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Neurosis is a broad category of pyschological disturbance, encompassing various mild forms of mental disorder – anxieties, phobias, obsessions and symptoms relating to post traumatic stress disorder. People with acute anxiety attacks (panic disorder) have a feeling of terror that strikes suddenly and repeatedly with no warning. Many persons experiences a sense of impending death or doom and violent palpitations have a feeling of losing control in an extreme way.

One may genuinely believe at one is having a heart attack or a stroke, going insane, or being on the verge of death. Panic disorder is well treated with homoeopathic medicine Aconitum Napelus and Arsenic Album. Aconite cures more panic disorder cases than any other homoeopathic medicine. The main features that indicate the use of Aconite are fear, restlessness, suddenness and violence. The action of the heart is so overpowering that the fear of death is marked. Such severe is the fear that at times the patient may even ”predict the time of death”.

Arsenic Album is recommended for those persons who are deeply anxious about their health and extremely concerned with order and security. Attacks often occur around midnight or in the very early hours of the morning. The victims feel exhausted. They can be restless – fidgeting, pacing and anxiously moving from place to place. If indicated, 30c potency of the above-mentioned medicine can be taken four times a day for a period of 15 days. One dose can be used to control the situation as soon as one notices the first symptom of the panic attack.

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  1. Last month I had a stroke. I am getting better but I am experiencing anxiety and fear. What can I take?

  2. bilal butt says:

    Dear Dr sharma,
    Please tell me that in homeopathy is there any remedy for anxiety & palpitation. As in alopathy the doctor give anti depressant. Anti depressant helps the patient for the time being
    Is homeopathy give complete remedy for such patient. After completing the course the patient will face fear or palpitation in the future.

  3. joannelim says:

    i have anxiety disorder and panic attack as well, i am fear all the time, which i use to not scare of anything. i have palpitation day and night, the worse for me now is night, i canot sleep in the night, insomia, but day time , easy to sleep, i am taking sleeping pill to help me sleep in the night.
    my leg is pain, my stomach alot of wind, every night i feel like want to vomit but canot, very fast hungry,Feelings of apprehension or dread
    Trouble concentrating,Feeling tense and jumpy,
    Feeling like my mind’s gone blank,Physical symptoms of anxiety, angry very fast, short of breath, sometime midnight just feel fear for no reason and start to cry, what should i do , Need help please , i do not want to take medicine, herb is find for me. been suffering for the past 5 month.


  4. Rajib Chakraborty says:

    I often suffer from Anxiety and palpitation. This has happened for last 1.6 years, after a major surgery of Gallbladder of mine and my father. Also accompanied with Acidity, low pressure, indigestion etc.
    Is there any Homeopathy medicines to cure such symptoms. Pl advise me as early as if possible. I stay in Agartala, Tripura.

    with Regds

  5. I find Aconitum useful in panic attacks. Can I take it regularly in a preventive way?

  6. We stay in Chandigarh. My Mother is suffering from Tinnitus for past 1 month.
    Is there any cure of this in Homeopathy? I would like to have your advise.


    I often suffer from Anxiety and palpitation. This has happened for last 3/4 months, after death of a near one. Also accompanied with Acidity etc.
    Is there any Homeopathy medicines to cure such symptoms. Pl advise. Incase you need to check, pl let me know so that I can plan. I stay in Chandigarh

    • Hello Dr Sharma,

      Is there anything I can take for random palpitations bought on by stress and anxiety? It happens sometimes when I’m working. I work in a school with 5-7 yr old children and spend lots of time teaching. I feel tense when this happens and start feeling hot when I get the palpitations. If I sit down and rest quietly then they disappear.

      I get them mainly whilst at work and when I’m with my family and relaxing at weekends then I rarely get them. My job is quite stressful and I think this is the trigger. I have been assessed by my doctor and anxiety seems to be the culprit.

      Can you help with a homeopathic treatment for me?

      Thank you

  8. Jodium homeopathic remedy was prescribed to me. Just by looking at me, and after I said that I was suffering from anxiety with muscular stiffness, and trembling in acute panic.
    Should I rather take gelsemium or arsenic album I am too anxious to sit for a prolonged consultation.

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