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Homeopathic Remedies for AVN – Avascular Necrosis Treatment

Homeopathic Remedies for AVN - Avascular Necrosis Treatment

Unbearable pain in the bones is what Avascular Necrosis (AVN) can lead to. It’s a result of the death of bone cells due to an interruption in blood supply. Since the blood supply to the bone is lacking, the bone breaks and finally collapses.AVN can involve almost any bone of the body, but it mostly affects hip joints, knees and shoulder joints. The main cause of AVN is trauma, and fracture of bones. Excessive consumption of alcohol and steroid medication too can lead to Avascular Necrosis. People with Rheumatoid Arthritis and hypertension are also prone to develop AVN. Exposure to radiations and bisphosphonate therapy used in the treatment of cancer and Osteoporosis are the other risk factors. Homeopathy is of great help in the treatment of Avascular Necrosis. The Homeopathic remedies for Avascular Necrosis are made of natural substances with zero side effects, work on two fronts: they halt the destruction of bones because of interrupted blood supply, and reduce the pain because of bone damage.

Bones prone to AVN and symptoms

Avascular Necrosis can involve almost any bone of the body, but it mostly affects hip joints, knees and shoulder joints. The bones mainly involved are the head of the femur (a bone in the thigh extending between the hip and the knee), humerus (bone in upper arm extending between shoulder and elbow), scaphoid bone (bone in wrist), jaw and ankles. In the beginning, no symptom is noticed by the patient. But gradually, pain in the affected bone is felt when the bone is put under pressure. As the condition reaches the most advanced stages, pain in the affected bone becomes a constant feature.

Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Avascular Necrosis

The Homeopathic treatment for Avascular Necrosis uses the body’s own restorative process to heal, is basically aimed at halting the destruction of bones in patients of Avascular Necrosis because of interrupted blood supply. The second aim of these remedies is to reduce the pain in bones because of bone damage. Both these aims are accomplished by the use of natural medicines, which have zero side effects and are completely safe. The medicines are selected after taking into account the proper case history of the patient. The medicines are prescribed based on the bone involved, the kind of bone pain and other peculiar symptoms in each individual case.

1. Syphilinum: For Night Pains

For its beneficial action on body tissues wherever the destructive process is present, Syphilinum is the top natural medicine. Apart from its universal healing action to stop the destruction of body tissues, Syphilinum is of great help in treating bone necrosis. The most dominant feature for selecting Syphilinum in any given case of AVN is the worsening of bone pains at night. The pains are experienced throughout the night. The patient is not able to sleep on account of the severe pain. The pains may compel the patient to walk about, which seems to bring relief. Such persons remain comparatively well the whole day. Another marked symptom that can help in selecting Syphilinum for AVN cases is a specific pattern regarding the appearance and disappearance of pains. The pattern followed is a gradual increase in bone pains and in the same way, a gradual disappearance of pains. The third symptom that may be present in a few AVN patients needing Syphilinum is worsening of pains because of heat and some relief by applying cold water. Craving for alcoholic stimulants and a history of excessive alcoholism may be present in persons requiring Syphilinum.

2. Silicea: For Necrosis of Bones

Silicea is considered among the best natural medicines for necrosis (premature death of cells) of a variety of bones ranging from long to small bones. The necrosis of jaw, wrist bones, hand bones, feet bones, ankle, knees and in addition long bones —including humerus (bone in the upper arm), femur (bone in the thigh) and tibia (bone in front of leg) — are all the site of action for using Silicea. The general symptom for using Silicea is sensitivity to cold air when bone pains worsen from a slight exposure to cold air. Warmth brings relief. The persons needing Silicea may have an excessive offensive odor on the feet.

3. Fluoric Acid: For AVN of Long Bones

Natural remedy Fluoric Acid works most effectively as a remedy for the necrosis of long bones. The bones include humerus (bone in the upper arm), femur (bone in the thigh) and tibia (bone in front of the leg). Fluoric Acid thus is mainly used to halt the necrosis appearing in long bones. The persons needing Fluoric Acid usually have excess body heat and the external heat worsens the condition. This distinguishes Fluoric Acid from Silicea, which is beneficial if cold air worsens the condition. Apart from long bones, the bones of the ear (which are rarely involved) are also covered under Fluoric Acid, which helps in improving the blood circulation and preventing further necrosis of bones.

