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The wonder Of Homeopathic Medicine Arnica In Treating Injuries

Arnica Montana, commonly known as leopard’s bane, is a plant indigenous to Europe. It is mainly cultivated in North America. The word ‘Arnica’ has been derived from Latin meaning ‘Lambskin’, because of the wooly textured leaves. However, the word ‘Montana’ depicts mountains, i.e., where the plant grows. The drug Arnica Montana is prepared from the roots of its plant.
Back in those days, when it was not yet scientifically proven to have medicinal properties, the locals used to pop it into their mouth in cases of falls, injuries, and pains. Little was it known that this plant would have intrinsic medicinal properties that could replace a surgeon’s knife in some cases.

Arnica has been used in homeopathy to treat a variety of injuries, both fresh and old. It can be used to treat both the acute and chronic effects of injuries. These injuries leave a sore, bruised feeling all over the body. The patient feels restless and cannot find a comfortable spot to rest at. In the olden times, it was also used as a topical treatment.

Arnica has an important role to play in many conditions, but it is a renowned drug for its action on the injuries. It can be given for major as well as minor injuries, where the bleeding is concealed and the skin stays intact. Arnica is known to have antibiotic and muscle relaxing properties as well.
The efficacy of Arnica in healing injured tissues is testified from the fact that many surgeons around the world use this homeopathic medicine to promote healing and minimizing postoperative infections.

The ‘Arnica’ Constitution

Arnica tends to suit ‘Plethoric’ constitutions, meaning those who have an abounding quantity of blood, with a red face and lively expressions. Constitutionally, the patients are predisposed to congestions of the parts like the head and limbs.

Arnica: Drug Action

The chief action of arnica is on the blood and blood vessel particularly on the capillaries (small blood vessels). It is known to possess a quality of absorbing blood. It also has antibiotic properties, hence preventing septic conditions. On the muscles, it acts as a muscle relaxant and relieves the tension of the stressed parts.

The scope of Arnica in Treating Injuries

Arnica for Bruises

A bruise is a bluish black discoloration that forms under the skin, sometimes may look like a blood clot.
Arnica is an infallible remedy for such complaints. The bruises could be due to any reason, be it a mechanical trauma or due to weak capillaries. It has been clinically seen that sometimes people tend to have a random bruise here and other and the patient himself is not aware of any trauma at the site. Such bruises can arise as a result of extravasation(outflow) of blood from the small vessels owing to the weak capillary walls. This is how Arnica can do wonders in such cases; it affects the weak capillary walls and strengthens them and also causes constriction of the dilated small vessel, stopping the flow of blood. It can affect these vessels and increases their power to retain the blood. It is a wonderful remedy in the first stage of injury, where much bruising has been done and the pain is intense but diffused.
It can also be given for bruises that arise as a result of a blow to the stomach or other organs. Not to forget its impeccable role in treating ‘Black Eye’, i.e.the bluish black discoloration surrounding the eye which is generally because of a strong blow to the part.
The parts that are bruised are very sore; the soreness being much greater than the size of the bruise. The patient can barely afford to move or let alone touch the affected part. Arnica can help in dealing with the soreness and tenderness in such cases, along with healing the bruise.

Arnica Montana for Haemorrhages

Arnica has a wonderful capability of reabsorption of blood. It can be given for hematomas (collection of blood under superficial layers), for conditions where there is concealed bleeding, the blood has escaped out of the capillaries but the skin remains intact. Such conditions when there is no sufficient tone in the fibers of the vessel to hold the blood. The vessel walls then ooze out blood. These hemorrhages are a result of mechanical traumas, which are blunt without causing any open wounds. An important thing to note in cases of injuries where there has been bleeding is that Arnica should only be used once the bleeding has stopped (either by suturing or once the wound has gone through the stage of initial clot formation). It is a well-indicated remedy for cases of retinal hemorrhages and helps in the easy resolving of the condition. It can also be given in cases of epistaxis ( bleeding from the nose) especially after an episode of injury to the nasal area. Here, Arnica helps in vasoconstriction of the vessels and helps in stopping the bleeding.
It also very effectively dissolves the petechial hemorrhages (small pinpointed bleeding spots under the skin), owing again to the re-absorption capability of the medicine.

Arnica for Suppuration

Arnica has often proved to be beneficial for cases where the wounds have a tendency for pus formation that could be avoided with its use. It can be given in cases of pyaemia and septicaemia, as a result of a trauma. It often happens that after a blow or contusion, the patient gets restless, has a lame sore feeling all over the body, tosses and turns on lying down, cannot find a spot soft enough to make him feel relaxed. This could or could not be attended with fever. In such cases, Arnica has proven to be a great remedy. It can remove the bacterial infections in the background owing to its antibiotic properties, along with healing the concealed bleeding under the skin and other consequences of an injury. Many surgeons use Arnica in order to prevent postoperative infections in their patients.

Arnica for Sprains

A very common type of injury that almost everyone has faced one time or the other is a sprain due to a misstep. An injury of the ligaments is known as a sprain. It can be caused due to twisting of the foot in an undesired manner. It is a very common type of injury seen in sportsmen or in women who wear high heels. Such cases of sprains where even wearing the shoe could seem like a task can be marvelously healed with Arnica. Arnica relaxes the tension of the twisted ligament and helps in managing the pain, soreness and the lameness of the part affected. The black and blue appearance of the sprained part goes away in a surprisingly short time, and one can manipulate the part with much ease.

Arnica for Fractures

Arnica is especially given in fractures of the head or spine, with the compression of the brain. It very well manages those cases where the patient goes into a coma (unconscious state) after an accident, where there is head injury or the spinal cord may be involved. It can minimize the post-injury effects and works well for people who go into a coma following the injury. Its effective role in helping a patient come out of coma post the injury puts Arnica under the special category of treating head injuries.

Conditions that arise after a head injury (whether recent or remote), can be effectively treated with the remedy. For example, epilepsy following an injury to the head, loss of memory, speech problems following an injury etc. are also effectively cured with Arnica.

Fractures of the bone may call for the use of Arnica, both externally and internally, to relieve the swelling of the limb. Many times, people develop localized muscle twitching after a fracture, which is nothing but a reflex of the fracture. They feel significantly better with respect to the pain, swelling, and tenderness when treated with Arnica. Arnica helps in speeding the process of healing and preventing the infection and deterioration of the bone.

Arnica for Myalgia

A very common phenomenon that has been clinically seen is that once a disease has taken its course and resolved, it leaves a trail of unrelated complaints behind. For instance, after an episode of flu, patients complain of muscular pains all over. They cannot relate it to any other event but to the illness that they have suffered in the past. Such pains (though have no direct relation to the illness they have suffered from), cannot be ignored. This is where Arnica can prove to be beneficial. It is an underestimated remedy in such cases of myalgia (muscle pains), where the muscle pains have started as a consequence of a disease. It can also be given for cases where the muscles are sore and tender as a result of over-straining, be it at the gym or laborious working at a workplace.
It works brilliantly in myalgia of the intercostal muscles (muscles between the ribs) after exertion, where the person feels as if his ribs are bruised, and even breathing becomes difficult for him.

Other Clinical Conditions Treated with Arnica:

  • Concealed Injuries
  • Typhoid fevers
  • Gout
  • Black eye
  • Fractures
  • Sprains and Strains
  • Meningitis
  • Mechanical Otitis
  • Epistaxis
  • Myalgia
  • Haematuria
  • Hydrocele
  • Uterine Prolapse
  • Metrorrhagia
  • Boils
  • Septicemia
  • Appendicitis
  • Postpartum Haemorrhages
  • Bed Sores
  • Headache
  • Bronchitis
  • Diarrhea
  • Dysentery
  • Haematuria


Homeopathic medicine Arnica is recommended in the potency of 30C. In recent, fresh injuries it can be repeated frequently. In cases of remote injuries, it can be used in high potencies but with infrequent repetitions.
It can also be applied locally in the form of tincture, but not on abraded (broken) skin.
Caution: Although homeopathic medicine Arnica is a safe remedy to use, a homeopathic physician must be consulted prior to its use.

Arnica and Other Homeopathic Remedies

Arnica follows well after Aconite, Apis, Ham, Ipecacuanha and Veratrum album.

  • It is complementary to Aconite, Hypericum and Rhus tox.
  • It antidotes the effect of Camphor.
  • It is followed well by Acid sulph.

How to use Arnica

Mild-to-moderate injuries can be effectively treated at home using Arnica. It is also sold by the name of Arnica Montana. 30 c potency of Arnica can be taken internally 4- 5 times a day. Its use should be discontinued once the desirable relief has been achieved. In cases where the injury is severe and blood loss is uncontrollable, one should immediately contact the local hospital

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  1. Md.shahidul islam says:

    My son Alif is 7years old,he suffering the neprotic syendrom last 5years.he is admitted 5 times hospital.
    now he is srns.mid time he suffering celuilite infaction. Alif olready take Trcolimas 2mg 2bd,pedlicylon 40mg per day. now i want to know can Alif take the homepatic medicine Arnica m3 liquid. Pls tells me. Thanks for (Alif father)

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  3. My mother 70 years old suffered a brain stroke in January 2019.
    Her lelft side and speech were badly affected.
    She is undergoing physiotherapy and allopathy medicine on daily basis and she has improved but not 100%. After few days she faced cold and cough & abdominal pain with strong hematomas in her external thigh due to excess blood diluting medication, now the doctors will reduce its dosage, meanwhile can I give her which homeopathy medicine and dose
    I have been advised by a friend to get Arnica Montana 30 for my mother improvement.
    Could you please advise me if it is okay to take this medicine or other homeopathy medicine. If so that please advise me the dosage.
    Jayanta Das, Kolkata

  4. helene haggiag says:

    hello dr sharma, my mother had a week ago strong hematomas in her external thigh due to excess blood diluting medication , now the doctors will reduce its dosage, meanwhile can I give her arnica and in which dilution?, the color of her hematomas is dark purple and very widespread in her external upper thigh and she has a bit in her upper inner thigh. she gets lymphatic massages every 2 days and I got her edema in her lower left leg well down with punctures and cabbage leaf wraps. She has coronary arterial disease and atrial fibrillation and hypertention , all under medical control’ her coronary artery is so blocked they couldn’t deblock it, she has a stent. She is almost 90 years old, thank you so much for your advice, helene

  5. Evelyn Owens says:

    I have been diagnoses with pancreatitis, and am going on a trip tomorrow. My homeopathic practitioner suggested “No Jet Lag”, which has arnica in it. It is safe for me to use with a dilated pancreatic duct?

  6. Sarwar Alam Sajjad says:

    My father is 62 years old. He had a stroke on 23rd May, 2018. It was a huge stroke as the MRI indicated. It was ischaemic in nature. Since then he is completely bedridden. He can’t talk, sit, eat or do anything himself. But for the last week, his condition has worsened. His diabetes and blood pressure are normal but from the last week he is not responding to our calls. Before that he would at least shake his head to indicate yes or no.
    The medicines he is being given are-
    1. Sliptin
    2. Tegretol
    3. Coversyl
    4. Ecosprin
    5. Tiginor
    6. Caldil

    Recently he has developed a muscle contraction problem. he holds the window bars his bed and pulls it continuously. All his focus is on that.
    Please prescribe us what to do.

