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AUTISM AND HOMEOPATHY – Treatment of Autism

Legal Disclaimer: Results may vary, and testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. The testimonials are real, and these patients have been treated with homeopathy treatment from our clinic . However, these results are meant as a showcase of what  best, homeopathy can do with the disease condtions and should not be taken as average or typical results.

Homeopathy is much more of a choice than people often think it to be. One of its philosophy’s greatest breakthroughs is the realization that the body is not an object but a process with no pre-ordained limits.

The scorching, cruel heat of summer was just setting in the first year of the new century when Mr and Mrs Puri (not their real names) approached us with their only child Ravi (not his real name) who was then four. Two years earlier, at the age of two, he was diagnosed as being autistic. We tested him on the ATEC (Autism Testing and Evaluation Checklist) and his rating was in the moderate to high category. His problem was more in speech/communication and sensory/cognitive areas.
Besides the classical symptoms of autism, the symptoms that actually led us to prescribe Carcinocin were the history of an early eruption of teeth and hairiness. A leading characteristic of Carcinocin is the desire for milk. There are many symptoms – a sweaty head, when sleeping, and physical heat in general; difficulty in falling asleep; the desire for things salty and for chocolate-like energetic foods. Than there are internal restlessness and fidgetiness and love for dancing. Strong passion, sexuality and a very strong family history of cancer in the family are also noticed. The remedy was the boy?s similimum if there ever was one! Fitting him like a glove, the treatment has worked. Ravi has suffered no aggravation in the two years he has been on and off this remedy. The dosage chosen for him was similarly fitting ? the LM dose. Positive results were obvious within the first month. Babbling turned into more formative words, hyperactive behaviour became rare and he started obeying simple commands. His self-stimulatory behaviour, too, was nearly gone. Very soon a big achievement came when Ravi started interacting with children and started playing with them. He is now five and is attending a normal school. There are still vestigial signs of his former autism though these are not really apparent to teachers or anyone else besides us (parents and the physicians). For example, his language is occasionally awkward. In moments of stress (e.g. if he is sick), he retreats into himself and utilizes echolalia as a speech strategy. To sum it up, none but the very discerning can make out that Ravi had this serious problem.

I would now like to enlighten the readers about the intricacies and the sensitive approach necessary for the homeopathic intervention. Autism poses a challenge to homeopaths. It needs a hardcore-Hahnemannian approach. Valuable symptoms including reaction to vaccines, family medical history, thermal sensitivities and sleep postures form a part of the very detailed information that a physician would need. For the parents whose kids are undergoing such intervention, the stimulus/reaction model of symptoms and its significance to the homeopath need to be clearly understood. As the autistic child experiences stress, he responds with a reaction. This reaction becomes a symptom or a sign of characteristic importance. The real challenge is to understand what the child is expressing both verbally (if he is articulate) and nonverbally. By fully perceiving the patient, one may learn to understand the individual?s cycle of stress and response. It is only through such a deep understanding that a homeopath is able to prescribe effectively. The improvement following such intervention also needs to be evaluated regularly on the autism-rating scale. The extent to which the treatment can occur has a great degree of variability associated with it. Two medicines require a special mention for their effectiveness in the treatment of autism  Carcinocin and Baryta Carb . Baryta Carb is supposed stimulate the development of brain. This medicine has been found useful in cases of autism where signs of global developmental delay  are present with the classical symptoms of the autism spectrum. Another important aspect of the homeopathic treatment of autism is the usage of LM potencies… Homoeopathic medicines in this scale are faster acting and at the same time gentler. It is able to hold the “slipping back” of the old symptoms and can be used for a longer period with frequent repetitions. Homeopathy is undergoing a very strong resurgence in the modern medical world, and one of the main reasons for it is its recent role in treating such illnesses. Homeopathic philosophy is a constant reminder that the greatest healing power lies within the body itself.

Here is some more info on autism . This article on autism was written by me in Tribune about 2 yrs years back.

Autism and Homeopathy Autism is a childhood disorder begins in early childhood (typically during the first three years of life) which affects the child?s communication skills, social interactions, and causes restricted, repetitive and stereotyped patterns of behavior in varying degrees. Autism (also called as autism spectrum disorder or pervasive developmental disorder) can range from severe to a very milder form. This mild form is called as asperger syndrome. The actual cause for autism is not clear. Autism in the first two years of life is slightly difficult to diagnose. Parents are usually the first ones to notice the symptoms, which in the first two years of life are otherwise slightly difficult to find out; usually it is the nonresponsive behavior in the first two years that may make the parents feel concerned. In cases where the child has been growing normally, his sudden withdrawal from social interactions, nonresponsive behavior along with losing that little amount of speech that he had gained initially, may lead the parents to get their toddler screened for this disorder. By the age of three, autism spectrum disorder can be clearly diagnosed. Children with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) may not follow regular developmental pattern like other kids of their age. Verbal and non verbal communication, social interaction and patterns of repetitive behavior (also called as fixations)-like being fixated with carrying some object in the hand all the time e.g. Sticks ,pencils, soap suds etc. Rocking, spinning, excessively arranging things in one line and Behavioral issues like hyperactive behavior and inability to understand emotions are a part of this disorder for some kids. Autism is nowadays called as autism spectrum disorder as there is huge variation of symptoms that the child might suffer from. Key features that should help the parents in identifying this disorder are child?s inability to babble or make meaningful gestures (like social smile, pointing to objects like fan etc,) by 18 months of age. Inability to speak even a single word by the age of two, having a poor or no eye contact, giving the impression as if he is hard of hearing when being called out to. The ?not in tune? behavior of child is the most important differentiating symptom although it is not very easy for a lay person to identify it. Homeopathy for treating autism in kids is gaining quite a popularity all over the world. Clinical experience shows that results are much better when the treatment is started at an earlier age ,even though at higher ages like six or seven some kids do show remarkable improvements; but Homoeopathic intervention at an early age(before much behavioral and emotional issues come up) has distinct advantages. One important aspect that I would clearly like to mention is the fact that results with homeopathy in treating autism are selective. This means that where one segment of kids may respond extremely favorable to the treatment others may fail to yield any relief. Even while treating with homeopathy the child needs to be rated on an autism rating scale. Periodical assessments on the autism rating scale are must to gauge the improvements in the child. Homeopathy is a holistic system of medicine; it takes into consideration the constitutional picture (complete physical and mental make up of the child) along with the necessary details of the disease while prescribing. Medicines that are very effective in treating autism are Carcinocin, Hyoscyamus, and Baryta Carb. The role of carcinocin in treating autism requires a special mention. This also does not mean that every child who has autism should be put on it; even for carcinocin to be prescribed the child has to fall within the drug?s constitutional picture

Dr. Vikas Sharma is a Neuro Developmental Specialist in homeopathy and has been Treating Autism spectrum disorders with homeopathy for the last ten years.


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  1. I’m from Mumbai. I need to consult you. Can u pls provide ur address. Thank you

  2. Hi Doctor,

    I am the monther of a 2 year old boy. I have a doubt that he falls into mild autism spectrum disorder. Please help me in identifying it. Actually he is getting better with the age, as we can relate the symptoms. Earlier it was like 90% , now its 10%. We are confused if he has mild autism or he is a moody person. We haven’t consulted a pediatric yet. We started his playschool 4 months back n since then he is improving. He didnt use to respond earlier but now he is slowly responding to the things. His eye contact was poor but now its not the case. Even then we feel he is 1 year lagging as compared to his peers. Please help !

  3. Sneha sanjeev pimplikar says:

    My grandson is 2.5 yr old and has diagnose with autism. He is not speaking(he is babling) he did not gide response to command. want to know abt homeopathy treatment by you. did homeopathy is useful in autism???

    Pls reply

    • Nidhi Gupta says:

      Hi Dr dharma…my 6.5 yr daughter is diagonosed with autism..She can’t speak.she can’t chew the food,she is on the liquid diet.She is moody and very less understanding.She can’t learn or write.plz help me sir..we are very tensed

  4. Banani ganguly says:

    My son 7years old. He is not speak. He is autism.

  5. Hello sir, my son is mild development problem. He is 5 year old , having problem in study…( sometime not able to understand the thing or sometime he got forgot the counting or acc alphabets .. )please sir…oral he can understand…like poems and rhymes…help me.(pooja ..9212753065)

    • Twinkle Vadalia says:

      Hello sir my daughter is diagnosed autism border line plz help me .Speech therapy going on.she has difficulty to make sentences to express n what she wants to say.she is lefty but in starting of preschooling she was writting with left hand but now she started writing by het right hand.

      Waiting for your reply sir..thank you.

  6. hello sir,my son is having autism.He used to speak few words now he has stopped to speak.he is 5 year old.can u please tell can homeopathic help in this.he is doing occupational therapy and speech therapy for past 1 help.

    • Pritam Pendor says:

      Sir my son is 6 yrs old… He is suffering from ASD previously we give treatment of Dr.Dalvai and his oT and speach also going…. Bt we don’t find improvement…His still restless and not giving response properly when we give command… And his not spiking… Means no two way communication .His speaking base less… And he imagine plying car in Air. Plz suggest us Homeopathy can give him cure him.

  7. Chandrakant Gandhe says:

    Sir my is son 23 year old at present he is doing BE Civil IIIrd year .He has problem of mild autism.Is there any treatment for him ? Chandrakant Gabdhe.

  8. Addy Rodriguez Suarez says:

    I got an 8 year old boy who was diagnosed with autism last year, it seems his is border line but he is showing some difficulties on managing time and not sure about slow processing speed 😞. Also when getting angry, he becomes out of control and aggressive, I am heartbroken as I would like him to be okay and feeling frustrated not having enough patience, I am really hoping he can benefit from an homeopathic treatment for Autism. Looking forward to hear from you. Thank you

  9. Abitha Cherry says:

    My name isAnitha cherry and I have a daughter of 3.8 years. She has not started her speech yet and she has not started her walking also. We are going for her physiotheraphy treatment and also in Jagtap chowk for speech but not finding much results.”I want to ask and clear that will homeopathy treatment will give any results to my daughter as she is going to be 4 years old . Please I want your answer kindly help me

  10. Sarabindu Karak says:

    Sarabindu Karla says…Hello Sir,
    My son 5 year old with ADHD and ASD after digonosis at NIMHANS.Now what should I do? PIease help me

  11. Jaya sankar says:

    Hello sir,

    My daughter is 8 year old and we are sending her to all therapy . he also going to school (special school). can you please us


  12. Narendra Kumar Sethi says:

    hello, sir my 3 year old son has mild autism what shoud i do? can he recover from this please suggest sir what can i do?

  13. Priya Sharma says:

    Hi, my 3 yr old has been diagnosed with mild autism.

  14. Imran Sheikh says:

    Hi dr Sharma My name is imran and my son has been diagnosed autism he is 6 year old now is there any possibility for his treatment. Regards imran

  15. Narmadha Balachander says:

    Dear sir,

    My son is 15 yrs and been diagnosed ASD and non verbal. Do u have any treatment or medicine to recover his mental state.

  16. Sir
    My daughter is 2yr 6months old old diagnosed with mild autism.
    She points on things she want.
    She speaks very few words.
    She is hyper ,doesn’t sit in one place.
    She even lack in idenfying emotions like if someone is crying in front of her ,it has got no effect on her.
    Does not respond to her name being.
    Eye contact is less specially with outsiders
    Love to dance ,spend a long time in front of mirror
    Bit choosy about things that she want specially clothes
    Right nw she is going to a playgroup for past three months
    Therapy for past 1 month like behavioural therapy and past 15 days speech therapy

  17. anirbandeep bose says:

    Dear sir
    My son recently diagnosed with autism.he is 3 years old.He cannot speak.We are eagerly waiting for your advice

  18. Amol rajendra Kothawade says:

    Sir is it true homeopathy is useful inautism

  19. Shannon Triplett says:

    My son is 8 non verbal except for mom and sounds. He use to talk then he stopped one day. I haven’t had the same little boy since that day. If you can help us please do. Thanks, Shannon

  20. Hetal Rana says:

    Would like to have an appointment with you sir. REGARDING MY SON WHO IS 8+

  21. Md Ashraful Alam says:

    hello Sir,

    We are From Bangladesh,My Daughter 7years & 6 months , we took her many doctor and they told me that she is having autistic trades not fully autism.She didn’t do conversation to anybody. She didn’t speak and only point something if she need it.We already checked her ear and found its normal.Want to asses her or how to treat her? Please help us.Give us an appointment in nov. so we can come to you and get help from you sir.

  22. Samirkumar Hasmukhlal Patel says:

    Hello sir,
    My son is 5 years old. I took him to many docter and they told me that he is having a autistic trades not fully autism. He behave like a normal child but didn’t do conversation like a normal child. He speaks only the things he want. Like I want to see this this cartoon show, I want chocolate or chip’s, iwant this colour dress etc.. he loves to study, he writes A to Z in capital & small letters, numbers from 1 to 100 etc.
    But he is so aggressive that he don’t want to listen no he than throws any thing he has or beat to anybody.

    What to do and how to treat him? Please help m

    Thank you.

  23. Mukesh Chakravarty says:

    Hello Doct!
    I am a uncle of a 9 yr old autistic girl need assistance.

    Mukesh chalta carry,

  24. Madhavi Suratkar says:

    Hello sir,
    My son is 5 years old. I took him to many docter and they told me that he is having a autistic trades not fully autism. He behave like a normal child but didn’t do conversation like a normal child. He speaks only the things he want. Like I want to see this this cartoon show, I want chocolate or chip’s, iwant this colour dress etc.. he loves to study, he writes A to Z in capital & small letters, numbers from 1 to 100 etc.
    But he is so aggressive that he don’t want to listen no he than throws any thing he has or beat to anybody.

    What to do and how to treat him? Please help m
    If your clinic is in Mumbai (Kalyan) please send me your clinic address.

    Thank you.

  25. Mohammad Ehtesham says:

    Hi Doct!
    I am a father of a 7 yr old autistic daughter need assistance.

    +91 8057900330



  27. Yogesh joshi says:

    Good morning
    How homeopathy can be helpful treatment of a child suffering from speechlessness.

  28. Tikue Bahita says:

    My son he is seven years old he has autism disorder .we never give him any kind of medicine .He is unable to speak but he tries a little. most of the time he repeats what we or his teacher has said. For example, when we say ‘good morning Siam’ to him, he repeats as “good morning Siam” Now our main problem is he doesn’t concentrate and he doesn’t socialize with other children even with his brother and sister . He take training since he was 3 years old .now he understands a little . Now we want to treatment him for future life and we want your help. shall we start some medicines? what kind of medicine do you recommend for us to give to him in addition with the trainings and practices he is doing now?

    thanking you so much for your kind help

  29. Hello sir
    My son is 17 years old and he has severe autism and non verbal . He has behavioural problem. Please tell me what can I do for him

  30. My son have autism disorder .he is seven years old .we never give him any kind of medicine .He unable to speak but he tried to speak. Now our main problem is he hit any body any time . He take training seance four year .now he understand something . Now we want to treatment him for future life .we want your help.

    thanking you

  31. Hi,
    My husband have autism disorder. We have tried everything we can do .
    Can you suggest something about his condition.

  32. Trish Iseley says:

    My son is 14 yrs old and has autism. He is pretty much non verbal. He eats GFCFSF and all organic. We’ve tried different homeopathic doctors, tons of vitamins, chelation and even MB12. Not sure what else to do for him?

  33. Ghazala shereen says:

    Hello Sir,my son is suffering with autism,mild to moderate symptoms, please help us trough your homeopathic can I take the appointment I’m in Canada Brampton

  34. Hello Sir,my daughter z suffering with autism,mild to moderate symptoms, please help us trough your homeopathic can I take the appointment

  35. Preeti Garg says:

    Sir I have 3 yrs old daughter who speaks only single words..rarely eye contact..or responds.all other milestones are normal .we get her BERA test for hearing that was normal.please guide

  36. Dr Sonika Dhillon says:

    Respected Sir,
    I’m a mother of a 2 year old boy. My family is totally devastated when my son was given the tag of being autistic. I can never accept that my son has ASD. I know it’s very difficult to diagnose at this age but I don’t want to leave it on time. I want to take every measure possible and to prove to the world that he’s as normal as any other kid. People don’t understand this disorder and make fun of it. Yes, my son has similar features but in Medicine, we have studied that every condition has differentials. And there’s no harm in going for homeopathic treatment by a renowned and qualified person like you. Sir, this is a request from a mother please help me out in giving a normal life to my son. Hope to hear from you soon! I’ve high hopes from you

  37. Yashodhara Gowda says:

    Now my daughter is 18 years old having normal physical growth and having autisum problem .
    We are stationed at Mangalore

  38. Anjana verma says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My grand daughter is 5 yrs old and does not talk. She does not see face to face, does not pay attention when anybody calls her. She can speak a few words or a line , but only when she would like to say something.
    Although she expresses . She would reach to wardrobe and take out a frock . She will give it to her mother to make her wear it. She understands things. She goes to school.
    I am worried that she is not talking and not responding to anyone except her parents. Can you advice us or is there any medicine to cure it?
    With regards,
    Anjana Verma

  39. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I have a 5 1/2 year old son named Luke, who was diagnosed with autism when he was four years old by a Pediatric Neurologist. I very much believe in the natural health arena and would love to learn more about how I can heal my son “naturally.” I do not want to resort to medicine and their subsequent side effects. Thank you in advance for your assistance, as I try to heal my son the “natural” route.

    Lori Reed

  40. Hello doctor
    I’m Umar from Ghana my daughter is 14 months old and I’ve noticed the asd symptoms in her, she’s always having hard time sleeping everynight so myself and the mother always stay awake. She’s having a very poor eyesight she never looks anyone in the eye. She doesn’t want to eat anything except breast milk. She have seizures every two minutes.
    Doctor what do we do. Thank you

  41. Pooja Vithlani says:

    Hello dr,My daughter is 5yrs old,she doesn’t like loud noise,even wen some one laughs she closes her ears,doesn mingle much with kids,very selective,sometimes looks from corner of eyes,does she have any severe signs of autism??

