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Autism  homeopathy a strong hope

The treatment of autism with homeopathy has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. This is mainly due to the fact that homeopathy can be very effective in treating autism.

At the very outset, I would also like to make things very clear that not all cases respond very favorably to homeopathy.

A certain percentage (although not very high) shows little or no improvement with homeopathy. But for those autistic children who start improving with homeopathy; it can really alter their life. The best part of their recovery with homeopathy medicines is that there is totally zero side effect and their physical and mental development is in no way adversely affected.

Autism is a developmental disorder that begins early in the childhood . It is usually detected between the ages of 18 months to three years. Some children may develop normally in the first few months or years of life before they start showing signs of autism. As there is a great variation in the symptoms and severity of this disorder it is nowadays referred as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). ASD is characterized by problemsin the child’s verbal, cognititive , social and behavioraldevelopment.Though each kid with ASDshows a unique pattern ofbehavior , there are some symptomsthat are very typical of autistic behavior.Delayed onset of speech or no speechat the age of 30 months, loss of already acquiredspeech , inability to interact with kids of same age group, poor or no eye contact, seems to be lost in his own world , fails to respond to name , unaware of the environment around him ,repetitive behavior like rocking, spinning and hand flapping ; hyperactive, having specific routines or rituals and having fixations with certain objects or body parts.

The treatment with homeopathy is a slow process and can take months and at times even an year or so before major results are achieved; So it can be frustrating for parents of an autistic child who already are facing a difficult situation with their child. I would like to answer some genuine questions that would arise in their minds regarding homeopathic treatment e.g. what factors govern the improvement? To what extent can the child become better with homeopathy? How will one know whether child is responding to homeopathy or not?

After having dealt with more than 5000 cases of autism in the last ten years or so,I can say with authority that the age of the child and the degree to which the social ,verbal , cognitive and behavioral development have been affected determine the outcome of the child’s improvement with homeopathy. In other words the age of the child (lesser age would mean brighter chances of recovery) and also the severity (lesser the better) of autism are the two main governing factors.It is very difficult to predict the extent to which the child can become better. Some autistic kids can improve so much that after some years they may merge with mainstream kids. When the child starts responding to homeopathic treatment, the first improvement that most of the parents report is that the child is more aware of the surroundings and seems to be less in his ‘shell’. In some case execution of command suddenly becomes better. Development of speech is slow and comes only after the child’s cognition has become better.

Homeopathy is undergoing a very strong resurgence in the modern medical world, and one of the main reasons for it is its recent role in treating disorders like autism with great effectiveness. Homeopathic treatment is a constant reminder that the greatest healing power lies within the body itself.

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  1. Sudarshan S says:

    My son vishodhan is 5yrs now, he has been going to OT & speech therapy for 2yrs, he also went to ABA therapy for a year in between, and has been going to an inclusive school since 12months, overall we have seen some good development but he still is struggling with communication, socialisation & has not lost the typical symptoms of autism fully, he also doesn’t yet have regular bowel movement, we want to start homeopathic treatments after we learned it’s benefits

  2. Please help
    As my child completed 3 years now we have came to know he has autism disorder. We have started speech and occupational therapies also but still we are looking for medication to help him as doctor said if he is speak in this year then it’s good else won’t b able to speak anymore

  3. varsha9386 says:

    If anyone’s ready to take homeopathy treatment give us a call at Dr. Anki reddy. We approach treating the patient refers for conventional medicine, the result may vary from person to person, the Testimonials not claimed to follow the same cure or relief with typical results. If you are looking for Best Homeopathy hospitals in hyderabad

  4. Rudr Bahadur Gurung says:

    Hello Dr.sharma I read about homeopathy treatment in autism on child . And I’m very excited . So I’m kindly request you is there have any other salutation please let me know. Thank you…

  5. md.shah alam says:

    my grandson 3 years elevan months old speak less.he utters words like dada,nana,maa, abba etc. but he can sing songs in tone to improve.

  6. My son is 5 yrs old and is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in his 2 yrs age. He is still struggling with this problem. Kindly advise what is the best course of action, and advise any homeopathic remedies. Thanks.


  7. Dhanamjaya varma.D says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma Ji,

    My son (Karthik ) is 6years old and he is going to therapy classes from last 4 years but the results are not as expected. Now I am looking for homeopathy treatment as my well wishers are advising for it.

    He is having problem with speech and behaviour issues ( ADHD, ASD), poor eye contact and poor response.

    Could you please assist to get treatment for my son.

  8. debashis Pramanik says:

    Dear Dr
    My son is 3 years and 4 months of age. Did not speak as well as no eye contact and poor response. I admitted in a special class for last 6 months but no positive result .
    Now local Dr advised me to take him to cmc vellore.
    I live in berhampore west bengal.
    So please suggest me what to do?
    Debashis pramanik

  9. Md Zakir Hossain says:

    Dear Sir,
    My daughter is an autistic children. She is at 7 years old. She has been getting service from an Special School with all therapy. She does not want to take any hardship. She loves comfort. She has a hyperactivity. She does not speak and does not have any proper eye contact or any response. She loves music.

    Please suggest the best way to do any needful for her.


