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Top Homeopathic Remedies for Allergy

Homeopathic Remedies For Allergies

Allergy is a very individualor to-each-his-own medical condition. Put simply, what your body may be allergic to, the other person may not be and the other way round. Allergy is a sudden hypersensitive reaction that presents itself with a number of symptoms following contact with an allergen. Now, what is an allergen? It’s an agent that is harmful to a sensitive or allergic person but does not have any effect on others. The main allergens are dust mites, pollens, animal danders and certain food items like eggs. The main allergies are nasal allergy, allergic cough, food allergies, dust allergy and skin rash. Some persons are very allergic to hair dyesas well. The Homeopathic remedies for allergy not only helps in providing relief in acute attacks of allergy, but also works to cure the allergy by extracting the underlying root cause. The Homeopathic treatment for allergy is completely safe, since the homeopathic medicines are sourced out of natural substances and there are no toxins involved. The natural Homeopathic remedies that are best suited are chosen on the basis of the symptoms and characteristics narrated by each patient.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Allergy

Apis Mellifica: Best Homeopathic remedy for rash due to allergic reaction

Apis Mellifica is the top natural Homeopathic medicine to treat the hives or urticarial rash due to allergic reactions. This Homeopathic medicine is the best remedy for all cases of allergic hives that result in violent itching with burning and stinging sensations. The patient may get relief from cold applications. The skin is sensitive to touch and swelling accompanies the rash. Open air brings a slight improvement in the condition.

Arsenic Album: Best Homeopathic medicine for nasal allergy

Arsenic Album is the top natural Homeopathic medicine for treating nasal allergy when there is a fluent and burning discharge from nose with a lot of sneezing. This may be accompanied by watery eyes and a burning sensation.

Natrum Mur: Homeopathic remedy for nasal and skin allergies

Natrum Mur is a naturalHomeopathic medicine that is very beneficial for the treatment of both nasal and skin allergies. The important pointers for using Natrum Mur in nasal allergy are a running nose with sneezing and difficulty in breathing. In skinallergies, Natrum Mur is the ideal Homeopathic remedy for excessive itching that mainly gets worse in a warm room and better in open air. A craving for salt is usually noted in all the patients requiring Natrum Mur.

Sulphur: Top Homeopathic medicine for skin allergies

Natural Homeopathic medicine Sulphur is the best remedy for skin allergies with excessive itching and burning sensation. The skin usually remains dry and the patient gets relief from scratchingit. The constitutional symptoms for selecting Homeopathic medicine Sulphur include an aversion to bathing, an unhealthy and dirty-looking skin, craving for sweets and utmost heat in the whole body.

Best Homeopathic Treatment for Allergy

Top natural Homeopathic medicines for nasal allergy

The main causative allergens of nasal allergy are dust mites, animal danders and pollens. The main symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis aresneezing, fluent discharge from nose, in some cases dropping of nasal discharge back into the throat, itching in nose, throat and earand discharge from eyes with itching. The natural Homeopathic medicines that are of great help in treating nasal allergies are Allium Cepa, Arsenic Album, Arundo Mauri, Kali Bichromicum and Gelsemium. Both Allium Cepa and Arsenic Album are Cvery beneficial natural Homeoapathic remedies for nasal allergy. They both work well when the symptoms are running nose with sneezing, burning in nose and eyes. If the patient feels better in open air and worse in a warm room,then Allium Cepa is the best remedy. On the other hand, when the patient feels relieved in a warm room and worse in open air, then Arsenic Album is the ideal Homeopathic medicine. Homeopathic remedy Arundo Mauri is the best choice when extreme itching in nose, eyes and throat predominate with sneezing and fluent nasal discharge. Natural Homeopathic medicine Kali Bichromicum is of great help when the nasal discharge dropping into the throat (post-nasal drip) is the dominant feature along with sneezing. Gelsemium is prescribed when a running nose and sneezing are accompanied by headache and a feverish feeling.

Best natural Homeopathic medicines for allergic cough (Allergic Asthma)

Allergic cough mainly presents itself as cough with difficult breathing, suffocation, chest tightness and wheezing or whistling sounds from chest. The top natural Homeopathic remedies for allergic cough are Arsenic Album, Ipecac, Bryonia Alba and Sambucus. Arsenic Album is selected for cough with chest tightness and suffocation attacks. The condition gets worse at night and the patient has to sit up for relief. Warm drinks usually provide relief. Ipecac is the ideal Homeopathic remedy for a violent loose cough with wheezing sounds because of mucus accumulation in the chest. At times, vomiting accompanies the cough and provides relief. Homeopathic medicine Bryonia Alba is of great help when the cough is dry, and may be accompanied by chest pain and difficulty in breathing. The patient feels better on lying down and worse on walking. Sambucus, meanwhile, is a very beneficial Homeopathic medicine for nasal blockage with suffocating cough. The patient wakes up suddenly at night because of difficulty in breathing and suffocation.

Top natural Homeopathic medicines for skin allergies

Skin allergies include rash with itching, Eczema (Allergic Dermatitis) and Urticaria (hives). In Urticaria, the skin gets raised in patches with itching. The best natural Homeopathic medicines for allergic skin rashes are Sulphur, Apis Mellifica and Urtica Urens. Sulphur is a very beneficial Homeopathic medicine for skin complaints. Sulphur is a remedy of great help for all the allergic skin rashes with dryness, itching and burning sensations. Apis Mellifica is a very beneficial Homeopathic remedy for urticarial rashes with intense itching and burning-stinging sensations. There is swelling of skin as well of the face at times and cold application provides relief. Allergic rash with asthmatic symptoms are very well treated by Homeopathic medicine Apis Mellifica. Urtica Urens is the best Homeopathic remedy when eating shell fish leads toa skin rash with violent itching and heat.

Best Homeopathic medicines for food allergy

Food allergy refers to the symptoms that follow consuming of food to which a person is allergic. The symptoms may occur in four planes. The first is nasal symptoms like discharge from nose, itching in nose and eyes and even difficult breathing. The second is gastric symptoms like loose stool, pain in stomach, nausea and vomiting. The third is swelling of lips, mouth or face. And the last is skin symptoms like an itchy rash, Eczema or hives (Urticaria). The common food allergens areegg, shellfish, nuts, wheat and milk.

Best natural Homeopathic remedies for allergy from egg

The best natural Homeopathic medicines for egg allergy are Carbo Veg, Nux Vomica and Sulphur. Carbo Veg and Nux Vomica are very beneficial remedies for egg allergy where gastric symptoms predominate. Carbo Veg is prescribed when loose offensive stool, gas in stomach, nausea and vomiting followeating of eggs. If this is accompanied by pain in abdomen, then Nux Vomica is selected. When the gastric symptoms are accompanied by skin complaints like itching and burning sensation after eating eggs,then Sulphur is the best Homeopathic medicine.

Urtica Urens: Best Homeopathic medicine to treat allergic reaction to shell fish

The best natural Homeopathic medicine to treat shell fish allergy is Urtica Urens. This medicine is the best remedy when sudden hives with violent itching and burning followeating shell fish. This Homeopathic medicine has an excellent power to control such symptoms.

Top Homeopathic treatment for allergy from wheat

The natural Homeopathic medicines of great help in treating allergy due to intake of wheat are Lycopodium, Colocynth and Natrum Mur. Lycopodium helps in controlling the gastric symptoms, when loose stool with gas in abdomen predominates. Colocynth is the ideal Homeopathic remedyfor cramping pains in stomach accompanying loose stool. And Homeopathic medicine Natrum Mur is prescribed when skin rash occurs either on its own or along with gastric trouble after taking wheat.

Top Homeopathic medicines for allergy due to milk

Aethusa Cynapium, Natrum Carb and Pulsatilla top the list of natural Homeopathic medicines for treating milk allergy. Aethusa Cynapium is the best remedy when a person vomits immediately after milk enters the stomach. Sweating and weakness may follow vomiting. Natrum Carb is the ideal remedy when loose stool follows milk intake. Pulsatilla is used when milk or any milk product leads to an allergic reaction. The symptoms that call for the use of Pulsatilla are loose stool, nausea, vomiting, gas and acidity after taking milk or milk products. There’s a complete absence of thirst too.

Homeopathic medicine Euphrasia for allergic conjunctivitis (itching with watering from eyes)

Euphrasia is the best natural Homeopathic medicineto deal with eye symptoms due to allergy. This can be taken in all cases of redness, itching and burning in eyes with watery discharges.

Best natural Homeopathic medicines for dust allergy

The leading natural Homeopathic medicines for dust allergy are Lycopersicum, Bromium and Arsenic Album. Lycopersicum is the top Homeopathic remedy when breathing inthe slightest dust leads to a running nose and sneezing. Bromium is recommended when dust inhalation leads to discharge from the nose along with chest complaints. The chest complaints include difficult breathing and cough with mucus. Arsenic Album is the ideal Homeopathic remedyfor a fluent nasal discharge with burning in eyes and nose and sneezing.

Homeopathic treatment for hair dye allergy

The symptoms that follow dye application on hair include skin rash, itching and swelling on face, ears and neck. There are various natural Homeopathic medicines to deal with the allergic reaction to dyes, but the most suitable remedy is chosen after notingdown the symptoms of each patient. Homeopathic medicines Sulphur, Arsenic Album, Natrum Mur and Sepia are the ideal cures for allergies from hair dye.



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  1. Dear DR. SHARMA
    I am suffering from cold ,dust,fragrance of cooking food ,body spray. When these substance reach to me snezing occurs and after that runny nose continuously. Mainly cold [with out contact of cold food ,rain] suffered me more than 10 years.Main symptomps are snezing 8 to 10 at a times and runny nose,stiffing at nose.
    Please advise me relevant medicine. Thanks

  2. The last topic: ‘Homeopathic treatment for hair dye ellergy ‘ is my subject of interest, how should a pacient with these symptoms of swollen head, eyes and neck pain can be cured?

  3. Sunil Bangare says:

    Doctor please tell me the definition allergy from solanum that is brinjal

  4. Manzoor Ul Haq says:

    Best information about allergies
    Dr Manzoor Ul Haq

  5. Prabir Maity says:

    Dear DR. SHARMA
    I am suffering from cold ,dust,fragrance of cooking food ,body spray. When these substance reach to me snezing occurs and after that runny nose continuously. Mainly cold [with out contact of cold food ,rain] suffered me more than 10 years.Main symptomps are snezing 8 to 10 at a times and runny nose,stiffing at nose.
    How i can relife from this?

  6. Ramesh Sharma says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I am regularly getting cold,cough followed by sometimes breathing problem in the extreme winter season.I feel I have allergy due to cold weather,dust,pollution particularly smoke as with all this there is no fever.I get in to first throat irritation followed by sometimes sneezing and watery discharge from the nose.

  7. M.Nageswara rao says:

    I Nageswararao suffering from last 10years with 3cms circle back thick eczema severe durada .
    Could you please send me prescription it is really facing the problem

  8. M.Nageswara rao says:

    I Nageswararao suffering from last 10years with 3cms circle back thick eczema severe durada .
    Could you please send me prescription for.

  9. Ajit Narwal says:

    My ige level is 1171. I have allergy from alcohol. Face flushing after drink alcohol. Heart beat is increased.

  10. PEGGY A Davis says:

    Tried online chat. No answer.

    Am looking for an alternative to nasonex and/or zyrtec

    Thank You

  11. Mukul Borthakur says:

    Total Ige count is 2380. Shortness of breathing, stiffness in whole body etc remedies required

  12. Dr. Hasanuzzaman says:

    My daughter age is 12. She has allergic problem in eating beef, raw cow milk and shirim (small chingrri or shell fish). Usually skin rash in face areas.

    Could you help in this regards,


  13. i m allergic to curd, picekls and cold thighs. kindly tell some good medicene.

  14. Deba Prasad Mojumdar says:

    My daughter 25 years develops palm and leg itching in AC room. It subsides after an hour of coming out in normal temperature.

  15. Md. Mahfuzur Rahaman says:

    i have suffering allergic problem from long years.The symptom of disease is headache, chest pain ,breathing problem like asthma,stop noses on the moment of sleeping,dandruff ,lose hair.

    Best regard
    Md. Mahfuzur Rahman

  16. What medicine will cure my intolerance to curd. These days whenever I eat sour curd I start coughing after sometime and find symptoms of cold and sometimes toothache.

  17. Md. Montaz Ali says:

    I have gastritis, constipation, food allergy, eating watery fruits & vegetable, drinking nomal water cough accumulate in throat, stuffiness in head later turn into fever, nasal consestion. In gastric & constipation when stool become too hard, bleeding with stool from anus.Taking fresh air forcely on face & head become headach. please give me solution

  18. Female 35
    I have alopecia areata, throat allergy and pcod with irregular periods.. can’t conceive
    My igE level is 616.5 what is the treatment for this condition in homeopathy?
    Thanking you

  19. Ugandhar Sharma says:

    My wife Getting rash and burning and itching sensation with redness when in contact with turmeric please suggest for relief and permanent cure
    Thanking you sir

    Ugandhar sharma

  20. Saidur Rahman says:

    Greetings of the day. Hope you are well & safe in the current sombre pandemic COVD_19 situation. I am Saidur Rahman. I have severe cold allergic problem. Even when I feel the problem, my ear get very cold & getting irritations into my ear. my problem is more than 6 years. How could I get remedies from that. Please suggest me. Thank you.

  21. Satyender sharma says:

    My daughter aged 29 sneezes when come out from room to open space and to sunlight and it gets worse she is suffering this ftommlast five to six years due to which she is getting her hair loss too Dr pl advice which medicine she should take and upto how much period

  22. Ardhendu s chatterjee says:

    Capsicum 30 eight doses three days intervals
    Then. Carcinosinum30 30. Two dose olfection method 30 days intrrvsl three month with successive stroke
    Brashing of teeth by finger
    Warm gurgling

  23. Ardhendu s chatterjee says:

    Carcinosinum is the best remedy to neutralize the allergy to hair due
    Every Times Constitutional necessitates
    Possible miasmatic cause Late age :: Psoric
    Middle age ;: Sycotics
    Early age. ,;:: Syphilitic
    Path,+ causes. As. Post measles pox mumps etc
    ,2) BCG non reaction,b thyroid prob Insulin Res States
    3) intolerance to AC, living in damp

  24. Shaahi bhushan says:

    Sir my wife is sufferdfrom.allergyforthelast5 years , she has an internal.allergy meansy itching start when she get allergy attack and the itching is in her eyes nose , cheek , ear and throat all are internally and being not benefical from.outside more over i noticed that at that time her skin tuen hot. Zgive some suggestion for her treatment.

    • Ardhendu s chatterjee says:

      Suppression of allergy msy leads to cancer
      Morning bathing, yoga as SarbangaAsana, mathsa Asana and Hala Asana rotationally three to five times daily.

      Constitutional anti miasmatic classical Homoeo treatment.

  25. Puneet kaur says:

    Dr I have skin allergy when I consume potato chicken rice chickpeas or kidney beans.. my skin swells, especially on things or arms on legs very rare on face and on my back..light red colour swells..then I fell like itching..even I scratch my even bleeds sometimes..I even apply coconut oil it feels great for short run.not long run..I took R 83 made in German for around 6 months with sulphur..but its not being cured..what to do

  26. k. Reddeppa says:

    Madam Garu …..Thank you very much for your valuable guidance..towards…I am suffering cold allergy with sneezing with nose watery frequently…… I have known to your medical literature towards my Allergy……Thank you once again madam Garu……/.

  27. Mahendra Kumar Gupta says:

    My wife has developed allergic condition/high sensitivity plus ulcers on tongue and mouth due to chillies. She used to take and enjoy reasonable amount of chillies in food, but for last two years she developed high sensitivity in mouth and on tongue. Now for last two months she develops ulcers as soon she take chillies in food. She has started taking bland food now. How to correct this situation and restore previous conditions

    • Jithendra Nath Reddy says:

      My wife has skin allergy for the last one year especially on ears, eye brows and neck etc., May be due to dyeing of hair. She stopped dyeying. But the skin allergy on face continuing and more over face is swelling specially cheeks and eye brows and chin etc. PL advice me

  28. Mario de Sa says:

    I have seasonal allergy, nose pouring when I get up and sneezing every morning.
    I have also allergy.due to dust, pollen

  29. Hello… I have to take this drug. But I get an allergic reaction from it an itch from head to toe. What can help me with this so I will be able to take my life saving drug called Prograf?
    Thank you!

