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If your child’s poor performance in the examinations or his changed behavior has left you feeling low, what you really need to do is to evaluate your child’s mental health. Because psychiatrists now believe that many such children could be having a form of anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorder, although quite common, is most often overlooked or misjudged in children and adolescent .Which otherwise can be treated with medicines and therapies.

An important reason for them to be identified and cured early in life is due to a general consensus among experts that psychiatric disorders in adult life can have their first manifestations in childhood in the form of such anxiety problems.

How can parents come to know if their child is suffering from the anxiety problem?

To an extent, some levels of anxiety are considered normal. Like facing a new situation, talking to a stranger and fearing darkness, thieves, animals, etc. It is when the symptoms take a form of greater magnitude that they are called anxiety disorder. This shows up in different forms and is classified according to the pattern and quality of the symptoms. The most common one is the generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). GAD may show up in a variety of symptom patterns: restlessness, being easily fatigued, always worrying, irritability and inability to relax; difficulty in concentrating or having the mind go blank, muscle tension, difficulty in falling asleep or staying asleep, or restless sleep, specific fears, social phobia, too much worrying before even things happen, too many thoughts and fears about safety, refusal to attend school, frequent stomachaches and headaches and other physical symptoms. Although GAD can hamper the child’s performance in school, some may have this disorder even though they would be doing well in their studies.

Another form of anxiety which is often mild and seen more during the examination days is “exam anxiety or test anxiety”. This can develop during or before the exams with symptoms of anxiety and fear of failure.

What causes anxiety disorder?

In nearly 50 per cent of all the anxiety disorder cases, there is a strong genetic factor. Anxiety and fear can also be learned from family members and others who frequently display increased anxiety around the adolescent. For example, a child or an adolescent with a parent who worries too much may also learn to worry too much. Environmental factors such as domestic and social violence can also cause such anxiety problems. A traumatic experience like a death or loss of a loved one can be one of the causes.


Anxiety disorders are treatable in homeopathy. The treatment is based on a complete evaluation of the child/adolescent’s symptom pattern and intensity of symptoms.

For homeopathy, every case is an individual case and the medicine is decided on these individual symptoms.

Causative factors are more important than the symptoms. If they are identified clearly and the prescription is based on it, this can lead to a faster clearance of the disorder.

For kids developing symptoms of fear and acute anxiety before the exams homeopathic medicines Gelsemium and Argentum Nitricum can do a real great job in giving instant relief.

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  1. Felicia Kerr says:

    Dr. Sharma, my 11 year old was diagnosed with anxiety. She gets very anxious and emotional if she thinks someone doesn’t like her or if she thinks I’m leaving for too long, also if she thinks I’m mad at her she gets very antsy and cries and has what seems to be a small panic attack. She’s anxious about what she looks like and what people at school think about her.
    She is doing talk therapy but she’s just started with a new counselor as the last one left the practice. The previous one suggested meds before she’d even done 2 sessions and I just don’t want to give her medication if she can learn to manage it other ways, like with breathing techniques and therapy, etc. I’m not opposed to medication IF we’ve exhausted all other routes first. But I work with adults with mental health disorders and I know what kind of side effects some of these heavy duty meds can have. What would you suggest we try on the homeopathic front?
    Thanks for any help!
    Felicia K.

  2. 9 y/o dd has some ADD that we are managing on our own but does have a bit of our generic panic disorder. It is not often but when it comes it is a full panic attack not manageable by breathing meditation etc. Is there any homeopathic aid that could help instantly or near so?

  3. Brenda Koosmann says:

    Dr Sharma,

    I have a 9 year old daughter who has been diagnosed with general anxiety. she has been seeing a therapist for two years now and it has helped. lately she has shown much more extreme anxiety. she freezes, she picks her finger raw, she lashes out. I am interested in helping her with some homeopathy solutions. What advise or direction can you give me about where to start. what is ok to give to children. she will be starting 4th grade in about 4 weeks and we are hoping to see some improvement. she has a lot of trouble with school as it is and is behind her peers, academically and socially.