  42. Hiral Panchal says:

    Hi Dr.Sharma. my son is 3 years and 3 months old.he us in ASD.he is hyperactive, delay in speech, gets sweating in head in night, difficulty in falling asleep, running in open space, we are trying naturopath, gluten casein free diet.But I am looking for some homeopathy advice, here naturopath covets some homeopathy meds bt they usually give supplements.

    Please provide me suggestion.

  43. Semerjeet kour says:

    Hi doctor Sharma , I live in Melbourne my son is 8 yrs old. He was diagonased with ASD when he was 4 yrs old . He is going to the special school from last three yrs. can you help me please .

  44. My son is 21 years old autistic level 4 but verbal.
    The problem is that he gets aggressive 2-3 times a week
    What can we do to help since the medication he takes are not effective?

  45. Rajesh Kumar Singh says:

    Hi Sir,
    Good afternoon,
    Myself Rajesh from Kolkata. My son 5 and half years old suffering from autism. Evening he has other neural problems also like hydrocephalus and meningomyoloceal. Can you please help on the treatment of autism. He has already undergone surgery for shunt in brain and melingomyoleceal.

  46. Hi Dr. My son 2yrs old he speaking good but last few months they speak like if they called daddy da. da.da.daddy.we don’t know what to do any problem is there my son?He saw offenly YouTube and comic channel also can you give the idea again he speak normally

  47. Vijay Kumar says:

    My grandson age twenty one months doesn’t speak, though he tries but in vain.Pl. suggest. Thanks

  48. Hi, Dr. Shrama , I am father of one such boy aged 2.6 now. he dont have speech properly. he is undergoing speech therapy & occupational therapy as one of family doctor has advise to do for Autism related, he has sleep issues and difficulty to eat. I do not know what else I can do to bring improvement in him. Liked your article and want some guidance for my kid. please help me ?

  49. Hi, Dr. shama , I am father of one such girl aged 4 now. She dont have speech and flapping her hands. She was undergoing speech therapy, she has sleep issues and difficulty to eat. I do not know what else I can do to bring improvement in her. Liked your article and want some guidance for my kid. Would you please help me ?

  50. Sir
    My daughter is unable to speak and make eye contact. She is 4 years old now. The problems like sweaty head during sleep and spinning round alot and putting her hands over her ears several times are common to her
    . Guide me how will these problems may vanish with your treatment

  51. Rahul kr singh says:

    Dear sir,

    My son is suffering from autism we guess as per symptoms. He is 4.5 now but not able to study, speak & behave like a normal child. Now he is speaking few words like mamma, daddy his sister name & different single words like pani, khana , potty etc. He prefers to plays similar kind of game , watch same channel & plays with similar kind of toys . Pls let me know medicine for the same.

    • janet hicks-Doland says:

      hello my son is 22 is this treatment to late to help young adults i am only treating with erbal and replacing psych meds drs have been sayng he needs. thank yoy

  52. P K prabhakar says:

    Sir, my son 4 and half years of age doesn’t speak except mamma and papa and that also not intentionally. He suffers autism as found at speech therapy centre. Please guide how will get medicine and how will it cure my son.

  53. sir my younger son now 2 nd half yrs is diagnosed with severe ASD from child development centre, Trivandrum few days back. I want to cure him.

    • Hi sir my son is five year old and has been diagnosed with autism. He would speak few words when he was two but then lost he gunners all the time but doesn’t understand much he has sensory and cognitive issues please advise me some medication

  54. Hello, do you have to get your child tested for this disease? Can the symptoms just be told to you. And you help. Can this be done?

  55. Hi Dr Sharma,my son just turn five years ,I wanted to know how homeopathy can be of help to him, we have tried stem cell.Thanks .

  56. Benafshah Bayat says:

    Hi,Dr.sharma,how r u,i am a mom of 2 boys with autism, my older son is almost 11 and younger one is 2 and half.. i just read your homeopathy, just i need some information about how is it work and staff,by the way i live in canada in the city of hamilton, i hope u can help me,thanks,best regards,bye,

  57. My kid suffering from ADHD.can homeopathy help us Nd how much time it will recover??

  58. I don’t know

  59. Shikha passi says:

    Hi doc
    My son afulit is 22 month old and acc to doc he is having mild asd..what should i do and where to stadt to reverse this..please guide me..


    My daughter is 5yrs 3months old suffering from autism. She was first diagnosed with autism at the age of 3yrs. Lack of social interference, non-verbal, repetitive unusual words & activities, aggression, unattentive etc. We are in real trouble. Don’t know what to do? Dr. Please help me out.

  61. S. Muhammad thaheeR says:

    D. R. Cash no problem treat Ment cure sir Muhammad thaheer please doctor god, please sir

  62. S. Muhammad thaheeR says:

    Sir good after noon——-my name is jamaluddin ,my son name is Muhammad thaheer Age 4years autism problem cured treat Ment please sir

  63. My son is six years old and on three different medications (prescribed) and still having a really hard time in school. He also has outside of school Therapy 4 days a week. He’s not able to focus, sit still, and follow instructions. He tends to be get very defiant and runs out of class constantly. I am lost and don’t know what to do? I want to help my son, I want him to be able to be functional at school

  64. rajannya paul says:

    Hello sr
    i have an austistic doughter 6 yrs old and she is unable to conversationt as well as very hyper activity of her movement but she can say every things her own desier. please adivice in fabour of us. can we expect better result by any treatment…..
    plz inform me …thanking you on regards
    Debdas paul

  65. Anandeep sharma says:

    Sir my son 2 year 9 month old but only say one or two word
    And no sens for object

  66. Drcare Homeopathy says:

    Thanks for sharing nice Article . Homeopathy treatment definately cure the Autism Disease

  67. Mohan sharma says:

    Dear doctor
    My grand son is two years and does not speak a word.
    Can you please tell me how you can cure him with homeopathy medicine

  68. Arvind Pattiwar says:

    Hello Sir,
    My son is 7 year old and is autistic. He is going to special school for occupational therapy. Please guide us how homeopathy helps for treating autism.
    I am from Navi- Mumbai.

  69. Kumar Abhishek says:

    My son is 4 yrs old.He is an Autistic.

  70. Biswanath Basu says:

    My son is two and half years old. He can’t utter a single word now. How can it be cured? Plz suggest me.

    • hlo sir.mera beta 3.6 years ka h.wo bolta bhi nhi h.just babble papa baba .not understand any command.not respond to his name.pls bataye mera beta thik ho skta h.

  71. Mizanur rahaman says:

    Hello dr.Assalamu alai kum.i am from son is 21 month.i notice that he have some autism syntoms like poor eye construc, always lie in the floor and play vehicles something like that,sometimes he play himself walking round/Cercle in the bed, he can say sometimes just only 2 to 3 words like ta ta,deko,maa and he always cry without reasons,and last one i noticed that he dont like to play other please help me and give me suggestions what will i do now?????

  72. Hello Dr. My son is 3.8 months and diagnosed with ASD. I want my son to be cured . How can you help me.

  73. Shibani patra says:

    Hello sir
    My daughter is 5 years old. By 2.10 she was diagnosed to be on the spectrum. Since then we are giving her all the therapies and since last year I m following a gluten and milk free diet for my daughter. Followed homeopathy treatment in that last year with Dr. Ketan Patel. But since 1 month stopped as didn’t find any improvement.
    Speech and social communication is a big concern for my daughter. Please suggest anything about it.

  74. Arifa akhter says:

    Hello doctor. I am from son is four and he is suffering from it possible to visit you once in a year for his treatment because I am a service holder and to get vacation is tuff for me more than once in a year.besides when and where we can meet u and how many days will it take to stay there

  75. Hello sir,
    My son is 5 years old . He was diagnosed on autism when he was 15 months old., since then he is getting the therapies.
    When he was two years old he started saying some words ice cream, heart , star n some numbers clearly and then all the words were gone.. Now he is no verbal., but understands 60% and have sensory issues like biting and throwing things..speech delay is a big issue..
    plz need your advice .thanx

  76. R. Annakamatchi says:

    Hallo Sir /Madam

    My son aged now 11 years and now he could not concentrate or giving any attention to learning…. There is severe learning difficulties from childhood… Still today he can’t construct a single word as of his own. Further his speech too very broken. He can’t communicate in true sense of what he is actually trying to communicate…

    From the childhood…

    1. He walked after 2 years of his age
    2 he spoke little after 2 years of his age but not fluently till today what to communicate
    3. Severe learning disabilities
    4. Very very low attention
    5. I hope he has a mild autism or may be more or less..
    6. He always showing interest to roaming and watching other’s physical works and interested do so.

  77. Hello sir, madam..
    Sir mera baby 3 an half years ka hai bt he still not speak any word.. Sirf hath pakad ke le jana Jo chahiye usse.. Plz help.. Me an my husband very upset an tensed always… We always hoping ki ab bolega bt he’s not…
    I need ur help sir…

  78. sir, my 3.7 years old daughter wad diagnosed with ASD one and a half month back…she has proper speech and tells us all har needs and wants…but she interacts only with me and my husband,plays all by herself,likes to spin(anything)all day long,rarely makes eye contact and rarely responds to her name…we have started her therepies and homeopathy…its been 15 days since we started her medicine(homeopathy)…i notice that she is sleeping moŕe than usual these days…she says shes sleepy all the time…once she even slept while sitting…she has become so dull…is it the effect of the medicine….should i continue or not?

  79. Puvaneswaran Alagasu says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I am a malaysian Indian working in Delhi India. My family is in Malaysia. My grandson now age 2 and half year not able to talk and word and no eye contact. If call his name he is not responding and looks some where and do his own things and some time he is angry with his mom.
    1. first 1 and half year never able to walk and later started walking with slow pace.
    2. Some time tip toe walking and loves eating.
    3. Reading mails, we suspect he might have ” Autism” problem.
    4. Not sure, need your help and what type of treatment .

  80. roop krishan bhat says:

    Respected doctor
    my child is 5 years old and having autisum with development delay please suggest me how can i cure

  81. Hello,

    my son is going to 3 in two months he is still not talking and he always hit himself on the head

  82. Sonia Khanna says:

    Hi Dr.Sharma,
    My nephew age 3+ diagnosed Autism this march since then he is on prescribed therapies but no improvement.Can homeopathy help us to treat him.Plz guide us.

  83. Hello sir meta baby 4 saal ka hone wala hi but wo bolta nahi hi bahut aggressive hi n eye contact bhi kam hi speech therapy karayi per koi improvement nahi h

  84. Hello sir,
    My son is diagnosed with Autism spectrum..
    we are going his OCCUPATIONAL THERAPHY
    we are seeing improvement through that but there are still lots of things to be improved in him!
    How can u help uu Treat this issue?
    We have seen few doctors too In mumbai!
    Please guide us thank u!

  85. adrian parry says:

    hi doctor sharma,i have read your piece on autisum ,I have 2 boys 18 and14 both have autisum ,they weren’t born with it ,I have tried homeopathic in the past buy did not do any thing,do you think you can help me,adrian parry

  86. Dear madam/sir,
    My son is diagnosed with mild ASD after when he got his Epilepsy in Feb 2018, now epilepsy is under control with the help of medication, but he is not speaking and interacting. Whether it can be cured by homeo treatment.

  87. Hello sir
    i have twins boys and they are going to be 5 year in november. One boy is diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder and other one is with PPD they both are in ABA for almost 2 years ..please help me if they can be cured.. message me please

  88. Suraj subba says:

    Sir its a serious problem.5yrs of my son he does not speak and his communication skill is very low.his ear,eye,voice evrything is fine but he is still unresponsive.

  89. jitendra singh rathore says:

    hello dr sharma my daughter age 12 she will understand every thing but not speak normal not attention no she no read and right some times hyper live alone jumping on songs not give me suggestion sir

  90. Parag Purkait says:

    Hello Dr Sharma
    my son is 4 years and he understands everything but not speaking and some times hyperactive. Is their any treatment in homeopathy.
    pls help me.

  91. Mukesh Tiwari says:

    Dear Sir, My daughter aged 10 is slow learner with other behavior normal. She cannot read and write still at this age which needs to be treated. Kindly guide us for further suggestion so that we can proceed accordingly. Right now she is attending a special school in Banglore as suggested by NIMHENS Hospital.

  92. My son 14yr, autistic boy ..
    Speech delay and poor in cognition..
    Is hemopathy treatment helps him ?


  93. hi,
    my younger son is aged 6 years 4 months he is autistic, developmental delay, speak only 3 or 4 words,
    not sit any time, have fits when his fever reaaches at 104 degree celsius please guide

    • Nikita parekh says:

      My daughter 3 year old is not able to talk and walk.she walks with support..she has global development delay.i tried homoeopathy but didn’t work ..can u help

  94. Deependra Kumar says:

    Hello Dr Sharma my son is 10 years and he understands everything but not speaking and some times hyperactive.deaf and dump child.
    MRI ear normal

  95. Niranjan Behera says:

    Hello Dr Sharma my son is 4 years and he understands everything but not speaking and some times hyperactive. Is their any treatment in homeopathy. pls help me.

  96. Maria Cheema says:

    Hi doctor
    My son is four year old em doing naturopath but I need your help plz guide us

  97. Hello doctor
    Our son is 4 years and he was diagnosed as autistic. At present he is getting ABA therapy. Iam also looking for medicine which help him to come out from this spectrum. Does homeo helps him to come out of the spectrum. We live in Chicago . Where do you live?

  98. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My son is 5 years old and he has speech and communication difficulties and cognitive delays. He is like a robot and speaks in repeated phrases , he understanding is limited . Generally he is very calm and happy boy so there is no hyperactive ness or any behaviour issues. Is there a way to improve his cognitive development and his speech and language. Please advice me if you can

    • Hello doctor
      Our son is 4 years and he was diagnosed as autistic. At present he is getting ABA therapy. Iam also looking for medicine which help him to come out from this spectrum. Does homeo helps him to come out of the spectrum. We live in Chicago . Where do you live?

  99. Hi doctor, my brother son is a four year old who is suffering from autism…. He speaks some words and also do other activities….. Plzz give me solutions

  100. Hasan ahmed says:

    Hi doctor,

    Can you please help my friends son has autism.

  101. Shikha Sharma says:

    Hello ,
    My sister is mild autistic,she is 24 year old.I just need a solution to calm her behaviour at times she is so aggressive and stubborn that she repeats to say same thing often times and irritates .How to cure this behaviour and make her depend on her own so that she can calmly live her life. Speech Therapist comes to treat her conversation skills.She is also going through her homeopathic treatment but stills there is not much relief .

    • Hello, my son Anthony just turned 18 yrs old and was residentially placed when he turn 16. Anthony is limited in speech. Happy, loves music, but at times his aggression are so intence it takes 4-6people to restrain him from hurting himself or others. We see emotions , tears sadness and i could only imagine whats going through his mind.. what can i do to control his impulsive behavior. I would ony have high hope that i can bring him back home to love hom and nurture him. I know he must think hes living a nightmare. What can i do to help him other than prayers?

  102. Hello Dr

    I need your help regarding my friend son . His name is Devansh and he is only 4yrs old but he is autism.
    So i need to know that is there permanent treatment for autism.
    Please share with me your details for consultant.

  103. Sukesh halder says:

    My son atisum,age 7 year,he does not speech.another performance good. please take necessary solution.

  104. Vinod Srivastava says:

    Hi doctor
    My grand daughter is 3yr1month old. She is having mild autism. Please advise her treatment.

  105. Rajesh K Patel says:

    Dear Sir,

    With all due respect I would like to inform you that
    I think my son is suffering from Autism. His date of birth is 2nd Oct 1995. Due to financial problems I was anble to treat him with Doctors in his early age.

    I therefore, request you to please treat my lovely son Aditya with your Homeopathy medicines.

    With regards.

    Rajesh K Patel.

  106. How to detect whether a kid has autism or not?

    • Rajesh K Patel says:

      Dear Sir,

      With all due respect I would like to inform you that
      I think my son is suffering from Autism. His date of birth is 2nd Oct 1995. Due to financial problems I was anble to treat him with Doctors in his early age.

      I therefore, request you to please treat my lovely son Aditya with your Homeopathy medicines.

      With regards.

      Rajesh K Patel.

      When he 4 year old.

  107. Jessica Martin says:

    My eleven year old autistic granddaughter is locking herself in bathroom stalls at school and blurting out in the classroom that she’s going to kill herself. None of this behavior is displayed at home. Her mom attends meetings about this currently and she doesn’t even know how to respond to school teachers, advisors, or councilors. In the past year, my granddaughter, at nighttime has stood over her mom with a sharp object ( butter knife, fork) as if she was going to kill her. Sometimes my daughter have awakened in the middle of the night and found my granddaughter unlocking the front door in an attempt to leave the house. One night I spent the night with them and slept with my granddaughter and her sister; every time I woke up, the autistic one would be sitting up, eyes wide open and looking at me; the light was kept on.

  108. Ashish Bindal says:

    My Son, having mild autism.

  109. Akhil Pradhan says:

    My grand child is suffering from autis who is staying at Canada. Please talk with my what’s app no. 8847810832.

  110. Hello doctor,
    My son is 4 years old and he’s on the ASD spectrum diagnosed at the age of 2.8, just wanted to understand if there is any help from homeopathy to cure autism

  111. S. Muhammad thaheeR says:

    7 years atisum problem ,father mother is very disappointed please problem cure, doctor consulting 7 times… speak on small mind not dowloped ,problem yes, my native anantapur, my name is jamaluddin, my phone 9985923644. Andrapradesh.

