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  Homeopathy For Food Allergy

 Ever heard of someone developing a life-threatening allergic reaction from a tiny part of a peanut? Ever heard of someone having an asthma attack just after taking a spoon of cooked mushrooms? Or severe attack of migraine triggered by black pepper. These may sound strange, but are true!

These are intriguing for the medical world too as some important questions remain unanswered. Why some of us suddenly develop a strong allergy to a food substance that we have been eating so often? And why do they start so suddenly in life?

Many people think the terms ?food allergy? and ?food intolerance? mean the same thing, but they do not. Food intolerance is an adverse food-induced reaction that does not involve the immune system. Lactose intolerance is one example of food intolerance. A person with lactose intolerance lacks an enzyme that is needed to digest milk sugar. When the person eats milk products, symptoms such as gas, bloating and abdominal pain may occur.

Although an individual may be allergic to any food, such as fruits, vegetables and meats, these are not as common as the following eight foods which account for 90 per cent of all food-allergic reactions: Milk, egg, peanut, tree nut (walnut, cashew, etc.), fish, shellfish, soya and wheat.

The symptoms that the allergic individual produces are individual in nature. They can range from a mild asthmatic attack to a severe life threatening allergic response (anaphylaxis). The complex process of digestion also affects the timing and the location of a reaction. If people are allergic to a particular food, for example, they may first experience itching in the mouth as they start to eat the food. After the food is digested in the stomach, abdominal symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhoea or pain may start. When the food allergens enter and travel through the bloodstream, they can cause a drop in blood pressure. As the allergens reach the skin, they can induce hives or eczema, or when they reach the lungs, they may cause asthma. All of this takes place within a few minutes to an hour.

Homoeopathic treatment of food allergies can be very beneficial as it treats food allergies by optimising the overcharged immune system. Though the treatment may require a more serious approach, most of the allergies can be treated with homeopathy. Homeopathy views food allergies as an expression of a disturbance in the patient?s healing system. Food allergies are not a disease to be cured in themselves, but a reflection of an underlying imbalance.

Food sensitivity or intolerance can be treated by homeopathic medicines that are specific to that particular problem. For example, homeopathic medicine Silicea for milk intolerance in infants, when even the mother?s milk disagrees, or Zingiber for diarrhoea that sets in after eating melons or Antim crudum for headache that comes after eating fruits.

Dr. Vikas Sharma is a Chandigarh based homeopathic doctor .He has been practicing homeopathy for the last 13 years


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  1. Chandra Shekhar says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am Mr.Chandra Shekhar, age 49 years suffering with food allergies from past 4 years with nearly 20 basic food items like egg, meat, milk, soya, yeast, cabbage, wheat etc., and also suffering with dust allergies.

    Symptoms are itching on legs, hand, stomach with red rashes with shortness of breath.

    Same problem facing when I exposed to dust, dust mites, pollens, bird feathers etc., with severe itchy skin problems and shortness of breath.

    Looking for your valuable advise and medication on my above chronic allergy problems.

    Thanking you,

  2. Vijay Kumar says:

    Constipation from almond suggest homeopathic medicine

  3. alain demaynadier says:

    is chlorine an antidote to homeopathic medcines

  4. K.K. BATRA says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma,
    I am 68 years of age having very common ailments like high BP, Diabetes, Hyper/Acute Acidity/Gas, Sinusitis and also Heitus Hernia. I am taking allopathic medicines regularly for high BP (Cardace 5 (OD)), Diabetes (Janumet 50/500 (BD)) and Acidity (Dirab D/Rabiros D (OD)). Due to Sinus I am having a tendency of regular cough, cold, sore throat, blocked nose etc. etc. and due to Acidity feels lethargic, chest pain, insomnia and other related serious problems. I tried so many homeopathic/ aurvedic medicines but they are momentary. The moment I stop, the problem reoccurs. Then I searched in the internet and found two medicines, Gastro-Aid for Acidity and Throat-Aid for sore throat etc. Now I am not able to take curd, pickles, lemon, juice etc. The moment I take any of this, my throat gets infection and I get fever also. Of course, with the help of Throat-Aid and Gastro-Aid I am getting some relief. But for allergy with curd, pickles, lemon and juice, I have not been able to get any medicine. May I request you to please see if you can help me in getting rid of these problems permanently. If you feel Throat-Aid and Gastro-Aid are useful for my problems, then any medicine for allergy and other ailments.
    Thanks and regards,
    K.K. Batra

  5. Hi
    In my skin of arms and legs red spots apers and lips was swollen today but after moist with oil it will disappear after few hours same type was done 2018 and after homophobic Madison it was finished at present name of Madison not remember
    Kindly suggest Madison and reply why it appears again my stomach is ok it cause of food?

  6. fuk u madarchod

  7. Dr Muhammad zubair says:

    I m Dr Zubair from pakistan .Im studying your notes online .got benficial for me thank s

  8. Hi Sir, my son is 7 years old, severe dry cough he will have often, since he is having adenoid, can homeo will be best medicine, will it cure? How long it will take to get cure? Or any surgery in this age will be done?

  9. Sir I am Koshy. I am suffering from food allergy and weight loss from last five years. I am consulted with a Homeo doctor and using arsenic album, baryta carbonica and ipecacuanha from last 5months. Some progress is after taking this medicine.But if i am eating any fried items and milk items, i suffering too much acidity, swallowing problems and weight loss.Now my tongue is in whitish colour.At sleeping time i am suffering some breathing difficulties also.After this disease,my muscles are very weak and and also cause to weight loss.Long years ago(about 15 years ago) starting this problem my eosinophila is very high and i am taking hetrazan tablet about three months and after about 8 months i am taking above Homeo medicines. At that time i am cured from that disease. After a long time my weight is reduced about 7 kg and my tongue is in white colour and also swallowing problem is also started. So please suggest medicines for this disease. Thank you.

  10. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I have found out having a white beet allergy. I could not find any help or information about this on the internet. I already had Saccharum Officinale 10M, but this one is made of cane juice. I am allergic to something in white beet, but it is not the sugar. I get bloated immediatelly, water retention, itchy back, very itchy under my eyes. I am OK with red beets, I eat them with no problems, but white beets are the problem.
    Thank you for the answer.

  11. navita yadav says:

    Hi Doc…I m allergic to Besan, peanuts, paneer, yeast…if i eat any of these my lip gets swollen, on eating paneer immediately my stomach gets hard by gastric problem….and the main is lack in breathing…….. Please help me out….

  12. MUNIR AHMED says:


  13. Dr. A. K. bansal says:

    Hi. I have allergy from lemon, citric foods and it causes mouth ulcers. in due course these have become painful and take more time in healing. Reaction is increasing every time. Is there a treatment that it does not react or reaction is controlled or minimised?

  14. Hi Sir,
    My Name is Syed. I am currently suffering from various food allergies other than dust, mice, insects etc.
    Could you please provide me any solution? Can it be cured through homeopathy?

  15. ROCKY A DCRUZ says:

    Hello Dr.
    My nephew is suffering from chickpea allergy. Whenever he touches, smells or eat any Besan products his face get swell especially his eye. Please suggest some remedies so that he gets complete heal and will able to eat the same.

  16. Faria bakhtiar says:

    My lips,eyes, throat swell I take medicine kestine for allergy but it takes 4 days to one week recovery.what should I do? I m married 40 years old.and suffering from this disease since 4 years.

  17. Dear Dr.,
    My son is 6 months old and we have just discovered from an allergy test done at the hospital, that he is allergic to milk, egg, wheat, peanut and soy. I have been exclusively breastfeeding but last month I put him on to neocate formula milk as well to get his weight up. No medicine or anti histamine seems to be helping him. The poor boy is in agony. I have been dairy, egg and nut free for over a month, but the dietitian asked me to continue eating wheat. What would you advise? Poor baby doesn’t have a successful plan in place.

  18. Avesh khatri says:

    Sir I have a wheat allergy how can I cure it


  20. My GrandDaughter whenever she vomits foods like some melons often develops red spots on the cheeks and neck. These spots go away after 2-3 days. She is 3 1/2 years old. Kindly suggest any homeopathic medicine for her.

  21. SHASHI SAHAY says:

    My son aged 35 has food skin allergy especially by taking pea nuts,eggs, alcohol etc.
    Pls suggest homeo medicine and oblige


    Hello doctor.

    I am celeac patient and because of that my digestion is very weak i tried several medicine but nothing work out i can not drink milk,meat egg my digestion is very weak and slow if i eat my lunch it seems that after long time may be five to seven hours what i eat same thing i am burping especially after eating i fell heaviness and i don not feel apatite,and if i work hard i feel weakness.Doctor told me you have IBS and SIBO and now a days i am feeling itchiness in my whole body.

  23. Gleeta fernandes says:

    Hello doctor.
    Im a resident of india son gabriel who is 3yrs old is allergic to daal chaana egg etc……


      Try Calcarea Phos 6X daily (1-1-1) in mouth. When you find improvement reduce the dose to 1-0-1 and then 0-0-1. Improvement may start after about 10 days.

      Never take the tablets once problem gets cleared

  24. Rohit kumar says:

    Dear sir,
    My problem is that i feel so tired, suddenly weakness,not able to think right thing,anger,low fever, nausea after taking cold thing such as curd,banana,cucumber, guava, pomegranate etc.
    So please give me advice..


  25. I am seeking help for my child. We have tried allergy shots for 4 years now on top of medication and he is still experiencing extreme reactions. He has food and seasonal allergies. Food allergies are odd though, all members of the pepper family (Capsicum genus) and sesame seeds. We are looking into new options now. His reactions from a bite of food with any peppers in it include : vomiting, low grade fever, body aches, swollen throat, and nausea. These symptoms last for days.

  26. Good.morning doctor sb I am suffering the deases of skin alergy when i eat apple or any other fruits then my skin seeming to radish itich etc I have test my blood from libarotry thy declare me protens allergy so plz suggest meedicinces for control of protens alergy and to control my radash ringworm and itch etc i am very greatful to you for this kind of act regards farooq

  27. Sreenivasan says:


    My wife stomach bulges after 2 to 3 hours I think intestine bulges and she sweat and pressure also goes up after eating gram daal, Channa daal etc Currently it reduces with in take of Chellidonium r Ruta

    What is the long term solution for it

  28. Happy new year doctor,i am having food allergy ,please tell me to cure food allery

  29. Hi Doctor,

    I have egg and peanut allergy since my college days and currently i am 35 yrs old. Whenever i consume peanut or egg contained products , i get strong reddish swellings[ big puss] in my face. I beleive in homeo because homeo medicine cured my sinusitis. Please help me how i can get rid of this allergy from my body with the help of homeo.Currently i am living in dubai.

  30. I was eating a shrimp salad and my face Immediately started swelling up. What do I do to stop the swelling and is this life-threatening or can it get worse?

  31. Arunava Datta says:

    Etching starts after eating ladiesfingre,bringel,duck egg,redmeat

  32. My daughter aged 5 yrs has developed allergy for following – nuts and tree nuts, few seeds and few types
    Of b
    Grains . Kindly advise homeo treatment and oblige. She developed rashes and other usual symptoms

  33. Its me sujan .I want to tell you that what is the solution of allergy that I have been suffering from last 11 months …I am 18 yrs old what can I do for this problem?

    • Muhammad shahab says:

      I have food elergy like meat nuts milk elergy I mean protein elergy then skin rashes itching wh water came from finger and too much itching. Kindly recommend me treatment. I am suffering from 12 years

  34. Digvijay Singh says:

    Dear sir please help my wife aged 47 years develops acute pain in stomach after eating besan or gram flour what could be the medicines how do we take them.

  35. MAMTA AGARWAL says:

    I get abdominal cramps after eating mushrooms. Kindly suggest a remedy.

  36. My heart races when I eat coconut or coconut oil. It is very healthy though and I would like to be able to eat coconut oil. Can my allergy be treated through homeopathy?

  37. D. K. Singhal says:

    My daughter aged 34 years is allergic to mushrooms. Allergy is severe. She immediately faces breathlessness and gets her BP dropped. What is the best remedy for such an allergy.

  38. Hi red meat gives sinuse alergy . Runny nose ext. Thx

  39. My son has a lentil allergy and also peas
    What remedy is best for this?

  40. When eat pickle raw onion , thorat itch nose discharge watery liquid please send me of medicine to cure

  41. I hv ellergy to brinjal leading to irritation nd itching on body. Kindly guide

  42. Mujhe rice gallery h main is se preshan rehra ho main kiya kro .

  43. Hi doctor I was diagnosed with Wheat IGE of 0.12 over 0.10 so I have an intolerance to Wheat. It has a nasty effect on my GI Tract, so I get gas, rapid heart beats, blood pressure will spike, and other issues. I wonder if I have eosinophilic gastroenteritis as well, but I will ask to get tested. What do you recommend for me?


    My papa is 55 yrs old . He did blood test and we found that he is allergic of milk, curd, rice, paneer,& red rajma. Mere papa bahut pareshan rahte kyuki unhe pure din itching rahte h whole body me. Pls tell us the Homopathic medicine to cure up this type of allergy

  45. Sir, When i eat brinjal, Lady’s finger, lemon, curd, butter milk… thereafter swollen on my head

  46. Cynthia Ramessar says:

    Dr. Sharma my 4 year old daughter is severely allergic to All nuts tree nuts and peanuts. I am very uncomfortable giving her children’s Benadryl. I want a more natural approach. Please help me. I’m desperate!!!!!

  47. Hello Doctor,
    My allopathic doctor says milk protein ( casein ) but I can eat ghee , wheat gluten , peas, some beans , and some nuts like almonds , pistas, ( but I can eat groundnuts, and walnuts ) these are some of the food items that do not suit me at my age 55 yrs , I get bloated stomach, lot of gas , I also have H pylori . So I have stopped the above items as much as I can , I don’t eat bread , cakes , ice cream , Indian sweets , dals , roties , cheese etc
    Doctor , is there a sure shot homeopathy medicine to cure my problem , for I don’t want to get ulcers or stomach polyps , I do had one small sessil polyp but now my doctor says it’s not there , I don’t want to get it again .
    I wanted to know if you can surely help me and cure my ailment . As life is boaring at my age as I can’t eat so many things .

  48. Sir i have allergy with sour food ,pea nut,cheese beans almonds and constant sneezing due do dust, soap

  49. C VENKATASIVA says:

    Hello doctor!
    My name is Venkatasiva. I am suffering from food allergy last four months. I am taking allopathi medicine ,Allegra-120mg,Livocitragin_10mg,Aterax-10mg,Betnasol-0.5mg and also taking injuction avil,dexomethasone.These all are giving temporary relief.
    Now I’m taking sulpur.
    Please give me a better advise and suggestions.
    Thanking you

  50. Annu Kumari says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My friend has lactose intolerance as well as fruit sugar intolerance at the same time. He gets into severe problems like you mentioned above pain in stomach, dropping of blood pressure due to these 2 allergies.

    He was normal until the age of 24 and could eat everything when this problem started. He is 33 years old now and has been facing this problem for 10 years.

    I would like to understand if there is a cure for this in homeopathy. So far he has been only taking allopathy treatment but it does not seem very helpful.

    Could you suggest us.


  51. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    When I was 16 years old I took NSAIDs and then when I was 20 I took VIOXX. Now, after a Crohn’s Disease diagnosis, I feel like I’m burning inside after ingesting anything with chemicals. Such as, I cannot tolerate wheat, Canola oil, Soy or gluten. I cannot use any chemicals on my skin otherwise I will break out in a rash, itchy all over. When I eat anything like this, I get bad joint pain and an unwell feeling that makes me feel tired and sluggish, with mental fog and memory issues.

  52. Nand Kishor Prasad Gupta says:

    Hello Doctor, I am 50 years old. In my case Gas as well as motion forms on eating milky tea, fish, roti etc within 10 minutes to 2 hours. In this course I have to go for latrine 5-6 times everyday. I suffer also from Allergic symptoms on the skin of whole body when comes in contact with the dirty or jungle-jhar place. I am facing this problem for last 35 years. Please give me your valuable suggestion.

  53. Satarupa sengupta says:

    Hello Dr. My baby is eight month old. He has lactose intolerance since from birth. He has severe acid reflux also. I did many tests. Dr. Prescribed medicines but nothing worked. He has swallowing problem. He couldn’t swallow solids and semi solids. Is there any chance to cure him by giving homeopathic medicine. Pls do give advice. Thanking you, Satarupa sengupta .

  54. I am undergoing warts treatment using homeopathy treatment…i know non veg food is to be avoided till the treatment is complete..
    But need to know whether egg can be eaten during treatment?

  55. Hello sir
    Mera naam shiva haai
    Air mujhe high ige allergy hai mera ige hai 1860 hai khan khane k bad 1 hour taak bechain rahta hu pet bhara hua lgta hai kya karu
    Kabhi bechaini itni badh jati hai
    K mar jaungaa aisa lagta hai
    Mera no. 9300668266

  56. Yogesh Shah says:

    Hello sir GM
    I am Yogesh shah para medico
    I suffer when I eat curd banana and gram
    I develop snizzing and dry long coughing.
    After that it becomes yellow and my body becomes weak

  57. Dear Doctor,

    I am women of 50 years old, for the past 3 years i have developed food allergy, specifically after eating in weddings (both veg & non-veg).However i do regularly eat at small functions & Hotels and small eatery joints and nothing happens . Only after eating a wedding meal ,within 10-15 minutes i feel itchy sensation in my throat nose joint. then i sneeze and feel discomfort in breathing. so far i had this attack 4 times ,first time it was very severe that my breathlessness was heavy ,my oxygen level and pulse dropped , i turned blue and medication i was alright.the intensity started decreasing step by step on the 2nd and 3rd time respectively . and the 4th time it was mild.
    i request your kind suggestion to overcome this


  58. Pratima r says:

    Respected doctor
    My daughter since last one year is suffering from hives.she took allopathy medicine-Allegra 120-180 depending on hives
    And also L dio5-10 mg.
    She has got tremendous relief from Apis melifica 4 tab three times a day. Since last 10 days .
    Pls guide me how n what homepathy medicin she should take to prevent hives on lips body n limbs .
    She has got food allergy test n has diagnosed capsicum ,yeast ,vinegar etc as allegent and corn as major allergens ,kindly suggest homeopathy medicin for her
    Thanks n regards

  59. Respected sir,
    My daughter is 5yrs old n she had been detected wid food allergy by wheat, Channa dal, tomatoes, orange n banana..wht should I do n why to gv her instead of chapatis

  60. N. NATARAJAN says:

    Hello Dr.,
    My son is having allergic to bengal Gram and Green peas. He will get itching on the mouth when he tastes, then his lips will swell, the itching will continue to the throat and eyes will become red.
    So he is unable to take dhal, sweets and snacks.
    Being a vegetarian it is very difficult for him to take food outside especially when he is staying in the Hostel.
    Please suggest a solution.