  10. Please provide contact details to visit

  11. My son is 21 months old he does not responds to his name and he loves watching ads in tv he speaks Tata and we have a doubt that he may have any autism disorder kindly advise

    • Sayed Ahmed says:

      Dear Sir,

      I’m from Bangladesh. My son Sarhan is 6 years old. He was born pre-mature at 7 months and stayed in the ICU for one month. He has a chronic cold problem which forced him to take the antibiotic frequently. He was diagnosed as autistic when he was 3 three years old. Since then, he has been going to a special school and taking speech therapy and occupational therapy; but unfortunately, he is not developing. Still, he does not speak; occasionally he says a few words but not functionally. He is hyper- active and makes a lot of meaningless noise. Sarhan has got poor eye contact and attention deficiency as well. He has got a poor communication capacity.

      How can I get the appointment? I want appointment as soon as possible. If possible please give me some idea about the protocol you are planning to use for my son, the time you need and the money the total treatment requires.
      Please help.


      Sayed Ahmed

  12. Narendra Kumar Mahapatra says:

    My grandson aged 3 years old is suffering from Autistic. Pl. advise me the procedure of the treatment/appointment.

  13. Sobhan putatunda says:

    My son at the age of 4.yrs 3 months did not speak .having autism with can I get remedies please tell no: 9433409787

  14. Dear sir,my child is 3yrs old..he is not started speaking even 3 words only Anna that’s.he is hyper active.doctors said that he is u have ur clinic in vijayawada?give me suggestion plz..

  15. Hello sir my son is 3 year old but he has delay speech problem .his eye contact is normal he follows our instructions but does not speak in sentence he only say some words.

  16. Ishwar makhija says:

    Hello sir my child is 3.5 year old & I have given to my child occupation therapy since one year
    After year he give I contact & listing something
    He talking about 3 or 4 words mama papa Haan naa
    Is this emproment
    I want more improvement
    So please I requested to help me about homeopathy medicine for my child

  17. Dear
    I would like to contact with you.
    Pls send me your address.

  18. Somnath Guha says:

    Dear Sir,
    On recent medical check up, we found that our younger Son is found to a be an Autism Boy ( Age 2 Yrs 5 Months, Weight 14.5 Kg and Height – 3 Feet). He sometimes undergo semi loose motion or constipation problem. By Birth , he was a normal child with normal delivery having weight of 2.75 Kg. The difference between my Elder Son and younger son is 8 years. In our family history , neither from my side nor my wife side – No one has suffered with this type of Autism disease.

    1. His Hearing is absolutely normal after he had undergone Hearing aid test by a competent Doctor.

    His Symptoms are: –

    a. He does not make eye to eye contact from the age of 1 yr. 6 months.

    b. He does not make any response when we call by his name from the beginning.

    c. He does not speak now a days except some time makes bubbling sound .

    d. Recently from last one month or so , it has been observed that when he get angry with something – he make squeezing sound 2 – 3 times.

    e. When he become happy, he start running within the area available ( to and fro ) .

    f. He normally likes old songs which is light enough but feel disturbed when too noisy ( With Sound Variation ) sound music listen / play and will keep himself in a corner of that room.

    g. He is a good taster w.r.t. habit of taking different food happily.

    h. He become very happy when any Tooth paste packets / tube or similar type with full material inside the tube – have a tendency to open it & become very happy.

    i. He does not like any Toys whether the same is for boys or girls one.

    Please note that , still if you have any further query – please feel free to revert me back with those questions.

    Further we are staying in South of Odisha of Koraput District. It may not be possible for us to go to your place being very distance from the pace of our stay hence we earnestly request you to prescribe medicine and send by post and I will make you payment accordingly.

    Plus I want to know how much time my son will take to behave like a normal boy. . . and of course thru your treatment will it be possible for my Son to behave like a normal boy?

    He does not have a tendency of suffering frequently the disease like cold and cough or similar problem – overall we can say he is having very good immune power.

    With Warm Regards,

    Somnath Guha
    Mob. 09438377162 / 09439514132

  19. Partha Karmakar says:

    Just want to know any homeopatic treatment in Lacrimal abcsess for my 1month girl child. This abscess is in left eye side. Any treatment is possible reply me…

  20. just just want to know how you treat a child not physically able to see you? Grandchild will be 4 years old in April. finances not readily available but would like to assist with basic things that i can . He knows all his letters ,colours and numbers.speech is slowly coming .

  21. Ashutosh Sahu says:

    Good morning Sir,
    I am parent of one Son of 10 yr old. My son is physically ok. He is also going to normal school last 3 years and studying in Std II. But every day from school complaints are coming that sitting on his sit only moving, sometimes attacks his friends, sometime writing the school class work sometime not that is his choice, in house also until we sit near his he is ok and sit once we will come he will be in his world without writting any thing only thinking something, once we telling not do something for that moment he will not do but after a few moments he will forget again and repeat the same.
    His memory is no doubt good but very very unstable

    Sir please help me.