  30. Wendy Olivieri says:

    What is best for sinus pressure. Dr. wanted me to take allergyplex but can’t take xylolol that is in it. Sinus pressure and inflammation is all I have.

  31. Rampal Singh says:

    Wife is suffering from allergy with warm water. When she drinks warm water,her throat,mouth,lips,nose and eyes become dry.

  32. Shephali thakur says:

    I am 31 years old. I develope rashes on my body after the middle of night while sleeping. I feel warmer suddenly in sleep and then burning and itching sensation starts.i develope red patches. When exposed to cold air gives some relief. I am taking allergy medicine from last 3-4 days . I have been eating chane ki bhaji from last 3-4 days. Is it causing allergy to me.

  33. I D Ashish suffering from seviour itching whole body after eating meat which medicine is best for curing this elergy

  34. 19 year old boy suffering from Chicken,egg yolk and shellfish allergens.Couldnot find good medication appropriately.Had symptoms of cough , respiratory blockage , breathing sounds like whipping.No skin rashes nothing else except sometime disturbing itching.Kindly suggest some medication.

  35. I am highly allergic to dogs. After an 1 1/2 around a dog, I have an allergy induced asthma attack and use a rescue inhaler. If that fails I end up with a rescue squad. Is there something homeopathic I can do.

  36. Abhishek Baral,age 18+ says:

    I am 18+year old B.Tech(Computer Science student).i am suffering from allergenic rhinitis.I am taking monteleucast tab at evening and Budamate 200 transcap inhaler regularly.On the onset of this allergy i felt tightness in lungs,sweezing nose with mucus and continuous hacche . Sometimes with skin rash and fungal infection.Probably allergy is due to dust and some food material like nut,eggs,banana IGE level is 2000.Kindly help me by providing some medicine and instructions.

  37. RAYMOND DSOUZA says:

    I am 55 years and suffering from Allergic Rhinitis (Running and stuffy nose, sneezing, Crawling in nose, eczema, watery eyes, upset stomach etc) for more than 10 years. From last few months I was using Haridrakhandam an ayurvedic treatment which has reduced my symptoms to some extent. Recently I saw your Video on Youtube. Out of the remedies suggested by you, Arundo Mur, was perfectly matching my symptoms. Therefore, I have started using Arundo Mur from last 10 days. However, from last 2-3 days my symptoms have worsen. Request, please advise should I continue the medicine or stop or should I reduce the dose, I am taking 5 drops twice a day.

  38. I am suffering from allergy causing itching on face ,nose, upper lips and forehead with also itching feels in the eyes. It starts when I go to the kitchen near heat or in a warm place only. My IgE test report is 770 IU/ml. I studied the homeo therapy on net and found the Sulphur is the best remedy for it. Please suggest me the best and the best homeo remedy giving the brand name of the medicine available here at Pakistan.

  39. Krishna Das Banerjee says:

    Dr Sharm
    I am always suffered from cold temp. and cold drinks. Symptoms – throat ache and fever 100 to 102 degree Feren. This one type of allergic.
    Will you suggest me homeo medicine/s. Suffered due to change of temperature also.
    Thank you
    K D Banerjee

  40. Shari Rose says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My friend is having an adverse reaction to red tattoo ink in her lips. Can you recommend a homeopathic remedy or treatment to help her?
    Thank you so much,

    • Ritesh vaish says:

      Hello sir..
      I am suffering from a chronic skin Infection (ring patches in groin area cover all over bumps , hands and back. The problem persists since almost two years have been consulting and taking homeopathic medicines but its not working… Got my blood test done and IgE level is 3365… Please recommend the treatment as it is causing me a lot of stress and inferiority… Thank you sir…

  41. Manisha sharma says:

    Hello doctor mera beta 3.5 years ka hai sep 2018 main usko khansi shuru hui thi sukhi jo ki ab allergic bronchitis btta rahe hai. Apne aap kisi bhi time shuru ho jati hai. Ab mai. Homeopathy treatment krwa rahi hon 2.5 month ho gye hai. Bhut hi thoda fark pdda hai but abhi bhi cough attack hota hai. Usko kbb tkk relief milega doctor. Homeopathy main iska ilaaz ho jaega

    • I am having yeast allergy. I get urticaria with yeast intake. Can you suggest me which homeopathy medicine will work?

  42. Saraswati Joon says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    My daughter is allergic to gluten, intake of gluten has started damaging her small intestine.
    Please help us if there is any treatment that she can come back to wheat diet?

  43. Taradutt sharma says:

    Allergy milk dust bermuda grass trichopython m milk milk powder soyabean coconut garlic yam chilli pepper lemon m

  44. Taradutt sharma says:

    Allergy milk dust bermuda grass trichopython m milk milk powder soyabean coconut garlic yam chilli pepper lemon

  45. Deepthi .np says:

    Intermittent fever ***with intermittent attack of sneezing***, cogh** ( Dryness cough ,sputum is very late to come) & Also Headach ( frontal area)cogh agrtvs at night only .causation due to Inhale of dust particl.plz suggst any syrup for cogh

  46. Vandana singh says:

    I have a problem of itching in body parts and rashes on my skin and after that swelloen lips regularly which medicine i can get for fully relax.

    • pushplata rathore says:

      I have a problem of itching in body parts and rashes on my skin and after that swelloen lips, face and head regularly. when i use leocitrizine medicine than stop all problem for one day but next day again start the same problem,which medicine i can get for fully relax.

      • Vandana Singh says:

        I have a problem of itching in lower parts of legs,hands and head then if I was not taken Allegra or any antiallergic medicine then I get swollen lips…I have this problem before 7-8 year s ago but now it come again when I have taken
        Glycomet GP.50

  47. Dr am suffering from alcohol flush reaction any medicine for treatment this allergy

  48. seema chawla says:

    hi doc my dads 75 yrs old has been experiencing burning feet with pain goin up to his knees n ankles last not diabetic.has seen a vascular surgeon n neurologist with no relief.his posture n gait has changed n he has had numerous falls can u help
    regards dr seema chawla

  49. a super article please also advise is few biochemic for above allergies regards and thanks

  50. Sulake Babu Rao says:

    Suffering with cervic spondlosis and pain in hands and foot of legs and tinnitus in right side ear and also tongue infections when food creating acidity taken

  51. Penis m allergy and redness

  52. Hi Dr. Sharma, my 3.9 year old daughter has a very bad case of tomato allergy. With a little exposure, she first gets blotchy rashes around her mouth. With continued exposure, she rapidly deteriorates with extremely shallow breathing to the point of almost collapsing into unconsciousness. Arundo mauri seems to give almost immediate relief but I am looking for a permanent cure for her allergy. Can you please advise. Thank you.

  53. Is allergic broncho pulmonary aspergillosis curable in homeopathy

  54. I’m suffering itching nose and eye, running nose, dry cough last 2month .pl guide me how to cure it


    Dear dr., i am suffering from high ige symptoms. took allopath medicine for 3months but i am still uncured. i have no breathing trouble, but have hives’ problem, and tight chest, stomach problem, and sometimes cough with a hizzing in throat. please….. can i take apis mel and urtica urens together?


  56. Harivansh singh says:

    Dear Dr . Sharma.My sister suffering from allergic remidy for allergic asthma

    • I am suffering from allergy causing itching on face ,nose, upper lips and forehead with also itching feels in the eyes. It starts when I go to the kitchen near heat or in a warm place only. My IgE test report is 770 IU/ml. I studied the homeo therapy on net and found the Sulphur is the best remedy for it. Please suggest me the best and the best homeo remedy giving the brand name of the medicine available here at Pakistan.

  57. Sourav Bhattacharya says:

    Child 6 yrs. 12kg .
    Symp. Skin rashes,nose block,eye hessy
    Some time she takes for these disease In allopathy Levocetrezine and montelukast
    We parents wants to know which medicine is best for theses disease in homeopathy medicine
    And which medication is the best if immediate action required and also the name of medicine brand name also acceptable.

  58. Arvind Tiwari says:

    Sir I am a patient of allergic asthma from 2009.My left lung is affected. All problems appear on my left side. I take inhaler 2 to 3times a day.What should we do.

  59. JAFAR ALI RIZVI says:

    My Mother is Suffering from Breathing problems in Raining Season. She face Every Raining season. Please Help him.

  60. Jitubhai says:

    Acute contact allergy due to corossive iron , copper etc. Solution?

  61. Rajiv Bhatnagar says:

    Dear Dr Sharma. Ian suffering from following allergies
    That are bothering me for the last 2 months and I must take a tablet of Allegra every day.
    1. Urticaria around groin with severe itching
    2. Swelling of lips
    3. Itching and watery eyes
    4. Hoarseness of voice
    All these symptoms go away with Allegra.
    Please help me. I think this started as a hair dye allergy.

    • JaydipSarkar says:

      violent itching on SCROTAL areas..with rough surface on it. after itch dust are fallen from skin. sometimes itch on groin.
      suffering from last teo months.

  62. Margaret Pettibone says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma, Seem to have increased wheezing and shortness of breath during grass pollen season. QVAR only makes it worse. Thanks, Margaret

  63. M. A. Siddiqui says:

    Sir, iam suffering with skin itching and scaling all of sudden appears with sever itching and scaling specially from night to morning.after applying any cream it subside. Pleas suggest some med .i have taken sulphur ,Ruston and so many med.

  64. ABHIJIT KAR says:

    Dr,Good afternoon,I am suffering might be from hot & cold weather .And I always use AC at car,office & home.And also takes bath for several times.Everyday suddenly I feel itching eyes.During the itching water comes out and sneezing starts.I took allopathic medicine Cetzine for 10 days.For that period it was ok.Then again starts.Pls suggest me medicine with dose & duration.

  65. Zaida Hussain says:

    I am suffering from dry and cracked feet for the last 8 months. First I found that it aggravates when I eat chicken. Then all meat,eggs and shellfish had to be avoided. Later I found that I was allergic to spicy food also. Then I had to avoid potatoes lentils and beans. Now I can eat only rice with buttermilk or any cereal products with coconut milk etc.
    My feet get as dry as a bark and get cracked from side to side. These cracks remain open and apart so dont heal. In the morning and at night I have severe itching and I lose all control and scratch. I find it extremely satisfying to scratch but make more wounds in the process. walking has become a painful process. I am extremely chilly by nature. I have acidity problems after my two deliveries. I had severe acidity and vomiting during pregnancies. Even now I have severe acidity along with the cracked feet if
    I eat allergic things.

  66. parvati brennan says:

    Dear Dr Sharma mohan is allergic to the cat and dog Pablo and Rudy he loves them and is having to live with them at the moment Mohan is affected by general dust as well what would you advise to do

  67. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    My son who is 13 years old has very high level of IGE around (>3000 ). He has rashes on his skin all the times and very itchy skin which is very dry.

    What medicine I should give him to treat him for skin allergy ?

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

  68. Hi dr.i m 17 years old n have dust allergy.nose blockage n headache n sneezing,specially in morning.plz suggest a homeo medicine for me.

  69. Shubha chahal says:

    Hello doctor.
    I m a 68 years old lady.
    I have a elergy from hair dye.i m using hair colour since 35 years.but now whenever I use dye,symptoms occurs.rashes n itching on my head and neck and face.and last time when I used it.i felt as I will dye.n itching n redness on my whole body.
    Please can you suggest me some medicine?
    Shubha chahal
    U P

    • Rajiv Bhatnagar says:

      Dear Dr Sharma. Ian suffering from following allergies
      That are bothering me for the last 2 months and I must take a tablet of Allegra every day.
      1. Urticaria around groin with severe itching
      2. Swelling of lips
      3. Itching and watery eyes
      4. Hoarseness of voice
      All these symptoms go away with Allegra.
      Please help me. I think this started as a hair dye allergy.

  70. Angela Galesic says:

    hi i suffer from allergies and chronic sinus infections with joint pain. it has been going on for 7 years. current treatment is cortisone spray, antibiotics and anti allergy tablets- as soon as i stop taking tablets, the symptoms return. I know i have hayfever and we have some damp in the house,and would like to give homeopathy a try. What would you suggest?

    Many thanks

  71. M. Surya Promod says:

    I am suffering from severe running nose-(Some times) for the past 6 months. i have severe dust allergy and even i am allergic to agarbati smoke and mosquito coils also.once the smoke goes to my nose it is difficult for me to breath properly and once i drink cod drinks and ice creams the next day morning running nose begins.and anything of this starts then it starts with running nose and severe sneezing..once the Sneezing begins it will continue 20-30 times continously.It Started around 8 Months ago from then till now i m sufffering if anything of this kindly suggest me the proper treatment .

  72. Dr I am suffering from lichen Amolydocis of skin for 2 yes. No result in allopathic drug .Plymouth suggest homoeopathic remedy and dose .I am diabetic on insulin .Rgds .

  73. Good Morning Doctor.
    I am coughing since 2010, I have done many test and X-rays suggested by doctors, all clear test. Have taken many Allopathic medicines, Homeopathic and aurvedic medicines, but no relief from my cough.
    Its very dry cough, feel heaviness in breathing while coughing face becomes red and chest pain, and puke out whatever i ate. Curd, dry fruits, dust and smoke make me cough very badly. Its dry and itching cough.
    Today morning I came across a medicine in Homeopathic named Drosera which is used in treating cough cases like me.
    Please do guide me on this

  74. Doctor my sex timing is 2 minutes please advice me med I want to do sex for 30 minutes because of my timing I can’t satisfy her it’s real issue in relation please help

  75. Rekha Garg says:

    Sir I am suffering from itching in whole body with reddish patches from a very long time. I have tried many medicines but no permanent relief. It stopes with medicine use and starts again after sometime after stopping medicine.

    • Tapan kundu says:

      Dr my elder son Santanu kundu(15) suffering from atopic dermatitis since 2002 but no cure any treatment pl advice me the disease are curable or not, pl contract address and number.

    • I have had this condition for 5 years. It starts in April and continues until September. I get what looks like bedbug bites and red splotches on my skin that itch. I have had two pest control persons check my house for bedbugs, there are no signs at all. I am a gardener and I believe its some kind of seasonal allergy, I never have it after September through March.

  76. Hello. I have food allergies to corn and soy. Of course it is in so many food products. Although I try to avoid these it affects my skin on my breasts. There is itching and slight scaling. Should I be using something topical or internal or both?

  77. Severe onset reaction watery eyes difficult breathing an Emergency 5 year old child…, dont know cause …. is allergic to cats swelling itching gave Benedril before got worse. This time dont know cause?
    Thank You

  78. KHITISH PAUL says:

    I am suffering from nasal blockage, runny nose, sneezing,watery eye,headache.66 years of age, been treated all types , homoeo allopathy and Ayurveda throughout of my life.Problems remains same.
    Pl. do needful.

    • KHITISH PAUL says:

      I am suffering from nasal blockage, runny nose, sneezing,watery eye,headache.66 years of age, been treated all types , homoeo allopathy and Ayurveda throughout of my life.Problems remains same.
      Pl. do needful.

  79. Naveen Verma says:

    Dr. Sharma
    My wife has high IgE levels i.e. 2000. She is a patient of ABPA, ha s silent fungal in lungs. It activate time to time and then create problem. Is there any treatment to control IgE within the limit.

  80. Kathleen Poetzsch says:

    Hello, Doctor. I get seasonal allergies right from spring through late fall and then sometimes in winter, from dust and dander. My worst reaction is terrible itchy mucus in my eyes, the lids get all red and swollen. The allergist said it was not an infection but allergic reaction, probably to grass pollen, mold and leaves, as well as indoor dust and dander. One time he even gave me cortisone eye drops, as they were so sore and swollen. OTC products do help, but the side effects make me sleepy or wired, depending on the product. And I just can’t keep taking these drugs all the time. I also use allergy eye drops, but they only work for a short time. Can you recommend a homeopathic product that would help with my systemic and eye allergies without all the side effects? Thank you for any help you can give me!

