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Top 3 Natural Homeopathic Medicines for Pollen Allergy

pollen allergy homeopathy

The sudden appearance of symptoms like sneezing, runny nose, and watery eyes as a result of inhaling pollens is known as a pollen allergy. An inflammatory response against the pollen grains is triggered by the immune system of a person allergic to pollen. Of the many substances that can cause a seasonal allergy, pollens remain one of the most common triggers. Pollen is a powdery substance produced by flowers, weeds, trees, and grass. Most trees produce pollen during the spring season; flowers and grasses produce pollen during the summertime, and late-blooming plants like ragweed produce pollen around late summer and early autumn. Homeopathic medicine for allergy caused by pollen grains can treat acute allergic reactions, as well as chronic allergic tendencies.

The pollens are spread by the wind and other means to fertilize plants of the same species. All of us tend to inhale pollens while breathing, and they don’t cause any problem for most of us. However, people who are allergic to pollen grains show the symptoms of an allergy. A pollen allergy is also known as Hay fever, and it usually subsides with the onset of cold weather.

Symptoms of a Pollen Allergy

Since every plant has its own pollinating period, the symptoms of pollen allergies are triggered when the particular plant is producing pollen. A person who is allergic to a specific type of pollen will develop allergic symptoms only when exposed to that particular pollen. The main symptoms of a pollen allergy include:

– A runny nose

– Sneezing

Stuffy or blocked nose

– Watery, itchy, red, swollen eyes

– Itchy, scratchy throat

– Cough

Asthmatic reaction with wheezing, breathlessness, and coughing

– Worsening of sinusitis complaint

Homeopathic Remedies for Pollen Allergy

Homeopathic medicines can effectively treat an acute allergic reaction and also work well to manage the chronic tendency towards pollen allergy. With the use of homeopathic treatment, the intensity and occurrence of the symptoms gradually decrease with every attack.
Antihistamines are most commonly used to treat allergic reactions in the conventional system of medicine. While they help deal with an acute allergic reaction, they only work on a short-term, temporary basis. Excessive use of these medications can cause side effects like dizziness, drowsiness, restlessness, nausea, and confusion.
Homeopathic medicines, on the other hand, have no side effects. They help moderate the overactive immune system and are a safe, natural treatment for seasonal pollen allergies.

Top Homeopathic Medicines for Seasonal Pollen Allergy

Natrum Mur – Top Homeopathic Medicine for Pollen Allergy

Natrum Mur is a top listed homeopathic medicine for allergy caused by pollen grains. The person needing the medicine has a watery discharge from the nose and eyes. Along with this, violent sneezing (that is worse early in the morning) appears. Natrum Mur is also indicated when there is an alternating runny nose with a stuffy nose. Tickling in the throat along with a cough may also be present.

Key indications for using Natrum Mur for Allergy:

– Watery discharge from nose and eyes
– Early morning sneezing
– Alternate runny and stuffy nose

Sabadilla Officinalis – Homeopathic Medicine for Allergy with Violent Sneezing

Sabadilla Officinalis is a homeopathic medicine prepared from the cevadilla seed that belongs to the natural order Melanthaceae. It is an effective homeopathic medicine for allergy caused by pollen grains. The main characteristic feature that indicates the need for this remedy is violent, spasmodic sneezing followed by eye discharges. Along with this, itching and tickling sensations in the nose are present, which the person tends to rub excessively. Running nose with copious watery discharge, severe pain in the head in the frontal area, and obstruction of nostrils on alternate sides may also be present.

Key indications for using Sabadilla for Allergy:

-Violent sneezing
– Sneezing with itching, tickling in the nose
– Frontal pain in head

Arsenic Album – Homeopathic Medicine for Allergy with Copious Nasal Discharge

Arsenic Album is a well-indicated homeopathic medicine for pollen allergy with profuse watery nasal discharge and sneezing. The discharges are frequent and cause an itching, burning sensation in the nose. Acrid discharges can irritate the upper lip. The symptoms tend to get worse in the open air while staying indoors helps relieve the symptoms.

Key Indications for using Arsenic for Allergy:

– Copious watery discharge from the nose with sneezing
– Acrid, burning, excoriating nasal discharge
– Worsening of symptoms outdoors

Allium Cepa – Homeopathic Medicine for Allergy with Sneezing and Watery Eyes

Allium Cepa is a natural homeopathic medicine prepared from a plant called ‘red onion’ that belongs to the natural order Liliaceae. Sneezing with a runny nose and watery eyes are the main guiding symptoms to use Allium Cepa. The nasal discharges are acrid, burning and copious, with constant sneezing. Sneezing tends to worsen upon entering a warm room. A crawling, tingling, itching sensation in nostrils and itching in the throat is present. Allium Cepa is also indicated for cases where there is violent sneezing immediately upon rising from the bed. This medicine works well to treat pollen allergies and hay fever that appear during the spring season.

Key indications for using Allium Cepa for Allergy:

-Acrid, burning nasal discharge
– Bland eye discharge
– Hay fever in Spring

Euphrasia Officinalis – Homeopathic Medicine for Allergy with Itchy, Watery Eyes

Homeopathic medicine Euphrasia Officinalis is prepared from the plant called ‘Eyebright.’ It belongs to the family of Scrophulariaceae. It is used to treat pollen allergy which causes symptoms like itchy, watery eyes and coryza (inflammation of the mucous membrane). The eye discharges are profuse and acrid. The discharges cause burning, biting, smarting, and scalding in the eyes. Eyes get red along with swelling of lids. Watery, profuse discharge from the nose (bland in nature) are noted. In some cases, fluent coryza during the day and obstruction of the nose at night is present. A cough and expulsion of phlegm may appear in the morning.

Key indications for using Euphrasia for Allergies:

– Profuse, acrid, burning eye discharges
– Red, itchy eyes
– Profuse watery nasal discharges

Other Important Homeopathic Medicines for Pollen Allergy

Arsenic Iod – Homeopathic Medicine for Allergy with Burning Nasal Discharge

Arsenic Iod is an effective homeopathic medicine for pollen allergy with burning nasal discharge. Thin, watery, hot discharge drips from the nose. The discharge tends to cause soreness and redness of the upper lip. Irritation, tingling of the nose with a constant desire to sneeze is present. Irritating watery secretions and marked burning and smarting in eyes are also noted.

