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Curing Asperger Syndrome

Asperger’s Syndrome

The term ‘Asperger Syndrome’ is a neurobiological disorder characterized by developmental disabilities. This disorder is also widely recognized by the name of autism spectrum disorder or ASD.It is characterized by range of developmental disabilities. People with this kind of disorder have problems lack desire to interact with peers , may have socially and emotionally inappropriate behaviour, and generally have repetitive routine. It is also sometimes found that the person affected by ADS has some speech and language peculiarities.

AS was discovered in 1944 by Hans Asperger, a Viennese pediatrician .He first described it as a personality disorder referring it as a psychopathy in the childhood. Later in 1980’s autistic psychopathy was recognized as a single disorder known as Asperger’s syndrome, named after Hans Asperger. But till this date researchers fail to clear the doubt between Asperger’s syndrome and high functioning autism. Because people with AS share the many symptoms of the high functioning autism. As a result identifying Asperger’s syndrome as a single domain remains in question .therefore pathologists are still struggling to find the exact cause of this syndrome.

Of all the autism spectrum disorders like pervasive developmental disorder(PDD), phenotype(BAP), etc, Asperger’s syndrome has similar symptoms of autism. AS is marked by poor social interactions, odd speech patterns and peculiar way of carrying oneself with the same routine and have resistance to change. It is also noted that people having this syndrome lack motor co-ordination. They are usually clumsy, shabbily dressed and fail to understand other’s body language and facial expressions. They are also unable to emote their feelings and therefore fail to make much friends. And since the usual onset of Asperger’s syndrome is during childhood, therefore the habits once formed last forever.

The signs and symptoms present in a person with AS can broadly be classified as under

Social interaction
those with AS experience failure in establishing life long relationships .this results due to their poor social interaction. They lack showing empathy towards others. They are not keen to share their experiences with others. They do not involve themselves into situations and are happy if left at their own. They fail to recognize the societal norms and accepted behaviour.Therefore they are unable to fit in the society. They exhibit strange behavior towards others like giving weird facial expressions ,non-smiling face and use of pedantic language. They indulge in one sided conversations and therefore are not good listeners.

Restricted concern and conduct
Another common symptom in AS patients is their inflexibility regarding their interests and behavior. They follow their own set routine and seldom allow any change. They follow their routine religiously. Any change in their routine can make them violent as reported in some cases. They like to keep their things arranged and any slight change makes them throw tantrums or send them into wailings .they form special interest in any subject and usually excel in it. But they may fail in other subjects if not of their interest. Patients of AS have strong rote memorization but lack in abstract comprehension. An additional symptom in some cases is of repeated motor mannerisms. These mannerisms include hand or finger flapping, rocking, spinning, jumping etc.

Oral communication
Those with Asperger syndrome might not have any delay in language formation but they do encounter problems while using correct words in the correct context. They are quite familiar with wide and new words but lack the sensibility to use them. They interpret the words according to their will. They are unable to note the elusive differences in accent ,tone and pitch. The most peculiar feature about their oral communication is their use of ornamental language. Their sentences are often laden with pedantic words as if quoting from a book. They are unable to sustain other people’s interest in their conversation due to lack of correct intonation and their tendency to jump one topic to another like drop of a hat.

Other symptoms
People with AS often relate their problems with their sensory experiences i.e. experiences related to the senses of touch,smell,hear and seeing. Another symptoms identified in some cases are attention difficulties and sleep problems.

Causes of Asperger’s syndrome
Many researchers believe heredity to be the main cause of this disorder while some suggest mental disorders like depression and bipolar disorder to be associated with AS. Some research in AS cases have led researchers to associate birth defects with the syndrome. Some are also looking at environmental factors as a possible cause to Asperger’s Syndrome.
Although pathologists are still trying to distinguish AS from ASD ,yet some findings determine a different mechanism of AS from ASD.Neuroanatomical studies suggest that the AS’s mechanism involves some abnormal migration of embryonic cell during the conception of a fetus ,resulting in the alteration of control thought and behavior in the later stage.

