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Autism and Homeopathy

If your child is between the ages of two and three years and his development is keeping you worried please check with these following signs and symptoms. The child is withdrawn, avoids social contact even with kids and avoids playing with them; has no language or is losing language which he had already acquired; Fails to respond to his name; has poor eye contact; moves Constantly; shows patterns of repetitive behavior like rocking, spinning and hand flapping. If some or all of these signs are present in your child please make sure that you consul t a developmental specialist and have him evaluated for Autism.

Autism or Autism spectrum disorder also called as pervasive development disorder (PDD) is catching our world by surprise. The Incidence of autism is on rise. This rise is very fast. The Centre for disease Control in United States also known as CDC has recently come up with their changed statistics and are showing that 1 in every 110 children In United states have Autism. This is very alarming and what is even more alarming and disturbing is the fact that this trend is on the increase. Although , we don’t have any clear data on the incidence of autism in India, but we know that Autism is on rise in India too. And what is more Troublesome is that, till date, no cause has been identified for Autism.

Autism is Usually diagnosed between the ages of 18 months to 3 yrs. Although signs and symptoms of autism may be present earlier but are very difficult to identify. The Symptoms can range from very mild to very severe, hence autism is better known as autism Spectrum Disorder. This means that not every kid will develop the same amount of autism. Broadly speaking, Autism mainly affects the Verbal and non-verbal communication, social interaction and the behavior of the child. Communication is affected by delayed speech development, less speech, difficulty in using speech, repetitive speech and to a level where there is no speech. Nearly 40 percent of kids with Autism never develop speech. Social Interactions are affected by failure to establish friendships with children of same age, showing withdrawn behavior, lack of interest in sharing enjoyment, activities and achievements with others. They can also lack emotional understanding and reciprocity; this means that it is difficult for kids with autism to understand feelings of pain, sorrow and emotions of others. Autistic kids can have marked disability in expressing their own emotions whether verbally or non verbally. Behavior is usually affected signs of repetitive behavior or stereotyped behavior like hand flapping, spinning and can also signs of hyperactivity. Kids with autism show addictive tendency towards certain topics or objects like looking rotating objects, television advertisements, sticks , soaps or a particular toy.

Homeopathy has help for kids with autism. Although not all kids with autism respond to homeopathy but a certain segment of kids with mild to moderate level of autism at times show great signs of Improvement and recovery. Autistic kids with speech (however little) and less hyperactivity show very favorable improvements with certain homeopathic medicines. Age of the child also has major affect on the homeopathic treatment outcome – younger the child better are the chances of improvement with homeopathic medicine.
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  1. abhishek jain says:

    Dear dr sharma

    We have seen the youtube video of autism , our child is 2.3 year old and he all signs of autism , he cannot speak and cannot response to his name also he play in his own and donot responsed to with parents . we are based in delhi can you give us the appointments for the personal meeting also if you need videos of our child we can share .
    Hope to see you

  2. Surjeet Kaur says:

    Dear Dr. sharma,
    my message of concern that I would like to discuss about my son who is autistic and he is 8 now.
    we have gone through all the possible treatments but none had success.
    now it became our major concern as he has grown 8.
    would appreciate any help or advice from you.
    Surjit Kaur

  3. Maria Campos says:

    Good Day Dr. Sharma,

    My son who is Autistic and has a Developmental Delay, he is 11 years old, non-verbal. I have tried all the possible treatments and I’m not getting no where in terms of his progress. Can you please help.

    Maria Campos

  4. Our grand son is active very intelligent, mixes at his own will, father-Punjabi, mother Gujrat 3and half yrs old. Having problem to speak english. Both parents-doctors. Taken care by Gujrati speaking maternal Gparents. Will he start speaking english. Going to school. Gets ready willingly for school.
    KKmehta Grand father

  5. Indian with Brain says:

    Homoeopathy can do miracles. My son who is four years eight months lost his speech and many other skills at about two years. At the age of two and half he started ABA therapy by us. We were trained by ASWB Kolkata. Around three the speech started coming back. At the age of three years eight months we started homoeopathy with Ignitia 30. For fifteen days he was sweating heavily during sleep. The things started to improve. At the age of four years five months he was given NatMur 200. Things improved more. He has a lot of spontaneous (not echolalic) language now. Average length of sentences about 5-6 words. Still miles to go. But homoeopathy and ABA has shown unexpected results.