Arum Triphyllum – Homeopathic Medicine for Allergy with Nasal Discharge and Stuffy Nose

Arum Triphyllum is a homeopathic medicine prepared from Indian turnip that belongs to the family Araceae. Fluent acrid discharge from the nose with a blocked nose, increased mouth breathing, raw and sore nostrils, irritated upper lip from the discharge, pain at the root of the nose and night sneezing are the indicating symptoms of this remedy.

Arundo Mauri – Homeopathic Medicine for Allergy with Itching in Nostrils, Palate, and Eyes

Homeopathic medicine Arundo Mauri is prepared from Italian grass of the natural order Gramineae. Itching in nostrils, palate (roof of the mouth), and eyes are the key indications to use this medicine. Coryza and sneezing, loss of smell and prickling and burning in the eyes may also be present.

Arsenic Album – Homeopathic Medicine for Allergy with Wheezing

Arsenic Album is a homeopathic remedy used to treat pollen allergy with difficulty in breathing, wheezing in the chest (asthmatic complaint), suffocation and shortness of breath. Breathing is quick, short and anxious. The person cannot breathe adequately. Tightness, constriction, and oppression in the chest are present. The symptoms may get worse at midnight. A cough with thick, yellow-green mucus, sneezing with burning, biting, copious watery coryza is present. The nose may feel blocked, and the person may feel anxious and restless.

Wyethia – Homeopathic Medicine for allergy with Itching Palate and Dry, Hacking Cough

Wyethia is a homeopathic medicine prepared from the root of plant wyethia helenoides of the natural order Compositae. The characteristic features to use it are itching of palate and dry, hacking cough. It is also indicated for cases with itching inner canthi of eyes and allergic asthma.

Aralia Racemosa – Homeopathic Medicine for Allergy with Frequent Sneezing

Aralia Racemosa is a natural homeopathic medicine prepared from the plant American Spikenard. It belongs to the natural order Araliaceae. It is used to treat pollen allergy accompanied by frequent sneezing and watery discharges from the nose.

Allium Cepa – Homeopathic Medicine for Allergy during Spring

Allium Cepa is a natural homeopathic medicine prepared from red onion of natural order Liliaceae. Allium Cepa is prominently indicated homeopathic medicine for pollen allergy in the spring season. The symptoms include fluent watery discharge from the nose, sneezing and watery eyes. The nasal discharge is copious and acrid, causing burning in the nose. Sneezing tends to worsen upon entering a warm room. Crawling, tingling, itching sensation in the nostrils is present. Itching in the throat is also present.

Dulcamara – Homeopathic Medicine for Allergy from Fresh Mown Grass

Dulcamara is a homeopathic medicine prepared from the plant ‘Woody Nightshade.’ It belongs to the natural order Solanaceae. It is used to pollen allergy caused by freshly mown grass. The person needing this medicine may have profuse watery nasal discharges or nasal blockage. Watery discharge from the nose tends to get worse in the open air. Constant sneezing, abundant watering from the eyes, and swelling of eyes are some other symptoms.

Ambrosia – Homeopathic Medicine for Allergy from Ragweed

Ambrosia is a natural homeopathic medicine prepared from the ‘Roman Wormwood’ plant of the family Composite. It is an excellent homeopathic medicine to combat pollen allergy caused by ragweed. The characteristic features arising include watery eyes and intolerable itching of eyelids. Burning and smarting in eyes is also present. A feeling of stuffiness in the nose with a watery nasal discharge is present. Violent sneezing that can cause nosebleeds may occur. Sinus congestion along with a tickling cough is another accompanying feature. Ambrosia is also used as a preventive measure for ragweed allergies, and its use is recommended before the ragweed season.

Galphimia Glauca – Homeopathic Medicine for Allergy with Burning Discharges from Eyes and Nose

Galphimia Glauca is a significant homeopathic medicine for pollen allergy prepared from the plant ‘Galphimia Glauca,’ of the natural order Malpighiaceae. Dried leaves and flowers of this plant are used for medicinal preparation. It is indicated for burning discharges from the eyes and nose. Sneezing also appears to worsen in the morning. Itching in eyes (especially in the morning) and swelling of the eyelids is also noted.

Histaminum – Homeopathic Medicine for Pollen Allergy

Histaminum is an effective homeopathic medicine for treating pollen allergy. It helps reduce the hypersensitivity of the immune system. Histaminum helps in controlling symptoms of pollen allergy, like sneezing, runny nose, and congestion. It also helps in asthmatic conditions arising from allergies.

Justicia Adhatoda – Homeopathic Medicine for Allergy with Sneezing Fits and Watery Eyes

Justicia Adhatoda is a homeopathic medicine prepared from the fresh leaves of the plant Malabar Nut of natural order Acanthaceae. Fits of sneezing with watery eyes are the main indicative symptoms of using this medicine. Profuse coryza (inflammation of mucous membranes), loss of smell and paroxysmal (sudden, intense) coughing with tightness in chest and difficulty in breathing are some other indicating symptoms.

Luffa Operculata – Homeopathic Medicine for Allergy with Stuffy Nose and Sneezing

Luffa Operculata is a homeopathic medicine prepared from the Cabacinha plant (also known as Esponjilla). The natural order of this plant is Cucurbitaceae. This medicine is used for pollen allergy with a stuffy nose and sneezing. Sometimes, a bland nasal discharge may be present. Burning, itching at the outer corners of the eyes, nasal polyps (non-cancerous growths inside the nose) and sinusitis complaints may also be present.

Cardiospermum – Homeopathic Medicine for Allergy with Sneezing in the Morning

Cardiospermum is a homeopathic medicine prepared from the Ballon Vine plant. Its natural order is Sapindaceae. It is mainly used in cases of pollen allergy when sneezing appears in the morning upon waking. Itchy, watery eyes, obstruction of the nose, sinus congestion and a dry throat with scratchiness may arise along with other symptoms.

Causes of Pollen Allergies

The most common cause of pollen allergies is, of course, pollen grains spread by plants. The common sources of pollens include grass, trees, and weeds.

Grass – The common grass species that tend that cause pollen allergies include ryegrass, Timothy, and Bermuda. The pollination periods of these grasses are different, and a person allergic to a specific type of grass pollen will develop allergies in the corresponding season.
Ryegrass produces pollen throughout Spring to Fall, while Timothy produces pollen during the months of June and July. Bermuda produces pollen from May to September.

Trees – The common trees that are known to cause pollen allergy are birch, oak, and cedar. The pollinating period of these trees during the Spring season.

