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Autism Treatment Testimonials

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  1. Asrar Ul Haq najmi says:

    Hello Doc,

    My Son is Autistic he is 16 years old now and is not able to talk. Physically he is good, but due to his autistic behavior, he is unable to focus anywhere. He doesnt communicate at all . His attention is always towards eating & watching cartoons on cellular phone when things doesnt get up to his expectation or if not provided what he ask for than he gets agitated he doesnt like children who are less in his age. At glance he looks normal unless interacted. we got him admitted into special school instead of getting enhanced to the deficiency condition he started limmitating the action of student who are more severe than him so i stopped .
    Could you please enlight me about the next steps to be fallowed in regard to treatment.

  2. Anupriya nath says:

    My 3year old daughter is autistic . She is non verbal and has problem in focusing. She tends to hit herself a lot when angry.

    We need your medication and help. Please let me know of details to approach you.

  3. My 3yr old is non verbal,behavior problem, not social,no eye contact,not settling in nursery. Her teachers are always complaining about her. Pls I need us help.

  4. Hello Doctor,

    My Son is Autistic and is undergoing medication for the last 5 years from a Psychiatrist in Chennai. He is 10 years old now and is not able to talk. Physically he is good, but due to his autistic behavior, he is unable to focus anywhere. He does communicate using Single words like good day (for GoodDay biscuit), ibuli (for idli) but not able to frame a sentence or talk much. His attention is always towards eating. We are sending him to a Special School close to our house in Chennai.
    Could you please help my son in improving further. Please tell us how I can bring my son to you for physical examination.
    I am a single earning member of my family and have lots of responsibilities. Hence I cannot afford big fees. Hope you understand.


  5. my son 2 years diagnosed with autism and need your medication and help. kindly let me know the details how to approach you

  6. Upendra jena says:

    My son is diognised with autism

  7. S.Krishna Prasad. says:

    Sir, my mother- in law is 81 years old, she is suffering from urinary track infection and fever for quite some times. After testing the urine culture, she was given antibiotic tablets, still it is continuing. She suffered lot of mental problems in her life, some times she is moody.Otherwise her physical condition is all right. Now she is taking cantharis 30 daily 3 times, she developed urge for urination so she discontinued the medicine. Please could you suggest me medicine for her and does she requires any tests to be conducted.
    Please inform me.
    with regards,
    Krishna Prasad.

  8. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My 10 year old autistic nephew is struggling with this condition . after watching the testimonies , i am also eager to know that can my hyper active nephew be able to speak properly. He is fit and healthy otherwise and loves to go to park and engage himself in physical activities.Though he has been going to normal school and at present in V grade. We have no clue that how he has been treated by his mates and teacher in school as he often refused and make excuses to not to go to school. He can not explain what he has been going through. My sister and brother in law enrolled him for speech therapy classes for around 1 year. (since therapy duration is one year). But no substantial improvement was observed, though he recognize everybody but he is unable to communicate with us. He repeats whatever we ask him. Can you pls. provide your valuable opinion on what we should do for his betterment and cure through homeopathy.

  9. Sr I have low sprem count and motility. I have just 3ml. Plz suggest to improve my problem

  10. Bishwajit Das says:

    Dear Mr. Dr. Sharma,

    Thanks a lot for your prescription in several diseases. But I need your suggestion regarding Kidney diseases of my maternal uncle who is suffering for kidney diseases and his Creatinine is 6.8 . Is there any homeo treatment to reduce his creatinine? and also save him from kidney dialysis. We will be grateful for you treatment advice in this regard.

    Thanks & regards,

  11. Indervir Hundal says:

    My son is 15 years old and does not speak. I would like him to understand and say words. Can you prescribe anything.


    dr.sahib g.namskar g.sir mere ki aaju 20 vrs hai g.uoske bal dhole ho gye g ab dari me v 2bal dole aa gye ne so kirpa krke medishn btane kirpa krni.ji.mobiel no.09915188658

  13. Satyaveer Singh says:

    I have a baby age 3.2yrs, having the symptoms like ADHD like he is very active, not sit a single place for more than ten seconds, not telling about about potty or this kind of activity and become aggressive when happy and slapping the people when some one stop for anything he doing. He doesn’t speech verywell he just captured a one or two words what he hear.

  14. MY 3 year old is having william syndrome. is there any medication for genetic disorder,

  15. Sarvjeet arora says:

    Respected sir
    My son Daksh Arora (age 5 yrs) has autistic features & lack of speech. Last year he was diagnosed with autism. Presently his CARS score is around 35. From last 11 months he is under behaviour therapy interventions but the outcome is marginal. Now we started occupational therapy along with sensory integration.
    Please guide about the outcomes through homeopathy in treatment of autism.
    Thanks & Regards
    Sarvjeet Arora

  16. Manjula says:

    My son arush not taking autistic pls suggest medication number 9980789829

  17. Dear Sir,
    We have a child of 13 years age with mild Autistic features. He is able to speak a few words like Mama, Dada, Nana, Thithi, give, water..etc. But not major progress is seen in speech. He is able to write Alphabets in small & big letters, can write numbers from 1 to 10. He can recognize pictures of fruits, animals, objects, he is fond of car toys, he goes to a special school. His growth physically is normal, He cannot sip water, he obeys orders, he is good at playing autism games in tab. We had tried him homoeahaty 3 years back, but very slow progress.
    We request you to kindly advise us as to whether there is any remedy for this.

  18. Payel Adhikary says:

    Resprcted sir my son is 7yrs old.he has no social circles never gets mix with other children.disinterest when studying other people except me.but sometimes he talks very intelligently.he has very sharp memory .but very much hyperactive.sir plz suggest what to do.heis reading in class 1.we live in w.b.kolkata.he also has behaviour problem.can I get advice from you on how he can get treatment for you.

  19. Hello doctor, I’m Priya from Malaysia. My Son is now 4 years old n can’t communicate at all. He can sing dance n read alphabets n say words but don’t want to communicate. He can say Amma but nvr call me Amma. If he want anything he just grab my hand n show . Please help me ..

  20. mrs veena dixit says:

    Hello sir my name is veena dixit and my daughter who is 3.5 yrs old had been diagnosed with mild autism spectrum disorder she is not verbal at all responds to social interactions but don’t initiate them no hello no bye has a good eye contact but very hyperactive and aggresive kindly suggest me what I can I do to improve her condition

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