  7. Debashis Mistry says:

    Struck on penis in sexual time about 8 months ago. Treatment by Urologist but no response. Penis curve area one place is hard when erection then much hard. I have depressed. Please tell me effective Homeopathice medicine & recommended dose.

  8. Janarddan Sarmah says:

    Hello sir.. Can u plz give me guide about homeo medic.. Actually I jumped from high wall.. Nd left testis nerve injured a little I think.. The blood flow of nerve toward up ward direction I can see.. The left testis also moved a little up and down with the same blood flow.Sir can I take R55 medic or plz give me info abt other homeo medicines.. .

  9. Ramesh Whabi says:

    My wife 67 years old suffered a brain stroke in October 2017.
    Her right side and speech were badly affected.
    She is undergoing physiotherapy and speech therapy on daily basis and she has improved but not 100%.
    I have been advised by a friend to get Arnica Montana 30 for my wife.
    Could you please advise me if it is okay to take this medicine. If so that please advise me the dosage.
    Ramesh Whabi

  10. rajni kashyap says:

    i got slipped my foot over turned got while walking my foot loced for a moment after rest a minute its working .but most of the time feeling says that at the time of injury there was hairline fractue which was not taken care that time and now nothing can may getting pain.have pain killer while paining.

  11. Sarah Jane Manning says:

    hi i wonder if you can help me? i just wanted to know whether arnica pills have interactions with either of the follwing homeopathic medicines:

    – merc corr
    – acid nit
    – sulphur
    – hamamelis

    hope to hear back from you


  12. Amit KHURANA says:

    Dr Sharma, I had brain haemorrhage due to CNS vasculitis stroke leading to paralysis on left side. I have recovered from weakness of limbs but paralysis is there in my left leg and in my urine control amd stool control.

    Is arnica the right medicine or any other medicine you suggest..
    Please suggest with dosage and duration.

  13. Kalyan Vishwakarma says:

    My brother aged 32 has ceberal hypoxia after cardiac arrest. He is still without any movements since 12 Days

    Can you help me pls

  14. Dr. Sharma

    I was diagnosed with motor neuron disease last December 2017. Muscle waste of left leg and now progressive to right leg and hands. Speech and swolling problems

  15. Hello Dr.Sharma,
    I have a brown spot in my left eye Sclera since 3 years. It is a blood clot in sclera and it didn’t heal since 3 years. I haven’t used any medicine for this previously. It didn’t affect my vision. Vision is fine. I heard that Arnica Montana is used to heal the blood clots. Can you please suggest me if i can take this medicine to dissolve the blood clot/brown spot in my eye or is there any other effective treatment for this? In case i can use Arnica Montana for my problem, how should i take it and in what doses? Should i consume it in the form of pills or should i use an ointment?
    My age: 27
    Sex: Female
    No BP, no diabetis, i have only dust allergy but not very severe. Not using any medication currently.

    Thanking you sir.

  16. my son Shahan is two yeara old. He suffring from hypoxia birth injury. They have no any social activitity. neck holding very poor. no sitting, acoudig current MRI his speech area permanent dimage dr. say can not speech. eye specilist say he can not see in future he 90% no chans. his eye was well but brain area dimage so he can not see never. his feeding also poor. what can i do Doctors plz help me.

  17. Ariana Avilla says:

    Can Arnica 30C be used to treat damaged heart muscle one month after a heart attack? Or is it too late?

  18. Mrs Razzu khakiani says:

    Dear sir,
    I am suffering from cervical spondylitis.since last 6 month.i am getting pain in back of neck and both shoulder and pain persists in my both arm and fingers. And I get pain in my front and back ribs.please help me out which homeopathic medicine should I take

  19. Linda Layne says:

    Brenda, how are you doing now? My husband was recently diagnosed with ALS and I was wondering about arnica. I read your testimonial at this site and would like to know more. Trusting you are still doing well…a ray of hope for many!

  20. I have blood clot on my face. I have tried many medicines but not a single is working can you suggest me any homeopathic medicine for it.

  21. Deepak Dash says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am informed by Doctor that my daughter is suffering from Delay Development Milestone.We got to know this when she was 1/2 year old(16 Months).Now she is 3 and half year old but still her activity is too much differed from a normal baby.Her current condition – eye contact is ok,Hearing is also ok,Holding is ok,seats on her own,started standing with the support of near by object but can’t stand,she do not obey instructions.We have done all testes all has come +ve.MRI,ECG,Eye,Ear,Blood Metabolic ect. Currently we are only giving Physiotherapy for her motor development from last 2 years but can’t see any major development.
    Birth Case History:-
    – C-Section delivery,-Cord around Neck and Leg
    -MSAF with Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia with ?Congenital Lymphoedema.
    -Liquor was meconum stained and baby was vigorous.
    -Baby was shifted to NICU in view of grunting and minimal respiratory distress.
    -Oxygen by hood Started along with IV fluids.B/L swelling of feet.

    Please suggest
    Deepak Dash.,

  22. Vipul Gupta says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,

    My mother suffered a major CVA due to malignant left MCA infancy and is currently recovering in ICU. Her right side is paralyzed and currently she is subconscious. Want to know if arnica helps in such cases and if yes can it be started right away.

    Thanks much.

  23. Md Chand Ali says:

    Dear sir my 11 month child have a problem in bilatral basal ganglia due to birth injury 1 month ago he was hospitalized for the reason of chest infection now he recover from that. The medicines continue for epilepsy, and some health tonics now he is crying regularly and I think he is fearing too. Some time he not respond to sound and some he looks very unnaturally to one place regularly. So please say me about his treatment in homeopathy

  24. Hi
    Can I take arnica to reduce the swelling of my leg after surgery? Iam taking many painkillers is it okay to take this medicine with allopathic??

  25. yousuf khan says:

    May Allah give upon u and us the blessing sir u did wonder full thank u

  26. bhupendra singh says:

    i am suffering from chronic pancreatitis since last four years. I feel stabbing pain deep and that radiate to bach.Amylase goes high..Test like c.t scan and mri show reccurent bouts of pancreatitist.i have lost my weight upto twenty i fear this .pl let me know the treatment..

  27. Zehra jamall says:

    Hi. My Mom fell down just now. She has injured arm and pain in knee. I just got Arnica 200 drops.
    But i dont know how to give her? Like whats the dosage. Please help

  28. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I purchased anacardium occidentale and on its bottle it labels as anacard occ 30c for itching. Can I use this for auditory delusions also?

    My spouse is going through some persecutory delusions and has become short tempered with the voices and noises.

    Any advise will be appreciated.

    • sanjeev kumar says:

      Res. Sir
      Can Arnica Montana be used in deep vein thrombus of iliac veins. If yes, what will be the potency and dose.

    • I would look into dr Hoffman and Niacin B3 treatment for delusions of any kind.
      Some information and links in this can also be found in doctor yourself website

  29. Champa choubey. says:

    Sir mera beta Btect kar raha hai. Wah avi second year me hai. Avi kuch dino sr wah OCd problem se gujar raha hai. Jiskae chaltae wah padae nahi kar pa raha hai. Usko avi kuch vi accha nahi lag raha hai. Kise se baat vi nahi karta hai aur kafi udash rahta hai. Wah vi allpath medicine fluroxine CV 100mg kha raha hai. Kya usko arnica mount 1000 de saktae hai.

  30. P.K.Majumdar says:

    ,Dear Doctor Sharna,
    About 3 months now my right shoulder Acrimony ligament cut n having severe pain.
    Do you suggest to take Anica 200 for relief. Will the ligament joint. Can I have your honest advice.

  31. Sir I am suffering from AVN of femoral head of both hip joint since year 2011, still walking now but can’t bend, fold legs and can’t sit on ground please suggest medicine

  32. I am Gurdeep my dad is suffering from motor neurone disease . He already taking homeopathy arnica, causticum what they not helping at all . He is having a breathing difficulties and weakness, speaking please could u help us with any treatment to help with breath.

  33. I am kushal golecha i have ankylosing spondylitis i ahve pain since 3 years. By taking arnica and ruta 500 can my pain can get cured 100% i am a sportsperson.

  34. Gopi Mundkur says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am 62 year old male.
    I have ”supero-temporal branch retinal vein occlysion and macular edema’ in the right eye. This was detected on 8th July ’17. I have glaucoma and high BP for which I use eye drops and BP tablets respectively, to keep it under control. Request you to kindly recommend homeopathic medicine for the eye problem as stated earlier. Kindly also provide the dosage precisely. Also, what to take as prevention of the same occuring in the left eye. Look forward to your kind advice.
    Thanking you,
    Gopi Mundkur

  35. Subir Adhikari says:

    Dear sir,
    My wife 61 yrs old suffered a stroke on 7th Dec.2016 with clot in the brain.Her Right hand side was completely paralysis with speech problem.Since then she is under allopathic treatment and physiotherapy.Her speech is 80% ok now and she can walk with some sort of help like holding the walls and so on.But her right hand is still inactive and she cant grip anything.She can raise the hand slightly with great difficulty.
    In past also twice she had mild stroke with slight weakness in RHS which was recovered witin a month or two and was had no speech problem in both the occasions.
    She is type II diabatic and takes insulin(Basalog 12 units daily after dinner).
    I came to know that Arnica 1000 is very much effective in removing the blood clot and as such
    the movement body parts regain very quickly.Please suggest and mail me about your suggestion
    Thanks and regards
    Subir Adhikari

  36. सर मेरे पैर की एडी में चोट लग गई थी 3 महीने हो चुके है मै AT Tabs दवाई पिछले 2 महीने से ले रहा हु।मुझे क्या करना चाहिए?

  37. emdshastry says:

    I am aged 62 years male. I had by pass surgery in 2008 for three blocks. doctors diagnoised as coranoary heart disease and since then I am under medication. For the past hreemonths back I had problem at liver and chest local docots said it is gastic problem continued drugs for some days. As it is not reducing I approached cardialogist docotrs on examination found heart has become weak and prolapse of Mio cardial valve suggessted mediciness for the pas two months I am using allopathy drugs as suggested.

    Also with above medicines I used SBL GOLD DROPS(TONI CARD) AND ARNICA MOUNTANA 30C.
    SINCE SOME IMPROVEMENT using allopathy medicines I started using RECKWEG R3 drops and ARNICA MOUNTANA IN LIDUID 5to6 drops two times a day. I request you to advise me on homeyo medicines. Now I fell better but really I do not know arnica mountana effect for heart problems please clarify.

  38. Dr. Sharma:
    I have Chronic Vaginitis with severe burning pain, sometimes knifelike pain and sometimes itching. It is on one side only – the left side. Can you help this condition to resolve?

  39. TRIDIB GHOSH says:


  40. V. N. Gopalakrishnan says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma
    My wife is suffering from motor neuron disease. It is in an advanced stage. She is on wheel chair, but her cognitive functions are good. Her speech is impaired, and has swallowing difficulties.
    I want to check with you whether we can pursue homeopathy and get some reversal & stop the progression of the disease.
    Appreciate an early reply

  41. ThamilSelvan. N says:

    Dear Sir,

    My Mother suffered by Brain haemorrhage last year. Due to the condition of the haemorrhage Doctors fix a clip on brain vain to arrest the aneurysm by an open skull sugary. Problem is on left side of brain. After the operation she had paralysis on her right side completely even eyes also. After a year Now she is undergoing physiotherapy treatment on daily basis. Now she can walk with support slightly and there is no improvement on right hand. Kindly advice any cure is there?