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  1. Alletta L Poindexter says:

    i have a young male client who is 20 with high functionig asbergers. He is a strong introvert and failing to want to launch. He is an avid gamer his only interest. Want to help him feel more confident. His biggest concern is his acne which has been treated with accutane in the past.
    Thank you,

  2. Michael Haines says:

    Interested in remedies

  3. ashlesh nangare says:

    Hello, i am ashlesh having Aspergers syndrome . what are the remedies ?

  4. Prabir Chanda Roy says:

    My son diogonosed as AS. His main problem is he talks hindi filmi dialog all the times. How it can be stopped.

  5. Josh Holcomb says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,
    I’ve never been formally diagnosed with ASD, but know that I have some of the symptoms. The main one is needing help with social skills and relationships. I am 40 but I feel any chance at overcoming this, no matter how small, is worth it. Any suggestions? Thank you so much.

  6. My mother is 75. And has suffered from this condition.
    However only recently we her children have come to this
    Conclusion. My late father was confused and very frustrated with
    Her and it was a disastrous marriage.

    She does take homeopathy for acutes. Calcarea flourica
    Has helped her. But her asperger symptoms are very pronounced.

    Any help ?

  7. One of the misconceptions you dote on is that aspies or asd’ers have a disorder, or are broken NT’s. WE are not the ones broken.
    Women on the spectrum are always. Viewed as NOT having it. Women are overlooked, those of us age 40 and up had to wait a life time to be diagnosed, and had to fight for that diagnosis.
    We are also 98% single(never married) or divorced.
    Those that are married are usually in a abusive relationship with narcissistic ppl.
    We have few if any friends because NT’s are careless individuals who view us as weird, strange, off putting.
    Suicide rates are astronimical. Most do not live past their 50’s.

    Support is non existant, as everything is geared to juveniles, no thoughts are given to adults, even the juveniles who come of age are cast out. They too will fall into the catergory of suicides after having all that support than suddenly none.

    Their is no CURE and supplements or homeopathy is a joke to us.

    Your knowledge of the spectrum is based solely on what little you read from an article. You must realize, those that write the articles are not on the spectrum, they only note what they can see have have no clue what it actually is to be on the spectrum. The ‘ coping’ tactics they are teaching juveniles are all wrong based on THEIR beliefs of what is best.

    They try to teach them to ‘Fit in’ by not being themselves. It is no different than teaching a gay person to ‘fit in’ to societal norms.
    Soon, that type of living crashes inward, in bad ways.

    If you plan on trying to CURE ppl on the spectrum, you better be well prepared for the consequences.
    Or take this post down and stop trying to selling this off as a cure or a help.

    • Aperger's mother age 32 says:

      What this poster said above is very true. The ‘symptoms’ you have listed are very clinical and generalised.

      I am a female with adult diagnoses. I am a great lover of homeopathy. I’ve used it for years and it has KEPT ME ALIVE.

      If a homeopath ever said they’d ‘cure’ Asperger’s to me I would be devastated.

      This is who I am. I am not disordered. I think differently to neuro-typical humans. I behave differently. I have many talents. I have a huge heart and an incredible capacity to forgive. I don’t hold grudges. I can see problems from an objective viewpoint with no emotional attachment and find the best solution for all. I am highly sensitive to other people’s emotions and have a deep sense of compassion. I have an incredible imagination and can make up a storyline anytime, anyplace. I think different and I behave different but that does not mean I am disordered- it means I am different.

      I also have many struggless. I have huge sensory issues. I am highly sensitive- to light, temperature, noise, pitch, food and drinks. When I look people in the eye I feel a burning sensation in my chest. I can communicate well but often my current obsession is the only topic for conversation. I am that mother (and yes, I have a loving (not abusive but just very accepting) husband and two children) who gives TMI in the schoolyard when someone says ‘How are you?’.

