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Top Homeopathic Remedies for Anal Fissures


Homeopathic Remedies for Anal Fissure

Homeopathic Remedies for Anal Fissure

Passing stool or poop is meant to be the most effortless function of the body but when this becomes a difficult and painful exercise, the result can be nothing short of traumatic for the patient.

Anal Fissure is a result of the trauma caused by the passage of hard, long stool (constipation) and repeated episodes of diarrhea. In women, it may follow the delivery (vaginal delivery) of a child. Anal Fissure actually refers to a tear in the anus. Anus, of course, is the opening that marks the lower end of the gastro-intestinal system of the body — the opening through which stool is passed out of the body. Homeopathic remedies can be quite beneficial in the treatment of Anal Fissures.

Symptoms of Anal Fissures

The main symptoms are pain in the anal region during passing stool and in some patients, the pain may continue even after passing stool, which is accompanied by bleeding too. The other symptoms include hard stool, itching in the anus and in a few longstanding fissure cases, offensive discharge from the anus.

Homeopathic Treatment for Anal Fissures

Made of natural substances with zero side effects, Homeopathic remedies for anal fissures can be beneficial and of great help in providing relief and working as a remedy for the treatment of Anal Fissures. Homeopathic treatment for anal fissures works by using body’s own restorative processes and is considered very safe. It can only help, never harm.

Best Homeopathic Remedies for Anal Fissures

Nitric Acid: Top Homeopathic medicine for treatment of Anal Fissures

Nitric Acid is the best Homeopathic medicine for treating Anal Fissures. It is extremely beneficial and helpful for Anal Fissure patients. If you are experiencing stitching and tearing pains in the anus, or the pain is cutting or stinging in nature, Nitric Acid is the perfect remedy. Since the stool passed is hard, and is accompanied by bright red bleeding from the anus, Nitric Acid is the best Homeopathic remedy.

Ratanhia: Top grade homeopathic remedy for treatment of Anal Fissures

Ratanhia is a very effective homeopathic medicine for treatment of Anal Fissures. It is particularly beneficial as a remedy for long-lasting pains in the rectum with excessive burning that follows stool passage. Patients often describe the pain as being similar to broken glass or a knife piercing in the rectum. The stool requires much effort to be passed out due to the constricted anus. Ratanhia is the Homeopathic medicine that can work wonders in such a situation.

Paeonia: Homeopathic remedy for Anal Fissures with offensive discharge

Paeonia is a natural Homeopathic medicine that is the best remedy for offensive discharge from the anus due to cracks in it. Paeonia is also the best medicine for violent pains in the anus during and after passing stool. The anus is ulcerated and fissured. Itching and burning usually accompany the fissures. Like all Homeopathic medicines, Paeonia has no side effects and can be of great help in treatment of Anal Fissures with offensive discharge.

Sulphur: Top Homeopathic medicine for Anal Fissure pains

Sulphur is the best Homeopathic medicine when the stool is hard and dry, causing tears and immense pain in the anus while passage. The patient is fearful of even going to the toilet as he thinks of the pain that will accompany the passage of stool. Homeopathic medicine Sulphur is of great help in reducing the pain and softening the stool. The pain is almost always accompanied by burning. Itching in anus due to fissures is best controlled with the use of Sulphur. This Homeopathic treatment can provide relief and work as a remedy for Anal Fissure pains.

Sedum Acre: Homeopathic treatment for anal fissures with post-stool pains

It may be a lesser known Homeopathic medicine, but Sedum Acre can be very beneficial in providing relief and reducing the anal pains of constricting character following stool.

Nitric Acid and Sulphur: Natural Homeopathic medicines for anal fissures with painful stools

The pain in anus while passing stool is best controlled with the use of Homeopathic medicine Nitric Acid. Nitric Acid can be used for various kinds of pain in the anus like stitching, tearing, stinging or cutting pains that occur while passing stool. The stool is constipated. In cases of Anal Fissure with burning pains in anus during passage of stool, Homeopathic medicine Sulphur is the best choice. Sulphur will effectively help in reducing the burning pains while passing stool.

Aesculus and Ratanhia: Homeopathic medicines as a remedy for pain after stool

Homeopathic medicine Aesculus can be of great help if you are experiencing severe pain in the anus following stool passage. The stool or poop passed is mainly hard and large followed by severe pains. Homeopathic medicine Ratanhia is the best remedy when both pain and burning in anus follow the passage of stool. This burning and pain continue for several hours after passing stool. Applying cold water over the anus may have some soothing effect, but it is Ratanhia, which has zero side effects, that can be really beneficial as a remedy for the pain.

Nitric Acid and Phosphorus :  Natural remedies for fissures with bleeding in anus

Homeopathic medicine Nitric Acid can be used to control bright red blood passing from the anus along with stool. The bleeding is accompanied by a tearing and stitching pain in the anus. Phosphorus is yet another Homeopathic medicine that can be used as a treatment for bleeding from the anus when the stool is long and hard with much offensiveness.

 Sulphur: Homeopathic medicine as a treatment for itching in anus

Homeopathic medicine Sulphur is the best natural medicine for dealing with itching in anus. Sulphur has a very powerful ability to control itching in anus. Itching in anus may also be accompanied by a burning sensation. Sulphur is the most effective Homeopathic remedy for it.

Paeonia and Silicea: Homeopathic remedies for anal fissures with offensive anal discharge

Homeopathic medicine Paeonia can be used when offensive fluid is discharged from the longstanding Anal Fissures. The anus seems ulcerated and torn with intolerable pain during and after stool passage. Homeopathic medicine Silicea is the best choice when the discharge contains the pus of offensive odour. The stool is passed with difficulty and straining. The stool comes out partially and then recedes again.

Bryonia, Alumina and Natrum Mur: List of homeopathic remedies for relieving Anal Fissure constipation

Homeopathic medicine Bryonia can be used in all cases where the stool is very hard, dry and large, leading to Anal Fissures. Bryonia will help in softening the stool and thereby preventing the tears in the anus that occur due to hard stool. Homeopathic medicine Alumina is mainly given when constipation is of the worst kind. The stool remains in the rectum for very long. The stool is hard and knotty and passes with difficulty, causing cracks and bleeding from the anus. Homeopathic medicine Natrum Mur provides help when the stool is hard and dry. Stool breaks frequently while passing due to constriction of anus. Bleeding and pain of burning, smarting and stitching nature follow the passage of stool.

Managing Anal Fissures- Dietary guidelines for anal fissure

Eat a High-Fiber Diet

People with chronic constipation, passing dry and large stools, have higher chances of developing fissures. Adding up fiber from a variety of fruits and vegetables in the patients’ diet can make a big difference. 20 to 35 gm of dietary fibers on a daily basis can boost the health of your digestive tract. Citrus fruits, prunes, lentils, chickpeas, nuts, whole grains including brown rice and oatmeal are rich sources of fiber. Whole grain pastas and cereals can also make a great choice for a high fiber diet. It is important to slowly increase the fiber-rich diet unless the patient starts noticing regular bowel movements without pain.
Fiber is a power nutrient that can get your digestive system into shape. Moreover, fibers are considered essential for running your intestinal system smoothly.
In general, food items that are low in fiber and high in saturated fat cause constipation problem. Consuming whole grains instead of highly processed grains can help you increase your daily fiber intake. Similarly, eating whole fruits and raw vegetables instead of drinking juice is a healthier way of getting fibers and antioxidants. Juicing process removes almost all of the natural fibers.

Get More Fluids

Keeping yourself hydrated is an easy and natural way of preventing dry and hard stool. Make sure to consume plenty of clear fluids, mainly water in order to get a soft stool that can pass through the colon without causing pain or discomfort. Overconsumption of some of the beverages such as alcohol and caffeinated drinks can also cause severe dehydration, so stay away from them as much as possible. You can replace soda and caffeinated drinks with plain water, lemonade or warm milk.

Foods to Avoid

Foods that cause constipation and aggravate fissures should be avoided. These include high fat and low fiber snacks like chips and sugary doughnuts, cheesy pizza, and burger, etc., if you’re dealing with tummy troubles. Frozen meals, packaged foods, and convenience meat products go through a lot of processing and are also high in sodium. They can make your bowel movement tough. If constipation problem is not treated in time, it can make your anal fissure worse.

Refined Flour

Enriched /refined flour is heavily processed flour that has no germ or bran; due to the effect of high pressure and temperature, all necessary nutrients like vitamin, mineral and fiber content are lost. Therefore, enriched bread, pasta, cereals and snack foods should be replaced with whole grain food items. While buying such food items, check that the whole grains are indicated as their main ingredients. If you maintain your daily fiber intake to 25 to 30 g per day, you can avoid painful, thick stool and guard yourself against constipation.

Added Sugars

Added sugar only adds calories and contains no nutritional value. Eating too many sugary foods can wreak havoc on your digestive health. So, try to cut down on sugary items such as jellies, candies, ice-creams, sugary cereals and sweetened drinks, etc.

High-fat Meats

Fatty meats like bacon, pork, beef sticks and lamb are high on saturated fat and low on fiber. Apart from constipation, fatty foods increase your chances of developing obesity and diabetes. Instead of choosing a meat-rich diet, you should prefer fiber-rich protein sources like chickpeas, black beans, lentils, and split peas, etc.

Making certain lifestyle changes can significantly reduce the chances of developing anal fissures. Here are some tips that can help prevent anal fissure from interfering with your day-to-day life:

Take a Warm Sitz Bath

Taking a soothing sitz bath, particularly after bowel movements, may help relax the spasm; it may also improve the blood flow to the anus. Apart from this, a sitz bath is a simple and easy way to clean the anus area without causing more pain by rubbing the irritated anoderm.
It’s best to clean the anus with lukewarm water without using perfumed soap or body-cleaning products. Daily use of hard soaps for cleaning anus can make the delicate lining of your anal canal very dry and prone to tears or cracks.

Apply Organic Coconut Oil to the Anal Sphincter

It is a well-known fact that coconut oil works as an excellent lubricant and also makes it easier for hard stool to pass. The medicinal properties of coconut oil help treat wounds, sores and other skin lesions. It is safe and works as a positive healing agent for fissure wounds.

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  1. Dear Dr
    I am 42 yrs old and facing the problem of anal fissure for last one year. On the first bleeding I took bryonia 30 once. After 3 – 4 days it vanished and then suddenly recured a month back and is a continuous problem since then. Almost daily there is secretion of pus and blood oozes after a gap of few days but incidentally there is no accompanied pain. I consulted an homeopath and according to him I took Nitric acid 200 daily one dose and silicea 200 for some days. Then after 4 Days of Nitric acid 10M I am asked to take it once a week. And on other days to take a dose of Lycopodium 200 in the morning and silicea 200 in the evening. Pls guide if the trend is OK as my situation remains still the same with daily secretion of pus with blood at intervals.

  2. ALOKE KR. GHOSH says:

    Madam ,
    I am 60yrs old. I feel pain when passing stool . After that when I go to my business office, I feel to much pain to drive Scrooty due to bump. I can not seat on Scrooty.
    May I take your suggestion and medicine ?
    With regards

  3. Priyanka Daftary Dawar says:

    What medicine can I take for anal fissure …. I am not constipated at all in fact I have border line loose motions. The pain is a burning and stinging pain through the day and is making day today activity difficult. PLEASE HELP

  4. Dr. SNEHA. Trivedi says:

    Hello sir, I m 28 yrs old.
    I have fissures in Anus since 1 month I m suffering from this, I had missed abortion after D & E, I had complain about fissure.
    In my past history 10 yrs back I had fissurectomy.
    Can you please suggest me some medicine.
    Thank you

  5. says:

    I have develop anal fissures due to constipation. I have used nitroglycerin cream but it will give temporary relief.

    Now I am eating fibrous diet etc. But the pain triggers after two to three months.

    Please prescribe any useful medicine if possible.
    Thank you & best Regards,

  6. Sir,I am 22yr old female from pune.suffering from anal fissure since last 2 years.take so many medicine but no please suggest unique remedies.

  7. hard stool is passed with pain after that i will be in very pain i have also used r13 but no effect always have constipation.

  8. Hi
    I have recently developed anal fissure. The muscle near the anus is swollen and a protruding a bit outward. I have slight pain & itching after passing stool. I have no blood comming out. what should i do.


    • Bidyut Sarma says:

      Hello G. Eve. Sir, suffering from acute anal fissure with sentinel tag since April 2018. Also I have problem of piles since2012..Using medicines of hemopathy=FP Tabs of SBL, Chamomilia, Nitricum, Hemmamillies. But I don’t know the power of these medicines. My doctor not inform me. Feeling little better but the itching after stool and blood with stool is still exist. Pl advice if I continue these medicines or need any changes in it. I will be highly obliged if I get a reply from u. With regards.

  9. Hi
    I have recently developed anal fissure. The muscle near the anus is swollen and a protruding a bit outward. I have extreme pain after passing stool.Its like being rubbed with chillies. I have no blood comming out. Sometimes a dot maybe. what should i do.

  10. Mudassar says:

    Sir mujy piles or fishar ha. Stool hard ha. Jb stool pas k time boht takleef or choban or bad main jalan rahti ha. 6 months sy ha… Please suggest Madison?
    Age 38 years. Male

  11. Upendra says:

    I have Piles last 10 years. medicine taken and it was ok. But now the stool which comming first is hard and after that it is normal. It bleeds. When passing the stool it feels that there is obstruction in passing the stool. The stool is passing like small peaces with pain like broken glass while passing stool and after 5-6 hours of stool.

