much trouble,I like to eat sweets.

  89. Radhey Shyam Saxena says:

    Respected Sir
    My Sister USHA (31 YEARS) has been sneezing & dripping nose alternate problem from 7-8 years as in myself knowledge now she is feeling problem in breething after done some work.
    I request to you please suggest me for a suitable treatment & precautions.
    Thank you
    Date-06-05-2017 Radhey Shyam Saxena

    • B.N.Murty says:

      Good-morning sir, my name is B.N.Murty aged years . I am suffering nasal allergy, sneezing ,nose blocking and muscle pain from last 35 years, my parents also having the same problem

      I request to you please suggest me for a suitable medicines in homeopathy, Present I am using homeopathy , But not relief .

  90. sunil kumar paikray says:

    docter i suffer from one year sneezeing problem.plz help me to parmanet cure in homiyopathy medicine plz refer the medicine name

  91. RB Rajput says:


    I am Ram , 61 year male having problem of seasonal allergy, running nose & sneezing , I took allopathic medicine but It is a temporary relief, my problem aggrivate once I getup while seeping there is no problem. Can you please advise medicine for coming out from this problem.


  92. Hello sir ,how have you been? I’m masud from 27 years old . I’m suffering sneezing noise allergy for two months..every day sneezing l am having more than 100 this case what can I do…please help me sir.

  93. Gayathri Rajesh says:

    Remedies to Treat Sneezing… I sneeze about dozen times in the morning and sometimes during day/night. I get up in the morning with blocked nose and start sneezing. My nostril pains me and I get water in my eyes. During summer it is even worse. I also sneeze if anything triggers my nose, like onion, deo, garlic and sometimes emotions imbalance also. This is a hereditary problem.

    I want a permanent remedy for this sneeze.

  94. manoj kumar singh says:

    mai aap ko apna report dekhana chata ho mera english thoda week hai sir plz sorry

  95. manoj kumar singh says:

    hello dr, mai bhaut parsen ho sir mere wife ke dono fallopain tube block hai aur prieod bhe miss ho jata hai hamera marrege ko 10 saal ho gaya hai laken tak koi child nahai hai sir aap mujhe plz batya ke homeopathy me eska elaze hai ke nahi tube block hai prieod missed hota hai aur agge 12.92mm ka he hota hai

  96. puja kanth says:

    Halo sir i m28 yr old i m suffering from sneezing from every year month of apr to sep only in north bihar zone out side this zone there no problem infact out of bihar i have no problem even i have spent 2yr in srinagar and 2yr in bikaner there were no problem so plz suggest me some homeopeth medicine.thanks sir

  97. Hello, my mrs. 37 yrs, suffering from dry, irritating cough continuously from past 5 months. Problem starts mainly at night but she suffer sometimes during the dayrime also. X-ray report shows no cough. Allopathy medicine could not cure it. Please suggest some homeopathy remedy for her.
    Thank you in advance…

    Suman Banerjee

  98. SDGFD

  99. Namasta sir. I am a 17 year old teenager.In august 2016 their was wooden work going on in our home and that causes me itchiness in my nose.after a month my nose was blocked. My nose drips and just when i want to blow nose to finally breathe again, nothing comes out i mean my throat was filled with mucus all the time and my nose was always stuffy. I simply thought that its a cold and it will go. But my condition didn’t improved. After a month I consulted it with the doctor and he said that its a sinus allergy.i took the nasal sprays but nothing worked i tried diffrent sprays and nasal cleaning but It didn’t worked for me and today its been 7 months but their is no remarkable improvement in my condition.i consulted it with some other doctors too but some says its a allergy and other says its because of my septum.I am totally fedup of this disease can u please help me.
    Thanking You

  100. Snenhlanhla says:

    hey doctor. I have a problem at the clinic they want my sputum but icant release them .what must ido or eat to form them?

  101. Dr. I might from goal. I am having a constant problem of sneezing,runny nose,blockage of nose throughout the year due to seasonal allergies. I m totally fustrated due to this.I have done many doctors but no use at all so I want know if homeopathy medicine can help me out. I m 26 year man & working .Please help.

  102. sir my sister 23 yr old has some allergy and can’t breathe properly she feel suffocation in throat she is good in home but in work she suffers

  103. every time fall my white liquid

  104. shambhu kumar says:

    Sir g namskar , mujhe gastratitis ki problem hai Dr . ko Ko dikhaya to GERD bataya hai . Lekin approx. 1years se alopothick medicine le raha hoon koi farak n hi hai. Avi to badhta hi ja raha hai gas mere sir me chadh jata hai mujhe chakar jaise ata hai. Sath hi nak se cintinue pani evam chhinke . Eye me eching hoti hai. Sir plesae advise me any suitauble medicine in homeopathic. Thanks.

  105. Sajan Grover says:

    hello sir,this is time of 3:34 a.m.i went to sleep.but my nose of one side always block lungs coudn’t take enough breath.i am really caught in this flames frm last two years.kindly please help me this regards.


    I am from Burdwan, My child is 5 Years old and she is suffering from nasal discharge and cold [ yellow and green with thick] from 3 years old. problem was not solved from allopathic treatment. Please help.

  107. Sir I am from chennai, I have been suffering from nasal congestion, sneezing, itchyness in eyes and nose and sometimes especially on winter , breathing difficulties , for the past 15 yrs. I tried allopathy, Homeo, sidda nothing seems to workout.. Please help

  108. C.S. Bhardwaj says:

    Doctor sir, I suffer from continual cold & sneezing and watry eyes for which there is no time and no season. After consuming any tab. like Cold time, Chestin cold, D cold total, with & without citrizine, and the like, I get well after 6/7 hours, but this again occurs after 4/5 days and the problem continuous as such.This problem is with me for about 4/5 yrs. Please suggest some suitable medicine , nasal spray having no side effects alongwith any other ‘nuskha’ so that I get rid of this problem.Please espouse this cause of mine. My age is 66 years.

  109. Gomen yedi says:

    sir i am suffering from above mentioned first i thought i Caught sinus infection but as i started the this article, i found the mentioned symptoms are exactly same as i am facing.
    how can it be treated sir???
    your right advice will highly valuable to me

  110. christine gallentes says:

    hi i’m 27yrs. old and i have this problem i think over 10yrs, i always sneeze from time to time and followed by runny nose and my nose got itchy, i went to different doctors but nothing has change. even when i smell something strong like perfumes, chlorine, laundry soaps etc. i sneeze, specially at morning, night and in the middle of the night i woke up because of sneezing and runny nose and itchy nose, what shall i do, hope you could help me.thank you

  111. Hi I am 25 y-old and I suffer sneezing for more than 5 years now..I been to many doctors and did some blood test but it seems like no one knows my problem…I notice I sneez before bed time then in middle of the night when I go toilet then early morning when I woke up…big just 10 times..and have a clear runny nose and watery eyes…also before I sneez I can feel very very itchy on my left side og my’s kind weird that never get itchy feeling on my right nasal part..and because of that my husband we always argue about this and he feel stress and me too as we both hated …
    Plsss….tell me what to do
    And his to cure this

  112. sir,
    my wife age 23 ,his best problem nasal alergy as like any spray,any lotion smell, paint smell …his did not tolerate its so plz sir help me…….

  113. Sir,
    These days in morning in cold my nose tip itches and starts to flow the mucus and sneezing.starts.

    Pls suggest me some good medicine.

    Awaiting for your reply.


  114. Sir i have suffering from skin allergy last 2years but didn’t heal,and I am using herperax 400mb micro medicine .please give an suggestions for this.

  115. amandeep kaur says:

    Are you getting itchy and watery eyes and all of this has been there since the last few days or weeks? If yes, than it is probably due to the fact that you are suffering from seasonal allergic rhinitis or autumn allergy. This kind of upper respiratory allergy develops due to the increased presence of allergens (allergy causing substances like pollen etc.) in the environment during the months of September to early November. An extension of this kind of allergy occurs in the months of April and May.
    Although the tendency to develop allergy lies in the body itself (all allergies have a strong genetic angle linked to them), seasonal allergies develop either due to pollens or as a reaction to mold spores .A very promising way of treating this allergy is with Homeopathic medicines .Homeopathy, Not only does it give relief, it also helps in eliminating the disease from the body.
    The main symptoms produced by seasonal allergy like autumn allergy are- having a constant runny nose which at times drips with a continuous water like discharge , watery and itchy eyes, frequent sneezing, itching in the nose roof of the mouth. Some patients complain of a crawling sensation in the nose. At times cough; pain and pressure in face may also be present. The unpredictable timing of the symptoms is a very troublesome part of this disease. The sneezing can start anytime. The patient may have to wake up in the middle of the night due to sudden sneezing and dripping. Early morning attacks of sneezing are a very common feature of this kind of allergy. Which medicine I should take

    • Sanjeet Sapkota says:

      Sir Ian suffering from allergies my eyes look red itching sneezing in the nose running watering and blocking old advice good medicine I took many homeo and other medicine

  116. Rajani Tyagi says:

    Dr. Sharma
    I am Rajani Tyagi having allergy sneezing problem and when it starts then it comes continuously and eyes becomes etching, headache starts and throat becomes rough. Kindly suggest medicine.

  117. Frequent watering and snizing, Fatigue, Always feeling sleepy, itching eyes and nose, sugar level varies – Fasting presently about 140 and Post lunch-180. Sedentry work habits. Constipated most of the time. Like mostly nonveg,

  118. Hi sir mujhe sardy hamesh rahti h or chin Bhi roj athi h

  119. Sangita Sengupta says:

    Dear Doctor,

    My husband, 55 years is suffering from running nose for past 10 days. He is unable to breathe as his nose is blocked. He is also sneezing occasionally. He is using nasal drop for past 10 days and was inhaling steam and took allegra but nothing has helped him much.

    Please advise which medicine should he take to get relief from this suffering and what should be the dosage.

    Warm regards,

    Sangita Sengupta

  120. Hello sir. I am from Bathinda, currently residing at Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. I am suffering from Allergic Rhinitis and I had tried so many allopathic medicines but nothing worked. It almost happens almost every alternate day due to temperature change, slight environment variations. Once sneezing starts, it gets irritating nose, headache and only deep sleep saves me otherwise I keep sneezing hundred of times. Please let me know suitable medicine .

  121. Dinesh Gopal says:

    Hello Dr Sharma

    We have been staying in Dubai for the last 18 years.My name is Dinesh and my wife’s name is Rashmi.
    My wife delivered twins in the year 2001 since then she has been suffering from an allergy for the last 15 years.I have taken her to several allopathic doctors but she only has temporary relief after taking the recommended medications.
    She has developed this allergic condition where she has continuous sneezing running nose and itchy red eyes.This problem starts while she is going to bed in the night during the winter season.The condition worsens during the night time but reduces as the sun comes out next morning.
    I would highly appreciate and be always grateful to you if you could recommend any homeopathic medicine to treat this condition.

    Your’s faithfully

    Dinesh Gopal

  122. Nasib Chand says:

    I am suffering from copd 2nd stage.My age is 58.Is there Any treatment in Homeopathy.Please let me know.Thanking you.

  123. bhuvnesh sethi says:

    sir i am suffering from cold and also sneezing badly and dr says that my left nose would be operated pls guide me.

  124. Sanjeev Kumar says:

    I am also facing nasal allergy problem since 20 yrs. Had DNS operation too 6-7 yrs before. No improvement. Taken all the types of treatment ie Allopathy, Homeo, Ayurvedic too years together. No permanent benefits. Allopathy provided relief till I took the medicines but side effects also started seen. I have got white spots on skins as allopathy included steroids, etc. Main medicines were Montec-LC or Levocet – M (both are same) – 1 in a day (evening time) + Combinase AQ or Derinide or Azeflo nasal spray (twice a day). These helped but side effects stated cropping after 3 years. Now again searching something new. Anyone gets some idea of relief please share (sankuj at outlook dot com).

  125. Hi sir , i am venkat .. My problem is when i drink cold water , ice crimes ,curd rice , milk or any cold items my nose getting blocked . so i avoided all this items and i have seen this problem 8 yrs back .

    Now i got job as a software engineer and i need to work on AC rooms after 6 months of my job early morning i am getting sneezing for 15 times .. like this happening for 2 years . for this i used nasal drops .
    After 2 yrs this problem was solved .. now i am seeing very big problem that is sleepiness problem .

    In office when their are putting high AC in that day i am not able to sleep . after 2 hrs of sleeping i am getting wake up and not feeling sleepy . No sleepy mude . because of this problem i am suffering a lot .

    When no AC in office i can sleep 5 hrs for day and no problem .

    I think i am suffering from some allergy .

    Sir please help me on this and save me .

    please give me your mobile number will contact you .

    My details :

    Name : venkatarao

    age : 30 yrs

    Location : Hyderabad

    Mobile : 9908412548

  126. Beena kumari says:

    I am a 54 yr old, govt. servant, settled in Goa. Healthy, except – watery, itching nose, ear, eyes followed with sneezing. Mornings and evenings it is severe. Middle of sleep, also it troubles me with filled nose with mucous, sometimes thick, sometimes watery. Last 4 years I am living with this problem. Am a govt. servant. working atmosphere and home atmosphere is clean and tidy. Kindly suggest some remedy.

  127. Gokul Morey says:

    Hi sir I am Gokul from Aurangabad, Maharashtra I am suffering from cold, continuous sneezing and sometimes dry cough in the morning and evening suggest me some homeopathic medicine and home remedies . Can it be possible to cure it permanently.

  128. Hi.sir I have Nasal congestion since my childhood now I am 38. I have also dry cough sometimes only for few days after a couple of months for 10 to 12 years
    .i recognised it as allergic. What I should do.


  129. hello sir,
    I am 22, a female based in Nigeria. I onced had an attack while I was going up, couldn’t breath thought that night, was taken to a hospital d next morning and was giving 20minutes injection which helped me.. I forgot about it but for d past 5years, I have been experiencing constant cartarrh, runny nose, block nose, itch at the roof of my nose which cause me to clean my ear when it occurs, cold, itchin of the eyes too, sneezing when I wake up in the morning, when I inhale strong smell that doesn’t affect others at all. sometimes I feel like I am about to have same attack again like my throat is getting tight and then I keep coughing. while sometimes I feel like there is something in my throat and I drank lots of water to forced it down and it disappears. .. all this happens even when m feeling hot.. I av taken drugs to no avail, I went for ulta scan, x-ray of the chest and nose but nothing was found. they all said m fine yet I keep having this allergy. Its becoming more embracing. pls help me..

  130. hello sir,
    I am 22, a female based in Nigeria. I onced had an attack while I was going up, couldn’t breath thought that night, was taken to a hospital d next morning and was giving 20minutes injection which helped me.. I forgot about it but for d past 5years, I have been experiencing constant cartarrh, runny nose, block nose, itch at the roof of my nose which cause me to clean my ear when it occurs, cold, sneezing when I wake up in the morning, when I inhale strong smell that doesn’t affect others at all. sometimes I feel like I am about to have same attack again like my throat is getting tight and then I keep coughing. while sometimes I feel like there is something in my throat and I drank lots of water to forced it down and it disappears. .. all this happens even when m feeling hot.. I av taken drugs to no avail, I went for ulta scan, x-ray of the chest and nose but nothing was found. they all said m fine yet I keep having this allergy. Its becoming more embracing. pls help me..

  131. Simran Gupta says:

    hello dr
    i am simran… i am 15 yrs old …. for past 2 yrs i had been suffering from sneezing allergy…. when i feel cold or some dust enters my nose i starts sneezing … when i wake up as just i touch water i start sneezing … when i sleep in afternoon i wake up i start sneezing… i am very disturbed of this … i cannot sleep properly at night …. please convey my requesy and help me

  132. Hello Dr
    I am Preeti and I m 35 years old ….for the past 20 yr i m suffering from wet cough, itchy ears ,itchy eyes sneezing and dryness in nose. Now from the past 2 years I m unable to sleep because if this itching in ear and eyes. I m taking anti allergy med Montair LC Which gives temporary relief but when I stop taking it the prob again arises ,also i m putting badam rogan in nose every night. I also tried to check the reason causing this allergy but couldn’t identify it pls suggest som med

    • Hi Preeti , this is venkata . i am also suffering from same issue . please give me your number .. or else gime a call on 9908412548

  133. Bhajan Lal Meena says:

    Sir,i live in Mumbai , often in the morning I affected running nose,running water eye and red eye , cough, throat pain.this symptoms are present till noon and after Norma.and when I go my village in Rajasthan .this symptom cure automatically.please suggestions treatment me

  134. Hello doctor.
    As I wake up in the morning I’ve been suffering with runny nose and many times sneezing ,
    this kind of problem is from fortnight.
    Doctor ,how can I get relief from this kind of condition?

  135. Shivani Dattana says:

    Hello Sir
    I have nasal allergy in autumn seasons ( weather change seasons in the month of march-April and Sep-Oct)
    I face nose dripping like water frequently in a day and getting itchy and watery eyes so much.
    sir, pl recommend me some helpful homeo medicine.
    thank you.

  136. Krushnadas Sarjan says:

    Dear sir,
    Every morning when i wake up, it starts running nose, cough (white color) starts develops, nose & eyes starts itching, frequent sneezing, watery eyes. As the day progress, the intensity of this slows down. Sometimes it remains whole day. Thereafter there doesn’t left option for me than taking allopathic medicine. As the effect of medicine slows down, it starts again. I am looking after the homeopathic medicine by which this disease get completely cured. I will be very kind of you sir if suggest me homeopathic medicine and how to take that medicine.

    • Dear sir,
      Every morning when i wake up, it starts running nose, cough (white color) starts develops, nose & eyes starts itching, frequent sneezing, watery eyes. As the day progress, the intensity of this slows down. Sometimes it remains whole day. Thereafter there doesn’t left option for me than taking allopathic medicine. As the effect of medicine slows down, it starts again. I am looking after the homeopathic medicine by which this disease get completely cured. I will be very kind of you sir if you suggest me best homeopathic medicine to be continued for long time remedies and suggest also its recommended dose.

    • Beena kumari says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma,

      Last 4 years, I am having the problem of itching nose, both nostrils, watery nose, itchy ears, eyes, watery nose, sneezing etc. Middle of my sleep, my nose will be filled up with thick mucus, sometimes just water, and difficult to breath. Early morning and evenings, it is severe. Any time in the day time, it will occur for 5-10 minutes. I am a government servant. Working atmosphere is very clean and tidy. Home also is clean and tidy. Kindly suggest some medicine. I am 54 year old lady. I am settled at Goa.

  137. I live in a humid area, i use a dehumidifier and wash bedding weekly. I have a special pillow too. I wake up in the morning with a very itchy and sore throat, all day runny nose, sneezing and transparent mucus. Im sooo tired of this!

  138. Arvind Kumar Vashishta says:

    Nasal allergy start & affect lung and choke the breath ,happen with woolen cloths stored for long , with vehicular pollution, results running nose,wizing in chest and to prescribe medicine..I take allopathic medicine Allegra M , Augmentine ,625 mg thrice a day and cough syrup and nasal spray,then get releaf I want homeopath medicine.

  139. Badarinath says:

    sir I have lots of sneezing, !sore throat , with that eyes start to watering, inside ear also itching and cough also attacked
    ple can you give suggestion to avoid this problem?

  140. Dear sir , as I open my eyes in morning , some itching in my nose starts as I wake up, it increases and then after a certain amount of time(5 to 10 min), I start rapid sneezing and the mucous is clear transparent.
    This ,I think happens most commonly in winters or in dusty environment.
    Please suggest me a proper way to getrid of this .

  141. yes doctor i have nasal allergynsneezes , running nose, itching and redding eyes,head ache

    is homeo will cure????

  142. shaik Sami says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma sir, i suffering from head cramp slightly when its occur my eyes get red and sleepyness and suddenly i will wakeup that time i get shivering whole body with high temprature heat in body and watery in eyes with red every morning i will get sneenzing so many times cough nose watering what to do and body itching mostly pubic area please suggest me gud medicine please sir

  143. Shimul Biswas says:

    Dear sir
    pleases sir help me…
    I am suffering from allergic for 3years..always water is dropping from my nose..and irrigate my nose. I saw many doctor but result is big zero….I can’t alive with this allergic…I decide if the problem will not solve I will kill myself….
    please sir tell me which homeopathy medicine I use ……please sir????????
    send my mail…

  144. shakuntala ghongade says:

    I am suffering from heavy Sneezing and Running Nose headack any time suddenly irrespective of any season if i take any medicine by which i can sleep well at night it stops for a day .and again any time it may start, my age is 46 years Female. Pls suggest me medicine and how to take it

  145. Molly Harris says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I am sufferer img exactly as your write up about sneezing would you be so kind and tell me what I can
    Do to remedy this.
    Thanking you
    Molly Harris

  146. sir please suggest me the medicines regarding the allergic rhinitis

  147. satinder singh says:

    rainy nose and eye itching sneezing on daily in morning

  148. Sir,
    I am suffering from some sort of allergy that starts the very minute I wake up in the morning. First, I sneeze two or three times or at times more and then water starts dripping from my nose which is non stop till late in the afternoon. My eyes also get watery and itchy due to this thing.

    I have undergone sinus operation on my left nose . I was very happy after operation . No sneezing for 3 years . Now again suffering . When its peak i take Montek LC tablet .

    Same thing with my father and brothers . Please help me what is wrong with me and suggest some homeopathic medicine. Thank you.

  149. Hi sir

    i have allergy problem from last 10 to 15 years. i use to travel one state to other state. i have not left any treatment(e.g Homeopathy, elopathy, Ayurveda ) from my end. but temporary i got relief but after some day again its started.

    Mostly i face cold, running nose water, sneezing, and after some time if i don’t take any temporary medicine then along with that i started cough and breathing issue.

    please help me out any prescription so that wherever it happens i will take.


  150. P Tripathy says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am suffering from sneezing since last 16 months or so. Tried many medicines from different doctors. Both aelopathic and homeopathic. Though both of them have given me temporary relief, but non of them have given me permanent relief. I still suffer from sneezing at any time during day or night, continuous sneezing upto 9 to 12 times when it starts, nose blockage, itching of nose, itching of upper jaw etc. Please suggest me the exact medicine and dosage to get rid of this problem.

    Thank you

  151. Gopal Krishna Chaturvedi says:

    Dear-Dr Sharma

    My father is suffering from ellargy problem from long back and simtums is running nose like water for few days and as per his feed back they avoide dust
    kindly advoice us the treatment

    A-108 OPAL BDI Sun Shine City Bhiwadi Distric Alwar Rajasthan Pin 301019

    with due regards

    R.K. chaturvedi 8003070333

  152. Hello Sir,

    I have exactly the same nasal problem mentioned above and it only happens when I am in Mumbai and I suffer throughout the year. Doesn’t happen to me in Delhi. I had gone to Goa for 3 days last week and went through the same nose problem. And I can’t leave Mumbai because of work. What should I do? What medicine should I take and what dosage?

  153. Hello sir,
    I stay in dust for a long time now my mucus comes with blood

  154. Shashikant chaubey says:

    I am 46 Years old male. I have been suffering from nose blowing and sneezing since 10 years. I have consulted many doctors but did not get any relief. So I need a permanent solution for this problem

  155. Hello Sir,
    I am suffering from some sort of allergy that starts the very minute I wake up in the morning. First, I sneeze two or three times or at times more and then water starts dripping from my nose which is non stop till late in the afternoon. My eyes also get watery and itchy due to this thing. Please help me what is wrong with me and suggest some homeopathic medicine. Thank you.

  156. Mrs.Bindiya Konwar,Nakari,W-No.1,North Lakhimpjur,Dist.Lakhimpur,pin-787001,Assam,India says:

    D/Dr.Sarma , My daughter is about 20 years.suffering form like alergetic ecezima,dermetities,urticaia symptom.At first she is suffering from smal pox symptom on both leg and lower part of the body. first time she take homoeo pathic medicine mezerium,graphytis,urtica urence,apismel all are 200 potency and relief for about 5/6 days,After suddenly she feel itching with lot of heat and burning sensation over the neck,behind ears and abdomen and same times on the legs too .Than she take Alopathic medicine Teezin-10mg,clamist tablet and sodium fusidate ointment,Acyclovir ointment USP 5% w/w Herperax. After alopathy treatment she feel better only two days.After 2 days same condition over itching ,earitation burning sensation.So I cordially request you to prescribe the best homoeopathic medicine to my daughter for quick and permanent cure.

  157. Have cold after Dusting of house & remains for a long time. Madicine work for a small time then again problem continue

  158. sapna kumari says:

    Hello doctor… As you describe all the symptoms above very well, l am facing all the above from last 2-3 years and ignore them. But now it’s become permanent problem some time I can’t sleep due to all, my threat get dry and then I have to drink 2-3 glass of water. As I said that I ignored all the problems in starting…. Now my nose is very sensitive for temperature variation, perfume, pollution, and time I even can’t understand why it gets block. Please help me out from this…… Now its around 5-5:30 am, and m awakened by this problem. 🙁

  159. Hello Doctor,
    I would be very happy of you can let me know how I can cure itching throat permanently.




  161. sir meri nose or face par lips k upper itna irritition hota h ki jaise mirch lga di ho.nose or mouth dry ho jata h.muh k ander bhut hot lgta h plz hlp me.koi mere paas baithna psand nhi krta sbko smel aati h

  162. hello doctor. I hope you are fine out there..
    from the past three to four year i sneezed so much, the sneezing start any time or any day and then i sneezed around 30 to 40 times a day.. now this problem making a swear problem to me..
    my nostrils has block now a days all the time and any time of a day i start sneezing and sneeze too much.
    usually when i woke up in the morning my nostrils are blocked and suddenly i start sneezing and the same happened in the night..
    most of the time my one nostril is blocked but now a days my both nostrils are blocked..
    kindly help me with your advise

    • Veena Gambhir says:

      hello doctor. I hope you are fine and hope your advice will also be helping letting me fine,
      from the past three to four year i sneezed so much, the sneezing start any time or any day and then i sneezed around 30 to 40 times a day.. now this problem making a swear problem to me..
      my nostrils are not blocked but has eatching any time of a day i start sneezing and sneeze too much.
      usually after eatching in nosestills suddenly i start sneezing and the same happened at any time day and night. in any season.

      kindly help me with your advise

  163. Hello sir I have got a problem of skin allergy from last year as i got rashes in body for fee minutes then gone after it came in half hour . I got itching sometime in half hour in body or sometime at night can u tel me wt is the problem actually

  164. Avanish pandey says:

    Sir iam a 24 year old iam suffering from skin or wrtting desease which release histamine from my body which result into swolling of body where itching is going on, watery eyes itching in eyes heating of ears during bathing ,felling swallow rashes on whole body .it stops when I take antihistamine( catrizine tablet) just for 2-3 day .iam continuously suffering from 2.5 year .plzz help me out

  165. Sir bacche ki umr sade teen saal
    h.usko baar baar zukaaam hota h .Dr kahte h allergy h…Please koi upaaye bata De. ..

  166. dinesh sharma says:

    Sir i feel watering of nose and sneezing in changing seasons in September and August and also when winter approaches in the morning when I get up and when I touch cold water and also I feel irritation in nose eyes when I get contact with damped clothing or things that were stored from long time .

  167. Anubhav Sharma says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My 6 year old daughter sneezes several times in the morning as she wakes up. There is itch in her nose too. This problem is with her since one and a half year. She is under weight according to her age, 14.5 kg only and height approx 3 feet.

    Please help.


  168. Gada dhar chakrabarty says:

    Dear sir’ I have nose smelling since 3yrs .I did sinus surgery also but smel is till now.please help me.

  169. Good morning sir
    I have problem of continous sneezing and allergic problems last three years …..sir please suggest me.

  170. Hi dr,
    I wanted to consult about my son who sneezes a lot early in the morning.
    What is the right time to call you. Please provide your number.
    Thanks and regards
    Dr richa

  171. shilpee singh says:

    I have autumn allergy of cold.kindly help me

  172. Roshni rajoria says:

    Good afternoon doctor. Since last 3 days I have been suffering from sneezing and burning eyes. To be mentioned – my eyes are not watery. I even have tonsillitis. Please help.

  173. Jyoti Mishra says:

    Good morning Sir, your article seems to fit in 100% with my symptoms. I have to face problem of sneezing, running nose, headache and so on. Once I smell something hard or come across dust. At night around 2pm things become worst when suddenly I start to sneeze and thereafter night becomes miserable. I have been taking different set of medicine listed below.
    For my first treatment I was advised- Spongia, Antimtar, Pathos.
    For next month I was advised- Cortidenz 500, Pathos, Aspidosperma Q.
    After Next two months I was advised- Arsenic Album & Sulphur.
    Sir, there had been no improvement. Please help me to get rid off this situation.

  174. Dear sir
    I am rohit kumar from Bihar rural area I suffring to illness. Sir in head left side attached ear and eye are numb. And feel rounding , pen. I do not like eat food anything

  175. Parvinder Singh Negi says:

    Respected Dr sir, I am 53 years of age and suffering from continuously sneezing and running nose for the past 5-6 years. Sneezing starts in the morning most of the times and results in running nose continuously. please suggest me.
    parvinder singh negi
    Vill. Choling Po. miroo. Teh Nichar.
    Distt. Kinnaur HP. 172104

    91 9418857380
    91 9805120591

  176. Mahendra gupta says:

    I am 21 year old male. My problem is-constant runny nose which at times drips with continious water like discharge,watery and itchy eyes,frequent sneezing. Early morming attackes of sneezing are a very common.

  177. I am suffering from continously sneezing sometime and nose block sometimes. Sneezing starts once I come in contact with sudden cold (climate or touching fridge items). This is more in cold climate. AS SUN RISES OR on any sunny day I feel better. Early it was once then a month but since two months it is continuously happenings. Even at times not able to sleep due to nose block ( it happens more if I sleep.).

  178. sohail sheikh says:

    Hello sir…i have running nose from last 8 to 9 days and even citrazine is not working in that….I am not suffering with sneezing…but just running nose….I am so irritated with this….I will b highly thankful to you if you kindly suggest me a good medicine which gives relief from this running nose

  179. usha sharma says:

    I am 46 years old my problem NASAL ALLERGY bar bar Chike aana, nose se pani ki tarah nak bheta he itni chike aati he .

  180. Sir my son is 10 years old, 150cm height & 52 kg weight. He sneezes atleast 30 to 40 times in morning with contineous running nose. It reduces as day advances. What prevention we have to take & any other suggestions?

  181. I always have catarrh and sneezing in evenings and mornings. And its giving me serous concerns as it makes me uncomfortable affects my singing.

  182. Suraj Pal Singh says:

    Hellow Dr. Sharma, I am male aged about 38 years and suffering from sneezing, running nose and headache for past few years. I am taking levocetizine as prescribed by physician. But when I am not taking this medicine the conditions becomes as it is. Please tell me some homeopathy remedy for nose allergy.
    Thanking you,
    Yours sincerely,

  183. Sir, my mother is suffering from irritation in nose followed by sneezing problem & her body temperature changes suddenly with sweating. These all symptoms are irrespective to season . test can’t diagnose main reason of these symptoms. suggest some treatment………..

  184. Akhilesh Kumar Shukla says:

    Dear sir,
    My sister age 26 is suffering from cold with runny nose, sneezing, cough @ same time feeling headache also since last 1 year. This is more sevior during evening and morning.
    Please suggest some medicine also suggest what to do what not to do .
    Thank you very much.

  185. Bhawani Daty says:

    Sir, i am suffering from nasal allerg and again and again ssneezing. nose is
    always blowing. please suggest a suitable medicine or
    treatment to get a normal life. i will be very thankful to u
    for this.

  186. Sir, my mother is suffering from nasal allergy. nose is always blowing. please suggest a suitable medicine or treatment to get a normal life. i will be very thankful to u for this.

  187. Anil Khandelwal says:

    Hello Dr. I am Anil, age 52 years , i am suffering from nose allergy more then 10 years , its get worse in rainy season i use Otrivin spray and get relief for 12 hrs , symptoms are nose blocked frequently more during night hrs feeling breathing problem , runny nose . Please suggest treatment to permanently cure.

  188. hello
    im mantej 23.
    ive allergy that first starts from usually very very sour and itchy throat and sneezing can be like 100 times a day. now seems my nerves r somewhat weak. often suffer from high fever like 104-5 degrees. hope if u can suggest any medication

  189. Kiran Dhandale says:

    Hello Dr.
    My wife 40 yrs old suffers from nose allergy from long time- looks it’s genetics. She tried with allopathic and stops as it works only on temporary basis. But believes in homeopathic as it has shown results. Kindly suggest homeopathic medicine long term relief from this allergy.

  190. Hello Dr. I m Sarita, age 25 years , i am suffering from nose allergy since 8 years ,its get worse now, previously i use steroid spray now its doesnt work, symptoms are sneezing frequently more during night hrs , runny nose headache red itchy eyes, mainly occur during last august septmber and may june . Please suggest treatment to permanently cure this pr

  191. Dear dr , my eye left side is red colour and le quid formed in corners and in my nose also raining some chocked unble to breath properly ,my left side ear also itching . what happen sir

  192. nadim ayaz says:

    My eyes are itching whenever sniffling. It happens last 3 to 4 months. please recoomend some medicine.

  193. Hi! Dr . my daughter’s nose bone has increased ,due to this her her nosebflows 12 months .she is 14 years old

  194. bahadur singh says:

    Hello Sir,

    Myself Bahadur singh. my age is 38+ yrs. i am patient of Nasal allergy. i have problem of nasal allergy throughout the year but during rainy & Winter days. i can’t walk on floor without slippers. if i do ..sneezing & running nose starts. also sneezing when frying vegetables. i have allergy from Cold also. i have problem since 15+ yrs. past 2-3 yrs i was using steorid based nasal spray (Nezalast :Sun pharma) and i was feeling better. but since this july i allergy is worst and spray not working. please suggest. My mother was allergy patient. so My two sister also have allergy. it is just for your information.

    Is there way ti get fix it permanently? Please suggest. let me know if you need additonal information.

    Bahadur Singh

  195. Sushanth Reddy Lokasani says:

    Hello sir,

    My name is Sushanth Reddy L.
    My mother age is 50.
    Her health is getting weak day by day. She had sneezing problem all her life. At this age it is even more.
    Doctors suggested her to eat egg, vegetables, fruits etc.
    She is losing her weight and becoming weak.

    Please suggest me sir, what should i do so that my mom will become healthy.

