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Arnica for Injuries

Nothing beats Arnica in treating blows, concussion, blow-type injuries. It helps by reducing localised inflammation and swelling. It can be used in both minor and major injuries. It has a special role in treating head injuries and should be used immediately in such cases. Arnica is helpful in treating closed type of injuries. Calendula is for cuts and open wounds 30c potency of Arnica can be used.Arnica is a great help in treating closed wounds and should be avoided in the cases of open injury. It works by increasing the blood supply to an injured area. Thus it is very effective in treating injured tissues and haematomas (collection of blood under the superficial layers) Arnica is also used by many surgeons as a help for post-operative cases. I was amazed by its popularity when I recently met an eye surgeon who uses Arnica on his patients every time he operates. According to him, patients improve much faster and the chance of developing an infection after an operation is highly reduced.

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  1. Sue Richardson says:

    Due to a blood clot my sisters right arm was without blood supply for 8 hours in September. Her arm and hand is healing but she is suffering terribly from pain in her hand.

    Can anything help this?

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  3. Brij Singh says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    It seems that I have created injury in my hand by breaking coconut fruit while keeping the nut in my left hand. Probably I used three or four hammer blow to break one nut.
    Also, I did this method for four nuts within two month period.
    All of a sudden after three/four months later, I noticed pain and inflammation in my second joint of my middle finger and little bit in other joints and four of my fingers.
    Right away I went to Sports medicine doctor and I was advised to use Voltaren Gel 1% 300 GM and see him again. I tried to explain what I did to create this injury but doctor said it was because of heredity. I did not accept this but I started using the gel. I asked for prescription for physical therapy but the doctor did not see the need.
    Finally after a month I decided to go to my internist and he prescribed me PT and took X-Ray and blood tests. Tests came as negative for arthritis.
    I started my PT and it seemed it helped me in two weeks. After that I went to my sports medicine doctor. I gave all the reports.
    He checked my palm and then he gave injection of cortisone at the bottom of my middle finger. Within one day my inflammation on the top of my palm at the bottom of my middle finger gone away. The pain also very much reduced. I am still using PT and I am supposed to see the doctor by the end of January 2015.
    I would like to take Homeopathic medicine via mouth. Any help would be appreciated. We used to take Homeopathis medicine back in India back before 1971. There was Homeopathic medical school where I studied.

  4. vinay srivastava says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    I am suffering from pain and swelling in my palms, also feel pain in finger joints. My Alopathic Dr. told me get some pathological test as following.
    RA factor- Negative
    ESR test- 30 mm/1st hr.
    Blood Glucose – 110-128 mg/dl
    Uric acid – 6.4
    I want to take treatment of Homeopathy ,as Allopathy medicines not suits me.
    Kindly advice me, what medicine should i take to get rid of my problems?

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