  22. subhramanyu sahu says:

    Dear sir,Dr.Sarma my son 9 year old having late brain devolopment .you are greatful please tell me medicin and use doses .you are god in my and our family

  23. Korri.vijay Rao says:

    dear doctor, my grandson is 3year old He doesn’t speak when we call him he doesn’t respond There are symptoms of autism in him we do not know to what extent He knows all the letters from A to Z and can say by heart and recognise He knows the numbers from 1-50 can recognise them and say But he doesn’t see eye to eye doesn’t respond if called Even if he is hungry doesn’t say so If he hurts himself he doesn’t cry He likes to be all by himself playing since he is our first grandson we are very much worried kindly suggest treatment and medical stores available in Sydney Australia We look forward for your advise

  24. Md. Imam Hossain Chowdhury says:


    Dear Sir,

    Good day. I am an engineer. I have one 10 years daughter & one 2 years son. My daughter is completely ok and studying in class five in a school. But, my son has some symptoms of autism like 1/ unable to speak –even he does not say any word clearly yet. 2/ lack of response — like I am with him at house , in that time if I call him , he does not response immediately often, but some times after 4/5 calls , he response. Interesting is that if he does not see me for long time, in that time if I call him, immediately he response very nicely. 3/ He does not understand our expression properly, but he can express his need by indication . 4/ His eye contact is not like normal baby—like: He has very good eye contact with known persons , but he has very very less eye contact with unknown persons etc. in one word- he has some behaviors like normal baby, has some behaviors like autistic baby. He is physically fully ok.

    Sir, I very much expect a good advice from you as early as possible. we are very much worried about him. I live in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Can we get any good homeopathy treatment here? Where do you live ? & How can we meet you if we want? According to you -what kind of autism he is suffering from —Mild, moderate or severe. Pls. pls. pls. give advice. Do you have any address in Kolkata, India?

    Thanks & Regards

    Md. Imam Hossain Chowdhury

  25. April Rodgers says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma, I have a 5.5yr old son who is a highly functioning autistic with no sensory issues but has speech delay. He is currently attending speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, & developmental therapy. I home-school him as well. I would love to receive more information on homeopathic treatments for autism & also your address in the United States please.

    • Suvendu Mukherjee says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma, I have a 3.8 yr old son who has speech delay and found ASD AND ADHD problem by pediatrician. He is currently attending speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, & developmental therapy. I would love to receive more information on homeopathic treatments for autism & also your address in India, Kolkata.

  26. Ranjan Panda says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,

    My son 5+ year old having late brain development and response is poor. Can we provide homeopathy autism treatment.

    Is it possible in Odisha,India and who is the best Dr. for this and require contact details .

    Require your assistant.

    Thanks & Regards
    Ranjan Panda

  27. suresh jakka says:

    sir my brother’s son suffering with autism . he had some digestive problems , when he is not respond
    pis give me some suggestions to cure an autism

    thank you sir

  28. Arnab Das says:

    Sir my only 3 yr 3 month child is suffering from ASD & still can not speak.He reads in a play school ‘but he has no interest in learning.For service purpose I am staying out side (Orissa) of my home(Kolkata) & my child is staying with my wife & my widow mother.In this situation I am helpless.pls guide me.Regards-Arnab Das

  29. My Son is 2.9yrs now.

    Can speak 1-10 ;a- z….loves alphabet alot
    lacking in following instruction,dont talk…just pull us for his wants
    rest development like walking,teething were on time…not a fussy child ..neither hyperactive
    pediatrist dont see him as autistic case but psycatrist see on border line
    pre-school is advised
    currently have consulted at dr.kalyan banerjee clinic and started the medicine.also giving Bcomplex and eye-q medicine

    pls advise more on this respect

    • Amit Gupta says:

      Hi Ruchi ji,
      I just wanted to check , did Dr. Banerjee’s medicine work for your son.
      Actull my daughter has syptoms like your son and wanted to know if
      homeopathy can help. Please let me know if medicine work and advise me
      if you find something other also as good.

      Thanks in advance. Waiting for your quick reply.

  30. chulbul pandey says:

    Diagnosis is global developmental delay with spastic diparesis and autistic trait (cranio vertebral junction anomaly. Child current age is five years old .please help me. and suggest if any homeopathic treatment is possible for this problem .eagerly waiting for your reply

  31. Tamojit sengupta says:

    My mother Kalpama sengupta faceing
    Asd. She is 68 years old. How we triet my mother

  32. Hi,

    Is any one able to help from homeopathy medicine?please let me know. My son has similar issues

  33. Dr.Sarith.K says:


    Very happy to read that your were practicing HOMEOPATHY in United States Of America. Can you please share me your experience and practical knowledge about Autism and disease that your are master.
    Being a Fresher in HOMEOPATHY your knowledge and experience give me more confidence and support.
    I have a patient she is 21 year old and she has past history of dog fear, In her childhood dog ran behind her after that she develop a symptom that while studying she suddenly fall in sleep , later wake up and she wrote what she studies. She suddenly faints,
    Hope you Will consider this mail as my request and reply me as early as possible.

    Thanks and Regards.

  34. soumabha bid says:

    My kid 2.5yr old cannot speak , has ASD .pls help me, Mail me how can I solve.

