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Top 8 Homeopathic Medicines For Solar Urticaria

Solar urticaria is a rare skin condition characterised by an itchy, red rash on the skin on exposure to sunlight. The rash develops a few minutes after exposure to the sun. Solar urticaria is also known by the name of sun allergy. Solar urticaria does not occur due to the heat of the sun but from a reaction to the UV rays (ultraviolet rays) in the sunlight. Such reactions may also occur from exposure to ultraviolet light emitted from artificial sources of light. Solar urticaria is different from heat rash. Heat rash occurs from clogged skin pores and accumulation of sweat under the clothes, especially, in the skin folds. This may even happen in the absence of exposure to sunlight. While solar urticaria typically arises from exposure to sunlight, it is believed that it arises from an over-reaction of the immune system in some persons when their body is exposed to sunlight. In those suffering from solar urticaria on exposure to sunlight, histamine (a chemical released by the immune system that is known to cause allergy symptoms) is released. This results in a reaction leading to redness, rash, and itching on the skin along with other symptoms. This condition usually affects people in their mid-30s. Both men and women can be equally affected by this condition. Though, anyone can suffer from solar urticaria people with lighter skin complexion are at more risk. Having a family history of this condition also increMases the risk of developing the same. People who are already suffering from some allergies are also at risk of this condition. Further, the use of dyes, perfumes, sunscreens or use of certain medicines like antibiotics may trigger solar urticaria. Solar urticaria causes skin rash with round bumps on the skin when exposed to the sun. These bumps may form clusters on the affected skin area. The rash is itchy. A stinging or burning sensation may also be felt. Pain may also be felt at times. In some cases, there forms fluid-filled eruptions called blisters and crusts on eruptions. The rash goes away in a few hours after the sun exposure ends. The reaction varies from mild to severe. The intensity of the reaction depends on how much skin area is exposed to the sun and for how long. When a large area of skin is exposed for a long time then there are chances of a severe reaction. In severe cases, there might occur headache, nausea, vomiting and lightheadedness as well. Rare solar urticaria can lead to a serious reaction called anaphylaxis. It is a life-threatening condition which needs immediate medical help. Its symptoms include difficulty in breathing, wheezing, rapid heartbeat, feeling faint, confusion, swelling in deep layers of skin, anxiety, low blood pressure and loss of consciousness.

Homeopathic Management

There is great scope of managing solar urticaria in homeopathy. Homeopathic medicines moderate the overactive immune system naturally to help in healing the rash in acute cases and to manage attending symptoms like itching, burning, stinging and pain in the eruptions. They also help in long-term (chronic) cases of solar urticaria by gradually reducing the intensity and frequency of symptoms. Homeopathic medicines are prescribed individually in every case of solar urticaria after detailed case evaluation based on the characteristic symptoms. So, it is advised to take any homeopathic medicine for solar urticaria under supervision of a homeopathic doctor. Though these medicine are very safe to use, caution is needed in serious cases with anaphylaxis. In anaphylaxis, which is a life threatening condition, homeopathic treatment is not recommended. In such cases immediate help from the conventional mode of treatment is strictly advised.

Homeopathic Medicines For Solar Urticaria

1. Natrum Mur – Topmost Homeopathic Medicine

Among the various homeopathic medicines for managing solar urticarial, Natrum Mur tops the list. This medicine is indicated when a large red rash is formed with bumps on the skin. The rash covers a large surface area of the skin. It is accompanied by violent itching in most of the cases. A stinging sensation is felt in the rash. There is a crawling sensation on the skin all over the body. Besides the above indications, this medicine is also recommended when fluid-filled eruptions (blisters) appear on the skin.

2. Apis Mellifica – For Urticaria With Burning, Stinging Sensation

The other highly recommended medicine to manage cases of solar urticaria is Apis Mellifica. The most prominent feature to use this medicine is the urticaria rash with prominent burning and stinging sensation. It feels as if it is occurring from bee stings. Red inflamed patches appear on the skin. Wheals are formed which may be red spots or white spots with redness in the center. There is itching and prickling sensation on the affected skin area. Along with the above features, there may be sensitivity of skin to touch where eruptions appear.

3. Urtica Urens – For Urticaria With Intense Itching

Urtica Urens is another well indicated medicine for managing cases of urticaria with violent itching. In cases needing this medicine, raised red patches appear on the skin with intense itching. There is marked redness on the skin, along with burning heat. There is formication (a sensation as if insects are crawling on or under the skin). Stinging points may appear on the skin. There is a desire to rub the skin constantly to get relief where this medicine is required.

4. Bovista – For Widespread Urticaria Rash

Bovista is a highly valuable medicine for managing cases where hives are widespread on the skin. The wheals are quite large in size. Itching gets worse from heat. Itching continues even after scratching.

5. Histaminum – For Red Itchy Eruptions Better By Scratching

Histaminum is an important medicine in homeopathy to manage many allergic reactions. It is well indicated when red itchy eruptions appear on the skin which get relieved by scratching. Burning sensation attends it. The affected skin is sensitive to touch. There is marked redness and heat on the face along with above features.

6. Astacus Fluviatilis – For Urticaria With Itching and Stinging

Astacus Fluviatilis is another effective medicine for cases of urticaria. This medicine is indicated for managing urticaria with itching in various areas. Additionally, there is stinging pain on the skin. The rash may cover a large area.

7. Copaiva – For Urticaria With Isolated Patches On Skin

Copaiva is recommended for treating urticaria with isolated patches of rash on the skin. These may be pale red or bright red. There is excessive itching. Urticaria may be widespread attended with a red face. The skin is dry along with a heated sensation. The affected skin area is sensitive to touch. Pricking sensation is felt on the skin.

8. Arsenic Album – For Urticaria With Burning Sensation

Arsenic Album is of great use when urticaria is accompanied with a burning sensation in the rash. Along with this there is marked restlessness. In general, the skin is dry, rough and scaly. Peeling of the skin may occur in some cases requiring this medicine. The skin is also oversensitive to touch. Itching is felt in the skin rash which gets worse by scratching.






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