  196. vir virendra kumar says:

    Dear sir,
    I’ m 30 yrs old male and i have problem sneezing and running nose and watery eye when whether change and mostly in Rainy & winter season and dust,fragrence or frying vegetables.
    So kindly help

    Thanks & Regards
    Vir virendra kumar

  197. NR JAGANATHAN says:

    Doctor I am NR Jaganathan suffering from continuous sneezing, running of the nose redness of the eyes. This happens only during the monsoon season from July to September every year. I have been suffering from this problem since last 5-6 years and have taken homeopathic medicine and ayurvedic and allopathic medicine prescibed by the local doctors but have no relief. Please suggest on line what is the homeopathic medicine to be used to get permanent relief from the. I suppose the homeopathic medicines you advice should be available locally in secunderabad/hyderabad.

    Thanking you in advance

  198. Abhishek says:

    Hi Dr Sharma.
    My wife is having a problem of choking nose and continues sneezing usually in rainy season. And when she starts sneezing..her nose starts running like water.
    Please suggest the treatment.

    • Vivek kunar says:

      Dear sir
      I am 32year old male and I have problem of sneezing and running nose and watry eye when whether change and mostly in rainy season.and dust and fragrance ,frying help.
      Vivek kumar

      • Hi dr m sadia,i take homeopathy treatment 6 month and felt relief bt in changing weather again m facing nasel allergy pb,can I use nosetone capsule anD teucream nasel drops in emergency bt here is pb when I take that capsule constipation pb occurs..

  199. jaya chandra reddy says:

    Dr my allergy is iam doing hard work and work in sun times total body appeared some times small small allergy .please give him answer in please help

  200. Dear Doctor
    Im suffering from Allergic sneezing and severe runny nose in the day and blocked nose at night from several years. Problems get worse on exposure to dust and change in weather . Please suggest a good remedy . I’m unable to study due to this problem . Request your help .

  201. Friday Thompson says:

    Dr. Sharma
    My is about 7 years Old but since One year Old has been experiencing adenoids .We have visited Hospitals and ENT and got an option of Surgery but we don’t go by that recommendation.Breathimg through the mouth and snoring and also Congestion both in the Nose and lungs is what he is currently experiencing now,the teeth is bad sharp and he complains od headache and jaw pains.we have also use antibiotics since age one but no solution .Please, what best medecine can be use for treatment.Advise correctly.its Urgent. Thank you Dr..


    Dear Sir,

    i am suffering from sneezing problem in the morning with runny water nose.
    some time 20 time conscientiously sneezing . aslo i fell some unconcious in breathing this time.

    pl give ur suggestion and medication to avoid this or heal this allergy.

  203. NR JAGANATHAN says:

    Sir ,

    Every rainy season from July to Sept I am suffering from continuous sneezing, running nose, redness of eyes and itchy. This has been there since last 10 years. I am taking Homeopathy medicine from a local Doctor, but it is only giving me temporary relief. Please suggest a Homeopathic medicine which will give me a lasting relief forever, for which I shall be grateful.

  204. BHARAT THAKUR says:

    Dear doctor,I am suffering from allergic rhinitis for last 35-40 years.once in every week I suffer from sneezing and running nose like water tap and trouble in breathing. I have tried many medicines but it could not be controlled.I am 51 years old is therefore requested to suggest me medicines to cure the disease permanently.
    Thanking you.

  205. Hi Doctor. My wife has developed this habit of making
    Some nasal hissing sounds every minute. It had been about two years now and any ENT hospital we have visited they tell us it’s allergy and it’s creating inconvenience for her even at her work place and among people. What can she do about it.

  206. Hi dr sharma, I have been having nasal congestion for the past 15years and its becoming disturbing and embarrassing, especially on a date, waking up in the morning, having scratches at the roof between my throat and mouth, it relieves me only after taking medicine and van start the next day , been this way for Years, if there’s an operation for it lemme know bcos I don’t want to experience this again ..Thanks from Nigeria…

  207. Ryan Penchuk says:

    Hi Doctor dharma…I wake up early caused by a runny nose first like I turn it off then I step outside for my ritual sneeze attacks, the roof of my mouth is itchy can’t get back to sleep until it all calms down. By that time I have missed a couple hours of sleep tired all day anda s complete grump please help me please

  208. Sukhvinder Singh says:

    From Sukhvinder Singh,

    I am suffering from running nose & itching eyes from so many years particularly in rainy season. Please suggest me how to get rid of this problem.

    thanking you Sir

  209. Mr Harish bondade says:

    I am suffering from so many many years continuous sneeze per day it may go to twenty to thirty times but running nose cold in eyes water itching in eyes & to much problem in going outside for work & some itching or smel to nose comes means god only nw my problem sir pls help me from this permanently
    Thanking you sir

    Mr Harish bondade
    Davangere Karnataka
    Service & sales Engineer for Medical equipments

  210. My son who is 7 yrs is suffering form running nose and continuous sneezing during season changes and winter. he is suffering from excessive sweating when he plays or runs for even 5 minutes. during statrting of winter i.e Oct end he started having breathing problems like even after 3,4 min running he is heaving breathing problem, cough. his father is also allergic due to weather changes.
    During this season when temperature has dipped a bit, he is daily having sneezing problem in the middle of night or early morning say 4 am. Please suggest a remedy for him, to get solution for this.

  211. dipjyoti says:

    hlw….sir.i have been seenzing and itshy my eye anytime.sir wht should i do to recover permanently.sir i have used allopathic medicine but i could not recover’s became very difficult for me 2 live.when the weather is bad or rainy i become more sneezing and my eye became for itchy.plz help me sir…..

  212. Hi Dr. I have been sneezing with an itchy and watery eyes and nose for the past 6 to 7 years. The sneezing comes anytime it can night and I have just been woken up, it is 03:48 AM. Ghana -West African time, I have been to hospital countless times for this reason but no any solution. Please I need help. My regards

  213. vivek gawandi says:

    sir i hv synus problem since my childhood n my nose running continuously 12 months
    few years ago i hd gone to the doctor at government hospital. He sow my nose x ray which was normal as pre him, and he told me that i am suffering from alergy n he gave me 1 momeflow nusal spray n some tablets n told me to cum back after 3 months
    after finishing my medicines again my nose started giving same problem n i told doctor about the fact
    n he advised me to keep using that momeflow nasal spray whanever i starts getting said problem. but still now if i stop using that momeflow nusal spray my nose starts running.
    sir can u give me any treatment or medicine so that i can recover from this illness permanently ?
    plzz help me

  214. asif kulabawala says:

    dr i am suffering from many years plz help

  215. ghanshyam kela says:

    from last 10-15 days , i am suffering from cold. Early morning attacks of sneezing is very often.
    i used some cold medicine . bur no effect. i think i have nasal allergy. sir. guide me what to do and which medicine course i have to take ?
    name -ghanshyam kela
    surat, 8890603083

    • Asif Kamal says:

      Hello sir, myself dr kamal …my little sister suffering from allergic rhinitis, sinusitis ,bronchitis…occational asthamatic attack..but dailly problem is rhinitis…allopathic medicine are not responding good to her..please give me a suggetion to combat allergic rhinitis and sinusitis…thanking u…

  216. ghanshyam kela says:

    from last 10-15 days , i am suffering from cold. Early morning attacks of sneezing is very often.
    i used some cold medicine . bur no effect. i think i have nasal allergy. sir. guide me what to do and which medicine course i have to take ?

  217. Amjed hussain says:

    hello sir Dr sharma
    please help me and treat my disease

    my name Amjed hussain
    age 25 year
    sex male
    problems sneezing nose most of time and burning eyes and eye colour red and also throught dry

    please sir suggest me

  218. Anwarulhaq Khan says:

    Hi Doctor,
    My name is Anwarulhaq Khan and I am based in Dubai. I have same problem as mention in your above article for Sneezing. Its continues sneezing at a time more than 10 with running nose. Usually this happens to me when I am expose to a sudden change in Temperature. Nose get really itchy and due to heavy sneezing i get a heavy head feeeling something headeach. I feel really itchy in eyes as well.
    I have this issue for past 1.5 to 2 Years. First i visisted a GP in Dubai she conducted some test and prescribed me a small Tablet for allergy, one Nose Drope and one eye drop. I used all these medication for 9 months and during that everything was well controlled.
    However once I stoped I am getting this problem back and I am really suffering for last 3 to 4 months.
    I have the option to go back to my previous medication, however I really don’t see this as solving my problem but just to control it.
    I need your assistance regarding this. I heard that Homeopathic is a better option to kill this kind of deficiency.
    Before I conclude I have high BP and I take one Tablet every morning. My Mother and Father both are sugar patients. Father has Asthma problem.
    I Look forward to hear from you.

    Thanks & Regards.
    Anwarulhaq Khan

  219. RAJJAN SHARMA says:

    i am 62 years young man. for last 4 years i am suffering from nose congestion sneezing nose and eyes watering heavyness in forehead specially when i move from cold room to outer hot place .i have taken medicines of all pathy but yet not cured.the problem starts from mid febuary and cured nov end automatically. i worked at the age of 58 in varied temperature for atm cash replenishing
    pl advice
    thanking you

  220. sangeetha says:

    Hello Dr Vikas,

    My son is 4 years old.From the last 6 months he is having continous cold later leading to respiratory ailments like coughing ,wheezing etc.He dont have a runny nose but his nose is blocked and at times i could c the yellow sticky mucus inside .When he wakes up in the morning he is contionously sneezing which will be fine after some time.Always spitting phlegm which is clear to light yellow in colour. Suddenly it will turn in to wheezing with chest congestion on next day. Mostly he wont have cough.He also use to have fever with no other symptoms
    Most of the days he is sick .i would like to know whether homeopathy can cure this.V stay in dubai.
    Please advice.
    Thanks in Advance

  221. I recently after 6 to 8 mths sudden dozen sneezes loudly with tickling sensation inside and out nostrils runny ose dripping and sudden after that nose blocks even drops do not goinside help me till i take lucotas fx or allerga okay help me i have acidity also lot due to this sneezing and my nose also looks swollen sometime and due to that got virtigo lately help me

  222. I recently after 6 to 8 mths sudden dozen sneezes lodly with tickling sensation inside and out nostrils runny ose dripping and sudden after that nose blocks even drops do not goinside help me till i take lucotas fx or allerga okay help me i have acidity also lot

  223. Sangay Dema says:

    Hello sir,
    I am Sangay, 23 Years old. I am suffering with same kind of nasal allergy mentioned. To me it happens more when ever I go out in the sun. I get those symptoms right after I go out in sun and it lasts for more than a day. I don’t know what the problem is and i am not sure how I should do with it. So please suggest me some help…
    Thank you sir.

  224. shailendra patel says:

    Hello sir.
    I am shailendra patel, male, 28 years old.
    I am suffering with some kind of nasal allergies with all these symptoms mentioned above.
    But this happens to me all year round, not specifically in Autumn. And the reason is whenever i sleep in front of cooler or in front of direct air(chilled air) . When i drink colddrinks or any drink with ice.

    I have to be very cautious with all these to avoid this allergy. But it is quite hard to avoid cold drinks and air conditions in India. Please suggest me some help.
    Thanks in advance.

  225. tanveer hamid says:

    Sir i am very disturbed with this running nose watering eyes little bit of itching when i wakeup in morning and sometimes in full day

  226. Prodip roy says:

    My all body and eay, handes or lage are so many pain full .like that ,my all bodyes has ben given fiere .so pllice tall me what is this.

  227. Dr. Saheb,
    Good Afternoon

    For the last 15-20 days I am very much upset with itching in nose and after that sneezing continuously. For the last 2-3 days I have started Agraphis Nutans 30 10 drops in warm water 2 or three time and got some relief. But yesterday i could not take the medicine & have the problem. Today again I have the medicine and got relief. Please suggest me how many times & how long i should take this medicine. This medicine is O.K or not for this disease pl.

  228. Albin sebastian says:

    hello sir ,
    Iam Albin 24 years old from kerala. Suffering from alergies and cold. its
    start from my childhood. a lot of medicines used by these years,
    sir , please help me for prevent the allergy.

  229. Geeta Bharat Tolani says:

    I have this same problem from last 3 months I’m fade up of taking medicine’s please help me to get right treatment for continued sneezing, runny nose , throat pain, headache, itchy eyes, nose dripping, itching in nose palet

  230. Shiana Shrestha says:

    I am having throat infection since last 3 months. I have been to 4 dictors and tried different medicines. I have already tried ayurvedic medicine as well. I get a lot of mucus and whenever I eat something there is so much mucus in my throat. I keep coughing. What should I do? Shall I go for the cold foods because my mom says that the itching may be because of too much of warm foids like honey ginger etc which i kept eating to cure my cough?

  231. Faisal Aftab says:

    Dear Dr. Sharman
    I have been having this kind of problem since last 3 years and it has increased in last two years I face this problem almost thrice a week sudden sneezing continues dripping of water from the nose watery eyes weakness fatigue etc. Last year I started to take homeopathy medicine from Prof. Dr. Sukhwant Singh but till now my problem has not been cured so Dr. Please advise me what to do.

  232. Davinder Pal Singh says:

    Watery nose always …. dripping a lot and continuous mucous in the throat thru the day.. at times sudden bouts of sneezing also.. Pls advise some good homeo cure SIR …

  233. Rupali Jadhav says:

    hello sir,
    my body is 24 hrs very hot that’s why I feel uncomfortable. when I has hand shake to anyone they told me o my god u are very hot n some people told me u have fever,.
    what can I do? plz tell me solution.

  234. Rajesh kumar says:

    Dear sir
    i am always getting itchy at my nose and getting sneeze a dozens of time in a day, Basically i am from rajasthan whenever i am going out of rajasthan i am getting such kind of problem.Please sir tell me what should i do to come out from this problem.

  235. Abhishek Singh says:

    my mom suffering from this disease but when she took course of medicine itching cause in whole body and doctors are unable to cure kindly please suggest me what to do?

    Thank You

  236. Kamal Shrestha says:


    I have read this article and believed that it will help out of my troubling things. When I wake up in the morning it is very hard to think my life as normal. sneeze and sneeze in high sound, runny noses. I am allergic from Fan, AC, dust particles, etc. It has been for 5 /6 year. Sometimes I manage to out of these things. But Now its suffering too much.

    Which homeopathic medicine will fight to control my allergy. In these days so it is very hard to stay without fan and AC. Only air from fan or AC catch my nose to run.

    Thanking you in advance.
    Hope you will advise me on this.

    Best Regards

    • aditi agrawal says:

      Watery nose always …. dripping a lot and continuous mucous in the throat thru the day.. at times sudden bouts of sneezing also. Sneezing starts by smelling flowers or perfumes, paint smell, or even in kitchen. Any type of smell cause me sneeze and watery nose with headache(if smell continues for long time). I have this problem from last 12 years. I am 24 years old.. I am allergic to AC as well. Sir please suggest me the medicine, i am suffering from this problem..its too irritating n embarrassing. Thank u in advance.

  237. roshan chhetri says:

    sir mere sath ye problem hai jab mai morning mai jagta hu tabi mere nose se paani nikana aur khujli hona ye mere sath 2 years se ho rha kai dr. ko dikha chuka hu thik bi hua hai phir dobara ho jata hai sir plz sir medicine batay kafi problem ho rhe hai

  238. biswajit das says:

    Sir ,i am 31years old .last 8motnt i am suffering the same problem everyday.sneezing,sore throat ,cough,please give me a solloution soon.i had diffrent kind of antibaotik and syrup but no result geting yet .please sir i am looking your kindness very soon.

  239. Charu Gupta says:

    Dear Sir,

    This is regarding my son who is 10+. He has a persistent sneezing problem in mornings accompanied by blocked nose. He is alright during the day.

    Charu Gupta

  240. Pinky Masigo says:

    Hey doctor..I frequently have runny,wetery mucus at any time everyday,I sneeze when smelling powerful smells like those of perfumes,I sometimes feel dizzy after sneezing

  241. Hi I’m suffering allergies since 5 yes. I did all medicines. Specially red chilly and English medicin gets reaction to my body. Pls advise any medicine

  242. Dear,

    i have a extreme nasal allergy problem and i already have two surgeries of nasal polyps place is it possible i can can you your medicine in saudi arabia or by shipment

  243. sajan k b says:

    Sir my nose get blocked very frequently and i have also eching problem.i am using otrivin spray two or three times a give a solution due to nose block and iching i have breathing problem due to this i get less sleep .due to less sleep in night i have no intrest in work pl give me a solution sir

  244. Priyanka choudhary says:

    Sir I am 25 year old leaving in ahmedabad. From 5 to 6 years I’m facing allergy prob in my nose. I just got irritated now of this. I am not getting the permant Sol to remove it of my body. Any where i am not feeling comfortable because of this. Eyes itching ,throat itching because of cough also started. Morning sneeging , then whole day either nose will be block or flow in the form of water. And under the sun when I will be outside the home nose will be .k. When suddenly I will go outside again sneeging start .in winter I get made because of this whole day nose blocks. I am working girl and feeling very amberising plz suggest me the permanent Sol.

  245. kanzariya jagdish says:

    sir my problem….is….watery discharge come from…nose during early morning and…few time in a day and when i take cpm tablet it reduce for few day and again it become profuse what is problm and give me a treatment plz..

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  247. Sir I also facing same alergy pb last 15 years m mch upset due to sneezing watery eyes nose and headache pain in eyes continuous hairfal,nw due to alergy sufering anxiety,plz guide me

  248. suman bedi says:

    I am suffering from seasonal ellergy from 8 year after sneezing coughing ashtma type problem occur aise lagta hai jaise oxygen nahi mom rahi saans lene me problem hoti hai

  249. Ramesh pathak says:

    sir my age is 33 yrs.suffering from throat irretatiton about 5-6years. plz help

  250. sudipta pal says:

    hello sir,
    my wife aged 33 yrs is suffering from severe sneezing since the age of 14 ,15 yrs of age. also sometimes she have swollen throat n headache. plz help.

    • Siju varghese says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma
      About 8 months ago I used an anti hair fall ayurvedic oi, after 2 week I found some allergic symptoms of sneezing and running nose, immediately I stopped it, but after that the things starts getting worst and I consulted several physicians and all of them gave me tablets, nasal sprays also twice I took antibiotics as a course of 5 each, while I am taking the allergic tablets I will get some relief once it finished the symptoms will start, I am working here in Dubai so it’s very difficult for me to concentrate in my job, so kindly advice me a better treatment to cure this.
      Thank you
      Siju Varghese

  251. Sir..
    My 7 yrs daughter had continuous squeezing in early morning when I wake up from bed . Please help and suggest to get relief from that.

  252. Hello sir
    mera problem ye h ki mere naak se pus bhut km ata h kavi kavi naak m pani jsa liquid chipchipa hota h … Asa lgta mere naak ke anDr kch h par jb me use nikalne k baad v nhi nikalta h .. And, nakk k paas, and eye k pass pain krta,h … Mjhe to dr lgta h kiis,se,mere, eye sight pr to nuksan hoga kYa… Ar han headache v hota h…

  253. Sir..
    I had continuous squeezing in early morning when I wake up from bed for the last 8 months. Please help and suggest to get relief from that.

  254. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My son aged 14 years is suffering from nasal allergies that cause running nose and sneezing on a off and on basis, more prominent during change of weather.

    Please advise if Ambrosia will be right cure for him, considering his age. Also please suggest if there is any other more prominent treatment.



  255. sandhya sharma says:

    hellow docter . my husband ellergy problem.he has averytime cough and cold plaease help me docter…….

  256. Makhosi purity luthuli says:

    Hellow doctor i hv an ear infection since i was 4years old and now i am 21years there is a yellow fluid that comes out,but i have been going to hospitals they recommend me to go for a surgery,,please help me how dengerous is it?

    • Prince Artuhr says:

      My niece used to discharge some yellowish fluid from the ear canal over and over in Ghana. I used a medicine called TCP. Instilled into the ears and it disappeared within two days.

  257. Hello doctor

    I got thick vaccume in my right ear and sometimes it becomes a problem in hearing too .. please help me out how to remove this thick vaccum stucked into my ear ..
    Could you please send me the clinic address so that i can visit for check up

  258. vijay dubey says:

    My wife full body allergy problem inchy reset I don no kyu plz tell the answer

    • Prince Artuhr says:

      My niece used to discharge some yellowish fluid from the ear canal over and over in Ghana. I used a medicine called TCP. Instilled into the ears and it disappeared within two days.

    • Prince Artuhr says:

      Please had this problem before non stop whole body itching. No medication cured me. Stop bathing excessively hot water. Use aveeno soap the liquid and the cream i bet with one week you would be set free.

      • Mamta aggarwal says:

        Hello Sir
        my four years daughter is suffering from this problem.she is always getting sneeze all the time.she is also facing itchy nose,watery eyes,blocked nose.Sir plz give me solution .

  259. deepak chopra says:

    R.SIR-I M sneezing dozens of time in a day? nose dripping like water from a tap? getting itchy and watery eyes and all of this has been there since the last few month?i now iam suffering from seasonal allergic rhinitis or autumn allergy. i am taking a medicine allegra-m what that is not the solution which dr advice to take one daily but the problem is same again. pl suggest what will i do .hopw you revert us

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  262. roof of mouth always itchy, keep sneezing, pressure right hand side of head, and it’s making my top back molar on right handside give of constant pressure. . teeth are not sore, just the pressure is very annoying and aches

  263. Sachin Kumar Aggarwal says:


    I am suffering from continue sneezing and get cold and cough for some time. I have used homeopathy medicine but this problem is not solve. I am knowing that complete medicine course for this. Please advise me for this problem. I am badly suffering from this.

  264. Davider pal singh says:

    Dear Dr.
    I find water nose when i wake up inthe morning. Some time but not always, sneezing is there. After every meal this occurs, I find my eyes sometime watery also I took four strips of CETCIP, 2 tb daily but of no use.
    Please. advise. me an effective remedy, ofcours.e homeopa.thy.
    Dave kohli, delhi

  265. ABDUL-RAHAMAN ALI says:

    I have itchy, running nose and sneeze through out the day especially at cold eyes also itch. Any help.

  266. Doc m suffering from frequent nd sequential sneezing along with watery eyes and itchy nose.there is continuous watery discharge from my nose …sir what should i do…which medicine i should look for?

  267. Gurlal singh says:

    4 year baby allergic cough and dry cough and lugs week

    • sunaina thakur says:

      Hey sir .! I m suffering from paining in eyes while using phone sequential sneezing along with watery eyes and itchy in eyes … So pls can uh suggest me what I do … Sir pls

  268. saina chaudhary says:

    My 4 years daughter had allergic rhinitis when she was 2 years old.she got coughing bouts several times in a day.she was put on sangunaria 30 n cal carb 30 alternate every 2 hours.she got completely cured by the age of 3.right now she is 4 and a half years old .she got a cold and cough viral infection this january 2016.gave her many homeopathic medicines but still the cough is not seems to be the old cough that use to come when she was 2 years old.

  269. ugyen wangmo says:

    since last week i am suffer from itching nose and getting red on tip of the nose
    any suggestions to prevent these at home

  270. I suffered from typhoid last year around may .after that I have no idea what happened but I keep on sneezing throughout the day .I have a crawling sensation in my nose (right nostril mostly) and also feel pressure in my nose .may be this has nothing to do with typhoid .please tell me some permanent cure for this as this has been a hell like situation

  271. Sir from last 6-7 month i am in a problem of Sneeging in morning & night even cold like water flowing.i am taking medicine allegra-M than it will be control but this is not the solution some dr told to take this medicine daily but what exactly we have nobody describe. Dr sharma i just saw your ads want a reply wat will i do and how this problem cures.hope you revert us. Getting itchy and watery eyes and all of this has been there since the last 6 months
    thanking you

  272. PYARE LAL GUPTA says:

    Dear Sir,

    At every climate changed i faced cold and water coming from nose. so pl suggest us how can solve this problem.09818854639

  273. I have chronic cold from 6 years onwars. when i use tablet that time it will be relief and it will start within 2 days. when attacks the cold these symptoms will be present(sneezing, itchy eyes, nasal congestion)
    i m suffering with these. please guide me proper treatment.

  274. Sir I was suffered with sneeze last one month .it continuous sneeze sir I don’t know why this will occur . daily I think I sneeze atleat 50 times .I am really strongly suffers with this sneeze tell me best solutions

  275. Imteyaz warsi says:

    2 to 3 months ago,i suffer frequent sneezing problem but in winter this problem is vanish.But nowadys I suffering again this problem.So please tell me about what is casued?

  276. Mary Patricia turner says:

    My nostrils have been causing a problem for weeks now,left nostril more so than the right.My nasal drip is green mucus,left nostril runs like a tap,the inside of nostril is hard & crusty & feels as if it’s burnt by the fluids also painful.
    Had these problems for years & is e cause of a lot of my chest problems ,as I suffer from cold.
    I’ve got nasal sprays but nothing seems to work,glad of any help you can give.thank you.

  277. MAwais Bilal says:

    Hello Sir. I hope u will be all right sir I have a problem I m feeling dust in nose during respiration while respiration through mouth is good and I have also pain and reddish eyes from 3 months . what’s problem with me…plz give me solution for that

  278. Mercy Burton says:

    Suffering year round from continuous sneezing, clear fluid from nostrils, more irritation in the left nostril, fluid flows like a tap and I have to use any amount of tissues to blow nose continuously.
    Left nostril is very sensitive to touch, sometimes owing to continuous blowing the nose there is pain and swelling in left nostril, below the bridge.

    What is the cause I cannot tell as I have been to several doctors, taken facial x-rays, medication
    to no effect. The non-stop sneezing and flowing of clear liquid continues and it is very irritating
    as I have to have tissues and handkerchiefs at hand to blow my nose,

    Can you, Dr. Sharma suggest any type of Homeopathy medicine that will completely cure this ailment as I have this running and blowing of my nose.

    Awaitng your early response.

    With best regards.

  279. snizing nose blocking

  280. gulshan kumar says:

    hello sir,
    i was suffering from ear problem last year.
    symptoms- itching, inflamation sensation, fluid discharge. ringing sound in my ear. it was cured but again problem started..
    now suffering from- ringing sound in my ear, somtime itching. feeling watery inside sometime.
    please suggest some medicine

  281. Daadi Edward says:

    My daughter’s nostrils get blocked every midnight during hama tan season. How can we avoid it?

  282. Eunice Bruce says:

    I am very itchy in my inner ears, eyes, throat, nose, roof of my mouth, throat, inside my head and the facial area around the cheeks. This comes with severe facial swelling, pain, tingling and numbness of the face. The swelling affects the facial nerve. I was recently ordered to stop using cortisone based nasal sprays (due to long term side effects) and was prescribed Zyrtec but it is not working. This is driving me crazy. The symptoms are worse at night and I can’t get any sleep. My nose is blocked, got the sniffles non stop, sneezing too plus headaches and breathlessness. I am itchy and irritable 24hrs. I have also tried most home remedies but non effective. What should I do please

  283. sudhir bhakta says:

    fluid flows through my nose when I’m asleep!! my nose and throat become dry and I feel liquid in lungs!! what shall I do ???

  284. patience ndlovu says:

    doctor plz help me for my son’ s sake l tried all l have but doesn’t stop running

  285. narsimha goud says:

    hello sir.. my age is 18
    iam suffering from allergy since 1 month it doesn’t cure any medicine plz can you suggest me sir

    • Hi Sir, I am 24 year old girl and I’m suffering from nasal allergy since last 2 years.i am a working it become very irritating. can you insist me any home remedies for this nasal allergy? Please mail as aoon as possible.

      Thank you

  286. Doctor I am 24 ywar old girl and I’m suffering from nasal allergy since from 15 days can you insist me any home remedies for this nasal allergy? Please mail as aoon as possible.

    Thank you

  287. Hello sir I am suffering from brething problems and i couldn’t breth for two months. I have taken medicine but no use stil i have the problem specialy during night time sir please do need ful as soon as possible. Thank you sir. By selin.from tamilnadu.

  288. Hello sir,
    I am suffering from liver problem, from last 15years.I have to go toilet minimum 2 times a day,once in morning and another in evening at 4-6p.m .due to his problem I can’t able towork full day at stretch.I am not having any gastic problem.
    Kindly advise my why this happens and remedy.


  289. Khushpal Singh Chauhan says:

    Good day sir,
    I have exactly this problem from last 20 years, right now i am 25 year old. The above description is 100% explaining my problem, because of this problem many times my body temperature varies, sometimes i feel cold and some time hot even though the outside temperature is very low, sir i am living on form house in Rajasthan. Right now i am totally exhausted, i can’t even sleep, please tell me what to do, i am so tired. But one thing is very diffrent if i work hard 2hrs in morning and 2hrs in evening then that day i don’t have any problem, but one day gap again same problem, this is nit life time solution. please reply ASAP.
    Thank you

  290. The main symptoms produced by seasonal allergy like autumn allergy are- having a constant runny nose which at times drips with a continuous water like discharge , watery and itchy eyes, frequent sneezing, itching in the nose roof of the mouth.At times cough; pain and pressure in face may also be present. The unpredictable timing of the symptoms is a very troublesome part of this disease. The sneezing can start anytime. The patient may have to wake up in the middle of the night due to sudden sneezing and dripping. Early morning attacks of sneezing are a very common feature of this kind of allergy

  291. Dear doctor,

    My son aged 18 years is having cold and his nose is blocked. We showed to doctors here and they say there is a nose bone which has grown which is blocking and hence he is not able to blow his nose. One doctor said some surgery has to be conducted.

    but now he is preparing for his entrance examination and 12th boards and I do not want to disturb him. but his cold does not go away and this is worrying me very much. Kindly suggest homeopathic or allopathic medicine for him for the cold. I would be very grateful to you.

    Thanking you in anticipation,


  292. Dear sir,
    My sister before 15 yrs she fall on 1 st floor after that her face left side only don’t work even she can’t smile or when she smile her lip go only right sid not to both side. N her eyes left side is not close proper like right sides eyes.

    A doctor say that when she fall on floor her face bone n muskles are damaged that was it all happened. The doctor can’t take this case becoz it risky for her they asked my father to when we r doing operation d Chance to she can’t hear Voice in left side ear

    Plz doctor suggest some positive treatment for her

  293. Sir i have sneezing , water eyes ,running nose ,stuffy nose problem from last 2 3 years .please suggest me. Mobile 8447574442

  294. abdul rasheed says:

    Dr I have nasal alergie .in this condition very difficult situation expcially this increasing wheather changes.I am suffering from ten years.I saw difrent Ent specialists and Ayurveda .But I didn’t got any this now iam suffering from more tention also .now I am in sharjah use.I am India Kerala Trissur vadakkekad .what will do doctor pls help me tell me pls ur valuable suggestions and advice treatments etc…

  295. raashi jain says:

    Sinus infection with feeling of dizziness and mucus in theoat and acidity problem from last 20 days.

  296. Sir, how are you, ur hearth, ur family. I hope all is well. Sir I have been having this kind of problem for a very long time, Which I’ve tried look for the solution in here. Sir its about this sneezing stuff of a thing but it does go and come. Each time I sneeze a rushing mucus Will fly out of my nostril and then water comes out of my eyes. That is how it use to happe
    n to me sir. Hope to here from you sir. Thanks

  297. Srijana rajopadhyaya says:

    Hello sir!!! I am suffering from sneezing .How to get free from allergy heavy nosal discharge. I am taking fexofenadine 180mg.

  298. Hello,
    I am having serious hitches on my throat which is making me to produce spectrum. I am feeling something like particles/ dust in my throat as well; in fact it has turn to caught which is now making me to feel uncomfortable(its even embarrassing me)
    I will be so glad if a rapid,reliable & affordable solution can be given without any side effect.

    Thanks in anticipation.
    BB PIN: 58A171AA
    Lagos, Nigeria.

  299. Nitesh srivastava says:

    Hello Dr. sharma,
    I am suffering for last one month sneezing one month and I am asthamatic patient when wether changes I start sneezing and this time its one month. I want to get rid of this I also.have aproblem with dust which is lying on any thing.


  300. Advocate Shahanaj Akter says:

    I am Bangladeshi. I want to your and chamber’s address and ur visiting time.

  301. albert costa says:

    Dear Sir
    I m suffering from cold allergy for last 4 months. My nose are closed and it is dry nose. Some times my ear become closed. Sometime a little blood comes to my finger if I put it inside my nose but not always. If I apply drop of saline water then I get little comfort. My age is 53 and I am male. This is the first time I am having this kind of bad condition. I checked with ENT doctor and he told me that I have no ENT problem. I can not stay in any heating room during winter and dry weather. I had IVS diearia problem before. Stress is my other problem. I need to get my normal life back.

  302. ranjeet kaur says:

    Hi sir
    I start sneezing any time during day and night and feel itchiness in eyes n nose. Continuous sneezing with running n sometime stuffy nose is the problem. Please help me

  303. I am 18 year boy i have continous nose running and sneeuzing.A doctor suggest me cilpa montair fx tabelt. But after using it I am very weak… Is thier is an side effect for it..

  304. my daughter is 14 months old and has repeatedly had blocked noses and every time her eyes will change and become e watery and they look a little brown….please help me

  305. Sir my nearest one is suffering from sneezing as soon as he rest his foot on floor in all seasons especially in morning.he is 12 years old.he also suffering from mild cough and he cant expell cough ratteling noise during sleep.kindly guide me how can i help him.

  306. Sir i m suffering from sneezing 100 times a day.. nose block and smtimes watery nose… itching in the nose and thraot evrytime is very common. I m very sensitive to dust smoke and fumes… i have taken the complete homeopathic treatment bt to no use…i also prescribed by the allopathic and ayurvedic but it begin again aftr the stoppage of treatment.. its being 4 years nw.. i m very frustated ..plz suggest me some medicines… i hv realy need of it . Thankx



  308. Hi,

    I have allergy related to sneezing and runny nose every morning.

    Can you suggest how to cater to that


  309. Parameswar patra says:

    Sir Ihave a sneezing always & in morning it becomes more time,water comes from my nose and eye. i m very suffring from this situation since 2years ago. This problem started from 2 years ago. Now I’m 26years old
    please tell how i reduce this problem.

  310. vishal jadhav says:

    sir,my eye is red ,what is the treatment of
    these problem , please help me

  311. zulfiqar ali says:

    dr. Sharma…
    two years ago about 30 honey bees were stung me. after that ,i often suffering from contnious sneezing and running nose severly …..plz help me

  312. rana mukherjee says:

    my two years old son and 12 years old daughter suffering from allergic rhinitis and its happend on whenever season change .

  313. hii
    dr. sharma
    i have a sneezing, itching, water comes from my nose. i m very suffring from this situation. This problem started from that time i was child & I fall down throw opposite of nose.
    please tell how i reduce this problem.