  42. Hemraj Pandey says:

    Dr sahab, can Arnica 1M be given in case of infartion of brain…what should be the dosage? Patient is unconscious and has been referred to medical college. But a practising neurons surgeon has said that nothing can be done.

  43. I m Ramzan Khan age 59 wt 60 and hight 5.5 .Diabeties 2 since yr 2000 control by alopathy tablets
    Now I diagnose Heart Blockage
    1) left 95% and 90%
    2) middle. 80%
    3) right. 90%
    Doctors recomonded bypass surgery
    Pls suggest me

  44. Dr. I have been recently diagnosed of MND . I was surfing google for the disease and came to know that Arnica in Ethanol liquid form can cure the disease. I want to know, can it be possible? If so then what potency and how many times in a day? Please suggest. I am 64 years old.

  45. Ramzan Khan says:

    Dr Sir I m diabetic 2 since 16 yrs and four major Heart Blockage
    Pls suggest homeopathy medicine

  46. Hello sir,i stay in guwahati, daughter is 3yrs and 3months.she has an allergy.she ciughs and mucous blocks her nasal.she is 10kg and.also plz recommend me the best treatment,thanks

  47. Hello Dr,

    My mother is 60 years old had left brain stroke (hemorrhagic stroke) in February 2015 its been almost 2 years she’s taking Ayurvedic medicines but I don’t see any significant changes. Her right side is paralyzed and she lost her motor functions in right hands and legs walks slowly with help of walker. Which medicine is to be given (RhusTox, Causticum, Arinca)? Please suggest homeopathic medicine with proper dosage for speedy recovery.



    • Use Arnica 1m.Mix 3 drops in 500 ml water.Shake well, give a teaspoonful 3 times daily for 1 month and watch the changes.

  48. Sir , recently my father had an bike accident and he got injury in brain …there is a blood clot in some area of nerves of brain due to which he is unable to speak accurately. Can you please suggest me about ARNICA MONTANA or anyothe heal…as soon as possible .

  49. How long did it take for your healing

  50. Hemamalini says:

    Namaskar doctor,

    I am Hema 58yrs. Wt ,58 KGS. Ht 5 feet 3 inches.

    Have sciatica since the last 25 yrs. More on the left side . The legs and feet have a lot of pain. I am not able to lie down till I drop off to sleep after taking ,0.5 restyl daily for the last 8 yrs. Have clots on my left leg just above my ankle. A biopsy was done and they said to take a course of antibiotics. Recently a vascular surgeon examined me and advised me to take Pradaxa 110mg twice daily after food. I want to stop this . I want my legs and feet to be strong and healthy. Can you please suggest something so that there is no pain and I can lie down easily,climb steps comfortably

  51. Praveen malik khurana says:

    Hello sir my mother is 80 she got left side brain clot which has reduced nearly 50%. Can i giveher arnica 1m daily. Should i continue her allopathic medicines or not? Any suggestions for diet? Thanks so much.

  52. Ankush bhasker says:

    Sir i have been diagonosed with cervical dystonia. My neck is continously pulling to left side. Even botox injections are not helping. Can homeopathy cure it.

  53. The vibrations on mid top brain area in night and head noises

  54. Dear Dr
    I had a stroke in may 1st week and was diagnosed with partial left side paralysis my MRI shows a clot in artery I want to know that will this clot dissolve with home medicine and what r they I can move my limbs properly will u suggest any remedy for it if u want u can send u my reports on our mail if u can give me I am from bombay

  55. Cathy Zine says:

    my husband has an internal injury to his calf – was squished between the back of a truck and a metal plate on a wall. It has alot of swelling and pain. The doctor said the blood flow is poor in this type of injury. He has been applying topical Arnica since the day of the injury. Can you offer any further advice? the doctor said to elevate it and he hasn’t been the best about doing that. Thank in in advance


  56. Hi
    Dr. Sahb me ne ye pochna hai k mnd me arnica ka istamal kesy karna hai? Aur kitni Faida mand hai ye medicine marreez ki taango aur hathon me bilkul jan nhi hai Sahary se chalty hen

  57. Narendra Porwal says:

    Hello sir meri daughter ki age 17 year hai ushco period time per nahi hota hai ushki vajah sd ushko chakkar aate hai or kabhi kabhi mirgi ke dore padte hai please koi medicine bataiye alopathic medicine 3 saal se le rahi hai phir bhi koi farak nahi hai

  58. Hello Doctor.Sharma,
    I am 32 years from last few years i am facing ulcer issues sometime i find pain in the center of chest and by taking ispaghol/ risek/ by rubing sometime it resolves and i find relief but i know its not a solution.Somettime problem get worse when in empty tummy i drink fizzy corbonated drink.Also i face problem of gastric in my stomach on regular basis and secondly from last few months i am facing issues in urination as i have to spend more minutes in washroom to completely drain out urine as it not comes in one go , now from last 1.5 years i am married now but now i am finding nother problem for the premature ejaculation and with in 30 sec its all over which is devastating my bed life,its errection and size not bad but main issue is for timing and penis skin sensitivity in the lower cap portion.So advise some medicine for both issue as i suppose digestion and sex are interrelated.Also i get tired ,sad,loose hope and loose stamina something psychological ,power or strength issue as my height is 5’7″ with a weight around 70Kg,several people suggest me to go with a lycopedium clavatum and agnus castus but iys better to ask from a brillaint doctor like u,thanks

  59. I have neurofibromatosis, what can I take to make the tumors fall off my body they are gross

  60. Anindita kali says:

    if someone’s heart ejection fraction is 30%
    high diabetic level and having UTI infection too then is there any chance to give that new life to that patient? even patient having renal problem to..because of high diabetic her life is becoming worsen..she have not faith anymore in allopathy..she wants to live which is quite normal & all we want that… if there is any hope please let me know…

    Anindita kali

  61. Dr.Nasima Sultana says:

    I am suffering heart disease my lad main atari 50 to 60 % block . My chest middle point several times I feel pain. Please give suggestions now how can I get relief from the disease.

  62. Jatinter Sharma says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma
    My mother somewhat recovered from right side paralysis over a period of 2yrs. She is a diabetic patient also and takes medicine for same. she is able to speak normally but her arm and leg movement is restricted and both keep on shaking regularly. Moreover some heat is felt on right side of eye and brain .Right now she is taking Alopathic treatment and massage therapy.
    Pls advise for controlling the shivering and heat feeling on right side of face


  63. I have neurofibromas what meds can I take

  64. N.Ramamurthy says: boy aged 6YEARS. To day doctors divided dmd primary muscular dystrophy. Cpk level 17030.very problum in climbing the steps and from sit to stand. So valuable reply early expected.thank Q for your service.

  65. rahul kishor says:

    I am suffering from right side basal ganglia infract globus in brain with sweat absent all over body with feeling very hot

  66. Hello Dr. Sharman,
    I would like if you can help me about my son. He had brain surgery when he was 6 months old and he is now 11 months today. His head keep getting bigger and the mir is not showing fuild anymore on the brain. He had hydrocephalus before. Is there any homeopathy you can recommend to me to use?

    Thank you and looking forward to hearing back from you.


  67. Sir my father suffering from paralysis since 10 mnths..paralysis due to clotting in brain… His right side leg and hand stop working even can’t speak well . is this mdcn helpful for him for treatment of paralysis…??? But he is also a patient of depression…plz show ur concern about dis.. It’s urgent

  68. amita yadav says:

    sir i am suffering from headche last 10 years . but it became kabhi kabhi.but from last 30 days it is continue . i feel pain on the backside of the skull and ears. i feel pain where spine joint with sull and pain at the end of spine .i feel pain also in my neck and shoulders .i consult the docter and he says it is not cervical but it is neuro problem. somebody suggest me arnica 30. please tell me about this medicine .is it safe or not. if it is good tell me the dose . thank you

  69. saritosh kudesia says:

    My father is suffering from BP stroke due to which there is internal bleeding happened. Due to this there is a blood clot of 10 cm by 3 cm in CT scan. I want to know that can Arnica 200C can be used to dilute clot as doc said it can’t remove by operation. My father age is 78.

    Please advise

  70. dr.a.ramadevi says:

    iam 56yrs old ,postmenopausal,otherwise in good health with all biochemical parameters 2012august i had high fever for 10days,head ache,vomitings ,no meningeal signs.during that time i was fasting for ramdan,on thyroine 150mcg,from then on i observed weakness to get up from comode,difficulty to board a bus.lost 60percent of my scalp hair.i progresively developed weakness of my limbs ,difficult to do my daily chores,fasciculations,cramps allover body.i was diagnosed as motorneurone disease at NIMHANS BANGALURU AND MAYO CLINIC ,FLORIDA.USA.NOW IAM ABLE TO WALK,WITH DIFFICULTY WITHOUT HELP,NO SPASTICITY IN ANY MUSCLES.ONLY FLACID MUSCLES IN UPPER LIMBS.FLAIL LIMBS.DIFFICULTY WEAR DRESS.COOMB.CNA HOLD SPOON AND EAT WITH DIFFUCULTY ON MY OWN.CAN ARNICA MONTANA HELP ME,PLS SUGGEST ME.THANKING YOU.

  71. Mohd.Anam says:

    Sir. I have synositis problem .please send a best medicine name .

  72. He is a big cheat, don’t trust him. He is promoting marketing on her name. he has several postings on websites.

  73. Jayanta Roy says:

    Sir eya medicine khane ka tarika keya hey?

  74. Papia Chatterjee says:

    About 2 months back my right knee got twisted while I was having fun in the snowfall of Kashmir. Since then the right knee is really troubling me as I am not able to walk at a stretch for more than 5 minutes, neither I can climb stairs steadily. It pains also at night. I have tried Arnica 200 without any result. Which medicine should I use to get back my normal speed?
    Awaiting your reply as early as possible.
    Papia Chatterjee

  75. My father aged 67 years, has under gone head surgery on Nov 5th, 2015 due to heavy internal bleeding (Subdural hematoma “SDH”) in head following a road accident. He was operated in Tata Memorial Hospital in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. His operation was done by cutting the skull bone (craniotomy), after the surgery he was on ventilator for 12-14 hours and then was without ventilator for about 36 hours post which his condition started going down. During this time he had good movement in both hands and feet’s.
    On Nov 8th another CT-Scan was done and found that secondary bleeding has happened in the brain. He was put back on ventilator support. Post this he went into deep Coma with GCS 3 (E1, V1, and M1)
    Around 13th Nov they performed Tracheostomy .
    From Nov 20th Onwards doctors have been trying to keep him without ventilator and finally on Dec 1st, 2015 he came out of ventilator support.
    After he came out of ventilator on Dec 1st, 2015, initially we had noticed some improvement, he was moving his left hand frequently, minor movement in right hand and also opening eyes and also trying to hold finger when asked. He was maintaining GCS level 8 (E3, M5, VT) and coaxing on command.
    From Dec 12th onwards we have notice his condition going down again. He has not been opening his eyes and have very little movement in his left hand and no other action at all. GCS level 8 (E2, M3, VT)
    He had developed urinary infection, which now cured. (Pus cell is now nil)
    He is having multiple bedsore which is healing now except on the head (2 nos.) one having infection.
    We would like to know if any additional treatment can be provided under your expertise or any additional medicine to be given for his speedy recovery.
    Current Condition
    Getting slight fever often
    Developed bedsores (one either side of his head above ear and one in the lower back area)- He has been on water bed from day 1 and now on air mattress from last 12 days.