  112. S. Muhammad thaheeR says:

    7 years atisum problem ,father mother is very disappointed please problem cure, doctor consulting 7 times… speak on small mind not dowloped ,problem yes,

  113. vivek agarwal says:

    my son is 5years old he have been diagonised as autistik feature
    i want homoepathy treatment
    pls advice

  114. Dear sir,
    I am Bangladeshi. My child now 3 years old. He is suffering autism. He can’t speak. Please help me…

  115. Hello sir
    My child is 3.7years old. He is diagnosis as mild autism. I am giving him sensory therapy for last 2 years. Now he is not social and has not clear communication. Attention and eye contact are poor.
    He never address anybody by calling his name rather he pull any body’s hand for his demand. He loves to go to school but not play with children. Can u help me what I have to do.

  116. Mintu paul.Assam says:

    Dear sir,my son name abhishek 3 years old.NIMHANS doctor diognosis my child problem is ADHD and mild autism donot understand language and donot say meaningfull word and everytime say meaningless word.plz suggest me.

  117. manjula mishra says:

    Doctor, my son is 3 years old. He does not pay attention at all when we try to talk to him, no eye to eye contact, does not speak any word yet.
    He has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.
    He pulls his parents if he wants any toys kept on the shelf, to lift him up and give the toys.
    He keeps speaking non-meaningful words, does babbling. He likes to scatter things but we make him sit and do puzzles. He keeps walking, running, does not remain still anytime.
    Please help us!

  118. Nirmal Gongale says:

    Sir, my son 6 years old. He is under alopathy treatment since age of 4. Initially he was told to be autistic children. However after few tastings with differant doctors and one school of autistic children, he was categorised in adhd and suspected with mild autism. He is aggresive, in fit of anger he scratch his face or on body of near person with whom he is annoyed, hit himself, poor eye contact, like to play alone but he need someone nearby to him, specially parent. His main problem is unable to communicate. He can speak many words but he do not communicate. He just repeat the word or small sentences of person who tries to communicate with him. His many words are not clear, bablling. He follow very few instructions, when he feels that he may be taken out of house for round on vehicle or when he is in such mood. He lovès vehicles specially car and trucks. He used to arrange toys or things in one straight line. He is able to pick up small things with his fingers. Able to button up and off of his shirt. Do not play with his age group.
    I would like to visit you, for diagnosis and treatment of my son.

  119. Biswajit Das says:

    Sir, my son Aishik Das is 3.5 yrs old. As per Dr. diagonosis he is a autistic child. Last one year he is in a homeopathic treatment. But no result achived. What shal can i do?

  120. Jitendra Kumar says:

    Hi sir,
    My son is suffering by autism spectrum. He is 5 years old and not yet speak. I need your help.

    Regards Jitendra

  121. Sukamal Saha says:

    Respected sir,
    My daughter is now 4yrs 10 month and suffered by mild autism. Now She can write and identified alphabets,colour,etc. But she is not responding and eye contact with other personnel except her parent. We very upset for her activities. We are doing every therapy her related. I request any medicine is required for her development.

  122. Shikha Singh says:

    Hello sir

    My son needs your help. He is mild to moderate autism


  123. Can kids completely recover from Autism

  124. Hi sir, my 3 yr old has been diagnosed with mild autism. His eye contact is not very good and he doesn’t respond to our commands much. He likes to read books. Kindly suggest us what to do.. we are staying in Tamil Nadu

  125. Ravi Kumar says:

    Hello sir, my son is 10 years old. He is having learning disabilities and mild autism. His social behaviour is very poor. He is in the bad habits and whenever we tried to understand him, he do more bad things which irritate us and worried us. Pls suggest us what to do and tell us the address of Delhi for his consultation. Thanks

  126. ASIT Dwivedi 8532887487 says:

    Sir. My daughter is 2.5 years old. She is not responding when we call him except in some occasion. She is not speaking. Eye contact is poor. Her physical condition is good.qhen she is one year old she responded and speak some words but after that nothing,also not sit any place. So I request to give proper direction. Is there medicine in homoepathy

  127. Sir. My son is 2.5 years old. He is not responding when we call him except in some occasion. He is not speaking. Eye contact is poor. His physical condition is good. So I request to give proper direction. Is there medicine in homoepathy

    • Hello Dr. Sharma,
      Right now my son is of 7 years…… he understand everything, but in school he don’t sit at one place nor he understand any studies, we have kept a shadow teacher for him, but still we are worried for his future, he is having a mild autism, because now no repetitive behaviour, not a problem of major eye contact, but still very much problem in understanding….. so please do something needful… to get out of all this problem. And pls suggest me any good doctor in Ahmedabad.

      Thanking You

  128. Hi my son is 27 months old
    Still not speaking nd no eye contact nd Even not mingling with others what to do ??
    Pls help


  129. Dr Basant Jiwan Banerjee says:

    Good Morning!

    Dear sir I am a classical hahnemannian homoeopath and practising here at Azamgarh since last 40 years and have treated lots of chronic as well as acute patients with 50 milisimal potency.

    For your kind perusal would like to come accross with you.

    If you don’t mind please do the needful.

    Thanking you and assuring you of my best cooperation with all times, I remain,



  130. My 21month boy is not responding to his name. And on several time telling him name of any object he can’t identify.he don’t give proper eye response.he does repeated activity.very aggressive

  131. Phurba TsheringLepcha says:

    Dear doctor,my son almost 4 years is a nursery student in Sikkim.Very recently he has started rhymes and others things which he knew earlier,when out in market he is hyperactive and get attracted to vehicles and touches the wheels.He loves car toys n plays it’s wheels. Does not respond to his name n loves objects like ropes key chain. He does not keep eye contact and has difficulty in speaking .Pl suggest

  132. Mukesh kumar mahali says:

    Hello sir
    I m at ranchi jharkhand my son is suffring from Autism with MR severe 75%
    His name rahul Mahali 17 yr old
    Pl helpe me

  133. CH.RAJESWARI says:

    HI SIR,
    iam from hyedrabad my daughter name is ankith, she is 18 years old,
    she is autism we visited so many hospatils but not clear, his iq level 60% i dont know, how can improod his helth,

  134. Balasaheb Daphal says:

    My son Shivam has diagnosed as ASD .
    He is 3 year old. We have done EEG & found normal.
    He is very hyperactive.

    Pl suggest to reduce hyperactivity.


  135. Kumar vishal says:

    Hello sir,
    I m from Bangalore, My son was diagnosed with asd last year he is 3 years old, he is undergoing homeopathy treatment along with speech and other therapy. Let me know preferred time/ date / day for detail discussion.
    My contact details are as below

  136. Rajshri singh says:

    My child is autistic .she is 2 year old . Please suggest how to treat this disease

  137. Hello sir
    My nephew is 2year old and we are not fully confident about he is suffering from autism or not. Please help us to recognize.

  138. Indira Das says:

    My son was diagnosed with mild autism at the age of three and from then on he was enrolled in a centre for autism care. He has improved a lot and now he is very social and talks endlessly and is also very good in his studies. But he has a problem of frequent indigestion , although the doctors have diagnosed and found no problem with him. We don’t give him any junk food either. I just want to know if change in diet can help him?

  139. Niraj chaturvedi says:

    Hello sir My Son is 06 yrs old and is Suffring very hyper activity Can Speak few words. he is attending school but his performance is almost nil he can’t concentrate on study due to his hyper activity.He did not cry during his birth .Please advise if he is having autism.

  140. Hi Doctor Shama

    We have a 4 year old nonverbal autistic son. We have just read your informative article and we would like to ask if you could advise us as to how the three products mentioned in your article maybe used i.e dosage, dosage periods, any preparations that must be undertaken concerning his diet, any thing that must not be taken with the products.
    Looking forward to your reply

  141. Hi Doctor Shama

    We have a 4 year old nonverbal autistic son. We have just read your informative article and we would like to ask if you could advise us as to how the three products mentioned in your article maybe used i.e dosage, dosage periods, any preparations that must be undertaken concerning his diet, any thing that must not be taken with the products.
    Looking forward to your reply

  142. My kid age is five bt his behaviour like 3 yrs old his communication very poor can you help me sir

  143. Puneet Nandanwar says:

    Hello Dr,
    My son is 20 months old was diagnosed with hearing loss and has gone through Bi lateral Cochlear Implant. Post implement, we were expecting him to start responding to sound but his response is very less that is also not constant. Also have no eye contact, doesn’t want to play with other children. Could you please suggest how to make him social, and also please confirm if he is having autism.

  144. Irene timothy. says:

    Dear Doctor Sharma, my Son is 2years old today.he doesn’t respond to simple instructions nor respond when you call him.& he is anti social ( he doesn’t play with other kids.all he does is identify & calls all d alphabets then he can count from one to ten.but speaking with himnis like speaking with a brick wall.please how can homeopathy help it possible that he can be completely cured? I live in nigeria very far from u.what can I do about it?

  145. my son is 14 years old now and he is mildly autistic.he can do everything on his own
    he has eye contact,understands what i say
    only problem with him is communication.he can speak but selective words.
    since now he is growing lot of changes in his tantrums and body. He is very shyness for communication
    Need help on this. Iam in India

  146. Ramesh Muniswamy says:

    Hi Dr!
    My son is 5 years old with ASD, he has no speech yet and we’re taken stem cell treatment but still my son needs more treatment,

    Let me know what is the process and fee structure etc and location for the treatment

    We’re from Bangalore and living in Europe

    Please send us more details!


  147. Debdip Chatterjee says:

    We want to visit physically

  148. AMIT SRIVASTAVA says:

    Sir my son Master Shreyas is 17 years old andis suffering from moderate ASD and OCD. Need your valuable assistance as his cognitive skills and education are badly effected.

  149. Shakira Shaheen says:

    Wish to consult about my nephew who has severe autism

  150. Poonam gupta says:

    Hi sir,
    My son is 3 year 6 month old. He never respond to his name & never call mama papa. eye contact also poor pls help me.


    • Take gluten out of his diet and get him in for OT as soon as possible, 3 times a week. Early intervention is key!

  151. Poonam gupta says:

    Hi sir,
    My son is 3 year 6 month old. He never respond to his name & never call mama papa.


    Please help me to proceed further.


    • Muzaffar Reshi says:

      Heloo sir My Son is 12 yrs old and is Suffring Autism. very hyper active Can Speak few words. he is attending special school kindly help me.

  152. Apparao pedireddi says:

    Sir my grand daughter Ashrita is now 4years old not able to respond for regular activities Is it possible to curre herRespond as token of contact


    Hello sir,

    My son is suffering from autism spectrum disorder. Now he is treated with allopathic medicines from 2 years but no significant change has been occurred.Now he is 5 years old. Please help me.

  154. Santhoshi says:

    Sir my child have autism wy

  155. Deval gor says:

    Hi i am deval. I just wanted to know that how homeopathy help kids who is socially impair or not mixing with a peer group. Pls let me know.

  156. Seshu Kumar says:

    my child is 4 yrs old. recently we observed few symptoms of autism. going for speach therapy.
    not making eye contact. she follows what ever we say.
    some times very restless. sleeps for 8 to 9 hours.
    pls advice us.

    • Hello sir I just want to confirm whether your child make eye contact earlier or she never makes eye contact ? As she is 4 now this symptom must be noticed before also… Please reply it may help me …

  157. Dorine Nand says:

    Hi my 8 year old boy is autistic and he is non verbal,how would I be able to get this medication ? IS THIS IN NEW ZEALAND ? PLEASE CONTACT ME URGENTLY I AM.VERY WORRIED ABIUT MY SON.

  158. Anurag Mittal says:

    Hi , i m anurag mittal my son have mild autism and i want treatment for him please hele ,

  159. Hi sir good evening my son 5 y old he is autistic ,I want to do his homeopathy treatment please help me.

  160. Dr.Prakash Sarkar says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am a Homoeopathic Doctor and from Jharkhand,i am very worried for my son,he is now 4 years and 6 months old,he underwent liver transplant in the age of 1 year due Billiary atresia,then he was suffering from Leishmaniasis,it affected his mucous membrane,now I noticed that he is suffering from autism,delay speech,unable to follow instructions,I took him for speech therapy,sir pls suggest what should I do for it.

  161. shyamal mondal says:

    My child is of 5 years of age. He is not able to talk clearly. Can say 2-3 words sentences and say it loudly. Make eye contract. when specifically asked to say any thing he doesn’t react on it. But if we instruct him to do something he does it. He is also restless, always do something , most of the time repetitive. Get sleep 8-9 hrs a day, no such problem seen yet.

    Need your advice, how to get ride of such problem.

  162. Sir my son is 7year old and suffering from autism .He is unable to speak and do his basic work like toilet etc pl help me

  163. my son is 12 years old now and he is mildly autistic.he can do everything on his own
    he has eye contact,understands what i say
    only problem with him is communication.he can speak but selective words.
    since now he is growing lot of changes in his tantrums and body.
    Need help on this

  164. Hi sir,
    My son is 2 year 4 month old. He never respond to his name & never call mama papa.

    Request parents also help me, if u find any right place.

    Please help me to proceed further.


    • Varun jain says:

      My baby is 2 and half years. He became dignost as autistic baby. Some symptoms are uninteresting in responds for calling him. Don’t want to communicate with others.speak very less
      Plz suggest us how to recover him from this problems
      Thanks & regards
      Varun jain

  165. Dr. Sharma:

    I am an Indian. My mother was a noted homoepathic physician practicing classical homoeopathy. I live in the USA. I have a grandson who is 5 years old and on the Autism spectrum.
    Please advise.

  166. Azaraiah patra says:

    My younger son who is suffering from running nose, early morning sneezing cold since from three years he is a student of engineering and not able to sleep well at night and we took homeopathic doctor proscribed medicine for long days and he was discontinued now above illness same as it’s so what for sinus like problems and how many day to for treatment pls advise mr

    • My son is two n half years but he still not talking. Only say ( maa,ice,red,white)..but he able to recognize the things like colour,body parts …so please suggest me what to do to make him talk..

  167. Sanjit Kumar Mahapatra says:

    My baby is 2 and half years. He became dignost as autistic baby. Some symptoms are don’t look at the eyes, uninteresting in responds for calling him. Don’t want to communicate with others.

    Plz suggest us how to recover him from this problems

    Thanks & regards
    Sanjit Kumar Mahapatra

  168. Priyanka Mishra says:

    Hi sir,my son is of 4yrs and is diagnosed with mild to moderate autism.He has only need based communication.he understands simple commands but general conversation and interaction is not there.he don’t interact or play with other children please suggest what to do

  169. Ravi Ranjan says:

    My son is 2year 08 months. He speaks only mama, papa, kaka only and not reapt we speak.any medicine

  170. my daughter yumnas IQ level is on the border line . she is not doing well in her academics. though she is okay doing her own work.she understand things.

  171. Md. Abdus Salam Mondol says:

    My younger baby old is 7.5 years. His mentally maturity is very slow. He don’t response others question. Physically he is fit. He don’t like to play with other baby. His mentally maturity like 2 years baby. He don’t know color, counting and no interest to read or learn. He is always doing negative activity. Kindly suggest and where can we visit with you?

  172. Dear Sir, i son age is 3 years and doctors said he taje autism speturm as his language delay. He speaks but poor in communication, kindly suggest, want to visit your clinic.

  173. Sarwar Khan says:

    My son no talking does not behave properly like normal child, age 6 years please help me

  174. Bimal Singh says:

    Pushpa is 12 yrs, she has no brain development, no brain maturity ,does not behave properly like normal child .Plse do needful from your end.

  175. Joice Martins says:

    Hello dr,

    I have a 3 years old who has been diagnosed with autism from the tender age of 1 year and 6 months. He is non verbal. But, can speak as every now and then he says one word e.g shoe.
    On top of my frustration forthe fact that his language skills are very very limited he also has aversion to food. Doesn’t feed himself is a nightmare to make him eat and he only eats mashed. I would like to consult with you. Could you please contact us?

  176. Homeopathy can treat Social communication disorder.
    My so age 26 months having same.
    Please suggest me.

  177. Ashis Rakshit says:


    I have two daughters. Elder daughter is fine. My kin daughter suffer from autism. I do speech therapy for her, but no improvement come. Please give me your appointment. I think your suggestion will help my daughter’s future life.

    Your response in this regard will be highly appreciated.

  178. Sanjib Roy says:

    my child is 2 year 3 month, he is autistic, i am from kolkata, please describe your clinic address near me.

  179. amjad ahmad hashmi says:

    my 5 year old son was normal till he was two and half years old, he used to speak and response and did reverse counting. but now from last two years he has stopped responding, listing, speaking etc, i consulted many doctors but some said adhd some said autism etc, i am confused where to go and what to do, can u help.

  180. Hello doctor, my daughter is 14 yrs old.she bangs head a lot and cries..hit others with head in school.before was not much. She writes.have little speech.gets agitated.behaviour issues.suddenly cries. Kindly advise.thnks.

    • Sundas Ali says:

      Hello doctor,
      My brother’s son is 3.5 years old n he us suffering from modert condition of autism.
      He is taking speech therapy and behaviour assessment class once in a week but its not working and his condition is getting severe day by day.
      Kindly suggest me some treatment or medicine
      Your reply will be highly appreciated.

  181. Shweta Tiwari Pandey says:

    Hello Doc. My son is 3.6yrs old and going for speech and occupational theraphy. He is always on the go and now i see his emotions comes out everytime if he sad in anyway and easily gets scared and cries. He experience regression in past coz of medical issues.
    He has bilateral calyactisis on the left kidney and i have been told STRICKTKY NO FOR HOMEOPATHY AND AYURVEDIC medicine by my NEPHROLOGIST to avpid any metal going inside his body.
    Pls suggest if you have any medicine for my son considering what my NEPHROLOGIST said.
    Looking forward to your reply.

    Shweta . Mumbai

  182. Rishishah says:

    namaste sir
    mere beta 10years ka hai jo modret conditions me hai plz help me.

