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Top Homeopathic Medicines For Pain During And After Passing Stool

Having mild pain during and after passing stool once in a while is normal. It may happen occasionally, for example from some changes in diet. But if it occurs regularly then it could be a medical reason behind it that needs to be looked out for and treated. It can arise from constipation when the stool is dry and hard. Another very important reason is anal fissure. It refers to a cut or crack in the skin of anus usually arising from passing hard, dry stool. Next common cause can be piles – swollen, dilated, inflamed veins around the anus and or in the lower rectum. It may also occur in case of proctitis which is inflammation of the lining of the rectum.

Another reason could be IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) which includes two inflammatory disorders of gastric tract i.e. ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. In ulcerative colitis, inflammation and ulcers appear in the lining of large intestine and rectum. In Crohn’s disease, any part of the gastrointestinal tract can get inflamed. It may also occur in case of anal fistula (an abnormal tract between anal canal and outside the skin around anus, perianal abscess (pus around anus) and from diarrhea means passing thin, watery stool. Besides, it may arise from food intolerances, sexually transmitted infection spread through anal sex (like chlamydia, syphilis); endometriosis when tissue that lines the uterus grows in areas other than uterus like ovaries, bladder, colon, rectum;  skin conditions (like eczema, psoriasis, anal warts) and anal/rectal cancer. Depending on the cause, pain during and after stool may be accompanied with other signs and symptoms like burning, itching, bleeding, swelling, lump, redness at anus and constipation or diarrhea.

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic medicines can treat cases of pain during and after passing stool wonderfully. Sourced from natural substances, they ease rectal and anal pain in the most harmless way with zero side effects. These can also relieve any attending symptoms like burning, itching, soreness, bleeding along with pain. Homeopathic medicines help in managing acute pain and also help in chronic cases of pain. These target the root cause behind the pain to give long term relief.

Top Homeopathic Medicines For Pain During And After Stool

1. Aesculus – For pain after stool

Aesculus is the best choice of medicine when pain occurs after stool and remains for long hours. A sensation of small sticks in the rectum is a characteristic feature. Stinging, burning and itching at anus is also felt. Stool is hard and passed with difficulty. It is the top-recommended medicine for pain occurring from piles.

2. Nitric Acid – For Pain During Stool

Nitric Acid is a highly recommended medicine for managing pain while passing stool. It is very effective when pain occurs from either hard stool, piles or fissures. The pain is severe during stool. It may even continue after passing stool. Bleeding occurs along with stool. The pain usually is cutting or sharp splinter like or pricking type. The stool is scanty, hard, difficult that passes with straining. In case of piles, protrusion of piles may occur while passing stool.

3. Ratanhia – For Pain And Burning From Anal Fissures

Ratanhia is a highly suitable medicine for managing pain and burning from anal fissures. In cases needing it, pain and burning occur while passing stool which may persist for long hours after passing stool. A characteristic feature is pain in anus as from broken glass pieces. There is constipation with hard stool that passes with much straining efforts.

4. Nux Vomica – For Pain With Constipation

Nux Vomica is a beneficial medicine for relieving pain with constipation. The most characteristic symptom is an ineffectual urge to pass stool. A person goes for passing stool several times a day. Each time only little stool is passed and there is unsatisfactory feeling as if some stool still remains back in the rectum. There is pain and burning sensation with the passing of stool. Pain can be stinging or tearing type. The pain may get better from cold water application. The stool may be streaked with blood. Anal itching may also attend.

5. Alumen – For Pain With Hard Stool

This medicine works well when there is pain along with hard stool. In cases needing it the stool is dry and hard. Some blood passes with stool. There is pain in the rectum while passing stool and continues after passing stool. Pain from the rectum may extend down the thighs. In some cases, a lump appears at the anus that is very itchy.

6. Aloe Socotrina – From Piles

This medicine is recommended for rectal pain from piles. The pain can be sharp or burning type. The piles look like a bunch of grapes blue in color at the anus. The pain and burning may get better from cold water application. There may be a sudden urge to pass stool immediately after eating or drinking anything. Stool is usually loose, mucus may pass with stool.

7. Muriatic Acid – When Anus Is Very Tender (Painful To Touch)

Muriatic Acid can be considered in cases when anus is very tender, means painful and sensitive to touch. There are bluish piles with marked heat in cases needing this medicine. Warm application on the anus may relieve pain. Violent stitching type of pain may be felt at the anus. In some cases, anal prolapse occurs while passing urine.

8. Graphites – For Pain During Stool And For Hours After Stool

Graphites is helpful when there is pain while passing stool and continues for hours after passing stool. The pain is sharp, severe, stitching type which gets worse at night. A constricted sensation at anus also occurs. There is bleeding on passing stool. Burning and soreness in anus is also felt. Graphites is very effective when there are above symptoms along with cracks in the anus. Graphites is also useful for piles that are sore to touch and are most painful when sitting or while walking. In cases needing it, there is constipation with hard, large, difficult stool.

 9. Collinsonia – For Painful Bleeding Piles

This medicine is well indicated for cases of piles that are painful and bleed. There is marked constipation where this medicine is required. The piles tend to protrude (come out of anus) on passing stool. There is pain and burning in rectum. Anal itching may also be felt. A characteristic sensation of sand in rectum is quite prominent.

10. Silicea – For Pain From Anal Fistula And Perianal Abscess

This medicine works magnificently in cases of pain from fistula and perianal abscess. In cases needing it, pain occurs in rectum or around the anus along with pus discharges. There is constipation with hard stool. The stool may recede back into the rectum after some of it gets passed out.

11. Sulphur – For Burning Pain

Sulphur is recommended when there is burning pain at the anus. The burning and itching get worse at night. The anus is sore along with constipation with dry, hard, knotty stool. Piles may be present that are tender to touch. Smarting pain may occur in piles along with bleeding.

12. Ignatia – For anal Pain on walking or standing

This medicine is prominently indicated for anal pain which gets worse while walking or standing. It is relieved by sitting. This medicine is also indicated for rectal pain with loose stool. There may be constant urge to pass stool along with smarting pain. The pain may be felt one or two hours after passing stool. Bleeding may occur along with stool. This medicine is the most recommended when there is severe stitching, burning pain in the rectum which disturbs sleep at night.

13. Paeonia – Pain At Anus Continuing Long After Stools

Paeonia is the most helpful when there is severe pain at the anus that continues for long hours after passing stool. The pains are severe, intolerable. The pain may even continue the whole night preventing sleep. Burning and itching in anus occurs. It is indicated for piles, fissures and anal fistula. A fluid may be seen oozing from anus in cases that require it.



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