    • DR.SIMRAN says:


      • Respected Sir, I am suffering from same symptom like Upendra from last 4 months, I am 44 yrs old male, Should I use the same medicines?

  12. Parneet says:

    Hi doctor
    I am patient of fissure age 28 female… It happen right after delivery 7 months ago .. now it’s bleeding like periods … Little pain is there .. plz help me out ..

  13. I’m suffering from analysis fissure for the past few months I have tried many treatments but it only gives relief but the problem comes back. Please help me


      I has Anal Fissures in the past which was operated on 06/11/1995. Now for the past one month I am having iching in the annus regularly when I walk and the annus is hole is becoming tighter. Please suggest.

    • DR.SIMRAN says:


  14. Debojyoti Bhattacharyya says:

    I am Suffering by fissure. I need to treated by Homeopathic medicine and ointment. I need your help. Please help me.

  15. Sekhar Chakraborty says:

    I am suffering from Anal piles fissure for 6 to 7 years. Please kindly which medicine of Homeopathic is necessary for this above problem.
    Yours Faithfully
    Sekhar Chakraborty
    Address: Sekhar Chakraborty
    S/O: Sambhu Nath Chakraborty
    Salbagan, P.O: Bishnupur , Dist; Bankura, Pin no: 722122

  16. Jyotirmay Pal says:

    Hi Doctor
    I am suffering from anal fissure from the age of 30 years.Now I am 65 years old. I tried different paths but is not cured. It is now chronic. It is very much painful.please advise me.

  17. Hi Doctor
    I am suffering from Annal feasure from so many years but it became real problem from last 4 months. I tried lot of different treatments but now from.past 3 weeks I am on homeopathy treatment. As of now I don’t see much improvement. I have also homerooms but feasure is very chronic. I an trying to avoid surgery though my surgeon also did not recommend the same but some people say I should go for surgery.

    I want to check with you if I can get 100% cure with homeopathy and if yes how much time will it take.


  18. Pa kaj kumar says:

    Sir I am pankaj kr and from jharkhand. I have Fisher deases since last 10year and taken time to time medicine for this but not cure. Since 2 month my problem has been increased. I have also Constipation with hard stool. I want to get cure from this problem. So kindly suggest me medicine for that. My blood pressure is normal and blood group is B+.

  19. Hi, Ten years back, I was facing the difficulty of fissure and then as per doctor advice I went through cryo surgery. But again now a days I am facing problem during passing of stool. I felt small haemaroids at the anal opening which is painful in nature. While sitting I felt something is piercing in rectum. Can you suggest me some medicine.

    Thanks in Advance
    N jha

  20. Respected Dr.sharma,
    I have a problem in my anus .ek chota sa part nikal aya he just below the it fissure?plz suggest me medicine.

  21. With due respect, I would like to know, is SILICEA and SULPHUR are sufficient name for fissure treatment or we have to use some other suffix too?

  22. Thomas Joseph says:

    I am having anal fissure for the last one year. Scratches occurs while passing hard stool and facing little constipation. I consulted with a surgeon and after checking with a protoscope he observed little hemorrhoids also inside. But his medicines not giving any relief .Wounds occurs inside the rectum area.
    Can you suggest some medicine0

    Thomas J

  23. Hi Sir,
    i am facing fissuer problem last 6 months on and off. Could you please suggest me the best medicine to cure completely.

  24. Vaibhav Jain says:

    Sir I have been suffering from fissure in ano for the past 4 months.There is also a pile that comes out and I have a terrible time at the time of passing stool and afterwards.I have been using nitric acid and graphites but not working well
    So my homeopathy Doctor now changed it to alumina+silicea+hypericum perforatum200.A combination of two drops each before bed time.And two drops of graphite morning empty stomach.Will they work? Please guide.

  25. Sir !Can you proscribe any Jelly for fissure ?I m taking acid nitric 200 from 4days and i’m feeling better now but I fell pain during passing stool .so, please sir proscribe some jelly or something which gives relief….

  26. Hello 

    Doc I am suffering from acute and chronic anal fissure from 15 aug 2017 after my 2nd c section on 13 july . I have been treating it with various gels like gtn or lingnocain and stool softner medicines. It has cured a bit but still pain is persistence when ever i leave stool softner although i dont have constipation but pain after starting of my bowel only .its some times bleed and rectum place get narrow and doctor suggest me surgery only m very scared and many people says it reoccures  . How can homeohomeopathy help me please

  27. Namaskar …!!!
    Dear Doctor i m suffering from fissure my age is 29 yrs i have one baby i had C-section
    my lower abdomen is healthy or you can say i m little bit obes.. i have fissure but without blood while passing stool i feel pain as stool passes it start burning or ittching putting cold water i feel relax… when i finished washroom or go to bed i still feel ittiching or broken glass like feeling

    i will be grateful

  28. Sir Good evening..I suffered fissure and piles ..for two months ..I underwent heamiradictomy 3 weeks ago..still .after .passing stool ,bleeding, …irritation, pain., …what to do…please …save me…some allooathic looz laxatives etc using but no..result….

  29. Amit Raheja says:

    Hello Doctor,
    I have anal fissure and a transparent fluid is discharged from the fissure. I have this fissure from 4 months and slight puss or transparent liquid is coming from 3 months. Which medicine and in which potency should I take.


  30. Priyadarshi Mohapatra says:

    I had anus feels pain after bowel movement just back of anus .I don’t know whether fissure or fistula. No bleeding but pain. I had antibiotics but couldn’t get relief. Please help me

  31. bella rose says:

    hello Dr. Sharna
    I have had anal fissures before once in a while but would heal fast before I had my first child . he is now five months old. since one month after birth I have had repeated episodes of burning like sand paper, hard stool, anal fissure and piles every time I have my monthly period. I am currently taking laxido to soften stool it helps but during period its not that good stool still becomes hard. also I am using rectogesic when the anal fissure gets aggravated this helps to reduce pain and heal but when I stop using it the fissure returns if I just have one hard stool.
    I can’t keep taking rectogesic because it is not recommended for long term use. how can I be rid of this for good and end the cycle.

    I started taking tumeric capsules for inflammation of piles and I was looking at tissue salts for the anal fissure? please recommend something that works..

  32. I am 35 years old I am suffering from anal fissure.Bleeding comes at the time of passing stool(thrice in a year at least one week I am suffering ).what can I do pls suggest me

  33. Sir,
    I m 28 yr old. I m suffering from chronic anal fissure from 8yrs . Doctor advise me for surgery.please advice me how to cure this disease without surgery.

  34. Respected Dr.namastay, No bleeding,No pain.only burning and swelling in anal part both side.acidity constipation.please suggest me.

  35. I am suffering from anal fissure since 17 years. I have undergone surgery in November 2005. After that, for next 2/3 years I never felt any problems. But it started paining again.Within a year bleeding also started. It used to occur once or twice in a year. But in last one year (since 2016) it used to happen twice in a month.
    Being a Data entry operator I have to sit almost 8/9 hours per day at my work place.
    It pains a lot all the time .
    Is it curable ?
    please advice.

  36. Dr. Anuj bhatt says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma I have been suffering from near about
    5yrs of post. Anal fissure in the begining of days pain is
    Severe after stool then I go with some aayurved treatment
    At bhu after take medicine I got the well relief but now days
    The symptoms r reccure what I m to do plz suggest me
    Wonderful remedy in homoeopath there is one thing
    Pain after stool long lasting these days I’m fasting of navratra . Problem start now a days . I also operate of my gbd remove. Iam waited

  37. Anupama dixit says:

    Sir my son is suffering bleeding stool . He doesn’t have constipated stool. Pain in anal regkon age 20 years lives in hostel

  38. Hello Dr.
    I have a burning sensation after passing stools for upto 1-2 hrs. There is no bleeding as of now.
    Is it piles,fissure or fistula.pls suggest medicines.


  39. Dear Dr Sharma, I have been suffering from anal fissure for the last 8 years. There was no bleeding but passing of stool was painful. Stool used to be very hard . I got myself operated in 2011 after the eruption of fissure problem but suffered serious side effect . However the problem subsided till late 2012 but it resurfaced with more vicious face. Again I got my self operated by other renowned general surgeon in 2013 who said the earlier operation was not properly performed. I recouped and continued till a month back when the evil again reappeared . I am at loss what to do now. Please guide me. By the way my prostrate is grade II enlarged and there also I am facing problem these days . I am fed up with allopathic treatment for both the fissure and prostrate problems. I am a 62 years old man and my occupation requires me sitting on the chair for long hours.
    S K Negi

  40. My name RAJIV from Patna,
    Piles, hai uska koe dava bataeye

  41. Dear doctor sharma. My wife had piles with bleeding.On examining detected sever fissure which use to get effected due to constipation and hard stool. Surgeon operated and assured removal of fissure. Presently even loose stool badly demage the operated portion and sever cutting pain is faced. She get ice gelly placed for relieve. Kindly advise homeo medicines for removal of sever pain and itching of operated annal portion. Thanks

    • I am 43 year old female with problem of anal fissure more than a year ago. I think it formed a boil and then a small opening opened next to my anus. I went to a gastroenterologist, but I lost faith in him after he did a colonosocopy, told me he took biopsies, but when I went back he told me he had not. I am having problem passing stool because when I go I feel like I do not empty my bowel completely, I also have a mucus discharge when I have a bowel movement and continuously during the day. I need help. I do not want to have surgery because I have heard that the problem comes back.

  42. Sanjay Kumar Mani Tripathi says:

    Sir while passing stol a itching pain noted by me with burning since 15days.hard..hard stole passing and a knife cutting feeling occur there are no bleeding. But burning and itching remains.
    Please suggest a proper and effective medicine

  43. vijai sharma says:

    Good Morning Doctor,
    I am suffering from severe anal itch for last six years. Due to which iam having fissures. In addition my stool initial part is very hard. I take lot of water water upto 4-5 ltrs in a day for last five years but no t effective. No medicine has been effective.
    My age 56 years , weight 68 kgs , no any other health problem
    Please advise treatment.

  44. Hello, I’m suffering from Anus problem past one month, kindly inform, what type of medicine will be use,

  45. Md. Rafiqul Islam says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    I am suffering from Chronic Anal fissure from last 1 year. I feel tremendous pain while passing stool which continues even after 4 to 5 hours after stool is passed.
    Please suggest some good medicine.My doctor has recommended Nitrovas 0.4%
    ointment for my fissure. I am afraid to take this
    Medicine due to headech and side effects.
    Do you recommend nitric acid instead?. What are the side effects with this medicine
    Where can I get it?

  46. Rajesh Yadav says:

    Si, my father of aged 76 years is suffering from Severe Stenosis in Anal Canal . It was revealed when during Colonoscopy Colonoscope couldn’t went beyond. Sir , can you suggest the treatment,if possible without surgery . Let me tell you that the Colonoscopy was attempted to examine the Colone after Severe constipation problem.

  47. I am 57 year old suffering from chronic anal fissures, while passing stools and then after burning and pain will be there. Kindly advise.

  48. Gopinath Jana says:

    i am Gopinath, I suffering pain at analfisher (that i have know from surgain Doctor)
    Actually first I feel so painful one time lads 1month ago.then no problem. But now so painful..i visit doctor alopathy….he give so medicine very coastly…
    Now what do i do????
    .please sugges me…9679735886

    • Munmun Mondal says:

      I am 35 years old and female…I am suffering anal fissure problems from last 4 months…. It is still very preliminary stage ,my problem is only anal tearing ang extremely iitching while passing stool but no blood comignout… I don’t have constipation…what should I take kindly suggests…

  49. Rathnasri says:

    Hello sir ,
    Please suggest me some medicine for fissures.tok much pain in anus while passing the stool and vaginal also.unable to pass he has and motion properly.
    Feeling like some muscle is blocking at a
    nus place from vagina towards anus.
    Too much back pain and knee joint pains for me kindly suggest me some medicine.
    I will in debt for you.
    I can’t visit your branch.i will take from nearest branch.


    • Dear Sir,

      Pranam. While passing stool sometimes it gets tightend and causes tears in the anus. Also causes bleeding and pain. This will take a minimum of one week to heal, if I took the tablet BandishKhoon along with pilogo. Please suggest the treatment and intake of food to avoid this problem.


  50. Rajeev kumar says:

    Greetings Doctor,
    I have developed a fissure 1 inch above anus on right side. At times I used to have a swollen vein which use to cause discomfort, latter small pimple erupted at that vein which used to pain while passing air or while touching. 4 days back it’s broke open. I didn’t noticed the bleeding but 2 days back while preparing for sitz bath I sat with folded legs and a drop of blood dripped from that fissure but stopped moment I stood up. I Am having fat nodules at multiple location in my body. I have fat nodules all over stomach at right hand at left breast at lower left back. I am having fulleness at all times even if I don’t eat. I pass stool in small quantity and feel urge to empty again after every motion. I am 96 kg. Pls help

  51. Sir,
    is it correct to give mixture of 2 or 3 medicine .. Hahnemann opposed this type of practice

  52. ujjal kumar sain says:

    I am ujjal sain.
    I have been suffering pain at anus fissure places.that is right indicated in end of dorsal spine from where start anus,rectum that places like thick cotton and pain being too much.some times at the time of hard stool then bleed comes from rectum and pain starting.
    please for homeo remedies.

  53. Dear Dr. Sharma
    I am suffering from Anal fissure from last 3 years. There is swelling at the mouth of Anus. I feel tremendous pain while passing stool which continues even after 4 to 5 hours after stool is passed.
    Please suggest some good medicine.