    Pressure- 160/100 goes up to 180/110
    Pulse- 106-122
    Sugar: varies from 190 to 290(last 3-4days)
    Temperature- 99
    Respiration rate- 20-24
    Urine Input/output: 2400ml/3200ml
    Test done on 18/12/2015

    Serum Electrolyte: Na is on lower side 114,
    Serum Creatinine: 0.9
    Urine culture: ok
    RBC (routine blood culture): ok
    Urine Input/output: 2400ml/3700ml

    my treating doctor saying that nothing much can be done in this case only wait and watch and this is the only treatment anywhere else in India.
    plz let me know if there is any chances of recovery and ur query regarding this.
    Also plz advice on bedsore ,any medicine for this.

    my treating doctor saying that nothing much can be done in this case only wait and watch and this is the only treatment anywhere else in India.
    plz let me know if there is any better treatment available ,chances of recovery and ur query regarding this.

  76. Bijoy Sarkar says:

    Sir, I had cerebrel stroke in 17 October 2012 and left side was paralyzed. Now, I can walk but there is a continuous pain in my left side.As per doctor diagnosis it is thalamic syndrome.
    So Sir, is there any treatment in homeopathy for this syndrome.

  77. My father aged 67 years, has under gone head surgery on 5th Nov due to heavy internal bleeding in head following a road accident. He was operated on 5th Nov itself, in Tata Memorial Hospital in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. His operation was done by cutting the skull bone, after the surgery he was on ventilator for 12-14 hours and then was without ventilator for about 36 hours post which his condition started going down and further bleeding was found in the head on 8th Nov after doing CT scan. As of this morning doctors said his condition is going down and his sensorium level (GCS) is 4/15 and they don’t want to do another surgery to remove the blood and only provide medicine. We would like to take second opinion and take necessary action if there is a chance. He was put back on ventilator on 8th Nov early morning again and he is still on ventilator. Also want to know the chances of recovery from this stage, and what the other options of treatment are?

    • I have seen your article in your website. It is very useful article on Arnica.

      My daughter (23 years) has been suffering from hemiplegia after brain stroke two years ago. She got paralysis of left hand and left leg. Even after having daily physio therapy for two years she could not overcome the problem. She is able to walk with difficulty but her left hand is not at all working. Her memory and general health is OK. The major problem is in regaining the function of left arm and left leg. She is snesitive, shy natured. She is fond of sweets. She likes more salt and oil in the food.

      Iam a lower middle class man living in Hyderabad, India. Kindly suggest a remedy to cure her paralysis.

      May God bless you for the services you are rendering to the society. Kindly suggest homeo medicines to my daughter. For which act of kindness I shall be grateful to you doctor.

      B.Santa Ram
      Hyderabad, India

  78. S. Venkat ram reddy says:

    Sir im suffering frm diabetic foot ulser since frm 10 months. I hav used many alopathic medicines. No use.. I kindly request u to suggest a good medicine for my foot ulser .. Im 50yrs old

    Thanking u sir
    S. Venkatram reddy

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  80. Dear Sir,
    i am suffering nightfall, errection problem n premature ejaculation. i am 30 years and getting marraige next month. sir due to above problem can i take combination of following homeopathic medicines.
    1. Daminiaplant
    2. Manuia
    3. Discorea Villosa 30
    please suggest me the above combination is harmfull or not. can i take above medicines if yes please also tell me the required dosage.


    • Hi faraz…
      I am also suffering nightfall…. Tum keya homeopathy treatment liya nightfall problem k liye??tum homeopathy treatment se better feel ker raheho??plz mujhe batao… bohot pares an hoo.

  81. My 14 months daughter was diagnosed with genetic condition Tuberous Sclerosis, she is having an epilepsy fits every day and also polycystic kidneys. I wonder if there is any homeopathic medicine I can give her.
    Thank You
    Kind Regards

  82. Prashant Nigam says:

    My mother faces spring like sensations in her left side of the body and sudden numbness is her hands .She also suffers from sciatica and varicose veins.Please suggest me the medicines and precautions for her illness.

  83. Pranay Kumar Sinha says:

    Respected Sir,
    My wife has been feeling difficulty in breathing while even walking for last many months. The Electrocardiography exhibits (1) Severe Tricuspid Regurgitation (2) Severe Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (3) Mild Pericardial Effusion (4) Enlarged Right Artrium and (5) Enlarged Right Ventricle.
    Doctor advises -(1) Lasix -40 (half tab two times) (2) Acetone (one tab in noon) (3) Acitrom -1 (one tab in night) and (4) Ambrican -5 (one tab in night). Having taken the medicine, my wife is felling better for last three days.
    Doctor has advised to replace Right Heart Valve immediately by surgery.
    Is there any medicine for the above. Please advice in details.
    Thanking you,
    very truly yours
    Pranay Kumar Sinha, Advocate
    Jharkhand High Court, Ranchi.

    • Pranay Kumar Sinha says:

      Respected Sir,
      My wife has been feeling difficulty in breathing while even walking for last many months. The Electrocardiography exhibits (1) Severe Tricuspid Regurgitation (2) Severe Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (3) Mild Pericardial Effusion (4) Enlarged Right Artrium and (5) Enlarged Right Ventricle.
      Doctor advises -(1) Lasix -40 (half tab two times) (2) Acetone (one tab in noon) (3) Acitrom -1 (one tab in night) and (4) Ambrican -5 (one tab in night). Having taken the medicine, my wife is felling better for last three days.
      Doctor has advised to replace Right Heart Valve immediately by surgery.
      Is there any medicine for the above. Please advice in details.
      Thanking you,
      very truly yours
      Pranay Kumar Sinha, Advocate
      Jharkhand High Court, Ranchi.

      Respected Sir,
      Age of my wife is 43 years.

  84. Is there any treatment for Thalamic syndrome (Post stroke pain due to Basal Ganglia injury) in Homeopathy

  85. H.S. ANAND says:

    My wife is suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis
    an auto-immune disease and is taking DMDS,
    Dr. Sharma, is there a permanent treatment in
    Homeopathy for this auto-immune disease.
    Thank you for your guidance,

  86. vihaan batra says:

    I am 40 year old male suffering from stammering and resultant anxiety syndrome. My paeents told me that i was a left handed but forced to be a right handed.
    My stammering is acute. I read and speak normal when i am alone but in front of other people, it is a different story altogether.
    Plz help.

  87. Dr SB I’m sohaib fr.on Pakistan and I’m suffered from MND .I’m disturb very much .can u help me .plz plz

  88. Dr SB I m sufriing from MND .can u help me in this dieseas. Ailopathic has fail to cure it.plz. plz

  89. sir, my far away eye sight is weak i have been wearing the specks for ten years. my specks no is -3. now few days before i went to homeopathic doctor . he advice me to use arnica 200 to improve my vision. sir , i always read your articals on internet . so iwant to know that is it right medicine, because you write the arnica 30c is best for eyes .

  90. RAJIB NEOGI says:

    Respected Doctor,

    My boy is now just 2 years 4 months . We found his puffy eyes in november 2014 ( around 14 or 15th ),

    and go to local homeopathy doctor and he gave medicine ( name unknown). But after 2 weeks no improvement found. After some days we go to another homepathy doctor for medicine.

    He also treated him but problem not solved. Then day by day swelling was spreas to one eye to another, again to abdomen and hand. In 31 st december we went to a alopathy doctor and he said that my son
    have a desiase named NEPHROTIC SYNDROME. After that in 1.1.1 we admited in child hospital and they treaed with OMNACORTIL FORTE ( steroid medicine) for 3 months. On that time the uritix measurement is found either negative, trace or 1+. The medicine is stopped on 31st march 2015. after that we regularly measure first urine with uritix and found protein measurement is under 2+. But last 3 weeks we found the uritix measurement is 2+ or even 3+ but clinical measurementis 2+. My son has no swelling and urine discharge is normal till date. We are now in condition that wheather it is relapse or in a condition of relapse. Please help us . My english not good, Please forgive me for that and save my child. thanks & regards – RAJIB NEOGI, ( INDIA , WESTBENGAL- 712136, PH- 8016077799)

  91. Krishna Kumar Bharti says:

    “Sir,Namaste. I want to ask you the problem relating with my grandfather . He is 85 years old. He was struck by a branch of mango tree 10 months ago . We thought that time that it is just a common problem , by taking pain releifer it will cure but I was wrong now I realise that He is feeling problem nowadays . CT scan report shows that left medial thalamic hemorrhage with intra ventricular hemorrhage as well. There is mild communicating hydrocephalus. Sir after seeing this report the doctors said to operate . But sir , we are not have so much money . And also we are afraid of his age . Sir Please help me . Can any homeopathic medicine cure my grandfather. Sir . nowadays he is not able to take adequate sleep . But he understands everything well as a common man . Sir please help me . I will be very thankful to u.”
    Sir , One more thing I forgot to say that time is my grandfather is also facing with hyponatremia . His blood Na level is 117. Please help me sir .”
    Can i give to him arnica montana.

  92. Sir my son Bhavya 7 yrs. Has cyst below chin and above neck… It is increasing gradually. Ears also leaks.
    I m giving him Arnica 200 twice daily since week… Please suggest some good remedy


  93. ashok kumar pandey says:

    Hello sir
    I am a 45 year male. Chronic uti fact 50 ml. Urine rmain present in bladder.icannot void completely.sometime prostrate fluid comes in drops before urinating.not frequent in night always
    But sometimes it come heavily with high fever.flow is also seems weak.what do u saggest

  94. M Zahid Ali Siddiqui says:

    My cousin sister aged about 54 years has great problem with her stomach. She could not eat a piece of bread as soon as she eats she feel hard in her stomach feel little pain. She used many medicines of Alopathic for Gastric ulcer but could not get relief. She is also a patient of Thyrod disease which is now-a-days controlled. She has soiling allover the body specially her legs. She can not walk more. She has joint pains in all over the body. I Will be thankful to you if u suggest homeopathic medicine for her.
    Sincerely yours

  95. zamir syed says:

    My sister 70 years old in hospital of USA.Diabetic nsuline dependent,on dialasiss for 5 years.Left leg
    thumb is amputed no blood circulation and had clot.Doctor is thinking of amputing the foot because
    of infection and circulation.Do you have treatment for her to increase the blood circulation and to stop infection.

  96. nighat malik says:

    My son is two years old now. He was born preterm. His mri brain shows that he has hypoxic ischemia injury after birth. As a result of which his periventricular white matter has contracted and corpus callosum has thinned out. His vision is also impaired
    Please guide if there is any homeopathy medicine that can help him.

  97. Resp dr, have very high bp n atrial fib. Got 2 strokes in 2012.cant see nor walk independently. They were ischemic strokes due to embolism. Take amiodarone, levipil 500, lasex, zoryl n asitrom . Pl kdly advise medication. Can i take arnica 30 c in wet dose. M overweighr n have dark visible circles below my eyes. Arnica wont increase my heartrate n bp or damagw my heart. Thks warm rgds. Koshan

  98. ahmad nadeem says:

    hello sir m using arnica montano 200 from dr.rechweg germany , m 20 year old and suffrring from hair loss , my father is bald n i think it can affect mee also ,so m affraid of it, i jst want to knw tht arnica montana 200 is suitable to prevent hair fall , how many drop should i take in a day.. plz suggest meee dose of arnica in a day

  99. Khalid Mehmood says:

    hi doctor my age is 30 , I’m suffering from m.n.d
    would you like to help me

  100. samiksha Lamba says:

    my son, Abhinav Lamba, age 16years. He has met an accident on 3rd March 2015 and broke his left femur bone. He underwent a surgery and a rod was inserted in his left thigh at Asian Institute of medical Science, Faridabad. Is this medicine is required for him.

