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Top 7 Homeopathic Medicines for Back Pain

Homeopathic Medicines for Back PainHomeopathy is known to effect magical recovery in back pain cases whether resulting from disc complaint, arthritis, injuries or muscle strain. It offers a wide range of highly effective remedies prescribed after detailed analysis and evaluation of symptoms. They are natural and therefore, safe for consumption by all age groups.

Homeopathic Medicines for Back Pain

Some medicines that are effective in back pain treatment are Rhus Tox, Bryonia Alba, Aesculus Hippocastanum, Kali Carb, Arnica Montana, and Hypericum Perforatum.

1. Rhus Tox – Best Remedy for Back Pain

Rhus Tox is a top grade medicine for treating back pain. Some characteristic symptoms indicating its use are – the back pain arises from muscle strain due to overstraining or overstretching or from lifting heavy weight, it worsens with rest while the person feels relief from walking or motion. Also, in cases where the back pain gets better with hard pressure, Rhus Tox is the appropriate choice of medicine.

2. Bryonia Alba – For Pain that Worsens with Motion

Bryonia Alba is another majorly indicated medicine for treating back pain. A prominent symptom that decides in favour of Bryonia Alba as the best medicine is that the back pain gets worse with motion. Walking also worsens back pain. Rest brings relief. Bryonia Alba is also the most suitable medicine for treating back pain that becomes more severe with stooping and standing.

3. Aesculus Hippocastanum – For Back Pain in Sacrum Region

Aesculus Hippocastanum is a major medicine for back pain affecting the sacrum region. The pain may extend to the hip along with sacrum back. Walking and stooping increase the pain. For some persons needing Aesculus Hippocastanum, rising from a sitting position is a challenge. Intense stiffness is observed in the sacrum and hip region along with the pain.

4. Kali Carb – For Back Pain in Women Post Childbirth

For back pain in women after childbirth, Kali Carb is considered to be very effective. The pain may get worse on walking and there is a need to stop and take rest before starting to walk again. There is a desire to lie down for relief from back pain. Stiffness or excessive weakness in the back may also attend the pain. Kali Carb is also useful for back pain in women during menses or after a miscarriage.

5. Cimicifuga Racemosa and Guaiacum Officinale – For Back Pain in Cervical (neck) Region

The most effective medicines for treating cervical back pain are Cimicifuga Racemosa and Guaiacum Officinale. The symptoms to look out for while prescribing Cimicifuga Racemosa are – pain, sensitivity in the neck, worsening of pain from pressure. The symptoms for use of Guaiacum Officinale are – stiffness in the cervical back and shoulders, aching pain in the neck.

6. Arnica Montana and Hypericum Perforatum – For Back Pain from Injury

For treating back pain arising from injury, Arnica Montana and Hypericum Perforatum are rated among the best treatment option. Back pain arising from falls blows – of both recent and remote origin – responds wonderfully well to these medicines. Persons needing Arnica Montana have sore, bruised pain in the back as after being beaten. This may be attended with lameness in the back. The symptoms for use of Hypericum Perforatum are – pain in the back with extreme sensitivity which makes it impossible to walk or stoop. Hypericum Perforatum is most significant medicine for coccyx pain (coccydynia) arising from a fall over the coccyx.

7. Cobaltum and Phosphorus – For Back Pain from Sitting

Cobaltum is used where pain in the back is worse in the sitting position. The pain usually radiates from the lower back down the legs and feet. Weakness in the legs may be felt. Walking may relive the back pain. Phosphorus is indicated where prolonged sitting leads to back pain. Weakness in the back may also be felt. Burning sensation in the spine is another feature that may attend.

8. Colocynthis and Magnesium Phosphorica – For Lower Back Pain Radiating Down Lower Limbs

Colocynthis and Magnesium Phosphorica are very effective medicines for back pain radiating down the legs. Among them, Colocynthis is helpful for back pain radiating down the limbs on the left side. The person needing Colocynthis may get relief from pressure. The pain can be tearing or drawing in nature. Magnesium Phosphorica is indicated for lower back pain that radiates down the right lower limb. The pain can vary from sharp, shooting, lightning-like or cramping in nature. Warm applications may offer some relief from pain.

9. Kalmia Latifolia and Paris Quadrifolia – For Cervical Back Pain Radiating Down the Arm/Hands

Kalmia Latifolia and Paris Quadrifolia are top grade medicines for cervical back pain radiating down the arms or hands. The radiating pain is accompanied by weakness, tingling, numbness in the arm or hands where Kalmia Latifolia will work best. Symptoms guiding the use of Paris Quadrifolia are a sensation of weight in the neck, worsening of symptoms from exertion (either mental/physical) and numbness in fingers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is back pain?

Pain felt anywhere between the cervical to coccyx region along the back is referred to as back pain. The back comprises the vertebrae, intervertebral disc, spinal cord, muscles, ligaments and tendons. The vertebrae are bony structures d include 7 cervical, 12 dorsal, 5 thoracic, 5 sacral and 4 coccygeal vertebrae. The intervertebral discs are flexible, cartilage structures. One intervertebral disc lies between two vertebrae. These intervertebral discs act as cushions to absorb shock and maintain flexibility of the spine. The vertebrae collectively make the vertebral column with the vertebral canal running through its length in the centre. The spinal cord is enclosed between the vertebral canal. The cause of back pain can lie in any of these structures that form the back. The lower back, however, is most vulnerable.

2. What other symptoms may show up with back pain?

The upper, middle or lower back may be affected. The upper back includes the cervical (neck) region; mid-back includes the dorsal region; and the lower back includes the lumbar, sacral and coccyx region. A major symptom that may accompany the pain is stiffness of the back. In case of pain in the cervical back, pain from neck may radiate down the arms. This may be attended with numbness, tingling in hands. Pain from the lower back may radiate down the lower limbs. This may also be attended with numbness, tingling and increased sensitivity in lower limbs. Other symptoms may include weakness in the back, lower limbs or upper limbs.

3. What could have caused my back pain?

Among the various causes behind back pain, the major ones include disc bulge, osteoarthritis, muscle strain, trauma and degenerative disc disease. Disc bulge refers to slipping of the intervertebral disc from its place. Osteoarthritis of the back refers to degenerative changes in the bones, disc, cartilage or joint of back. Muscle strain refers to overstretching of muscle arising from overuse, fatigue or lifting heavy weights. Degenerative disc disease refers to damage, dryness or breakage of the intervertebral disc mainly because of age-related wear and tear or from injury.

4. I have chronic back pain, which tests must I undergo for complete diagnosis?

Back pain investigation includes X-ray, MRI and CT scan. X-ray reveals any changes in the backbone. MRI and CT scan diagnose changes in the disc, muscles, ligaments, tendons of the back.

5. Are elders more prone to back pain?

Back pain can affect a person of any age group. However, back pain from degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis is most common in elderly people as these arise from age-related degenerative changes.

6. I have lower back pain that radiates down my legs, what could be the cause?

Lower back pain radiating down the lower limbs basically indicates sciatica which may arise from compression, pinching or irritation of the sciatic nerve in the back. The various causes of sciatica include spinal stenosis, disc bulge, disc degeneration, bone spurs, and spondylolisthesis.

7. What could be the reason for my cervical back pain radiating down the arms?

Pain in the cervical back that radiates down to the arms could be caused by pinching of nerves in the cervical region. Nerves in the cervical region could get pinched due to a disc bulge, herniated disc, cervical spondylosis, bone spurs, and spinal stenosis.

8. I have been advised surgery for lower back pain from disc bulge. Will these medicines help at this stage?

Homeopathy works wonders in lower back pain arising from disc bulge and helps avoid surgery is many such cases. However, the help offered by medicines in such cases and the extent of recovery depends on the severity of the case (mild/moderate/severe disc bulge).

9. Can’t exercise/physiotherapy cure back pain?

Physiotherapy does play an important role in managing back pain, but to completely cure back pain. But to get it cured a proper evaluation and treatment are needed. Both physiotherapy and medicines must go hand in hand for effective results.

10. Does back pain indicate a serious condition?

In most cases, back pain does not indicate a serious condition and does not require urgent medical aid. However, bowel/bladder incontinence or progressive weakness in legs together with back pain needs urgent attention as it may be an indication of the cauda equina syndrome, which is an emergency condition.

11. What lifestyle changes will help manage back pain?

Adopting some basic lifestyle measures can go a long way in managing back pain. Some of these are:

  • Maintain proper posture while sitting
  • Lose weight
  • Avoid lifting heavy weights
  • Avoid bending and twisting the back
  • Avoid prolonged, constant sitting and standing
  • Exercise and physiotherapy will help relax muscles and eventually, pain

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  1. Muhammad Ali asghar says:

    Respect sir
    How r you?
    Before 7 year insert injection on bucket.
    On that days till now my left leg swell. Feel noting on leg low side
    Kindly advise what I do

  2. Kodapakapradeep says:

    Sometimes I am suffering from2months backbone pain. I am using Rhustox200 but no use

  3. TAJ MUHAMMAD says:

    میرے کمرکے بیچ میں درد ہوتی ھے جس میں جلن بھی ہوتی ہے۔ کونسی دوا لوں

  4. Jai Prakash Verma says:

    Hello sir, I am Jai Prakash Verma. My wife is suffering from spinal pain in lower side.when she walks with a load on her head, she feels a hard pain in spinal card.the pain remains a long time.taking pain killer she feels some better.but the pain does not end completely. So please suggest me what I do and suggest me some homophobic medicine for this.

  5. Hello Doctor,
    My mother is diagnosed with spine stenosis and disc degeration. She is 73 years old. There us lot if pain in her back and legs. Please suggest some homeopathic medicine which will help her get better and we don’t have to go for surgery..


    Hi Dr. Good morning, I am suffering from back pain last several years,done MRI, pain radiating up to leg.any homeo medicine,


    Pain lower back pain swelling l1l2 bone week suggest hom med. Age65year.

  8. Srute Ashok says:

    Hello! I have been having pain in the right side of my upper back since two days. The pain is worse when I take a deep breath. It’s not so bad when moving around. There is swelling in the area. What medicines can I take to relieve the symptoms?

  9. I have pain in the mid back after injury.Some times i feel it on left side in the middle of back other time i feel it in backbone and sometime on right side.some times i feel sharp pain but in the middle of the back it becomes worse while standing .you suggest what shoul i do .which homeopathic medicine suits me or my symptoms

  10. hello,
    I have lower back pain caused by repetitive stress. my lower back structure is curved too way in, local chiropractic can only lessen the pain but cannot return back to original state of structure. interestingly, back pain is less before and during my periods, because it tightens my muscles and ligaments. so the issue is when my muscles are not tight enough in that area to keep them from stretching too much. what homeo would you recommend?

  11. Rakhi Nanwani says:

    I have lower back pain caused by repetitive stress. my lower back structure is curved too way in, local chiropractic can only lessen the pain but cannot return back to original state of structure. interestingly, back pain is less before and during my periods, because it tightens my muscles and ligaments. so the issue is when my muscles are not tight enough in that area to keep them from stretching too much. what homeo would you recommend?

  12. Sir I did empty water tank about 200 bucket. After one day I get a severe pain at my back at one point only. I relive while standing or walking position. Please guide for medicine

  13. Helen Levin says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    — re Diplopia.
    I an an older person with diplopia (in my case, it is Di-vergence Insufficiency)…It’s a recent onset, with some prior mild head/neck trauma which preceded it. I believe it comes from damage to the abducens nerve in my brain stem. Can thses nevve be healed with homeopathy?
    I don’t like wearing prism lenses (I do wear when driving a car), but I would prefer to heal this.
    Can homeopathy help heal this, Dr.Sharma? Thank you ahead.
    Helen Levin

  14. Could homeopathy help with osteopenia?

  15. Apna what’s up number send kro
    My number 03458184947
    Zaibi matub Chakwal

  16. Apurba Kumar Das says:

    Dr.I have been suffering back pain last 3 years. Please suggest me medicines and dozes

  17. Apurba Kumar Das says:

    I have been suffering back pain for 3 years. Please advice me medicines and dozes.

    • abdus samad miah says:

      Dr. Sharma,

      I am suffering from severe back pain for last 10 days, now advise me how I can relief from back pain.

  18. first question which homeopathy medicine is good for sacralization of l5 is good?
    And my second question is which medicine is good for cervical spondylosis pain?

  19. Rajan Grover says:

    Hello, I am 52+years of age and have lower bach pain since few years and the MRI done in 2017 shows degeneration of L5-S1 disc. The pain was severe and goes down the legs. I was advised some excercises to strengthen the stomach area to take some weight off the spine area. Now for few days it started again suddenly. It is very difficult to stand immediately from a sitting position and it pains very much and that goes.down the legs and severe pain felt in waist belt area. After some relief with painkillers, the pain started to travel down right leg and since two days it is somewhat ok but now the pain is felt in the hip area and goes down the left leg and the pain is not cured with painkillers and pressing of the area. It is like deep in the body. Pls suggest some good medicines.
    (2) My wife had undergone uterus/overies last Aug 2019 and after few days her neck starts showing stiffness, which is an old pain and for the last few months the pain goes down both the arms till hands and she can’t sleep properly and the painkillers doesn’t have ant effect. She is also facing HOT flushes frequently any time of the day and night. She is 47 yrs old. Pls suggest some medicines.
    Thanks and regards…Rajan Grover

  20. Pat Metzger says:

    I am 77 with 37 degree Thoracolumbar scoliosis. The pain is frequently unbearable. Can homeopathy help.

    • Seetal Flora says:

      Hi , Dr Sharma , im 66 yrs old i been suffering few years with my lower back pain , pain goes on my both hip muscles
      then goes down to side and side of both knees and calf muscles

  21. Talat Imran says:

    My mother has lower back radiating till middle hip bone. The pain is getting worsen day by day. she cannot stand for long in kitchen.she has fallen twice from stairs and once she had minor accident, since then she is facing back pain .

  22. I have disc herniation at L4 L5 S1
    L4 L5 is severe -13mm disc comes out as per MRI report
    Because of this my Right Toe is numb.
    Can Hoemeopathy solves this concnern.
    Can my Disc Herniation can reversed?


    सर् हमे 28 मार्च से कमर में दर्द है रीढ़ के हड्डी के बाये साइड में रहता है हमने mri कर लिया है सर मगर डॉक्टर बोले कुछ भी नही है !हम अभी होम्योपैथिक दबा ही खा रहे है हमे दिक्कत होती है जब चल बुल केआते है जब बैठते है और सरीर को आराम मुद्रा में छोड़ते है तो रीढ़ की हड्डी और उसके बाये साइड में बहुत तंतन्हात होती है इसके लिए क्या करे कुछ जवाब दे सर इस नंबर पे 7970681216

  24. Dear sir.
    I am 40 years old. I am suffering from upper hip to right foot back pain for four days (from 18.6.20) to till
    now. i am taking pain killer & Calcium (allopathic) but not cure. in the morning pain feel worst .
    please give me suggestion .

  25. Shampa chakrabortu says:

    I have got a back pain radiating from both my arms I stand continuously for 6 to 7 hours.My back pains

  26. Anyone suffering from spinal stenosis, there is a remedy, cheap and easy but it will take up to 6 months to DISSOLVE the gunk in the spine and this really works, promise! Go read “Aging Spines feel young again by Dr. Debra Katchen (spelling might be off) she figured out what can dissolve it so your limbs do not hurt anymore, 2/3rds the way down in her article she says the mixture composition so you take 2 tsp a day. I tried it only after I had 2 spinal surgeries that screwed up my nerves and muscles. Do not let anyone do surgery on your back, the doctors are not good enough yet. I also gave it to 3 friends who all started feeling better even in 2 months but you need to do the remedy for six months and then do it every few years so it does not come back, it will cost you no more than $10

    • helen pesta says:

      Have taken Calc Flour and hekla lava solution for 14 months. Nails are stronger but pain in back has spread to left hip area. Trying bryonia alba 6x. Hope it helps.

  27. Suporna Mukherji says:

    I’m suffering from right side lower back pain radiating down to hips and knees. Pain worsens while sleeping and the Pain started since one and half months .I do regular yoga and stretching. Took few homeopathic remedies as colocynth and R71 and calcarea flour. It was bit reduced but not cured.

  28. Celeste mundy says:

    I am suffering from lower back pain. The pain travel down to my feet I can’t stand or too long walk I work as a home care nurse and I have to do lots of lifting .what can I take to help me boring else help anymore

  29. suuryaprasad says:

    sir, my mother 75 years old.she is suffering from civiur lower back pain.please prescibe medicine.

  30. ML Vishwakarma says:

    I have low back pain which increases while standing and walking accompanied with numbness tingling unbalanced difficult to stand and walk . I require to sit for some time to relieve pain and numbness.

  31. Jagadish Talekar says:

    Respected Sir,

    This is Jagadish having lower back pain very difficult in bending the back and sitting. This is not every day but once upon a time

    thanks and regards sir

  32. Abid Hussain Shah says:

    Dear Sir, I have back pain upper the hip for the last 10 years. Kindly ad vise can I use the R 71.

    Abid Hussain Shah
    from Pakistan

  33. alison lewis says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I underwent a scoliosis correction with TLIF a L2/3 on 23rd January this year.

    Previously to that (same surgeon) and nearly 9 years ago I underwent L4/5 pedicile screws and decompression which was very successful. This time, the surgery this year has been very disappointing. 15 physio sessions, and prescribed Longtec/Shortec which is very worrying. I can’t stand up for long and am in a bent position. Can you help me please?

    Kind Regards,
    Alison Lewis

  34. Can you advice slip disc to my daughter. Please advice

  35. Enid Campbell says:

    My name is Enid and I have been suffering from lower back pain for so long and each day it seems to get worst. I have tried every thing I read about but nothing seems to work. Dr Sharma I could really use your help, I live alone I am 82 years old and can hardly get around with a cane

  36. sir
    My son 23 is suffering from backpain. Taking MRI it shows sacralisation of L5.Is there any Homeopathic
    treatment for the above .
    pls give your opinion.

  37. Mahbubul Hoque says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I have been suffering from extensive backache for the last couple of months. The severe pain involves all the respiratory and abdominal muscles causing severe labored breathing along with abdomi9nal pain continues until intervened by analgesic. Cramping of the muscles is common to initiate severe pain in the back extending lower back pain.
    I had suggestions from the physician, physiotherapist and some other conventional measures. But unfortunately, none of them worked with me. Do you have any suggestion for me?


  38. Vikram Kumar Singh says:

    I have middle back pain. Feels like injury but never get any. 8 months passed. Also have problem in lower back for 6-7years but not severe. But back pain is serious. Rises from sitting or holding any thing in hand. Also have weakness in hands.

  39. teki kesavanath narasingh Achary says:

    Hello Doctor Sharma,
    Please let me know How to admister RHUS TOXICODENDRON 30 medicine for treating tennis elbow problem in females.

  40. Prerna Srivastava says:

    Hi, I m 52 years of age ,facing problem of lower back pain with lower abdominal pain.It get worst during exersion ,while moving and standing too. Plz suggest some homeopathy medicine

  41. U S Attriya says:

    My wife Rajni is suffering from back pain due to anesthetic injection as she had undergone piles and fisher operation in October 2017.she feels a lot of pain in house hold work.Is it curable. Which homeopathic medicine should be suggested

  42. anand ralpati says:

    hi doctor i am anand i am facing the health problem that is i am suffering from back pain disc problem so i request you to suggest the medicine i should take


    Recently I failed down from staircase due to that COMPRESSION FRACTURE D12 AND L5 , L6 Bulge

  44. walaja s bhaskar says:

    my mother was a epilepsy patient from last 35 years. Doctors tested and treated but not cure, without tablets she not in control. last from three months she has back pain. now she is 62 years old.

    reglur tablets
    Encorate chrono 300 mg
    lamitor DT 25 mg
    clonotril-2 mg
    every day once on night only
    pls help us

  45. Future Dr Emmanuel Chidi says:

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  46. chronic pain is called long time pain for months or years , is a condition that need proper , different and talented , with special treatment therapy that is totally different from common spine treatments out there, contact me if you have spine issues i will help you out, it will be diffidently will be fixed because i have faced such problem in the past 4 years in pain , i am now pain free, started having interest to be a pain doctor.

