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Natural Homeopathic Remedies for High Functioning Autism Treatment

High functioning autistic kids respond very favourably to natural homeopathic remedies . The biggest advantage of using Homeopathic  medicines is that they are one hundred percent natural and  do not have any side effects and have a great ability to stimulate good deal of development in such kids.

 High functioning autism is not really an official diagnostic term, but is more a convenient term loosely used by medical practitioners. Though the term “high functioning autism” is commonly bandied around in the context of classic autism, it has thus far defied a definitive definition.Broadly speaking, it is used to describe kids who have several overlapping symptoms with autism and also do not develop language skills typically. It is more of a helpful diagnosis that is employed to arrive at the relevant line of treatment and school placement.

High-functioning autism thus forms the lower end of the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) spectrum as its signs and symptoms are less pronounced than in other forms of autism. A kids with high-functioning autism, in fact, can show good level of intelligence . Its distinctive traits that set it apart from other forms of autism often cause high-functioning autism to be confused with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Since it is not a very clearly defined term, as a parent, care giver or doctor it may be more challenging and confusing to detect and diagnose high-factors to distinguish it:

Generally, a child with high-functioning autism will exhibit normal to above normal intelligence levels with no considerable delays in acquiring language skills. This, however, in no way implies that people with high functioning autism will not experience problems with language skills.

 Though people with high functioning autism do not display much language difficulty; they may be given to using slang, exhibit unusual speech patterns or may actually avoid verbal interaction. A typical characteristic of this lower-end autism could be a flat, monotone intonation.The overlapping symptoms of high functioning autism and other forms of autism pertain mostly to other areas of development, such as social skills, sensory skills or motor skills.

Social skills

People with high-functioning autism display a deficiency of social skills. This decreased ability of skill in interacting with others, in fact, defines patients of autism. The person is unable to grasp social cues, may interpret conversations and speech too literally, and display inadequate understanding of facial expressions, body language and other people’s point of view.

Sensory skills

kids with high functioning autism at times show sharp reactions to different textures,  strong smells, sudden sounds, sights, or other stimuli that others might not even notice or react to, such as a flickering light, moving objects etc. This either makes them hypersensitive or hyposensitive to sensory stimuli.

While a hypersensitive person will shrink from strong lights or sounds, a hyposensitive person will be loud in speech, like loud music and seek strong sensory stimulation.As with classic autism, the causes of high functioning autism could be several such as inherited genetic deficiencies, environmental role and various physiological factors.

Natural homeopathic medicines for High Functioning Autistic kids

Homeopathic medicines are very safe , natural and highly effective in helping kids with high functioning autism. This segment of autism responds very favourably to Homeopathic medicines . I have always used homeopathic medicines which are meant for development delay and not autism . Hardly have I ever used Carcinocin for high functioning autistic kids . Simple development medicines like calcarea group , baryta carb , tuber etc . show much promising result in treating High funtioning autism naturally.

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  1. Sagarika Mandal says:

    I am 20 years girl. now my height 4ft9inch . my family height father 5.7ft, mother 5.4 ft. brother 5.5 ft. I want to tall 5.3 ft. please help me

  2. Partha Som says:

    Autistic child at the age of 14Y female only attention deficiency.

  3. please do needful ,sir take my son case

  4. please do needful

  5. Liza Uncangco says:

    I need help with my son and im willing to try this ASAP


    My son is autistic aged 7, how it can be cured by homeopathy.

  7. Ashley Warner says:

    Hello, My son is almost 8 and has high functioning autism. He is always pacing, hand flapping, and making mouse noises. I am needing some advice because he will be in a regular classroom this coming year for 2nd grade. Thank you.

  8. shailendra kumar says:

    my son age 9 year dignose with asperger v/s high functionig autism at the age of 6yr. he has achieved all milestone as a normal child up to the age of 5yr and doing well in school.At the age of 5yr his behaviour all of suden changed dramatically after high grade fever. although his performance in school was good upto the 3rd class.Now has entered in 4th standard.Now his behaviur is similar to high functiong autism.Pl advise

  9. My son fits the description above, no speech and social skills, poor eating habit,
    How can we benfit from this treatment

  10. Can you suggest some homeopathic remedies for attention and focus that will help my 14 year old son With Aspergers? Thank you.

