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Are You Always anxious and Nervous ? Homeopathy has a perfect solution for it


Homeopathic Treatment for Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Uneasiness, being worried all the time and general fearfulness are not normal conditions. If these symptoms last for more than six months, it’s an indication of a mental condition known as Generalised Anxiety Disorder. The symptoms include restlessness, irritability, headache, trembling, fatigue, hot flushes, sweating, frequent urination, difficulty in concentration, difficulty in falling asleep and trouble swallowing food or a lump in throat. The Homeopathic mode of treatment is of great help for patients of Generalised Anxiety Disorder. The Homeopathic Treatment for Generalised Anxiety Disorder have zero side effects and provides natural treatment of anxiety disorders as the medicines are sourced from natural substances. These completely safe Homeopathic remedies for Generalised Anxiety Disorder go to the root of the problem to cure the condition .

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Best Homeopathic Remedies for Generalised Anxiety Disorder with fear of death and restlessness

Aconitum Napellus is a very beneficial natural Homeopathic medicine for Generalised Anxiety Disorder where the marked symptoms are fear of death and restlessness. The anxiety that comes in crowded places and while crossing the streets also points towards the use of Aconitum Napellus. The other symptoms to take note of are excessive restlessness that makes the person do everything hastily. Homeopathic medicine Aconitum Napellus is one of the best herbal remedies for anxiety disorder when the patient experiences acute, sudden and violent attacks of anxiety, with a marked fear of death and when open air makes the patient feel better. Increased thirst for large quantities of cold water during the anxiety attack is a very important pointer towards the use of Homeopathic medicine Aconitum Napellus. Homeopathic medicine Arsenicum Album is another remedy of great help when a patient of Generalised Anxiety Disorder fears death and feels restless. It is particularly helpful for patients who refuse to take the medicine because of the thought that death is near and it’s futile to take any medication. This symptom is accompanied by restlessness that makes the patient continually change position, excessive weakness and the patient can even faint. The attacks of anxiety that are worse at night and make the person fearful to be alone also guide towards the use of Homeopathic medicine Arsenicum Album.

Gelsemium Sempervirens: Homeopathic medicine for trembling and palpitation

The patients of Generalised Anxiety Disorder who complain of trembling and palpitations can greatly benefit from natural Homeopathic remedy Gelsemium Sempervirens. The palpitations lead to the patient being in constant motion because of the feeling that not moving will result in the heart stopping to function. The anxiety attacks that come after a sudden fright, exciting news, sudden emotions and when a person has to attend an interview with consequent trembling of the whole body calls for the use of Homeopathic medicine Gelsemium Sempervirens. The anxiety attacks accompanied by dizziness, dullness, weakness and diarrhoea can also be effectively tackled with this Homeopathic medicine.

Argentum Nitricum: Homeopathic medicine for anxiety before an engagement or travel

Argentum Nitricum is the top natural Homeopathic treatment for anxiety attacks where the person gets anxious while getting ready for some engagement or before travel.Argentum Nitricum is considered a very useful homeopathic remedy for Nervousness and anxiety. The anxiety disappears as soon as the person reaches the engagement venue or sits in the car. The anxiety in almost all patients who can greatly benefit from Homeopathic medicine Argentum Nitricum is accompanied by the most troublesome fear and diarrhoea. Another important symptom that needs to be mentioned for the use of Homeopathic medicine Argentum Nitricumis irritability, nervousness and impulsiveness. This makes the affected person walk very rapidly and constantly till fatigue sets in. Patients of Generalised Anxiety Disorder with symptoms of impulsiveness like the impulse to jump out while travelling in a train, or while crossing a bridge or high place can benefit from this Homeopathic medicine.

Sepia Officinalis: Homeopathic treatment for Generalised Anxiety Disorder with heat flushes

Sepia Officinalis is a natural Homeopathic medicine of great help for attacks of anxiety accompanied by flushes of heat on the face and head. The other symptoms that guide towards the use of this Homeopathic remedy in patients of Generalised Anxiety Disorder are irritability,anxiety in evening time and faintness during anxiety.

Lycopodium Clavatum: Homeopathic medicine for Generalised Anxiety Disorder before appearing in public or meeting new people

Homeopathic medicine Lycopodium Clavatum is an excellent natural remedy for Anxiety Disorder when the patient has to appear in public for making a speech or otherwise with the fear that he or she will make mistakes, or will forget. However, such a person completes the task very efficiently once he or she gets started. The anxiety appears only in the beginning of a task and vanishes as the task proceeds.

Ignatia Amara: Homeopathic medicine for Generalised Anxiety Disorder after sudden grief

When Generalised Anxiety Disorder symptoms appear in a person because of sudden grief, Ignatia Amara is the best natural Homeopathic medicine.