  54. venkateswarlu says:

    I am suffering from acute pain after passing stool. I had been undergoing Ayurveda treated for anal fissures but not much of benefit. I am not suffering from constipation, but suffer acute pain while and after passing stool. I am medium built aged 67 years. Active and undertake walking for about 4 km everyday.

  55. S.N.Prasad says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma

    I am suffering from anal fissure from last 2 months and take homeopathic medicine. but last 15 days I found sever pain start after 1 hours from stool passing and its continue to 4 to 5 hours. pain start in both condition if stool passing soft or hard.
    Plz suggest the reamedy.

  56. Hello Dr Sharma
    My doctor has recommended Nitroglycerine 0.2%
    Cream for my fissure. I am afraid to take this
    Medicine due to the side effects
    Do you recommend nitric acid instead. What are the side effects with this medicine
    Where can I get it?

  57. sharmila says:

    Dear sir, My son had problem of piles &anal fissure.He had got treatment homeopathy&synthetic now he is well but when gas occurs he gets fulahua manual.Is there any medicine some time by pressure little blood come out no pain or pus .Please help me.

  58. sharmila says:

    II have got treatment for piles&anal fissure now there is no pain or pus but requiring gas sometime there became away outside it ful data ha I &by pressure 1,2 drops commuting out

  59. Hello Dr
    I’m 22 years old girl.
    I’m facing a problem for long time
    Problem regarding to Poop is not an easy task for me because I feel pain after that and also before
    I’m using Vaseline for easy output but sometimes I have to face unbearable pain
    Kindly help me and suggest me some medicine

  60. Hello Dr
    I’m 22 years old girl.
    I’m facing a problem for long time
    Problem regarding to Poop is not an easy task for me because I feel pain after that and also before
    I’m using Vaseline for easy output but sometimes I have to face unbearable pain
    Kindly help me and suggest me some medicine

    xxxxx w/o Kalim

  61. Sir,
    I had anal fissure problem along with piles. I operated it 5 months back. It was fine for first three months, the next month the doctor gave an ointment when I was suffering from tremendous pain explaining it as a crack and assuring I will be absolutely be cured after that.
    Two weeks after that when I visited the doctor he said the anal fissure recurred and gave another ointment Cremagel but it didn’t improve.
    He suggested for colonoscopy and the another operation.

    Now I have pain while walking for almost half a day, and at the time when I sit on the chair, and also while getting up from the chair, the pain also occurs after stopping urine passage when I feel the pain as the back side seems to contract.
    No bleeding as of now, and I daily eat fruits and vegetables, most of the times stool passing is smooth.
    Any doctor from Chennai,(Velachery, Sholinganallur, Thiruvanmayur, Adyar) or any homeopathic medicine.

  62. Sanjeev Sharma says:

    Dr. I am 32 year old . I am suffering from anul Fisher for last 8 year I operated for parinial abbssis in year 2014.but still suffering from pain burning in anus at time of passing stool.the place of operation is still very soft and I feel uncomfortable after passing stool.there is no bleeding no any other discharge. I feel there is ane cut in anus or swelling in anus region .Pls suggest medition

  63. Sumanta Dutta Chowdhuri says:

    last 3 three years i am under Homeopathy treatment for anal fissure,till to date i am not cure.some time i am better,again it is relupsing.pain and burning sensation are repedetly comong after passing stools.either constipation or normal stools main problem is pain and burning sensation afer passing stools.
    pl.tell me the medicines fur curing anal fissure.

    • Sumanta Dutta Chowdhuri says:

      last 3 three years i am under Homeopathy treatment for anal fissure,till to date i am not cure.some time i am better,again it is relupsing.pain and burning sensation are repedetly comong after passing stools.either constipation or normal stools main problem is pain and burning sensation afer passing stools.
      pl.tell me the medicines fur curing anal fissure.

  64. Sir My wife is suffering with acute fissure for last fifteen days. Please advice me how to cure acute anal fissure . It is very difficult to passing stools due to internal fissure tight mass. Sir please tell me the medicines for curing anal fissure.

  65. Sir Please advice me how to melt and cure chronic anal fissure skin mass. It is very difficult to passing stools due to internal fissure tight mass. Sir please tell me the medicines for curing anal fissure mass.

  66. Azmat ali says:

    Burning & stinging is dangerous to death after passing stool and oozing blood in evacuation and too much hard stool like a wood , please help me

  67. DILIP DAS says:

    Dear Doctor,

    My father is on the age of 80 now. Recently, last seven days he is suffering with Anal Fissure as says by house physician (Alopathy).

    Last seven days he is treating with medicine ( liquid Anti Biotic) passing through his hand but no improvement is coming and he is going very weak day by day as he is taking very little food almost nil maximum time.

    He is feeling very bad pain as he is not able to sit also. His urine also not clear properly.

    Kindly help and suggest by the name of the Homeopathic Medicine with doses.

    Yours faithfully,

    Dilip Das
    India – Kolkata

  68. Realistic one says:

    Did anyone of you seen Dr reply to your request? NOPE

    Find a local Dr and let him/her you. There is no use wasting your time here with painful bottoms.

  69. sudhansu sekhar Das says:

    Dear sir,
    I am Sudhansu sekhar Das aged about 48years old, i have a fissure from 22 years, till now i am treating homeopathy but not fully clear,some time oozing and stop oozing again and again ,so i request ,pl. give me suggestion ,how it will clear,what medicine ,i take

    Thanking you

  70. C. PRAKASH SAXENA says:

    Resp Doctor Sab
    About 7 months back, I got extensive pain in Anus but there is no discharge or any other complications, I contacted Very senior Homeo Doctor and taken Acid Nitric 200 once and after one day I was perfectly all right. Now after 7 months again I got swear pain I consulted Allopathic doctor and taken treatment and after 7 days treatment I was OK but after 7 day course again I am feeling pain and feeling very little swelling around. I again contacted Homeo Doctor and took one dose of Acid Nitric 200 and after one day he asked me to take Rataniah 200 lqd. Which I took.pain is reduced but a kind of fear I am feeling.

    Constipation problem is there and I use to take Sat Isabgol weekly. I am 56 year man.

    Please advise me hich medicine I should take to avoid these type of disease. I am ready to take the medicine for long.


    • Sk Singh says:

      Sir I am 40 yrs. I am suffering from anal fissure from last 4 months. After passing the stool there is a severe pain in my anas. No discharge from anal. Only pain .sir please advise me

  71. I am having sever pain and burning in the ractum whole day a long after passing stool. Laxativehelps me but i have to go three or four times . After passing i starts having pain swelling and burning in rectum.i apply anovate that helps me in burning

  72. Azmat A. Rehmani says:

    Sir/ Dr
    I have used almost all the medicine that have been mentioned by you. I’m very, very chronic patient of fissure. A surgeon has recommended for operation. I have wart like (knot) which I feel. It’s very etching, and painful..I really bleed. But feel the etching, crack, sensitive. It’s almost 6 yrs I’m suffering..Pl recommend med. Thans

  73. Sir
    i am using ratanhia for last 25days and this has relieved the pain. now i have small itching. how long should i use this medicine

  74. Dr M I Peer says:

    thanks for sharing such a informative things

  75. Hi,
    I am a 49 year old male. I am having piles for the past few months. I tried some allopathic ointments but of late I find external hammeroids (approx 1.5 cms vein) just at the mouth of the anus. It was very painful after passing of stool. Very little blood or no blood during passing of stool. But the enlarged vein(hammeroid i guess) just at the opening was very painful.
    I tried Aesculus Hipp 30 and Ratanhia 30 (10 drops each in a gap of hald hour for 4 times a day). It has eased the pain to a large extent and also I find the hammeroid (vein) has also shrunk in size, but is still there.
    Do I continue this treatment or I should try someting else/additional….??
    Pls advise.
    I am 49 yrs old male.
    Wt is 86 kg
    Height 5’6″
    I am obese
    I am diabetic, but in the initial stage and well controlled. (I take Tiban M 500/20 OD) My last HbA1C was 6.4 ; >7 is considered diabetic)
    I have BP (I take Telvas 40 OD)


  76. Sarvesh Sharma says:

    Dear Sir,

    My Name Sarvesh. Last Year in November start the Bliding with stool. I take lots of Alopathy or Ayurvedic Medicine. But i dont Relief. I have no Pain but lots of Bliding. i m very strees for this. Now i want to use Aloe 50 Homoeopathy Medice But Not Relief. I read Lots of Internate about this this is fissula. Can U suggest good medicine.

  77. I have fissure n internal pile trouble from last two week. Today I went to homeopathy clinic n got medicine. Can I continue with my nitroglycerin ointment along with homeopathy medicine. Please guide me

  78. Hari Shankar says:

    Good day
    I am suffering from anal fissure after passing stool severe pain and unbearable pain but there is no bleeding abd near bowl small small ulcer.
    Please which we suppose to use.

    Hari Shankar

    • Sir iam suffering from anal burning severe pain. I am unable to go to tool freely. At that time and afterwards also unbearable pain and burning at anal. Suggest me which medicines and diet I have to take.

  79. Anal fissure for last six months with pain sirI am usesing alopathic medicine for last three months but no any relief me till date

  80. Anal Fissure says:

    Hi Dr . Sharma I am Priya from Mumbai I have been suffering from chronic pain or anal fissure from couple of months now drs are suggesting me to get operate i need your suggestion should i go for operation or try homeopathic now ?

  81. Dear Doctor i have just did an operation which i had a fisher and hamorides .Now after second day pain decreased but im afraid of passing stool and i have not passed stool yet.Can you please suggest me any remedies .

  82. Biswarup Pal says:

    I observed that after passing stool a small amount of blood is present but no pain I feel. At first I go to the allopathy doctor he said that it was piles.he prescrbed me pilex 60 tablets.I take this tablet for 4 months .I thought that it cure.But 4 days after passing stool again I seen that a small amount of blood.Again I go to another doctor he said that it is fussure.Then I confused what It is??Please help me.

    Biswarup Pal

  83. Dear Doctor,
    I am toyin from Nigeria, I have been battling with fissures around my Amy’s and the veins on the outer part is all swell up and I can’t sit. I tried getting lidocaine in my area but it is not available, I changed my diet to wholegrain, greens and fruit and ended up going to poo 3ce a day which increase my pains and ache what can you suggest sir

  84. I’m 65,anas remain moisty and sticky ,no pain while passing stool suggest remedy

  85. Hi, I am Jatin. I am having severe pain and burning in the rectum whole day long after passing the stool. I am taking Laxher powder recommended by my gastroenterologist for constipation. The powder is helping in constipation, but I have to go three to four times for bowel movements. The stool is coming soft. After bowel movement, I starts having pain and burning in the rectum. I am applying Anovate cream too, but it does not help much.

  86. sharmila Srivastava says:

    Respected Doctor
    I sharmila 37 years old . I m female . I had get opration of my fissure piles in March 2016.
    But last six months I m again suffering by pain. While never the blood comes out with stool. Neither any constipation . Feel the pain in joint area after surgery.
    I already done mri but nothing is there but still getting pain every time.
    Plz suggest which medicine is best for me to get relief.

    • Dr. Javaid Iqbal Qureshi says:

      Let me know whether your joint pain exists before surgery or not?

    • Dr. Javaid Iqbal Qureshi says:

      Let me also know that you are aggressive in mood elevation or cool minded. Please also indicate whether you are constipated or not and pain in annual fissure is only during and after passing the stool. Is any feeling of constriction in annual region?

  87. Ausaf ahmad says:

    Dear doctor , i m man age 52 from pakistan , n have been suffering from anal fissure ,burning n pain , aal day ,,, specially after stool highly burning with pain many hours. m very hurting n disturb. pl advise me any homeo medicine for this specially provide in pakistan , if not your copmany pl advise schwabe or any international which in easly in pakistan .

  88. Dear doctor I am a male of 44,yrs and have been suffering from bleeding pills for nearly 15,yrs. Of late some skin overgrowths have taken place at the mouth of anushka. A few days back a small portion of re tum had come out causing much pain and discomfort in sitting walking driving etc. Regular warm water bath with application of Hedeks ointment have eased the matter a bit. Pls suggest a permanent remedy.

  89. Mukesh Kumar says:

    Respected sir,
    I m Mukesh ,of age 31 years,i m suffering from anal fissures since 2013, mostly its cure when I use allopathic medicine like switch plus antibiotic tablet,but afer few months it reoccurring again,mostly in cold season,during these days during passing stool I found a severe cutting pain ,also sometimes I see a some drops of blood too,also now I found a some extra skin or called mussa near edje of anus which also give pain during stool,please sir help me n give some yr precious suggestions,please

  90. Assalamoalaikum!
    With great respect I would like to say that I am suffering from chronic,severly itching,prolonged painful anal fissures with great difficulty in defecation.
    I have taken allopathic treatment 3 times but of no benefit and I was advised surgeory finally.
    I want homeo treatment.please advise something.

  91. My wide is 45 years suffering from anal fissure, always pain. constipation, not bowling daily, stool is hard, longtime waiting in toilet. pain after bowl. In early life ezima, dysentery. Ezima in nail of leg, during rainy season nail of leg and hand rotten. Could you please suggest , which homoeo medicine she will use

  92. Rai Chaudhuri says:

    I am 53 yrs old woman suffering from fissure and sentinel piles. Doctor suggesting to go for operation. I hava only problem that is the pile mass gets inflamed and pains and itches sometimes. No problem while passing stool. No discharge. Could you suggest medicine to shrink the pile mass and the canal fissure inside.