      My point is: Homeopathy can help and support the struggles of being Asperger’s.

      1. I find it really calms down the sensory issues (without removing the sensitivity, unlike allopathic drugs which just numb me and make me feel like a zombie).
      2. It helps calm down the anger I feel when I need alone time but can’t have it (this is how I got diagnosed- very hard to hide away when you have two young children constantly wanting to socialise with you). Remember: AS people get over socialised and even a very positive social experience can push them over the edge- they will need respite. When I meet someone in a cafe, I must leave the rest of the day free and go home, close the blinds, wear my headphones and get some respite. It will take me 24 hours to come down from the buzz of a positive social experience and all the sensory delights (which could very easily turn into sensory-mares) of a cafe.
      3. It helps me to focus when I am struggling to think of just one thing at a time (when I am out of hyperfocus). It especially helps when I am studying something I don’t want to study but have to.
      4. It has helped my sense of self-hatred that I developed because I spent my whole life being treated as weird and wrong. I learned to love and accept myself with homeopathy.
      5. It has helped with anxiety.
      6. It helped my sexual maturation.

      As I said, homeopathy has made my life liveable but if homeopathy continues to use the word ‘cure’ for who I am, I would find it very hard to continue using it.

      Cure the struggles, not the person.

      • Sadia Sultan says:

        This response is so lovely. What do you take?

      • Altamash Virani says:

        I have Asperger’s syndrome. But I need a homeopath for my “candida east infection”. I have found a good homeopath for it but I fear that he has figured out that I have “Asperger’s syndrome” while communicating my “candida” problem to him at his clinic as my conversation with him became a little awkward and fearful and has listed “Autism” as a disease on his website and so he believes in curing Autism.

        Can you please suggest whether I should go to that homeopath for my “Candida east” infection.

  8. jason Harrison says:

    My Son is 9 years old very smart but with asperger.

    He spins his arms and jumps a little in the bedroom but at school he is very clever and gifted at drawing.

    He is a little geeky and struggles in normal activities and can get extramly upset over the smallest things.

    What hompathy products do you recomend for asperger?



    • Stop trying to fix your son, he is not broken.
      There are no CURES for that simple fact.
      Do not join or support autism speaks, they are out for your money, and will feed you a bunch of pipe dreams.

      If you want real assistance, talk to people who are on the spectrum.
      Researchers and doctors have no clue and do more harm than good.

      Your son has sensory overload due to being overwhelmed by all the things that are flooding into him at one time.
      Start there,
      Than slowly progressing from there.
      Try this site. and their youtube on ‘how aspbergers work’

  9. hello sir,
    My daughter is 12 years old. as a child she used to be the ‘mama’s girl’ , shy and bullied by all. last few months, she has become the opposite! I have become her enemy, she bullies others, even her older sister and has become very aggressive and defiant. she has 1.extreme difficulty in developing age appropriate relationships. 2. excellent at academics in the past, but now deliberately under performs and is an average student. 3. refuses to understand other’s feelings, especially her mother and sister’s. shows a distinct lack of emotion. 4. has developed that adult professor like mannerism, rolls her eyes and lectures others.

    All the above tell me that she is leaning towards Asperger’s syndrome. I am urgently seeking your advice on the best Homeo medication for her.

    thank you doctor,

  10. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Our son is nearing 4 years. He has been diagnosed with ASD, He has Aspergers, signaling pr0blem.
    He cannot relate words to action though he can communicate with physical gestures and crying.
    His maturity seems to be a lotle less than normal children of his age, but nit sure because he is unable to communicate.
    We have been going through therapy since more than a year and there have been some improvements, like better eye contact (from zero it has moved to at least 4-5), he understands some of the instructions we say.
    Recently I cam across Homeopathy treatment for Autistic children and is very interested. I am also in touch with a Homeopathy doctor who does treat Autistic child in my hometown.
    Let me know if Homeopathy completely cures children like that of mine.
    Will be grateful to you for your suggestion and help and guidance.

