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Suffering From Intractable Anal Fistula? Safe Homeopathic Remedies for Anal Fistula

anal-fistula-homeopathic-treatmentHomeopathy is an excellent alternative mode of treating many surgical diseases including anal fistula. It is particularly beneficial for treating anal fistula. In most cases, these medicines save a person from undergoing surgical procedures for this painful problem. Homeopathic remedies for anal fistula treat the condition with gentleness and safety, and with no side effects because of their natural origins. With regular use of these medicines, the discharge associated with anal fistula gradually decreases and the symptoms of pain, swelling, and itching are also managed. The natural medicines assist in regularising bowel movements and treating hard stool, which could otherwise lead to a recurrence of symptoms. They are also helpful in cases of anal fistula that re-form even after surgical correction in the past.

Anal Fistula: What Causes It

An anal fistula is a small tunnel with an internal opening in the anal canal and an external opening in the skin of the peri-anal area (an area that surrounds the anus). An anal fistula usually results after improper healing of an anal abscess following pus drainage. It may also appear as a result of a surgery near the anus. Other causes for anal fistula are Crohn’s disease, Diverticulitis, Syphilis, Tuberculosis and sexually transmitted infections.

Symptoms of Anal Fistula

The predominant symptom of anal fistula is fluid/pus discharge from the opening near the anus. The discharge may even be bloodstained. The attending features are peri-anal swelling and pain. The pain could vary in nature from throbbing, pulsating, sharp and tearing, to a stitching pain. The pain usually gets worse during bowel movement. Other attending symptoms can include burning and irritation or itching in the peri-anal area. Fever may also be present in a few cases.

Best Homeopathic Remedies for Anal Fistula

The medicines that top the list for anal fistula treatment are Silicea Terra, Hepar Sulph, and Myristica Sebifera. The characteristic features of these remedies are as follows:

1. Silicea Terra – For Copious Pus Discharge

Silicea Terra is a useful medicine for anal fistula with copious pus discharges. Sometimes blood may be present in the purulent discharge. The discharge is also highly offensive and putrid smelling. The discharge is accompanied by peri-anal swelling. Silicea Terra is also a remedy for anal fistula with brownish fluid discharge and/or accompanied with constipation. Silicea is also applicable to treat hardness/indurations left around the anus after the healing of an anal fistula.

2. Hepar Sulph – For Intense Pain

Hepar Sulph in cases of fistula accompanied by extreme pain. It works in cases where the area around the peri-anal region is highly inflamed, hard and swollen, and is very sore and sensitive to touch. The pain, in most cases, is worse at night. Cold worsens the pain. Other symptoms may include throbbing or beating sensation around the anus, discharge of pus from the anal fistula that may be bloodstained and smell like decaying matter. The patient may also have a fever with chills.

3. Myristica Sebifera – Top Remedy for Fistula

Myristica Sebifera is another primary natural medicine of plant origin and is used for treating many suppurative conditions including anal fistula. This remedy works wonders in absorbing the pus and in healing anal fistula. Use of this medicine often prevents the need for surgery in anal fistula cases.

Other Significant Remedies

Apart from the above three medicines, there are many other significant remedies frequently used in the treatment for anal fistula. A few of them, along with their prominent characteristic features, are as below:

1. Calcarea Sulph – For Thick, Yellow Discharges

Calcarea Sulph is beneficial for the treatment of anal fistula with thick and yellow discharge. The discharge is often purulent and in some cases, blood may also appear. Pain is also prominent in the anal region.

2. Berberis Vulgaris – For Shooting Pain

Berberis Vulgaris works well in cases where there is a shooting pain around the anus. In addition to this, a stitching pain around the anus also points towards the use of Berberis Vulgaris. The skin around the anus is very sore in such patients and is accompanied by itching. The itch is mostly worse in the evening.