Weeds – The common weeds that tend to trigger allergies are ragweed and sagebrush. The peak levels of pollen production of ragweed are around mid-September. The pollinating period of sagebrush is mid-August to late September.

Pollen Count

The pollen count is defined as the amount of pollen present in the air at a given place. It is calculated over a period of 24 hours as the number of grains per square meter of air. On the basis of this calculation, the pollen count is divided into high, medium, low, or absent. It includes three types of pollen including weeds, grasses, and trees, as well as mold spores.
The pollen count affects the symptoms of a pollen allergy. A low pollen count does not affect too many people (except for those who are highly sensitive), while a medium-to-high number can give rise to allergic symptoms.
The pollen count in the local area can be checked online through National websites that are updated daily.

The Mechanism of a Pollen Allergy

When an allergen (like pollen) enters the body of a person with a sensitive immune system, it triggers the production of antibodies to fight the foreign particles. These antibodies are small proteins that lock onto the pollen grains, and they also bind to other white blood cells.
The next time pollen enters the nose; these cells break open to release histamine, which is a chemical released by the body to direct an inflammatory response against the foreign bodies. A large amount of histamine released causes itching, swelling of affected tissues, mucus production, muscle spasms, and other symptoms of an allergy.

Preventing Pollen Allergies

Preventing exposure to the allergens is the best way to deal with pollen allergies, especially during the high-allergy seasons. Some measures that can help prevent and manage a pollen allergy include:

Stay informed about the pollen count in your area and avoid exposure to the allergens on high and medium pollen count days. Those who are extremely prone to developing an allergic reaction should be careful even during low pollen counts.

Know your Allergens – Ask an allergist and observe for yourself the allergens that set off your allergies. Avoid exposure to those allergens, especially during the peak allergy season, and take measures to ensure that the allergy does not get triggered.

When the pollen counts are high, it is best to remain indoors in an air-conditioned environment with closed windows.

If you are planning to be outdoors while the allergy season is on, try to be outdoors when the pollen counts are low. Usually, plants pollinate between 5 am to 9 am, so early morning outdoor activities should be avoided. Walking a dog during these hours is also not advised since animals can trap pollen on their fur. Pollen also tends to flow more through the air on windy days.

Using masks to filter out pollen when outdoors is a good way to prevent exposure to the allergens.

Pollen grains can follow you into the house through the clothes, hair, and pets. Changing clothes and showering immediately upon returning home is strongly advised.

Sunglasses should be used to keep the pollen out of the eyes. Eyes irritated by allergies are also more sensitive to light, so sunglasses help prevent further exposure.

Indoor plants that produce pollen are often overlooked. These include ornamental grasses, shrubs, and trees. These should ideally not be kept in the house.

Apart from the allergens, it is also essential to control the irritants that trigger allergic reactions or make their symptoms worse.
Not smoking in the house, avoiding wood fires, and avoiding strong odors off of sprays, paints, disinfectants, and perfumes are some methods to reduce the number of irritants.

Pollen allergies should be treated promptly, especially in acute cases. Where required, prescription medications and antihistamines should be taken to control a severe allergic flare up. However, overuse of conventional medicines like decongestant sprays can cause further problems (like an allergy rebound) and should be used very sparingly. Homeopathic remedies for pollen allergy work particularly well to treat chronic conditions.


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    I have an allergic reaction to orange tree blooming flowers. I don’t like the smell and it makes me tired with faint feeling of irritation in my eyes. I want to exhale strongly through my nose to not breathe in. No severe symptoms…just irritably uncomfortable. I live near big mono culture orange orchards but i wasn’t born in this area so i guess i didn’t develop a natural immunity i may have had if i had been exposed to orange trees in childhood. Is there a particular homeopathic remedy/remedies for orange tree allergy?

  2. Nazeer H.Mughal says:

    Very useful and informative website.

  3. Hi Dr Sharma ji,
    We are best in west Africa and my wife 64 years age has allergy to unknown items, when we in India no allergy even test does not show any results but when we are back Lagos it starts with Violent Sneezing, Running Nose, watery eyes and problem with bright Light
    She has been using Cetirizine and Allegra tablets which were giving her bit of relief but now it does not work as it use to work.
    We have been trying natural treatment as well like Local Honey and Lemon with Ginger which for some days work but after that it does not,

    I will appreciate if you can recommend some homeopathic or natural remedies for this
    I want her to start Arsenicum 30 Albumin please advise other Homeopathy medicine available is Dr Reckeweg R5 dation on medicines and od
    Kindly advise your views and recommendations to enable us to organize the medicines from India through someone .

    Your kind response will be highly appreciated

    with regards

  4. Dear I have serious issue with pollen allergies. My mail problem is cough at night. I cough 10 min after I lay down and cough for 2 hours non stop. I cant sleep at all. I cough dry , from throat my nose is blocked sometimes, sometimes I have white eatery mucus.

    • Sudhir Saha says:

      My grand son aged 3 yrs and 6 months , weight 15 kgs., is suffering from allergic cough and cold most of the year, mainly in March- April and October – December every year. His symptoms are flow from nose, red eyes, sneezing and after 1/2 days cough starts. During the years Prickly Heat type skin rash appears on upper body ( front and back side) . It disappears after using ABZORB powder . He is always under Homeopathy treatment . When Homeopathy fails he is given alopathy Allergy medicine . Please advise me how he can be free from allergy / suffering . I want to know whether Dr. Reckeweg R 84 inhalent – Allergy drops will be suitable for him .
      With regards,
      Sudhir Saha

  5. Kirby Griggs says:

    What homeopathic remedy is best for Juniper allergies?

  6. Loretta W says:

    Hello Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am a 75 yr. old youngish women. I have had ongoing symptoms over the years of what appears to be related to allergy season (but have it during other times too, even in winter and off and on all year long). Usually always accompanied by constant off and on drainage (or light drip) of phlegm and/or with little drainage from nose. Symptoms can occur off and on throughout the day, and comes and goes, with somedays no symptoms.

    ** Over the last month (up to today) having constant & continual drainage of phlegm at the back of the throat that at times feels thin or thicker. It feels like it hangs at back of throat & is stuck. At times the drainage of phlegm seems worse. I am not able to cough-up or spit out phlegm in throat (and normal color). Seems constant on a daily basis, throughout the day (worse) and evening.

    I have occasional light coughing and/or sneezing during day & little in evening. I have NO nasal drip from nose and no headaches etc.