  47. Future Dr Emmanul Chidi says:

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  49. Future Dr Emmanul Chidi says:

    Hello suffers my Name is Emmanuel Chidi, i am here to help you people suffering and dieing in pain.
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  50. nine pain

  51. Anoop Kumar Srivastava says:

    I am 55 year old man, got compressed fracture in L2/L3, 7 years ago, still feels acute pain and sometimes frozen back.।। Please suggest, my tummy getting big as I don’t exercise coz of stiffness n

  52. Cos Petrondas says:

    I am a 76 Yr old retired homeopathic practitioner in the UK. I have had back pain for many years but is now getting worse. I wonder if you can help me. My symptoms are:

    1 pain right lumbar area (feels as though the muscle is shortened).
    2 Difficulty raising from a chair. Have to wait quite a few seconds before I can straighten up. Eventually I start walking and the pain and stiffness then get a little better.
    3 walking is OK for about 10 minutes, but then my right leg becomes heavy/painful and then I must sit down for a few minutes.
    4 Warm shower eases my back for 1 or 2 hours.
    5 When lying on my right, pain is occasionally felt around L4/L5 area and also R. Hip.
    6 Discomfort is infrequently felt down R. thigh but not as far as the knee.
    7 Standing for 15 minutes will bring up the pain along with back weakness

    I hope you can help me. I have tried many remedies but no relief.

    Thank you very much.

    Sincerely yours.

  53. Dear Dr. Sharma
    I am writing you my proble:
    Complains :
    • Spastic, Stiffed gait & reduced speed. Lifting of right leg is not swift
    • Poor reflexes of leg during walk. However, it is normal during drive. Hand reflexes are normal
    • Stiffness around Lumbar area. It worsen if, pressure from chair’s back support on lumbar area
    • Weakness in leg especially in left leg calf muscle
    • Occasional Problem of tingling in legs. Mild sensation by synthetic pant in lower part of leg only
    • Occasional Backache in case of pull in lower back due to bending (Once in a year or two)
    • Problem increased after Chickengunia in terms of weakness & gait performance since December 2016
    • Since last 4-5 years some severing sensations observed around lumbar area after mid night resulting into Sleeplessness and mild muscular pain in below lower back. It was more dominant if I took any tonic like mega neuron / ashwagandha or some homeopathic medicines.
    It could controlled with application any menthol based ointment like voloni / moov /bam
    However, I took Balariastha ( Ayurvedic tonic) & since last 4 months it is normal with good sleep of above 7 hrs average in night without application of menthol based ointment.
    The above problem is normal, even if, I missed both the above medicine
    Ability of work
    • Driving car with normal reflexes.
    • Work all personal works normally.
    • Able to walk slowly & stiffed, up to 0.5 Km
    • Walked up to 0.5 Km these days, after weakness due to Viral in October-November 2016
    • Urination/ bowl control normal
    • Fine work like writing, buttoning/un-buttoning normal.
    • No problem manifested in neck

    • Spinal Canal stenosis in cervical spine due to Ossification in Posterior Longitudinal Ligament (OPLL), first observed in January 2001 in MRI
    • Disc bulge , herniation in lumbar area
    • 3 MRI available for years 2001, 2013 & 2017
    • No significant changes observed in above MRIs
    • Problem mainly manifested in lower body

    • Possible (90% sure) with lemon juice / Citric acid
    • It is observed that after taking lemon juice, problem increased & dead skin in foot/ palm fingers visible after some days of use
    • Stiffness also seems to increased
    • The skin problem is not observed after avoiding lemon juice

    Pl suggest, if any treatment in homeopathy

  54. Ratan kumar ojha says:

    Respected doctor
    I am suffering from back pain .I feel stiffness in my back right side ribs..On slight movement I feel pain like after beaten.8 years ago I had felled down on back of bus seat which is made of iron from back side. Now I am under treatment of Dr sudhir kumar Orthodox surgeon. I want homeopathy medicine for this.

    • K Ramarao says:

      I am 47 years old, I am suffering from backbone pain
      Due to this my left ribs,left joints of limbs become numb. Pl suggest good homeo prescription.

  55. Y.nageswar says:

    I am having severe back catch in the lower back.i am un able to walk this happened two days present I am in suggest Homeo medicine.every time I have pain in the upper back always pain. Pl suggest .my mail if is age is 69 years.i do not have any other problem.i am suffering with back related problems since 10 help me.

  56. Geraldgerald borycz says:

    I have tremendous pain in my lower back area of S3-S5. In the past 15 years I have had
    surgery and different procedures I my back. I’ve been told that I have two balls disc in the lower back and should be operated on. Two things that hold me back one my wife is as fourth stage pancreatic cancer and my job is to take care of her right now not for me to be in the hospital. My age may be a factor I’m 76ers old. In 2016 I fractured my back and S8-S11 were affected and left my nerves I my right side very sensitive to heat cold and pain. I am just looking for some help to relieve the pain for the good Lord calls me home.

    Thank you in advance for any information you can give me.

    God bless have a great day

  57. shamsundar chandramappa ishwargonda says:

    It is my kind request to inform the dosage quantity of following homeopathy medicines for my age of 74.(1)Adel kalmia latifollia30 (2)Adel ledum palustre 30(3) sbl caulophyllumm thalictroides30(4)Adel sanguinaria canadensis30(5)Adel broniya Alba(6)rhus tox(7)Adel acaea spicata30(8)Adel antimonium crudum(9)Adel ferum mettallicum. All 9 medicines are liquid dose is required age of 74.

  58. Hamid Ali says:

    My Brother age is 68 years has back pain upper side of hips , which medicine better for him, please ,

    Best Regards

    Hamid Ali

  59. Lipika Das says:

    Mrs Lipika Das
    May 10,2017
    I am Lipika Das age -35 suffering from decompressed nerve of L4 ,L5& L5 – S1 as per MRI. Dr advised me to undergo surgical procedure. I am not able to stand for long time and walk more than 10 meters. My leg pain is very much increasing . Please advise me.

    Thanking you

  60. Manik Khaire says:

    I am Manik Khaire suffering from decompressed nerve of L4 & L5 as per MRI. Dr advised me to undergo surgical procedure. I am not able to stand for long time and walk more than 30 meters. My leg pain is very much increasing . Please advise me.

    Thanking you
    Phone 9405215598

  61. Mohammed N Khan says:

    My wife is 61 years old. She has pain in the waist as well as in the back, more in left back than right back. Gets comfort by using heating pad. Pain reduces when she takes strong pain killer tablet, she has gastic pain problem. Please advise which Homeopathic Medicine will be suitable for her treatment and cure.

    With best regards.

  62. Hello Dr.
    how r u.
    it will more effective if you write the dose of medicine with medicine name.I mean how take medicine in day.

  63. Md Abdus Salam says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am 55 years of old. 3 years before, I was suffering from big toe pain in both the legs. I went to an Orthopedic doctor in Dhaka. After doing MRI, he advised me to take physio therapy instead of taking oral medicine. I feel better when take the therapy. Gradually the pain has been extended upto back and some other joints including fingers. During movement pain is normal but at bed time it becomes severe and I can not sleep whole night for pain. Pls advice medicine for me. My MRI reports are (1) Schmorl’s node at the endplates of body of L5 vertebrae. (2) Modic type-II change at S1 vertebra (3) Haemangioma/lipid rest at L1. (4) L5-S1: Desiccated disc with central & both paracentral annular disc bulge indenting ventral thecal sac and compressing traversing S1 nerve root of both sides. Bulged disc & facet hypertrophy obliterating lateral recesses & narrowing of neural foramina inferiorly on both sides. (5) L4-5: Desiccated disc with central & both paracentral annular disc bulge indenting ventral thecal sac & abutting traversing L5 nerve root of both sides. (6) L3-4: Desiccated disc with central & both paracentral annular disc bulge indenting ventral thecal sac & without nerve root impingement.

    Kindly advise homeo medicine.

  64. Sarah mc oake says:

    I have a problem with my midriff spine ,solar plexus area .its very painful and I’ve have ignored it for too long.i have a fear off chemical injections and just want something natural that works .how and what would it need as I’m in great stress.thank you Sarah from Ireland here.

  65. RITA DUTTA says:

    I have severe back pain in my Dorsal area mainly while sitting .Which Medicine I have to take ?

  66. nicolaou says:

    Great info, I shall write soon

  67. Severe back ache, sudden attack in morning,,plzz tell me the medicine

    • Suffering from lower back pain since 2 year. Arise with snoozing.not radiated down in Lynn.please suggest best homeopathic medicine.already treated with homeopathy medicine since last six month

  68. manoj chaturbvedi says:

    sir i am suffering from back pain in lower side pls advise any homeopathic medicine

  69. Anil Shrma says:

    Dr. shabh,
    meri mothe ke jo 76 year ki h bed se gir gaye thi to unke back pain h bethne me bhaut pain hota h beth nahi pathi h aap homopathic medicine batai, exray me rid ki haddi thori ksisk gayi h

  70. Hi Dr. Sharma i am suffering with pain in my spine from the back of my neck over my shoulder on my sides for many many years when sit and stand up i have to walk whine like a goose if i am picking up on the floor i have to stoop i cannot bend i just carry on doing my house work and do not study about it my spine and back is very sore the paiin always there i am not on no treatment i tell my doctor one time and i went to see the physiotherapy that was no good and i did not go back my weight s 14. 6

  71. Sir my l5s1 spondylithesis grade1 after2years.many more doctor visit for my case but any doctor no sloved for my case.any homeopathie medicine for relive my case

  72. hemu madia says:

    i have back problem, gel is coming out from c4& c5

  73. Julianna Jarman says:

    I am a 69 year old female causaion with 2 ruptured cervical discs, 1 ruptured thorasic disc & have had surgery to remove L5 which was severely ruptured. My back pain is terrible & I have been using prescription pain relievers.

    I would like to use homeopathics to help my back pain. Given the severity of my situation which homeopathic would you recommend?

  74. Dr. Sangram Keshari Nayak says:

    I am 75 years old. More than 45 years, I had POD while lifting a heavy object. Since then recurrently, the back pain recurs causing severe adverse effects on life. I am using lumbo sacra belt. I get relief while sleeping. It is very painful while walking or standing for more than 10-15 minutes. I have knee arthritis also. I am also obese about 100 kg at 5’7″ height. Of late, I feel, there is urgent urge to urinate and some drops come out while going to toilet. Some times, I get pain descending to right thigh – sciatica.

    Please help in diagnosing the problem and advise homeopathic medicationl.

  75. PADMAKSHI says:

    I’ve pressure and pain on L 4,L 5 from last 10 years. I have used Rhus tox, Ruta G on doctor’s advice. Some relief is there. Now again I have severe pain and stiffness. Which medicine I have to use doctor sir. My weight is 60kg and age 50. Kindly guide me.

  76. md karim alhter says:

    Good morning
    I am suffering from lower back pain(left side)last few 3 year’s. I am doing exercise but it is no cure.At present I am taking Bryonia AlBa and lumbago drops,three drops three time in water.But my back pain is not cure..Now I have to much pain.
    Plz sir help me.

  77. debasis biswas says:

    Dear Sir,

    My mother is suffering waist back pain and low portion of knee pain since long time. i have visited may doctors including homeopathy. That’s why she is not able to sitting and sleeping properly. So request you is their any medicine for relief the pain and can properly sleep my mother.

  78. Rajeev Khosla says:

    is there any medicine for abd0minal pain in the right side due to Lumber Rib.

  79. Raman Ji Srivastava says:

    I fell since then i am experiencing back pain in the forsal region . When it is ptessed pain geys relieved.
    Please advise me homeo pathic medicone .Dose& potency.dorsal region

  80. Raman Ji Srivastava says:

    I fell since then i am experiencing back pain in the forsal region . When it is ptessed pain geys relieved.
    Please advise me homeo pathic medicone .Dose& potency.

  81. Hi Dr. Sharma,
    I have had severe back pain since ages. It is more at the waist line (lower back). However since yesterday, the pain seems to radiate from the very low back(near the buttocks) around the hips and more towards the groin. This makes it very hard to sit and walk. I feel good when i lie down. Can you advice what to take that it would be easily available in a store?

  82. Shashi Kumar Roy says:

    I have a middle and lower back pain for last five years.what medicines should i take?

  83. For lower back pain that radiates down the lower limbs (sciatica) on right side, which Homeopathic medicines would you recommend?

  84. Dipankar Bose says:

    Waist spondylosis, getting huge pain at left leg while walking or standing but in sitting position fill comfort.
    Pl. advice me. Now I am taking bryonia 30.

  85. PUSHKAR SINGH says:

    Dr sharama ji i hv low back pain last aorund 3 year i hv taken lot of elophatic medicin but not good result problem as it is, i hv seen this case lot of orthopadic ms doctors given medician some relife when i stop medician again I found same position. Some my blood related test r as under: BP 80-140, sugar PPor other normal in range, age 45 year, height 5’6″ weight in winter seasion 68-69 kgs or summer sesion = 66-67 kgs, blood group A+, blood range more then 14, Vitimin D3, normal, B12 normal, phosporus normal in range, Antccp, normal, uric acid=normal, HLA B12=normal but my pain continue cronic pain, i walk daliy 3 km morning or 1 km evening, sitting job in system table height 34″ after then key board i sleep in hard bad doing back excerise last year april to onward as advice doctor ,
    please give me some suggestion for reduce my pain or what can i do it

  86. I have lower back pain come in my hand and knees. Very much. Also very pain in my hand fingers. I had too much medication. But no got.

  87. Dear sir I am Kumar from Dubai I have backspacing problem I diagnosed my L3 disk is slightly dislocated and pressing the nerve if I sit long time my back pine worsen and I feel my legs are very stiff and difficulty to walk the same condition will happen when I wake up in the morning so please advise me homeopathic madecine to get rid of the problem

  88. amit kumar das says:

    I am suffering from lower back pain,leg pain and also neck pain for last few years.I am doing exercise but it is not cure.At present i am taking rushtox200 three drops in water three times in a day.Is it right dose? Pl
    write to me what power should i use?

  89. Hi Dr. Sharma,
    Last month I pulled a muscle of my back and since then I am in terrible pain, first few days I was walking totally bent, tried Acupuncture and massage treatments but the pain is not going. Please suggest what should I do, now it is going in my left leg causing sciatica too.

  90. I am 24. I have been suffering back pain for 3 years with dysentery and it increase gradually.please ,suggest something.

  91. subhajit roy says:

    sir, i hve lower back pain during 3 month. when i get up in the morning this pain is very much.
    i had a bad habbit(masturbating).but now i’m trying to leave this.please help me sir.

  92. John Lemons says:

    Dear Dr Sharma, I have been diagnosed with at least two bulged discs, nerve damage, and narrowing of the neural foramen. I’m writing this information off of my M.R.I. I have had numerous Facet joint injections, Blocks, Radio frequency ablations, and finally they installed a Spinal cord stimulator. I understand I also have scoliosis. I am still in an unbelievable amount of pain, even taking Hydrocodone, 10/325 3 times daily, and a 25 mcg Fentanyl transdermal patch. Will homeopathic medication work to alleviate my pain which is ALWAYS between a 6-8 on the pain scal it seems to calm down some while resting, but movement severely exasperates and raises my pain level.

  93. Kartik chandra chatterjee says:

    Sir, my son-in-law age 40 yer. feeling heavy back pain &a pain one day & other day on thy.i.e.floting back pain.Pain is so severe neither he sleeps nor move his hip.What medicine is to use.

  94. ar. solayappan says:

    to Dr sharma, I lifted a scooter standing by my side. Immediately I felt some ligaments or muscles in my
    backbone got streched (pulled)and cut. since then i had back pain in lumbar region of back bone. I find very difficult while going to bed ,turning left or right and getting from bed and to stand up.MY allopathic treatment has solved 50% of pain leaving the above mentioned problem. please advise me what to do.
    Thanking you

  95. Muzammil Hussin says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    My mother who is aged 64 now had spinal decompression surgery in Feb 2015as she was suffering from spinal TB. She recovered 80% and was leading a normal life but since last few months she started complaining of back pain again (sometimes acute pain which would run through her lower limbs and cause stiffness in upper body also). She complains of loss of power to get up or move after sitting for too long. She cannot walk or sit in one position for too long. We did physiotheraphy on and off as she could not continue it regularly due to repeated pain and discomfort. Recently we visited a homeopathic doctor and he started on some medication which he said will stop the bone degenration in the long rin. But after two days of starting the medicines she is again complaining of localized pain. Could this be because of the homeopathy medicines? Is it normal? Homeopathy is new to us. Kindly advise. These are the medicines precribed.

    Colocynth 30
    Calacrea phos 3x

  96. Sir i am Anshuman sharma age 42. Male.
    I am suffering from diabetes and back painn L3L4L5 1
    S1. And c3c4 right side body parts. Are affected sholder. Hips knee belt area. Tingling sensation in right hand finger s

  97. Biranjan Satapathy says:

    In july 2016 I suddenly got electric spark like feelling in my lumbar region during sitting in bathroom and my right leg paralysed. MRI report says disc bulging and sever nerve compression at l4-l5 level.Presently my right leg little bit weak and while standing or on prolong sitting tearing type felling experiencing in both sides of lumbar

  98. Sir
    How do you do?
    I am nagaraju from andhra
    I am 54 years old
    6 years ago I fell from 3 mts height
    I did not take any treatment except some pain killer tabs
    Now I am suffering with back pain
    I have pain in lower back, legs, waist
    It affected my marriage life also
    For last 6 years no sexual life
    I am living like a stone
    My life partner was unhappy with me
    Still pain in my lower back, legs, waist also
    I have taken the homeo medicine for last 3 months but no +ve result
    No other diseases except allergy
    Health is ok
    I have more interest in sex but in vain
    No children yet
    I believe in homeo
    Please do some favor to come out from this pains
    Please suggest me to cure it ASAP

    Thanks n Regards

  99. Dr. Sharma u r among best homeopathy doctors

  100. Good Morning Sir,
    Please help me i am having the backpain i take the allopathic treatment and came to know that i am having the problem in L4 and L5 (liquid in that was dry ) and need to cure by only surgery then i take the treatment Unani treatment from that i totally cure now again i facing the same problem but not relif from unani treateme requesting to you please suggest the homeopathic medicine to cure completely

  101. Archana Panja says:

    I am 56 years old lady.y super body Wight is high. Suddenly I am feeling lower back pain i.e. under L5 and could not move. Totally bedridden. Even I could not move on bed. Plead advice me homeopathic medicine as I never use allopathic medicine.

  102. Arcana Panja says:

    I am 56 years old lady.y super body Wight is high. Suddenly I am feeling lower back pain i.e. under L5 and could not move. Totally bedridden. Even I could not move on bed. Plead advice me homeopathic medicine as I never use allopathic medicine.

  103. Sir i have back pain in the bones of buttok portion and also have shoulder pain.The back pain was started after delivery.but that was in coccyx portion that were cuted after two months and started in buttok portion ( once fell down from a chair after delivery)

  104. Ved Prakash Gupta says:

    sir, i have suffering from severe low back and mid back pain with severe stiffness since two years(24*7). i have visited all the doctors including ortho, neuro, spine and rhemutologist. Stiffnes with pain is my main problem . it does not radiate to leg. sitting aggrevates my pain more and lying down gives me relief. No medicine gives me relief, even pain killer does not work. My all the blood reports and xray is normal .Only In MRI, it is showing very mild disc bulge at L4-L5 but not pressing any nerve. doctors are not agree with that, they are saying everyone will get something in MRI. I have done physiotherapy and exercises too, but nothing gave me relief. I am very worry, what to do. Only one allopathy medicine named liofen 30 mg gives me relief and i am taking it since four months twice a day with libotryp once at night(for neuro pain and anti-depression). if i will not take this medicine even one day, i will die with pain and severe stiffnes. please suggest something

  105. Sajid Akhter says:

    I have chronic sleep disorder and depression due to grief caused by my family broken.

    • Sajid Akhter says:

      I have chronic sleep disorder and depression due to grief caused by my family broken.p please advise me medicine for my mental illness

  106. I suffered from thoracic vertebral discogenic irritation sustained with acute injury from multiple car accidents in the space of 24 hours 6 years ago. I am defiantly in a chronic pain cycle in my back, chest and breast. Increased aerobic exercises have healed me by 40%.

    I did myotherapy 6 months ago and had to stopped and it was too tough because the healing process would have taken 6 to 12 months and 60% reduction in the frequency of my thoracic and chest symptoms however would have been still severe. . I am doing ostepathic treatment so that it may speed up the healing by 70 to 80%. Since June 2016 I’ve not been able to work now.

    Is there homeopathic medicines please Dr to cure my sypmtoms?

  107. Sadhna Agarwal says:

    Before one month I felt pain in lower back. I concerned it with doctor and after considering the symptoms he said it was slip disc but now I am not taking any medicine but taking proper precautions. Now I have relieve but sometimes the pain occurs from hips to feet. Plz suggest me some medicine or exercise which I can take

  108. Sir
    I have backache in lower region which travel to front of my thigh while walking with acute flatulence please help

  109. Kalyani chattetjee says:

    Sir, sometimes I feel severe back pain with intestinal problem. I am bulky.Pl suggest a medicine to cure the problem. Thank you.