 3. Calcarea Phos – For Painless Fistula

Painless anal fistula points towards the use of Calcarea Phos. In these cases there is blood and pus discharge from the anal fistula. These discharges can be accompanied by warm or burning sensation around the anus. Another striking indication for using Calcarea Phos is anal fistula alternating with chest complaints. Calcarea Phos hastens the healing process of anal fistula resulting in speedy recovery.

4. Paeonia Officinalis – For Constantly Oozing Fluid

Paeonia Officinalis is a natural medicine for anal fistula treatment. Persistent oozing of fluid from anal track recommends the use of Paeonia Officinalis. The fluid is extremely offensive in smell and there is also much pain in the anus region. Sitting makes the pain worse. Itching and biting sensation around the anus may also accompany. Apart from anal fistula, Paeonia Officinalis is also a prominent remedy for treating anal fissures and piles.

5. Hydrastis Canadensis – For Anal Fistula with Constipation

Hydrastis Canadensis is highly beneficial for treating anal fistula accompanied by constipation. Hydrastis Canadensis helps in healing the anal fistula as well as regularizing the bowel movement. Patients with chronic obstinate constipation (i.e. those who often have a number of days without passing stool), those with severe pain following the passing of stool, those for whom the pain lasts for hours following stool, and those with smarting and burning pain in the rectum and around the anus, are typical candidates for Hydrastis Canadensis.

6. Causticum – For Pulsating Pain

Causticum works well when pulsating pain around the anus is present. The pulsations are of high intensity in the perineum. The anal fistula discharges pus, blood, and serum. Along with anal fistula, hemorrhoids may also be present. The hemorrhoids are hard, large and swollen.

7. Thuja Occidentalis – For with Burning Around the Anus

Thuja Occidentalis is a beneficial medicine for anal fistula accompanied by burning pain around the anus. Soreness around the anus also appears. The burning and soreness last all day. Stitching pain, as from needle pricking in the peri-anal region may also attend. Peri-anal pains are worse after walking. Offensive sweat around the anus may also be there along with the above symptoms.

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  1. kk thanga says:

    Dr.Sharma,for the past 18 months seems I am suffering from Anal fistula,in the anal paste/sticky water like arecomming out .I have taken anti biotic medicines nut no use.Now back side of my anal a swelling hard thing developed ,it is paining if I press the swelling part,but normally no pain.I am having too much back pain.
    kindly suggest us any medicines,or send me if you have ,I will transfer payments in your accounts.
    kk thanga

  2. Dr. Barindra Nath Mahata says:

    Pain in the anus region externalbolly left side,watery fluid discharge, pain in the left side frontel region, constipation, great enxity. Bowel in the not cleare.

  3. Pandurang Shirsath says:

    I have anal fistula since Nov. 2021.
    I want homeopathy treatment. Do
    suggest effective homeopathy
    Medicine for fast recovery. I am
    waiting for your guidance.
    Thanking you and oblige

  4. Lump near anus on the lining of perianal region last two months, oozing of pus and blood. Homoeo doctor said, bleeding Hammeroid turning fistula. Acid nitric, ferrum phos, fp tab, calendula given. Little less blood and pus, but happening still now. Now given Thuja, ferrum phos, nat mur , carcinosin.
    Is this medication ok ??

  5. Vishal borkar says:

    Can homeopathy cure anal fistula

  6. Tarun Kumar Das says:

    A swelling on buttock two inches apart from ano. Seem a small lump of mass like carbuncle. Constantly oozing . Sometimes pain Feeling good when sitting. No problem of evacuation. For last one month bleeding twice. What is my problem ? I thought it might be external piles. Can I take Aesculus panterkan?

  7. Mera puss discharge close nhi ho rha h any suggestions please

  8. ALTAF HUSAIN says:

    sir, i m sffering from anal fistula since 5 months.waterish discharge releases continually.please tell me best treatment

    • Dessi Tanovska says:

      Hi Dr Sharma,
      10 years ago, I had a bad episode/5 months/ of MRI diagnosed anal fistula. Refused surgery and tried all sorts of alternative treatments. Finished with merc sol 9c for 5 days and berberis vulg 9ch for 7 days. After a while the problem disappeared. I have kept using antiseptic cream almost every time after emptying my bowls.
      For the last couple of days I have been experiencing exactly the same symptoms.
      I’m 54 , vegetarian, in general good health.
      Thank you so much for your help in advance.