    • R. Ramesh Kumar says:

      Sir, I am in Chennai. My son is 16 years old. He is autistic. Not able to speak. Can understand only few commands. Not sleeping properly. Pls Advise

  183. Ranjay Kumar Singh says:

    Sir, my son is 2 year 10 months old He is active and he speaks papa, mama,chacha, didi, bhaiya etc more words. But When I call his name he does not respond. He doesn’t mix with other kids easily. It is cause of my help me.

  184. Pumlisa Bikitsha says:

    Good day Dr Sharma

    I am a mother of a 4 year old boy he was diagnosed with Autism in 2017, he hasn’t developed speech yet but he makes screaming sounds or points at what he wants, im a struggling with potty training him as he does not yield to any instructions given to him, he does understand e.g when I tell him to take off his nappy , when I ask him to eat and he has started feeding himself, how do I make him gain proper speech and how do I potty train him? what saddens me the most is that he likes to break light bulbs around the house and I get frustrated and beat him please help.

  185. Dear Sir
    My child has mild Autism. He is not speaking day to day language. He can saying 1-100 (hapazardously) , colours, shapes, A to Z & A for apple to Z for zebra etc. But sir he is not saying mama, papa, I want to eat, not saying potty & su su ect. & he is also not responding what we are saying. Please guide me how can he speak day to day language & also respond . His age is 3yrs 9 months. Please guide me.
    Waiting for your valuable reply.

  186. Suparna Nag says:

    Sir , I am the mother of Sushant Nag aged about 12 years . My son has some symtom of autism . He doesnot understands his lessons and not willing to go to school or tution . Though right now he is studing in class vii but he knows nothing . He hates playing or interact with his freiends . The whole day he want to watch cartoon . His food habbit is also not normal he only likes meat and rice ,maggie and cheaps of single brand . Kindly suggest if there is any remedy ? Can you please help me ? What should I do ? Mrs Suparna Nag from Itanagar.

    • Tsn raju says:

      Sir my daughter 10 years old she have autism problem she doesn’t speak , I am consult so many doctors and give speech therapy 2 year’s but not improving please suggest me

  187. Shadab Ahmed says:

    My Son 10 yr old Suffring ADHD Autism very hyper acive he has Suffring sleep Disorder Can not Speak Single word kindly help me.

  188. Navin Khedikar says:

    Hi Sir,
    My son is 3yr old detected Autism spectrum disorder. Very less eye contact, and we come to know when he was 2 yr old. Very low in speeches. Please suggest what can we do and how we recover?

  189. Hershika verma says:

    Hello doctor!! Myself Harshika verma!! My 2years 8 month son is diagnosed by ASD. Is this treatment get normal to my son’s life? I’m feeling very worried and tensed about him!! Sir!! Please show me the path. I want know how the homeopathy treatment make better or normal to my son. Please sir!! Reply me. Is this autism stay with him forever or he will freed from this disorder by treating him homeopathy. Please sir!! Reply me.

  190. RAJINDER SINGH says:

    Sir my 2.5 year old son is autistic. His diagnosis is done last week at Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi Institute of Mental Health at tezpur assam. I am very much worried about his future. Please help me out.

  191. Solangeff valet says:

    How can I get this treatment for my 3 year old with mild autism?

  192. Parminder says:

    Hi sir my name parminder and my son 7yr old is sir ye padai bilkul nahi atti aur kisi ceej par focus nahi karta sir padai me saab se back

  193. I have a child suffered with cerebral palsy……
    What should I do?

  194. Hello sir,
    My son is 4 yrs 9 months old , he was diagnosed with ASD when he was 2 yrs old . Since then he is on medication n taking therapies . There is not much of a difference in him . I seek advice from u . Let me know how do i contact u.

  195. Shubhra Garg says:

    Hello Sir

    I have recently started my own preschool and yesterday I got an admission and this child is autistic. The child’s age is more than 5 years but this is his first year of school. His parents told me that the child is on some ayurvedic medicine and their doctor advised them to put their child in school.

    Please help me how to handle this child and how homeopathy is useful in treating autism.

    • Sanjit Bhattacharjee says:

      Dear Sir,

      I am sanjit my son abhinav 5 years old has mild aitism with some words sometimes. He is lot hyper at times with less eye contact, less sitting habbit in one place.
      Please advice us to cure his problems.

      Thanks and regards,

  196. M.Sandhya says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am Sandhya. My son is 2 yr 6 months and is diagnosed with morderate autism. He babbled, uses small words at times but very less eye contact and no socializing. Can you help us set his speech.

  197. randi Rosen says:

    I have been trying to sent you and never here back

  198. vathsala says:

    Dear Doctor
    One of my close relatives has been diagnosed having autism,Just want to know whether it is curable and treatable.

    • AnithaNesaKumari says:

      Dear Doctor
      My son is an autistic child. He was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 4. Now he is in fourth grade. He is goint to an inclusive school, where they teach this kind of children seperately. His sitting tolerence is less and has lot of self-talk. He doesn’t understand the environment, how to behave in public places. Is there any treatment to stop the self-talk and to increase the sitting tolerance.

  199. hello sir,
    my son is 3.3year old he is hyper active, week social and non verbal also.please advice me for this kind of behaviour problem.

    • Dear doctor my brother is a autism he is a active but he is do another activity plzz tell me how I can solve my problems

  200. Lisa Boyd says:

    Hi Dr Sharma can you please give me some more information about this and point be in the direction of where I can get this for my son he is 5 years old iblove him dearly but we need some serious help and I struggle a m&s a single mum his tantrums are out of control lashing out and hurts himself and me! He is unable to speak so we cant communicate just screeches constantly will not listen or follow simple demands he’s incontinent and still in nappies has no awareness of danger the list goes on this is not a life for either of us and definitely not one he deserves he’s a beautiful boy and I want him to have the best opportunity he can to have a better life please help

  201. trupti tulaskar says:

    hello sir,
    my son is 3year old he is having poor eye contact, hyper active, week social and motor skills,he is not mixing with other kids in school, not recognising parents also.
    please advice me for this kind of behaviour problem.

    • Praveen kumar says:

      Hi Dr Sharma, we are from Andhra Pradesh, my child is having poor eye contact with others and not mingling with others, how to cure this, please help

  202. gagan shrivastava says:

    I wish my child to be treated by you

  203. Samir Bose says:

    sir, my son is aged about 14+ but do not speak and do not work any thing and hyper active, not sit any place in 1 minutes and always iritating and bite his own hands, he could not tell about latrine or urine. if you help me how you start your treatment and where should i go to meet with you,

  204. Hello Dr sharma my son is 4 years old and he has mild autism and hyper active last year we know he is autism he doesn’t speak and not social but now he is speaking and social active he learn a to z and 1 to 2o colour name and body parts name but he can’t speak up in sentence. less attention and sometimes he not responding and he wants watching tv and mobile phone to much some behaviour issues bang his head with hand and he wants all the times but particular kya chez chahata hai usko bhi nahi pata hota hai zedi bhi hai sir reply me.

  205. Jayalakshmi Parthasarathy says:

    My son is a born autistic person who is now 36 years old. Can he be cured by homeopathy? If yes please reply.
    I cannot bring him in person, as he will not cooperate. But if you have any questionairre I can answer your queries.

  206. Rajeshwari Prakash says:

    Hello Sir,
    My child, Gaurav, is 11 year old kid who is mildly autistic. Need to talk to you on this. How can I contact you.? Kindly help 🙏

  207. Banshi Mishra says:

    Dear sir,
    I live in Delhi, my son is 7year old and he is on autism spectrum disorder. How can you help, please Sir reply

  208. Hi Dr Sharma
    I live in UK. My daughter is 5yrs old and she is on autism spectrum disorder. How can uoy help? Please reply.

  209. Manna lal says:

    I cannot speak clearly. And when I am study in the books very hardley learn the lesson. And my recall power in study is very low on other common students.
    So you tell me which homeophathy treatment we use for this problem.

  210. bharati wale says:


    My son is three year complete now. he is telling all things like color name ,A-Z , 1-10, but he cant speak up in sentence ,less attention at school ,late teething , sometimes he is not responding while asking question . is it autism symptoms if yes then please suggest us .


  211. job

  212. Hi my son is 3 years old and they say he has autism he is hyper and he only wants watching tv too much

  213. Kaviarasan says:

    My son have 2years and 8 months now he telling rymes and A to Z the and number like 1 to 20 he told but one thing is he doesn’t understand while we are calling her name only. But he said her mom as mummy and her dad as daddy her grandmother as Patti . Is it any problem for my child

  214. VIPIN JAIE says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma, my grand son has been diagnosed with ASD last year and since then he is under treatment of Dr.Deepak. in Delhi and also undergoing OCT, Speech, Behavior classes. I want to know, is there any cute of ASD in homeopath and how long the child can be on medication and at what age he start behaving normal child and can be go to school and socially interact with others. What’s the future of child. I shall be grateful to get a reply from you.

  215. DIPAK BHANDARI says:

    Dear Sir,
    My son is 5 years 1 months now. Diagnosed with Autism at the age of 3 years.
    Please advise Homeopathy medicines
    He needs occupational therapy, Speech therapy & behavioral therapy.
    Dipak Bhnadari

  216. Supti ghosh says:

    Dear doctor. My son is 16 years old.. With ADHD features. Plz help me..

  217. Suddhasatwa Nath says:

    Dear Doctor,

    My son is 2yrs 11 months old with ASD features, please help.From Kolkata how can I contact you?My son only babbles and have some rigidness in behaviour and bang his head with hand. My no is 9830986566. Please help

    S. Nath

  218. Mrs. Adil says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    My son is 5 years 7 months now. Diagnosed with Autism at the age of 3 years. Please advise Homeopathy medicines as he has behavioral issues & Speech delay.


    Sir my doughter is 4yrs old she is not responding. Dr in NIMHANS says it is a case of ASD. Kindly suggest how she will be cure. I am from RANCHI, JHARKHAND Hope for repply my cell phone no is 9471190277

  220. My son is 3 years old and he doesn’t speak ,he is not social ,he is not responsive. one doctor said moderate autism. What to do

  221. Atul Singh says:

    I want homeopathic treatment for my autistic son aged 20 years.

  222. Prashanta Kakoti says:

    Sir , my son is 20 yrs old and he is 55% mentally reterdate . Are there any treatment in homeopathy in such a age ? Kindly let me know .

    P .Kakoti

  223. Sir, my son is 2 years old having mild autism please tell me about treatment

  224. Gouranga jena says:

    sir my 6 years child boy suffering from autism. so please guide us.

  225. Hardeep Kaur says:

    Hi doctor my 3 years son suffering from a atusim pls tel about treatment

  226. Satendra chauhan says:

    Satendra Chauhan mo.n9756844816


  228. Treatme n t
    R be

  229. RAUL Rodriguez says:

    Hey Dr. Sharma. We have a 15 yrs old Autistic with agresive behavior. Nothing is working with his regular doctor. Any recomendations.

    • B V KIRAN KUMAR says:

      My daughter is 3+years old and she suffered from mild autism
      I want homeopath treatment
      Pls tell me process

  230. Nirmale Perera says:

    Dr Sharma

    My grand son who is living in Australia has symptoms of autism. He is 5 years old. He is non verbal and difficult to manage his behavior.Can you please give me some instructions what should we do.

    N Perera

  231. Muhammad taheer says:

    7years boy autism problem not cure please sir, I am very suffer, phone 9440012990

  232. Partha Sarkar says:

    Dear Mr Sharma,
    My son is 15years old and suffering from broad spectrum autism. He is studying in class IX. However we find it very difficult to manage his behaviour and study. Seek your kind help.

  233. Ranjeet singh says:


    my 7 years old daughter is having the moderate autism with mental retardation as declared by doctor. pls provide me some prescription if any there in homeopathy.


  234. My daughter name Varshi I..10 years old..she attained puberty…m single parent …m the only person to handle my kid…she is going to regular school… problem is recently she is behaving very aggressive n arrogant…started to throw things…if I stop her…she is hitting me too…at the same time she is screaming n crying n self hurt her very badly..but she is very normal at school….she behaves wildly at home only…I can’t control her…. please help

    • vishal chhabra says: son is 8 years old.he is suffering from autism.he cant not speak and liston.plz help me .i .

  235. Pardeep soni says:

    My son 3year old he suffering autism he can’t toking
    And listening sir please help him

  236. Avinash kumar jha says:

    Sir my son is 4+ year old and he suffered from mild autism.
    I want homeopath treatment.
    Plz tell me process.

  237. Mukesh Mishra says:

    Sir my son is 5 year old and he suffered from mild autism.
    I want homeopath treatment.
    Plz tell me process.

  238. Rupak Mitra says:

    My daughter’s name is Anshita Mitra and she is now 5 years 10 months of age. She is an Autistic child. We are attending Speech Therapy, Occupational therapy and Special Educator classes but the improvement level is not satisfactory. We want to have Homeopathy treatment for her and like to see you for the same. Regards.

  239. Nisha mankani says:

    My sisters son is suffering from autism…since…seven years….hez doing speech therapy and a few therapy in side too….i really want that he could get out of autism as soon as possible…its d mild one…

  240. Sir my child 4 years old speech is delay but he will tell 1to10 &ABCD Understanding every thing in home is he no social intraction I don’t no he is having autism problem .please help me how will find out

  241. Heena phanda says:

    I am from Delhi and today only my son diagnosed with mild autism. He is 2.6 years old, my main concerns areas are his speech delay and aggressive nature. His same age kids are very expressive but he is not able to express apart from three four words. He knows everything and understands everything. Please advise, if there is any miracle medicine, which can improve his development. Please repsone asap.

    Heena Phanda

  242. Madhukumar g says:

    My son is 28 having autism.Any remedy or medicine can be prescribed for him at this age

  243. K Ramadas says:

    Dear Doctor Sharma garu,

    My grand son is about 10 years and appears to be 6-7 years old. He is having autism.
    Can such boys of autisim around 10 years be treated homeopathy, any fruiful results?

    Pl advise us.

    With reqgards,
    K. Ramadas

  244. Good morning sir
    My son is suffering from Autism. Pse suggest
    way head.

  245. Dear sir
    I am yuvaraj from padapai.. My elder brother son 6yrs… He affected by autism…he going to special school near valasaravakkam… His fees 6000/- monthly…he staying in rental home.. Kindly suggest any school for the child development.

  246. Om Pal Singh says:

    My son 4yrs old suffering from autism. He is not respons, no eye contact, no speak, and fully depend on us. Plz guide about homeopathic treatment for autism .

  247. Hello Sir i need your help for diagnosis of autism.

    Please share your cont. No.

    My cont. 08894368725

  248. Ramit Sikka says:

    My child is 4 yrs old. He is very selective to sounds. On one song he enjoys and on another he cries. He flap his hand in excitement , I used to rub my hands in excitement when I was a child. He is slow in speech but improvement is there since he speaks some lines rather than fully converse. He repeats like a parrot. Yes, he smells the things before eating . He keeps on moving or throwing things for fun and then closing his ears to avoid the breaking loud sound. He likes to watch moving things, like watching demos of games on play store. But he makes proper eye contact. Earlier he was having learning in school but now he has improved a lot. He replies us but to an outsider he behaves like parrot. He does leg jiggling. Sometimes, he starts crawling sometimes. He is very stubborn. If he wants something he will.make hue and cry until he gets that thing. Am not sure that he is borderline autistic but Doctor says he has symptoms of mild/borderline autism. He understands the things .My main concern is his speech and understanding .May be he is slow in learning. But m confused because I have seen progress in his speech as compared to his past . He has improved in studies. Earlier he not used to hold.Pencil but now he writes. He knows.his poems, identifies characters , numbers , pictures but slow in conversation and slow in understandingwhat to do.

  249. Sanjay valsan says:

    Hi ,
    My name is sanjay,my son is 10yr old . he understand the instructions. eye contact good.He not speak a single words.He good in sport at his school
    Some time I feel he start to speak but all attempt are failing. Sir please suggest what kind of training or remidies will help him to grow and act normal in daily life.
    Please suggest.

  250. My son is autistic& 10 years old. He is hyper a lot . behavior & communication problem. Unable to speak. Homeopathy medicine is being taken . But no improvement is seen. We r very worried because unable to sleep well at night. Pls suggest some advice thanks

  251. Shagnik Chowdhury says:

    Sir my 4 yrs old son is diagnosed as mild autistic . He was diagnosed at the age of 2 yrs. Since then we are doing his treatment and also started speech therapy and occupational therapy. Though he has improved but till date his speech has not developed. Please give your valuable suggestions.

  252. Hi my son has autism and I want to know how I can help him thank you

  253. Teena Baby says:

    Dear Doctor, I am Teena Baby from Kerala.My son is 11 years old and he has autism and sometimes even he will not speak the clear word.He has improved than in the early years. His IQ test result is negative. I am worried about his future. Please help me….doctor

  254. Sir My daughter is 15.she went to normal school till Class 6 but couldn’t cope up after that. She has an IQ of 72. Autistic characteristics. I am worried for her future. Pls help

  255. Anupriya thakur says:

    Sir this is Anupriya Thakur from Ranchi I would like to share my problem with you that I am having a brother of 5 years old and he is suffering with autism we were suggested by the doctors to give him occupational therapy then also we are not getting any result hereby I expect you to please give me any tip to handle my brother

  256. Dear Dr Sharma,
    I was told by my cousin, that his son aged 12 yrs suffers from Mild Autism, and they stay at Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh.

    Sir…I came to know this recently when he was searching for an Autism School in Hyderabad to join his son.

    Pl let me know the process to approach you.


