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Natural Homeopathic remedies for Osteoarthritis

Natural Homeopathic remedies for Osteoarthritis

Homeopathic Remedies for Osteoarthritis

Homeopathic Remedies for Osteoarthritis

Joint pain can cripple movement along with the distress it causes. Osteoarthritis, in fact, is a degenerative disease of joints. The cartilage — a firm and flexible connective tissue in joints between the bones which holds the bones together and actsas a cushion between joints — gets degenerated. The cartilage prevents the bones from rubbing against each other by reducing the friction when any movement occurs at a joint. So, when the joint cartilage degenerates, the bones rub against each other during joint movement, leading to pain. The main risk factors that lead to Osteoarthritis are advanced age, overuse of joints, obesity and trauma. After the joint cartilage becomes soft, irregular, rough and thin, there is a growth of osteophytes at the margin of joints. These later get enlarged and calcified, resulting in reduction in joint space. As a result of reduced joint space, the bones rub against each other while movement. The pain that follows can be devastating. Osteoarthritis is mainly of the knee joint, hip joint and finger joints. The main symptoms are pain in joints during movement, stiffness of joints after a period of immobility, swelling and tenderness of the affected joint, formation of hard nodes mainly in finger joints, limitation of movement of joints, and wasting of muscles near affected joints. In advanced cases of Osteoarthritis, there is a distortion of joint contours that can lead to even deformity. Natural Homeopathic medicines are of great help for patients of Osteoarthritis, both for providing relief from pain and ensuring that this degenerative disease is stopped in its tracks.

Natural Homeopathic treatment for Osteoarthritis

Homeopathy has a wide range of natural remedies for Osteoarthritis. Made of natural substances with zero side effects,Homeopathy for osteoarthritis can be  very beneficial in reducing the pain, swelling and stiffness of joints. In advanced cases of Osteoarthritis, although Homeopathic remedies cannot revert the degeneration that has already taken place in the cartilage of joints,these natural medicnes definitely help in slowing down the progress of cartilage degeneration. The natural Homeopathic remedies for osteoarthritis are completely safe and will always help, never harm, the patient.

Top Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Osteoarthritis

Best Natural Homeopathic treatment for Osteoarthritis affecting knee joint

Natural Homeopathic medicine Bryonia Alba is of great help in treatment of Osteoarthritis of knee joint where the pain in the knee joint gets worse by walking and the patient feels better by taking absolute rest. The pain is accompanied by stiffness and swelling in knees. The patients of Osteoarthritis who complain of pain in knee joint on using the stairs to go up can greatly benefit by natural Homeopathic remedy Bryonia Alba. This natural Homeopathic treatment for osteoarthritis is also recommended for patients who experience pain in knee joint with a crackling sound while walking. Homeopathic medicine Calcarea Carbonica is also a very beneficial natural remedy for Osteoarthritis of knee joint. The patients who are recommended this natural Homeopathic medicine complain of swelling and pain in knee joints, which get aggravated when getting up from a sitting position and also by walking. Calcarea Carbonica is also a good natural Homeopathic remedy for pain in knee jointswhich gets worse by working in water like washing clothes. Another symptom that guides the useof this natural Homeopathic treatment for Osteoarthritic pain in knees is that the knees remain excessively cold along with the pain. The patients requiring this medicine are mostly obese. Ruta Graveolans is another natural Homeopathic remedy of great help for Osteoarthritis of knee joint. The main indicating symptoms for itsuse are pain in knees that gets aggravated by bending the knee joint while kneeling and while going down the stairs, and when the painin knee joint gets better by applying pressure on the affected knee. The pain in knees that gets better by stretching the limb is also relieved by natural Homeopathic medicine Ruta Graveolans. Natural Homeopathic medicine Sulphur is also of immense help in treating Osteoarthritic patients of knee joint. The knee joint pains that are aggravated while using the stairs, along with stiffness and pain that getworse on standing,are also treated with this natural Homeopathic medicine. Sulphur isalso the natural Homeopathic remedy for patients who complain of excessive heat in the feet along with the knee pains. Causticum is yet another natural Homeopathic medicine for treating knee joint Osteoarthritis where the knee pains are associated with much stiffness and cracking in knee joints. When the knee pain gets better by applying heat and gets worse by exposure to cold air, Causticum is the ideal natural Homeopathic medicine.

Natural Homeopathic medicines for Osteoarthritis of hip joint

Natural Homeopathic medicine Colcynthis is of great help for the treatment of hip joint Osteoarthritis when the pain in hip is of cramping type and gets better by applying pressure. When the pain in hip joint increases by motion, standing and stooping, Colcynthis is again the natural Homeopathic remedy you should turn to. Rhus Toxicodendron is an excellent natural Homeopathic medicine for the treatment of hip joint Osteoarthritis when the patient experiences pain in hip joint on going up the stairs or sitting down. Rhus Toxicodendron is also the best natural Homeopathic remedy for stiffness and pain in hip joint on getting up from a sitting position and when the patient gets relief by walking or by throughapplication of heaton the affected joint. Pulsatilla Nigricans is another very helpful natural Homeopathic medicine for hip joint Osteoarthritis patients who complain of pain in hip joint as if it is dislocated and who feel better when in motion. Patients who complain of shifting of pain from one joint to another with much restlessness can also benefit with natural Homeopathic remedy Pulsatilla Nigricans.

Natural Homeopathic remedies for Osteoarthritis of finger joints

Antimonium Crudum is the best natural Homeopathic medicine for pain in finger joints in a patient suffering from Osteoarthritis. The patients who complaint of pain in finger joints which gets worse in cold weather or by washing hands in cold water and feelbetter by applying something warm on the fingers can also benefit immensely with natural Homeopathic remedy Antimonium Crudum. It also yields good results in patients of Osteoarthritis in whom the pain in finger joints alternates with stomach complaints with a thick white-coated tongue. Benzoic Acid is also a natural Homeopathic remedy of great help for Osteoarthritis of finger joints where the pain in fingers is associated with cracking sounds on moving the fingers. If nodes have been formed on the finger joints that are very painful, this medicine is the ideal natural Homeopathic remedy. The characteristic symptom of excessive offensiveness of urine along with pain in finger joints also guides towards this natural Homeopathic treatment. Calcara Fluorica, on the other hand, is the ideal natural Homeopathic medicine for Osteoarthritis of finger joints where nodes of stony hard character have formed on finger joints, thus reducing the mobility of fingers.

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  1. virginia Piper says:

    Is there a remedy for osteoarthritis of the lower spine?


    Good morning Dr Sharma.

    My wife 53 yrs old male suffering from right knee oseoarthrities. She is suffering from 3rd stage of osteoarthritis and in knee cartilage become reduced. She can not walk long distance, her weight is always 55 to 60 kg plzzz tell me effective homeopathic medicine for regenerate cartilage fastly…..


    S.Ananda Raj

  3. usha devi bhartia says:

    Dear Dr

    My age is 61 my weight is 93kg I am suffering from diabetes and taking insulin 3 times a day. currently i am having severe pain in my knees want to consult you kindly share you contact details or whatsapp no so that i can share my reports before coming to you

  4. Hi Dr. Sharma I have Heberden nodes on the last joint on four of my finger tips. They are very painful and swollen. I am not sure which product would be best for this. I do not have crackling when I move my fingers but stiffness in two of them. Can you help me with which one of the products is best for this and the dosage?

    Thank you so very much in advance.

  5. Hello Dr.,I am 44 yrs old lady suffering from Henderson’s nodes on right hand last finger actea spicata 30ch is a good medicine?

  6. Sir my age 26 i have pain in both knees doctor told after examining x ray that your cartilage ha been decreasing please advise me what to do . I have read on internet that argentum met 6c and arnica 30 will help to rebuild .please guide me is it safe and how to take this

  7. atchutha says:

    Good afternoon sir, my name is atchutha,36years iam suffering from osteo orthritis. please sir reply what type of treatment is correct for me

  8. Good afternoon, My osteoarthritis is in one hip- and my constitutional remedy is Pulsatilla- I have not been to my homeopath in several years – which is before the hip pain- my question is how do I dose for the osteoarthritis daily pain? Thank you

  9. eli rafael says:

    my father is experiencing osteoarthritis pain which per the description of his health condtion, Bryonia Alba suits the best. His Osteoarthritis has developed from an injury on his kneecaps many years ago. He is an older gentleman and I am wondering what potency of Bryonia Alba you would recommend for him and the frequency of taking this remedy. Thank you very much.

  10. Carol Lorentzen says:

    Following having broken my ankle in 3 places and having surgery (2 plates 11 screws) I developed Post Tramatic arthritis. Have a lot of pain and swelling. Get a Cortizone shot every 4 months. Would like to get off that and find some relief with a Homeopathic remedy. What would you suggest? Thanks!