  9. Thiagarajan says:

    Hello sir. Is your anal fistula problem cured. I am facing this problem. I’m in very much pain and distressed. Could you please guide me Sir..





  12. Rajkishori says:

    Riddhiman age 13 years with fistula in anus.

  13. Respected Dr. Sharma
    Take my Respect. I am Firoj, writing from Bangladesh. I have been suffering from fistula problems for the past two years. First there develop a boil on the side of the anus then it bursts and fluid is coming out from there and it has not stopped till today. In the meantime I have taken the following medicines on the advice of a homeopathic doctor from Kolkata.
    1. comb. Salt, m / 1-m / 10
    2. psorinum, m / 1-m / 10
    3. heper sulpher 200, 1m
    4. Acid Nitricum 200, 1m, 10m
    Fluid is being excreted even after consuming these. What do I do now? I look forward to your kind advice in this regard.
    Kushtia, Bangladesh

  14. One of my relative aged around 45 is suffering from Anal Fistula for the last 6 (six) months. She is taking
    1. Myristica 200 – 2 drops once in a week since March 2020
    2. Silicea 200 – 2 drops once in a week since March 2020
    3. Calcarea Sulphurica 6X – 4 tabs twice a day for the last 15 days

    White discharge is continuing since beginning – sometimes it reduces but continuing.
    I may request for your kind advice in this regard.

  15. Kuppuswamy Sivanandam says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma, Namaste, Am having this Anal Fistula since 4 years, contacted local Homoeo Dr. Near my area he gave me medicine for 15 days for about three months and Dr. Bhanu, of Homeo Family Care Unit, and she gave some medicines for six months, could not get any relief from both and they don’t tell me that what medicine they administer to me. Now, am going to use R-13, BC-17 from Dr.Reckeweg from today. After seeing the above medicines which your explanation especially for Anal Fistula am in a position to mentally satisfied. Am having Fistula around anus 3 inches nearby and 3 openings are there on my left side of butt. Whenever the opening get closed, will be getting lot of pain, during this time used to apply the Mupurocin Ointment IP (T-Bact) and this will give relief by opening the wound, and also am applying the Anobliss ointment to my Anal tract.
    Am aged 74 years, male, blood group AB+, since one year Vegetarian, No Smoking, earlier before one year used take 60ml. of Rum twice a week. now totally stopped. My stool is very loose and pass stool 3 to 4 times a day. I take lot of care in my Diet. Recently one month before got admitted in a Sakra Hospital for Covid-19, and discharged on 17th September. During this period they found that my blood was having some clot, they administered some medicine (injection) and after this started getting blood release along with my stool whenever go to bathroom. I found that some of the abcess from my anus got decreased.
    Above are my conditions, Kindly advise me which of the above your mentioned homoeo medicines should I take to relieve from my Anal-Fistula, and where to buy the same. Kindly help me. I will be very grateful to you ever.
    Thanking you, yours sincerely, Good Luck.

  16. Muhammad khalil says:

    Respectable Dr Sarma,
    I have Anal Fistula for lasr 12 to 15 years. I have already used Silica 12x and Hepar sulfuris 200 for almost 2 years but still the problem exist. Should I add Myristica Sabifera and Calcarea sulph as my anal fistula discharge thick yellow puss along with blood? Or what you suggest for me.

  17. Doctor,
    i am suffering from high anal fistula for 3 years almost 2 years ago i have operated but still in this problem with pus discharge. sometimes i feel severe pain inside and after taking flygyl and novidate get some relief after 3to 4 days. Now i want to cure it completely without surgery. Kindly guide how to start the treatment and how long does it take to cure the condotion.

  18. will these homeopathy also work for abdominal fistulas?