  81. Hello Mr. Dharma,
    I am suffering from scalp allergy for almost 10 + Yrs. Every year in month of April the allergy used to start and by taking some antibiotics and scalp shampoos from the dermatologist would resolve the issue, though of course would take some time. Last Yr I decided not to take the allopathy treatment as I was loosing hair also. I moved to a homeopathy doctor who prescribed calc. Sulph 200C for a month then sulphur and again calc. Sulph. No solutions. Currently I am taking Graphites 200 for last 3 days, which has resulted in drying the allergy and the mounts, but not completely gone, itching is still there and rashes on the face still persists. Please suggest



  83. SusanWalker says:

    Please advise. I had a bikini wax approx 10 days ago. Within 24 hrs I had a sginificant rash and there are red patches . It is extremly uncomfortable—rash is on inner thighs and lower abdomen. Burn area is on inner thighs. The itching is unbearable and the burn/rash area is swollen and within 24 hrs the burn area is now expanding to a pink somewhat warm area on both inner thighs. Two days ago the condition was so unbearable I went to an emergency clinic–they provided a prescription for a benadryl type pill to treat the rash/itching and a prescription for a topical cream (higher dosage of antibiotic ointment?) than the over the counter item I was using to get relief from burning. There are not blisters to the nurn area–only various degrees of “redness”. Can ypu recommend at nature/homeopatc remedy for this conditon to assist recovery, reduce itching and general low level of pain? Thank you.

  84. Anshu Bansal says:

    Hi Doctor,

    I applied a serum for only 10 mins and there after my skin is burning and dry

    I even took allopathic medicine like desotil on face to apply and livosiz as antiallergic to eat and there after fisioative to fight with the dryness

    but still the burning is there

    please help

  85. I have not been allergic to shellfish my entire life, in fact I grew up eating it regularly. It first started with oysters and only oysters around age 15. Symptoms would include itching eyes, scalp, palms of hands and eventually some hives. Benadryl typically fixed it immediately. Then after a few years I tried oysters again and the allergy had left. For a few years I could eat all shellfish with no issues. Suddenly the allergy cane back but also included shrimp, crab, everything. Since then it has gotten worse, causing me to have shortness of breath and trouble taking a deep breath. I have to take twice as much Benadryl now so I’ve basically given up on all shellfish. I can eat one or two bites and it doesn’t bother me. I’m hoping I can try homeopathic remedy such as Urtica Yrens to help change this allergy. What is the recommended dosage? Do I need to take it daily, forever? I’m willing to do whatever it takes to be able to enjoy shellfish again. How long would I do this regimen before trying shellfish? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
    Kim Veal


    Myself, A Chakraborty from Nasik (temp.-40C, humidity-24) Maharastra, a follower of your articles since a long time.

    Presently suffering from very very frequent coughing both in day & night, since last 5 days.
    The allopathy doctor suspects allergy and prescribed for & I am taking Budate nebulization one time since last 2 days & TusQ-X expectorant 5ml for 3 time daily & Wakedine gurgle at night.

    Also taking homeopathic medicine hepear sulph30 (to prevent throat infection) and bryonia 30 – 3 times daily, since last 5 days. I am vegeterian aged 47 & no addictions & do official works, takes plenty of water & regular doing breathing exercises.

    Doctor says chest comdition improving but no improvement in that very very frequent coughing which is becoming very painful day by day.

    If possible, please suggest for relief from the aforesaid symptoms.

  87. Dr. Mukti says:

    Sir, Plz suggest homoeopathic medicine for allergy to drum sticks {a vegetable}

  88. Sir am suffering from urticaria from past one month. I have strated taking histamine 200 and urticaria urens from last 6 days. But it is not getting any better. Please advise.

  89. Poonam kanda says:

    Very knowlegeable ibformation. Many of d doubts have been cleared. Thanks

  90. Thank a lot for educating masses. I have great fath in homeopathy and i think it can do wonder where other pathies fails.

  91. Gaurav Srivastava says:

    Sir, I ate desi eggs on 7th of January, after that hives/ urticaria occurred all over my body. I consulted with allopathic doctors they prescribed me steroids like omnacortil, prima cort injection, betnosol, vozet and many other medicines. But even after two and a half month problem persists. Though urticaria is not main problem right now. Now I am suffering from heavy gas problem with stuck in my chest and upper back. My abdomen is swelled and I feel pain upto my brain due to gas. I feel swelled type of feeling in my stomach after eating. Kindly prescribe me medicines.

  92. I am suffering from runny nose with sneezing and itching especially when I get up morning. I have been given Cetirizine Hydrochloride but I am not satisfied with this medicine because it causes dizziness and headache and my blood pressure remains always 120/85 to 140/90.
    Could you please advise any homeopathic medicine

  93. Professor Muhammad Tanveer Younis says:

    aoa sir . i have itching, red and watery eye. a slight dust increase this factor.

    i have used curall A and vasoflame-T as medicine for last one year.

    this give slight relief for one week, later on it again start through a dusty environment.

    i need homeopathy treatment. please help me in this contest.


  94. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    Can you suggest a remedy for some type of mild allergic food reaction? Pain and swollen feeling on right side of face, with inflamed feeling throat and chest tightness. Not sure what the food culprit was, perhaps orange and strawberry?

    • om prakash deepak says:

      sir i have skin ellergy on eaching a lining comes on my skin. My eaching is pleasant. Give me remedy

  95. Paul Khunkhun says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    Can you suggest the remedy for cat allergies? Anytime if there is contact with cat fur even through the third party, I have an allergic reaction accompanied by violent sneezing, itchy red and watery eyes and somewhat trickling into the throat without any cough. If I wash my hands and face and change clothing, the symptoms subside. What would you recommend and for how long?
    Thanks again,

  96. Rupesh Kumar says:

    I have issue related to my skin, always around the neck there will be small small pimples and while sweating etching sensation will active and after etching it becomes red

  97. Anitha Banda says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,

    I have dust mutes allergy and allergic to cold. Mt symptoms are itchy ears and nasal block and cold symptoms.

    I am using homeo, once i srated using it, its getting worsen. I went to the dr again and he changed it and said its common and the right way. He changed the medicine and its still getting worse.

    Could you please suggest?


  98. Altaf Choudhary says:

    Dear Sir ,
    allergy of nose we are treatment elopethy but not effected so i desaid to treat hoeopathy.
    we want above medicine for nasal allergy how many POWER take a Dose

  99. Indrajit Mondal says:

    I used alium ceolpa 1m, arsenic iod 1m but no use. Please suggest me for allergy relief.

  100. P V Raghava Prasad says:

    I have been suffering from severe throat soarness, no proper voice, and often cold during nights. I cannot even speak properly due to phlegm and trouble in throat. But, there is no problem for eating and swallowing…My homeo doctor initially suggested Ars ALb+Carbo Veg…afterwards changed Aconite+Belladonna. But, there is no response. So, I started using Causticum 30 3-4 doses and there is bit progress. Pl suggest me the right drug.

  101. Hi there I’m wondering if you can help me. I have a number of health concerns and am finding it hard to choose a remedy.
    I have acne on face shoulders back and sometimes chest which are either pustules or bluish red blood filled pimples which are itchy. I have cold and clammy hands and feet, I have endometriosis, fractured spine, breast tumours (benign) insomnia, chronic fatigue during the day and have no energy, I have really bad gastric problems, reflux, feelings of hunger even after eating, food in tolerances to dairy, gluten and fructose, as well as badly allergic to ginger turmeric and cardamom , I get really anxious, nervous over lots of things and when I’m sick I like being cold. When I have the flu my body temperature actually feels normal and when I don’t have the flu, I feel like I have the flu if that makes sense? Let me know if you can assist me I don’t mind paying. I have most homeopathic remedies at home and have tried Pulsatilla 30c 3 pillules once daily for a week and my skin got horrible.
    Anyway! Let me know!

  102. Mrs Khalid says:

    Hello Doctor Sharma I have skin allergy since last few years approx 4 years. Doctor says it demography which starts from one place and then on full body. It’s not relieved till I eat anti allergy. Is there any homeo medicine which can treat it ? Plz guide thanks

    • Hello Doctor Sharma I have skin allergy since last few years approx 1 year. it starts from one place and then on full body. It’s not relieved till I eat anti allergy. Is there any homeo medicine which can treat it ? Plz guide thanks

  103. My toddler girl 3 Year’s old suffering from wheat,milk,oat,peanuts allergies for 2years.whats the ideal homeopathic treatment for her?she has mainly gut problems like diarrhea,cramps,bloating etc.

  104. dear sir my son aged 18 years off and on falls prey to allergy accompanied by vigorous sneezing and runny nose and that continues for couple of days and then dwindles.He falls prey to this irritating and annoying illness at least 3-4 times a year. some times these symptoms are accompanied by little water from eyes and slight fever but these symptoms does not appear at every attack. Kindly suggest a suitable medicine. For this kindness I shall ever remain thankful to you.

  105. Hello Dr I am from Pakistan I am 18 years old plz help me i am suffering from dust allergy and blockage nose and dry yellow mucus in the nose perminently I tried to so many doctors but no one help me plz give me good medicine

  106. Pain in nose mostly in right side. Gradually in the teeth and head. Some time little blood comes from nose and teeth. As the time passes intensity of pain increases in nose and head and with vomiting. It last for 2/3 days. This problem is happen to my wife. Her age is 50 yrs. She is suffering this for 14/15 yrs. Allopathic Dr treated it as migraine. For last 4 yrs they say it is allergy. Dr please help me.

  107. zin nigussie says:

    Hello Dr shema
    my baby girl has a milk allergy I need ur help pls her age is 8 months old

  108. SRIJIB DAS MUNSHI, KOL., W.B. says:

    Respectable Sir,
    I (44 years old male) have been suffering from skin allergy for last seven days. I have been feeling very strong itching sensation coupled with skin haves especially on my shoulder, neck, hands and of course on my tenfingers. The continuous itching interrupts in sleeping at night. Therefore, please suggest something to make me relieved and oblige. Thanking you

  109. Mohammed Hussain says:

    Dear Dr.

    I am 78 I have drynes in scalp result fall of hair along with skin rashes.

    I would feel obliged if kindly suggest me the madicin.

    With kind regards.


  110. Hello Dr. Sharma
    I have severe food intolerances, gluten, dairy, corn, soya, pepper, ginger, eggs, avocado, any type of oil other then coconut and olive oil. I am also severely sensitive to almost all supplements. Aside from stomach distress, i get cold and my head becomes foggy, I get sinus congestion, don’t sleep and in pain the entire next day. this is even if i take a small amount of the substance. What is the best homeopathic supplement for me.

  111. Sir I m having itching problem to my body since last 8 years . I take 1/2 cetrizine alternatively to get relief kindly suggest me

  112. Dr. Sharma this is Abdul please can you help me for the feet treatment I have fungus in my fingers and the sides of my feets need some help with homeopathic meficine

    • I wonder if it is yeast as my husband had the same. Remove sugar and wheat from your diet, eat fermented foods, no processed foods, meat (if you eat meat) and vegetables only. Nothing from a box or can. It worked well for him. good luck!

  113. pigment all overvthe body.specially backward.allegy present. what to do

  114. Zeba Saleemullah says:

    Good afternoon.
    Suddenly my face and neck and behind ears starts itching when I itch red rashes or insect bites appear when I take antihistamine it subsidies. It happens at least 2 to 3 times a week.
    Thanks Zeba

  115. Suparna singha says:

    Sir I m suparna from burdwan..I m suffering from dermatitis problm..around my mouth…sometimes around eyes nd cheek also..always feeling itchy burning sensation……face skin becoming dry…..Sir plz suggest me proper medicine……..I was suffering from pimples I was using berberis aquifolium tincture orally……so what should I do now…plz suggest proper medicine to cure this itchy problm…

  116. Hello Dr
    My 3.7 years old son loves drinking milk or having any of its products. He had light rashes on his cheeks (only cheeks) since he was baby and so we tried all kinds of oil and cream but there wasnt any changes. Recently did his blood test and came to know he is allergic to milk. Started giving him soy milk and avoiding all dairy products. Its very hard to avoid milk and its products as he loves it. Will homeopathic medicine really help this problem? Can he really start having milk again? Please help.
    Thank you

    • .I m suffering from dermatitis problm..around my mouth…sometimes around eyes nd cheek also..always feeling itchy burning sensation……face skin becoming dry…..Sir plz suggest me proper medicine…….…so what should I do now…plz suggest proper medicine to cure this itchy problm…

  117. Dr.Sahib mujey dono tango ke beech me ring guard infection, type ki halki kharish penis jesay sukarta jaraha hai or penis ki jadpar jesay white powder jesa jamsa rahta hai or penis ki top round par charo tarf whitness jali ho jati hai, or wife ke sath intecourse kartay time jalan si hoti hai bohat crem capsol tablet use kia magar koi faida nahi hua hai kirpakar ke muey es bemari say bacho me bohat pareshan hoon, thanks

  118. allergy causing itching and scratching type allergy on body remain for certain times maximum 5to 10 minutes for last three months, please advice me , doctor babu

  119. Hello
    I am Tahir from Denmark.
    I can’t right.
    Can I call you.

  120. Navin lama says:

    Sir, since couple of yrs I have a symptoms of itching, sneezing, running and polyp in my nose and also eczema on the leg. Kindly help to get rid of it. Thank you.

  121. STUTI GUPTA says:

    My husband’s Ige level is 1620. Please state what can I do for reduce the ige levels and also state the name of homeopathic medicine.

  122. Jaiahankar says:

    Sir my daughter name padmapriya. Age 11 years . she is getting alergy immediately if she eats grapes,tomato, lemon &all citrus items. Skin colour is changed reddish, burning accurs.please refer Homio medicine

  123. Ganesh kumawat says:

    Pasina aane par nose running hone lag jate h or sneezing bhi hoti h asa 1 ya2 hour rhta h fir thik ho jata h apne aap kabhi kbhi jyada time bhi ho jata h please give me a proper medicine for this disease

  124. Kiran Gokhale says:

    My daughter diagnosed milk allergy (milk allergen specific I G E 0.22). But she likes too much milk. She took 2 times daily milk. It is very difficult situation for me. Will homeopathy help to treat my daughter( 13 years old)

  125. Kiran Sitole says:

    My daughter diagnosed milk allergy (milk allergen specific I G E 0.22). But she likes too much milk. She took 2 times daily milk. It is very difficult situation for me. Will homeopathy help to treat my daughter( 13 years old)

  126. Sudip Bhattacharya says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,

    My name is Sudip Bhattacharya,42yrs old. Staying at Hosur, Tamilnadu. Here is the climate average cold through out the year ( i.e between 16 to 25Deg ).

    My problem is that every day ( max in winter season ) early in the morning i have sneezed around 10-15 times and my nose totally blocked with mucus. I have gone through allopathy treatment but thry have prescribed some allergic tablet. As a result, when i am taking these medicine i am feeling good again i have to face the same problem.

    Hope, i will get a help from you to overcome this situation.

    Sudip Bhattacharya

  127. Carolyn Hazen says:

    Itchy eyes, a hard bump appearing on the brow area! Just changed shampoo, started weRing perfume!
    I just started s new job!
    And have a lot of stress in my life right now!

  128. Hi dr…. my daughter is 14 yrs old and the minute she opens her eyes she starts sneezing for hours on end at times. Now she also has allergic episodes during the night along with cough and wheezing which wears off on its own. Can u plz suggest some remedy. Thx a lot

    • shehzad khan says:

      i am male, 41 years old suffering from nasal allergy. There is fluent and burning discharge from nose with a lot of sneezing sneezing especially when i woke up i the morning and when i feel cool air passing though and i an take breath through my nose . After sneezing i feel watery eyes. i also got treatment last some month from Allergy center, they gave me injection for three month, but the sneezing not cure properly.
      also one or twice in the year i also suffer from food allergy dizziness and vomiting some time, feeling swear pain in stomach. Plz tell me the medicine and potency.. and dosage. regards.