  110. Sir my father is 65 yr old is diabetic n has high bp suffered from severe pain in lower back n right leg. It worsen during night n any kind of movement n sitting. Mri report show L4-L5 disc bulge . Please dr suggest any proper medicine.

  111. Col AP Singh says:

    Respected Dr Sharma

    Dr sahib my wife had sustained spine injury some time back which couldnot be diagonised earlier but recently she again had a fall as such she is having serious pain in the back. all doctors advise rest and say it would take time. Dr sahib if you could advise medicine for pain relieve and healing of depressed D11 .

    regards Col AP Singh

  112. Dr.shara I am P.subash 44 years male.i am suffering with back pain from 5 months. Doctors told me that iam suffering from bone TB & Iam a HIV positive & sugar, taking medicine from osmania hospital medicine for HIV & Bone TB since 5 months but there is no result While bending i am feeling pain in my low back and in right & left buttok and also while sneezing the pain is worse. I could not able to sleep in nightsPlease advice me the medicine .


  113. Dr.shara I am melam 34 years female.i am suffering with low back pain from 15 days. While bending i am feeling pain in my low back and in right buttok and also while sneezing the pain is worse. Please advice me the medicine .

  114. Medical treatments will definitely help to resolve the problems. thank you for sharing ideas.

  115. Sanjay D Paul says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am 45 years old I am suffering by movable back pain from last so many years and only feel relief by taking ibrufen (Cambiflame) tablets. At least 8 hours sitting job I am doing.

    So I will be highly obliged if you pl. advise what should I do now and also pl. recommend me some homeopathic medicines.


  116. My father about 68 yrs old, he is very weak now his weight approx 40 kg only so kindly suggest some effective medicine for his back ache (spin problem)

    He was suffred from TB since March 2017 and got full treatment for that about six month.

    we are giving him medical treatment from alopathy for disc pain. so please advice us homeopathy medicine .

  117. Gurcharn SinghBhola says:

    Medicine required for Lumbar spondylitis/muscle spasm
    Worsen after sitting to standing,or from lying back to getting up,relieved after walking or after sitting for some time.

  118. Hello doctor,
    Am suffering from severe lower back pain from a month.i have severe pain with sitting n movements and when I get up in the morning iam completely pain pain radiates from my hip joints to homeopath advised me to take rhustox 200 ,3 times a day for 4 days but my pain increased .what should I use ? And I have read somewhere that homeo doesn’t suits all? Is that true?

  119. I am suffering from severe lower back pain that radiates to my left legs, I did a x-ray and found my back bone is slightly curved, the doctor recommended physiotherapy and some pain killer. Is that OK? What is the best drug to take?

  120. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I have been suffering from a lower back pain for five years, buttocks pain and sides of the thighs above the knees. I did MRI is almost normal. I can’t stand for a long period of time and can’t sit for a long. I want to know that what is the real cause for this pain.

  121. Dr. Sharma.How are you Sir i have pain in my backache,in middle of the body.I had shoulder pain last the pain moved to my backack. which medison is good for me.please advice.Thanks

  122. Amitabha Majumdar says:

    I have back pain in middle of my spine.Some times it attaks nurvs of my both feets also.Due to that now i feel imotional disorder also.Some times i have no sence in my penis also. I have 46 yrs old.Dr please give me it’s remidies.

  123. Surbhi Saha says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma
    I am suffering from back pain since few months.Donno d reason exactly …I have joined job few days back and it’s a kind of office work . And now it’s happening more . So can u suggest me homeopathic solution for this.

    • Dear Dr. Sharma ,

      I have torn ligaments in my lower back , when they get inflamed I am not able to move . I had a car accident where I landed on my spine many years ago , however, at that time I did not suffer from back pain. I lifted a heavy TV some years later and that is when I tore my ligaments. I am 60 years old and have been having this problem for over 30 years . It comes and it goes from time to time . I sit down sometimes for long hours due to my work, I am a teacher. I normally use ice and that seems to relieve the pain and inflammation .

      Can you recommend a homeopathic remedy for me please as I do not want to take pain killers and prefer to go for natural remedies .

  124. Richard de Lainey says:

    Dear Doc, My mother aged 80 is suffering from severe lower back pain that radiates to the legs, we had done a x-ray and found her back bone is slightly curved, the doctor prescribed her vitamin D injection with little effect, is there any homeopathic remedy for her symptoms. I live at in Bangladesh how can you help.

  125. Komal srivastava says:

    I am four months pregnant and I am having disc problem which radiated down right lower limbs and legs. Can I use homoeopathic medicine for back Pain during my pregnancy as I am suffering from severe back Pain since 2 days because I am not taking my medicine or doing my exercise after pregnancy is detected. Please help.

  126. laxman sah says:

    sir please help me lower back pain before 2/3 year please suggest me how to use homeopathic medicine

  127. Hi I read alot I m just confused which one is the best for my backache. Before 6 weeks I deliver a baby and took epidural during Delivery
    I have exactly pain where the needle was and lower back pain and headache and shoulders .

  128. Hello Dr. Myself Maitreyee , suffering from fungal infection similar to ringworm in skin…I have tried many medicine bt didn’t get any results….plz help me

  129. Straightening of lumbar lordosis is seen by X-ray What is solution

  130. Straightening of lumbar lordosis is seen by X-ray



  132. Maffick Awa says:

    good morning Doc. my problem goes this way. i have pains around my the centre of my back that sprayed across my neck, rips, and waist region with severe pains .it all started few months after delivering my little angel. please sir, what drugs could be the best cure for this problem?

  133. Mrs. Sanyukta, says:

    I am a houswife of 57 years of age.For last 4/5 month I am having back pain in my dorsal region(now) but it started with lower back and back pain gradually it developed stiffness when I get up in the morning. My pain is typical in the sense it devepos at late night /early morning and goes on increasing.. I have also noticed that when I go for rest for long hours pain starts but mild even in the day time.

    I started doing some exercises and yoga for back pain for one and half months and the result is that lower back pain and stiffness is over but back pain in dorsal region is still there. With movement and household work, exercises and yoga 80% of pain vanishes but feeling is all through. It does not help with massage rather it increases.
    I donot have any histroy of accident/ injury etc.
    Finally please note that I have stated taking Roustox 200 for last 10 days but thare is no any improvement.
    Kindly sugest what shall I do now?

  134. Sir I’m Riaz from Pakistan …my MRI reports show that my L5 and S1 is disc Bludge… So when I sitt for 30-50mints I feel pain in back only… Some time I feel weakness in leg… Plz suggests me homeopathic medicine plz
    Age 34
    Two Kids

  135. Subir Bhar says:

    last 20 days I am feeling back pain in any movement. After taking some pain killer as per doctor’s advice got some relief but from yesterday again the back pain occurs. Which homeopathikck medicine should we take for relief.

  136. I am male 53 weight 97 kg height 5.6 feet suffering neck and lumber spondylitis Doctors suggested physio therapy, hydrology and swimming because due to lack of exercise and use of computer suffering this. I have difficulty to change side when I am sleeping difficulty when I wake in the morning difficulty to stand up when I am sitting on the ground. Have normal blood pressure and normal sugar level. climbing stairs is very difficult so as driving

  137. Aditya Kumar Daga says:

    Sir Excellant. But please write if I am unable to judge when my pain is aggravating – on sitting for a long time OR on moving a long distance then which medicine is better. In my case both is the case. Sometimes sitting and sometimes moving. Please guide

  138. Jannat khan says:

    Sir can homoeopathy will cure a person who is suffering from back pain in lumbar region which radiates to right side back of lumbar region,pain is there from last 15,20 yrs but pain is severely increased from last 2yrs after when d person is taken some injection which costs a lot to him bt he gets no relief….he has taken a lot allopathic treatment for back pain from last 2yrs bt gets no relief at all…..pain is increased when person do any physical activity like bending forward,standing,walking,sitting,driving,etc
    ….bt he gets a little relief when he takes rest…..he feels better when he wakes up in morning,bt as d day progresses then d intensity of d pain also increases …nd d pain becomes worsen till evening….sir plz suggest medicine if there in homoeopathy for this person… age-64yrs,male…MRI shows lumbar disc herniation,degenerative changes.

  139. Cp chaudhary says:

    Befor 3 year i am fit and fine.
    But now I cant stand up freely when i sit on the ground ? Sir, Can you tell me why i am being so !!

  140. parveen kumar says:

    i m suffering from anklosing spondolietis disease nut now i have lower back pain in spine L4, L5 which is difficult to survive. would you please suggest any medicine.
    sometimes i feel my back bone will break due to this stiffness and pain.
    also it is difficult to bend my self to pick any thing from floor.
    blood test HLA B27 IS Positive and esr is 50. please suggest any homeopathic medicine.

  141. Arvind patidat says:

    Nice article .I fan u

  142. Sagar mittal says:

    I’ve mild disc L4-L5 bulge,loss of bowel or bladder control,loss of lumbar lordosis due to muscular spasm..pain in legs,hips and low back

  143. I have foraminal stenosis in neck with spurs. What can I use, and what exercise can I do.

  144. Vinod Arora says:

    My wife is 44 year old. She felt back pain on left side. She is diagnosed with LS – 1. She felt better while taking rest and by giving pressure. Plz suggest some medicine

  145. Asha Ram Arya says:

    सर नमस्कार ,पहले मेरी रीढ़ (L-5)में दर्द शुरू हुआ ।दवाई खाने पर ठीक हो गया ।अब रीढ़ मे ऊपर (गर्दन से नीचे )तेज दर्द होने लगा है ।दर्द के समय किसी तरफ मुड़ नहीं सकता ।ऐसा लगता है जैसे पीठ जकड़ गयीहै ।कृपया होम्योपैथी दवाई बतायें।

  146. Raja Babu. says:

    Dear Sir,
    Greeting of the Day.
    My Mother is 68 Years Old, she is suffering from Knee and Low back joint pain (very severe pain) for the past few years and accordingly we consult to Dr.’s and all of them has the opinion that it can be cured only with knee replacement and it is a case of osteoarthritis. She can’t walk for 2 minute or so, she can’t stand up quickly when she was sitting and visa a vis. I am financially not so sound to go for a surgery, can you please help me. Besides these she is complain of constipation and sometimes indegestion . She regularly takes only Alprazolam .50 HS. Her sugar and BP level is in normal.
    Thanking you.


  147. My back pain increases in the morning and also when i sit or lie down i feel severe pain which homeopath remedy should i use and please tell me in which proportion should i use this medicine or how to use it what dose should i take to relive my lower back pain

  148. My mother has fallen 6 months back in bathroom age 57. Her spine has tilted as doctor says and she is facing severe pain .Plz help with this problem forever regarding spine formation. As it has been tilted. It can become normal? She has diabetic nd depression too. please suggest best homeopathic medicine with proper dosage nd time

  149. Renu Sethi says:

    Sir I suffered sciatica in 2011. It was very severe at that time .Even I couldn’t stand or walk.After undergoing physiotherapy it subdued but still I have lower back ,that I can not sit for long time without support a and heavyness in right leg especially the butt region otherwise I feel comfortable about my leg region .can u plz help me to medicate

  150. MD ubaid says:

    Sir mujhe Bhai disc slip ki problem hai pleas koy treatment batao sir

    • Shashi Bahadur says:

      I suffered from sciatica & got surgery done in 2013. I am quite OK but have a nagging pain at a point in right hip which worsens if I sit for a long time like 2-3 hours of car ride. Also right leg feels heaviness & gets cramps at night. I am able to walk well & stand for reasonably good time while cooking, teaching etc. Which homeopathic medicine will be able to relieve this condition???

  151. Sir,
    I am 37 yeas old male,Height 5.11 inch & 79 kg weight, I have been suffering from back pain from last one year.When I bending ,walk or sitting feel pain in my back.The pain in Lumbar region L3, L4 & L5,& confined to that part only .First i have taken arnica 200, 1M, Hypericum 200 for 1-2 month as per the advice of the Doctor.But problem is the same.Then doctor advised me to take Rhostox 200,1m,10m with Bakson B11 but problem the same.Then i have visited your site & as per symptom i have taken Nux 30 for 5-7 days its work ,but after 7 days it resist,again i have taken sillicea 200 its work as miracle but after 15 days it resist.But problem is the same . Presently i am taking Bidyanath/Himallaya product Mahajograj guggula for last 5-6 month which control the pain some extent & REPL DR. ADVICE NO.90 SLIP DISC DROP Simultaneous which also work.But pain is not completely cure. So, Please advice me to completely cure my back pain.

  152. Fawad Khan says:

    Respected Sir,
    I have got spinal (disque/muhre) problem since May 2013. I consulted with allopathic Doctors who advised me for surgery but I denied. Now I want to consult with you (homeopathy). What can I use for this disease?
    My problems are:
    severe spinal (low back ) pain in both buttocks and goes down to my right thigh. I cant walk and sit. When I walk few steps I feel severe pain in my back.
    Another problem which started with this disease is depression and nervousness which is still present. Depressions symptoms are pulpitation of heart and pulse rate is going high and severe fear such as fear of death.
    I become nervous when I hear some grave news. I also have sleep deprivation. Severe pain in nerves (pattay) and also have problem of excessive eating everytime I’m idle.
    Please reply as soon as possibles. I shall be very thankful. My age is 42 years and my weight is 85 kg.

  153. tubassam says:

    Dr sb.I am 30 year female .I have 5 children’ back bone so much pain full and L2’3’4 are not good.some time I can sleep and can not move my neck.and the last disk who Linked with hips has space.many times my right sight is not working and feeling pine soo much.this will be stared to my mind and finshed to the end of my right foot.10 year’s I have been taking too much madcien.but no benifits.

  154. Nosrat malik says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I am 75 ,male 5 feet 10 inches 160 lbs
    Being retired I sat on chair and watched tv for many hours at a time
    For the last 2 months I have had problem while sitting and standing
    They took pelvis bone X-ray and found lumber spondylosis .
    osteophytis are also present in corner of vertebral bodies
    Pelvis bone are intact and every thing ok
    They call it a mild case but it is very painful sitting at pelvis area I also feel arising from chair quite hurting
    Walking standing no problem .lying on bed is ok
    Only putting pressure on pelvis region at sitting hurts a lot or arising from chair is hurting
    I read your five remedies for lumber spondolysis
    Rhus tox bryonia nux Vomica .silacea and hypericum
    Dear dr what remedy you recommend
    April 23

  155. Dr pritish banerjee says:

    perfact.please write on anaovuletory infartility taking HRT.

  156. Ingy kubbara says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma,
    I have lower back pain because of disc and disc bulge.
    I was prescribed supplements and pain killers.
    I am 40 years old and I don’t want to be on supplements for the rest of my life.
    Can homeopathic remedies help me with that?
    Which remedies do u advise?

  157. gazi saiful islam says:

    Very very important article, thanks Dr. Sharma

  158. ayesha rauf says:

    Hi.I. have back pain after c section.what med should I take

  159. I hv back pain with stiffness of spine specially in nights,bike riding in rural area is also a reason just bcoz of my job,i can’t avoid it,i hv cirvicle spondylitis since last 2 years,now facing lambai with spine pain..

  160. मेरे घुत्ना और फिल्ली में खरा रहने और हवा लगने सि दर्द बध जता है नहाने पर और ज्यदा दवा बतयें

  161. Veena Khera says:

    I have chronic lower back ache. It is worse when I lie down. I feel better if i sleep on my stomach. I am better when I am walking. I am diabetic. Could u kindly advise..

    Veena Khera

  162. Susan Gramentz says:

    pain in lower back started during my first pregnancy 1961 and w all 3 pregnancy..In the early 70’s I had a 60 foot fall sliding down a cleft into the river, going over a boulder and smack into another boulder, while white water hit my left side of neck. started having falls after this onto my tailbone often. unable to sit very long and l mostly in pain daily, high levels pain shoots though buttocks into both legs..before this happened I had a job doing assembly line work putting out 144,00 daily about 1974, I keep asking supervisor to place me some other spot on the line, finally one day my left arm up draw up towards my chin and my neck was bent downwards was stuck like this for over 10 months. I never recovered from either injuries. I am at the point of no return so sick of all this Physical Therapy doesn’t work water therapy, I have done it all ice, heat, you name it I have done it. I am truly at the point I want surgery like yesterday anything you can truly, honestly say to help my problem I am soon to be 73

  163. Am in Kenya,are this drugs readily available,

  164. Vidhya Shankar says:

    Hi doctor,

    I am 40 year old male, with no history of diabetic or other ailment. Last 6 months I have been suffering under back pain, and also pain in the neck. I can sense that the above condition is on account of stress caused on account of my marketing job which required me to travel abt 40 kms per day in bike. Now I have changed my job and reduced my travel drastically. I still experience back pain (lower back and middle) and I take pain killers only when pain is unbearable. Does homepathy has a cure for this.

    Kindly advice..

    • all persons who are asking questions by this site to the doctors, i saw nobody answer a single person’s reply, so why are all of you wasting your time here, go to any other website and tell other people also
      that don’t need to look into this webiste

  165. Sir I m taking homeopathic since a month..No changes…I have lower back pain..Pz sugest

  166. KULBIR SONI says:

    My mom has spine stenosis with sciatica.She suffers lower back pain when she walks or while she stand to do tooth paste.The pain radiates down to the leg.Earlier she had surgery which was not effective.suggest me the medicine which can heal her. when she sit or sleep she doesn’t have any pain .only when she is in movement.

  167. Dear Doctor
    I have severe Lower back pain which extends to lower right abdomen. Pain comes and goes. Some days I get pain in the lower back even when I am lying down. Back pain aggravation when I stand & walking. Sitting on hard seat is better until I get up. Tried Bryonia, Kali Carb but problem continues.
    Please help

  168. Betty Weekley says:

    I’m in pain if I sit too long. I’m in pain if I stand too long . I’m in pain if I lay on my stomach. I’m in pain if I lay on my back. I’m in excruciating pain when I’m having a bowel movement. Pain radiates through my pelvis. I can’t stand, bend,sit. My house, my family, and my sex life with my husband is suffering. He understands but my children don’t. I feel like I have an elephant sitting on my shoulders and I no longer have any support in my back to hold me up. I take piano meds, muscle relaxers anti-inflammatorys. Please help

  169. Seema Pradhan says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am in my late 40’s and for the last 4/5 months, I have been suffering from severe backache in the mornings. After I get up from bed, if I stand without moving around, ( e.g. while making tea, or checking the phone while standing still..Etc) the pain is aggravated . There is no problem if I walk about. The pain even extends to my left hip. As the day proceeds, the pain lessens. Please advise what medicine to take.
    Thank you.

  170. Soumen Choudhury says:

    Dear, sir I am suffering from shoulder pain last 9 years and now pain comes my lower back I can’t
    seat properly even I can’t read newspaper long time
    Pain comes downs to my finger and arm and sir when
    go for bed I feel pain in my left leg.Sir give suggestions
    in that condition what I do.. …

  171. v.d. puradkar says:

    Dear Sir,

    My wife suffering from back/joint ache for last one year, recently allopathpic treatment taking. we extracted all reports like blood tests, bone density, lupid profile shows colestrol increased, bone desity report shows negetive (-) Dr. says due to osteoporosis it is paining
    if any Homeopathic medicines on osteoporiosis pl advise us.

  172. Prof. Nasir Muslim says:

    Sir, I am a teacher & have been spending long sessions on computer as my training covers graphics, animation, video editing, computer art, designing & paintings etc. So seasons can be 4 to qr hours. I am also practicing student of herbal & homeopathic treatment helping poor sick people.
    After some 15 + years it has given me a stiff back with picking pain. I have to down on hard surfaces for relief. I tried Arnica200 with relief. Rus Tox also comes to mind but I am not a professional like yourself.
    I have recently designed & fabricated a kneeling chair for computer work but not much relief.
    I am nearly vegetarian. Like soups, reddish, Rica & Daal, banana, papaya, green leaves, reading weather, late sleeping, smoking, no exercise etc. Beef even once strand gives allergy. Hate hot & dry weather.
    I use; as I prefer Q mother tinctures, crataegus, Arjuna, cannabis indica, allium sativa, cabal serr, curcuma longa, & damiana on daily basis. I also use Tricardin (Chinese herbal Denshen) & vitamin E 1600 IU.
    I can’t cure my stiff back that aches. I shall highly appreciate your expert guidance & help.
    Prof. Nasir Malik (age 74 +)

  173. Trilochan Kumar says:

    My wife 35 year old she suffering from back pain before leave bed in morning. After mohving her back pain relief without taking any medicine. Pls suggest homeopathic medicine for quick relief.