4. Aurum Metallicum: For Necrosis in Nasal, Palatine Bones

Aurum Metallicum is a natural remedy that is very beneficial in the treatment for necrosis in nasal and palatine bones. The mastoid bone is also the site that benefits with the use of Aurum Met. The patient complains of pains at night and may suffer from extremely offensive odor from the mouth and nose along with pain. The patient may also feel depressed with a high degree of sadness. In addition, the zest for life is lost. These symptoms, however, may not appear in all the patients needing Aurum Mettalicum.

5. Symphytum: For Bone Damage in Fracture

Natural medicine Symphytum is very beneficial as a remedy for bone-related complaints. Symphytum can be considered in all cases where the bone has suffered damage following fractures. It helps in proper knitting of the bone. This is helped by providing the necessary callous material needed for bone reformation. So, in every case of fracture where Symphytum is used, it acts as a preventive agent against necrosis as the bone is very neatly and efficiently woven by this medicine.

6. Natrum Sulph: For Hip Joint

Natural remedy Natrum Sulph should always be considered in cases of AVN of the hip joint. Natrum Sulph is one of the most beneficial medicines when dealing with hip joint AVN. The patient mainly complains of pain during motion or when stooping.

Other Remedies

1. For Avascular Necrosis of  Femoral Bone

The remedies for treating Avascular Necrosis of the femur are selected after noting down the symptoms in each individual case. Silicea and Strontium Carb are the natural remedies mainly recommended for patients who experience aggravated pain in cold air. Fluoric Acid, on the other hand, suits patients whose condition worsens in the heat. Apart from this general feature, other characteristic symptoms provided by the patients are given the highest importance for choosing the correct natural medicine when dealing with AVN of the femur.

2. For AVN of Tibia Bone

The main symptom for choosing remedy Asafoetida for AVN of the tibia is worsening of pains at night and over-sensitivity in bone pains. Phosphorous is another natural remedy that helps in cases where the tibia bone is experiencing the destruction of cells and is very fragile. The person needing Phosphorus is nervous and sensitive to touch, noise and even sound. Along with sensitivity, he or she may experience a burning sensation in various parts of the body.

3. For AVN of the Jaw

Phosphorus is an effective remedy for treating lower jaw AVN. It is of great help when the lower jaw is affected due to lack of blood supply. However, a special mention must be made that Phosphorus is used in match factories and some persons may have acquired the disease due to working in match factories and inhaling Phosphorus fumes for a long duration. Natural medicine Merc Cor is also effective as a treatment for necrosis of upper jaw.

But it is Hekla Lava which is the top natural remedy for Avascular Necrosis of the jaw when the jaw destruction is accompanied by marked facial nerve pains.

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  1. Sir I have AVN head pain Dr told me operation what can I perfare or homeopathy is better than operation

  2. Sachin Kumar Gupta says:

    I am 40 yrs old and suffering from AVN stave IV. I took epilepsy medicines when I was 14 yrs old. Doctor suggest decompression or hip replacement surgery, right now doctor advice me to take Patricia 70 once in a week, vitamin c, calcium and aspirin. Is it curable in Homeopath.

  3. Saswati Sangita says:


  4. Ashish Sharma says:

    Hello Doctor,

    I’ve been diagnosed with stage 2 AVN in my right hip & stage 1 AVN in the left, I experience occasional pain in the thigh and knee areas resulting in fear & anxiety of not being able to carry on my life normally and immobility in future. I do t want to go for surgical procedure.
    Please suggest.

  5. I have second stage AVN in left Hip Joint.
    Pain in Walking.
    AVN is due to steroids.

    Suggest medicines.

  6. Shashikant says:

    Hi , how you handle it for 20 yrs . Please tell us so that we can also avoid THR.

  7. Munesh kumar says:

    Dr. I am suffering from avascular necrosis of hip. Get core decompression. But symptoms persist. Could u suggest some medicine to cure this.

  8. Phillip Murray says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My name is Phillip Murray. I was diagnosed with AVN in 2001.. I was told I would need a hip replacement within 5 years. Well, it’s been 20 years of resisting the hip replacement. However, I am now experiencing increasing pain and less mobility of right hip. I am hoping you can help me. I look forward to hearing from you. Happy New Year.

  9. Vijayanand R says:

    I am 39 year old male diagonised lupus from 2015 and taking steroids for my diseases, due to my steroids from 2018 i am diagnosed with AVN on both hips now at stage 4 and having heavy pain and joint stiffness and my movement is restricted and most time at bedrest only. My lupus is under control i am takimg medication for that. But for AVN i am not taking any treatment, sometimes taking pain medications.ortho suggest me for THR.but i am not readyy for THR now.
    I am looking for non surgical treatment in homeopathy. Kindly share me details for the treatment and if u need more information i will share that.