    • There is no cure for folks on the spectrum.
      They are not broken, we see, hear, feel, taste & smell in a way and intensity beyond your comprehension.
      It is a sensory overload for your child.
      Learn what is bothering your child first, is the lighting off, we hate yellow lighting and the tube lighting used in grocery stores.
      Are her clothes hurting her skin, do the items have tags on them?
      Try having them wear soft clothes, no pressed or stiff fabrics.
      Perfumes, candles, chemical smells in the house.
      Noises become a mesh of nothingness except loud static,
      Are their too many ppl she does not know, we do best one on one or with family we know well.
      We need to have alone quiet time.
      Melt downs will happen, a companion or aide dog really helps .
      Build a very heavy blanket. Get several heavy quilts(twin is good size) and sew them together, if possible add a layer of pliable weighted material inside top layer.
      When the child or teen is overwhelmed, lay them on the floor and drape the heavy blanket over them. It provides a calming and secure environment.

      Also, your child is not an idiot or stupid. Many have issues with math or another subject. Mine were math and grammer.
      Your child is most likely above average intelligence or genius level.

      Your child will also have ‘super powers’ seeing things others miss, ability to look at a problem and be able to solve it(computer glitch or something). Spatial powers, to see things in 3-d such as shapes.
      Twe love computers, we have a need to know everything about anything that piques our interest. Be sure to set time limits on that ?.
      Help your child to find those talents and exploit and grow them.

      Your child sees the world as black or white, right and wrong, no inbetween.

      Teach yoDO NOT force your child to look at ppl’s eyes, we do not garner anything from doing so and is down right creepy. was developed by two young men on the spectrum. Check that one out, pretty good info.

      Your child in not broken, it is the other way around. Your child is gifted

  11. we have a 25 yr. old son. doesnt care for conversation (unless it is concerning video / yu gi oh cards) when aggravated (meltdown) he is LOUD, CUSSING, and often ends up throwing things against the wall.
    we have not sought strong drugs; is there homeopathic helps for AS ?

  12. Sir, my daughter is an aspie 7 and half years old. We are taking homeo medicines for the past 5 years. Many improvements but her clinging to routines is very frustrating to her and our family. How to get rid of it?

  13. Adele harvey says:

    My nearly 4 and half year old daughter has been diagnosed last month with aspergers. She is taking homeopathy remedies but not working. I think maybe she needs something different. She just seems very miserable depressed, anxiety problems. Tantrums and crying over nothing happens daily and violence.
    Can you let me know prices etc please


  14. Hi our son is 14 years old he has autism adhd he has problems with social dol a some times he is quiet sometimes hyper is there any way that homeopathic can help for his treatment? We need your help can he be normal? Please reply back.Best regards thanks

    Bharwani family


    My daughter age 15 years was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrom at the age of 13 in the year November 2013 , initially she was ok ,laborious and intelligent, always engaged deeply in study. In class her position always remains first. At the age of 13 and in the year May 2013 she was attacked with very high fever in measles. Her menstrual cycle had always been irregular. Doctors dig noised her poly cystic ovary. Since then abnormal behavior appeared in her, she doesn’t like her brother, even family of grand mother. Her social interaction is almost zeros in the society and school as well. From the nursery class to class sixth she used to teach her classmate. But now she is in class ninth and avoid any kind of interference from the as well as classmate, now avoid attending school, threatened to quit school. Right now except her mother there is no social mate. All of sudden she becomes violent and rushed blood to her mind and becomes normal while her mother spent enough time to counseling her. .presently she is taking Sizodon 0.5 mg and Daxid 50 mg once a day. Is there anything in homeopathy that would help us?
    Best Rgds