  19. am suffering from anal fistula from past 12 months. Kindly guide how to start treatment and how long does it takes to cure the condition.what are the medicine i required and its potency. some times i feel pain in the boil and in a day or two discharge blood or pus. kindly advice

  20. Kashif Maqsood says:

    Dr. I have Anal Fistula-in-Ano developed after internal hemorrhoid Surgery in year 2011. Now it is matured and have channel but no pus discharge or pain. I just wanted to get it fully cured without surgery. Further, i still have piles/having outer mass around anus like fisher and in case of constipation itching in the outer mass may face. Could you please prescribe me medicines, if any, for its permanent cure without surgery.

  21. Vinit Jetwani says:

    I am suffering from anal fistula from past 3 months. Kindly guide how to start treatment and how long does it takes to cure the condition.

    • VVSethunath says:

      I have fistula. Sometimes pain. Discomfort always. Kindly let me know the details of medicines

  22. Always pus discharge. Before one year six month already has been oprate. Now after some time discharge the pus and blood.

  23. V. Venkata Ramanaiah says:

    Always pus discharge
    After motion blood dicharge
    Pain and burning ano

  24. Francisco says:

    Hi, where are you guys located? I have anal fistula and looking for alternative medice, please help.

  25. Ruvendra says:

    Dr Sharma, Firstly let me know if you would be able to send medication for anal fistula. I live in Australia.


  26. Betty Woods says:

    Dr. Sharma, I have anal fistula with discharge through my vagina. This is the result of Crohn’s disease. I have acute watery diarrhea that is very difficult to treat. My physician is recommending Remicade infusions which I’m reluctant to do before I try other natural remedies. Otherwise, I’m a very healthy, active 81 year old. I’ve had great success with homeopathy in the past.
    I would appreciate any counsel you can give me.
    Thank you,

  27. Krishna bali says:

    Suffering from anal fistula.

  28. Maryam saqib says:

    How I get healthy hairs on head. I m suffering from baldness last 8years

  29. Maryam saqib says:

    How I get healthy hairs

  30. Prafulla kumar sahu says:

    I am suffering from annal fistula initial I request you to suggest medicines.

    • Jeff Harman says:

      Yes My son has a fistula that the doctor wants to operate on. We would much prefer to find a homeopathic solution

  31. Hi,

    Wanted to know if you can advise me on my fistula?

  32. Does this doc ever reply , if not please disable the comments section , people message in hope but it’s waste of time

  33. Hi dr,
    I am very much concerned about my anal fistula.i am suffering it from the last one n half years.currently i am taking silicea 200.still it is not getting cured.daily i have to take the pus.kindly suggest some measure to cope up with this.Thanku

  34. C.S.Prasad says:

    Sir I have been suffering from chronic fistula and currently there is pus ( brownish water ) discharge from anus opening. Also there is scar and swelling on the mouth of the anus. I have been using Silicea 12X and Calcarea Fluorica 12X , but there is no much improvement.PL suggest what additional I should do… thanks

    • Azfar Shafiq says:

      I have annal fistula but i have no pain. Always mucus or pus is releasing and my under garments become dirty. I always feel burden on my rectus and feeling of passing stool.Feeling of swelling on rectus.Gases not discharging. Pls.advise medicine. I will be very thankful.

  35. Somnath Maity says:

    Sir a homeopathic Dr. Says I have anal fistula as little portion swelling with three now tinny lamp outside of anal before three month ago. Also he gave me some medicine that I eat 15days ago from today. I have no pain. But only swelling and uncomfortable on that portion. Pls tell me this can be cured by homeopathic treatment? How much days will be eat? Pls sir

  36. KRISHNA BALI says:

    Respected sir
    I am suffering from anal fistula. Homeopathic treatment TRITURATION TABLET GUN POWDER 3X is being taken by me. Two month are over. Still I am suffering.

    Pl help.