  257. Nihar Ranjan Sikder says:

    with her her her.My daughter is 3yrs 7 month old. She can talk every word if i lean her.But she can not express herself as per her requirments or does not call father or mother.She tells same word or phrase repeatedly and spin like circle sometimes.She does not want to learn new thing quiqkly.She reacts when she hears organs of body or some new words.I m worried

  258. Nabin Sahoo says:

    Respected Sir My son now in 21months ..but he did not speech like other baby. He listen very well also understand all command. Doctor advised for speech therapy . Can I wait or speech therapy is enough. Two doctors are told there is no any symptoms of autism. .
    Sir pl reply. …

  259. Yogesh Divanbhai Desale says:

    Namskar sir
    My son is 5 years old but he did not speech clear word. He is listening very well and catch the all command.
    Plz sir reply me about speech problem.

  260. malvika singh says:

    Sir my son has a speech delay and lack social interaction though none say he has autism but i m worried if he has autism please suggest me some treatment

  261. Kavita poriwade says:

    My daughter is suffering from global developmental delay. She is 2 yrs old. But not started standing, walking. Doesn’t recognize us as parents
    Started physiotherapy, speech therapy, OC.

  262. My daughter is 13+she is fond of plastic and lots of seserry issues

  263. eppanarsimhulu says:

    my son &dauhter both are suffering by autism please help me for residential school

  264. Awaneesh Rai says:

    Pranam Dr. Sahab !
    I seek an appointment with you regarding my child’s treatment as he has been diagnosed with Autism.
    Awaneesh Rai

  265. Sarwat Fatima says:

    Respected sir my son age 12+ had autism and we diagnosed this when he was 4 year old since that time we are treating and take him to different doctors allopathic homeopathic bt still not changing in his aggressive behavior + other behavioural issues and interaction problem with everyone he is very sweet gift of God for me and I want him to not like other normal kids bt a nice gentle happy and friendly kid I want him an independent man when he grown up pls sir I am very thankful to you sir if you pls help me some I am very much in pain when I saw him in aggressive behaviour

  266. JAYANTA ROY says:

    Sir, my son is now 4 years old and diagnosed as autism. He can’t speak, lack of interaction, eye contact, get fear with playing with other childrens . Moving around same place again and again, I gave him a normal school but he can’t stay there. Please help to get out of this problem. Thank you.

  267. Narendran says:

    My baby has been diagnosed an autism. He was 3 years old. It will be an curable. Whether my child get a chance for being a normal kid.

  268. Sir,

    My daughter is 14 years old and diagnosed with autism at the age of 2 years. She went to speech therapies and Early intervention programme for over 3 years and then we put her in mainstream schooling. She went about 3 years and then she could not cop up with the learning and we put her in Behavior modification for more than four years now. They teach about behavior modification and and manding techniques and learning programme. She has awareness and able to do her day today activities. Speech is need based . Sometimes rote answers while ask questions. Now we have planned her to put her in Pre-ocasional training programme. Learning is a very difficult task when it comes to little higher level. She has anxiety issue and due to that sometimes she will get aggressive and breaking things.

    How can we improve her learnings and any medication will help in reducing or calm down. The aggressive behaviour is not all the time sometimes when she is stressed due to additional work pressure. She has food craving for non-vegetarian items. When she don’t get she will also get aggressive sometimes.

    What is the best option in this case to keep her calm improve her cognitive skills.

  269. Nupur biswas says:

    Dear sir,
    My child is 7 years old. He is unable to make eye contact maximum time and sometime he watch his won hand and finger.He is very much anxious and shy. Kindly tell me how homeopathy can help or remove his problem.

    N. B.

  270. Nurul Amin says:

    My son is exactly 6 years old and diagnosed with mild autism 3 years back. The child is fit in all respects except that he hardly responds answering or doing anything when asked. He also as comprehension problems as he hardly is able to convey his problems. Currently he is undergoing speech and occupational therapy since 6 months with little improvement but still there is high hope.
    Please guide

  271. Dr naganandini says:

    Respected sir my grand daughter is 2 years and 3 months old, very active but sLeech is delayed ,eye contact is good .what is the problem

  272. Ram Balak Roy says:

    The son of my daughter is just 1 yr and 4 month. Her mother have doubts that the child is aurtism. She is also a doctor. Can it be diagnosed and treated. I am at Ranchi and the child with his son at Delhi. Can we get advices on phone or we have to visit your clinic.
    Please advice us.

  273. Bindhana T. says:

    My only son’s name is Baneet. He is 7 yrs. 5 months. He hardly speaks words,babbles mostly makes sounds,expresses all his needs by directing us to follow him or does it himself independently. Hardly eats any solid throughout the day only liquid. Lot of sensory issues (may be) in the mouth.We are at the verge of giving up. Can you please help?

  274. Raj Saikia says:

    My brothers 2yrs 10mnths boy suffering from autism..we want to talk directly with expert.

  275. Hello my child 13 year old girl has dyscalculia,ADHD and behaviour problems….talks out unwanted things bad words to others… social interaction is difficult….no friends not doing well in exams.. please suggest medicine you think is the best ,she talks to herself and laughs ,now she will join 8 standard so please guide us for a better state… thanks lipika

  276. Dalip kumar says:

    My child girl she is 12 years old and not speak properly and some hipper activity there.

    • Mrs ayesha says:

      My child is about 6 years old have some behaver problem from early childhood and she has head down fits to she can’t speak and can’t reacts to commands she is still dependent toilet etc she tear her cloths and very aggressive and hipper she suffer for epilepsy and autism what should we do kinky guide us

  277. Beverly Sims says:

    Dr. Sharma
    I work with two brothers whos diagnosted with autism they both have limited speech. One brother that is older does not talk if he tries he speaks through his teeth.When he has bad ear aches or headaches from his sinus he really gets balistic he is dangerous to himself and the others around with ,fighting , scratching and most of all biting to the point of breaking your skin and he has stomped holes in the floor. Yes he is an adult he’s 26. He will also chase you oout the house because he can’t speak. On the other hand his brother can speak but he has also a speech inpairment. I Know that they both are young adults but is there any type of help for them. Please help.

  278. Hello sir my daugter 18month old and she is suffering from risk for autism .she not speeching no eye eye contact no responce to coment but she watching tv and mobile .i am willing to treatment please help me

  279. Rajesh Kumar Gupta says:

    Hello sir my son is 13 years old and he is suffering from autism what shall I do

    • Shailendra singh says:

      Dear sir my son is 3year 9month but speech therepist judges asocial age of 3 year repeat words with slow and not clear and also not to have eye contact. He played by a round moving toys.he mostly watch nursery rymes cartoons on tv and mobile and repeats poems of nursery rymes with unclear words.he always play alone and not with other children.he dont ask for food and other necessary things by speaking. He only eats apple in fruits. He dont eat candy and lolipops. He cries with heavy tears on shouting.

  280. Can you Treat Wilson’s disease? My son is 11 yrs old and he is suffering from Wilson’s disease.

    • Sumit Bhattacharya says:

      I have twin boys,they are 3years 7 months old. The were pre-term( 7 months born) and were into incubation. My twin two is suffering from ASD symptoms. He is going through OT,Speech Therapy and Special Educaion. Now he is able to understand what we are saying and can identify few objects,colours,can follow fe one step commands. He keeps on saying things when alone but do not do verbal communication with us. His eye contact and imitation power is poor,but he is ok with activity based work ( rock climbing,sorting,pouring,ringing,swinging etc.) Please guide us with any medicine that can help him with more recovery.

  281. Kamlesh Gedam says:

    Doctor sahab,
    My son is 2 yrs old and he was born prematuar at completion of 8th mnth. Sir, he is still not wake up, not crawlling, not seating and not even walk. kindly let me know , is their any perfect and result oriented treatment.

    thanks & regards,
    kamlesh gedam

    • Sahdev sharma says:

      सर मेरा बच्चा चार साल का है । हमारी सब बात समझता है। अन्य बच्चो के साथ खेलता है। लोकिन स्पष्ट रूप से बोलता नही है। जैसे कबूतर का तबूतर कहता है।

  282. Hi Dr Sharma. What are some of the symptoms of asperger syndrome in young girls 7-8years.

  283. Ankita joshi says:

    My son was diagnosed with Autism 08/17 , he is 3 years now, still not talking not following direction unable to do functional communication, I read through your website, can you please explain that how homeopathy work for these kids. I am whiling to adapt treatment which can make my son “s life easy. Please advise
    I would like to have your contact detail and address please

  284. Nitin Pawar says:

    My 4 year old son is diagnosed with ASD at the age of 3. Since last 1 year we are working on him via OT and speech therapy. His speech is major problem for us apart from other sensory issues like excessive running, no attention, no recognition etc. Please help me to know how homeopathy can cure or improve him. I m really worried for his future

  285. hello Dr Vikas
    I need ur help. please give me ur No. to contacted u.

  286. Debnath Das says:

    Does autism apear after adolscence i.e. after 18years ?

  287. Puja rani sood says:

    With due resp.hello sir.i am a single mother of 3 kids.i really need ur child was taking regular diagnosis for autism in loknayak hosq.delhi.since 6 months of his age.later was also diagonised as having learning disability as he is in 8 grade and facing some problems.can u help me in anyways?may i have ur contact no.

  288. Ajit kumar says:

    My baby girl is 2.6 years now. She has all the above behaviors excluding eye contact. So what can I do sir plz help mr

  289. Ms. Bonti Phukon says:

    Hello Sir, my daughter is 11 yrs old and she has mild autisim , she can understand all instructions and what she wants said only in words. She likes to swing any object in her hands and if anybody obstruct her to do that, she got angry and shouted . Sometimes she is very obedient also. what is the proper treatment for her.

  290. Smriti Sharma says:

    Hello Sir, my son is two year 6 month and has sign of autism… how I can connect to you.. we live in Canada…please help thanks

  291. Prafulla tripathy says:

    My son age 26 month but can not talk any word but talk himself and gase please help me

  292. Praphull Chandra Jha says:

    Dr. Sir,
    My son is 26 Months Old, he has been diagonosed with moderate autism , he still does not talk, actually, he does not have name response and weak eye contact. Also he has problem in association.
    please suggest.

  293. Niharika says:

    Greeting sir
    My 4 year old baby is diagnosed with mild autism and hyperactivity…he is responding his name…follow all the instructions given by us…but teachers say he is not understanding in school…
    Plz help him…

  294. Prashant says:

    Hello doctor
    My son is 2.7 years old… he is going in pre nursery now… but he is not concentrating there as per his teacher… he speaks few words…. able to communicate but not verbally… he understands everything…. but doesn’t talk… he communicates with other kids also but as I said not verbally….
    please help…. as we are not able to understand why he is like that

  295. ___123___AUTISM AND HOMEOPATHY – Homeopathic remedies for treatment of Autism___123___

  296. Abu Khan says:

    Greetings All,

    My son is 35 Months Old, he has been diagonosed with mild to moderate autism by Dr Deepak Gupta, he is currently in Early Intervention and we have seen a little improvement, but he still does not talk, actually, he does not have name response and weak eye contact. Also he has problem in association. Please suggest


      My son is 78 Months Old, he has been diagnosed with mild to moderate autism by Dr Marlin Alwinnesh, he is currently in Early Intervention and we have seen a little improvement, but he still does not talk, actually, he does not have name response and weak eye contact.

  297. AJIT KUMAR says:

    Hello sir
    I am 28years old my left eye injured last 2 months ago .After visit many eye hospital Dr.said your retina layer scratch and thinner at centre of retina photo reflectors.You never get back your vision you will remain this vision as it is.Sir kindly suggest me some cure related to retina improvement.
    Thank you

  298. G chinna ramudu says:

    Dear sir I have autisim problem please help me sir

  299. Ekta chauhan says:

    Hi my 2.5 son is diagnosed with mild autism. M based in noida. Please help.

  300. My son is nine years old speaks in one word like eg.water is austic not able to say if we ask what happend to school he is not able to say .

  301. Preeti sharma says:

    My child is 9yrs old but he is not speaking properly yet. He is mentally weak.

  302. Rahul Kotwal says:

    Respected sir,
    My son is 2 years old and now we are noticing few symptoms of autism like not responding when called, rolling, not speaking etc. Kindly guide us with treatment of autism at this age.

    Waiting for your reply
    Thanks and regards
    Rahul Kotwal

  303. Jan Mather says:

    Our grandson is 7. we believe his is mildly autistic. He has not been diagnosed. Parents feel they can take care of it. They live with us and he has improved considerable since they moved in. He is the 6th child of 8. He was due a few days before Christmas and the Dr wanted to get him born before the holiday so they induced him 2 times and he did not come until 2 days after Christmas. We noticed certain characteristics from the beginning. He is brilliant, but has problems keeping his eyes looking at the person he is talking to, he is always singing or making noses. He will sit quietly except for a low hum. He does not like to be touched but touches other people. His younger brother by 2 years and he are best friends and he seems like a non autistic boy most of the time. He plays well with other children, loves to be with other kids. It is often difficult to understand what he is saying because he rushes and slurs his words. How can we help him? My husband a a naturopathic doctor and we use homeopathy quite a bit.

  304. Hello sir , my son is 3 year old he doesn’t speak

  305. Shariffa McMurray says:

    What results you have had with autism kids

  306. Hi ,
    My name is Ali ,my son is 2yr old .He doesn’t speak a single word and doesn’t understand the instructions.Poor eye contact and slams his head on the ground whenever he doesn’t likes or wants something.Please help me .

  307. Hussaina says:

    I am Hussaina from Chennai my male child is six years old he can’t able to speak some times he will call mom always he was busy.but know little bit help me sir was is the right treatnt for him so speech therapjy classes is it OK for him can I send him in school in school.

  308. Hussaina says:

    I am Hussaina from Chennai my male child is six years old he can’t able to speak some times he will call mom pl help me sir was is the right treatment for him so each therapy classes can on put him in school.

  309. Ashok Kumar says:

    Dear Doctor,
    My six year son is autistic. Being treated in cmc vellore.
    No considerable developments have been seen with that.
    The child is hyperactive, lack of concentration, no speech , lack of social interaction.
    Kindly suggest which way homoepathy can help this child .
    Thanking you.

  310. Hi
    I have two kids autistic and I need your help

  311. G. Venugopal Reddy says:

    Dear Doctor, Good Morning. My grandson aged 3 years and 2 months is autistic. He lives in London with parents. We diagnosed the problem around 4 months ago. Speec, occupational and behaviour therapies are being taken in London by some private persons for the last few weeks.

    Kindly suggest us how can we approach you and take treatment in Homiopathy. Kindly tell me the other in-house long term alternat treatment facilities available in India where I as a grandparent can dedicate myself for a longtime and help him come out of the situation and help my son without dislocations him from London for the sake of the child.

    I hope you may appriciate my concern and respond me. I am 62 & a retired government servent from Hyderabad, TELANGANA state. I believe homiopathy is the safest system of treatment and it’s effect is everlasting. I shall wait for your reply.

    Than you so much.

    Venugopal Reddy

  312. Sanjay Gurung says:

    I am Sanjay Gurung my son 09 years old suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder last five years. He speaking, read, asking many words up to 05 years but now he can’t speak a single word not give attention readying and anything but he watching TV cricket with full attention cursing the colour at book and others. We medical treatment at Moradabad Dr. Majish Rathi, Neuro specialist then Dr. Deepak Gupta Autism specialist from Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi. He not take medicine properly and after taken he vomiting all medicine. Presently he is staying at Hostel Gangtok of Special School last one year.

  313. Anil Wadte says:

    My child is 5 years old. He is not responding to our words, but he himself do the things like drinking water, eating biscuits. He is not stay at one place for a second. After several time approach he response. We treat him at K ponds hospital, Aurangabad , Maharastra from 1.5 year and trained with a autistic trainer at home. He walks at the age of 1.8 years. He speaks like baba, mama, aja, aai and dedicated at the age of 2.5 year but gradually he stop speaking. At the age of 6 month he is under a operation of hernia.


  314. Laura maguire says:

    My son is 3 will be 4 in August. He was just recently diagnosed with autism. I have him on vitamins and supplements they are seeking to help a little over time. My son is also getting a genetic test done to see if it’s genetic or if it’s something else entirely! He is nonverbal he’s starting to babble but no clear words he talks as if he’s underwater. My question is, is there anything else I can do to help my son and my other son as well? I’ve heard of maps doctors as well as pandas and homeopathy. I want to learn as much as I can if there’s anything that will improve his talking and his behaviors he sometimes has. Thank you so much for your time and consideration!

  315. Karina Morales says:

    My Ramsey age 4 was digansed with Autism we need more information and intrested in a nautral way to help my son

  316. My daughter is autistic. She has daily meltdowns. A day of school for her is incredibly defeating as she does not understand social cues. She does not respond well to any flexibility to her daily schedule. I am looking for advice on homeopathic remedies.

  317. Neha Talreja says:

    I had twin daughters n now they are 2.5yrs old.they listen from their names and plays very well.But they can’t speak words. they talk in their own langauage.their neurologist says they are autistic.Is their any permanent treatment is available

  318. My son is now 2.7 year .He can’t speak a single word. A psychiatrist has diagnosed Autism spectrum disorder in him. Now I seek for the solution if any

  319. Reshma shinde says:

    Meri daughter 3 years old hai .woh eye to eye contact nahi karti aur jaldi social nahi hoti kya aap iska treatment aur cost bata sakte hai. aur kitne din me effect ho sakta hai

  320. dilip patil says:

    autizam is my child 9 year old 4 th standred stydy in normal school……fully tretment required

  321. Biswanath Basu says:

    My son is now 2.He can’t speak a single word. A psychiatrist has diagnosed Autism spectrum disorder in him. Now I seek for the solution if any.

  322. Rachumallu surendra says:

    Sir my son in law had autism problem and we are using homeo medicine for last one and half year and we also providing speech therophy to him but no change in his behaviour.he can’t speak.and he is very scary all the time he don’t want to be alone.he also beating us when ever we refuse to give him whatever he wants.sir please tell me how can i contact you.thanq sir.he always wish to travel and don’t want to come back to the home.

