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Homeopathic Remedies For Atopic Dermatitis

Homeopathic Remedies For Atopic Dermatitis

Homeopathic Remedies for Atopic dermatitis Treatment

Homeopathic Remedies for Atopic dermatitis Treatment

Atopic Dermatitis is a skin condition characterised by itchy skin and skin inflammation. It is chronic or continuous, non-contagious and relapsing in nature. It is also known as Atopic Eczema. Yet another name for it is Endogenous Eczema. When Atopic Dermatitis occurs in infants, it is referred to as Infantile Eczema. Infantile Eczema begins in childhood and usually continues till adulthood, but in a few cases it terminates its course in childhood only. Atopic Dermatitis shows a remitting and relapsing type of course. Homeopathic medicines offer a very effective treatment for Atopic Dermatitis. Homeopathic remedies for Atopic Dermatitis are made from natural substances,they help in decreasing the severity of the disease, itching and the frequency of relapses. The completely safe Homeopathic medicines then strike at the root of the problem and ensure that there is no relapse.

Causes and Symptoms of Atopic Dermatitis or Atopic Eczema

No cause has been detected behind Atopic Dermatitis, but its appearance is attributed to dysfunction of immune system and genetic factors. The genetic basis is included because the person with Atopic Dermatitis usually gives a family history of Eczema or other atopic disease like asthma, hay fever or food allergies. The word “atopic” refers to the tendency to produce a hypersensitive reaction in a person with a strong genetic predisposing element. The various worsening factors include stress, woollens, sweating, and weather changes. In some persons, certain food items, including egg and fish, can worsen the condition.

The main symptom of Atopic Dermatitis is dry, rough, reddened skin with itching. In some persons, papular, vesicular or pustular eruptions appear on the skin. Papular eruptions are raised eruptions on skin, vesicular ones are fluid-filled eruptions and the posture contains pus in it. When these eruptions start to ooze out fluid or pus, it is termed Weeping Eczema. Another presentation is marked thickening, crusting and scaling of skin. Deep cracks and fissures with bleeding are also noted in long run cases. Although Atopic Dermatitis can appear on any part of the body, its common sites are bends of elbows, behind knees, face and neck. Other sites are around eyes and ankles. Scalp and face are the common sites in Infantile Eczema. Atopic Dermatitis that appears in bends of elbow, knees or behind ears is known as Flexural Eczema.

Role of Homeopathy in treating Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic Dermatitis is very efficiently treated with natural Homeopathic medicines. The medicines firstly help in decreasing the severity of disease, itching and the frequency of relapses. And with the constitutional natural Homeopathic remedies selected solely on the basis of individual symptoms, there is a promise of eradicating the disease from its root. The Homeopathic medicine selection is based upon totality of symptoms. The totality includes the site of eruption, the type of eruption, the worsening and relieving factors, time of itching, desires and aversions regarding food, sensitivity towards heat and cold, and the peculiar mental symptoms if present in a high degree. Homeopathic remedies help in eradicating Dermatitis from the root by increasing the patient’s immunity to the optimal level so that there won’t be any hypertensive flare-ups. The Homeopathic treatment for Atopic Dermatitis is not instant and does take time though, varying from months to a year depending upon the severity, duration of Dermatitis, plus the individual response to the remedy taken.

Top Natural Homeopathic Remedies For Atopic Dermatitis

Sulphur: Top Homeopathic remedy for Atopic Dermatitis with dry scaly skin and itching

Sulphur is the best natural Homeopathic medicine that is most frequently used in treating Atopic Dermatitis. Miraculous results are obtained with the use of Sulphur if the symptoms calling for its use are present. The main condition for its use is excessively dry skin with scales and intolerable itching. In majority of cases, the itching is at its peak at night or when the person gets warm in bed. The itching is accompanied or followed by a great heated sensation. Patients of Atopic Dermatitis who show relapse in the spring season or in damp weather are the ones who come under the sphere of Sulphur use. Homeopathic remedy Sulphur must always be considered as the first line of treatment for Atopic Dermatitis that is being suppressed by use of local medications like ointments or any other form of external medication. The skin mainly is very unhealthy and dirty looking for using Sulphur. And most persons needing Sulphur have a marked aversion to bathing. An excessive craving for sweets and marked heated sensation in body are the symptoms that are the key, for which Sulphur can be the best Homeopathic remedy.