  16. Rampal Singh says:

    Hello Doctor

    I have 17 year old son with border line autism. can he be subjected to homeopathy treatment. he has following symptoms

    1. physical growth is ok
    2. speech is ok
    3. he do not mix socially – likely to remain alone
    4. doing private schooling and preparing for National open school 10th Examination

  17. My son age 28 years was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrom.He is LLB. and CS.He is unable to work in any organization,hence the best psychologist in Mumbai has ruled out he doing a job in any organization.He is well versed in international affairs and can debate on it.The problem is his lack of self confidence,no social contacts or desire to have one and living in his own thoughts,worries,anxieties etc.What is the solution?

  18. Robin Kay says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    It is wonderful that you offer “Write to Dr. Sharma and get a reply on how homeopathy can help you in treating your disease condition.”

    I would love to learn more about how this works. I see people have posted questions about their children, but do not see your responses.

    Thank you!

  19. ANNONYMOUS says:

    Hi Dr SHarma,
    My male partner – 57yrs old is an asperger high functioning , undiagnosed,
    I fell across an article on aspergers approx. a year ago and his behaviour all fell into place,
    I have never seen a person suffer so much from the windy weather- it really distresses him
    he is completely lactose intolerant and we eat healthy ,

    but the wind issue- living in ireland means its a constant ‘threat’ we have to live with,

    in addition he suffers from relaly bad seasonal affective disorder, sliding into depression end of september, peaking on 29th-30th november and again end of may,
    so usually he has 4 months when he is happy ,

    unfortunatley the bad weather isnt helping this year,

    We both take hi doses vit b complex and I think this helps, Iused to give him st johns wort but Im not sure if it worked effectively enough for him, also anx homeopathy and that helped a little but to no great cure,

    I do believe in all this homeopathy etc,, and I hope we find a cure

    at the change of seasons it wouldnt matter what dosage of he took for st johns wort – it didnt work,

    staying off sugar works also,

    but there is no cure for the wind that I have found and I woudl be so grateful if you can think of a cure,

    Best Rgds

    • B-Complex is great! St Johns wort is good but try Milky Green Oats and Passionflower. There are many great anxiety herbs! In his situation he really needs to be on lots of high quality fish oil for his seasonal problems. You are doing a great job! We do an Anxiety/Focus Homeo Combo for my son-so there are remedies out there! Keep looking and researching for him as a whole person. His constitution matters!

  20. Margaret Horner says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    Your most interesting commentary has inspired us to write to you here.

    My husband is 76 and we have only recently lived in retirement… he has now been recognised as Asperger and I am finding life very difficult… for him and me. When working, we had much less time together… now all the time it is obvious that he has problems. We try to stay apart most of the day if possible to spare terrible arguments and avoid conflict.

    Is there anything in homeopathy that would help us? We are English and live in France.
    Best regards

  21. Do you have experience in treating adult Asperger’s or Highly functioning Autism patients with homeopathy? The key word is adult. I would appreciate if you would let me know if you heard of any studies or know anybody with experience in adult Asperger’s patients.
    Thank you.

  22. Frank Rorigues says:

    Hi Dr. I am writing to you in hope of getting some help for my 11 year old son that has Aspergers Synrome. He is extremely bright with math and school work but is extremely poor in interacting with kids his age, oes not make eye contact when spoken to and has some anxiety where he seems to run back and forth for a few seconds while smacking his hands together..I am hoping you can direct me with the right homeopathic medicine i can try and give him. All your help is truly appreciated.

    Thank You,

  23. My son finds difficult to create friends.he forgets whatever he reads after 2 days.he is 10 years the school he is told he may have mild aseragus.if it is true ,is there any treatment in homeopathy.

    • My child is 18 years old he is studying in class xii and facing difficulties in communicating with class mates and hostel mates and grows fear anxiety

  24. Josh Holcomb says:

    Hello Dr Sharma, I have never been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome but do have some of the traits. It is my goal to get rid of these traits. With me it is the social part such as making friends and also dating. What is the best way to approach this?