  101. DINESH PANT says:

    Sir my name dinesh my age now 38 years old. I m suffering from AVN right leg since 2010 grade3. Due to poor blood circulation my femur head midly collapsed. I have treatment bone grafting on 2010 and now my right leg is fine but after bonegrafting my left foot has also same position. I m not interested go for operation again.Can u help me without surgery my degenrate bone again genrate. job is sitting job .weight 78 kg.

  102. SRIJIT NEOGI says:

    Respected Sir,

    My son has only 2 years on 03.04.15. in 1st january 2015 Nephrotic Symdrome found

    in his symtom and treated with medicine OMNACORTIL FORTE for past 3 months and

    he is ok now. The course is completed. Now his protein level is negagive/trace/+1 as per

    uritrix examination regularly. But doctor said it may be replased any time. My son

    took steriod for last 3 months and i saw the bad side effect of this medicine. It will be

    kind enough if you give a suggestion that how homeopathy treatment stop this replasation

    of Nephrotic Syndrome permanently. I am from west bengal and also my english not good.

    Please forgive me for distrub you.


    Rajib Neogi

    c/o- late sasanka sekhar neogi

    nandy bagan ( south ), ruplal nandy road, p.o. + p. s. – chandanangar,

    dist- hooghly , pin- 712136, opp to cancer research centre.

    ph- 03326859060, 8016077799

  103. Sanjay Kumar Moharana says:

    Namaskar Sir,
    I will be very much obliged to you if you please provide your prescription for my mother who has lost her motor sense with her right leg and hand over 1 year with good sense of all organs. Also I may want your suggestion to give my mother the water dose of arnica 1m whether it is fruitful to her or not.

    With regarad
    Her son- Sanjay

  104. Hello dr.
    Let me know the treatment of homeopathy for following situation.

    Right leg limb swealing;Burning and itching sensation. Skin got brownish. Light pain in leg.
    65 years old my Mother have above problem.

  105. I am 61 years of age. Since 10/2004 I have been suffering from epileptic seizures. MRI / EEG shows nothing serious. but completely normal. I have started with Tegretol and Epinotine. After consulting several neurologists now I am on Lamotrogine 200–0—200 plus Frisium 1-0-1 daily. Result : to some extent controlled not satisfactory. It happens very often, often giving me an “aura” before it really shows its worse form like falling unconscious, loss of memory of what happened during that period or how long it lasted, some time with mild seizures and some times with blank staring.
    Now I start thinking of consulting a Homeopath so that I can continue allopathic medicine along with homeopathic medicine to see whether it helps.
    Home remedies I read in these columns are simple but often not possible to do without failure every day.
    My Neurologist diagnosed it as Encephelatic epilepsy.

    Your advice will be highly appreciated.


  106. Sir. My mother had a stroke two years back. Left thalamus infarct. Her right side is effected. We have continued physiotharpy since then. Now she can walk with the help but her head continuesly nods. Sir is there ne medicine for that. And also we have been giving her homeopathic treatment since then. Pls help me sir.
    Pankaj. 7350162748

  107. Dr Sharma,
    A friend’s son had a head injury from a skiing accident. He had some bleeding on the brain and swelling. They put him on a course of steroids. Is it contraindicated to give arnica when there is bleeding?
    Thank you!

  108. My father-in-law who is 86 years old had brain stroke last year and is taking allopathic medicines. He has difficulty in coordination and speech. He does not understand easily what others are talking. He also suffers from chronic constipation. He keeps dozing off through out the day. He is diabetic, High BP patient and had a By-pass surgery 4 years ago. Can I give him Arnica Montana 200 tablets? If so what is the dosage? Please advise Doctor. Thank you very much.

  109. sharon wojno says:

    can arnica be made into eyedrops to treat cataracts

  110. Dear dr sharma
    I was diagnosed with AVN (left head of femur) in November 2014. I’ve been on conservative treatment (walking with crutches) . My protein S is deficient and haematologist advised me anti coagulation therapy for two years. I started homeo treatment in on November 21st. Homeo doctor started treatment with sulphur 1M followed by calc phos and calc corbonicum, thuja 1M, calcium carbonicum1M, silica 10M , sepia 1000 and finally yesterday I had phosphorous 1000.

    Pls guide me if I’m on the right track.


  111. I am suffering from hypertension, sinus tachy cardiac, diabetes and cholesterol. I am on allopathic drugs. Can I take Arnica m. 30 in wet form.

  112. 18 months boy having seizure, cannot talk, walk, sit or stand. Can u help

  113. I have knee injury with accident atleast 3 years can i use arnica drops and what potency plz

  114. Mr.Roney Fernandes says:

    A boy aged 13 yrs in my neighborhood has Nephrotic Syndrome, since the last 10 years. he is continuously on steroids. Off late his parents have also started homeopathic treatment and they give him Apis Mel 30. Last fortnight he was down with mild dengue and has recovered, but his parents had stopped giving him Apis Mel at that time and at present his feet have swelled.

    what exactly is the cause of the protein leak in his urine ? Is there a cure for this syndrome ? What are the future side effects of the steriods on his other organs ? I feel quite sad for him.

    I would appreciate if you could answer my queries, although I would divulge only the positive comments to the parents.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Roney Fernandes

  115. Khalid Mehmood Khan says:

    I.m 29 year old. I hvmid motor neuron dieses from 2014 mid. My left goin thin and weekn day by day . Please reply me if you have any remdy

  116. yuvraj Yadav says:

    Sir, Iam 30 yrs old male having brown patches on chicks and nose from 6 yrs. I have used hydro quinine creams for that they are only fading and repeatedly coming after stopping cream. Sir Pls advice me what to do.?

  117. AJAY JINDAL says:

    Kindly suggest Arnica -30 and Ruta-30 liquid are used in which treatment.And how the dose is to be taken.
    Ajay Jindal

  118. N t dhokre says:

    my son is suffering from cellulities in leg. His leg is swollen. We have taken allopathic treatment. But his right leg is still swollen. Lower part of leg is reddish. His age is 30 yrs. pl advise me your clinic address in Mumbai & phone no. Regards n t dhokre

  119. sufia akhtar says:

    I am writing to you about my husband resently he has bladder tumor and was removed. what to do to prevent cancer? 2nd my brother had a stroke 6 months ago he can’t move his left side. Left hand is worse then left leg. please help me if you could. Thank you very much. Sophia

  120. anurag.mishra says:

    Head injury swelling in thalamus. On bed from last 7years.

  121. Pierre Stander says:

    Greetings Dr Sharma !

    You are doing a great service for many.

    I am a South African ( former military) aviation consultant) , presently stranded in the
    UK after being hit with a CVA resulting in left hemparesis , but recovering almost all
    functions within a week – but still with fractional delayed neuro transmission in left arm
    and ambulatory rhythm . Do you advise treatment with Arnica or other homeopathic
    remedies ?

    Further, I am working on a project which I believe may bring healing for millions by
    allying the ancient homeopathic sciences with the present global (but negatively directed)
    financial industries, diverting these away from the current war-ridden destructive course
    to a way for long-term global survival – and hope.

    I await your valued response on both issues- my own, and the future. .



  122. My mother had carcinoma in the left breast and her left breast was removed in the year 2007. and after two years her left hand got swelling and in spite of physiotherapy the swelling never gets reduced. Otherwise she is perfectly alright and her age is 62, Kindly giveyour suggestion whether She can take treatment by Homeopathy and using Arnica with what potency. Further, it is stated by the doctors her nodes were removed and that is the reason for the swelling sincethe water is getting slowly drained. I shall be very grateful for your kind advice. Thanking you Sir. – S.Prabhu-

  123. bhupinder singh says:

    I’ve been detected with complete left bundle branch blocked with a very low levf 25%.can i have a cure in homeopathic.can i take homeopathic medicine with allopathic.

  124. Mrs. Murthy says:

    We live in the USA. I am now consulting a homeopath (I use hime for my problems in Bangalore) or my daughter’s heel pain. She had a plantar wart removed by a podiatrist. He did a salicylic acid treatment 3 times and that removed the wart. She developed a new problem. My daughter has been taking silicea because the homeopath doctor in Bangalore suggested it. She developed pain in the heels after the wart was gone. We saw a dermatologist also who said she has small talon noir which is also called black heel (subcutaneous hemorrahage. She tried taking ARN RT 1M dissolved in water for 2 days. Pain is still not gone. she is a B. Natyam dancer and is totally down because of pain not able to dance. We are devastated. She is an extremely good dancer age 23. Please help. should I continue the ARN RT 1M. Please do reply. Thank you.

  125. g.k.mukherjee says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I had undergone CABG in July,2011 and angioplasty , with stent, in January, 2013. After that, my LVEF is coming down drastically and now it is only 21%. As explained by my nephrologist, due this low function of left ventricular, my kidneys have damaged and at present it is functioning at 30% only. I am hypertensive and diabetic.

    Is there any treatment for these diseases in homeopathy ? Kindly enlighten me.
    Sincerely yours,
    G.K. Mukherjee

  126. Ashok Chowdhury says:

    My daughter ( age 22) met with an accident on 19-nov-2011 which caused multiple brain injuries. She was in coma for 5 months. This accident caused memory problem(She was bcom graduate, however after this accident, she forgot all her previous studies also it becomes very difficult for her to recollect the present communication which is told to her few minutes back. she was treated with Arnica 1M, Hypericum 1M, Ledum 1M, R54 and R55 since she was in ICU.

    Please suggest me some medications to solve for her memory issues.

  127. any ayurvedic medication for cure rhd mild mr.iam suffering last 13 year
    pls sir reply

  128. i need to know if we can give homeo medicine arnica to my 14 month old child. as he keeps on falling a lot while walking and has suffered many head injuries. if yes in what form & what is the dosage to be given.
    plz revert immediately.

  129. Hi dr.

    I would like to find out about using arnica 1m for my daughter who has made great gains with homeopathy, PDD. She is doing better in reading and literacy at school but maths seems to be really difficult for her. She has a mild form of epileptic dysfunction and tics. She is 9 years old and in grade3

  130. sunil dhiman says:

    hello sir,
    my self sunil .i too had a head injury in my child .i was a normal child before that head injury bt after that i was stammerer.
    the problem was very sever during my early years and still prsist at the age of i have started arnica mont and anacardium orientale at the alternate days.i have seen some good result.
    sir can i get rid completely from my stammering problem.
    pls te

  131. Adil Khan says:

    Hello Dr. I was just reading about Arnica and its uses in stroke. I am a bit confused whether it can be used in ischemic strokes? My father has suffered ischemic stroke over two months ago and we are discharged from hospital with blood thinning/blood pressure medicines with advise to have regular rehabilitation exercises. I need your suggestion whether we can use Arnica? If yes, how?