Graphites: Top Homeopathic medicine for Atopic Dermatitis in folds of skin (Flexural Eczema)

Graphites is the best natural Homeopathic medicine for Atopic Dermatitis that appears in folds of skin. The folds include elbow bends, knee bend, area behind ear, groin (the crease formed where abdomen and thighs unite) and neck. The presentation is either rawness with itching or there may be eruptions in folds with discharges. The characteristic oozing discharges where Graphites is applicable are glue-like sticky discharges. Apart from Flexural Eczema, Homeopathic medicine Graphites also brings good results in Eczema of face, nose, and chin but the hallmark symptom of glutinous sticky discharges must be present. Graphites is also a very beneficial Homeopathic remedy for Eczema of eyelids. The lids show cracks, fissures and dryness with itching.

Rhus Tox: Homeopathic remedy for Atopic Dermatitis with asthmatic complaints

Rhus Tox is a natural Homeopathic remedy of great help for Atopic Dermatitis with asthmatic troubles. The presentation of Dermatitis for using Rhus Tox is either reddened skin with excessive itching, or fluid-filled vesicular eruptions on skin. Marked burning and intense itching is present in the utmost degree. Scaling of skin may be another presentation of Dermatitis appearing in asthmatic persons that respond very well to Rhus Tox. One characteristic feature for using Rhus Tox is that the flare-ups of Dermatitis are usually seen in wet, rainy weather.

Mezereum: Top natural Homeopathic medicine for Atopic Dermatitis on scalp with discharging eruptions

Mezereum is a very beneficial natural Homeopathic treatment for Atopic Dermatitis with weeping eruptions on the scalp. Mezereum is also an ideal Homeopathic remedy for Infantile Dermatitis with marked oozing eruptions on the scalp. The main indication for using Mezereum is thick scab formation on scalp with discharge of thick pus. Matting of hair occurs as a result of thick discharges. The discharges are highly offensive in nature and may lead to vermin breeding. Intolerable itching is present in the eruptions. Mainly night aggravation of itching is marked. Ulcers and vesicle may also appear on scalp, but with thick pus like oozing material. Itching along with burning is present in the eruptions.

Natrum Mur: Homeopathic remedy for Atopic Dermatitis with eruptions along hairline

For Atopic Dermatitis cases where the eruptions appear on the margin of scalp or along hairline, Natrum Mur is the best natural Homeopathic medicine. The eruptions are dry with rawness of skin along the margin of scalp. Crusting may also occur along the hairline. Taking salt worsens the condition in such patients. There is also a craving for extra salt shown by patients.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Atopic Dermatitis with eruptions in bends

The best natural Homeopathic medicines for eruptions in bends due to Atopic Dermatitis are Graphites, Natrum Mur and Sepia. Graphites is the best choice when the eruption in bends oozes sticky discharges.  The bends include elbows, knees, groin, and behind the ear. Natrum Mur is the Homeopathic medicine mainly used when dry eruptions appear in bends of elbow and hollow of knee. Warmth and heat worsen the condition for using Natrum Mur. Sepia is the natural Homeopathic remedy for eruption in bends of elbow and knees, much like Natrum Mur. The distinctive feature between two is that for using Sepia, the worsening factor is cold air rather than warmth as in Natrum Mur.