    Over the last two weeks I seem to have developed what feels like a light sore throat (that at times feels as if it is a little scratchy and seems like a very light burning at times) that never goes away. Just seems to stay. Throat does not hurt like having a terrible cold with sore throat. Eating food does not bother my throat.

    I use the word ‘seems’ because it is hard to describe what I am experiencing with the throat, because it is not like a terrible cold with bad cough with lots of sneezing and drainage, I have had over the years.

    I have a few homeopathic (not all of them) medicines here at home. I am not able to buy more homeopathic medicines due to lockdown of Covid19 (now 4 weeks and may be another 6 weeks) and not accepting packages also due to the virus.

    I worry about my throat issue because last year I had similar symptoms, went to the doctors and found I had Strep Throat and he put me on antibiotics. Can’t get out to visit my doctor due to Covid19 lockdown.

    I have been using for the last two weeks a couple of your website recommendation (& others) for two weeks: Individually 2xday: Kali Carb, Kali Bic, and a combination Homeopathic (from an older bottle from Washington Homeopathy): Hydrastis Can., Calcarean Carb and Kali Bic. None of these seem to help.

    Two weeks after my disabled veteran husband died in June of 2019, I began to have a number of health problems including 2 surgeries for Cervical cancer Oct. of 2019, radiation therapy in Jan. of 2020, tests and biopsy for large nodule on Thyroid. All health issues have been resolved (except for knee problems needing PT) and am fine now, thank God.

    ** Another health issue: My biggest issue is sleep deprivation, sleeping very little at a night (maybe a 3 and 4 hours) that has been every night since menopause. Have trouble getting to sleep too. And I wake and doze off and on, all night long too. And I also experience hot flashes, sometimes upper body chest perspiration occurs, not always. Going on for years.

    I have a number of Homeopathic medicines but not all, some more well-known one used more often by people. I can’t get to the doctors because of the lockdown due to the Coronavirus. So, I hope I have what you might recommend. If you have any suggestions, could you include in your response, how many Homeopathic meds to take, how often and how to take them for different issues such as throat and sleep.

    I would be very grateful and appreciate any help. Thank you so much.
    Sincerely, Loretta

  7. Flora Marie Sage says:

    I’m allergic to ragweed as well as tree pollen. My symptoms usually only include dry hacking cough a slight runny nose sneezing and the feeling that my head is in a bubble. Which remedy would be the best for me?

  8. Azaraiah patra says:

    My son is suffering from running nose and sneezing problem early morning so please advice me what medicine 💊 should take and looking for your treatment please advise..

    • Hello Azaraiah, as per the symptoms you have mentioned, you may find Arsenic Album, Sabadilla, and Allium Cepa to be effective remedies for your son’s issues. However, a complete case assessment needs to be done to finalize the prescription.

  9. Respected Sir

    • Hello, these symptoms are a direct immune response to the allergen you have mentioned (poplar wood). The nasal symptoms are collectively known as allergic rhinitis, which is a condition where the body produces a hypersensitive response to an allergen. Homeopathy has an excellent scope of treatment in such cases. Remedies like Allium Cepa, Natrum Mur, Sabadilla, Arsenic Album give good results.

  10. Akhila Anandhi says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    My daughter is 8 years old and suffering from severe environmental allergies ,its gets worse during the pollen season (spring). She has itching eyes, stuffy nose and coughing heavily. We are using nebulizer for cough and wheezing and Singular + Zyrtec allergy medicine too. Please suggest good homeopathy medicine.

  11. Ahsan Javed says:

    I am suffering from pollen allergy for last 10 years. Apart from sneezing, itching in eyes, watery nose; I had with period of time developed mild lungs asthma. I am taking nasal spray and mouth spray in month of spring. If not, I am short of breath during early morning time. Is there any permanent cure available for this problem in homeopathic ?

  12. Hadaya Khan says:

    Can homeopathic treat pollen allergy permanently? If yes than how much time does it take? My brother suffers from pollen allergy and he is 9 years old now.

    • Hello Hadaya, homeopathy works very effectively in young children, and can give excellent results in cases of allergies. For pollen allergies, a year’s consistent treatment can treat the condition to a large extent, and the severity of the symptoms is reduced in the initial months itself.

  13. hello Dr sharma. .my age is 47 years. I am suffering from allergy from pollens since 16 year’s. my symptoms are sneezing, itching in eye ‘s cough and coungestion etc .some times breathing problems also occurs

    pls reply

  14. Neha sharma says:

    Hello Dr sharma,my 7year old son generally had allergy twice a year-autumn as well as in spring season, I found the reason may b change in weather condition as well as pollens. He has chest congestion,high fever and continuous coughing

  15. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I generally get fever twice in a year. This year I fell sick in May and September, I had high viral mostly viral which took a week to recover (longer than usual) as well as I have allergic bronchial asthma and every night I have to take a pump of foracort 200 inhaler at around 3 to 4 AM to be able to sleep properly else I cant breathe. I also get throat pain frequently all year-round as well as sneezing all the time. I also have a steroid based nasal spray to stop the sneezing but it gives temporary relief. I feel very itchy in throat and the mucus doesn’t seem to go away. I constantly have a feeling to suck the throat to spit out the continuous mucus developing inside. If the mucus problem is persistent for longer periods then I have higher chances of getting viral fever with severe throat pain and cough. I have done an allergic test in which I was found allergic to dust mites, mosquitoes, some kind of fungus and similar organisms (no food allergy, only respiratory). I use air purifier at home, use pollution mask while commuting to work, keep the home very clean & do not use rugs so that there is no dust and fungus. Also I wash beddings and pillows & covers twice in a week so that they don’t collect any dust as well as I use mineral water only for cleaning my nose. But even after doing all this, I sneeze a lot & feel feverish & tired as soon as I get up in morning. I try to do pranayam & anulom-vilom in morning but a runny nose makes it impossible. I keep myself away from cold or eating anything cold like ice cream or curd etc & citrus because it sometimes worsens the condition as its very easy for me to catch cold. So I tend to eat healthy & regular vegetarian Indian food and do little running everyday as an exercise to be active. I am thinking of keeping a journal to track everything (though its a daunting task) because I feel depressed due to my pity situation which isn’t improving. I find myself depending too much on montelukast (antihistamine) but what else can I do to feel normal and motivated every morning when I wake up. I live in Bangalore.