    • Jyoti nimbalkar says:

      I am 39 year old female diagonised lupus from 2015 and taking steroids for my diseases, due to my steroids from 2018 i am diagnosed with AVN on both hips now at stage 4 and having heavy pain and joint stiffness and my movement is restricted and most time at bedrest only. My lupus is under control i am takimg medication for that. But for AVN i am not taking any treatment, sometimes taking pain medications.ortho suggest me for THR.but i am not readyy for THR now.
      I am looking for non surgical treatment in homeopathy. Kindly share me details for the treatment and if u need more information i will share that.


  10. Saswati Sangita says:

    Miss Saswati F-28 suffering steroied induced AVN femour stage IV both leg since 2005.Now she is able to walk for 500 mtr and after that geting pain. Other routine work she is ferforming except sit down on the floor with “chakashan”.She is unable to open legs side by side more than one feet. previously i have submitted my details but no advice obtained.
    Regards ,Saswati.

    • Munesh kumar says:

      Dr. I am suffering from avascular necrosis of hip. Get core decompression. But symptoms persist. Could u suggest some medicine to cure this.

  11. Onwunyili Chidiebere Uchenna says:

    Good day doctor Sharma. My name is Chidiebere Onwunyili from Nigeria. My younger was diagnosed with avascular necrosis 3 years ago and the doctors here in Nigeria said he needs athroplasty of the hip but he’s too young to undergo such surgery . Is there any other treatment for the ailment? He’s 28 years old.

  12. Saswati Sangita says:

    Good morning Sir. I m Saswati F-28 suffering from AVN Femor stage iii since 2005. I was a patient of non-hoskins limphoma and was under treatment at TATA memorial Hospital.Now i have no complain of NHL and off treatment since 2004.AS stated Dr. of TATA that AVN ferrom happened on both hip due to steroid induced.
    Medicine taken-2005 to 2006 -Nice 50 mg two tab BD
    06.01.2007 to 14 month Ayurvedic medicine from Ramdev Baba Dr. which enable me to walk and porform me my routine work.Since then I unable to open my leg side by side and unable to sit in CHAKASAN/PADMASANA.
    In between i had also taken ayurvedic medicine for flexibility of both leg but no fruitful result obtained. Tanking You
    Saswati Sangita
    sambalpur ODISHA.768020.

  13. Victoria Lukye says:

    My dog has Osteonecrosis of the upper left large molar area/ back tooth. He has lost a molar with bone attachment. Now left with a large hole in the area. The tooth next to it (forward) is affected as well. He has been under veterinary care since presenting with foul breath issues June 2020. I had visited the Vet 3x before they diagnosed him with Stomatitis & Muscular Myositis. I’m not happy with lack of xrays for the mouth to rule out infection of oral cavity. No antibiotics were ever given until he lost a tooth with narcotic bone attached. Sad Veterinarians. He was seen by 3 different Vets in the same clinic for the same issue. Not one chose a different route. Only Gabapentin & Prednisone.

  14. Kathleen English says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    I have avascular necrosis of the hip. Have had it for over a year. I am in pain every day and in more pain at night, causing me not to sleep. Is there any natural remedy for this condition. I am very desperate.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  15. Kishor Singh says:

    Sir i am suffering with avn of hip s8nce last 2 years.
    Recently i am on homeopathic medication but n9t satisfied.need u r help

  16. Dr, I am a aged 57 yrs CNS Lymphoma survivor and wheelchair bound. I was wrongly diagnosed as Multiple Scelerosis and was given high dose of steroids for which the left shoulder AVN occurred.
    Now I am unable to lift my left shoulder with severe pain always for which the orthopedic doctor suggests Left shoulder replacement surgery. Since I am wheelchair bound I am little nervous. Please suggest if there are any homeopathic medicine for AVN of left shoulder. I appreciate your help. Thank you.

    Mohan Begur

  17. Kishor Singh says:

    Sir i am suffering with avascular necrosis of hip of 2 nd age is 44.
    I want to sonsult u.
    Pl guide me the procedure

  18. Deepak Chopra says:

    Hi Sir
    i am 51 year man name deepak chopra i am surfing with avn in LHS Hip Joint since last 10 Months.
    Sir i need your help & advise.