  61. Rakesh krishnan says:

    hello doctor,
    hope you doing well. i have seborrhoea dermatitis for last 3 years. i took allopathy medicine. But temporary relief again its coming. Now past one month i am taking homeopathy treatment. i need to know it will be curable what kind of food i can take. i can eat chicken,fish ,mutton and egg. please advice me doctor.

  62. Dr RP Goyal says:

    Hello Dr.,
    I’m getting pain & swelling in fingers and knees after eating Lemon.
    Any Homeo .medicine for same ?
    Dr Goyal

  63. Suryakant mishra says:

    Hello sir, i am getting skin radh ,itching,hives all over my body since last 4 years. When i eat, brinjal,puri,samosa,imli chutney,besan and sometimes paneer.. what to do as i cant avoid eating it.
    I take Atarax 10mg for relief. Plsguide.

    Suryakant mishra.
    Cell no -9930061304

    • Manjunath says:

      Even I am also facing the same problem as since 7 years
      like swelling lips and eyes and rashes on neck
      and if it crosses limit rashes ll come on arms too

      I too use the Atrax 10 mg for relief.

      Please let me know if you get permanent solution to it


  64. I have serious problem of breathing. After consuming sour cold and oily things i get my oesophagus blocked by cough and mucus sometimes it gets so much worse that if i immediately don’t see a doctor i feel l would die due to problem in breathing. Can it be cured?

  65. Mrs Malik says:

    I am fifty years old hypothyroid female,diagnosed with fatty liver and single 2.3cm gallstone ,please advise is there any treatment in homeopathy to practice safely. And procedures etc.
    Best Regards.

  66. My friend gets bad distress every time she eats tomatoes. Why is this. What can she do about it and what homeopathic remedy would help.mthank you louis

  67. praveen kumar says:

    helo sir
    I am a boy, age of 22yrs From last 8 years i have got the an allregy that if i eat a small pieces pf any sour items and cold items i get fever and feel weakness in my body so sir suggest me what i do?

  68. praveen kumar says:

    helo sir
    I am a boy, age of 22yrs From last 8 years i have got the an allregy that if i eat a small pieces pf any sour items and cold items i get fever and feel weakness in my body so sir suggest me what i do?

  69. Umar Javaid says:


    Which homeopathic medicine use after eating rice?

    Umar Javaid

  70. Can we sour things like lemon,orange,grapes etc while taking homeopatic medicines

  71. My mother is diabetic and she thinks that she should not eat cabbage and cauliflower . How valid is this. She is also suffering with arthritis and lumber spodilites. Dr. Can you clarify please

  72. Good morning sir,
    I am a boy, age of 23. From last 2 years i have got the an allregy that if i eat a small pieces pf any sour items, i get swollen at every part of body. Before 2 years it was fine, but don’t hpw did it come. Is it something in my blood or is it something in mu dna that is making me worried About it. Ia there any way to curr this thing ?

  73. Chhavi yadav says:

    My name is chhavi Yadav and my age is 15 years.I have besan allergy and due to which my lips get swelled ….I have tried to avoid besan and gram but accidentally I ate gram pulse also known as chana dal on 9 March 2017 ….After that my lower lip got swelled and the swollen part got somewhat cured till evening ..But after 2 days it again came up…I also faced somewhat unconsciousness on 12 March 2017 due to this allergy and now I don’t know what to do…Please can you tell me the treatment for this so that I can give my exams properly……

  74. jyoti kesarwani says:

    i get severe migraine after eating bengal gram flour [besan] , matar,peanuts, chocolates,wheat refined flour that is maida,pav [white bread]urad daal,colored food,even i get bloating and gas problems with severe acidity can it be treated by homeopathy and is it called celiac disease and can be colon cancer after some years,please age is 45 and i have 65kg weight.

  75. Hi dr. My friend feel itching after eating or drinking sour things.. Even she have noticed that some times after eating fish she have itching in the whole body.. After eating oranges her full tongue and mouth starts itching very badly.. Even she has too much of gastric problem.. So can you please explain about this? How to get rid of this?

  76. Anirudh khatavkar says:

    Sir I m suffering from white patch from many year
    I m using homeopathy medicine for white patch and it is cured as much as possible but now I m going to gym so I m using chocolate protein and it will be dark white next day and small patch
    Then what should I do can I leave that protine powder

  77. Anurag Khadse says:

    Dear sir,
    I Anurag Khadse 23 year old from Maharashtra working in Bihar has a Civil Engineer. Sir i have a severe problem of Breathing problem, Nose block and Skin swelling with red rashes on my body whenever i Eat mainly Rice, milk ,oily foods, ulad daal , cold food (onion,cucumber etc.), banana and many more food.
    I get a breathing problem with chest congestion. Because of which i can’t sleep at night plus this problem is hampering my health at that level causing me to think for leaving my job and go home.
    From last 12 years i am taking allopathic medicine, but no you use.
    Please help me sir

  78. Hello sir name vinod 44 yrs owner of medical store registered pharmacist i have back pain some time hip pain pain running all over the back last many years also stomach upset burning fullness also itching pimple on skin i have done many reports from dmc ludhiana pGi but nothing help doctor prescribe pantoparazol like and pain killers but when i take pantoparazol like medicines get more problem like diarrhea blood in stool i lost ten kg weight now last month i can take only cetrizine tab and i gain 2 kg 80 to 90 percent pain is ok also tell you sir when i eat sugar curd even fruit like items problem is back now i can eat eggs meat vegetables cereals without potato and tamato now i feel much better tell me sir what is the problem is it treatable or become more serious in future

  79. Rupali Gupta says:

    Hello Sir

    My name is Rupali and I live in London. My 6 months old daughter has recently been tested positive for cow’s milk protein allergy. Her symptoms are redness, very itchy, colic, slight swelling in eyes, rashes.

    I wanted to know that is there any treatment available in homeopathy for this. If there is I can plan to come to India and let her go treatment,


  80. Dear Sir,

    I have twin sons of 12 years age

    Both the boys have very severe allergy to Bengal grammar flour (Chana Daal & all food made from besan ). They can’t even touch it. If they Consum a little bit, a boils, rashes on skin appears instantly.

    I haven’t tried to get specific treatment for this problem because Both of them have severe asthma problem aalso since childhood (8 months age)
    We are totally focussed to keep their asthma under control. Even doctors are not listening me as their other problems are major. They simply advise me to keep them away from such food.
    They are taking homeopathy medicine for asthma since many years. Our homeopath doctor has tried to treat this allergy problem..But no results.

    Is there any medicine which can treat their problem? Our most of the snacks are prepared from besan. My children could not even touch it.
    Please help.
    Thank you for reading my question. I am eager to get some hopefull reply.



  81. Aanchal Batra says:

    my ige level is very high and it effects on my back and arm colr is black day by day what can i do. my allergy is from pickle

  82. Dr. Sharma
    If a ate outside food… Which is spicy… And bitter
    I get allery On my face.. .with red marks n irriritation…
    Plz tell me solution to get rid out of it….
    Even if i ate tomatoes in vegetables…. Spices i suffer from this allergy ….

  83. Dear Dr.Sharma
    I get an excema like rash on the top of my hands wraping around to the underside forearms when I eat nightshade foods, sugar and dairy. When the rash is there it is very itchy and feels really good to itch. It also looks like lines in it that are moist on my chin and up around my mouth under my nose. My eyelids and eyebrows. Is there any remedy to relieve me of this misery? There is no issue with digesting these foods it just shows up on my skin
    Thank you lisa

  84. Kamal Dhawan says:

    By eating besan products like curri etc irritation ingullet then asthmatic problem with gas problem having loud eructations starts .Suggest some homeopathic medicine

  85. Hi Sharma,

    I’m 29 year old allergic (rash) with tomato, what would be your advise on this. i started avoiding tomato, apart from this what else there in homeopathy to cure my issue ???

  86. Tilak Sharma says:

    My grand daughter is allergic to all nuts. She is 9 years old. Is there treatment to cure this allergy?
    Please advise.


  87. Valli singh says:

    DrSharma I am 78 years old . I am allergic to sweet( I mean any thing contain sweet like fruits . ) in USA most of the food contains sugar . Even very little sugar content makes me very sick . With in few hours I get very severe pain and burning in the throat . With in couple of hours I get bronchitis and pneumonia with high fever. This going on many many years and treated with lot of antibiotic. I was treated by a homeopathic doctor but still have the problem . Even though I am very careful and ready the label it is still a problem . Even a minute amount creates this problem . I do not develop hives or itching I hope you can help me . Thanks

  88. I am 23 age boy I have food allergy.allergy of milk,tomoto,peas,and house dust and house mite…my voice is strong sometime what i speak another person cannot understand properly…any solution is there to make my voice properly

  89. Waqas Shaikh says:

    I have a wheezing problem and it comes and goes. It increases when I go out. My cholestrol, sugar, and blood pressure are within normal range. I am about 20% over weight and that is the only health problem I have. I do exercise moderately every day but sometime wheezing becomes a concern when people around me can hear my breathing.

    Any homeopathy treatment for this? I would appreciate your help and advise.



  90. shelly malik says:

    Sir,my mother is suffering from allergy due to sour products…..due to this allergy ,her body is aching and swelling comes on her face and legs.pls suggest some remedy for her

  91. hello sir,
    I eat beef as often.but from last 6 months whenever i ate beef some itching pimples as growing on my face, chest and back of shoulder.
    which all food items should i stop eating..when i ate chicken and some fish i didnt felt thiz..but when i ate beef and one therandi named fish i feklt thiz very badly

  92. sir I am taking medicine of ringworm from 3 days but by mistake I took fast food and it has put elergy on my body … how to cure as tomorrow B is holiday of homeopathic medicine

  93. Sir . I am suffering from loose motion from past 7 months and as I have observed it is due to wheat. Request guide

  94. I am allergic (reaction) to turkey, mushroom, garlic, onion in that order- the first 2 are easy to avoid but garlic is difficult. Any suggestions

  95. shabana Shaikh says:

    My son is 15 year old and from last 3 months he started coughing and cold. Doctors told it is asthama. From last 2 days his coughing increases and he have a cold, itching and red spots on his body, I already tried 3 allopathic doctors.

    Is my child be cure by homeopathy treatment?

  96. Ritesh Kumar says:

    Sir , I am 17 years old , i have elergy from gram , bananas , capsicum , almonds , yeast . Sir , please give me solution .

  97. Sweeta Saili says:

    I have allergy from milk, ginger,mustard…. i develop swelling on eyes and lips and facial skin get darkened

  98. Dear sir i m 45 years old.i have severe sour elergy. I cant eat any thing or food.vegetable .n fruits which have sour taste .infact one drop of sour start vertigoes n vomit when ever my stomach empty from food by vomit i feel vertigoes .kinfly inform me what should i do n what medicine will cure me .thanx

  99. Sir,
    Since few years I am suffering from food allergy. Allergic foods are – asafoedita,mango, puisak, brinjal,moongdal,all milkproduct,egg—housedust,cotton and kapok etc. Restricted foods are Banana,vendi,coliflower, massurdal prawn, meat and neem. Due to this food restriction most of the time I suffer from itching, stomach disorder, gas, disetry, lose motion etc. Wheat product also not suiting to me. Please advise the medicine.


    Sankar pal

  100. ANIL KUMAR MATE says:


  101. COOKIE GANESH says:


  102. richa verma says:

    Hello sir I have a food allergy from rice, orange, lemon. I have already done allergy test. After eating these things I feel raises on our whole body. Pls tell me how can I escape from this, any homeopathy treatment.

  103. Hi
    My skin was developing one white patch on my thighs and when i consulted to my doctor he gave some medicine and asked not to consume sour food items.
    After 3 months i think my skin is developing small patches on my arms.
    Could you please me with some advice.

  104. Hi my son was allergic to eggs when little he is now 14 and has been eating eggs in baking tho all his life, but he has bad ache, could this be from the eggs in baking

  105. Hi,

    In the last few years I have developed a severe allergy to peppermint oil( skin breaks out in lots of hives, burning, severe itching and within the last year swelling of the mouth when taken orally). I just started taking black cumin oil and seeds in small amounts.for the health benefits and have noticed the roof of my mouth starting to swell so is there a way, by using homeopathy, that I can prevent allergic reactions from continuing to occur so that I don’t go into anaphylactic shock?

  106. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    My daughter who is 11 has just been diagnosed with peanut allergy and have to carry an epi-pen all the time. Recently I noticed her tongue gets red and itchy after eating brown daal. Can you suggest anything for her.

  107. DEAR SIR

  108. Sachin Dhuvad says:

    Hi Dear Sir,
    My son’s age 9.4 year’s He is suffering from allergy of combination of chilly with starch foods & also night hold food like reply which kind of homeopathic medicines to control.

  109. Muhammad Rizwan says:

    dear sir
    i am suffring with mix protine allery . which kind of homeopathy medican i can use to control.
    mine half of allergy vaction corce is completed

  110. Hey
    I have great alergi from green chilli…If I cut them my hands just began to burn…I mean it started to rash a lot and it doesn’t end however I may wash hands with soap. ..plc tell how to prevent these to put end to these rash..?

  111. My daughter is 2year and 8 month old, she have allergy from tomato, chana daal, Apple, capsicum,sesame,house dust, house dust mite, perfume etc., is there any treatment for this problem.

  112. Please suggest what to take

    I think I ate less cooked chicken brought from deli section from a fresh food store counter
    I am having throat itching, in skin i see small small mosquito bite type and it is itching

    I took rustocks 30 , belladonna 30
    Let me know if you suggest any other medcin for this allergy
    Please suggest

  113. Hello sir,
    My ten month old baby boy is suffering from chronic Loose stool..since last 6 month approx..after treatment with allopathy the consistency became normal but he is passing stool 3to 4 times his weight is 8.5 sool test reducing substance is positive… Please suggest..

  114. hi
    Alopathy doctor insisted not to eat.egg dry fruits chocolet. fish to my 2 And half year old baby girl when we consulted for allergies rashes on her body. Now we are taking homeopathy medicine from past 2 weeks but there is no result. we wer giving her Homeopathy medicine from the birth. please suggest us a right medicine.

  115. Mohd. Waseem ali says:

    Hi docter,
    I m male 34 yrs, I am working in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. Now days I m facing allergy problem which resulting in cough, and chest pain. Here docter advised to go through RAST test which will define which type of allergic I m. As per me it all started with eating non veg here as everywhere they are serving frozen product.

    Recently my condition was so bad that I was not able to take breath also. I will request u to please guide me in this regard.


    Waseem ali

  116. Md Ekramul Haque says:

    Dr Sharma,
    I am 55 yrs old. I am suffering from food allergy for about 20 yrs. I sigfied foods that causes running nose,sneezing like Masoor dal,egg, milk,wheat,nut etc, I use anti histamin tab. I want homeopathy treatment and permanent remedy. Pl help me.

  117. sir my age is 18 year and last 3 year after eating totmato,tea,copy, nuts,lemon,tamarind and any sour food. my body eatching,very hot,red spot ,oliy skine,bug like on all body. plz help

  118. faisal baig says:

    Hi sir my wife is suffering from wheat allergy and can not eat any thing made of wheat is there anything that help her she is weak having age 38

  119. Hello Sir,

    I have food allergy from lentils and casein from last 2 years. I have tried so many medicine but not get relief from it.

    Please help to let me know what shouldn’t I eat if I have lentils and casein allergy

  120. Harendra barot says:

    Hello sir,
    I would like to question you about stomach problems.So here i start what i’m facing from long time.The problems when i used to eat to eat eggs and meat. I faced so many problems like undigest food while stole passing.Sometimes i fill gidding when i woke up at early morning and it goes on till i get fresh.
    Eating cheese may cause stomach problems like stomache or having pimples at facing and over whole body,
    The food like maida may cause probelm in stomach?
    I can’t be able to eat these things what people used to eat in on a regular basis.
    Pimple can appear while eating those things.
    Because i’m facing this problems since so many times ago.(facing pimples problems from past 4years)
    I need your help to get out of it.
    Drs. Can’t understand my problems when i’m describing it.
    What sort of action to be taken.
    Mail me your answer on
    Thank you

  121. Mohd. Nuruzzaman says:

    Dear doctr,
    Good morning.I am male 72 years old. If eat lemon or citrous fruits l have loose motion that is diarrhoea.I am not thirsty,tungue is clear, constipated. It will be highly appreciated if you suggest any remedy.
    Mohd. Nuruzzaman

  122. Jyoti Salunke says:

    My daughter suddenly suffer from skin allergies, suddenly her skin starts itching and then becomes thick, her lips get thick etc. and after some time she comes to normal position. What is this and why it is happening to her?

  123. Pritamkumar khedkar says:

    i have uric acid problem now a days. In 10 years its a 3rd gaut attact occured to me on my left leg toe. Now as per Dr BAMS i have taken medicine of zylodriac 100 and i feel very relief. but i think it is time being and the pain again can be happened any time so please guide me in this regard about diet and hou to overcome my problem for long duration.7875760612

  124. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    Myself Ramarao aged 54 years staying in Pune. I understood I am suffering with one kind of allergy “that is when ever I eat fried bringal with Rice or Chapati I immediately feel omitting sensation since my childhood. If bringal curry is boiled in water then it is alright but if it is fried in Oil then it is the problem.
    So will you kinddly advise me a treatment so that I can enjoy to eat Fried Bringal curry.

  125. Dhananjay says:

    Hello Dr.sharma.

    Myself Dhananjay aged 32 yrs from bangalore. I have been facing allergy whend I consume any meat like goat, lamb etc.
    Chicken and fish doesn’t have any issue and problem.

    Only with red meat I face severe allergy like undigested, rash skin, something like scratchy with red color and bubble type..

    Could you please help regarding this.