  314. Srijeeta Deb says:

    Intense sneezing after waking up from the bed ,no signs of ichiting and water doesn’t come out from the eyes . If sneezing starts it continues for at least two mins . I m facing this problem from last two yrs .Meanwhile I have also made absolute eosionophil count & I m a girl of 15yrs only .Can’t endure this any more ;if I don’t take medicine then the symptoms starts. Want to heal it though I have made allopathic treatment for last two yrs . I will be highly obliged if u go through my problem n suggests some immediate measures .
    . Thanking you!!!!!!

  315. Rakesh Srivastava says:

    Dear Sir,
    Write now we face this type of problems like sneezing dozens of time in a day? our nose dripping like water from a tap? getting itchy and watery eyes and all of this has been there since the last few days or weeks.

    Request you to please advice me what should I do in this situation for better Result.


    Respected Doctor, Sharma ji,

    Good Morning. iam a Dust and smoke allergic Patients. as the Season change i get the Asthmatic attack, i have Red, and Watery Nose with Sneezing sometime Block Nose whole Year. Kindly Give me advice how to treat my These Problem. Suggest me some anti allergic OR Anti Histamine in Homeopathic , I will Really be always grateful to you for your this Kindness. OR What treatment you Suggest me Doctor. Specially my nose is Running whole Year and if i have some anti allergic in Allopathy then this Give me a Day Time a lot of Sedation and it Hammer my Job. Pl Help me Doctor.

    Moble 08650866866

  317. Okoro Jane says:

    I do have running nose every morning when i wake up. How can i treat myself. Thanks in anticipation.

  318. I started this useless catarrh 5 days and taking some medicine, it reduced, but did not go completely, b’cos i sneeze almost all times, itching from upper level of my throat and watering in my nose for upto 3 weeks now, why ? Find solution to me now, please

  319. I started this useless catarrh 5 days and taking some medicine, it reduced, but did not go completely, b’cos i xneeze almost all times, itching from upper level of throat and watering in my nose for upto 3 weeks now, why ? Find solution to me now, please

  320. My daughter 17 years old (G.Vinodha), getting running nose and sneezing and red eyes with water fall from eyes frequently. We met Doctor and he gave a medicine LEPURE-M.
    If we stopped the same medicine, the above all problem will come immediately.

    Pl tell me allopathy or homeopathy treatment to be taken. Pl send medicines if possible after amount paid.


  321. r. saravanan says:

    Sir past 10 years I got an allergy symptoms like running nose, watery eyes, eitching eyes, cold, nosal block ,light breathing illness like wheezing.i go to take English medicine then I’ll cure some days then problem continued what can we do plz give remidial solution sir my father also got this problem my father age is 64 and my age is 35 sir

  322. swayam prakash says:

    sir in mid night during sleep my nose blokes and throat itches. And in morning nose blocks / chokes and sneezing for 2-3 hours..this occure more in winter morning… also in day time due to dust i sneez .sir plz give any suggestions ..

  323. ANIL KUMAR GUPTA says:

    Sir, when i wake up in morning i feel that my nose has blocked and i couldn’t breath properly and due to this problem my stomach get heavy and do not want to take breakfast and also cough problem and my meal dose is more in comparision to other but my health does not increas so please tell me sir what should i do

  324. Mohammed Abdullah Ghori says:

    Dear Doctor:
    Since 50 days I am suffering blocking of nose, but I started to take medicines before 35 days, and I finished antibiotic course two times, and nose drops daily taking, but now one side nose is blocking with hard waste, and also I am unable to feel smell also since 60 days. Doctor told me might be I need to do operation. Please advise me do I have to go for operation.

    History: I changed my accommodation after that this problem happened, actually the new accommodation is too dirty and always bad smell inside, but after one week my nose become block and I am not feeling any smell good or bad.

  325. Shreyas gurav says:

    Hi sir I m facing this problem from past years nasal congestion sneezing attacks in morning.itchy skin pls help with remedy.

  326. Hi.sir i m chandan….when i m going to sleep my nose are blocked….so its vry diffclt to take breathe….in the morning when i wake up i have sneezing problem and this makes me crazy…so if u suggest me some medicine or medication etc. I should ever thnkfull to u…plzzzzz

  327. Hi sir i am prakash 28 Years old i haveve a disease like allergy. For the past 9 years.first. sneeze will come continuously upto 30 Times. and running nose like water come from a tap,water come from a eyes ,tired. Then take a tablet running nose stopped then veezing will come and then take medicine. The disease stopped. I have used a spray medicine for nose and neb for veezibg problem has taken for . Years now i am not using these medicines but last one month i have lot of veezing problem and sneeze and running nose problem.what to do sir.kindly tell me what to there any way to cure this disease.and i have takened allopathy medicine for. The past 9years i got side effects also i have spend lot of money for this. We are poor please tell me what to do. I am waiting for ur reply sir.

  328. since 5 to 6 years I have nose conjunction problem at a time only one side nose will open and vice versa
    please suggest medicine

  329. Hello Dr I’m 31yrs old ,house wife.I have sneezing problem when I wake up in the morning I have this problem from past 16 yrs I took all medicine but not cured because of this problem I’m suffering a lot plz help me


    I am 28 Year Old And Working in Cement Plant .mujhe 12 month jukham rahata h nose se har time water ata rah ta h and chheenk bahut ati h

  331. Lalit kumar says:

    Hello dr
    I m lalit khatana from sohna gurgaon my problem I suferring dust allergy, cough come continually my mouth from nose last 12 year,cold ki samsaya hone pr problem bad jatti hai or cold bi baar baar hota rehta hai.I have consulted many doctors tried many medicine but no relief , I m very upset & depressed ,pls help

  332. hello sir my name is nose always block at night time it create problem in breathing so i want to cure it .please suggest treatment or any yoga exercise.

  333. Inder Mohan Singh says:

    Hello sir,
    I have been suffering from allergy from my 12th standard.
    I have consulted many doctors, tried many medicines but no relief as I am accompanied with sneezing wherever I go. I am 20 now. I have army medicals soon and very keen to join army. I don’t want to be rejected from the medicals board due to my runny nose. Now please help me with this problem and help me root out this problem from my body.

  334. mohammad mehraz says:

    Hi Dr.
    Hop all is well at yo end.
    Dr. my prob is i hv been sufferin from allergy ie sneezing contniously,itching of eyes and uppper side of tomgue since 15 years and now iam 31.from past a year its been bit more.i hav taken almost the medicines
    like telecast l,fm24,coecastle and many more which i even dont remember now.
    currently iam under treament by allergien specialist By name Dr sukesh rao who gives injections.its been almost 10 months but no improvement at all.
    sick n tired of this english allopathy..cuz once ua hav this medicine i feel hinders my job and daily routine too..
    thinkin of goin for homeopathy or ayurvedic. Dr
    wt you suggest me.. is it really curable??

  335. kadam sachin says:

    hello doctor,i am sachin kadam from (state)maharashtra(district)parabhani-i have suffered from following symptoms from somevdays-
    1)at morning and night time continue sneezing ,watery fluid comes from eyes for few time,after this in between one week this problem continue at night and mornig time&in between this week one day is contnue this problem at all day.
    so sir i have ask to you what is this?&which treatment i shall get for cure this ptoblem?,,,

  336. Gopal airan says:

    Hello doctor, i have blood ige level of 900. Iam suffering from atopic dermatitis, asthama and sneezing occasionally through out te year. What should i do with the help of homeopathy ?

  337. shibly shamsi says:

    Allergy prob.
    3 yrs.

  338. i have nasel elargy nd nose is running an nasal polyps in left side nose

  339. Anuranjan kumar says:

    Sir i have been suffering from cold and sneezing for last 3 years.every morning when i Wake up liquid comes out from my nose continuously and uncontrollable sneezing start. sir I am worry about it. please help me,and advice me that how would I be cured,and what should I do.

  340. Rajiv kumar singh says:

    Dear doctor,
    my nose is running ,sneezing,and itching in my eyes for 5 years.

    Rajiv kumar singh


  341. I have 8 yesrs old child he is suffering from runny nose which at times drips with a continuous water like discharge , watery and itchy eyes, frequent sneezing, itching in the nose roof of the mouth. crawling and the sensation in the nose

  342. SepasangMawar says:

    My house is full of germs too! I started a litlte experiment, though, and have been drinking Emergen-C. Fingers crossed I don’t get this round of viruses, but we shall see!Feel better!!!!

  343. HITESHI UPPAL says:

    Sneezing continue near about ten to twelve times at a time in a day for the last six months

  344. shri Niwas says:

    my child 4 year is nasal allergy day time nose problem please for reply

  345. KULDEEP SINGH says:

    Good morning Sir, Sir i am suffering this problem (cold problem) last 5 years, and through this problem effected my ears, my both ears have a voice, the voice is now permanent , nov. 2010 in chd sec. 17 had been my nose sergary , but the problem not resolve. I take procution regularly and i reduce this problem a little ,
    I take Ayurveda , Homeopathy medicine but the result is zero. if you have any other formula to resolve my problem , than tell me please.

  346. krishna sharma says:


  347. I am suffering from nasal allergy since 2006 and its very irritating,my nose is blocked throughout the year with intensity increasing in winter,I take cetrizine daily to ease out the problem yet sometimes it increases with much discomfort,I have visited many doctors from allopathy to homeopathy but did not find a curable solution,please help I am a student preparing for civil services and this allergy sometimes ruins my studies..regards

  348. Sir,its 100 percent curable or not if taking treatment.

  349. suresh kumar says:

    early mornig i am suffering runey nose and sneezing, itchy eye and i am using wythia200, sabadilla, no result in this medecin plz………. help me

  350. Ritesh Kumar says:

    Sneezing continuously throughout the day & night. When sneezing starts it is 7-8 times in a row.Nose always dripping like water from a tap and if you put your head facing down, water on its own comes down. Also getting itchy and watery eyes and eyes become red. Also always have a sensation or feeling something moving inside the nose
    With no intake of any medicine my sneezing & watering nose stops on its own, but also re appear on its own more often.
    I want a permanent solution for this.

    • rajlakshmi baxi says:

      my daughter aged 7 years, is suffering from dripping nose since last 4 years i.e she was 3 years old when this trouble started,(and as per my observation this started two months after she had undergone endoscopy for her constant aching stomach). she and I both are fed up with her constant blowing of nose day and night (not in between sleep). she has been found with enlarged adenoids, and as per my observation, she is allergic too.
      is there any medicine in homeopathy for allergy and how long will it take to get cured completely.
      and also is there any medicine to treat infection of adenoids.
      I am afraid now that my daughter will get some affects due to such a long nose blowing like headache or enlarged nose or deafness. will you help me to get out of this fear and also held to cure my baby soon.

  351. sir I’m suffering from skin allergies since last 18 months I don’t know what is the problem but it happens all the time please sir suggest me some remedies or whom shall I consult about it

  352. muneer hyder says:

    Dear sir i have running nose daily based science 6 year and doctor allways sugest mediciene tablet zyrtec tab panadol cf or any antibiotic but still not solved from these medeciene kindly sugest homeo a best medeciene.

    Muneer hyder

  353. I am allergic to dust and have nasal congestion every night around 3 am. Do you think homeopathy will work?

  354. Gaurav Revatiya says:

    Hello sir,

    I am Gaurav living in Indore (m.p) india.We are suffering in runny nose sneezing problem.
    If i have ride bike in common market without any mask on my nose then started sneezing.
    So i am suffers lot problem like sneezing again and again.
    So please give me suggestion.


  355. Hi Sir,

    My Mother is suffering from nasal Allergy since 7 to 8 years, she has the problems like running nose, dry throat, eye itching, also headache due to excessive running nose. Would you please suggest me, is there any
    proper treatment available for it ? if yes, how will I reach to you and for what duration the treatment needs to be taken, please reply sir, my mother is having serious allergy problem.


    • I am suffering from nasal allergies since my childhood.Now lam 43years old and have to take a montecope daily.I want to shift in homoeopathy.Can you help me?

  356. Hello doctor.. Mujhe kreeb 6 months se nose licking problem hai bhut treatment krwa mgr shi nhi ho rha.. Ap koi treatment btaoo.. I m a Singer nd. Mujh se nose wale surrr clear nyi lgte nose prblm ki vajh se.. Plzz. Sir.. Koi test bta do k kya prblm hoskti hai.. Thnkeu..
    Hv a nic day

  357. Bhavleenkaur says:

    I have this kind of allergy and am suffering from it presently.. I dont eat outside food … I daily consume glass filled of milk with haldi mixed in it..bbut then also there is no relief. . Also I am less eligible to survive winters and in tge month of sept itself I am in the habit of switching of fan …. n freel more comfortable with no fan on.. please suggest me the relevant medicine.. I have this kind of allergy from the past many years n it is worsening year by year. .. from tge past two tears it have worsened to asthmatic problems as well… right now I am not feeling asthmatic but running nose sneezing n headaches are thr symptoms. .. please suggest some medicine for instant relief. ..

  358. Sir mujhe 3year se nose runing or eye itching ki problem h pls sir koi solution de
    My mob.9691758792

  359. Bhuvnesh Pachauri says:

    Dear sir,
    I m suffering allergy from one year. Feeling breathing difficulty and chest tightness. Doctor prescribe levoceterzine. Take homopathy treatment to Dr Batras. But not any releaf. Please advise me treatment of this problem.
    Thanking you sir
    Mob- 9759122561

  360. I have this above mentioned Allergy from my child hood.Can you please suggest me some medicines from homeopathy that this allergy can be cured forever.

  361. Bellah Moepang says:

    Morning Shama

    I’ve got a running nose like a tap and my nose is painfull since yesterday,I cant even sleep well

  362. Hello Sir,
    I am a 26 years old female and having allergy problem of sneezing with watery nose for the last five years but no asthemetic symptom. In addition to this, I am also suffering from gestric problem. My father has the same problem of allergy of sneezing and chronic asthmetic since childhood.

    Please suggest me homopathic medicines for the above allergy and gestric problem. I am not taking any medicine.
    I shall be grateful to you.

  363. Shweta Singh says:

    Hi Doctor,
    I am 28 Years old Female. I am having Sinusitis allergy since last six years.
    My Father Had this problem, sinus ,snowphilia.
    Sneezing , watery nose , red eyes, cough, itching in eyes are the symptoms I am facing. Mostly in morning after wakeup or at midnight.\
    Summers I dont feel any problems but during season changed I suffered.
    Since two month Continous I am facing problem , I could not sleep at night due to this.
    Please suggest me cure or treatment……….
    I had started Sinu care drops thrice daily 15 drops…Is it effective or not.

  364. Debasish patra says:

    hello sir
    with respect…mera problem yeh he ki hamesa merko chinke hoti hai…isse kese thik kare

  365. Sandeep singh says:

    Respected sir
    Please help me i am very affraid of not getting permanent cure for COPD in allopathy .Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is initiated through allergy and pneumonia which causes my lungs to supply less oxygenated blood through pulmonary .
    Is there any cure for empowering my lungs capacity again and slow down the pulmonary pressure without side effects.
    If yes then please help me i shall be obliged to you from the bottom of my heart highestly.
    Thanking you.
    Sandeep singh
    Barabanki (UP)

  366. Mukesh Shrivastava says:

    Sir,iam suffered from nosal allergy just like above symptoms last 10 to 12 years lot of medicine take every year leocetrizine and montec lC but no relief. So pls suggest me, how to cure it.

  367. Hi,
    Good afternoon doctor, Im suffering with this same problems from last 2 years and i gone through with homeopathic as well as allopathic treatment but both the treatment gives a temporary relief and after sometimes it again started. So what should i do to get permanent relief from this running nose, cough, sneezing, cough is accumulated much this days. Requesting you to help me.
    Zaki Shaikh



  369. Basant kumar says:

    dr. Sir good morning

    sir m Bachpan se nose bhene (blowing) se presan hu jukam ya to hoga ya fir hoga to 2 month se phle thik nhi hoga mane ilaj bhi kraya lakin dr shab kh rhe h ye thik nhi hoga dns problum h mera ear (kan) ka oprestion ho gya sir aap btao sir m kya kru

  370. Vijayashree Arunkumar says:

    Namaskaram Sir

    My mother is affected by cold for the past 20 years. It is severe during the night time. water is coming from her nose continuously. sneezing is also available. She is taking the treatment through homeopathy, Sidda, and english medicine too

    Please give correct suggestion to take the medicine


  371. Veena Gambhir says:

    Respected Sir,

    I am Punjabi staying in trans yzmuna. I am working. Previously, I was having this trouble sneezing in early morning sometime along with Nasal discharge) ,. It is around from 2-3 years. I had tried Allopathic like Cetrizine, Levo Cetrizine , other mediiness, doctors medicines, some nasal drops, homoeopathy medicines. I get the relief but only for a week or two-three days. Now, the main problem is eaching starts in both nasals andafter that sneezing and my position becomes very critical. Then I take citrazine or Cetcip-L orsome other medicine. One Dr. said that it is sinusitis. After an nose exray one ENT Dr, told me that nosebone is ibncreased so it will be operated. Please give me your valuable suggestion to cure this Sinusitis problem. I am looking for yours suggestion . Thanking You!!!
    Veena Gambhir

  372. Hi Doctor,

    having a constant runny nose which at times drips with a continuous water like discharge , watery and itchy eyes, frequent sneezing. I can get the sneezing start anytime. When I wake up in the middle of the night due to sudden sneezing and dripping. Early morning attacks of sneezing is common.

    In Mumbai, I am facing the issue while in Chennai, Gujarat- I do not have this issue. may be due to humid air in Mumbai

    Can you help me to remove this problem.


  373. bhagesh kaushik says:

    sir I face the nasal allergic …every morning runny nose water…what I have done…

  374. Venkatesha Perumal.P says:

    Respected Sir,

    I am from Tamilnadu. Previously i was worked as Medical Representative in the same place for past five years. I have this trouble of Runny Nose in early morning ( along with frequent Nasal discharge) , after riding two wheeler, while moving across the dust after get up from bed i am having these kinds of problem. I had undergone a Sinus Surgery by last three years back even though it is not worth full. But i had tried Allopathic like Cetrizine, Monteleukast with Levo Cetrizine , nothing has been changed. Please give me your valuable suggestion for me to cure this Sinusitis problem. I am looking for yours suggestion . Thanking You!!!
    Venkatesha Perumal.P
    Tamil Nadu.

  375. i, My Name is Arun from karnal, haryana. from last 2 months i am suffring from left nose closed with or without cough. feeling little headache between two eys. and some time sneezing and weakness.. please help me out or tell me the medicine to cure .

  376. Sir, my son aged 7 yrs had itchy eyes from last 6 months. In February first time he faced this problem and I visited the vasan eye care they diagnosed it as allergic eyes and administered some drops. We used it for 1 month and it was under control and again in May it repeated and we approached ophthalmologist they also gave eye drops and referred to allergic specialist. We contacted the allergist they told it may need treatment for 2 yrs. In June he had ear infection also after cold. Although he is not facing frequent problem of sneezing, cough and cold. Considering his age we did not go for the allergic specialist treatment. Now again from last 15 days he is having itchy and teary eyes. Please suggest me whether we should go for homeopathic or allopathic or allergic specialised treatment.

  377. Vidya Sridhar says:

    my son is in 10th standard and has been suffering from severe sneezing and nose block. allopathy an medicines are not he is in 10th standard he is not able to concen trate in studies due to this problem.i was told by an ent doctor that he has adenoids also. pls help him so that he can concentrate in studies as this is a crucial year for his career. i will be happy if he gets some relief faster as his exams are approaching

  378. Binod kumar says:

    hello sir,I when hotness increases or coldness increases a very thin mucus comes out me nose continuesly.
    nose start tickle (सुरसुराना, ).I have suffer from 5-4 years .I feel very difficulty while reading

  379. Madan singh says:

    Hello sir,
    My wfe (29 yrs) is suffering from seasonal allegy of sneefing and runny nose during this season for last 2 years. This is worst during night.
    We consulted allopathy Dr. But the cure was just for time being. After few months she again suffers with the same problem.
    Sir, kindly suggest whether this can be permanently cured by homeopathy.

  380. my wife(28) is suffering from last 3 years in monsoon(august to september) elergy breath problem. only in these two months she suffer. Is there any permanent solution of this disease or this seasonal disease leads to asthma.

  381. Ramkrishna Nayak says:

    Sir meri nak me plipys hai kya hemyopety me iska ilaj hai

  382. manoj kumar singh says:

    sir namasker
    sir odisha ka rehanewala hoo sir mera problems 15 years se hai allergy aur eosinophila nak se pani girta hai aur kashi hote hai gala bhe gar gar karta hai rat me sone ke samaiya es se mai so nahi pata hoo aur khasi bhe hote hai sir mai aap ka avari rahoga plz aap medicen ka name bata de mera age 34 years hai

  383. Pooja sachdeva says:

    Hello Doctor
    I’m mother of 11 years daughter and she is suffering from allergy. As she wakeup from bed,she started sneezing and water running from nose,itching in eyes,nose……Sir kindly tell me what to do and how do I get rid of her this problem.
    Thank you

  384. chencho zangmo says:

    i am 3 months pregnant and suffering from sneezing for a month and i used to wake up in the midnight also to sneeze.i got running nose after sneeze, my nose get very dried in the mid night and started sneeze in the morning also. am very much concern about this because i never experience such sneeze in my first please help me by advising.

  385. Heather symon says:

    It started 8 weeks ago had a cold for two weeks then my flem and snot really smelt horrible for four weeks now that’s cleared but woke up with a sore eyebrow headaches, headaces better but constant blowing the left side of my nose runny and blocked up as well I’m 39 years old

  386. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My Name is Amber and I am 29 Years Old . I have the very common problem like all above watery nose , allergy and Snizzing and Tears evry morning . I face very difficult some time to take care of myself . However i have not taken any medicine for the same ,bcs i know its allergy. I stoped having curd and warm milk and t night time and also the cold breavergaes. When the day progress all the alergy stoped automatically . I want to know some permanet solution for the same . Please guide me ,


  387. SUNIL R. SALVI says:

    Dear Dr,

    My self Sunil Salvi, 31 Years Old. I am suffering by nasal allergies in autumn from last three year (July-2012). Also i had taken treatment by ENT specialist & by Ayurvedic, but that relief only for few days after finished the course.
    Please suggest for proper treatment/medicine to relief permantly.

  388. Tejasva kaushik says:

    my son is sneezing last 4 months regularly 12-15 at once what treatment should be given to him please suggest us.

  389. my nose is coming water drops continues and sneezing lots

  390. ruby beck says:

    My husband is 74yrs.old and has rotorcap shoulder pain please send rx for pain r3lief

  391. Sheetal Malik says:


    We are going for vacation from delhi to leh,my 8 year old daughter usually catches cold during this time. Is there any precautionary medicine which can help to cure this.

    Thank you,

  392. munish kumar says:

    Sir, I am suffering from sneezing allergy from 2 years what should I do

  393. Naseer Noordeen says:

    Hai ,dr.
    I am 32 yrs old house wife.I have a problem that when I wske up started sneezing and runny nose up to after noon.what I will do .
    It starts before 9 months.
    I have one more problem that’s sleeplessness. .in winter it’s more.please dr. Advice me to be a medication.

  394. dharampal says:

    dear sir

    mujhe 5year old se sardi ,chhik, no smell feel(mold&duat allergy &sinus infection aur fungal)problum hai. bahut treatment alopethy me karaya.thik nahi hua . kya karu sir

  395. Seetharam says:

    “Are you sneezing dozens of time in a day? Is your nose dripping like water from a tap? Are you getting itchy and watery eyes and all of this has been there since the last few days or weeks?”
    Yes, Dr. All these symptoms are there. This happens only in all rainy season.
    pl suggests remedy.
    I am 53 years, I have no other problems, quite healthy.

  396. Praveen Khichi says:

    Gud morning Dr Sahab.when I drink cold water or any cold drink ,after some time my head becomes very heavy and then sneezing start n watery discharge from nose . after 2-3 hrs of watery discharge ,head becomes light n feel good. My age is 33 year

  397. Sankesh Patil says:

    sir i am sankesh patil from last some 4 yr i am also suffering from this kind of noisy problem please tell me about the pricotion on this….?
    it is a very serius problem sir..

  398. Lucille Woods says:

    Sometimes I cough uncontrollable, other times I am just fine. Through out the day and it wakes me up at night, it starts by an itch on the inside of my throat either on the left side or the right side but inside it feel like the inside of my neck, I will start to cough like crazy, my nose run like dripping water and my eyes have water rolling down my face, then my eyes get red and my nose get stuffy. I am 56 years old is there something cheap I can get or something at home that will help me.

  399. Shreyas Nayak (C/O Nayanatara) says:

    Dear Doctor,


    My son, Shreyas has been having allergic cold since 4 years old. He has been operated for adenoids at 10 year age. But, in rainy and winter season, he has chronic blocked nose without much mucous and little water discharge. He uses Otrivin drops. Ster0id tablets and spray did not work much. Cannot miss class as he is in II nd year Puc. Please help. Currently undergoing Ayurvedic treatment.

    Kind regards,


  400. beena kumari says:

    sneezing, running nose, itchy nose for the last 3 years. I was taking Mote lucas tablets daily. I want to stop allopathy tablets.
    I am 55 years old. Lives in Goa. Whether any permanent remedy is there in Homeopathy? Please suggest. Am a pure vegetarian, eats leafy vegetables and fruits. Last one week I start avoiding curd. I was taking curd and milk. Kindly suggest my diet also.


  401. Nitish singh says:

    sir, i am 21 years old and i have sinus disease from last three years . I treatment in aelopathy but it can not give the better result . The aelopathy medicines harm to my digestion problems so i left it . I want use homeopathic medices thats cure me without doing surgery . I have bad breath becouse of sinus that cause no one talk to me . No any people want to sit with me because of my bad breath, sir please help me my future is in dengerous .

  402. Sandeep kathathala says:

    Dear sir,
    I have same problem whichbyou menttioned in your article but change is this i have problem only in mumbai and all season.
    what should I do for ttreatment and which medicine I should take.
    because this problem is continuosely fron 6 years.

  403. M S Patyal says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma Ji,
    I have a problem of alergy of running nose for the last three years. I am taking alergy tablest daily. Please advise me homeopathic medicine. I shall be highly thankful.

  404. Hello Doc,

    Im 30 years old. Im suffering from allergy from past 5 years. I have taken almost all tretment. Even I took Homeopathy for 2 years bt it was of no use. My main problems are nose bock, running nose nd sneezing. 24 hours my nose is block nf i feel suffocated. Plz if you can help…

    Thank u do much

  405. My child had a flue ,she is fine now but continuining sneefing as if there are mucus in the nose , it bout sinuclear ,texa allergy but its still continuing . Can you please help me cause this thing is irritating.

  406. ekta kandari says:

    I have suffering from sneezing problem for last 2 years sir plz help me

  407. Dear Sir,

    I am suffering nasal allergy like sneezing, itching & nose watering sometime for the last 2 -3 years. At any time my nose starts sneezing with water drops I cant work i cant read cant cook it has become a very big problem of my life when it starts sneezing. At any time it starts. After some tome it looks does not happened anything but sometime even after taking medicine sneezing cant be stopped even after medicine. Mostly it starts it the morning when it get up. But now, there is no time of sneezing. Many medicines homeopathic, aloypathic, ayurvedic. I have taken. Dr. says its allegy. One ENT Dr. said that the bone of nose is increased. You will have to go for operation. But i dont want operations. Can you help me please. Sir, I have not send it before.
    New Delhi

  408. Dear Sir,

    I am suffering nasal allergy like sneezing, itching & nose watering sometime for the last 2 -3 years. At any time my nose starts sneezing with water drops I cant work i cant read cant cook it has become a very big problem of my life when it starts sneezing. At any time it starts. After some tome it looks does not happened anything but sometime even after taking medicine sneezing cant be stopped even after medicine. Mostly it starts it the morning when it get up. But now, there is no time of sneezing. Many medicines homeopathic, aloypathic, ayurvedic. I have taken. Dr. says its allegy. One ENT Dr. said that the bone of nose is increased. You will have to go for operation. But i dont want operations. Can you help me please.
    New Delhi

  409. Ankit Kesharwani says:

    Hello Dr.
    Read the article having same issue to my mom, she always sneezing dozens of time sometimes (40-50) itchy and watering eyes. Redish nose after multiple sneezing. And breathing problem as well..earlier this issue occurred her in months of feb-mar-apr when dusty air in the environment and season changed but slightly now she is having issue all the years. And taking inhaler for precaution.

    Please advice.
    Ankit Kesharwani

  410. ekta kandari says:

    I have suffering from since last 2 year seasonal allergy like autumn allergy are- having a constant runny nose which at times drips with a continuous water like discharge , watery and itchy eyes, frequent sneezing, itching in the nose roof of the mouth. So please give me solution please please

  411. sudhir thukral says:

    Hello sir
    My name sudhir thukral 48 male from amritsar.
    Suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis since last 30 years. My spine posture is some change but pain is chronic after moving.
    And last two year my eosinophil cells increased.
    After talking steroids become lavel.
    But i dont want to take steroids or pain killers so please advice me good medicines for Ankylosing oreosinophils cells.
    Spine chronic pain at d10 d11 after moving
    Low appetite
    Please help me.

  412. sudhir thukral says:

    Hello sir
    My name sudhir thukral 48 male from amritsar.
    Suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis since last 30 years. My spine posture is some change but pain is chronic after moving.
    And last two year my eosinophil cells increased.
    And After talking steroids become lavel.
    But i dont want to take steroids or pain killers so please advice me good medicines for Ankylosing oreosinophils cells.
    Spine chronic pain at d10 d11 after moving
    Low appetite
    Please help me.

  413. B.N.DWIVEDI says:

    iam pusuld from nose bleeding allergy please suggest me for any best medicine

  414. Najrul Islam says:

    I have nose allergy problem
    water falling watery Eye
    how can I solve it Sir

  415. Subham Mukherjee says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma,
    I am a student of 1st year age 19 years have alleric rhinitis since the age of 2 years. It happens througout the year. I had done allergy test at the age of 7 years and avoide the items mentioned in the list but it did’nt work for I suffers sneezing due to allergy most of the time in the year.

    When my condition get worse I used antiallergic drug e.g. cetrizine, levocetrizine etc.

    Kindly suggest me the treatment for the problem

    Thank you

  416. Doctor, I am suffering from running nose, sneezing the whole day especially when i wake up and also in the middle when i get up at night for the past many years. If i have monteq LC a night before the next day runs quiet better for me. Please help me find a permanent solution as am scared of usinmg monteq LC for quiet a long for now.

  417. Rakesh Mallick says:

    Dear Sir
    I have running nose and severe sneezing problem for last two years. I have taken a lot of medicine including Allopathic , homeopathy and Ayurveda but its not working. While taking medicine i am fine, after finishing course again same problem. Some Doctor says its for excess hit of body and your immune system is weaker now. Whole day i am struggling to sit even to do work. Pls help me.

  418. Hi dr.
    This is alam here from dubai my main cause of illness is my nose always blocked ..and i didnt get fuLl oxygen so dr give me some xylomist its good for me can u suggest some for medicine or drop for the same

  419. my brother was suffering from eyes itching and. water is coming from eyes….. what we can doo please help mee

  420. lalakhany says:

    sir how r u i m i have allagy and allso asthma from 8years stell nt fenish i use to many trietment plz sho me gud madicn

  421. Hi sir I am Sandeep age 27 suffering of allergy of sneezing. I have tried hell lots of alopathy treatment till I took medicine its effects gets reduced once I stop medicine again its started. With sneezing lots of water from nose comes.plz suggest some homeopathy treatmnt

  422. Pooja das says:

    doc …i am having homeopathy for spondolysis . but i also having an prob of elergy from dust my hands and nose turns red nd small rashes all over nd each so much .my problem is that as i strated homeopathy medicines i have eaching problem is this due to the medicine or due to th outgoing .

  423. I had a problem of cold and sneezing every day this happen I had consulted lots of doctors its not getting cure plz help me out to resolve this

  424. shubham singh says:

    Sir I have sneezing problem because I drink cold water when I was come very hottest place

  425. Jafarullah says:

    Dear Sir,
    I had this type of allergy cold and sneezing for 2 years. Early morning nsal block and running nose suffered a lot. Please advice me.

  426. JITENDER SANDHU says:


  427. Plz suggest me something I will die due to this sneezing itchy face and eyes can’t work also.

  428. DR. he
    Hi how are you? my problem is that if I touch my nose sneezing start . Dr. said that boon is getting size and need surgery but I don’t want surgery blindly advised me any homeo medicine for this. I’m from Pakistan.
    with regards

  429. rizwan arif says:

    Hello Dr Sharma, I am living in uk from last 6 years, and am use to work as chef in indian resturant from vry begining wen I came in uk. Sir I am suffering from all these symptoms like, like runny nose, seenizing vry badly and frequently wen this disease attacks on me after every 2 weeks, itiching nose inside, my nose become vry vry red from inside wen ever it attacks. I even cant continue my work and my all body feeling vry weak and cold, and it make my mind sick, and feeling irritating, plss am vry helpless I need ur favour. Am vry sick from this all. Been to the doctors over here in uk to many times but there medicines not worked at all. They told it’s hayfever but I think it’s sm kind of infection in my nose. Maybe I am allergic from the spices which r usually use in the kitchen. Pls sir I am vry worried and need ur help pls thanx.

  430. i have headache if i drink any cool drinks or eat anything cold

  431. Dharmendra says:

    I have throat allergic problem for last three years I sneeze all the time . I have taken medicine from many ent but i did not get proper relief . As long as i take medicine i feel better. If i leave to take medicine it becomes same problem like sneezing throat pain there is allergic in my throat .I request you to please suggest me what should i do to remove forever Please provide me tips help me sir i very very sad from it

  432. rakesh kumar says:

    Dear Sir,
    i have problems in breath just 3 month ago doctor call for test ESR And HB and TEC and Blood sugar every test is normal but breathing problems in processing yet doctor told me u have no asthma you have allergy please advice me.

  433. Jyoti Garg says:

    Dear Dr.
    my son is 5 years old. He has problem of eye itching last 1 year.He rubs his eyes continuously. We have taken allopathic treatment a lot but he has no relief with that. Now a days he rubs his eyes so much. We are leaving in Gurgaon (Haryana). Please suggest us a good treatment for him.


  434. Dear Dr.Sharma
    I am suffering the problems of allergy disease.
    With symptoms a lot of sneezing, dropping water from nose with itching…
    Started medicine citrizine hydrocloride tablets 10mg, it works really good, but I found big side effects on this medicine in internet.
    So I am requesting to provide good solution to stop it, prescribe me medicine and let me know availability store details also please….