  11. K.Gaudette says:

    Dr. Sharma, I am just starting to see signs of Heberdens nodes on my fingers. I see them on my mother who is 88. I have already had a hip replacement at age 60. I am otherwise in good physical condition and I take no medication for anything. I believe in natural supplements and if you could offer any suggestions on how I can keep this from getting worse I would appreciate it….

  12. Kalyan Sarkar says:

    My wife Suvra Sarkar of 68 years examined her both knee – AP & LAT as per Doctor advise. Report found – “Changes due to osteoarthritis are seen in both knee joints. Joint spaces appear normal.” Feeling knee pain. I am very interested in homeopathy treatment. Please help me Doctor.

  13. Meenakshi chopra says:

    Hello Dr. I am suffering from osteoarthritis in my left knee. Knee joints get locked all of a sudden while walking. I am taking Adel 4and Homoecal with tablets prescribed by the Dr. Is this sufficient treatment for my problem.

    • bina dadlani says:

      hello dr. i hv been advised knee replacement , which i dont want to go for . i am 64 yrs obese lady my knee gets locked when i ky down wuth my legs in a straight position not if my knees r bent also if i stand for a long time . climbing is not a problem but going down stairs is painful, i hv thyroid diabeties and bp too… pl help me

  14. Abysmal goswami says:

    Osteoartherities for left hip joint worse from pressure

  15. Rakesh kumar says:

    I am suffering knee lightly pain, But sitting and standing time my knee makes creaking’s sound are both lags. Childhood time inured many times. 3 years ago featured my lag both are injured. I am 39 year’s old. Please, give me best treatment. I knows that suffering osteoarthritis. Help me.

  16. Shahid Hussain says:

    I have acute pain in right leg that stretches from hip to back of knee and down to ankle. The pain is relieved if I lie down straight. Sitting, standing, and walking are all highly painful.
    My age is 58, male, 5’6″, weighing 63kg. I haven’t done any exercises in my life, but used to walk a lot. Now this pain is keeping me from walking. My blood sugar, uric acid, and Vitamin D ate normal.
    Please advise what medicine can cure my pain. Thanks

  17. BV Srinivas says:

    My daughter aged 31 yrs has been diagnosed with severe arthritis of the hip. Can she be treated with homeopathy without further damaging the hip joint. How long should she be on treatment and when can we start seeing some results.

  18. Dear Dr Sharma,
    I hope you can help. I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my lower back. I then proceeded to crush my L1 (certainly not on purpose- fell off a ladder).
    So now the pain is really curbing my life. I am a senior (65) but incredibly active or was.
    I have rods and screws in my spine now.
    I would like to know which tx to use for the ongoing pain and stiffness. And to halt the damaging osteoarthritis from getting worse.

  19. Manisha Chakraborty Majumdar says:

    No pain but a little swelling in the inner side of right knee…..stiffness while walking down the stairs

  20. Manisha Chakraborty Majumdar says:

    Dr. Good morning! I am very much looking forward for your kind advice and treatment as well as I am suffering from knee osteo arthritis…..both the knees are affected but more is the right one…….plz suggest me a better idea to get rid of it……. Thanking you myself Mrs. Majumdar from Kokrajhar Assam 783370

    • goodmorning sir…my wife aged 32 suffering from knee joint pain from last 3months…she feel light pain while sitting to standing….stand to sit….and climbing the steps…there is no pain while flat walking….but lifing lagguage with flat walking some pain accure….give me good suggation


    I have pain in my thumbs joints of both hands kindly suggest me remedy

  22. y ch lakshmayya says:

    Good evening sir.
    I am suffering fro osteo arthritis. Ortopaedic doctor told knee joint pain is due to normal wear and tare due to age. Now I am suffering from pain in feet and legs finger joints. It aggravates while moving from resting position to walking. It will be reduced after walking for some distance. I also feel heat in feet when there is pain.
    Please suggest suitable homeo medicine for improving cartilage and pain in feet. I am using medicine for BP. No other complaint. My age is 65 years.

  23. Meena Kumari says:

    Good evening dr.
    I have heberden nodes on my fingers. These nodes have developed one year after Hysterectomy. Please tell a medicine.
    Meena Kumari

  24. CH.SATYA MURTHY says:

    I am suffering from osteoarthritis since 2013. My age is 58 years. Severe pain is in both knee joints

  25. Rashida Patwa says:

    Hello Dr Sharma.
    I have Osteoartheritis based on the essays taken, and knee pain. I am not considered an obese by could be borderlinen obese. I am 66 years, and weigh 162 lbs. Currently taling Advil for pain. I am very much interestrd to try the homeopathy natural treatment. Need your input on which will be the right treatment. Can you help please?

    • Dr Chandrasekhara Reddy h c says:

      Dr Sharma. My wife aged 59 years is having severe osteoarthritis of rt knee joint for the past 5 years.kindly advise.

  26. Kathleen hutchinson says:

    Dr Sharma
    I have it in my finger joints! They are becoming deformed!
    I took sulfasalzine and did not like! Is there a cream to take? What else could I take or do that doesn’t have big side effects?

  27. Sanjiv Tandon says:

    My parents have pain in knees..Xray reports show start of arthritis…Both have swollen feets..which gets swollen when thry walk or stand for some time…What homeo medicines recommended…

  28. Angela Bray says:

    Hi dr sharma ihave osteoarthritis in right elbow and base of thumbs which treatmeant to use please xxxx

  29. I m suffering from finger osteoarthritis for the past 4 years & my fingers have become knobby with pain & swelling in it now my toes have started paining & my feet a bit numb & painful when I put my feet down in d morning when I wake up also have cracking sound of my knees. In general diagnosed with osteoarthritis if joints .with allopathic medicines only temporary relief ,In fact my fingers are getting this chilly weather the pain is more. Can u please suggest me doctor what homeopathic medicine will I need to ease the pain& stop further degeneration .and distortion of my fingers.

  30. Sashi Ranjan Prasad Singh says:

    My age 62
    Control diabetes
    Discovered osteo arthritis today
    No pain, no swelling
    When I stand up from sitting position feels heaviness or immobility around knee for 8-10 second.
    How to stop further degeneration

  31. Sir,my name is Lakshmi and I am 59 years old.I am a diabetic for the last 15 years for which I am taking Insulin and other oral medication.I follow strict diet and walk for 25 minutest regularly.Last month before Diwali ,I developed sudden posterior knee pain after doing some strenuous house cleaning chores.After 4 days ,when I went to Orthopaedics ,Manipal Hospital ,Bangalore,the doctor after taking an X-ray told me that my right knee is severely affected by osteo arthritis,.He prescribed some painkillers and physiotherapy for ten days.I didn’t take painkillers but completed physio sessions.There was no relief and the pain became severe.Onlywhen I lie down ,I find relief from stiffness and pain.Walking Istopped almost one month back.I visited the doctor once again just a week back on November 20th and he advised Total knee replacement for the right knee as the cartilage is completely worn out.But I want to avoid surgery and keep it as the last alternative.Sir,can my condition be treated in homeopathy?I will be very grateful for your advice.Thank you Sir.

    • Manisha Chakraborty Majumdar says:

      Dr. Good morning! I am very much looking forward for your kind advice and treatment as well as I am suffering from knee osteo arthritis…..both the knees are affected but more is the right one…….plz suggest me a better idea to get rid of it……. Thanking you myself Mrs. Majumdar from Kokrajhar Assam 783370

  32. Dear Sir,

    My father is suffering from knee osteoarthritis, allopathy medicines are not helping much. We dont want to go for a knee replacement treatment. Kindly suggest if there is any treatment/medicine that can help us.

    Umesh Mishra

  33. Ratan samanta says:

    Left knee pain & left hipe pain.

  34. Mohammed Ashraf says:

    Hello Doctor.

    I am an Indian Air veteran aged 45 years, presently working in Saudi Arabia as Safety Manager. Off late I have developed inflammation in both my knee joints, there is amelioration of inflammation when I keep walking and aggravation when I sit stand and bend, feel comfort with legs extended on bed . I am 183 Cms tall weighing 84 Kilos. Could you please suggest me a suitable remedy. X’ray reports say there is indications of degeneration and initial signs of OA.

  35. Mohammad Islam says:

    dear sir
    good day. i am suffering from osteoarthritis, calcaneal spur, morton’s neuroma and planter faciitis. i crossed 40 yrs, male.
    1) i feel knee joint pain in when standing from sitting position and taking sit from standing position. i am taking Ruta G 200 and feeling improvement. what the other step and how long i continue?
    2) my calcaneal spur pain is now releaved but i can’t feel easy to walk in a paved floor, on the other hand feel better to use soft slipper. first i used calcarea flour 200 and got improved later i used Calcarea flour 12x. is it my best selection, what can i use?. pls keep in mind that i am experiencing back pain due to bone erosion.
    3) mortion’s neuroma: used calcarea flour 12x, mag phos, calcarea phos, ferrum phos and maximum pain is releaved.
    4) planter faciitis: was not appeared earlier when i feel calcaneal spur pain but for several days before, i feel when i woke up. after daily movement it disappeared. Yesterday i walked for a long and feel planter faciitis pain, i used ruta and rhus tox 200, at midnight the pain was geting worse and appeared swelling. now i am taking ruta-rhus tox-arnica mont. it is midday and pain is not so severe now and swelling reduced.
    dear mr. doctor can you pls suggest me in detain with doses?