  126. paresh chauhan says:

    hi doctor i have recently had an allergic reaction after eating pani puri. i am on tablets for a over active thyroid. i.think the imli pani has caused this. my body is swelled and i have a rash. i have been to the doctor ans they gave me 3 days supply of steroids. ive taken them for days but cannnot feel any improvement. any advice would be welcomed

  127. Please can you suggest a treatment for an intolerance to sugar . If I eat anything sugary ,y sinuses become inflamed and I get a headache

  128. khurrumishaque says:

    hi.h r u?i have rice allergy.when i eat rice then i have allergy and very painful pustules on my face.kindly recommend treatment.

  129. Ajay tyagi says:

    Sir when I take some cold things lk curd rice iccreame there is inflammation in my line from throat to lungs n there are some stuff in throat n runny nose.i also have used homeopathy for1.5 year but gets no smtng sir please.I need someone who can make me to understand my problem that we exactly it is n then cure it…..

  130. When my wife eats the non veg her lips getting swelled and getting rashes on legs,hands. Could you please help her in getting cured permanently.

  131. Zoya khan says:

    Hello sir . I am suffering from severe protein allergy like. egg , fish , beef , chicken mutton md rice .. when i try to eat somthng from theses products i may get severe itchng on my face followed by painful acne nd redness … symptms remain througout the week nd then but acne is permanent .. i am medical student . I am also having vaccination from allergy centre islmabad pakistan .. but i dont feel like it will make me free of allergy ..m please guide me what should i do ..
    I. Am very upset … my age is 24 . But at the time i got allergy i was 14 years old mmm

  132. My problem first eye irritating again throat sneezing Inspirational and again sneezing continued 30 minutes daily night only sometimes morning pls this problem solutions doctor

  133. Hi doc
    Iam suffering from scrotal eczema from last 6 years . Iam diabetic. Visited dermatologist got temporarily relief. Is there any permanent solution in homeopathy . Suspecting allergy from whey protein, dairy products.
    Kindly suggest.

  134. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I developed an allergy to eggs, milk protein, and peanuts as of the last year and a half which I believe is due to excessive prescription of antibiotics. When I eat these foods or foods with those ingredients I do not have any pain or itching or anything just a lot of blood in my stool. Please let me know if there is a homeopathic remedy that can help this. I am currently taking arsenic 300c for ulcerative colitis.

  135. greetings doctor
    i am concerned about my body. I seem to be lost and confused waisting numerous amounts on doctors and help. I’ found out I’m allergic to nuts, certain chicken, fish products processed tin foods , mushrooms and milk products . just something recently developed.

    my skin turns red affects face only matter looking pimple that itches and eyes become itchy and head as well
    I discover that’s the allergy a happens approximately 2 to 3 hours after consuming or eating these products.

    Raisah Aaroon

  136. amanderp kaur says:

    M having itching starts from eyes n face n then body sometimes redness appears also. In jan i have taken dolo650 n then itching started mon my full body n then after 2 months when i have taken dcold then also same n last month i have gone to manali there i have taken combiflame n my full face swelled up n my eyes were not open n swelled up n then i have taken cetizine twice a day n after a week it was ok . Mostly my problem increase during periods time. N during that in morning sneezing started continusly n cough alao . My age is 25yrs

  137. I have allergy which I cannot figured out what causing it but i did a little experiment , what I did was consumed just fruits for 3 days , in those 3 days there was no allergic reaction but than I tried idli , after eating idli I got same allergic reaction and even worse as I had stopped my medication for this experiment , now I was sure idli got me allergy but I don’t know which ingredients should I avoid which are in idli , please help sir .

  138. Hello Dr. Sharam,

    My son is 19 years old and has severe food allergy problems since 5 year old. He is severely allergic to egg and peanuts. Please help me find some remedies that will help him.

    Thank you

  139. Iqra naeem says:

    My daughter age 10 year old. She is suffering from food allergy from chocolates, imli, lemon, orange itc. My daughter weeping daily she wants to eat these things. Please help me tell me tha cure. Thanks

  140. hello sir i am suffering from a food allergy when i eat rice,curd,lemon fastfood,grams pules ,amd any sour thing it causes red swelling on my complete body its more effect causes high fever .sir please give the treatment of it

  141. Annie Miller says:

    My husband has the alpha gal meat allergy 4 all mammals do you know of homeopathic remedies or constitutional for this? Thank you for your time!

  142. If v r taking homeopathy medicine to prevent acne. N simultaneously v apply gram flour mixed with milk on acne?does it have any negative effects

  143. My Son got cow milk allergy since he was 6mths old till now 2.5 years old since he was born a pre matured baby . he get rashes /eczema and sometimes breathing problems when he consume cow milk products . Currently we are giving Nestle alfare milk powder and it does not seem to solve his main problem. Please recommend something that he can take to solve the cow Milk allergy .

  144. farideh vakili says:

    my body reacts to most of the foods i eat.what can i do?which foods are not bad for allergy at all?thanks in advance

  145. I m unable to digest highly proteined things such as eggs and I m doing gyming n I start taking ON protein and after taking it I start vomiting and suffering from lose motion and feel very weak…….Sir pls tell me remedy of it otherwise my whole workout will waste

  146. Kishore kumar says:

    Hello sir .I read u r article it was good and fine .
    Sir iam help less Sir, pls suggest me medical treatment
    While iam consuming like lemon .mango. tomato’s like citrus items i get started itching in my partly body .where itching area the body get warm and doted spots after taking some medicine like
    ebast 20mg or cetzine 20 mg or cetgel continue tab as per dr consultancy. At that time it’s OK
    Again and again it’s comes pls suggest me …..I m terribly worried about the problem

    I have this itching problem since last 1year i am taking the the alergic medicine only

    I don’t drink alcohol. . Iam pure vegetarian …..

    Pls pls pls help me

    S.kishore kumar
    From… chennai

  147. Hello dr. Sharma
    Sir i m interested in homoeopathy but one problem is where i m helpless. Sir i m an anchor in a radio. So i have much use of voice. In studio , there is an AC whose cold air always affect my voice quality. It starts breaking , shaking my confidence as well. Often sometimes some mucus comes onbmyvlarynx that i have to clear. The more cool air the more tough mucus comes which i have to frequently clear and carry on talking. I can use my voice only if i put off AC. But problem arises when another anchor sit with me needing AC.
    Sir, i often have sore throat due to sour things.i have left pickles etc long ago. Invsore throat i get relief in my pain from hot or warm water, soups etc. My feet and palms remain hot in summer and cold in winter. Cant withstand extreme of temperatures. In winter if i get cold my head become cold and in cough i need covering my head with warm shawl which relieve me much. I like cold water especially in summer. Drink much. Like sweets,sugar ,salt and spicy food.hate sours. I like cold air in summer and heater in winter.
    Plz suggest suitable homoeo medicine for me.

  148. Jintu Paul says:

    Sir ,
    I take homeopathic medicine..I am suffering from hypothyroid..can I eat eggs…

  149. Good morning Dr Sharma,
    I read your articles on health issues regularly and also apply them in my real lifeThank you.Please help me for my problem regarding a allergic reaction on my lips whenever I eat spicy plus hot curry,my lips become sore and white blisters two or three formed,but this not happened every time ,usually one time in a month and I am facing this problem since seven months.
    For this I have used a homeopathic medicine merc sol every time and it helps me.Please advise me a permanent solution for this problem.
    Best wishes.

  150. After consuming milk,sweets made from milk feel a lot of pain during motion

  151. P.Bino Varghese says:

    sir i have vitiligo and i am using homeopathy medicines. can i eat raw mango ?

  152. P.Bino Varghese says:

    sir can i eat raw mango ?

  153. Gurbhej singh says:

    Allergy milk,vegetable,dust,drugs and protein items

  154. rohit sharma says:

    hello sir
    my one year threemonths son daignosed wheat and milk allergies after taking milk and any food having wheat ,he got loose motions or vometing , so that he is not gaining weight and proper height .at present his weight is 7.9kg and height is 72 cm. doctors told me if i will give he m wheat or milk ,he will not gain height and weight .so please if you have any treatment ,please help me .

  155. Vani Duggal says:

    Hello sir,
    I am suffering from an allergy. I have SEVERE rashes, dryness, cuts, irritation on my lips and above my lips. I really dont know what it is. I have been going through allopathy treatment since 5 years. And now i’ve started homeopathy just a month ago. I am really troubled. I cannot smile properly, and now its getting worse. Two doctors told me its an allergy of dust and dandruff problem. The homeo doc told me it is an allergy of sour food. I dont know what to do, whom to consult.
    Please help.

  156. bhumidhar says:

    hello sir,i am 40yrs old, medical professional, i have protein allergy symptoms next day of taking food. like dehydration vomiting tendency drowsiness etc. medicine doctor also tell me same. plz give me a suggestion from your side. thanks.

    • Radhika boyapally says:

      Hello Dr,

      i have been suffering from the food allergies for the past 8 yers or so, when i was diagnosed it started off with wheat and maida, in the recent years after the birth of my second son my allergies went to peak and also new food got added to my allergic list of food items….Corn and egg as well which i was able to eat well before 2014 April.

      in the last year i started using homeo medication targetting my allergies, and the good news is im free to eat the wheat stuff now which im really happy about. however the corn and egg allergies keep disturbing me every now and then.

      please suggest/educate /help me with the relevant info on how homeo can help to prevent my allergies.

    • Sir, i am 42 year old. I have protien allergy symptoms after 12 to 48 hours after taking food like pulses, chicken, egg since one yr. I got red spots on my body (like chappaki) and stomach pain somtimes. Plz help thanks

  157. nitin bhargava says:

    hello sir…mere father kafi time se elergy se preshan h unhe kisi ek cheez se nhi blki bhut se ase khane ke product h jinhe khane se elergy ho jati h body pr bhut bda seet uth jata h pure face pr swelling ho jati h asa hr roz hota hai wo daily citerzen tablet lete h m nhi chahta ki unki body medicines lene se khrab ho aap pz help kijie unki age 51 year h nd unhe tooar ki daal chawal tamatar thandi hawa nd khatta khane se elergy hoti h….pz pz pz suggestion dijie.thanku

  158. Maneesh kumar chaubey says:

    Hello sir. Meri daughter 17 months ki h.. usse milk digest nahi hota.mother milk.cow milk. Buffello milk kuchh b digest nahi hota.roz 5-6 baar latrin karti h.dr batate h ki milk protein se alergy hai.. koi ilaaz bataaye sir. . Thank you very much sir

  159. laxmi maurya says:

    Hi…my baby boy have lactose intolerance from4 months.he was suffering from pneumonia and after that he is suffering from semi solid diarrhoea..and no teething and even his weight loss is there…even bone is also lossing there me..please sir


    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My son now 1year 7month having atopic dermatitis with multiple food and protein allergies i.e allergetic to carbohydrates, wheat, egg, corn and all types of fruits and vegetables except apple and carrots as per food panel test recently done over here. He had the same from his 3months baby.
    !st I tried homeopathy treatment here and when condition worsen ( IGE level – 5065) and I took him to the dermatologist here in Kuwait. he treated with Decadron syrup for about 4months, with antihestamines and singulair 4mg Ped. Once it had come dawn ige 905. But after one year tested with food panel test having allergenic to all most all food. Please advice….


    • Mr. colvenkar says:

      Hello Dr.

      My daughter is 5 years 6 months old。。She is allergic to peanuts, chicken, fish, shell fish, and dust mites too.. since she of 2 but was NT getting rash n wheezing initially .. we started putting her antibiotic as she use to get cold n fever my allopathic Dr. Was NT able to find out wat was it as there was no rash.. at age of 3 and half she had very bad reaction n had angeodyma condition where she had rash all over body with swelling on lips …also with high fever plus wheezing. So we had to take her in emergency . Our allapathy Dr. Gave her steroids ,antibiotic and also astaline nabs in which d episode was treated later she asked to do prick test to check d food allergy at that time we came to one abt d allergy. Then we started desensitization for her where she was treated with drops every week ..with this treatment wheezing is much lessen.treatment is over in month of Nov 2015. In between she use to get rash but d severity was less with no wheezing. Nw frm Jan 2016 she eat smthing in school n got severe rash with fever … we had to give her antibiotic n steroids same episode was repeated again in feb ..I m very uncomfortable giving her antibiotic..steroids..nabs ..antiallergen such as avil.her immune system as affected proper sleep.. she is bcm stubborn also I feel. As we at home defend her not going anywhere in dusty areas or not to eat most of the things..
      I wanted to start with homeopathy would it be helpful in food allergy. Had a doubt if started with homeopathy treatment n if she gets severe rash can we put her allopathic medicine in emergency if at all d situation is severe. Wil allopathy that time. We are frm Goa . There r gud homeopathic doctors here.Pls advise at earliest waiting for ur reply eagerly.

      Thanks n regards


  161. Mohmad Yasin says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I am a 25 year old boy working in a Bangalore a MNC.

    Hence before coming to the Bangalore and working in night shift i was not facing any allergic problem.
    after a year i started facing the allergic problem after having the non-veg food (Egg, Chicken, Fish)

    Could you please advise me what should i do to get resolve with this cause.



  162. k hanmanth Reddy says:

    Block spots on body
    Dr said that dont eat chicken mutton and card
    What is the problem please give me answer sir as soon as possible

  163. Madan Gopal Sharma says:

    Hell Dr, my nephew is 8 yr old,now it is confirmed that he is suffering from “wheat allergy”. His Hb is 7.9 at present. His family is in Kurukshetra. Pl. help us to get away this wheat allergy. Pl. suggest what to do? and what we can do to help the child. Pl. reply ….

  164. Junaid khan says:

    Hi doctor my problem is that whenever I eat beef mutton fish chicken I get skin rashes and my lips get swollen

  165. Dear sir,


    My mom had paralysis attack seven year before, after that for some time she could not take spicy foods, but gradually she started to take spicy food

    now again she has become more sensitive to pepper be it green , red or black.

    when we consider that food is not spicy, she cannot eat it, she is having high BP, any medicine for pepper sensitivity

  166. Fayez uddin barbhuiya says:

    Sir am a alergic patient my skin alergice nose /eye alergice i take alopathic medicine alergice is normal after a few days i take food ie egg/chicken etc alergic is high position sir homeo medicine can parmently alergic normal position.

  167. Vandana joshi says:

    My 5 year old son has food allergies. He is allergic to milk, soy, wheat, nuts and egg ( almost every food) and he has pollen allergy too. I have already tried acupuncture, didn’t work for him. Any treatment in homeopathy? My last hope !!

  168. Neelam SoniI says:

    I want to eat tomato in vegetables and fruits like grapes,mangoes with homeopathy tablets.i am taking tablets to cure my pregnancy related problems.please suggest

  169. Whenever I ate anything I have to got to poo. I also had gas problem.

    I am very tired to going to washroom after whatever I eat.

    My eating schedule is as below

    breakfast : 730
    Fruit break: 11 am
    Lunch: 1 pm
    Snack break: 4 pm
    Evening tea: 7 pm
    Dinner 7 : 15pm

    please help

  170. Meera Chowdhry says:

    Dear dr:

    My grand daughter has peanut allergy. It is life threatening. Please help. Thnk you

  171. samresh shaw says:

    I have itching problem since last 10 months i am taking the the alergic medicine ebast 20mg continue 20 tab as per dr consultancy but after two to three days it again start know i am taking the tab after two to three days due to itching as i remember not confrm it strats from the day i have eaten nonveg packed processed food but i dont want to take allopathy medicine regular so pl suggest me what i will do

  172. sudhakara rao yendamuri says:

    Vomiting occurs immediately after taking any type of food in the mouth .If water takes no vomiting .

  173. Sadhan Chakraborty says:

    Sir, does cholsterol patient can eat non veg, rice, milk,curd an ghee

  174. Hello Sir,

    I am Jayanth and I would like to check with you about tree nut allergy solution in homeopathy.
    My 7 month baby is having tree nut and egg allergy. As I heard egg allergy may go after years and there is no permanent cure for nut allergies life long.

    Please would like to know the truth as I am getting answers from doctors, India (Ayurveda, homeopathy and siddha) as positive but in websites it is meant there is no cure for nut allergies anywhere. Kindly reply.

    Note : we don’t have the family history like allergies. My wife is having sinusitis when exposed to pollution.


  175. Hello Doctor,

    Since childhood, I have never had any kind of allergy with any food item. I generally eat all vegetables and non-veg.
    I am 32 yrs female. In past few months, I had been getting allergic reactions. Initially it was swelling of lips, eyes or forehead or all. Recently I have started to get itching (especially below waist till toe and arms or head or sometimes back). The area becomes red and is hard and painful. Then I take Atarax and apply cream. Allegra has stopped working on these allergies now. After food panel tests it was found that I am allergic to prawns, milk, egg and masoor dal. Now I am avoiding all these food items and the related one. I am on allopathic medication for few days. I don’t know for how long I have to take these. There are other issues developing now like pain in the belly, dizziness due to daily medicines.
    Please suggest what should I do. I am really worried and stressed now. Next week I have to fly to Malaysia for a project for at least 6 months.
    Can we get rid of this allergen from body? Please help.

    Thanks & Regards,

  176. B Raj Choudhary says:

    I am having T2Dm on medication and my Bl.Sugar is not under control 240/150 Fasting/PP,Taking ZORYL 2mg BD/am hypertensive also,stents inLAD/RCA main..Plaese advise me the Homeo treatment..

  177. Hello I am 19 year old and having wheat allergy from last 8 year and I am not eating wheat so last test was normal. Can wheat allergy be cured permanently by homeopathy treatment?
    Please reply soon

  178. Hi, my baby has milk protein allergy , we got him testes with blood when go hives after eating cerelac. We got positive. We had avoided it for 6 months and now again we just gave him a drop of milk he got hives with in a min all over his bodies.. He get red hives after a bath also when he stay outside not sure if he is allergic to dust or pollen. Please let me know if this can be curable he is an year old and was born at 29 weeks and was in hospital for 40 days and on oxygen support as well

    • Hi Sir my 5 year old has various food ( soy,rajmah,dal urad,onion,msg). inhalants( house dust,dog dander,partenuim), contact test( paints,powder) drugs test(ciprofloxacin, ofloxacin).currently he is having homeopathic medicine ( Drox 4 , drox 30,R 83) since October 2015 . I am bit worried about him as he get sick very quickly like runny nose,itchy eyes,diaherria ,tummy pain . Please can you advise what else I can do for him.

  179. helo dr.
    i have food alergy like all sour foods curg\d lemon tamrind vineger mayonase kechup etc.
    can u plz help me how to deal with it…i feel very bad bcz i cannot eat in parties or functions…
    if i eat any of above mention food directly or indirectly i feel low energy and joint pain….