  25. Molly Manning says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,
    My adult male paerner is 56 years old with aspergers- undiagnosed professionally,
    His main problems are;

    distress with wind weather changes, We live in UK, windy area,

    anxiety and depression in october/november and april /may when the seasons change,

    meltdowns- these have reduced as I find no dairy really helps , also no sugar,

    He used to eat cream and 40 mins after eating it He would take a mad fit, take off in the car, his stomach would be swollen and He would have a distant look in his eyes and a distant smile,
    I am convinced his body is poisoned by dairy products,
    He also had gall bladder out,

    He has no self confidence, little income,

    Best Rgds
    Molly Manning

  26. hello doctor.

    I am interested to know about homeopathy cure for Asperger and adhd
    my son has few of both these symptoms.
    he is clumsy walker so we gave him calcarb 10M , i was wondering if that had anything to do with Asperger and adhd symptoms to surface ?

  27. Nyree ODonald says:

    my 18 year old has learning disabilities, adhd and has recently been dx with aspergers I am trying to help him figure this out and help him socially and emotionally

  28. Gajalakshmi says:

    My nephew is a 6 year old boy. He was not diagonosed as Aspergers syndrome. But he is having lack of social movements and eye contacts. He is an intelligent guy. From his 4th year onwards he is undergoing occupational therapy. He is improving now, but slowly. Can u please help him

  29. This article is negative and very poorly worded. Using such phrases as “therefore the habits once formed last forever.” Forever? Really? What are we, dogs? But even a dog can unlearn a bad habit! Conclusion: “People with Aspergers are unable to change their habits”.
    How about this one: “those with AS experience failure in establishing life long relationships”. Really? I’ve been married for 20 years and am a female with AS. Thanks for telling me about the failure I “haven’t” experienced my whole life. I have overcome a heck of a lot! “They like to keep their things arranged and any slight change makes them throw tantrums or send them into wailings .” That is another stereotypical idea. Perhaps change your wording to “some children”. Sheesh!! “They lack showing empathy towards others. They are not keen to share their experiences with others.” You’ve got to be kidding me. Your “profile” of an AS person sounds more like a profile of a serial killer! My son is the most empathic person I know…and even as a child, I felt the emotions of others deeply, as does he, sometimes more than a regular person. “Not keen to share experiences?” Clearly you haven’t spent a lot of time closely with any child or adult with aspergers. They sure will share with you once they get going! Although perhaps since you have it in your mind that they “are” a certain way, they don’t care to share with you.

    This article is absolutely ridiculous and downright harmful. It is so archaic in its assumptions that I feel like I’m reading notes from a lunatic asylum 150 years ago.
    I have overcome a LOT. Had someone used the words that you use in this article to describe me, I would have curled up in a hole at the age of 12 and never come out!

  30. Hello my three year old son has been diagnosed with mild asperger’s need guidance for it

  31. rajiv kumar says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    Thankyou for this opportunity to interact with u. My daughter now going to be 18 years of age is having asperger syndrome since birth. We detected when she was about 3.5years. At the age of 3 years she had very high fever in measeles.
    Can u please suggest homeopathic medicine and it’s name. Would remain grateful for life.
    Rajiv Kumar

  32. Hi Dr Sharma,

    My son is 27 and hasn’t had a real relationship with a woman. He hasn’t been able to have a long term friendship for his entire life. He lives at home with myself and his dad due to financial circumstances. He has told me that he isn’t getting married because he hasn’t had luck with the few women he went out with. One time date. He sees that he will be alone and has given up. I want so much for him to have a relationship. I just recently came across Asperger’s Syndrome. His pediatric doctors never diagnosed him with AS. He does repeat himself a lot and likes routine. I want him to have a relationship some day. PLease help me on homeopathic treatment. Thank you.