  35. Dear sir
    please provide your address and concact no

  36. Diksha Singh says:

    I am dr diksha Iam workin lady ,my child is said to partly autistic and partly hyperactive,chow to plan his line of treatment ,should i send him to regular school he is 3 years aold

  37. Diksha Singh says:

    I am dr diksha am workin in KGMC lko,my child is said to partly autistic and partly hyperactive,chow to plan his line of treatment ,should i send him to regular school he is 3 years aold

  38. Diksha Singh says:

    I am dr diksha am workin in KGMC lko,my child is said to partly autistic and partly hyperactive,chow to plan his line of treatment ,should i send him to regular school

  39. PR.NATARAJAN says:

    my son’s age is 11 years 1 month, we need your advice. he will not talk like us, he will talk only what he likes, like favorite dialogue’s, songs, like that. he will response only at the 10th time of our words. he will not say his name for the ?, but he knows everything. he is only good at loose talking, hyper for searching Tamil newspapers, favorite food items.

  40. My child is 6year and 7 months old. Since 1 year or so she was very aggressive . She used to pull my hair, sleep on the floor,pinch, beat ,etc. We thought she is naughty. Then slowly we came to know that she had some problem. She would not sit in one place, even in classrooms she used to roam here and there. She did not learn to write. Even now she does not write. After she was 4years, we went to a neurologist, and he suggested us about occupational therapy. She also got fits, but we dint detect early. . Past 20 months seshe got the habit of mouth breathing. All problems have classadded but none of them is cured. She speaks nicely but because of mouth breathing whole day , she is speaking less. I have stopped all medicine, and we are taking her to occupational therapy classes and she is undergoing acupuncture classic touch treatment past one year.

  41. Robin Satta says:

    DR. Sharma, My grandaughter is now 19 mos. old, she was diagnosed autistic at a year old.
    we are currrently seeing a naturopath, he has her on zinc, vit d, vit b 12, cod live oil and liquid magnesium with calcium. and also a probiotic. we have seen some improvement but not a whole lot.
    Is there anything you could suggest? Do you think camels milk would help with her autism? If so does it need to be frozen and unpasturized?
    could you recomend a reputable place to purchase this from? We live in the US.

  42. Hello doctor,

    Good to hear that homeopathy can bring smiles atleat for some of the parents who had autistic kids. I have 2.9 yrs old daughter who has autism. Currently we are just giving speechtherapy and occupational therapy along with some activities at autism school in hyderabad.

    I want to give homeopathy medicines to my daughter as there is no regular mediciation for autism.

    Can I get some details and address of your clinic.

    Thank you,


  43. Hemali Patel says:

    Hello Dr Sharma

    I have gone through our website about the autism in child as i am currently in Australia and have child
    4 year with the systom i am really worried at this stage .can you give more detail how can this treatement help please do reply need help really.


    Hemali patel

  44. Haimabati Jena says:

    Dear Sharma Sir,
    We have a autistitic child. He is three years old now, He is unable to talk and does not give attention to any body.We belong to odisha state and having poor economic condition,Please suggest us.

  45. my daughter 8 year old is moderate ASD with symptomatic in inattention and ODD oppositional defiant disorder. we identified early and been in intervention from early and stimulating at home too. improvements are hard to see and currently behaviour issues temper tantrum peak..she hurts all and self injurious also at times. pls help

  46. my son age 3 yrs is having autism, for the last 3 months he is been given with homeopathy medicines. how far this will helpful in recovering from autism. is this is possible to cure by these medicines.. i want to know how long he will have these medicines, will it have any side effects on his body.. please reply.. thank you..

  47. Dear Dr. sharma,

    My severly autistic son is five years old, he cant talk, answer to his name or interact with his peers. He used to have sleep and sensory issues but fortunately he is better now.
    Is there achance for Homeopatic medicine to improve him in any way.


  48. Md. Musfiqur Rahman says:

    Dear Sir,

    My son is seven years old and suffering from hydrocephallus disease. He is an autistic child. He can not talk. Now a days he has become very exicited and do not sleep at night. I was wondering if homeopathy treatment can provide him some help. If yes, to whom to visit. I am in Bangladesh.

    Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.



    Dear Sir,
    Please provide address details at cuttack where I will take medicine.

    Prakash Nayak

  50. my son is 10 yr , mild autism & adhd sympthom. pl. advice.

  51. Md. Abdur Rahman says:

    I have only child is autistic. We are very much anxious about it. We want him to be recovered soon. He is at 6+. I have read your article and became to much curious about that. I am going to narrate his behavior and attitude so that you can help us…

    1. He can not speak all the words & sentences.
    2. He can speak few sentences like give me food, give me water, give me milk, go to dad’s office. I shall not go to school etc.
    3. If some one beat him or he was hit by somehow he can not express but crying.
    4. If he puts or throws some think can not express where he put of threw.
    5. All time unrest & unsteady.
    6. He moves his hands which has no meaning, some time makes some meaningless noise.
    7. He does not want to play with any one, He plays alone. He plays of his own.
    8. He likes to live alone.
    9. He does not want to learn any thing because of higher activities.
    10. During angry moment he persists too much and throw what he gets.
    11. He is not as mental mature as other kids of his age.
    12. For the bless of almighty he has no physical problem.