  19. Hemraj Sonawane says:

    I am Hemraj Sonawane From kalyan Dist Thane Maharashtra I am having AVN from last 4years it is in 3 stage B/L SO Pls help me it painifull

  20. Gufran ali says:

    Sir hme avn ka problem hi 2 years se or hlab27 bhi positive hi to plzz kuch best medicine batae iske liye or ye bhi batae ki kb tk hme in medicine se poora aram mil.jaega

  21. Satish Hiremath says:

    I have 4 years suffering avn both hip right hip surgery not success
    Lh side hip more than … Allopathy… Ayurvedic… All givan now Homiyopati medicine it’s not cure
    I have suggest all avn penitent this avn problem treatment is t no .. Only.. Fack doctor is advice I well cure this problem Only one money important the same doctors.. Shameful

  22. Ghanshyam Prasad Rai says:

    Hello Sir ,
    My age is 69yr. I am suffering from hips AVN Stage 3 since3 year. I can’t sleep on right side.But now a days I’m start feeling burning sensation in left side hip after 2 -3 hour of sleep. So kindly suggest me suitable homeopathic treatments. Thanks you.
    Yours sincerely
    GhanshyamPrasad Rai

  23. Kiran from surat says:

    .Hello sir i have AVN in both hip in stage 3 . so please help me to avoid hip replacement. And my age is 4o . and i am suffering from pls give me suggestion about this.try Ayurveda treatment but it is failed.try elopathy treatment at mumbai hinduja hospital.use byphosphonate alendronic acid last 1 year.but not success.AVN increase and more colleps.and feel bad and pain.pleas help are my hope sir.sorry to my poor english.

  24. R k Tiwari says:

    I am fouth stage AVN problem
    I take Homeopath medicine . I. Arnica200
    Ruta/ Rustox 200/homeo call tab
    Pl.advise me

  25. I have 4stagr of avn. Can it cure

  26. Nabreen irum says:

    Hello sir good morning I am diagnosed avn of right hip joint it is of Bread 4 as pr my Doctor and MRI report ple suggest me if you can help I am from Pakistan please help me sir I am not able to afford surgery hip raplacement

    • noshad ahmad says:

      hey irum irum i have the same problem and looking for treatment but in your case i wish that your bone can heal itself but in worse cas scenario i can help you if you need hip replacement

  27. Sukanta Mondal says:

    Sir my mother’s hips are painining from more than 4 daignosed and told me she suffering from avascular necrosis of femoral head avn of right hips recomended me for hip surgery.her age is 53 is there any option if so do tell me

  28. Neelam Vania says:

    Hello sir i have AVN in both hip in stage 4 . so please help me to avoid hip replacement. And my age is 39 . and i am suffering from 5 pls give me suggestion about this.

  29. Avijit Nandy says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I have AVN at left femoral head stage 2B , I have little pain throughout the day and at a stretch I can walk with a limp till 500m then I have to take a break and again can walk the next stretch of 500m . How can I overcome the problem with the help of homeopathy. Looking forward for your response.
    Thanking you,
    Avijit Nandy

  30. sheyna gold says:

    DSear Dr. Sharma,
    Can you give me an idea if these remedies (below) might help for a situation like this  – where someone has, (according to a dental x ray checkup) – an infection of the bone under a previous root canal. 
    (The infection did not show on x ray there 6 months ago).  The dentist said he should have 2 teeth out over there..
    He currently has no  pain or swelling – just showing on the x ray and the dentist says he should have two teeth out.

    He once had  a case of trial neuralgia before  a bad tooth was taken out before – nerualgic pain in jaw going to ear, which was vefry severe at the time – and I would be nervous if any of these remedies
    would “awaken” any latent problem like that now…)?

    Someone suggested these remedies: for once a day each for 3 days –
    pyrogen 30 c, hekla 30c, mercury sol 30c.

    Could you tell me if in your opinion, this might be good, as I am nervous. to give
    Thanks very much,

  31. Shyam Gujare says:

    Dear sir
    I am shyam Gujare 31 y male patient I was suffering from AVN BL hip and humerus. I was done by left sided total hip replacement for last one year. But I have severe pain in right hip and left humerus and start in right humerus. I was taking a Inj zylondranic acid 5 ml in IV plz take me ur opinion and suggest ur treatment.
    Sir I was Live in Nashik Maharashtra.
    Plz I hope you to take me ur opinion

  32. Manoj kumar says:

    I am suffering from avn of both hip grade 2and grade 3

    • Pravin Jahul says:

      Dear Dr,

      I am from Mauritius. My daughter aged 22 followed treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in Medanta from June 2018 to January 2020. She is doing fine. Recently we found out that she had contracted AVN in the elbows, knees and ankles as a result of the steroids-intensive treatment. She jas been prescribed Calcium tablets and Vitamin D. What would you recommend?
      Thanks and regards