  435. Rita Birpali says:

    From last 6-7 years my husband is suffering from blocked or runny nose. 7 years he has been operated for this but their was no change. He is not able to sleep all night also loosing weight. He start sneezing early on the morning without any interval. Kindly suggest me what to do…

  436. shekhawat karan says:

    hello sir,
    myself shekhawat karan 21 years old from ahmedabad, gujarat i want to the treating for the sneezing types of diseases which affected to my father from last 4-5 years. actually my father have the unique type of sneezing allergy dieases and he is troubling too much promblem due to this in his daily life, so i requested you to please give me treatment solution for this disease

  437. dinesh kumar singh says:

    nasal sneezing from 5 to 70 times in the morning.

    Sir please tell me something to get rid of this allergy from dust, husk, perfume, cold & heat etc

  438. jitendernaik says:

    I have the allergy problem of sneezing my nose and sinus pressure I have take the pills of montfort fx last four days how much time is require to improve from allerlly by taking this pills

  439. Hello Doctor,

    I would like to consult you about Nasal Allergy. My son has this problem . He is eighteen years old after taking bath so much sneezing means 7-8 times and after this watery eyes little pain on face and chest while sneezing so much pressure. What should we do?

    Please suggest on this regard.



  440. Shafayat Hussain says:

    I am suffering from allergic rhinitis from last 9-11 years. Have tried western medicine, ayurvedic and hamdrad medicine, but no or can cure my allergic rhinitis

  441. Roopa ram says:

    I have nose allergy this desease increase one day and after three days again increase plg guide me sir

  442. I am suffering from same problem of sudden sneezing due to dust, change of temperature. Early morning running nose with continous sneeze and crawling irritation in my nose. Please suggest the solution

  443. Sangay Phuntsho says:

    Respected doctor,

    I am student of lovely professional university , I would like to get help from doctor, since i am suffering from nose running and sneezing also i got allergy arount my neck and eye, for this disease what can i do or what type of madicine that i can buy from medicial shop. kindly i need suggestion and advice from doctor.

    thanking you
    your Sincerely

    Sangay Phuntsho
    M.A History

  444. Bittu Sharma says:

    sir my wife has suffering with elergy problem last 2 years.The main problems are:
    throat infection
    sore throat
    mouth dried at sleeping time
    skin rashes and dry skin
    sneezing by dust
    feet swelling
    calf muscle pain
    cervical problem

    test report
    sugar normal
    uric acid normal
    TLC DlC and LFT test normal
    only ESR little up.
    sir plz tell us the right way.

  445. sushil kharbanda says:

    I am suffering from watery eyes and nose with forced sneezing especially on getting up in the morning and sometimes this continues till almost mid-day. Is there any treatment for this in homeopathy. Can you tell me as to why this happens inthe first place?

  446. every morning I get loose noose,it will stop if do some cycle excrise orit will stop after bath,at this time nose wont block Nose get blocked when sit long time in one place, if walk some time blocken nose open
    What is the remedy

  447. girish chandra gupta says:

    My son ,his age is 14 yearold,suffered with sinus(Left nose hole is blocked at the time of sleeping,Sore throat ,deaseases last 4 months.

  448. Dear Sir,I am seffering nasal allergy like sneezing,itching eyes&nose watering since 1year.any time my nose blocked.Can you help me please.Regards Pradeep.R.JAIPUR.

  449. My son 14 years old suffering from sienis allery having cough nd continuous sneezing nd breathing through mouth which medicine should I give??plz advise

  450. Dear Dr. Sharm,

    I have been suffering from nasal allergy like sneezing, itching eyes & nose watering & Cough since last 2-3 years, due to seasonal change. kindly suggest me patent hoemopathic medicine.

  451. avinash handa says:

    Dr. Sharma

    My daughter has been suffering from acute sneezing, cold and water flows from the noze very frequently at any time. Sometime noze is also bloked. Please advise some good homeopathy medicine.

  452. मेरी उम्र 32साल है मुझे नाक मे बहुत छींक आ रही है नाक भी टपक रही है आँखे भी शुज गई है कृपा करके कोई मेडिसिन बताईये

  453. Sir,

    My daughter is suffering from nose block since 4 months. What should i do ?

  454. sir,i am suffering from illness PROBLEM FLEW DROP FROM INTERNALLY AND CONTINUOUSLY

  455. Valencia Williams says:

    hi i hve sinus congestion in nose postnatal drip scratch soar throat wht kind of over the counter its gd to take


    Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from running nose especially these days. I get a water a watery nose in the middle of night because of which i feel drowsiness all day long. It is a big problem which I am facing since a year. Kindly, suggest me how to get cured?

    Your’s faithfully,
    Kahkashan kamaal

  457. Cheshta kapoor says:

    Hello sir,
    I am 28 years old from Ghaziabad,I have severe dust allergy from past 6 months whenever I come in contact with even a single partical of dust I got heavy dry cough with runny nose which later ends up in blocked nose with difficulty in breathing please suggest me some homeopathy remedy for this

  458. santosh mishra says:

    sir my son age is 9 month he is suffer from nose flow always. when change weather pls what to do

  459. Vinod Kumar says:

    Dr. Sahib,

    I am facing a running nose problem from last 4-5 years. It blocked in winter season and frequently sneezing . Please tell me the strong medicine.

    I will be very thankfull to you

  460. hello

    i have dust allergy for 15 years and iam 31 years old ,i have morning sneezing , runnig nose ,burning nose and watery eyes .plzz tell me what is the perfect medicine for this problem.

  461. Sukhraj kaur says:

    I am having lot of allergy sneezing itchy eyes water comes from nose cannot sleep wake up at middle of night and it happens in morning and night . It happens everyday when the springs start .Is there any way I can get rid of these.I am 38 yrs old .

  462. Sukhraj kaur says:

    I am having lot of allergy sneezing itchy eyes water comes from nose cannot sleep wake up at middle of night and it happens in morning and night . It happens everyday when the springs start .Is there any way I can get rid of these.

  463. suparna saha says:

    hi sir,few some days i am suffering itching to my both toncil and my cheek also. in the morning i feel fever then sometimes start sneezing, sometimes feel cold sometimes hot.i hv took beledona 200 but its failed. then took influenza 200 one time 1 drop so fever didn’t come back but itching have. small pimples has on my cheek which is itching. pls suggest age is 38

  464. suparna saha says:

    hi sir,few some days i am suffering itching to my both toncil and my cheek also. in the morning i feel fever then sometimes start sneezing, sometimes feel cold sometimes hot.i hv took beledona 200 but its failed. then took influenza 200 one time 1 drop so fever didn’t come back but itching have. small pimples has on my cheek which is itching. pls suggest me

  465. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I am staying in Bangalore from last 2 year.
    I have a problem of coryza . Always I feel congestion in the nose and itching also. And because of itching sneezing continuously.Because of itching some time difficult to control sneezing which frustrate me a lot. Itching cause liqiid water in the nose .

    Whenever i take any medition like , till the time i am taking medition (tablet) it feels little bit normal but after stoping medition . it starts again.

    Please suggest me how it can be cured.


  466. Dear Dr. Iam Sowjanya , 28 years old, sir iam frequently suffering from dry cough which is continues ,it is very problematic for me to speak with other, and also iam suffering from frequent head ache can u please tell why it is happening

  467. Now its been almost 8 yrs that I’m suffering from allergies like itching in the eyes, throat, skin n nose, runny nose, sneezing n even the discharge which comes from throat frequently….after all this I’ve tried many Drs n wat I need to do is surgery, I don’t agree with them…atlast no choice so I did the surgery of may 2014 but nothing works n now I’m still suffering…….plz help me Dr

  468. sir mera nam umakant hai . maine apna blood(IGE) Test karvaya hi jo ki 859.7 nikla hai . krapya kuchh upchaar batayen.

  469. Sir,
    I want your help for remove my coldness. I m facing coldness disease since 1o year.
    Symptom:- Nose etching, Nose sneezing, Nose running, Nose blocking(some time right side or some time left side or both side) always this happen, also left ear running.

    sir, please give me valuable suggestion.

  470. My eyes and nose Burn and itch so bad. I’m always sneezing and blowing my nose. If t could do something now so t could get some sleep!,, help me

  471. Anil Raghuvanshi says:

    Gd Morning Sir,

    My age is 43 years and this time first in my life in the month of Feb 2015 first week i feel sneezing and coming out water from my nose regularly with irritation in nostrails. because this time weather was very different in the month of Feb 2015 and March 2015 when rain start i feel this problem but now a days w.e.f. 21/03/2015 weather is good sunshine is there. So my problem is only for morning when i go for toilet and then in the evening. i think 15% problem is facing now. I am taking allopatic medcine for b/p and cholestrol. and homeopatich medcine B-P-plus also taking.
    Please suggest me some homoeopathic medicine as early as possible to take permanant relief from this disease from root because this is starting only.

    Thanks and Regards

    Anil Raghuvanshi
    (Gurgaon )

  472. vilender singh says:

    Last one month i m unable to sleep as my one nostril is totally blocked in night . I sleep goes away bcos i breath from my mouth. My nose becomes so heavy and sone substance runs from ine side to another and if i get up it starts coming out from my mose. I never felt such in my life . It is very bad bcos i m disturbing my other famiky mdmbers too and at the same time not taking proper sleep.sneezing , block nose , other side running .

  473. sanjay singh says:

    Hi greetings for the day.I am a 30 year old chap and I have recently discovered a cause I have esnophilia and really cannot understand what to do.facing a lot of problems asince five years.kindly suggest

  474. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    It’s very common symptom that my body possess. I’ll start sneezing out of the blue, feeling that itchy feeling deep in my nose. There’s plenty of transparent white mucus coming out of my nose, it just flows out without warning.
    Kindly assist with a remedy.

    Thanking you in anticipation,
    Utkarsh Alexander

  475. Dear sir, my name is Aditi from punjab.I am suffering from urticaria with severe itching and heatness for the last 12 years.I have taken allopathic,ayurvedic and homeopathy medicines,still my problem is there.Pls show me path as me and my parents are very depressed bcoz of this problem.Pls guide me what should I do?my urticaria increases if I remain in open air for longer time.I will be very thankful too you.

  476. Ankit gupta says:

    Sir, i am suffering from blocked nose in one of my nostril and water continuously coming out of it and if i close my one nostril i am not able to breathe throug other. I have also bleeding from my nose which happens harldly in a year. Thanks

  477. Dear Sir

    I have been suffering from running nose (only one right nostril) for 3 years. this problem is exaggerating when i was exposed to humid and hot conditions. I have under gone x-ray, doctors told that every thing is ok and gave some anti allergic nasal drops but it is not cured. Due to this problem I am unable to fully concentrate on my work. Kindly suggest solution for my problem
    Thanks and Regards

  478. dhirendra kumar says:

    I m get trouble from my nose, always water flows from ma nose and there is also sneezing problem.
    There is no fix time for it may be start at night maximum times now a days. I used a spray for it bt not effective so much.
    Plz advice me what to do as I hav consulted to many doctors.

  479. Respected sir,
    I am suffering from nasal problem from age of 17 and this problem is still continue.As i eat ghee at any time my chest got so much blocked sometime it become difficult for me to breath.Initially it start with sneezing and within one hours i start feeling problem in my chest and respiration.with sneezing I also feel itching in roof of mouth and my nose got totally blocked. sometime it become for me to concentrate on my work

  480. karanjeet says:

    dear sir
    my self karanjeet and i am suffering from frequent nose flow as i get up from sleep every time . my nose flows like tap and some time a very sticky amalgeum comes . am suffering since long time i have taken many medicines but not such good results are seen . kindly get me rid of it .

  481. Shafqat Ahmed says:

    i am form pakistan and suffering allergy problems in month Feb-March and september-october
    During this period symtoms are

    Cough,Feeling Temperature,Breath problem

    Please suggest me medicine during these period of time .Thanks


    Shafqat Ahmed

  482. Rakesh Meena says:

    Dear Dr sharma
    I hv nasal allergy since I was 10 year old.nasal blockage,water comes out frequently, easily get cold… And along with cold I get fever,cough and body pain .. I am 25 year old now but struggling with this problem… Please help me
    Thanks and regards
    Rakesh Meena

  483. poonam mukim says:

    My eighteen years daughter is suffering from chronic allergy rhinitis. She always complaint of headache stomach ache and whole body ache.she complains of sore throat and eye burn.she feels weakness any time. please help

  484. sir, iam suffering from nasal allergy running nose sneezing plz save give perfect cure for it sir

  485. Namaste sir,
    My brother is 18 years old and he is suffering from nose bloking since 1year ,we concerned every possible Dr. And ENT specialist but no use every doctor gave different reason to it now he is using nosal drops XYLOMIST 0.1% twice a day. If he stop using then he experiences blocking of nose and breathing problem please help me sir

  486. Hello Sir,

    I have been suffering from Nasal Block and running nose from last 10 Years. In the night and in winter time it gets worse. Can you please help?

  487. Subrata Kumar Ghosh says:

    Dear sir,
    I am 33 years old . I have been suffering for the past 4 years nose block ,very very sneeze . I can’t live in
    any cold or AC air.Any cold air heat my chest then start sneeze & sneeze .Plz suggest me hoemopathic medicine.
    Subrata Kumar Ghosh
    From Bangladesh

  488. G Ravi Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,
    My Son is 2 years age old and He is Suffering with Cold and runny nose, i met 2,3 doctors and also my family doctor is telling that this cold may be recover after 4 years,but my son during sleeping time giving big sounds and some times i am getting fear,some times the runny nose will come , some time it will stopped, when we have checked for X ray and Urine test, Blood test all are in Normal Range .
    Now i am in big confusion that’s why i am writing here , please give the Solution to eliminate the runny nose in my 2 years age son

  489. Sachin Tandon says:

    Dear Doctor,

    My mother is suffering from continues water like substance flowing from nose. It’s so irritating that neither she could eat properly neither sleep properly. Due to this problem most of the time she is frustrated. some times eyes do become reddish with water coming from eyes too.

    Kindly advise how homeopathy can cure this problem.


    Sachin TANDON
    Mob 7574852170

  490. Ravi tiwari says:

    मुझे बिना बुखार जुखाम के चार दिन से लगातार छींक आ रही है मेरी छीेंक से जान निकल रही है
    कोई दवा बता दीजिऐ सर जी आपकी महान क्पाया होगी
    07081543451 india

  491. shyam sunder pandey says:

    Hello sir
    I read your article , hope u will be get ride of frequently sneezing, itching eye and nose, watery eye and nose problem . I am waiting your repply sir.
    thaks a lot your patient s s pandey.

  492. Adil Ashraf says:

    Sir I have a bit running nose from past 4 years and that tooo continously

  493. Ram Prakash Mall says:

    Again and again become cold with chink
    बार बार सर्दी छिंक के साथ

  494. Manatosh Paramanik says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am Manatosh Paramanik , 35 yrs age , and i am from Kolkata. The reason i am sending this mail is that i have been suffering from a bad sneezing since last 4 month. Now the situation is worst to me, and the sneezing starts (mostly at morning) then its happen repeatedly 10-15 times and tears come out in the same flow. In a word it really made my life hell. Please help me so that i could live a normal Life.


  495. srimanta bijali says:

    dear doctor
    my age is 27 and i lived in kolkata -141
    i am suffering a breathing problems from after midnight 3:00am to 5:00am. i dont understand why this time because in a whole day nothings happen(but a nose droping problems). past one or two year its happen some one or two nights in a year i dont remember the season which i ignored .but this time i am serious because when everybody sleeping i am sitting on my bed from 3-5am and then try to sleep.oh yes nose droping,whenever my body feel coolness its start nose droping…i am having a bad problem of smoking and wine occessionaly..and also in a homeopathic treatment of digestive problems.pls help…

  496. JEETENDRA ANMOL says:

    i am sneezing dozens of time in a day,my nose dripping like water from a tap, since the 06 months it is allergic as many says. my age is 30 years old male boy please help me out !

  497. jamal waris says:

    sir ,
    what is water based medicine .

  498. kuldeep das says:

    hellow sir…from the last two months I have been suffering from some kind of burning and itching allergy… this allergy occurs only when I come in contact of sun, when I get tensed, when I do some laborious work, and today’s night its got height, m feeling bit hot in today’s night and whole body allergy with burning and itching sensation, I consulted one dormitologiest also…that doctor gave me Allegra 180 mg and teczine 10. but nothing recovered and I did test for thairoied also. but test result positive. sir please give some advice..its my humble request..its worst situation for me sir… thanking you..

  499. abhishek tiwari says:

    Sir I am suffering from ruptured eardrum (small hole).
    Please suggest homeopathic remedy

  500. Hari Om Sharma says:

    Dear Sir,
    with due respect it is submitted that my wife, Name -Saroj, Age- 50yrs. is suffering from allergy for last 1 & 1/2 yrs. Her nose starts running or starts sneezing, also some crawling sensation inside nose whenever weather changes from winter to summer. Most of these problems occur during autumn or summer. During winter there is no problem.
    Pl. provide name of some homeopathic medicines name for this type of allergy.

    Thanking u.

    Your’s sincerely,
    Hari Om Sharma

  501. Hi sir i am a mother of 6 years old son.he i suffering from flu since 1 month he start sneezing early morning bw 5..10am after that he become fine all day but sneeze once or twice a day and he also having itching in his eyes from last month but we r unable to understand why its happening ee r i thailand from 1 year before that we belongs to pakistan .i am so worried for my kid from last 1 month he is complaing diffrrent problems he also feel pain in his belly button .sir plz kindly help me i am so tensed for my child.

  502. sir
    My self Davinder Chechi and my age is 38 years.I have problem of sneezing and my nose is dripping like water from a tap. Eye are getting itchy and watery eyes and all of this has been there since the last ears.

  503. sir,
    clear water drops are coming from my nose two times per day………when i bend
    is it allergy or cerebro spinal fluid
    I have no physical damage to my head but i have neck pain

  504. My wife has got a severe allergy problem and getting sneezing and running nose each morning when she wake up from the bed every day and sometimes the problem continues for whole day and many days also.

    Due to this problem she used to take asthelin rotacap twice a day by regularly.
    But even though she doesn’t feel as comfortable with the same inhale medicine by talking those as regularly.

    We really want a permanent solutions and curable treatment for this problem and due to this we are not able to meet the regular work and traveling also.

    I kindly requesting you to suggest the best treatment options for this problem please.

    Thank You

  505. Mannan Awwal says:

    My son age 5 years have been suffering for the past 4 years from itching in the nose & eyes ,nose blockage,
    Sneezing, radish teary eyes please suggest me for him homeopathic medicine

  506. Sir my age is now 18 in my nose blood is coming almost when I am child from that time blood is coming rarely three four months once
    Will you pleas tell me their is any problem in this and what is the tretament

  507. Deepa Anand says:

    Tingling sensation inside nostril. Wasjed with water also. No relief. Rxam on day after tomorrow

  508. santoshsahu says:

    dear sir i have problem from running nose with irritation in nose and soiling in eyes ,headache

  509. sowda mohamed says:

    Dear sir , I have nasal problem since last year .My nose always running water , it droppes whenever i tap it’s outer cover en begin sneezing to the extent that the kidneys pain and i fail to breathe that moment . I went to a doctor and he said that its blocked recommanded me some decongestant medicine because its blocked ,to help en it doesn’t still help en he said that they should operate it nxt so how may you help me

    Thanks .

  510. Deepak kumar tiwari says:

    Dear sir i am suffering from the dry cough from the one month. I ve taken some medichine but not relief so kindly advice me what medichin is helpful for me .

  511. i am suffering from gastritis with gr-2 internal piles for 4 years and current time my left nose running with leftside throat mild pain and also with gastric reflux . in dec 2014 endoscopy done ,mild esophagaties and biles reflux gastritis. some of doctor said you have IBS . pls advice medicine for my current and old disease

  512. Hi, I am 29th years old, I have 3 years old kid. Last 6 months I am suffering cold and sneezing only morning time. All day I am fine. Only morning time I am suffering this problem 5 to 6 sneezing and runing nose only morning time. Is there any allergy I have or what is the problem can you please tell me. Thank you

  513. shakila akhtar says:

    symptoms , nose dripping (more like running) ,post nasal drip, runny eyes, some times bad throat but most of time itchy chest and really severe cough. it comes for 2 weeks and disappeares for 2 weeks . starts like acute flu. i had it for over 20 years ,can start anytime without any reason . please hel
    p if u can. thank you very much.

  514. I have allergic rhinitis. I have been living in United Kingdom for the last 6 years. I sneeze 12 to 15 times non stop. Water eyes running nose, itchy nose. I have been taking 10mg loratdine for the last 3 years 365 days. Gets worst in winters. Cant cook cant concentrate and at work it feels embarassing to sneeze so many times as they feel I am spreading germs. Please please help.

  515. Balwant Singh says:

    Respected Sir,

    I have been suffering for the past 4-5 years, from nose blokage, headache, little caugh & sneezing and water drops from my nose some times during February month or you can say during weather change and remains around for a week. So can you help me please ? also tell me what is the reason behind and what precautions should i take ?

  516. chanchal sekh says:

    Sir mera name chanchal hai.main bengal me rehata hu.main sinus ki bimari hu.thik hone ka upai mujhe please bathye

  517. Musadiq Hussin says:

    Dear Doctor
    I m Musadiq From jammu & kashmir ,kashmir region currently residing in Gwalior Madhya Pradesh from few mnths,Sir in the month of july i was suffered from a mild cough disease for which i took a cough syrup & evrythng got allright.But sir when i arrived there i am much more irritated from these 6 mnths as i am suffering from a strange type of cold…symptoms r frequent sneezing,fatigue,snezing after meals,in bathroom,in dept lab..etc,and cold starts at anytime of d day or night….,i consulted many doctors they advised me to change my food items, took samples of blood,…and ultimately told me that i m suffering from allergy…they prescribed me medicines differently….but none of the combination made a good effect,from 2 or 3 mnths i m taking Montemac FX…which gives me relief….but i dnt take this after 2 or more days….condition is sme……so plz sir …i request u to give me a suggestion so that i can get some relief .As i am a student i m much irritated and confused plz suggest me.thanking you sir

  518. faizan ansari says:

    Iam faizan ansari.iam indian
    My problem is water continuesly
    Flow From my nose only one side.
    side is rh.
    I do ct scane all is give
    Me some tablet related allergies.
    But my problem not solve.

  519. My son is 10 yr. he is allergic and has developed adeonoids and glue ears. Kindly advise on his current situation as well as remedy to control his allergy.

  520. I have been taking homeopathy for past 1 year for several ailments such as headaches, ligament tear etc but graduay developed severe itchy rashes on my skin. When I rub my body white flakes of dry skin come out. I am tired of itch. Dr says it is normal for skin to throw toxins. I was also told that I had photosensitivity. Is it normal that skin itches to throw toxins. Please help.

  521. Dear problem area is nose and sinuses since 25 yrs or so.Nose itches terribly waking me at about 1 or 2 am,blocked nose,itchy eyes.I sleep in an ac room.I often get headache which i relate to sinusitis or ?migraine.I work with formalin every day.please suggest me.Thanks Regards,Deepa.

  522. suresh mani says:

    I am having nasal problem from last two years. I have a problem like nose block while sleeping. and sneezing, running nose. and I am using otravin nasal spray. and another thing is I am a swimming trainer and I have to work in water 5-6 hour. please give solution. Thank you.

  523. Rajendra Prasad Mishra says:

    I am a BPH(Prostrate) patient taking Alpha blocker(silocidon 8) one dose per night. Now my SPSA reduces from 7 to 2. In mean while I am suffering from stuffy nose. From one year back I used to spray OTRIM in my nostrils. This is the only medicine by help I am able to sleep in night. I contacted to ENT Docter and he told me that excessive use of OTRIM is dangerous. Since without the help of this spray in mid night my nose get closed as if a vacume is created. Could you please suggest me if there is any remedy to get riddoff from this problem. Is there any Homaeopathic treatment.


  524. uttam kapse says:

    hi,my 7 months old child having cold usually, noisy breathing,block nose.please tell me how to cure this problem.

  525. V.Athisankar says:

    Dear sir,
    I’ve running nose, sneezing and irritation in nose in past two years. I went to English medicine, siddha medicine. That medicine only cure whenever I using after stopped mean that above problems are suddenly get started. So I planned to go homeopathy. Last two days before I went homeopathy. And doctor given tablets for one week morning and night 6pills like that given. But I feel I’m not curing well and also problem was increasing day by day.. Kindly tell me the better solution sir.

  526. Hakim Ali Mohammed says:

    Dear Doctor,

    my Daughter is 5 years old during cold season she has a allergy of coughing non stop she Start’s coughing when we show the doctor nabalizer is given and cough medicine till that time is cured but doctor I want total cure please suggest me something for my daughter .while she coughs a harsh sound comes and alwayz antibiotic is given.
    Thank you

  527. vaishali gohil says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    Myself Vaishali Gohil 28 years old, I have been suffering for the past 10 years, from cold nose blokage, itching at the back of the roof of my mouth.and sometimes it even goes to my chest…I get these symptoms in each and every season time. I sometimes also bleed from my nose.I havee been to doctors and they all presribed me medicines and I am taking medicines from 10 years without medicines I can’t stop cold but now a days their is no effect of medicine ,etc but once i stop the medication i go back to square 1.Can you help me please.

  528. Asma Ashraf says:

    Dr Sharma my name is Asma & I wanted to ask u a remedy for my father’s sneezing problem. He sneezes a number of times day n night. His age is 50 & he smokes alot. Every day he takes a cetrizine tablet to get a sound sleep but now even this medicine is not working which led to sleeplessness. Can u please tell me a useful remedy for his problems….

  529. Namrata Bhattacharjee says:

    Dear Sir,
    From last 5 years I am suffering from nose blockage and using nasal drops many times a day.Everyone scolds me for this habit of using nasal drop everyday.I too have sneezing allergy, once it comes it goes on and on until my eyes turn red, throat starts itching and this in turn results in a high fever.I have migrant and sinus problem too. So, Sir i kindly request you to solve my problem as soon as possible.Will be waiting for your effective reply.

  530. rebecca leigh says:

    My 11 year old son wakes up and has terrible sneezing attacks every morning, Please can you help? He also is allergic to nuts/kiwi/sesamee. The sneezing EVERY morning is very stressful to him and us !

  531. akhilesh upadhyay says:

    i am 40 year old man safring
    from sleepness(kharrata ) problem since 5 year. it is very high sound please tell me powerfull medicen to decrrese itv

  532. akhilesh upadhyay says:

    i am safring
    from sleepness(kharrata ) problem since 5 year. it is very high sound please tell me powerfull medicen to decrrese it

  533. Dear Sir,

    I am sreenivas from Hyderabad. My problem is suffering from blocked nose & running nose, itchy nose, Watery eyes, Headache then I have undergone surgery in the year 2004 in a reputed hospital saying that my flesh was increase in nose firstly. It was fine for few years. Now its been a few years that I am suffering from same issue. I would request you to please let me know whether this can be cured permanently or not ? If so how much does this treatment cost for me ? How long will it take me to get rid of this health issue ? I have been to so many hellopathy & reputed homeopathy doctors and lost my hope. While I was surfing recently just came across your site and would like to know the details ASAP.

    Kindly Drop me a mail ASAP please.


    Hello Doctor,
    I am 56 yrs old. I am facing severe nasal allergy specially early in morning being drastically watery nose.
    Kindly suggest me homoeopathic remedy.

  535. Sohail Shariq says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I hope all is well. I am Sohail Shariq, 30 years old from Afghanistan. I’ve been suffering from a potential allergy which I do not know what it might be. With the weather change, particularly, from warm to cold, I start sneezing. It can happen when I am up or asleep. I would sneeze a lot in such a condition up until I cover the part of my body which is subject to coldness or turn on the heater, in winter season. It is affecting my sleeping time and it obviously is no good when you are in a meeting condition in a working setting. I would highly appreciate to hear from you about the possibility of undergoing a treatment process. Regards,

  536. Hello sir,
    I’ll get sever sneeze when I get up early in the morning I’ll take treatment 2 times but no use
    So plz solve my problem sir

  537. Madhuri chopra says:

    Hello Doctor,

    I m Madhuri and I m 32 years old. I m suffering from blocked nose from last 5 months. I have consulted Ent doc ( Dr Suresh) here in Adelaide and in India (Dr Jain) from chandigarh. They both told me to stop otrovin. But doc to be very honest I m helpless. I can’t stop otrovin because I couldn’t breathe without that in the night time. I manage in the day time any how. I use otrovin once in a day. I haven’t feel better. They did my X-rays. Only little inflammations comes up. NowDoc suggest me CT. When I was in India ( chandigarh ) . I consult with one of homeopathy doc. I took medicine for about 1 month and it started working after 8-10 days. I stopped using otrovin for while. When I came back to Australia after few days I have to start otrovin again. I am consulting with doc Suresh again. I have 2 little kids and my life is too hard at the moment. Could you pls pls pls suggest me something. Is there is any treatment for stuffy nose in homeopathy.

  538. Dear sir ,
    When I suffer from cold sometimes blood comes along with my mucus ……wat may be the problem…..can it be cancer….or a simple one. ?…iam worried …pls help me….

  539. sanjay rakwal says:

    dear sir
    since last year i am suffering from nose allergy , suddenly sneezing ,clear liquid start from nose . and it can be any time . i saw it to ent specilist also when i hv this problem then each time i have to take montek lc as per dr. ent . this is allergy but i am facing this problem on all the seasons . left side of nose has more issue . pls advise how it can be permanent cured .

  540. mujhe maxillary sinus hai jiske karan har vackt sar me dard rahta hai kya isse perfect thik ho sakta hai

  541. I have been suffering from cough for the last 12 years (4 to 5 times in a year about 10 to 20 days each time). I’ve taken lots of antibiotics but they can’t relieve me permanently. My chest xray & sputum for AFB is normal, but when coughing starts I get lots of sputum/mucous passing. I don’t smoke but drink occasionally. When I feel something irritate my throat, the cough starts from that. This is my biggest problem in my life! Is there any medicine to cure my cough?

  542. Rajeev Kumar says:

    Dear Dr Vikas Sharma

    I am Rajeev Kumar , 35 yrs old and I am having this autum allergy / nasal allergy or hay fever since 2009 and it affects me every year . I have taken consultation of homeopaths and it has helped me to a certain extent . I am looking for permanent cure and to be very honest I am not happy with my homeopath Dr Aneel Habbu because he don’t want me to cure . I am concluding this because one dam bottle of medicine which has 2-4 drops of medicine for a month is giving him 600 / – . He is earning good and he is very rude and unprofessional .

    I like to know how to get treated from you because in your write up you seem very professional and friendly .

    I have everything which you have mentioned above for this allergy and my work and my social life is affected because of it .

    Please suggest me a good doctor in Pune region and I will be indebted to you .

    Looking forward for your suggestion and I will be waiting and checking my inbox every hr for your reply because I am very affected .

    Thanks !

  543. Dear Dr Sharma,

    Please to see your picture on website and read information about allergies. Nice briefing, first of all I am in trouble having sneezing during morning time waking from bed. I feel discomfort in morning as my nose gets wet and senses that It may start dripping. So to have Luke warm water to clear my nostril and get rid of the problem later on I don’t feel sneeze. I also use psyllium husk to regulate my bowel movement this what I use in little hot water. How to control my first part, 2ndly I have indigestion and stool pass problem. Till my stomach is enough filled with eating then i feel urge to get clear otherwise if don’t use husk i may feel constipation which may lead to 2 to 3 days and rise in blood pressure. please suggest me the right and proper medicine.


  544. Dear Dr .aadab arz hai ki main 4 saal se nazle se pareshaan hun mujhe din me kai martaba chink aati hai aur gale me kharaash bahut rahti hai koi dawa se mujhe koi laabh ni mila main samajhta hun ki shaayad mujhe thand se to allergy ni hai pleas diagnose medicine for us

  545. Dear Sir,
    since last month i am suffering severely at morning with continuous sneezing and running nose , itching in the eyes and roof of mouth. while wake this is making me very unconfortable. Please suggest me what i have to do . Manytime i visited more hospital they are simply suggest me that this is allergy . but i need permenant as well relief from this. what kind of medicine and food will decrease this allergy . Any danger will be there by persisting with this allergy . please suggest me.

  546. Dear sir, In cold climates i used to suffer from runny nose which at times drips with a continuous water like discharge , watery and itchy eyes, frequent sneezing, itching in the nose roof of the mouth. How to get rid of it

  547. Amit kumar says:

    Sir wen i wokeup or anytime my nose get blocked,i hv to breathe from mouth or use otrivin for dis n the main prob is due to tis blocked nose sneeze a lot coz of irritation in d nose.m having dis prob since last 7-8 yrs.doctors r saying its allergy problem

  548. Dear sir,
    I am Raju, from A.p.
    I have DNS & sinusitis surgery 2 times completed in 2008,at Dr.Niranjan babu,ENT,Centre at Ongole,Prakasam dt. but no use, I am suffering this problem repeatedly, I take MRI Scan, it showing default in Right side DNS problem, before i dont take any MRI Scan, before surgery done in Left side DNS, I suffering, Nasal blockage, difficult breathing, loss of breathing sensitivity like dead nose, lot of sneezing, nose always
    running water dropes ,
    need any surgery or not. ?..
    give me your valuable suggestions,
    Thanking you sir.

  549. samridhi batra says:

    sir i have a problem of white transpirant discharge from the last one yr.

  550. Respected Sir,

    i am having sneezing ,itchy and watery eyes,and runing nose with watery discharge. this problem is from past 8 years. This year as the rain is very heavy in my place and the climate is wet i am have a lot of problem.rite from the early moring i start sneezing and water discharge from the nose,then my eyes start to water and itch. My nose gets completely blocked not able to breath from nose
    pl help as i am in great problem and my work is also geting affected.

  551. Femida Hussein Haroon says:

    Hi, Im elergic to dust smoke and parfumes n bad smell , and I also feel whenever I have lemon in my food I get sick often and even cold drinks or cold water , can u suggest me what I can do to cure it

  552. bagulanaveen kumar says:

    I am suffering from sinus problem since 11 months using homeopathic medicine govt hospital and pothas-Q pls suggest homeo pahtic medicine names

  553. V.Vinaya Rao says:

    My spouse continuously having running nose and she sneezes continuously I request you to suggest good homoeopathy medicine for permanent relief. I shall be grateful to you if you kindly advise in this matter and advise if any precautions are to be taken.
    Thanks & Regards
    V.Narasimha Rao

  554. neha bhargav says:

    Since 3 yrs my husband has running nose problem in morning everyday which settles as the day passes.we live in dubai how can we try your treatment n how long does it take to cure.while taking ur medicine does he need to avoid any food or alchol?