  129. i m suffering from severe skin allergy since 3 month. when skin starts itching my lips will become big. whole body will itching

  130. Why my 17 years old girl is having piercing pain in lower abdomen pain during periods?

  131. My son 9yrs old is suffering from acute allergic cough and skin eruptions.this condition occurs during winters when air pollution increases…daily I give him montair KC kid…giving him homeopathic medicine also from dr.batra since March but of no use…pls suggest appropriate medicines.


    I am suffering from food allergy like carrot, cabbage,Curd,lentil, dust. Also l am suffering with skin allergy after physical activity. Kindly suggest medicine.

  133. Dr. Ashim Baran De says:

    My grandson is suffering from dust allergy resulting int0 frequent cough & cold. He is aged 10. Can u please suggest a homeo medicine to cure his allergy. Kindly message the name of medicine .Thanks & regards. Ashim Baran De (A cancer patient)

  134. md abu bakar Siddique says:

    Hello sir
    Few month ago I got difficulty in breathing I took lot of medicine bt it did not work then I go homeopathy doctor she proscribed some homeopathy medicine and it works can I relief fully?how long I take this medicine

  135. Dr Mukesh varia .bhms says:

    Hello sir
    I have problem of hearing since I had mumps .
    The problem is since 15yrs
    I can not hear rt side ear there is no other problems without this.
    My age is now 30yr
    Pls suggest me homoeopathic remedies for this .

  136. Dr Mukesh varia .bhms says:

    Hello sir
    I have problem of hearing since I had mumps .
    The problem is since 15yrs
    I can not hear rt side ear there is no other problems without this.
    My age is now 30yr
    Pls suggest me homoeopathic remedies for this .

  137. Reymalen Johansson says:

    Dear doctor,
    My son had been having a mild allergy with egg since 2 months after the second vaccination. It was mild and manageable, I can still be able to give him some. Later on after I go to one of the homeopathic doctor they prescribe rhus Tox for clearing up the allergy,but he said it would take 8 months for the clearing. Since his taking this medication he would developed hives and itching and he gets bleed. He prescribe a cream but doesn’t help.
    Later on seems that his getting sensitive with it…if he take a small amount he itch and scratch so much.
    And I found out that his having more food allergy specially milk. Which I have been using since he was born. And he became more sensitive to it. Not like before he can take them. Now it becomes more worse. Can u please help

  138. Krishan Arora says:

    I have tendency to take cold easily , whether staying in open for some time, uncovered , washing or exposed to drafts these all my triggers n go to incapacitate me for days, no coryza or nose running as mucus memberens are dried up, no cough also as general , But feeling of fatigue, heaviness , irritation , loss of sleep , either difficult to go to sleep or short sleep. Also digestion problems like slow digestion , acid forming, Chilly. During cold get frequent motions , sudden change of weather, AC troublesome , after (dry) cold followed by eruptions in head (rear portion).
    This , I believe started while I was at Udaipur for about ten years.There frequent amobiasis as well. And continuing for about 30 years now. No thioriod problem, Tried many homeopathic medicines but no permanent relief

  139. I am suffering allergic rinitus my tonsillitis pain head and cold occur

  140. Andrea Arsenault says:

    Are here any homeopathic medicines to treat allergy to cats? The symptoms are mostly a runny nose and itchy throat.

  141. Please help me.i am taking of small amount of fresh aelo vera 4days.throing head,and heavy back it allergy? please tell me medicine.Thank you.

  142. Dear Sir,
    My wife is suffering from skin problem like skin rashes/urticaria. After consult from one homeopathic doctor he says and analyse that problem came due to tension/over stress. Can you please suggest what medicine can refer for this problem.

  143. Sir, I have consistent condition of having throat droppings and sort of lumps on upper wall inside mouth just before throat starts whenever I take oil pickles in particular. Situation gets worse after 2 days and it results in sneezing, running nose, mucus starts depositing and then ultimately fever and sinus pains.

    I have tried many homeopathy remedies but in vain. I think i have this nasal allergy of some type.

    Please suggest.

  144. Mousumi Banerjee. says:

    I have various food allergy.egg.milk.grape.guava.crab.lobstar.these are all in grade A.but l have some food allergy minor in other foods also.please advice me.symptoms are pain in belly.dihyria.gass.and mild fever also.

  145. poonam verma says:

    I get difficulty in breathing, sore throat , itching in the throat due to the dust from linens lying in the wooden cupboard, dust mittens . kindly advice.

  146. Biswajit Biswas says:

    My scrotal dermatitis from allergy suffering 5 years, how to solve it? Plz help me

  147. Sir, Mera IGE level 1230 hai. Use kaise control kiya ja Santa hai .

  148. Asoke Kumar Biswas says:

    Respected doctor,
    I am suffering from skin allergy since last 30 yrs at the time of winter season . The oily skin of my face as well as my both hands are changed to dry & micro pieces of husk(like husk from wheat) shown in my face & sculp . At the young stage, the doctor had informed that my blood consist of cold allergy.pleasee advice me sir.

  149. Hi doctor
    I m suffering from wheat allergy.
    Which medicine for wheat allergy ?

  150. JALADHAR SAHU says:

    I am suffering from allergic problem from last about 25 years after some wrong treatment with alopeth medicine. Presently I am suffering rushes on back and front side of neck, back of both ears and chic with little itching. By a local Dr. I given sepia200 twice a day and adviced to apply coconut oil on effected area. I got some relief but satisfactory. I have feel some vision problems also during this period. Kindly advise me for permanent cure or betterment. AGE-57, Male. 67kgs.

    • Asoke Kumar Biswas says:

      Respected doctor,
      I am suffering from skin allergy since last 30 yrs at the time of winter season . The oily skin of my face as well as my both hands are changed to dry & micro pieces of husk(like husk from wheat) shown in my face & sculp . At the young stage, the doctor had informed that my blood consist of cold allergy.pleasee advice me sir.

  151. Medicine for fungal ringwarm disease …i m suffering from 3 months this deasies plzzz tell me top medicine ….

  152. nose a large treat many to help

  153. Sulake Babu Rao says:

    Sir, Namaste. I am aged 60 y, male. My skin getting rashes, itching, burning and get relief from Hot water Bathing. Blood test results is, Esinophils is 10%and AE count is 420 cells/cumm. Kindly suggest me homeo tablets

  154. Govindarajan says:

    I have postnatal drips The mucous gets collected in the throat
    I have to clear it very often
    My feet are burning for last one wk
    Pl suggest mess

  155. Manish Gupta says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    My Daughter is of age 6 yrs.

    She had a severe allergic reaction last month.

    Due to which there was a lot of itching and developed over her entire body and her skin feel like a sand paper.

    The Doctor prescribed Allegra syrup 5ml two times daily and angel skin cream. The treatment last for 15 days

    Now from last week again she is complaining of itching and Doctor has again prescribed the same medicine.

    I request you to kindly suggest a homeopathic medicine with dose for her as I want to treat this allergy problem from root.

  156. I am constantly suffering with head ache and ear pain and sorethroat. Mucus is coming from head to throat always associated with headache.

  157. Anoop Gupta says:

    Lips swelling and itching in body for a 4yrs boy kid….

  158. My son IGE level is 1200

  159. I have dust allergy,cold allergy.

  160. Vaibhav Nakade says:

    Sir ,I am from navimumbai. I am suffering eye allergy last 5 years but I don’t get complete relief from my eye allergy . I was treated also from eye eye straggerd red and irritating .please help me

  161. Bibhas Chandra Kar says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am suffering with cold allergy from last two year. My age 34 years. Also suffering with ear & eye eatchig. Please help.

    Bibhas Kar

  162. Dear sir i am from south korea .last 6 month i am suffering from sneezing & nose itch as well how to treatment plz gime me any suggesstion

  163. Dipannwita sen says:

    Dear sir,my wife very seriously suffering from cold allergy.her age is 29.last 3yrs she suffering from it.when she sneeze at least 10-15 sneeze at a tress happen.when she coughing she cough at least 15min.chest connection is very high.we all r mentally tired due to kindly give me some suggestion about it as early as possible.

  164. Ludvica Ferreira says:

    My daughter has skin allergy. In the evening big hives appear and there is swelling of the lip.What shoud I do?5

  165. RITA BANNORE says:

    Sir u did notmention anything about sugar intolerance

  166. Juana wooldridge says:

    I am allergic to my dog. I also have ashtma. And mild Copd

  167. Namastey
    My husband is 62 yrs of age.Four yrs back he got his angioplasty done 2 stents were put.
    4 months back he developed hiatus hernia so medies are being given for that since last 11/2 antaacidand 1 med for mobility of muscles in the esophagus.
    Now since past week he has rashes in hands head ears nose and lips.5 days of antiallergy tablets given they subsided but now they are back again.
    Please suggest medicines.

  168. Scratching all over body especially in the night.

  169. Hrishikesh Roy says:

    My wife is aged about 58 years. had the following problems and was treated. Incidentally she has developed some problems. I can put below the problems,treatment and latest position,if you can help please.

    1. Her health is bulky.
    2. Hight approx 5 ft
    3. Complexion bright dark.
    4. Cannot bear too hot, too cold.
    5. likes to eat rice fish and vegetables.
    6. No special affinity to any special food observed.

    1. Initially suffering from acidity. Developed pain in the back and chest.
    2. Endoscopy done and detected Pre-pyloric ulcer.
    3. Medication done. Enliva( antacid), Lactifiber,(isabgul), Pepsiguard(sucralfate) got relief but not cured fully.some small amount of pain still persists.
    4. Developed: Tastelessness.
    5. Doctor suggested to visit. ENT specialist. Who could not find anything wrong. Suggested for Liver Function test. No adverse finding come out.
    6. She was taking Eltoxin for hypothyroid, which was stopped as it was within the range 1.28.
    7.In the mean time according to doctors advice MRI of brain done to detect if anything wrong in the olfactory nerve.
    8. Nothing come out.
    9. Again after MRI, Face , actually orbit of the eye swollen and it has become difficult to see.
    10. Several eye specialists consulted: No defect in eye noticed excepting Cataract.Some treatment for allergy was undergone. Alittle relief but not cured and still persisting.
    11. Nasal blockade and breating problem developed. Nasal endoscope done and infection was found and treated. Relieved but not cured fully.
    12. Abscess very near to left collar bone developed. Incision done and pus, blood pulled out.
    Curing slowly with dressing.
    13. A small lump developed on the chest lower part of right breast, not yet trated.

    Feeling Morosed, Fatigued,Not interested in anything.
    I am confused , which specialist can I visit. Is there any Homoeopathy treatment possible? Please suggest. I shall be thankful to you.

  170. Neha singh says:

    Hello dr.
    My son has allergy from like smoke,pollution,etc
    In a month he get sick.he starts coughing badly.after that he do vomit.
    Plz suggest med.

  171. Hi sir I am sanju . And my problem is that my mother has a severe infection on skin from 4 years even she uses homeo medicine from last 4 years but there is no result.
    The doctor where she using medicine has put his hands up and he doesn’t treat my mother end he is saying the treatment will take above 10 years
    But we didn’t using any medicine right now we are help less please suggest me sir

  172. krishana kumar says:

    alopathic medicine like mostly pain killer react me.. after taking it I suffer from itching and asthmatic problem.. tell me the proper homeopathic medicines for aliphatic reaction.

    • Hi Doctor,
      my wife get drug allergy from few days.
      even taking crocin they immed get red raches on face at immed effects andafter a few seconds getting breathing problem.
      need cure.
      kindly confirm what will i do and if i want to meet you. how can we meet you.

  173. My son have nosal alergy since last two years. He is 7years old.cough and fluxes trouble him in night and in the morning. So please advice medir

  174. SK biswakarma says:

    My grandson suffering from the skin rashes hives like whole body since 3days. He is 2yrs 6 months old. Eyes n mouth swallow, itching whole body, once doctor advice for immune development medicine also few days before. Pls advice good medicine for him.

  175. Dear Doctor,

    I am writing to inform you that i have been suffering from allergy for last 3 years. I dont know about the reasons.But the symptoms are as follows;
    1- i feel itching in my head and on the different part of my body
    2- Rashes and bumps on my skin

    I used to take Zyretic pills (Alloepatic medicine) to get rid of allergy,but this is not a permenet treatment.If i dont take Zyretic pill after two days the allergy symptoms are started again.

    Please advise me homeopathic medicine for treatment of my allergy.

    Best Regards,

  176. Neelima Tiwary says:

    Hello Sir, I have severe dust allergy. It starts with continuous sneezing, itching and redness around nose, irritation in throat, running nose, headache and watery eye. I take cetrizine or Allegra 30 for that. But nowadays it reoccurs very frequently. Need a guidance in this.

  177. After angio plasty twice in 2005 and 2010 developed skin problem especially in hands and souls of feet like peeling of skin, oozing of water/blood , developing cuts on hands and feet. Had allopathic treatment for a long time no remedy. Drs considered it as psoraious. Recently got IgE tests done . Findings are igG 1239 IGM 79 IGA 272 C4 34.80 C3 141.80 IGE499.20

  178. Utpal Bhattacharya says:

    i am suffering with the symptoms of nasal allergy i.e frequent sneezing with runny nose and watery and itching eyes for the last one year . When i take some anti allergic allopathic medicine it disappears for 2 to 3 days. But after 2-3 days the symptoms returns. Is there any medicine under homeopathic system to get rid of those allergy symptoms permanently. Thanking you.

  179. Angela Moxey says:

    Hi Dr my dog keeps itching around his nose and
    And his eyes and paws! Have tried different
    Foods but he still scratching and he has no
    Fleas! The vet has prescribed Apoquel 3.6mg
    But there are many side affects and very costly
    And l know Homeopathy works for animals too
    Could you please help ? Many thanks!


    I am suffering from 4 years hyper cough allergy as a Dust & every perfume.
    So I kindly request to you please suggest to me homeopathy medicine.

  181. Sir I am A allergic patient of Food such But ,roasted groundnuts, Milk sweet ,soyabeen ,Chicken, Sweet ,roasted chicken, Tobako products, Some drugs like sulpha group, sir my symptums are skin etching ,muddle reaches in skin .sir which drug suit me please please write me

  182. William DSouza says:

    Hello Dr…..I have suddenly developed itching specially after taking bath and my IEG is around 296….local Dr. has prescribed Allegra 180 which is not giving me any relief. I did the allergy test which shows, some pollen and some cheese allergy. I take fish regularly. and I take daily 2-3 almonds and walnuts. can you please prescribe me some homeopathic medicine. Thanks

  183. naz sultana says:

    My son 34 and daughter 27 suffer from sneezing the moment they get up in the morninge followed by watery nasal discharage. its happening since last 4/5 years. took several medicine but their is no relief. kindly suggest some medicine. thanx

  184. Neela Dasgupta says:

    I am allergic to eggs, brinjal, Ladies finger, Arui, kochu, poi sag, dal lintels, nuts, wheat, maida products, milk, sea fish, gluten, mango, grapes, banana, pine apple, jackfruit, coconut, peanuts almond milk wheat protein gluten product.I am under Homeopathy treatment,but all in vain. Kindly suggest some medicine.