  93. Hi. I have a painful experience with anal fisher from last 4 years. It’s very pain full when and after passing stool. Even some times I can’t take seat properly due to pain. Some time it’s very itching. One more thing. I am suffering from a problem of gas and acidity since 5 years. Please suggest.

  94. Hi I have anal fissure problem almost 4 years now too much pain I can not sit sleep anything please I try all medicine from doctor all home thing nothing works even pain killer doesn’t work either what to do

  95. Hello Sir,
    I have anal fissure from past two years and had undergone surgery, after which my problem increased. Now I am facing burning sensation at my anus while and after passing stool, also I have severe constipation and unable to pass the stool freely. Please suggest the best remedy to get me out of this pain and agony

  96. Dr. Salauddin Khan says:

    Hi, I am dr. Salauddin khan from bangladesh. I have apatients problem is an anal fissure,he has no pain without constipation, I gave Thuja & Calc F inhigh dose

  97. Over pain iam not rest please pain relief treatment sir

  98. Hi Sharma,

    This is Rishi here. I have been suffering from anal fissure for last 2 months. I went with allopathy medicines and it had healed but unfortunately it tore open once again. I am facing lots of problems.

  99. Dear doctor,
    I am age 35 years, i am sitting job,i was suffering from anal fissure from last sixmonths ,burning sensation, itching and cut sensation , i have pain and irritation ,i am unable to sit properly,presently iam using r13 ,

    Request to suggest medician for cure

    • kalpesh patel says:

      Hello sir
      I am suffering from anal fissure from last 15 days and from three days ago I started taking sbl fp tabs and fp ointment .this medicine good or no and what is course

  100. Hello Doctor,

    Just to give you a brief analysis of my case, i was assuming that i was suffering from piles from last few years and from one of our relative suggestion i use to Aseculs Hip – 30 as and when i use to have pain or irritation and this would work like a magic for me in last 3 years but some how last week i had very severe pain, burning sensation, itching and sensations like someone has kept in a broken glass pieces in my anus then i tried for rataniah 30 and aseculus 30 with this pain was bit releived but not cured after 3 days dosage i havent seen much improvement upon using them and then i have visited a General Surgeon to take the opinion upon what exactly the problem is ? as i was unable to sit in properly and my pain was horrible after i finish my BM and then thereafter it used to continue to late night and when morning i woke up i feel fresh and seems like it was nothing with me last evening but after BM the horrific terror starts again. As per my Surgeon he says that it is ANAL FISSURE problem and recommended me to go for a Surgery in next week in case if any alopathy medicine doesnt work to me; i’m really not intersted to go ahead for a surgery against this and would like to take your advice what homeopathy remedy to be used now to get rid of this situation. As per the doc he said that there is some pus fluid stored inside the cut and said in medical terms as anal fissure uclerated.

    My Current Situation: My BM is fine, i experience bit pain while passing stool but the stool seems to soft and it passes very clearly without any difficulties. Im using ISABGOL as a stool softner and some alopathy medicine like a pain killer and antibiotic to get the infection clear (only from last 2 days)

    Please Help on This Concern at the earliest.

    Looking forward

  101. sir please advise that wot potency of nitric acid i should take for anal fissure?
    waiting for ur reply.


    Sir, my daughter is suffering from fishers having both sides, she is studying 11class in hostel, please give me treatment, now she is in home for DUSSARA holidays, she is having fishers since 3 months

  103. Hi Sharma,

    This is swapna suffering from Anal fissure.
    I am right now using the German homeopathy from past 3 months.Doctor mentioned that I need to take total 6 months treatment for permanent cure.
    Please confimr whether its true or not.

  104. Richhpal Singh says:

    My sitting job & I am suffering from anal fissure long time…when i pass stool it feels like a thorn embedded into my rectum and it comes with fresh blood lining with stool…i cant clear my stool properly…i feel some stool remain in my rectum…when i start to potty,i feel it will rupture my rectum…so please give me some remedies with Ur medicines , dose & prevention’


  105. Surajit Naskar says:

    I am suffering anal fissure long time…when i pass stool it feels like a thorn embedded into my rectum and it comes with fresh blood lining with stool…i cant clear my stool properly…i feel some stool remain in my rectum…when i start to potty,i feel it will rupture my rectum…so please give me some remedies with Ur medicines.thanking u with anticipation

  106. Rajesh chaurasia says:

    Sir I’m suffering from anal fissure and sentinel piles I think so sentinel piles or hemmorhoids for the last two and half months and from last 15 days I’m taking Homeopathic medicine pain is reduced from 100 to 5 percent and sentinel piles or hemmorhoids is also reduced in size but some times after bowel movement the pain starts again and I’m depressed sir please tell me how much time it will take to cure the anal fissure and sentinel piles or hemmorhoids and the sentinel piles will disappear because I don’t want to do operation for the same sir please suggest

  107. Hello Dr
    My husband is suffering from annel fissure from 2 weeks now.we r following homeopathy medicines. He has pain passing stool n remains for hours afterwards. Plz suggest something. …..

  108. Sir ,i have anal fissure for 8 month which is non bleeding.pls suggest what remedy to employ. Thanks

  109. Acsubrahmanyam says:

    I feel severe pain about 2 to 3 hours after passing motion. There is no problem in passing motion. I feel a tear and mild swelling just above the anus. Thers is discharge of liquid 2 or 3 hours after passing the motion. I got the colonlscopy done but nothing adverse. Pl suggest the medicine.

    • Respected Dr Sharma
      I am a chronic patient of Anal fissure (non bleeding) and suffering frequently for last several years . It used to be under control with Acid nitric and bedtime laxatives. But for last 3 months I am not getting relief. Pl advice me what other medicine I should take now. Looking forward for your valuable advice.
      Yours faithfully
      N Sen

  110. samir kumar banerjee says:

    I suffering for fissure last 15years badly.but nobliding intolarete pain after passing stool long
    seeking your kind advice and treatment. I shall be highly obliged.

    with kindest regards,

    • kamala choudhury says:

      Sir my sister miss. nibedita sen is suffering from anal fissure since 16 years . she cant pass stool since six months ,there is severe pain and inside there is ulceration. she has taken nux, sulpher, nitric acid asculas hip everything but no relief. she is maintaining a very controlled diet , taking warm both after bowel movement but almost badridden now. she is 61 and no other problem like sugar thyroid or anything. but nothing is working on her. kindly help. her anal ulceration is giving her maximum problem. regards

  111. Md.Nazmul Islam says:

    Dear Sir ,
    For more than a year I have been experiencing problems on the streets of my closet. Payakhana strong pain when it comes to blood. After a few days the road at the back of the toilet, I feel strong and pain. when my toilet is hard then some blood coming . also i feel my toilet path outside 03 small leather approach 1 year .I’m applying indigenous medicine . but 1 month ago The back is soft to tough out the puja is ripe, but not so far away perimeter. Blood through the mouth and out the puja now and than . i feel Lots of pain . please advise me What can I do to get treatment ? i want your cooperation .

    • Vilochan Prasad badoni says:

      I am after passing stool . after that 5 ti6 hrs. Pain and Japan in anal area please suggest medicine

  112. samir kr banerjee says:

    Im 58yrs, suffering from fissure last 15 yes, it is nobliding,but after stool passing trivendus pain most of the day. seeking your kind treatment under your control.

    • Mehtaz shirin says:

      Dear Sir,
      I am 35 years old. I am suffering from anal fissure for more than 7 years. From the beginning I am under homeopathy treatment. But i have got no result. Please suggest. Should i continue homeopathy or go for operation?

  113. munish sharma says:

    hello im suffering for anal fissure last three month regular used ur homepathic medicine last two month but no relief why eating only fiber food morning exercise

    • Md.Nazmul Islam says:

      Dear Sir ,
      For more than a year I have been experiencing problems on the streets of my closet. Payakhana strong pain when it comes to blood. After a few days the road at the back of the toilet, I feel strong and pain. when my toilet is hard then some blood coming . also i feel my toilet path outside 03 small leather approach 1 year .I’m applying indigenous medicine . but 1 month ago The back is soft to tough out the puja is ripe, but not so far away perimeter. Blood through the mouth and out the puja now and than . i feel Lots of pain . please advise me What can I do to get treatment ? i want your cooperation .

  114. Senthil babu says:


    I ‘m 36 year old male and suffer from anal fissures .The problem is recurring in 2010 when this problem was there i approached a gaestrentologist and did sigmodoscopy and found out there are fissures and can be cured by taking medicines…i took medicines and the problem disappeared in few days time and after discontinuation of medicine after few months this started recurring again 2011 and till date this problem is recurring and i m not getting any permanent solutions …the problem is recurring …why is this happeneing…inspite me being there permanent cure for this problem in homeopathy or will the problem recurr even in homeopathy treatment.

    • amar katiyar says:

      Sir I am Amar suffering from anal fissure (position of anal fissure 6’o clock ) stool pass and bleeding and some pain problem me last 6 month please sir suggested me some medicine homopathic ….

  115. Hello doctor
    2 moths ago i was suffered with bleeding piles with fissures and constipation. I was taking hamamelies 200 3 times and aesculus 30.
    Now bleeding is stopped. But no no improvements in fissures. I hav buring, icthing. After passing stool my fissure become swell. And suggests some medicine for constipation.
    Pls help me

  116. abhishek singh says:

    mi 4 saal se fissure se paresaan hu aur homopath medicine bhi kha rha hu lekin koi aaram nhi hi dard aur jalan bana rahta hi bleeding kabhi kabhi hoti hi aur baithne me bahut taqleef hoti hi. ..plz help me..

  117. piyas purna sen says:

    My child boy has reddish anal area with papain in that area. Stool normal.what to do?

  118. Linda Martinez says:


    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    I’m a 49 yr old female with a severe internal anal fissure with a very tight anal sphincter
    Going on 6 wks, due to chronic constipation.
    yesterday I noticed an external fissure above my rectum that is very tender,the pain is constant and unbearable, I’m having a daily BM which is very painful.
    I’m taking nitroglycerin ointment to relax the sphincter but the side effects are terrible and it’s not working! I prefer homeopathic or natural alternatives anyway
    Can you suggest something to help the constant pain?
    Thank you

    • vinay duseja says:

      Dear Sir,

      I am vinay age 39 – from mumbai – my job is of sitting for long hours – I have been suffering from Cracks in the Anal region due to very hard knotty stools – some times it bleeds have severe pain during passing stools, I also feels very small lump of skin in that region, Pain and the tear there from last 4 -5 months, consulting homeopathic consultant but not getting relieved please help in suggesting some medicine

      Additionally pls note – I also have diabetes along with this problem which is on higher side – 190 fasting and 210 pp

      regards, vinod

      • biplob das says:

        Dear Dr. Sharma my wife has ben suffering from anal fissures for long time. After my younger daughter birth it became painful. last three months she is suffering most. during passing stool sometimes bleeding. then pain grows. I have read about the treatment. please gove me a suggetion for takimg medicine and doages

        • biplob das says:

          Dear Dr. Sharma my wife has ben suffering from anal fissures for long time. After my younger daughter birth it became painful. last three months she is suffering most. during passing stool sometimes bleeding. then pain grows. I have read about the treatment. please gove me a suggetion for takimg medicine and doages
          she is 44 years

          • amar katiyar says:

            Sir I am Amar suffering from anal fissure (position of anal fissure 6’o clock ) stool pass and bleeding and some pain problem me last 6 month please sir suggested me some medicine homopathic ….

  119. NAND KISHORE says:

    Sir I am an ulcerative colitis petiant since last 6 year. Vegas OD 1.2 GM X 3tab daily.
    Folic acid 1 tab daily. Taking daily.
    But now a day I am suffering from anal fissure with constipation. A massa accumulated out side at anal. Saver pain in this part & also craks found in anal. Ples give me best treatment from which I can get immediate relife & permanently qoure.

    • Heloo nand same prob I have , ulcerative colities from last 3 year now I have anal fissure and red blood …. Vegaz od 2 tab I take for ulcerative colites but anal fissure prob doc said just sitz hot water bath …. Anal fissure I have from last one year …. White liqied comes and later red blood ….plz help me

  120. venant mjomba says:

    I hope you gona give me a long lasting solution;I’ve gone through all of the articles and get what i problem is:offensive discharge which is irritating followed by itching and constipation and pain during stool descharge.please help to resolve this problem.

  121. It’s CHAITRI. I am suffering from anal fissure. After child birth it has occured. I feel pain while passing if rectum tears. Mild bleeding or no bleeding now. Pain continues half an hour after passing stool. It’s large in size. First part hard and then soft. I am a tall well built woman 30 yrs old . What medicine should I take sir

  122. Sir mujhe fisar hai mujhe keval pain rahta hai koi medicine bataye

  123. Ravi shankar pandey says:

    I m suffering from chronically fissure which is not healing from two months.every day after passing stool I feel pain for several hours .
    Pls guide

  124. pankaj mohanta says:

    i am suffering fisdure. plse tell me the meficine.

  125. Ranjan Biswas says:

    Dear sir,
    I am 30years old.i suffering from anul is very painful & stool passed very hard & bleeding.plz tell me my problem cure by homeopathi madicine.plz reply.

  126. Alexander says:

    Doctor, I am 65. Suffring from anal fissure due to dry hard stool. I am applying petrolium jelly to lubricate the portion. Drinking more water but still hard stool and painful discharge.
    Waiting for your reply

  127. m k tyagi says:

    Dear sir My m k I have piles fissure and fistula .l m 41yrs old I have very problems sir tell me what happened
    Plz reply

  128. ATAUR RAHAMAN says:

    Sir ,
    My self Ataur Rahaman suffering by chronic anal fissures and also forms lump and skin tag beside myanus.
    Is my problem cure by homeopathy
    edicine? My age38 $1_2-
    I am suffering from 8 months.