    • Rama Chaudhuri says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma,
      I am suffering from reddish irruption & itching, burning during summer/heat & also in contact with pollen ( flower).
      Kindly advise what should I do.

      • Hello Rama, it seems like you have developed a skin allergy due to a hyperactive immune response towards an allergen (like pollen). In such cases, homeopathic medicines like Natrum Mur and Sulphur can effectively treat the condition. Please refer to a homeopath for a complete case analysis and treatment options.

  16. having pollen allergy in wch hav cough nd conjestion in chest

    wt is the best homeopathic medicine for blood sugar

  17. Hello Doctor,
    I have severe allergy problem after coming to bangalore. i sneeze all the time and have severe itchy eyes . This happens generally during weather change here like from summer to winter during july and later.
    Please suggest me some medicine.
    Earlier i used to take pulsatilla-200 and was ok but this time same medicine not helping much.

  18. dear sir
    my son is 3 years old and he is suffering with sevear eczema from 4 months old
    He he is allergic to multiple foods including milk and egg.
    Also allergic to pollen, dust mite,mould
    during tree pollen season his eczema get worse,
    controlling his eczema with high steroid cream Alocon.
    could you please give us a long term solution .

  19. Mrs Erum says:

    my baby is 10 months old and is allergic
    he has all time runny nose and itchy eyes plzz tell me any homeopathic treatment

  20. I live in NJ, USA. My problem starts late april to end of May when tree pollens, particularly Birch, oak and Maple are high. Symptoms are typical: Itchy watery eyes, sneezing, stuffy nose, wheeezing some times,. I take Zyrtec, eye drops, inhaler, nasal spray.

    Can you recommend any Homeapathic medicine or solution.

    Thank you

  21. We live in Nj. My 9 yr old son has bad pollen allergy. It affaects his eyes severely – itching. Redness , morning discharge with not able to open the eyes. Extemely painful. Tried all allopathy. Any remedies.

  22. Hi my 4 year old daughter has tree pollen allergy and she has this dry cough which never goes away can you suggest a homeopathic treatment for this

  23. Sangeetha says:

    My daughter is 6 year old we live in North Carolina. From November to March she often has nasal congestion and ear fluid combined with ear pain. When test for allergies, she was found allergic to Maple pollen. But they said this has nothing to do with her ear pain since the pollen season starts just now in March, while she has ear issue since November. She doesnt have any other symptoms – No Cough/No sneeze/No runny nose. Would you please recommend any homeopathic medicine?

  24. Hi DR. Sharma,

    My 10 year old daughter is suffering fom pollen allergy with lot of runny nose and cough.

    I live in Florida.

    Is there any general homeopathic medicine for immediate allergy relief for kids and adults.

    Please advise.


  25. Muhammad Farid says:

    Dear sir,
    I am suffering in pollen alargy from last 30 years.please suggest homeopathic treatment for it.

  26. i m a patient of pollen allergi pleaze advise me treatment

  27. R K Chaudhary says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma.
    I live in Jamshedpur which is an industrial town. In my house where I am living since last 10 years, is having a large lawn with good grass and seasonal flowering plants are planted. During the months Jan to March, the garden is full of flowers. When I am in my office or even out of station I have no problem but the moment I enter my house within no time I start sneezing. Lot of irritation to corners of eyes, running nose and rashes appear to on my face. Nasal congestion in the night while sleeping. A Cetirizine tablet help me some times. To me it looks like Pollen Allergy however I need your help and suggestion. Kindly suggest the remedy to my ailment.

  28. MegalaSrinivas says:

    We are from bangalore..My daughter 5yrs old..suffering from eye redness and watery occasionally.. I went to eye doctor n he gave two drops cromal forte and FML-T…n he told the reason its purely dust allergy.though she small girl I feel very bad.wat kind of measures we can daily use to avoid this condition…any thing is thr to cure completely with the help of homeopathy treatment

  29. Vijay kumar says:

    Sir i am suffering from allergy for 14 years i face problems of sneezing ,red eyes , chest sound ,contraction of air passage (difficulty in breathing) I have take many times treatment from different doctors but permanant relief not done Sir my blood test report for inhalant allergy is following
    1. Common reed pollens positive
    2.Meadow fescue pollens. Positive
    3.Dermatophagoides farinae ( dust mite ) positive
    4.Hollister sister labs ( House dust). positive
    5. Common silver birch pollens positive
    6.oak pollens. Positive
    7. Tomato and cucumber positive
    8. Cheese ,curd,milk positive
    Sir please provide the solution so we can lives the life .

  30. गोवर्धन पटेल says:

    नमस्ते सर
    में पिछले 10 सालों से सर्दी जुकाम से पीड़ित हु ।जो मुझे हर वर्ष अगस्त के आखिर या सितम्बर के प्रथम सप्ताह में हो जाती हे । सर्दी का इतना बुरा हाल रहता हे की एक दिन मे ही 4-5 रुमाल गीले हो जाते साथ ही बहुत ही जोरसे छीके आना शुरू हो जाती हे आँखे लाल हो जाती हे रात को 3 बजे बाद सांस लेने में भी परेशानी परेशानी होती हे। (जेसे ही तेज धुप में निकालता हूँ सारी परेशानी तुरंत शुरू हो जाती हे)
    इ एन टी dr को दिखाया उन्होंने कहा एलर्जी हे जब मोंटेक एल सी लेता हु तुरंतआराम हो जाता हे ।आप होम्योपैथी में उचित इलाज बताये।

  31. Najaf sherazi says:

    I m from Pakistan
    I belong to plane area gujrat where is fields and dry weather whole year except monsoon season.
    Problem is staring from when i have job in police in karachi beachy and polluted city like Mumbai. I completed my military type training nothing wrong.
    After completion one day i feel short in my breath and it continues till 1 years then i transferred to Islamabad (capital of Pakistan) no problem here
    4 years
    Then i went back there in karachi
    Breathing problem start there
    2 years i face it
    Then i took prick allergy test and it is positive.
    Then i took medicine abstain and mytika
    For a 8 month i get healthy life.
    And transferred another time Islamabad
    Here was going everything right.
    But in spring end in begging of autumn
    I eat samosa
    And problem is staring here in Islamabad again
    Bloating, belching, Cramping,
    If i took fatty food or fried food
    And pain in stomch worst is to be continued from 2 month
    Anti histamine no work
    Islamabad is a high pollen area in Pakistan

    Also take immunotherapy shot
    Carbo veg 30
    Abstain anti allergic
    Recommend remedy for me

  32. Kumar Ravinder says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma;

    I M suffering from allergic rhinitis for 25-30 yrs or may b since birth.