  185. Hi,I am 20 years old I was having an allergic problem since two days ago as usual I am a chronic anxiety person.I was prescribed to take arsenic album200c for 2 days but after taking that the symptons get worsened and also my anxiety level increases.So,please tell me what should I do now

  186. akash singh says:

    I am 11th years old I have problem watering nose and eye .couph and sneezind suddenly more frequently in morning and evening

  187. डाक्टर साहब
    मेरे दोनों पैरों में तीन साल से ठंड आते ही खुजली,जलन, बहुत छोटी फुंसियां रोज रात में आग पड़ती है।गर्म पानी से जलन होती है।खुजलाना शुरू किया तो हाथ नहीं हटापाता ।बाड़ी बटर,बाड़ी लोशन लगाने जर्मकटर लगानेसेआराम पड़ता है।sulphur ,rustox से आराम पड़ा था। ठीक नहीं हुआ। अब sulphur के साथ apismellifica सोचा है। कृपया बताएं क्या लूं।
    पीके जैन शिवपुरी मप्र

    • डाक्टर साहब
      मेरे दोनों पैरों में तीन साल से ठंड आते ही खुजली,जलन, बहुत छोटी फुंसियां रोज रात में आग पड़ती है।गर्म पानी से जलन होती है।खुजलाना शुरू किया तो हाथ नहीं हटापाता ।बाड़ी बटर,बाड़ी लोशन लगाने जर्मकटर लगानेसेआराम पड़ता है।sulphur ,rustox से आराम पड़ा था। ठीक नहीं हुआ। अब sulphur के साथ apismellifica सोचा है। कृपया बताएं क्या लूं।
      पीके जैन शिवपुरी मप्र

  188. Dr I’m allergic to chicken and eggs, I had chicken yesterday afternoon today my neck is all red and itchy, burns, like needle pricks on neck, face is red too what’s the medication for this

  189. Hi Dr. Sharma sir. My self feroz Shaikh and I’m from parbhani, Maharashtra. Sir muje 3.5 saal SE allergy ki
    Samsya hai. Aur allopathic, Ayurveda SE ab tak zindagi chalte aayi hai. But 100% benefits nahi Mila.
    My problems are 1) naak block hona2)naak SE paani bahena 3)saans ke nali me cough aatkna(main and danger)4)aur saanso SE whistle ki aawaz aana.5)continuously chhinke aana. In problems waali allergy ke liye please respected sir homeopathic dawa ka naam bataayiyega….. Please again

  190. kumara chandra sekhar Jannabhatla says:

    Dr. Vikas Ji ! I came from India to America. I have skin allergy (psoriosis) previously. Because of that I was getting itches and rashes on foot only. But after coming America I think I got allergy of nuts. I may not be correct. But wounds or hives are forming on my face and in the ears. If it is on the face I can see and try to take care of it. But when it forms in the ear, It is not possible for me to take care of. What is the medicine you suggest.
    My personal information is: I am 63 Years old, pure vegetarian. from Andhra Pradesh, India. I have to stay for one and half month in America.

  191. A.B.M.Ismail. says:

    I Husually get allery after dye on the skin of head,hands.How can i get rid of that.

  192. I’m suffering from nasal, in winters and respiratory problem specially during night and early morning with sneezing and cough and after cough nose water start flowing I ‘ ve problem specially with dust cold direct air flow pollution. Kindly suggest a treatment for me.

  193. sanjay dubey says:

    मेरी बेटी 5 वर्ष 6 माह की है। वह अक्सर खांशी और जुकाम से परेशान रहती है। हम लोग lansdowne (उत्तराखंड) जो कि hill station है , मे रहते है। कई doctors को दिखाया परंतु थोड़ा आराम मिलने के बाद फिर वह परेशान होने लगती है। खांशी रुकती ही नही है। लगातार खांशती रहती है । please कोई उपचार बताएं ।

    संजय दुबे
    केन्द्रीय विद्यालया lansdowne
    मो; 7579449058

  194. Sanjana Raul says:

    আমর মেয়ের গায়ে সব সময় চুলকায় এবংগ হাঁচি হয় ও নাক জল পরে .

  195. Sanjana Raul says:

    আমর মেয়ের গায়ে সব সময় চুলকায় এবংগ হাঁচি হয় ও নাক জল পরে .

  196. I am suffering from dust allergy when I drive bike I feel continued dry coughing. Same as when I inhale stronge smell.but I feel not any wheezing and chest blood report normal.

  197. Deepak Yadav says:

    I’m suffering from nasal, skin allergies and respiratory problem specially during night. I ‘ ve problem specially with dust cold direct air flow pollution. Kindly suggest a treatment for me.

    • Dilbag singh says:

      Suffering from cold, dust anf sessional allergy since 50 years. No pathy works. Kindly suggest some medicines with doze and prevention.

  198. I had what I believe is a reaction today, I bought a sandwich and as I finished I felt severe stomach cramps, soon after burning in my throat followed by heart beating very fast I knew somthing wasn’t right, I believe this was some sort of reaction to what I ate. I now this evening several hours after have itching over my body. can I get tested? And should I take treatment. It was a scary experience I felt out of control of the situation.

  199. Sir one lady suffering form allergy since 1.5 years she was given sulpher, urtica uren, arsenic alb,natrum mur, metadornium, but there is no effect of medicine still she is taking english medicine (alopathy) what to do naxt please advise.

  200. I am suffering for allergy in nose regular itching and also in eyes allergy

  201. Nilam moghal says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    My son having very bad allergy when ever he sweats,
    Eat egg n from dust too he itches a lot n the rash appears. I’m also having allergic problem my head face neck ears hands arms n legs itches a lot n it swollen . Can u please help me to suggest homeopathic medicine .

  202. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    My son having very bad allergy when ever he sweats,
    Eat egg n from dust too he itches a lot n the rash appears. I’m also having allergic problem my head face neck ears hands arms n legs itches a lot n it swollen . Can u please help me to suggest homeopathic medicine .

  203. Dear sir my wife is suffering a lot for skin alergy due to any bite of mosquito or ant.after the bite of them her skin looks like a pimples or hill top with some days extension .pls solution the problems.

  204. S V V S Prasad says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I have gastrointestinal problems since last 15 years. Since 6 months I am getting severe stomach problems like bloating, belching, excess gas, flatulence, abdominal pain as soon as after eating especially in the case of foods like egg, milk, tea,coffee,chicken,mutton etc. I also tried homeopathy medicines nux vomica,lycopodium,pulsatilla, carboveg,sulphur but I am not get cured. I am vexed with medicines and not bearing this problem.

    Kindly suggest me some good remedy to get relief permanently

  205. Hashmi Fatima says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    I have allergy in throat from the past 2-3 months. It feels like sore throat. I feel some cough in my throat but there is no cough. Initially I thought it will get cure on its own. after that i took sme allopathic treatment but the relief was temporary.

    Kindly suggest me some remedy

  206. Ramesh yadav says:

    आदरणीय डॉक्टर साहब
    मैं विगत 5 वर्षों से crohons desease से पीड़ित हूं। पाचन बिल्कुल कमजोर हो चुका है ।केवल मूँग की दाल और चावल मुख्य भोजन है।spicey food, junkfood, acidic food,oil,suger can not digest .condition worse in cold air or hot air.sun light also trigger the symptomps .environment affects the symptoms too much.
    Kindly suggest me some remedy

  207. nagalingam says:

    i have nasal allergic problem for the lost 20 years. sometime itching in the palm.mostly nasal block especially during night time and thick whit colour sticky mucus from nose . no respiratory problem. allopathic doctor says this only due to allergy. i am unable to breath due to nasal congestion. i already take homeopathy and Ayurvedic medicine. but no use. I have GERD problem and diabetic ,B.P problem .kindly prescribe good medicine for this perennial problem.

  208. Melissa Dennis says:

    I was asleep and I think I brushed dried cortisone cream into my eye. I got a chemical pink eye type reaction and the jelly over it is lumpy and disfigured. How do I cure this problem or what should I do? is it serious?

  209. Parmar jetmal.c says:

    I am 25 year old boy I have a cold air allergy from last 8 year ….rainy nose – nose block- breathing problems- in night…all symptoms seen in night cold weather…I have taken rota cap for Cipla every night plzzz help sir… thank you

  210. Gopalghare mahadev says:

    Dear Dr.sharma sir,
    I am 32 year old ,I have suffering from allergy of skin since 2014 .I had taken tratment from allopathy few year but not succed that .I have also Do allergy test (food test ) Report said no Specific allergy of food but very very low chance potato,graps,banana,masroom..
    Actually my symtoms are itchy over hall body ,trottle ,ear,leg. Came red rash on skin..really I tired taking..the citrezin. Please…give me advise..

  211. Gopalghre mahadev says:

    Dear Dr.sharma sir,
    I am 32 year old ,I have suffering from allergy of skin since 2014 .I had taken tratment from allopathy few year but not succed that .I have also Do allergy test (food test ) Report said no Specific allergy of food but very very low chance potato,graps,banana,masroom..
    Actually my symtoms are itchy over hall body ,trottle ,ear,leg. Came red rash on skin..really I tired taking..the citrezin. Please…give me advise..

  212. I am suffering from urticaria for last two and half months. On reading your site, I took apis Mel 30 four times a day (2 drops) in a day . Relief for three days but itching and burning reappeared today in the evening. Request suggest the treatment . Thanks Dr.

  213. Ramesh Naicker says:

    Dear sir,

    I am Ramesh ,my son age two years old. He is facing skin allergy whenever eating eggs, fish,fran,unable to sleep well.
    One year before found asthma problem he got treatment alapathy medicine(English medicine) for one year now wheezhing problem solved, he is ok.but skin allergy problem still going on always usig fingers for skin scratches ,patches.
    Kindly give treament or advice for my son.

    Thanks& regards

    • Dr. Joydeep Adhikari says:

      U just notice ur son that chest complaint and the allergy r vice versa or not. plz judge the condition of chest complaint during allergy. and when chest complaint appear notice about allergy

  214. Ashok Lalchandani says:

    I get itching around the time I prepare to go to bed.
    The itching is violent and lasts between 30 minutes to sometimes an hour.
    The itching happens every time after taking a bath. But this lasts about 10-15 Minutes.
    Has grown progressively worse sins last 4-5 Months.
    I am closing my business which I have run for 34 years.
    I am 69 Years old.
    Please advise as I am desperate.
    Have been taking BP Medicines since 35 years and have diabetes since 11 years which is usually under control with allopathic medicines

  215. Mrs hanif says:

    I am 59 year old. I m having redness on cheeks with small red pimples. Worsen while cooking that is with heat.

  216. Dr.

    I have allergy which I am not able to find the cause exactly, my symptoms are, itchy eyes,lips, ears and it gradually its all over my body starting from head to toe. I have been on citrezin for almost 2 years now but even this citrezin my case is worst around this time of the year. Especially my eyes in the corner towards the nose it irritates like any thing that sometimes I feel as if some has gone in, I really need to rub hard. It waters but not badly. I am almost becoming dependent on citrezin which I don’t think is good. Pls advice. I from Thimphu, Bhutan

  217. Sir,
    I m 38 years old,l m suffering from nasal allergy from15 years.after running and sneezing nose & eyes,allergy effect on my chest,my chest blocked just like a asthma patient.I dosenot go enywhere & dosenot eat or drink like other normle peoples .l alrdy use Briyonia 200 (5 drop 3 time)
    Teucrum mur 200 (5 drop 3 time)
    Limna minor 200 (5 drop 3 time)
    Calc.flour 6X ( 4 tablet 3 time)
    but dosnt effect .please any medicen for me.

  218. I am 52 years old I suffering dust allergy sir I suffered running nose sneezing and mouth itching . I allerady used homeo medicine but there is no worked sir please refer best medicines. Thankyou very much sir .

    • Sangeeta Singhal says:

      I am 45 ears old . I am suffering from throat allergy i.e. left lateral cervical lymphadenitis
      I feel cough in my throat and pain in my chest. And dark circles are also increased under my eyes.
      So what should i do and give me some suggestions.

    • pradeep kumar bura says:

      Dear Dr.Sharma,
      In a hot humid warm weather specially in the room/after taking shower when drying up with towel. after drying my skin starts to itch like needles pricking,burning sensation, itching mostly on back and stomach, for about 15-25 minutes and skin remains normal. (As I come out of bathroom and use air conditioner/under the fan above feeling is bearable) whole day I am fine. Reaching home in the stuffy weather evening again starts for about 15-25 minutes and then fine. Noticed in stuffy/humid weather/closed room. Winters it is there after shower but bearable. In winters I walk about 3 km in the morning, it fine. Warm weather I cannot go for walk/exercise/ restricted to sitting.
      I wish to start homeopathic medicines not Allopathic. Age about 60 year, suffering for last 10-12 years,
      using no medicines for anything so far. Hope you will guide.

  219. jitendra bhalerao says:

    my skin allergy i s in the form of urticarial rashes with severe itching more in evening mostly after finishing my routine ,i have done allergy test which suggest the allergy to tomato,ginger,rice,mustard and mites pl tell me the medicine

  220. Respected Sir,
    Thank you so much for the information shared on the website.
    I want your valuable suggestion for my daughter aged 2 yrs 3 months. She is having sever allergy. Based upon general physician recommendation we had conducted an IgE test where the result was 590.50 IU/mL.
    He suggested us to avoid anything which my daughter is showing symptoms of allergy. Despite of tracking her food and daily environment details we are still facing drastic illness.

    Usually she gets:
    1.Dry and frequent coughing, sever whizzing followed by breathlessness and asthmatic condition. (within an hour it aggravates). Many times it ends up in getting antibiotic doses followed by nebulization to stop the asthmatic condition.
    Suspecting Dust, mounting of dark cloudy sky, cold wind
    2. Skin redness and rash : She is having very dry skin and get rashes and redness and very itching after applying some cream taking to cooler place reduces the redness.

    I shall be very much thankful to you if you kindly suggest how to handle this with homeopathy.

    Best Regards,

  221. Lorri Marks says:

    Hello. I am a 45 year old female living on the east coast. I have had pretty severe allergies for 5 years now. They mostly are in my eyes, creating dark circles under each eye. I wake up with headaches in my brow and around my eyes. I have discharge occasionally from my eyes as well. Sometimes I wake up with dry residue in the corners of my eyes. My eyes are itchy at times, red most often and puffy. They sting too. I have a stuffy nose and sneeze everyday. My symptoms are year round and I notice they become worse when it rains. I am currently seeing an allergist who administers shots. I’ve been doing this while taking prescription allergy medication. During my skin test, the doctor found I was allergic to all of the plants, trees and grass in my area. I am allergic to mold the most. Even with his treatment of shots and medication (about a year now of treatment), I don’t feel any better.
    I recently visited the west coast and was completely cured of my allergies during my stay. Once returning to the east coast, all my symptoms returned. I find that medication and allergy shots are not working or possibly the treatment is slow going. I am curious to know if there is a natural remedy for relief. I would prefer to do something natural that will subside or even cure my allergy problem. I appreciate any suggestions you may have. Thank you for your time.

  222. Hi, I have had numetrous tests and was told I have a general allergy, which had a big name I can’t remember. I have been taking daily, some days twice a day, citerizine tablets(tried all others and only these work) for at least 6 years. Sone days they do not work abd if I miss a day I get hive’s, vety itchy on random patts of legs/ankles, arms, face and almost anywhere on my body. I have violent sneezing that sometimes hurts and cinstant runny nose or feeling like it needs blowing but nothing us there(I constantly get adked if I have cold again!!) My sinuses have a constant blocked feeling and the noises I maje when sleeping are far louder than notmal snoring, and occur no matter what position I sleep in. All of this has got me down from time to time and I feel tired when ive slept 8 hours. Having tried all coventional medications over the years I am more than willing to try homeopathic remedies. Please help. Thank you

  223. Dr hare krishna,
    my frd when ever taking any medicine like crocin sumo Disprin get allergy rashes on all body and within 15 min get breathless. kindly suggest what to do and where to consult.

  224. My daughter is 12 years old. Her blood IgE value is ~900. She is suffering from frequent skin rashes and itching for the last 3 years. Is there any homeopathic solution and cure to this problem. Please help me in this matter.

    A K Pal

  225. Dr.j.d.tarsariya says:

    Pt girl age 11 yrs which have complaint of suddenly swelling on eyes and ear lobes and on fingers ..But allergy not known.itching present..
    So advice homoeopathic medicine on this query..

    From dr.j.d.tarsariya

  226. Sangeeta Singhal says:

    I am suffering from throat elergy and gilty from 1 year .which medicine i take

  227. My son is 5 years old and he has been diagnosed with alergic rhinitis. He sneezes 5- 6 tunes a day though with homoepathic medicin the disease is on mend. It has been 25 days he taking the homeo medicines. My question is in how much time he will get fully cured with homoepathic medicine. I think the medicin is working very slow.

  228. Hello Doctor,
    Im 24 yrs old past 12 yrs have been suffering in IGE problem and my IGE level is 1100. Is there treatment available in homeopathy for complete cure. Kindly suggest me something.

  229. Hello sir. Suffering wid alergie itching problem some tym dere s red sign on body while itching plz tell me best homeopathic medicine

  230. Tony Gayen says:

    Sir i am suffer for 1 year high igi age 24 igi level is 450..i am consult medicine doctor and he prascripe me for leeta tablet 6 month i took this tablet but did not any relefe…sir plz rpl ham avi ka karu…dr sir pls rpl….