  4. Hello Doctor,

    My son was having school refusal behaviour from class third due to the corporal punishment which the school used to give. He dropped the school by himself but the refusal tendency continued there after . Now we have tried in boarding school which only worsened his behaviour. We could find out the psychological issue only after two years till then we thought that he is just a bullying child. His grandmothers illness and tantrums constantly affect him side by side. Now he dropped class IX after navrathri holidays. severe symptoms of school refusal behaviour is back in him. I administered Kali Phosphoricum in 2010 for his aggressive behaviour. it showed good result. But now again the symptoms prevail and he is addicted to mobile game all the time or playstation Kindly advice me which medicine could help as he is not amenable to counselling also.

  5. vetrivel says:

    Sir.My daughter age is 5 year she studying u.k.g.daily she is crying im not going to school. she also told i dont like school (fear)please told remedy sir

  6. Manju Singh says:

    Problem of Social Fobia/School Withdrawal

    My daughter is passing through the similar phase, aged about 14 Years, wt. about 50 kg and height 5 feet 1 inch, main symptoms are:

    • school withdrawal
    • feeling hot even in winters, She usually felt hot and tended to wear fewer clothes than most of her friends, for instance she would often be in a T-shirt when others were in jumpers or fleeces.
    • irritable behavior
    • likes salty and spices dishes
    • likes to see TV on continuous basis, Social, Cricket sometimes Detective & Horror
    • sleeps more than 8-10 hrs, she prefers to sleep on her tummy
    • sleep withdrawal
    • no fits, migraine, diarrhea, stomach ache, or nausea
    • sensitive to others comments & comparisons: very sharp Memory in this context.
    • In-House Very High Pitch, very calm outside.
    • Very Shy, Mkes less no. of Friends.
    • Avoids Presentation and Stage Programmes, but very good in Dance-Sports and Talketive.
    • avoids to go for outing
    • delaying tendency, Extreemly Tallu Tendency.
    • Performs all work but try to delay or agrees to performs later stage.
    • good in studies
    • IQ about 105-110 %
    • Good eating habbits, likes Paneer, Non veg as well as Greens
    • no medical findings
    • thyroid test is in normal range


  7. Abdul Aleem says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    I heard much about you and your help to sick peoples.
    My problem is that my two and half year child had fever and attack of seizer. He was admitted in AgaKhan Hospital in Karachi for 6 weeks and seizers were uncontrolabe. His CT, MRI ,CSF test were normal and EEG recently done is also normal. He was diagnosed epilipsy/emchelitice.
    Present condition is that he is hyperactive, donot follow the instruction, do not speak, listen properly. Know where his things, toys, food is kept and tell by point to that place when he need something. He hug to family members, love them, kiss them. He was given lot of allopathic drugs, some are phenobarb, Epival, Topramax, Lerace etc. Some peoples say he has ADHD, some say Autism. He also have sleep disorder.

    I shall be obliged and grateful if you help me and suggest some homeopathic treatment

  8. dear sir
    my child is 5&1/2 year old.
    he refuse to go to school & cry.
    also in the school he feels restless.
    will you help me.

  9. khalida Aftab says:

    Hi my daughter becomes really nervous as soon as she sees the test paper and she starts hyperventilating and thinking that she knows nothing and that she is going to fail the test. She is very hardworking and intelligent and this has recently started happening. Really worried. please need your expert advice and remedy.

  10. Sir, I have a daughter her age is 5 Yrs. Since Two Weeks she is fearing to go to school. Sometimes she says what happened when i got B Grade. My madam will scold me. Tell me what i should do? Is any homeopathic medicine is available to remove her fear to go to school.

  11. My 6 yr old daughter has started to worry about a million little things , almost obessivly. Things like if she is playing with make up and then licks her lips she is worried , or if she touches an electrical cord , she will come to me worried about probablly 5 things at least a day. I had these fears as an older child but didnt tell anyone. This is a new and sudden change in behavior for her any thoughts for remidies?

    concerned momma

  12. sir i am manisha my friend dharmesh 34 year old is suffring from vasculities desease last 5 years he had 2 paralysis stroks dr. say he has blood clots in his brain sir if u read this massage plz reply i want to send his case history sir plz help us

  13. I really love what u are doing n must commend ur effort.keep d gud work up n more power to ur elbow

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