  180. Dr. B P VIJAYARAJU says:

    Sir i have allergy of milk, curd, banana and butter milk when consume these lactose based element it causes runny nose and Wiesel sound in my lungs sometimes it causes seasonal seviour asthama please suggest me a best medicine

  181. dearest doctor i have egg allergy and i am fond of bodybuilding but i cant take any protein powder because all protein powder have eggs in it what should i do to over come this egg intolerance

  182. Dear Doctor,
    My 4 year daughter has severe allergy to nuts.Recently she had her second anaphylactic shock ..
    is there a treatment for this in it treatable completely..

  183. Nadeem ahmad says:

    Hi…I m a allopathic dr. When ever I eat rice or banana or curd I get itching stuffy nose with thick crystal clear catahr..I also have hyperacidity problem.please suggest me some homeopathic med to get rid of it…tab citrizin and tab pantoparazol helps me a lot in allopathy

  184. my son has itp since 200. he has tomato milk peanut allergy. if all pulses,wheat, milk tomatoes garlic and onion are stopped skin bleeds reduce. can u help.

  185. Jeanne-Marie Patterson says:

    Good day

    My 1 year old son was diagnosed with a cow’s milk protein allergy at 6 months.

    His blood tests all came back as clean and skin prick testing also cam back as negative.

    However, he fits all symptoms of a cow’s milk protein allergy. And when he ingests even extensively hydrolysed casein or whey he reacts via his chest and develops eczema.

    Please could you advise us as we would like to turn to homeopathy for healing?

    Kindest regards,

  186. Dr RAJESH GUPTA says:

    I am suffering from milk,house . Dust and perfume allergy please advise homeopathic medicine for treatment

  187. Dr RAJESH GUPTA says:

    I have allergy to milk,perfume andhouse dust,,lentil please advise

  188. Sushant Prasad Gautam says:

    Hello sir ,
    I m allergic to Milk curd,cheeze,peanuts and many other food . I have my allergy report also ,plz guide

  189. I am determined to find a “cure” for my 2 year old sons peanut allergy. He is a twin and his twin does not have this issue. They were born at 34 weeks at a healthy size of 5 pds 10 oz a piece. They were only hospitalized briefly for 5 days. He had no breathing issues or compromises when he was born. I have 5 children total. I come from a family of 4 children and each has children. My husband comes from 6 children and each has children. Out of all the adults and children in our family no one but my son has this allergy. He was introduced slowly to peanuts before 1 year old. He had eaten peanut butter cookie I made and we weren’t the crazy label readers we are now. Just before his 1st birthday, he shared a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with his twin and within minutes his lower lip swelled on one side and he was whimpering. He then started with a rash that eventually spread over his whole body. He did not experience a hard time breathing. After the emergency room diagnosing him with the peanut allergy he went to see an allergy dr. They performed the test on his wrist and it came back positive for peanut allergy. We were sent home with and epi pen and told to avoid peanuts and come back in a year. When he turned 2 he had the blood draw that tested for a variety of nuts. He came back a 11.30 for peanuts and .37 for pistachios. Again told to just avoid them sent home with an epi pen. We have completely changed our lifestyle since. We are about 90% organic and eat barely any processed foods. I turn to you to ask if there is any homeopathic remedy to help him overcome this allergy. We have not introduced any nuts since he was 1 yr old. We have an occasional redness/hives if he comes in contact with someone who has consumed nuts earlier that day or if he eats something that was processed in a facility the also processed nuts. Benedryl will take away the inflammation. We have not used the epi pen. Any insight you have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  190. Hi doctor.

    My name is aman. My younger one was around 7 to 8 months wen he was diagnosed with eggs and nut allergy…and few days back he just touched the kiwi fruit nf he got allergic reaction…
    I had to take him to the hostages immediately.

    I want to know if there is any homeopathic treatment to cure hid allergy.
    Hope to hear from u soon.

  191. kaavya shirsat says:

    Sir i am 29 yrs and now suffering from brinjal rashes….itching and its very painful. please give reply

  192. parvindar kaur garewal says:

    Resp. Sir i m 49 year old . And i was suffering from cough. Suddenly i have to travel USA. My sis familydoc gave me promathazine w/ codaine syrup.. and metoprolo for my blood pressure. But after taking these med i staryed allergy rashes and itching all over body. The itching starts after every meal. I have stopped taking the med. Pls help me. I suffering a lot.

    • Sir ,
      In the recent time I am suffering by Skin Allergy after taking Egg Plaqnt in my food. On my right eye I get roughness under the eye lids and the Eye gets swollen and red as if in the Eye Conjuctivity. Kindly swuggest sopme medicine. I am thankful for the ki9nd of service you do to help the patients.

  193. mohammad ashfaq khan says:

    dear sir,
    sir my wife is facing allergy of her hand due to hina.
    so how to treat her. i m very worried about her sickness.
    i will wait for ur reply sir and i will thank full for ur advised.
    regards by,
    ashfaq khan niazi

  194. rijo joseph says:

    I have suffering allergy to sour and citric food items..have any possible solution to solve this illness in homeo…kindly help me ….I suffering this for past 7 years….kindly reply me sir…

  195. Dr. whenever I eat sour food like tomatoes,lemon,orange,pineapple, imli,etc I get pain in joints of elbows,knees,ankle.
    Sometimes my muscles around the knees
    get swollen and my knee movement gets
    restricted. I have been suffering this problem
    for more than 4 years now.My age is 17 (male).

  196. Me and my son both have also allergy with egg ,brinjal , ladyfingers etc

  197. My son who is 10 yrs old and I m 39 yrs old have severe problem of skin eczima . It occurs when we take citrus food item or milk product or when I wear artificial ornaments (metlic). It removes after applying antifungal ointment but it again appears after leaving the ointment. Plz give remedies of this problem . Thanks

  198. Hello Dr.Sharma,
    I have an idea about the homeo medicines since I take it from my childhood, I’m approaching you on behalf of my son who will turn 3 on Sep- 20 – 2015 he has food allergy all kinds of nuts and Milk, Actually the tests says he is outgrown of Milk he got negative on both skin test as well as blood test, I added milk in his diet after the tests but it seems like he is not totally outgrown since I see the round patches of rashes on his legs near the knees, near foot ankle and on left – hand pinky finger , eczema near the folded knees on legs and near the elbows on hands. He has allergy of soy as well, but less , I can use it as ingredients. He has cat allergy and the doctors tested him for environment as well he has pollen allergy.

    I basically want to tell you another thing as well i.e. when he cry for a min he gets cough and he has lot of mucus in his throat he will throw up whatever he eats. I’m just looking for a remedy that can fix his problems, I want fully recover but first especially milk and mucus which solves major issues on his diets.

    I just want some details from you before proceeding for the treatment, Can I really keep hopes on outgrowing these problems how much time it will take to outgrow, your website looks like you treated lot of patients but please can you provide me some info how many kids are treated for these kinds of problems and how many kids out grew of it, does nuts allergy can be outgrown as I heard very few people can outgrow.

    He is born in US Virginia state we figured out that he has nuts allergy at the age of 9 months when I fed him Cerelac he got hives in couple mins after we gave him Benadryl it decreased then we went to Specialist at the age of 11 months.

    I know there are no side effects but just want to confirm it again as I used couple homeo medicines when he caught cold and fever couple medicines increased his issues like when used lechesis for cold his nose breathing became tough sometimes it gave relief i.e. when we were in India. So if I see any issues what remedy can I use to prevent it? How long it takes for you to post a new medicine, do we pay monthly 1 time for treatment whats the process of payment.

    I appreciate your reply with details

    Thank you

  199. I am 24 yrs girl I am suffering from food allergy such a foods like tomoto,egg,brinjal,chicken and fish.I cannot live normally with this problem.please tell me is there any treatment for its permanent cure.please sir

  200. I am a 24yrs girl I am suffering from food allergy such a food items like tomato,egg,fish,and chicken .please tell me it is curable are not.I cannot live my life normally with this problem.please help me sir.

  201. salman khan says:

    I am allergic to all types of food if it is sour, spicy, and cool water.

  202. khushi verma says:

    I have hypersalivation problem from 2 years when I eat sour food or drink cold drinks my problem increases .many tests have been done but nothing came out. can homeopathy solve my problem

  203. Sir,for the past one yr I hav chest tightness…I tuk endo,ecg,xray ,blood test..evrythng normal but esr shows high..ct scan shows peribrinchial cuffing n bronchial thickening..ths problm arose afte I tik amikacin inj for ten days(for track infection)n cranberry juice a lot…I hav a doubt that ths antibiotic or cranberry worked out like ths…now if I eat wheat,panneer,pomegranate,raisins,soy,milk,nuts,am getting ths squeezing pain which lasts for an hour..even car ac also aggravates I want to knw wat problm is ths…is t environmental factor,or food allergy,or bronchitis symptoms…bz I hav severe dust allergy problm since its hereditary..or is t sinus related?steroid medication alone helps me..but bz of the side effects like weight gaining,mood sqings,am not taking that..

  204. Nagraj Hegde says:

    Dear sir, I am 45 year old and suffering with food allergies since 10 years. Earlier I had only with tomato and I took homeopathy treatment for three months and completely cured for one year. Now I’m allergic to following foods. Channa, tomato, potato, beet root, and palak. Usually I get skin irritation and rashes immediately after talking these foods. I am taking 5 mg levocitrizine once in three days. But when I Channa masala or any items of Channa give more allergies compared to other.

  205. himanshu gadhvi says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am a father to twin boys. Both the boys are now 9 months. They are strongly allergic to milk protein. Since they were diagonised with the allergy in Feb-15 (they were born in nov-14) they are on soy powdered milk (Zerolac) and on milk free foods (like dal, rice, ghee based ragi halwa,fruits, vegetables etc.). As now they are 8 kg in weight and seem to be stable but not having milk or its product will be very difficult for them in future. How to cure them? I stay in Gujarat, if you can refer some specialist in Gujarat I can consult him.

    Looking for a positive reply.

  206. Manish chakraborty says:

    I have food allergies and allergy from house dust also..
    my age 21,sex M, my allergy later developed eczema and asthma, I am facing major sleep problem.. I am anxious now a days.. I feel severe headache… can you help?

  207. Archana singh says:

    My 8months old granddaughter has allergy of fruits. She likes fruits very much but on eating them she develops red rashes around lips & nose or where ever the fruit touches her skin..
    If you suggest some medicine, I will be obliged.
    Thanx in anticipation.
    Archana singh

  208. Our grandson has life-threatening allergies to many foods including nuts and dairy products. Can homeopathy help to reduce or eliminate life-threatening reactions to even minute amounts of these foods?

  209. chamel singh says:

    i started taking homeopathic medicins since 2001.initially for toncillitis and later for all other problems.for the last two years i m experiencing that some food are allergic.firstly i took dereu atta used during fastting which reacted ,then sabhudana ,then mungfaly, badam.
    plz advise for treatment

  210. Manpreet Singh says:

    Dear Sir,

    My son is 7 years old. He is not able to absorb the food nutrients hence not growing as per his age. I suspect he might be having some food allergy. Pls advise if that can be diagnosed

  211. Aakanksha gupta says:

    Hi Sir,
    I am 23,allergic to eggs from last 7 years.before that i used to eat eggs very started with stomach pain and now i cant even eat a single bite of eggs or any other food product from outside like sandwiches,burger,pizza,cookies and many more. It starts with itching in the neck from inside. After that abdominal symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhoea and severe stomach pain occurs. I am now scared of taking any food.Please advice if homeopathy can help me.

  212. Praveen Verma says:

    Cold milk, curd, citrus fruits, pickles, anything sour gives me severe chest congestion and asthma.
    its been yrs I had these foods. Please do something.
    kind Rgds
    Praveen Verma
    New Delhi.

  213. Hissam Ud din says:

    Hi Sir,
    M mostly suffering from throat and nose problems.most of the doctors told me this all due to alergy.I need alergic homoeopathic madince.

  214. Ashish Srivastava says:

    Dear Sir,

    My Wife is suffering from various food,It started with wheat,Initially she was allergic to wheat products,over the period of time she has developed allergy to every possible grains(Maize,Corn,Wheat ,etc) and legumes(Tur Daal,Moong Daal,White peas,Chicken Peas,Soya etc),she has mild tolerance towards Milk also,Now she is surviving on fruit and vegetables as she is 100% vegetarian and we are very depressed with this as there is no source of protein,we have got allergy test 1.5 years back(reactive blood test).Kindly let me know if cure is possible for this case.

  215. Sir mujhe 3 sal se kisi cheej se allergy ho rai h I can’t judge ki kis cheej se h but problem gale se start ho kar face tk ja rai itching rashes please kya ye thik Ho sakta h help me

  216. younus malik says:

    its really nice to see your efforts for homeo pathy.i am also homeo doctor.

  217. kaushal Atkire says:

    my mother is facing from food allergy form last 4 years,she has full of red rashes of on the skin with very itchy and painful feeling, she gets fever and body ache when she has many rashes on her skin, firstly we treated with auryvedic medicine with doc saying high acidity, later we approached to Dr. himanshu Bapat (alopathy) from Pune and allergy specialist had took a treatment for last 3 years for various food allergy’s, kindly advise if any treament we can get from homoeopathy.

  218. Hi Dr.Sharma,

    Recently i used sikakkai powder to wash my hair.Previously i used Shampoo to wash my hair.i got allergy like bumps on all over my to remove these allergy bumps?

  219. Dev Singh says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    My daughter (now 2.5 years old) has a cashew nut allergy. We have seen the reaction twice – rash all over the body and general discomfort. The rash subsides in 6 – 8 hours after administering anti-allergic medicine (cetrizine drops). She does not seem to have allergy to some other nuts like peanuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, etc.
    Another thing is that when she gets a viral fever or similar infection, she develops wheezing and blocked nose from the 3rd day onwards. The doctor here says that her’s is an over-active immune system and should get better as she grows old.
    Please suggest what kind of corrective action we can take w.r.t to homeopathy.
    Dev Singh

  220. Sanjay Gupta says:

    Dear Sir

    My name is Sanjay Gupta, living in NJ (USA).
    My son (Parth) have acute food allergies from his birth, he is now 6 year old and had to go for endoscopy every 6 months to monitor esonophyls count in his blood. He has Esonophylic esophygitis (esonophyls around 30-40 count)

    He is off from all major foods, we still give him little rice and some vegetable soups. He gets his energy from Elecare( formula) and growing Ok.

    Please help me what (if any) medicine u can suggest …
    I had tried homeopathy medicine in past for 2 years with no help

  221. rajender Singh says:

    sr i have allergy with lady’s finger,yeast, aniseed, tomatoes,grapes, maize homeopathy can help me

  222. s

  223. hi all

    to all who has posted comments with food/milk allergies to themselves or to their Children….
    i need to let u know tat milk allergies can be cured with son had milk allergy by birth along with wheat ,corn,egg allergies etc.he couldnt eat normal cerelac or drink normal milk powder…i started using homeopathy when he is 5 months old and now he is 1 yr and he is out of milk,egg,wheat,corn allergies great isnt it.believe me milk and realted allergies can be cured by me for the doctor details my son was diagnosed.

    • Hi Anusha,

      Sounds so good to hear that your son outgrown of most allergies…
      My daughter is allergic to wheat, milk, soy, nuts and eggs. This bothers me a lot and researching on curing options. Can you please contact me on Please…. Wanted to ask u some questions

  224. nagendra gupta says:

    my place is Vijayawada. I am suffering with vomiting s since2months .I have vomit after I eat milk products or meals suddenly at that time .but not for chapati or pulka.please me the medicine s or nearest homeopathy center

  225. Dr. I am allergic to egg, milk,wholemeal, pulses, cereals, cannot take any vegetables with seeds, I get acidity and crams in stomach, all these foods once consume even small quantities, I am 49,female, and from last 10 yrs taking pantaprazole–20mg. Kindly suggest.

  226. Sir, My wife is suffering from a allergic reaction where in which she develops a sort of skin rashes all over her body.She has been using allopatic medicines and under went all blood and sugar test ever thing is normal . i think she is allergic to sour items like mango pickles, and thing she takes which r sour pls advice..

  227. i am sufering toomuch time my life alergy ( food fish dust air etc and constipation then enternal hummorid stool donot evalution. Ant pain and anal burn i feel i inside anal swellen. please write your prescribe cureabe homeopathy medicine.
    thanking you.

  228. IV always had a sensitive combination skin with pimples and dark spots on d t zone and pigmentation as d time passed iv tried allopathic to currently homeopathic medicine which does help for some time along with excercise n a healthy diet but after sometime pimples sp on the chin n forehead appears causing pain irritation and spots.I can’t apply makeup or put creams dat causes reactions. I am really sick of medicines and efforts I make jst for clear skin specially now as m about to get married.I need help although I have given up but still hoping my last shot to change things for me.

  229. hardika Bhasin says:

    Sir After eating sour food like orange kinno vinager lemon sauce ammpanna etc I get skin eaching , heating rashes. All over the body.

  230. Sir i am suffering from wheat allergy sir i wanna ask that is their any medicine to get rid of allergy

  231. I am diagnosed with coeliac disease due to repeated loose anti ttg level is 209… i m36.. I m on gluten free diet since last month but symptoms yet persist..gas…white ig E LEVEL is 59..LFT ..stool test and ultrasound r normal..doc said def of folic acid ..what should I do?

  232. Niharika pathak says:

    Hello Doctor ,
    I live in USA . Im facing allergic problems. When i was in india , i usually take citrazin but here when i was pregnant they gave me benadryl for allergies . When i eat pizza , i have got rashes all over the body but i dont have a problem with the milk . I drink 2 times in a day .i want to get out with this problem . Can yoh help me out pl ?


  233. Harwinder Singh says:

    I am suffering from milk allergy since 2005 when i consume milk or any milk product there are rashes and skin redness

  234. Me kuchhh bhi khatta khati hu to pure sarir me itching hoti he


    I am a healthy 60years old.
    Recent blood tests revealed that my blood sugar level fasting has shown a tendency to be high though still within the internationally accepted levels.
    The levels are supposed to be below 100 and before the latest test which recorded a level of 112 the levels were around 90.
    I have a sweet tooth and like to have something sweet after dinner.
    I have stopped eating sweets after dinner but would like homeopathic medicine which would keep my blood sugar levels to below 100.

