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Top Homeopathic Remedies for Anal Fissures

Passing stool or poop is meant to be the most effortless function of the body but when this becomes a difficult and painful exercise, the result can be nothing short of a trauma for the bearer. One common reason behind such anal pain while passing stool is anal fissure. Anus is an opening at the lower end of our gastrointestinal tract through which stool leaves the body. Anal fissure refers to a cut, tear or crack in the anus.

Homeopathic Treatment For Anal Fissures

Homeopathic medicines are of great help in soothing anal pain and burning sensation, controlling anal bleeding in cases of anal fissures along with the healing of cracks. Homeopathic medicines also aim at treating constipation which will make healing of cuts easy and also prevent future recurrences of anal tears due to dry, hard stool. Made of natural substances with zero side effects, it can be beneficial and of great help in providing relief and working as a remedy for the treatment of anal fissures. It works by using body’s own restorative processes and is considered very safe. It can only help, never harm.

Best Homeopathic Remedies For Anal Fissures

Among several homeopathic medicines for anal fissures the most important ones include Ratanhia, Nitric Acid, Graphites, Paeonia, Thuja, Sedum Acre and Petroleum. For treating constipation with dry, hard, large stool, the best medicine is Bryonia.

1. Ratanhia – Top-Grade Medicine

Ratanhia ranks as the number one medicine when it comes to treating anal fissures. It is most effective to relieve pain and burning sensation in anus while passing stool and may remain for several hours thereafter. A very peculiar feature is anal pain as from pieces of broken glass or a knife piercing the anus. In cases needing Ratanhia, constipation is also present and stool is passed with much straining.

When and How to use Ratanhia?

This medicine is the most frequently prescribed remedy for anal fissures. It can be used in any case where pain and burning in anus are marked during or after stool. Straining to pass stool is also there. This medicine can be used in both low and high potencies. It is most commonly used is 30C potency which can be taken twice or thrice a day. In some cases, higher potency 200C is recommended, the dose of which is restricted to just once a day.

2. Nitric Acid – For Managing Anal Bleeding And Pain

Nitric Acid is the best choice of medicine when anal bleeding and pain are the main concerns. The bleeding is bright red with stool. The nature of pain can be cutting, sharp splinter-like, stitching, tearing or stinging type. Persons needing it are also constipated. They pass stool with great straining that causes cuts in anus even if stool is soft.

When and How to use Nitric Acid?

Its use is highly recommended for persons who have bleeding and pain from anal fissures. This medicine will help to control bleeding, soothe pain and heal the cracks on the anus. It is a strong remedy mostly used in 30C potency, once a day only.

3. Graphites – Anal Fissure With Sharp Cutting Anal Pain

Graphites is of great value in managing anal fissures when severe, sharp, cutting anal pain during stool is felt in anus. Besides, anus is very sore to touch. Wiping anal area causes intense pain. Bleeding too occurs with stool. Stool in most cases is large and passed with difficulty.

When and How to use Graphites?

Its use can be done in cases where a person feels sharp cutting anal pain while passing stool and anus is sore (painful on touching). If we talk about the potency of Graphites, it varies from as low as 3X, 30 C to high like 200C. When used in 3X potency, it can be taken twice a day but in 30C potency, it should be used just once a day or twice a week as per intensity of the symptoms. For using higher potencies, kindly consult a homeopathic physician.

4. Paeonia – For Foul Smelling Discharge From Anal Cuts

Paeonia is a natural medicine sourced from the root of plant ‘peony’. The most characteristic feature to use it is foul-smelling discharge from the anus due to cracks in it. Persons needing it also have intense pain in the anus while passing stool with pain stretching for long hours after passing stool. Other than this, they have itching and burning at the anus.

When and How to use Paeonia?

This medicine can be prescribed in cases where main complaint is oozing of foul discharge from cuts at anus. From its various available potencies, it is advisable to begin with 30C potency twice a day.

5. Thuja – For Anal Fissure Sensitive and Painful To Touch

Thuja is a natural medicine prepared from fresh green twigs of plant Arbor Vitae. It is a very helpful medicine when anal fissure is very sensitive and painful to touch. Along with this, burning sensation and itching at anus may be present. A pressing type of pain can also accompany.

When and How to use Thuja?

If you have anal pain which is sensitive to touch, you may find this medicine highly effective. Initially Thuja 30C can be taken once a day. Once relief sets in, gradually reduce the dose to twice followed by once a week.

6. Sedum Acre – For Anal Pain That Remains For Several Hours After Stool

Sedum Acre, though a lesser-known medicine, proves very effective in reducing anal pain. The key indication for its use is anal pain felt even for several hours after passing stool.  The nature of pain is constricting type.

When and How to use Sedum Acre?

Use of this medicine is suggested for persons who experience anal pain for several hours after passing stool. It usually works well in 30C potency that can be used twice a day. Its higher potencies are also available that can also be considered under advice of a homeopathic doctor.