    Noted: When he was in his mother’s womb he grew up there with two sists (Tumor) about 6” long singly.

    We had seen Doctor in Bangladesh, said he is mild ASD and advised us for admitting special school. Accordingly we are taking him to special school.

    But we want him to be recovered. Please advise us what we can do for this. I shall be glad if you reply.

    Abdur Rahman.

  52. hello sir,
    My son diagnosed as autistic, now he is 3.2 years old. we are in Hyderabad now. Could you Please provide your contact details for the treatement.

  53. Sir,

    Our kid (8 years) suffering with ADHD, kindly provide your contact details of the concern person residing at Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh.

  54. hello sir,
    my brother is 11years old is diagnoised with autism. kindly suggest his treatment can ASD be cured, kindly reply me

  55. Sudhish.h says:

    Hello Sir,

    My 4 years old son diagnosed with Autism & he is getting treatment from last one year. He progressed very well. As i am seeing lots of good articles on homeopathy, I want to understand treatment in details. Kindly share your contact details.

    My Contact No:9900700190

  56. Mozammal Hoque says:

    I am from Bangladesh. My daughter did not cry at the time of born. Now she is 20 months. Her brain is sharp. Wants to say. But can not balance her head straight. Her all body is loose. Can not sit. But can move her hand legs. Can take something in hand. I took “Calcaria Phoss” from her age 8months and running. But nothing happened. Please prescribe my daughter. I am very poor. Please help me. If you prescribe me I will pray to Allah for you. Mobile: +8801829494495

  57. SARMIN SULTANA says:

    Dear sir,
    My 2 years old daughter recently diagnosed with autism.She not able to speak ,not having eye contact ,we called her also she not able turn.Is there any treatment available in homeopathy.

  58. MAJ MAHBUB says:

    Assalamualaikum sir, I am maj mahbub. I have only a son of 4yrs 6 months (+) who is an ASD( Autism Spectrum Disorder). Being a parent of such child, me and my wife are passing miserable time now. Some of the ASD symptoms are below:

    a. Unable to speak. Only speaks Baba and Ma, without addressing us. He also produces so many sound which are meaningless, but not frequent and changes with the day and time.
    b. Can’t bite any food, only swallow the food and takes semi-solid food.
    c. A bit restless in nature and most of the times remains confined within himself.
    d. Fascination on books and newspaper.
    e. Eye contact moderately improved than before.

    sir, please note that he goes to special school since Jul 2012 at Dhaka.

    GSO -2 (P&C)
    Defence Services Command & Staff College
    Mirpur Cantonment
    Dhaka – 1216

    PHONE : 02-9010049 extension 3334 (Office), 3335 (Residence)
    MOBILE : +880-1769-023334

    mail :


    Dear Sir,

    My son is very poor speech,he has not call to us ,his age is 4 year+.
    please give us guideline to treatment.

    Thanks & regards,
    Ranjit kumar sahu

  60. Shannon Burford says:

    Thanks for sharing this Wonderful Blog !

  61. pritam jaiprakash morye says:

    Give me some guideness about autism and about hyperactiveness

  62. Dear Sir,
    I am from visakhapatnam. my daughter is 6 year old. presently i joined her in special school. till date my daughter is not able to speak. I am in big worry about her. please help me in this regard. how my daughter can speak lime the other children.

  63. manan bhavsar says:

    sir i m 20 years old and i cannot speak clearly many my friends say that i speak very fast and half of the thing that i speak in not easily understandable plzz help me

  64. honey chawla says:

    Hello sir I have a baby she is 3 years old her name is himanshi and she is suffering mild autism she has less eye contact, less speech, even she not recognise me as a mother she can’t say mumma , papa but many things she doing very well like using a smartphone, going upstairs, enjoy swing ,having food as own please reply me as soon as possible

  65. ASHISH KUMAR says:

    My Name Is Ashish kumar .. i live in friend whose son suffring for Autism…. he is 4 year old….how we solve dis problem…..

  66. kanakaparvathi says:

    sir,my son(4 years) is suffering with autism .he is imitating all the words and sentence as we speak.he is not talk spontaneously as like normal children. which treatment we want to give sir please teii the solution sir.

  67. kanakaparvathi says:

    sir,my son is suffering with autism .he is imitating all the words and sentence as we speak.he is not talk spontaneously as like normal children. which treatment we want to give sir please teii the solution sir.


    My grandson is suffering with autisim. He is now 12 years old. Please guide me.

  69. Hi Sharma,
    My Friend’s son have autism problem. Please Text me How is the treatment at CMC Vellore.
    How to get Appointment?

    Thanks and Regards,

    Vadivel M.

  70. mahander singh parihar says:

    As i go through you article sir, some of the behavioral issues you mentioned are common with my child behavior i.e., Delayed onset of speech, inability to interact with kids of same age group, poor or no eye contact, seems to be lost in his own world, unaware of the environment around him ,repetitive behavior like rocking, spinning and hand flapping ; hyperactive , having specific routines or rituals and having fixations with certain objects or body parts. we have consult no. of psychiatrists around Delhi region, but no positive results come though, we come though you article by Google search for cmc vellore medical college. SO give us your valuable suggestion regarding our case.