  11. dr indra dhakal says:

    Dear sir, I m dr indra dhakal orthopedic surgeon from Nepal. My son is 22 month old. He was speaking progressively till 18 months then gradual cessation of speech. He used to respond less to verbal stimuli since early, as he was 1 month premature at birth so I thought of delayed development. Last month I consulted with pediatrician she told it to be slight regression and advised for some behavior therapy, since then we stopped TV ,mobiles and continuous engaged with kid. Now at 2 wks he bubbles and interacts more with eye contact. Plz advise what to do next as your experience can really help. Thanking dr indra.

  12. Sherlita Guidry says:

    Hi there I have an severe autism non verbal adhd 16years old son who has regress,and started shaking his body ,and blinking eyes as if he was catching a seizure,he use to act normal once upon a time ,the only way you could have tell if you talk to him he would repeat, that was how you
    could have tell,but now that he started going to high school he has regressed
    please help me to improve my child

  13. Dear Dr Sharma,

    My 3rd child was born in 2008 and has been developing normally. He spoke his first words at the age of 11 months and walked when he was 14 months. What it seemed a bit weird to us was his hand flapping once he was exciting with something. He went to the kindergarden at the age of 3. He had a good sense of humor, very good eye contact and spontaneous speech. At around the age of 5 teacher told me that Marcos was becoming a bit strange. He was getting a bit upset in class and was not obbeying. At the age of 6 we had an operation removing his tonsils, adenoits and liquid from his ears.
    After this surgery it was like we were given another kid to take at home. Marcos at the beginning was really horified. He wouldn’t sleep alone, not even go to the toillet alone. He wouldn’t leave us for minute. He started becoming pshycotic. He would hold his head crying and telling me ” Mama please help me, I am not feeling good”. Slowly slowly Markos stopped expressing himself , he is just repeating what we are telling him mostly. He still has eye contact and I understand that he fully comprhends what we are talking about. He developed a lot of sensory problems and he is very streesed. He is pulling our hair and biting himself.
    The doctors told us that he is in the Autism Spectrum but I cannot really understand that. How can a child become like this at the age of six. One month after the operation we started taking him for speech therapy , occupational therapy and ABA. he even joined the normal class at school 1st grade but we stopped in December ’cause he could not learn as his stress was increasing. Now he is in a class with another 3 Kids who have severe autism.
    Could you please help us on how we can work on his recovery?
    Thank you.


    Please intimate how homeopathy can help my daughter in treating her disease condition.

  15. dfsdfsdf

  16. I have a child who has mild autism. I would be grateful if you can introduce me to this therapy.

  17. amit agrawal says:

    my 3yrs 10 mths old son has been diagonsed as a case PDD-NOS around one and half year ago .. he has excellent i.q , speak quite a lots of words , sing rhymes .. but his communication skills are poor , he has some hypersensitivity issues , he has a tendency to get violent when angry which he does more than often.
    can you help us out
    we live in india

  18. krishnamurthy.s says:

    Treatment for autism in homiopathi to 7years child.

  19. Owen was diagnosed at 3yrs old, they recommended aba and alot of it. My health insurance would’nt cover threphy but meds they would. I have called everyone and begged for help we make to much to get help but not enough to buy own sessions. Owen is very verbal and quite brilliant he understands alot except personal space. He does not like change what so ever only babysitter is parents and aunt and that’s if I can bribe him to stay. We tried head start Last year and only after 2 horrible days the school recommened home schooling. Owen can be agressive and cuss and also say very inappropriate sexual things or actions. He watches same things over and over the list seems to be getting longer however he will recite most words with show. He is fully potty trained but bowel movements took longest to aquire and every time he does he has blood i wipe not much but present every time. They his ped. Dr. put him on prozac to calm his fears of leaving me or home and it was awful he began head banging cussin more and much more aggressive. Please help he is so hyper and excitable and them switches to angry and verbal and physicy mean School is less than a year away I want him to experience some of what kids his age are, and some people meet owen and cant believe he is autistic because his is si much in emotioal part of him help please.

  20. Kt Denning says:

    To Dr. Sharma
    Both my boys, Joshua aged 7 and Austin aged 5 show signs of high autism. They have not been formally diagnosed but doctors and teachers have concerns!
    From very early on Joshua was a demanding boy! But now he is very argument ice and doesn’t like to smile.
    Austen on the other hand was a delightful baby but changed around about 14 months. He was a late developer! Had a lot of ear infections and cried a lot when we went out. Now he is very intelligent but has some OCD issuse’s.
    Both the boys are really loud and have to be told time after time to do things!
    I would like to help them without using drugs and have happy children and a happy family?
    Is there any way you think you could help us please?
    Yours gratefully
    Kt Denning

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