    Thanking you

    With Regards
    Trilochan Kumar
    Bhagalpur (Bihar)

  174. Hi my MRI states l5/s1 level demonstrates a right paracentral, lateral recess and firaminal disc protrusion and compression of the descending right s1 nerve. There is modetsye right forminal compromise, with potential compression of the right l5 nerve. Allowing for differences in technique, this prolapse is markedly decreased in size compared to the previous ct scan then I had a perineural injection it is day 4 and back on high pain meds

  175. Hi I have pain in my SI joint .after lying on any side,pain starts from hips to knee.i can not sleep well.I have rhus tox 30 and ruta 30 at home .can I take these medicines . my age is 56 .I take b p medicine and cholesterol medicine everyday

    • Mohit Goyal says:

      Sir I am having back stiffness and lower back pain. Please suggest me the way out to solve this problem, how can I arrange for medicine as you mentioned and how to take the medicine.

  176. Tariq Hamid says:

    i am tariq Hamid i am an old but well controlled asthmatic on very low dose inhaled corticosteroid my weight is 74 kg and i am 5 ft 5 inch height my age is 63 yrs , i am a hard working professional with sedantary life style , my problem is as follows;
    1- constant pain in the rt gluteal region for the last 5 months .
    2- cramp like pain on the outer side of lower leg on walking.
    3- numbness of fore foot ,sometimes ascending to whole leg on walking.
    4- severe difficulty in rizing from a chair or comode .
    please advise an homeopathic treatment.

  177. Moshe Alon says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma

    I had L3L4L5 herniation 5 years ago and I got treated with phisiothraphy acupuncture Chiropractor and anti-inflammatory and painkiller pills. Now I get lower back pain in the morning when I get out of bed and after playing golf, I don’t have any pains when I am playing only after when I sit and relax for a few minutes and I try to stand up and walk.
    Can you kindly suggest me on how I can get rid of this kind of stiffness and pain.
    Thank you

  178. Hi Doc,

    I had L4-L5 herniation 7 years back and i got treated with medicines, acupuncture and homeopathic medicine. Now i get lower back stiffness & pain if i stand for few min and it gets better once i bend forward few times. Can you kindly suggest me something.

  179. Ken Blakely says:

    Hi Doctor,my brother was doing a backflip in to the swimming pool.As he did so he felt a sharp pain on his neck and landed safely in the pool.he couldn’t feel his hands for a couple of seconds,and then felt pins and needles on both hands.Its day 2now and the pins and needles are still there,but really painful.We went to see the doctor,took an X-ray,which showed two of his vertebrae touching without a gap between them.please advise your opinion?

  180. Joseph Blanton says:

    Hi my name is Jody I am a 47 year male I broke my back on July 28 1998 I had surgery on my back l_4 _ l_5 lumbar I also burnt my sciatic never damage to my back is there anything I can so I have less pain in my leg my it done some damage to dick is there anything I can fix that alot more better than it is I am taking Viagra 100 mg

    • Joseph Blanton says:

      Hi my name is Jody I am a 47 year male I broke my back on July 28 1998 I had surgery on my back l_4 _ l_5 lumbar I also burnt my sciatic never damage to my back is there anything I can so I have less pain in my leg my it done some damage to dick is there anything I can fix that alot more better than it is I am taking Viagra 100 mg

  181. Samir Kumar Nag says:

    I am 67 years male facing acute sharp pain from my left pelvis to toe more especially after sleep in the morning and without other,s help to manage the leg to place my foot in the floor.After walking for few moments it subsides certain level.It happens for nearly last three months.During rest periods of the day the left buttock feels numb and the leg is heavy.I have also varicose vein in my left calf for last 40 years without disturbing excepting heaviness while long standing or walking.My B.P. is 170/90 at present and having cough and breathing problem during night.At present prostrate is slightly enlarged and left kydney has slight calcification and right kydney has marginal cysts.Kindly advise accordingly.

  182. Greetings Dr. Dharma,

    I am Joel, got diagnosed with 1. ligamentum flavum in d9-d10,d19-d11 regions, prominent in first region along with 2. mild disc prolapse and 3. degeneration in 3-4 vertebrae in the region of neck and thorax join. Diagnosed 1 year back. No pain in lower thigh or numbness. Movement is free but severe back pain in the morning and upon standing & walking, it gradually reduced as the day progresses. Developed knee pain in last six months. Neurosurgeon said that it’s some what okay with disc prolapse and some degeneration but ossification( lig. flavum)needs a surgery down the time and since this tendency is there, repeated surgeries would be a possibility.

    ( I too have retro calcaneal bursitis, both feet, prominent in left, for 10 years, along with plantar fascitis on and off and I am in touch with rheumatologist too. Tried most of pain killers, orthopedicians, physiotherapy, mild oral steroid ).

    Plz advise doctor for ligamentum flavum related and/or associated with slip disc, BACK PAIN. Thanking you in advance . Regards. Joel, age 42, weight 99 kgs, Hyderabad. 9000785792.

  183. Evelyn garauzive says:

    Dr dharma l have aproble of back pain since I gave birth of my son last year April till now I have suffered help me

  184. Anyone that is suffering from any kind of pain should contact me ,, I am not a physical therapy , I am not an epidural steroid , and I am not a surgeon ,, and I am not a pain killer ,,,,,, but surely anyone that come to me with back problems will smile again yes because I know what I can do to stop the pain permanently and also stop the degeneration of the spine of hip or knees that he or she haves . my contact number is 8879272360 my name is Emmanuel I live in mumbia ,, I am on WhatsApp too . contact anyone and get your life’s back.

  185. Deobrata Sarkar says:

    Sir, I am 49 years old suffering from lumber spine pain since last few years. Day by day my pain increasing rapidly and unable to sit, stand, walk for more than few times. Also there is sound of kat-kat on movement in sitting and sleeping condition. Please help me your precious advice and medicine. I will be waiting eagerly for your reply.
    Deobrata Sarkar, Dhanbad, Mob 9430136125, E-mail: DEOBRATAS@REDIFF.COM

  186. Hey dear , how are you now ? What you have is what we call trauma , because your fall trigger the trauma and cause the injury to ligament or disc ,, yes your case is a moderate one and it can be a ugly one if you just take muscle relax or pain killer,, for your safety get an MRI of dorsal and lumber spine ,and let me know . my number is 8879272360

  187. Dear, sir
    Mujhe 5 years se back hip pain h bt, ye hamesha nhi rhata h 2 ,3 month pe ho jata h aur uska pain bht Tej hota h aur phir Apne aap thik ho jata h so plz help me and medicine.

    • Hi hahaha I don’t know what you are talking because I don’t understand your language hahaha ,, but you mentioned about hip to hip irrational and pain ,, haha have you even think if hip instability haha this is honey moon case ,, and I can handle it ,, 8879272360,, you can call on my number I will give my person phone he speak Hindi or what ever you Indian call it ,, don’t worry baba you will enjoy and smile again . OK

  188. Johnson Samuel says:

    Sir, kindly help me out. I suddenly developed severe lower back spasm in the year 2016 December after a rigorous masturbation.
    I agree that I am responsible for my plight However, I have thought it right to quit the unholy habit two months ago, but the symptoms persist I mean loss of libido and spasm. Kindly help me out Sir

    • Hi dear you suddenly develop spams ? This muscle spams can really give people though time ,, this is case of your structures in your buttoms or multivitamin and minaral defency ,, call me or contact me thru my WhatsApp 8879272360

  189. Dear Dr Sharma
    I have a l4-l5 mild posterior disc bulge from my MRI test in my lumbosacral spine . I would appreciate if you could help me out with some homeopathic medicine to cure completely.

    • I am smile and I am not happy seeing and looking at people saying that have spine problem. , doctors suggests , surgery , epidural and pain killers ,, this is all rubbish and dishonest from doctor. My name is Emmanuel I live in Mumbai ,, if anyone of you contact me ,, surely 90% sure from the person wil get his life back free from pain permanent and alos resolve the reason why the person have pain at the first place .. Treat the sources of the pain and pain together ,, my number is 8879272360

    • Hey dear , this is just a milde disc bulge ,, it called by nick name honey Moon yes because your problem it can be easily corrected easily with good treatment ,, but best treatment for this is back extension ,, in your case this can be cause overused if the spine you know what I mean is that when your spine is over loaded ,, and mind how yoy bend forward this is very bad ,, squat and pick up things that you want to pick from the flower ,,my no : 8879272360

  190. I m 33 years doing admn jb …my wt id 49kg…height is 5.5..since last 4 years i m in back pain…feel pain by sittng…walkng ..standng…i caused no injry..also feel pain while sleepng..i m married…i feel pain bt bearabl…suggest me medicine..

  191. monique grech says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I have had an MRI test in my neck . The following where the results. At c5-c6 there is moderate right and severe left sided exiting foraminal narrowing.
    The central canal remains capacious throughout.
    At c4-c5 there is shallow left paramedian disk protrusion which results in moderate stenosis of the left exiting foramen.
    I have improved a lot but u still get pain in my neck and back daily. I would appreciate if you could help me out with some homeopathic medicine to ease the pain.

    • Why you guys and girls are suffering ,, idiotic doctors all they will say is nothing you do that you can take pain pill or surgery ,, people specially doctors out there are wicked ,, they won’t tell there patients and the people suffering the real truth ,, only what they want to do is to advice patients for surgery for them to make money ,, people pls there is grant for sugrey ,, my Name is Emmanuel,, I can help anyone with anykind of spine problem especially moderate to several.. You may suffer for years or months ,, but if any one get in touch with me ,, contact me 8879272360 come and know me ,, your problem will be solve and you will smile again. I am a happy man again and i got my life back ,and I want every one to be happy ..

  192. I m is use to have pain at right back middle portion and on middle spine cord….pain use to be like tingles aur something move like pain at back,right shoulder and hand also pain,, ,x-rays reports are clear,please suggest me

  193. Malati Maity says:

    My e;der brother feels lower back pain due to over riding motor bike which has doctor comments. Please tell me for the homoeopathic medicine for lower back pain

  194. Asghar Alam 40yrs says:

    Dr.Sharma,I have acute pain in the lower back upto my right hip joint accompanied by muscular stitching pain which is unbearable while standing and sitting for 2 to 3 suggest me some best medicines for my ailments.

  195. Asghar Alam says:

    Dr.Sharma,I have acute pain in the lower back upto my right hip joint accompanied by muscular stitching pain which is unbearable while standing and sitting for 2 to 3 suggest me some best medicines for my ailments.

    • Hey dear what you are having is muscle spams and the reason the reason you are haceing the spasms ,,, is ligament instability listen .. You will be fine 90% and permanent pain relief all your life ,, you don’t need to take pain killers get an MRI of your lumber and let me see what the report said ,, pain killer epidural shot and surgery are not advisable , is not good idea . it worsen problems Later . if you believe that I can give your life back ,, contact me 8879272360.. I am not a pyhical therapy . contact me and you will be happy again ,, I am stay in Mumbai

  196. jeanette long says:

    I have low back pain from deteriating of my spine. I have an implant. However, it only allows about 40

    I have low back problems. I have a stimulator implant that gives only about 40% of relief. Lately I have constant pain all over my body. I need a natural product to get back to being active. I am a senior 73 years old.
    Could you recommend a natural product to stop this allover body pain?

  197. Sir, I am 25 year old I have suffering from piles due to constipation from 1.5 month . Is completely treatment possible in homeopathy ? Bcoz I consult allopathy dr he asked only operation is the permanent solution of pile . Pls suggest me thanku

  198. sir i am a young guy 18 year old i start mustubration when i was 15 but sir i am suffring from lower back pain i am also a fast bowler but i cant do my bowling due to pain please help me

    • Hi little boy what did you think you have ? Are you afraid it could be the spine your problem is coming from ,, no need to be tention you are still a yong blood , but your blood can be dirty and old when odd eventually happens , but hope we it don’t ,, 8879272360 reach me if you are intension ?

  199. I am 45 of age . I am suffering from bulging in C6-C7.
    Suggest what to do &which medicine to take
    I have irritation in left hand and little pain in upper b
    I am taking gabapin and Physiotherapist sitting


    Sir GM Bcoz of sprain caused in left arm while boarding d train der has been sprain in d back n whenever I go to bed I feel heavy Ness in d back n slight sprain pain in d middle back.When standing erect d pain is not der. Plz advise I m 60

  201. pradip kumar ghosh says:

    Sir, My wife is of 64years old. She has developed back pain. During rest. comfortable. During movement I increases. Initially thus tox was used for 3/days.But no improvement. Now with Bryonia 30, with Mag. + Calc.phos 6X some improvement could be noticed. Kindly guide about the medicine, potency and dose. With regards., P.K.Ghosh

  202. nazakat ehsan says:

    hello doctor my name is Nazakat from Pakistan,actually my wife is facing the problem of back pain,its in the lower back no control on urine and now causing numbness in both legs severe pain in back which may gradually start few months back,she took almost all non-surgical theripies in Pakistan but all in vain still not feeling well,doctor from medical field already recommend surgery for her and mean time they also tell the side effect of surgery,i have two small kids kindly help me out to overcome the issue.
    thank you sir and waiting for your reply.

  203. Dear Sir,
    I want know about my sister problems; She is highly depressed with Cervical spondylosis pain, back pain near necked lower side, swelling near Brest area, and lower back pain and also leukorrhea problems. So, I requested to you, kindly suggest me, which medicine will be required. Its a urgently…..

    • Hi dear ,, you need to meet me , this sponydros is a very bad and progressive degeneration of your spine ,, drugs can’t control this only ,, you need to stop the progress and stop the reason why you have the spondyros and the first place ,, my no is 8879272360,, contact me soon , sooner is the best , surely you will smile again .

  204. Ashok Jaeale says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I am 65 years old . Active in daily life. I have following problem
    1. Excess gas in stomuch.
    2. Irregular heart bits which my family physion has noticed at the age of 40
    3.Scitica & back pain
    I was alcholic & use to smoke also. I left smoking at the age of 42. & drinks few months back & will not start again .Can you please suggest me homeopathic medicine for above. I would like to reduce my weight also from 70 KGS to 65 KGS..I have done the blood test & bit B & calcium test 2 days back .All test are normal within range except wbc has gone up to 10000..This is for your information please.
    Ashok Jawale.
    Mob. 9923057182


    I have back pain for the last 6 months only touching pain from left back to left ankle .MRI test shows L4 And L5 disc problem severe pain .Even after 15 days physiothrapy not much rest.problem in walking knee not bending properly,I also advise

    • Hi dear how are you doing now ? This your problem is a mide to moderate case ,, you have 100% sure to be better and strong again ,, but with out right treatment ,, you will still be dieing of pain,, don’t worry I will kick off your pain and the reason of your instability at your l4l5 spine pain is like madness one fit ? Haha this is not ,, only if you reach me on 8879272360

  206. Vijaysing Bhosale says:

    I Am Suflering From Low Back Pain Waist Night Cant Move When Am Bed Cant Stand When Waleup Early Morning

  207. what medicine should i take for lower back pain caused by acidity??

  208. I am Dr. Nasir. I am suffering from diabetes for 15 years. I have numbness and stiffness in all my extremities more on the left side. I have disc circumferential disc bulging at C4-C5, C5-C6 and C6-C7 and L3-L4 and L4-L5 levels. numbness and stiffness are at extreme. i cannot walk. i cannot see in sunlight. i also have dim vision and night blindness since long time. which homeopathic medicine will be helpful for me or combination of medicine will be of help.

    Dr. Nasir.

    • JYOTIRMAY PAUL says:

      Sir, I have benn suffering lower back pain from last 6 month. The pain is severs when I down for work or move. T could not bear than. So, what can I do???? Please tell me……

    • Hi dear ,, a diabetes can’t cause degenerateion of your neck ,, you must be have vitamin to mineral defiency yes because our body need mineral and vitamin to function properly and pls get blood test possible all blood test done thyroid , CBC , glucose , crp .etc it is important because with our blood test some hidden disease is very difficult to find and catch. For any problem of your neck c2 3c4c5 contact me immediately this may be a progressive of arthritis and vitamin def call your doctor over there and ask me about this , my no is 8879272360

  209. Dhabal Jha says:

    This is Dhabal Jha age 27 male.Since yesterday I’ve been suffering from upper back pain.When I’m in rest it is ok but it increses when I move.It is greately felt when I sit from the lying condition.please help me.


  211. Sir I have done xray as per x ray l3n l5 discs r regenerated. Dr. Also written lumber spondolysis n lstv type 3 .I m having pain in. Rt lower back which goes to hip,leg even up to rt foot pls suggest me homeo treatment is it curable or not

  212. Zubeida Moola says:

    Slms my poster for spine is bent very much @ I have a very bad pain on my back thigh both legs @ lots of pain in. My both legs I find it very difficult to get up from bed. @ chair also very painfull to walk I am in Qutar please if u can help me Thank u wasalaam

    • Dr in 2007 I had slip disc s1 s2 l5 l3 disc is 80% protruded .operation was suggested .but after bed ridden for 6 months and physiotherapy and medicines I started pain and stiffness is always there .sometimes I feel inflammation at the back and I can feel my stomach also swels because of this.i have to take mobizox then and mech lamia.which homeopathic medicine we’d y recommend.thanks wait for yr prescription.

    • Hi your problem might lead to paralyzing , yes because it is now hiting your spine code dear ,, since physical therapy helped you in few months , that means I can reverse the issue ,, yes I can because you are still at least can work ,, but if you keep delaying your problem will be a ugly one became it is in advance stage . takecare my contact number 8879272360,, I am not a surgeon , I am not an epidural steroid injection ,, contact me surely you will smile again thank you

  213. thyphyoud

  214. Hi, I have disk prolapse in my neck and c6 and 7 compressing c7 root. Extremely stiffness and spasm in right side neck and shoulder and arm get rounded. Also nerve pressure on front side under collar bone. very stiff right side hip and thigh and under knee. Posture getting worse day by day. And weight increasing. Panic attack start now and depression with this problem.exremrly tired and no sleep at all. Doctor prescribed progobline tablets which make my sleepy all time and unable to do daily activities and look after children. Is there any cure for these problems. Thanks

  215. A.K.Prasaad says:

    I am suffering severe spinal cord pain due to breathing compression in the night.
    Lumbar region & thoracic region it has increased.

    Kindly suggest correct homaeo medicine.

    Thanking you,

  216. Dear Dr Sharma,

    What would you advise to take when thee person have cyst on a second sacral vertebrae, Tarlov cyst. I will be very grateful to you, if you can advise on it.


  217. Nilkanta ROY says:

    3yrs back I was fallen in cerebra stroke. since then I can’t walk steadily left leg and foot with toes become cramp when standing and try to walk cannot comedown from upstairs to downward as if something pulung me from back side lam high blood pressure patient for 6yrs. sugar normal I do always lied own on bed 74yrs old slim body stuck ture is something hope remain for my recovery ?

  218. Norma USA says:

    Norma says: For the past 10 days I’ve been suffering with Excruciating mid back pain for the 2nd time in my life (82 yrs )I’ve been with chiropractors for forty yrs. For no better explanation, it is like Detached RIBS. I’ve tried ARNICA pellets and cream, it did not help. I also have SCIATICIA and was getting an adjustment for it about 2 weeks ago and 3 days later the mid Back issue started up. I’ve seen him four times, improvement is very slow and the pain is driving me nuts. However, the SCIATICA has been in REMISSION for the past 2 weeks (a MIRACLE in itself ). Over the past week I have been alternating extra strength ASA and TYLENOL with little relief. CAN YOU HELP ??

  219. Devendra Pandey says:

    Severe pain at back , waist and legs. More while sleeping due to which sometimes I can’t sleep even .

    • Hi , how are you now ? Are you OK now or ? What world like pain , ? Contact me , surely you will smile again , you have what we call DDD of between your llL5 and s1 .. If you only take pain killers it not help at all because this a progression of spine instability in the lumber spine ,, contact me and I will stop the degeneration the reason why you have the spine and I will pin stop the DDD it means damage disc , I will pin stop it won’t process no 8879272360

  220. swapan kumar mukherjee says:

    my wife is suffering with a back pain due to lumber l5 s1 diminished disc spaceand accentuated lumberlordosislast 12 years.but since 11 years she was recovered with homeo treatment.but now the pain again come out from the heep to the thaiportion. sir i request you to advise me how i get atreatment from homeopathy medicine.