  555. shadab husain says:

    dear sir,i have nasal problem from last 5yrs my nose always running water dropes always like from tap i cant work i cant read cant cook its a very big problem of my life sir pls give me saolution…

  556. seema clement says:

    Hello Doctor:

    I’m suffering with sneezing fits and runny nose since July 2014. This occurs in the early mornings, between 3:30 to 5:00 am. I wake up with irritation in the upper roof of my mouth and my nose, which results in sneezing and runny nose. This happens almost every day, until today, December 1, 2014.

    Kindly help.

  557. Virginia Stutesman says:

    I’m an 81 yr. old female, environmentally sensitive, so I remain in my small studio apartment most of the time. I live in the High Desert of Southern California, where there is mostly sand and high winds. Some local residents blame a fallout from military practice activity from a Marine base about 30 miles east of here. I have been suffering from sneezing, watering eyes, and clear nasal dripping for about a month now. I have used a saline/silver nasal spray, also a Sinus Relief Homeo spray, and several other different homeopathic remedies (Histaminum hydrochloricum, and an Aconite nap, Allium cepa, Euphrasia combo,) with very little relief. Recently, I began using a humidifier to bring the humidity up to a near normal range, according to the gauge on the machine. This seems to have helped to relieve my itching burning eyes, but they still water profusely, and my eye specialist has not given any relief either, and I use the preservative free saline solution for dry eyes. I use a CPAP with a warm reservoir at night, and I begin to sneeze within an hour of waking and not using the CPAP. I am wondering if Glaphimia Glauca, Sabadilla, or Wyethia would be of some help, and am not familiar or know a source of ordering any of these.

  558. victor maji says:

    I suuferring from common cold,sneezing,watery nose,blokage of nasal pasage,some times headeche on regular basis..mainly in mid night or early morning.
    I want to know thw reason..and please if u tell me the remedy i will be highly obliged you..
    Thnking u..

  559. Parashuram jadhav says:

    Im 26 yr old im suffering from nasal running and cough since 8yrs i check my CBC LEVEL ESIONOPHILS Count higher side it could be cause allergy how to treat it

  560. waseem khan says:

    Myself wasem khan nd i m 24 years old,and i mbbs students of D Y PATIL MEDICAL COLLEGE KOLHAPUR. I m suffering from last 4 years,nose blocks, itching in the eyes and sneezing whole increase when i m contact with dust,cold during mornings, sometimes my eyes are swelling due to itching and water running out from eyes.
    Sir give me solutions how to remove this problem….

  561. is anti allergic homeopathy medicine safe…??? how abt side effects..?
    How it acts..?actually how its different from allopathy..?

  562. Dr Asadullah Bhatti says:

    Hello Dr Sharma
    I am homoeopathic doctor and pharmacist
    tell me the treatment to avoid from abortion

  563. srishty jain says:

    Hi sir
    I am suffering from runny nose for few days n I had taken the medicine which is advice by the doctor but I m getting rid of runny nose. What should I do for this?

  564. Hello Dr . Sharma
    I am in need of a cure yes cure for these horrible nasal allergies .I suffer so bad in the spring and now all of a sudden I have been suffering the entire year with horrible stuffed nose and uncontrollable sneezing .Please, Please help me.

  565. Will Chyzvanprash help me im 68 yrs old female?

  566. sir, i am suffering from daily block nose and itchy eyes from last two years.what should i do?

  567. My son is 4 yrs old. Before winter season (Sept to dec & feb) he suffers from Allergic cold & cough. Pls. tell me what will I do for recovery?

  568. Hi Dr.Sharma,

    I am 26 years old. I am in big trouble. I am unable to sleep from past 20 days because of blocked nose every night. I have itching in my eyes and sometimes my nose is constantly dripping. Sometimes i feel pain in my face and sensation on my shoulders.
    I feel itching and pain in my nose roof also. Sometimes i get fever.
    I really need your help.


  569. Bobby Chadha says:

    Dr Sharma – I recently moved to New Delhi for work and over the last 2 weeks, partly due to the weather change, I am starting to suffer with typical hay fever symptoms that I have a history of in the UK.

    primarily its in the morning its get started, I sneeze constantly, have itchy eyes and find it extremely hard to concentrate at work.

    Im also asthmatic so I do also suffer from shortness of breath however its the constant sneezing and watery nose that bothers me through out the day.

    I am currently taking “allegra” in India however it seems that it really is a week remedy because relief lasts for around 2 hours before it starts to get irritating again.

    What do you advise regarding ANY remedy or allergy specific medecine I could take to address this issue? Any advice would be appreciated.

    I wouldnt bother worrying if I was on vacation however I am living here for a prolonged spell so am looking for a long term solution.

    Thanks in Advance


  570. GEETHA B. NAIR says:

    Dear Dr.
    I am 47 yrs old. Taking medicine for BP (tenalol 12.5 mg) and Thyroid (eltroxin 50 mg) at present. My problems started about one and half months back with severe sneezing. After about 15 days, running nose and pain on upper throat felt. Difficult to take hot tea and also food due to chilli. Went to Homeopath Dr. after 15 days and started medicine. However, after taking the medicine, as usually known, the problems aggravated. Even then continued the medicine for two weeks and in between I reported the severeness to the Dr. and she provided some special doses but did not work. Actually the pain and running nose everything increased. Stopped Homeo and whent to our regular MD and took medicine for 10-15 days – no considerable relief. ENT Dr. was consulted. He opined “no problems” only seasonal and due to allergy. His medicine also did not give much relief. Due to antibiotic I was feeling bad. Now not taking any medicine for for last one week. Problem still exists. So, I thought by seeing yr adv. to approach for Homeo again. Hope, u will suggest remedy.
    geetha b. nair

  571. Good morning Dr. Sharma,

    My name is veer and i am working in U.A.E. I read your column very carefully. yes all symptoms matches with my disease..let me tell you some facts and information..i was studied in gurgoan, hariyana in 2013 and that time i realised first time the same symptoms in start of autumn… i suffered from running noise and sneezing constant 10-15 time when it start and itching at the back of the roof of my mouth. i got treated my self from many doctors and their medicine worked only 1 or 2 week maximum…now i am tired and i want to fix this problem….i couldn’t work in office..every body who related to me are upset…tears comes from eyes continuously and also feeling itchy in eyes…and then after it goes red…please for god shake save me….from this problem and suggest the best.

  572. arhana saifi says:

    dear sir
    my problem is this I am 31 year old my nose runny last 3 to 4 month I have no cold and I m not sneezing but water leak from my nose continuously.last year I have same problem but after some time I m well but now I m suffering from runny nose. what can I do please give me suggestion

  573. jubin parajuli says:

    dear doctor,
    I am 32 year old male from nepal. I was suffering frm irregular sneezing since 5 years. mainly sneezing occour at night with me bt not all day only happens sometimes. At that time i do 10 to 15 sneezing within a minute or within 2 minute. after that i feel so irritate and nose start running. when i sleep it will be fine tomarrow morning. after that my breathing become noisy and some times i feel very uncomfort in breathing same as asthmatic patient at that time i cannot sleep whole night. sometimes brething disturbance come without sneezing.. but breathing problems only happens 3 to 4 times in a whole year..
    Sometimes sneezing happens after sex also. Mostly sneezing happens without breathing problem but sometimes it leads uneasy on breathing also. so doctors what are the major reasons for my problem and what are the major solution… i will be highly obilize if u recommended the proper sugesstions.
    thanking you

  574. AMARDEEP PHUKAN says:

    My 6 years old has allergic sneezing in the morning, she also suffers from asmetic symptoms , nose block, wheezing, cold etc.

    Kindly suggest treatment and how to procure homeo medicine online.


  575. Manjeet Singh says:

    I have been suffering for the past 2 years, from nose blokage, itching inside the nose.I have frequent sneezing problem which lasts for two three days then it stops and it recures again.Can you help me please.

  576. Tapas Biswas says:

    I am 26+ years old. My problem is asthama and
    My nose always facing close. One nose close And another time another open and another close. Please tell me how can I overcome in this problem.

  577. Hi Doctor

    I am suffering from runnig nose, iteching in eyes and some headache , this is since many years now , every week twice or thrice some time , can you propose some help to me

    Thanks in Anticipation of a response

  578. mukesh vishwakarma says:

    * hi..Sharma ji
    i am mukesh.25 year old
    I have frequent sneezing problem particularly in early morning 5am.After sneezing more than 10 times i got running nose . When i eat rice, curd, ghee, milk then my nose rannin and sneezing. And also i drink some cold water then also nose running and sneezing . Iam facing this problem last 7-8 year. fPlease help me to get rid of this sneezing problem.
    Thanks wih Warm regars,


  579. Sir My nose get block when there is change in weather. I am unable to breath properly and have headache. Plz help me

  580. Sir day time i am fine but at night i lay down for sleep suddenly my nose is completely blocked at every night.which homeopathic medicine i can use?

  581. sir,

    i have been suffering from sneezing and eye irritation for more than a year.I have consulted around 14 doctors for eye treatment but no one could find any issue with my eyes,later i treated my nose.but none of this treatment cld cure my disease…due to eye irritation am not able to work on computer and nt able to drive.when am undergoin treatment i feel better bt wen i stop medicine again it occurs as it was before..plz suggest possible way to treat..

  582. JAI PRAKASH says:


    I have problem of Running Nose since 7 year. i have taken so many medicine but not effect.

    Kindly advice me.



  583. david cliff says:

    can you make a remedy after a cat scan using your Sylvia

  584. SANJEEV KUMAR SH says:

    Hello sir,
    I am sanjeev kumar sharma suffering from sneezing problem form last 9 to 10 years ,( having a constant runny nose which at times drips with a continuous water like discharge , watery and itchy eyes, frequent sneezing, itching in the nose roof of the mouth) these mentioned problems are similar from my problem .
    Please advice me the medicine or any any other treatment by which I can get away from these problem I am very thankful to you.

    With regards
    Sanjeev kumar sharma

  585. Prashant Patra says:

    Dear Dr. Vikas

    My Self Prashant Patra & having a constant runny nose which at times drips with a continuous water like discharge , watery and itchy eyes, frequent sneezing, itching in the nose roof of the mouth.

    Kindly give appointment for this.

  586. Ata Haider Jafri says:

    Dear Dr,

    My age is 41 years.
    I am having problem of itchi, runny nose, uncounted sneezing every after 2-3 days. I already have consumed hundreds of anti allergic pills like (levocetrazine 5 mg) many times in combination with montelukast in last five years. Many time i have to take antibiotics course like Azithromycine 500 mg tabs. It’s get ok for 2-3 days and again comes back.

    i will be highly thankful if I could get relief.

    Ata Haider Jafri

    Even I have taken homeopathic medicine also but no improvement.

    I am completely frustrated with this problem in last five years.

  587. Butholezwe Weza says:

    after reading other peoples post on this forum I realized I have the same big problem. I start sneezing any time of the day. sneezing last for hour and its frequent. when I start sneezing my eyes start itching and sticky mucus blocks my left nose and at times it will be watery fluid coming out from both nose continuously. this problem last for a day or few hours and its gone but after two or three days it starts again. I have doctors and doctors but non of them ever brought or suspected allergic reaction of which I’m now certain it is. I need help cause this has been going on for almost five years now. again there is a tingling sensation on my nose and at times if I happen to rub my nose accidentally sneezing start and the condition worsen until the next day. pliz ur help sir . I need a permanent relief to this condition. I don’t think I can work normally with this condition.

  588. Dear dr,
    My son aged 13.5years has been suffering from wheezing since 2 yrs old.since the age of 6,he has been having constant cold.For the past 4 yrs he has been suffering from sinusitis frequently.He is using nasal and oral inhalers,ever since.But the problems keep recurring.I had also give him homeo from various doctors for almost three years.Still not much use.He had some response to accupuncture.Now as a final resort ,I am giving him dabur chyawNprash.Hope to get a positive answr from you regarding a permanent cure for sinus and wheezing.i live in nagercoil,Kanyakumari district in Tamil nadu.


  589. Pooja Mukhekar says:

    Hi doctor…I am suffering from all above mentioned prob…itchy eyeys nose,one nostril get chocked after lying,some time I am unable to breath….I need a guideline….pls help me….I am 30 yts old women ,staying in Pine Maharashtra…

  590. Asif Ahmad says:

    I am suffering from regular throat infection. I do smoking (5 to 6 cigarettes a day). I am allergic from dust and even from fragrances. I always use mask when go outside. Unfortunately the city where I live has dusty environment. I suffer from fever due to the throat infection caused by throat irritation/ allergy. Kindly advise homeopathy medicine for this problem. Thank you in advance.

    Asif Ahmed
    Multan, Pakistan.

  591. MANISH JAIN says:



  592. syeda sabrina zafar says:

    Sir,I have an acute problem of sneezing and runny nose…it occurs frequently and sometimes my nose dripping like water from a tap and at that time I get watery eyes and they itches.How can I get rid of this problem? It is also to be noted that I have been suffering from this problem since my childhood and my age is 22 now.

  593. birander sharma says:

    dear sir iam facing heavy nose stuffy problem also my nose blocking during cold allergy or alwayes follow nose one by one side and facing to take oxizon and heavy problem created to sleep in night.i feel my heavy allergy started in cold day and when i eat like water type vegatable onion or sallad,some cold curd and when bathing with normal cold water or open bath. and facing cold air.after started heavy allergy ofter 4 hour or 5 hour..sir please reply your feedback for my happyness life.if posible please call me 08954886464 and mail me to solved my problem- thanks

  594. Rakesh kumar says:

    Dear sir
    ican not stand due to pain start at foot below and above joint and when i press the joint of my finger pain start.can you help me .

  595. I am 22 years old. I have been suffering from Nasal allergy (like sneezing, eyes & nose watering)
    . I take anti allergic medicines like-cope /cz3 /citrizen/etc. But it is a temporary. Please assist me which type of homeopathy medicine I may be used.

  596. jasmine vejar says:

    When I wake up or at night I sneeze back to back like around 5x. The top roof my mouth gets itchy after I sneeze after I have a runny nose all day and it feels conested as well. The mucus througout the is clear but in the morning is orange. I also start to wheEze when I breathe in the morning and night. These syptoms started in April 2014.

  597. md mahfooz says:

    Sir ‘ I have 6 Years like this problem Always my nose Running nose and eyes itching and some time continue water come my nose after my nose come blood really I am feeling very bad …Thank sir please send me your contact. .

  598. arun agrawal says:

    I am suffering from severe allergy bronco and chest

  599. Satyam Bansal says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am 25 years old, still I have lost more than half hairs on my head. My father have become bald in his late 40’s. Rest I do not use any kind of drugs. Please let me know if there is any solution to this problem.


  600. Monark mehta says:

    sir my nervous system is fully break down due to alopathy medicne and i also have sinus(allergy) and respiratory problem (asthma).at present symtom are tension,depression,anixty,restlessnee, sexual you please give me an appropriate solution.

  601. Jitender Sharma says:

    Dear sir,

    Since last few years i have suffered from a problem of running nose. Mostly it happen when season changes but it takes 15-20 days to get rid of this problem just like taking some cold tablets. but now a days I am avoiding these tablets. I want permanent solution of this problem. Everytime nose is running,itching and sneezing. water comeout from eyes and heavy head and like fever every time. Please sir tell me permanent solution for it. I shall be highly thankful to u for this.

  602. jehanzaibkhan says:

    my nose is having itchiness dripping like water comming out of the nose and getting blockek

  603. Vijay Kumar Srivastav says:

    hello Dr. Sharma

    I sneez every morning and night. from last 1 year i was suffered also from itching in my body, red spots (like a bunch of red ant bit at a place) was arise and fade up in 1 hours. i am taking xyzal-M tablet once daily at bed time from last 6 months.
    itching is somewhat relief but sneezing still exist with watery nose and itching in eyes.
    how can i get benefited in present situation from homeopathy.

  604. anil kumar says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am suffering nasal allergy like sneezing, itching eyes & nose watering since last 2 months, Can you help me please.

    Anil Kumar
    New Delhi

  605. roshan singh says:

    My problem is my left nose continue bleding when I have been to keep down my head or when I pressure on my body mind please consult me.
    Roshan singh

  606. chandramani sethy says:

    Dear Sir,

    i am suffering from clod diseases and nasal sneezing last two fast i consult with docter have depribed the medicine, i used it.but complete of course the problem remain same.i consult another medicine specialist & a prof of TV and chest he advice me for ECG and hemoglobin and X ray but the all are normal he precribed some antibiotics for three month and a mouth fresher for spray in two times in a day,but after 3 three month 50% was relax but it was too expensive for me as a student then i go to a homeo clinic he gave the medicine and now a days i am continuing it. i am fell relax (no cold & sneezing) occasionally cold and but at fast of oct i fill the same problem which i was suffered and fill that i am suffering some allergy problem

  607. Hi, i am facing cold and allergy problm from past 1 month.My cold is not getting stopped from 1 month.Daily night my nose gets blocked and i am using otrivin for that.Once i wake up i sneeze for more than 10 times.Please suggest me with any tablet

  608. Mitul poddar says:

    Dear Dr sharma

    I am having nasal polyps problem from last 15 years , i have done three surgery. I stay in mumbai . But still i am having problems of recurring polyps , running water , no smelling sensation, mucus in nose ,

    Please suggest me good homeopathy medicine to get rid of this polyps


    Mitul poddar

  609. Hi, my names Surie and am 16 I have tbis weird problem that every time I go into class after nutrition and it really hot out side but inside the class room its really cool, once the class starts like 10 or 15 mins later, I get an itching feeling in my nose then, this was on Friday by the way, then I get watery eyes then” I kinda wana snezze but I hold it cause I dont want to. Then I start to make this face so the itching can go away I even pull my nose from the side down so it can calm down the itching. This happnes all the time break is over . So today on a sunday since I have AC in my house we turn it on when it starts to get hot then as I said 10 mins after my terrible nose itching occurs then I get the watery eyes then I sneeze but after that one sneeze I start to bleed from my left side of my nose and I want to know why this happens am I alergic to AC? I bleed for about 3 to five mins so please I need help and want to know what to do or what to use.

  610. Hi,
    My friend 25yrs old will some a minimum of 8 cigarettes a day, a week before he cough up blood. He always feel dryness in his throat, he will get dry cough. Now a days he s unable 2 smoke without some kind of liquid. His resistance power gone down. Is dis some kind of lung disease r cancer? Wat we have 2 do now?

  611. Amol Patil says:

    Hello Sir, I have cold problem through out the year and at that time continuous flow of water from nose. Same problem is for my father also. Further i have allergy of cold and most of faced problem in the winter season..

    Pls tell me what should i do to get relief from this..


  612. Hello Sir,

    I am from Ludhiana, My wise (32) suffering from the same problem (NASAL ALLERGY) water dripping regularly with sneezing from past 3-4 weeks. Please advice us what we have to do for that.



  613. Dr Vikram Singh MDS (Dental Surgeon) says:

    As u have mention about the allergic rhinitis, i have same problem in the morning as soon i get up.
    it start with running nose then continue with sneezing. it will be their for 1-2 hour’s. some time it may last long. my daughter also has same problem.
    kindly suggest me some treatment for this.
    thanking u
    Dr Vikram Singh
    Oral Medicine & Maxillofacial Radiology

  614. Hi, my name is silvana am 30 years old, i used to suffer from nosal allergy all pf my life, but three days ago i had a wierd pain and it is in my teeth but when i went to the dentist he told me that there is nothing wrong wz my teeth and it might be nosal allergy, it possible? Also i am going to the sea so is that incease it?

  615. tufail ahmed says:


    i am suffer from sneezing & itching eyes more time in a day and living in saudi arabia riyadh.

    what is solution ?

  616. Good evening sir

    This is chaitanya from kadapa(AP) iam suffering from allergy(means continuous sneezes and continous water coming from eyes) now iam using homeo medicines since from 6months.but it cant control.
    my problem here is that when it suddenly comes the homeo medicines cant control it.And it takes two days for me to recover from that.sir did you please suggest when suddenly allergy come to me which medicine i want to take for immediate relif.

  617. Arijit Chatterjee says:

    Hii My name is Arijit i am from delhi last few months i have suffering from allergy problem. continue dripping water my nose and some sensation in front of my nose.please tell me what can i do .

  618. Rajender Kumar says:

    Dear dr sharma
    my father is 73 year old he is filling dust in mouth . plz tel me what i do

  619. Samrat Choudhuri says:

    I have cronic allrgic senucitis fungal long years . Now I am above 14 years.

  620. Manish Mahendra says:

    I have this problem but the difference is that I live in the mountains. I have been having this since 2009, and have tired Homeopathy once before, but it seemed that the doctor did not seem to understand my problem properly. This time I again went to the Homeopathic doctor and mentioned Allergic Rinihits, he gave me some medicine with which I got no relief at all, his handwriting was bad one and one of the medicines prescribed was sulphur 30c, the other I don’t know. I was given an anti allergan by the allopathic doctor last year and the year before but all these treatments are temporary and not permanent. Please help

  621. Dear Sir
    I have continue for 8 years in cold i take many treatment but no impure-meant
    so kindly tell me what treatment can i take?
    My problem
    3.eyes watering
    4.cold is coming for in bolls

  622. sajjan singh rajawat says:

    Myself sajjans singh rajawat 45 years old.I am a nasal allargy patient, the first attack of allargy was 20 years back when i was in my 25. nose dripping like water from a tap. I getting itchy and watery eyes and all of this has been there since the last few years.

  623. Hi Dr,
    My mother who is 55 years old and she is suffering from this disorder or infection from last 2-3 years.
    she used to suffer continous sneezing at different intervals every day. we have also visited our family doctor,did performed various tests but it worked for a short period .please suggest some medical course or else to cure this infection permanently

  624. sanjay solomon says:

    i have nose block during night time and breathless for x6 months i hav a habit of smoking and drinking alcohol dr. sharma pls help me from this reply quickly i wil be waiting



  626. Shilpa Alwadhi says:

    Hello Doctor, My 2 years and 10 months daughter is having running nose from march 14 regaularly, I have given her all sorts of alopathic medicines such as recofast/citrazine..montair etc.. bt no use… I have also tried on homoeopathic medicine.. which include combination medicine also… Now i have changes the dr.. he is also a homeopath.. giving medicine from last one month.. i dont kno the name.. bt thats of no use.. Kindly advice!!

  627. Sreenivas . E says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am sreenivas, suffering from running nose since last 10 years almost, got operated in yashoda 9 to 10 years back and it was a bit relief for few years but the problem started once again. It’s like when ever I use medicine it is fine and when I stop the medicine it used to reoccur once again. The main issue is running nose, sometimes blocked nose and I need to wipe my nose through out the day and feel shame when I am in meetings with my colleagues. Hence request you to kindly suggest me the best remedy to overcome this problem please.

  628. Mrs.Vasantha Viswanathan says:

    Dear doctor
    Iam 68 years old living in chennai but after coming to Bangalore also I have constant sneezing and watery discharge and dripping and feeling the water dripping in to my throat,ear ,at the back of the roof of my mouth and after that nose gets blocked. If i take Zyrtec i get relief.
    This started only for the last 7 months
    My pressure,sugar levells are normal
    Kindly suggest homeopathy treatment for this ailment

  629. Hello sir.i m 20year old.manu childhood toh hi season change hon nal alliergy ho jndi a sneeze ,eyes and nose chu water ohn lg jnda a.please help me sir plzzzzzzz.

  630. purushothamam says:

    i am male aged 52 ,from my child hod i am suffering cold,first it starts from continuous sneezing ,then start cold,cough,running nose,stuffy nose,throught pain ,next fever,kindly subscribe me genuine homeopathy medicine prescription please,

  631. Dr.
    I am very much suffering from constant flow of histamin from nose whenever I go to the kitchen or near it when cooking is being done with mustard oil and masalas etc. Life becomes miserable due to constant sneezing . This is going on daily as cooking cannot be stopped due to me alone.
    Is there any treatment by Homeopathy. Kindly help me. Kindly treat this as SOS..
    A. Roy

  632. saroj mansingh says:

    Dear,Sir, I’ m 43 yrs old , facing problem of itchy nose & eyes with sneezing since 3 yrs.What to do pl Advice. Thank you.

  633. shiv kunar malhotra says:

    Same running nose and sneez lots of lots in mng and full day plz suggest some home made treatment

  634. Himank sharma says:

    hello Dr.,
    I am Himank sharma 22 years old. My problem is to keeps on sneezing all the time, due to which my nose swell from inside. some Dr. said it is not curable.
    when I am sneezing mucus is also come out .
    some Dr. said it is sinus. Can you please help me out . This problem is sucking me from past 2 years

  635. heavy cold

  636. Hello sir,
    ,I am having this problem of continous sneezes every morning and my nose gets blocked partially most of the day.cough starts suddenly and stays for like 10 to 15 mins many times a day. a doctor from my hometown prescribed cetrizine but I dont feel any change in my condition.please help me with good treatment

  637. shamsher khan says:

    Dear dr. Sir, Im 32 yrs old, from last 20 yrs l have been suffering from nasal allergy.( like sneezing eye & nose watering) l feel uneasiness. I take anti allargic medicine. But lt is a temporary. Please assist me which type of himeopathy medicine. I want to permanent from this problem. Please suggestion me. I shall be very thanksful to you.

  638. liyakath M says:

    Hello Doctor, myself liyakath from Bangalore aged 23yrs. I am suffering from runny nose and sneezing past from one and half year. I reached out many Doctors n took treatment even with ENT specialist to cure this but I really didn’t found any solution for this decease. Until I have medicines my problem will b fine but once I stop medicine again it’ll start. Kindly advise me in solving this problem in me which m suffering.
    Thank you

  639. Hariom sharma says:

    Andh cosh m pain ho jata hai homyopaithi tretment Batay 9461115699

  640. Vaishali Kengale says:

    Mine is Vaishali, born in rural, i have 30 years old. shifted pune for education in 2004 after worked in MNC for 4 years at that time in 2008 i have asthma attack, then it rusulted to Allergetic broncrieties. after that shifted to mumbai for job in 2010, last 7 years i worked in MNC in AC environment, till November 2013. i married in 2011.
    i am taking flutrol tablets for inhaling daily or day after day, whenever it is necessorry. Now a days i have nasal problem. Runny nose, sneezing, eaching in nose and throt at mornig and after waking from sleep. and whenever i am cooking, washing toilet, and whenever taking hard smell like deo, toilet cleaner, smell sticks etc.
    Now we are thinking for baby but without this health problem, please suggest right treatment doctor. I am totally depressed. Please give me relief doctor.
    Thank you Doctor.

  641. VIKAS CHAURASIA says:

    yesterday’s mid night while sleeping suddenly the clear and transparent liquid like water come out from my father’s nose .
    Near about 10 ml.

  642. More snezing .watering nose and eyes itching please help us

  643. kabita Sharma. says:

    Dr.sharma. my name is kabita i am suffering nosal synes problem in every rany season from last seven years ago i can also cunsalt a docter and x ray also done .lastly i use the citrezen elergy tabelet. So i want to ask u it is write or no. Please sugeest me and how to i remove from this problem.

  644. Rashmi Dewani says:

    The Problem is My nose is continuous sneezing in the Midnight , nose dripping like water

    in the midnight

    Also we are getting itchy and watery eyes and all of this has been there since from one year

    As the whether changes , we can’t take rest due to dripping water from nose

    I have been to doctors and they all precsribed me medicines like Fluzet

  645. Dear Dr sharma. I am 19yrs and have had allergies since I was 10,the allergies come with sneezing a lot of sneezing ,liquid and constant catar ,blocked noes,itchy eyes, itchy nose and sometimes my eyes get really really red and painful .i noticed that this allergy increases during rainy or very cold seasons I have been on medication for years but all to no avail currently I take piriton every day before I sleep this however only helps me sleep through the.night sometimes it doesn’t I need help and advice please thank you very much.

  646. Rahul Singh says:

    My name is Rahul Singh, I have drug allergy disease. I don’t know which drug is reacting in my body. I have consulted many doctors about this problem, but they all says there is not any way to find which drug is reacting. They all suggested to me that, just write all the medicines name which are reacting in my body and in future don’t take these medicines. But there is not any permanent solution of this problem. Sir i want to know that, is there any solution of this problem through Homeopathy?

  647. Danilo Madayag says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    How are you? I am Danilo, 40 years of age. This is my current condition I sneeze, have a runny nose and watery eyes especially when I wake up in the early morning and before going to bed. I am already suffering this for months. Sometimes I am taking up cold and flu relief but it keeps
    on coming back. Please help me get rid of it.


  648. kundalata behera says:

    i hv been suffering snizzing problem from last 3yrs.when i wake up in the morning i usually snizze 12 to15times.its not only night whenever i sleep after wake up i get this problem .pls suggest me some medicine .

  649. Eachhdeep kaur says:

    Dear dr sharma
    I m 19 years old girl i m 1year facing cold allerge in all the seasons my nose always dripping
    I was use many homopatic medicine it was relif for few hours .
    In his sneezing problem i am not able tu do anyting
    Not to do work in college not eating food
    This is a big problem of my life
    Pls sir suggest me any traetment medicine excercise anythink
    Thank you so much

  650. Hi Dr. Sharma
    Myself Sandeep from India aged 25. I have a sudden irritation on the right side of the nostril in the middle of the night which leads to heavy sneezing and running nose. An my left side of nostrils gets blocked. I couldn’t sleep when it starts to occur and I have to sit up for a while to stop the sneezing, but in the mean time my nose gets blocked. I have no idea what’s going on??? This issue leads to lack of sleep an fatigue. These issues have started two weeks back. So kindly do help me in curing this issue.


  651. divakara naik k s says:

    sneezing and running nose ,what is the treatment or medicine in homeopathy please inform sir i am safer a lot.

  652. mohd. Tariq says:

    Dear dr.
    I have been suffering from sinusitis las 3 years and I have lot of headech problem and my nose every time block. Please give me some suggestion.

  653. my 6monthschild is suffering ftom nasal congeztion cold cough frequently . please suggest me medicines and other guidelines

  654. Cynthia ifeoma says:

    Dear Dr, i have also been suffering for the past few yrs now from nose blockage, frequent sneezing, itching at the back of the roof of my mouth, itching of the eye & after scratching, the eye become very redish in colour and water wil be coming out of it and sometimes it even goes to my chest. I get these symptoms frequently where i also loose my sense of taste and smell. I sometimes bleed from the nose. I have been to doctors and they prescribed me medicines like yeast, ventolin, telefast nd steriod etc but once i stop using it i usually go back to the same symptoms. Please kindly help me from these issues. Thanks from cynthia ifeoma

  655. jatinder kaur says:

    M suferring from cold from last 2 years and now need treatment ……

  656. Suresh Singh says:

    Sardi ka problem hai kabhi bhi chhik ka aa jana aur sardi ho jata hai khasi aur nak se pani girta hai

  657. Dinesh Singh says:

    Dear sir

    I am Dinesh Singh (30 years). I am facing problem of Sneezing and running nose before two years. I take lots of medicines but they give relief some time but after 1 weak I face again same problem. Please give me the right Medicine so that I find relief this problem

    Thanks and Regards
    Dinesh Singh

  658. dayakar reddy says:

    i am 54 suffering with deviated nasal septum for last 34 years using antidepressents also .some time though very rarely my breating is surgery only wayout.kindly suggest.

  659. Hello. I have this runny nose and eyes and sneezing but it’s worse when I’m in my room or indoors. When I go outside it’s not as bad. I can feel like an irritation burning and irritation when I’m breathing which feels as though I am going to sneeze.
    I feel really dizzy and weak and run down and my temperature feels so high. My ears are also hurting feel swollen and my throat. It’s affecting my life I can’t eat or anything even. I don’t know what is wrong with me could it be hay fever allergies or some kind of virus??
    Just seems worse when I’m indoors

  660. p.seshagiri rao says:

    Dear sir,
    good morning,
    i am suffering from feeling cold and head ache from long time. i am feeling always some thing in nose to throat and mouth and feeling mouth,nose,eyes burning and almost whole body.
    i tried several doctors in chennai apollo hospital also. i attended a lot of tests as per their instructions. and used several antybiotic medicines. i attended any biomedical test and found normal. but, i did not found any relief by them.but, day by day my problem is increasing by spread all over body.i tried several homeo doctors in andhra pradesh.but, they also failed to find solution for my problem.
    is it possible to get treatment to solve my problem?
    if possible, please kindly advice me.
    thanking you

  661. Jan Angelo Dio says:

    hello doctor ever since I was a little boy I wake up with a runny nose in the morning. Now since I live in the Philippines my autumn allergy is basically all year round. I am now 17 years old and I am so fed up with this allergy. Please doctor if there is anything that you may recommend I would be very thankful 🙂

  662. Sir i have cough problem from last 2 months…some times its dry and some times wet…i had my chest x-ray it showed many spots on my chest…i concerned to Dr..i also have asd hole in heart so my heart size is also large ,,,i asked Dr..that is its TB he said its cause of ur heart dicease as i dont have other sympotms of TB as fever.fatique..tiredness etc..plz Dr suggest me should i go to cardilogist for treatment or go for further TB test so that i can get proper cure

  663. swamy nair says:

    Same issue happining to me written in the article

    kindly suggest

    swamy nair

  664. Sri Harsha says:

    I’m 13years old from last 1month to Iam suffuring cough continuously.and sudunly I got heavy with 103temperature&cold heavy cough so want medicine and cureing tips.thankq doctor

  665. navneet verma says:

    Sir mujhe cough ki bhut problm hai or mera cough 2 year se bn raha hai test bhi karva liya Kuch nahi aa raha hai mujhe kya karna chahiye

  666. Ganesh Karthikeya says:

    hello sir,
    im suffering from running nose from morning to night since from around 2 months…nose will block most of the time….may i know what is the reason behind this and please give the solution…

  667. Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from running nose problem from last 9 month. My problem starts from september 2013 . In morning nasal congestion starts which is followed by regular sneezing. my nose become blocked .my eyes becomes red and watery. Clear watery fluid flow from my nose . i take levocitrizine 5 mg then releif from this problem. This releif last for 2 days and then again same problem starts.
    plz suggest me apprppriate medication .

    Thanks nd Regards,
    Giriraj saini

  668. Madhurima singh says:

    Once a weak I suffering from allergy like sneeging start and watery nose continue. It makes very trouble for me am very irritated and feeling ill.