  71. Respected Sir,

    I have a 2year old child(male) suddenly he lost her communication skills and speech not properly .I know to what is the reson behind it.please give me reply sir

  72. G. SRINIVASA Rao says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma,

    My name is G.Srinivasa Rao residing at Vizianagaram near to Visakhapatnam. I am very much worried about my grand daughter Hima Kasturi aged 2 yrs 4 months. We have noticed a mild autism at the age of 1 yr & shown to a Child psychiatrist named Dr Kalyan chakravarthy of Rainbow Hospital from Hyderabad. From then onwards we started medical treatment & also started sensory physiotherapy and now in the month of March 2013 we have admitted her in a Rehabilitation centre in Hyderabad for Speech therapy, disorder treatment & other sensory activities, just 2 months back she had mild fits and shown to a Neurologist Dr Ramesh Konenki and had a Brain MRI in which he suspected SUSPENDED NODULES LEFT VENTRICLE, and suggested to use some medicines. Now the frequency of fits is reduced & also 20% of improvement we noticed. Now Dr Sharma garu I heard a lot & also experienced about Homeopathy and with great confidence I pray u to suggest good medicines & line of treatment which we follow strictly. Hope u understand my anxiety and worry of my grand daughter. Tanq very much & waiting for ur early reply.

  73. surriaya Mir says:

    Dear Dr Sharma ,My grand daughter age 8 years was diagnised with PDD pervasive development disorder at age 3 She has been going through various treatments including Homeopethy since then.Homeopathic remedies showed improvement but still she needs improvement in in the areas of comprehension ,focuss etc Ilive in USA what can be the suitable time I can talk to you and what are the charges.I have some knowledge of homeopethy and has used it all my life and know taht right remedy can produce wonders I would be obliged if you could reply and guide me Thanks
    Surriaya MIr

  74. Ramasubramanian Chidambaram says:

    Dear Doctor

    We are living in Chennai and we have three children. Two girls and a boy and all are normal delivery. My first daughter was born in 1992 and my son who is last child was born in 2006.

    My son has been diagonised to have mild autism. He is not hyper and he has good learning ability. He can speak and has a good vacabulory.

    His problem is that he does not socialise and make self talk a lot.

    Does Homeopathy has good remedy. If so, how can we avail it in Chennai?

    Your reply shall be grately appreciated.

    Best regards,



    What’s the success rate of your Homeopathic treatment in Autism cases and in autistic children what are the areas in which you get remarkable improvement. Plz let me know.

  76. Great issues altogether, you just gained a brand new reader. What might you suggest in regards to your put up that you simply made some days ago? Any positive?

  77. I have a grand son who is 10 years old. He was diagnised with autism at the age of 3. Since no clinical treatment was available at that time we are only treating him with some occupational therapy. We would be very happy to receive any other treatment.

  78. Sidhartha CH says:

    Dear Sir,

    My son is suffering with Autisam and hyper active. he is 9 years old.
    He is unable to speak even,is there any treatment available in Homepathy.If you can help me by giving your valuable suggestions.I will be very tankfull to you.

    Thanks & Regards,


  79. chaya kant mohapatra says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma

    My 4 years old Daughter suffering autism unable to speak n also hyperactive. Pls guide me what is the best treatment for my daughter
    Waiting for your valuable reply

    with regards.
    Chaya kanta

  80. PRITI SAHA says:

    My child is going to be of 04 years in the month of November this year. He has been detected with autism. He is unable to speak even. Is there any treatment available in homeopathy. If you can help me by giving your valuable suggestions I will be very thankful to you.

  81. S N THAKUR says:

    My son aged 10 years having poor communication skills, less interested in outdoor games, least aware of surroundings, very poor interaction with others ,very lethargic activity,very poor responsive. does he suffers from autism and is there treatment for the same.also provde the way to get such treatment.
    thanking you in anticipation.

  82. my child is suffering from mild autism. he shows the behavior of hyperactive and little bit speech. kindly need ur advice on this case.

  83. Harvinder kaur says:

    My 15 Year old son has autism.He is very high functioning,goes to a mainstream school but his social aspect is coming in the way of making friends and he does get very frustrated and angry.He speaks very fluent English but is very literal therefore can not understand the subtle nature of tha language.

  84. narender verma says:

    my 2year 2 month old daughter is having symptoms of autism,she does not respond properly,does not speak makes noices,tries to speak but is unable to do so.

    Kindly advise remedy,as we are getting spech teraphy sessions for her.

  85. I am Harsha Bangalore, I have 2 Twin boys born as 7months preterms now of 9 months age, the Dr. here had said its like Autism symptoms for my elder twin, with limited activity on Right leg and hand. Other wise he seems to be ok. I feel he is about 6 – 8 week lagging in activity when compared to my other son. He is unable to crawl yet, he is able to turn less frequently and limited to turning rounds on stomach.

    We would like to get this cured urgently.. Please suggest
    My # 9902966881,

  86. .Dr.Rajeshwar prasad. says:

    sir. my daughter suffering from autism.non verbal,with hyperactivity.kindly give treatment.she is 11 yrs.