  221. sashmita ray says:

    I am sahmita from India l have suffering low back pain about one & two year finally I have MRI of my l.s.spine MRI report is L5-S1 is blugging .one month already pH therapy still then I have not properly sitting pls tell me which medicine should taken

  222. Carolyn Ross says:

    Hi I have had painful back attacks coming on slowly for the past ten weeks. It started after I did a 30 day yoga challenge which included forward bends. It comes on when I try to sit down(unless it’s s very straight chair) or when I lay down or try to get up from lying down. The attacks feel like a board like band around my waist that won’t move till it subsides. Extremely painful! I also have weak legs and muscle spasms at times and feel exhausted. I do have severe scoliosis and a degenerating discs but the doc said the X-rays don’t show any disease. I’m 64

    • Hello sir i’m hasibul from Bangladesh,I’m suffering from tension into hip to waist.So what medicine should i take?

  223. dear sir i am aman from bihar. i have much back pain pls which medicine i should take ……..

  224. Hanumaiah says:

    Sir, i am suffering right back pain after standing from wooden stool/ any hard material and not able to move some time.

    pls help me sir.

  225. Respected sir, my mom is suffering from severe lower back pain and knee pain…it aggregates while walking she is 64 years old and suffering from high Bp and asthma.

    • Hi Mayan , how are you doing ? How is your mother now ,, contact me , surely your mother will be happy again ,, 8879272360

  226. A.KABILAN says:

    No1323 Panruti ,Cuddalore (dt) my problem L5 S1 disc damage sir 6 months sir plz help Me sir Age 23

    • Hi , how are you now ? Are you OK now or ? What world like pain , ? Contact me , surely you will smile again , you have what we call DDD of between your llL5 and s1 .. If you only take pain killers it not help at all because this a progression of spine instability in the lumber spine ,, contact me and I will stop the degeneration the reason why you have the spine and I will pin stop the DDD it means damage disc , I will pin stop it won’t process anymore.

  227. A.KABILAN says:

    No1323 Panruti ,Cuddalore (dt) my problem L5 S1 disc damage sir 6 months sir plz help Me sir

  228. Baba Masthan says:

    Sir, I am Baba Masthan aged 38 working as a teacher.My height is 5’8 and weight is 60.I have no BP and Diabetes.I have been suffering from pain and radiation on thighs and buttocks,if sitting for more than 15 min, for the past 6 years.There is no numbness and no claudication. Though I consulted many neuro physicians, the problem remains the same(neither increased nor decreased).I have been doing some doctor suggested exercises and feeling some what better.But How long I have to suffer? Can’t I get permanent solution to this problem? Pls suggest me the best way to get cure from this disease.I have earlier used medicines like 1.Gabapin SR 450mg 2.Mecozen plus 3.Neupent AF 450mg 4.Pregalin SR 150 5.Evion.Now I am using 1.Calsar K27 2.Mecgla 3.Neuraction P75 4.Flamoral Tc 5.Etogesic P.

  229. I am currently suffering from a muscle spasm that only occurs when I stand or move suddenly. The pain does not feel like a pinch nerve or bone pain, it is a muscle spasm that comes and goes. Please advise.

    • Yes it is muscle spams ,, but some thing trigger the muscle spams ,, if possible get an MRI of your dorsal and lumber spine it might be surely a mild sign of annual tear or ligament issues and it should be resolve because if you don’t treat it ,, it can cause degeneration of the spine affecting each off every vertebrates and disc one by one ,, so get in touch with me 8879272360 ,, your problem just a mild problem ,,pain killers can’t solve not even muscle relaxing as it is going and coming back ,, starting multivitamins and mineral supplement it will help especially vitamin c and E it help the body heal from mild injury like your time

  230. Amar sohal says:

    I am having chronic sciatic pain and knee pain both, if I go for knee replacement will this sciatic pain give me trouble or it will not disturb me

  231. MANJEET KUMAR says:

    Sir MRI finding are so early lumbar spondylotic Change with
    * L4-L4 IVD showed mild constratic disc osteophytes complex bulge causing identation of ventral thecal sac, and effacement of perineural fat in B/L lateral recesses

    Please help and contact me 9728028103

  232. I am suggering from sacralization pls recmend me a homeo medicine

  233. chintu singh says:

    Respected Sir
    I am suffering from right side lower back pain for around two years . there is some swelling from 2014 in my right pelvic area .Don’t know it is nerve or something else
    . Recently done MRI report says L4L5 disc bulge and L5 S1 nerve compression .pain is mostly right lower back it seems it is pain of hip /leg joint .
    I took Rhus tox , and arnica for sometime but now as per doctors advice taking hypericum and ruta perhaps act ruta .
    Sir please help me to find the correct medicine and doses . I am also taking calc. Phos and mag phos . as supplement for bone degeneration . what should I do ?

    • chintu singh says:

      I feel numbness in left leg and sometime right leg also .

    • Hi dear , so sad , you have nerve compression , but it is not too bad it won’t kill you rather you will survive it if you come to know me , surely you will be fine and if you are not careful your l4 L5 disc will also pinch the nerve because it is in the same track with your S1. 8879272360 and what might be the cause of thing problem you have Stress na or smoking ,, rubbish this is what doctors said when they did not see any thing in blood tests ,, I can make your spine beautiful again as it was when you were born . all you have to do is to contact me

  234. Hello
    Dr sharma I have recently traveled from USA to India hyderabad for 13 hrs journey. After I have started to get pain in middle of my seat area and that pain is very sharp and feel very uncomfortable when getting up from hard surface area after seating for a while. And also I want to loss weight iam 86kgs now . Please help me it would be great.

  235. Jasmeet singh dhingra says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma ji , i am just 25 years old and i am suffering from sever backpain which goes till my righ leg (ankle). In MRI it is written degenerative retrolisthesis is seen at L5 – S1 level. S1 disc is parcially dessicated and exhabits moderate sized broad right centrolateral disc protrusion with innear tear effacing anterior epidural fat causing sever compression of right inferioly traversing extrathecal S1 netve root .
    Rest is vertrebra are normal .
    Please suggest me the homeopathic medicine , so that i can recover and can enjoy normal life
    Thank u

  236. KADAM GHANSHYAM says:

    Respected Sir, My wife is suffering from lumbar Lordosis as per MIR report.L2_L2,L2_L3,L3_L4,_L5_S1 diffuse disc bulge.As a result she was suffering from back pain muscular pain in right leg.Besides both knee pain is also.Please I am expecting your proper advice……KADAM GHANSHYAM

    • Hey dear some thing serious is cause the spine of your wife to develop all this , it is in progress and it is a very bad one , if this is not corrected and this sould be treated because if not ,, it will affect all her spine ,, what did doctors said and what is the blood test and what it is diagnose of the cause of the spine ? Contact if you think I can help ,, but this issue of the causes of this lumber spine should be corrected before anything ,, is it accident? My no 8879272360

  237. Ramesh Agarwal says:

    Dr I have meniscus tear in my left knee
    Of 2nd grade
    According to ortho aurthoscopy can be donee
    Because I am 70 year old
    I was given synvise injection because it has degenerative artheritise
    It hurts when walking climbing stairs and also sleeping at a particular angle
    Advise homeo medicine

  238. Jinu lawrie says:

    Dr sharma I am suffering from severe lower backache post my caesarean delivery. The pain is worse in the morning and wen a carry my child for too long. My baby is five month s old. Is it safe for me to take Kali carb. Kindly let me know the dose.

  239. UTTAM SARKAR says:

    I am Sri Uttam Sarkar, aged 50 years and I am suffering a acquit lumber back pain since 10 years in the place of L5,S1.As per MRI report of Apollo Hospital Chennai,( Dr. Modan Mohan Reddy ) this pain caused by heavy weight lifting and it was happened near about 20 years ago. My profession is Official work and used in wooden chair. In the morning the pain is Aggravate and after toilet and light movement the pain is relief . But after sitting when want to stand up at a time it is not possible. Hot press is comfortable for this pain but I am fill comfort in winter.Now I am Not tolerate the the pain and please advice me the actual medicine for my permanent relief .

  240. good morning dr how r u ,my problem i had a nerve problem in which gives me back pain on right side i used to take homeopathy medicine and become alright but if i carry any little heavy weight again it comes because of the week nerve this time when i carried heavy weight this became more homeopathy medicine which i took it did not work i dont have pain in legs i have little upper pain in the ribs can i take arnica

  241. I am opu, my wife age 32 yr. She is suffering back pain and knee problem. Xray repot – her knee is in degenerative process, weight-83 kg, hight-5-7″ .in waking time and bend knee time feeling pain. what medicine should use and how the dose. thanks

  242. Yogesh Mehra says:

    Dr. Sharmaji
    This is Yogesh Mehra aged 70yrs from Surat India. I have started taking Rhustox 200x and Calc Flour 200x 2to 3 drops in 15 ml warm water 1 hr before breakfast twice a week , since last one week, for problem of my chronic neck stiffness and lesser back stiffness due to cervical spondolitis. I request you to kindly guide me if this is right and how much dose and for how long I should take this medicine. I find some relief. Also there is lot of perspiration after taking RhusTox. I take both medicines on different days. Regards
    Yogesh Mehra

  243. MRI L. S. SPINE



    Lumbar lordosis is maintained.

    Vertebral bodies appear normal in height, alignment and marrow signal intensity.

    Posterior spinal elements appear normal. No focal lesion is seen.

    Spondylotic changes are seen in the form of anterior osteophytes and disc desiccation changes at all lumbar disk levels manifesting as loss of hyperintense signal on T2W images and ligamentum flavum hypertrophy.

    Mild broad based posterior and foraminal disc bulge is seen at L1/2 level and along with ligamentum flavum hypertrophy/buckling is causing thecal sac indentation and compression on bilateral exiting nerve roots with no significant central canal or neural foraminal stenosis.

    Broad based posterior and foraminal disc bulge with left lateral propensity causing attenuation of left neural foramen is seen at L4/5 level and along with ligamentum flavum hypertrophy/buckling is causing thecal sac indentation and compression on bilateral exiting nerve roots producing a canal diameter of approx 1.6cm.

    Visualized distal cord and conus medullaris regions grossly appear normal in MR morphology.

    Pre and paravertebral soft tissues appear normal.

    Impression: MR imaging of lumbar spine suggests spondylotic and disc degenerative changes and posterior discal bulges with compression on nerve roots, as described above resulting in associated compressive radiculopathy.

    Clinical correlation is suggested.


  244. Sabz Ali says:

    My age is 34 and I have back pain
    MRI report
    Disc dehydraion seen at L3/L4 and L4/L5 levels.
    Schmorl’s node is noted along the inferior end plateof L1 vertebra.
    At the levelof L4/L5, there is diffuse disc protrusion in association with hypertrophy of fact joints compressing the thecal sac causing spinal canal stensosis and bilateral moderate to severe recesses and netual foraminal narrowing that encroaches the bilateral tranisting and exiting nerve roots.

    Please advice

  245. My son was a victim of shooting. The bullet sits at the side of C1 & C2 vertebrae, so central spinal syndrome is what he is dealing with. He has no insurance but hospital prescribed Gabapentin and oxycodone. He is out of the oxycodone, went to the ER again and they refilled his Gabapentin and gave percocet. Now he is out of the percoset and soon will be out of the Gabapentin. What can he use to remedy the pain?

  246. surinder kaur says:

    i have herinated disc and cervical problem i have severe pain in both legs and feet i had taken treatment for abdominal t b fron april 2015 to January 2016 .due to that i have got diabtes and very weak muscles .my age is 52years now i want homeopathy treatment for this . thnx

  247. Dr Sharma sb
    I M Tosif. i m 35years old,i have back Pain ,so i want talk with you for Homeopathic Medicine.

  248. Pradip Das. says:

    After sleeping in the night when I wake-up in the morning I feel huge pain in the lower back. If I stand for long time I feel huge pain. I feel pain when I bend forward. Doctor gave me CP 6x 3 tabs twice and CF 6x 3 tabs twice. I don’t feel better. What should I do?

  249. I have low back pain since 7 yrs it has aggravated now and pain in the planter aspect of the foot.

  250. Sanjiv Barellia says:

    Sir, I had underfone heart bypass surgery on 31.03.16. After one mth I was having stiff shoulder with pain in arm and ahoilder blade on RHS.
    Latet on now I am sufferring fm sciatica pai in my right leg fm hip till heel. It is unberable and I am not anle to sit, walk for lie down.
    Pls advise .

  251. Navin Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,
    From last 2 years I Have sharp and aching pain in left side (shoothin, itching and travesring from left side liver to back side , waist, hip , thigh and leg ).
    The pain occurs always but some times sharply.
    There is no stone in gall bladder and no stone in kidney says CT and ultrasound.
    Left side Liver area, Waist area feel always like there is twist in it.
    Sharp and burning sensation feels around hip area.
    There is burning and aching in left leg, back side muscle of left leg.
    There are 4-5 knot(small glands) near back side of left waist, near left shoulder back, near back of kideney.
    Too much acidity with brown and greenish discharge from mouth due to acidity and stools are harder to come.
    Please help me doctor.

  252. Manny Saldana says:


    I’ve been experiencing horrible back pain for the past 6 weeks and it hasn’t shown signs of improvement.
    I do go to the gym 3-4 times a week where I concentrate on stretching, light up hill walking, and I lay on a roll to massage my quads, lower back and upper back.
    The VA is my medical and have not been very helpful. I am 43 years old 5’9″ and weigh 260.
    I’ve recently removed red meat and alcohol from my normal intake and are looking for other remedies.
    Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  253. Patricia Falke says:

    I have had a MRI on my lower back & and the prognosis was that, severe spinal stenosis of L4-5 & L5 & S1., due to severe bilateral facet joint arthropathy, cronic severe discogenic disease, & ligamentum flavum hypertrophy.
    No compression deformity or fracture.
    The signal intensity of bone marrow & spinal cord are normal.
    Vno disc herniation.
    No abnormality.
    This all Started from a fall .

  254. pimtu hazra says:

    I have back ribs pain and lower pain.I have taken bryonia200 rhushtox, result.pls. prescribe for me.

  255. ARUMUGHAM says:


  256. deborah woolerton says:

    Hi .i have had back trouble for about 6/7 years im 47 ,doctors said one of discs in bottom of spine is leaning on 1 side and may be slightly touching a i wasnt doin anythink heavy just put a towel in washing maching heard a noise in my backbit of pain not much .then hour later .im in a lot of pain can walk slow but only about 10/15 steps. Struggled in a lot of pain to sit on toilet cant bend or move without crying with pain .what shall ido it happen year ago lasted for weeks .x

  257. Pauljyoti says:

    Sir, I have been suffering lower back pain from last 3 month. Doctor says that I have muscle pain. When I got down or do any work the pain is severe. So, what can I do now ?

  258. INDRAPATI DEVI says:

    Lower Back pain due to reducing of the space for the nerves passing through the spine. In Allopathic treatment the remedial measure is only surgery?


      Hello Sir
      I am 54 year old. About from 7 year, I have left side very lower, near tail, left hand side continue pain when i try to jogging its increased and also goes to left knee. Doctor says its arthritis also bone increased .
      It will be great thankful to advice me medicine

    • j m malik says:

      I am suffering fro stiff spine for last 1 year. iam 70 years man. stiffness reduces by walking.stiffness reflection in abdomen.
      pl. suggest homeo med.

  259. Mukesh varia says:

    hello sir good morning
    i mukesh varia suffering from sevear back pain witjout any pathological symptoms .
    while i sitting at ground and want to gateup pain is very seviour pls suggest me remedies

    • malaybiswas says:

      sir, i have l4, l5 problem pain in the back , pain aggravates rising from sit , standing for a ling time , walking about 1 -2 kilometers. kindly suggest me what homeopathic medicine i will take for premanent cure. thanking you ,
      yours truly,
      malay biswas

  260. Manoj Pathare says:

    Hello Sir. I am writing to you for my mother who is 80 years old. She has been suffering from unbearable pain in her left leg from the waist and below. Due to the pain she has great difficulty in walking. The pain continues even when lying down on the bed. We recently conducted a reputed orthopaedic doc in a reputed hospital in Mumbai. He got her X-ray done for “Knees AP and Lateral Standing”. Conclusions – 1) Mild generalised osteopenia 2) Articluar margins normal 3) Medial compartment minimally reduced 4) No fracture seen. The other X-ray done was “LS Spine AP and lateral”. Conclusions – 1) Scoliosis of lumbar spine with concavity 2) L4-L5 disk space reduced 3) Anterolateral osteophytes and Spinal canal narrowing in lower lumbar region. He advised Tab Myospaz, Macalvit and D-vitamin D-Rise. She has been taking these medicines for almost 20 days now but has not got the desired relief.
    Could you please help?
    Manoj Pathare, Mumbai

  261. Dr safdar Hussain kawish says:

    Very nice brief description but complete,,, daria ko koozy m band kia ha….

  262. I am suffering from L4/L5 condition i.e prolapse disc with sciatica pain going through my lower back to the foot of my right leg.

  263. I am 32 yrs old, suffering from pivd, lumberlordisis or sciatica left for last eight months. Want surgery free treatment for the kindly advice

  264. A.Srinivasa rao says:


    I had lower back pain problem since six months i cannot bend up and down freely right now i am not using any medicines . in Morning hours after got up from bed i felt more pain. your advice please.


  265. Hi there. have dabbled with homeopathy for myself on and off for several years – I don’t go anywhere without arnica. I use homeopathy all the time for my dogs and have, successfully, for many years! I, myself, have developed allergies to NSAIDS so cannot take traditional pain meds. I wrenched my lower back (left side) a week ago. Pain in lower back went away 3 days ago, just as the sciatica pain from hip to knee began. I took two doses of rhus tox 30c yesterday and slept much better last night. This morning, the leg pain/discomfort was gone, but the pain had returned to my lower back – on the left side, but now also toward the center. Should I continue using the rhus tox or switch to something else?
    Thanks for your help



  268. Md Afroz Alam says:

    Hello Dr sharma
    My name is Tahera Begum ,i have middle back pain for the last 6 month ,there is too much back pain in the middle of back, when i take rest that time the pain removed ,when i goes to take bath or to do something that time the back pain started
    So i requested you to please advise me some suitable remedy to remove this back pain.
    There is also waist pain .

  269. aarif husain says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma,
    My name is aarif actually I have a problem.
    My mom having some kind of pain like jalan,( aag jalna). She is suffering by the ulcers in back. But not in bones.
    So we have done many treatment but no banafit so it will be very thankful to you if you solve it out.

    Thank you

  270. Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from back pain whereby i cannot sit together for even half an hour. I got this when i was seven months pregnanat. After 6 years i took MRI and doctor told
    1)L5-S1 disc bulge
    2)Bilateral multiple sacral sleeeve root cysts.For that i got one local injection also.But still the pain exists.

    What is the remedy for this.

  271. RAKESH KUMAR SHIT says:

    Is straightening of lumber spine is curable in homeopathic

  272. nizam khan says:

    Sir I have been suffering from stiffness of back plus shoulder and the whole back side followed with a severe pain . I m very upset guide me what do I do

  273. HARPREET SINGH says:


  274. Waqas Ahmed says:

    Hi, I had low back pain when I walk and stand for some time. I feel so much pain and pressure in low back and right side of hip bone. Some days earlier I lift some weight & after that I am facing this kind of problem. Kindl recommended any medicine.

  275. Ms patient diagnosed in 2002 in usa currently in india after disease progressed to progressive MS stage. Current troubling ms symptoms for homeopathic treatment are back pain and ting ling sensation in hands and feet, weakness in the parts of right portion of body. Any homeo prescription for above MS symptoms is greatly appreciated.

  276. I’ve been having severe back pain in my lower back for about a year now. Started in late April last year. The pains have no specific times of occurence, its pretty much just always there. I cant bend to pick objects without pain, squatting turns hell after a few minutes, it comes much worse when i sit on the bare floor or other hard surfaces like wood, getting up afterwards becomes very painful. I’ve tried some previously efficient pain relief drugs but no use. I went for an Xray late last year which came out normal, tried some muscle relaxants also but that wasnt much help either. I’d be really glad if you could help with any diagnosis and/or remedy to my problem. My mail

  277. dear sir,
    i have a acute back pain from last 20 years, as it occured during the excersise by lifting heavy weights,but till these years i did excersise but as the my age is nearing 50 now the pain in increasing day by day,2 years back i did the MRI scan and proved the it is Lumber spondalysis,is there any cure for this desise in Homepathy,

  278. Amna nasim says:

    I have pain in back and thighs muscles spasms in thighs which hurt while sitting specially in the evening there is also difficulty in walking I have irritable bowl syndrome and anxiety and depression kindly advise me mediscene

  279. lokesh pratap singh says:

    my father is face back problem 7 years and take medicine but not releif . Doctor has told blocked any one nuse so plz tell me what is good medicine in homepathic

  280. krishna parankusham says:


    Could you please explain me how my disc bulge problem gradually decreases using homeopathy treatment.