Homeopathic medicines for Atopic Dermatitis with weeping eruptions

Graphite, Mezerem and Rhus Tox are highly successful natural Homeopathic remedies for treating Atopic Dermatitis with weeping or discharging eruptions. Graphites is the ideal Homeopathic medicine when the hallmark symptom is sticky discharge from eruptions. Mezereum proves successful where pus-like discharge appears from eruptions. Rhus Tox works best when there is a thin discharge with intense itching and burning.

Homeopathic treatment for Atopic Dermatitis with thick skin showing cracks and bleeding

Natural Homeopathic medicines that prove their worth in treating Atopic Dermatitis with thick, cracked skin are Lycopodium, Petroleum and Pix Liquida. Lycopodium is the best Homeopathic remedy for Atopic Dermatitis where hard, indurated skin with cracks is present. Bleeding also appears. Some sort of gastric trouble in any form may show its presence for using Lycopodium. Petroleum is the ideal Homeopathic remedy for Dermatitis where the skin gets thickened, dried up and is covered with crusts, mainly green in colour. Fissures and cracks with bleeding are also present. Marked burning and itching also accompany the cracks. Winter aggravation is marked for flare-ups for using Petroleum. Homeopathic medicine Pix Liquida is mainly prescribed when back of hands has deep cracks and bleeds. Intense itching is a constant feature.

Homeopathic medicines Galphimia Glauca and Histaminum for Atopic Dermatitis with allergic nasal symptoms

Both natural Homeopathic medicines Galphimia Glauca and Histaminum are very beneficial in treatment of Atopic Dermatitis where hay fever allergic rhinitis is associated with it. These natural medicines effectively treat allergy complaints like eczemas, hay fever and asthma.

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  1. emilie amoroso says:

    My daughter had cradle cap as infant. Since her teen years(she is now 26) she has had mild AD on her rt arm in the bend (doe not ooze) and on the right thigh (not in bend of knee) Worse in summer and if she sweats and better with ocean water. She is chilly and craves sweets. She has been treated before with Graphites but without improvement. She is allergic to eggs and milk (she gets gastro issues if she eats them) and suffers from allergic rhinitis after eating. She has been treated homeopathically since birth. She also has thinning hair since taking birth control pills as a teenager. She had thick hair and after taking pills her hair became thin and never recovered its thickness.

  2. ETTA A MCDONALD says:


  3. Prasenjit Nandi says:

    I’m suffering from contact dermatitis on my right index finger due to playing Tabla for the last eight months

  4. Deepti Danwar says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    My 5.5 yr old son has atopic dermatitis ,we are giving Kali-Phos 30 to him regularly and inbetween Stramonium-200 and 1M.He was fine with these medicines in India but we moved to Melbourne and his condition is not under control.
    Can you pls suggest anything?
    My husband had some skin allergies too.

  5. Dear sir
    I having eczema at shoulder since long time.
    There is itiching, it is dry, on putting ointment it goes and again starts. Requests advise some treatment.

  6. MARK PLAUGHER says:


  7. NAMAN GUPTA says:

    during winters
    when i am under sunlight
    i feel irritation and then bumps in my arms , legs and back
    it is unbearable to stand in sunlight
    dry cold air is also blowing


  8. hi doctor.. my son 6 year old suffering from bad itching at nights with red scaly peeling kind of skin on legs especially ankles behind knees n mildly on elbow bend.. he s too much scared to apply Cetaphil moisturizer too as it burns few minutes.. can you please help me doctor..

  9. Rashmitha A says:

    Eczema around the lips in my teenager flairs up with certain smells of hand sanitizers and even the smell of fire.
    Is there a homeopathic medicine to cure this?