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  1. gourav sharma says:

    I m feeeling symptoms like GAD since 1 year…symptoms appearing such as heavyness and palpitation of head and upper limb during work and sleep so i cant do anything confidently…confusion dullness ,excessive sweating ,sexual alteration .
    Sir plz help me what to do for this problm and suggest me best remedies to cure this disorder..

  2. Hello sir I am saffring for generalized anxiety disorder last 3 years. I am take one tablet parazin-c 10mg and one tablet d veniz 50 use. I want homeopathy medicines. Is it right…. Thanks

  3. carmen merc says:

    Hello, Dr. SharmaMy cousin son committed suicide 6 months ago and she started having symptoms of Alzheimer.My parents are also very old and my father has dementia and my mother Alzheimer.Even since I am back forming Christmas vacation where I ate pork, wich I don’t eat frequently I came back with a lot of pain in muscles, excessive anxiety about my health, anger towards God and crying spells.My breathing is shallow and I have some pain in my chest when I breathe deep and it seems like my heart is fluttering.It feels like I have something in my throat as well and I have difficulty in swallowing.I am somewhat depressed, angry and my faith has diminished.I take nux vomica but I need something stronger for my depression to avoid medication.

  4. Hello doctor.. I have a serious issue with my behaviour I sometimes get angry, infact very frequently.. Actually we can call it irritation.. I easily get irritated during any conflict of views with my partner, and I then loose the control over the situation… which is a serious issue… sometimes I get irritated with some kind of loud noises like noise of a cracker or a person speaking loudly.. sometimes my mood gets off for no any specific reason and at that time i take all the things angrily…. moreover I am over sensitive to certain issues and take all things to my heart and keep on thinking over n over regarding the pros and cons of the thing… I want a serious help..

  5. A.Chatterjee says:

    I have central serous retinopathy which causes capillary fluid leakage in retina,identifiable cause is generalized severe anxiety with depression.Now with panic attack also.Puzzled in decission,also loosening of temperament and increased raze.Please help me.Medicine should target retinal fluid leakage prevention and anxiety management.

  6. Have anxiety when meeting new people and taking responsibility at work. When in my own personal space there is not much issue when its in public, the problem is acute. Always feel low in self esteem and very anxious in dealing with other people. Throat chokes and words dont come out that is problem in communicating.

  7. Shy Girl :) says:

    Dear Doc 🙂 I am a 18 year old female that I believe suffers from social anxiety: I have male seekers, and I somehow make myself sick before I am to go out on a date with one of my potential interests 🙂 Do you think Lycopodium can help, and IF so, what dosage, as I’ve read about the Ill affects of taking too much Lyco, and so I do not want to create a bigger problem for myself! I’d very much appreciate your expert opinion/advice on the matter 🙂 Thx!

  8. Dr. I recently lost my husband in an accident. I have this constant feeling of weepiness, tightness and pain in chest. My heart is always racing and pounding. I also get pain in the abdomen or headache.
    My daughter is also feeling very sad and drowsy all the time.
    Please advise.

  9. Hi sir i am having this problem since last 3 years please tell me something good medicine

  10. Rashmita Mallick says:

    Dr Sahab
    My daughter is suffering from Phobos anxiety disorder since last 5 years. She feels restless and fear unable to concentrate on study. When she meets group of friends and if any friend tells some thing to her she can not reply him but always thinks in later stage. She is studying MBBS 2nd year. I have seen her irritation at the time when we tell some good thing. She will hit herself with knife and thereafter feels comfortable. Last week when she was interacting patients she feels fear and looses confidence level. Sir what treatment is required for her to cure and advise to proceed.

  11. My name is Nitin, I feel anxiety and mild depression in the evenings and i feel like to go out from my house for some time. After going out from my house , i feel better.

    What medicines should i take ?

  12. Dr.saheb namaste
    Recently due to expected financial loss due to change of paying authority ,I suddenly felt some anxiety since last few days and feeling restlessness .feeling sleeplesdness as and when sleep breakout in night.feeling guilt and heavy Ness over back portion of head. Please.advise medicine.
    Rama kant

  13. I am 57 yrs old and my name is manjula. I have slight anxiety due to which I am having insomnia problem. I am a manager in a bank. I have Gerd problem also. I take restyl .5 everyday . Kindly suggest a med by which I can get sound sleep. I want to get rid of restyl. Please help me

  14. hi
    i use to have panic attacks and i got over it after some time with medicine like prozac 20mg and i stopped taking it for more than 2 years now again coming attacks and bad thoughts i do not want to take again prozac i want to come over this stage of my life and the side effect ,so i want to take some other things homeopathic to get over this fears and bad thoughts and to reduce the side effects,i am using sedatif pc for calming down and sleeping . i need some more specific homeopathic for my situation age 46 male

  15. Hi there,

    My names Amba and im 22 and have been going through a tough time with panic attacks and Health GAD! Im currently taking Arg Nit/ Kreosotum/Opium 30c but sadly I dont feel any relief from it. Is their any other homeopathic remedy that u would recommend for this? I feel like im living in a nightmare 🙁

    • Amba Kirbey says:

      Also I have this fear that my heart will not stop racing and I will just fade away! Actually I feel like I am not going to last long and barely eat and am not interested in food! Please, Please reply!