  36. khalil chouhan says:

    dear sir
    I m surfing from psoriasis skin diseases and arthritis. I think my all joints r going to fix hardly to move and I tried to move joints it’s very painful.

  37. Good morning name is Rajesh I am living south Odisha with Andhra border .thirteen years back my mother fell down in my home immediately we joined her in hospital doctor gave some antibiotics,pain killer,some other injection.and he said there is no fracture . She is getting pain in upper potion of right leg above the knee joint.if use the medicine it’s ok otherwise the pain is as it is .she is fade up by using English medicine .some days back she used rumatid special tablet for some days she got some reli inhomeo when she left using medicine. Again the problem please some homeo medicine suggest for pain .presently her age 56 years she is monopause state.

  38. Chintakindi Satya Murthy says:

    I am suffering from osteoarthritis since 2013 in my both knee joints. I am suffering from severe pain due to which walking becomes very difficult.Pl.suggest me best homeo medicine for osteoarthritis.My age is 58 years.I got BP.and Thyroid

  39. Santosh Ghaziabad says:

    I am 49 I have severe pain in my knees unable walk or get down from stairs and climb up doctor was suggesting me for knee replacement due oestoarthritis and crystalization of uric acid in knees.

  40. M.Rani age 53 says:

    severe pain in knee and swelling around the knee part left leg.over stiffness around the knee.I am inability

    to Walk.kindly help to Reduce Pain.

  41. SANTONU SEN says:

    My mother is suffering from ostreo porosis at knees since a lot of yrs. She is now 69 yrs old, and was allopathy treatment, but no progressing. I want homeopathic treatment. Pls help.

  42. SANTONU SEN says:

    My mother is suffering from ostreo porosis at feels very pain. I want to take homeopathic treatment.

  43. Mohammed Ameenuddin says:

    Dear sir, my mother is diagnosed with osteoarthritis and doctor has advised to go for a knee joint replacement, she has unbearable pain and difficulty in walking, although she is lean.
    Is homeopathy helpful at this advanced stage?

    • Premila sewpaul says:

      I suffer from lower back pain and knee pain.
      The MRI scan of my knee showed meniscus tears .
      I keep myself active. I swim three times a week.
      Is there any remedy to stop the pain.

      Thanking you

  44. Dr.Mohammed Saeed Shaikh says:

    Myself is a MBBS Dr.1 How long Medicine has to be taken ? How many times a day ?3.What ‘ll be the Potency ? what’s the Complimentary -Chronic oc Bryonia Alba ?

  45. Chintakindi Satya Murthy says:

    SiI I am suffering from osteoarthritis since 2013.My age is 58
    I have BP and using allopathic medicine.
    Kindly suggest me best homeo medicine

  46. Muhammad Tahir says:

    Dear Sir kindly mention best potencies of remedies
    Muhammad Tahir

  47. Pratima Kaushal says:

    Dr. Sharma
    I am Pratima Kaushal of 47yrs old. I hv been diagnosed with osteoarthritis. I am a diabetic patient and suffering from acute pain and swelling in knees. which medication should I take to get relief.

  48. Sushil Kumar says:

    My wife has suddenly started feeling pain in her both the knees which has restricted her normal movement causing stiffness and extreme pain and almost no movement on the home staircase. In this case, I consulted my nearby orthopaedic doctor who on viewing the X-ray has recommended Knee replacement during next 6 months to one year. Although, he has started the physiotherapy immediately today for next 15 days.
    Another point which I need to inform you that my wife aged 57 years is heavy body or obese and have lot of fatty muscles in the knee region. She is not suffering from any other ailment or disorder like diabetics, heart problem, high BP, etc. This is for your information, please.
    Lastly, I request you to advice me that is there any curable treatment in homeopathy for avoiding knee replacement for Osteoarthritis ailment.
    I Shall be highly thankful to you. I have read somewhere that Bryonia alba or Calcarea carbonica or Sulphur or Ruta Gaveolans or causticum are very helpful in reducing stiffness or pain or may avoid knee replacement.
    An Early action in this matter is highly appreciated.

    Yours sincerely
    Dr. Sushil Kumar Saxena

    • Dr. Sushil Kumar saxena says:

      My wife has suddenly started feeling pain in her both the knees which has restricted her normal movement causing stiffness and extreme pain and almost no movement on the home staircase. In this case, I consulted my nearby orthopaedic doctor who on viewing the X-ray has recommended Knee replacement during next 6 months to one year. Although, he has started the physiotherapy immediately today for next 15 days.
      Another point which I need to inform you that my wife aged 57 years is heavy body or obese and have lot of fatty muscles in the knee region. She is not suffering from any other ailment or disorder like diabetics, heart problem, high BP, etc. This is for your information, please.
      Lastly, I request you to advice me that is there any curable treatment in homeopathy for avoiding knee replacement for Osteoarthritis ailment.
      I Shall be highly thankful to you. I have read somewhere that Bryonia alba or Calcarea carbonica or Sulphur or Ruta Gaveolans or causticum are very helpful in reducing stiffness or pain or may avoid knee replacement.
      An Early action in this matter is highly appreciated.

      Yours sincerely
      Dr. Sushil Kumar Saxena

  49. Dear sir, I have recently been diagnosed through MRI & orthogram that I have Slap tear II, supraspanitua tenodesis & shoulder ac joint arthopathy or osteoarthritis. Dear sir if you can please please tell some remedy so that I may igmore slap tear operation and can cure acjoint osteoarthritis. I am a badminton player and very eagerly come back to court soon. I have immense trust on homoeopathy that only homoeopathy can help me in this situation. Somnath dey

    • Jenny O'Hara - McRandal says:

      Hi doctor, my mum has been diagnosed with osteoarthritis throughout her spine and has a great deal of referred pain through her hip and leg. To complicate matters she is on warfarin after heart surgery, therefore many of the treatments available are impossible for her to use.

      Please advise any homeopathic treatment you would recommend, she is in a lot of pain and it’s getting worse.

      Thank you for your help

  50. ambika pansari says:

    Ihave all joint pain. Shoulder elbow wrist hip kamar thigh knee ankle join so suggest me Homyapathik medicine

  51. debabrata biswas says:

    sir , I am suffering from ousteoarthirities , pl guide me how I get relived?

  52. P K SHUKLA says:

    Recently since last two to three months feeling pain & also facing difficulties in movement. I consulted to orthopedics doctor. He advised some medicines and oils but after using the same I could not get relief. However I used the homeopathic treatment in curing disease. So please advise me something for relief from homeopathic medicines.
    P. K. Shukla
    Mob. No. 8005442062

  53. Syamal Kumar Banerji says:

    Sir, I am suffering from OA in my both knee joints since last one an half year, my age is 66 yrs. Initially I treated this with nutritional medical tab like Macvestin as per Dortor’s advice. For sometimes I also went for physio therapy treatment. I think OA generated in my Knee joints for excessive folding of legs during performing Yoga postures even in one knee joint there was sprain. Other or left side knee joint was ok but OA generated. However, formerly I had problem like pain after walking and slow motion I used open patella knee brass.

    Subsequently I am under treatment of homeopathy & doctor is giving me bio-chemick small round size tabs like Calc.Phos 30x, Calc. Flour 30x, Mag Phos 30x & silica 30x. In the morning I take 12 such tabs(3 x 4 each) & 12 tabs in the evening. Power of such medicines has gradually been increased since last 10 months. I am feeling ok but of course OA is there & for long walk I use knee brass.

    You may kindly advise as to whether above homeopathic treatment is ok ? Regards.

  54. Jogesh Pariwal says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am Jogesh Pariwal, my wife Kavita Pariwal is suffering from Osteoarthritis since 2 year in between she has done right knee surgery two time. but in vain. Now she is feeling again pain & swelling both knee & also both kohni. we are using alopephic Medicine VELOZ D,DEFCORT 6,HCQS200, DELONEX DT. After using these medicine some pain & swelling less but on stop these medicine. She is again feel pain & swelling. also feeling sleeping & senseless feet or sole problem. Kindly suggest best to best medicine in homeopahty & time of effect ion.

    with regards,
    Jogesh Pariwal

  55. Vijai kumar srivastav says:

    Please refer medicine for bilateral osteoarthritis .mostly pain and stiffness in knee and finger in morning but i feel better after exercise.
    V. K.srivastava
    Naushra .balrampur
    Age. 60 years

  56. Jess Raney says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    Hello! I am a 36 year old female. 5’11”, 155 lbs, ex athlete, have used my hands in the photo industry as a stylist for years. Also a mother to 2 young boys. I’m afraid I have osteoarthritis in the tip of middle finger on my left hand (I’m right hand dominant). Is not painful or swollen but seems to be a hardened spot of extra calcium. Can you tell me how to apply the homeopathic remedies that are listed here? And are there remedies that will slow the development of further arthritis? I feel like I’m too young to have arthritis in my hands!!! Help!