  10. Kavita Chandak says:

    My son is suffering from atopic dermatitis since last 4 months and I got allopathic treatment but to no avail,his condition is worsening day by day, please suggest what to do

  11. Himani Oberoi says:

    My Son who is sixteen years old had childhood brochitid which is now under control but then he had itchy skin on his back specificially during season changes, but since lastau august he has black lips and areas around his lips is alovery dry and itchy also, same goes for bend of his elbows he feelas like scratching all the time sometimes because of severe it skin erupts at the same time there is one or another boil on his body so his back face and elbows all are affected kindly suggest what should be done in his case. I believe he had this itching when he was infant but he was not able to explsim though sometimes I could feel the wave passing through his

  12. Rakesh roshan says:

    My 1year 6 month son is suffering from atropic dermatitis from one month on whole body .many ointment & steroides are used but itching is not in control & after itching small spots increase.
    Sir kindly suggest medicine for his treatment .i will always thankful to yours.

  13. Iman Guled says:

    Dear Dr.Sharam

    Please I need Non cortisone medicine for my son 4 and half yrs old suffering from Atopic dermitities on face ,eyelid ,hands and legs mainly in joint and getting worse even with treatment with cortisone and aquadrem. He had one year back Eczema herpticum and I hear that this disease is recurrent.I’m so afraid that he will continue all his life suffering .He had food allergy to egg, penut ,Tomato and nuts

    Please I need any help to improve his immunity

  14. Kristina Dennis says:

    I was diagnosed with atopic dermatitis. I am 40. I have never had a rash before. This started last month and has gotten worse. My legs have red rashes. Behind my knees. I could not help but to scratch it, so it spread to my bend of my elbows. I can take it, i can’t sleep. I want the itching to stop. The doctor gave me steroid to for 10 days. I don’t want to take steroids. He also gave me an anti itch pill to take 4 times a day. It has not helped. Maybe because i won’t take the steroid. I don’t want this, i never had this before. Help me. Please.

  15. SIR




  16. Baruna Nath says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma, My daughter is suffering from atopic dermatitis from 2months of age, now she is of 1 yr. 3months. She is under treatment from the very beginning, taking lotion and steroid type medicine and coconut oil to moisturize her skin. Still her skin is very dry and very very itchy, so we always cover her hands with mittons, inspite of that she cuts her skin while itching. Need your help Doctor. I want my baby to get a healthy life soon.

  17. Hari Jakhmola says:

    Dear Dr. SHARMA. My son, age 15 monts suffering from atopic dermatitis since last 12 monts. I am treating from a Skin Specialist on allopathy but no cure as yet. He has rashes and dry itchy skin from head to toe. He is sleepless at night. Suffrring a lot. We are helpless to see him from last 12 months. His skin colour is also affecting due to continuous use of ointment and mosturizer oil etc. It is my humble request to give a proper solution so that he will be cared early and his skin may not affect. I ahall be ever grateful to you.

  18. Shivani Singh says:

    Hello Dr.,
    My son is 16 months old and has been showing some rough scaly red bumps between his mid thighs and slight dark patches in his groin area since past 1-2 months. These dark patches has been coning and going since he was 6-7 months old. His ped says its infant eczema & has been advising us to moisturise intensely which has not been effective. Lately, from past 2 weeks his problem has gotten severe. It looks to me that he has AD. I wish I could post images here. What homeoathy medicine is advised in his case?

  19. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I’m 53 and have been in menopause for a year. I’m prediabetic and crave sweets for about one week out of the month. I’ve been under a lot of financial stress. Within the last year I’ve experienced what my doctor labeled as “cradle cap” dermatitis; and he prescribed me a topical medicated shampoo, Serendium (sp?). He suggested I use my nails to scrub off the scales in the shower. But then I get scabs. I want to go the homeopathic route. What do you suggest?


    Sir my daughter 4 years old she is suffering atopic dermatitis form age of 1year. Her allopathic treatment continuing from age of 1year some steroid type oral medicine and some moisturizing cream but nothing happened satisfactorily. Sir please tell me can homeopathy treatment is more effective to cure my daughter… Sir please help me… (oral medicine she consuming OMRACORTIL and ATRAX) and ointments or moisturiser used ELOCON, AVEENO

  21. My son now 9 years old is suffering from atopic dermatitis since his birth.his skin having dark craked and itching patches.itching is a major problem faced by he is worried about his skin colour since his friends are mocking at him.his upper part of the body has normal skin is effective treatment is available in homeopathy to reduce this disease and improve his skin colour.