  236. Anil Kumar says:

    My daughter is 23 Years old. She is suffering from Cielac Disease for last 4 years. Kindly let us know any treatment is there for such disease.

    Thanks & Regards
    Anil Kumar

  237. rinku patel says:

    my 2 year son suffer to food allergy like milk, soya,peanut,chicken, meat,lemon, potato, wheet .
    please, Dr. sharma advised to me these problem’ s solution

  238. ravi singla says:

    Sir my son is 9 year. H e is problem in wheat allergy . And he testy ttg and report is positive…….. sir is ka treatment hai homeopathy mein aur kitne der chalae ga treatment. …… please tell me sir i m so tence…..


  239. rice allergy ka lia best medicine kn se ha

  240. I am allergic to sour food.What is the reason for this?

  241. Berk Fernandez says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I wondered if there is any treatment to cure a tree nut allergy- such as almonds, cashews, hazel nuts etc. Can you help?

    Berk Fernandez

  242. dear sir when I eat chicken them I got a problem I am in allergy all of my body rashes plese tell me which medicine I use for chicken allergy I also use ev
    il injection and evil tablet after 15 min my allergy is finish but I want permanently treatment thanks waiting for youer reply sir

  243. MOUTUSHI SARKAR says:

    I am 29 years old & have a major problem of allergy & asthama. The chicken, egg, bringl are totally restricted by the Dr. So how can I take all the food without any reaction & how could be my skin smooth without any rash?

  244. Thank you for this in advance. I am prone to inflamation which seems to be when I have too much gluten, and now it seems sugar. The inflamation is all over the body, mucles and joints and nearly always resultz in migraines, or sick headaches. It used to be, before I discovered the intolerance to gluten, I would be mm tired, very tired nearer the evening, then sleep really well (which is poor at other times) and wake esrly morning eith the onset of the intense sick headache. It is akways accomoznied eith inflammation, of head znd body.

  245. I have toordal allergy, please suggest me medicine for it.thank you.

  246. amarendra dey says:

    having rash on hard skins (palms, finger tips) during cold season however, disappears during other season

  247. My daughter 6 months old some times her face just start itching i don’t know if its the food or the milk i dont what is it can you me if its allergy? If so what to do suggest i do?

  248. Hello,
    My son is allergic to peanuts/legumes/ tree nuts, soy, and his IgE level increased for various fruits and vegetables, we are thinking due to outdoor c OS’s reactivity, because he gets very little or bone of those things that went up. This makes his constipation bad. Can you help?
    Best regards,

  249. y.sitaramaraju says:


    I am frequently getting food allergy when ever i ate tomoto,lemon,fruits ,any sore foods
    including non veg like fish and chicken

    indication: cold, ear infections ,


  250. rajan arora says:

    My son who is 5 years old is suffering from celiac disease. And is away from wheat from last 15 days. Is there any homeopathic medicines which can cured him from this disease for rest of the life. And how much is the success rate and the patients which earlier been cured from this disease from homeopathy.

  251. Omar Saeed says:

    Can homeopathy treat food allergy problems for our 4 year old daughter, and how much does it cost. We have a full allergy test done in August 2014. Thanks.

  252. Omar Saeed says:

    My 4 year old daughter is allergic to eggs, soy, milk, potatoes, tomatoes, fish, and a few other related food products. She is taking probiotics and homeopathic medicine from Dr Oswal in Pune to treat her ADHD symptoms. She has improved and started to talk. Her EEG is 100% fine. She has a bad tummy and a leaky gut. I and her Mother believe that if the allergies problem that she has can be treated by homeopathy, she will fully recover even from the ADHD symptoms. I would appreciate if you could let us know if the allergies she has can be treated by homeopathy, and we would be pleased to travel and come and see you. Please also let us know how many days do we need to stay. We have a full allergy test that was conducted in India in August 2014. Many thanks. Omar Saeed

  253. mathi vathani says:

    sir i have been recently found to allergic to non veg but i’m consuming them for past 18 yrs , i’m having some rashes kind of allergy on my skin once i have non veg is there any remedy?

  254. Vinit Jadhav says:

    My Daughter who is now nine years old, is been suffering from allergy of GRAM FLOUR (Besan) since birth. Even a small portion of such food containing gram or gram flour, actuates an allergic attack. She would first complain of itching in her mouth, followed by great pain in her abdomen and then vomiting and bouts of sneezing.
    Curently, the only remedy we have to keep in our house is ‘Atarax’ medicine (Hydroxyzine hydrochloride syrup). This puts her into deep sleep and recovery from the attack.
    Although, now she understands her problem and avoids such food, but unknowingly or accidently, if she gets in contact with such substance, she suffers an allergic attack. Is there any permanent cure for this type of allergy in Homeopathic medicine.

    Vinit Jadhav

  255. Andrea cossette says:

    Hi, my 10 year old son can’t eat any raw foods due to itchy mouth. He has bad tree pollen allery also.

  256. Hello Dr. Sharma
    Hope you r doing well. I have heard a lot about you. I have tried many homeopathic remedies to cure my problem but unfortunately nothing has worked for me. I think i have an allergy from aircondition room. The more cold the room is the more stuffy nose i have. I will write my complete symptoms if you agree to spare some time for me to cure my problem. Waiting for your reply. Thank you

  257. Sir,
    Since some days iam unable to digest Milk,Egg and Chiken.
    After eating these products some times stomach upset…Mouth ulcers.
    Pimples on face.Please advice.

  258. Dear Sir
    Whenever I eat sour food or fruits like lemon tomato curd pickles etc I get some boils फोड़ा on lower part of my body .
    What should I do? Please advice.

  259. Resmi George says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I read the article in your website about food allergies and homeopathy. And I thought you could be of great help to us.

    My son, Nathan who is 21 months old now is allergic to wheat, egg white, all nuts, barley, rye, chicken, shrimp etc. Among these he is severely allergic to wheat, egg white and all nuts and gets anaphylactic reaction.

    He is not even two and already had 5 incidents of severe allergy attack where he had to be administered epi-pen and had to be rushed to the emergency care.

    I am really concerned and was wondering if homeopathy treatment could cure him completely.
    Please advice.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  260. sir,i am ziya from vijayawada,andhra pradesh.i am suffring from severe elergy from the past two months because of taking non veg and other than at home…i have taken the medine but no result..sir what might be the reasons.what should i do no..please suggest me

  261. sir i’m suffering from severe food allergy(potato,brinjal,fries) please help me that too i’m living in hostel

  262. I have Saseme seed allergy,I leave in Canada,I want to get ride off it,
    I am almost 60,and healthy.

  263. I have an 8 year old granddaughter who has been discovered with wheat , dairy & egg white allergy.
    She suffered from eczema on her hands since she was 2/3years old therefore we took her for an allergy test .
    Can these allergies be cured?
    Shall be grateful for your advice .

  264. Hello, my toddler son of 2 1/2 year old had a sudden allergic reaction to Peanuts and Eggs with eyes and face swelling up ( especially eyes ). Is there any treatment of that ?

  265. Mahesh Salian says:

    Hello Sir,
    Let me brief u about myself’! In my childhood I used have asthmatic congestion and allergic any shellfish like crab, prawns etc.
    Now my daughter also face the asthmatic congestion and also she is algergic to all types of chana items like: chana dal, any besan related food, we are started the homeopathic medicine locally for more than 6-7 months but couldn’t be able to workout because every time she gets sick with cough and cold severely then we had to shift allopathic medicine.
    Now I have 2major query is :
    1. Sir I would like my daughter free from that particular allergy for besan or any chana items.
    2. I would like to eat prawns or any shellfish, but moment eat my stomach starts burning.

    thanking You
    Mahesh Salian H.

  266. Rebecca Stocker says:

    Hello ,I’ve become allergic to eggs .I get itchy mouth and eyes . I had skin test and blood work . Both test were negative . I also become allergic to oats and rice . MSG of any kind cause me to have Tachycardia.This has all taken place in the matter of a year .Another thing when I eat bread (yeast) I get a feeling hairs are growing in my nose. Then when I started substituting vinegar and baking powder to replace egg .I now have a reaction to baking powder .Tomatoes always gives me restriction in my throat..What could be going so wrong..

  267. Beenu Karun says:

    Im a homoeopathic doctor but I’m not practicing as I’m in USA.I have my friends daughter who gets dark skin discolouration with roughening of her skin in the skin crease in her neck, arms when she eats cheese, chocolate, ghee and other foods with milk products.She is fair skined, very pleasent.Why would that be and what medicine would you prescribe?

  268. VIMAL THAKUR says:

    My daughter is three and half yrs old and having the problem of recurring cough. First her nose gets blocked and then after two three days coughing starts. We need to visit our doc. every two months for the same problem.He usually gives syrup and nebuliser and it gets fine.Some other doctor suggested us to start with inhalers.
    Kindly suggest how can we get rid of this problem.

  269. Gurjot Kaur says:

    Hello sir,
    My daughter is 3yrs old and she is having allergy from milk and milk products, tomato, banana. what to do? I m really worried about her health.

  270. shobha pandey says:

    Sir, I am suffering from different skin problems like rashes, boils with hard skin, severe itiching, measels like, scratches etc. from the last 3 – 4 years. Recently I have tested myself from complete allergy profile. I am allergic to wheat, wheat dust, homedustmites, home dust, mustard, cabbage, three antibiotics, perfumes, powder, dalmasoor etc. Kindly suggest me line of treatment and alternative to wheat as it is a compulsory food for Indians.

  271. payal rathore says:

    Sir my husband is suffering from wheat allergy I want to ask that any treatment is availability in homyophathy please u suggest me he is 31years old

  272. Hello Doctor,

    I am allergic to milk. Recently also developed allergy to citrus food and eggs.
    Symptoms of allergy reaction are – tiny blisters on lips with liguid. Red in color. Lips will be sticky due to liquid blisters. Slowly it will go as the blister dry out and disappear.

    Checked with doctors but found no cure for food allergy.

    I found this blog helpfull maybe i can get some help.

    Thanks and Best Regards,
    Location – Bangalore

  273. bharti bhatia says:

    My son has been diagnosed with wheat allergy(celiac disease) in this march.He is 9 yrs old.He is weak and underweight and not any other symptoms like vomiting etc.we have already started his homeopathy treatment from April.
    Please suggest if you have any treatment for this.What is the period of treatment?If this disease will be cure for ever.

  274. Dr. Sharma, my son has life threatening food allergies to milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, and fish. He had his 1st reaction when he was 5 months old. He’s almost 12 years old and continues to be severely allergic. We’ve made several trips to the ER & have had to use an EpiPen, steroids, and benadryl to control his reaction. Please advice on which homeopathic remedy would be best for him & how it’s administered. Thank you!

  275. Vijay bansal says:

    My wife is having allergy for citric food/fruits.Please suggest some medicine

  276. Vijay bansal says:

    My wife is having allergy for citric food/drinks/ fruits.Please suggest some medicine

  277. debjani chowdhury says:

    Doc,my baby girl was detected with milk protein allergy when she was 1and half mnths old.she even undetwent s colonoscopy at 6mnths old..she had streaks or dot of blood in her stool as symptoms.she is now ninteen mnths old,can talk..she talks in the sligtest change in weather she would’ve a running doctor prescribed her cal carb..will it be of a help?

  278. Pınar Yuksel says:

    Dear Dr.
    My daughter 8 years old has severe milk allergy since birth. In the last years she became affect by aircondition, parfumes, odors as well. She sneezes several times and hours some times upto all day. After that every time her inner nose blockens an a flu occurs.
    Is there any homeopathic remedy for her?
    Advance Thanks for your answer

  279. irshad ahmad says:

    from my birth i am suffering from food allergy,i cant eat fruits,vegetables,meat,chichken ,fish,milk etc.i am 30 years old there any treatment for this problem.

  280. Sajin Raveendran says:


    Myself Sajin from kerala iam suffering from food allergy to chiken ,egg, fish, milk and coconut from past 4 months. This allergy was proved with allopathy skin prick test. Only allergy injection shots are the cure for allergy in allopathy . sir do you any other approach for the permanent relieve from the food allergy in homeopathy.

    Thanking you

  281. Abhikansh jain says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    This is Abhi, I came across your website while searching for medicine/cure for my mother.

    My mother is suffering from “Cirtrus Allergy” from a long time. about two years ago, a homeopathic doctor gave her some medicine and surprisingly, for 7-8 months she was fine.

    Now again she is getting all symptoms back. Any fruit she eats (even mango, orange etc), she immediately get face swelling, itching, pimples on whole body.

    We have consulted with many doctors but no luck!

    Could you kindly suggest any medicine for this?

    Lot of thanks,


  282. sonam lodhi says:

    I have allergy from sour like mango,pickle,tomato plz give me suggetion what can i do for sour allergi

  283. Name Munish says:

    Sir i am sufFering from ulcerative colities in last year but this pblm again arise sir plz advise me suitable homopathic meDicine so that i completely cure . Munish

  284. Om Prakash Agarwal says:

    I have been suffering from urticarea for more than 5 years now. I get acute itching, skin rashes, and swelling on entire body almost all the time. The rashes are so strong they take many days before they fade and go. In the meantime new rashes/swellings appear and this is a continues process. Looks like everything is giving rashes. I identified many items which, according to my observation, were giving me these symptoms but despite avoiding them, I have been continuing getting these rashes/swellings. Just three/four days back I have observed that these rashes are coming by consuming sugar. I am still in the process of confirming this observation.

    This is giving me high level of frustration and mental fatigue. My body is also lacking some essential nutrients as I have been avoiding many many things in order to avoid the symptoms. In the process I lost my galbladder as I was having acute pain due to very bad inflamation in my gallbladder and doctors advised me to get my gallbladder removed.

    Can you please suggest some homeopathic medicine?

    best regards,

    Om Prakash Agarwal

  285. jaswinder singh says:

    hello sir my name is jaswinder singh,my hometown is Shri Muktsar Sahib..dear sir i am suffering from wheat allergy..sir i want to know is it possible to cure the disease..plz reply

  286. Hi Dr.Sharma,

    My son is 13 months old (DOB: April 27th 2013). He has mild eczema (on eye lid, face & hand joints) since he is 1 month old. Now he is having food allergy. Allergy to food contains egg & some fruits (noticed for blue berry). Face gets red spots that are itchy. He gets very fussy & rubs his face.
    Otherwise he is a healthy baby. Except cough & cold now and then.
    Is there any homeopathic treatment to this problem?
    Advance thanks

  287. Arrion Kitchen says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    I am interested in homeopathy for multiple food allergies that cause a variety of symptoms: everything from severe neurological migraine with aura to skin eruptions, mental fog, etc. It seems like anything with sugar or high carbohydrate (at this point even fruit and beans) can trigger me and I am completely intolerant to dairy. Corn is a terrible trigger for me as well.
    I have visited many health practitioners with little help over the years and by now the only thing I can do to stay healthy is follow a very strict avoidance diet.
    Thank you,

  288. My daughter is 6.5 years old. She was having a milk intolerance since birth. The blood test was negative. But I guess she is having delayed onset reaction which causes her nausea and vomiting. Initially it was after 1 hour. But recently it take almost two days for the reaction. She also does not tolerlate fatty foods well. Has sinus problems and nasal polyps. Doctor has advised to test for cystic fibrosis. Please advise.

  289. I have food allergy of Pulses. Whenever I eat Pulses, I get flutalance i.e. lot of gas get discharged through rectum. So could you advise me the treatment for it.


  290. SHAIK ANUHASH says:




  291. Loretta Dsilva says:

    I am very allergic to any sour foods including milk products. Also change of climate such
    as damp season. Lungs bulge and chest pains. Pl suggest me good treatment and what can I tell my local homepathy Doctor.


  292. BALVINDER SINGH says:

    My son is 21 year old. He has folld allergies from tommatoo, peanuts, cashewnuts, yiest, radish and some medicians like paracetamol, pencillin. Please advise

  293. Narasimha says:


    my wife delivered baby boy on 21 April 2014 and till date he is one month old and he is suffering with continue motions in small quantity, gas, vomiting. I cunsolted allopathic pediatration he said he has lactose intolerance and problem in producing lactase which is useful in digesting the lactose.

    Is there any treatment for this in Homeopathy.

  294. Hi,
    I have sensitivities to gluten/rice/oats and milk (cows and goat)…with milder sensitivities to a few other things. But those are the main strongest ones. My symptom is a fluid filled “bubble” under my eyes…actually more on the top of my cheekbone. This is a symptom I can’t find anywhere, so I don’t know which homeopathic treatment is best for me. Can you help?
    Thanks so much!

  295. DR.PAVANKUMAR says:

    hi sir iam a hompath from andhra pradesh. i had a patient having allergy to bittergaurd, brinjal, &potato. He suffers from angioneurotic oedema after tking them. he has no other complaints,

  296. sir,
    I am 50 years old about 7 years back first I noticed swelling of my pennies & below portion it was there for almost fro 24 hrs then it subsided there after swelling started with upper & lower lips even some times at fore head also. After consultation of doctor I have been told it is due to lack of resistance power in the body, later it was cured after taking medicines and I had no problem but now again in dec 2013 I had same problem of swelling of my pennies & below portion , and also in the portion of lips & tongues , but this time I consulted a homeopathy doctor and treatment is going on but still the problem of swelling of lips or tongue or pennies almost once in a week is repeating. since I am a vegetarian I am unable to understand for what reason it is happing like this is due to allergy to some kind food or something else please help me in this regard and advice the treatment required

  297. nisha saini says:

    Dear Sir,
    Greeting of the day!!!!!!!!!!
    My self nisha saini and i am 30 years old suffering from diabetics from last 7 years, wheat allergy problem from 9 months.

    If i take little bit wheat once in a month i severe headache pain occurs and red colour spot come into my body and it irritates me a lot. Please advice me some medicine for the same.

  298. nadia alam says:

    Respected doctor,

    I have done my blood test because of severe diarrhea problem for the last three months so now gastroenterologist suggested me some blood test and after gettting my reports doc diagnosed me wheat allergy.m 36 years old and married and my weight is 63 kgs.kindly do help me by suggesting me any homeopathic medicine to treat my wheat allergy.I will be v v obliged to u.waiting for ur quick reply.m v upset mentally.

  299. Hi,
    My 3 year old son has tree nut allergies and is anaphylaxis to Walnut, cashew, pista, hazelnut,Brazil nuts. We are residents of US and currently in India(Bangalore) on a short visit. Please let us know if Homeopathy can help his immune system to these nuts.