  33. Sukh dev sharma says:


  34. K P Satish Nair says:

    My name is Satheesh and my age is 53 now .
    Last year September onwards started heavy pain in my left leg and it got siviour with in 3months ,pain was fells like entire leg specially in Thai and hip area . Earlier I got back pain neck and Lower portion in back (the same happened in long back but it is get cleared by massages & acupressure) presently everything tried but failed.
    Dr. Taken x ray blood test sonography as i told him I am feeling pain mainly left side lower adohman.
    As per him it nothing and servicle spondylitis. But pain increased and under gone for mri , reported bilateral avn stg 3 at right and stg 4 with colapse head at left.
    Undergone core decompression surgery for left and taking risophos 35 ever week and shell cal 500 daily.
    As there was a shortage d3 it’s course for 4weeks and 11 months will complete by February 2020.
    Now again pain in left side is start increasing in similar way
    Having fear to go to back previous condition
    Can i get it treated in homeopathy
    Please help me with your valuable advise.

    Satheesh chandran

  35. Omshankar panday says:

    Kya AVN early stage ka treatment without surgery possible hai …? ? ?

  36. lisa Johnson says:

    Just diagnosis today. Both hips. I have very little pain. Can I send you the Puc from my MRI?

  37. I have bilateral hip Avn
    IM currently get hyperbaric oxygen has helped a lot..
    Pain reduced to almost zero

  38. Dear Dr. Sharma
    My name is Naaz 50 yrs old.
    Last year I went for an MRI. I have avn of the right hip. I was diagnosed with Lupus about 2 years ago. I am on prednisone and methotrexate. I had bone decompression 2 months ago. But I still have pain.
    Please advice on alternative treatment.

  39. Om Prakash agarwal says:

    Sir, namaskar my name is om prakash agarwal age about 58 yrears old residents, cuttack,orissa
    My right leg in hip joint pain last 2 years I have MRI testing and result is AVN
    Further last 15 days start my left leg hip joint pain same is right leg
    Please suggest treatment in homeopathy
    Or cured procedures.

    • Rajendra Prasad Mishra says:

      My sister aged 38 yrs is suffering from avn in right hip since long but diagnosed last month only. I have shown to three doctors they are telling to go for hip transplant.
      Kindly advise me

  40. Sakib Mohasin Khan says:

    Suffering from avascular necrosis since 2017

    • Dear sir,
      My brother Aashish is suffering from AVN pain. It’s due to an accident and surgery in right hip. Now doctors are suggesting for hip replacement later or sooner. His age is only 26years. Sir is there any treatment for this problem. You are requested to do the needful. My number is 987139922.

      With regards

  41. prabhat prakash lal says:

    Avn in early stage in right leg ,unable to walk,shooting pain,suggest homeopathy medicine pls

  42. Harish Malhota says:

    Dear sir , I am suffering from AVN pain in both hip joints from last 6 months , it’s due to cause of steroids medicine wysolon of now I am taking bakson B69 and B17 and symphytom mother tincher.
    Please help me and advise is it curable or not and what is the best medicine for this problem. My age is just 28year and I don’t want any hip replacement at this age.

  43. Gajen Narzari says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am Gajen Narzari, 55 years old, Male patient suffering from AVN in left side leg as Orthopaedic Doctor said which was diagnosed in July 2019 after MRI reports. It was affected from July, in the year 2018. I was also suffering from Septicemia problem w. e.f. 12th July, 2018 and under the treatment of Critical care Doctors and Neurologist Doctor . But AVN problems was not diagnosed during this time. Now Orthopaedic Doctor advised to go for the operation for AVN which is damaged 75% of the Femoral Head L. S. Please let me advise for Homeopathic treatment without operation if any .
    With regards.
    Gajen Narzari, aged 55 years, Male.
    New Bongaigaon,
    Dist:- Bongaigaon, Assam. Pin-783381,
    Phone : 9085532798 .
    E-mail :-

  44. Arnab halder says:

    Dear sir I have avn in left leg hip joint I had done decompression in 2012 but still suffering pain in leg I have don hip x ray and consult doctor and he advice me that the necrosis in increasing and he give me medecine astoposis 70mg and told me to continue 3 month I don’t know what to do pls advice me medecine to cure fully if possible my age is 40 plus regards Arnab

  45. yashika sabharwal says:

    hi doctor, my age is 28 from delhi. and i am suffering from AVN stage 5. Although i am taking Ayurvedic medicine for the pain but i want to try for homopethic medicine . all the ortho has suggest me for operation but i dont want to go for that as my baby is very small and even heard that there are alot of precautions have to take after operation. After reading this article, i just want to know is my disease is curable if i go for homopethic medicine and can you suggest me from where this medicine is available .