  323. Chetna saini says:

    Sir, my son is autism.. He is 3 years old. He can’t speak. When he sleep he scroll on bed at whole night even some time he fall down from the bed. Noughty too.. Pl sugess me is really any treatment for autism in homeopathy?? And tell me cost also

  324. Amit Kumar Saini says:

    Can u help me .. my children age 2 year 8 month and his behavior some like autism

  325. My step son got Autism at age of two ,he was talking before but stop talking now ,we lived in United Kingdom please can u send me messages how to contact u.

  326. Debalina Banerjee says:

    Respected sir,
    My son was detected with ASD & ADHD at the age of 3.Now he is 8 years old. We r doing speech therapy & special education from the age of 3.Do u have a Clinic of yours in kolkata?
    Please help us by giving the information.

  327. This describes my Lil one 3 yrs. If you could let me know how to get him seen by you asap.thank you.

  328. Muhammad Lone says:

    Dear Sharma,
    Reading the above article gave me an impression as if your were talking about my child. He will be 3 on 21st of July. My wife comes from Kashmir and I live in London.
    If you give us an advice how & where to reach you or to obtains the medicines.
    Many thanks
    Best regards

  329. Hi doctor could you please send us your address and contact no.

  330. Anupkumar says:

    Hi dr. sharma

    My name is anupkumar and my daughter is suffering from autism.

    She is 2 yrs and 5 months.

    I am looking for your branch near by Kamothe Navi Mumbai.

    She is being treated for autism from last 4-5 months and she is doing good.

    Please provide your details for Navi Mumbai so that I can reach you.


  331. Hello Doctor
    My son is 4 years old he is suffering from autism. Do you have any branches in Bangalore to treat him please advise

  332. ARKA PRADHAN says:

    Dear sir
    My 3yrs old son diognaised with ASD. I want to know about homeopathy medicine, cost,duration of the treatment.Can I get by courier.

  333. Vanita Prashant Dabhade says:

    Namaste sir mazi mulgi 3 varahachi hot she tila bolts yete point out karte pan toilet Ali tar zalyawar sangate tichyashi sanwad nahi sadhala tar to tichi tichi khelate.ani mothe bolat asle tar laksha det nahi Ka tila mild autism zalay ka

  334. SHAIK CHAN PASHA says:

    Dear Sir,
    My self chan pasha from Vijayawada,Andhra Pradesh. My 7 years old son is suffering from Autism which is in moderate condition. He has undergone stemcell treatment in Neurogen hospital Mumbai.We are continuing Occupational,speech therapies and also special education. But the only thing is the instuctors are freshers and they dont have expertise in these type of therapies. Recovery rate is too slow. We want take Homeo treatment for my child. Kindly Suggest me.

  335. Sharin Afrin says:

    Dear sir
    My 3yrs old son diognaised with ASD. I want to know about homie medicine, cost,duration of the treatment.Can I get by courier.?
    Shahin Afrin

  336. Vinod Kumar says:

    Dr. Vikas Sharma

    I glad to read your article and have some hope that my son Mr. Deepankar Swami (20 years old) will be perfect. He is study in 12th class as special child in Balvant Ray School, Greater Kailash, New Delhi.

    Dr. Vikas I am taking Homeopathy treatment for my child for last 10-12 years. But I find only small improvement.

    I am taking treatment from the Nehru Homeopathy Institute, Defence Colony, New Delhi. through the Dr. Neeraj.

    Dr. Sharma, I hope you will help in this regards

    Thanks & regards

    Vinod Kumar

    • Pramod Kumar Mishra says:

      My child is 5 years old. He is not responding to our words, but he himself do the things like drinking water, eating biscuits. He is not stay at one place for a second. After several time approach he response. We treat him at AIIMS, Bhubaneswar for 15 days and trained with a autistic trainer at home. He walks at the age of 2 years. He speaks like baba, mama, aja, aai and dedicated at the age of 2.5 year but gradually he stop speaking. At the age of 6 month he is under a operation of hernia.

  337. Noel Byrne says:

    Hi Doctor,

    My son of 8 years old has mild autism. This seemed to manifest after vaccines he received at 1 year old.

    I’ve tried everything, mms, detox program, diet and many more things. All of this has helped but not cured his condission.

    His main problems at the moment are underdeveloped genitals, large head, overweight, poor eye contact and speech problems. These have all improved with the above treatments but are still there.

    Any suggestions you have in helping my son would be much appreciated.

    Kindest regards,

  338. Asma Siddika says:

    My boy only can copy to speech. he is developing more than that

  339. Maria Gorete Guedes Dias says:

    Olá Dr, minha filha tem 19 anos de idade, tem Autismo, não fala nada, tem crises de ansiedade, está com dificuldade para dormir,se bate, está sempre balançando o corpo, olha pros cantos como se estivesse vendo alguma, tem prisão de ventre.

  340. Farhat jabeen says:

    Goodmorning sir,
    My girl is five years and 3 months old. I have only one child. Sheis having late speech problem. She recgnizes so many things and speak so many sentences also. But like other children when i ask what happened today in the school she doesn’t tell me anything.she is very good in studies also. She loves playing. One thing i noticed that in school she is much quite n dull though at home she is like othet children. At this age i hv seen other children they talk very fluently but i found my child lacks these traits. In the begining there was always complain she doesn”t want to sit at one place. All the times she wants to roam. She enjoys playing with herself when she is alone. Kindly suggest me is she autistic ?

  341. Suresh Chandra says:

    Hello Sir,
    I want meet you regarding my son Autism problem. Kindly provide me your address or contact no. to get in touch with you.

    Suresh Chandra

  342. Hallo Dr Sharma
    My son is 6yrs 9mnths,preverbal.He follows simple.instructions.He still carries certain items and likes.arranging such items in very particular.patterns
    He just attends school.Concentration span 4-5 min in class.or an enjouable activity
    What medicines can i put him on?

  343. Sir

    A child age 14 year old and he can not speak, any not follow the instructions by other
    He doesn’t,not

  344. Sir
    Recently recently I talk 2year old my son for paediatric check up and Dr suspects with autism he has he doesn’t respond to his name has delayed speech and and has Limited eye contact. kindly suggest what we do

  345. Suman biswas says:

    Gud mrng sir .
    I m faceing little ortisim in my child he is now 2 years old. How can overcame with him…sir

  346. Dr balaji Patil says:

    Dear sir my child is sufeering from autism trait wth hyperactive .he doesnt hve speech.he is 5yrs we are worried abt my child.pls guide me

  347. Sonia Shah says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    My son is 31/2 years old and has been diagnosed with autism. Because I don’t trust allopathic medicine I was hoping to try the homeopathic approach to my sons problem. Is there anything you can advise for the start out of our treatment? And advice will be highly appreciated. Thankyou in advance.


    Sir good evening,
    My daughter aged 9 yr 10 month is an autistic child and presently undergoing treatment through speech and behaviour therapy along with medication (to control hyperactivity), what are the chances of progress in future as there is no speech till date.

  349. Mrs rifatara 18 april 2018 I have a son with autism andcoordination diffculities.He was diagonsed when he was 8year old but now heis in 13 years old when he 11 year old he was suffering fits also

  350. bhawna sharma says:

    Hello doctor,
    My niece is 6 yr old. We got her custody just few months back. She is unable to communicate she hear and speak as well but do not respond as normal kids do.
    She is very stubborn, hyperactive, lack of sleep as well.
    She repeates few word if she want to else she dont listen.
    She dont recogniz nature’s call as well.
    Can you please let us know how homeopathy can help in child’s cure and how can we meet you in person.

  351. Gunjan Gupat says:

    Hello sir,
    My son is 4 yrs old, he is diagnosed with asd, and ashd,(autism) he cannot speak words, though he can make sounds, cannot follow or understand our commands, very hyperactive and stubborn.
    Sir pls tell me how is homeopathy helpful in the treatment pf homeopathy and can it bring improvement in autism.

    Gunjan Gupta / kolkata

  352. Archana singh says:

    My Daughter is 16y .. she has pain in one side of her head and if she takes little stress or she exaggerates more she becomes unconcious and faints ….it generally happens at evening after 5 pm i dont know why only this time ……may be it might be coincidence…and she also has not epilepsy…. plzzz solve my problem ….my contact -7071762903 9504900567

  353. Dr. Sharma, I have a 5 year old boy diagnosis with borderline autism. His verbal skills are very limited. I’d like to know how I can help him.

  354. Sir relatives daughter of 2 years speaks words identifies pictures but doesn’t respond on command plj help or provide contact no

  355. Sir, My grand daughter is 9 years old &diagnoised as autistic & going to special school .She is calm .some verbal communication.Is there any treatment for improvement.

  356. TARIQUE MAHMOOD says:



    (Tarique Mahmood)
    ( father)

  357. Kavita Pasricha says:

    Hello sir

    My son is 9 years old and was diagnosed from autism spectrum disorder. He is highly functional like there is no issue with the eye contact speech or accademically he is performing good.

    But his socio emotional area is not developed properly. Please let me know if there is any treatment for the same.

    Kavita Pasricha

  358. Zahida khatoon says:

    I have 1 child that 1 in autism he is 16 years old please help me

  359. Hi Dr. Sharma
    My son 7 yrs diagnosed ASDat the age of 4 and he has bee diagnosed with ADHD as well. But now he is able to communicate. Going to a special school. Very hyper.
    We are in Australia now. How can you help my son for his recovery for his better future. Iam a very concerned mother. Pls help

  360. sikha ghosh says:

    my daughter aged about 40 yrs now was diagonised as autistic when she was 3 yrs. however all our efforts went in vain and she does not speak till today but uses there any way out?

  361. Ajeet Mathariya says:

    Sir,namaskar !! Can you plz help in case of cerebral palsy daughter is of 3 year 10 month.

    No neck holding, sitting, speaking, totally bed ridden

  362. Hello Dr. Sharma

    I have a son with autism and coordination difficulties. He was diagnosed when he was 8 years old but his been under the consultant since he was 18 months at that time i was told he has global developmental delay. As years went by his condition was getting worse. after all the assessment were done on him thats when the consultant told me he has autism with coordination difficulties and disprxiya and there is no treatment for this but as he gets older he will learn to cope with life. As a mother i really want to help my son with his needs after reading your article it has given me some hope. Would you be able to tell me if anything can be done for my child and what are the cost for this treatment and what do we have to do. Looking forward to hear from you.

    Thank you

  363. Vinayak Chaurasia says:

    Hello sir

    My neufew suffering from autism I think.
    His age is 5 years old. Does the causes cure by homeopathic. And one more thing, he is also suffering from socks disease.

  364. jyoti sharma says:

    Respected Sir,
    My son is 10 years old. He always suffers from cough and cold. when he gets up in the morning he is sneezing. He nose is feel with phelgm. when his cold starts it fell in his lungs he feels difficulty in breathing. Doctors said he is suffering from allergy. when wheat harvesting month is coming his problem increases. Is their any treatment of his problem in homopathy.

  365. Sarika salpe says:

    My child is now two years and eleven month old. Before three months he is diagnosed as a autistic child legging behind in so many eras like speaking social interaction, eye contact not able to follow the instructions. Please tell me how can I help my child.

    • Hi Sir,
      My baby is 26months old and still not started talking even single word. I find few symptoms in him which matches in the article please suggest me what to do and whom to contact.

  366. Balwinder kaur says:

    My 5 years old grandson is autistic.he is non verbal.He makes eye contact but he does not learn any word.He does not suck and below please help us

  367. Dr Samarendra satpathy says:

    My baby 18-19month having autistic features. Kindly help..

  368. Hi, I have a 4 year old daughter who is autistic. Non verbal. She response to her name now and then not all the time. She is currently on a dairy free diet and on supplements. Is there anything else you can help me with. Thankd

  369. Guide me

  370. same kanwal says:

    we have a 16 year old with autism.
    how can you help us

    Dr kanwal

  371. CARMEN COMBOT says:

    My 3 year Old grandson has recently been diagnosed with autism. I am wondering if you can help?

  372. Abhishek gupta says:

    2 year old female baby not responding by her name .
    Only interested in TV and mobile . Not replying us.

  373. Rounak Nayak says:

    Respected sir, namaskar, my child age is 5yrs +, doctors identified he is autism, his problem is he can’t speak properly and very unmindful. Not siting in more then 5min. Every foods he is eating.
    I am requesting to you kindly give a suitable suggestion.
    Thank & Regards

  374. Ritin Ghoshal says:

    Good morning doctor

    My nephew age 2.9 hrs is expected to have ASD syndromes. My sister and her husband are visiting various child psychologists. Could you please guide what type of medicine can help in curing the child.

    Ritin Ghoshal

  375. Hello. My name is Karolina. I have a son name Jason who is almost three years old. He just been diagnosed with autism. We don’t know yet how severe or mild this is. We waiting for blood test to come up. But seeing Jason and knowing him, looks like it that his diagnosis getting wors every day. Please please help.

  376. Karolina Rudzinskiene says:

    Hello. My name is Karolina. I have a son name Jason who is almost three years old. He just been diagnosed with autism. We don’t know yet how severe or mild this is. We waiting for blood test to come up. But seeing Jason and knowing him, looks like it that his diagnosis getting wors every day. Please please help.

  377. Birendra pady says:

    Good morning son is 4yrs old.he repeat words and very little say from his ownside.what I m feeding his mind that only say

  378. S karthikeyan says:

    Good morning Dr
    I am Refractionist from madurai medical college.
    I am totally agreeing with your concept .
    Thanks for your service

  379. Sunita lahoti says:

    Good afternoon sir my 9yrs son has moderate autism plz help

  380. My daughter nirvarya is not able to talk and respond to our diagnosed her to be hyperactivity with austism spectrum disorder.we r approaching ayurvedic treatment.but it takes some time to how long the homoepathy works for probblem .do u have the exact treatment for asd.pls reply me sir.

  381. Abdul Haqiqi says:

    My son is a nonverbal autistic who is 9 years old living in NJ. Please advise.

  382. manoj sharma says:

    hello sir,
    my son is having mild autism, who is 9 year old & going in normal school in 2nd standard. He is having communication issue, can’t respond properly as other children of his age. also not physically fast & smart. can you please help me.

  383. Hi
    My son is 9 year old autistic.please guide me what to do.

    Thank you

  384. Marzena Kornak says:

    Hello dr. Sharma
    I am Mother of 5 years old autistic daughter.
    Please enlightes me on how Homeopathy can help my daughter.

    Thank you ,

  385. Godwin Lewechi says:

    Please my daughter is autistic,she is 7 years now.
    She has some of the common characteristics of autism.
    Dr. Do you think there will be cure? We need help please. Can I receive your reply with your information and contact.


  386. Doy capiral says:

    My grandson is 19 monhs but still not able to say complete word. He can say few letter. He also wants to stay in some corner of the house and used to put his fingers on his mouth. He is not resposive when calling his name. Are they symptoms of autism? Thank you.

  387. My son 27 months old… talks gibberish , under stands emotions bt doesnt maintain eye contact.. nd doesnt speak clear a single word… repetitive in nature, … is he suffering from autism?

  388. Sir
    My son is 18 who is a autism child can we have treatment from your side
    Thanking you

  389. Ashish Sharma says:

    evening dr aim ashish sharma and my friends son is 18 and has autism and few days back my friend told me the child got lil aggresive and the he is 18 so may me the hormonal changes .sir does the homeopath treatment cure or bring the autism levels down and do the kids come out go it .pls advice

  390. Sri sunil sarma says:

    sir My 8 year old son have autism.sir plese help me.

  391. Sir my son is four years old and suffering from autism he does not react or speak what should I do

  392. Koushik Roy says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,

    I am father of 6 years old autistic son. Please enlighten me on how homeopathy can help my son.


  393. Hello sir,
    We want your contact information and number regarding autism issue.

  394. Deepak Mittra says:

    Hello Doctor,

    I have a 2.5 years old girl child. She were totally fine, but since last one year we found him not responding on our call and not speaking and also not found really interested in general things. Also found that the child is interesting to plan alone and usually not interacting with anyone. Pl revert if homeopathy can help her in this way.


  395. Maritza Moreland says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My son is 10 years old moderate to severe within the spectrum. We have never use homeopathy to treat his autism. I had use homeopathy only to treat colds, emotion symptoms, pain, and so forth.
    Michaels still stims a lot, and he walks very slowly specially from changing from a sitting position to a stand up position, he has low tone and he is non verbal. He jas motor sensory challenges including auditory processing, and movement. His overall health is much beteer than when he was younger. I would say it is good. And he is starting to finally get toilet trained succesfully. He is also beginning to spell in a letterboard add and subtract.

    What would be your recommendation for him. And do you think he can still benefit for homeopathy for his autism simptoms.

  396. Abhimanyu Singh says:

    My grandson 8 yrs old was diagnosed with autism.Rehabilitation efforts were made but there was not much of impact.He is physically okay, taller than his age group. He has good visual memory.He can recall names of people and also places he knows.He speaks a few words clearly and also understands simple commands.He asks for food , candies by name. He however shuns company of other children and mostly sticks with his parents.
    He likes playing with water, which is almost an obsession with him.Of late he has started throwing books, magazines, etc into sink and spilling water all over, when left to himself.He listens music on the IPad. During the last week, he threw his fathers and mother’s IPhone in the sink when they were occupied otherwise. He even threw the lap top into the sink.Needless to mention they were daaged beyond repair,Scolding had no effect on him, Please advise.