  16. Rasesh Dhuvad says:

    Dear Doctor
    Last one month I am suffering from Anxiety and also related Gastritis so I want to take homepathic medicines than suggest me which drug suitable for me

  17. Malik M says:

    For last one and half year I am going through a very painful condition. Feeling all the time unease and uncomfortable thinking that that something wrong in my head and body. Have no emotions and feelings the way I felt before. Restlessness, fatigue,tiredness all the time and have no good sleep. Non stop twitching of calf muscles. At the same time one more terrible thing”Head exploding syndrome” when I feel to fall asleep. At this stage taking no medicine and never took before because of fear might be my condition go worse more. Nothing is working for me in this situation.Ur reply and advise in this situation of helplessness would be highly appreciated.
    I am 55.

  18. Ananthapadamanabhan says:

    Doctor sir,my granddaughter aged 27 months is restless because of fear during travel in a train.Also in drums music in marriage houses.(nagaswaram and melam used in tamilnadu)Can U help me to suggest me a homeo remedy for the same

  19. Hello. I have been suffering from anxiety from an early age. I have been afraid of death and anything that leads to death like sickness. I am constantly afraid and nervous. I easily remember people who have died and I tend to concentrate on events that led to death. its gotten worse as i have given birth. my physical strength has been a struggle. if I just carry out some physical work I feel so weak.

  20. Suparna Bose says:

    fear of death and restlessness and
    feeling of it seems is the end of time.
    too much heat / hot flushes and aches in muscle and palm and feet .

    1. trembling of hands when writing only.
    2. fear of death and restlessness and feeling of it seems is the end of time.
    3. too much heat / hot flushes sweating too much .
    4. fear of standing and talking in front of the people known or unknown to me, my mind seat down.
    5. fear of traveling / driving a car even if I am a passenger I don’t enjoy the trip.
    6. gaining weight even if I don’t eat too much my tummy just becomes big.
    7. constant headache.

  22. Mitthi Gagan says:

    Hi dr ,its me gagan. I want to loss my weight my weight is 65 and my height is 5.1 “. I want to discuss my problem with you I m suffering from anxiety and stress related to weight gaining. Plz dr I know you understand my problem and plz help me and tell us about ny medicine which is help for me to reduce my weight.

  23. m.tahir says:

    I have been suffering from panics since 5 years.But most dangerous problem is Disequilibrium or Staggering gait along with Dizziness .B.P problem alsu occuring oftenly.I am under homeopathy treatment. I have visited more than 8 homeophysicians .jist they say is anxiety disorder and Muscular weakness and I am very sensitive I am 51. Very sad to say no doctor could find a medicine to getrid of FALLING CONDITION or Imbalance my different tests were clear. Panics and Imbalance are ruining my life Aconite,ignatia 200 etc are losing their effects more over any liquit medicine oftenly causes low bp condition with palpitation .I cannot walk .Panics no time to occur and within billionth part of a second I feel myself badlt
    caughtin unknown fear. this also aids severly in my shaking condition. please help me out

  24. parthiv joshi says:

    Sir..I m suffering from anxiety neurosis..depression.since 30 years..I m 52 yr age male..
    Fear of height..flowing traffic..running water..speed…n physically.tired n restlessness
    Even HV gastritis problem since long….
    N low bp too..
    Pl.suggest.. N..oblige
    Parthiv Joshi

  25. Respected Dr. sharma,

    I have mailed u regarding my health problems 3/4 days back, Waiting for ur help and medical advise. pls help me for blood pressure problem which i find arises due to anxiety/ depresion and grief. will be of great help . With best regards

  26. DEAR DR. Sharma Sb. I feel a problem in body ,I feel sleep at !0Am To 11Am very much.After sleep I feel very much fatigue in my body especially in legs. Nasal secretions drop in my throat that r white in color.On my left leg there r two places where i have black big spots where i feel itching and skin at that area is rough and dry and blackish.When i touch my teeths with my finger and rub after meal they bleed.I also feel pain in abdomen in the morning and some times constipation and some time lose motions comes.I feel very lazy and also feel bach ache during sitting for some time.Plz advice me treatment,I shall be very thankful to you.

  27. Help with anxiety and panic attacks and agrophobia please

  28. aaliya khan says:

    I suffer from acute problem of bleeding and swollen gums.My teeth is also not properly alligned especially front teeth in both lower and upper case. I want some effective homeo remedy for my gum problems as i never take alleopathy medicines.