  57. K. S. Bisht says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am suffering for knee arthrites in right foot for lase 3 years. I had taken the following medician on advice of Alopathic Doctor.
    1. Tablet Supracal HD
    2. Capsule Uprise D3 60K
    3. Tablet Cartigen Deo
    4. Tablet Lupivestine 250
    5. Collaflex Pro
    6. Tablet Tendomac
    I am doing reguler Exercise, Prayanam, Meditation and slow walking also.
    Pl. advise me, homopathic treatment is available to cure this.

  58. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    any recommendations for a child of 11 years with cerebral Palsy
    left side is mainly affected, hand weak, the leg is contracted with the knee generally bent when standing she walks scraping her feet because she does lift them enough, leans mostly on her right foot. very inteligent. since her last operation where the bones were cut and the legs turned around she doesnt have complete control of her urination etc
    Thank you kindly

  59. A. K. SAHAY says:

    my wife is suffering with osteo-artharitis. she feels pain in whole body including knee joints. now i am finding that left portion below knee/opposite side of calf some small danas have come in read color and painful.
    i am a reki trained. whenever i use reki find pain near nabi, she also says that she has pain there.
    pl. advice me.

  60. Respected sir,
    My mother is 63 years old and she is suffering from advance stage of osteoarthritis and in knee cartilage become 75% mother is suffering from high pain and she can’t sit down or walk normally..her weight is always 55 to 60 kg plzzz tell me effective homeopathic medicine for regenerate cartilage fastly…..

  61. UK Widhani says:

    Good morning Dr Sharma. I am 69 yrs old male suffering from left knee oseoarthrities. Unable to walk for last one yr. Taking Arnica 30 for last 15 days. But no relief. Dr have advised knee replacement surgery. Can you pl suggest some homeo treatment to avoid surgery.

    • Suman kohli says:

      Dear Dr Sharma l have calcification in fingers wrist s toes and shoulders. Even neck is affected is there any treatment on homeopathy It is painful as well.

  62. Hello Dr. GOODMORNING
    My mother (60)is suffering from. Osteoarthiritis please suggest me homeopathic treatment for my mother. I will be highly greatful to you. I can’t see my mother in trouble.
    Waiting for your Reply…. Asifa (Barabanki. UTTAR PRADESH).

  63. Philip Aarons says:

    I have been diagnosed with arthritic knee. I have been jogging for 35 years. I experience pain under my knee & have been using heat & ice. Very painful to walk. The next mornng I feel fine.can you recommend
    anything that will relieve the pain & allow me to continure jogging?

  64. Dr. G. D. Agrawal says:

    How I will get relieve of ostoarthritis of carpometacarpal joint of rt.thumb. thanks

  65. Reine Court says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma
    I am a 62 yr young woman weighing 147 lbs and i am now 5’4″. My right knee has been hurting for more than two months now . One month ago i had an ultrasound and they indicated i had a bakers cyst. I visited an Osteopath and the cyst is now gone but since my knee has been very painful , walking down stairs, on my feet for an extended amount of time , and during the night i have been experiencing lots of pain. I have been taking bryona 200 mg but i am still suffering. Also my right middle finger joint is painful. Please can you advise what other homeopathic medicine i could take. Thank you for your time ReineCourt

  66. Debjani Acharya says:

    Respected sir
    I am 38 yrs old house wife, hight 5′ body weight 52 kgs facing right knee problem. Also my 5th and 6th bone of my back have a problem. So please me regarding my problem and let me suggest with medicine name with proper intake instruction.
    With regards
    Debjani Acharya
    Fn 9830642131

  67. Shahnawaz Alam says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I am 42 years old, height 6 feet and weight 92 kg. Now days, I feeling too much pain in both knee even can’t sit in ground property. So please help me and if any treatment possible then suggest me.

    Shahnawaz Alam

  68. Mera foot slip kar gya hai report mai knee mai gap aya hai oestoarthritis pain bahut hai Rx bata degiy thanks

  69. syed javeed ahmed. says:

    Many thanks to Dr. Vikas Sharma for gifting the docter’s golden homeo knowledge to wee Indians and world wide people.Your’s, praisingly.

    • Rajkumari Dave says:

      i am 68 years old. two months back i had sewer knee pain and i was unable to walk. my x-ray shows-1 tibio joints paces are somewhat reduced medially 2.the medial tibial spines are hypertrophic @ sharpend 3.earlky calcification is seen in the insertion of quadriceps. 4.early osteo-arthritis knee. please advise me the treatment

  70. syed javeed ahmed. says:

    Very well understanding literature.With never ending thanks and prayers, to be gifted with more and more teaching skills, knowledge life span etc,,,,.

  71. Sir I am 39 years women.Pls tell me right medicine for asteoarthiritis knee joint &back pain to lack of cartilage

  72. Shyamoli Sen says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    I am a 36 year old obese woman. Last year I fell down and sprained my knee area. Gradually the pain died down and I continued with my cycling sessions. But in few months, I started to have excessive pain in the knee area of the same leg (right). I had an X-ray where it was found that osteophytes have developed and the local doctor asked me to take physiotherapy sessions which gave me no results. My pain worsens on standing and walking. I don’t know how to live with this pain. Please help me in this regard by suggesting some homeopathic remedy.

  73. Sir,
    My name is kumar. I am 56 years old Govt servant. Earlier I am working in out door section and normally use to walk 5 kms daily. From last 10 years I am suffering from Osteo Arthritis of both knees. I tried Allopathic medicines,but of no use. Kindly suggest me any Homeopathic medicines and where I can get them.

    Yours truly,

  74. I am 56 yrs old last 6 months I am suffering osto orhratities . Now when I walk my knee both have feel pressure and pain .I consulted many dr but problems are increasing

  75. Jay Singh Maurya says:

    Respected Dr Sharma, my mother is 56 yrs old. Sir meri Maa ko aaj se 5-6 years pehle ghutne me dard shuru hua. Dr ko dikhane se pata chala ki unhe knee arthritis hai. Tabhi se Maine unka ilaaz karwana shuru kar diya. Aaj tak Maine bahot sare Allopathic aur Ayurvedic Doctors ko dikha chuka but koi aaram nhi mila hai.. …Thandi me to unhe unbearable pain hota hai. … aur gaanth bhi ban jati hai.. …. Jitne bhi Doctors ko dikhaya sabne bola ki yeh byroot nhi thik hoga… …..jab tak medicine khayenge tabhi tak aram rahega.. … mother is also Disabled by one leg. …..
    Please sir.. …mujhe koi upchaar batayen.. …..(in Hindi language)
    I’ll be highly obliged to your this act of kindness ………..

  76. Dr Sharma, I am female, 56. Middle finger right hand stiff, painful. Lower of the two joints (the joint near the palm) is swollen, painful, stiff. Aggravated in summer and from washing utensils. Please advise dosage. TIA.

  77. Teresa Harel says:

    My mother is 91 and has osteoarthritis. Very painful and range of motion is less. Pain is 7 on a scale of 1 to 10. Is there any remedy that could help her with the pain.

    • Ellen bronkowski says:

      Hi dr.
      I have osteoarthritis, where can I purchase the items you mentioned for pain?

      Thank you

      • SANJIV KUMAR says:

        Respected dr.
        I am osteoarthritis patient.age 30Y,problem- 2 years. Plz advice me for homeopathy treatment.

        Thank you

  78. Virendra says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    JSK ,

    My wife : Height 5’5″, Weight 90 kgs , Age 52 , is sufferring from Bilateral Osteoarthritis of Knee Joint . More painful when climbing up down the stairs . More painful at night . Painful when sitting on ground . Feels comfortable on applying heat . More painful in cold . Cramps also . Pl suggest suitable medicine to cure permanentaly .

    Regards ,

    V. Lohiya . . . .

  79. Dear sir
    My mother aged 55 she is suffering from oa.. please advice homeopathy is good treatment or any other is best.. now she can’t walk.. very much painfully. .

  80. Hi Dr Sharma
    can you suggest a remedy for the arthritus in my thums?
    The joints have doubled in size and the pain is excrutiating…..It feels unbearable and is hard to move them.
    This scares me as i work as a gardener and if i cant move my thums i cant earn enough money to live on.
    The only thing that relieves the hands is ice cubes!
    It has got much worse suddenly with the spring weather
    Many thanks

  81. Dear Sir
    Through an X-ray I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both shoulder blades. The pain is like a strong heat mostly felt on the back shoulder blades, but sometimes feel sore on front collarbones. Neither heat nor cold presses help.I am 57. Prescribed painkillers have stopped working. Please could you advise me on which homeopathic remedy would help with the acute pain.