  37. SIR IAM ALI IAM PATIENT OF LOW LYING fistula last 8month the surgeon advise me Treatment operation .please advise me in HOMEOPATHY have medcine for low lying fishtula please tell me better medicine .

  38. Mark Thornton says:

    To cure a anal fistula fast and I mean within a week. Apply Biocidin directly on the area several times a day, and ingest it as well.
    I just had this occur and the biocidin not only sped the drainage process it allowed my body to heal the infection.
    First appliocation of the biocidin was about a week into the fistula. within 2 days it abscessed and the draining was complete within 4 days. Now the opening is healing.
    This is the second fistula I have had, the first took a month of raw honey on a gauze pad. This was a week with raw honey and biocidin. I missed 3 days of work, I have a desk job and sit all day.

  39. Arun kumar gupta says:

    Dear doctor sahib, I am sixty five yesrs old. Dirty water discharges from my anus. Kindly advise homeo medicine for it. Thanks

  40. Sabyasachi Maji says:

    amer Fistula 6month over hoy.

  41. Sir I have a anal abscess cyst’s so that’s oporat after the 7years anal fistula but I don’t no rilev and I am mukesh chawla riquest you doing today I hope you managed my problem and managed medicine

  42. PINTU B. OAD says:

    Dear sir
    I have treating with homeo pathic medicine in my fistula in ano, doctor is good , i am using this mesicine from last 8- 9 months ,, my external opening in fistula covered but during in fever i have leave homeo mesicine for 1 week so now extranl opening is opening in slihtly hole & formation of pus is going
    What is ur suggestion can this fistula treated? If as long as more 6 months uf i use this medicine

  43. iam suffering annul fitula, absses seen close to rectum, no pain at the time of bowel. no blood, some time ieching doctor can not sure it is fistula but they advice me to do fistologram

  44. Dana Bracey says:

    Our 13 yr old daughter was Dx with Crohns disease 8 months ago. We have been implementing many alternative treatments with great success. Our primary concern now is a fistula that’s leaks brown discharge. Which homeopathy remedy would be age for us to try in closing this fistula?

  45. Abdulhameed says:

    Hello doctor I was suffering from fistula and used Aurvedic medicine n cream. After few months it appeared again and decided to try homeopathy. I am using homeopathy medicine for cholesterol n BP Pl advice some medicine for a permanent relief from this fistula I am having two small bulb like boil and discharging but no pain it’s five centimetre away from rectum. No pain even but only irritation when it is full of discharge when it is empty no pain

  46. Mahadev Sahu says:

    I am 45 years old .I am sugar and dipression patient.
    I am suffering from fistula in ano last 3-4 years.non-bleeding.hardness around the anus.and healind also.
    Please advice me best homeopathic medicine.
    Thanking you.

    Mahadev Sahu

    • Ghanshyam Das Agrawal says:


  47. bikash mjumder says:

    Fistula cure medicine

  48. BASUDEB PAL says:

    I am suffering with anal fistula for last 4 months. It has no pain but pus secretion regularly. Presently I am taking Hepar Sulp 200, twice dailty, Calc. Sulp 200 twice daily, Silacia 200 twice daily, Myristica 200 morning and Berberis Vulgaris Q thrice daily. Please suggest whether these medicines are appropriate, else suggest

  49. Reuben Spivey says:

    How can I get directions and dosage information for the medicines described?

  50. I have undergone rectovaginal fistula surgery 12 weeks back( on July 12,2019). But a little bit of problem still continues, like I may can control my bowel movement , but after bowel movement a little bit of stool passes through the vagina. When I consult my surgeon she wrote on my reports that” little opening close to the perianal and bowel leaking through vagina. I never feel any pain or pus discharge while bowel movement. I am not ready for any other surgeries. Could you please cure my problem without any surgery, only through medicines. Please help me to out of this problem. I have 2 months old baby, I am feeding my baby, Can I use homeopathy medicine?

  51. I aam suffering from oily water discharge from my anal and passing stool.and feeling oily water some time itching

  52. What potency and frequency should be taken and how long for Anal fistula? Kindly inform. Currently I am taking silica 6x, mag phos 6x and gun powder 3x.