    • Gaurang Agarwal says:

      Hello Sir,
      I m suffering from AVN in my left hip .i had done core decompression 7 months back but it didnt helped me..
      Plz suggest some remedy so that my blood flow can start over my hips and pain reduces..
      I m suffering from this from more than 1 year.
      Above that i have a problem in walking also..
      I had to leave my job also because of this.
      Plz help me Sir.

      Gaurang Agarwal

    • Jatin Saraswat says:

      I want to know… Have you tried homeopathic medicine… I have AVN stage 3 and stage 1 in my both hips. Dr advised me for THR. Would you give me your contact details… So May I contact you….

  46. Praveen Savane says:

    Best treatment Or therapy to cure AVN ( Proven )

    Dr. Ankur sharma ( DMRT )
    Mumbai, India

    Dr. Suresh M Kadlimatti ( Ayurveda doctor )
    Jamnagar, Gujrat Or Belgaum

    Mr. Atul Shah ( Ojas Life ) Rawdiet plan – refer his Blog and youtube
    Mumbai, India

    No response to patients comments / request
    So I thought to help them and get rid of pain

  47. How I can get out of AVN
    Hip and knee joints affected already.

  48. jean toms says:

    Dear DR. Sharma you are my last hope for avn of the hips 63 year male with copd took steroids for it, do not want hip replacement in stage 4, pain comes and goes cold makes it worse

  49. Dr S R Sarkar says:

    Hello I mean Dr Sarkar (physiotherapist), have been diagnosed AVN of hip joint, Dr suggest core decompression treatment, is it curable in homeopathy and how, please suggest me what should I do…

  50. Anil Seth says:

    I am 68 years old male. Have been diagnosed with AVN stage I / II. I have consulted several leading Orthopedists in Delhi. I was advised core decompression by one. Therapy by another and finally the consensus was that the joint is fine need to strengthen muscles. I am undergoing ESWT shock wave therapy along with other similar pain management machines. Pain is getting much less have started walking 2500 steps. Can you help me in recovering. I stay in Hauz Khas New Delhi 9818444100

  51. Md Imtiyaz Aslam says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I have been diagnosed with AVN (Avascular Necrosis Stage 3) in the head of bilateral femur with left femoral head collapse. I have been having pain in my left thigh on outer part since last eight months which radiates to knee and even below the knee. Having pain in hip joint also, but mostly I experience pain in my left thigh. I am a male and my age is 43 years.

    Kindly suggest me a proper remedy in homeopathy.

    Md Imtiyaz Aslam
    Mob: 9708097230, 7903901510

  52. K.Sitaraman says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am a male and aged 68 years.
    Since past 9 months, I have been having severe pain in my right heel while trying to get up from sitting position from a chair and try to walk. But the pain used to subside as I continue to walk. I took some Ayurvedic powder with honey for a month and that has greatly (80%) reduced the reduced the pain. But I want a complete cure for this ailment. Kindly suggest some effective homoeopathic medcines for this.

  53. Gyan sharma says:

    Sir I am suffering from avn last year 24 june2019. Please tell me homeopathic medicine.thank U………

  54. Gyan sharma says:

    Sir I am suffering from avn last year 24 june2019. Please tell me homeopathic medicine.thank U

  55. Gyan sharma says:

    Sir I am suffering from avn last year 24 june2019. Please tell me homeopathic medicine.thank U

  56. darin whitmore says:

    please send Me any info that will help Me with My AVN of the hips. Very worried. Thank You Darin

  57. Bradford A Pettaway says:

    Good evening Dr. Sharma,
    My son has Avascular necosis of the leg. He is in constant pain, He has Sickle Cell. which natural remedy would you?