    With kind regards Delia

  82. Tina Thompson says:

    Is there anything to get rid of the boney nodes on fingers?

  83. Sir mera age 32 year he

  84. Dr. M. P. Pandey says:

    I am suffering from osteoarthritis of knee joint.Please give me advise

  85. Sanjeeb Tripathy says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    My father is facing Vitligo since 5 years and some white patched are found near neck, and right knee. He is 75 years old and physically fit. Only taking some medicine for prostate.

    Could you please suggest any homeopathic medicine for him, will be obliged to you.


  86. MD SAMSAD ALI says:

    Dear Sir,
    My mother-in-law, aged around 57 years, suffering from osteoarthritis since last 4-5 years. Now the pain extended from Knee to the upper part of the body, feeling as burning heat along with tremendous pain. She is continuing Homeopathy treatment with local doctor’s but not getting results in proper way.
    Please advise the right medicine or the better treatment option to get relief from the pain and to get early recover.

    Thanks with Regards.


    • Subhani Shahid says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma,
      Sir, I am 48 years old male, 5 feet 9 inch tall and weighing 92 kg. I have Osteoarthritis (OA) for about ten years mainly in knee joints and developing in finger joints and upper body also. I use to get increased pain and swelling in knees after any activity like standing for longer period, walking or playing, my whole body gets stiff. Usually my body is less flexible. I am also a patient of increased Uric Acid.

      Otherwise, I do not have any other disease like blood pressure, sugar etc.

      Please, prescribe homeo medicine for me so that I would be able to play and to do trek again as I did earlier prior to OA.

      Best regards.

      Subhani Shahid

    • Dr. M. P. Pandey says:

      Dear sir. i am suffering from osteoarthritis of knee joint.Please give me advise

  87. Mohammed imran Siddique says:

    Dear sir,
    I Mohammed imran Siddique I am suffering hip joint osteoarthritis from 5 years.i am 32 year older please suggest me for homeopathic medicine available in bihar siwan.

    Mohammed Imran Siddique

    • sanjeev kumar says:

      I Sanjeev kr I am suffering hip joint osteoarthitis from 5 years i am now 50 yrs old pl suggest homeo medicines as rt side hip joint reduced more mb no. 09888623022

  88. aloke kumar palit says:

    Dear Doctor Sharma,

    I am having a mild swelling with pain in the left ankle joint. My age is 68 Male, Built Slim weight is as per body height and I am not obese , today got the left ankle X-rayed, report quote

    Lt ankle jt AP/Lat view Early O/A seen in left ankle jt Lt ankle jt space appear normal Calcaneum spur seen

    View X-ray of Lt Foot AP/Obe no detectable bont pathology seen Jt spaces appear normal

    Can you please help me by prescribing suitable medicine I live in Calcutta where there is Good Renowned Shop King and Co selling homeopathy medicine

    Thank you
    Best Regards

    Aloke Kumar Palit

  89. Hi Dr Sharma. Pl adv me best homeopathy for osteo arthritis knees and cartilage degeneration, crackling noises in knees and sudden locking with severe pain for few seconds pain mainly inner or outer side of knees, bending knees painful . Thank you so much Rajesh

    • Tapan Kumar sen says:

      Iam suffering from O/A since last 10 yes. Can you help me suggesting best homeopathy medicine and its dose.
      With regards,

  90. prabir kumar Singharoy says:

    all joint pain.

  91. Mumtaz Darvesh says:

    I have osterioarthrits but I had my knee replacement surgery so knees r better but my lower back is always in pain I have a problem in my L4 L5 & S1 so is there any natural way to cure for this prob.

  92. Lakshmi Hyderabad says:

    Sir, I have osterio arthritis of both knees and thigh also. Iam taking r73 and bio-comb 19 for the past six months. When will I get rid of severe pain. Iam aged many months more to take. Sir.

  93. K. K. Dutta says:

    I I su

  94. Anandi Prasad Singh says:

    I am 67yrs old and suffering from osteoarthritis of both knees since about 7years I used a variety of allopathic and ayrvedic medicine , without any improvement .Symptoms are almost alike as mentioned for Bryonia Alba ;Calcarea carbonic a,etcs. Can you help me with medicine for remedy.

  95. Dr. Sharma thanks a lot for your answer. My problem is that my fingers are deforming little by little and some make me feel pain.

  96. Hello doctor,

    My mother has osteoarthritis,and her symptoms r matching with more than one medicine.
    Can I give her combination of med…if yess how


  97. My wife is suffering from osteoarthritis from 10 years approx.she is 65 ys,weight 55 kg ,4.5′.severe pain in knee joints and swelling too .taking ayurvedic medicine but no relief. pain remaining 24 hours.pls suggest me the remedy for this unbearable pain.

  98. i have bone density of (-)1.7 feel pain in knee joints while going up or down stairs but can walk comfortably. Doctor says deficiency of fluid in joints . He has advised allopathic medicines to calcium and Vitamin D and medicines to increase cartilage . Please suggest Homeopathic medicines.

  99. Respected sir,
    my mother age is 46+, my mother knee is problem, she not easily sit up& down, knee pain start evening, knee problem is continuous 2 years before, my mother is weight 66+, when over working knee problem is very high, two years continue eating homeopathic medicine, sir, please tell me name of homeopathic remedies. please mail

    with regards

  100. Hi Dr. Sharma
    I have pain in my fingers for the last two years especially in the mornings when I wake up. I am a 42 year old woman. My mothrt has osteoarthritis and I started experiencing the symptoms. Can you help me with the right osteoarthritis remedy?
    Thank you

  101. Hello sir
    Can u pls tell mehom medicines for deformed bones (knee esp) due to sudden excessive weight gain ? Thanks. Jayi

  102. Lawrence Tavino says:

    I have been diagnosed with calcification in the meniscus of my right knee (and probably my left as well). The knee hurts when bent or turned external rotation. Sometimes it just hurts for no reason. It is also sensitive to the touch (medial). I am just learning about homeopathic medicine and would love some more information. Thank you.

    • I have been diagnosed with calcification in the meniscus of my right knee (and probably my left as well). The knee hurts when bent or turned external rotation. Sometimes it just hurts for no reason. It is also sensitive to the touch (medial). I am just learning about homeopathic medicine and would love some more information. Thank you.

  103. Connie Barber says:

    My mother-in-law is 90 years old and has no cartilage left in her knee. Can you recommend a homeopathic remedy that would work for her?
    Thank you!

  104. Calwyn D'Abreo says:

    My mother is 90 years old.
    Her knees give her tremendous pain whilst walking.
    She buckled down and fell flat on her haunches which damaged her hip joint two months ago
    She has a left bi polar done, successfully. Prosthesis fitted.
    Surgery was successful
    She is now mobile but at a slow pace.
    Her knees give her tremendous pain and her left hand is as if not moving.
    I may be right if I say she has a bad case of Osteoarthritis.
    Is there any homeopathic pain reliever that will suffice on a continuous basis.
    Will the medicine also act as a cure at least temporarily…?
    And what strength in pill form and what dosage.
    Please help .
    Please suggest.

  105. Hans Raj Arora says:

    My spouse suffers from knee pain for last 5/6 years.Her height is 5’2″ , weight 76kg and age is 60 years. No Pain in rest but worsen while walking. Stretching exercises help but at the starting time feels pain which get relived after 2/3 strech. Sometimes feels piercing pain below the knees which get relieved after medication.
    Doctor advise: Orthoarthiritus.
    Kindly advice.

    • Hans Raj Arora says:

      My spouse suffers from knee pain for last 5/6 years.Her height is 5’2″ , weight 76kg and age is 60 years. No Pain in rest but worsen while walking. Stretching exercises help but at the starting time feels pain which get relived after 2/3 strech. Sometimes feels piercing pain below the knees which get relieved after medication.
      Doctor advise: Orthoarthiritus.
      Kindly advice.

  106. Sir my grand mother kenn joints pains so we u r help she cant standing but slowly she is walking with walker and her right leg is swelling and suffering with asthama also useing medicines but der is no change den Wat we have to do tell me sir plzzz suggest me

  107. Norma Pascal says:

    Dr Sharma, I have osteoarthritis in fingers (Heberden’s nodes) I have nodes in my fingers.They get red and hot,very painful. An homeopatic dr in San Diego CA where I live, gave me Calc carb 30 c… But after reading your article I don’t know if Benzoic acid or Antimonium or Calcara is a better choice. Thank you…

  108. Dr. Sharma,
    My wife, 56 yrs age height 5ft1in and 70 kgs weight has developed knee pain in both the legs recently. Her right knee is more painfull.
    This pain started three months back after she had done an exercise ( cycling ) for a longer period.
    Pl advise suitable medicine for her pain in the right knee.

  109. Susan Shapiro says:

    I have arthritis on the right side of the neck only. Is there a homeopathic remedy for it?