  129. Surjitsoin says:

    Hi I want to order homeopathy medecine so want to know where is your clinic is thanks

  130. Nagasudha.B says:

    Gud morning Sir,
    I’m suffering from anal fissure and a skin tag of half inch in side the anus for the past six months. There are kracks around the anus. It’s very pain ful and burning so that I UN able to sit. So, kindly prescribe medicine for the same.
    I will be thank ful to you Sir.

    • Nagasudha.B says:

      Gud morning Sir,
      I’m suffering from anal fissure and a skin tag of half inch in side the anus for the past six months. There are kracks around the anus. It’s very pain ful and burning so that I UN able to sit. So, kindly prescribe medicine for the same.
      I will be thank ful to you Sir.
      Age 40

  131. Dear sir,
    Since July 2015 I was suffering from piles ( This was recurrence after two years). I went for homeopathic as well as alloptahic treatment which lasted till Jan 2016. In Jan 16 I realised through information available that it is no more piles but symptoms are of anasl fissure. Myhysician was giving some medicine but that was not giving great results. In May ’16 I have read about sulphur and Nux vomica, one dose of nux vomica every night and sulphur once a week three times a day. This has relieved me from pain and other issues. One problem persists is discharge of watery fluid which some times resembles to pus and blood red water discharge. This is also causing discomfort and infection s around anus.
    Please suggest something for this fluid discharge. Age 45 , male , weight 104


  132. Prabodh Kothari says:

    Dear doctor

    I am suffering with slight pain while passing stool. Only once little blood came. Only due to constipation while passing stool burning sensation is there. Psin is less. At predrnt I am taking Dr.Reckeweg R 13 drops thrice daily.


  133. Elvie Salabit says:

    Hi Dr., how are you. This is Elvie Salabit. I wanted ask you about remedy and homeophatic treatment about my health problem. Am suffering IBD for a year with yellow discharge. Now for two days my stool has blood in the end. Before am suffering GERD for many years with acid reflux. Can you advise me Doctor pls. Am 41 yrs. Old now.

  134. rajkumarsingh says:

    i am suffering from anal fissure since last 4 month and taking homeopathic medicine but bleeding is closed but burning after passing stool is continue remains full days. i am taking ratanhia200 and pilonid medicine. as per homeopathic doctor this problem take 8 week but i am taking medicine last 4 month please advise me

  135. Sir,i am facing this anal fissure problem n i am having homeopathic medicine from past 2 month and applying Aesculus ointment also but still its not working out today i notice blood in my stool? i am so scared what will i do? sir please help me.

  136. Mousumi Mukherjee says:

    I am suffering from anal fissure since 10 08 14 non bleeding type. I have tried Allopathic ; Ayurvedic & Homeopathy treatment. Age 47 Have menopause since 2014 The peculiar part of the story is I have never suffered from constipation. But I was a gastric patients for since 18 years and have taken strong Allopathic medicine to control my headache . Marred 20 years have one child, house wife; vegetarian since I acquired the disease but take sweet water fish twice a week .All the three practitioners have assured me that I will be back to normal again but in vain. Allopathic doctors now suggest that I should go for operation.I am aware that prolong negligence can lead to cancer.I
    As a last try I want to know whether it is curable. If so how long it will take.
    With Hope,
    (M) 9620248844 ; 7899063117 ;

  137. Mousumi Mukherjee says:

    I am suffering from anal fissure since 10 08 14 non bleeding type. I have tried Allopathic ; Ayurvedic & Homeopathy treatment. Age 47 Have menopause since 2014 The peculiar part of the story is I have never suffered from constipation. But I was a gastric patients for since 18 years and have taken strong Allopathic medicine to control my headache . Marred 20 years have one child, house wife; vegetarian since I acquired the disease but take sweet water fish twice a week .All the three practitioners have assured me that I will be back to normal again but in vain. Allopathic doctors now suggest that I should go for operation.I am aware that prolong negligence can lead to cancer.I
    As a last try I want to know whether it is curable. If so how long it will take.
    With Hope,
    (M) 9620248844 ; 7899063117

  138. Ashok Kumar says:

    Sir, I am suffering from anal fissure. I have crack in anus. Sometime lining of blood with stool. Stool is not so hard. But burning sansation occured in anus. A lot of pain during passing stool. What homoeopathic medicine should I use for this. I have read many medicine like grafities 1,ratanhiya 1etc ,I am confused what I use.please help me.

  139. i have anal fissures and i would like to know the medication for it. Can you please help.

  140. V SREE RAMA MURTHY says:

    I am suffering chronic Motion problem since nearly 25 years., internal Fissures and no open rectum freely. and no bowel movements, stomach gas, indigestion and IBS problem also. I am trying attempt middle finger for movement stool every day. please prefer medicines for my problem

  141. THOMAS JOSEPH says:

    i have pain while going to bath room stool get hard i am undergoing homeopathic treatment but no result. There is no blood it has been with me for long time. any one medicine not working may be combination of medicine work .

  142. R.K.SINGH says:

    Sir i am suffering from anal fissure since last three month. I have taken different type of treatment but problem is still remains.i also sufferig fro constipation and gas problem since last three me effective homoeopathick medicine for above mentioned. Problems.Thanking you.


    Dear Sir,

    last 3 months. I am having anal fissure and met one homeo doctor, after one and half months treatment could not get much more result.

    Again I met another homeo doctor and given some medicine like NT, ML, CL, NM2 but also not cure the woods and still paining after passing the stool.

    looking forward a favourable reply

  144. Maruthi. A H says:

    Good morning sir,

    I am Maruthi A H last 3 years back i suffering fissure & take treatment, Now again started motion will hard & conducting doctor he says inside some infection is there to be operate is it required or medic ion is enough?
    Pls sugest

    Right now am taken Pilex & Tblet,Cremaffin mixed fruit cyrup

  145. I am experiencing burning & pain while passing & after passing stools.I am applying Gel before & after passing stools but no remedy.Pl help me.

  146. Abhishek kumar says:

    Dear Sir
    My wife has anal fissures for 2 years and size of that tag has increased in last 2 years.Although she does not feel pain but sometimes its irritates her.
    Please suggest some medicine to remove the anal fissures.

    Thank you

  147. tamheed nazir says:

    my anal is tight i go to toilet after my anal is pain and not bleeding but very irritation me some doctor says surgery you suggest me i don’t want surgery.

  148. meenakshi choudhary says:

    first time in my stool i see just a little bit of blood and no pain little bit itching what should I do

  149. shiv kumar says:

    Hi Sir,
    good morning, I am 28 years old male
    Sir my mainly problem is internal & external piles, but when ever I go to toilet & sitting for passing stool mucus is coming, and I have got lot of pain in my anus daily,
    I have used Ratania 200, nux vomica 200, alternet remedy, and thuzaQ, Aesculis hipp Q, NuxQ, 3 times daily used but I have no benefits in this remedy Plesase, Sir help me what can I do

  150. Sanjib Chowdhury says:

    I am 32 year old male i have annal fissure for last 5 year. i have to much pain in inner anus while passing stool but blood not come. pain stay near about 9 A.M to 6 P.M . after that i feel some relief from pain but next day face same problem. in this circumstances i take treatment fissure from homeopathy doctor too long. After 1 year i have also same problem of fissure . So please a advice me what can i do

  151. Sir,
    I am 39 male, suffering from 10yes.I have too much pain inner rectum while passing stool.itching also. Blood not comes. Some small muscles grew near anal wall .
    Lot of medicines taken but no result.
    Seize bath continues taking.
    Please help.

  152. Tarun Kumar verma says:

    Not bleeding but pain during passing the stool and after stool burning position remains

  153. Ramesh prasad says:

    Sir, my wife is suffering from anal pain since last 11 months after uterus operation in INHS Asvini at Mumbai, Dr. is suspecting fissure and medicine is continue but no relief from pain. Request diagonisis the problem and give suggestion in this regards. Thanking you.

  154. Lakshmi kuppuswami says:

    Dear Dr I am having ans fissures because of lot of motions. I have my skin swollen in the passage of Rectum and anus
    I always feel or pass motions.I have red colour blood in toilet tissue.I take sitz bath. What homeo medicine to be taken

  155. Dr hanif mughal says:

    It is very informative site

  156. Dr.sharma
    Im seeking your help and advise please
    I furst had an anal fissure that appeared 5 years ago after giving birth to my secound daughter treated with nitro glycerin and niw 7 monthe ago they cam back treated again and gone within weeks but this time they came back and they are 2 fissures anterior and posterior and its almost 2 months but they are still there i need help to get them healing what do you recommend

  157. Yogesh Bharti says:

    Dear Sir,

    After passing the stool, I have feel burning and itching inside my anus/anal. some time such burning/itching is unbearable.

    Please help me and suggest the medicine for its permanent treatment .

    Yogesh Bharti

  158. Respected Doctor

    I am a blood sugar paitent from 2007. i am taking insulin as well as oral medicine for my blood sugar from October-15. When i started taking insulin the colour of my latrine was blackish. i passed stool several times a day. on october-15 i faced blood coming out of my stool. After that i took antibiotic for seven days and the pain was reliefed. went to doctor and checked up who says it is an Anal Fissure. presently i am having regular pain in my anus. my buttocks and veins are always at a pain .From october-15 i have taken antibiotics more than four times in a span of four month. presently i do not pass hard stool. mucus is present.

    Kindly advice suitable medicine for me

  159. i have annul fissure from 4 years and i take treatment about fissure from homeopath doctor too long. after 1 year i have also the same problem of fissure in more than 100 times immediately then what can i do pl give me advice.

  160. arun kumar says:

    Sir, i have anal fissure for the last 4 month.i feel no pain during defecation. But after defecation there is mild burning sensation and this stay for whole day.sir which medicine to take.pls suggest. Regard

  161. Taofeek alaba badirat says:

    Good day doctor, I have been suffering from chronic fissure in ano for the pass 10 years, I do have pains in my anus after deficating, also purs with an offensive smell do come from my anus, I have gone through surgery in the anus, the doctor said he dilet my anus but all prove abortive, I have taken several strong antibiotics, yet no different. Presently am taking ciprofloxacin 500 with flaggy, still am not heal. there is a wound inside my anus. Please help me am tried of this sickness I have spent a lot yet am not heal

  162. Hari Shankar says:

    My wife is suffering from anal fissure she have following problem
    To much burning in Anal area
    To much pain

    Please advise


  163. Ravi Gautam says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am suffering from anal fissure with blood, pain & burning sensation. Please advice which homeopathic medicine is best for me & how much time it will take to cure this disease.

    Ravi Gautam

  164. Simranjeet singh says:

    Surgoan advise surgery because i have fissures & hammroids both of Grade 3.
    I have severe pain during & after stool pass in anus and anus discharge and clean after half an hour and apply vaseline or local anathesia cream lox whn not tolerable.
    Fro last few days i am taking pain killer whn pain out of control.
    Pls suggest homeopathic medicine for curing this problem.

  165. Arpan Mittal says:

    Hi dr. Sharma,
    I have intense itching in my vaginal region. I have had allopathic medicines but it didn’t work. It is insane. N due to itching…there is tearing of tissues and cuts on my vagina. I tried applying various ointments but they seem to inflate the itching. What do i do?? If you could help. Thank you.

  166. Don’t really know how it started go a little constipated on day about a year ago nothing that bad after this cut appeared and I have been dealing with it reopen constantly .I tried rectiv it had to many side effects. So I’m will try anything for the pain

  167. Stop taking heart medicine. PERIOD

  168. Dr Jahidul Sarkar says:

    I have been suffering for last 13 years by badly piles. I had been 3 times operated but no such remedy. Painless bleeding is my destiny….365 day in twice I had to face rectal bleeding in excessively…. Pls refer any medicine

  169. Pankaj Kumar says:

    fisher tretment

  170. P.C.Singh Deo says:


    Near about last one year my wife(age 58 yrs.) is suffering from Fissures in anal region problem. After consulting homoepathic docter locally advised to continuing the fallowing medicines:
    1) Ratania 200(Germany)= 5 drops twice in a day daily with little water
    2)Paeonia Officinals 30= 5 drops twice in a day daily with little water.
    3)PILIGO tabs= 2 tabs daily 2 times without water only chewing.
    4)ALOE SOCOTRINA 30 liquid= 5 drops twice in a day with little water.
    5)FP Ointment(Engorged Rectal Veins)=Useing 2/3 times in anal region.

    These above medicines are contuning since long period, only problem is after long continued medicines, she is still facing with frequient stool problem & some day stool becoming hard also. Bleeding is very slight when passing hard stool.Due to frequent stool passing & washing with water the anal area effecting like icching & burning. Warm water also applying in anal region daily 2/3 times. Fooding is taking without spices
    only boiled vegetable cookedwith slite oil.
    You are requested to advice me, the above medicines are correct dogges or not? If so, any better suggestion is required from you will highly appreciated also please advice taking fooding daily basis & advice me not
    to take any specific spices.
    Please suggest & reply for your advice.