  669. Tayyab Nafis says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from recurrent sneezing and persistent cold since Nov 2013 to till date. I’ve visited many doctors but felt only momentary relief until I took doze. Afterwards problem regains and whenever I get relaxed from recurrent sneezing and cold but still have to suffer from nasal blockage problem. So please sir suggest me the best remedy for the permanent cure of this problem. I’ll be highly obliged to you.

  670. Rosemary Sarkodie-Addo says:

    hello dr.i am 19yrs and in ghana.i have this itching nose and eyes,running nose too since infancy.i also sneeze a lot and the strange thing is almost all my siblings have it.please,i want this to leave my system forever.i need help doctor please

  671. Mithilesh sarraf says:

    I am 25 years old and facing with a problem of blocing nose for 2 years continuously advice me how i cure it

  672. Hi.. I am from uae.. and in the season like July and August.. my nose is too much itching and watering also I am sneezing like 7+ time continuously.. it’s allergic.. So what medicine should I use..

    Pls suggest..! thank u

  673. pbsmanyam says:

    i am getting sneezing early from the vake up halfenly and getting itching sensation in the nose afterwords itblocks and becoming difficult for inhalation.suggest me medicines please

  674. Sir,

    I have frequently sneezing, Nose running after nose running then i am facing in breathing problem most of the time i caused early in the morning and evening time.

  675. ameena begum says:

    hi dr. i am sufferring from snuffy nose ,itchy , sneezing in early mornings,mid night ,watery dischage from nose and a very heavy pressure on face and in head mostly on leaft side and this all is happening from 3 weeks and while making roti sneezing a lot …so can u help me for this i am 37 yeras old i have 5 kids and i am brest feeding small one and he also having allery from lactose and if i eat any thing like nuts or drink milk he start itching he is now 15 months old .. if u can help me for him also ..

  676. Terry salami says:

    Pls sir i need ur help and advice on my health condition,my upper palate hitch me and i sneeze so many times,am always weak,and runing nose what do i do?thanks

  677. Terry salami says:

    Pls sir i need ur help and advice on my health condition,my upper palate hitch me and i sneeze so many times,am always weak,and runing nose what do i do?

  678. Olanipekun Opeoluwa S. says:

    Blood is streaming off my nose when i have nose irritation and observed that my nose-passages are blocked, in attempt to blow it, blood will be coming out.
    Moreso, i used to have itching nose,mouth roof or generally nose irritation.

  679. Amanuel Teshome says:

    Dr my name Amanuel I have had conjuctivities since I was 3 years old.The doctors I went to said that it will disapear when I grow up but now I have another eye problem I can’t see far and when I look at close things for a long time I get a headace and I some times have nose bleeding at night after the headace.And above all that now my eye sight is weakening very rapidly and my eye glasses can’t stop it.So I was wondering if I would get blind soon or is there a treatment for this eye problem?

  680. DHANRAJ WAGH says:

    I Mr DHANRAJ having a problem of running nose ,watering eyes, itching ears, nostril block,paining inside,sneezing in all seasons.
    please suggest me homoeopathic medicine.

  681. Hello sir, facing sinus issue since feb 14, it is on right side of ma face, please let me know what to do, I am very tensed, eye bags are swolen, taking ayurvedic treament, it is not much effective, what to do sir, please please tell me, m only 24 yrs

  682. pankaj gupta says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    I an in Noida and sneeze dozens of time in a day specialy in the morning and my nose drips like water from a tap. It gets itchy and watery eyes and all of this has been there since the last few month.After 2 3 hoursits ok.

    kindly suggest some treatment.


    Pankaj Gupta

  683. Shubham kumar says:

    My mother is suffering with serious sneezing her nose is dripping like water its been 40 years in the beginning she used to sneeze once in a month or twice in a month but now when she is becoming older and older this problem is getting serious,now once in a week she sneeze and next day sneezing automatically stops,my mother says if it all she stops her sneezing with the help of any medicine then she gets severe headache , she been through to many hospitals and they have done many checkups/test and the reports were clear they are not able to find what exactly is the reason of sneezing they all are saying its an allergy but they don’t know the cause of allergy…please help

  684. G.RAJKUMAR says:

    Dear Dr,
    Myself Rajkumar 40 years old,for the past five years i have been affected recurrent sneezing.So far i take so many treatment like allopathy,ayurvedha but it can not control.How to eliminate this type of problem.

  685. I am suffering from cold all 12 months and sneezing continuously and not sleep in night properly.

    How I do for it. Please help me.

  686. Mohd Adnan says:

    I’m male 49 years old. My problem is that I get frequent cold, lots of itching in my nose , nose remains blocked specially during sleep (night) so I could not get proper sleep & have always disturbed sleep. Lots of sneezing. Dont know it is allergy or sinusitis. I’m suffering with this problem for the last 2 years.
    I took allopathic & homeopathic treatment but no relief.
    Kindly suggest remedy for permanent relief.

  687. mudit sharma says:

    First of all I want to tell you that I am suffering from severe allergy of sneezing and cold all the time. Next to it I have a problem of itching and irritation in some parts of body. Fungal infection makes my daily routine disturb. If there is some cure for this problem in homeopathy, then pls do let me know. I have eaten some medicine of alopathy, but It is not effecting, tell me the possible cure measure of it.

  688. sir,i have a problem of sneezing and getting weak due to that with these i have pain in my middle two fingure of left hand and chess pain from last two month.i was suffered from typhoid in march month he gave me high dose of antibiotic

  689. p.saranya says:

    Respected doctor,
    I am having dust allergy and wheezing problem since last 3 years. whenever i am having heavy sweat, i suffered from often sneezing and water flows my nose like continuous open tap. i am having often cold, sometimes small solid sift comes out of my nose and sneezing problem which occurs 4 days in a week.
    when i consult the doctor he prescribed me to take AIRTEC FF INHALER. But i m not satisfy with this medicine.
    My nose becoming large , i am getting so irritated with this allergy. please prescribe me with best solution.
    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,
    p. saranya.

  690. usha parmar says:

    i have allergy of nose , my nose continuasly blowing , & smeging in early morning too much so please advice me for home remedy.

  691. anuradha bharadwaj says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am suffering from this allergy from the last 6-8 years. Earlier doctors diagnosed it as hisnophelia. I tried different medicines and treatments. Even I got the treatment from the Dr. Batra also. But all went into vein. My problem is like other allergies, I start sneezing if exposed to dust, or during cooking, and moreover after every sleep, even if I get up for a second., I start coughing and sneezing with acute itching in nose.
    Could you please suggest the medicine which I should take.

  692. I’ve been sneezing over a 100 times and my nose is blocked and it’s stuffy and it’s summer what can be the reasons to my sneezes

  693. Mrs ritu singh says:

    Hi! Doctor I am getting every morning running nose , itchy eyes and few sneezes not lots from May . I am taking allergy tablets . Could you help me out what should I do .

  694. jackie hume says:

    Every morning for months i get up ime sneezing and constantly blowing my nose threw threw the,day its dripping pain around my eyes and head

  695. subhashis says:

    Dear Dr.
    Myself Subhashis mukherjee 27 year old . i have problem with running noise from last 1 year 24 hr liquid of water come out from nose .i cant sleep well bz my nose block frequently drink water in night. any solution of this .

  696. Thiruvengadeswari says:

    Iam facing everyday sneezing after start running nose last month continue this problem.

  697. DITTO.P.D says:

    Dear Doctor Sharma

    I am suffering from continuous sneezing and cold, some time it is caused by dust, some time if my body get cool after bath, some time after ejaculation, Now I am 40 years old I am suffering this from my child hood, please advise me some medicine , my nose have a slight bend also, please advice me some remedy for this problem, it will be really helpful for me to lead a normal life,

    Thanking you

  698. Hopeful Puwein says:

    doctor, i feel always pain in around the head especially morning, and when touching of cold water i started sneezing continously especially in the morning time, and also to much itching of nose and the roof of the mouth, feeling lazy to take foods, i cannot take cold water even in the hot season also.

    i used to take paraceatamol and ceterezine to avoid the pain temporarily, but this make me week and boring and this happened already 3years now,

    Because of this sickness i cannot concentrate on my studies and if i started study only one hour also it started painning of my head..
    please advice me,, thank u.

  699. sajjad haider says:

    sir i am facing some trouat some days .actully i am school teacher when i was writting on black board with chock then chock particals are inter in my nose r mouth by in healing system so my trouat is infected kindly tell me some medicien for this disease plz

  700. Samrat Jadhav says:

    hello Dr,
    I had some queries regarding CSF, as my wife has been detected with it. she undergone with the operation, in December 2013, but recently she has been once again getting severe headaches, and the doctor says she might once again go through the operation. my question is CSF curable 100%, by what way. secondly if she takes homeopathy medicines then will it help. please advice

  701. sir, i am suffering from sneezing problem , itchy eyes. running nose for nearly three years. i take many medicine but i cant cure permanently. my age is only 25 years only. so please help me to cure this problem

  702. Sunil Vishnu Kadam says:

    I have problem of sneezing , nasal congestion, mukus& gel type little whitish water flow, eye pain head, forehead pain since last one year.This problem stopped during winter.

  703. Subrata Adhikary says:

    Dear Sir
    My age is 47 and also high pressure patient and take low power medicine.Intermittently suffer in cough almost last two years.So many tests have been done at Apollo to respiratory Dr. Rajbir Singh and he suggested to do yoga and diagnosed as cold Allergy.Sometimes it’s cured.Again repeated last 2 MONTHs. What should I do?

  704. I am having head ache from 6:00 am to 12 pm morning. at that time i am feeling so tired and there is no energy in my body.


    Dear Dr.

    My son 2 years old is have an nose illness started on November 2013 he put an stone inside here nose that is why until now he suffered their nose to have an allergy he sneezing with blood i’m worried Dr. until now on what I do, Can you give me the medicine please help me, I’m very thankful to help me if my son is fully recovered it.

  706. dear sir, i have been suffering nasal blockage for last 15 days aparta from that im using montelecast with leviecetriaxone but still not getting relief from nasal problem so pls sugest me any medicine

  707. Khushboo Thukral says:

    Hello Dr.
    My child is now 3 yrs old an weighs around 14 kgs. He is constantly having cold and cough after every 2 or 3 weeks since he was 2.5 yrs old.. First he gets cold nd then a heavy cough follows with fever.. Cough deteriorates his health a lot. I started with allopathy first in which dr.says he is an allergic child. He always gives him antiallergy,a cough syrup , an antibiotic nd levolin+ flohale nebulizer.
    This used to cure him but then i became fedup with this cure as his cold nd cough doesnt goes away .. Now i hav started with homeopathic medicine . Homepathy is a slow cure which takes a toll on my child when he gets the cough.. dr please suggest what is the permanent cure for this nd should antiallergy b given with homeopathy medicine .. Pls guide ..

  708. My one nostril is runny and stuffy and one eye is watering. Please help me out and suggest the best medicine. I am 31 yrs old.

  709. AMIT KUMAR GUPTA says:

    Dear Dr Sharma Sir
    I am suffering from running nose from past 1 years and 3/4 months approx. Earlier it was during the first 2-3 hrs in the morning when i waked up,when i was in Ahmadabad. I have shifted to Bangalore for my higher studies at IISc. in bangalore, this is continuously throughout the day. Now i have to sleep with vicks vapourap in my nose toinhale the air in night. what to do, pls guideme. I am also not feeling well from inside. always have the problem of tiryness and other things.

    • k.n.baisakh says:

      Dear Dr. Saheb
      I am very often suffering from running nose and sneezing through out the day since 5 years after coming to Bangalore. I have taken several allopathic medicines including Cetzine. Now I am taking Dounase nasal spray once in 3 days which is working well. But I am afraid of side effect if any. Pl. suggest some Homoeo Medicine. I am not suffering when I am out of Bangalore.
      Thanks. Anticipating quick response.

  710. samanthula nagaraju says:

    i have sinusitis from 18 years,now i am 23 years old,i don’t have drink alcahal

  711. Sir i am suferwing from sneezing dozens times in a day and nosecdripping like water from a tap and also getting itchy and watery eyes and all of this has been since from last few weeks.and also feeling drowsiness and sleepiness

  712. Shashi Raushan says:

    sir i am 25 years old. i have suffering from runny nose and cough problem.itching and redness in the upper part of mouth approax three months.already i have taken allopathic medicine during medicine it ends bt after few days it starts i am very serious ..please give me i am in jodhpur .thanks

  713. Manzoor sofi says:

    sir i am sufering with throat infection.Some white patches r visible at side of throat.which i clear with my finger advised by Dr.also my one Nostril remains block and some times when i drink curd milk my both Nostril flows highly.I used lot of antibiotic & antialergic but doesnt work. so plz suggest. Thank u.

  714. Prem Singh Gill says:

    Much water coming in my both eye,some redness in eye,Kharas in eye,and I am feeling some dust in eye and when I used hand on eye then some relaxation both eye,Kindly prescribed medicine immediately. So I can purchasedmedicine from Homeopathy Stores at Jalandhar

  715. Sartaj Bedi says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    My son is 3 years old and for the past three months he is regularly having stuffed nose. The sputum is varying from white to yellow and we have been giving anti allergic medicines along with antibiotics. After his medicines he gets well for a week or so but again the problem of stuffed nose comes back. We had consulted the docs and they told that he is having rhinitis linked with change in weather. Can you suggest some medicine for this please.

  716. hi sir,

    i have newly shifted to dubai and after a month i got cold nd i used to take home medicines some times it would be better and after some days again would suffer from cold and every morning i suffer from sneezing i sneez continously my eyes would be filled of water itching some times at eyes and nose, running nose and all ……and now cant bear it its almost three months and still not cured before i used to stay in india and there to i would suffer from cold but when i consult doctor nd take his course i would be fine but now in u.a.e i consulted doctor i took thier medicines but no relief from that what should i do any home remedy i would be thankful if u would suggest me.

    thank u

  717. Mithun Biswas says:

    I have been from Dust allergy for more than two year..main problem is nasal problem..

  718. dinesh pratap says:

    hi sir,

    i am dinesh pratap ,i am suffering from these seasonal allergy very often in month starts (april) to late (september).all the symtoms are present .i am taking alopathic treatment but it not work
    optimum that i want .so,please suggest me homeopathy solutions for this problem

  719. Gaurav Srivastava says:

    Dear Dr.

    Myself Gaurav Srivastava and i am 35 year old , i am suffering from a very different kind of problem in the in the sun light specially in summers both my hands and neck got itchy rashes and its itching like anything ,it’s happening with me from last two year and every time doctor gave me Allegra or evil and it not worked at all and also few year back there is another problem started which is sneezing and watery nose in the morning or some time whenever direct wind passes from my nose and there is itching also, please cure me as even I cannot sit with my kids some time .


  720. Aneesha Krishnakumar says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    My name is Aneesha and I’m 22 years old. I’ve been suffering from chronic cold/allergy for the past 10-12 years. My nose is constantly stuffed, and it worsens when I go to the gym or swim in a pool. I have to keep blowing my nose, and we haven’t been able to find a cure for it at all. We tried burning my nasal tissue inside to clear up the nostril, but the problem is persisting. I’m not sure what we can do at this point, so I wanted to ask your opinion on a possible cure. I look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks!

  721. DEBOJIT ROUTH says:

    I have sinus problem with dust allergy,i have been suffer from 1year long.i am fed up with this deasease.i an 23 old now.plz give me some homeo treatment,which can prevent me from sinus and dust allergy permanently.

  722. Harsh Jain says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma I Harsh 16 years old .I have frequent sneezing problem which lasts for three four days then it stops and it recures again.I suspect that this is due to allergy to some substance as this is irrespective of seasonal changes as it can occur at any time.kindly suggest me homeopathic medicine to get out of this problem.


    I have dangerous allergy in last attack me any time,any place suddenly.At first my under abdomaine,eyes are etching,then swalling my eyes and air pipe..i can not breath untill taken any anti allergic medi.

  724. Hi I keep on sneezing everytime . Even i go to my friend home just i sitt down then starting keep on sneezing how i shame to them

  725. Ramawatar nayak says:

    mygrand son sufferring nose rubbing seasonally due to allergic problem kindly suggest me treatment

  726. Good Morning Dr. Sharma,

    I have been suffering from sneezing specially early morning when i wake up, blocked nose, post nasal drip since i was 14. I am now 34 and have just started noticing itchy eye brows , many of doctors whom i visited have confused me saying its sinusities some say it to be allergy.
    Based on my symptoms is it possible to confirm what i am suffering with.


  727. Dear Sir,
    with deep regards, I beg to say that my daughter around 12 yrs is regular suffering from allergy like sneezing, noise running and when his get stream she get fever and cough I usually give her ferrum phos, nat mur, aconite, broynia but their is no imporvement as autumn and spring starts she get sick please suggest best homepathy medicine which can cure 100%

  728. hiiii..sir
    my problem is that i m suffering from a problem like cold since last 2-3 year…nd i m very much disturb with this…can u tell me…is this any type of desease?

  729. prabhunath tiwari says:

    Dear sir
    i am suffering from allergy at this time , running nose , irritation in eye and ear , cough and sneezing . please advise homeopathic medicine.

  730. doc am Kathija,20 yrs old…past one year am suffering from severe running nose ,sneezing,blockage of nose,itchy and watery eyes…had allopathic treatment…bt am not cured…is it possible to cure allergy rhinitis by homeopathy treatment????

  731. Bonjour .i have probleme polype nasal and a little asthma before and probleme digest and very bad circulation on legs with varices

  732. hai dr…. i am suffering with block nose last 2 months…. if i’m used the nasel spray i can breath smoothly… thats just for 4 hr … after that time again the same situation.. whats the reason why its happening? can u plz reply me..?

  733. Dhritiman Das says:

    sir ,
    i am 23 yearrs old , male , i am suffering from repsiratory allergy since childhood , seasonl cHANGE and i get suffered from bronchtal allergies ,but i dont have asthmatic problem … jus soemtime i feel lack of breathlessness , chest tightness , and sneezing ,runny nose .these time i am suffering from runny nose ,sneezing , headache , rhinitis ..suggest me a medicine pls

  734. Prabhat Ranjan says:

    Dear Sir,

    My son is 8 years old he is suffering woth Cough and sneezing nose which is worsed in night it is from last 20 days pls. tell me what medicine should I give.

    Thanks & Regards

  735. Dear Dr Sharma,

    I have read your article on allergic sinuses, all the symptoms mentioned in the article are faced by me an, I am facing this problem in the month of November and then problem continues til May. Is there any treatment to control these symptoms during period Nov-May?


  736. Mayuri Singh says:

    Hi Dr.

    I am Mayuri 24 years old. I am working in IT from past 1year. But before that i came to Chennai for my studies. From that time(4yrs) i am suffering from this sneezing problem. But now it has increased a lot. My nose will be blocked and i cant even breathe. I need to use my mouth. Sometimes i use to sneeze 10-20 times at a time. It increases specially after bath in the morning and night. Even full day i need a handkerchief. I feel problem in speaking because of blocked nose. I have no other problem except this. Please advice me.


  737. am job shidai from kenya l have sneezing and nose bloodish mix with micus problem occur in morning and eye pain.pleaase help.

  738. snezing &running nose

  739. vijay gopichand pawar says:

    i have suffered from cold,cough,sneezing and nasal congestion problem from last 5 years.please tell me homeopathic treatment.

  740. Arpana Naik says:

    sir i have 7 years old child named siddhi she has nose block late night and early morning, she has problem of itching eyes and anus

  741. Dinesh kumar dewangan says:

    Allergy of isonifelia and suffer cold and cough from 5 years i have tried electrohomyopathic treatment but no result

  742. Bidyut Kr.Bhattacharjee says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am sneezing many times in a day. My nose dripping like water from a tap. I am getting scratchy in the throat & watery eyes and all of this has been there since the last 5/6 years & remain through out the year.
    I have taken all kind of treatment both Alopathy, Ayurvedic as well as homeopathy but no proper relief. Nose dripping like water is a big problem & I am fed up.
    I request you to kindly suggest proper treatment.


    Bidyut Bhattacharjee, Pune

  743. Sachin Kumar says:

    Dear sir,

    I have nasal allergy inside my nose. Every morning when I wake up my nose roof gets itching with sneezing. Always I take cetrizine, only then its calm down otherwise it lasts till afternoon. Also, when I take any kind of pain killer, then also i suffer with the same problem.
    kindly suggest me some remedy

  744. RAGHAV AGGARWAL says:


  745. ankit vasava says:

    dear doc,i m suffering from fever after sneezing and itching in nose..this fever run for 4-5 hour and than i feel automaticaly gud….i suffer this type of symptoms from last 3 year…i m 23 year old…what is the reason behind this problem…is it allergy or any other problem….and also tell me the treatment.

  746. k.gnanasekar says:

    Hello sir my mother have sneezing last 5 years she is near 65 years old in vellore tamilnadu i need spelist doctor of sneezing please help me

  747. Hello Doc, I am interested in studying Homeopathy on line , I would really appreciate your input on that about best schools to contact, best places to order Honeopathy , as well as books , thanks , Sincerly , Halah , My other question is I got a sudden allergic attack I think after smelling pesticide as well as a plastic flooring , eyes got swollen, blocked nose, sneezing , watery nose , now it’s turning a bit yellowish , would Kali -biic help , I tried 30 not really , waiting for your suggestion . Thx

  748. shaik fareed says:

    Dear Dr,

    my self shaik fareed 28 years male from andhrapradesh i am suffering from breathing problem in winter seasons,my nose blocked and cough comes whole night and lot of phelgum comes when i am cough, unable breath properly when iam sleeping on nights above problem repeats every winter season pls suggest me what have i do to get relief from this problem…

    thanks and regards
    shaik fareed

  749. seema arora says:

    Sir,m suffring frn nasal elergi frm last5 years…..there is sm sweeling or u cn say that my nose tissues inlarged….n docter says…tht they hv burn tht….cn u help me….or advised me tht wht should I do….plz reply..

  750. Sir : Good Morning !
    I am suffering with sinus allergy problem since 4-5 years. I feel difficulty in breathing and higher eyes itching.
    Kindly suggest some medicine.

    Thank you

  751. g mugundan says:

    Respected dr I have all the problem as u mentioned in your nasal allergy and homeopathy head . I suffer all the above during the month october to february end and fully mood out could not take interest daytoday works please advice me how to cure

  752. Srikanta Pal says:

    I have COPD problem and also nose blockage problem. I have no Polyps. I use Otrivin nasal sparay. But now I notice that the time of application of nasal spray becoming increase. When I use the spray, my nose getting clear for only 30 minutes or 1 hour. After that time again my nose getting blockage. My each nostril getting dry eventually and I feel an uneasy condition in my chest. I get my X-ray done. but all is well and clear. I have to wake up at midnight to take a dose of nasal spray. Kindly suggest me some medicine so that I can get rid from this life threatening problem.
    Yours sincerely
    Srikanta Pal

  753. Dear sir, iam 20 years soft palate moving ups and down on whole day along with uvula from the past 6 months ,and iam getting sound when it was moving. sound coming from ears also.plz suggest me what i have to do to get relief from this problem.

  754. My self Sagar Dange. I am staying At Post Peth Par, Mahabaleshwar , Satara, Maharashtra
    My height in 160 CM
    Weight 62
    Age 25 year
    I have frequent cold, running nose & sneezing in all seasons from my childhood.
    Kindly suggest homoeopathic medicine which is easily available in our rural areas .
    Yours Truly

  755. doctor i hve nose watering sneezing early morning , nasal cogestion and i took some drugs before one month such citrisine, omez then i feel health after 2 weaks i started coughing again so consult me doctor

  756. Miss Rahmat unisa says:

    Dear Sir,

    Have a nice and wonderful day to you and your loving family members.

    My wife suffering with severe running nose, sneezing, and itching in throat since 2 months.
    Could you please give me your contact no, so that we can contact with you to discuses more.
    Thanks and best regards,
    Basharath ullah

  757. Dear sir,
    I am suffering from Nasal allergy, like
    sneezing in the early morning, eyes
    & nose watering. nasal blocking in
    the night.It may be cause of pollution,
    dust or sun heat. I am suffering from
    this problem past 5-6 years. The
    temporarly cure is I am taking anti
    allergic medicice like citrazine. But it
    is a temporary. Please assist me
    which type of homeopathy medicine I
    may be used. If possible please send
    me the name of medicine (h/pathy) &
    duration of usage, so that I could start
    using that medicine. please suggest me
    some precaution & medicine. Please
    send me your precious advice on my
    mail. I shall be highly thankfull to
    you for this act.

  758. Sir i am muzeeb iam 27years old and i am from vijayawada(AP). i have get regularly running nose a day in a every week sir and lots of sneezes and some time itching in the nasal.this is a big problem in my life present. This problem i faced for 2years sir.this cold get suddenly sir and suddenly one day after automatically gone clod.
    . so pls tell me how to cure my problem?

  759. Sir i am muzeeb iam from vijayawada(AP). i have get regularly running nose one day in a every week sir and lots of sneezes and some time itching in the nasal.this is a big problem in my life present. This problem i faced for 2years sir.
    . so pls tell me how to cure my problem?

  760. hardik v. patel. says:

    respected sir,
    I am suffering from nasal allergy since last three years. this allergy happens only in winter weather. water drops come out continuously from my nose and eyes. also my nose and eyes are burns like that i don’t sleep since a week.
    I tried Ayurveda and homeopathy both. i taking homeopathy medicine from last one year. but there is no change in my decease.
    please gide me what should i have to do…please suggest me write treatment…
    -hardik v. patel.

  761. Justice Farrukh says:

    Dear Dr. I am 68 years old, for the last 7/8 months tears keep falling from my eyes all the time. I have no eye infection , and don’t suffer from diabetes. Please help me, Regards

  762. Dear Sir,

    I have been suffering the nasal and eye allergy since last three years. i have already tried homeopathic medicines. but i was not getting cured. now i am using Ayurvedic medicines, still i have this problems. in my childhood i was suffering asthma.

    Kindly advice me


  763. Respected sir,
    I have read your amazing post. In this regard I would like to know something about this continuous sneezing. My spouse is having this continuous running nose from last two years. I have visited 3 specialists and used homeopathy medicine but of no use. Now she is using nasal sprays and getting relief. Kindly suggest what to do.

    Thank you

  764. Aashish chhabriya says:

    Dear Dr

    i’m having allergy from dust,sun rays n smoke i get instantly cold.

  765. sir iam living in the amritsar.long ago i felt pressure on face and around nose is not fully blocked.i under gone a lot of treatment but i could not be cured. pl advice me

  766. Hello Dr Sharma. Your article describes my situation for seasonal allergy. I suffer with hpothyroidism. Can these recommended substances be taken along with my medication I receive from my doctor for hpothroidism? My allergy starts exactly the end of November and continues on for many weeks.

    I would appreciate your advice.


  767. Hi doctor.. my daughter its 5yrs and 8mths old. She keeps getting cold n cough wth evy seasonal change. Especially rainy and winter. Her main complaint is upper palate itching n cough.
    Pls help me by prescribing smthg tht I can gv her on a regular basis to build her immunity n be healthy.
    Thk u vry much.

  768. Venkatesh c says:

    Dear Dr,

    Myself Venkatesh 29 years old, am suffering from nasal allergy, like sneezing, eyes & nose watering, also some times i get rashes on my skin, i have been facing this problem from past 3 years, but since one & a half months i have been experiencing a lot of problems like continuous sneezing also my ears and itching in throat and most of the time either of my nostrils are blocked, and as soon as i wake up in the morning, my nose starts discharging clear white fluid, by taking cetrizine i will be ok for 8 hours and then the same thing starts again, am tired of this , and then i thought of trying homeopathy hence i visited Dr Bhatras clinic, they are asking to pay 13200 rs, for one year treatment as i have allergic rinitis they say that my respiratory tracks internal lining is damaged, but they didnt conduct any test on that, and they say that by taking the treatment for one year i might have no problem, but when i saw the reviews of Dr Bhatra, many said that they are fraud, so please suggest me what do i have to do inorder to get rid of this problem

  769. Martin Tobin says:

    Hi Dr Sharma.
    I am getting a lot of problems with a blocked nose most of the time…have tried quiet a lot of different methods…sprays even styroid spray but get a sore throat from this method.
    I have also used utabon and it’s it’s the only one that clears it so to allow me to get a few hours sleep.
    I have a very good diet do not eat gluten or do not have dairy products except for a bit of cheese before going to bed because it seems to help for sleeping.
    The wind and dust see to make this allergy worse… Central heating also makes it bad.
    I use a sea salt solution and it sometimes help and have a saline electric machine in my bedroom which help at night .
    I am 69 years old but very fit using the gym and pool 3 times a week for 1and a half hours.thank you for your time Doctor if you can advise me in any way I will be very greatful .

  770. Sir iam suffering from water cmg from daily morning evening for this problem i left the job also for this so many problem facing like study job sleep talking and voice also plz tell me any solution for long last this

  771. abbas hussain says:

    i have been suffering from severe pain in abdomen. specialy after eating .may happen with empty stomach last from 3 yrs. recently i have diagnosis endoscopy and find that i have been suffering from mild duodnitis. what should i do

  772. i m suffering from sinus from last 10 years and and it is getting more severe, i m more allergic to dust, cold water and cold air, there is never a change to not getting ill, after that i feel my nose blocking, congestion in my throat and in my chest. i found swelling in my nose always.

  773. Pradeep Rao says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I get sneezing bouts usually in the morning with fair amount of nasal discharge. Sneezing usually stops during the day. Frequent upper respiratory illness is another of my problems. This is present all the year round and seemingly has no triggers. I stay very close to the sea in Mumbai. A feeling of phlegm which results in throat clearing is also concomitant though with not much of sore throat. Kindly help.

    With regards,
    Pradeep Rao

  774. Umesh C Pande says:

    I always have blocked nose and sneezing after waking up in the morning. It happens mostly during winter season.

  775. P.S. Aji Kumatr says:

    Dr Saab
    My name is Aji Kumar aged 36 year and living in Andaman & Nicobar Island my problem start when i was kid i have veezing problem as well as sneezing problem but after occuring the age of 15 i doesnt felt any veezing problem nut the sneezing problem was there and i also have severe headache from the childhood. now after achieving the age of 30 years i got the problem of ashthma and now i am using allopathy medicine like at night eating romilat plain and using buducast inhaler daily at night but i want a permanent relief from this problem. now my main problem is ashthma and sever head ache. i also made a CT scan of my head but it shows no problem but the auyurvedic doctor told me that much cough has been struck in the brain thats why i am having headache please suggest any remedy for headache and ashthma please

  776. Sri Jiten Ch. Nath says:

    Sir mera nose mai allery bohut heavy hai, allergy ke bad bohut khasi ata hai uska bad mera neck mai bohut awaz nekalti hai ( asthmatic ) aur Bohut Doctor ke elaj kea hu. Raat ko sune nehi pati hu, saas bandh ho jata hai aur neck se bohut awaz nekalti hai. treatment bohut kea hu aur test bhe bohut kea hu lekin kuch nehi nekalti hai. lakin scinas ka problem hai ek side homesa bondh hote raheta hai …… kya karu sir soshu hu ek baar baahor mai jakor elaj karou lekin kya karu paisa ka bohut jarurat hoga….. agar aap kuch solision de saketa hai to mai raji hu aap ka treatment lane ke leya ( Homeo ka treatment bhe bohut kya hu lakin………. ????)

  777. Im suffering from cold allergy from5 years. my symtoms are if i use cold water or in rain and also in winter my skin becomes red its itching rashes occur in skin i want to know which homeo pathic medicine i should take

  778. Dr we are form chennai and my daughter is 4 years old and this is her second winter and now she is going to school and she gets cold and cough and nose block which also some time bring wheezing
    i have been taking homeopathy treatment now we changed our house could cant go to that doctor and stooped that and this winter more than a month she is suffering from cold and cough
    can u suggest some solution for this i asked to the allopathy doctor if i need to change place of living ( to shift to south india) she tell my daughter is allergy to this climate and she will adapt but iam worried

  779. janaki parasuraman says:

    My daughter ,26 yrs,suffers terribly from a runny ,sometimes stuffy nose,a semi dry cough mostly at nites.She also is very allergic to cats ,we have three now,whom we saved on a rainy day also a pet dog who is with us for the last 7 years.

    She gets very tired by the eve ,due to coughing ,so that her chest and ribs are aching.Eyes also tend to get red,watery and itchy .

    Can u please recommend some medication for her .



  780. Nekait Arora says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,

    I have been allergic to something (not sure of what, I doubt the seasonal change and dust) since childhood and catch cold easily. The after effects of the sneezing and leaking nose is weak ear drum, chest blockage and breathing problems.

    I had been associated with homeopathy since long for this problem, had medicines from a local homeopath as well as with a renowned homeopathy chain for last 3 years but a lot of this experience is in vain. I had to rely on allopathy too. Now since I am into the marriage able age, I have grown more conscious about the same.

    Currently I am back to my local homeo practitioner and he has suggested me BJain’s Omeo Allergy and Omeo Flu (2 tabs alternatively, thrice a day). Its been a month but there seems no recovery. Please suggest.

    I am now considering allergy test (skin prick) which sounds horrible but still will have to get under the needle. This looks like my last chance before I get on the table and every homeopath I contact provides me assurances that they will recover me from the disease (even show their testimonials to assume me).

    Currently I do not enjoy a very good experience with homeopaths. Still the repute homeopathy enjoys is it has no side effects (except it did to my pocket and time till date!).

    Please suggest what can be done next to overcome this condition.

    From an eye with a hope.

  781. All the symptons mentioned in your article. Its soo bad that i get mad sometimes and is very uncomfortable at work. I have tried a few drugs but still my plight for close to 4 months now. Where can i get this homeopathic medicine in Ghana?

  782. Dear Sir ,

    My wife is 32 yrs old .
    In winter she starts sneezing right when she gets up in the mornings and the sneezing continuous countless times .
    Also she has a watering nose at the same time to add to the problem .
    Pls advise .


    Ajit Naik

  783. sir,
    since past two months i am having troat infection. feel lot of iching in thraot. iching will spread to eyes, ears and nose also. some time i ful burning in eyes when i am havng fewer.. but body temperature will not increase. already taken 4 dose of anti biotics.. but i am not geting any releif. what to do? pls suggest me.


    I am suffering from continuus Sneezing with nose running, particularly in the morning & @bed time. A sense of itching at the nose roof of the mouth is felt. Itching sensating of eyse is also felt. I am of 45 yrs of age & IT Manager by profession. height 5 ft 7inch, weight 72 kgs. normal helth. kindly advice for appropriate medicine for me. Regards Prahlad chakraborty.