  300. Sagarika Datta says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am allergic to 99% food exists. Age is 36. It is becoming bad day by day. Now suffering from Fibromylagia, Migraine and Pain. Unable to lead day to day life. Studied a lot on this. Went to lots lots of doctors. Not able to get Sodium Cromoglycate in Kolkata or in India. Searching someone who can truly help me.

    Please let me know if you have a solution for me.


  301. akshay kuamr says:

    sir my younger brother has wheat allergy,he has been treatment him self in aims since 2 years. But there is no any sign to improvement in his body. he is about 11 years old bt he looks like a 5 years old childrean. sir pls tell me what should i do?

  302. Biju Narayanan says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    It was by chance while surfing through the net that I came across your website. It will be helpful if you can advice if there is any treatment for what I understand is allergy due to corn.

    As soon as I eat corn or any packaged foods, I get an itchy sensation on my face, ears & neck….there is a discoloration of my skin on the ears & face.

    Kindly advice..

    Thank you

    Best Regards,

    Biju Narayanan

  303. I have suddenly developed the food allergy. I have itching all over body.
    Once after eating prawns it became really serious,rashes all over body, my eye swelled and unable to breathe.
    Please advice how to get rid of it permanently.

  304. Ashok Kumar Poonia says:

    I have 03 year old son . He is suffering from Wheat Allergy
    i want to know treatment of this disease can done by homeopathy
    Allopathy doctors deni treatment of this disease.There is no treatment of this disease in alloverwolrd

    Contact No 9996780421

  305. Adi S, Katari says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma ,
    I am 56 years old, allergic to. Sea food . i get excess mucus if I take milk , eggs and chicken. Is there any cure for chicken allergy/ sensitivity.


  306. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Iam 38 years old man, i developed allergy with Beef, egg yolk and other high cholesterol diet when i was very young.I used to do lots of sex and then eat high cholesterol diet like Beef and egg yolk and cheese. I then went to a herbal doctor he asked me to stop eating high cholesterol diet and then i started eating light vegetables and he gave me some medicine to strengthening or building muscles, the medicine worked well with light vegetables soup. Now iam near 40 and i dont take any medicine but unfortunately the problem still exist.l when ever i take Beef and egg yolk my muscles get weaker i felt very bad. please prescribe me some homeopathy medicine.

  307. Hello Doctor,

    I am allergic to eggs. My age is 28 and I used to eat lots of eggs (omelettes) but then I stopped eating them due to spiritual reasons. I stopped eating eggs at the age of 22-23 and then I ate them again when I was 25 and found out that I have become allergic to eggs. I have tested 5-6 times since then and everytime I eat eggs I get a severe stomache. Now I can’t eat them anymore!!!
    I loved eating eggs and I would like to eat them again. Please revert back if there’s a way to permanently cure egg allergy…I will be extremely extremely thankful to you!!!

  308. Hell Doctor,

    I am allergic to eggs. My age is 28 and I used to eat lots of eggs (omelettes) but then I stopped eating them due to spiritual reasons. I stopped eating eggs at the age of 22-23 and then I ate them again when I was 25 and found out that I have become allergic to eggs. I have tested 5-6 times since then and everytime I eat eggs I get a severe stomache. Now I can’t eat them anymore!!!
    I loved eating eggs and I would like to eat them again. Please revert back if there’s a way to permanently cure egg allergy…I will be extremely extremely thankful to you!!!

  309. Fatima mubashshir says:

    Hello doctor,
    my mother suffring from food allergy.she is suffering from skin rashes and swelling and eiching where skin has infected in the body.its more infected caueses non-veg food and gabbege,bringle,beans and pulses.please advise her some affective priscrption .

  310. Muhammad Anser says:

    I am suffering from food allergy since last 15 years, especially from rice, cold drinks, soar foods.
    Cannot drink cold water.

    Please advise.

  311. Dear Doctor,

    I am 44 year old small business man suffering from Food Allergy. Actually, I was suffering from Digestive issues (acidity, indigestion etc) since 25 years. Recently, I came to know that, one of the main reason is Non-veg food. My SRH level in blood was very high and had Urticaria issues as well during last two years. Whole health became better after Ayurvedic / Homeo medicines and with pure Veg Diet. However, I am still to recover completely. When I take some kind of Extra spicy, oily food, there are redness on my stomach and chest, Pain in lower abdomen, indigestion, tiredness etc. Can you advise how shall proceed with further treatment.


    Dev (Navimumbai)

  312. Kanchan Daswani says:

    Hello dr,
    My daughter who is six year old is allergic to gluten.her ttg test was positive with 28.
    I live in China and I am Indian and at present I m giving her everything gluten free.
    Please can u tell me is there any treatment for this allergy in homeopathic ….will it go with the treatment.
    Please tell me I am really very tensed.

  313. I have a mother on Peptamen 1.5. She sweats. She grunts. She has a G-Tube and has problems tolerating formulas. What is wrong?

  314. Basudev Sikder says:

    Respected Doctor,
    I am 63 years’ old and suffering from High BP, Cholestoral level for which I am taking Repace – H & Aztor – Ez and these have controlled both effectively.
    However, another problem is that I am sensitive to many food Items which cause Rashes on the body with severe itching. This problem was with me while was 15 yrs. old and 55 yrs old. On both occassions I was relieved with anti-allergic drug and SDV vaccine. But, the problem started again 2 yrs. back. I am taking SDV but, with not appreciable improvement. I was advised to take Dr. Reckewege’s R – 83 ( 10 drops in little water, 2 times daily ) which I have started 10 days back but there have been aggravation. Still rashes are there on my body with severe itching. The itching increases 2 hrs. after meals and continues for 3 to 4 hrs., though I am avoiding sensitive Items.

    The Alloepathic Doctor told that I have developed Hyper-sensitivity.

    Please advice some Homeo Medicine with doses.

    With regards,
    Basudev Sikder

  315. hi
    my son is 18 months old and has allergy from lentils ,soy products,chick peas , greenpeas and all the beans please advice.

  316. Vijay Dhuri says:

    Every time I take Sour Food like Curd or some Fruits which has sour Taste like Oranges I get Cold and Cuffe. I love to eat Dahi But I cant. So how to get rid of this

  317. Sir,
    my grand son aged 3.8 months is allergic to wheat and milk products. The moment he eats wheat products(chapathi) and milk products (ordinary cow milk or buffelow milk), he starts scraching all over the body and his skin develops erruptions and itching.

    We shall be grateful if you could kindly advise us,

    kind regards,

  318. nisar ahmef says:

    Sr food allarjiy full body dane jaisavho jata hai and full bady kujata hai mai kya karu

  319. My son who is now 3yrs has an allergy from milk products. Whenever she takes in even a minute piece of milk chocolate, she starts getting red spots on her face, sneezing and itching.
    Does my son can eat same foods with other children in the future?

    thank you


  320. Dr sb i have allergy from foods like fish,chiken, rice and peanuts etc. after taking food i experince palpitaions and acidity especially when i take rest after lunch
    my bllod pressure is normal. i m 45 years old
    kindly suggest some treatment

  321. Dear Sir, i am 29 year old. and very sensitive to milk products as curd, ghee etc. bannana and dust. If i take these above mentioned get suffered from severe cough and cold. please advice me. thanks.

  322. heera chand sharma says:

    Main jab bhi khatti cheez ya masale kicheez khata hoon mere sharir main khujli hoti hain is wajah se mere white ball bhi aa rahe hain main samajh nahin pa raha hoon ki ye food allergy hain ya aur kuch mujhe aur bhi khafi cheezo se parashani hoti hain jaise khatte fruits , doodh, mujhe yeh parashani 8 saal se hain please help

  323. My son is 2 years old and he is allergic to eggs.nuts,milk, wheat,dustmites.
    What should we do?hard to feed him and he is itchy most of the times and irritated.
    Please advise

  324. hello doctor, my 4-month-old son was doing well until 45 days. He was exclusively breastfed. he started to have chronic diarrhea(40-50 times/day) from 45th day for about 40 days. in the beginning, doctor took a stool test and it showed reducing substances positive. i continued to breastfeed him. diarrhea became severe on 4th day, he was severely dehydrated and, he was very lethargic. So, we admitted him to the hospital and he was treated with iv fluids and antibiotic considering it as an infection. but there was no improvement. he was breastfed for three days after admitted to the hospital. doctor kept him on npo and started him on soy-based feed considering that he has lactose intolerance. he was okay for two days. So he was discharged from the hospital. but again, he couldn’t tolerate soy feeds also. he had severe diarrhea and was severely dehydrated again. again we admitted him to the child trust hospital. again he was treated with iv fluids and they tried some other feeds like Banarich(rice, bengal gram, roasted gram, and raw banana) and peptamen but nothing worked. because of hospitalization, he had sepsis (klebsiella pneumoniae). It was sensitive to only one drug called colistin. they given it to him for five days. then the culture report was negative. but when they repeated the culture it was positive. so he was started on colistin again and given for 14 days and the culture was negative again. Doctors did sigmoidoscopy and endoscopy and told everything appears fine except some villus atrophy. biopsy reports came out as it may be due to milk allergy or autoimmune and destructive colitis. Finally he is on an elemental diet called Neocate which is not available in India. please clarify us whether it is food allergy or autoimmune. Please advice is there any treatment for this in homeopathy.

  325. Dilip Singh says:

    My daughter is 5 years old. she is suffering from allegy due to milk lactose. she feel coughing episodes and mucus formation . Please suggest a best treatment for this type of allergy.

  326. Jagpaul singh says:

    Hello Sir,
    My son has peanut and sesame seeds allergy.He is 28 months old and we noticed 4 times when he eat something having peanut he got some small red pimples and starts itching it.After 20 to25 min symptoms disappeared.Please let me know any remedies if it is curable.As his skin test results are positive.


  327. aryan agarwal says:

    i am suffering from wheat allergy since two years.i dont know exactly whether it is a celiac disease or anything else.whenever i eat wheat products i feel pain in my stomach and blockage in my throat.i am also suffering from nerve and bone problems.and one years before my vitamin d3 became very low i.e. 3.what should i do.pls help

  328. Gopal Krishan says:

    My daughter is 9 and half hear old. She feels some time to pain in stomach, i hav visited to child specialist and he advised us to make no. of blood test one of them is called TTG, i have done the TTG test the test repost indicate that her TTG is <170 but it should be less than 20. Now i want to start the homeopathic treatment please advise me

    Gopal Krishan

  329. Sir my 5year daughter has been diagnosed as wheat there any treatment of wheat alergy in homeopathy ,please suggest.

  330. Armelle Ansari says:

    I have hyperthyroidism and hyperaldosteronism , food insensitivities, acid reflux, arthritis, a little depressed at time , bloating after each meal even drinking water, weight gain in the past year. What kind of supplements would you suggest taking. I am almost 61 years old.

  331. Hi Sir,

    My name is Shailesh and I am 27 years old. I recently moved to Canada for pursuing my PhD. From past 10 months, whenever I eat cheese or paneer or mixture of both will lead to allergy (the symptoms are itching and development of urticaria). I never faced this problem when I was in India. Could you please suggest the homeopathic remedy for this allergy.

    Thank you

  332. lovina dadlani says:

    Hi Dr Vikas,
    My son is 6 month old he was diagnosed with skin test for allergy to milk protein,wheat,oats,barley and nuts all kinds including peanut.
    Although all other allergy levels are low peanut ad all nuts is the highest.
    Do you think there is a treatment for him.The reaction what we have noticed is eczema and hives for now.

    Is there a time limit it takes for this cure as i live outside india and would be coming for this purpose only

  333. Mohit Kakkar says:

    I have been diagnosed with wheat intolerance.
    Can homeopathy help me?

  334. Good day

    I recently visited a paediatrian after my 6 month old baby had been experiencing severe itchiness, rashes and hives on his face every few days. He was also exhibiting itchy eyes almost everyday.

    The irritation this caused to the little one made it necessary for us to seek assistance.
    The Paediatritian did an allergy test on baby’s arm which came back positive for milk and soya allergies.

    Baby is exclusively breast fed and this places me in a bit of a predicament as I am a lover of milk and milk products!

    Kindly recommend what I can take or give to baby to reduce the reaction to the milk protein that he is experiencing. Both my hubby and I are not allergic to milk, so we are quite confused as to how our baby has this condition.

    Look forward to your response.

    Kind regards
    Nadia (South Africa)

  335. Even constitutional homeopathy, which did wonders for my immune system, did not change my reaction to nuts, seeds, and dairy. That reaction is slightly delayed to 10 to 48 hours later, and show up as acne. I am 62 years old, and have noticed that not even alternative forms of treatment have not been able to stop this reaction except for very briefly… Perhaps a week.

    If there is any direction you might give me I would be very grateful.

    With every good wish,

  336. My daughter aged 24 had been tested a few years ago with certain food allergies which disappeared with time. Recently she has agin started to react to diiferent food by breaking out into hives ,swelling of lips and face. The reaction as of now are concentrated on her facial parts. She takes an antiasthmine for relief but now it is happening more often and interferes with her work.Please advise

  337. Dear Dr.

    Kindly send me homeopathic remedy about fish allergy. If eat little bit piece of fish (fry or boiled) i become pyhus (beyhoosh) with in one or two minutes. Deficiency of Vitamin D is diagnose (All blood test reports is negative except Alt is 74). I feel leg pain just like paralyzed. please tel me of homeopathic remedies to contain all problems, exclusive of Fish allergy. My age is 48 Years and i have one child only.
    I am very thankful to you.
    Amjad Pakistan.

  338. samina siddiqui says:

    respected sir

  339. Manish Bhargav says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I had been suffering from the food allergy of eggs. Egg may be hidden in wide variety of food products causing allergy to me. I am now 45 years old and had been suffering from this since last 20 years.
    Plz advise….
    Manish Bhargav

  340. food allergy problem.i want 2cure fully

  341. DR HARDIK SHETH says:


  342. Dear Doctor
    I am suffering from Wheat Allergy from last three years. please advice me some remedies.

  343. food allergy problem from 2002 .

  344. Vijayalakshmi says:

    Respected Sir, My name is Viji. I am suffering from Burning sensation inHeart{Epigastric region}since 4years it coms after eating Milk products like Yogart,Icecream,Specy food.I am taking Nux Vomica ,Carbo.Veg,Lycopodium but no use Please adcise me good medicins.Thanks a Viji

  345. Riten Patel says:

    Hello Dr Sharma

    I have a 4 month old daughter who was diagnosed with severe allergies to proteins from milk, nuts, wheat and soy due to which she has developed eczema on her body. So far we have taken nursing out and substituted with hypoallergenic formula (Neocate) for the past 3 weeks. Also referred to a dermatologist who has prescribed cutar oil bath and application of 0.1% hydrocortisone ointment but has not improved. In addition we give her Benadryl 2.5ml occasionally but that has it helped either and she is really u comfortable and scratches lot of time to leave scars over her body. I would be great if you can provide some of your time and consult on this case.

    Thank you and have a nice day.

  346. Hi Sir,

    I really believe you can find a solution for my problem. I have a 7 years old son who is suffering form food allergies as wells as eczema. I have been suffering a lo seeing him with having all these struggles.
    We diagnosed that he is having dry skin (eczema) when he is 2 months old. Later when he is 9 months we realized he is having food allergies too. Here are the below list he is allergic to
    1. peanut
    6. Few vegetables
    8. Turkey

    May be few more not known.
    As a kid he doesn’t like to eat vegetables and fruits a lot. Can you imagine what can an Indian mother can feed a kid with out all the above items. Please suggest me whether he can be cure in Homeopathy?
    Please help my kid with your valuable suggestion. Thanks a lot!

    Lavanya (Mother)

  347. Purvita Shah says:

    I’m from US, New Jersey. I have a son who is now 4 years old. A month after he was born he had a bad rash behind his ears, behind his knees, elbow joint and when I took him to pediatrician in US he was diagnosed with atopic dermatitis (eczema). The doctor gave him hydrocortisone cream but I never used it on him. I didn’t wanted him to get sensitize to it. The rash went away slowly after he was 1 year old. Since then he has always had dry skin, very itchy mainly at the joints and at times will start bleeding from scratching. Usually he is itchy on his elbow joint or on his butt. Time to time he would have sneezing and runny nose that will last 2-6 hrs. as well. A year ago his blood test revealed that he has severe allergies to nuts (almonds, cashew, peanuts, pistachio,walnuts etc.),Penicillin and also pollen from trees specialy when season changes. I like to know if there is a permanent cure in homeopathy for these allergies? Is he too young to treat for this condition? If their is a cure in homeopathy what is that therapy called? Many Thanks!

  348. My son, 4, has a blood tested food allergy to gluten, eggs (duck/chicken), sesame, coconut, and garlic. The latter three are not hard to avoid, but the first two do sneak into his diet occasionally………….sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night half asleep, scratching, leg pain, crying……………when this happens, is their a specific remedy for allergic reactions? Anything you can recommend? Thank You for your time.

  349. Hi there, i have an allergy to egg yolk and egg whites. I also have a food intolerance to the following: potato, and potato derivatives, Peanuts. I also cannot have foods with yeast as they may have been cultured using potato water. I do not experience digestive problems if i make a mistake with these foods but rather have bad, itchy eczema. My face goes red and blotchy, swells and looks awful!
    Can you give me any advice as to what i can take to help rid the allergy to egg and the food intolerances?


  350. Stanley Moskowitz says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I seem to have a food allergy/intolerance
    to certain grains and nuts.(also lactose )
    Instead of dairy products, I use almond
    milk or occasionally soy milk on my cereal
    and yogurt once in a while. It seems when
    eating breakfast almost each morning,
    I have a sneezing and/or coughing spell
    for several minutes. Can you advise me
    what else to avoid, and if there is a
    Homeopathic treatment for my symptoms.
    Male 63 years old. Thank you for the time
    and consideration.


    Stanley Moskowitz USA

  351. Hi, I just realized that I am intolerant to citrus.when I take any thing sour it bloats me and then by stomach starts to pain me.Am also allergic to pure wheat.when I eat pure wheat,it gives me kind of like a tingling sensation in my stomach.please ca u help me.and sour things also give me gastritis.

  352. dear sir,
    my baby is one year old ,he is allergic from milk as will as wheat and rice ,can u help me ?

