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What Are Liver Spots And Its Homeopathic Remedies

Liver spots, also called sun spots, refer to small, flat spots of relatively dark color on the skin. These mainly form on the skin area exposed to sun like face, arms and hands. These may have dark brown, gray, black or tan color. These are harmless but one may seek their treatment for cosmetic reasons. Though named liver spots, they have no link or association with liver. Liver spots do in no way mean that there are any issues in the normal functioning of the liver. Liver spots are also known by other names like age spots and solar lentigines. These are non-cancerous. Skin pigmentation results from melanin (a pigment that imparts color to skin, hair, eyes) which is produced by melanocyte cells found in the bottom layer of the epidermis on the skin.  Age spots appear from an increased production of melanin pigment on exposure to sun. The ultraviolet radiations of the sun boost the formation of melanin pigment. Melanin forms a protective shield to protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV radiations when exposed to the sun. When skin is repeatedly exposed to excessive sun exposure for a long time, excessive melanin accumulates or forms clumps to form dark spots called liver spots. Liver spots form as a part of aging, excessive exposure to sun over a period of time or from sunburn. Heredity factors also play a role in the formation of liver spots. These are commonly seen in persons aged above 50 years. Though anyone can be affected, they are common in persons having light-colored skin.  Hormonal changes during pregnancy and menopause also predispose women to formation of liver spots. Smoking and tobacco use is also linked with formation of liver spots. In many cases, liver spots form without any identifiable cause. These spots are flat and circular or oval shaped. The size of liver spots varies ranging from 1 mm to 13 mm in size. They may form groups. Though any skin area can be affected, the most common skin area affected is the one that is exposed to sun over a period of time like the back of the hands, face, upper back, shoulders and upper area of feet. These don’t itch and are not painful.


Homeopathic Management

Homeopathy can be of great help in managing complaints of liver spots. Homeopathic medicines are natural remedies that bring great improvement in these cases with zero side effects. They help in halting further formation of liver spots along with fading the spots already present. The results vary from case to case depending on the duration and intensity of the complaint. The most suitable homeopathic medicine for cases of liver spots is selected individually as per the characteristic symptoms in every individual case. Hence it is advised to get your case evaluated by a homeopathic physician for the right prescription. In no case self – medication should be done.

Homeopathic Medicines For Treating Liver Spots

1. Lycopodium Topmost Medicine

Lycopodium is a very effective medicine in managing cases of liver spots. In cases needing it, the spots are brown colored. They are mainly present on the face, neck, arms and chest. Some may be itchy as well. The skin is unhealthy. In general, dryness of the skin is present. It can be attended with itching. Heat and burning sensation may appear on the skin when the weather becomes warm or hot. Pricking pains on different skin areas may occur sometimes.

2. Sepia For Brown Spots On Back, Elbow, Abdomen, Chest

Sepia is of great use to manage brownish spots on the skin. In most cases needing it, these occur on the back and elbow, abdomen and chest. In some cases, yellowish-brown spots appear on the neck. In general, skin itching may be present. On scratching, burning is felt at the place of itching.

3. Thuja For Light Brown Spots On Face

Thuja is another highly beneficial medicine for managing complaints of liver spots. It works well in cases of light brown spots on the face. The face is red along with a heated sensation. There may be well-defined redness on the cheeks. The skin on the affected area of the face may peel off when washed. It also helps when brownish spots form on the chest or abdomen. The skin may feel itchy in different parts. It can be attended with a sensation as if the skin is pricked with needles. There is excessive sweating on the uncovered parts.

4. Sulphur For Yellowish-Brown Flat Spots On Skin

Sulphur is a highly recommended medicine for managing yellowish-brown flat spots on the skin. Along with this, the skin is rough and scaly. Those needing this medicine frequently complain of skin itching in different body parts. Itching keeps shifting from one part to another. The itchy areas become painful after scratching. Along with this, burning sensation may be felt as well. A sensation of insects crawling on the skin may be felt in some cases along with the above complaints.

5. Nitric Acid – To Manage Brown Colored Spots On Face

It is a useful medicine for managing brown-colored spots on the face. The face looks pale with redness on the cheeks. There is scaliness on the face. In some cases, black pores appear on the face. It is also helpful for cases having copper-colored spots on the hands and arms. In general, the skin is dry and itchy with burning heat.

6. Arsenic Album – For Brown Spots On Skin

Another medicine in list to help cases of liver spots is Arsenic Album. This medicine helps to treat brownish spots on the skin. Burning and itching may be felt in different areas on the skin. The skin is dry and rough where this medicine is required. Scales may be present along with the spots. The skin looks muddy and unwashed.

7. Borax – For Liver Spots With Peeling Of Skin

Borax is also a good medicine for managing liver spots. Those needing it have unhealthy skin. There is peeling of the skin in many cases. Besides, there is a very prominent sensation of cobweb like structures appearing on the skin of face and hands.

8. Calcarea Carb – For Light Brown Spots On Face

This medicine is valuable to manage light brown-colored spots on the face. There is a heated sensation on the face. The face looks pale. Excessive sweating is noted on the face. In general, the skin is scaly.

9. Mezereum – For Dark Colored Spots On Chest And Arms

Mezereum is an important medicine to manage cases of liver spots on the chest and arms that are very dark. This can be attended with peeling of the skin. The skin is rough here and there. Itching on the skin may be felt that gets worse in bed. On scratching, the place of itching changes. Burning also occurs after scratching.

10. Phosphorus – For Irregular Brown Spots On Skin

This medicine is indicated for brownish irregular spots on the skin. They may be present over a small or large skin area. They are mostly seen on the neck, back, chest and inner side of arms. These are a little rough to touch. The skin is dry and scaly.


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