  110. Dr.Ratika Singh says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma..
    I am a dentist…My mother has osteoporosis and hypothyroidism…she is taking 25mg dose for thyroid..but she suffers a lot pain in her lower back region and knee…sometimes a typical sound also comes from her knee while she walking…please suggest me what should i do for her so that her pain reduces…
    Thank you….

  111. Dear Dr. Sharma, do you have an advice for homoeopathics for pain finger joints with nodes, it gets worse when it is hot and moisture in the air. Thank you

  112. R.Azhagiyaselvan says:

    Dr, Three years back I got pain in my left knee, I went to an allopathy Dr. He sai you go and take an MRI. I took an MRI in that report i have menicus tear in my knees, better we have to go for arthroscopy surgery, but i don’t want to do surgery. After one year again i went to another Dr. he took an x-ray and he said ur cartillage was damaged we can’t do anythin , better you have to do physiotheraphy exercise in your lifetime. Dr, can you give me advise to regenerate my cartilage, give me the homeopathic remedies please.

  113. Ashok Shinde says:

    Last 30 yrs low back pain right side only. Can’t stand for 30 min
    Last 1 yr. Knee pain only right side.
    Last 1 yr. Shoulder pain only right side
    Both leg and hand palms sweeting
    If sit on the chair or sleep on bed. Feeling comfortable
    On cotton bed feeling good. If sleep on mat pain increasing

  114. Shashikant Dipali says:

    Dear DrSharma
    I am 74yr ola. I was diogonised ostro ortho arthritis in right knee. While walking and standing my right calf pains and it is painful to walk. After sitting for long time and standing and walking then it is painful to bend the rihgt knee. Kindly suggest homiopethic medicine.

    • smt.saroj chaudhari says:

      Iam 52yr. old.I was diogonised O.A. in both knee.My left knee is more painful in compair of right knee.While walking and standing my left knee is painful and i am unable to move up.After sitting when i start walking it is painful and after standing and walking then it is painful to bend the left knee. kindly suggest homeopathic medicine.

      • Dinesh Chandra Gupta says:

        My wife is suffering from istri arthritis.Dr adv8ce knee replacement both knees. Since july 2007.She is on allopathic medicines for diabetes including insulin and hyopothyroid.Could you suggest homeopathic medicine which could relieve if her pain while walking,standing .No other body pain is there.

    • Dear Dr Sharma I am 63 years old and have diagnosed osteoarthritis in my both knees. Pain in my both knees spacially in right knee is very acute and have difficulty in my daily life. i was suggested for knee replacement but I am really scared and not very keen on surgery.
      will you please suggest me some homeopathic treatment.


  115. Parminder Sroy says:

    Dear Dr Sharma I am 61 years old and have diagnosed osteoarthritis in my both knees. Pain in my both knees very acute and have difficulty in my daily life. My GP suggested for knee replacement but I am really scared and not very keen on surgery. Is there any homeopathy treatment to cure osteo and sto osteo pain. Regards Parminder

  116. Namaskar.My mother is suffering from acute ostreoarthiritis. Since 5to 6 years. Het age is now 75. At this age she wants to be cured through homropsthy medicines only. Not through surgery. She had taken homeopathy medicine , but not cured. Her pain is extreme in cold anf on full moon days. If u can mention any medicine it will be helpful for her. Thsnk you.


    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am 60 years old and I have been diagnosed with synovitis. For the last four weeks, my left knee is swollen and warm/hot to touch and so is my left sole. There is pain in the knee, increases when I get up from chair, slightly better when I take few steps. I would like to request to advise for homeopathic treatment.

  118. A. Srinivasa Rao says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I am suffering from osteoarthritis for sometime. I am taking Bryonia 200 one dose once in a week. But for last 15 days, I am not able to bend my leg on some occasions. Only my left leg is affected by OA. I am also doing light exercises to come out of this problem. Kindly advise me in this regard. My left knee has swelling.

  119. Prabhu mahapatra says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am Dr.prabhu Mahapatra, 66 years old. I am suffering from OA of my left knee. The pain , stiffness is worse while walking and standing for quite some time.
    I am also having tingling sensation above my left knee. It more prominent on standing. Perhaps there is some nerve compression.
    Could you please help me in suggesting some Homeo. Medication along with the potency, doses etc. I shall be grateful.
    Dr. Prabhu Mahapatra.

  120. Frances Deimel says:

    Dear Dr Sharma I have arthritis in the base of both thumbs – a lump at the base, pain and heat in wrist, pins and needles in tips of little finger and two inside fingers. Lots of stress in family.

  121. R.B.Somani says:

    my wife,aged 64yrs, weighing 70 kgs having 64inches height. have finger joint pain,, Also hasCervical spondilytis and pain in waist and thigh and calf area of legs. Which Homeopath. medicine with potency may kindly be mailed. Progress if any will be communicated pl.

  122. Pradip Kumar Baranwal says:

    In continuation with my earlier post just now, I would like to add that I’m 57 years old. I experienced aggravated pain in right knee when getting up from a sitting position and also by walking.
    Though I don’t dislike sweets I don’t have too much inclination.
    Little liking for Sour.
    Undergone LASER for Glaucoma in 2013, Cataract in both eyes one-by-one in 2015 and 2016.

  123. Pradip Kumar Baranwal says:

    Respected Dr Sharma. I’m a firm believer in Homeopathy since my childhood.
    I’m troubled with following visible ailment:
    1. Uric Acid prone since 1991 when I had pain in left leg toe. The first treatment I received was allopathic in my company’s hospital. Later I switched over to homeopathy. It usually remains under control with medication when pain is experienced – mainly in toe and knee and also lower back.
    2. But since last 3 months I have little aggravated pain in right knee. Uric acid was increased to 9. I’m taking Ultrica Urens Q, Lycopodium 30 and Rhus Tux 30 on recommendation of a local practitioner, but of little help in pain. Of course, Uric Acid has come down to 6.5.
    3. So I consulted Orthopedic, Knee X-ray revealed “i) Early O.A. changes are seen. ii) Medial compartment is reduced.”
    4. I have the following issues also:
    a. Lower inguinal Hernia
    b. BP normal but goes hyper occasionally. No medication currently.
    c. Cholesterol – Low HDL, High LDL & VLDL and High TG
    5. I request you to please guide me proper medication with potency and dosages.

  124. P V Narayana says:

    I have stiff joints at both hips. However the left one is far worse. Until a few months back there was very restricted movement at the left hip joint; but of late I am experiencing pain while climbing stairs and changing positions during sleep. I know it is because of generation of cartilages at the joint. Please advise me as to go about homeopathic treatment – P V Narayana, aged 73 years

  125. Sir I have pain in both knees and swelling and lower back pain. Doctor say that Osteoarthritis I am 53 year old women. they told me there is a gap in both knees. morning woke up in bed there like pain or stifness in both pairs under. Please suggest homeo medicine.

    Please suggest me medicine for sinusitis

    And I have sevier gas problems last 20 years. please suggest a homeo medicine

  126. Subba Lakshmi Kompella says:

    Sir, namashte. I have bilateral knee osteoarthritis problem. Can you suggest me any homeo medicine. I have pain in the left knee. I have also the problem of frozen shoulder on the right side.

  127. Anita Laxmi says:

    Myself Anita having osteoartharitis of my right knee joint pain & also suffring from thyriod what medicine should i take

  128. Sir,after fracture in my finger joint i am not able to raise my middle finger up,tell some ayurvedic treatment.

  129. K. RAJAGOPALA KURUP says:

    I AM MALE 80 YEARS OLD, 5’2″ 66 Kg. WELL BUILT.

  130. Susan Di Santo says:

    I was diagnosed with significant bilateral wear in both hip joints 3 years ago. It has progressed to become sub acute and I now experience pain daily. Worse on rising; in cold; cold damp/ humid air; after more them 5 minutes standing or walking. Alleiviateded by rest/ + warmth/ massage but very aggravated by prolonged exercise, so that sitting to rest is stiff / difficult and sometimes very painful and which continues to be inflamed even in supine position… Pain is sometimes so overwhelming and intense that I have become tearful and very depressed about my future, not only with practical movement but having to give up dancing. I have been in denial about it, but I don’t want to aggravate the condition so I cripple myself and have to endure a life sentence of chronic pain as well. I don’t know how much excercise is beneficial or damaging. I have always been an active person and I don’t believe overuse is the real or original cause of wear, or that cartilage is finite… but perhaps it is a balance of supply and demand as the capacity to regenerate everything diminishes. I don’t feel that this should be happening to me at 61. I take many recommended dietary supplements and anti-inflammatories. I eschew pharmaceutical relief, ( which I have tried but dislike the chemical effect on stomach and benefit inadequacy).
    The pain is hot and sometimes stabbing and sharp. There is less range of movement in the right hip in which the pain used to be exclusively. In the last 3 seasons I feel pain equally in both; sometimes in both hips together, sometimes more intensely, or only in the left or right for no apparent reason. I hope these details might help, if you could please recommend a remedy and dose strength + frequency to try. I would be most grateful.

