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Top 8 Homeopathic Medicines For Perianal Burning

Perianal burning refers to burning sensation felt around the anus. It is very discomforting. Perianal burning can happen due to various reasons. Improper cleaning of the anal area after passing the stool can result in skin irritation and burning around anus. On the contrary intense cleaning and scrubbing can damage the anal region and result in burning of the perianal area. Next, it may result due to consumption of certain food items and drinks like chocolates, tea, coffee, alcohol and tomatoes. Another reason could be use of harsh soaps, perianal wipes containing alcohol, hygiene sprays, medicated creams that can also result in perianal burning. This may further arise from inflammation of the anus called anusitis. Besides these reasons, medical conditions including piles (swollen, inflamed, dilated veins in or around the anus or in the lower rectum) and anal fissures (a tear or cut in the anal lining) could cause perianal burning. It may also be caused by perianal abscess (a lump containing pus formed around the anus). Another reason could be Crohn’s disease which is an autoimmune disorder that could cause inflammation of any part of the digestive tract from the mouth to the anus. In such cases, if it reaches anus then perianal burning may happen. Infections in the anal areas like bacterial or fungal infections could also lead to it. Some skin conditions like eczema (a skin condition causing inflamed skin), and psoriasis (an autoimmune skin disorder causing red inflamed patches on the skin covered with silvery white scales) affecting the perianal region may result in burning along with its other signs and symptoms. Lastly, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) affecting the anus can lead to perianal burning. Few such STIs include anal herpes, anal warts chlamydia and gonorrhoea.

Depending on the cause behind perianal burning, certain other signs and symptoms can be an accompanying factor. These include itching, pain, soreness, and tenderness around the anus. Bleeding can also occur from the anal area. There may also occur redness, a rash or eruptions around the anus. Constipation or diarrhea may be present in some cases.

Homeopathic Management

Homeopathic medicines ensure excellent results in cases of perianal burning. Homeopathic medicines manage this condition naturally and effectively by targeting the root cause behind the disease. Once the root cause is managed, the intensity of burning around the anus gradually begins to decline. Along with burning, the other accompanying symptoms like itching, pain, swelling around the anus, and anal bleeding also get managed well enough if these medicines are used. A great advantage of using these medicines is that they work in a very natural way to manage perianal burning and there are no side effects. The most suitable homeopathic medicine for treating these cases is selected after detailed analysis on a cases to case basis. So one should always take homeopathic medicine after consulting a homeopathic physician.

Homeopathic Medicines For Perianal Burning

1. Sulphur – Top Recommended Medicine

Sulphur is a prominently administered medicine to manage perianal burning. In most cases needing it the anus is swollen. Itching around the anus is also present. Burning and itching gets worse at night time. At times, bleeding from the anus is present. The anal area can be sore to touch. In some cases, stinging sensation also occurs around the anus. Stitching, tearing pain or pulsating pain in the anal area may also be felt. Sometimes a sticky fluid may ooze from the anal region. Piles or anal fissures may be present and that’s a sign for the best use of this medicine.

2. Aesculus – For Perianal Burning With Piles

Aesculus is a very useful medicine to manage anal burning in cases of piles. The piles look purplish and are very painful. Also, it gets very uncomfortable to sit, stand or lie down. Along with the above-mentioned complaints itching and stinging is felt around the anus. A feeling of fullness in the anus is also well marked. Next, there is constipation and the stool is dry, hard, and large. Severe cutting pains takes place in the anus area after the passing of the stool.

 3. Ratanhia – For Managing Perianal Burning Linked With Anal Fissures

Ratanhia is a highly preferred medicine to manage cases where burning around the anus is felt as a result of anal fissures. The burning continues for several hours after the passing of the stool. In such cases, passing the stool becomes difficult and one has to exert a lot of strain. The anus feels constricted. There is also intense pain around the anus. The anus is sensitive to touch as well. Cutting and stitching pain is felt in the anal area along with the above-mentioned complaints. Next, a very characteristic feature present is a peculiar sensation as if pieces of glasses are present in the anus. This medicine is also helpful in managing burning around the anus in case one is suffering from piles. This medicine is also recommended in managing thin stool with burning around the anus area.

 4. Aloe Socotrina – For Managing Burning And Itching About The Anus

It is a very effective medicine for managing burning along with itching around the anus. This complaint prevents sleep at night. For those who need this medicine, piles are present that protrude out of the anus like a bunch of grapes. These are painful and tender to touch and there is an accompanying sensation of heat. Application of cold water on the anus brings relief.

5. Arsenic Album – For Perianal Burning And Redness, Soreness Of Anus

Arsenic Album is a valuable medicine for helping cases of perianal burning and redness, and soreness of anus. Additionally, a pressure is felt at the anus. This medicine is highly useful for managing piles with intense burning sensation like fire.

6. Phosphorus – For Perianal Burning With Bleeding In Piles

This medicine is recommended for managing perianal burning and bleeding in cases of piles. The anal area burns like fire where this medicine is needed. Bleeding from the anus occurs when passing stool. There is protrusion of piles from the anus, which occurs also while passing gas. Mucus discharge sometimes occurs from the piles. Stitching pain in the anus may attend. Further complaints include itching and stinging around the anus.

7. Natrum Mur – For Perianal Burning With Constipation

This medicine is beneficial for managing burning around the anus along with constipation. The stools are hard and unsatisfactory in cases needing it. The stool may crumble at the anus. After passing stool, burning occurs at the anus which feels as if torn. There is bleeding from the anus sometimes. Tearing pain and smarting sensation at the anus may be felt after passing the stool. The anus may be itchy as well. Natrum Mur is also a highly effective medicine to manage herpes around the anus.

8. Nitric Acid – For Perianal Burning With Anal Bleeding In Piles And Anal Fissures

This medicine is very helpful in cases where there is burning sensation and bleeding from the anus. It is a prominent medicine for managing piles and anal fissures. Along with the above complaints, there is swelling and redness of anus and perianal pain. The pain is very sharp, stitching type, felt after passing stool. Pricking sensation may be felt at the anus which is sensitive to touch. Anus feels constricted. Next, there may be a feeling as if some sharp sticks are pressing in the anus when touched. A foul-smelling discharge may ooze from the anus at times. Nitric Acid is also a well-indicated medicine for managing cases of eczema around the anus.





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