  132. Sudalairaj says:

    Respected dr

    My dad gets affected by Left thalamacapsium acute bleed. Now my dad cant able to

    speak and his righ side hand not working. Dr told physiotheraphy only make relief

    theres no medicine or treatment for this. Is there any medicine in homoeopathy for this

    Kinldly help me sir

  133. Sayed Mohammad Sayeem says:

    Subject: Dept of Neurology – Right hand shoulder get dry and cant lift handabove shoulderImportance: HighRespected Sir / Madam ,I am sayeem aged about 33 years suffered from Nerology problem .Problems -My Right hand shoulder get dry , hand shaking and cant lft last 2 years ,even feel difficult to write , take a spoon full of sugar , feel burningunder arm and pain in musele . Musscle often jumping .I gone under medical examination of M.R.I of cervical spine & needlecurrent ( EMG ) .In MRI report it is mentioned that marginal osteophytes seen in C4 to C7vertebral bodies . Rest of normal and carvical discs show loss of hydration.C2-C3 , C3-C4 , C4- C5 , C5-C6 , C6-C7 & C7- T1 : No significant discscontour abnormality seenEMG Needle examination report it is mentioned that revealed denervationpotentials with reduced recruitment in RtDeltoid , Biceps , Supraspinatus ,Brachioradialis ,Triceps muscles.In conclusion that above fibding were consistebt with presynaptic branchialplexux in jury predominantly involving C 5,6,7 Root on Rt side.I am under treating by SCB Govt medical collage , Cuttack Doctor Mr. AshokMallik from last 8 months and recomended me to take medicine as follows : 1-Riluzole tablets, 2-Gabapentin with Methylcobalamin tablets , 3- Antioxidantmultivitamins & mineral soft gelatin capsules 4- Evening Primrose oil & Codliver oil capsulesI am taking these medicines . Yet no such developement I feel , butcondition is stable . According to Dr. A.Mallick , it is not curable & takeRiluzole for life long.I want to know is there any 100 %curabletreatment ? , my life geting dark. I lost job for same problem . I am depend upon my parent . How many daysthey bear me . Any govt nerolical handi capp ? any such help ?So please suggest me what to do .Thanking youWith warm Regards


  134. dear doc. my mother is going to have spine surgery on coming Saturday.since she is heart patient, she is on blood thinning medicine DEPLATT A(75 mg).her heart doctor has today stopped this medicine .but her heart doctor says it is risky but since is is requirement of surgery , it has tto be done. there is risk of thrombosis which may lead to heart attack. doc I want to ask ,is there any safe medicine in homeopathy to compensate for STOPPING of DEPLATT A without compromising the requirement of surgery.

  135. m.palanisai says:

    Sir .Regards.where can I purchase the medicine in Tamilnadu State in South India.

  136. ehtesham alam says:

    my 2.5 years elder brother uske sar me chot laga hai to use kitna mg ka arnica doo 2.5 saal ka hai

  137. Gyanesh Nandan JHa says:

    Hello Dr.
    I have been facing with a problem with Voice some Dr says Vocal cord Nodels Taken many treatments includind acidity but not cure yet.

    Can it be cured through homeopathy? Pls. advise the best treatment.


    Bala Chander says:

  138. Sara Hofer says:

    I have a bottle of Arnica/250ml Homeopatic Medicine from Boiron of Canada. I would so much like to know if I can use this in a cream that I make for myself. If so, how many grams do I use for 100 grams of cream? I thank you in advance for an answer to this.

    Sara Hofer

  139. Ravindra Upadhyay says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am suffering neuro cysty cercosys since 2005 and taking alopathic treatment eptoin 100 mg and i also take initially Zental and Albandojol as per doctor advise. right now continuously taking eptoin 100 mg twice.

    Can it be cured through homeopathy?

    Please advise the best treatment.

  140. Hi Doctor,

    I like to seek your advice for my dad. he is around 75 years old and recently suffered multiple brain stokes. with the support of the God, this time he came back home. however he is suffering with many problems. initially he was unable to recognize us, house etc, unable to handle urine and stool passing and so on… his recognizing power increased but memory not recovered as normal.
    Doctor told us that, there is no such medicine that can improve his condition and told us he will suffer some more stroke in the coming time and condition will goes down more and more. his behavior changes observed, sometimes become very angry and agitation observing. He has diabetics and pressure but within controlled condition.

    we can understand he is old but being his son it is become difficult to accept the situation. during internet searching i found many people talking about Homeopathic medicine, specially Arnica.

    Could you please share you opinion in this aspect. if something can help my dad for some betterment or at list help to prevent further deterioration.


  141. parmjit kaur dhaliwal says:

    Sir I have a problem of type 2 diabetes due to stress since last two years. so please help me to cure it.

  142. Praveen sharma says:

    Sir pls tell me whether three year old right side with no speech can be treated by homeopathy
    If yes approx cost of treatment. Pls reply

  143. Dalip kumar says:

    Hello sir, 1) Name – samar 2) D.O.B. – 13 jul 2010 3) gendet – Male 4) Problem – Dear sir, samar jo ki mera 3.5 years ka hai iska brain ka kuch part damage hai, hum iska AIIMS me treatment karwa rahe hai, but kisi ne hume bataya ki homyopaty se iska treatment acche se ho sakta. Samar sunta hai, dhekhta hai ,ghar or paros ke logo ko pahchanta bhi hai. But usme achhe or bure ki samajh nahi hai, jo man me aata hai wo karta hai. Bolta bhi nahi hai. Sir kya is bachhe ka aapke pass treatment ho sakta hai. Plz. Reply me thanks dalip kumar.

  144. coma end brain swelling

  145. Shahid Ahmed Shaikh says:

    Dear Dr…My wife Has Motor Nuoron Disease since Last one Year,,Her all tests Appear Normal Buther EMG reprt abnormal,,Dr,,Naveed Uddin Neuro Physician Told that she has MND So kindly request You To help Us…Thx Dr Sharma,,,

  146. Good Day Sir

    My Father is having paralysis on the right side of the body, due to the clot on left side of his brain. I have tried many medicines homeopathy also but my father has not cured the paralysis. five years has passed and he is still fighting for the paralysis to be cured. I have on some website that Arnica Montana 30C can be used to cure the clot in the brain. Can I continue that and if yes so how to give the dose of Arnica. right now I am giving him 3 Drops in Half cup of water 4 times a day

  147. Kionna Jett says:

    Good afternoon,

    My son suffered from lack of oxygen to the brain and is currently in ICU. They have done an MRI that did not have positive results. They are saying he may never wake up and if he does that he will not be able to walk, talk, and may not be able to see. He has severe brain damage in his relay centers. Please advise. Thank you for your time.

  148. lakshmi prasad says:

    Hi sir

    My son aged about 11 years is suffering from DMD MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY since 3 years, now he is on wheelchair presently i am using homeopahty since three years but is see no improvement in his ability. His CPK level when tested first time it was 5520 in 2011 and when again tested in 2012 it was 4350, i dont know what my doctor gives the medicine.

    Please help me in this regard.

    Lakshmi Prasad

  149. sanjeev gupta says:

    Age 48; heart attack 2year ago. No blockage in mains but small OM blocked 100% only
    Now lvef 45% heart pumping less. Allopathy med.going. can lvef increase with homeopathy.tell me please. Doctor

  150. My son fell from high above the bed sleeping from the earth meter and a half on his head and went to the hospital and worked his X-ray, the image appeared at the top of a simple incision is worthwhile with this medicine arnica montana 1 how knock-friendly and quantitative 18-month-old, thank you.

  151. Nadeem Shehzad says:

    I need remedy for my head/ear buzzing. I have no hearing loss, but war buzzing drive me crazy.
    I tried homeopathy tinnitus remedies in past, nothing seemed to work.

  152. Thank you Dr. Sharma for you article on Arnica. I have suffered from severe physical child abuse and I have been in therapy for 5 years. The shock of the is now surfacing of the incidents that have occurred and I have been suggest to use Arnica 1M one dose. I have always felt that there was something wrong with me. I am now in the process of getting an assessment for learning disability as it is very difficult for me to complete, homework and easy forms.

    If there is anything else you can add this would be greatly appreciated.



  153. Head injury-cause misdiagnosis says:

    My daughter suffers a traumatic brain injury as well as a sexual assault. My question to you is, would Arnica be effective in treating both the sexual and physical trauma?

  154. shakir siddiqui says:

    motor neuron disses

  155. Any condition says:

    Dear Dr sharma,
    There no hiding that I have used Homeo patchy medicine. There maybe substance in all claims,however, in today’s world of scientific evidence the matters need to go through trials that are duely considered upto the mark by the research a crediting bodies. Homeopathy lacks this. I m sure that su h evidence shall uphold the genuine claims.
    Tariq Mufti

  156. faisal tabrez says:

    Dear sir, I underwent a surgery for limb lenghthninig and fus
    ution of the knee and deformity correction of thigh two months back,external fixator was applied,,i am facing the pain at pin site,knee and balow knee muscles,couple of the pins catcthing infrction and soreness to touch,i feel high intensity pain in my leg.some one told me to take arnica 200,,,please suggest me your opinion over the issue,,thank you,regards faisal tabrez.

  157. Dr. Sharma,

    My uncle from has been diagnosed with ALS. Cramping, shortness of breath , weakness are his issues. He has lost about 15 lbs of weight too. So far no swallowing issues. He cannot stand without support. Needs walker to walk. Please advise homepathy medicines for him. We are from northern India.
    Age 70 yrs. Thanks

  158. Dear sir,

    I got operated on my right leg below the knee joint due to bone dislocation and multiple fractures as a result of road accident. Now I am not having pain in the operated area. However, I do not have free movement in the ankle joint and toes. I feel numbness and pain in the ankle joint and the part between toes and ankle joint. I am unable to move the part after the ankle joint. Doctor said it is due to nerves weakness. Will ARNICA 1M will help in recovering this? If yes what is the dosage?

    Please let me know.


  159. baljit singh says:

    sir i would like to know that is there any cure available 4 motor neuron disease.i m a physiotherapist n my patient is taking RELUTOR medicine 4 motor neuron u think he will recover.. his age r 30 year only plz give solution assoon as possible . earlier he was discharge from p g i chandigarh

  160. G.K. Mukherjee says:

    I have been diagnosed with 30% LVEF. Underwent CABG in July,2011 and angioplasty, with stent, in January, 2013. Doctors are saying that only implantation of ICD can save my life. I have also been diagnosed as COPD patient. Kindly suggest any homeopathic medicine for enhancing my LVEF. I am patient of diabetic as well as hypertension for the last 20 years. I was a chronic smoker and left smoking from January, 2013. Kindly help me.
    I am very depressant now and do not want to live depending on others.

  161. Ajit age 54 says:


  162. Ajit age 54 says:

    I took 10 drops of Arnica. My pain in the upper Arm in the left shoulder was extending from the shoulder and spreading downwards in the Arm about 4 inches.
    I took 10 drops of 200c Arnica . Result of that Discharge start coming from eyes.
    Eye dischage started when i tookoff and drove around
    I just eat and slept all night ate little bit and goes to sleep. Diabetise
    I will take 2 or 3 drops 2 or 3 times. I have sbl bottle in liquid. Now i don;t have small plastic
    My head started kurkan laga Paya hai. I applied Mustard oil prior to medication then i put more oil my head become more kushkak. Now I know why DR’s gives small dosage in frquently
    3 times a day or more.

    i could not see when i get up in the morning my watch. Now I notice the Arnica brought out gunk out of my eyes. Because the potency was strong and also the drops were 10 if the drops were less it would not happen.

    when ever i come back to America I begin to get Discharge from my eyes when i take certain medications either Allopathic or now Homeopathic. Being Diabetic my eyes affected all my Molars had root canal done decade ago and 5 years ago. now its time for extraction of the toothon all 3 Molars
    On one tooth Bridge is placed and other is bad need to be extracted.
    Is there any medication for infected tooth where infection stops spreading.