  231. Akhtar Hasnain says:

    I observe whenever i take any sweet things sugar or fruits etc. I got fever and it only goes after taking Paracetamol tablet. Please suggest best Homepathy medicine cureable to sweets allergy

    Patient name : Akhtar Hasnain age 55 , wg. 58

  232. Damisetti Satyanarayana says:

    Dear Doctor.
    My wife suffers from continuous Cough with throat irritation caused by any kind of smell and dust) Agarbatti smole, scents from masala or spices and scents from tobaco or cigarets.We have consulte many Doctors,but no problem they say.Every one says ,it is from elergy,but no medine cured the problem.Can you please suggest any Homeo medicine for it

  233. I have a serious lower back L4-5 disc pushing into my spinal cord. I am very reluctant to have surgery . Always believed Homeopathic was real but never followed it.
    Any advice you might give to me?

    Thanks, Michael 760 758-5455 Vista, ca.

  234. Abhishek Chattopadhyay says:

    Good afternoon dr. My daughter 6yr 8 months suffering from allergy which is mainly affecting her during summer though the exact allergen yet to detect. It is small red coloured itchy sometimes blistery or rash mainly on open parts of legs, hands, chin but sometimes under covered skin also.last night 23/6/17 after dinner she developed itchy rash with swellings on mostly of her left side of face, ear,neck and few on her hands. I took her to local homeo doctor (whom i frequently meet for that purpose ) & he gave 2 medicines (name not mentioned ),bt i am in dilemma whether it work properly as he is treating her since her childhood days bt could not find proper treatment of it.plz advise me.
    Abhishek Chattopadhyay , P.O. Malda, Dist. Malda, WEST BENGAL

  235. Dear sharmaji

    We live in the bay area in ca , usa for 5 years now.
    We have been having cough off and on. Tried most of the remedies in homoeo. Drosera, hepar, spongia.
    The cough is deep has a rattling sound accompanied by sneezing.
    My grandson also has asthma 5 year old. Fair and a bit pale. His cough is debilitating.
    Please advise. I have been on homoeo all my life. Am 61
    Swear by homoeo

  236. Ashok Kumar Bansal says:

    skin rash, itching and swelling on face, ears and neck. There is a possibility of reaction to hair dyes I often /regular use. I am suffering from sudden hives with violent itching and burning follow every alternate two to three days. Took citrazene for immediate relief. Now I have to take every third day to get relief.
    Please suggest any Homeopathy remedy to get cure permanently.I am 49 years old.male.

    Ashok kumar Bansal

  237. Dear Dr Sharma
    For me everything started three to 4 weeks ago when i went to take vitamin b12 injections. Reaction was skin rush on my legs, hands, and now i woke up with swollen lips and eyes. It seems that it does not stop but become worst. I feel pain inside my body, my stool is loose and and probably my immune system is very weak. What do you suggest to take. vesna
    Tis year i am 60.

  238. Mahedh Narayan Shukla says:

    Drar Dr.Sharma
    I am 39 years old.My allergy test report shows IgE-533 KUL & body is sensitive to House dust,House dust mite, Parthrnium as well as pulses(Arhar dal),Mustard,cumin,Almonds &Pollens, resulting in runny nose(cold) from last 26years.
    Please help me in this regard.
    Thank you.

  239. Aranya Mondal says:

    Homeo remedy for a boy of 16 suffering from itching just after bath,with Ige1032

  240. Patauddin says:

    Sir. I am 27 y old.i suffered last 6 years allergy,sneezing.itching.rhinitis. can’t control it.tell me how it is solve?kindly tell me.

  241. SHANTHI. T says:

    gd mg mam i am having dust, cold allergy. if i exposed i will get throat pain,itching and some secretion from throat. at the same time i am having eye allergic conjunctivitis also. please suggest for treatment. this i am having since 8 months.

  242. Baldev Sagoo says:

    Hi Dr Sharma ,
    I have been reading your articles regularily on your website .The information posted is really very helpful to mankind .Please do continue the noble job.May God bless you and your team.


    I am having dust allergy and even in cleaning home or travelling and if dust goes in my noes I started running nose, sneezing continuously with water from the eyes. Due to this I sometimes feel problem in breathing as well. Please guide me in resolving this illness permanently through homeopathic medicine. Which medicine should i take and in which manner.
    I shall be glad if you help me in this regards.

  244. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I am a 51 year old female, and I have been suffering from red splotches/small rash spots on my face for approximately one-and-a-half to two months now. Even though I have different food allergies and stomach sensitivities, the red spots (and one somewhat raised red spot, and another spot that sometimes appears red and dry/peeling a little) did not start occurring until I used, stopped, and then re-used certain skin products — particularly vitamin A skin serum and vitamin E oil, along with a combination of these and certain moisturizers for my face. The skin rash is present in the following areas: on my eyelids, under my eyes, in my left dimple area, and on the left and right sides of my mouth — along with a spot that recently appeared on the left side of my upper chin. Also, I have a small spot on the left side of my upper lip. Yesterday, I went to my dermatologist and I told her I still have these rash spots — even though I have stopped using the serum and the oil at least one-and-a-half to two weeks ago. Of course, she told me to stop using the serum and the oil — which I did yesterday; though I still was using a little light moisturizer under my eyes up until yesterday, which I also told her about; I am also using a cover up stick to hide these red spots. As a result, the doctor gave me samples of the following products: Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser, and CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion. She also prescribed a topical corticosteroid called Mometasone Furoate ointment; the directions on the container say to apply a thin coat once a day, even though she verbally told me to apply it twice per day. After I purchased and applied the product two times (once yesterday and once today), I saw a statement in the “Warnings and Precautions” box which reads as follows: “Reversible HPA axis suppressions with the potential for glucocorticosteroid insufficiency after withdrawal of treatment, Cushing’s syndrome, and hyperglycemia may occur due to systemic absorption… Modify use should HPA axis suppression develop.” This became extra worrisome to me, especially since I was actually diagnosed with adrenal fatigue/insufficiency a few months ago — and have been displaying and feeling the symptoms of such fatigue/insufficiency for years now. I know that if I tell the doctor about this, she will probably brush off my comment and tell me that this sort of reaction can never occur from an ointment. I also read in the instruction pamphlet that the actual integrity of the skin can become further compromised by administering this topical corticosteroid.

    Can you please tell me if it sounds as if I have eczema, hives or uticaria to you, or something different altogether — and what you think it is that I am suffering from exactly? Also, can you please provide me with the homeopathic remedy that you think will best suit me in my particular situation, and to help someone like me who has extra sensitive skin? Lastly, can you recommend a very good homeopathic, or similar natural remedy for the elimination — and/or prevention or lessening (the appearance) — of wrinkles, sensitive skin and the like?

    I would appreciate any and all help that you can provide. Thank you so much, and I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

  245. रमाकांत says:

    डॉ. शर्मा सर,
    मुझे नाक व गले मे अॅलर्जी की तकलीफ है. कफ गले मे उतरता है. उससे गलेमे काफी इचिंग होता है. कभी नाक मे असहनीय खुजली होती है. गले मे कफ की वजह से मे बहोत परेशान हू. कृपया मुझे उपाय बताए. कौनसी मेडिसीन लेनी चाहिेए और उसके डोस कितने होने चाहिये, कृपया बताने की कृपा करे. धन्यवाद. रमाकांत

  246. Sir I am suffering from hair dye allergy plz guide me for the same. It is so serious problem. Which is present on my whole body.. So I don’t know what to do. Plz do something.

  247. Iftikhar ahmad says:

    Dear sir, I am suffering in skin allergy when I am eating hot food or spicy food like pigon Goshat , fish so that after eating i am suffer irritation in hand foot and also on neck and in head and many time irritation and swelling on anal.
    Pls tell me proper treatment and any homeopathic medicine.

  248. Rakesh Kumar Yadav says:

    Dear Sir,
    This is to inform you that, I am suffering from cold alergy since 12 years , dust allergy etc. Kindly early reply is requested.

  249. Thanks so but my question is first help…Please answer my My douther need to help is with Edema of lead-inducing tooth … allergic is ФРОМ FLOWER ,POWDER…… Please support and urgent advice … OM SHANTI

  250. Hello Dr Sharma,
    Can you please recommend medicine for birch pollen allergies with extreme itching in eyes, throat, palate and ears. I also have watery eyes and nasal discharge.

  251. rangarao says:

    sir , rangarao, age 65, allergy on opening old books in a rack, nose watery discharge ,,,then after one day nose blocks, allergy for ground nuts also…same nasal problem, numbness/constriction of back and head also aggravation for more heat weather and more cold weather, likes moderature temperature, likes bath with moderate water, can not bath with hot water or cold water… takes care more about health… general mind symptoms are fear, seems very cool but when contradiction or other, gets angry, scolds, beats also if they are family members…pl suggest a homeo remedy…

  252. Sanjeev Kumar Sood says:

    Respected Doctor
    I am suffering with skin allergies dry eczema . My skin parts like eyes both side , testicles,left soulders back side are black spots
    Dear sir when I consume curd lme and sour items itches increase in effected are
    With regards
    Sanjeev Kumar Sood
    Age 59
    B P 90-130
    Color. Wheatish
    Nature hote

  253. Sreedhar says:

    Namaste sir
    This is sreedhar from Mysore karnataka
    My wife 31 yrs is suffering frm SLE. With joint pain lesions frm past 4 yrs she is taking ayurvedic treatment .from last 7 months she is suffering with persisting chronic cough and itiching with red large rashes all over the body still she is taking ayurvedic medicine it is getting better but worst what is the reason give suggestion doctor

    • Sreedhar says:

      Namaste sir
      This is sreedhar from Mysore karnataka
      My wife 31 yrs is suffering frm SLE. With joint pain lesions frm past 4 yrs she is taking ayurvedic treatment .from last 7 months she is suffering with persisting chronic cough and itiching with red large rashes all over the body still she is taking ayurvedic medicine it is not getting better but worst what is the reason give suggestion doctor

  254. Surinder Chawla says:

    Hi Sir,

    This is surinder chawla from Australia and i have severe allergy from cold. I have severe runny nose, frequent sneezing, pulp in nose. Please prescribe medicine.
    Age 49 Male

  255. Sushma jain says:

    I have too much allergy, feeling rashes any time. I do not know what the reason but I feel when I come out and enter or change of clothes to come from office. I take medicines for cardiomyopathy, diabetic. But do not know what is the cause for allergy, it can be done to food,medicines or temperature change. Please suggest me . Thanks.

  256. zahid mahmood says:

    i have perineal allergic rhinitis
    symptoms are nose block, frequent sneezing, runny nose, irritation in nose, increase in inside home and cold air
    please prescribe treatment Age 50

  257. Badri Prasad says:

    Sir I’m Badri prasad from Biswanath,,, sir I am suffering from Ellergy in throat inside last month and I took alopathic medicine and I got relief for few days but now I am feeling same again…. I am feeling Ellergy in throat with some cough and some pain…. So I want to have homeo treatment now so kindly guide me some for my recent problem…
    Thanking sir

  258. P SIVA RAMA KRISHNA says:

    Dear Dr.

    My wife has allergic cough and blocking nose. She gets vomiting sometimes along with wet cough. And she has also extreme tiredness and fatigue. When she gets cough, she coughing continuously nearly 15 minutes with out taking breathe. Please suggest the homeo medicines and usage of medicines.

  259. Muhammad Munir says:

    Dear Dr.
    My daughter had an allergy when the wheat season started and thrasher machines runs for wheat separation from wheat plant ,it create a dust in atmosphere, now a days she is suffering from chest congestion , shortage of berating in chest, some times fever,dry cough. Medical docotrs uses Detalcortal,inhaler and other antibiotics,
    kindly suggest me some homoeopathic remedy for her I will be so thankful to you

  260. Hi doctor
    I m suffering from sun allergy .within few minutes My skin become very itchy and red with hives .is there any medications for that.

  261. DHRUV DEO SINGH says:

    I am suffering from sneezing, fluent discharge from nose from 10 days ago. I am taking alopathic medicine. But no relief. so please advise me homeopathic treatment/ medicine.

  262. I am having allergy by cold, nose and eye burning. I am taking citrazine tablate for this desease. Kindly tell me the homeopathy medicine for allergy.
    Thanx and regards

  263. Amit Gangwal says:

    This is amit from guwahati(assam),36 yrs old.
    Sir,i’m suffering from dust allergy last 15 years, whenever someone dusting,i got sneeze and running nose,if i touch old book or sitting in bedroom then i got this problem,for fast curing i took allopathy medicine which name is ebast 20. Nowadays ebast 20 works after six to seven hours but earlier it will take only 2 or 3 hours…now problem is getting more worst. If i’ll not take medicine then next day cough make in chest. Already i have taken homeopathy also ocimum canum (liquid) and euphrasia (both dr.reckweg), but still facing dust allergy. Kindly tak some needful action.
    Thanking you

  264. Hi Dr. Sharma
    My son is 2 yrs old.He is allergic with lots of foods like lentils, banana,sweets , cookies .
    I want your advice and medication for that problems .

  265. peethambaran says:

    Suffering from allergy from with common allergy from child. I am 71 now. suffering with asthma past 40 yrs and managing with inhalers and anti histamine. Life stle is strict and doing breaathibg excise around 45 minutes everyday. Having periodical infection in ears, diabetic for past 35 yrs managing with aurveda and control. Problem such as slight liver inflamation, enlarged prostate all under some mild allopathy medicines, and all under control as on now
    Lately, feels pain and unconfortable in lunges during morning, evening, and on cloudy atmosphere. in closed room., cold atmosphere, cold breathing and on touching cold water on chest.
    Is it indicate a certain stage of asthma and infection setting in lungs? CAN U PL SUGGEST AN EFFECTIVE REMEDY?

  266. Narayan Ch. Sarmah. says:

    I am suffering from allergy for 4 years, mainly mostly in face and some times in neck. I use urtica urens. Though, i get relief for a few days it reappears again. So, please give me a advice. My age is 55 years.

  267. I am suffering from allergy due to dust..And at the time of whether change ..Presently at this time since 15 days I am suffering from watering from eyes..redness of eye..And once sneez starts it comes in numbers..Mostly at morning and night time…Kindly guide..It’s very urgent

  268. any ideas for treatment of allergy to chilli? results in red and itchy fingers. Thank you

  269. Bishwajit Halder says:

    I am 32 years old and unmarried.
    I am from Bangladesh, have been suffering from allergy since childhood. At this time I am suffering from psorasis, on my body & on the scalp of head, buttock, leg. I am taking alopathic medicine & using cream. when I rub on my skin, it swells. when i bathe, allergy increase.

    sir, please help me & inform me what I can do to get rid of psorisis and allergy.

    * I have forgiven all the food contained allergy.
    * I have gas but right side belly feels problem.

  270. I used a hairpin to scatch my itchi ear and now the outer hole of the ear is swollen and very painful, please help me with a remedy

  271. Archana singh says:

    dear dr. sharma,
    My dentist gave me injection for tooth implant & after that i got swelling on the lower lip. One month have passed but swelling is still there. Please suggest some homeopathic medicine.
    Thanking you in anticipation.
    Archana singh

  272. neil morris says:

    strong overreaction to mosquito bites – the area spreads into large skin red areas that itch to the point og severe pain that can last for weeks

  273. Dr Sharma,

    I am 32 years old. I am suffering from severe allergy, sneezing regularly with running nose. My nose gets blocked during night time. I have this problem from last 6 months. I am taking Levosiz tablet everyday. If I stop this tablet, samething continues. From 3 days I started homeopathic medicine and no effect as of now. Could you please tell how many days it will take to control allergy for homeopathic medicine


  274. Susmita Zafar says:

    Dear Doctor Sharma, I am 30 years old.My problem is cracking of heels along with whole feet all over the year and specially during winter.Please give me solution.