    Annie Pettaway at

  58. Shanteeria says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma.
    My name is Shanteeria
    i suffer from AVN diagnosed in 2017 and i was wondering if you could help me.
    i experience pain at night i tossed and turn i wake up in pain massaging my hip and down my thigh bone. heat or cold does seem to bother me however when i take hot showers i feel some relief. while walking i dont have a full gate. i cant walk fast i find myselff taking it easy while walking terrified il further injure myself.
    In 2012 i was diagnosed with Lupus Erythmatosis i spend years being a guinnea pig taking different meds till w settled on plaquinel and prednisone and oxycodone for pain. Not knowing any better and trusting them i used those meds for many years then started getting into natural remedies for things online when shortly after i fell off my bike landing on my hip not a bad fall normally but i guess with Lupus constricting my veins already and dont forget all the meds taking their tolls i didn’t stand a chance. So, when i hurt myself necrosis set it not knowing what was happening i brushed it off for almost a year till the pain started bothering me. also i should add in 2016 i had a heart attack out of no where and doctors cant explain it. Also, 4 months ago i was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. So you see doctor my situation is urgent, If you have natural solutions to help with all my issues id be blessed to hear back from you. Also, If what you can do is help me heal this AVN WITHOUT SURGERY you would be a god-send in my book.
    ill wait to hear from you

  59. Nilesh Agarwal says:

    Sir i m having avn stage 3.i only have pain when I walk, climb stairs .. my doctor recommend me for surgery. Can i get fully improvement in homeopathy..plz.

  60. Hyder Mohsin Karamali says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    First question, you don’t need money as you disclose the treatment openly and effecting other doctors.

    But I am prayerful to you for such good deeds.

    I am patient of AVN daignosed in 2013 RT Hip on 3rd Stage and Lt Hip is on 2nd Stage,

    I was taking Biochem 26 since 2013 years, with natural sunlight, diet which contain more RBC, and exercise, age now 52 years.

    n the early stages it was too painful while walking, climbing, sitting and lying, since I started taking medicine biochem26, rbc contain fruit and veg, exercise, notice improvement but since a month pain regain.

    Endoscopy done in 2011, history of GERD, taken medicine nexium 40mg, for 1 years continuously, history of eczema.

    please suggest me shall I start above mention treatment.

    My email;

    00918096453932. whatsapp only.

    Awaits your reply.

  61. Diptanu Banik says:

    Sir,I am having AVN stage 2. And I only have pain when I walk, climb or move my legs. At night also the pain get sm what increase, but I can sleep and all properly. I have checked everything in APPOLO and CMC Chennai…they told me for surgery . What’s your view on this . Can I get fully improve by HOMEOPATHY..! As I don’t want to have a surgery. Mine is in hip joint and feamour head .

  62. Mam M surender 26yrs suffering from avescular necrosis since 4yrs but can’t find a way to go out last year I done d compression surgery after that I feel 50%relief in right leg but not in left leg so tell me what medication is good for me i feel uncomfortable in cold and motion and stay in 1 condition long time then after that changing movement is difficult I hope u understand

  63. Devendra Prasad says:

    Sir my hip bone had fractured in 2015 screws removed in 2017 everything was ok but in 2018 from last two months i am having pain in my hip and thigh facing lots of difficulty in walking As per MRI AVN of femoral head deducted sir can this be cured by homepathy medicine

  64. Nasir jehangir says:

    Sir i am a avn problem patient
    I am in this problem last 5 years.
    My age is now 36 year.
    My both leg hip joints are frozen not working .
    I can not ride a motorcycle even not bicycle.
    So please suggested any medicine or any solution
    Here I clear that I have no feel any pain in joints

    • Sir, My wife is suffering from AVN since last one and half year by falling and receive injury .MRI report says it is in 3rd stage. Many treatment done but no result. Doctors suggest for surgery but we don’t want to go for surgery please suggest for your treatment then I’ll remain grateful to you.

  65. Nasir jehangir says:

    Sir i am a avn problem patient
    I am in this problem last 5 years.
    My age is now 36 year.
    My both leg hip joints are frozen not working .
    I can not ride a motorcycle even not bicycle.
    So please suggested any medicine or any solution
    Here I clear that I have no feel any pain in joints

  66. Lucky Matnani says:

    Hello, i am 42 years old male, have avn in both hip joints. Grade 2 in right hip and grade 5 in left hip. I am unable to move out of my house and continued limping. My symptoms aggrevates in cold environment and at night. Dr. Please i need your suggestion and guidance.

  67. Vikrant k. Batavia says:

    I have AVN in the hip bone in right leg. Necrosis of Femoral Head. Group 2. Decompression. C1 to C7 spondilytis and l4 and l5 theca dries. Understanding the limitations of Homoeopathic Treatment suggest medicine. Please be frank. My life is at stake. I am 54 years old.