    3 years ago i took Natrum Sulphuricum was 200 10 drops BID for 2 days and 10 drops after 2 days BID. first time i felt constipation then 2nd time i was constipated for life then loss voice then voice became horse then all the sinusitis came from the eyes which was pilled up due to Antihistamine for decades. Now eyes felt like a glass in my eyes.
    i was scared i was getting up and rushing to bathroom washing my eyes specilly this happened when i get up i took Steroid drops Dextramethasone eye drops . I finished all the bottle. Pain was like hell and i see some some singh in my eyes like a glass.

    Constipation now just opened up 6 months back when i sayed in India .
    this was unusual Diahreea i suffered in which I felt very good due to Amoxcillin.
    But I had to go 10 timesa day.
    Merc sol did not do much.
    aloes podophylum and china did not do much yes yogart ( Daaie) did the magic and stop the
    The Diahreea. Antibiotic all mt life killed all the intestinal Bacterias yogart helped to recover it.
    Every time i eat in the morning I fall sleep.
    I need to walk.
    I am having discharge from the eye . it was Greenish Color discharge this morning. which i could not see or open my eyes . It was green hard crystals on the out side of the eye lids. in a way it was good that gunk from eyes came out. This happens to me all the time in America during Pollen season or specially in the Month of October and November. Bottom of the rt eye is itching and I have Euprasia drops and another drops I picked up from Dr Reckiweg Whole sale store in Delhi.
    I brought some medications with me.
    Ignatia 30
    LycoPodium 30/ 200
    Casticum 30
    Echinacea 30/200
    Graphites 30
    Nux-Vomica 30/200 Antidote should be taken at NIGHT.
    Sulphur 30 Antidll above by Dr Reckeweg Almost all expires in March 2017

    SBL Products.
    Rhus Toxicondendron 200 Pain when i have to look up not an injury.
    Aconittum Napellus 200 Very help ful in winter in NY.
    Sabadilla 200 good for sneezing
    Belladona 200 for pain and
    Arum Triphyllum 200
    Natrum Sulphuricum 6X
    Af-Tabs Anti-Flu 25 gm by SBL. Given By Dr Rajesh in Paschim Vihar
    SINUS GOLD BY ADVEN 30ml. Dr Rajesh
    LIV-T Liver tonic Gave me Constipation from Loose Diaarheea Picked up my self. When I saw podophylum in it I said it will fix my unusual diahreea i which lot of pasty stool came out alot
    My face was looking very beautiful very Gorgious like women looks beautiful. I wish I get that look back again.
    Iam having Gas problem here in NY due to Bad foods Taco bell sells in America the uncooked tortilla bread. I stopped going I am making rice with Brocoolli ( Taking the pitch out from indian rice) saute with garlic and ginger cumins and Haldi. added little bit yogart and it tatest so good when its khattie. I likie food like kichardi then it tasted good to me. not individual sitting and you have to mix it. But it also depends on who is cooking.



    Damiaplant by schwabe Co.
    Kali Phos 6X
    Yohimbinum Q
    R76. Casticum helped alot in getting Cough out./ R41 I used it half but sugar should be in control in order for medication to be effective.

    Thanks to people who developed Arnica. I read your Article.

    30 Drams
    Angus 30c
    Aconite 30
    Belladona 30 c
    15 Drams
    Podophylum 200
    Pulsatilla 30c
    Rhus Tox 30c
    Casticum 200
    Acid Floor 30
    10 Drams
    Merc Sol 200
    Natmur 200
    I like LYCO.
    Conium Reacted to me May be i should take lower strenght.
    I had RT Testical Pain before I left India 3 months back.
    For that Dr Tried Rohdenderon I told him I selpt with Gori about 26 years ago. and then
    I had no more Hard Errection After that date.

    But I was under my Mothers Care in 1997 Getting 3 times meals andd I took Bioflavonoids
    to alter my Ear Pressure. It fixed my my Testical pressure. I was at the age 38 My Peanuts went from dead to Super alive If I had a woem partner with me then She would been much happier and way in 2006 I TOOK SHILAJEET which made me living dead. Vela mind nothing to do too much time to kill. I was hanging out in NY store picked up and took one and ruined my pressure. Now Can I still have Gonorehea wheni slept with Spanish lady in 1985 who runid my sexual life. She said lets live together. I said am I stupid my Moam finds out OI will be living dead. Then i was dead 6 months sleep in 1997 and

    Now game plan is control the sugar then fix Testical Pressure. Mya be the LYCOPODIUM 200 may do the trick given by Dr Very young Dynamic Dr. She is so busy have no time. I wish I could talk to her. I was seeing Dr Nagia he never gave me LYCO 200. At least she gave me for my pain 1m strength the way she admistered it was every 10 miutes. Now i learned that take in small drops but some regular intervals. Not stupid like me I took 10 drops of Arnica yesterday from my left upper arm pain extending towards middle of the arm.

    I am in Love with Homeopath Dr’s and the medication. God created some thing wonderful.
    I respect those Dr’s not being selfish and cure Patients.

    I am coughing yellow green mucous Summer just arrived today in New-York.
    You never know at nights are always cooler and colder. When rains it gets cold.
    i am saving aconite for winter i need more Aconite 30/aLL TESTS ARE NEGATIVE FROM hiv TO HEPATITIS, CBC REVEALED HEMOGLOBIN LOW , fe is low. i was bittely cold in the winter then might be my Fe was 9 may be last checked 3 months back was 12.2 should been 13 to 17
    Sugar was high


    sensitivity to the upper rt Molar tooth feels hot and cold with cold water ( Ny water taps always comes with Cold Water)

    heart rate go96)es up at night i want it 72 or below

    i was shocked when i was in delhi they said its 120 80 84 ( 84 always use to be 95 and upto
    I want my pulse lower may be rumn I am 53 in oct be 54. I look young 40

    I was ok in delhi till 1st week of May.
    My voice is getting horsed. i have Casticum.
    In india i did not have refregerator and i survived from july to May.
    I never thought selfish ness in my life now I do.
    He is making money whats wrong with me. I should get a job may be $10 an hour to start with
    Atleast I will pay my bills. I am out of profession.

  163. aditya somani says:

    my uncle has accident 15 days before in which his waist side get injure , not internally, and MRI report suggest there is crack in bone also, one suggest ARNICA CM TO BE TAKEN ONCE, so plz suggest over that or any other medicine and also how to use particular medicine, THANKS.

  164. i m a shopkeeper, eyesight is very weak -3.5 now to know about arnica from Internet using arnica 6 might improving insight not say in clear words but i m feeling very much acidity problem. in start it was acidity then gas and now heavy cough and huge nasal preparation in whole night and day.
    Dear Sir what i have to do…..
    i want to remove spectacles and improve my forgetfulness.
    please Sir give me advice i m Major tension

  165. Hello Sir

    My daughter is 7 months old and she suffered
    Lack of oxygen at birth, because of that she had
    Huge brain injury. Dr’s said she might not walk or talk. She had seizures at birth. The parts which got injured in the brain are basal ganglia, bilateral thalamus, cortex, lower brain stem, she is doing some abnormal movements now, she has really high muscle tone in her hands and legs, she keeps them straight . She cries thru out the day

    Do u suggest any homeopathy medicine for her brain injury?

  166. Annmarie Kelly says:

    Hi I’ve been having anxiety on and off since childhood I have had a lot of trauma in my life I am a dark haired female with pale skin can you recommend treatment thanks

  167. Stephanie Blazer says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma

    Daughter (13) has concussion for 2 months due to hitting head while sledding.

    She is under care conussion clinic.

    Been taking omega DHA/EPA pills 6 per day
    arnica 30 2 times a day
    b12 2 times day
    multi vitamin
    epsom salts baths
    tylenol for pain
    symptoms still having are headache school tests, anxiety due to school work , light & sound sensitivity but fading more & more each week.
    Recently increased arnica to 200 only give once day day
    Any other recommedations or thoughts much appreciated.

  168. hI
    i was wondering if you have a cure for alcoholism

  169. sir i have oily scalp and dandruff, i daily shampoo but after some hours my hair get oily, i have used grafities 200 and natrum mur 200 but not get good result. i m male 26 years old, 78 weight, 5 feet 11 inches. i like sweet things. pls tell me the soloution Sir

  170. Stephen Bugg says:


    I’m 60 years old and have been physically active throughout my adult years with regular exercise, gym, running,cycling etc. Last year I would develope a low ache in my knee when cycling which would alieviate itself over night. Lately I was sitting cross legged on the floor and upon standing experienced an immediate onset severe pain on the knee’s medial area which did not subside for several days and still lingers now almost three weeks later. Xrays show little space between the patella and underlying structures and some arthritis. Further consideration leads me to understand I have vastus medialis weakness lending to a patella tracking problem. While I’m now praticing exercises specific to strengthening the vastus medialis I have undertaken to use arnica in strength of 1m, 3 pellets 3 times a day. Please share your thoughts on this regiment of dosing.

    Thanking you in advance
    Stephen Bugg


      Dear dr,
      My doughter 1year and 8 months old fell down on tooth , 2 teeth broken down & got havily injured, gave arnica -30 immidately. plz suggest what should the dosages fequency in a day & for how many days.
      you can reply on 9967373875(MUMBAI).

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  172. chitra sachdeva says:

    mere husband ki age39 yrs hai.16months pehle unhe brain attack aaya tha jisse unki dono eyes ki half half light chali gayi.bahut treatment lene ke baad bhi theek nahi huaa.kya ye problem theek ho sakti hai?????please guide me……..

    • chitra sachdeva says:

      mere husband ki age39 yrs hai.16months pehle unhe brain attack aaya tha jisse unki dono eyes ki half half roshni chali gayi.bahut treatment lene ke baad bhi theek nahi huaa.kya ye problem theek ho sakti hai?????please guide me……..thanking you..

  173. Mahesh Thapa says:

    Hello Doctor,
    I am Mr. Mahesh Thapa, 35, from Kathmandu, Nepal. I am suffering from Motor Neuron Disease (ALS) for 10 years. I have difficulty in walking, speaking, gripping, cramping, fasciculation on muscle & tongue. I can stand but need support to walk. I can sleep well & blood pressure is normal 110/80. I use on screen keyboard to type. I was good sportsman & never used alcohol, tobacco or any type of addiction throughout my life. still I am good player of chess at national level. I was 7th at open national tournament two months ago.

    I used alopathic, ayurvedic, yunani, homeopathic, acupuncture & other traditional treatment methods in past. I am using homeopathic medicines since 5 years from a government hospital. It helped me on cramping. It is gradually limiting my physical mobility. I have more problem in my hands where the loss of muscle is more than other part of body. actually I can’t figure out loss of muscle in other parts of body except my hands & shoulder. I still have strong believe that I can overcome this disease. Is there any homeopathic medicine which can help me ?