  353. gagan arora says:

    hello doc
    my son who will be 2 yrs 5 mnths ths month had diahrea in march ( 2 of mar) and it last for approx. 1 month
    on 3 of apr he got rashes on his buts so went to doc he cheked the weigh it was 11.1 kg he lost 400 but that time his diahrea was settled. But doc suggested few tests ttg and stool n cbc stool test n cbc were fine but ttg was high 279 u/ml.. N he asked me to get another ttg test in 15 days but i cud not stop my self n got the test done in 10 days again it was high 264 u/ml but from a different lab. We went to another doc for second opinion, they suggested anti ema and cbc d3 iron vitamins test all the test results are fine and ema is negative but iron is slightly low it is 47 the value starts from 50, now the doc has asked for another ttg in one month n if it comes positive thn they will do biopsy. N i dnt want to go for biopsy since he is to small for it.

    one more thing i wud like to highlight that he does not have any symptom eats well, active n no diahrea no contipation n stomachache. N he has gained weigh also now he is 11.7 kg n height is 88.9

    pls suggest if this is curable n if thr is any treatment available in homeopathic.

  354. Avinash D'souza says:

    Hello Doctor,

    My daughter who is now 2yrs and 4 months has an allergy from milk products. Whenever she takes in even a minute piece of milk chocolate, she starts getting red spots on her face, gets a very bad cold and her face starts to swell near the eyes and nose area.

    Right now, she is on soya milk only and plus she not being a good eater, her health is not upto the mark. Right now she is 10.3 kgs.

    Please suggest us, what we should do and how do we get her to over come this allergy. Tomorrow when she goes to school, shes going to have big trouble refraining from chocolates etc.

    Kindly suggest us a suitable solution doctor.

    Best regards,

    Avinash D’souza.

  355. Nikesh pancholi says:

    I am 35 years old and after an allergy blood test this january i have been proved positive of a wheat and dust allergy. Previous to this since june 2011 i have suffered from eczema, itchy scalp, itchy face, fatigue, bloated stomach, only sleep 3-4 hours, red itchy eyes. I am now on a wheat free diet which has helped and am sleeping much better however the itchiness is still there.

    I also get an itchy scalp and face when in contact with hot water and when i sweat there fore unable to do any exercise.

    All of the above was non- existent prior to june 2011.

    My ige levels are 3000+ from my blood test therefore i am prone to more allergy if not treated.



    Please advise accordingly as i want to get back to normality as soon as possible

  356. prashant ekde patil says:

    if i eat some fruit or vegitable it causes allergy. only my face swell. what is alopathic treatment

  357. Sangeeta says:


    My grand son has multiple food allergies including nuts, gram dal and fish. He is 2 1/2 years old. He is in US and his parents want to return to India and go to school in India. But, in India there is not awareness of food allergies. So, do you think it is good idea to return to India and can Homeopathy help him.
    Sangeeta Deshpande

  358. Gagan Arora says:

    Hi doc
    My baby is 2 years 4months ol n he was suffering from diahrea for 1 month n my doc asked me to get few tests done in which his ttg is 279 u/ml doc told me he is allergic to wheat pls tell me why to do I m very tensed he asked me to gt one more test done in 15days. N he also checked his weight n height which according to him is fine

  359. Samantha Blankson says:

    I am 16years old and I have severe (asthma like) allergic reactions when I eat, smell or even close to cooked fish. ie. Smoked,grilled or fried fish.

  360. Hi there. I am 4 and a half months pregnant and have a high candida albican overgrowth in my gut which is being treated by my ND. But due to this candida infestation, I have food sensitivities, which cause me to feel a burning sensation on my face. My face isn’t red, but it feels like it should be bright red. Also my eyes will start to burn and water. Apparently this is my bodies immunilogical response to either the food sensitivites (antibodies my body is creating for the food I’m sensitive to,) or to the candida itself dieing or being fed. I’m just wondering if you know of any homeopathic remedy that is safe during pregnancy to take for the burning sensation in my face. Thanks!

  361. mohanavel says:

    Whenever i intake the sugary items, i am getting itching all over the body. Can you please suggest a hoemopathic remedy for this. I don’nt have diabetes.

  362. anil gupta,md says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I am your old patient and would like to connect with e-mail on payments directly to you,if possible.I would like a direct communication,if you could kindly grant me that.
    I have gout and Reiter’s and now have severe allergy to Pistachio,cashew,mango,milk protein(also lactose intol),even almonds.
    I am not able to take (sulfa,phytolaca,urtica urens,phosphorus)
    other systemic ailment include:Hypertension,Stents in LAD (replaced on 12.12.12).
    I have no diabetes),Glaucoma controlled on drops.
    I am grateful for your advise on D3 level,which was indeed low and now normalized with replacement.

  363. Margot Sampson says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I have had food intolerances in the past but 5 days ago I ate a small amount of raw, unroasted and unsalted cashews and had a reaction in less than 5 minutes – my face got extremely red; I had tingling throughout my body and other areas became red and itchy – the tops of my hands, feet and knees, buttocks – I did not experience swelling or difficulty breathing so I took a 24 hour Reactin and stayed on the phone with a friend until it kicked in. Since that night, just as the Reactin wears off the redness and itchiness (I’m guessing hives as there are small red marks on my arms as well) return so I take another Reactin and it subsides before I go to bed. The odd thing is that I’ve eaten cashews before, though not as often as walnuts or almonds which I eat fairly regularly. In fact, I had roasted cashews the week before when visiting a friend and experienced no reaction at all. I am 50 years old and understand sometimes new allergies go hand in hand with menopause but it was such a severe reaction I’m not sure if that is the reason.

    My other allergies include penicillin and mold (they go hand in hand 🙂 and my food intolerances include most dairy products, orange juice and oranges, pork, wheat, sugar, msg, aspartame.

    I am most interested in finding a way to speed up the detoxication process of the histamine now in my body without having to take over the counter drugs. If there are certain foods I can eat to help as well as whatever homeopathic remedies you would suggest I am open to trying them. I am quite a healthy eater – not a lot of processed foods in my diet and for the most part I avoid the foods I am intolerant to. I understand the histamine can stay in my system for days, weeks or even months and I do not want to be taking Reactin everyday as I do not like putting those kinds of drugs in my body so if there is a natural way to solve this I am all for it!

    Margot Sampson

  364. Prachi Pathak says:

    Hello Dr.,

    My Daughter is 17 months old, born in USA having allergies of Cashew nuts,Pea nuts,Sesame,coconut.
    Is there any treatment for this to reduce it completely.


  365. Sir,
    My 3& half year old daughter is having lactose intolerance. If she drinks normal milk, she gets cold, cough and vomits in the night. Because of this we are hesitant to give her curd, cheese,etc.. Can this be cured in homeopathy? Thank you.

  366. NEERAJ GOYAL says:

    My daughter is 3 yrs now, BEFOR SIX MONTH she has food allergies from WHEAT (GULTEN). SHE EAT WHEAT AFTER HOMEOPATHY TREATMENT Please advice.

  367. Hi, my 17 month old daughter has several food intolerances including milk protein. But recently I have noticed that all calcium rich foods are causing the same reactions. Could you please advise what I should be giving her for this. She has a very restricted diet and I worry she is not getting enough nutrition from her foods.

  368. Hello Doctor,
    my 6 month old infant has soy and maybe milk allergy. He is still on breats milk and when I have soy or millk it is triggering ezcema. Can homeopathy help overcome his allergy? if so how long is the treatment and can infants have homepathy? have you seen allergies go away when treated in infants?

  369. Tracy McCool says:

    I have reactions from a few bites of most grains,dairy,corn and gluten free products. I am not sure which grains I am having reactions to. How can I get tested without eating the foods that make me sick for days on end? Please help. I would like to be able to eat and not worry or wait to be sick. Thank you for for reading this.

  370. Rajeev Joshi says:

    I am 42yrs now, since 20 yrs i have severe food allergies from Red Chilly & Hot spice (Garm Masala) (from any Hot Spice product) and Lemon). Please advice. Thanks Raj

  371. Milan Bagla says:

    Hello Doctor,
    I am 29 and I’m sufferring from a food allergy for the past two years now.My eyes/eye swell up and take upto 3-7 days to subside.At times my cheeks and lips swell up too.It is very painful and causes a great deal of discomfort.I end up at home most of the times and now the reactions are more frequent.I also get a lot of bumps on my stomach and joints generally a day before my eyes swell up.My eyes also water a day before at times.I have been taking antihistamines for a year now but they dont seem to help anymore.My face/eyes do swell up every on and off.Initially it was one episode a month but now I’ve begun getting them weekly.It’s really very stressing and an unpleasant view.Please suggest a homeopathic remedy for the same and please suggest what food/other allergy could be causing such swellings.Please please please help!

  372. maria gregory says:

    Hi I have many food intolerances but don’t know which ones. I wanted to know if there is a broad spectrum formula that would help for all of them. I love homeopathy but don’t know which are the right choices for me. When I read the symptom list a lot of times I have so many symptoms that i would have to buy 10 of them to try them out and it gets too expensive. Thank You.

  373. naseem khan says:

    Dear sjr , i m suffering from rice allergy since 8 yrs, when i take rice that time i feel tiredness , dry skin,body pain,constipation and indigation pls give me some advice and prescription

  374. I have stomach pain I am allergic to milk,nuts egg meat etc
    please prescribe some medicine for these.

  375. Hi im 27 yrs old male. From my childhood. I am allergic to sour foods like pickle, sauces etc or any thing sour. After having it, i have chesty cough and sore throat. Can u plz help me. Thanks

  376. Muhammad Nadir Ishaq says:

    Itchy skin rash (Hives) – Colour Red
    Swelling of the eyes, face, lips, tongue and throat
    Dark circles under eyes
    Breathing difficulty during night
    Traetment: (following medicines were taken for 1 week)
    Sulpher 1M – 1+1+1 (1st day)
    Urtica Urens Q Drops (full week) also pasted on body when rash increases
    Arsanic Alb 200 (daily night)
    Balsmumper Q (3rd and 4th day with olive oil – pasted on full body)
    Rhus tox 30 (regular after 4th day)

    Result: After getting homoeo treatment, i got severe attack with above noted symptoms at about 11:00 PM on daily basis. it took 02 hours to complete the attack process and 15-18 hours for recovery. at about 05 PM i got attack of low degree. this cycle remained for 05 days and was very painful especially tongue, mouth and small joints of fingers. after that i had an allergy test and it was finally concluded that i had Protein Allergy (meat and all kind of beans). Now i am under treatment of an MBBS doctor but interested to have homoeo treatment.
    plz advise

  377. Della Mukherjee says:

    I was looking for a homeopathy treatment for food intolerance by one of my pets. He is a 11 year old Persian/Norwegian cross breed and has constant dirrhoea with extreme flatulance. I have taken him to various vets, put him on special hypoallergenic food which he hates so in order that he gets nourishment, I revert to his favourit gourmet food whichis poison for him. I need a homeopathy treatment to cure him of this ailment. Kindly help. I have muscular cramps and pains and would need to consult you too but first my pet.
    Thank you and kind regards
    Della Mukherjee

  378. Hussain Lakhani says:

    My son has severe tree nuts and nuts allergy. do you recommend any of the Homeopathy treatment. we are based in Canada.

  379. Shabana Shabnam says:

    Hi Doctor:

    My 2 year old daughter is suffering from severe food allergies and her IgE is 26,400. She is somewhat OK in day time and night time she hardly sleeps for couple of hours only. Please advise is there any treatment for her food allergy. Please advise.



  380. hello sir,
    from past 8-9 years im suffering from loose stool, i gone through many test but no problems coming out. even doctors not able to predict my problem,,,, there is no pain, no blood in stool, but most of the time loose stool.. i gone through many sites n i guess its protein allergy…. please suggest me wat should i do…….
    thank you

  381. Prakash Amasi says:

    Dear Sir,
    My daughter has been going on with cough cold..etc., when she was about 1.6 years old..initially most of the allopathic doctors said it is Asthama …so we started with Nebulization…Levoline…
    we did not gave her much seroflow.. last 2 months back we started Homeopath doctor…then later it was turned to be food allergic..some tiems she coughs very severly…tightly holding her..breath…fast breathing etc., most of the time it is during early morning for 20 – 30 mins…after noon when she tries to go for sleep after having noon lunch.
    Now Homeopathic doctor suggested to try with different diet for 2 weeks…and they have given some small tablets…
    Wanted to know whether her foold allergy can be overcomed…

    Please advise…

    Thanking You

    PRAKASH Bangalore

  382. Tilak Sharma says:

    Dr. Saheb,
    My grand daughter is allergic to nuts and sesame seeds. I suggested homeopathy treatment for her and my daughter-in-law talked to her doctor. He said that there is no known homeopathy treatment for this allergy. But I believe that homeopathy can treat this problem. I shall appreciate your point of view on this.
    My grand daughter is about 5 years old.


    Tilak Sharma

  383. Kishor Bhagwat says:

    My doughtier is 10 year old. She is having problem of coughing since
    May-12, so we have started allopathy treatment for her. After taking the different medicine there was bit improvement but after some days again coughing started. One day all of sudden she got swallow lip (bottom). After few hours it vanishes by its own. But gradually the frequency of lip swelling is increased with swelling on eye, inside mouth also and dizziness.
    As per our observation and doctors opinion it is food allergy. Most probably due to peanuts and soya sauce. One day she ate both peanuts and soya sauce, in night we saw there is swelling of complete face and dizziness.
    We have stopped all allopathy treatment and started homeopathy. There is improvement but still she is having problem of coughing and swelling with less severity.
    Please advice.

    Best Regards

    Kishor A. Bhagwat

  384. C.Srinivasan says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I have the following problem for the last 10 years (yes, one decade). Please let me know if my problem can be solved.
    1. If i take anything that is sweet like Orange juice, jaggery, sugar, glucose, tender coconut water, i feel dizzy immediately, i feel like falling and i get severe anxious.
    2. I get the above symtoms if i take any fatty items or oily items.
    3. After 4 or 5 hours of my meals, i get dizzy again and anxious and i had to rush to eat my meals immediately. My dizziness goes away after eating food. but, the same problem will repeat after 4 or 5 hrs.
    This problem gets worsened if sit and work for too long.
    4. Every 1.5 hrs i pass urine, feel thirsty and drink water. Again after 1.5 hrs, i pass urine, feel thirsty and drink water.. this cycle continues until i go to sleep.
    5. I have a general anxiety feeling that i may get dizziness anytime. Because of which, i restrict going out of my house or office frequently.
    5. There is no disturbance in the sleep. I sleep for 7 to 8 hrs daily. i get sleep delayed around 12.30 or 1 in the night.

    I had primary complex when i was 11 years and took antibiotics to cure it. I had severe acne/pimples problem from 16 years to 22 years for which i used to take antibiotic (tetracycline) whenever the problem gets worsened.
    Currently, i am 38 years.

    Please help me.

    Best Regards,


  385. santosh kar says:

    i am suffering for last 3 years.when i take rice and other food then after 1 to 2 hrs i get breathing problem and a get liquid form of cough also get belly distended.I have tested allergy most of the important food are allergetic and some of are in boderline.the total ige is 402IU/ml.pleae suggest.

  386. Jawab to aap nain aik post ka nahi dia hoa…….or web page per submit comment aisy likha hai keh jaisy inhi ka intazar ho aapko….had kerty Dr sahab aap bhi…

  387. Jawab to aap nain aik post ka nahi dia hoa…….or web page per submit comment aisy likha hai keh jaisy inhi ka intazar ho aapko….had kerty Dr sahab aap bhi…..

  388. Hi,
    My Son is 22 months old and he has Tree nut allergy. The doctors here in the US told to avoid all Tree nuts. Based on your artcile does Homeopathy Cure his Tree nut allery. We are planning to visit India next year. You response is very much appreciated.


  389. shahid naeem says:

    dr sab i have allergy problem i went alopethic treatment i was feeling itching skin they vacinied me and i am feeling better now but still i feel problem when i eat chiken , rice , and mangoes i feel soure throat
    burning tongue discomfort in digestive system and i feel my feet burning
    plz suggest me some homeopethic medicine

  390. Amit Pradhan says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    My daughter 4 years old is allergic to tree nuts, egg and chicken. Does homeopathy have any treatment for food allergies? We are advised to carry an injection – epinephrine always with us.

  391. Rajasri A says:

    Hi Doctor,

    My baby suffering with milk allergy from the 2nd month of his age.
    Now he is in 8th month, we are feeding him NeocateInfant whihc is very costlier and it is becoming too difficult to bring from US to India.

    Is there any remedy for milk allergy including soya milk.
    please give me any colution Sir.

    Thank you.

  392. Hi Doc,

    My son is 15 month old and suffering from atopic dermatitis eczema.
    we went for allergy test and he results were showing that he is allergic to white potato and legumns (peas). I am not sure i was giving him moong daal and he was fine for atleast 3 weeks,so i don’t know if he is allergic to moog daal. i stop giving him daal right now beause i am scared with the allergic test result.can you please suggest sometime.

  393. ms nishu says:

    sir my 3 year old daughter has been daignosed of wheat allergy and the doc says it will continue life long..,sir i want to knw if there is any cure in homeopathy for this allergy..n if yess how long wold it take..her gluten count is 175..thanku sir.

    • my 4 yr son has allergy from wheat.can this be treated through homeopathy.can he eat wheat after getting free from allergy?and for how much time he has to go through the treatment?

  394. My son is diagnosed wit all top 8 food allergies like milk, wheat, egg, soy, tree nuts, shell fish, fish and also allergic to all grains, vegetables and fruits. Except nuts, we don’t see any rashes on his skin for food allergies.It is very rare that he is not allergic to some food and due to his food allergies he developed Eosinophilic eosophagitis. Do ypou think we can treat this case with online treatment ? I am very interested in knowing my options.

  395. Dr Sharma
    my son aged 14 month has food allergies ( milk, soy, wheat and oat ).i have removed all these things from his diet but still he has rashes on his face.can you suggest any homeopathic medicine.

  396. Dr Sharma,
    My son aged 5 yrs has food allergies, mild ezcema and is asthmatic. He is on a mild dose of steriods to keep his Asthma symptoms at bay.
    His food alleries include Fish, Eggs, Cow’s Milk and Nuts. His ezcema is a lot better now, but is string pretty strong on one of his finger.
    Can homeopathy jelp with his food allergies? Will they interfere with the steriods or any other Western medications he is on? Please Advice.
    I am certainly aware of the benefits of homeopathy btu i do want to apporach it for this specific purpose and would like your input.