  87. I have gone through the website of yous. I am really surprised to know that there is medicine in Homeopathy for autism. Why don’t you conduct research and show its effect to the modern medical practitioners? Because lots of children are suffering from this condition.

  88. I read about Dr Sharma homeopathy treatment forautism.I would like to know if he also has clinics in canada

  89. Ajay Pratap Singh says:


    I am looking for a treatment/consultation centre in Vishakhapatanam for my 4 year old son suffering from Autism.

    Lookinf forward to ur response at the earliest.



  90. dear sir,
    iam having 2 year old son facing with autism.he can not speak properly and hyperactive.we want to consult u directly .we r from andhra pradesh.kindly give ur address.

  91. Amlan Dutta says:

    we have two sons, the eldest one( 22yrs) is on graduation level with very good academeic results and complete in all respect.The 2nd one is suffering from Autism as diagnosed by NIMHANS,Bangaluru, aged 15 yrs, indepent in daily routine life, viz; dressing, toileting, eating but communication is zero.He is studing in a special school since last 7 yrs, prior to that he was in a normal school. He had withdrawn his speach from the age of 4. His present problem is repeatative behaviour and verbal communication. He is not violent, good listner of music, fond of over eating and posseses a keen interest in anything technical.He loves tearing papers / making shreds from papers.
    Please help.
    Regards. – Amlan & Swati Dutta

  92. Chaudary kabir says:

    sir i need medicines for ( autistic) disease

  93. Kalyani Sanghamitra says:

    Dear sir,
    Our two year old son has mild autistic features. He has eye contact and longs to be caressed. But he can’t play with other kids though he does not dislike their company. He repeats certain words and has some repetitive activities. He pats his own head. He loves playing with water and sand. He does self-stimulation most often. He does not follow our instructions. He is disobedient. His irritability has increased over last few days. His sleeping routine is becoming irregular. I am giving him anacardium-30 and kaliphos-12x. Please help.

  94. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I have a 3.8 yrs old son who has been diagnosed with PDD-NOS. He did not have any speech till 30 months of age. After starting speech therapy, he has improved a lot and now he can communicate all his needs verbally. Want to know what type of remedies do you use for treatment i.e is it dry pills or liquid dose. Please do respond, I am seriously considering to start him on homeopathy treatment.

    Thanks & Regards,

  95. suresh karri says:

    My Son 25months old ,today we visited Dr she said its like Autism symptoms ,he not able speak ,not having eye contact ,we called him also he not able turn so please suggest me how I start treatment.Please help me in this.
    Please give me the address of you then we visit the clinic.thanks in advns every thing

  96. My son is having autism and hyperactivity and he is not able to speak out. I am at present residing in Visakhapatnam. Here there are number of kids who are with autistic features. Kindly let me know for better treatment with homeopathy. Your gracious and valuable comments certainly help me for better future of my child.

  97. My daughter 5yrs old.She is a hyper active child.She is not concentrate anythink
    she is bitting her finger and hand.some times she is having more one is controlled her.only mother feed food and other daily activities.can u suggest me the good treatment.And also treatment going on with child nuro.

    Thanks in Advance

  98. My son is 9yrs old now..He never speaks until he was about 5yrs of age…he hve mild autisum but i am a little worried now that his skin is itching all over the body.i hve seen a child specialist and now a
    i am waiting to go to take my son to the general hospital to see a skin is sad to see him not sleeping very well at night with scracthing his skin.otherwise he is always a happy boy although he is a special kid.can you please suggest something for my boy and to treating him too for his hyperactive behavour.tq

  99. elain arem says:

    my grand son just turn 3 yrs and he is not talking properly yet .he called my name and other people name clearly .he understand every thing any one say to him but he cant hold a conversation.

  100. Baneswar Thakurata says:

    It gives a good hope for my childi’s cure.Pl. reply through e mail for the treatment where to contact.

  101. Dear Dr.

    I have a son 8 yrs old and was diagnosed with autism, he is in a special school at the moment he does understand things but his speech has not developed and i have tried the diet of eliminating milk and wheat products but the progress is slow. i have just read about the hope for autism and i would wish to be enlightened with more information that can help my handsome boy.

    I look forward to reading from you

  102. r. mahesh kumar says:

    dear sir,
    i have two kids one is 13 year old, boy second is 6 year old boy he is autisum problem.he cant speek proparly,he can hear proper he sing a songs, he can read & write 1 2 3 ,upto 50 a b c d up to z .he is styding in nursurry class, can you suggest me that what type of treatment i give him to improve his spicking power .

  103. Dear Doctor,

    I am Anitha writing this mail regarding my sister’s sons. She staying Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. She is having 2 sons. Elder one is 13 years old, studing 3rd standard and younger one is 12 years old, studing 3rd standard. Both are hyperactive boys and getting fits since they were 18 months old. Fits use to come atleast 3 times in a year. It is followed by fewer. They started speaking when elder one was 7 years old and younger one is year old. Their schooling is started after speech has come. Younger one seems to be normal his understanding ability is also good. But Elder one is still having some problems i.e inability in understanding, unattentive, eye contact is different while speaking with other , bed wetting while spleeping. His observation, social and communicaion is normal. According to these symptoms we got doubt that this boy might have a mild autism. If so please sugguste me about treatment.