  174. Dera Dr. Can Arnica help to reduce the blood pressure, my friend has BP 100/200 for last one month.

  175. Hello,
    Is there any homeopathic treatment for Motor Neuron Disease?

    • muhammad waheed says:

      Hello sir,

      I have one question ?
      Is there any homeopathic treatment for Motor Neuron Disease?


      muhammad waheed 42 years

      from pakistan

  176. Muhammad Pervez says:

    I have prostrate problems since 2006,and also i have a cyst in my left testical,i am taken Tuja 1m one a month,since last 6hree month..My age is 62 years and having a weight 72kg.height is 6feet.
    I would like to asked you that if i take ARNICA,its will help me to reduce my prostrate as well as cyst,Please suggest.


  177. please give the name of single remedies homeopathic medicine.
    plz quick reply

    he is infalntile paralysis.

  178. hi
    my child is after harnia opration his fever is high and fidz he is one month.after then is brain is efcet and he right side is slow and his sence is poor.plz give me right way.

  179. Aslam Khan says:

    my wife is suffering from pain in left hand upper to lower side form few days. please give the name of single remedies homeopathic medicine.

    Aslam from Pakistan – Karachi

  180. my baby is 11 months old. a birth asphixia case, brain injury during birth, remained in coma for 6 days, infantile spasmic sezures since 3months age,cerebral palsy ,now head count is still 38 cm, developmental delays, under weight 7 kg ,giving aulopathic medicines – wysolone, clonotril, levipil and homopathic – zincum, gelsemium, natrum mur, kali phos. please help my child none is giving +ve respose for my child for god’s sake please help he has no eye- hand contact but he respose s to voice , knows parents plays with jhoomer etc.but poor head holding, head remain towards right side . please help with any therapy u know.

  181. Respected Sir,
    My wife has given birth in August.but her breast milk secretion is very low.Can you prescribe me a homeo medicine that will help to increase the breast milk.thanking you in advance.

  182. My wife has given birth in August.but her breast milk secretion is very low.can prescribe to increase the milk.

  183. Javed Shaikh says:

    Dear Dr. My daughter aged 10 yrs, is suffering from temporal headache.
    1st attack lasted for 65 days non stop 24 hrs. from 3 of aug 2010
    2nd lasted for 20days after a gap 4-5 months
    3rd presently having from last 40 days again 24×7 non stop.
    CTscan normal, MRI shows distal flow intransverse sinuses. Shown to neurologist, says its normal, under treatment with lunarin 1/2 of 5mg in night, in vain no result. Can you please help.

  184. سامح جمال says:

    لدى جلطة دماغية خفيفة منذ عامين والتهاب فى الاعصاب الطرفية وسكرى وضغض اريد العلاج بالطب التجانسى

  185. SHAIKH AKHTAR says:

    My mother is 62 years old, diabetic (controlled). Before a month she was admittede in ICU for heart problem. Her LVEF is 30% with conclusions as below
    Ischemic Heart Disease
    Regional Wall Motion Abnormality is seen.
    Mild Mitral Regurgation
    Mild Tricuspid Regurgitation
    Mild Pulmonary Hypertension
    Compromised Left Ventricular Systolic function.

    She also had a hyper acidity problem.

    Now a days she had a breathing trouble start from 7pm (sometimes)
    Please suggest a best remedy to cure.
    Awaiting for favourable reply.

  186. bilkis.n.jamadar.(bhms) says:

    hi dear friends, im 2 studying homoeopathy . N i took arnica for my pain in leg , pain was due to stitches in my rt leg n within a mnth i got relief of the pain . Arnica is wonderful remedy for pain . . . . . . . Thnk u

  187. Plz suggest Arnica to ankur for Eshaan’s treatment… homepathy is safe n no side effects…. i cant fwd it to him.

  188. Swarup Javeri says:

    Dear Dr.
    Is there any homeopathy medicine for not being able to pass urine, dog has been suffering and not able to urinate for the last 2 days. We tried putting a cathetra but there sees to be an obstruction , we dont know if there are is a stone , but he is quite bad so please could you help us , and also to relieve the pain.

    Thank you

  189. dr,syed ishrat ali says:

    assalamu aleecum.i am a homoeopath i have lower back stifness for 3 days i m taking rhus tox 30 but no effect plz give me expert opnion and my wife suffering in amenrrhoea for one month tell me medicines about her thanking u in advance

  190. Devindersingh says:

    Undergone angioplasty in March 2006 after a heart attack
    LVEF is 20% from March 06 and even today Latest 2D Echo test says
    1. IHD with severe LV dysfuntion -Overall EF-20%
    2.Deacresae LV compliance
    Would you suggest any homeopathy treatment to improve LVEF?
    Male , 58 years

  191. dr.monika sharma says:

    sir i would like to know that is there any cure available 4 motor neuron disease.i m a physiotherapist n my patient is taking homeopathy medicine 4 motor neuron u think that she will recover????

  192. i have been long under psyhatric tratment with homeopathy and allopathy.there is still something wrong with me.

  193. Tejpal Singh says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma ji, hw r u
    myself Tejpal Singh from Amritsar. I want to share with you my problem i suffer with the disease of epilepsy from last 10 years. this problem occurs due to my head injury. Already i am taking allopathic medicine like Oxytol 300 & phenytol 30 twice a day. & Lobazame 10 one time a day. now i am also intrested to take some homeo medicine pls. suggest me regarding this.

  194. Sir, i would like to know is there any possibility to control the MITRAL VALVE STENOSIS through homeopathic.
    If it is please tell me, becaue i have mitral valve stenosis and its very severe now.
    I will be anxiously waiting for ur reply.
    thanking u in anticipation

  195. Hi, I have been suffering with hip pain and lower back stiffness. Can Arnica ointenment help? I have had it off and on but now it is everyday. I can’t take
    anti inflam. so I was wondering if this may help some.

  196. dhruti ragubanshi says:

    My Brother is 29 years old and suffered a traumatic brain injury. He is now in a come and his been in this state of mind for 2 weeks now.
    Doctors are stating he has no chance and is almost brain dead leaving a few blood vessels.

    Brain is completely swollen and can not see any definition in the CT scan.
    I started him on homeopathic medication last week June 27th

    Gave him
    Arnica 6x from the 28th – 30th ( 4 times a day with 4 hour intervals)
    Arnica 200c july 1st ( 5 drops 6 times a day with 3 hour intervals)
    Arnica 1m juy 2 ( 5 drops 15 m intervals )
    Arnica 1m july 3-4 ( 5 drops 2 hour intervals )
    Arnica 200c july 6th ( 5 drops two times a day)
    Arnica 1m july 7th ( 5 drps , two times a day)

    There was ct scan done last week on the july 2nd and there were no changes, in fact there was more swelling of the brain and there was blood in his stool yesterday ( juky 6th).

    If you can help me in any way, please let me know as to how and what i can do to help his situation. Either way, i would appreciate an honest answer to his recovery.

    Thank you in advance for your time and help.

    best regards ,

  197. Hi,

    My father got a stroke july 2007 and the left side became paralyzed as well as throat problem. But now he has recovered quite well, except disability in left leg and foot, so he is in wheel chair. Since the stroke he have had severe pain in the hips, front muscle and knee as well as right shoulder. Although the pain in the hips is little bit better now. Here is his medical history:

    81 years
    Cold winters (snow and rain) and warm summers (humid and c. 23 celcius degrees).

    2.Current complaint – from how long
    My father got a stroke end of July last year. He became paralysed on the left side: leg, arm, hanging lip corner, cheek, could not eat, weak voice, swollen hand and foot, diarreah and incontinence, incoordination (middle point of the body). Now he can every part of the body more or less, except the left foot. The left hand has is not swollen any more. He swolling problem has improved and he is not incontinent or diarreah. The pain with stiffness and cracking sound is severe in back, hip, knees, shoulders and front muscle in each leg. He can stand for short moments and the balance has improved. Stomach problem with lot of gases. Left leg is involventory moves forwards sometimes and when he yawing the left hand rises. He is in wheel chair. The improvments are good according to the nurses and doctors. Severe detoriation of the cartilages in the hip and knees according to x-ray.

    3.Current medicine you are taking
    Warfarin, medicine for bp, parcemetol, morphine plaster (lowest dose), Arnica (3 pellets D30 in wet dose) once a day, Ruta grav (D30) one pill twice a day, Rhus tox (D30) one pill twice daily and Causticum (D30) one pill twice daily, Formica rufa 3 pellets (D30) twice a week and Argentum metallicum (D30) 3 pellets twice a week.

    4.Sign & Symptom of disease
    See under 2.

    5.Brief medical history
    Back pain for 40 years ago. Asthma which was cured with Noni Juice for 10 years ago. The osteoarthritis became worse during the last c. 2 yrs. About 3 month before the stroke, he started to have more pain, stiffness (difficult to bend the back forward and move right leg. Dim eyesight and slightly swelling of feet. After the beginning of the homeopathic remedies the movement of the left and arm leg has improved, but not the pain.

    6.Family Back Ground
    His wife died 1981 and unmarried since then. One son. Lives in the same house as his son and relatives in another at the yard. A dog. Lives now at home after 3 month at the hospital. Get assistance with cooking, move between bed and wheel chair, bathing, dressing.

    7.Education and Nature of Profession of Patient
    Primary school. Garderner, before the retirement. Active and excersing with gardening after he retired. Loves nature and the sea.

    9.Desires and aversion of food
    Likes almost all food: fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, ice cream, cakes, etc. Disliked spicey food and liked salt. After the stroke he dislikes salt (salty taste in the mouth) and not so much sweets as before.

    10.Mind-behavior, anger, irritability, hurry, impatient…etc.. How you are peculiar from other person, public speaking or not .. You can describe all the detail about behaviour, love and affection. For a good prescription mental detail is must be.
    Almost never angry or irritated before the stroke. Not really afraid for nothing. After the stroke, sometimes blaming for things he cannot manage. Sometimes feeling little bit hopeless and sad, but we all trying to support him. Excercising daily alone or with help of others.
    11.What makes it worse and what makes it better
    Cold weather, sitting too long in the wheel chair and moving in the from the bed to the wheel chair makes it worse. When he is sitting in the wheel chair he need to move around, because the pain in the hip and the leg muscle get less.

    Normal thirst, no remarkable signs on the tongue, no diabetic (tested).

  198. N.R.Ranganathan says:

    Dear soctor,
    I had IMI some years ago resulting in serious LV dysfunction due to
    lack of oxygen supply to the tissues. LVEF is 35 % and 2/3rd of LV
    is dysfunctional. I wonder whether ARNICA will be useful in healing
    the injury to the injured / dead muscles.

  199. Bala Chander says:

    my mother faced with an Hemorrhagic stroke which has affected thalamus and ganglionic there any treatment for recovery as earlier dianosed and treated with allopatic medicine.

  200. PRATUL BANSAL says:

    Hello Dr.
    I have been facing with a problem with “left sinus transverse thrombosis”. Taken many treatments but MRI results shows, it still blocked.

    Can it be cured through homeopathy? Pls. advise the best treatment.


    • Dear Dr. Sharma,

      I have been suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia for the las 8 years. After trying various types of treatment I finally went in for surgery last summer. I had to go in for this as I was reacting to medication like Tegretol etc.

      Unfortunately I don’t seem to have benefited much from this proceedure. In fact besides the TN problem I now also have transverse sinus thrombosis. Things are in a mess.

      Do you think there could be any hope for me to come out of this mess.

      I would like to hear from you.

      Thanking you,
      Paramjit Kaur

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