7. Bryonia – To Treat Constipation With Dry, Hard, Large StoolSulphur

Constipation with dry, hard, large stool is the main reason behind anal fissure. So if constipation is treated, fissure formation will be prevented. If constipation is treated and stool is softened with this medicine in cases where fissure is already present, then healing of fissure won’t be interfered with. Its symptoms won’t worsen because hard stool which was acting as an obstacle is being treated simultaneously. Bryonia can be used in cases of constipation with very hard, dry and large stool (which is the root cause in majority of anal fissure cases). Bryonia will regularize bowel movement and help in softening the stool.

When and How to use Bryonia?

It is the best medicine to treat constipation with dry, hard, large stool. Bryonia 30C can be taken two to three times a day for good results.

8. Petroleum – For Anal Fissure With Anal Itching

This medicine is well indicated to manage anal itching in cases of anal fissure. In cases needing it, stool is passed in the form of hard lumps. Burning at anus can also be felt.

When and How to use Petroleum?

If anal itching is the most troubling symptom, then this medicine is for you. Take it once or twice in 30C potency to soothe the itching.

Cause Behind Anal Fissure

A.  Trauma to the anal area or its overstretching is the main cause behind anal fissure. This can happen from one of the following reasons:

1. Constipation: It is the most common cause behind anal fissure. Passage of large, hard, dry stool that overstretches and tears the lining of anal canal may commonly result in anal fissure. Anal fissure may also occur when stool is passed with much straining efforts.

2. Long term diarrhea (loose stool): It causes dryness and irritation in the skin of anal area followed by cracks that can be very painful as skin in the anal area is very sensitive.

3. Trauma caused by vaginal childbirth

4. Anal sex or putting any object in anus

B. Having excessively tight anal sphincter muscles that control anal closure, reduced blood supply to anus, scar in the anal area.

C. Some medical conditions like Crohn’s disease (an autoimmune disease that can cause inflammation in any part of the gastrointestinal tract), tuberculosis, anal cancer and some sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, syphilis, gonorrhoea, chlamydia

Signs And Symptoms Of Anal Fissures

1. Pain in the anal region: It is the main symptom of anal fissure that can be very severe. It is felt during passing stool but sometimes the pain may continue for several hours after passing stool.

2. Bleeding: It may pass as streak of blood while passing stool, or blood can be seen on outer surface of stool or toilet paper after wiping anal area

3. Burning sensation at anus or itching at anal area

4. A visible crack in anal area

5. Hard stool if constipated

6. Foul smelling discharge from cut

7. A skin tag or small lump near the anal fissure in long standing cases

Managing Anal Fissures

Dietary guidelines to manage anal fissure

1. Eat a high-fiber diet: In general, food items that are low in fiber cause constipation. Adding up fiber from a variety of fruits and vegetables in the patient’s diet can make a big difference.

2. Drink more fluids: Keeping yourself hydrated is an easy and natural way of preventing dry and hard stool.

3. Foods to avoid: Foods that cause constipation and aggravate fissures should be avoided. These include high fat and low fiber snacks, like chips, sugary doughnuts, cheesy pizza, burger, etc. Refined flour is a heavily processed flour that has no bran or no fiber content, so should be avoided.

Some Tips To Manage Anal Fissure

1. Take a warm sitz bath: It may help relax the spasm; it may also improve the blood flow to the anus.

2. Never ignore urge to pass stool because it will make stool dry, hard

3. Avoid excess straining at stool

4. Apply organic coconut oil to the anal sphincter – it is an excellent lubricant that makes it easier for hard stool to pass. The medicinal properties of coconut oil help treat wounds, sores and other skin lesions.

5. Wipe anal area gently

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  1. Joe Serrao says:

    I have Crohn’s disease since 13 years old. In November after doing colonoscopy I got a perianal fistula a week later. Can you help me with the fistula. The fistula is leaking at the moment. I have a seton in place. Thank you

  2. Satyanarayan says:

    Anus area is tear

  3. Javid Iqbal says:

    Hi Dr.Sharma,
    Hope you & your family are in good health.

    I’m a 70yr old male, Sometimes I have hard stools which will have anal tear which leads to blood with stool and it takes days to heal and get back to normal. This happens at least 4time in the last 6 months, when the doctor prescribes medicines after putting a stent in my heart, which creates severe constipation. After a few days Anal fissure develops.

    I read your article & watched a video on youtube. This is very informative & good guidance for patients all over the world.

    I have a few questions about homeopathic medicines. In the video more than 5 medicines are mentioned.
    Nitric Acid
    Hepar sulp

    1. Please tell me how many drops to take in water.
    2. does all medicines are only for pain killers or kill the fissure.
    2. Can I use all medicines for disease? drops in water at one time.
    3. Will homeopathic medicines completely get rid of fissure from roots & I can live as a healthy person in real life as I was before Ananl diseas. OR
    could be more medicines to add with medicines stated above.

    I also attached the picture of my Anus, so you can prescribe the right medicines.

    What can I do to heal constipation and treat my anal fissure? Please help.
    Awaiting your reply very eagerly.
    Kind Regards,
    Javid Iqbal

  4. Hi Dr.Sharma,
    I’m 33yr old female, Sometimes I have hard stools which will have anal tear which leads to blood with stoo and it takes days to heal and get back to normal. This happens atleast 1time in 2-3months what can I do to heal constipation and treat my anal fissure please help.

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