  131. shanti Joye says:

    Hello doctor
    Is there any treatment for degenerative bone disease in homoeopathy. Am a 37 old woman. Doctor told that I have degenerative bone disease. Please help by answering me.

    Thank you

  132. Hello doctor, I was wondering if there is any homeopathic treatment for hair fall and if its not available where I live what are the possible alternatives? many thanks

  133. Arpit panchal says:

    Hello sir my father have knee asteoarthrites canit be cured by homeopathic treatment

  134. Raj Sondhi says:

    I have osteoarthritis in my thumb joints of both hands. This is a common complaint for my age group (70+). I have had this malady in my other joints (knee and elbows) in previous years which were cured by Homoeopathic medicines prescribed by a famous doctor in Delhi. For the current problem, I am on course of taking another homoeo doctor from Delhi’s treatment plan but so far after two months has not shown any let up. Can you help? If you have the medicines and can export them to the USA where I am located, I will reimburse you for your expenses.

  135. sahadev jena says:

    Iam 57 years old man facing osteo arthritis both knee s from last 3years .PAIN not relif

  136. Jyoti mehta says:

    Hello sir,
    I am suffering from osteoarthritis and also have osteoporosis and cervical spondilitis . Do homeopathy has treatment for it??

  137. I am 70 yrs old and have o.t of knee for the last 20 yrs and I havedone my tkr of right knee but the pain is still persists. And I have lower back pain on left side for very long time . I only take pain killer when pain aggrev. after walking or standing. Kindly suggest homepathic medicine as I believe in homepathy.


    • Dear sir .
      I got severe pain in my both knees my calves get stiff i can not walk my doctor asked me to go for MRI i did it he told me it is for spondalitis i am getting no relief from his medicine please help

      Thank you

  139. Raf chughtai says:

    Dear Dr ,
    I am a 50 yr old female who was diagnosed having a meniscus tear last year in August 2015 – I had an arthroscopy done on the left knee for this tear in dec 2015 from which I feel I am still recovering . As a result it put pressure on my right knee causing bursitis I feel which is infra patellar and causes swelling also on tight heal and ankle snd pain – Pls advise sny meds for both my knees

  140. I have spinal stenosis. I have been taking yucca supplements to remove arthritis from the spine. So far it is helping a bit. Do you have advicce on this treatment? What other treatments do you recognize as cures for this condition?

  141. Dr A Pratap says:

    Suffering from Osteoarthritis for past 15 years. This season pain has become worse and affecting daily routines. I request advice.

  142. Dr Sharma
    I have OA in my fingers on the right hand and my one finger next to my thumb on the left hand. I’m a strong believer in homeopathic treatments . My work is physical and use my hands and fingers constantly . Have bones that swell on 6 of my fingers at the tip . Have been rubbing Rhus Tox
    on my fingers it helps a little but not solving the swelling joints and mild pain in my fingers . Can you please advice me on a remedy suited for OA in the fingers .
    Thank you

  143. M KYadav says:

    Respected Sir ; I am suffering OA in my left knee. In X ray a bone encreasd like a spine.Due to which I suffer from pain. Ioccure since 15-02-2016. I took Rushtox& Ruta 1m ,4times ,2drops for 7 days. Is there any medicines which can reduce the encreased bones. Is there permanent solution in Homeopath. Phon No-9903558853

  144. SUBRATA KUMAR DAS says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am suffering from OA of my both legs since last 5 / 6 years. OA is of Third Stage and most of the Orthopedic Surgeons have advised me for Knee Replacement. I am yet to decide in this matter. Sice last few months, I am suffering from back pain and I am sure that it is due to delay in Knee Replacement. Please advise as to whether, Knee Replacement can be avoided with Homeopathic treatment ! If so, what is the treatment and medicines to be taken. In this matter I am to inform you that there is no cartilage in between the femur & tibia and when I stand or walk,both the bones touch each other and it creates pain and I am unable to walk even for 100 meters. I will be grateful to you for your advice by which I can be better / cured with Homeopathic Medicines and can avoid Knee Replacement Surgery. Regards, Subrata

    • Puneet Kaur says:

      Dear Dr Sharma
      I am57 yr old female suffering from osteoarthritis from last 2yrs while walking I feel pain n cracking sound in my both knees please suggest me a medicine (homeopathy) so that I can get relief from pain
      I am fed up of empathy pai killers
      Please help me
      Puneet kaur

  145. I have been suffering from shoulder and lower back pain for the past 3 months. Today I went for a shoulder scan and was told I’m suffering from osteoarthritis. Please help – can’t stand the pain

  146. Vinod Apsingekar says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Greetings !
    I am 59 years old and
    I have OA from.last 6 years.I am having knee joint pains in both the knees.In right knee it is more.With recent X Ray report, my Orthopaedic Doctor has advised for knee replacement of Right knee first in next 2-3 months and subsequently aftet one or more years time for left knee.I would appreciate if you could kindly advise me about possibility of avoiding the knee replacement with the homeopathic treatment.How much time it will take to get recovered and I would be alright.
    Please advise.
    Vinod Apsingekar
    I have OA

  147. pronotibose says:

    I have knee joint pain,from xray and MRI report Doctor is advicing for knee replacement operation,which I don’t want. I want your advice for Homeopathy treatment.

  148. Malavika Das says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am 42 year old Mom with an 8 year old daughter…… Suffering from medium to acute knee pain, mostly on the right knee…… Though my left knee is also affected. My OA for the knees was diagnosed way back in 2009 but the pain is much more for the last 2 years. I stay in US…..winters take a toll on my knees too….. Pain gets a lot more at night n I don’t get a proper sound sleep. Here my doc has given me a knee brace ta use for sometime now n suggested knee injections in future…… But I am too scared to go for injections n surgeries of any kind ……. At present I am taking Omega3 supplements, turmeric curcumin tabs, garlic pearls n glucosamine chondroitin supplements……. Also taking Slimquick Pure weight-loss protein powder to lose weight…… I get knee pain mostly when I am either relaxing or standing or walking at a stretch for a long time…… I also use cold compress to get some relief n I take Ibuprofen 200mg some 3 times a day…… Please suggest some effective homeopathic remedies for me doctor at your earliest convenience…….hoping to get effective relief from knee pain with ur medicines n thanking you a lot doctor…… Waiting for ur reply.

  149. Hi Dr. Sharma,
    I went through this page of top medicines for the treatment of osteoarthritis. All of my joints are affected and have become deformed. My knees, shoulders, wrists, ankles, feet and hands are severely affected. Some friend asked me to take mother tincture of ginseng. I do nopt take any medicine for the fear of side effects. I am 62, living in Toronto. The cold winter effects my joints. Muscles have also grown weak. Only stretching exercise and providing warmth affects me positively but I do not have time for that because I am working to survive here. I take Diclofenac 50 mg prescribed by my doctor. but it is not the treatment. It is temporary pain killer. Your knowledge about homeopathic medicines is superb. Would you please guide me. Let me know whether there is expiry date for homeopathic medicines which is never written on it. What medicine will help me for my cartilage and pain killing.

  150. juthika roy says:

    osteoarthritis knee , age 67, what is homeopathic medicine osteoarthritis knee pain

  151. kuldeep gupta says:

    My wife is suffering from osteoarthritis for the last three years.The gap in knees is very low causing pain while walking.She is also suffering from hypothyroid.The symptoms are constipation, dry skin with iching annd fatigue all day.Please suggest treatment.

  152. homeo dr maqsood arshad says:

    dear sir, my wife is a patient of osteoarthritis since long affecting ankle joint left side swelling like potato. fingers of the both side of the feet stiff very painful, difficulty in movement and walking. deformity of feet bones. and vericose veins of the both legs with severe pain. kindly suggest medicines.

  153. P k mukhopadhyay says:

    Pain in left knee worsen in movement swelling above the knee area and also in left foot no pain while on rest the area around knee is hot and tender uric acid tested 6.5 hypertensive and take regular medicine for bP kindly help

  154. asit kumar basu says:

    having Osteo arthritis in both knees , cracjing sound while climbing stairs advance state. take time before walkimg after sitting for some time

  155. Dr I m suffering from severe osteoarthritis I Dnt have money to do operation can homeopathic help me in treatment

  156. Dear Doctor, The medicines indicated are really effective. If Arnica can also be considered. Myself a retired person associated with a charitable trust rendering free service for the last 10 years. May I disturb you in future?

  157. beena Sunil says:

    Im suffering fron severe osteoarthritis in knee joint.x ray show complete fusion of knee joints .i cant stand or even extend or flex knee joint.cartilage has complete dr sugest for surgery.
    i would like to know whether this condition can be treated with homeopathic med.