    Please find the below points about my disc bulge problem:

    1. Focal posterior central thin disc bulge at L1-2 indenting thecal sac.

    2.Broad based posterior central – right paracentral disc protrusion at L5-S1 indenting thecal sac and traversing right S1 nerve root.

    3.Perineural root sleeve Tarlov’s cyst on left side at D12-L1 level.
    4. Middle T2W whole spine scout reveals thin disc bulges at multiple levels in the cervicodorsal spine.

    Waiting for your kind reply

  281. C babu antony says:

    I have occasional back pain last few it is severe for last two weeks.pain is in the lower back right side of vertebra. Pain not relieved by movement. No relief by heat. I have joint pains overall.heavy sweating type. Like cool weather.more of negative thinking. Male person. Kindly prescribe medicine with potency

  282. ASHA AGARWAL says:

    my mother age is about 70 yrs. from last 20 yrs she is facing pain in both leg knee. some one told water is filled in knee. from last 6 month she is facing pain in her back. she cant move straight . X-ray of back was done. Dr told us that her spine bone get bent and there in hip bone there is gap. she cant move straight. it also effect her brain . she some time fell black in her eyesight. numbness in head. please tell what medicine to be used. now she is using calcaria phos 6x, silacia 6x, rhuta

  283. A.Srinivasa rao says:

    The pain first started from left leg under knee unde ankle at that time i could not able sit the pain some times at hip , under knee, behind leg but i do not have numbness. I had noticed the pain at the time bending at i cannot able to move up or down slowly i have move.
    But now the left leg pain was gone . Right now i had back pain at morning hours, i visited Ar tho Pedic Doctor with Ex-ray , he confirmed there is no problem in L5-S1 He gave medicines for 10 days . I visited once again Doctor at that time My Back pain was relived for 50% and he suggested me use the same medicines for another 7 days also suggested me for some exercises i am doing right now. But now i want to use homeopathic medicines for at few months along with Excercises. Please suggest sir,

    A.Srinivasa RAo

  284. Hi i just want to know after a spinal ceasarean delivery do we get bone pain and back shoulder neck pain i get 5month after my delivery im suffering a lot numbness tingling in my back just help me plz

  285. Gauri Bholla says:

    Hi, i m suffering from Lower Back pain since last one year. MIR n Xray shows gab between L4&L5 no pain in spine. I m feeling more in my left hip joint thigh muscle and knee. While moving i feel no pain. In morning more pain in back i feel. Plz suggest me a homeopathic treatment for the same.

  286. My mother is 92 and has severe ostroporosis. She has a severe pain in her middle back-spasms .When lying down she gets a little relief but as soon as she sits the pain starts-like pinching spasms. Unbearable pain.No pain in any other part like legs or arms or neck- only middle back. Xray shows no fractures -just compression of disc. Could you please suggest some homeopathic medicine for relief from pain?

  287. bijit das says:

    My daughter aged 8 months was born with lumbosacral lipomyelocele with spina bifida from L5 to S3, diagnosed through MRI. Moreover,
    1.The dorsal cord extends up the lipomatous mass at L5.
    2.There is discontinuity of subcutaneous fat, deep lumbosacral fascia and posterior spinal elements.
    I am very much concerned about the points 1 & 2 above. Please let me know if homeopathy treatment can disconnect the spinal cord connected to the lipomatous mass and whether can restore the discontinuity of the things in point no.2 above.

    Waiting for your kind reply.

  288. Satish Kumar Panda says:


    Please suggest as I suffering from a sever back pain since last 10 days. (Left lower back) No pain in Spine.
    I am having more pain when I am sitting on bed or on ground and even on chairs. I am getting bit relaxed if I am sitting absolutely straight.

    Since last 2-3 Days I am observing that the pain is slowly moving down towards the left thigh muscles.

    Please suggest me a Homeopathic treatment for the same. Also, please suggest if I should start Allopathic treatment instead of Homeopathic for better results.

  289. i am suffering from lower back pain since 10 years. recently my pain has increased considerably and i am unable to stand for couple of minutes without support.i am not able to walk even 100 meters . MIR, X-RAY of my spine reviled that gap between L4 &L5 has reduced considerably and the is compressed so that my starts from lower back and continue up-to right leg toes.after few minutes i starts getting numbness in my right leg.please suggest me homeopathic medicine and its right procedure.

  290. doc I hv bin suffering from waist pain since 2013,but on December 2015 I started feeling it more around my right leg,now it is radiating all over my right hip joint down to d led.plz I dont hv money for surgery plz is their alternative treatment thanks.

  291. I60sufringbackpainsince9month.helpme

  292. L4’L5andL5.S1 problom plice soliotion

  293. My mother had long bone pain backside. many hospitals have not yet healed him medicated but please for the name under which he found my medicine Homeopathy Doctors here thanks.

  294. bonni basak says:

    I am suffering from upper back pain on the left of my back. I sit long infront of computer and after 3 to 4 hours i feel severe back pain on left side of my upper back. Please help me to get rid of this problem.
    Looking for your reply.
    Bonni Basak

  295. Dear doctor. I m suffering from lower back pian for one month.I hav come to know from my xray that my spinal bone L1 and L6 are reduced.what medicine shooul i take to cure my loer back pain?

  296. Kabir Hussain Atif says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I have gone through the operation of low back as there have become a hole due to a hair. anyhow after that now four months have been passed but when I take some heavy thing I suffer from low back pain. no any other condition which causes this pain. increases only when I take some heavy thing. please suggest the remedy.

  297. kalyan kumar sanyal 84 years. says:

    A bit of background :

    I am physically fit and active. I do a fair amount of walk, drive and do all normal chores without a problem. However, I do need to take one Atorva Statin 10 mg tablet per day, and also one tablet per day for blood pressure (140/100) That is all by divine grace.

    About 3-months ago I was away from home on holiday, and stayed at a relations. The dining cum some other chairs in the house were wooden/naturally hard. After a few days , for the first time I began to feel pain in the tail end of the spine when rising from the chair. Since then the pain has become chronic. But do not feel pain sitting-risingfrom a soft chair, sofa. Allopathic doctor consulted said that at my age this is very common. Can take Calpol if pain becomes acute. CouldRuta or Asculus H or Agaricus help ?

  298. Dharmendra kumar says:

    hello sir, I am 32 year’s old . I sleep in night and awake night & morning , lot of pain in my back (back pain )
    Ples. Sir help me

  299. ngathingkhui yangya says:

    I actually wanted to know those food items which is good for spinalcord pain.

  300. Naresh Chakma says:

    I have been suffering from alluner disk tears at, L4&L5 so I would like to know if the disease is curable with homeopathic.
    Thank you

  301. kasaija simon says:

    plz help me cure pain in my lower back,pain is felt in muscles not in bones,

  302. B.B. Bhalla says:

    I am sufferring from lumbar 2,34 &5 proplaced having accute pain in the lower back and pain radiates in right leg. Beside ,i hvae pain in both knees and numbness/pain in my both the feet. I am aged 70 and having B.P. and diabetes but under conro with allopathic medicines. Kindly suggest remedies under Homeo system

  303. Amanda Davis says:

    Hello Doctor, my name is Amanda and I am actually writing on behalf of my boyfriend. He had surgery about a year ago on his L4 and L5. He can barely get out of bed in the mornings. He can’t bend over to pick a sock up. He won’t take a pain killer because he had an awful addiction to them years ago. I want his quality of life to be better. I would take his pain if I could. He is so kind and generous and loving. This pain is causing him to lose his business he has built from the ground up our relationship is starting to suffer. Please help me help him. He is a good man and I want more than anything for him to not suffer.

  304. Abid Shamsi says:

    Dear Doctor Sharma
    I have been diagnosed for FACET DYSFUNCTION in the lower back . I have pain and cannot stand for long durations . I must sit and bending forward gives relief .I have difficulty playing golf . Pain radiates to the buttocks .
    My doctor has suggested injection therapy , but I want to avoid it .
    Please prescribe a homeopathic medicine.

  305. Ramakrishna Bhat M says:

    I am suffering from Intervertebral Disc Prolapse ,Lumbar spine at L4-5, L5-S1 levels. MRI Scan report is (1) Disc Dehydrarion at multiple levels (2) Diffuse Disc Bulge at L4/L5 level causing indentation on the thecal sac, Bilatera traversing nerve roots and lateral recess. (3) Annular disc bulge at L5/
    21 level causing indentation on the thecal sac. What is the homeopathic remedies for this Sir ?

  306. Mrs Anjum Akmal says:

    Dear Sir, I m having full pain in my lower abdomen around the ovaries. The pain travels to my lower back, thighs and calf. It’s like period pain. I’m 60 years old. Please suggest some homeopathic remedy.

  307. Preeti agrawal says:

    my mother has been suffering from back pain, and very much pain and jhanjhanahat in her legs. she is in a lot of pain. What i do?

  308. Preeti agrawal says:

    my mother has been suffering from back, and very much pain and jhanjhanahat in her legs. she is in a lot of pain. What i do?

  309. Philip Rodrigues says:

    My wife is suffering from sciatica from last 5-6 months . At present she is taking sciatica drops (Adel) three times a day for last three months but if she is in home she fills better but if she walks for 10-15 minutes pain starts again. Pls help.


      colocynthis 3x 10 drops three time day which some water and bryonea 30 5 drops three time a day which some water cure your problem only one month IN SHAA ALLAH

  310. Male 58 years and in good health. Gym related exercise resulted in severe disc prolapse of L3 L4 and L4 L5 region, causing excruciating pain on the left lower side(Sciatica). Also suffering from degenerative disc disease. Secondly, my past life has been severely stressful and since last few years suffering from severe and chronic panic attacks like palpitation, shortness of breath, tightness of the chest and weird sensation on mid stomach, pain in the left chest cage area with numbness that radiates from the shoulders to both the hands. Pls recommend homoepathy treatment for both disc prolapse, degenerative disc disease and mainly severe panic attacks. Would be truly thankful.

  311. sumit garodia says:

    Sir , i am having back pain since 1 year. i have current t sensation in my back while sitting and standing. I have consulted to ortheopadic they have given me medicine but no improvement. as long i take the medicine the pain and current sensation does not occur. Sir then i have consulted to neurologist. the problem remain the same . Sir is there any permanent solution for this?

  312. jalil barbhuiya says:

    My wife 51 years has been suffering from OA changes with disc prolapse at L4-L5 REGION .The pain refers along the lower limb, along buttock, along back & also along sciatic area.
    She also has congenital fusion of D4-‘D5 Vertebra.
    By this few years she had taken lot of Allopathic pain killer , glucosamine etc.will u Pl. prescribe medicine for her.she is also suffering from gastric ACIDITY.




  314. mrs nitalie says:

    I have severe pain in the l5 and l4 vertebrae area the local doctor told me to take muscle relaxants and i have been suffering from various side effects hence please advise homeopathy effective as my case is 30 to 40 years old . A case of disc degeneration
    i have tried homeopathy for 8 months but no relief kindly suggest a good pain killer
    to get rid of spondilysis or become pain free temporaryly at least

  315. Sucharita Pal says:

    I am suffer with Spinal Degenerative disc dease please advise homio medicin

  316. Tarique Rizvi says:

    I was travelling by bus. All of a sudden bus driver stopped the bus and because of jerk I have been feeling backpain Pls advise homeo medicine

  317. Barry Abumarley says:

    Am 25 years old I suffer from back’ll be very hard for me to weak up in the morning, it’ll starts from my nick down to my lower back. Duie to that I get severe head each and the rest of my body. Please I need help. .

  318. age 24 weight 43kg third pregnancy three months completed severe pain in lower back n left leg going to the foot unable to laydown straight also difficult to roll to any side some times my leg refuse carry my weight
    plz suggest any homeo remedy safe during pregnancy

  319. sir. I am suffering from lower back ache from last five months and is very scared about my future.I am a bank officer and is very did comfortable while sitting on chair.MRi findings reveal diffuse perimetric disc bulge at L4-L5 level causing mild compression of bilateral preexisting L5 nerve roots. More findings reveal that there is degenerative changes in cervical spine seen as diffuse disc fess I nation with mild posterior FISC bulge at C3-C4,C6.C7 and c7 -D1 levels.causing no significant neutral compression or canal stenosis. Kindly guide me h to get rid of the problem

  320. stiffness in neck, stiffness and mild pain in bone/muscle connecting shoulder and neck for the last 2 months.. regular practitioner of shirshasan… stiffness increase in certain position when i sit on computer system.

  321. hello,I am Ashim Roy from bangladesh.My wife,age-45,is suffering from back pain.Give me some suggestion and some name of homeopathic medicines.Thanks.

  322. I have severe pains on my upper back. The pain moves from the shoulder bone to the arm on my right hand side. I have consulted various orthopedic surgeons and chiropractors. Have undergone acupuncture. I go for moderate massage twice in a month. Currently the orthopedic prescribed coxflam tablets. But still it is not getting any better. Instead it gets worse day by day.

    Please assist

  323. aditya pande says:

    my weight is to increase and i am also the patient of epilepsy, and my back is also pain , so which medice can i have for weight loss and back pain.

  324. DOctor

    Im49 yrs old female with sever low back pain since one and half years.MRI shows minor disc bulges with mild compression of S! nerve. I have pain in left leg also without numbness or tingling. Doctor diagnosed this as fibromyalgia but im not sure. I cant take alopathic medicine due to side effects.BAck pain gets severe whn im tired or in the evening.Cant walk or sit for long.Pain radiating to hips. Is there any hope for me in homeopathy for getting cured of this severe pain. I tried physiotherapy but it didnt work Please guide me.
    Thank you


  325. ranima chowdhury says:

    i have in my right leg for last six month. i went many options but none of them work. what should i do.

  326. i have high uric acid and high C-REACTIVE PROTIEN also… due to which my left full leg and feet muscles have pain when walking or lying on bed it hurts alot feels like i have a bad left knee also but the pain is not in bones only in flesh i guess….

    im 30 years old married have 2 kids

    mostly have food including beef and broiler chicken

    i m short tempered and fat guy weight 90kg hieght 5′ 7″ inch

  327. Jagdish sharma says:

    Back ache in lumber portion and upper side of right hip.

  328. Ali BAHADUR says:

    Sir suddenly aftenly during sitting standing time my backage pain is to be commence.than due to this serious pain ,i can’t turn left or this time i am in same pain possition.pls sir what i should do? In thir comdition sneezing is difficult’

  329. Kamal Bhattacharyya says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am 45 now. About two months ago I almost fell down but survived to hold a wall behind me but that caused my lower back hurt due to frontal bending. Xray(Digital) showed slight problem in L4 and L5 but L1 got compressed the there is a pain. I have a severe persistent pain. Allopathic did not cure. Now I am taking Bryonia 30, the pain still persists but severity has little gone down. But the pains have come to the both sides of my back which was earlier in the central of the back. I have problem I walking and the pains increase.
    Please suggest medicine.
    Prof.Kamal Bhattacharyya Siliguri West Bengal

  330. Dr Sharma:
    I am a 64 yr old female . I have severe pain from osteoarthritis in L1 & 2
    I have sciatica and cannot sleep in any position except on my right side but then the back still hurts
    I cannot take ANY pain meds as I took too many Advil and eroded my gut . Healing but no way to go back
    All meds make me sick
    Taking Klonopin and meditating . I’m calm but lying on heating pad is my only relief . Sleep only a few restless hours . Please help ,I cannot afford to go to a homeopath . I only have my SSI & work a few days a month . Walk every day 30 minutes . Back is weak . Went to PT but that was years ago . Forgot the excersises . Yoga is good but I’m scared I could make it worse. Please help ! Homeopathy always works for me . What is the right remedy . Thank you so much for advice

  331. Ajeet Kumar Suman says:

    My wife age 37 yrs is suffering with back pain due to anesthesia injection . I have one elder son age 8 yrs and one younger doughter age 2.5 yrs. Both have born through surgery….
    Pl. Suggest me Homyo medicine……


  332. Ajeet Kumar Suman says:

    My wife is suffering with back pain due to anesthesia injection . I have one elder son age 8 yrs and one younger doughter age 2.5 yrs. Both have born through surgery….
    Pl. Suggest me Homyo medicine……


  333. arpit mitra says:

    my husband is 41 years of age,he takes veg diet,with no smoking,drinking,height 5’3 weight 66 kilo.since 4 years he is having sever back pain.pain remains 24 hrs. pls suggest any good medicine for my husband,its really very difficult to see him in pain. pls help

  334. Sharat Chandra says:

    Sir I have pain in my left side mid back region around scapula which is localized in nature since 4 years.I had taken treatment through allopath but couldn’t find any recovery.Pain remains 24 hr and severe in nature.feel good while applying pressure to that are and movement of body but the pain again come after 5 minutes.plz tell me sir I m very depressed now

  335. I have back bone pain due to slip disc’and have no control on bowl’what to do.thanks

  336. subhankar chatterjee says:

    back pain with sciatica too much pain at night lower portion of leg and lower portion of back

  337. Urbashi prasad says:

    My back side of neck pains ,and the spine pains a lot .
    I have a pain below my knee .its from the knee

  338. ANUPKUMAR BARUA says:





  339. ANUPKUMAR BARUA says:





  340. Muhammad AslamMirza says:

    Sir, I am suffering from back pain due to disc dislocation for about 45 days. My age is 61 years. Please advise Homeopathic Remedies.

    I will appreciate an early reply please.

  341. hello, i am suffring from back pain which is from four years after cervical surgery, right now i am not able to walk properly, please do advice me which kind of Homeo Drugs be beneficial for me, thank you

  342. sampat Kumar says:

    Suffering from back pain since long. Earlier I used to lift garage shutter which was perhaps responsible for the acute back pain. I feel difficulty in bending forward. Pain also appears when I rise after sitting. The entire hip appears to be stiff.

  343. Thank you so much for this valuable information. I have a bad back pain for years now due to herniated discs. I also have a minor tear in my shoulder. I’m so happy to read about the remedies, but not sure which is the right one for me.

    Please help ease my pain.

    Thank you so much



  344. I had a back pain since one year during this I carry heavy suite case. I got more trouble on my back now after making X-ray of my back doctor said the gap of my disc of number 4 gone narrow. Pls advise the best homeopathic medicine. Thank you .. Najam

  345. S n mishra says:

    My wife is a patient of spondylosis l5 as wellas osto arithritis in both knees .remedy please

  346. uday veer singh says:

    Male,41years;chronic backache×8years.
    cervical spondylosis with disc herniation causing canal stenosis.
    lumar disc prolapse due to L4-L5 spondylolisthesis.
    pain right leg>left leg.,muscle wasting,limp,pain increases on walking,relieved at rest,burning,weakness.,tingling.
    please suggest a permanent homeopathic cure.

  347. Priyal a bagri says:

    I am 21 year old girl,and having acute pain in shoulder and back since last two month ,the diagnosis are museel spasm,the Dr told me that my back museel are week and fails to hold the bone structure,I am taking acupressure point ad well as doing phiysotherapy, I want cure my this problem permanently as my studies are suffering.

  348. Hi Dr Sharma, Please help me find a remedy to try as I am in so much pain. I have a herniation of L5 with severe sciatic pain on the left side down to the outer ankle. Better when I walk or am upright and mobile, worse sitting or lying down. Night time is awful crying pain, and I wake around 11-2 a.m with severe pain so that I must be walking. Then after that I seem to be able to sleep and wake in the morning with less pain. Heat aggravates as well as ice pack. Sometimes touch helps with a light pressure, but sometimes it feel like a raw nerve pain when touched. Pain is sometimes like a dull and very strong ache that is unbearable and I must move or rub it. Have had this 5 months and no physical therapy has helped. I have been told that I have mulptiple places of impinged nerve. My sacrum area feels broken at times, and other days it feels ok too. Thank you!

  349. I have sciatic pain that move from back left hi, left thigh then knee

  350. Hello Dr. Sharma

    i need advise which I has suffer from knee swelling and even after taken medicine, no inflammation and it remain swelling and I also suffer from arthritis, foot muscle pain and weak ligaments. I was told by my doctor that I possible suffer from the block of lambor from the knee that go down to the lower leg which I can’t stand for more than 3 minute as the numbness and needle pin of pain that really hard to bear. I can hardly sleep well due to the pain that pull down from my left side hip down to the thigh that weaken of my leg to support my body as I weight around 101kg


  351. Muzaffar Khokhar says:

    I have had L4S1 damaged due to a sudden trauma while traveling. The Disc prolapsed. I had to go for surgery which was performed in January 1996. My urinary and stool passing system is damaged and I feel no sensation/no power. I have to push for passing out urine and stool.