    Through out the year I face severe attack. I have been taking antibiotic medicine for yrs since I had little faith in Homeopathic medicine.

    Now doctor has suggested me a surgety .

    I m confused what to do. I feel bodyeck ..headache
    mucus growth sometimes running nose with sneezing.
    Kindly advise me the right course of action and medicine.

    Kumar Ravinder
    Age 46 yrs
    Joint Director.. Parliament of India

  33. A.K.Prasaad says:

    Starts with nose itching mildly- many times hitch-hitchings.
    Watery eyes & Watery sneezing noze

  34. Sabina S. says:

    I am 40 years old and I have been suffering from allergy. It starts with watery discharge from nose, itching of throat and tongue. Then slowly i get the cough, congested nose, dry lip, thirst for water. It is worse in the night (post nasal drip) I have taken over the counter cough medicine does not help until I get prescription cough medicine. I have taken Claritin and Zyertec. It does help but not completely. This gets worse during start of spring, summer and fall. Could you please recommend some homeopathy medicine?

  35. Gurbir Singh says:

    I am 63 years old and since the last 5-6 years, I, have been suffering from a nasal allergy. As a result, I just can’t stop sneezing. At times, I sneeze for hours at a times in a row. This condition is accompanied by an itchy feeling in the eyes, nose and mouth and by profuse thin watery discharge from the nose. My state gets worse in the month of March-April & any change of season though a mild to moderate allergic condition persists throughout the year. Please suggest a homeopathic medicine. Some times I face with breathing problem. Basically I had faced very acute condition from 1992-1996 when I used to take 3-5 Avils Tablets, But thanks to Fish Medicine I taken for 4 yrs continuously Hydrabad which saved me from this problem and I was completely relieved from this problem and I never taken even a single Avail Tablet or any other medicine for this problem during 1997-2011. But for the last three year same problem again started though on low density and I usually take Citrazine Tablet once a day. Please advice some Homeo medicine. Gurbir Singh Mohali Punjab

  36. Hello Doctor,
    This is Satyam 40 years old , I live in Pennsylvania, Every year i have pollen allergy because it start exactly ever year 3 or last week of April and it will continue for 3 months, can you please suggest a medicne or how to stop this allergy.

    Thank you

  37. Srinivas Ch says:

    Hello Sir,
    This is Srinivas. I live in New Jersey and I’m suffering from pollen allergy. Symptoms are
    Blocked and itchy nose
    Severe sneezing
    Mild headache
    Please suggest homeopathic remedy.

    Thank you

  38. hari kolluri says:

    Hi Sharma,

    I’m Hari Kolluri 38 years Male , suffering with mild pollen effect, my eyes are itching and watering and cold symptoms. i leaves in Herndon,VA. last year also i got this problem during spring time i have used “Alaway eye itch relief” drops for 2 days and recovered. Now again in this spring i’m suffering with same symptoms.
    is there any permanent cure to my issue. are there any naturally i can cure this issue by having good food or having any kind of exercise i’m pure vegetarian . also i use to have Homeopathy medicine from child hood, now also i use to take same if any kind of small illness like cold fever etc.

    Please suggest me if any medicine there in Homeopathy or any vegetables to cure this issue naturally.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Hari Kolluri

  39. Sangeetha Raghavan says:

    My son who is 5 1/2 yrs old is suffering from pollen allergy.His eyes become swollen below the lower eyelids & slightly red in colour.His nose gets blocked especially when exposed outside & during night times, difficult to breathe.Kindly suggest appropirate homeopathic medicine that can cure his allergy.
    Sangeetha Raghavan

  40. My daughter is suffering from pollen allergy from last year. She feels constant itching in her nose, sneezing many times in a row, and as a result, watery eyes and itching in the eyes as well. The irritation and itching increases in morning, when she wakes up.
    Kindly suggest some homeopathic medicine that can cure this allergy.

  41. My son is suffering from pollen allergy in his eyes. Round the year, his eyes remain bloody red, except for 2 months of December and January. He feels itching in his eyes. His left eye has poor vision as well , from birth, as diagnosed by doctors. Kindly suggest some homeopathic medicine for the pollen allergy as well as for the improvement of the poor vision of left eye.

  42. Har Prasad Laroia says:

    Dr. Sharma Ji , Namastay,

    When I get up in the morning I feel pain all over body and joints. This feeling decreases during the
    day but it never goes away. I feel very itichy in my eyes. My sole and hands feel hot. No sneezing or
    cough. I always feel tired and so do not like to do anything. Please suggest me any homeopathic
    medicine. Thanks

  43. meena singh says:

    i m suffering from pollen allergy.plez suggest medicine

  44. The type of physician I would like to work for is a Pediatrician. Pediatrician’s speltaciy is to work with children. I have been working with children for a long time mainly because I work at a daycare facility. I’ve got to a point where I feel like I can handle anything that will come my way with them. It would also leave me feeling good at the end of the day to know that I have helped in some way to make a child feel better.The type of physician I would not care to work for is a Epidemiologist. Epidemiologist’s specialize in epidemics caused by infections agents and also work with sexually transmitted diseases. I feel if I were to work in this type of speltaciy I would be putting my self at risk of exposure to these infectious agents. Also I would be focusing a lot of my time on trying to not get infected instead of having a steady mind on what I was actually supposed to be doing.


    I am 25yrs old.from last 5 years. Suffering from Nasal problem.
    Symptoms- 1.cough,water 24*7,watery mucus all time
    2. Left nose blocked (there is a curb like structure inside nose which permanently blocke my nose sometimes open ,also in right nose but less from rleft nose)
    cold 24*7
    sneezing problem 24hr*7 especially when dust goes inside (allergy from dust)
    brathing problem due to nasal blocking all time
    headache sometimes
    tonsills pain in mouth ,itching in tonsils,swealling in tonsills everyday.
    please suggest homeopathic medicine sir.