  275. Sanju Sharma says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I was getting skin itching on face and it get swelling some time atomically and and have shown to many dr but the medicine which they are giving me it is also not getting suit to me ,some time face get clean but some time it get red , My IGE level has been increase till 1600 please advice me what should i use in Medicine aur home made treatment

  276. Dear Dr Sharma
    I was stung by sandflies and now after 2-3 weeks still having skin itching even in areas that were not stung by sandflies. Has the insect bites upset my immune system? Can you please suggest a homeopathy remedy?
    I do not want to take western medicine. But I have been taking some antihistamines and they give me temporary relief. Thank you so much

  277. Lori Guerra says:

    I have my 13 year old daughter suddenly started getting these burning facial rashes which startedup with a severe reaction in octoberand hasnt stopped since. My daughter has Autism and is non verbal so it’s heartbreaking. We did allergy tests. She used to get this only in spring time face rashes and swelling. She has tree pollen allergy. However now its facial rashes all the time. She had nice skin before this. We use nothing to wash face. I changed to many different hypoallergenic detergents. Changed shampoo to dermatologist recommended. She eats gluten and dairy free. I am at a loss. Her belly always seems bloated orconstipated and wonder if thatis contributing and i give her probiotics everyday. Cant understand why its always her face only. However she just started getting some hives on her arms after antihistamine other day. When it’s not burning red,she looks red flush. Just checked thyroid and had slightly elevated antibody and wonder if immune system causing it all. Every time she eats any condiments pepper or sea or himalayan salt it seems to flare up.
    Is there anything to help her without steroid or antihistamines? Thank you so much.

  278. My mother has food alergy kindly tell me some good homeopathic medicine

  279. SAJAWAL KHAN says:



  280. Hi Doctor,

    I am staying in UAE since 6 years, the day came from Pak , its started to me , keep sneezing and running nose.

    Till 3-4 years it was keep sneezing and runing nose. Before 1 year, breathing problem is also started.

    Now I have sneezing , runing nose,itching in eyes and Breathing (breathing shortness)problem.

    Another problem, if I go to freinds, they smoke cigretes, but as soon as I come they stop smoke, but to be there for one hour, i feeel problem with breathing .

    It looks like I have smoke allergy…

    Please recommend , what to do.



  281. Aslam Ahmed says:

    Sir,I suffering from allergy last 20years it’s may be food ,dust,seasonal and also cough allergy. .I required many Dr. But no one could caught up my actual problem..but last week i tested some digonos and I known that I had have allergy. And it’s so high like my Immunoglobulin-E (IgE)…total-415.59. Where normal is adult:<87 IU/ml…Please Dr. Help me by requirement perfect medicine. .Thank you.

  282. Vishwanath Chatterjee says:

    For the last 6 months I am suffering from allergy. I suffer from swelling of tongue, lips, inner cheeks and face. I also suffer from itching and rashes all over the body. Allopathy gives temporary relief. Is it possible to completely cure the disease.

  283. Hello

    I am allergic to hair dye fro a year long. Can you suggest me the remedy.

  284. Joseph Ellul says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I am allergic to polyester clothing (contact dermatitis). I currently wear all cotton clothes to avoid polyester contact but in the real world polyester is all around us every day and unavoidable. Do you know of a homeopathic liquid or pill that targets polyester allergy that I can take daily?
    Thank you

  285. Joseph Ellul says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I am allergic to polyester as contact dermatitis. Do you know of a homeopathic product that can help me? Thank you

  286. Sir I am suffering from food and air borne allergies. If I take brinjal,egg,chicken,gongura, preservative foods like chocolates,biscuits, drinks, perfumes ,mosquito liquids and coils, and some drugs (homeo, ayurveda,antibiotis)my face burns and itches severely. Symptoms are only on my face. I request you to provide suitable medicines for me.

  287. Dr Sharna
    Every time I am in hot weather skin on my hands peel. Might be allergic to own sweat. The skin on my hands is quite thick – this does not help as it traps the sweat. I am 60 years old and this has happened for about 25 to 30 years.

    Grateful for your help


    sir i have nasal adhesion , can homeopathy help me , if what would be medicine?

  289. Md. Jashim Uddin says:

    Dear Sir,

    My name is Md. Jashim Uddin. I am 39 years old. I have maxillary sinus with polyp in left nose. But my main problem is allergy dust allergy, mite allergy. food allergy (milk, pinute & almost all vegetable). This problem I am suffering almost 8 years. Always Cough in throat night time can not sleep for throat cough plenty of thin cough coming whole night some time can not take breath. Now this days asthmatic symptom is arrive. Thin & some time thick Mucus draining from your nose or down the back of your throat. Frequently attacks of sneezing, eyes itch and tear more than usual. sometime pain in body & muscle. Now I feel very weak and tired. last few years I can not get sound sleep.
    Now my health is going worst (going too much slim).
    I already take Homeopathy medicine form Our local homeo doctor.

    Please help me as early as possible.

    Best regards
    Md. Jashim Uddin.

    • Hello
      I am a woman, 48 years old. I have alergic rhinits such that I cough intensely and my chest will be full of mocous and so breath hard till about 1-4 hour. My skin also is itching and burning. Some times I sneeze and it is with running nose. Meanwhile the coughing bothers me alot. I will be appreciated if you can help me.

  290. Parminder singh says:

    Hi sir my name is parminder Singh for amritsar from state punjab. Who is the best medicine hoeopthy skin deaseses

  291. Gaurav Barthwall says:

    i am suffering from mouth allergy from last one year i had taken homeopatich medicine for it. i had small small(daney)bliss inside my mouth some time they diappear after few day again they appear.i eating i have no problem some time thre is ittiching inside my mouth .please doctor suggest me something .

  292. Anita Kaushik says:

    I had Chikenguniya fever with symptoms of feet swelling, acute itching in lower legs till toes and joints pain in Nov. 2011. I recovered from swelling in around 23-25 days. Joints pain persists till date. The most annoying thing is itching and allergic red bumps on lower leg portion immediately after mosquito bite. Once started it takes almost a month to get better gradually. I used to take Allegra tablet daily and keep on applying calamine lotion during said period. Looking for a permanent solution to this problem in homeopathy. Kindly help and suggest me something…..


  293. Amanda McCabe says:

    Good Morning

    I write for my husband, his skin all over his body has been itching now for months. There is no rash at all. He has been taking antihistamines for weeks and weeks, which really are not doing anything. He can be itchy all day and night interfering with his sleep.
    Thank you in advance of any help you maybe able to offer.
    I am worried about him now due to loss of sleep and he is losing weight now as his mood is very low.

    Kind Regards


  294. SURESH MADDELA says:

    Dear sir,

    I am Suresh from Saudi,

    Please suggest the best homeopathic medicine and dosage plan for severe itching on stomach and beneath of breast for my sister.

  295. Rengaraju.C. Panicker says:

    Dear Sir,

    Since 1989 I am practicing homoepathy . Now i got sever allergy due to use of hair dye. According to symptoms I have take n Sulphur -30 2 drops in water. the next day it is worse like anything and oosing the water (yellow colour) . Now I am thinking to approach an allopathy doctor. But bdfore that i want to ask you some solution. So please advice what can be used for minimise the symtems now? whether antidote it and use Sulphur-6 ? Waiting for your earliest reply.

    Rengaraju.C. Panicker

  296. Reba Pistole says:

    I have leg ulcers that come and go and I dont know what heals them or makes them break out.. they will last a year at a time or maybe longer… They itch so bad and weep. more sometimes .. I have wheat allergies and milk allergies.. so try to stay away from them.. i have small veins in my legs (heridity from fathers side. )I really be;ieve in Homeopathic medicine

  297. Umesh Sabharwal says:

    Respected Doctor

    I am having allergy from hair dye resulting itching on whole body and some scars/rashes on face. Kindly prescribe some medicine.


  298. ratan sharma says:

    Hello sir mere head m kaphi kujli hoti h …kaphi medicines li but koyi fark nhi..choti choti phunsiya h sar m

  299. Suryakala Pattnaik says:

    sir I am 39 years old lady. Always suffer from severe cold, lots of sneezing , breathlessness, chest tightening and sometimes feel itching on some of my body parts like elbows, knees, back part of head and others. please sir advice me with medicines.

  300. Georgie Gulley says:

    Hello i am Tori-Lee’s mum. Tori-Lee has just been tested for allergies as she has a permanent stuffed up nose and sneezes constantly, she also has eczema. We found out that she is allergic to the whole cow! so beef, veal, milk…..anything dairy. plus white sugar and house dust and dust mites.
    i was just wondering if there were any homeopathics that could help her in anyway?

  301. Hi Doctor

    My mother has skin allergy that lead reediness and swelling. can you please share your contact number and address so that she can contact you.

    Thanks Anurag

  302. Shashi Shekhar says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I suffered redness of cornea since March to June, 2014.
    Watering of eyes began in Jun-Jul , 2014.
    Undergone cataract surgery in Nov. 2014.
    Watering of eyes is still continuing, with, sometimes,stichy liquid.. I am still having dwatering from hoth the eyes, inspite of having taken EUPHRASIA and some other drugs like Ars, Nat. m, etc.
    Kindly help me suggestting a suitable drug.
    I am 76 yrs., thin bilt, no high BP, no sugar. dddddddw. 48 Kg. had TB for 3-4 months in 1962.

  303. Sir i m 23 yrs old female. I m suffering from wheat allergy by 1 yr. Is there any treatment to cure it and is there any chance to start my wheat again.My ttg ig is 68.4.please reply me. I want to eat wheat again. Please help me….

  304. sir
    i am allergic to any type of pressure,even slightest touch of finger,hair,even while sleeping the pressure of pillow creat problem for me.i feel burning,stinging sensation then abig red mark and rashes.i feel restless disturb in sleep.i have sun allergy. i have severe muscular pain.i can not apply any thing on my face ,as slightest touch allergic to ige level is 2085.i shall be gratetful if you can suggest me some homeopathy medicine.
    with regards

  305. Aftab Ahmed Hashmi says:

    Sir ASSALAm o ALAKUM A CASE OF DUST ALLERGY Starting from dust and smoke. … sneezing violently. Wheezing sound with coughing. Itching in eyes and nose. Cold gag. Bending head gag. Hands and feet feel hotness and remain out of blanket. No thirst. Throat becomes dry. Tightness and congestion in chest. difficulty in breathing.What will be the remedy.
    Aftab Ahmed Hashmi (Pakistan )

  306. Mou mitra das says:

    My son age 16 weight 85 kg suffering from p eriodic or persistent itching.Hives.Itchy eyes.Eczema.Nausea, persistent .Sneezing, coughing, congestion.Difficulty breathing.Asthma symptoms: wheezing, breathlessness, coughing, tightness in the chest. Plz help us for the treatment can he go to any cold or hilli area .
    MouMitra Das

  307. Sir, I am hemant from dholpur rajasthan, Sir meri mata G ko dhul or duee or entybitic dawai se ellergy he jiske karan unko cougf aati he or shas lene me dikat hoti he or ji ghabrata he. Please sir koi treetment btao.

  308. Sir, I am hemant from dholpur rajasthan, Sir meri mata G ko dhul or duee or entybitic dawai se ellergy he jiske karan unko cougf aati he or shas lene me dikat hoti he or ji ghabrata he. Please sir koi treetment btao.

  309. M.C.Jaganathan says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am a dust allergy(nose block, running nose) patient and taking alopathy medicine uprox 16yrs. Now I want to continue homeopathy medicine for cure . Which medicine will be appropriate for me. I would like want to better suggestion from you. Before taking alopathy medicine I was suffering from dust allergy such as temperature up , as I ride on bike,train or bus.
    It’s reduced or cured after taking shower or wetting on rain, fully cured in air conditioner room within 10-20minutes. I never suffered by cough or cold – aprox20 years.

    • Zaira Imran says:

      Hi Doctor Sharma,

      I hope you are doing well. I have been suffering from allergy problems for the past 2-3 years now. It is not seasonal, it happens year-round. Some of the symptoms include watery eyes. a lot of sneezing, runny nose. head ache, stuffy nose. An ENT prescribed Zyrtec and I used it for about 2 years. It gave me temporary relief – but I started relying on it so much that I had to take it every night, otherwise waking up in the next morning I woke up excessively sneezing and with an extremely runny nose. After taking it for so long, my body stopped responding to it, and I came back to the same problems. Recently, it got so bad that I could not even sleep at night. I went to the doctor, an allergy specialist, who prescribed Flonase nasal drops, and Fexofenadince antibiotic to me. They did the allergy tests with me and concluded that I was allergic to dust mites. We bought dist mite pillow and mattress covers, but nothing helped. Everything stayed the same. Then, we got a Sinus CT Scan done, which came completely clear. Please help me, and tell me what you would suggest we should do to solve this problem. It has been going on for too long, I have been in so much trouble.

      Thank you Doctor,
      I will wait for your response,

  310. Hi, I am suffering from severe skin itching and raised areas the turn into scabs after much itching. I believe it is related to an allergy to a tattoo ink. Please help! Thanks!

  311. Sir,
    I am vinod, 32 years old.
    After taking meal at night. I get itching at skin and a little inflammstion at skin and itch a lot more.

  312. Hello Dr.
    My wife is suffering from allergy from smell of food while cooking, dust, smell of uncooked leafy vegetables such as methi, palak etc. & smell of hair color etc. We can’t even bring leafy vegetables at home. There’s no etching or sneezing etc. but she suffers with headache, stomachache or breathing problem. kindly prescribe some homeopathic medicine please.



  313. Pratap Chakraborty says:

    Dear Mr. Sharma,
    I am suffering by throat allergy , I can’t eat properly chiken . When eat chiken the small pices of chiken & food grains are gathering into my two glands sides and after 10-15 days when I wash my throat by salt water the food grains are remove and the throat affected by virus. Please prescribe the proper homeo medicine for this allergy so that I can relief from this disease. I have taken the help of four doctors ( Alopathy not homeo doctor) but they have confirmed this is allergy.

  314. Hari har tiwari says:

    Sir I am suffering from cronic foul secreation of right ear for that tellurium30 is being given for last 2year.during this cough and cold frequently attack me.please give me best advice.

  315. Dipika. Boruah says:

    Hi Sir, I am suffering from allergy from last one year. It is sneezing, cold and cough and itching whole body. How can I get relive. Please give me some suggestion.

  316. prafulla kumar mallik says:

    allergy has become a chronic disease for 7 years. I have consulted with alopathy doctor home pathic doctor.The Homopathy doctor has prescribed A20 drop. He has advised to take 10 drops thrice a day after food. Is it right for the disease?.If any plz prescribe me.

  317. swelling of upper lips and eye and itching whole body

  318. shishukant mishra says:

    my wife suffring from ellargy withing above three years and witch her itching nose,mouth and eyes along with sneezing. So pls kindly help me.

  319. Md. Nazrul Islam says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am a dust allergy patient and taking alopathy medicine up to three month. Now I want to continue homeopathy medicine for cure . Which medicine will be appropriate for me. I would like want to better suggestion from you. Before taking alopathy medicine I was suffering from dust allergy such as temperature up and down ,access sweating , under the ceiling fan, as I ride on buss , also after taking shower etc causes attacked me very easily. Dry cough create in my chest easily and not come out with cough but very small cough discharge sometimes.

  320. Vinod kumar mishra says:

    Respected Sir,

    I am suffering from breathing problem. I feel that smell of flowers, perfume, and kitchen smoke will effect me. Many times, I can’t identity the reason. Maximum time, I feel relaxed in open air.

    Please help and advice, which homeopathic medicine is suitable to me.

    Thanking you

  321. manmohan goyal says:

    DEAR sir i am suffering from skin alergy by blended tea i feel eaching in cin beard

  322. Narendra Singh Chouhan says:

    I have been suffering from the skin allergy from long days. Now I get instant relieve when I take one Cetirizine tablet for the allergy. But after four-five days again it happens and I take this tablet. I have to take this tablet in each 4-5 days.and relief from and I bath with hot hot water also. Maximum itching area on legs and burning condition on hand but no spot on any area please sugest homopathaic medicene.

  323. Pawan gatg says:

    I have been suffering from the skin allergy from long days. Now I get instant relieve when I take one Cetirizine tablet for the allergy. But after two-three days again it happens and I take this table. I have to take this tablet in each 2-3 days.and relief from hot water bath also. Maximum itching area on legs and burning condition on hand but no spot on any area please sugest homopathaic medicene

  324. Sir.
    I am 28 years old . I feel pricking itch after bathing intolerable. My eye becomes redden after bath and also from the dust of Chalk and watery discharge out from eyes.
    Please give me the remedy for this problems.
    I shall be gratefully for that to you.

