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Role of Early Homeopathy and Behaviour Therapy in the treating Autism

I have personally seen that early intervention ( both behavioral and homeopathic ) have the ability to do the great turnaround . If One is able to start interventions before the child hits the age of three, the chances of good recovery are very high.  Although It is very difficult to quantify the level to which the child will improve; I have even seen kids coming totally of Autism Spectrum disorder with good behavioral therapy and homeopathic intervention

Early intervention entails that a child is put on therapies to treat autism before his third birthday. Early remedies can take the shape of homeopathic medicines, physical therapy, social, behavioral and speech-based treatments. Usually, an early intervention program for a child with autism that has been diagnosed early will be a blend of these.

The three primary reasons why early intervention plays an integral role are as follows:

Catch ‘em young.

The Chances of the child recovering with homeopathic medicines are much higher if the treatment is started before the age of three and the biggest reason is That If homeopathic medicines are started early there will be less gap to bridge as far as the child’s mental development is concerned.

Since the first five years are the formative period of a child’s growth, therapeutic intervention before the age of three enables him to imbibe new communication skills at a stage when he is able to grasp them more easily. It is easier for the child to “unlearn” undesirable traits at this stage before they get ingrained into his system. Preschoolers are not set in behavior and less given to temper tantrums, so it is simpler to shape them with teaching techniques tailored to their special needs. I recommend Applied behavior therapy as behavior technique for stimulating kids suffering from autism.

Doing it with the diet

In case a child with autism is in need of dietary intervention owing to the existence of some food allergies, early therapy is easier to implement at a younger age. A tiny tot may possess certain food likes and dislikes, but is not too fastidious. He is more malleable to the introduction of new food items in his diet and adapts more easily to a tailor-made diet. Kids with autism are often susceptible to food allergens like gluten found in wheat and grains, casein found in dairy products, to soy or to corn. Food substitution is thus easier to carry out in a tiny tots’ diet than for an older autistic child.

Talking of speech

The same logic governs speech therapy for autistic children as well. Preschoolers are still learning to pronounce and making corrections in their speech is relatively easier at this stage than when they’re older and more set in their pronunciations and lip movements.

The idea behind early homeopathic, behavior and speech interventions is to enable the child to imbibe a strong and functional communication system at the earliest. Children with autism could employ either speech to communicate, or rely on picture cards, signs, or assistive techniques. The idea is not so much to make the child learn to talk as much to equip him for back-and-forth, reciprocal communication skills.



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  1. Jubjee Swain says:

    Dr.Sharma,I stay in pune.I heard about u from one of ur patients partha roy from son is going to be 6yers.he has been diog as mild PDD.cin i get help from homiopath?

  2. N.Krishna prasad says:

    my daughter having 7 years having mild autism. she is going to special school. now she is self wounding on her legs and hands when she is idle and she is repeating words loudly. give me some suitable tips. i am using homeo medicine from last 4 years in local homeo hospital.

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