  22. Hello Dr. Sharma, an year ago I receive an allergy reaction of a new mascara. After a while I got a swollen itchy eyes with small rash on my eyelids anx under my eyes. After a while I got cracking on the folds of the eyes , very burning sensation, itchy in the same time. Got blurry vision and watery eyes, some white discharge from them as well. Since then, I haven’t use make up. It still coming for a month or so, I use eye drops for hay fever and c cream for eczema and it finish for 3 weeks and start again. Every time is worse than before. Yesterday I noticed that when clean the house and some dust in the air, got burning into my eyes. I used to have a lot of conjunctivitis years ago. PLEASE, REALLY NEED HELP! Thanks in advance!

  23. Wanda Smith says:

    My dog had a topic dermatosis. He had excessive oil on his skin. He is extremely itchy and must wear a cone on his head. He is affected over his entire body. I must bathe him 2-3 times weekly. I use a asteroidal shampoo in moderate warm water. He is miserable. He response well to apoquil tablets however, it concerns me about organ damage on pharmaceutical drugs.
    What homeopathic route should I use to help my dog?

  24. Dear sir

    I am aged 46 having dermititis when I get my doctor to do
    Biopsy done 7 years back . In biopsy impressionis chronic dermatitis . I have taken medicine from skin hospital named skin institute but it was not cured now having less etching that treatment also I left after 4 yeas currently just applying coconut oil Mor and evening and having diet green veg and omega 3 . The is skin reddry scaly patch and cracked . I am also having vitilgo for last 30 years but for that for last 10 years I stop all treatment

  25. I have itching and thickening of skin in black colour on the leg finger. Light itching occasionally on knee. Also itching and dandruff type scales on eye lids. This dates back to several years. This is in irrespective of climate or weather
    Any effective homeopathic medicine?

  26. Hello, I am 19 years old and it’s been almost 4 years that I’ve been dealing with atopic dermatitis on my neck, face and inner part of the elbows. Homeopathy has made a great process (I don’t bleed that much anymore and it’s way better) but the last 2 years it is a stable situation. I have 1-2 scraching-itching days followed by 2-4 weeks of very dry, red and rough skin, and then 1-2 weeks of an almost normal skin. Now it’s been a month that I have some black spots and many small non-acmeic pimples at many parts of my face, that stay while the atopic phases happen. What would be the best choice for me to make it better?

  27. Hell Dr Sharma

    I have dermatitis on my eye, in the crease, I have had it since March/April of this year and I can’t seem to get rid of it. The doctor gave me hydrocortisone cream, which does clear it up, but it comes back again. I rarely use the cream as it causes thinning of the skin. I believe I come under the Homeopathic medicines Galphimia Glauca and Histaminum for Atopic Dermatitis with allergic nasal symptoms as I suffer with reactive Asthma and hayfever from tree pollen.
    The dermatitis is itchy, red and scaly and often my eye swells up – I often wake with my eyelid feeling heavy and when I check in the mirror it is swollen.

    I would very much appreciate your advice.

    Kind regards


  28. Pl help Dr. Sharma I am having rash on my eyelids and on and off get rashes on the neck and near ear lobe which Is the best med for me and what potency and for how many days please help me….