  29. Abdul Rehman Nadeem says:

    What is the difference between General Anxiety Disorder and Autism.

  30. Dear Dr.

    I have generalized anxiety with accompanying insomnia, restlessness, and a few minor phobias. This originates from a MTHFR gene defect that doesn’t allow detoxification of heavy metals, histimine, B-12. amd Folic Acid.

    Thank you so much for any comments or suggestions.

  31. As I have already mentioned in the mail, my case is all about no proper sleep after going through the medications of allopathy for developing dillusions and looking for a good solution from your end for the same

  32. Respected Sir,
    I am 23 yrs old and unmarried.
    1. I am very shy guy, lack of confidence, stress/ depress all the time. palpitation when talking with someone or girl , hesitation in tongue when talking, memory loss, shyness.
    2. I can’t speak in public meating or at stage, fear and anxity, my heart beat increase. I can’t speak in Interview and Group Discussion(GD). Palpitation problem.
    3. I have strong fear or anxiety of Sex and Marriage. i can’t talk to girls. When I think about girl or sex, my heart beat increase(Palpitation), becomes nervous.

    So kindly tell me which homeopathic medicine i should take to get rid from these problems. Please also mention the amount of dose, potency, time and how many days/months need for permanent result .
    i am waiting for ur reply. thanks

  33. subashchhibber says:

    I’m suffering from prostrate since one year. I got urimax D about one year. My all test i.e PSA uriflow are OK. I want your treatment.

  34. R.Rangarajan says:

    Dear Dr,

    I suffer from sleeplessnes causing anxiety & vice versa…this creates some butterfly flying sensation just before going to bed which keeps me awake,spmetimes who;e night..Please suggest suitable remedy..

    Best regards,


  35. rajeev sharma says:

    can give me the names of homeopathic medicine to used in acute anxiety attacks

  36. rajeev sharma says:

    excellent article on anxiety

    • shamsul alam chy says:

      Dear Dr. Shorma,
      First i pay my regards to u.
      I m a professionalist,age 56+, ,having problems of severe stage fright and social phobia,suffiness in nose, unclear sore voice and alwaays a sort of gliary thick sticky discharge from throat.always itching in eye
      I have excessive crazines for females,premature edaculation,IBS constipation especially for chicken,borderline diabetic for 10 yrs,Mild enlarged prostate,mild small joint finger artritis with mild pain in right knee occassionally while climbing upstairs,having mild depression,amyloidosis in skin with dryness for the last 20 yrs. with a tendency of obesity and weak body build and joints.
      So please suggest me appropriaate medcine for me.Thanking u in anticipation.
      —–MR. MONSUR

  37. Dear Dr, Sharma,

    First I wish you a happy, successful and prosperous new year!
    I am very impressed by your advice on homeopatic remedies for certain helth issues. I would appreciate it very much reciving your advice on e remedy for my state.
    I am 45 year old female, experiencing anxiety with occasional depressive mood, lack of concentration, poor motivation and lack of energy and complete isomnia. My mind seems to be working (thinking) during shallow sleep and always resolving some problems. When I wake up, I feel exhausted with palpitations in the chest/entire body. I often have tension headaches at the side (temples) of my head. It happend two years ago, when I experinced adrenal burn-out after years of very stressful events in my job. Since then I cannot get back to normal. I changed my job and I enjoy it very much. There are still some issues that have to be resolved from my prevous job and are very unpleasant for me. I am aware they are not “horrible” but I percive them so, and have anxiousness and anticipation of bad outcome in this respect. I am loosing a lot of energy on thinking about that.
    Brief description of myself.
    I have been very active in business, which plays very important role in my life. I am the oldest of five sisters, always had the feeling that I have to be perfect, perform better, so that my family was proud of me. Inside I had a feeling that I was not good, attractive, successful enough. I always felt tension that I could/should be better. So I worked very hard to prove that I can do it. I also care very much for my parents, sissters and my nephews … I always try to help people. I have neither own family, nor a relationship currently.
    I used to be very soc iable and liked to be among people, but when the problems started I just wanted to be alone. Ihave been working in management positions, leading numerous projects and have overused my mind (working approx. 14 hrs/day). I had very little/no rest or holidays for several years, Gradually I began to notice that my concentration, energy, capability to cope with problems were diminishing. I felt tired and could not sleep; my mind could not rest. I have very little appetite and although I eat very little I gained 15lbs over six months, which I cannot loose. I have been moderately exercising (walks, light jogging) and started yoga and meditation a year ago. I have not been taking any medicines (except supplements: Mg, Multimineral and multivitamin and Omega 3.

    Dear dr. Sharma, I would be very grateful to receive your recommendatio on a homeopatic medicine to resolve the problems presented above.
    Looking forward to receiving your answer, i send you my best regards.

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