  104. amiteshwar thakur says:

    good morning sir .
    i am writing in hindi
    mujha any time cough banta hay ,ciniging hoti hay aur kbhi -2 cough chast me sukhna ka karan sase len me probelem hoty hay .ya probelem mujha alomost 6 year sa hay.
    i request u plese tell ke ya pro hamesh ka liy relex ho sakata hay ya nahi

  105. i have a boy child of 7.5 yrs old but autistic. now and then he can sing , speak some words. but not follow any commands. his hearing and eye contact is ok.

    Can i expect a guide line from u?

    With regards

  106. Sangeeta Saikia says:

    My son is 9 years old and is suffering from autism.He is under treatment of a psychiatrist for the last 3 years,but no such improvement.Please inform me about homeopathy treatment.Can you please give us your address or contact number?

  107. Dr. Swapan K. Chandra, Department of Chemistry, Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan, West Bengal says:

    Dear Dr.

    I would like to mention about 7+ boy of us. He is
    very much hyperactive, inattentive, his language
    has suddely deteriorated after the age of around 3.
    His understanding is perfect, observation is more
    than fine. Very poor social and communication
    abilities, does not mix with other kids. He was
    diagnosed as ADHD with little autistic features at
    Chennai Apollo, and many places including CMC, Vellore.
    We are very much skeptical and worried putting
    all such neuromedicines whose efficacy even challenged
    by other allopathic doctors. May I request you to let us
    inform the homeopathy remedy for autistic child like
    us. We encouraged reading your articles in the internet.
    Your suggestions would be a great help and comfort to
    us. Thanks and with best regards,

    S. K. Chandra

    Mobile # 09434042985

  108. DR.P.S.SHRIVASTAVA says:

    Dear Sir,
    My organisation HAEVS – Homoeopathic Anusandhan Evam Vikas Sansthan,is the only Homoeopathic institution of Madhya Pradesh ,which is active in the feild of disability along with development of Homoeopathic medical science .It is also performing meaningful task in the feild of medico-social coordination .Apart from being registered by M.P.Govt.HAEVS is also recognised as an institution by social Justice department Of M.P.Govt.which is an honour for us.Therefore HAEVS needs your personal support and attention to raise awareness towards disability & Homoeopathy.
    With regards,
    23,MINI SHOPPING COMPLEX , PHASE II,(Avas SanghPariser)

  109. Chandan Kumar says:

    can u please send me your contact number. I want to meet you regarding my child .

  110. jen bauer says:

    i have a thirteen yr old daughter who was diagnosed bipolar at the age of eight. by having another hospital stay they have rediagnosed her having pdd-con. i am wondering if there is homeopathy medication for such a condition?

  111. i v bala sekhar says:

    we are staying at vijayawada,i have only son who is(8years) suffring from autsim and hiper activty.i am treatment at vijayawada.hope u suggest any tretment in homeopathy and can u suggest schools for autsim childrens . Mail me as early as possible.

    i v bala sekhar

  112. Damodar Natari says:

    My son who is 4 1/2rys old is diagnoised with Autsim-PDD.I am treating him by occupational & speech therapists. I am staying at Sriharikota,Nellore(Dt.),A.pP-524124 (90 kms from Chennai(TN)).I am treating my son at Tirupati(100 kms away from Sriharikota).I am treating him from September-2008.Now he has eye-contact, but no speech,etc.

    Hope u suggest any treatment in homeopathy.

    Mail me as early as possible.


  113. Bidhu Bhusan Roy says:


    I have only son who is suffering from mild autism symptoms. Can you suggest for his treatment. Now we are at Cuttack Orissa.

    Pl help in this regads

    B. B. Roy

  114. could you please give us your address?

  115. Dear Sir

    Currently my 2.5 yr old son is being assessed and the pschiatrist has hinted that he may have global dev delay along with ASD, (delayed walking and havnt started talking as yet, only babbles ma, pa, ba, ga, etc) in a weeks time all the assessments will be over and I would be able to discuss in depth the analysis with you. But as I have been reading on ASD on net and particularly on your website, I do see my son fallin in the mentioned areas of concern that confirm PDD. At this point in time, I wanted to know whether the parents should undergo any genetic mapping to confirm whether it is a genetic problem, also we have only gone to a child dev expert before who could not determine or diagnose anything particular excelt stereotypical activities of my son along with minor dev delay. Now that the whole things looks so pensive after meeting a renowned and highly qualified psychiatrist, I would like to know whether should I also seek expertise of a neurologist.
    Pls do let me know if an appointment over a call is possible with you sometime next week (after I recieve the assesment report) to be able to discuss his situation in detail.

  116. P. Sri Sudha says:

    It is very nice. I would like to know more about this. We are staying at visakhapatnam. Here there are number of kids are suffering from autism. Please inform us in detail about the treatment.

  117. Sandeep Sharma says:

    wah phaji wah wah !!

    sohni site banai hai

  118. NAVNEET DODA says:

    Its nice to c your site.Its good way to educate people about myths and facts of healthy living.
    Give my regards to Dr Anu.

    with regs


  120. ts agreat hope for those whose kids suffer from autism

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