  29. Hi I have sebhorroic dermatitis which extends through my scalp,down the back of my neck and over my ears. I am using various medicated shampoos along with creams which are not helping. I itch and scratch almost constantly day and night. Please help

  30. Abhilasha pandey says:

    hi doc,
    myself abhilasha pandey,37yrs old housewife.
    i m suffering from dermatitis since last two yrs in my fingers, first it appear in my right palm between thumb n first finger n now it is also seen in my left palm same area affected. skin become hard showing itching n then cracked n start bleeding its very painful, i m not even able to pick anything. its very embaressing for m. pls help m

  31. Jyoti Prakash says:

    Hello doctor. I am a 24 year old female and have dermatitis since I was 6 or 7 years old. It is mainly on my palms and soles, exacerbating during change of season. First, my palms and soles become sweat, and after a few weeks (triggered by change of season) the skin sprouts small red blisters that often itch. After a few days, the blisters burst accompanied with fluid or sometimes without it, then the skin peels off and becomes extremely cracked, rough and scaly. A few days later new skin comes.

  32. Leah Burnette says:

    I have deep cracks on fingers that bleed when bending fingers naturally.also sticky blisters on fingers with red itchy rash on wrists wake up with swollen eyes red eyelids .been on steroids several times always comes back with a vengeance. Out of control please help

  33. my son aged 8 years is suffering from atopic dermititus since last 6 years . we tried allopathy,ayurveda
    but in vain. his skin has become blackened after the ayurvedic treatment. He is very upset as he scrathes his skin and skin flakes fall mostly during night. He is unable to sleep during night and screams and shouts the whole night and no one at home is able to sleep the whole night. His skin becomes dry very frequently we apply extra virgin olive oil to his whole body the entire day, but still his skin is very rough and flaky ,itching and we are very much vexed due to his worse skin condition. Please suggest me if there is any homeopathic remedy for the same

  34. DR Manoj SHARMA says:

    Namaskar -my son SARANG is severely suffering from atopic dermatitis sins childhood -IgE -15780-is very high,age-21yr ++obsessive compulsive disorder and depressed-due to disease please advise me -homeopathy,ayurved alopathy-all failed-sp I M also a qualified homoeopath but I’m failed please please advise me a good medicine&potency-thanks o

  35. My 6 year old son was diagnosed with Perioral Dermatitis. What can I give to help?

  36. Pat OBrien says:

    It started with very itchy ear. Scratching caused sore just above ear lobe which has enlarged and is weeping like egg yoke and blood. Area is both hot and itchy. Crease at top of the ear has also started to weep. Never had this before.
    Thank you for any suggestions.

  37. I have a street dog here who is suffering from dermatitis. he cannot be caught and given a bath hence am trying homeopathy remedies out. Sulphur 30cc. Have also given him a dose of psorinum 200cc one only. But he has shown no recovery. Your help will ease his suffering.

    I can send you his photo. He is 7 years old and was healthy till this struck last november 2016. Since then the porr guy is suffering. Please help

  38. Pooja Kohli says:

    Hello Sir

    My son is turning 6 next month and is having this issue from last 3-4 months.
    I have shown to many doctors -skin specialist and child doctors but its not cured.
    It sometimes lapses and sometimes again occur with rains in this rainy season.

    Please advise.

  39. Ami Kadhi says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma

    My daughter is 1 year 10 months old. She took homoeopathy treatment for cold and cough which got treated but eventually developed papular eruptions around knees, bum area, neck, face and brown spots on back and stomach.

    Can you please tell me is it due to treatment that she took for cold and how can we treat her eczema

  40. Dear Dr Sharma can these medicines be used for dogs with Atopic dermatitis

  41. Bhagyasri Mannam says:

    Iam suffering from folliculitis and bumps r nt filled with pus. And wen i consulted a dr he said i have dermatitis which was hereditary and there us no cure… could u help me if there was any cure

  42. Hi,
    My 3 year old daughter had few rashes after a month of her birth. The doctor advised to use flutivate on rash. But later it started showing on other parts to so got to know about desonide lotion by doctor. My daughter had regular cold and cough problem last year. Now finally thought of taking homeopathy. Taking it since last threee weeks and now she has rashes all over the body. And very severe one on the back of thighs. Is this treatment successful as the homeopathy doctor says that he is intentionally giving this medicine to take eradicate from its roots.