  46. Dear sir,
    I am 24 years old and since the last 4 years, I, have been suffering from a nasal allergy. As a result, I just can’t stop sneezing. At times, I sneeze 30 to 40 times in a row. mainly in the early morning This condition is accompanied by an itchy feeling in the eyes, headache by profuse thin watery discharge from the nose. My condition has made me very irritable and short-tempered. My state gets worse in the morning, Please suggest a homeopathic medicine

  47. Good morning , I live in Kentucky USA. Here we have pollen allergy in the morning as soon as wakeup she will start sneezing and she will get white color mucks (liquid) from her noise and she complain that her forehead pain and she will have waterily eye and stuff noise. Please help her my giving some good medicine for her please….

  48. sspaintal says:

    How to prevent and treat polen at london

  49. suffering from asthma since many years from allergy due to
    pollen caused by seasonal winds
    non stop sneezing and breathlessness especialy at night
    I take the roto haler but it gives me shivering

  50. kantharaju says:

    Sir my father 70 years old having running nose, nose blockage & violent sneezing almost all the day time & some times night also from past 15 days and english medicine not helping. Pls advise homeopathy medicin.

    Rgds – kantharaju

  51. Hi Doctor,

    I am also frustrated with this continuous sneezing, running nose and eye tearing.
    It has happening to me several times
    It does not allow me to sleep properly.
    Please suggest the prescription


  52. Ranu jain says:

    I have severe allergy by dust.when I moved to Bangalore city my my allargy comes every month.i feel itching in nose,nose blockage,I can’t breath whenever I lay down….in morning nose r running and sneezing 5-6time….it happens only in morning.i also feel so much pain in nack n nose in initial…….
    Which Homeo medicine I can take…..I also have a baby of 5month,is it safe to rake take any medicin while I m a feeding mother…..

  53. My mother is 55 years old. she has been suffering from dry coughing for 15 years now.
    the dry coughing starts any time and lasts for almost 25-30 minutes.
    she says that while coughing, she feels that something sticky like a gum has got stuck in her neck but after coughing nothing comes out.
    Many a times after coughing blood has come out.
    I got the thyroid tests done. On both occasions the reports have shown no abnormality.
    She is suffering from spondalitis also.
    I have tried all medicines but no relief.
    Even medicines from Dr Batra Lab has also failed and they have given up.
    They said that the coughing is because of allergy and they have no further treatment.
    Please suggest remedial measures

  54. Hi Dr.Sharma,

    My 7 year old daughter started having pollen allergies this year. Her eye are swollen n itchy. Stuffy nose and sneezing.
    she also has very dry skin and gets rashes due to dryness in winters. she also has a problem of bed wetting in the nights . I am looking for a homeopathic remedy for my daughter. Thanks in advance.

  55. Hello Dr. My husband is suffering from Pollen allergy. Please let me know any medicin for treating this allergy. I am in US and this allergy only happen in month of April/ May.


  56. RAJJAN SHARMA says:

    for last 3 years, as winter ends,i am suffering from nose watering,sneezing, for head pain.and all it ended as winter began.i,read about allium- cepa-200 as a effective medicine for the allergy .please,advise me the dose of allium cepa-200

  57. S K Bhattacharya says:

    Dear Sir,
    My granddaughter ,8 years old ,lives in USA. Every year when the season changes, her both eyes are affected. Itching starts & in the morning she can not open the eyes, which are full with sticky material. The eyes are swollen, & only wash with cold water gives relief. Please suggest some homeopathic medicine or combination drug for treatment. Thanks

  58. vijay gupta says:

    I am 34 years old and since the last ten years, I, have been suffering from a nasal allergy. As a result, I just can’t stop sneezing. At times, I sneeze 40 to 50 times in a row. This condition is accompanied by an itchy feeling in the eyes, nose and mouth and by profuse thin watery discharge from the nose.
    Please suggest a homeopathic medicine

  59. VAIBHAV JAIN says:

    Hi Doctor
    My name is Vaibhav Jain.I am 24 years old living in Bangalore since 5 years.I am having pollen allergy since almost 10 years or more than that.I have tried almost every treatment but it is not getting reduced.Since Bangalore weather has high pollen count ,doctors are telling me to leave Bangalore.I cant leave Bangalore due to job and other reasons.Since last 2 months my allergy has reached to the peak.All the symptoms u told like itchy, runny, stuffy noses and itchy eyes and sneezing and running lose watering eye with redness nasal blockage nose itching throat itching etc. are there.Please help me with homeopathy and my problems and suggest me some treatment

  60. I have Oral Allergy Syndrome, whereas I get breakouts of red pimples and sores around my mouth after eating raw fruits and vegetables. Please advise if you know of any homeopathic remedies for this. Thanks.

  61. My husband have pollen allergy last 20 years and he used all kinds of aloepathic and homeopathy medicine but no one is working . Now his condition is much worse then other years and specially his nose blocked and do not open . He used all kind of nasal spray tablets but his nose continuously close in allery seasonal time (feb -sep)
    Could u plz tell me what can we do and which med he will take. He has asthma problem since birth and homeopathy we already taken (balladona, alium cepa,natmum, sabadilla, nux and many more. We lived in uk can u help us .

    thanks and kind regards

  62. Aswani kumar singh says:

    I m 36yrs old and my problem is that after sleeping for 6 to 7 hrs in night when I wake up in the morning I don’t feel fresh and often feel sleepy duringday time but after sleeping during day time I feel fresh.I also suffer from constipation and allergic rhinitis for a long time.Please suggest me medicine for my excessive sleep and letharziness.

  63. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    My mother and I, both suffer from seasonal allergies in spring and a little bit in fall.
    We live in Dallas area. The month of March is when it gets really bad, and then some allergies in september as well.

    We would like to try this treatment. Have a couple of questions about that.
    1. My mother is 79 yrs old and has diabetes. Is the treatment suggested in your article, taking Allium Cepa, appropriate for such a person?
    2. Is there a further follow up after taking Allium Cepa for a month? If yes, then what are the next steps?


  64. kuldeep singh Yadav says:

    Sir, for the past ten years iam suffering from continue sneezing, itching in eyes and wet eyes and under eyes dark circle ilching under nose and throat. Kindly suggest solution.