  171. I am 23 years old I have another fissure last 3 weeks I used cream and also doing sitzbath but I have still dwelling

  172. Hi doctor.
    My son he is 15 years. He has problem with nervous colon. He gots a terrible pain in his colon with mostly constipation and some other time dirreah.
    He always complain from burning acid with his stool, special when is under stress or depression or existing.
    Some times he cant sites or stand from the attach and he gots a lot of headache and he has anemia too.
    He is very sensitive person but he worry to much.
    He has a lot of grief special after my separation from his father.
    Please help me. I went to so many doctos but they did nothing.

  173. samar patra says:

    In april 2012 I have got diarrhea and cracked my anus ..after that bleeding was continued after passing the stool for some days and felt excessive pain..Now I often fill stinking pain while passing the hard stool ..and some time a very little bleeding also ..I am 29..male

  174. H.M.Hundaykar says:

    Sir I have a fissure and too much burning sensation after passing stools please suggest me best treatment I am allergic to sulphur drugs please help

  175. Satyajit Saha says:

    Sir, I am facing a problem for last one month. I observed a inflammation on the left side of my anal cavity, it is hard to touch, feeling no much pain or discomfort during defecation. I feel pain while pressing the inflamed portion. A general surgeon diagnosed it as anal fissure and advise me to take sits bath with 10% povidone iodine. now pain resolve but inflammation is as usual. Sir please advice me for early cure of my problem.
    Thank you.
    awaiting your reply.

  176. hello dear
    my poo is good but I got really bad anal fissures ,painful and sore as well. I have tried all the medications ,its been there for years now.

  177. tapan tarafdar says:

    I have been suffering from IBS since long, there is always rumbling sound and wind in the stomach. mucous in stool. In the morning do not feel the urge for toilet and when I feel urge for toilet ,can not control and have to rush to toilet.sometimes I feel there is parasite also.please advise.

    awaiting your reply.

    thank you

  178. Pain below navel region, Stool not clear,morning time 2 or 3 time to go,Gasric trouble also present and in anus feel something biting or stinging which upset me mentally

  179. Pain below navel region, Stool not clear,morning time 2 or 3 time to go,and in anus feel something biting or stinging which upset me mentally

    • Krishna Rao M S says:

      I am suffering from horrible pain after passing stools. Pain continue for nearly 6 hours. Spasm and Tenesmus continue . No piles or fissure. Please recommend some medicine

  180. My husband is diabetic n high bp patient for 10 years. Suddenly he has develop warts outside anus n there is swelling n pain. Constipation is also there. Dr. He is alcoholic as well. Could u pl. Suggest some very good remedy. For bp n diabetes he is on allopathic treatment. Off n on his pulse rate increases above 100. He takes metolar 25mg. Thanks regards

  181. adnan chaudhry says:

    I had a painful tearing resulting in heavy bleeding from my anus in july 2012 .
    now I have smooth passing of stool but bleed without pain after passing stool.

    please advise

  182. Kanchan Kishor Mishra says:


    i am 38 year old, i have fistula since 3 years & its also operated in 2012. its very painful & burning in anal. pls suggest me some medicine for permanent cure. can it cure permanently

  183. Sir, please suggest me some medicines for fissures permanently

  184. THOMAS ALLISON says:


  185. Dear Dr.Sharma,
    I am 17 years old and from past three days my rectum is bleeding when ever I go for motion and stomach ache from past 1 month.
    Please help me sir.

  186. DEEPAK VERMA says:

    I am 46 yrs old and a chronic case of piles and fissures. I got operated around 3 years back and was relieved of all pain. However, around 15 days back, i again noticed a pile on the mouth of anus. on proctoscopy, it was revealed that i have a chronic fissure at 6 o’clock position and hemorrhoid at 11 o’ clock and 3 o’ clock position.

    My motion is normal semi solid and I don’t have to put pressure. I am experiencing continuous pain of low intensity . Kindly advice medicine and dosage.

  187. Hi
    Sir I have a fishtula since 3 years its very painful iam taking tuberculosis medicin also iam not comfort able in surgey some time its very painful and anus is very tight .please suggest me pain relive medicine and how to cure this problem

  188. abdul majeed says:

    dear dr.sharma!
    My 4 months daughter has an anal fissure since birth.she did’t weep for 15 days while upto 3.5 months she wept for 2 hour. Can homeopathic medicine be given to her? If yes, upto what period?

  189. Tehsin khan says:

    Dr Sharma!
    I have a moderate anal fissure, bleeds and burns when I eat spicey food.
    After passing stool it hurts for ten fifteen minutes, sometimes it hurts when I sit for long time. Also bleeds occasionaly.

  190. Vimal kumar says:

    Age 57 ,problem of anal itching .operated for piles 30 years back,no constipation,stool semiliquid, sometimes piercing in rectum itching more in night,

  191. S K Chaudhuri says:

    I feel a very small polyp outside the rectum while washing after psssing stool. There is no pain. I am 73. Kindly suggest me homeo medicine so as to remove it petmanently without csusing any worst shape.
    Eagerly waiting for the reply.
    Thanking you
    S k chaudjuri

  192. akhilesh sharma says:

    pain and swalling i ractum anus,drug or medicines for relif them

  193. Sir,
    I am suffering from Anal fissure since 6 week and unable to recover due to hard, dry, stool in the beginning and large mass afterwards. Passed stool does not segregates by passing the water of health faucet on it.
    presently I am taking following medicines

    1. Pilelex drop – 10 drop thrice a day (Indian make from Patna)
    2. R- 13 drop- 10 drop thrice a day (Dr Reckeweg Germany ) it being replaced by Mr Doctor since yesterday by Pilelex. I have already consumed one file in in last 15 days. Shall I continue with Pilelex or not.
    3. silicia – 8 Goli twice a day
    4. Choledium – 8 Goli twice a day

    After 3 to 4 days of normal routine, once hard stool passes with pain and destroyed the healing. please advise me suitable stool softener and further treatment.

  194. Plz guide me in treating 2 years old girl having fissure problem from last one year. Severe constipation which remains more than a week.

  195. Sir, I am experiencing severe pain in anus during and after passage of stool. I am experiencing heat all over the body. Pain is extending Even the genetal area. Stoll is hard and scanty. Please suggest home remedy

  196. I am having chronic anal fisher for last one year. On the outside end cut and in inside cut and rashes which gives pain at the time of passing stool and thereafter also. Pls advise

  197. Muhammad shafiq says:

    I am suffering in pain full anal fissure. What medicine can i take?????

    • Dear doc,
      It’s been 4weeks and me suffering with burn and pain while passing motion. I consulted homeopathic and he gave me med FB tab 2 tab morning / night and Aeseculus 5 pills 3times a day. I still feel pain and burn pls suggest if these med is fine.

  198. aditya kaurav says:

    My symptoms are same as mentioned above for the
    medicine nitric acid and phosphorus May I take this
    medicine and what will be the dose? There is a bleeding
    along with stool… Kindly advise in this regard please.

  199. Pooja pathak says:

    My symptoms are same as mentioned above for the medicine nitric acid and phosphorus May I take this medicine and what will be the dose? There is a bleeding along with stool… Kindly advise in this regard please.

  200. Parimal Kanti Deb says:

    My symptoms are same as mentioned above for the medicine Ratanhia. May I take this medicine and what will be the dose? There is a burning sensation in the rectum. Kindly advise in this regard please.

  201. Sir i m 31 years old and having problem of anal fissure from last 5 years and having an anal tag, i m taking Ratanhia 30 from last 5 years bt no permanent relief.. Pain, itching and burning occurs after every couple of weeks.. Plz suggest me some permanent solution for this problem.

  202. Anand kumar Harsh shrma says:

    Sir i am sufferings from fissures blood is reducing after stool passed but no pain blood color is reddish i feel very weakness after blood reducing this deasis 24 year long my age is 54 year please suggest best homeapathic medicines Anand k harsh mo 9875131655

  203. dr. shraddha says:


  204. Rishi Tiwari says:

    I am taking treatment of alopathy in which case I can’t recover I want a suggestion or medicine for piles & anal fissure .

  205. I am 50 years old, no sugar or Bp problem. I am suffering from anus pain. Stool discharge with blood is painful and no stool discharge but feel like discharging many times.

  206. Tilak Raj Gujrani says:

    Dear Sir
    Main complaint is itching around anus and a small acne like at the corner / edge of anus and severe itching. stools normal. no pain, no bleeding, no burning. Surgeon diagnosed anal fissure, gave medicine but no response. Please guide me and suggest some medicine.

  207. hello doctor i have this problem since 1 year i try so many medician i will have hard stool with bleeding i want to recover from this problem can help me to over come from this

  208. Deepak malviya says:

    Sir,i have been suffering from anal fishure sinch one month.there is swalling outside the anus and its not bleeding just swalling outside. I approached to 2-3 docters bt they gave me medical for 7 days and than asked for operation. Bt i dont want to go throug operation.
    kindly please provide me best tratment to cure my problem. I will b always thankful to you.

  209. Sir from last 3 week bleeding is coming from anal, I refer near by doctor he told its a fixture in your anal, he has given me potassium pmagnate for sitz in warm water, and one stool softener , one gel but still bleeding doesn’t stop, is there any remedy to stop blood

  210. D.R. CHUAHAN says:

    I have anal fissure and operated before 4 month everything is quite well but still feeling pain in anal kindly suggest medicine and doases.



  211. Pain after passing stool, had shown to a specialist they said its anal fissure, had prescribed nitroglycerin but dint work so far, can you tell me which homeopathy medicine will be good and how to use it and from where I can buy it.

  212. maitreyi nath says:

    age 30,female suffering in IBS since 6 months.frequent constipation and diarrhia with bloody stool anal fissure and hiatus hernia with post bm upperGI pain.history with c section delivery before 10months.

  213. Hi sir, I am suffering from chronic anal fissures and situation is worst. Pls guide

  214. Vimal dhasmana says:

    Had operation 30 year ago for piles, Dr told you w as having piles ,fistula fissure,now no constipation ,itching and piercings at anus. Itching mainly at late night small secretion with bad smell,suggest.

  215. subhash dhawan says:

    sir,generally i used antibiotc i.e.offloxin,cefi ect. 4 month back i operated anal fissure and piles. i again trouble, i feel difficult when go on tiolet,stool not hard,but i feel not fully passed stool ,much forcibly to dischage my stool. some times stool in pieces not hard,having white fluid havin odour. secondally i feel trouble with prostrate about 57 gms.wt. 2nd stage ,daily i used urimax-d and i also used homeopathic liquid drop ,after that again i not feel well. urine not come frequentaly feels not flow in one time. you are requested to please tell me good medicine of both the deseases.

  216. I am suffering chronic anal fissures for the last 5 years. I tried allopathy but no relief. Please prescribe effective homeopathy medicine.
    Thanks n regard. Prakash

  217. Kalyanram S says:

    Dear Dr

    Greetings of the day

    I have been diagnosed with painful anal fissures and was having bleeding , Though the bleeding has stopped. I have itching now after passing of stools. It is also painful. Can you suggest some remedies

  218. sir….
    I have anal fissures last one year’s . I am trying nifedipine and stool softner but my fissure don’t heal please need your suggestions

  219. hello sir

    i feel tearing pain after passing the stool, no blood

    it keeps on going and coming

    what should i do to get permanent relife


    • hello sir

      i feel tearing pain after passing the stool, no blood

      it keeps on going and coming

      what should i do to get permanent relief.


  220. Santosh Kumar says:

    Dear Doctor Sharma
    I am 38 years old male working as a finance executive. I am suffering from Fissure which is very painful. I am living at a very remote location in Himachal Pradesh. Can you suggest some homeopathic medicine for this disease.

  221. Vasanti prabhu says:

    hello doctor
    I have been suffering from fissure in ano.with homeopathy medicine&. Ano relief steroid cream & hot sits bath I was fine for about 2-3 months. Then I got constipation & I got the same problem slightly less of same. No bleeding. Just a some pain after passing stools.
    What medication should I take?
    Thank you .

  222. I have anal fissure causing pain when sitting . Hard to pass stool . A pain always in the lower anal cannal.. And forming gas . . It seems like need to stool but its not. Sometime bleeding . And realising some liquid white type of substance . Always forming gas in stomach . .I am really embarrassed by the problem . Need a cure

  223. savita sharma says:


  224. savita sharma says:

    i had measels in 1996 during this period i have taken medicine also then i got burning and itching in anus while passing the atool whenever i eat chilly masala dry fruits and other hot food in nature it is increase after the birth of my child it increased i think i have opererted it also but it is not beneficiery for me please suggest some remedy

  225. lakhan rajpoot says:

    i am suffering from anal fissure for 5 years .I used many treatment also 2 surgery. but there are no relief.p

  226. Had internal piles, use to bleed while passing. Took homoeopathic drugs, now I feel better. But recently I got anal cuts (fissure).sometimes bleeding and sometimes not.what do I do, suggest. Shall I continue piles medicine or contact my doctor once again. OR please recommend some medicine

  227. subramanyam says:

    I am Subramanyam, Hyderabad, Having Anal Fissure for last couple of Months. I am using DAFLON 500, PILEX Tablets, I have a pain during bowl and also it stands for Few hours. what could be best medicine to cure it.Please help me

  228. Phelix Edward says:

    Medicine for Fistula and Right Inguinal Hernia

  229. My daughter, 15 yes old is suffering with chronic anal fissures. Allopathic Drs suggest surgery. I know this is not good. She is suffering a lot of pain. Kindly suggest.

  230. Doug Wilson says:

    what is sulfur,and is it over the counter

  231. hello sir/madam
    My brother suffering from fissure problem

    for last 3 months. it has very pain in the rectum area

    specially in morning . he has done every thing like Sitz baths,

    All types teratment allopathy,homeopathy tratment but result is

    nil . can you suggest me how to get quickly relif from it.

    sir,i m waiting for ur suggestion.