  397. Rashmi Sharma says:

    My child 2yr 6 month old he is shaking his head and recognization problem and speaking problem.
    Please suggest me what to do

  398. Aziz INAMDAR says:

    Sir our son is 27 year old his hormonal growth is stopped there is no beard and moustache and also his voice. All the day he sits in-house and tempting his mother saying about marriage but he is not fit for marriage at least 100 time in a minute. His intention to trouble both mummy and daddy loudly listening the music just to trouble us Thanking you Aziz INAMDAR

    • Jesse and shirley matthews says:

      Dr. Dharma
      My son is 30 years old and have just been diagnosed with autism spectrum level 1 by a psychologist! He was diagnosed with mild mental retardation about 6 years ago but in my heart I knew that he msybe sutistic! At the age of 5 and attending kindergarten his teacher said that she would like to get him tested but never fully said why so I did not get his tested and he struggled with classwork all through high school and the two years he spent in college and also when he attended a career school. His weakness is math! He is an excellent reader and speller but has a terrible handwriting. He struggles to
      Communicate and has motor skills probably with his hands! He is an excellent Xbox player. He does not look anyone in the eye and his social
      Skills and he also stutters. He has no friends his age and and does not seem to care! He can tell you every basketball and football players team and when and where they were traded to another student
      But seems to still have processing information on simple tasks like math, especially counting and subtracting
      Money! I am not sure what I can do for my son at 30 but whatever information you could send to me to help him Inwould greatly appreciate it! We put him in sports when he was growing up but he had no interest! Any help you can give will be appreciated. He is not hyperactive but he seems to have no concept of time and moves in slow motion when it’s time to do something! Please let me know if there is help out there for him! I should have started earlier helping my son!
      Thank you

  399. Haroon Khan says:

    Hi, I am haroonkhan,from USA,my younger is diagnosed of high function autism,at age of 2,he is now 8 year old but showed no improvement he was put on home therapy,just for behavior issue, no oral medication doctor prescribed for him, he showed no improvement,still non verbal and aggressive, he hit himself always,please let me known if there is any homopaghy treatment for him,

  400. Anna Saulsberry says:

    Hello our son is 12 years old and is nonverbal.
    We are trying a gluten free diet and he attends speech therapy
    We are open to using natural cures and wonder how or if you can help.
    Thanks, Anna

  401. Mention the dose for the 18 yes autistic boy.

  402. My son was diagnosed with autism when he was 2 years old. He is almost 5 and still is not verbal. He goes to a special school and is not potty trained. He is a very picky eater but loves his sweets and chocolate. I pray to god every night that a miracle will happen and one day he will wake up and just speak to me. Please if there is anything we can do to help him I beg of you to let us know.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  403. Sneha jain says:

    Hello sir
    My daughter is 5 yrs old she diagnosed with PDD. She has poor eye to eye contact..she can make a sentence to talk but..still not like her classmates n also she dont have grib in her hands n problem in writing. Orally she can recite poems n songs n can dance also…plz help for my daughter..plz

  404. Solanki Roy says:

    My son is 7yrs old and he has mild autism. He is verbal and properly understands others who are speaking to him also he follows commands properly . He goes to a inclusive school. My problem is , he is very hyperactive and a angry child when angry he has a habit of banging his head. He is also a very stubborn child and gets irritated quickly. He is a social child . He mixes well with elders but has problem in mixing with kids of his age. He is not potty trained. I want to know which homeopathic medicine should be given to him to control his hyperactivity and anger.

    • My son is 5.4yrs old and he has mild autism. He is verbal and properly understands others who are speaking to him also he follows commands properly . He goes to a regular school ,has 1 to 1 support. My problem is , he is very hyperactive and a angry child when angry he has a habit throwing things . He is also a very stubborn child and gets irritated quickly. He is a social child . He mixes well with elders and children . He is not potty trained.He is under community speech therapy. I want to know which homeopathic medicine should be given to him to control his hyperactivity and anger.

  405. Hello sir,

    My daughter is 4 years old and she is on a homeopathic treatment from another doc for about a month now. We don’t see much difference. Is it too early to say it is not working? When should we be able to say lets move to another option? Please advise.

  406. My daughter is 4.5 yr old and has speech and fine motor issues. I would be interested to talk with you about possible homeopathy medicine. We live in Germantown, Maryland, USA.
    Thank you

  407. Raman kumar singh says:

    Hi sir. I am Raman kumar based in gurgaon. My son is 4.6 years old and he is diagnosed with Autism. He speaks only Mummy.papa.Dadi.Nana.Nani.Chachi.Didi.some times he speaks on his own some and react. Some times doesn’t pay attention to what we say.we decided to take homeopathic treatment. Pls help

  408. Vinayak surve says:

    Dear sir
    We are based at sikandrabad UP and
    My son Yash is having an autisum and I’m finding a school or theropy centre for him it would be great help if you can guide on same

  409. Riyanka dutta says:

    I am Riyanka dutta from ahmedabad. My son is 2.4 years old diagnosed with ADHD and mild autism. Please help. He has poor eye contact, has speech delay and poor cognition level

  410. Virender kumar says:

    Please help me I have one son only. But he is autism. His birth in 26 week and 540 grams only. His birth at 09/09/ he didn’t eat anything & didn’t talk so please help me. Thanks.

  411. Ruby sidhu says:

    My nephew is 3 yrs.4 months. he is diagnosed with autism and my question is how is it treated in homeopathy and how can I contact you?

  412. Rajesh gupta says:

    My grand daughter is 3 and half year old She is in usa Recently we came to know that she is car of autism she speaks few words she react also but she can not speak properly full jise us how to do

  413. D K Barik says:

    Dear Sir,
    My daughter is 14 years and she is autistic child.
    Can I have your contact details so that we can meet you personally with the child?


  414. Hi ! I am from United Kingdom.My son is 3 and 1/2yrs old.
    He is diagnosed with Autism 1 yr ago. He is non verbal, he reacts for some some things ,knows love n hate too , he doesn’t play with other but likes to see other children playing, he likes music and dance and he has sensory issues as well. I want to do homeopathy
    Treatment for him. Could you suggest me for this please.

  415. Shaiful Pear says:

    Hi Dr Sharma I am pear from Chittagong Bangladesh. My son now 5 years 4 months has been diagnosed autistic. Some time he speaks on his own some word but does not pay attention to what we say.
    He does not interact with other children and plays alone, he does not speak well at all, he does not understand anger or love, he dies not show any emotions when we leave him at day care, he is diagnosis of autism.

    Please kindly advise what we should do.

  416. Dear doctor. My girl child is 5yrs 6months old. And going for therapy for past 2 years. Is it possible for her to start treatment now. She is non verbal

  417. RATAN GUPTA says:

    Hi Dr Sharma I am Ratan Gupta from Delhi. My grand son now 3 years 9 months has been diagnosed autistic. He speaks on his own but does not pay attention to what we say. Does not show any emotion.
    Please advise what we should do.

  418. Raju Mehta says:

    good info on Autism

  419. Zeeshan Tariq says:

    My son is three years and two months old, he does not interact with other children and plays alone, he does not speak at all, he does not understand anger or love, he dies not show any emotions when we leave him at day care, he is diagnosis of autism

  420. Sadaf khan says:

    Hi Dr Sharma
    I live in Canada
    My 9 years son has autism and severe learning difficulties
    I am interested in knowing about your treatment that you offer
    Thank you
    sadaf khan

    • Mohammad Faruque says:

      Dear Dr.Sharma,
      My three and half year old. grandson is declared autistic,they live in Melbourne, Australia. We decided to take homeopathic treatment, how can you help us
      Mohammad Faruque.

  421. Razia Jebran says:

    Hi, I have a non verbal and low functioning 14 yrs old boy on spectrum. I want try homeopathy for his speech gain

  422. Hello dr. Sharma!!
    My son is 9 years old and he was digonesed at the age of 2.5. With autism. He made a lot of progress he is verval now n can follow all directions. He goes to school n very good in maths n english. But he is not doing good in social n his languge is limited he cant focus for so long cant paticipate in discussion. Very rarely bang his head with head. He can swim n ride bike. Please help me to improve his social skillls n focus/attention.

  423. Nazia Siddique says:

    Hi Dr Sharma!
    My daughter is three years old and has been on the autism spectrum when she was one and a half.
    She has no speech and is hyperactive.
    We live in NY and are receiving intervention from school therapists by want to go the homeopathic route.
    She was also diagnosed with cancer (rhabdomyosarcoma) when she was two and a half. Her chemo treatment will be done in a month and after that we want to start thinking of hollistic lifestyle and utilize homeopathic remedies for a healthy life.
    Please help

  424. Yashwanth says:

    I need a treatment option of my 3 year old kid suffering from autism with muscle stiffness

  425. Hello sir. As my son is suffering from autism. Had started going to speech and hearing in mysore. In a short period he started telling what ever they teach. Even at home he will interact by actions not verbally. When he will watch his favourite shows that time he will repeat what ever they say. But he never interact with us. Only with me (mom) he will interact not with all. And in my family my cousins childrens are also facing the issue. But not sure whether autism or other.
    Thank you

  426. Sumit chakraborty says:

    My son aged 12 years suffering from autism,please guide me about the treatement and also for an appointment.

  427. Janine Sumner says:

    My grandson is 6 years old. He has asd and is non verbal, hyperactive, cannot focus on anything, Not potty trained and loves to sit and play with beads and makes noises. He is a very loving child and I pray you will be able to give me suggestions on how to deal and hopefully help him. I love him so much it just breaks my heart. Please help.

  428. Habte Mariam says:

    Dr. My Child is 3 years 3 month old. We find out he is suffuring with Autism.Doctor disgnosed him too.Our next step is what to do?How we can help him?
    Seems like not easy get the treatment.We like to get your Professional advise or help.How we can contact you ?Please respond us.

  429. ajay belvalkar says:

    my son is six year old and he playing with mirror get angry when not given thing to hims hyperacative

  430. Diptimayee says:

    My Son 5 year old has autism disorder and severe learning difficulties, speech disorder. So please help me.
    I am interested in knowing about your treatment that you offer. Thank you.

  431. Hardeep Bhandal says:

    Hi Dr Sharma
    My 18 year old daughter has autism and severe learning difficulties
    I am interested in knowing about your treatment that you offer
    Thank you
    Hardeep Bhandal

  432. Sir
    I am a mother of 51/2 year old kid.he had delay speech and behaviour issues.Only few words he can say,his eye contact is good,physically normal,little hyper,shouts a lot,laugh without any reason . my son has be councelling to SRMC and he is reported as 26% of autism behaviour. Please help me what to give treatment.

  433. Sir, my son has be councelling to SRMC and he is reported as 26% of autism behaviour. Please help me what to give treatment. He is now aged 5 1/2.

  434. Sabahat ghauri says:

    I am a mother of 7 year old kid.he had delay speech and behaviour issues.Only few words he can say,his eye contact is good,physically normal,little hyper,shouts a lot,laugh without any reason .

  435. Noman saeed says:

    My 10 years old son has ASD can you please help

  436. Hello I want to ask if your child is 15 and you want treatment is it possible let me know thanks

  437. Which is the best homeopathic medicine for autism?

    • Dear Sir ,
      I have a son of 1 year and 6 months ,I think (on the basis of symptoms I observed ) he has a problem of autism .kindly guide me for that . I live in Delhi .If your branch is available here kindly send me address or any other way to contact you.
      Thanking you

  438. Dear Dr Sharma
    My 10 years old son has been diagnosed with mild autism and borderline intellegence . His physical development is normal from the birth, he can speak most of time but sometime he cant answer the complicated question . I think you can help us .
    Thank you .


  439. Dear Dr Sharma,
    I’m a Malaysian with a 9 year old son who has been diagnosed with regressive autism. We got him 10 years aft marriage thru IVF. He had his normal milestones till de age of 3+. Then he began regressing. He is completely non verbal n very hyper. Do you think you can help us, please?
    Thank you

  440. Dear Dr Sharma,
    My son is 14 an daughter is 4 they are both diagnosed with Autism and have severe speach and language delay. My son has more delays and sometimes becomes agresive.
    I am very interested in exploring what Homeopathy can do for them. Please contact me soonest to start treatment.

  441. Chandan datta says:

    My grandson is 22 months old boy. Recently, he came to stay with us for a few days when i noticed that he never makes eye contact with anyone, never plays with other child, having speech problem, blabbering with violent shake of head, hand flapping, seems not listening when called by his name and many more symptoms not normal for a boy of his age. We have consulted a local specialist and he confirmed that the boy is suffering from autism. He advised a series of counselling over a period of time. My question is whether there is any treatment in homeopathy? I seem your help.

  442. Aniruddha DAs says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My daughter aged 4 years 6 months is diagnosed with White matter injury in Brain(MRI Report) ASD, ADHD, GDD, sensory, impaired communication, poor social interaction, and abnormal repetitive behaviours. The most obvious characteristic is difficulty with both verbal and nonverbal communication. She has no words as of yet but she makes lots of noise. She developed normally for the first 12 to 14 months of life and then rapidly lose her language skills. She is unaware of danger and doesn’t pay attention to anyone or anything around her. Please can you help my daughter. Thank you.

  443. Ashraful alam from Bangladesh says:

    My son aged 4years 5 months is suffering ASD.he understand everything he works his daily task but asking any questions he cannot reply .he has learning disabilities, sensor problem, social communication are not interested,he has good eye contact.

    She is sometime attackfull on her mother, when alone in house.

    Please help my lovely son and my family.

  444. My daughter aged 25 is suffering ASD from her school time. She has completed her graduation from regular college. She has all the symtums as mentioned above. Further, she has no interest in social activities, domestic work, talking to inmates and others, she is very irritative and throwing attitute. She all the time give false and lame excuses. She has shut herself in dark all the time. She all the time think about her past and never think about future.

    She is always attackfull on her mother, when alone in house.

    Please help my lovely daughter and my family.

  445. Pammi mehlawat says:

    Hlo dctr it’s angad’s Mom. Angad 7+ yr old boy is ADHD boy.had speech problem too but one year period of speech therapy nd 2months of OT class… He can talk well but in two two three three words not in sentence..i need better guidance nd help.he use some kind of noisy words blaaa blaaa sometimes. Need urs help n response

  446. Navin Tiwari says:

    Dear Doctor
    My son is an autistic child,he keep on walking here and there in house even if his is not able to stand and eyes are getting close becoz of sleep and it seems like he has very restless mind.
    Will you be able to guide us.

  447. Mohammad Mizanur Rahman says:

    My Son name is Yashfy Rahman, he is 9 years old. He is ASD child but He is able to talk after 6 years. Now he is studying class iv. Main problem is Hyper Active and mathematics subject doesn’t understand. He doesn’t want to understand the circumstances condition. He doesn’t understand socialism. But any game in computer he understand.


  448. Manisha parmar says:

    My son is 3 yr he is diagnosed with autism but he has eye contact he understood every thing but not speak and not play with their same age child so is he has actually has autism and if we take any homeopathy medicine and he don’t have any problem than it affect his brain.
    Thank you sir

  449. Rajat kamra says:

    Good evening doctor,
    Want to meet you in person, regarding my 3.4 year old son. Any address for Delhi. India

  450. Ratan Ch. Dam says:

    my son now he is 2 yrs and 3 month old . he is not able to talk in spite our repeated effort.Pl advise in this respect. If possible pl contact no address in ahmedabad

  451. Esther Mahlambi says:

    Good day doctor i have a grand son who is 6 years now who was diagnosed with ASD even now can not talk only make some sound.

  452. Vishu dhariwal says:

    Ma vishu 2 years sa hakla kar bolta ho please iski koi medicinevbataiya

  453. Shirley Mathew says:

    Hi Dr Sharma my name isShirley my son is diagnosed with ASD I am reaching out to u to understand if homepathy treatment will help him in any way. Thanks Shirley

  454. hello sir my name is raji my son diagonised with autism now he is 6 years but eye contact very poor he will be not able to communicate i am using homeopathy medicines in hyderabad i am from chennai i am using medicine from 6 months now he is little bit ok sir plz tell me he will completely cure and he will be a normal child it will happen sir so plz replay me sir

  455. Kamchan Malhotra says:

    Hi Dr.sharma.

    I have a nephew who is 2 yrs n 8months old n is diagnosed with ASD last week. He is not able to speak as per his age n hardly connects with us. We would need your help in diagnosing the problem and it’s treatment.

    Pl lets us know how can we reach you ?

    • Sir my daughter is 2y6m old.but she can not speak properly .her hearing capacity is good.what should i do. I am worried very much.please guide me.

  456. My child arnav diagnosed with autism. Now he is 3 and he is not able to speak. Hearing is fine confirmed after Berra test. What can be the solution

  457. Bharat sehgal says:

    Hello sir,i m bharat son is 9 years old .he has the symptoms of autism .He doesnt speak as well.keeps on scratching the back side of his ears and shouts on some situation badly.I have consulted many doctors and going through his regular occupational therapies and attending special school since 2014. but didn’t find any solution.please help me in treating my son.i ll be very thankful to u .please reply me as soon as possible

    • Subrata Halder says:

      Dear Sir, I Subrata Halder. my son is 4 years 2 months old and he doesn’t speak as well, some time he is speaking one or two words and rest of the words are not clear but complete sentence is not speaking and without touch his hand, he does not write also, his needs we assuming through his body language. I have consulted many doctors/child specialist and they have suggest, to consult with speech and behavioral therapist and it is symptoms of autism. We are very much concern of our child present progress, kindly see my request and send your valuable suggestions as earliest and I am waiting for the same.

  458. cissy kalunde musembi says:

    how are you dr sharmas?my names are cissy kalunde musemb from nairobi kenya.mother of four writing this to reference of my 17yrs old boy who has autism.apart from my boy,i have a tottler who is 2yrs ,4months,and i would like her to screened for autism disorder.kindly reply and give the way forward.

  459. Ramanou Liadi says:

    My son 5 years old is suffering from autism . He going to special school. But he needs extra support please .

  460. Rajeev Dhanoa says:

    My child is 2 yrs and is not speaking

  461. My son is 2 years 3 months now and still doesn’t speak a word… He has shown above average intelligence in other activities like identifying objects, people, colors, numbers, alphabets etc.