  33. Donna Simon says:

    My little 5 year old niece has this disorder. Can homeopathy help? Thank you.

  34. Nidhi samani says:

    My 10 year daughter has symptoms of AS though not diagnosed. She has photogenic memory of fete point stories from books she has read. She developed walking reading and writing skills very early and is a quick learning in piano classical singing and other instruments of music.she has a tendency to clench her fist and push against her jaws and gums almost all the time at home and school. As she is scared of me me she hides in toilet for hours and keeps clenching her fists. She avouds eye contact iccassionallt and has problem at school by not picking up social clues and has no close friend till date.

    Can u pls help

  35. Vladimir Serafin says:

    Hello I have a son with atopic dermatitis. Hi is f4 years old and we have found some signs of AS and wold like to find the best homeopatic aproach. Thanx Vlad

  36. matthew Scott Duke says:

    there are all these autistic feelings there are these feelings coming out there is these other autistic things coming out I feel there are all these feelings running into each other also these feelings coming out to

  37. My son is Aspergers and is studying in class XI Science stream. Of late he has become very very aggressive and violent. We put him on drugs like arpizole and ritalin which only worsened the symptoms ad we had to dicontinue the same.

    I wonder that if Homeopathy offers some hope.

    Kindly respond.

  38. my son 20 yrs aspergers is talking same thing often. talking same words 100times per minute.
    Showing violent facial expression to neighbours. if i say any thing get out od the house.
    pls help

  39. I am recently graduated as a homeopathic practitioner here in California. My brother in law, age 55 yrs old, is an attorney, and exhibits signs of high functioning aspergers. he has poor social skills, becomes very fixated on strange topics, and is socially inappropriate many times. He laughs inappropriately at others misfortunes and thinks things are funny when they are in fact– the very opposite., Very socially inept, showing almost no empathy to anyone, regardless of their situation. . My sister is concerned as his actions , and apparent lack of interest in his family, and his children are putting much stress on their homelife. My sister says she has ignored the many signs of aspergers for years, but now is asking if homeopthy can help him. He has never been treated for it before …. Please suggest to me how I would begin to treat him.

  40. Swaliha Siddiqui says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I have a 7 year old boy seems like have nearly most of the symptoms of Aspergers and it scares me because my second daughter who is 4 years and 8 months old has been diagnosed with autism at the age of three. I have consulted Dr. Oswal of Pune for her four months ago and now she is in his care. He is so expensive that we are not able to talk to him about our son, therefore want to know if you can help him.
    We are in Vancouver, Canada and can’t come to india, kindly let me know what we need to do in order to have his treatment started.

  41. Hi Dr Sharma
    I have a son with AS can you send me some information how to treat it at home please
    Any information would be greatly appreciated



  42. purvita says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma, I have been told my son has aspergers syndrome and is not autistic. He continues to have weak motor skills(cannot bottom his shirt or write steadily) and continues to be fixated with TV shows as he does not have company and is wary of meeting new people. Also he continues to swing and play with pair of socks all the time that he is at home. He has been your patient for more than year now and improvement is there but very slow. I have enrolled for another year of your autism treatment. Please let me know for how long I should continue with homeopathy to get some dramatic results. Thanking you in anticipation. Purvita, Mobile: 9820481197

  43. Dear Dr Sharma ,

    My son is 43years old and I seem to have just realized that he has ASD. I would appreciate if you could tell me the homeopathic remedy for the same.

    With best wishes


  44. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Can you suggest some herbs and or homeopathic remedies for aspergers? Thank you, Zhena

  45. Connie Ronca says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,

    I am a mother and have a child diagnosed wih AS, I also think that her father has some of the symptoms but has not been diagnosed. My house is very dysfunctional because of husband and his peculiarities. Can homeopathy help?