  232. Faruk Ahammed says:

    i am suffering from chronic fissure since last One years, I feel pain & itching blood come with my hard stools.
    Age : 38, Weight : 6o kag, BP; 120/90

  233. Dear sir, I am a patient of fissher. After stool and during stool I feel very uncomfort. After stool I feel pain and burning in anus. There is no bleeding or very less bleeding during stool. But I feel itching two three time in a day. Please suggest which medicine is better to remove fisher.

  234. Jenny Coetzee says:

    Hello Dr. Can all above medicine be ordered on line?

  235. Dear Dr.

    I hope you are doing well.

    I have years old skin problem which was earlier diagnosed as psoriasis but later as food allergy to spicy food. I always liked spicy food but I can’t eat hot natured or spicy food anymore as it causes burning inside the skin and itching in almost same regions. This appears and disappears with Homeo medication. These regions are close to neck, around waist and on one arm.

    Besides this I have issue of itchy anus with great argue to scratch sometime. I also have bleeding during stool sometimes and feel pain around anus and little inside. This comes on and off. Sometime I have this feeling that anus skin has got damaged and has cut.

    I sit for hours during my job with little physical activity and I am 37 years old with average weight.

    Kindly help me and advise. I will be greatly obliged.


  236. moeen pasha says:

    i am pateient of fissure i want to remove this decease.

  237. Sir , I have been experiencing fissures that are very painful .
    I have been prescribed novamox cv and oflox by allopathic doctor but I an feed up having antibodies . They are not very successful .
    How can I take nitric acid . What should be the potency .

  238. I have cronic annul stool hard and dry from boyhood. I suffur altime constipation if I don’t eat any fibre annual mussle always tight and be contration at the time of annual burn,pain and sometime itch when release my doctor say it wl must be can i remedy for long time.

  239. Rupam Das Sharma says:

    Hello Dr.
    I am suffering from extreme pain and some lump of muscles also came out from the anus causing severe pain with blood flow during stool.
    should i go for a surgery?

  240. Shahulhameed says:

    I am treated for anal fissures. The homeo Dr gave me some pills which I started today, this treatment is for one week. I want to know this treatable and cure is possible. The white pills I have is to be taken Three times for one week, ai have to meet him in one week, please comment your opinion.

  241. Shahulhameed says:

    I met a homeo Dr for anal fissures and he gave some tablets for one week treatment. Is this effective

  242. Sumanta Dutta Chowdhuri says:

    last 6 months iam under homeopathy treatment for Anal present i am better but not cure.pain and burning are not occouring daily.some times it is occur after stool for long time.i want permanent cure/not temporary relief.i am suffering cronic constpation.DR. has given medicine for this.i am going out of station(out side india) for 4 months(Sept.15).can i go?
    pl.give suggestion and home remidy for tratment when i will face problem.

  243. Debajyoti Banerjee says:

    I have been suffering from Anal Fissure at about 12-15 years. I get relief sometime by taking Homeo pathic medicine or sometime for Allowpath medicine sometimes for taking hot birth etc etc but after some days it returns. so that please sent me accurate cure able drug from it.
    Thanking you
    yours faithfully

  244. deevsh sharma says:

    dear sir i m suffering from anal fissure and warts in anal internal and external
    very much pain and burning afetr and during stool
    pain and burning more hours
    plz tell me about this

  245. Dear Sir,

    I am suffering last 2 month from anal fissure….passing stool very hard and feel burning……and constipation…. this is the first time I got these kind of sick…. please suggest&advise me which medicine is better to cure permanently.

    Thank you

  246. Shri Junak saika says:

    Sir, I have been suffering from anal fissure since last 11 month. Please give me a suggestion for treatment.

  247. Dr. Sharma ji,
    I have been suffering from piles with fissure for last 6 months. Previously I consulted with doctors and often would recover after one month treatment.But now I can not visit my previous doctor and suffering. Tough earlier blood and pain were during passing stool but now blood does not come. But now sometimes I am normal sometimes not .Previously I was benifitted after treatment and pescribed medicines creama gel, torblok powder now I am not taking those medicines. Please give me suggestion. Should I continue with the mentioned medicines?

  248. upander kumar gupta says:

    my father is suffering from anal fissure. he have got pain after stool and bleeding.plz give advise and medicine name.

  249. K.R.Sreenivasan says:

    Sir, I was suffering from fissure and I had operation for that. But even after operation the irritation continues. But the pain is minimum but it continues for the day. As soon as I feel the urge for the motion the irritation continues. What to do?

  250. Apoorv K says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am facing a problem of burning anus while passing stool and end of anus coming out and somewhat hard stools…
    Age : 23
    weight: 65

    and I have problem of whitening of hair. is it because of acidity…because my mother has problem of acidity.

  251. sahil gupta says:

    Sir I am suffering from anal fissure and having started taking aseculus acid nitr and silecia aseculus 3 times a day and acid nitr and silecia. Alternately twice a day sir will it cure me how long it will take

  252. I have. Burning in anal when I sit more than half hour
    Dr diagnose me anal fissur I took medicine one month acidumnitricum 30
    Aloe socotrine,30
    Belladona 30
    I got some relief but its not cure .
    Now Dr change medicine he have me
    Arsenicum 30
    And belladona . still I did not got very much comfort able please Advice me what I have to do . I am. Living in oman.

  253. bhupesh tiwary says:

    Hello Sir,I have a fissure since last 4 yrs…and I want Homeopathy treatment for that . when I go for bowl movement it’s very pain full now a days earlier the pain was not that much some time bleeding is also stool is gating harder ….plz suggest me right combination of medicine and any ointment is there
    for instant relief ..? plz reply as soon as possible i m deep pain…..

  254. Sir I m suffer with anal cracks , after passing the stool little bleeding occurred from it .which clearly appears on my tissue please help me.

  255. Dr. Anuj Bhatt says:

    Respected sir.
    I m suffering from chornic post. Perineum anal fissure last 2 yrs.
    I take many more of medicine in homeopath like that sulphur , acid nit., etc .. i feel relief from pain after evacuation but there is tear in anus region and it is not cure .
    Sir I want permanent cure so please give me a very genuine direction..
    I am waiting for ur miracle suggestion.
    Thanking u.

  256. Subah me hard stool hua bar abhi anus me bahut jalan aur dard hai.

  257. anuradha says:

    Dr.sharma, my father is suffering from this disease. Homeopathic doctor suggetested him to have sepia 200 once a weak…
    Ratanhia 30 acid nitr 30…..
    Asculus hipp thrice a day…..
    Sir please tell me is it right treatment for him

  258. I m suffering cronic constipation like no urging of stool this is finally stage pls suggest medicine for that

  259. VK Bhatnagar says:

    Dr. Sharma
    Good morning
    I am anal fissure patient from about 10+ years. This problem is not regular but it repeated after 2 to 3 months for 3-4 days. I have no other problem but regularly using Nutrilite products of Amway for good health. Due to job i am traveling 2 nights in week from last 5 years. I never took any treatment/medicine for fissure. Now a days I am suffering from anal fissure from last 4 days.
    It is requested to suggest treatment for solution of fissure.
    with regards
    VK Bhatnagar

  260. ajay kumar says:

    sir muje 6 year se anal fissure problem hi mena injection bi karbe the likin koi fark nahi mere age 28 an me bhut problems me muje koi treatment ke bare me batya thanks sir

  261. anantha vijay says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am having Anal Fissure and it is taking 1 week to heal , I am taking good diet, but it become chronic now.. mainly I dont have much physical exercise due to my office work.. Kindly suggest me good medicine and help me in this regard..

    Anantha Vijay

  262. Sushant Deb says:

    Many thanks for the article. I visited a hospital nearby with the complain of severe pain, burning, itching at the time of passaging stool and after for some hours. Doctor said I have acute annal fissure. Before this I had repeated diarrohea / dysentry last month. I had heart attack before two years and taking blood thinner like aspirin, anti platelet drug clopidogrel, cholesterol and blood pressure medicine. Can I take homeopathic medicine for annal fissure with all these ? If possible which homeopathic remedy will be effective ?

  263. K. P. Kiran says:


    I am kiran suffering from having pain in the outer area of anus with some blisters like often getting discharge. I will be greatful to you, please recommend me good medicine toy ailment.

    Thanking you


  264. gadadhar sahoo says:

    Dear SR now iam suffering from anal fissure but I am using hommorhids drop b#9 drop start today. Please the another medicine name with the b #9 drop. Thank you

  265. Vishwas Uppal says:

    Hello Sir I am going threw internal piles since last six months some times blood comes with hard stool and some times it is become normal i am not getting and pain kindly suggest some medicine


  266. Vikash Sharma says:

    I am suffering from anal fissure disease I am v tenses blood comes at the time of stool I want permanent homeopathy treatment sir please suggest what I will do

  267. I am suffering fissure problems last 8 years, generally I did not feel problems but when I eat spicy or hot food then bleeding comes before passing stool and some pain also. Please advice me.

  268. sibdas kotal says:


  269. hi Doc,
    I am having anal fissuries, pls suggest me few homeopathic medication for the same, which is available at the homeopathic stores locally.
    Saurabh Tiwari

    • sibdas kotal says:


  270. Dear Dr. Sharma.
    I just warnt to take your advice regarding diverticel and diverticolosis which homeopathic Medicien could I use please ?

  271. S C MANGARAJA says:


  272. usha rani says:

    hello doctor, since my first delivery i am suffering from anal fissure past 3 years, i am not coming out of it, i have used lot many ontiments , stool softner, should i undergo surgery for it, or i can recover this from hemopathic treatment

  273. sanjeev Mondal says:

    I am suffering from anal fissure. It is burning
    & Itching very much. Please advice me what
    TO do

  274. Muhammad Latif says:

    Dear Dr.
    I M suffers from this since 02 years.
    I M 57 years old and has been taking medication since 2013.
    Please advise me what can I do I am from Pakistan.

    Mujhey 2 saal sey anal ki jagey se puss aa rahi hae bahot elaj karaya lekan puss khatam nhi hoti

  275. Maneesh Pandey says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I have pain and burning sensation while and after passing the stool. He is an ayurvedic surgeon. I am having problem of fissures as being diagnosed by surgeon. This is there ofr about 1 month. He has told me that it can be treated with ayurvedic medicine but is suggesting surgery as well so that it does not occur in future. I have started taking Nitric Acid Hoemopathy medicine along with Ayurvedic medicines. Could you suggest me what is remedy in hoemopathy and what should i do.

    Maneesh Pandey

  276. mohit soni says:

    sir, I am suffering from anus pain at least from last 7 months….. I consult with several docter. they said its because of fissure…. I follow every advice . but still this persist. too much pain at the time of stool and this pain is continue for several hours…. some time some radish liquid also come but thats not blood..

  277. Shri Junak saikia says:

    I have a problem of anal fissure since 7 month. Please give me a suggestion for treatment.

  278. Suffering from non bleeding fissure, burning sensation after passing stool, incomplete urge, for last 30 years. Prescribe medicine. I am male

  279. rupesh kumar says:

    Sir,I hav chronic anal fissure infernally.
    Pls give ur valuable suggestions.

  280. abhishek gupta says:

    there is itching while passing stool and after stool also pls. advise me for any ointment

    and homeopathy medicine

  281. santosh chavan says:

    Sir my wife is suffering from fisher when she goes to toilet she faces itching and pain while the stool passes and then starts bleeding with pain

  282. Manas Biswas says:

    Can fissure stay for long time more than 2 months?

  283. Padam Singh says:

    Please advise me which medicine I have to use to deroot the fissure.
    Thinking you sir

  284. samrendra kumar says:

    i hv internal and external piles with some times bleeding. but continue pain after stool. pls suggest me what i can do?

  285. Judy Kolbe says:

    Dr Sharme I thought I had hemmerrhoids but was diagnosed by my surgeon with an anal fissure. All I know is it hurts like hell and I have a high pain tolerance! I am using an Rx ointment of Nefedipine 0.4pc/ lido 5pc. I am lucky to have soft stools but it still hurts. I have also been taking Advil for the pain and Lisinopril for blood pressure. I read the above article but I am not knowledgeable about homeopathic remedies.

    Do you have any recommendations for me?

    Thank you for your time!


  286. Mousumi Mukherjee says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am having anal fissure since August 2014 just below the vertebral column end . I have done many treatment since then – 1st. Allopathy then ayurvedic & fot the last two months i am taking homeopathy .
    I stay in a very remote place namely Tornagallu iron ore mines area fifty Km. from Bellary Karnataka .I never have had any constipation since it inicialy started. No bleeding; No pus formation .very severe pain during & after stool passing, which continues till 3 PM and gradually subside. I am a chronic acidity patient ; have osteoporosis , my both knees are damaged Left side ovary was removed due to chocolate cyst 20 years back before my child was born . period stopped for last two years. age 46 but i look much older.
    Please help.
    Mousumi Mukherjee
    (M)9620248844 / 9449598382 / 9902397965

  287. Hello
    I m suffring from an anal fissure since two years and that time it developed due to constipation.
    Please tell me what and how homeopathy help me
    I m in sever pain by it physically n emotionally

  288. I m suffring from an anal fissure since two years and that time it developed due to constipation.
    Please tell me what and how homeopathy help me
    I m in sever pain by it physically n emotionally

  289. Sir Iam suffering analysis fissure since 10 years. Pls suggest medicine .

  290. s. khaja basha says:

    sir iam suffering from anal fissure from two (2) years. i have more pain ,itching,swelling.i have pain more .