    I am experiencing below for the past the few weeks:-

    1-Pain in the lower back.
    2-Pain in the rib cage, constant and specially when changing posture.
    3-Numbness in buttocks, left leg near hamstring and left portion of lefy foot.
    4-Problem in walking.

  352. Anil kumar Dubey says:

    Lower Back pain especially after sitting on hard floor or lying on hard bed . Sleeping straight is painful , sidewise sometimes okay earlier diagnosed as Lumbr Sondolysis On December, 2011. Few sittings of physiotherapist undergone and homeo medicines also undertaken , please suggest.

  353. sujit kumar singh says:

    sir mujhe baithne par ridh ki haddi ke end point par dard jota hai . please mujhe homeopath medicine batane ki kripa kare

  354. Jim Stevenson says:

    Good morning Dr. Sharma – I recently had an MRI on my Cervical and Lumbar spine and the findings are that I have de-generated discs in my lower neck and lower back that cause me some pain. My back is sore when I wake up but after some stretching the pain subsides. My neck pain is more prevalent and comes and goes throughout the day. I have had one Epidural injection and it helped a little – I have another one scheduled for next week. I’m also seeing a physical therapist for both my neck and back pain it seems to be helping. So my question is this, can you recommend a homeopathic supplement to aid in managing my pain.


    • Alice Dryer says:

      I would like to find out if there is a homeopathic remedy that might help me. I have severe spinal stenosis. I am on my third epidural. I also have Percocet which I have only taken a few tines. The epidurals help but cannot have more than 4 or 6 times a year.the worst thing for me is standing in one place for more than 3 or 4 minutes. I cannoT walk for long periods of time. I am 82 years old. I have used homeopathic remedies successfully for many years. I also have congenital narrowing of my spinal column which never bothered me when I was younger but now with lots of arthritis in my back and other degeneration caused by aging, it is causing me a lot of pain.

      Thank you.

  355. ravindee singh says:

    My wife have low back pain after birth of my first child by operation suggest me some medicine or other idea to prevent back pain

  356. p.g.n. nambiar says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I AM AGED 62. I have lower back pain disc prolapse since last 25 years. I am also a Diabetic woth neuropothy peoblems. The pain more in the morning and evening. I am using a belt. Can you please suggest me a medicine by e mail. I will purchase locally. with kind regards
    PGN Nambiar I have lot of other problems if I write everything u will be confused.

  357. Sourav banerjee says:

    Hi,am sourav.Am suffering lumber pain.I have feel the pain in my legs all the time.Specially,when i woke up from sleep the pain is unbearable.My MRI report is L5 gap is 11,5mm.plz suggest me the homiopathy medicine.I am waiting for your reply.

  358. Hemraj Pandey says:


    I have been diagnosed with early antero-lateral osteophytes in lumbar region. Besides, my rt knee also gives pain if i sit for long periods which improves with movement. Kindly advise.

  359. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My husband has this severe back pain for past 15 to 20 days. we have been to many doctors, chinese accupuncture doctor, have tried meds, warm oil hot water bag orthopedics pad heating. it seems to reduce for few days but again increases. when he was in college he had this pain and got an MRI, wherein they said the space between L1 nad 2 (not sure ryt now) is less. so they advised him to take bath in warm water which he is and not lift heavy weight which he does not. but his job is mostly on his desc meetings for 4 to 5 hours which cant be avoided.
    I dont know what else to do now.
    Please advise

  360. After MRI Dr.suggested to me operate L5 S1 spine cuts please suggest me proper treatment thanks.

  361. says:

    I am diabetic from past 10 i am suffering from right side thigh pain from one month.dr.told it is disbetic neuropathy and prescribing nervigen injection and pevisca capsules.i feels better but not cured neuropathy causes thigh pain? Kindly clarify. With reagads, venkatesh

  362. Hi Doc, I am 33 y f, have had a chronic daily back pain, for almost 4 y. MRI and physical exam are both NL. Pain more in the mornings upon waking up, 8/10 severity, radiates to my pelvis( not thighs), starts after standing on my feet for more than 10 min, releives completely by sitting and laying on my back with knees bent. No sensory or motor weakness. NSAIDS, yoga, physiotherapy did not help. Not related to change in position. No limitation of flexion or extension. No trauma. Thank you very much. It really is disabling me from my daily activities. If you can reply me back, I really appreciate it very much. Thank you.

  363. bibhas ranjan kundu says:

    my sister aged of about 39,has been suffering from pain at shoulder and middle of back for 3 months.What is the remedy in homeopathy?

  364. Sir,I am 47 yrs old.I suffering bronchial asthma appx 10 sometime I feel neck pain,lower back pain,chest back side pain,leg upper joint pain,left&right clavical pain,pl tel me it is spondilites or arthirities

  365. Dear Sir, my wife 66 is suffering from chronic lower back pain going to both hips thighs knee calf and foot. It starts at 4pm and becomes severe the moment she goes to bed.To me it appears to be Sciatica and has tried colosynth, arnica, rhustox and R71 10 drops in 1/4 cup of water. First dose helps but with 2nd and 3rd dose pain starts increasing and I have to give apain killer
    I know the meditions are correct but donot know what poyency ,how many times and in which order these should be given.Pl advice. I will try to call you Sir toorow.At present I am in Germany and will be back on 4.10.2015 and wd like to bring my wife to you for treatment.Pl leyme have your address. With Regards.

  366. sunita Bhandarkar 43 year says: operated Lamber spondilies disc bulge L5 S1 but surgical problem in l5 level in MRI so my pain is day by day increases so l treatment at in Nagpur Maharashtra’s I treatment also homoeo and ayurvedic but not relief so what can I do for further treatment .and operations date 18-2-2013
    my address.
    Bhandarkar mo.7350016481

  367. Mr.Abu Ansar says:

    Sir my age 27 years i filing to 6 month back pain & urse uritetion back side muscle burning and somtime wiknes hol body & my left hend to left lage smoll finger one nurv sloli do pain & my fod smoll finger somtime senceles sir kindly suges to me

  368. I have been suffering from back pain ( Middle point of KAMAR ) for last four days. It is relieved a little after movement.

  369. sunita pawar says:

    My husband have very sever back pain in morning at 5 to 7 am plc say me which homoeopathic medicine to cure back pain suddenly and permanent



    I am 55 years old man , Early in the morning when I”m living the bed at that time feeling

    low back pain. I am doing everyday physical exercise & breathing exercise (pranayama).

    Please advise me name of medicine & its doses .


  371. K.P.Naresh says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am 30 years oldsurfing with low back pain.I have done MRI Scan in ESIC in that reporte it show me a Problem in L4,L5 disc i suing english medican and pain killer tablets for relif pain the pain starts from low back to legs like some one pulling to me pain in thai to Knee so please suggest me what type treatment to take

  372. I have very chronic back pain since 2 year ago.. Any homeopathic.medicine. Who get me relief. In pain plzz suggest me Dr.sharma

  373. vadivel.s says:

    L4 L5 and L5 s1 between bulge so that very numbness my left leg this is chronic condition now very painful feeling sir please advice give for me

  374. BISHNU PADA BALA says:

    I am suffering from back pain in cervical region more than one year. As per the recent MRI report osteophytic lippings are seen in C5,C6 & C7 cervical vertebrae.Another problem pain in back side of right leg from waist to amkle.This may of ciatica nerve problem. Kindly suggest what to do?

  375. BISHNU PADA BALA says:

    I am suffering from back pain in cervical region more than one year. As per the recent MRI report osteophytic lippings are seen in C5,C6 & C7 cervical vertebrae.Another problem pain in back side of right leg from waist to amkle.This may of ciatica nerve problem. Kindly suggest what to do?

  376. Dear Sharma
    My wife is suffering with back pain.initially it was below the shoulder and now spread over whole back on the both side of spinal code.
    Pls suggest us best medicine.
    Dr.Pradeep kumar

  377. Sir

    I am feeling lower back pain specially standing after sitting or sleep or bending. My job is sitting while working (Accounts Job).

    Please advice me right homeo medicine.

  378. Laltu Das says:

    I am 31 years old and I have back pain for last 2 years due to ‘disc space narrowed at L5–s1 with spina bifida occulta in Sl’ and ‘lumbarised S1 with rudimentary S1–S2 disc’ as per x-ray report. I have gone a arthopaedice doctor. After 6 month treatment he said that,”you are cure and give some life time exercise. But now I am afraid to marry because after masterbation my back pain increase. Please help me.

  379. Hello, I started Letrozole on July 6th. For a few days my left side back is hurting like crazy. Exercise, straching would not help. cough and move it is sharp. I don’t have any sing of kidney issues nor fever.
    Sometimes i also have headaches. Which homeopathi should i try?Thank you. K.

  380. K.G.Nair says:

    is problom that had oparated l4,l5 oparated at mumbai 3rd december 1973. now iam useing scootor last 3 years now paining back to leg. i consult dr.mri scanned given medicine for 1 month using medicine but no relief. no iam useing belt while walking

  381. ejaz cheema says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma,

    I am dialysis patient for more than six years. But now I am feeling swear pain in in back bone from 1st to 5th cervical vertebra also both sides of the back ribs feels swear pain. Dr prescribed the bonky injections (vitamin D3) but there is not much relief I feel. kindly advise me any medicine. one symptom is more that starts during sleep.

    Thanks Ejaz Cheema
    Lahore Pakistan

  382. Prankrishna misra says:

    dear sir,
    i am prankrishna suffering back pain since last three months. In MRI report problem seen by dr. that L5-S1=10. Doctor said for operation. But can not want opreation.
    plese sir sujjest homeopathy remidies and medicin for my treatment
    thank you sir
    with faithfully

  383. Ntombenhle Mkhize says:

    Dear Dr Dharma.l have a chronic backache that can become acute at any time with no aggravating factors.Its from the neck.worse between and below the scalpels(shoulder blades),the spine(at the point where I hook the two sides of the bra)sometimes feels like the bone are grin ding against each other.when u touch my back sometimes I feel pain as if I have soft tissue injury.the MRI scan was (NAD)

    I’m always in pain .I take antiinflammatory and palm killers all the time.Lt started on 1996 with the seeking from the back of the neck to the lumbar area.sitting on a hard surface aggravates the pain.l had a bad epldural anaesthesia that complicated in 1994,but the pain is mostly upwards.pls help.thank you.

  384. I have lower back pain. please help me

  385. J K Sinha says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I am suffering from L5- S1 disc degeneration ( less than 25%) for last 2 months and having physiotherapy now. My pain starts the moment I stand for a few minutes or I start walking. My pain is more on my right hip and on my right leg below knee and above ankle. I do get vibration on my right leg when I walk. I have almost no pain when I am sitting or resting or sleeping. Kindly suggest some homeo medicine with its potency. I am 68 years old and have no health issue.I am strong follower of homeopathy.
    J K Sinha

  386. HI SIR

  387. sir my mother is 53 Yr old she taking bp tablets for nearly 18 Yrs ,last 10yrs back her uterus was removed, she suuffering from back pain for2-3yrs her back getting swollen towards her lower abdomen ,she has consulted allopathy doctors but no use they say u dont have any problem, and give her a lump of tablets. Please help her ingiving homeo medicines.

  388. ammi reddy says:

    I am 33 years old.aI have been suffering from low back from 2013.I took mMRIScan l4-l5 disc complaints. Ple.send solution

  389. M M A Rahman says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    I am from Bangladesh having minor disc compression L5-S1 which causes exciting nerve roots as per my MRI report and having pain on my back side of left leg down to bottom of foot and can not sit down for long time. If straight lay down on hard bed, feel comfortable.

    Can you suggest me suitable complete course of medicine to get full relief?


    M M A Rahman
    Cell: 8801732808308

  390. surendra shukla says:

    Dear sir
    From last 15 year I am suffering from complit body pain and last 7 year I am taking medicin for bp 80/130 right know my age 48 y
    kindly advic me

  391. arjunpuri says:

    i have lower back pain for 2yr kindly suggest some good medicine

  392. Nirda Jones says:

    Hello Dr Sharma

    My friend, 76 years old fell 3 meters from a veranda when a tree he was lean on turned out to be rotten and broke. He fall onto grass, rolling to break the fall. There is no pain in the spine, but a lot of pain the full size of a big hand on either side of the spine on the lower back, as though sprained. Lying on his back is the most comefortable position. Getting up from there the worst, also lying down. Sitting is ok, though the pain is there. Walking is ok, slowly, but painful twinges occur right across the lumbar area.
    I gave him Arnica to start with, and Arnica cream. I can rub quite strongly without causing pain.
    Hot water bottle he like 24 hrs. Then I tried switching to Hypericum, but no real improvement.
    He’s constipated since the fall. And has no appetite. Sleeping well though. Not complaining. Please could you suggest a remedy and potency. Thank you so much. Nirda

  393. Liaquat Ali says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am male. age is 38, married, have no child. Living in karachi Pakistan. I have bitter lower back pain, for the past five years. also, i have a problem of poor or incomplete erection, or no erection, no stability, premature ejaculation and habit of masturbation. kindly tell me medical solution for these problems. i will be so much thankful of You.

  394. vijay kumar srivastava says:

    Respected sir mujhe L4 L5 me problem hai dawa se baut aaram nahi hai an problem ye bardh gai hai hamare pair bharipan and jalan hoti hai so pls advised

  395. Before one and half year, I had pain in my lower back (at joint of thighs and back and while lifting from chair I feel acute pain. However I don’t any problem and pain while sleeping, moving etc. This pain first time occurred due to sudden pressure while digging hard land only for a minure. I am taking Cal. Carb liquid 4 drops 3 times for last 7 days, but still no relief is there.

    Please help me by prescribing suitable remedies for above problem.


  396. Pandit fayaz says:

    Respected sir,
    I have been operated for L5S1 Disc prolapse in 2005.After that I am feeling much better and am working as teacher in Education department.I have some agricultural & Horticultural land.Is it permissible for me to work in my fields. (Physical work )

  397. Dewanshu Kumar nirala says:

    Dear sir,
    I am suffering by back pain from 2 years.take many treatment from alopathy and homeopathic medicine but could not cure.I feel swelling in middle and right side of back but from out side no one can recognise this from out side.I also feel heaviness on that part of body.kindly prescribe some medicine.

    Thanking you.

  398. Ruby Okoro says:

    Below is a summary of the result of my mom’s MRI.

    lumbar spondylosis with severe disc degeneration with multiple cord prolapse and spinal cord stenosis. She is 76 years old

    Please advise on what to do

  399. puspa basnett says:

    My sister aged 65 years has been suffering left side upper back pain since last fifteen days.aggravate in morning on movement and while bowing down. Kindly suggest me a remedy and oblige

  400. Ansar alam says:

    hello sir
    Meri sister ke gla me ghegha hogaya so please advice me

  401. Dushyanter kumar says:

    I am having hard pain in my back especily in night when I take side and in morning when I get up .whole day I feel pain when I stand up from sitting posture

  402. suvemdu sharma says:

    Amar komare batha any time ! Nichu / jhukte parina ! Pay bolun ki madicen khabo!

  403. Am Vijayalakshmi am mom met accident, she got a heavy back pain then, we went hospital take a treatment after the treatment came to know that she have a back sprin L3 problem. Pls tell me is there any thing problem comes in future for here and what treatment she as to take, its better to go for operation or we can take physiotherapy treatment.

  404. I’ve been off work for 3 months due to a somewhat large disc herniation at L4/L5 and a more minor herniation at L5/S1. The MRI also revealed dehydrated discs (appearing black on scan). I have been working with an osteopath about 3 times a week for the past month. I have increased vitamin & mineral intake that includes Lipoic acid, Acetyl-L-carmine, B6 & B12. I’ve been reading about Arnica (currently using topical gel) and Ruta G. Will these help me with. My disc herniations and if so, what dosage?


  405. subhash sarkar says:

    I am 33 years old.I am suffering from ankylosing spondylosis.I have neck and back spine is there any medicine to control and cure it?please suggest.

  406. Mudhoo roshan says:

    Hi doctor, am suffering from back pain for the last two years due to disc bulge at l4/l5. I would like to know on the homeopathic treatment. Please help. Thanks

  407. when I getup from bed my back bone is very pain for that in can’t move

  408. sir ,
    i m 29 yr old,g suffering
    from back pain since 3.5 yr app. mri image showing cyst kind of thing in lower back area
    . is there any homeopathy medicine to cure th

  409. My wife name Usha is suffering from L4 & L5 Back pain and when she will sleep at night lower portion of her like hips and legs having major pain she can’t sleep all the night.Due to this she had so much uneasy all the day. Kindly tell me the homeopathy medicine for her.

  410. jagrati verma says:

    hello sir i m 32 years old n my mom is 46 we both have same problem suffer piles n back pain so plz tell me the medicine from homeopathy for both the problems mom also constipation so plz tell me the medicine sir thanks

  411. vffffm,j,m

  412. Md. Aamir Khan says:

    I have been suffering from chronic lower back pain since two years. please suggest me for permanent remmedy or solution for chronic lower back pain.

    Mob No. 9312683516

  413. Pradip Kumar Basu says:

    One morning I’d got a back pain near 2 inches far away from spinal cord under the right ribs. It’s been continuing for 5 days. I’ve not taken any medicine. I can’t sleep keeping my back flat on the bed. It’s comfortable if I give pressure. While I give pressure on the back pain spot, eructation rises up. When I inhale it pains. I’ve no other problems.

  414. Ziaur Rahman says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am 60. I have undergone 2 stentings in angioplasty one month ago. I am weighing 89 Kgs. I am having cervical spondylitis with compression in C5&C6 after an accident. However, it is having nagging effect but not troubling too much. My biggest problem is the low back pain in the waist where the spine joins the hip bones. The pain is on the both side of the waist bone by the side of the spinal cord joints. When I start moving, after an initial trouble and pain, it decreases but in standing position it pains and hurts too much compelling me to sit. I use lambo sacral belt but to not much relief. Hot water bags also provide temporary relief. Kindly suggest an effective remedy.

  415. Arindam Mukherjee says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have been suffering from lower back pain for about six months. The pain radiates to the legs some time and for that it becomes too dificult to move my legs and back. I have to sit for quite a long time for my job. Previously I visited local doctor but did not get good result. So please help.

  416. shahjehan says:

    Dr sb i have discs herniations at l34….l45….
    n l5s1..
    Which medicine will be helpful in healing

  417. saha biswokarma says:

    Respact sir i have back pain upper body from several goes worse when i go in bed and before wake up.i already use rus tux. But not get any result and doing फीजीयो phisyotharip from 6 days and not geting any result.please advise me.thankyou.

  418. Chitra Narasimhan Chakravarthy says:

    In early 2013 had a fall L4 mild fracture bed rest for six weeks,pain increases while walking suggest medicine

  419. I have too much of lower back pain.
    It increases in i stand for too long and also sitting in a fixed position.

    No pain if i keep walking.
    My age: 42 Yrs – Male – Weight 82 Kgs

  420. I am suffering from backache for d last 16years after second delivery.otherwise i m very active but due to backache i have restricted movement now. It is worst in the morning and sometimes ibfeel like walking and sometimes i nreed rest but after rest also the doesn’t go. I am taking rhus tox 200 can i take kali carb also with suggest

  421. sssssssssssssssgttttttttttttttt

  422. santosh gaikwad says:

    Sir my mom is 51year old , shes leg pain… So what to do …

  423. Nasir Uddin says:

    dear sir i would like to inform you i am suffering low back pain (PLID) or disc prolapse L4, L5, S1 from june 2008,this findings is MRI REPORT dear doctor pl.said me PLID problem is cure able for homeopath medicine.

  424. Sir, I have chronic lower back pain on left side. It is more pain full when I bend to left, ie when the waist on left side is compressed. It is painful to bend forward. Feel better back bending. I have flatulence, and pain in the lower back when it is bloated . Better when gas is released. I have gall stones of 9-4 mm. Also knee pain for the last 15 years. I am 57 years. Mostly my job is confined to chair for nearly 7 hours a day.

    Plz suggest remedy

  425. santosh kumar bhoi says:

    I have severe backpain , so I couldnot able to sleep and walk freely. Please suggest remedies for this.

  426. prasenjit haldar says:

    i am suffering from last 5 years of lower back pain with two legs

  427. Bhaskar Rao says:


    I am suffering lower back pain at the centre of the hip during bike riding [path holes and bumps] Kindly advise what to do.

    My age : 45 years.