  53. a nice work keep it up

  54. Some 20 years ago my mother had 20 tubes of blood taken from her by a doctor for testing. A small bump soon appeared at the site where the needle was inserted. This has now grown to something with a diameter of 8 cm. A medical professional called it a ventricular fistula. My mother is 94 years old. What is a effective homeopathic remedy for this
    Please reply ASAP.


    • Khyati bhalavat says:

      Heyyyy….my friend is suffering from anal fistula since 2 yrs…..there is pus discharge with bleeding but no pain….. leucorrhoea is whitish fluidy and both (leucorrhoea and discharge)have peculiar smell like garlic….. the swelling becomes hard and large and painful when more pressure affected to That part…..the bleeding is offensive…..firstly the bleeding is fluidy but when it touches floor it becomes clotted and difficult to wash…..she has taken Sulphur,nitric acid.,sepia,hepar Sulph,silicea,lach,lyco bt no effect…..Even Sulphur 10m also has no effect.. suggest medicine for permanent cure…..

  55. Shri. Nikhil Bhagat says:

    Dear sir, I am suffering from fistula problem , there is a puss secretion regularly 2-4 times daily . Whenever it pains I need to press my anus ring by finger and get the puss out of it then I feel better. Yellow and thik puss. Kindly suggest mi good medicine. I am already taking homeopathic medicine but not satisfied with it.

  56. akash aziz says:

    what is treatment period for anal fistula?

  57. hemant thapa says:

    what is the treatment period for anal fistula ? how much time its take to be rid out from anal fistula.




  59. Sm deshmukh says:

    I have multiple track fistula, constantly puss and white fluid oozing

  60. Om Prakash Pathak says:

    Sticky liquid discharges from anus with little pain for a very short time.please suggest medicine.
    Thanks a lot.

  61. G S THUKRAL says:

    My very old fistula (since past six years) recurrence takes place after few months. This time it erupted about two weeks ago. I am taking Silicea 200 one dose per day. For the past two days watery discharge has increased and have to change my underwear after every two hours. I am in deep trouble and need for treatment to control watery discharge effectively and immediately. Could you please help me. Regards
    G S Thukral
    9872865778 (WhatsApp)


    Pls tell doses of these above medicine

  63. Basanta Kumar Thapa says:

    Dr. sab Namaskar
    I have Fistula causing problem, l haven’t started any Kinds of treatment and Medicines,
    Pls Help me
    Basanta K Thapa

  64. Basanta Kumar Thapa says:

    Dr. sab Namaskar
    I have Fistula causing problem
    Pls Help me
    Basanta K Thapa

  65. Is it ok to take a painkiller like ketrol which is a light medicine incase of severe pricking pain or pain in fistula along with homoeopathy medines?

  66. Good afternoon Dr, l am suffering with anal fistula , my doctor suggest me Hepar sulphur 30ch and silicea30 . Mam these medicines are sufficient or u can suggest any more.


  67. Shahnawaz from karachi, Pakistan says:

    Sir I am.suffering from anal fistula since last 5/6 years but could not be healed yet, now it has been very chronic in pain lasts in whole day. Last 2/3 days I am taking some remedies like silicia 200 weekly, myrietica seb 30, calcaria supp, nitric acid and calandula for dressing. Is this right remedy for such treatment kindly advise me. Shahnawaz from karachi, Pakistan.

  68. Aamir ahmad bhat says:

    Ulcers in large intestine

  69. I have ano fistula for last 6 months. I took some medicines thru local homeopath currently medicines like
    Bryonia, calc sulph, phosphorus.

    Pl advise if treatment is ok.

  70. Arjun patel says:

    Fissure in ano

  71. Adarsh khawas says:

    Hello Doctor
    Suffering from perianal abcess.
    Do suggest

  72. can you help with annal fistula and how to buy your medicine in canada?