  158. Shakuntla Shrivastava says:

    Iam suffering from sever joint pain in my rt knee it is due to eroded cartilage& lac of synovile fluid while walking crack sounds.I am Diabatic 2 ,Bp ,thy ride .I have taken so many treatments but no relief would u be kind enough to suggest me homeopathy treatment.
    An reply will greatly oblige. Thanking u

    • Shakuntla Shrivastava says:

      Iam suffering from sever joint pain in my rt knee it is due to eroded cartilage& lac of synovile fluid while walking crack sounds.I am Diabatic 2 ,Bp ,thy ride .I have taken so many treatments but no relief would u be kind enough to suggest me homeopathy treatment.
      An reply will greatly oblige. Thanking u my age is 72

  159. Tajamal Hussain Khokhar says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma , I am suffering with Osteoarthritis of knee can not sleep due to pain I am 80 year old .I am also suffering with enlarge Prostate frequent urination at night. for the last 5 years . Recently Sugar is also investigated . I am also suffering with High blood-presser for the last 35 years .

  160. RAKESH BHATIA says:

    Dear Sir,
    My right knee crackles and there is pain. Left knee is also beginning in the same direction.
    I have not taken any medicine as yet.
    I walk for about 30 minutes every morning. My age is 65 years.
    Please advise medicine.

  161. Dear Dr my mother suffering knee pain for last 6 month she used elopathic medicine continuosly but no releaf know doctor tell her that you are suffering from ostheo arthritis she is 56yr old and her weight is 76 kg their is no bp problem or sugar. Plz tell me which homeopathic remedy she should to use

  162. Dear Doctor – For sometime I am having severe pain in left knee and sometimes in right knee. There is no swelling and inflammation. pain is moderate to severe sometimes.I understand it is Osteoarthritis and my age is 64 years.
    Please advise on homeopathic medicine and diet.

  163. Pushpa Chaturvedi says:

    Hello Doctor,
    I am suffering from severe join pain. I am under treatment from last two months in homeopathy. Before that I have gone through elopathy medication but all in vain.
    Doctor told me that I am suffering from osteoarthritis. Joint pain was from the last three years and pain is gradually increasing.

    I am also suffering from diabetes from last one year and high blood pressure from four years.

    My age in 47.

    So kindly let me know that whether homeopathy medicine will give me complete relief or should i go for any other type of medication or surgery?

  164. juthika roy says:

    knee back pain, osteoarthritis, what is best medicine

  165. niranjan guha says:

    I am in osteoarthritis and finds ahard node beside my knee joint. Doctors told me it is a calcium deposit nodes and needs operation.Please tell me some medicines to melt it

  166. CH .SATYAMURTHY says:

    I am suffering from severe osteoarthritis in kneejoint left leg since 2 years. I used allopathy medicines and ayurvedic medicines. I am not able get any improvement. KINDLY SUGGEST ME PROPER MEDICINE

  167. Sarita Mishra says:

    From last 8 yrs my both knees are paining severely. No effect of allopathic medicine. X-Ray report
    says Osteoarthritis. I want to go for Homeopathic treatment.Kindly advise.
    No sugar, No blood pressure and No cholestrol


    Sarita Mishrra

  168. I have oestoarthiritis. nodes formed in both of my hand ( lower thumb joints). what homeo should I take ?
    Thanks and regards

  169. Mrs.D.MAKAR; Age:55 years says:

    I am a patient of high blood pressure,and taking allopathic (Losar) for last twenty years. I have multiple fibroid in Uterus;but Doctors are not in favour of any surgical operation now.Further I am facing problem of vaginal prolapse also for last one year. But main problem I am facing for last one
    year is HIP JOINT PAIN.As per Doctor’s report,it is due to deficiency of Calcium.Two sides of hip joint is painful;mainly changing two sides while on
    bed,it is more painful.It is aggravated with cold ,better with motion.Allopathic Doctors are giving painkiller and calcium medicines;but relief is temporary.
    Please advise homoeo medicine with potency and terms & conditions.

    With regards,

  170. Dr Arshad mian says:

    Hello sir I have pain in both knee when I walk and also hberdons nods on fingers of my both hands.would you plz advise me what to do. X regards.Dr Mian Arshad.

  171. Sir i have some lipomas on my rt. Hand lt. Thigh and stomach and knees are cracking noise while walking in morning

  172. subhash verma says:

    I have some swelling on left knee and swelling. Dr says it is start of artharitis.

  173. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Very glad to contact you to get Prescription for Knee Pains in both the legs though I am still driving & Working.

    (No Heart Problems/ No Diabitis or any others except BP under control with Medicine.)


    • Suma Sebastian says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma,

      I am suffering from osteoarthritis of both knees since about 2 yrs… was leading a very active life before severe knee pain started. Had tried a variety of allopathic and ayurvedic medicines without any result.
      Dear Dr. Sharma, can you sugggest remedy from homoeo to my problem ? I have no sugar, no cholesterol , have BP controlled by medicine.

      • I am 76 years old. Having oa knee joint pain for the last five years. Walking with the help of walker. I also oa pain in finger joints. Pl.suggest suitable treatment.

  174. Muhammad Talha says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am suffering from osteochondritis dessicans grade 1 injury and meniscal tear also in my right knee.plz recommend me suitable homeopathic medicine.
    Regards.M Talha

  175. yamini dixit says:

    after eating sour food next day I get irritateted and my stomch groules in the morning skin hot to touch

  176. niranjan guha says:

    osteoarthritis at knee joints.Affecting my left knee right knee. which medicine do you suggest?

  177. Krishna Agrawal says:

    I have that OAN can help knee joint. I need to know how to use this medicine.


    I am osteoarthritis patient of right leg. For last 15 days there is swelling all over the knee reaching to foot and also pain. I have contacted Ortho and Neuro Physician. Result of NCU and Doppler is O.K. After taking medicines, there is little comfort but swelling prevails.Result of creatinine is 1.19 and blood urea is 26. I am diabetic for last 12 years. aged 57 years

  179. Dr. Anindya narayan Chakraborty says:

    Osteoarthritis of lumber joint, kneejoint.

  180. I’m 34yrs old feeling pain in knee. Doctor told me its osteoarthritis .can I cure arthritis in initial stage. Please help

  181. Dr vivek ranjan says:

    My wife 30years old history of trauma recently mild osteoarthritis pain numbness spine bone space reduce back pain in left side what are opinion in homeopathy

  182. lucy smirnov says:

    Hi, Dr.Sharma
    I’m a 59 year old, and 1 year ago developed a bumpy node closest to the end in my index finger of a right hand. I tried a lot of natural remedies thru the year, but with no results. It’s still the same size and it doesn’t hurt,thou not bending enough. It looks like a heberden node, but I’m not sure what to do.
    Is calcarea fluorica can help? I use a lot of naturopatic remedies and good nutrition. Would you suggest me the right way?
    Thanks in advance.

  183. Hello Dr.Sharma Sir,
    I am Sangeeta aged 30yrs.I have calcification of sacro coccygeal joint causing me coccyx and sitting pain.(after some injury /trauma which i cannot recollect though).I need to reverse this calcification o the sacro coccygeal joint inorder to regain the full range of mobility of this joint.
    Kindly suggest me the homoeo medicine to achive this.Thank you very much Sir.

  184. R/sir. I m from Karachi Pakistan.I m suffering from worst condition of degeneration of knees. While walking i get tak tak sounds from my knees. I am unable to walk. Sir i m 65 years old. If you be kind enough to suggest me proper homeo medice i shall be highly grateful.


    I am suffering from arthritic pain in my hip joint: walking is painful, and my hip gives way from time to time. Is there any viable alternative to surgery? I had a hip replacement 7 yrs ago, and wonder if
    homeopathic treatment can avoid this. I am 72 yrs old and until recently enjoyed sports of all kinds,
    and now can only do swimming and very light gym.

  186. Hello, would you please suggest remedies for bakers cysts alongside cartilage loss and osteoarthritis.

  187. AVIJEET K DEBNATH says:


  188. Hi, and Good Morning!

    My periods come 8-9 days earlier than expected date. I am growing hair on my chin. My face skin has developed rashes like acne, with uneven tone of skin. My face complexion has become darker than rest of body. Loss of memory. Feel agrieved. Fear of future, as if something had to be done. Fatigue. Craving for chillies, hot sauces etc. Drink too much sugar in tea. Anxiety outbursts. Restless feelings.

  189. mother have the remedies age 60 now what i can do?plz ans.

  190. My father has asthma and 25 years ago had a lung biopsy which resulted in him losing 20% of his lung capacity. Is there any remedy that would help hi. With the resulting shortness of breath?

  191. kathy ercolano says:

    What is safe and best treatment for gastritis and hiatus hernia

  192. osteoarthritus joint pain

  193. Ashwinikumar Ghargi says:

    I am 56 years old.I have been suffering from psoriasis for past 10 years . Last year I started getting knee pain and when approached orthopedecian it was dignosed as psoriatic arthirits and was advised to consult dermatologist, who prescribed methotrexate 5mg 3 tablets per week for 3 months. Now psoriasis is cured 90% but knee problem still persits. Iam afraid to take alopathic pain killers as they do harm kidney at later part of life. What are option in homeopathy?

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