  785. Rajeev Singh says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I am suffering from serious dust allergy from past 10 years. My current age is 28 years. My father and my younger brother also suffers from the same. I have been taking medication since then.
    I have taken medicine in ayurveda, Homoeopathy, allopathy and other. Now the condition has gone worse. I just got a test from Jaipur golden hospital about this allergy. The allergy levels are 5 times higher.

    Is there any treatment you can offer here. Please help.

    Thanks and Best Regards,

  786. kumar navneet says:

    Dear sir,
    Myself kumar Navneet 26yrs old suffering from etching in eyes as well as nose and running nose from last two years .Because of that i could not concentrate on my daily routine work properly.Please help me to get treated well from this disease for this i will always grateful to you.

    Thanks & Regard
    Kumar Navneet

  787. md.farhan khan says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am 29 years old male, I am suffering nasal blockage problem and in that winter my cold allergy is on peak. My nose gets runny with white water discharges have sinus and migraine problem.All time I face my head pain. I am suffering nasal blockage problem when I sleep and cough problem in throat always. Sneezing dozens too much every day like morning when I 1st time wash my face and mouth and that’s time now start my sneezing dozens. It’s not stop next an hour. This problem I face last 12-13 years it’s a long time. Itchy eyes, frequent sneezing, itching in the nose roof of the mouth. Last 4years ago I get treatment a doctor he say me prepare a nose operation but I don’t do that this every year I am day by day suffering lot of.plz give me a suggest some good medicine and to overcome this problem properly forever ..
    Thanks to you

  788. tamilarasan j says:

    Hello sir
    I am tamilarasan(24),chennai. Am suffering from continuous sneezing , watery nose , itching nose and also in face , when this type of condition comes it also lead to fever , body over heat, head ache ,itching in nose and faces . my father and my grandfather are also having this kind for problem since at their age of 16 onwards. Similar to my father it also happens to me. Due to the problem I can’t able do my work as I want. Please give me an solution about my problem sir.
    Thank you sir .

  789. Hello sir I am suffering from cold , cough and continues snizzing problem. I get up suddenly at night or in the morning to snize,. I sneezing dozens of time in a day.
    Mobile number. 7736474375

  790. I am 45 years old .AT every weather change my nose gets blocked sometimes runs and i always get a headache i feel dizzy and feverish. i also have tennis elbow problem

  791. Miss Gulam says:

    Hi, I am very depressed mother of 3 and half years old little girl. My child was born in America. She started having allergy at age of 9 months. We took her to allergic specialist he told us that she has allergy to dust mite. Nothing is helping no allergic medication no bedding nothing . Now she is in India with me having same problem more frequently then before. As soon as she goes to bed she gets runny nose itchy throat and sneezy scratches her head and front side of neck. I stay all the time close to her watching helpless. I tried my best nothing works. Please and please help me I will be very grateful to you sir. Free my daughter from this hell of life I can’t see her every night struggling to just sleep for hours and on. Help and I never try any homeopathy medication before.

  792. vivek jangir says:

    dear sir, Iam IT professional currently working in Chennai. My native place is in Rajasthan. I am suffering from respiratory allergy like continuous sneezing and coughing from day 1 Iam in Chennai(fromOct 2011). I used to take anti allergic allopathic medicine once in 3-4 days. That was somehow Ok. But last month (20 Oct 2013) when I return back to Chennai after having 3 weeks leave. Iam severely suffering from running nose, etching NOSE ROOF and eyes. I even visited 2 doctors in a week. But their medicines proved useless. running nose like tap water and etching NOSEroor in mouth is not stopping especially in night times. I also taking steam regularly. But the problem is still same. I have to travel abroad next week. really troubled. Please help.

  793. Nisha Shrivastav says:

    Respected Sir,

    Myself Nisha Shrivastav,20 Years old. I have been Suffering from severe throat pain since last two years. I have contacted to many ENT specialist, But no result found.
    Its really getting hard for me to talk. It has been since i sung a song at late night with empty stomach. Sir, it is unexplained throat pain, but It gets normal when i take some food or drink mild hot water.

    Do advice as soon as possible.
    Thanking You.

  794. Dear sir ,

    i read your nasal allergy properties you are given above post i have been suffering this problems last 6 month as nose blowing , cold,cough,throat itching, sneezing a day many time,nose block,early morning time,so please give me treatment ihave taken many time treatment but nothing do it
    with regards
    ram avatar
    cell no 8806662512

  795. sir i am a teacher in high school and i am suffering severe nasal allaergy with again and agin sneezig ,itchy nose,swelling throat and fatigue and wtery eyes.please suggest some kind of homeopathic medicine .will pray for your life and health

  796. sashikanta swain says:

    Dear sir,
    i am sashikanta swain , sir i am 25 and i am suffering from continuos sneezing and water coming from nose since from last one year , i used both homeopathic , but no result , kindly suggest to get well from this

  797. harshal kamble says:

    sir i have sneezing which is continuos in bouts at any time and runny nose,,plz tell me drug which can completely stop it

  798. manish garg says:

    my son 13yearold sines problem

  799. pragya garg says:

    My son is 7 years
    Old and having allergic bronchitis since birth as his father and grandparents have asthma.
    So every year at the time of season changes he suffers from sneezing, cough, running nose.very frequently we have to gve antibiotics which is hampering his growth as in height please suggest some homeopathic medicine

  800. Sumit Srivastava says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I came to Bangalore from Ahmedabad in 2008 and from 2010 I am suffering from cough and breathing problem. I have shown to many Allopathy doctor and almost everyone suggested to take Montair LC and Seroflo 250mg. I have also visited to a homeopathy doctor and he said its an allergic problem which most of bangalorean has and it can not be cured. After taking his medicine I got some relief and after 9 months of treatment doctor said he cannot do more than that. I am now taking montair LC everyday and it give relief for 24 -36 hours depend on humidity in temperature.

    Kindly tell me if it can be cured and will I be able to laugh like other people does because now I can’t laugh freely even after taking Montair LC?

  801. syed aejaz says:

    Sir,iam a singer,i lost my voice due to some sinus problem.
    1.iam getting headache regularly.
    2.nose dribbing water regularly.
    3.nose rubbing and itching regularly.
    4.eyes heating and rubbing with my hands getting eyes red.
    5.due to severe nose problem,i unable to tolerate any kind of smoke,spray and kind od pollution smell ,it cause breathing difficulty.and even itry to sing iam singing from only nose voice,but not from the original tekst.

  802. abbhishek kakkar says:

    Dr. I am 32 year old male from dehradun….in month of september october november…if i dont take odimount LC then i regular sneeze ..once sneeze starts it may go to 40-50 times…kindly suggest

  803. Priya Agarwal says:

    hello Dr. Sharma,
    please give a solution for this problem. my husband is suffering from severe sneezing problem since a year. 1st he took ayurvedik treatment i.e. sitopalaadi churna with honey…looked like it is getting cured..,but it could not give him permanent relief. then we went for homeopathy..,at Sagar Homeo stores,koti, also took time for giving him some relief,but he is not getting permanent relief. infact sometimes his condition will be very bad. he get continuous sneezes, the count is sometimes 20,30,50, and more also..
    please help me out in this regard. we have consulted Dr. Reshu Mathur in Sagar Homeo Store.
    do you think we shuld ask her to change the medicines…? please advice us Dr. Sharma.
    please reply as soon as possible
    Priya Agarwal

  804. KASTURI DEVI says:

    Dear Dr Sir,
    My mother aged 75 yrs is suffering from burning sensation and etching in full body since last 10 years and used to take alopathic medicine but it does not cure but increases however there is no any symptom seen on body but internally she feels burning in body.
    kindly suggest some homeopathic medicine. it will be a great privilege to me and my mother.

    thank you

  805. Chris ikechukwu says:

    I have serious sneezing and running nose plx reformed cure for me tanx

  806. Joaquim J. Almeida says:

    halo ! Dr. Sharma ,
    I LIKE share my problem of about allergen season , my self suffering from nose running sneezing blocking , skin irritation moles cough, skin disorder so please i need your help to rid it off. which homeopathy is suitable for me
    thank you Dr.

  807. vallabhi ajay says:

    hi doctor, i’m sneezing aleast 20-30 times days and i’m also facing etching sensation in my eyes and nose……..i have been facing this problem since past 4years…….please give some prescription……….

  808. uvraj sharma says:

    Dr sir,
    i have been suffering from allergy since last 3 years .i have sneezing more than 12 times a day continuously , eyes are always itchy and nose are runny. i am taking citizen tab cz3 daily and it works for very short periods.i have also taking tulsi honey and zinger as home remedies but it does not help. Doctors says its a kind of allergy and has no treatment and some says to test the allergy and vaccine are also available to build up the immune system. what should i do sir please help me…what is its proper treatment? is vaccine are available ? and has homeopathy its permanent solution.please suggest me…

  809. nusrat jahan says:

    i am suffring from nasal polypes form last 6 months i used alerflo nasal spray i get relief but after sometime my nose block again please help

  810. i’m 33 year old. since more than one year i m suffering from coughing. daily for three hours cough starts, cant breath, bit wheezing sound comes and throat not clear. little little phlegm goes out. if i spit it out then after three hours cough stops, i can breath properly and there wil be no wheezing sound, i have post nasal dripping, mucus wont come out from nose. nose wil be dry. M taking homeopathy treatment from 6 months… no use. before that i used nasal spray that also no use. once one year back i took Allegra-120 tab every day for a month … then there was no problem at all. i was very well. when i stopped taking that tablet again this problem started. so what is this ashtma or sinus. please reply doctor…. i cant bear coughing… sometime i feel like m suffocated and going to die. till now not tried inhalers. homeopathy doctor didnt allow to use it.
    TRIED ALL COUGH SYRUPS, AYURVEDA SYRUP, home made cough remedies, now taking homeopathy drugs.. no use…:(

  811. Dear Dr.
    I live in Toronto Canada. My daughter is 7 years old and seems like she has Autumn Allergies. She sneezes continuously. What would you suggest?


  812. Hi doctor,I have a sore throat,and sometimes it itches me badly,I also sneeze uncontrollably at some occasions,when I wake up from sleep in the morning,I usually feel hot inside as if I have fever,please doctor what could be the cause of this illment? The last time I went for test,the result showed that I had typhoid fever,am confused

  813. Sreenivas Rao Goud. Enumula says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am a working in a private firm. Suffering from running nose, Sneezes, Sometimes nose block. Because of this i feel shy and do not sit with my team members and need to be along and getting disappointed and depressed all the day.

    Kindly request you to help to over come this ASAP. Also please let me know how many months i need to under go the course and can it be resolved permanently and what is the estimate cost for the treatment.

    Request you to please mail me with all the details please.

  814. Iam suffering with these problems runny nose which at times drips with a continuous water like discharge , watery and itchy eyes, frequent sneezing, itching in the nose roof of the mouth. My breath smells blocked nose sometimes. PLEASE SUGGEST GOOD HOMEO MEDICINE

  815. muhammad shah says:

    sir I am facing a problem of sinuses last ten years. I am suffering nasal blockage problem when I sleep and cough problem in throad always. I am 45 year old male. My friend suggest for Homeopathic treatment. My doctor suggested me an other operation.ihave taken dily anti ellergic tablet now want Homeopathic treatmen.

  816. Sir,

    I have allergy and went to doctor and he recommended Nasal Spray and MontAir FX anti histamine tablet. Basically this treatment controls allergy symptoms for a day. So i am forced to take this medicines regularly. I wanted to get rid of this allergy from my body. Please suggest some good medicines.

    Karthick P

  817. i m 23 years old. suffering form nasal allergy,eyes n nose watering badly…irritation in nose also….plze suggest

  818. Krishna Kumar Singh says:

    when rain start my nose start blocking either left or right one block and other running itching sneezing 12-15 sneeze at one time water release and i feel just like cold and some time suffocation i feel some relax on sunny day.

  819. Gagandeep Goyal says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from Nasal allergy, like sneezing, eyes & nose watering. It may be cause of pollution, dust or humous. I am suffering from this problem from many years. The temporarly cure is I am taking anti allergic medicice like avil or citrazine. But it is a temporary. Please assist me which type of homeopathy medicine I may be used. If possible please send me the name of medicine (h/pathy) & duration of usage, so that I could start using that medicine. Please send me your precious advice on my mail. I shall be highly thankfull to you for this act of kindness.

    Gagandeep Goyal

  820. sir i am suffering badly sneasing and nose watering at every morning from five years. please suggest me some idea i am going through a great frustation? please!

  821. Olaogun stephen says:

    Hi,i found d information here very useful,thanks.

  822. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    our son (8,5 years old) has a autism spectrum disorder (PDD). A few times we tried bioresonance therapy and non-classical homeopathy, and in Janiary this year we started the classical homeopathy per skype (Massachusets). Now he is recieving Carcinosinum LM2, before we had Stramonium, Medorrhinum, Infanrix, Thuja. Besides homeopathy, he takes green Klamath algae, probiotics, B12 spray, kalcium (casein-free diet), black kumin honey (huge allergy on ragweed). Swimming and hearing therapy, and Bowen.

    He shows improvements, but in the ragweed season (now) he often gets swollen eyes during the day and breathing troubles mostly at night, so we would be very thankfull if You could recommend us a remedy for the acute.

    Thank You very much!

  823. Samuel Addae says:

    Doctor, I am 3oyears old from Ghana, since childhood, I have struggled with constant continues itching of my nose, ears and throat which is so severe. All this normally happens around the same time. It most of the time happens in the night when I am asleep and this disturbs me a lot. In the process, I sneeze a lot with running nose and bring out muffler ( thick saliva ) also. It also happens right when I wake up form my bed in the morning.
    This has been there for so many years and I really need help. Please kindly give me the causes of this problem and remedies to the problem.

  824. Dr. Devarshi Sharma Ph.D. says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    This is to trouble you. My wife, 75, has been suffering fr0m sneezing, runny nose, sometimes, watery eyes also for over 6-7 months. We got all kinds of tests done including throat, nose endoscopy, culture test of sputum, c t scanning and X rays of chest, and complete blood tests, but nothing at all has been found negative. Sometimes, in 15-20 days some blood is also seen, when she clears her throat drawing from nose. This causes worry to us, which the doctors say to ignore. Appears to be some kind of allergy, doctors say.
    I believe, homeopathy might work as a remedy in such cases. Would you kindly advise and be kind to prescribe for her. This would be a help to a s. citizen.
    With thanks, awaiting response soon,
    Dr. Sharma

  825. i use have continuous sneezing and afteer that sinus

  826. Sir ,I am from Banglore, Early In the morning I always wake up with my Blocked nose ,Keeps on Sneezing , My eyes becomes red, Itchy and swallowed ,I could not understand If it is pollen allergy or allergy due to cold , Please help me

  827. dararajprakash says:

    Sir i am 60 yrs. having nose allergy for last 5 yrs. using homeopathy medicine. When i use medicine nose is getting dried and i am getting relief. it works for a month and recurs. what is the permanent solution. recently i have undergone scanning and found kidneys are little shrunk and doctor advised to take suffice water. Sir I have a silly doubt that the homeopathy medicine using for allergy (which is drying my nose) is having any affect on my kidneys (drying affect on body). Sir i have also have pain in the right side under the lower rib feeling like having a wound there inside. what may be the reason. 3 years back underwent endoscopy and had erosive pan gastritis and was treated the same. whether is recurred. Or whether homeopathy medicine has any effect.I am using homeopathy medicne for not less than TEN years. Sir please educate/ enlighten and please give your valueble suggessions.

  828. S.VANARAJAN says:

    Doctor I have an acute irritation inside my right nostrils quite often and cant get into my routines in the morning without the help of a snuffy powder. This was a great remedy for my prolonged suffering. Please get me a solution through Homeopathic medicine.
    Awaiting your favorable response.


    E-Mail id –

  829. I have above same nasal allergy problem. sneezing dozen time, waterish red eyes, cold symptoms come back in very few days. as per your article the medicine Ambrosia is good medicine for allergic problem. How dose I take in a day for Ambrosia medicine ?

  830. Deepika sharma says:

    Hello Dr.

    I m suffering constant runnynose which at times drips with a continuous waterlike discharge , watery and itchy eyes, frequentsneezing, itching in the nose roof of the mouth also in ear .. I suffering from last 7 months … Plz tell me how can i treat it …

    With Regar’s…
    Deepika sharma
    age 28

  831. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am suffering from some skin problem for last 5-6 weeks for which cause is still to be established. Initially I thought to be some seasonal problem thinking it will go in few days. Some type of eruptions appear on any part of the body. These eruptions are of varying size and shape. It may be round in shape or a long or short line. When it starts to appear there is vigorous itching and burning as well. On itching the entire skin in the affected area becomes red. While the long ones disappear in few hours the round one takes time. These eruptions generally starts after around 4 PM and subsides in night.
    D octor advised me a dose for deworming which was taken 3weeks ago. I also took 15 tabs of Metrogyl compound plus ( 3 per day for 5 days) which ended 2 weeks back. Allegra 120 mg tab has been advised which I am taking one tab daily for last 20 days. I apply Lactocalamine in the night on the affected areas which give soothing effect and also reduces itching to great extent.
    A homeopath doctor advised me to take Apis Mel 30 and later on Natrum Mur 30 has been
    added. Currently I am taking Apis in morning and Natr Mur in evening and also Allegra 120 mg tab in night. Though eruptions have reduced but it has not finished.
    Urine test was got done yesterday. The result shows 10-12 epithelial cells and bacteria +++ and stool test shows presence of vegetable cells.
    I will be grateful if you could advise me the treatment for the problem explained above on through e-mail at the earlist.


  832. IMTIYAZ AHMED says:

    Dear Dr,

    I m suffering from continious nasal waterfall and bad cold if im eating any cold thing or i enter early morning to bathroom.As i m 34 years of old. This had hapen because im working for hotel industry and it was sea side hotel.I had work there more than 2 year.
    pls suggest me what should i do for precaution im fed up with this.
    Pls suggest me how can i get relief from this worst problem.

    Thanks And Regards

  833. piyushDubey says:

    Snezing&waterynose&ichingeyes up to1 years

  834. Hi sir
    I have a six year old daughter. She is having frequent sneezing every mornings. She gets almost 15 times at a time. We are giving her asthalin inhaler but yo no avail
    please suggest what should i do?
    Best regards


  835. MANINDER SINGH says:

    sir i am suffering from acute sinusitis and pharagitis from the last two months. it oftens attack me and spoil my day if i wont take antiallergic medicine.if i take by mistake something cold or tangy or sit in the a.c. for some time.i am diabetic also (but on tablets) immediately irritation started on my upper portion of the throat and nose with low fever.
    this time i had to take three types of antibiotic to overcome the throat infection and fever.
    doctor says it is due to my immune system and allergy.he advised me to take some antiallergic tab.after the comlpletion of biotic.i am fedup of taking ayurvedic and alopathic treatment.
    now i am taking one tab of antiallergic tab.and put drops at night to sleep properly.i am in mumbai and rain is there fron the last 45 days.pls. suggest some good medicine to overcome this problem for ever.

  836. 25 years lady having elergy problems since a long. symptoms are: sneezing very frequenty while coocking food smelling of fry smock. nose running, some time chocking of throught feels like asthama and some time headache

  837. sir
    i am suffered from NASAL ALLERGY WITH SYMPTOM OF ITCHING in both side nasal, also ITCHING upper side in throat and eyes, SNEEZING 5-6 time in a day with continuous 4-5 sneezing.
    I am suffering from this allergy 3-4 time in last 6 months.
    Please help me out.


  838. vikash gill says:

    Namaskar dr.shab , i have nossal allergy till two years , main syntoms is runny nose , itchly nose and continueous sizzling , i take the citrazin tablet for this problem but it work for some time and again the problem is occured , please tell me the parmanent treatment of this problem . Thank you sir

  839. nishi gupta says:

    sir , i have sneezing problem . its not from few weeks but from 7 to 8 years ……….i think i m allergic to extreme heat or extreme cold ……… the morning too this problem increases when i take bath ………..whenever excessive heat is generated in the body then too this problem increases ….. i have wasted a lot of money for curing it …… now please help me and please do reply

  840. Deepesh Singh says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from the same allergy that you have mentioned above. My problem is.
    1. I would be fine till I am on the bed in the morning. Just after leaving bed or having water on my face, my nose starts flowing and it continues with number of sneezing.
    2. Whenever there is a change in temperature, like sudden cold to hot or hot to cold again my nose starts flowing and sneezing.
    3. My nose also makes noise while sleeping what we call is KHARATA.
    I could not reach to you as I am living in Gwalior. I would appreciate if you make any online consultancy and medicine delivery system.

  841. Dear Dr.

    Myself raza 34 years old.I am living in spain. I am suffering nasal blockage problem 10 years.

    Stuffy, runny nose; discharge is generally thin and clear.
    Post nasal drip.
    Red, itchy and watery eyes.
    Swollen eyelids.
    Itchy mouth, throat, ears and face.
    Sore throat (called pharyngitis).
    Dry cough.
    feelings of fullness and buzzing in the ears (called tinnitus).
    Partial loss of the senses of hearing, smell and taste.
    Dark circles under the eyes.

    Plz suggest me some precaution & medicine. Please send me your precious advice on my mail. I shall be highly thankfull to you for this act.

  842. Rohit upadhyaya says:

    Dear Dr.

    I am suffering from similar kind of sneezing allergy from last five years,in my case its like a attack of sneezing and it happens twice a week.It starts any time and stops next day.During this I have more than 200 sneeze in a day.

    Please suggest what should I do?

  843. P.RAVICHRISTY says:

    Dear Sir,
    My age is 62 and I am from Kanyakumari, and suffering with NASAL ALLERGY for several months.
    Here the climate not cold like in the North, but I suffer a lot with the sudden change in the climate, smoke, dust etc.
    What you have stated in the website is mostly of my case . I took medicine from ENT and also homeopathy medicine and get temporary relief. I beg your advise how to cure my disease and get rid of this.
    Thanking you sir

  844. Aarti Mohanty says:

    Respected Sir

    This is Aarti Mohanty from Hyderabad, I’m suffering from running nose for more than 2-3 months have taken allopathic medicine but it makes me drowsy and m unable attend office work properly due to sleepiness so gave up using medicine. I’m also getting sneezing sensation for many times in a day. I’m quite nervous please help me at the soonest to get rid up of this health problem. I’m 33yrs old lady.
    Please help me.

    Thanking you Sir.

    Best Regards

  845. IDA MONIS says:

    Hello Doctor
    I am staying at Singapore. My daughter is 12 years old . She is suffering from itchy eyes and watery nose when ever dust is present and when the air condition is on. Once she feels dust or enter in any Air Conditioned Shoping mall, she starts to sneeze and her nose start to water. Her eyes start to itch and her eyes becomes red. I tried many medicine from clinics and even homeopathy but it was no use. This year she is having her PSLE exams. Eventhough she is one of the top student she will not able to study properly. Please help us.

  846. florencia says:

    I have the exact allergy that you described here, Please help me treat this allergy.



  847. sethuvadhanam says:

    Dear sir,
    Myself sethuvadhanam I am 34years old past 2 years I am having a problem running nose and sneezing every day when I am wake up and it’s goes into 2 To 4 hrs then it’s automatically stops.

    I am from nashik how can I get treatment from you.
    kindly reply me sir.


  848. anu dilip says:

    hello doctor i am 26 yr old lady i have complaints of sneezing morning and evening time sometimes sorethroat and headache on leftside also these complaints are i have almost 2 years i took medicine from ayurvedaic when i take medicines my symptoms are disappear when i stop medicine then it will be appear atlast i consult 1 GP doctor he told me to be take P NS xray yes i taken the result did see him after he told me i have chronic sinusitis on rightside and he advised some nasalspray for continueing 3 month but i dnt want to interest to be take nasal spray you know it will be become rhinitis medicamentosa thats why so i need your help i hope you will do the needfull which medicine i can take for this i want further opinion from you . i forgot onething i didnt mentioned myself iam staffnurse from india now iam working in saudiarabia

  849. RAJESHWAR RAJ says:

    Dear Doctor Im suffring from ALLERJIC RHINITIS with DNS to right. it is clear in x-ray PNS: SINUSES CLEAR. It is also clear in ENDOSCOPY in christan madical hospital VELLORE.
    This problem is from two years.
    Im also suffring from IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME. From seven years. In midnight in sleeping period gas comes in heart . I fill uneasy and i go to Latrin. in lavataroy for stool.

  850. Christine Cohen says:

    My question is regarding my 8 month old daughter, Lucy. She has had a couple colds in the past that I did bring her to the ped. for . Of course she was in prescribing medications and they just suggested that she sleeps a little bit uptight in order to help her to breathe easier and to let it run its course it was a virus. this time however is different I haven’t made an appointment because she doesn’t act as if she feels very sick she just has a really runny nose, she needing a lot, and she seems very extra fatigued. she’s not running a fever and again she acts like she feels fine shes an act like she’s sick she’s just seems as if she gets tired easier. so I was thinking maybe that it was allergies. However I don’t know of anything besides you using a vaporizer with some eucalyptus to help her out. I was wondering if there was any ideas that you knew of for a child of her age? any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Sincerely, Christine Cohen

  851. Shaikh Parvez Aslam says:

    I am suffering from Dust allergy, sneezing and astama kindly suggest me that can help me in leading good and healthy life. I have challenged so many doctors to cure me in allopathy and also in homopathy.

    Lets see if ur suggestion can work


  852. Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from Nasal allergy, like sneezing, eyes & nose watering. It may be cause of pollution, dust or sun heat. I am suffering from this problem in 1995, The temporarly cure is I am taking anti allergic medicice like citrazine. But it is a temporary. Please assist me which type of homeopathy medicine I may be used. If possible please send me the name of medicine (h/pathy) & duration of usage, so that I could start using that medicine. Plz suggest me some precaution & medicine. Please send me your precious advice on my mail. I shall be highly thankfull to you for this act.


  853. GEBREKRISTOS SH says:

    hiiiiii,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I AM 27 YEARS OLD
    My left nose has been blocked since few mothes ago, i doknow exactly when was it. but i remmeber one day when i played soccer and back home, after i took a shower my nose totally blocked. i tried to push the mucous, but i can’t i feel like a pain in my ear. after that days it won’t open. i tried running exercises at the gym and i feel better ofr an hours, then back to normal ( blocked). from that times i didn’t get breath through my left nose especially when i waake up in the morning and when the weather is changed. now a days i saw new signs there is a mucus i can’t control whoch passes throgh that. so . please can u advice me what to do, and what treatmen should i have to take.

  854. Akwen emilie says:

    I’ve got serious sinus secretion for over 3yrs nd hv taken all medications no change what must i do?

  855. I have to wake up in the middle of the night due to sudden sneezing and dripping.

  856. Subhasis Maiti says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am suffering also similar kind of problem. My nose become runny in early morning in winter season specially and also on rainy days with watery discharge, crawling inside my nose roof, reddish watery eyes and sometimes feel fatigue. Please give me a suggestion of a homeopathic medicine which suit me best.
    Thanking you
    Subhasis Maiti
    cell- 9153268107
    Mecheda, Midnapore(E)
    West bengal

  857. ramesh kumar says:

    tell me one thing that allergy can be solved permanently.

  858. ramesh kumar says:

    I am suffering from Nasal allergy, like sneezing, eyes & nose watering.I am suffering from this problem in 1996, when I shifted from old home to new home.Please assist me which type of homeopathy medicine I may be used. If possible please send me the name of medicine (h/pathy) & duration of usage, so that I could start using that medicine. Secondaly I have a heavly sweat problem during summer. And when I am in heavy sweat position, my body feeling very much tiredness and weakness. Plz suggest me some precaution & medicine. Please send me your precious advice on my mail. I shall be highly thankfull to you for this act.

  859. Good evening sir, I am 39 yrs old male and I have been suffering from an acute type of allergy. Especially in the morning as soon as I get up, I feel some sensation of etching and dryness at the root of my right nose and right ear. Then sneezing starts and very thin cold starts running through my nose. My palate also etches. During the day its quite normal and in the evening again I feel some dryness at the root of my rt nasal tract and rt ear starts etching. Then again running nose with sneezing. I feel some type of irritation almost whole day at the root of my rt nasal track and rt ear. I have shown it to some homeopath doctors but which medicine they prescribe they don’t tell. Sometimes I feel little better but the irritation is almost present all the time. I have taken alium cepa, hep sulphur, arsenic alb all of 30 X potency separately but are of no avail. Sir when I read your articles it reveals your enormous depth of knowledge in homeopathy. Sir please help me in this regard. Thanks!

  860. punit singh says:

    Dear Dr.,
    I am a male of 56 years age. I am otherwise healthy with all the tests in normal range. From the last one year I get sneezing about 5 to 10 times in the morning and a slightly thick watery discharge comes from only my night nostril. When the discharge is compete in 13 to 30 minutes sneezing stops. Also there is clicking sound when I press my forefinger between my right eye and right nasal top. I have taken medicines lie anti biotic, anti allergic and nasal sprays, but the relief is temporary.
    kindly suggest.
    -Thanks !

    — Punit Singh

  861. namaste dr. sharma mereko allergy hai mera ige (IMMUNOGLOBULIN E) blood test high ata hai jis ki vajah se mere ko itchskine hota hai ;is ke sath lip swolling bhi hota hai me bahot dipress hoti hun jab mere ko hives hote hai &lipswoilling ;khujali ati hai mereko acidity problem bhi hai ;aurmera gallbleder 13% kamkarta hai aur mereko thyroid bhi hai please ap mereko koi aise homopathic medecine de jis ke lene se mera sare problem sole hojai. apki badi maherbabi hogi . THANKYOU

  862. dr.parneet nayyar says:

    Hello sir as above mentioned I have same symptoms

  863. Neel Ratan says:

    I am 42 years old male and suffering with watery nose, iching nose, sneezing 3-4 times in a day and sometimes headache from 3 weeks. All these happen mostly when weather changes.

  864. Neel Ratan says:

    I am 42 years old male and suffering with watery nose, iching nose, sneezing 3-4 times in a day and sometimes headache.

  865. Amita Yadav says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am suffering from Nasal allergy, like sneezing, eyes & nose watering in the month of april to

    october. It may be cause of pollution, dust or sun heat. I am suffering from this problem in

    2009, The temporarly cure is I am taking anti allergic medicice like avil or citrazine. But it is

    a temporary. Please assist me which type of homeopathy medicine I may be used. If possible

    please send me the name of medicine (h/pathy) & duration of usage, so that I could start using

    that medicine. . my body feeling very much tiredness and weakness. Plz suggest me some

    precaution & medicine. Please send me your precious advice on my mail. I shall be highly

    thankfull to you for this act.

    Amita yadav

  866. I saw different doctors and never got positive results. I don’t know what is wrong with me.I have water dripping from nose for one year and sometimes eye watering but no head aches,when I sleep or lie it goes down my throat. It makes me nervous and uncomfortable. House doctor said that I was cold and gave me antibiotics but no positive results. After that I was to an Ear,Nose, and Throat specialist and made me alergy test and looked my nose and the doctor said that i have no alergy just said that my nose is too active and angry and gaved me just nose spray but still same problem.When I am angry or stressed it happens or when I go out from inside It starts dreeping ,also when I wake up in morning,my nose are blocked,I have bad breathing and sometimes like dizziness I thnk because of bad breathing, so I would please anyone to give me any Idea what should i do.I started to be complex with my self.I’m thinking non stop that somthing bad will happen to me.sorry about my gramer I’m from Delhi India

  867. Helen Castelino says:

    Doctor I am having nasal allergy the symptoms are same as mentioned above sudden start of runny nose which at times drips with a continuous water like discharge , watery and itchy eyes, frequent sneezing, itching in the nose roof of the mouth. a crawling sensation in the nose.

    I live abroad and there are no good Homeopathy clinic here which I know off.. Pls. suggest me some medicine which I can arrange to get from India and the procedure to that the medicine.
    Pls. help me urgently as this nasal allergy is causing a lot of problems in my daily routine life.
    Thanking you and looking forward for your response


  868. VIKRAM GOLA says:

    i m 39 yr old 68 kg 5’6″ i hv only problem april to may mnth of d year i hv allergic by pollen that i came to know since 15 year every i took antiallergic tab aftr antibiotec last take sm inherer but all those, these days like hell to me. now 20 days befr i took septtin herbal himaliya tabs..upto now it help me bcz every yr up to todys date i hd allredy been sick mean running nose, itchy eys but still early to say bcz every yr my sickness days increasing mode tb also increasing mg’s so plss hlep me dr if u best advice me i m at new delhi…thanx
    vikram gola

  869. mrs.archana singh says:

    i m suffering from running nose last eight months. my nose is sneezing & watering my eyes my ears is suddenly block sometimes please ask my medicine.

  870. raghavendra nath maurya says:

    in have nasal allergy. once triggered it leaves me weak, and drained out. please help

  871. Sir i have an alrgy .everytime sneezing and dreedimg water from nose . What would i do

  872. Patil T R says:

    Dear dr.,
    Am 25 yrs old.since 2 months am suffring from snizing (3 time at a instant )and nose taken sme tablet but it was not worked. I think it is allergy of AC or dust because am working in AC When i was in night shift this effect is plz sir,give me soln.and plz mention which tablate i have to take.

  873. Patil T R says:

    dear dr.,
    am 25 yrs old from last 2 month am suffring from snizing(it wil cme at a time 3 times) and nose block,am taken sme tablet but it was not work,i think i have prblem of allergy of AC or dust because am working in AC ,and sme times i cant brithing normaly in dust also .so my humble request plz give me solution and also mention tablet name.

  874. sneezing , breating dificulty , sleeping problem, running nose

  875. Joiee Banerjee says:

    I’m 17 years old girl, suffering from nasal irritation every two days. I’m taking alopathy medicines almost regularly. I have no other disease except this. Please suggest me a medicine that can cure me totally.

  876. i have nose block after 5 to morning 11 feel like i m die i suffer like today my last day.can help me what i do


    Dear Sir,
    My son age 3.5 yers last one years he is suffering by cold cough very frequently. Allopathic doctor telling its a allergic problem given antibiotic and using nebulizer. few days get relief but after 2 weeks again same problem…please help me sir…by given your valuable suggestion


    S K Karmakar

  878. sandeeo kumar sabavat says:

    namestey sir !

    i am a student of NALSAR law college in hyderabad. since 2005 , i am suffering to sinus disorder. the symtoms are are head ace , fever , congestion in inhaling , giddiness , irritation.

    i approached a dr he suggested me a drug( for cure of allergy, i am sorry i dont remember the name , its been got from mumbai company ) for , 6 months i was feeling like in heaven but after that the effect of those injection was slowly got reduced.

    now , i am back to the same sufferings.
    if i take normal water also , i am getting head ace / giddiness / sometimes fever. i cant sit under ceiling for not even for a minute cause its causes head ace / uneasy ness…being in NALSAR law college , almost every class is Air Conditioned, everyday i am terribly suffering from this disorder.

    kindly help me out !

    sandeep kumar sabavat
    II nd yr

  879. kishor waghela says:

    i am diabetic. suffering from heavy running nose, sneezing, watering and unbearable etching eyes all the times. took anti allergy medicines too many times like cetrizine, etc. relaxed for few time only. again start as it is. sir, i am seriously very very tired of this problem. pls suggest any medicine for this awesome problem.