    Connie Ronca

  46. Dennis Taylor says:

    My son is a young adult now ( 22 yrs.). He was diagnosed as a aspie when he was age 9, he feels like he is cursed at times. He has trouble making eye contact during conversations an has found wearing sunglasses somewhat helps. Is he to old to try homeopathic help..w

  47. I have to say that for the past few of hours i have been hooked by the impressive posts on this website. Keep up the wonderful work. says:

    I’ll right away snatch your rss feed as I can’t in finding your e-mail subscription link or newsletter service. Do you have any? Kindly allow me understand so that I may just subscribe. Thanks.

  48. Dr. Sharma – My 17-year-old son has recently suffered major anxiety issues resulting in him having a homebound tutor to finish out the school year. He has been seeing a physician who has been treating him with supplements (starting with innositol, now he’s taking a multivitamin, vitamin B6, vitamin D3, magnesium, valerian, lemon balm, flaxseed oil, and 5-HTP), and a psychologist who said that she detected some Asperger traits in him. He then went to a psychiatrist (mainly to confirm or disprove this dx), who concurred that he perceived that he had very mild, extremely high-functioning Asperger’s. Can you recommend a homeopathic treatment for him? He definitely does NOT want to take Zoloft or Xanax. Thank you.

  49. Dear Dr

    I have suffered Asperger Syndrome from the time I have known myself till now at the age 58.

    Could you help me on this?


  50. Swaroop Madduri says:

    Dr. Sharma, I am also Indian, just like you are. I want to tell you that I myself have Asperger Syndrome, and suffered badly throughout my life because of it. That is why I can never be happy with who I am, and I tend to sound like such a pessimist most of the time. But what you have written here is very inspiring, and I like how it is structured.

  51. Sandra Dinwiddie says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My 16 year old son has many of the traits of Asperger’s Disorder; I have been
    searching for helpful interventions since he was 3 years old. At age 13 to 15
    years of age he was seen by Dr. Luc De Schepper (an M.D. & classical homeopath) practicing here in the United States, and was treated with gradually increasing drops of watery doses of 30C Calc Carb and after about 1 1/2 years was then switched over to doses of LM1 Calc Carb with some lasting benefits regarding previous problems with insomnia and anxiety. Then Dr. De Schepper retired from
    private practice. His parting advice for my son was, “to continue with Calc Carb
    until age 16, and then switch him to Sulphur to finish.” Unfortunately, in looking at family miasms, I have seen that the Tubercular Miasm runs strongly down both paternal & maternal sides of our family and I can confirm many examples/variations of it affecting the past 4 generations of family members (more examples in males than females). Although I have taken my son’s case to 2
    different classical homeopaths in the U.S. in the past year, they have both recommended other remedies than recommended by Dr. De Schepper which have not provided benefit for my son. I believe that long term classical homeopathic treatment could improve more of my son’s challenges, if we could find a homeopath who is more experienced and can treat my son in the method
    that has proven most beneficial for him (watery doses with small increases using
    LMs…)–and who is willing to study the tubercular roots regarding my son’s case.
    I have read and learned alot about classical homeopathy in the past 3 years,
    but am not experienced enough to continue it for my son without guidance from
    an astute classical homeopath. I am currently studying an on-line education
    course about classical homeopathy that is offered by the homeopath & teacher David Little,
    and his advice regarding my son’s case was that “long-term treatment would be
    the key to improvements”… Is my son’s case one you would consider taking?

    Thank You For Your Time & Consideration,

    Sincerely ,
    Sandra Dinwiddie

  52. Gurdev Singh says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    You are a wonderful doctor, who always believe in giving knowledge to others. God bless you and give you more strength to serve the needy people.

    My request is if you impart your knowledge regarding kidney problems and the medicines regarding the problems. Lot of people are suffering because of lack of knowledge. My humble request is to kindly write on this topic. I know, writing an article is time consuming, but it will help many.

    God bless you.
    Gurdev Singh

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