  65. kuldeep singh yadav says:

    Sir; iam 30 years old and frequently suffers from continue sneezing, running water from nose, itching and wet eyes, dark ccircles under eyes and irrritating nature for the past 10 years. Kindly suggest effective treatment. Iam fed with this ddisease

  66. Ankita Sharma says:

    Hello Sir, I m 38 years female. I am allergic to cold weather. I had Pneumonia in June 2013. I had Tuberclosis of lungs in 1994, I had taken treatment for One year and six months. I keep on getting throat infections quite frequently for which I have to take either Azee or Moxikind, I even have bronchitis asthma, even get very bad itching on skin then rashes appear, I get running nose, itchy throat. Cannot eat too oily food or sour food which has either Imli or Amchoor in it as my throat does not accept it. Please suggest me some suitable homeopathic medicine,. I even take Montecop for allergies and little sore throat. What should I do, please advise. Thank you

  67. S Mukherjee says:

    I have pollen & dog dan allergy, when i get up from the bed i feel completely Dehydrated and feel tried. My color of urine turns yellow. I feel very week. This happens when ever I am in my home at Mumbai, however when I travel i dont feel the problem. My home is very near to Sanjay Gandhi National forest and I think this problem

    Could please suggest some medicine


  68. I have allergic cold since past 5 years, it was there since my childhood but not as worst as now, as i grew young it when away with some occasional attack ie like traveling to distance places.After marriage age 26 i delivered my first baby boy and after that it came back and started getting worst with sneezing, watery eyes, itchy ears, scratching throath, difficulty breathing, headache and concentration problem, i usually don’t have fever. I also did esonophilia course for 6 months, which is now in control. but allergy with above symptoms is still troubling me a lot. I take levocet M every alternate day. This helps me but i want permanent cure at least less allergy attacks. I m now 32 yrs, weight 50 kgs, can u help?

  69. altaf Hussain says:

    homeopoathic remedy for polen allergy

  70. Amarjit Kaur Dhillon says:

    Dear Sir, I bought Allium Cepa 200C but don’t know how to take it. It doesn’t have any instructions on the bottle. Plz Help. Thanks

  71. Bashir Ahmed G says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    I am late fiftees old male with chronic problem of allergy. My mouth specially lips get dried up and at times I have got the tendency to develop uneasiness with running nose and sneeeing at times. Sometimes I feel cold and feverish and start sneezing with ruuning or chocked nose.Eyes are red and swollen and watery.I feel better when cold cloth is rubbed on the face , stay indoor and take showers. Presently I use prescribed medication like nasonex /reactine. These does not not help and do not not give me complete relief.

    I have hyprtension.


  72. slam dr sharma how r u? i jst want to know that how can i improve my practice in my clinic? thanks

  73. ghulamsarwar says:

    dr.sohib tell me how can i get safty from pollen allergy and what are the homeo remides of pollen in homen

  74. zafariqbal says:

    a.a my wife suffering from asthma and cough and low blood pressure during this condition

  75. Hello Doctor:

    I am writing from Mexico. I have a very bad case of allergies ( hay fever and alergic to my pet´s hair, especially cat) I am also allergic to perfumes but also, since I work at a school all day I need to speak for long periods of time in an air conditioned environment, which also agrevates me. I have had a re-occurring sinus infection and throat infection too for almost 2 years now ( right before that, I had typhoid…maybe a connection) Everything begins with a terrible itch in my throat and continuous sneezing and from there comes the sinus infection, ear infection, tonsil infection. Another thing I noticed is that when the first infection came, 2 years ago, I had a rash on my arm. I am desperate for a cure!Please, What can I do?

  76. i am 22 year old.i am suffering 5 year cold urticaria.i have treatment in homeopathic and immunetharaphy.but its not working.please tell what can i do?

  77. Sonia haq says:

    My son is 8 and autistic. He has severe allergies with nasal congestion, itchy throat, itchy nose, itchy skin, itchy eyes with dark circles. He is extremely short tempered and irritable.
    Pls let me know if you can help.

  78. thank u for your valuable advices…..well am suffering from chronic allergies since 2 years, i’ve tried all possible anti-histamines prescribed by doctors but not even a single day i can miss my medcines or else swelling starts. please help me, thanks in advance

  79. Very nice site!

  80. Hello! fegdbee interesting fegdbee site! I’m really like it! Very, very fegdbee good!

  81. Christine Fletcher says:

    Dear Dr Shama

    I am doing some personal research towards a possible Homeopathic Career. I have received many differing attitutes towards homeopathy and as a beginner in this area I am wondering would it be possible for you to recommend a good starting place to work from ie a course for beginners etc. I am 51 years old and I believe in homeopathy and ‘natural’ remedies that have a sound basis for healing. I am a Reiki Master and Healer and also have a strong background in Kinesiology and clinical hypnosis.

    I would greatly appreciate any information you might be kind enough to offer.

    Many thanks in advance of your advice.

    Kind regards.

    Christine Fletcher

  82. Dear Dr Sharma,

    I am 40 year old male with chronic problem of nasal infection / allergy. when I wake up in the morning I feel i have the feeling of tiredeness and feels that my sleep is not enough. Moreover my mouth gets dried up and at times i have got the tendency to develop uneasiness in both sides of jaw till both portions on the left and right side of the head headaches on both the right and the left part of the head. There is sweliing on my lips and there are situations when I have to spit saliva a lot . This tendency has occured recently. I have also felt that my memory has suffered and I dont remember things that i used to remember well. There are time situation that i remain my mouth open.

    My voice has become hard over a period of time and its not the same that I used to have.

    I have hyprtension running in my family and me as well and I underwent a Gall bladder operation in 2004 , its removed as there was a stone in it.

    Pleas advise URGENT remedial solution.

  83. “Allium cepa 200, one dose every alternate day for a period of one month”

    How many drops of Allium cepa 200 is equal to one dose?
    How to eat, With a cup of water or with out mixing?

  84. neetu varinder says:

    thanks doctor now i am free from my severe nasal allergy, iused to sneeze 30-40 times in a day . there was a watery discharge from the nose running every morning.after the treatment i am free from this.THANKS A LOT.

  85. i am 45 years old, and have suffered from rhinitis for the past 20 years. 2 months, I have developed an asthmatic condition and swelling and itchiness of the tongue. which homeopathic remedies would you advise?

    • Dhananjay singh says:

      Dear Sir,
      My wife is 40 years old and is having allergy due to pollens, dust and dampness. nasal allergy causing breathing problem.
      itching and extreme dryness and hives during seasonal change. itching around the neck and scalp and hives on the legs,

  86. ambtious,loves rich food ,less sleep.nasal and skin allergy,anger at triffles and frequitently excited

  87. Khem chand says:


    From last 4 years I am suffering from rhinitis allergy and breathing problems also like running lose watering eye with redness nasal blockage nose iching throat iching etc. please tell me homeopathy medicine for parmanent solved this problems


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