  462. Michelle McGann says:

    Hello Dr
    My son is age 8 has autism and verbal apraxia
    He has much improved through bio medical
    But we still have a big problem with ocd type
    Behavior like he is totally obsessed with
    Water & will do anything to get to it
    Also obsessed with putting paper, play dough,
    Plastic, electrical cables in his mouth, we could call this pica however it’s more about the obsession in getting the item as in like getting water
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  463. Hi I have a 4 year old boy who is experiencing signs of autism just waiting on diagnosis. He is non verbal (babbles) . He suffers with social anxiety and he prefers to play alone . I was just wondering would this treatment help my boy

  464. S Srikanth Reddy says:

    Sir,i m srikanth my son age 5 suffering frm mild austic,please help me out of this problem

  465. Devesh gupta says:

    Please provide address details and how to connect you for autism treatment

  466. Vaisanava das says:

    My grandson is a confirmed autist.He cannot communicate and recently he became vilolent.He attacks his only sister and also his mother.We took him to a specialist who prescribed medicine for the brain and no sign of improvement.Is there a hope in homeopathy?

    • MAHESH KUMAR S says:

      My son is 18 years old suffering with autism. He cannot speak and understand what we say. He has been taken to NIMH, Hyderabad and other doctors in Hyderabad and given him treatment till age of 10 years but no improvement at all. Can Homeopathy cures him and make him to speak. Please advise. Am based out of Hyderabad.

  467. Pervaiz ahmad Shah says:

    Sorry typing error it’s children aged 7yrs with difficult in speach nd learning hyperactivity and implusivity writhing problem

  468. Pervaiz ahmad Shah says:

    Suggest some feedback regarding treatment of chickens aged seven years with disabilities of speach development and hyperactivity with impulsive behaviour also difficult in learning nd writing please reply

  469. Homeopathic treatment for Autism is very effective

  470. Hello sir my sister son has simtyoms of autism. He is two and half year old he is only son of my sister. He never pregnant again due to pregnancy complications. So sir plz help us. He has learning and speech disability.

    • Dr.Sharma…my grand daughter 2and half yr old had speech problem not talking properly but speaks a lot of words n acts accordingly, can’t say mama n daddy..she is very active ,going to day care but not following simple instrctions..can you suggest any medicines for her n how to contact you

    • Gowri Ramakrishnan says:

      Dr.Sharma…my daughter 2and half yr old had speech problem not talking properly but speaks a lot of words n acts accordingly, can’t say mama n daddy..she is very active ,going to day care but not following simple instrctions..can you suggest any medicines for her n how to contact you

  471. My child is 4 years and he diagnosed with moderate autism . How homeopathic helps him. Please advice me

  472. Dear sir,
    Our baby is 4.5 year,s old and he did not talk with us as like normal children. He try to said some word if he need some thing else but first took somebody his right or left when any body not do that he showing then he try to say something but some time say or not. He said baba, maa sometime kaka but not everytime, sometime his eye contact is better or sometome not, so what are we doing now, pls sugesst us pls. We say a doctor in chennai apollo behavier specialist pls suggest us as soon as possible.

  473. Can homeopathic medicines help a 14 yr old having mild autism

  474. Hello My son has 11 year old he is unable to speak since birth he is some were autistic. He control mobile very well & playing games in laptop he is like a car & long drive. So please suggest what we do for him for a better life

  475. Dear Sir, I am 66 years male. Earlier suffered from heart attack, got two stents planted since 90% blockages. Taking medicines for Diabetes. For the last 20 years, I am suffering from biting pain in the sole of both the feet.

  476. my child is autistc

    • Dilip kumar pandey says:

      Sir mera ladke ka age 17yers hai. Vah 5th class me study karta hai. Baki bachho ki tarah vah normal nahi hai. Mai bahu Doctor se dikhaya Doctor ke anusar jai se jai se age badhega apne aap thik hojayga. Sir mai ek garib family’s se hu phir bhi out of country chhod ke india me 50 Doctors se dikhaya . Neurologist se bhi mila lekin jitna improve hona chahiye nahi hua hai. Today use chakar aaya to doctor nikhil vijay ojha ke gaya to aap ke bare me bole . Austim center me homeo pathik ilaj hota hai vaha ke medicine se 100% thik hojata. Sir ji examples deraha hu. Jai koe milgya movies me actor Hrithik roshan roll play kiya tha same vahi condition tha.But abhi kuchh sudhar horaha hai. Please give me good sagetion. Aap ka abhari rahunga. Mai jharkhand , plamau se hu.

  477. konika Ghosh says:

    Konika Ghosh, 9months baby, found ratinoblostoma, in both eyes,

  478. Manisha parmar says:

    Sir my son is 3 yr and he is not speaking and just dada vava like word he spoak he run all time when he is happy but he understood us all by pointing that things he give sometimes give attention and sometimes not ha but ifwe told about his favourite thing he hear us atleast from last room also
    Doctor suggest us to do iq test so what is in iq test and from it we can know the exact problem
    And sir if we continue with homeopathy medicine and he dont have any problem in his mind so if it harm tohis mind
    And I show stem cell therapy video so if it give more result for recovery
    Pls sir give us right direction
    Thank you sir

  479. Haldhar Singh says:

    Sir my 5 yr old son diagnose as an help me to treat him for his normal life.And what is possibilities of cuteness through homeopath

  480. Sherena Miah says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    I have a son (Umayr) who is 6 yrs old and he has been diagnosed with ASD. He has no words as of yet but he makes lots of noise. He doesn’t like socialising or communication with others. He likes to stay by himself and play on his own. He is unaware of danger and doesn’t pay attention to anyone or anything around him. We live in the UK and there is nothing doctors can do about autism. Please can you help my son so he can lead a happy life. Thank you
    Sherena Miah (mother of Umayr)

  481. hi,

    My self Kiran from Banglore. we have observed delayed growth in my nephew who is 2yrs and 10 months. when we took him to NIMHANS hospital, he diagnosed with Mild autism and Hyperactivity. Here I would like to get to know more details about

    > how the homeopathy treatment helps for autism kid

    > how to approach for treatment

    > complete details of treatment like duration, prices and consultation process

    > with the Homeopathy medication will the autism symptoms will reduce permanantly or will these shown again once kid grown.

    Request you please share more details on these my queires and how to take up this further to meet you. thanks.

  482. Poonam gupta says:

    Hello Dr. sharma
    Myself Poonam from faridabad. my son is 2.5 years old and he is find autistic. he is running all time , he has very poor eye contact, responds to things he wants. not mixing with anyone, not play with anyone. he doesnt hold any object in his hand. i have to do everything. he looms the designs bt turning her neck left right up down. he do hand nd leg flapping. pls suggest . i want to do consult with u.pls give ur address. my contact no 9015549048.

  483. Manisha shinde says:

    Hello Dr Sharna

    Thus is manisha from Hyderabad, my daughter is 4 yrs old.. I find some autistic symptoms in her.. Would like to meet you personally.. Pls reply me on 7799242681.




  485. My son diagnosed ADHD when he was 3 years old. Now he is 17 years old. hyperactivity controlled but affected epilipsy. now behavioural problems are increased. very aggressive. He can write and read very well but cant understand properly. He dont want to mix with others. always sits infront of computer,TV,mobile. he can talk properly. but not ready to talk with others.He is smiling whole day.if we tell something then gets angry. please suggest any medicines which is useful to control his anger.

  486. Santana Sarkar says:

    My son is of 3.2 yr of diagnosed with hyperactivity in NIMHANS,Bangalore at the age of 2.8 yr. NIMHANS doctor told us that he don’t have autism problem.

    But his communication skills is not good enough,Interacts with us (React our commands) but Can’t understand the game(always interest in mobile & he can handle mobile easily).His concentration level is also very poor. His eye contact is very good & owneself he can eat many things such as water,maggie ,chocolate etc. but can’t take his daily basic food. He is physically OK but his behavior is abnormal like self talking many times & his speech is also not clear,He speaks those things which we had teach him, don’t sit on one place, always run here & there.Presently I admitted him on a normal school,but he don’t concentrate on the classes.
    Is the problem curable?
    How long it takes for the cure?
    Sir pls advice the best management as I m from Northeast,India.


  487. helen bamidele-ojo says:


  488. Kamalesh Chandra dry says:

    Dear doctor, my daughter is 7years old. She is suffering from autism. Kindly help me.

  489. Hi sir, my son aged 5 years and 5 months now only we found that he has autism. His level is 26 how to give treatment. Pls help us

  490. Parimala Parthasarathy says:

    Dear Doctor. I am a grand mother of two and a half years baby girl about 6 months back the Peadiatrician found out that she is an autism affected child. Now she is under early intervention under ABA therapist. Recovering slowly from the tantrums our concerns about her speech and socializing are in a way frightening us as she is yet to come to that area Will homeopathy medicine help her if so how to contact you regarding this shall we request you to guide us and help us. Thank you

  491. Bhavana khapne says:

    Ymy second son 4 years old having mild autism . Taking ot speech drom last one yr . He is quite stable now but dont sit in one place in class . Pls reply

  492. Bhawna Singh says:

    Dear sir
    My child is suffering from autism he is of 5 years kindly suggest and provide treatment.

    Bhawna Singh

  493. PANKAJ KUMAR JHA says:

    Dear Doctor,
    My younger son is suffering from Autism. We have identified this when he was two and now he is four years old. We have consulted the specialist and is undergoing OT and speech. Have consulted doctors in Delhi and was undergoing OT under Dr Arpan kumar. We are from Patna Bihar and is not possible to get Delhi frequently. Please let me know if there is homeopathy treatment and can happen from Patna
    Pankaj kumar Jha

  494. Abdul wadud says:

    Dear Dr,My son had no stammering. It started at the age of,5 when he was given Nat sulf 10 m .All his problems subsidies with Mag mur upto1 m.but stammering aggravates.pls help me.

  495. Good morning,
    I have two kids, 5 and 3 yes old.
    Elder one was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder 2 and a half year ago. Since then he is going to the special school .
    Younger one was diagnosed sound 1 yr ago, with ASD AND hyperactivity and he is also going to same place for therapy. He however speaks few words or sentences and follow simple commands, but not always.
    But there sensory symptoms are not show any improvement.
    Although elder one speaks few words, but overall there is not much improvement.
    He still prefers to b alone, making sounds, and hand movements, hand movements has infact increased recently.
    Kindly help

  496. Hi. My son is of 5yr of diagnosed with hyperactivity and mild autism. Communication skills are good. Interacts with kids, but Can’t understand the game.follows simple ample and 2 step instructions and he also have speech issue. He speaks but cannot pronounce properly and repititive speech …
    Is the problem curable?
    How long it takes for the cure?
    How much it costs?

    • My son diagnosed ADHD when he was 3 years old. Now he is 17 years old. hyperactivity controlled but affected epilipsy. now behavioural problems are increased. very aggressive. He can write and read very well but cant understand properly. He dont want to mix with others. always sits infront of computer,TV,mobile. he can talk properly. but not ready to talk with others.He is smiling whole day.if we tell something then gets angry. please suggest any medicines which is useful to control his anger.

  497. Apurba saharia says:

    Hi ,
    My nephew is having Autism problem . He is 7 years old. He is not tempered but can”t talk and responds rarely . Can you please explain how homeopathy help us out .
    please answer to the following points:

    1> How long will the patient have to take your medicine?
    2> Can we have this medicine by courier or we have to visit your clinic?
    3> How much is the chances to cure this disease ?
    4> What will be the total costing for this treatment?



  499. crystal brennan says:

    What is the typical process for a child starting homeopathy treatment for Autism? And what types of assessments/evaluations are done?

  500. I am looking for answers. My son is almost 8 nonverbal autistic. Can you help.

  501. Angel damato says:

    Hi My son is ten years old with autism never talk is there hope in him talking I struggle with him I want to hear his voice and just a miracle that he will get better and have a voice everybody should be able to say am hear and I am stuck in my deepest world help me escape from this autism and see the light of my life with my mom

  502. Hi please my daughter has autism and she is 10yrs now but does not talk. She is very aggressive, does not follow instruction or understand. Please help me

  503. Hi Dr Sharma

    I would like to discuss about my 19yrs old son, would you please let me know when best you are available to speak. I live in UK. Is the treatment effective for adults?

    Look forward to hearing from you.



  504. Alexander McDivitt says:

    Good Day, what phone number can I call you? Regards, Alex

  505. Neha Sharma says:

    Hello Doctor
    My son is 2.6yrs old and also has few symptoms of Autism like-
    1.Poor concentration
    2.Not responsding when call his name
    3.No eye contact ETC
    kindly advise how can we cure it.

    • Dr V P Soren says:

      Hlw sir
      My daughter is 2.10yrs old.has autism spectrum disorders. There’s no proper speech…no eyes contact..poor social interaction.
      Sir pls advice the best management

  506. Veronica Smith says:

    Dr. Sharma
    My daughter is 11 and was diagnosed with autism at the age of three. My daughter can tell you her very basic needs, but speech is a huge issue. Communicating is very hard for her. We believe in doing things the natural way. Could you help us.

    • Veronica Smith says:

      Dr. Sharma
      My daughter is 11 and was diagnosed with autism at the age of three. My daughter can tell you her very basic needs, but speech is a huge issue. Communicating is very hard for her. We believe in doing things the natural way. Could you help us. Could. You inform me on how to get an. Appointment and processes thank you.

  507. karam singh says:

    my son 6 years is diagnosed as a case of autism(ASD). he is taking treatment in AIIMS. he is not responding on question. he can write, read book of nursery level. he is so hyper. always tries to aceppt him whatsoever he wants and say. he is physically sound no problem. not up to the mark in reading. he is an average child in study. self speaking and repeat words himself. goes school in nursery. he is not sitting at one place. always running from one place to another place.

  508. Hem Raj Cintury says:

    My son was diagnosed with ASD with ADHD, and delayed milestones in 2015 when he was 3 years then. With the early interventiont, features of ASD are not seen but there still lies issues with his oppositional type behavioural, figetiness, anxiousness , especially during study at home. He is now 6 years old . His ratings in the school is above average and goes to a normal school. Please suggest whether or not he can be treated with homeopathy .

  509. siba charan swain says:

    My grandson is 20 months old. He does not utter words like mama, papa etc. His repetitive behavior includes turning the wheels, making the switch on off, does not respond to his name very often ,moves in circle, avoids association with children, loves cartons shown while feeding, responds to the commands is not prompt but can indicate his body parts when asked, shows interest in calling pigeons or kite. Pl let me know if it is ASD and what is the treatment available in Homeopathy.

  510. Hoti lal jaiman says:

    My baby 9 years and suffer from autism disease . She understands . How can we best care of her . Please tell me .

  511. Hello Doctor
    My daughter is 2.5 years old and she is not listening to her name, please let me know how to contact you.

  512. Hello Dr. I am peu dutta live in howrah .My son is 2y7month old.his problem is ,he doesn’t reacts other then parents .eye contact not too poor but when any one talk with him he doesn’t look at them and no reaction

    • My son is 3.2 yrs, eye contact is poor, not replying when we talk. Physically he is totally ok. Only mama,papa and some single word he can speak, but in very rare situation. Pls help



  514. Maria macias says:

    My 32 year old gaughter is autistic ,so I would like try homeopathic .

  515. Test

  516. Santosh r tiwari says:

    Sir my kid is 3 years old started speaking dew words and counts from 1to 10 also can identify animal and few others thing taught to him we are doing his autism therapy and speech therapy , he is not very aggressive neither dull , he has started sitting at one place for few minutes which was not in earlier days he goes to normal play school and learns thing he want to play with is friend but he pushes some time and also tries to hug them, sir what should I do to improve his speech and pushing habbits. Any medicine please help

  517. Sir
    My kid is 3 years 8 month but he not speak properly
    Literally some word speak like mummy papa and some other fruits name which he eat or some word we
    Very pressely says he try

  518. One and half year old son having developmental delays want to consult

  519. I have recently been diagnosed with sleep apnea. Please tell me if you have homeopathic treatment available?

  520. Mrs. Jyoti sharma says:

    My son is 5yrs old n have a little symptoms of autism. He repeat his relatives n teachers words n everytym i stop him to do this he just ignore it so,pls let me know how homeopathy treatment can help him cz i want to ressolve this issue right here in the begining. Iam from delhi.

  521. My son is 18years old suffering from mild autism.he become violent everytime and hit others and throw things to them.

    • My son is 18 years old he has mild symptoms of autism .He only say single word to verbalize his needs .He can’t learn in school and socialize to others.Please let me know how homeopathy treatment can help him. I’am in the United states.

      • Ashwani Vashisht says:

        Hi, Dr. Sharma, I am father of one such boy aged 3.6 now. he dont have speech properly. he is undergoing speech therapy & occupational therapy as one of family doctor has advise to do for Autism related, I do not know what else I can do to bring improvement in him. Liked your article and want some guidance for my kid. please help me

  522. Farhana khandoker says:

    My son is 3 years old. he can speak 15 -16 words in his own wish. Eye contact is better than before. In Bangladesh Dr. Diagnosis impairment in communication and interaction. How helpful would be homeo pathy to treat this problem? How can we contact with you from Bangladesh? please help us.

  523. Nithyanantham says:

    Hello Sir,
    My son is 2.5 years old.
    He is not able to speak and Doctor said he is ADHD
    He is physically OK but his behavior is abnormal like self talking and did not understand.
    He don’t sit on one place. We need your suggestion in this case.
    Can Homeopathy help for this? Please guide me

  524. Child ashutosh. 8yrs. Same activity as autism. Hyper activities no speech. Fits epilesy attack. No eye contact…. Etc

  525. Rachana Thakur says:

    Hello sir. My son is 13 years old. Doctor said he is autistic. He is physically OK but his behavior is abnormal like self talking, repeat any words many times, don’t sit on one place.I want your suggestion in this case. Can Homeopathy help me? Please guide me.

  526. Narayan swain says:

    my daughter is about 5 years old she can’t talking and walking rightly please suggest me

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