  68. sangram p salunke says:


  69. Jeannie Marvin says:

    My Nephew has been diagnosed with necrosis in his hip. The hospital wants to replace his hip but his mother and I are searching for a different remedy. He has a sensitive body to steroids and antibiotics and surgery weaken him. I read here that Natrum may help his hip. Is there more that you may add to this information?
    Thank you,

  70. sangram p salunke says:

    sar muze 2 sal se left hip joynt pen h avn calls c h to kya kre chala fhirna muskil ho gaya h mere umar 32 sal h

  71. Lisa Lynch says:

    Hello, I had a chilectomy on left foot first metatarsal joint. Pain ever since surgery. Even though arthritis removed it is painful in joint area because Cartilage is very degenerated -only 30 percent left in joint. Now MRI shows bone in the area a different color like osteonecrosis may be happening as well as fractures. Please can you advise on which best to help me?

  72. Sir mujko avn ki problem h

  73. Harsh Shah says:

    Hello sir, I am in 4th Stage of AVN Hip & I am taking following medicines. Is it ok or shall I change combination?

    Calc phos 3x 4+4+4
    Calc flour 6x 4+4+4
    Selicea 3x 4+4+4

    Nat sulph 3x 4+4+4

  74. brajesh kashyap says:

    Dr. i am Sufferin og left hip avn last 2 year , sir, medicine ki dose kaise leni hai sir ur kaun-kaun si medicine leni hai,

  75. Neilvasnani says:

    Dr I am suffering of Avn stage 3 and Dr has recommend for replacement of hips bone which I do not agree also it’s about money Also I am dabities and kidney effect person so please recommend any medicine that can help me also I can’t able to sleep at night and I can’t able to walk like before

  76. Stella Phyllis says:

    Dang! Does Dr. Sharma ever reply to these poor, people in pain? If s0, I’ve scrolled and I don’t see any answers from him to them. 🙁
    Although I have faith in homeopathy, I highly doubt it could correct my Stage III AVN of the Talus (ankle bone). But really, these people here need guidance and feedback!!

    • Justin Kim says:

      Where can I find these natural remedies online that can hopefully help repair and heal my avascular necrosis pain in my right hip and osteopenia pain in my right knee? Thanks!

  77. I m 27 year old man from last 6 months going through the pain of avn necrosis hip . I tried all the list of your medicine but still too much pain .plz suggest some medicine I take this medicine in 1m liquid

  78. Umashankar says:


    am suffering with left femoral head AVN (Mitchell class D). Doctors advising to do total hip replacement surgery. It is possible to cure completely in homeopathy treatment. Pls give your feed back.

  79. CMa sharma says:

    Hello sir, this is CM Sharma from Ahmedabad, aGujarat . i am suffering from AVN B/L hip fsince 2009 oct now it increased to 4 th stage but joint movements are very flexible. So what precautuions and cure should be taken by me. Pl sir post your reply at the earlist. Thnking you

  80. Tarit Chaudhuri says:

    I have been consulting a Homeopathy Doctor in Kolkata, India for more than a year for arthritic pain in my right knee. H started with Formica 30C. I am getting very good result using his prescription. But now he wants to change the medication after a year. Unfortunately, I cannot buy that in here. I was searching interment to see whether there is anyone who can sell that medication to me. That is how I found you. He prescribed Sac Lac 30 (only two doses), Formica Rufa 200 (only for 3 days), & Calcerea Fluorica 6X (for another month). I got the 3rd one from Pure Formula, but not the other two. Can I buy them from you? Thanks in anticipation (713-927-6666)?

  81. Gitanjali sonawane says:

    Res.sir. My son is 5 year old. He is sufferimg from AVN hips.both the legs. Doctors of AIIMS told it incurable. Pl. help me.
    Waiting. For positive reply.

  82. Ramakant Dubey says:

    I am suffering from femer neck avn. Pain is high and unpredictable whether bone or muscle giving pain. Morning is worst in comparison to day. The strength of legs seems reduced. Thigh muscles are also looking reduced. Leg is shorten by 1.5 inch.
    Pl suggest medical treatment. I am under treatment of alophatic medicines. Can we partially take homeopathic and alophatic medicines

  83. Karen Vaz says:

    hello Dr Sharma,
    our 16 year old has had AVN for over 6 years in her ankle has had a clean out with surgical operation 2 years ago but in the last 8 weeks can not weight bear at all getting very concerned

  84. Tahir Riaz says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma
    This is Tahir from Saudi Arab. The result of my MRI “Findings are impressive of avascular necrosis of both femoral head especially the left with left transient marrow edema.”
    Please let me know is there any medication and i can avoid surgical treatment.

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