  397. I am very allergic to wheat,eggs,dairy, salt, nuts all pulses, cellery, pumpkin,butternut, soy ext.

    Desperate for medical help

  398. My 12 yr ld has severe egg and tree nut allery?
    Any suggestions for a homeopathic medicine thts supposed to help?

  399. My 7 year old son has had atopic dermatitis since he was born. The skin and raster blood test showed allergies to peanuts, eggs, fish, treenuts were strong. He is tolerating eggs in a cooked form but not milk or dairy. When he has a dairy product he usually ends up with a runny nose, cough phlegm in the chest or a loss of apetite. He has not gained weight like a normal child should. Also when the temperature drops, he gets a wheezing like cough. He is also prone to fluid build up in the ear, which the doctors have said is due to the allergies. IS there a homeopathic remedy for our sons allergies? Thanks.

  400. my 7year old child is suffering from food allergies. she had atopic eczema at 2 months of age and is cleared up when she was 2year old with the help of homeopathic treatment but her food allergies keep increasing by age.
    she at first had only milk, egg and nuts allergy. but now milk allergy was gone but she is allergic to all pulses. she will get cough and itchy throat and vomitting after eating a little bit of any of them and the reaction will go off slowly after an hour or so. i am very much worried about the proteins that she should get daily from pulses and nuts. we tried homeopathy for food allergies but nothing worked out and instead she used to gets more cough and wheezing immediately after having the medicine. and even she got milk allergy back after using the medicine and cleared after several days. we are fed up. please help us to get rid of these allergies.

  401. I have been diagnosed positive for milk, mutton and mango allergy. I have been avoiding these products, however I would want to know if there is any way I can get it cured on a permanent basis with the help of homeopathy.

  402. At the age of 55 I have become allergic to tumeric, tartrazine, msg, preservatives, colourants, spices, nuts and a few others, I react by getting hives all over and scratch till I bleed. I am taking antihestermine – I have taken a course of Pregnisone (5 now) and this cures the hives, when I stop they creep back. I am able to eat fruit and veggies and meat that I have prepared. It makes it difficult to eat out.

  403. rosy laxman says:

    i m allergic to many foods like milk,caffiene and proteins.i get better aftyer taking renetidiene.i am having this for many years.please help and guide. i m staying at coimbatore.
    rosy laxman

  404. vaishnavi subramaniam says:

    if i eat cucumber i get cold and cough. so please advice me what medicine i should take?

  405. My 8 year son suffering from some sort of ‘food allergy’ since last one year.After taking his meal i observe itchy skin eruptions or hives all over his body in morning or in evening after sleep.Particularly after taking non- veg meal/maggie,piza etc.And it stays on for 10-12 hrs, hence he is forced to take anti-allergic tablet almost daily . Please advice if Homeopathy can help him. Thanx.

  406. i am male age 35 sometime attack alergic .the different days long time attack skin alergic. i am sugar patient how to relif the alergi (not food alergic)

  407. hi!i live in bangkok and i just had a son..he is now almost 7 months old and is still being breastfed he has eczema due to milk allergies..i found out about 2 months ago when i spotted some blood in his stool like tiny streaks..until today i still have no clue as to how many things he is allergic to because there is till some ezcema on his face it has always been there sometimes less sometimes a lot..mostly on the right side of his face and on the forehead..i think he might be allergic to eggs wheat and soy..the doctor says that i won’t know until i stop breastfeeding..i found out that he has a milk allergy when my daughter who had just drank milk kissed him and hives formed on his body but once i washed it with soap it went away..i would like to know what kind of remedy would help to ease his problem?

  408. Dear Doctor,
    My son is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. We been carrying epipen. He had ezema when he was born. When he was 7 months he started reacting badly to Good day Indian biscuit. We been to emergency. After that we been avoiding nuts. We had couple more incident like this in last 6 months. We are trying to find out if there is any treatment in homeopathy that can cure his allergy. Your timely response is much appreciated.

    Thanks again,

  409. i am suffering from food allergy.itching can occure it form as a block spots on the body.please tell me what should i do now.what is the solution for this.which kind of food i have to take to prevent allergy.

  410. Hello Doctor,
    My 9 month old has dry skin on her cheeks and dry skin in her scalp more like cradle cap black colored since 3 months of age and her stools are green to black in color . Her pediatrician thinks she might be allergic to milk(formula ) or to breast milk which might has dairy in it that i consume and wanted us to take to an allergist. When she tries solid foods he rcheeks ge tred some time sand dry skin gets worse with some foods. Is there a homeopathy treatment for babies with food intolerance/food allergies? Is the dry skin on her cheeks and scalp linked to food intolerance?
    Thanks in advance.

  411. Hello Sir..

    My 5 yr son is allergitic to peanut ,please advice is there any medicine for his allergy.
    i have already used the homeopathy for him since lst 6 months and it din’t make any changes.


  412. saleem uddin says:

    Sir, i am suffering from severe food allergy. i have gone trough skin test . i can not eat any kind of proteins i e meat,fish, egg,etc,spices, rice, tea, coffee, dry fruits, chillies. If i eat i feel allergy issues kindly tell me some medicine because when i use any simple medicine i feel good and carry on my daily activities

  413. Irene Basley says:

    I am 55 years old and all of a sudden I am constantly coughing. I cough so violently that I have accidents. I thought I was allergic to dust but I think it nuts, peanuts, walnuts, cashews any kind. I have always been able to eat whatever I wanted to. The coughing is only getting worse. What should I do?

  414. Respected Sir,
    I have strange kind of food allery. I undergone a food allery test almost 8 years back and was detected to have allergy in almost all of the foods like brinjol (egg plant), eggs, nuts, wheat, red meat. The list of long enough and doctor asked me to ignore that and eat what my body suits. All these years I am facing acidity and gastritis problem with most of the food items even moderately spicy ones.

    I was a milk lover in childhood and had to give that up eventually as I get gas with dairy products.

    Here is the strange part of my allergy. If I eat egg occasionally it wont show any alergic symptoms but I do get acidity and gas. But if I try a few days then once suddenly I see skin hives (one or two) . I am thinning day by day because of this allergies but helpless. I would really really thank you if you please help me with this.

    Thanks a lot

  415. Neeraj Rai says:

    I am suffering from high lactose intolrence since 3 year. Kindly suggest me the right medicine . I am 35 year male and residing at Gorakhpur, U.P.

  416. my son got symptoms of atopic dermatitis when he was six weeks. I was advised by Shimla based child specialist Dr. Gulati to approach Homeopathic clinic. I started homeopathic treatment for my son but still there in no change in his condition. though the use of aloevera cream gives his skin a little moisturising effect. please advice. thank you.

  417. My 2 months daughter is diagnosed with Lactose Intolerance….due to which she is suffering from Diarrhea, Intestinal cramps, Gas, Watery bowel movements, crankiness…Need an homeopathy remedy for the same….Kindly reply urgently…

  418. Mrs. Parikh says:

    My 6 year old son is severely allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. The reactions include swelling of face, itching on entire body and shortness of breath.
    Please let me know if he can be cured of these allergies by homeopathy.

  419. my daughter is 9 years old has severe citrus food allergy and ghee and peanut and smoke can she be cured permanently with homeopathy she starts wheezing and coughs alot doctors say this will go in a few year plz help

  420. Radhakrishnan says:

    My 5 year old son is very allergic to tree nuts, peanuts and
    Tropical fruits such as kiwi fruit and pineapple.
    He complains of an itchy throat, vomiting, hives and sometimes
    Wheezing. Please let me know if there are any specific
    Homeopathy cures.

  421. Vish Patel says:

    My 5 year old son has severe nut allergies. The reactions include vomitting/hives/skin eruption etc.
    Please let me know if there is any homeo treatment for nut allergies.

  422. My husband for the past year has become allergic to (wheat.gluten, rye, oats, rice including brown rice, soy, dairy, peanuts, preservatives, food coloring). He mostly lives on juicing veg/fruits. He can eat salmon and cod. Don’t know what to do to help him; he losing a lot of weight and energy. Do you know what he could take to help alleviate this sudden onset of allergies?

    • Mozhe amere says:

      Dr sir,

      I am showing lots of reactions after having garlic or shrimp and a host of other foods and also around my pets that I was told are hypoallergenic My throat gets tight mouth burns ESP the gums I have to take Benadryl daily and don’t like to is there another more natural approach to my problem. What really bothers me is when I take medications it rises my blood pressure and my Herat beats very fast and I shake

      Thank you for your time

  423. Mr. Shyam Pamnai says:

    as i eat food which contains salt i got some problems like wants to sleep feel laziness, stomach heavy, memory weak, feel hungry, pain in veins and it blinks fast.Please give the treatment regarding it I am not able to do any thing

  424. I have dealt with numerous food allergies for the last 3 years (wheat,rye,barley,oats,citrus,salmon,avocado,cashews,recently kamut) . My reaction is mostly hives and with the grains is hives and GI issues gas,bloating,constipation. I’m currently looking at dairy. If this keeps up I will be living off of water. I used to suffer environmental allergies. About 15 years ago I used Homeopathy to relieve a lifetime of that suffering. I’d like to do that again with food allergies. I’ve gotten used to living a restricted life but I fear more allergies developing. If I could solve this problem I would be thrilled. I can’t afford to lose any more foods. Do I eat these foods I’m allergic to and then just take the remedy I think is suitable for me? How do you approach this?

    • My daughter aged 24 had been tested a few years ago with certain food allergies which disappeared with time. Recently she has agin started to react to diiferent food by breaking out into hives ,swelling of lips and face. The reaction as of now are concentrated on her facial parts. She takes an antiasthmine for relief but now it is happening more often and interferes with her work.Please advise

  425. Hi, my daughter is 3 and recently found out that she has allergies to wheat, milk, eggs, corn, soy, sesame seeds, walnuts. Is there a possible treatment for this, Please let me know.Thank you

    • vinod kumar says:

      Sir, my son 15 years old is suffering from Wheat Allergy, last week PGI Chandigarh found the disease by tTG test. PGI suggested to my son avoid wheat or wheat product. I am in stress due to my son disease. Please suggest me by homeopathy treatment. Sir, is there a complete treatment by homeopathy. What is the period of treatment. My son hb is around 6gm and weight is 41kg and height is 154 cm. Thanks a lot.

      • sir,my daughter is 2 yrs 4 months old is suffering from wheat allergy. dr. found the disease by tTG test which result is 157.50 dr suggested her for biopsy and avoid wheat and wheat product.i m in stress .sir is there a complete treatment by homeopathy. what will the priod and precautions. thanking you

  426. I am lactose intolerant/ what treatment should i take in homeo? will ther be any food restrictions/

  427. pm suresh says:

    If I drink milk(ordinary pocket milk) after one hr in stomach gas producing more and coming out from bottom also.on next day I had loose motion. I am known Hiatus Hernia help me
    Thanking you,
    With Regards,
    pm suresh

  428. Hi, my daughter ( 5 years old) is allergic to walnuts, cashew nuts and other tree nuts..she is fine with almonds and and hazel nuts.
    she had developed infantile eczema , when she was three months old,we got her treated for the same by homeopathy.
    we found about her allergy to nuts about a few monrths ago,she gets cramps in her stomach and tingling on throat,was drooling and feeling sick, and doctors have given a plan for anaphylaxia and advised to avoid nut,
    please advise if there is any treatment and permanent cure.

  429. tsolakidis apostolos says:

    ο γιος εχει αλλεργια στα γαλακτοκομικα και θα ηθελα να μαθω αν μπορω να λυσω το προβλημα με ομοιοπαθητικη[με την κλασικη ιατρικη δεν μπορεσα να το λυσω]

  430. tsolakidis apostolos says:

    ο γιος μου εχει δυσανεξια στη λακτοζη και θελω να μου πειτε αν μπορω να λυσω το προβλημα με ομοιοπαθηητικη[με την κλασικη ιατρικη δεν βρηκα λυση] ευχαριστω περιμενω απαντηση

  431. Dawn Bartels says:

    I have an 18 year old daughter, who is an avid swimmer and water polo player.
    She has an allergy to chlorine, but can’t give up the sports. She had also had a reaction to cashews in the past, but can avoid those. Her symptoms are the congestion in the nose, which large amounts of discharge. She eventually gets tired frequently from it. She also develops athlete’s feet and gets large cracks on her feet. We have tried some homeopathy and constitutional treatments but so far no success. Have we missed a remedy we should look at?

  432. I have lactose intolerance which remained undetected for 4 years. During this period i suffered and my digestive system has become weaker. Any variation in the food causes acidity and bloating and flatulence.
    Is there any remedy in Homeopathy.
    Please inform.

  433. I am a 26 year old female and I just recently found out that I have an allergy to nuts. This came to be quite a shock to me because I eat peanut butter, trail mix and other things with nuts in them all the time. The only time I can recall ever having a reaction was at christmas time when I ate a walnut, the only thing that happned to me was my mouth got a little itcy inside and I had to brush my teeth. That being said I was quite shocked to find out that I have an allergy and my allergy doctor tells me I need an epi pen.

    In the mean time, I am very upset because I am in my final stages of joining the military and was told because of my allergy and need for an epi pen, my chances of being accepted are low. This is very frustrating because i’ve been working so hard to be accepted and I will do whatever it takes to change it.

    my question is: are there treatments that will stop the allergy from getting worse so I do not require an epi pen? do I still have a chance of getting accepted into the military?

    any suggestions would help, thank you.

  434. Zainul Amin says:

    Hello Dr.
    My son 2 years old now. Very active child. He had an allergic with seafood and eag since he was a baby. I already give him Graphite daily, Nat. Sulp. and Sulphur once a week.
    Untill now he still can’t eat seafood and eags. Sometimes he got very constipation. Could Dr. suggest someting to make his life free from allergic.

  435. T V V NS C RAJU says:

    My 8 year old son is intollerant to milk since birth. If taken occassionally his symptoms start after more than 24 hrs of consumption. choclates,cova,paneer etc also cause intollerance
    1. asthamatic symtoms breathing problems
    2. High fever
    3. Motions
    well tollerable to butter milk & curd.
    Please let me know if there is any homeo treatment for this
    One more thing is should tell is i suffered an allergy to idli for more than 15 years finally got rid with one dose of sepia

  436. Hello,
    My 5 year old son has severe nut allergies. The reactions include vomitting/hives/shortness of breath etc.
    Please let me know if there is any homeo treatment for nut allergies.

    • Hi Dr..My dauhter is 1yr.7mths old.She had severe allergy from treenuts and get hives and redness on face and feels very uncomfortable..Is there any homeopathic treatment.that can treat the root cause and she does not have to live with fear ….what she can have or not..

      • My body is allergic to all food items containing chemical preservatives, flavours and colours. kindly prescribe a good medicine for me.

  437. Seems like am suffering from some sort of ‘food allergy’ since last one month.As within 20 to 30 minutes of having my meal i observe itchy skin eruptions or hives all over my body. And it stays on for 10-12 hrs, hence am forced to take anti-allergic tablet almost daily. Please advice if Homeopathy can help me. Thanx.

  438. Andrew Stocks says:

    I am writing on behalf of my mother who is plagued with various food and fabric allergies. She needs cataract operations soon, bit she is worried about being allergic to the polyacrylate replacement lenses. Is this possible ? Her Consultant seems concerned but cannot reassure her. The most common symptom she suffers from is an excessively salty mouth, and she seems to believe she is allergic to salt. Is this possible ? Human biochemistry is based on saline,and I have my doubts. This has being going on for 30 years and first appeared at her menopause, and I was wondering if this raft of food and fabric allergies is due to a hormonal imbalance . I would like to know if there is a possible cause to her condition , and is/are there any clinics that would be interested in her as a possible research subject !

    • carolyn paylor says:

      dear sir, i am a 66 year old african american female. i am severly allergic to pork, beef, chicken, lamb, turkey, eggs, butter, and cow’s milk. also all fish that are filthy feeder. just being in the area while they are being cooked, or being in the presence of someone who has just eaten these meats can cause me tb have a severe allergic reaction. chemical, colors, or dyes, soaps, detergents. even the allergy meds can cause bad reaction.being in a vegan or vegetarian , or on an island has been my only relief. no matter how much fiber or fruit and veggies i eat, i get severe constipation in a toxic enviornment. i have no other medical problems. no cure. how can i tolorate life more easily?

  439. actually i have regular iiching in hole body aspot comes out after every time remains for some time and than get removed

    • Avinash D'souza says:

      Hello Doctor,

      My daughter who is now 2yrs and 4 months has an allergy from milk products. Whenever she takes in even a minute piece of milk chocolate, she starts getting red spots on her face, gets a very bad cold and her face starts to swell near the eyes and nose area.

      Right now, she is on soya milk only and plus she not being a good eater, her health is not upto the mark. Right now she is 10.3 kgs.

      Please suggest us, what we should do and how do we get her to over come this allergy. Tomorrow when she goes to school, shes going to have big trouble refraining from chocolates etc.

      Kindly suggest us a suitable solution doctor.

      Best regards,

      Avinash D’souza.

    • Pritis C Majumdar says:

      Same problem of my younger unmarried sister – itching, rash like measel on skin, sometimes skin marks like scratch or expanding marks and then vanished after a few days if not taken apple, pumpkin, milk and milk product, choko, spices on purchased food etc. We are now scared of taking any food and fruit.

    • Nazam Uddin Khan says:

      Hello Doctor,

      Is it really harmful to have milk and fish in same time. What homeopathy says about this?

  440. My daughter is 9yrs now, since birth she has severe food allergies from Milk protein (from any milk product) and nuts (peanuts, cashews). Please advice.

    • pankaj daftari says:

      sir, i feel that milk taken by me causes throat irritation and i can not take curd doctor say it is pharyngitis . hyperacidity is form after taking milk product and a heavy irritation in tonsils

    • PINAR YUKSEL says:

      Dear Sir,
      My daughter 7 years old has severe allergy to milk protein, when she eats one drop of milk in any food sneezes for hours, inside of her noise blockens, asthmatic problems occurs. Other day she becomes sick( cold becomes). Every nights her noise blockens, in days she usually touches her noise which is very sensitive any kind of odors.
      In last three years although she hasn’t eat any milk product she lives these problems frequently. In allergy tests only milk and peanut allergy is seen.
      Is there any homeopathic treatment to this problem?
      Does my daughter can eat same foods with other children in the future?
      Advance thanks and best regards

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