  43. Ayshwarya says:

    I am 22year old girl born in mysore. I have atopic dermititis since childhood and also asthma after that. When I was 15-17 year of age the skin had cleared completely with the corticosteroids but now I live in dehradun and the skin again seems dry and scaly. I even have wart on my hands. I have no reason why. I need homeopathic remedy since till now I have been using the english medicine. Help

  44. actopic eczema in groin region.round shape ,redness and slightly itching.its increase day by day.

  45. Sagar Zendekar says:

    My son suffering atopic early age taking allopathic treatment.but now since 4 month’s we taking Homoeopathic treatment unfortunately there no relief

  46. itching in morning and evening and one arm is black this problem running contenu about one and half year

  47. hi
    latha here. 48year female.
    suffering from dermatitis/exczema/lichen planus since 20+ years. ITCHING IS SEVERELY BAD.
    elbows, wrists, back of knee, leg/feet/ankle
    i am losing my mind
    medicine to stop this itching (burning sensation) please

  48. Ummu maryam says:

    My daughter 4 years old started taking homeo medicine 2 days back after lot of oinment steroid and antihistamines. Now its very long will it take to get a relief?


    My daughter aged 3 years suffering from severe etopic dermatitis. Kindly prescribe effective medicines for her.

    • I am suffering from atopic dermatitis from 8 years usually the effect worsens during winter and i used to get scaly rashes all over my hands but with the help of homeopathy it got cured….2 year ago i left the medicines thinking that i am all ok but since last year the allergy attacked me again and this tym not in the hand but on my valvul area and i hve been sufering alot plz suggest some medicine as no remedy is helping me cure it when i eat the medicine i get some relief and if leave it gets worse…..its getting difficult

  50. Satya Narayan Vyas says:

    Respected Sir,
    Please add some more ways to payment just like card & net banking.

  51. Nuruddin saheb shaik says:

    i blessed with baby girl on 10th august 2016. first two day she was fine after that observed , having red rashes on cheeks. gradually intensity of the problem increased. ultimately pediatrician told that she is having ATOPIC DERMATITIS/ INFANT ECZEMA . kindly advise me the Homeophathic treatment.

  52. dr ashok BAMS says:

    A pts with 2yr child having tropical dermatitis since birth with scaling on face & on back of shoulder with dry skin nd itching
    ↑ in evning,in dry envirnment, after using soap
    ↓ by using moiturizer lotion
    Plz suggest hpathy
    No family history of atopic dermatitis

  53. I have an intensly itchy rash (ecxema) on the insides of my fingers, on the tops of my thumb to my wrist and on the inside of my forarm, on my eye lids, around my lips, around my neck. When its out of contol it gets cracked, oozy, raise bumps filled with sticky fluid. It also spreads to my lower back, legs and top of my feet when it gets out of control. I stoped eating everything and only consume kefir, home made bone soups with vegetables. It helps but I added exercise back in this week and its intensifying as I sweat.
    God bless and please help me

  54. Lynette Goriawala says:

    I have been suffering from atopic dermatitis since 2010. Have seen four different skin specialists, each time prescribed corticosteriod creams and tablets to ease up on the itching.
    The creams have ceased to have any beneficial effect. Have stopped treatment completely now as exhausted. All I do is apply Betadine ionent on the cuts cover with cotton and tape the areas.
    Forgot to mention that the disease is on the soles of both my feet. If I donot tape these open cuts, cannot walk.
    Pl help me.