  6. Indian with Brain says:

    Recovery in autism does not mean the child can express his/her needs only. It means completely functional​ independence free from any impairment. Only parents have to do it. You will not get help from anyone because of so much social stigma. Therapist’s in India cannot be trusted at all, unless they are parents themselves. Others exploit the fear of parents and blame them to extract more money. The only thing that works is ABA therapy in addition to homoeopathy and biomedical intervention.

  7. Indian with Brain says:

    This webpage has many incorrect information. Kindly correct these. I am shocked to read comments of parents say that the child has mild ASD when the child is nine years and speak 20 words. Are these parents IDIOTS ? They deserve to fall prey to quackery.

  8. Pinaki ghosh says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Today our daughter PURVA was diagnosed with Autism. She is 3 yes and 2months…
    Her eye contact is less… She spins round and round… She was absolutely fine after vaccine she has developed this issues… She is still breastfeeding.
    Can you guide us and suggest medicine.
    My number is 8971582101

  9. DHARMENDRA says:


    MOB 09407415214

  10. Deepak Srivastava says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma ,
    My son is 16 years old non verbal autistic child ,unable to speak , do not give response to social contacts ,two months back has been caused by siezures problems. He is under allopathic medication for the problem. Kindly suggest in whatway homoeopathy may help him to start his normal life and to make him able to communicate verbally.Whatwill be the cost of the treatment and howmuch effective it would be.Though my son is having proper eyecontact and he does his routine works himself. Yours advise will give us and my son some easy life. Regards Deepak Srivastava

  11. shrabani das says:

    My son is16 year old.he has autism, he can speak small stoy or incidence recognise any thing at a time. All subject he had a problem, if his memory can be improved please give me answer

  12. Mithilesh Kumar says:

    Hello doctor
    My son is of 2 years 2 months. But he not say any words clearly. If he want something either he pointed finger to that thing or bring himself to us if that is approachable to him. At early age of 1 yrs he spoke some words clearly but now he said differently with no meaning. He learn new words and say it many times for some days after that he lost that word.He is very energetic, all the time he doing anything like jumping,dancing,running till he sleep. He respond when calling his name but sometimes when he busy in his activity not responded.We are very much worried about him. Kindly suggest us for his problem. And please tell us your clinic address in india where we can discuss in detail. Please help us doctor.

  13. My child is four years old diagnose autism. He speaks only one or two words.His score on CARS is 35 which falls into the Moderate-Autism. Is autism cure by homeopathic? Please tell me.homeopathic medicine ka kitne time baad effect aana start hota he?

  14. Harendra kumar says:

    My child is 3.3.5 yrs dignosis as autism. I WANT TO DISCUSS AND MANAGEMENT MY CHILD.

  15. Sabrina aktar says:

    Hello sir
    My son is now 2.9 year but he recently diagnosed as speech & communication delay.We are very depressed with him.please suggest us what should we do now.Can you tell your address in India where we can reach & discuss our problem easily.thanks

  16. Hello

    My daughter will turn 16 months in few days. She was global delay till 1 year but slowly she is improving but not as much. She has low muscle tone. She can roll , army crawl and even hand and leg crawl but for 10-15 steps. She can pull her self to stand and bear weight on her feet but is not walking . She can walk all over the place in walker though. She says Dada from 12 months , and bables , makes rasberry etc but not much clear words. We did MRI twice it did not show any damage or anything but few things were noted
    # white mattrer volume loss
    # Mild brainstream volume loss
    # right -sided persistent trigeminal aetry-
    Mri was done when she was 6 months and when she was 12 months .
    I am not sure if it austism but it has not been ruled out yet .

    I need your help if you can treat with your hometerapy medicine .

    thank you

  17. Manish Bali says:

    Hello Sir,
    My son is 7 year 8 months old he was diagnosed with ASD at age of 6 we tried therapies and currently he is under going homeopathytreatment by doctor who claims to improve the symptoms which intially it did but we are not getting those results which we hope my child is hyper also more of time he screams and flap his hands need help

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