  73. dr mohmad ashraf says:

    Hi Dr i am dr Ashraf senior consulting chest physician i am my self having a annal fistula with constant serous discharge.I dont’ want to go for surgery.The discharge is for last six month with absolutely no pain.will you pl.advise me complete medicine for complete remedy

    • Sanjoy Sinha says:

      Hi Dr i am Sanjoy Sinha having a annal fistula with constant s discharge.I dont’ want to go for surgery.The discharge is for last six month with absolutely no pain.will you pl.advise me complete medicine for complete remed

      • H.K.Hazarika says:

        suffering from anal fistula for 2 months. Took allopathic as well as ayurvedic medicines but no effect. No constipation only pus dischareges occasionally pain out side the anal region where pus is deposited. Kindly suggest homeo one.

        • H.K.Hazarika says:

          suffering from anal fistula for 2 months. Took allopathic as well as ayurvedic medicines but no effect. No constipation only pus dischareges occasionally pain out side the anal region where pus is deposited. Kindly suggest homeo one.

  74. Lubinda Liywalii says:

    Hi Dr.
    My fistula has reoccurred..what is the best medicine you can advise.
    I’m a Zambian male

  75. There is collection of posterior to the anorectal junction seen in the midline and to the right paramedian location. It appears to be extrasphincteric with suspicious communication at 9 o clock position. This well below the levators. Approximate collection volume is 15ml.

    At this stage, Alopathy recommends only drainage. This is the third time I am suffering from. Already undergone twice in 4 years.

    At this stage, I would like to know, is it possible to treat with homeopathy. The bacteria is E Con.

  76. B.krishnaiah says:

    I am B.krishnaiah age 52. am suffering preanal fistulla and diharrea ,contisipation.Three surgeries done by me at cmc Vellore,Tamilnadu ,India.but not curable .l kindly request u madam tell remidies

  77. Muhammad Azeem Yousaf says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma please suggest me some medicines to cure anal fistula..
    I have been observing it since 2 to 4 years…
    Kindly help me

  78. anthony bugatti says:

    halo dr please help me on how to cure my fistula in ano almost 1 month now i dont like to go for operation surgery , i am not comfortable to sit because of the pus came out, i got the result of my MRI there is intersphincteric anal fistula noted internally opposing the anal canal at 1 0 clock lithotomy positione measure 13mm in length

    • Sir I have anal fistula away from anus. It developed 20 days ago. It is giving white-yellow pus. Kindly suggest medicine.

  79. Sir i am suffering anal fistula from 2 month.
    my dr. Is some medicine given 1.calcarae sulphurica 6x 2. Fp_tabs 25g 3. Paeonia officinalis 30ch 4.pile cares. But every 2-3day some pus out. Give me suggestions what to do.medicine change ya surgery.

  80. Neelam asingh says:

    My husband age 45 year is suffering anal abscess since one month. Earlier hard mass present since 3-4 months. Pus is coming out from abscess but stool is ok. Suggest medicine for him. Is this disease is permanently curable?

  81. A small swelling near very close to anus, red and painful…recently it came out and goes off….after many days it came back…a boil type also just near the swollen parts….but the boil type is gone after removing the pus…..kindly tell me to cure the swollen things without surgery…

  82. muhammad ibrar says:

    Dr.sharma i suffered in anal fistula in 2 years long. In this desies Maximam time discharged puss and some time blood and pain like that type swelling in anus area. I also used homeopatic madicine like sulper 200 . Silica 1M . Berberis vulgaris advise with doctor but no relief. Dr. please advise and treatment. Thanks ful to you

  83. mintu sharma says:

    sir i am mintu sharma i am suffering of fistula last two month please suggest me for fistula ,sir already on line medicine Dr pyro+bc17 for fistula that medicine is right for fistula ya not ,
    sir please suggest me for permanent treatment of fistula

  84. Hello doctor I have anal fistula I am so afraid of doctors and sergery please help me I am from foreign country please repley me🙏🙏🙏

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