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Homeopathic Medicine Arnica – Its use in Treating Injuries

Homeopathic Medicine Arnica

Homeopathic Medicine Arnica

Arnica Montana, commonly known as Arnica is a well known homeopathic medicine used mainly for its great efficacy in treating nearly all kinds of injuries. One can judge the efficacy of Arnica in healing injured tissues from the fact that many general surgeons as well as plastic surgeons around the world have started to use this homeopathic medicine to promote healing and minimising the post operative infections. An Eye Surgeon that I know , gives a dose of Arnica to the patient after he operates him .According to him the eye heals up much faster and also its use eliminates the chances of a post operative infection in the eye. In the field of sports medicine it is being used extensively to treat injured athletes. It has a special role in treating severe head injuries and conditions that result out of an injury to the brain and spinal cord.

Arnica as a Homeopathic Medicine

In homoeopathy Arnica is used mainly for treating injuries. The best part of arnica is that it is very effective in treating injuries ranging from mild falls and contusions to severe traumas like head and spine injuries.Arnica is indicated for use in following mild to moderate injuries- Injuries from bumps, falls and other accidents, sudden forceful contact with a blunt instrument resulting in bruising and swelling to skin and muscles; bleeding and inflammation deep in the muscle fibers. Arnica is a prime medicine for sprains and strains. It is of great help in reducing pain in fractures and also in pains of old fractures.

Arnica’s Role in Treating Head Injuries

The role of arnica in treating serious injuries like head injuries and spinal injuries requires a special recommendation here. It can minimize the post injury effects and can be a great boon for those who go into coma after the injury. Its special role in helping the patient to come out of coma after the injury is what puts Arnica in the special category of treating head injuries.

Also conditions that arise after a head injury whether recent or remote. For Example epilepsy after an injury to the head; loss of memory; speech problems after an injury etc are effectively cured with Arnica.

Arnica Role in Absorption Of Blood In Internal Injuries

Another condition where arnica does great wonders is in re-absorption of blood. Whether it is brain hemorrhage or bleed in the retina, Arnica accelerates the absorption of clot.

Arnica (Arnica Montana) is an Alpine herb native to the mountains of Siberia and central Europe .It works by improving blood flow to the areas of tissue damage, thereby assisting in the healing processes. It also has antibiotic properties too.

Arnica can be used at home for minor falls and injuries and usually in injuries where upper surface of the skin is not broken, but please remember that in injuries where bleeding has taken place, Arnica should only be used only when the bleeding has stopped either by suturing or the wound has gone thru the stage of initial clot formation. 30 C potency of Arnica can be used to treat minor falls and injuries at home. For injuries of severe nature, professional help must be sought.

Clinical Indications For the use of Arnica

Injury/Trauma, Epistaxis, Black eye, Bruises, Body aches, Typhoid fever, Gout, Skin affections.

Clinical Details:

1.Injury/Trauma: Injury from blows, falls; contusions, concussions, echymosis, bruises when of traumatic origin.

2.Epistaxis: Nose bleeding from injury.

3.Black eye: Black eye form a blow.

4.Bruises: Bruises following trauma.

5.Body aches: Body aches with excessive sore, bruised feeling as if beaten.

6.Typhoid fever: Typhoid fever with sore, bruised bodyaches and low muttering delirium.

7.Gout: Gouty pains with fear of being touched.

  1. Skin affections: Bruises, Ecchymosis, Bed sores.

What  what be the correct dosage for Arnica to be used  ?

Homeopathic medicine Arnica is recommended in 30C potency. In recent injuries it can be repeated frequently but while dealing with effects of remote injuries it can be used in high potencies but infrequent repetitions

Caution: Although homeopathic medicine Arnica is a safe remedy to use but an advise from homeopathic physician must be taken prior its use.

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  1. My son mis landed hard on his dirtbike with no support of his feet and legs, so his spine took the brunt when hitting seat and his spine hurts. Xray show no breaks. Arnica helps with pain. How long can he take this, for please and any suggestions?. Chiropracter today after a week of rest.

  2. Qamru zama khan says:

    My baby is 1 year old and fall down from the lap of his mother and got injured at back of his head and and blueish colour bump appears.


    my sister has had a brain hemorrage. doctors say there is a blood clot in the brain.
    she has just under gone surgery. right side of body is affected.
    is arnica montana a good medicine.
    Pls suggest good remedys

  4. Nichole Kolman says:

    I am about to get clairivein surgery lazor for my varicose veings, would you suggest using arnica pellets few days prior as some clinics say yes plus bromelin and some say no, it can cause a blood clot? Please advise.

  5. Narasingha Mahapatra says:

    6years back I suffered ratinal haemorrhage in my left eye.3 injections costing rs 90000 were given by a specialist in regained substantially,but not fully cleared.I was told there is a blood clotting,which cannot be cleared.the present problem is where ever I focus a small shadow covered that portion.a vertical or horizontal nine appear skewed.a little bit tear appear at left edge of the eye.I am 78.any remedy?

  6. ANna tiger says:

    When should u start Arabica Montana 30 for face lift

  7. Dear Dr Sharma. I am 70 yrs old and recently had a shoulder replacement. I suffered from a clot through my heart and pulmonary embolism. The clot is still in my lung. have to take blood thinning medication for six months but it makes me very ill. I have bought Arnica tablets, Ginko Biloba and turmeric. Do I take them all at once three times per day or what would you advise to do? Can I leave the English medicine Warfrin altogether? I suffer from pain in my legs and have small red veins appearing on my legs… big like spiders webs. They are painful and ugly.
    I appreciate your time

  8. Dr.Nayanjit deka says:

    Sir,sub retinal haemorrhage in left eye has been diagnosed.Eye surgeon started with Avastin inj .i.e. once in a month and took 3 inj with no results and now suggested for surgery to drain out clotted blood. but i am not in favor of surgery instead like to go for homeopathic treatment. sir,myself is veterinarian by profession.

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