  291. I m having problem of fissure and wanna treat it.. Suggest the best homeopathic medicine which can treat this problem with 6 months

  292. kamal bhardwaj says:

    Hello Dr sharma
    I am Dr kamal bhardwaj MBBS MS. I am suffering from a chronic anal fissure since an year. I have tried all allopathic medicines except surgery, but not successful. I am looking out for alternative medicines as well as dietary modifications. Kindly help me out with ur treatment. I’ll be thankful to you sir.

  293. Sir I am suffering from anal fissure, and having alot of pain after passing the stool. SomTimes blood come in excess and I am having constipation too. My age is 28 kindly suggest the medicine as I don’t want to go for surgery.

  294. GURUDAS BISWAS says:

    Last two years I had been suffering from Anal Fissure. In colonoscopy it was detected as piles and then it was converted to fissure according to renowned two physicians. I feel one choronic infection occurs in the anal area. I have also liver trouble. Sometimes I am taking homeopathy medicines almost last one year(sulphur & nitric acid) I am not being fully cured. Sometimes after stool it is bleeding. I am a Spanish Teacher and it hampers my profession also. Could you please give my some advice for cure. Many thanks.

  295. hiranmoy roy says:

    Dear Sir,gone through all your suggestions.its a problem of10years or so.sir i have a bit of constipation tendency.while the stool comes out seems like its passing through some cactus tree & after the stool itching, scrawling something inside and to much of pain & burn for the whole day.Moreover after walking it becomes more irritative.

    Sir 1doctor has given me 15 days i had collinsonia1M,after that everyday i had asculus 1M regular once about 20days.but oneday a bit of constipation happened.
    Plz give me solution.
    Sometimes i think i would commit suicide for it.

  296. Abhishek Khandelwal says:

    I have a problem of fissure . I do not have constipation problem but having lots of pain in passing stool and thereafter for 5-6 hours everyday. The problem is persistant from last 2 weeks. what homeopetic medicince should I take?

  297. parvez alam says:

    is it possible to cure completely anal fissure through homeopathy and how long it will take .

  298. satyajit bhattacharyya says:

    Respect ed sir
    I have been suffering from piles& anal fissure from 2011.i checked up to cmc vellore.dr advised me not to operate it. It is external &sentinal piles.after testing of my blood ,tsh level is i take eltroxin med. According to the doctor advice.i take dabour’d nature care.but i feel stiching burning,when passing stools and after i feel discomfort. All day i feel pain.during passing soft stools, any day 1st time some hard stool causes such problem.dr.advise to take sulper30 at morning,silecea 30 1dz at even.nit acid 30 1 dz at night.Ratanhia ,hemamalis have been given.but yet no result .so pl advise me some medicine with height 5′-3″ weight 66kg. How can i get permanent result grom anal sir do 09647161269 if any require


  300. m siva kumar says:

    sir i have chronic anal fissure since 3 yrs. i have consulted three homeo physicians. no improvement. can u help me?????????????

  301. uday shankar chowdhury says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My fissure is not in the anal passage .It is just above anal passage.It sometimes swell.
    I feel pain.I am taking warm water with betadine lotion bath on my buttock. Using allopath cream
    SHIELD on the affected part. Treated at Naturoveda[Ayurved] three months continuously ,but with
    no effective result.
    Can I be fully cured by homoeopathic medicine? How long will it take to be cured?
    And where I can make this treatment. Please let me know.
    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,
    U.S. Chowdhury

  302. Atluri benarji says:

    Itching in the anus and hard stool,no blood

  303. Ravi kumar says:

    Hello Sir
    i m suffering from painful anal fissure continue from 3 Month when outputing stool before and after the condition is very painfulso plz give your advice for how i can feel natural life

  304. I am suffering from cronic anal fissures for last 6 yrs. During starting there was severe pain during stoon passing. But now pain is less but during passing stool, red blood is coming out occationally. when gas comes out, some liquid also comes out from anal canal. Surgeons says for surgery for granular cronic anal fissures when consulted. Please advice me with recommended homeopathic medicines because I don’t want to go for surgery.

  305. T.C.Palanivelu says:

    I have suffered anal fissures, I have take homeopathy medicine Nitric acid but my stool is hard how to reduce hardening of stool what i take to reduce the hard stool and pain

  306. I am 47 years age, I am pure vegetarian , and no bad habits.
    Last 15 days I am suffering pain in anus while passing stool and once little bit of blood also coming with stool. I have taking some English medicines prescribed by our doctor. Daily I am drinking nearly 2 liters of water, 1 coconut, 2 glasses butter milk, one banana and 2 oranges.

    But the problem is not control with the above precautions.

    Please give homeopathy medicine for the above my problem

  307. sukhpal singh says:

    Hi,I have anal fissure last 2years plz give me solution ,

  308. hi Sharma,

    i have been suffering from anal fissure and it cause pain while bowel movement.i could also see blood in motion.the bleeding is been there from past two weeks and severe pain from one week when i went for other treatments nothing works. pain and the bleeding not stopping.

    please help me to cure from this.

  309. Very old problem of anal fissure about 40years.

  310. Iam having a perianal abscess since long time. Left side of my rectum swells after gaps. Puss and blood is discharged and then pain subsides this happened to me imthe year 2005,2010,2012 and now in Oct 2014. Now it is happening after short gaps. Seek your expert advice for a netter solution to my problem.

  311. i am suffering from anal fissures when i go to toilet i get more pain when stool is coming no blood coming but one day i have given smooth cream in my effected are by hand with glaves that day i got in glaves very less red colour blood.

  312. iam suffereing from annul fissures , when passing stool free also bleeding is comening after passing
    stool. please give good mediciane to me thanku

  313. Dear Dr. sharma sir
    I have fissurs itching viscocity and pain problem. Please help me
    and tell me good homeopth medicne.

  314. Ashok Kumar Panda says:

    Sir, since more than 10 years, I am suffering from painless bleeding during passage of stool. It doesn’t occur regularly but in a gap of sometimes one month, sometimes 2-3 months, sometimes within 15 days and even sometimes within 2-3 days. sometimes the stool is fully mixed with blood and sometimes the blood falls separately after passage of stool. The blood is bright red and sometimes the blood comes in solid form. Yesterday, the amount of blood fell was about 3-4 teaspoonful. Kindly help me.. Ashok

  315. My 2 months daughter is having constipation problem and also having fissure .She is having very pain there what to do.

  316. Doctor,
    i am having anal fissure with 4 skin tags outside anus,which is big.
    iam having pain and bleeding too.having internal piles.surgeon suggested for surgery.i would like to know whether there is any treatment for my condition in homeo?whether skintags outside anus can be removed or rectified in homeopathy?eagerly waiting for your reply.


  317. Sir being women i can’t explain how much iam suffering, there is no female doctor to show my problem,there is an anel tear and my skin came down while regular passing tool and bcoz of heard tool I got an another tear iam unable to bear pain while passing tool can you plz suggest medicine to heal, my age is 29,iam suffering from 6years to till date

  318. sonal sharma says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    I am a 28 year old female. Recently my gall bladder was removed using laproscopy and after 15 days of the removal I am experiencing very painful anal fissure with bleeding. Also please note that before gall bladder removal I also suffered with jaundice and pancreatitis as two stones got stuck in CBD.

    Would request you to please guide me in this very painful times. And also if I start using homepathic medicines how much time will it take for the medicine to take effect on the pain.

    Also please suggest if I should go for the surgery and then continue with homeopathic treatment.

    I will be very obliged for your guidance.

    Thanking you in anticipation

    Sonal Sharma

  319. prashantt s sonavane says:

    Dr sharmaji,
    i am having annul fissure problem.
    i am having cracks,swelling in anal area ,i feel long term burning after passing stool.
    i am very uncomfortable with this situation
    please advice right medicine




  321. rajat suvra saha says:

    I am rajat from westbengal with age 36.i have been suffering from chronic anal fissure last few months.i use escot oinments and take some antibioticsit is cure for some days and again come back. I have a heavy pain during bowl and also it stands for some hour. Also thete is a wound produced inside anas ffor hardening if stools.what medicine i take to cure it.pls help me

  322. I am housewife of 49 years of age.
    Suffering from anal fissures from last few months. Have wounds inside the anus.Using dilitact ointment in the anus but feeling very difficulty in applying the medicine in side the anus.
    Feeling pain in the anus after passing the stool which remains for long time and ultimately have to take pain killer.
    Have not tried homeopathic medicine for this.
    Please adice the correct medicine.


  323. Dear Doctor. I recently had sphincterectomy for fissure in ano. I do not want a repeat of this painful procedures. Is there a homeopathy treatment to prevent recurrence. Kindly advise. Thanks in advance. Sincerely SEB

  324. Ashutosh kumar singh says:

    Respected sir,

    I have been suffering from rectal fissures for the past 3 years, but in the starting when blood used to come with my hard stools I was mistaken and took it to be piles and it would recur after intervals of 6 to 8 months . But the recent recurrence shattered me, as this time about 2 months ago I had an acute attack of constipation and rectal bleeding. This time I got it diagnosed by a surgeon as small rectal fissure at 6 o’clock position. But by conventional treatment of applying nitroglycerin ointment, taking rich fibre diet and having sitz bath s twice a day , along with homeopathic treatment has given me great relief from pain and irritation.
    But even 1 month after homeopathic treatment and ayurvedic “arshkalp” vati , I occasionally face very minor rectal bleeding with no pain. My homeopathic doctor is giving me ” acid nitric” , aesculus and sometimes rathinia …. so kindly suggest me medicines to completely check this painless minor rectal bleeding.. and to make stool very soft (I take lactifibre daily at night as laxative but even then the stool sometimes becomes a little harder to pass smoothly through the rectum although I eat simple food). The tear does not seem to heal as I look at it while applying nitroglycerin ointment into the anus although now there is no pain or inflammation except occasional bleeding. So kindly suggest what medicine should I take to promote its fastest healing ( I m not taking any other allopathic treatment except nitroglycerin ointment).
    Please sir help me out of this vicious circle. I shall be highly indebted to you.
    My age is 30 years, height 5 feet 9 inches and body weight 76 kgs.

  325. Gill dawson says:

    I have been suffering for many months now diverticuli in the sigmoid colon that made it impossible to have a sigmoidosocpy and pain in the rectum because my coxxi is tilted forward. I cannot walk far and my lifestyle of driving is certainly curtailed to going to bed lying flat. I am usually a positive person seventy years of age a widow. I have now bought graphites but wonder if you coukd recommend something thanks

  326. Hello sir,
    Pain in anus while passing stool. Is there any medicine to solve ?

    • abdul qayyum says:

      My friend is suffering from anal pissure since last 3 weeks. pain during stool pass last for an hour the doctor adise operation but my friend did not like to operate it. kindly advise medicine of homo for treatment


  327. I am a 58 year old postmenopausal woman I have had very bad melasma/hyperpigmentation on my face and neck for the past 5 years and now to add to that i have developed fungus / Tinea Versicolor on my neck and torso area since one year. The best allopathic treatments can only temporarily help and suppress so i am looking for a permanent cure. Please tell me how can homoeopathy help me. Thank so much.

  328. My husband suffers from this. He is taking heart medication.
    He is 53 years old and has been taking medication since 2009.
    He has changed his diet to soup and noodles more often than
    curry and rice.
    Please advise where can I get this nitric acid, etc in a ready form
    homeopathy for consuming? I am from Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

  329. Good article for anal fissure. But according to my knowledge the medicine should be classified on dry pain and pain with blood. Both are different kid of symptom. Medicine that works for pain with blood is generally not useful for dry pain and vice versa. The second things that guide the selection of medicine is pre and post pain and during. As for type of pain burning, stitching, cutting are concerned, this is common for all patients having anal pain (sharp or low) which is not important symptoms for selection of the medicine.

  330. Dr.Ramesh Shah says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Accept our heartfelt appreciation for this informative article on Anal Fissure. I would beg your pardon for adding that apart from all the above medicines local application of Calendula Ointment after every evacuation has given tremendous result. Albeit diet regimen to avoid constipation is a must.


    Dr.ramesh Shah

  331. Hi, I just wanted to know what potencies you recommend for the nitric acid and sulphur? Thank you


      hi ,
      i m suffering from chronic fissure since last 4 yrs,i feel pain after defecation & persist .

      presentlysince last yr i used homeopath drug but feel not better . plz suggest combination of drug in

      homeopath which is best combination used in chronic anal fissure ?

      sir,i m waiting for ur suggestion.

      Thanking u

      • Samir Jana says:

        Dear sir
        I have been suffering from piles with fissure for last 8 years. Previously I consulted with doctors and often would recover after one month treatment.But now I can not visit my previous doctor and suffering. Tough earlier blood and pain were during passing stool but now blood does not come. But now sometimes I am normal sometimes not .Previously I was benifitted (in June 2013) after treatment and pescribed medicines were TENCREAM MER….,SEDUM ACRE, Y LAX ,PAEONIA 30.but now I am not taking those medicines. Please give me suggestion. Should I continue with the mentioned medicines?

        • dear sir, i am suffring fissure problem last month.i already do the operaction month of march/15.but we have not relief .ple suggest any homeopathic medicine.

      • Sir I m suffered with anal cracks , after passing the stool little bleeding occurred from it .which clearly appears on my tissue paper please help me.

    • Nisar Ahmed says:

      Dr.Sharma . I feel pain & rectum burning sensation After Passing Stool daily . Plz Can u help me in this reagard. Thanks

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