  55. Phyllis Whitman says:

    My son has what the doctors are calling atopic Dermatitis. He is 6 months old. He was either born with it or developed it when he was very little. It underneath his neck, behind his ears, on his cheeks. the folds on his ankle on one leg and dry spots all over his leg. There is also a spot in his armpit. The doctor gave me a steroid cream that I am not very comfortable using. It helps for a few seconds but then it returns to the original state. None of them ozze. Sometimes when it gets bad on his ankle and ear they crack. When he scratch them on his cheek his finger nail can make it bleed. It must itch him because he scratches his cheek and his ear. They are redness changes in color from a bright and the acupuncture treatment person tells me that he has fever in his digestive system. I see that they are different remedies but I am not sure what amount or which one to try

  56. swapnali borah says:

    I am a patient of AD for last 10 years suppressed by alopathic medicine. i am 45yrs old, Now I hv shiffted to homeopathic treatment. Doctor has given me two medicine. One is written as W. C. 200 one dose. After one week of this medicine he has given ASS. 10 M of two dose. today is 2nd day of last dose. But my condition is deteriorating. I have lost my patients. Now my question to you is that it will be cured or not. Kindly response me. I am frustrated.

    With regards

  57. Santosh Srivastava says:

    My grand son born in Exton PA USA on 2 Jan.16. When he was bring home raped in warm cloths not being cleared by daughter in law whether it was pure wool or acrylic new or old what was temperature of body.After 15 days sign of red patches and itching sarted.Now I came from india and saw this found that scale is on body front back both ,on back of ear ,on forehead with redness and redness patch on chick.near eye ,on hand and on leg.Doctor has advised to put petro gel and control humidity.wear only soft cotton clothes without inner garments.he cry too much in evening and itch own hand his head and back of ear face.he is very fare healthy and now 4 month old only.There is no family history both side.25 years back I was having problem on my leg Sade in very small part due to synthetic shocks.My problem was got cured with homeopathic medicine given by Dr.Ranjan ,Aarya Nagar Kanpur U.P.India.Can you please suggest homeopatyh medicine, precaution and care for my grand son.I will be highly obliged.Thanks.

  58. Radhika garg says:

    Suffering from atopic dermatitis. Age is 16 year and I am girl.
    Itching and dryness on scalp and mid hands and neck and back joints.
    Please suggest and revert.

  59. S.R.Saha says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am 24 years old and have had atopic dermatitis for a very short period when I was 7 years old.
    At that time it was inside my elbow where the hand folds.With application of ointment it got healed and never came back. However for the last one and half years I am repeatedly getting this and now it is only on my face and neck.
    The skin becomes dry and hard like a door mat and there is itching But if i apply cortico steroid cream and take anti histmine it is cured within a week but comes back again after 3/4 months.
    Please suggest a permanent remedy for this in homoepathy with name of medicine strength and dosage and the duration of medicine to be taken for which I will be greatly obliged to you.
    Thanks and Regards,

  60. Dhruv bhardwaj says:

    Dr. I am suffering from seborrehea dermatitis for last two years .I am 21 my scalp is too oily.please suggest homeopathic medicine to resolve my problem

  61. ganesh Pachpande says:

    I have suffering from sebrosic dermatitis plz. Give suggestions

  62. Punya Gaur says:

    Very minute pimples like prickly heat in the inner side of ear and opposite elbow also on the genital part .
    itchy skin in general.

    as per doctors it is atopic dermatitis

  63. nabajyoti Das says:

    My daughter suffering in atopic eczeema skin deasese since birth. Now she is 11 years old. Pl give advice

  64. Anirudh Sharma says:

    I have simptoms like psoriasis

  65. I am suffering from dyshindrotic eczema. Sole of my hand and feet looks like a nightmare. Skin has thickened a lot due to itching. Can i use ranunculous bublous for my eczema? Hope there is no side affect of this medicine.

  66. suhail rashid says:

    as i am residing at Srinagar which is a cool state when over winters approach i feel itching all over body after workouts i contacted a doctor after some tests he said u have contact dermitis & my IGE level before two years was 830 which causes allergies or may cause asthama plz suggest what to do.

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