  880. dear sir i have sneezing itching sore troat coughing and itchi eyes throat ears runny and some time bloacked nose in march apri ao well as in dust purfume condition.

  881. Hi,

    I am suffering from Allergies from childhood but the problem is totally different than the problem you mentioned in this article.

    Nose.throat,Chest congestion and mucus secretion in throat.

    Actually there is mucus production everyday and it increases due to this factors
    1. Food – More the food more the mucus
    2. Sleep/Rest – More Sleep more mucus
    3. Cold Weather – More Cold climate exposure more mucus.

    Mucus production decreases when
    1. Mental activity increases – More I am alert less mucus
    2. Hunger increases. – More is the hunger less mucus.

    I have never found these symptoms in any article I have read on internet.
    i have taken ayurvedic and homeopathy medicines which have cured it 70%. But I want it to be cured 100%.

    Actually there is very very less coughing so people ( not doctors )normally say I dont have any problem and its just ur mental can I convince other about the problem.

    I dont think this problem is because of immune system . What is the homeopathic treatment addressing this problem.

    Whatever treatment i did for Allergy have caused me ibs-d symptoms.

  882. Albert Kee says:

    I suffer from nasal allergy for the last 45 years, Any ways to cure this

  883. Harinder pal Singh says:

    I m differing from nasal allergy and is taking allopathic meds. I get allergy in cold season or while sitting n sleeping in ac room. I don sneeze, no watery eyes but when I bend water comes out of my nose. Things aggregate during night. It’s not always but in cold weather on cold atmosphere. I m 61 years old. Pl advice. I live in patiala punjab

  884. rigzin tamchos says:

    sir i have an nasal problem from past 4 years .my syptoms are running water in noise and eyes getting wet and like crying.sir i want the address of your clinics..

  885. Sritam Mazumdar says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am 26 years old. I am suffering nasal blockage problem.
    from 2 years continuing I am suffering from Nasal allergy, like sneezing, eyes & nose watering. It may be cause of pollution, dust or sun heat. The temporarly cure is I am taking anti allergic medicice like alday or citrazine. i visit kolkata’s applo hospita. doctor gave me Odimont-LC tablet and Duanose Nasal Spray. i’i take long 1 year lBut it is a temporary. i am confusue,Please assist me which type of homeopathy medicine I may be used. If possible please send me the name of medicine (h/pathy) & duration of usage, so that I could start using that medicine. in hole years i have same problems onn. durings this time my emunity power is not growing, my body feeling very much tiredness and weakness. Plz suggest me some precaution & medicine. Please send me your precious advice on my mail. I shall be highly thankfull to you for this act. Please suggest me sir, plz, plz….save me.

    Thanks and Regards

    Pramod Aggarwal


  886. Hameed Khan says:

    I am having lots of allergy problem specially January and March every year for the last fifteen years. I really want to try your Homeopathic medicen Please let me know how you can help me

    Thank You
    Hameed Khan

  887. vinayak r gatti says:

    some many years have problems of nasal sines, already operation doing, but not the nasal pro. solve , so plese suggest treatment and give information

  888. subramanian says:

    Dear Sir I have sinus allergy. So I can not able to eat eaisly. 2010 at chennai I got Homeopathy medicine for Sinus allergt. Then white discharge came from my nose and throat and from my ear( through nose ). Could you give that type of medicine? At chennai I got that medicine Rs 750 for 2 month ( Dr Kopigar hospital Sithapet Chennai). Could you give like that medicine? Now I am in Gujarat. Pl give your medicine cost for two month.


  889. Subodh Johri says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am experiencing attacks of left-sided supra-orbital neuralgia with morning aggravations with shooting , tearing pain in left eye radiating down to facial region causing numbness in lower cheek, difficulty in eating, drinking. Sometime feel highly depressed and anxious. Some times pain extend to leftside of the head involving ear, nape of the neck etc. Recent eye check shows no problem, vision 6/6 in both the eyes. 57 years male, 90kg, 5’11” with bp and sugar normal.reading, writing, cold wind, air draft and working on computer causes aggravation, however feel good in little warmer environment. Have tried Spigelia, MagPhos etc. MRI/MRA
    did not show any sign. Dr. prescribed, pain killer, TCAs, SSRIs but didnt provide much relief
    and made the life more difficult. Kindly help.
    Subodh Johri, Scientist, Rajasthan

  890. I have a problem with my nose no matter what season, its neezy,itchy and blocks every night and morning. My eyes are sometimes itchy as well.

  891. Dr.k.n.v.anusha says:

    Respected sir.
    I am anusha pharmacology post graduate student of rangaraya medical college.. Sir.. My problem is sudden episodes of sneezing associated with running nose.. Episodes may be any time of day.. It subsided as it own.. And again attacking since 6 months.. I already used different antibiotics.. Anti histaminics..montelucost..and steroid nasal sprays. Bu no use.
    Please kindly give suggesion to my problem

  892. Dear dr

    I have terrible sinuses which causes me sometimes runny, sometimes stuffy nose. I keep coughing most of the time and spitting mucus cloating in my throat. My life remains paralysed due to such a condition. I was being treated by a homoeopath with senega and grindelia which worked in the beginning but not now. Kindly sort out my problem as early as possible.

  893. I have nasal polypp/sinus from past 2 years. Allopath doctors advised to go for operation but my friends said no benifit. I am having problem with breathing a lot.

    Is there cure in Homeopathic? What medicien and how frequently needs to be take. Your help is highly appreciated.


  894. Navaid Aijaz says:

    Dear Sir,

    i have a alergy problem my one nasel is block every time itching and The sneezing can start anytime. i wake up in the middle of the night due to sudden sneezing and dripping. Early morning attacks of sneezing are a very common

    kindly suggest any medicine

  895. sanjay nagle says:

    my self sanjay 35yrs old.i got runny nose,sneezing,watery nose and eye.every morning,evening and any time its about one year. please can help me in treating.

  896. sanjay nagle says:

    i got runny nose,sneezing,watery nose and eye.every morning,evening and any time its about one year. please can help me in treating.

  897. Hi dr. Sharma, I have constant allergy problem. When i was living in Canada i went to two different specialist in 10 years period and i got tested both times but they could not find what i am allergic on. I have severe allergic reactions, like you described for the seasonal allergies but with me they happen all year. I used nazacort (it helped) but since i moved back to Serbia i stopped it. I would like to find some natural remedy to heel my allergies and not only to treat the symptoms (my doctor said that i have to use nasal spray forever). What can you suggest?

  898. Manish Jain says:

    Respected Sir

    I am suffering from Allergy problem and running nose, frequent sneezing for the Past 10 Years. I was in search of a good Homeopathic Doc then I found a doc who give me a Tab which was very helpful to me but he never says me the Name of the Medicine. He Charges high fees for it. Can you Please Give me the Name of that Tab If Possible. The Tab is very small White Color Tab It is very small. Waiting for your reply sir

  899. majid ali khan says:

    always nastril block one side open thanother side block twice or thrice a months cold effect quickly

  900. Hello Dr.,

    I am facing similar problems for last 2 years, the problem is very less in summer time and more in winter time.
    Please tell me how can I contact you.


  901. vimal singh says:

    helo Doc.
    when i wake up early i.e. before 6 a.m., it is likely that i may be caught by cold and as the day passes (sun came) it ends up. this is not the case when i wake up after 6 am. i sleep in the night around 9:30- 10 pm.
    I am suffering this for long time. please help me to get rid of the problem and suggest me suitable medicine …..

  902. Samim Javeed says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am suffering nasal blockage problem from last one month that i had checked it from a doctor he told me that my nose inner one side right hole is blocked due to over growing of inside skin . I am 26 year old male. My friend suggest for Homeopathic treatment.

    Thanking you

    Samim Javeed

  903. Gayathri Rajesh says:

    Sir, I am aged 40yrs female. Past 6 months I am suffering from Sneezing in the morning as soon as I get up from the bed. If I had to get up early morning around 3am for washroom immediately the sneezing starts. As of now i am taking Allopatheic medicines. If i miss to take the med, the next day morning is hell for me. It is really worse to get into my daily routine work. My office work starts at 8am I need to getup at 5am to pack up myself with break-fast and lunch box and start to office at 7.15 and back in the eve at 7.15pm. Could you please advise me how to arrest this cold/sneezing problem. Many thanks, Gayathri Rajesh.

  904. hie Doc, im having a runny nose accompaned by sneezing, eyes itching with water in them, and also sweating at night, this has been happenning for almost a month now,.. i once had turberculosis 2 years ago,, can this be caused by that or its something else

  905. i suffering from nasal allergy daily too much sneezing i m taking hompathic medicine but not getting any benefit please is there any cure for my allergy

  906. Is really homeopathy help in reduce my nasal polyp?m already having homeopathy medicine.i also have migrain nd low blood pressure.

  907. babul supakar says:

    Iam having the sneezing problem, running nose,and itching of eyes for last 10 years.From a local homeopathic doctor I have tried medicines like Alliam Cepa (30 to 10m) Euphrasia (30 to 10m) Sabadila, indiam, dulcumra,Rh.tox and also some other but no result.When I take cetrizine the above symtoms vanishes but reappears when I stop cetrizine.Pl. advice.

  908. PVS Sangwan says:

    Sir, During change of season/in winter I am having throat allergy ie itching in roof of mouth (upper palate ),then sneezing starts and nose flows (not burning discharge).It continue for weeks/months.I have to take antiallergic as avil. Antibiotic does not effect. No septic or fever. I am 67 year old.My father had also same simtoms. I get anger when some one talks unnecessarily during this time. soothing effect with hot drinks .During sever attack eyes also itches. Kindly help.

  909. PVS Sangwan says:

    Sir, During change of season/in winter I am having throat allergy ie itching in roof of mouth (upper palate ),then sneezing starts and nose flows.It continue for weeks/months.I have to take antiallergic as avil. Antibiotic does not effect. No septic or fever. I am 67 year old.My father had also same simtoms. I get anger when some one talks unnecessarily during this time. soothing effect with hot drinks . Kindly help.

  910. PVS Sangwan says:

    Sir, During change of season/in winter I am having throat allergy ie itching in roof of mouth (upper palate ),then sneezing starts and nose flows.It continue for weeks/months.I have to take antiallergic as avil.No septic or fever. Kindly help.

  911. Kathy Tovar says:

    I have been suffering from runny nose sneezing and severe congestion for a whole year and has only become worse, I have been taking singular, xertec, to help but with no improvement. I am also asthmatic and take advair on a daily basis, what remedies do you have available to help with these problematic allergies ?

  912. Dear Sir,

    I am 34 years old and my weight is 45 KG.I am suffering from sneezing, nose running with cough also. It starts from the month October to December.When I get up in the morning at about 6 o’clock, it starts, It remain till 12 or 12.30. It happens even in the evening also. It has been 2 years. Please suggest me what have I to do for this.

  913. My wife(36) and my son(10) both are suffered with the same disease and symptoms which you explained above.

    Can you please suggest which medicine would be usefull for both.

    They are sneezing a lot during september to nov due to weather change there infection is due to dust fumes etc as u defined above.

    Thanks in advance.


  914. Inder jeet Singh says:

    My daughter 22 years old starts sneezing immediately after leaving the bed in the morning. it lasts till she has bath and all and is ready for college. It happens some time in day also. otherwise she is having good health and remains very active throughout the day.
    Dr. Sahib since you are in Chandigarh. please give me your contact details too.
    Please suggest which medicine will give her relief.

    best regards,
    inder jeet singh

  915. Dr.k.s.tiwari says:

    One girl mariied before 8 month and she concived after 4 month, than when period missed check the urine test and confirm she is preganant but BP is 160/120 mmhg than after 2 month she miscarage plase suggest perfect homoeopathic treatment when require detail plse send me on my id
    Thank sir
    Have a nice day

  916. viral lekhadia says:

    dear doctor,
    my self viral from surat.I am 38 years old. nosal blockage problem start In april 2012. after 20 days i show myself to ENT doctor in surat He suggests me to do some blood tests and allergy Test [Test name- immunoglobulin (IgE) Test Method – ElISA [Result was – 649). and in ct sacne there samll polyps r there. my ent doctor advise me for operation. my family doctor give me medicine call alaspan for 20 days ans then allegra 120 for 20 days then levocyt for 20days. by taking alaspan in 7 days my nose was open. after stop medicine july and august was fine and from sep month now problem is start. what can i do. suggest any homyopeth medicine

  917. P.Rama Mohan Chowdary says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am suffering from severe cold for the past one month. The symptoms are running water nose nose, sneezing, itching in eyes and block of nose. During the nights, the blockage of nose is severe and sleep is disturbed continuously. But, no cough, fever and headache. I have used homeo drugs like Alim Sepa, Ars. Alb and Sabadilla, but of no use. I seldom take drinks. Fond of masala food. Very sensitive and also short tamper to small/trivial issues and used to take Nux Vom. When Gas problem exist, I used to take Carbo Veg and got relief. My mental / psychological systems are proximy to Nux Vom. Please provide me a good remedy for allergy cold which I am suffering a lot.

    Yours faithfully,

    P.Rama Mohan Chowdary,
    Inspector of Central Excise,

  918. DEVA REDDY K says:

    I am 70 year old male.I frequently suffer from cold and cough.within 2 months I suffered cold for 5 times.Every time I used antibiotics.cold starts with sneezing ,running nose,irritating throat with lot of thin mucus,cough,head ache,watery eye.after 4 days left nostril blocking,light thick green mucus sticking deep inside throat/wind pipe,cough.I am a heart patient with 35 % EF.Already suffered once with pneumonia(1year back)and infection of respiratory system and got both treated.kindly suggest with homeopathic medicine.

  919. ankit sharma says:

    I have a constant running nose which at times drips with a continuous water like discharge, itchy and watery eyes, frequent sneezing, itching in nose roof of mouth and early morning sneezing is main problem. sir i take homeopathy treatment . i take allium cipa, cipa q, aeller aid, sinocin etc. sir please help me and tell me other medicine and correct treatment immediatly

  920. jayaramansenthil says:

    Hello doctor, my wife is suffering from this nasal allergy for more than 3 months.she tried allopathy medication but not any improvement.So now she is on homoeopathy medicines.First she was given with two pkt of powder and small tablets.after taking those medicines her condition is worse .she is having severe nose block at night and watery discharge during the day.Nasal passage having severe irritation.Her doctor told her that she can use only normal saline drops for the nose block.She is on this drug for almost 4 weeks.So how long will take to see a noticeable change in homoeopathy treatment?shall we try any other drugs for alleviating the symptoms?

  921. right nostril stops up at night for the ten years

  922. MANAMOHAN LENKA says:

    I am 50 years old male. I live in Bhubaneswar which is about 40 Kms from Bay of Bengal. I am in state Govt service and my job is sedentary. I do not have habits like smoking, tea or liquor. I am pure vegetarian. Initially I suffered from viral fever which started with tingling sensation in throat. After allopathy treatment, I was cured of all symptoms except cough. If I drive my bike, after 3-4 hrs I get feverish feeling with drowsiness and weakness. I get cough which is dry. Coughing makes me very week. Cough sounds like ‘jhan jahn’. With much difficulty little expectoration happens. I have been treated with Phosphorous 0/6, Squilla -200 and now with Cocus Calt -200. I do not get any relief. I consulted a pulmunologist today who has prescribed anti-asthma medicine. I do not want to take allopathy medicines. What do you advise? Cal Carb and Natrum Mur is my unconstitutional remedy (Dr says)

  923. monika kanwar says:

    Sir am suffering from nasal and throat allergy sometimes fevrish feeling also. taking allopaty but not benefitted. pls advise

  924. Hi Sir,

    this is surya i have been suffering nose allergy since 2002 but now when i breathing air through the nose i get burning it is uncomfortable time to when am i sleeping. pl give me advice which medicine do i have to take.

    thank you,

  925. Pooja Sharma says:

    Dear Doctor,

    My son is 1years old and sneezes a lot generally in the morning and during night. He sometimes bleeds from the nose as and when he plays in sun. I think his nose is very sensitive and he is always troubled because of it. I dont know why this happens and what is this disease called. Kindly helm me to overcome the problem of my son.

  926. Sir,
    I am badely suffering from sneesing since seven year,
    one in a month or twice a month but last one month after
    every two or three dats continious I am sneesing.

    Plese sir help me

  927. TAmilselvan says:

    Dr sir

    Last two years i am taking mediciance to control the problem of continuous sneezing n runny nose by which there is a redness n itching in my eyes..n n during sneezing the itching in throat also occurs

    kindly suggest me alternete medicine which will gie the permanant relief without any side effect

  928. mukul varshnney says:

    I have a problem of continuous sneezing n runny nose by which there is a redness n itching in my eyes..n n during sneezing the itching in throat also occurs…so sir pls suggest me the homeopathic Medicine to recover from this disease approx in a two month…thanku

  929. Mr. NABAM NUN says:

    I am 17 years old and i have runny nose as well as sneezing for almost 3 months even in summer, please help!

  930. Kalpana Shah says:

    Dear doctor,

    I am suffering with thick white mucus and I can’t discharge by nose. I always have to clear by throat. Mucus is never yellow or greenish. I don’t feel stuffy but I always feel that big stone stuck in my nose and that is imitating me too much. Please advice which h is best medicine to cure and how to get it. I took so many difernet kind of medicine but never helped. I hope to hear from you and Your response greatly appreciates.

  931. Dear Doctor,
    I get this running nose,sneezing and blocked nose in an unpredictable manner –probably triggered by fragrance of some flower.
    Right now (in June after a few pre-monsoon rains followed by dry weather) since a week I am having this problem. This is certain to happen in winter too. Please prescribe a suitable medicine to cure/prevent this problem

  932. Jasvir singh says:

    Dear sir,
    I have exactly the same problem listed above like itching in nose,runny nose,sudden sneezing attacks and i even have have eczema.But i am already treating my sinus and eczema from a homeopathy and its been more than a year and i still dont see results.Will it take more time?

  933. Rajender singh says:

    runny nose which at times drips with a continuous water like discharge , watery and itchy eyes, frequent sneezing, itching in the nose roof of the mouth.

  934. S. Majumdar says:

    Respected Sir,
    I have Deviated Nasal Septum and hense nasal blockage from last 4 yrs before that no nasal blockage though i had DNS. Nasal blockage and very less mucus and that too in the morning. Have gastric problem. Do gastric problem cause inflamation of mucus membranes and cause blockage also in nose? and nasal blockage at night especially and when lying down on any time of the day. Have taken Nux Vom but not with much relief. No known history of asthma or any type of breathing problem in family.

  935. sarvjitsharma says:

    Dear Dr.
    I am suffring form nasal allergy, my nose remains blocked form laset one year. I am very senstive to temprature change . This all started with Urticaria which was pressure and temprature initiated . Once this was ressolved the stuffed nose problem started.
    Kinldy help i am a student of NIT and this is effecting my studies.
    Doctors prescribe steriods which i refuse to take , i hv also got some homoepathy treatment which has not helped. I keep on pumping the nasal drops otrivin.
    Now i am at mercy of God seeking for your help.

  936. Hello Sir.
    I’m suffering from Nasal allergy from last 2-3 years.
    It is very difficult to survive mostly in Winter. I wake up around 10 pm everyday due to the problem.Last November in 2011, I was not able to take breath, now it is February so it going to be little bit ok.I’m very disturb due to this problem.There is big problem in my left nostril due to regular nosy. it is like wound in nostril.
    I’m taking treatment from allopathic doctor but I’m not satisfied. I went to homoeopathic doctor as Dr. Batra and others but their fees are costly which I can’t maintain.

    Please suggest me some good hemeopathic doctor/clinic in Delhi/Noida. Suggest me how can I care myself for this problem.

  937. I have dust allergic in nose


    Dr. Saaahab
    I am suffering from Nasal Alergy & dropping water like tap in cold seasion period from sept to january in every year.Please suggesst & provide solution of this type of alergy.

    Thanks & warm regards.
    shatrughan kumar gupta

  939. Rupesh Sharma says:

    Dear Doc,
    I am 42 years old male, I had mouth allaergy since one year. I had red and white patches and line in the inside of my chick under my mouth. I am facing very problem to eat cold hot or spicy food.
    Kindly advise me for medecine to cure my problem.

  940. M.N. Singhal says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I hv chronic problem of Sinus & Recipratory allergy. Sour throat, throat choked with some nasal drips, blocked nose (mostly Rh side),itching & watering eyes, headache above eye brows,cant sleep straight,it is always sideways.
    Dr. pl. suggest some medicines for immediate releif at ur earliest possible.

    MN Singhal

  941. Dear Doctor,

    I am 36 years old and suffering from Nose itching, nose blockage or congesation, sneezing, nose running. Addition to this some time also ear and throat itching and waterly eye and itching. also If I contacted with some strong perfume, body spray etc then started nose itching and sneezing. The morning time is bit uncomfirtable. Nose blockage is whole day most of the time. Earlier this was happened only 3 times in a year but in these days since 2 months i am suffering with this problem. I used to take Certrizine. I have consulted ENT specialist and he given Montair FX (an anti histamine tablet) and nasal spray. But this is for short term solution. He also advised that there is no medicine for this allergy in allopathy to cure permanently. However I have researched lot and found that homeo can treat this permanently. My humble request to you please advise some homeo medicine, medicine power, doases and duration.
    I stayed in Hyderabad so please also advised media for consultation.
    I will request again for your advise to suggest some medicine.


  942. I have 12yr old son with critical allergies. He does not eat eggs, he has seen an ENT and there is blockage in his nose. Therefore right away the doctor requested surgery. I’m looking for other alternatives and feel absolutely frustrated. We’ve tried the Neti kettle, steams benadryl, allegra, and had allergy shots, nothing works.
    Any advice will be considered and appreciated. Thank you a very concerned mom.

  943. Hello doc,
    It’s Been almost a year, I get attacks of sneezing every week where I sneeze 1 whole day to 2 days, constant sneezing runny nose( clear discharge) tingling in nose, watery eyes. When u wake up I get 3-4 sneeze everyday. Please help me doc, this is embarrassing and interferes in my daily life. Please prescribe some medication which I can buy in Canada.

  944. Gourab sutradhar says:

    hell sir,
    I have been suffering from a nasal septum since last 5 years which seems to be left nostril is almost blocked.besides any kind of weather change most probably hot to cold it increases. nose become steefy and get sneeze when I use water.does homeopathy provides solution to this?i don’t want to get operated.

  945. Hi,
    My son is 4 yrs. old. i hv observed tht whenever i start with homoepathoc medication for alleries( eczema as well running nose n cough) it intensifies leadng to chest congestion n difficlty in breathng approx after 15 – 20 days of medication. Is it possible tht homeopathic medication causing this or he is nt respondng to tht medicine?

  946. manpreet kaur says:

    hello sir,
    i have deviated nasal septum since last 8 years which seems to be left nostril is almost blocked.does homeopathy provides solution to this?i don’t want to get operated.

  947. Dr. Naresh Kumar says:

    My son has been diagnosed allergy from rat, cat & cow-dung. He spits frequently. It is thick, whitish and not exactly cough like substance. He is doing it for past one year. All other tests conducted have revealed nothing. Many doctors call this symptom as “Allergic Rhinitis”. Allopathy & Homoepathy has resulted in no relief. What to do? Please advise. Thank you.


    I am 54 years old. I am suffering Nasal Blockage problem.
    Nasal Allergy problem from past 10 years.

    I want to permanent relief. Please suggest me.

    I shall be very thankful to you.

  949. RIYAZ KHAN says:

    I am suffering nose blockage from past 6 years. I have taken enough of alopathy only required to operation Still I have not
    My quality of life is runing as teacher so I have to speak but cant in classroom as well as another .
    Please help me to improve my situation.

  950. Hi,

    I am suffering nose blockage from past 4 years. I have taken enough of alopathy, homeopathy medicines. Still I am unable to get rid of my problem. I have gone through DNS as well.

    My quality of life is very poor and I cannot concentrate anywhere.

    Please help me to improve my situation.

  951. my father is suffering from anaphylaxis and we want to cure him through homeopathic treatment because there is no remedy for it in alopathy.can you please help us.

  952. Gurmeet Bedhlan says:

    My wife has been suffering from sneezing with watery discharges in morning to whole day during the change of the season like March to April and August to October since last 10 years. She has allergy from Dust, perfume, some smell emanating from mosquito coil ,skin ointment cooking with some spices and when she open the Refrigerator in the morning sneezing start continuously. Allopathy medicines .cause drastic side effects.Please consult and advise that how to relief from this sickness.


    Gurmeet Bedhlan

  953. Hello,
    sir my 5years old son suffering from nasal allargic,night he is ok but
    morning he is sneezing & his nose also blocked,which medice is good for him please tell me ,i have Belladonna,Allium cepa,Euphrasia,Bryonia,Rhus tax,

  954. Myself arvind. I am suffering from sinus more than 10 years.It makes me continuous sneezing, nose running, eyes & nose etching .I have been operated one, but there is no relief. Please suggest me.

  955. Rishi goel says:

    i m rishi n m from jagadhri.i m 38 years old and there is nose allergie problem from past 20 years please give your address and contact no and suggest me something special about my deseases

  956. when there is no reponse from the doctor or any qualified person , then what is the point in discussing your problems.

    • Dr. Vikas Sharma says:

      Each and every query is answered personally as we have seen that most of the patients do not want to reveal their further discussions on their ailments.
      (Dr. Sharma)

  957. sir
    im 18 year old and suffering from nasal allergy, bilateral sinusities& devaited nasal septum.. i have consulted an ENT doc & undergoing d course but der is no result. i have to consume 7 tablets per day..sir i want to ask u whether homeopathy can give relief or not????plz reply..

  958. pls help.i have nose is close hardly breath.eyes watery.thanks a lot

  959. Dear Sir,

    I m suffering from allergy which makes me continuous sneezing, nose running, eyes & nose etiching . from 10 years i consulted so many Aurvedic & English medicines. But there is no effect. And I m working woman having one small child facing uncontrolable situation at office even at home also. Sometimes I think to end my life that much i am suffering.

    Please suggest me how to cure my this allergy & send me mail.

    thanking you,


  960. sir,i am suffering from sneezing and blockade of nose which starts any time in the day,any season especially when i get up in the morning.change in local environments in the house also trigger the attack of sneezing.i have tried amost every thing without any effect.only med which gives me temp relief is “ALERID”pl advise if there is a better solution/management.thanking u

  961. neeraj jha says:

    15 months ago during pregnancy my wife caught up with deep nasal allergy
    as soon as she gets awaken in the morning she starts sneezing has running nose and clots of blood are oozed out with nasal flow . this sometimes continues for even 3hours i have got her sinus checked she does not have sinus problems doctors have been simply asking for this test and another but nothing substantial has come up can there be any substantial cure for this through homeopathy
    plz advise

  962. jeenu ezhava says:

    I am suffering from sneezing allergy since for last 3 month. Usually i start tickling in nose, and started sneezing at time. Morning and evening it is active for sneezing and start flowing water inside the nose. i was working in GIDC area vatwa, in a store room, surrounding area is totally chemical factores. can you suggest any homeo medicine for this type of allergies

    with regards


  963. Aqbal khan says:

    I am suffering from Nasal allergy, like sneezing, eyes & nose watering. It may be cause of pollution, dust or sun heat. I am suffering from this problem in 2004 when I was in delhi,after a year I shifted from New Delhi to aurangabad (M.S),after that I have taken medicine allopathic, then Homeopathy,and after some times I got ok for 2.6 years ,but again I am facing same problem . The temporarly cure is I am taking anti allergic medicice citrazine. But it is a temporary. Please assist me which type of homeopathy medicine I may be used. If possible please send me the name of medicine (h/pathy) & duration of usage, so that I could start using that medicine. I will be highly thankfull of you

  964. OTHMAN KOLOON . says:

    Sir Good morning,
    Sir my name is OTHMAN KOLOON and i am belong to Bangladesh but i doing BHMS from Pakistan from ISLAMIA UNIVERSITY OF BHAWALPUR and now i am in final proff (5th proff) is my last year. Sir my best topic is heart and i want ot further study in heart specilist from India.
    Sir please guide me what should i do after one year. Is it possible to do heart specilist in homoeopathic. please sir give me your kind sugessation.
    I shall be very thankful to you

  965. Saurabh Narang says:

    hello sir,

    I am 24 years old and suffering from the following symptoms:

    1. Starts with itchy soft palates, nose and eyes.
    2. running nose
    3. tears
    4. nose blockage
    5. sneezing (50 times a day)

    Medication: I,ve tried citrizen & Allegra but they only control my problem. I am taking homeopathy treatment for more than 6 mths now and problem presumes when i stop medication.

    Please write back to me a permanent solution to this problem.


  966. 40 yrs. chronic nose running for 4 yrs.

  967. sachin saini says:

    dear sir myself sachin saini and my age is 19 and from nasal allergy from 2 week ago my nose block at night and unable to breath properly at night plz help sir,i show to homopathy doctor but doesn’t work plz provide some proper solution

  968. MD.ANISUL ISLAM says:

    hello sir this is Anis From NATORE BANGLADESH.i don’t know very much about it but i am having something like allergy, i m having cold kind of disease since 2000. and i am very depressed because i have consulted with so many specialist but there is no solution by them.
    symptoms ;-
    1. flowing liquid from nose continually Maximum At morning Woak up.
    2.sneezing more then 100-150.

  969. My nose is chronically blocked. I can’t sleep through the night, even if I take an antihistamine. I’ve tried allergy shots, acupuncture, antihistamines, nasal steroids, euphraisa (some relief with this) and magnesium (helps me to get to sleep but I still wake up congested). This has been going on for 16 years. I lack energy. I have asthma that is exasperated by the fall weather. Rainy days are the worst, as the dampness brings up the mould. Any suggestions?

    Thank you

  970. Gurpreet Kaur says:

    Myself Gurpreet 29yrs old.I am suffering from nasal allergy like sneezing more than 100-150, itching,nose watering.I am suffering from this problem last one year.I am taking anti allergic medicine like citrazine but it is temporary.I have consulted so many doctors but there is no solution by them. pls suggest me some precaution and medicine.Pls send your precious advise on my mail ishall be very thankful to you.

  971. arvind yadav says:

    hello sir this is Arvind Yadav from indore (mp).i don’t know very much about it but i am having something like allergy, i m having cold kind of disease since 1997. and i am very depressed because i have consulted with so many specialist but there is no solution by them.
    symptoms ;- 1. sneezing more then 100-150.
    2. flowing liquid from nose continually. (BRIDGING)
    3. flowing tears from my eyes continually.

  972. Sanjeev Kumar Jasrotia. says:

    Dear Dr,
    I am suffering from Nasal allergy, like sneezing in the early morning, eyes & nose watering. nasal blocking in the night.It may be cause of pollution, dust or sun heat. I am suffering from this problem past 10 years. The temporarly cure is I am taking anti allergic medicice like citrazine. But it is a temporary. Please assist me which type of homeopathy medicine I may be used. If possible please send me the name of medicine (h/pathy) & duration of usage, so that I could start using that medicine. pl suggest me some precaution & medicine. Please send me your precious advice on my mail. I shall be highly thankfull to you for this act.

  973. Dear sir,
    I somu 25 years old i have facing the problem of runny water from the nose since from 5 years runny water from the nose leads to the blocking of nose then next step wheezing then breathing problem occours this type of diesease came when slept under the fan, get up in early morning or in winter session and i had already taken treatment from ENT specialist, ayurvedic,homeopathi,allopathi but its relife temporory then it continous as it is…………….

  974. dear sir . im mohsin mostly when i lying on bed my any of one side blok of nose it is mostly at night and i feel heavy heavy in mucus come … Kindly suggest me some hameopathy treatment

    • Randhir Singh says:

      Dear sir, I am staying in mumbai and suffering from allergy for nose and brathing. I am suffering from sneezing/blocked nose and chest congection and more pelgum comming out when coughing which some time get diluted as I take the mecine /deryfiline tablet.citrazine tablet.
      also I take rotocap of serrofllo and ashthline puff, and for easing the attack of cough and chest congetion
      kindly suggest me some homeo pathic medicine. thank you sir.

  975. Have gone through all the symptoms but is there really and treatment of these kind of allergies or a patient will have to suffer for whole of his life. It seems that use of plenty of Vitam C and boost immune system. Regards

  976. Sharfunisa says:

    Dear Dr,

    i am 30 yrs old female suffering from allergy for past 10 years. allopathic dr says that i have urticaria.recently i was admitted in hospital for i got skin rashes all over the body (by taking ibrufen tablet) . biopsy result showed urticaria vasculitis. i was put under steriods for few weeks. not only medicines even some foods also cause allergy. And i get headache every week (ie., next day after hair wash.)
    i suffer from frequent sneezing, runny nose, headache, itchy eyes throughout a day. if it becomes worse i take tab.Atarax with paracetamol. I want to get rid of strong medicines.

    kindly help me dr, i am not able to concentrate on work.

  977. I am suffering from some allergy for the last 10 years, I get rashes all over the skin if I scratch it with itching. I have tried to find out the reason for it and have done all the tests available at the hospital at Shimla but they end up giving me anti allergic medicine and the cause of the same is still not known.
    The condition is so bad that I can not live with taking this medicine (Alspam Don’t know the spellings). Please advice

  978. i m suffering from nose allergy from last 20 days, sneezing and too much sneezing, 10 times in a day, kindly suggest me what to do waiting for reply

  979. ritu arora says:

    i am suffering from nasal polyps from past 18 years.i have also gone through surgery 6 years it is again due.ido not want to go through that painfull procedure againplease help me out

  980. Mohammad Athar says:

    i am suffered from NASAL ALLERGY WITH SYMPTOM OF ITCHING in both side nasal, also ITCHING upper side in throat and eyes, SNEEZING 5-6 time in a day with continuous 4-5 sneezing.
    I am suffering from this allergy 3-4 time in last 6 months.
    Please help me out.

    Mohammad Athar