  325. Hi Doctor,

    I have been suffering from the skin allergy from long days. Now I get instant relieve when I take one Cetirizine tablet for the allergy. But after two-three days again it happens and I take this tablet. My skin gets swelling, severe itching, rash etc completely uncomfortable feeling at that time. I have to take this tablet in each 2-3 days. Can I have any homeopathy medicine to get the relieve instantly ? I read the above article and I get to know that “Apis Mellifica” could be suitable for my case. Can you please tell me the what dosage I should choose here?

  326. Hemant k gupta says:

    Sir bronchitis alerji ho gai he dava allopathic chalu he dr gautam bhagat ke pas aram itma nahi huva he pls bataye

  327. Ihave sudden allergy offset which starts during evening little by little anafter 12 increase with itching and burning. Acidity and burping as well. Some times lips gets swollen with swelling on whole face.

    Pleases advise

  328. HEMAN SHETH says:

    Sikin allergy all body inching

  329. hI DR,

    My sis has chronic urticaria ,rashes in face for past ten years.her ige level counts 1000.she had several miscarriages and under fertility treatments.
    Do you have any treatment for her.
    we have consulted many drs in the past and availed no let me know if u have some medicenes for it.

  330. niharika gupta says:

    मुझे synthetic कपडे की allergy हो गयी kafi ilaaz ke baad bhi black spot aur itching nahi ja rahi hai..plzz prescribe me effective medical..thank u

  331. GANESH MANDAL says:

    sir, I Ganesh Mandal 25 yr old from West Bengal, Bankura. sir i suffer many time Cold allergies with high sneezing. ple help me which homeopathy medicine use for relief my problem.

  332. khushnood says:

    I am suffering from eye allergy since 2 years. Please suggest any medicine.

  333. sir meri zindgi aapke haat h sir help me i am only 20 mujhe 2 saal se skin allergy h sir kisi bhi samay mera pura body heat ho jata h or dhapad dhapad ho jate h or khujii chalti h mera importently head, eye, ear and body garam ho jata h body ander se aag ki tarah ho jata h or sir baal bhi jhar k kam ho gaya citrazin lene per relif milta h sir best medicine batao

  334. Nick Sabharwal says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    What would you suggest for allergic reactions to Ayurvedic medicines. A lot of heat built up in the system. My symptoms are skin rash, intense itching at times, sometimes a raised skin due to itching / rash as well as redness. I love the open air and cold compress.

    Thank You!

    • Arun Bhatnagar says:

      Dear Dr Sharma,
      For last about a week or 10 days,Iam taking Urtica urens 30 for my skin itching, SPECIFICALLY during
      night time after eating Fish.
      I take this medicine 4 times a day,but my skin itching is still persisting.
      Should I continue with the same medicine for some
      more time for complete cure,please advice. REGARDS


  336. daughter gets allergy whenever she is bitten by ANT…IMMEDIATELY SHE GETS RASHES/ITCHING ETC..we are giving ledum 30…but i want a medicine by which she must not get any allergy even if she is bitten with ant..her age is 19 years..

  337. Tretment of hair dye allergy

  338. A.N.Singh says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,

    My wife is suffering from skin allergy. The symptoms are rashes, red patches with intense itching all over the body particularly theigh, buttocks, lower stomach and also on the face. She earlier suffered from fatty liver but now much improved and still under alleopathy medication. The itching patches are generally erupts in late evening making her restless. But no fever. the itching is extreme . Please advice effective medicine. I stay at Kolkata. Also prescribe diet.

    Thank you


  339. Christine McDermott says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    My daughter is 15 and has developed an apparent grass allergy. Her dad has seasonal allergies so its likely an inherited condition. Her symptoms are not runny nose or sneezing (like her dad) but instead her forearms and legs get a mild rash on them and her eyes get watery. The rash looks bumpy like hives. It doesnt itch and hurt. Its just there. After she showers and gets a good night sleep, she wakes up to find its still there. It seems to slowly fade after a few days. It started last year when she had one episode of a break out and that was it and we forgot about it. This (second time) just started a couple of weeks ago when she was outside, in shorts and t shirt with sandals, working in the garden and stacking wood, walking through some tall grass here and there. We live on a farm so its not easy to get away from tall grass as we have three pastures! We can keep the walking areas mowed down for her and get her to cover up when gardening but i would like for her to take homeopaths to help internally. Can you help guide me towards the right homeopath to take.

  340. nishi gill says:

    Good afternoon Dr sharma,

    I am experiencing lot of itching , uncontrolled sesationg of scratching all over the body, then it becomes red and appears as rashes long streaks. It started about 6 years back, but that time it was not that much, now I am experiencing it very often. 80% of the time it appears early in theornung. From last week, I am having 3 _4 blisters as well one on my leg one on my lower abdominal area. I did notice food, but it appears with any kind of food so unable to figure out f its allergy from food or not, I do have fatty liver 2 and grade but liver enzymes r OK and in range. I have HB of 10.5, so not sure if that can be the reason. I would appreciate if u can tell me any homeopathic medicine

  341. Bhuvnendra Singh says:

    Dear sir i m 29 year old my ig lable very high 960 something . Thoda sa ac ki hava ya coolar ki hava lagne se meri nose mai se cough ki drop si aane lagti hai aur thode hi der mai node gili ho jate hai. Mai bahut pareshaan hoon guniess book record dhari dr parth sarthi agra se ilaaz karvya 8 mont k treatment k baad thoda din ferk pada fir se vahi problam , dr gyan prakash se bhi ilaaj karaya kya ap meri help ker sakte hai

  342. d.k. India says:

    dear sir i am 30years old man my problems is lungs mucus and hair loss since 6years befor.i am seffering all season in year.i have elergy butter, dust,and cold liquid and cold sir please tell me homeopathy medicine d.k. From india.

  343. Hair dye allergy from six months
    Itching, skin rashes, swelling
    Pls sugesst the medicine

  344. OM PRAKASH SINGH says:

    My son has burning ear problems since he was 11 year old and now he is 18 years old. Problem is still same and other problem he has that his nose is also blocks during the going on bed. For the burning ear he is putting the cold water bottle on his ears from and also going onto bed. Please suggest us to come out from this problem.

  345. Hi,

    Actually, my wife’s is having hair allergy
    So, which medicine to take.

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Anindita says:

      Hello Mr nikunj can please tell me what kind of allergy.i dint gt u…
      Thn will tell u wht to give.

  346. M Siraj khan says:

    Thanks for the helpful information about homeopathic medicines.

  347. sir mere face par nose k pas or eyes k nicha red rashes ho raha h ..m ek sal se pareshan hu bahut se cream wagera use kiya but proper thik nhi ho raha h..muza problem 1 year se hai but abhi 2month pahle muza ringworm ho gaya tha face par vo to the thik ho gaya h but Jo rashes wali problem h vo thik nhi ho rahi h..roj subha se khada hota hu bed se to face par or nose par rashes rahte h or bahut khujali aate h or pura face dry rahta h…plz Dr help me kuch suggestions do ap ki ese problem kyu ho rahi h..

  348. nasim ahmad says:


  349. Krishnakumar says:

    My wife was operated last month 10th for her brain tumour. Initially Levipil was prescribed for anti convulsion. It caused allergic rash all over the bodyThen it was replaced with Encorate 500, another anti fits she has been taking this drug along with multivitamins for sometime without any problem. Suddenly from yesterday she again developed rash. It is not clear what caused allergy. What is the best homeopathic remedy for this kind of allergy. Hives like patches are seen

  350. Sunil Dwivedi says:

    I am using hair dye last 4 yrs (colourmate-97% times), but only two time used a new hair dye and i have suffered with like urticarea with extreme itching.
    So, I consult a allopathic physician and take medicine after that my complication is resolve but after left the medicine complication re-appear.
    So I am afraid, please prescribe the medicine which is for permanently cure.

  351. Sanjay sjarma says:

    From past 4 yers when ever I go to dusty area or near sand river and then when I come in contact with direct sun I get reaction on my both hand and face become red my ears become red even a body part which come directly in contact with sun light in dusty area I get inching with red rashes I take cetizen to get relived plzzz advice me homeopathic doze so I can be completely cure

  352. sajawal khan says:


  353. Vikram rathore says:

    Hello sir,
    I have two years girls. Last six month food allergy. When eating anything red red around the mouth or eatching.and speard the red red on the face. Pls consultant the best medicine in homeopathy

  354. sajawal khan says:

    DEAR sir, You have not phoned me although I phoned you two days before. I am suffring from elergy.I can not stand in the sun.I can not sit beside fire. please help me.Thanks.sajawal khan.

  355. Pradip Kumar Singh says:

    Dear Doctor Saheb,

    I am suffering from facial itching problem since more than six months . I get more itching in night particularly when i go to bed.I have flour like whiteness on cheek and itching causes pimples many times. i am taking Tellurium 30 but not improvement.Pl suggest .
    Thanks and regards,
    Pradip Kumar Singh

  356. sajawal khan says:

    Dear Doctor sir, I am suffring from skin elergy when I was only 12 years old. Now I am sixty.I feel much itching when

    dear sir, I am suffring from skin elergy when I was 12 years old. now I am sixty. I feel much itching when I go to sleep. I can not sand in the sun. I cannot sit near fire.I had taken sulpher 200 but all in vain. please help me. i always pray for you. Thanks. sajawal khan.


  357. face red itching due toSBL‘s hair dye which contains ppd. I have taken sulpher 30. if it not correct pl suggeste me remedies with poancy

  358. Respected Dr. sahib ,
    Jan-16 mae mane fish khai thi oor dry fruit khaya jiske karn mere ander bahut jayada heat hoo gai oor mere puree sharir par lal lal dane nikal gaea oor mene allopathy treatment karvaya oor thik hone mae one month lag giya but abhi bhi pura thik nahi hua. aab bhi chote chote dane niklte rahte hae oor itching va jalan hoti hae. woolen cloth va synthatic cloths sae jayada hoti hae oor evening ko jayada hoti hae.

    Koi homeo treatment bataea oor permanent cure hoo jae.


    A.K. Chawla
    H.No.636 sec-41 Chandigarh

  359. pravakar ghosh says:

    sir, i am 65 male. Allergic to EGG<BANANA< DATES2.7.2016.g

  360. Dear Dr Sharma

    I had applied a new hair dye and it caused skin rash,itching and swelling on face ears neck lips.
    Rashes on body. Itching on knees and buttocks also.
    There was dry cough and chest tightness also.
    The skin rash,itching and swelling was gone in a weeks time but dry cough with chest tightness has remained for more than a month.
    I feel better after sitting down ,it gets worse on walking or any physical exertion.

    Kindly suggest treatment.


  361. dehn chuong says:

    My daughter has had a bad reactions after eating somthing,
    We are still not too sure what it could be, but thinking on the lines of sea food.
    She says around her mouth area is itchy and then her lips swell up then the skin around her lips ends up looking like she has eczema.
    Will look very uncomfortable and sore.
    Which homeopathic med should I get for her.

    Thank you and regards.


  362. Shabbir Ahmed says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from Allergy mainly from Food Allergy: Food items like Wheat, Shelfish, Egg,Banana, Soya, peanut, Shrimp, Chick Pea (kabuli Chana, Mold Mix,Bathua etc. I got IgE tested and value found aroud 5400 six months back.
    Reason being I was hospitalized in last May-15 due to medicines reaction. after treatement IgE got increased and as a result I got allergic to food items mentioned above.

    Kindly suggest me suitable Homoepathic Medicines with proper Dosage to be taken.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Shabbir Ahmed
    New Ashok Nagar,
    New Delhi-110096
    Mobile- 7042013979

  363. I have an allergy to somnthieg, but no dr.has been able to figure out to what. All allergy tests come back neg.I have had nasal polyps & had them removed, they started to come back. I am on Singulair/Flonase which works fantastic. I know I am allergic to alcohol, yes beverages. Drs just tell me not to drink. Yeh OK.Ok, but this is the strange thing. When I go away on vacation (islands,Italy) no allergies, not even to alcohol.I regain my sense of smell,taste?????

    • Same thing with me,,, complete intolerance to alcohol… produces crazy sinus drainage, and full blown allergic reaction

  364. Santosh Kumar says:

    Hello Sir, am suffering with ASTHMATIC WITH ALLERGY since last 4 years, and in winter session it is difficult for breathing, am using a medicine Tablet MONTEK-LC for daily since 18 months. sir, please help to find a best HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE for cure my disease.

  365. Jan Mikkelsen says:


    Do you by any chance know witch remedy is good for allergy to Mold, fungus, Black mold? Or sensitivity to the same
    Thank you 🙂

    Best wishes

  366. Syed Abu Mazher says:

    Dear Sir,
    My 3.5 years old son, charecterized by very energetic, quick, rush and short-tempered, scessor sactioned born, genetically bearing allergies with skin while bite by insects and mosquetoes, and a type of rux.tox person. He sweets on root of neck and underarm while sleeps. While he gets allergies from insect bites or dust or mosqueto bites he itches the biten area and the area become severely itchy and rough. What should I medicate him to recover from the severe situation or is there any remedy to prevent the symptoms to come up?



  367. Tuhin Ghosh Dastidar says:

    Sir, I am suffering from severe effect of cold allergy on skin. My skin has become discoloured or of light white colour in spots in several areas of the body.please prescribe an appropriate medicine for quick treatment.

  368. komal shetty says:

    Hello sir,my son just complited one year.he is having severe allergy with milk.after hvng dairy products there wil be hives, itching ,irritability,excessive motions,not gaining of weight,reccurent cold and cough.recently i stopped all dairy products as i come to know that i should avoid it(aa im breastfeeding).now he is better (means relief from cold and cough)weight is constant.kindly tell a homoeopathic medicine for him.we hav done allergy profile in it they hv given wheat, soya, fish, egg white, pea nut allergy.we hv tried egg yellow nothng happened.

  369. m.s.girija says:

    Sir when syphillinum was given in high dose (single) the hair started falling in a patient how to antidote the same

  370. Muhammad Yaseen says:

    What does I will take of Apis Mellifica for Ulticaria.

  371. Dr Sharma, this webpage is a saviour. I use homeopathy for my family with data online and I have never seen this detailed info before.
    Thanks a ton for building it. I m currently having some skin allergy ( for which u have recommended APIs, and my daughter has spasmodic coughing in night ( for which u have recommended Cina). I will try them both.

    I get hives once in a year or so post eating something. I should have APIs only after it occurs? Or should I have it in 30 potency for two weeks or so and see if it ever recurrs?

  372. Dear Sir,

    My wife is having cold allergy. she frequently(in 2-3 days) gets running nose(watery flow) with itching in nose and eye. Also she feels too much cold and needs to wear thermals even during summer. Fever doesn’t comes but she will feel like fever from inside with shivering. sometimes it starts with soar throat and then breathing problem. We stay in Bangalore where this problem is common.

    Please suggest suitable medicine to completely eradicate this problem.

    Thanks and Regards
    Anil Maurya

  373. Francesca E. Blom-Cooper says:

    I am inquiring about a remedy for nasal stuffiness due to a cat allergy. My brother cannot breathe through his nose when he is home with his cat. Otherwise no problem

  374. Md Intakhab Afroz says:

    sir, i have allergy rhinitis.
    will it cure permanently or will be controlled?
    plz reply sir…

  375. Dr. Sharma,

    My daughter is server allergy with PEANUT/nuts, how homeopathy can treat her? Thank you.

    • Sir from last year April i am having red itchy skin allergy all over body and that time that place become hot after some time it disappears . .I have taken ayurvedic tretment . and showed to so many doctors . all are giving cittragene content related tab. But problem is if I stopped to take tab then problem will start. This allergy related to acidity (pitta).my age is 28 now I am thinking to have a baby so suggest me.

    • M. Ravi prakash says:

      Sir Iam suffering from skin allergy redness itching are seen all over the body.please suggest me medicine. Sunflower oil causes me this problem

      • Corticotropin 30 (ACTH) three times (3 drops each) daily is recommended for food and environmental allergies of sorts.

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