  428. syed afzal says:

    I of ortho Arthrites from last 10 years due Calciam disafficiancy I had been used some medicine like Calceria Flor , R/tox These medicines improve my condition Time to Time but curently when completing my poty & when I stand when feel lot of pain in lower side back bone pl tell me medcineam patient

  429. Sir , i,,m suffering from severe back pain that starts from upper back to lower to hinge bone and finally a paralytic sensation goes down , sir apart from that i,m not able to sleep in night becoz of severe pain in back , it seems as if i was beaten badly says:

    Sir , i,,m suffering from severe back pain that starts from upper back to lower to hinge bone and finally a paralytic sensation goes down , sir apart from that i,m not able to sleep in night becoz of severe pain in back , it seems as if i was beaten badly , kindly give me some advice so that i , could get some relief i have gone through every pathy but all went in vain , santosh pandey age 35

    • Ishfaque Ahmed says:

      Sir, My mom is 53 years old. she is suffering very in back pain 5/6 years. she had treatment such take medicine alopathic treatment but not get any result. So please suggest me who is best medicine in homeopathic for her. plzz plzz

  430. hi sir how are you hope fine renectly i am facing backbone problem last 8 month and i checked all doctors and surgions but still feeling pain what can i do its my MRI REPORT conculison can you advice me in homepath

    Conclusion :

  431. Clarina Gonsalves says:

    Dear Doctor,

    Hi. This is Clarina. A teacher by profession. I have been suffering from chronic back pain for more than 10 years now. Lately it has become severe and I am unable to sleep flat on the bed. My pain is more on the left waist.
    Iam undergoing IMS treatment for the same and have finished 3 rounds of it. I have experienced about 40 % of relief.
    I have undergone homeopathy treatment earlier for chronic cough and was healed.
    I would like to know what homeopathy medicine should I take for my back pain.
    Thanking you.

    • Lawrence (Larry) Baxter says:

      I am Male Age 77. Good Health Except Muscle Pain in Back When being Active or carrying Grand child for any Distance. I tend to stoop slightly or Lean forward when standing or doing chores in Kitchen Etc. Pain is not in lower back or spine but all over and radiates into my hip area. If I am sitting or laying in Bed NO Problem. Only experience while being active,standing and using my back after a short period of Time. Recent PET Scan noted Degenerative Tissue in my Back. Started about 8 mos. ago, before that Normal Posture and No back pain. Only RX I take is Tamsulosin 0.4mg for BPH. I have been taking this for 7+ years.

  432. Hello sir

    I have back pain aggravated with movement pain extended to buttock and also legs…relieves on sitting or laying on ground….
    Please treat me…no history of injury… I m of 41 years.

  433. Dr Tanuj Manglani says:

    Dear sir, I am 35 year old and from Jaipur Rajasthan. I am pain in my back , shoulder, back , lumbar, legs and foot. I feel this pain specially when I am at rest or when I do more physical work.should I take rhous tox? Please advise me. Thanks n regards

  434. R.BALAKRISHNAN says:

    I have back pain at lower part , Spinal chord & Back Neck, expect due to continues Bike riding,
    request your suggestion to overcome pl.

  435. hussain ahmad says:

    sir can u help me in breast carcenoma first ca test decreas aftaer 8 month ca test increas pleac sir help me

  436. VISHWA R PANDE says:

    Backache since 4-5years.
    all the reports wish to send you soft copy .
    please guide how to go ahead?

  437. I have been suffering from left leg calf muscle pain radiate to left hip after walking 100 meters. In MRI report l4/l5 gap reduction and light stenosis with light lumbar spondolytis . Please suggest medicine for same.
    thanks and regards

  438. sultan ahmed says:

    I have back pain for last five years but recently acute pain. In MRI report found that L5-S1 there is degenerative disk . L1-L4 and T1-T5 also affected. The pain move forward to my chest and upper back at night. I am 45 yrs male and professionally university teacher. Could u pls help me.

  439. Tapash Banerjee says:

    My sister 39 yrs old unmarried is suffering from acute backache at night .The pain is coming heavy in evening and worst at night . All pain is worst in hot and some relief in cold . Two legs are swelling and stiffing and too much pain . she take ledum p ., guacum ,merk sol ,causticum ,Bryonia , but no result .she can’t to move easily . what is the solution sir ?

  440. I am 62 yrs old. I have rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis. I have inherited muscle weakness particularly in the legs. It causes instability in walking and so I use a cane to prevent falls. this muscle weakness was the cause of my aunt’s death and my only granddaughter has it and goes through therapy for it. I also inherited a displacement of the pelvic area that causes one leg to be shorter then other. I practice organic eating and have reduced my weight but have more to go. I do use homeopathy and trust the results…having seen the miraculous results. I guess my question is would the remedies listed her help my kind of pain. I have monthly chiropractic treatment and try to keep moving each day but some days that is nearly impossible. I cannot walk very far so I use a Chi machine to work on the circulation. Is there any help for me?

  441. SAFIR KHAN says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am a male of 72 years of age, with height 5’.2” and weight 70 kgs.
    By profession, I am a retired Banker.I have no blood pressure or diabetes.
    Since 2004, I am suffering from lower portion Back ache. It was diagnosed as “SCAITICA” and proper treatment of it was made by taking medicines, but of no use, as still I feel pain in the lower portion of my back and it goes downward through thigh up to the foot’s fingers of my left leg.
    In addition to the above, I feel pain in the right side HIP JOINT for the last two years. On consultation, I was referred for X-RAY and MRI. I did both tests, the result of which concluded as” ADVANCED OSTEOARTHRITIS of HIP JOINT. I am advised for surgical operation, for which I am not ready.
    In this connection I seek your help and guidance, with request to kindly prescribe suitable homeopathic medicine for my BACK ACHE and HIP JOINT pain relief, with no side effect as I have already undergone an OPEN HEART SURGERY (BY PASS) three years ago and am using medicine for cholesterol control and blood thinner tablets, which please note.
    Should you desire any other information in this context? Please ask me.

    Thanks and regards

    ( Haji Safir Khan)

  442. harshit arora says:

    Dear Sir ,

    I am 25 years old . I am suffering from lower back pain since last 5 years, I had consulted N no of orthopadist including Indian Spinal Injury Centre , Medanta city as well but I didnot get relief . Please prescribe me any homeopathic medicine.

  443. anil gore says:

    I am a male of 70 years of age. I am having low back pain and hence purchased a orthopedic bed to sleep about 10 months ago, but my pain infact increased. Whenever i sleep even for half an hour i have pain in my back while getting up from the bed. Hence I have started sleeping on the floor. Similarly when i sit at a place for more than one hour, my back starts paining. The pains are not shooting pains but are spacmatic . Could you please advice some homeopathic medicine which will enable me to rest on the orthopadic bed?

    anil gore

  444. dear sir,
    i have been suffering from back pain since a year, extreme pain in back and arms so that cant lift anything, weakness in arms and legs numbness i arms during night and pain in joints are the other symptoms. i have consulted doctors they give vitamin d and protiene supplements and pain killers but that gave temporary relief,, i have consulted homeopathy doctor also that gave some relief but the pain persists again,so please give some suggestions,

  445. Jose Arellano says:

    Hi, I am 56 yr old my problem is that I have lower back pain after long days of work. You mentioned in this article of back pain after hard labor work. That pretty much describes my problem.
    My job consist of doing a lot of labor work or I stand for many hours cooking. I have used homeopathic remedy in the past and present but, I haven’t found right one to help me with my problem. I open to what kind remedy to use. Please contact me. Thank you for time.

  446. sir,
    I am suffering from Disc herniation ,acute disc prolapse (L4-S1 and L5-S1) since jan2014 as in MRI and Doctor told. Due to which I am unable to do my work properly . There is a pain in my lower right limbs , radiating to thighs, but I feels heaviness in lower part in siting and moving. Sir, one thing is not clear that there is pain in my right anus point from starting I do not know why? nowadays also there is a joint pain in middle finger ,wrist bone,shoulder bone right portion inall.I do not have piles etc. I undergone medicines:
    homoepathy-Rhus Tox,arnica, R-90,NL-8(, slip disc) etc but not affected too much
    allopathy- neurophysicians, orthopaedic,(injection in spine given), as steroid which is conditional

    please see the problems and reply.

  447. I am 38 years old. I am suffering from waist, neck, shoulder,back, hip joint,knee pain for last about 19 year. I also suffering from constipation and gas. I am very weak and thin.

  448. Ashraf Lakhani says:

    I get severe lower back pain if I stand for more than 15 to 30 mins. I can walk for 30 mins without any pain.
    I am 63 years old female.

  449. kailash cha ndra jain says:

    Resp.Dr My age 70 yr 68 kg 5.7 ht sir i am suffering from Parkinsons last 3 yr very difficult to move stiffness in whole body severe back pain due to accident since 20 yrs knee joint pain in acute condition Thanks

  450. sudershan kumar says:

    sir ji i am force member my age 33 my stating duty 10/12 howars jes sa my kamar ma pain raha ha plc my help me sir ji

  451. oladeinde A.Abel says:

    serious backpain since 2years and all effort expecially going to defferent hospital,deffernt text,xray,scan but all this text exerminations has not reveal any serious that warrant so much treatment from doctor as they said they will treat patient as the result of the test reveal,only tramadol,pyros combi which comprise anti biotics and omiprazole thou i had ulcer thats why i was given that but my main problem is serious back pain which deffied so many painkiller From doctor prescriptions which will re occured after the drugs finished it works when used,what can i do,is it drugs i will use or certain text that am yet to do or what can i do to remove my acute back pains without having an accident,it just start eventually,many thanks

  452. I suffering lower back pain, I am working in computers 9 to 5 (i had experience 15 years)
    what I can do I had no rest

  453. Ranjan Sarkar says:

    I feel pain in my buttock muscle. What homeopathy medicine should I take.

  454. Devjit Karar says:

    I am suffering by back pain from six months ago. Pain located at right site back parallel to spinal chord and at morning get up bet time it has been stiffness and high pain.

  455. uday joshi says:

    Due to back pain, now, from last 6 days my left legs also pains.
    so suggest me a medicine, treatment, & exercise or yoga for this
    where I am 47 years old.

  456. Dear sir
    after caesarean operation I’m getting full backpain I can’t tolerate this pain please give a solution n tel me a treatment ……

  457. sanatan shahi says:

    Sir i am 54 year old.There is compresion in c1,c2,c4,c6 and l1,l2 spine. sever pain in lumber area for all time and continously.Degenerative changes in above spine in MRI shown. There is no relief in any condition. sever burning pain is also there in lumber spine area. sometime relief in hot fomantation and somtimes in ice cold fomantation. stinging sensetion in left half hand and feet.
    please give me the suggestion…..!
    thank you!

  458. I had been suffering from coccydynia for 2 years. Tried a number of things like using cushions, exercises, medicines, one injection etc. etc.
    Two months back i tried homeopathy through i had a recovery of nearly 80% with pain remaining in left side muscle area of coccyx. But since i started the medicine, it has taken away my sex life. My penis doesn’t get strong as it used to do earlier.

    I’m in huge depression. My wife forbade me to take next dosage. However, when i talked about the problem to the doctor he told me that it would happen anyway even if i didn’t start taking the homeopathic medicine.

    I’m in huge depression. Please help me.

  459. Ramesh Kumar says:

    sir, I have myself, age 39 suffered from back pain last 2-3 years. but now a days my back pain is increase. I have taken bryonia alba-30 and vertefine drops but no relief to me. The pain in my lower back grows when I walk. kindly advice me for homeopathic medicine.

  460. rao m Shakir says:

    Dr sb i feel pain in my back when I stand for 10 minutes or when I sit without any back support. Plz tell me medicine.

  461. Anandi Banerjee says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have delivered a baby on 10th sep 2014. It’s been
    4 months. I am experiencing regular back aches which
    Is excruciating at times. It’s mostly in the middle of
    The spine and notify exactly the lower back. Although
    When the pain spreads I feel it running down till
    The lower back. I feel better in the morning when I
    Wake up but again it comes back after I sit for some time or carry my baby who is 7 kgs now.
    Also the pain is reduced when I sleep on a hard mattress but it stays while I sleep on a very soft surface. Kindly advice the right medicines and dosage.
    Apart from that I have heard that during pregnancy the joints and ligaments loosen up and expand due to certain hormones. This also contributes to post partum back aches. So incase there is any medicine in homeopathy to regain the strength.

  462. Trilok Singh Negi says:

    I am suffering with ankylosing spondylitis for last 10 years. My backbone is stiff like a bamboo. Hip joint is very stiff, neck is very stiff. Also I am suffering with arthritis pains. I have taken RHUS Tox 200, Ledempal 200 and arnica 30. It gives some relief but the moment you stop these medicines condition agravets agin. Is there any permanent cure for ankylosing spondylitis so that I can get back the flexibility of the backbone and neck?

  463. SAMEER DIXIT says:

    I am engineer by profession in a pvt co. used to sit for long working hrs. Around 4 months back while leaning to ground,I got severe pain in my lower back,it was so severe that I could not move for 2 days from bed,I took rest for 5 days and used analgesic gel on the back then I got some relief. But after this incidence I can’t lift the heavy weight, sit for long hrs., run fast etc. because doing these activities causes pain, even though I am regularly wearing the belt on the back but still slight pain remains continuously which aggreviate in 2-3 days.
    Please suggest me the medicines or exercises to permanently cure the disease.

  464. c.s.subrahmanyam says:

    Iform 55years old suffering from chronic neck pain and low back pain for last 25 years Pl.suggest suitable homeo medicine for both

  465. santosh khanna says:

    I want opinion from you.i am suffering with right hip area pain from the last two months taken painkiller a day.but not get any relief. From one month an Ayurvedic dr diagnose me osteo ortho rites and taking medicine purvnva prolife and pain amrit but not much relief instead feeling psins in thighs and both the legs.can you tell me is there any serous ailmemt or orthorites.i am 74 years old and before that having normal active life but now cant walk properly.please r u can help me to tell what to do…..mrs s. Khanna

  466. Ram Bharos says:

    Age-39, Weight-68, Height-5’9″
    I have back pain problem problem for 2nd time after 2 years and 6 months.
    During my 1st backpain, I remained on bed for a weak as was not able to stand up. But, slowly recovered under alopathic treatment and started to come office after 14 days.
    Between my 1st and second major back pain incidences, I had experienced minor back pain incidences 3 times with left side muscle spasm without affecting movement.
    My latest MRI report shows-
    Loss of Lumbar lordosis
    Mild bulge of the disc with small posteriocentral protrusion and focal annular tear at L1-L2 causing minimal narrowing of central spinal canal. B/L neural foramina are normal. No impingement of nerve root.
    Mild diffusedisc bulge at L4-L5 causing minimal narrowing of central spinal canal, B/L lateral recess and neural foramina. No impingement of nerve root.
    Mild diffuse disc bulge with small posteriocentral protrusion and focal annular tear at L5-S1 causing minimal narrowing of central spinal canal. No impingement of nerve root. B /L neural foramina are normal.
    The vertebral bodies are normal in alignment, shape and size.
    Rest of the invertebral disc are normal in height and signal intensity.
    Visualiised spinal cord displays normal signal intensity.
    Conus medullaris at L1 level.
    The prevertebral and paravertebral soft tissues show no abnormalities.
    B/L SI joint appears normal.

    Please suggest best cure available.

  467. Obedul Haque says:

    Thanks a lot.

  468. Thomas Fernandes says:

    Dear Sir this is to inform you that i had Heart Attack when i fell down i had injured my left leg Toe last 3 fingers between 2 there is hair line fracture and swelling is there and now it has become 1month and Doctor has advised me to he cant put Plaster but he has said to put crap bandage and keep the leg up. And one of my friend whois in Homeopathy has given me Arnica 200 slight difference is there. Can you advised me some other medicine
    Thanking you

  469. p.g.n. nambiar says:

    Dear Doctor,

    Iam having accute back pain. The problem is for l4, l5 and s1 discs. I AM HAVING PAIN ON LEGS AND FOOT ALSO. i AM A DIABETIC. i HAD TRIED ALLOPOTHY AND AYURVEDA. CAN YOU HELP ME.


  470. sir I have some problems moderate posterior disc bulge at L4-L5 level and moderate posterior disc bulge at L3-L4 levels.

  471. Bashir Abid says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    Due to no apparent reason one day(about a month back) I felt some pain in my back. After a few days it travelled to my left buttock and than occasionally to thigh and constantly in the leg below knee. When after long siting I stand up I feel pressure/pain on my back and after a few moments it reduces. While bowing I feel thing pain right from back to left buttock slightly in thing and a bit higher in leg below my knee. Now while walking I feel my left leg is not balanced, unresponsive and I have to a little bit drag it to keep pace with the second step.

    I took Rhustox 30 for couple of days and left it to switch over to some other local medicine (A receipe from a well know Hakim(Herbal med practitioner). I am using it for the last 4/5 days.

    While working on computer today it struck to my mind to search some good home medicine . In the meanwhile while going to the last line of the page I suddenly found ur good name with provision seeking your advice .

    It is also my plan to see some Neurosurgeon but as generally they advice surgery so as a last resort I would go to him, may be not abiding his advice for surgery.

    I am 66 years of age and remained good sportsman. I am swimming for the last 15 years continuously and even now a days swimming. During swimming I hardly feel any pain.

    So I would be be grateful If u kindly readdress my problem with your kind advice/treatment.

    Looking forward.


    Bashir Abid.

  472. respected sir….
    i m 25 female , from last year winter i got sudden ache in my lower back and left leg which lasts for a month but now when ever i use to sweep from my room i bent down for about 30 minutes i got pain in back also in leg some times even when it is cold in winter i get ache in back. i also got pain before my periods and there is a contineous white discharge before periods. plz suggest me some remmedy.

  473. S.K. DAS RAY says:

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to thank you sincerely for hosting such a purposeful website. We are a Bengali family and use homeopathy. My mother is an octogenarian (82yrs) of brown complexion, black hair, thin but sturdy structure with normal low blood pressure (70-110) , normal blood sugar level and no physical complaints except having cataract in both eyes. She worked with West Bengal Govt. and after her retirement have always worked in domestic chores and have suffered little ailments only back ache at the coccyx region for three to four times from 1991 till 2014. Her present problem is she has pain if she wants to stand straight and is fit while staying in stooping position. Previously every time she has got relief from homeopathic medicine. But this time after such treatment from prominent doctors in Kolkata with medicines like Rux Tox, Ruta, Arnica, Macrotin,Cuprum Metalicum etc. she is not improving for the past six months even after X-rays show no fracture, dislocation or any other problem except age wise degeneration and that to very little.
    I will be much obliged if you can suggest an appropriate medicine for her. Thank you in anticipation of your kind cooperation.
    S.K. DAS RAY

  474. Santosh pandey says:

    I went through spinal surgery in 2011 Jan because of disk heriniation between L4-L5, From last few day I am having pain in my lower back left side.
    I talked to Dr and he told me that the pain is because of buldge.
    I am doing regular excercise but not getting any result.
    Can you please suggest me if there is any medicine in Homeopathy which can help?

    Santosh Pandey

  475. Aruna Kumar Tripathy says:

    I am 42 yaers old highly myopic.In the year 1998, I developed cnvm in left eye . The condition was treated at Sankar Nethralaya but i lost central vision in left eye. Again after 14 years I developed peripapillary cnvm in right eye and treatment in the form of avastin injections is going on till now. The condition stabilises for some months and again reoccurs with bleeding. Avastin injection was again continued.With the consultation of one homeopath I have taken a mixture of Arnica, Hemomalis and Calcarea phos for last 2 months. The condition stabilised . I donot know whether it is due to the homeo medicine or Allopathic injections, but for last one year the cnvm bleeding stopped completely and edema at bleeding site near optic nerve also reduced a lot. Present follow up revealed that the bleeding vessels dried up and a scar was formed at that area Also I have the problem of floaters in both eyes. Please suggest me any homeo treatment even though it is to be taken for long time so that reccurrence of the disease may not be, I will be thank ful to you for ever if you kindly advice me.

  476. Md. Shahidullah says:

    My wife aged 44 suffering from prolapse of lumber intervertebral disks of l5/s1 and l4/l5.What is wit’s remeady?

  477. Md. Shahidullah says:

    My wife aged 44 suffering from prolapse of lumber vertebral disks of l5/s1 and l4/l5.What is it’s remeady?

  478. Manirul Mandal says:

    I have been suffering from back pain for last 4 year, l am now 21yrs ,x ray report L5 sacralised.

  479. priyanka choudhury says:

    Respected sir,

    I have been suffering from lower backache and right legache from one and half year.After doing MRI doctors found that my l4-5 length is 8.5mm and l5-s1 is 9mm and my l5is sacral used so they told me that my nerves are getting pressed in l5 and they suggested me to do surgery .

    I am not getting what should I do whether I should go for surgery or go for homeopathy medicine.Sir please suggest me what I should I do.

    Thanking you,
    Priyanka Choudhury.

  480. My Mom has been suffering from severe back , knee, shoulder and neck pain since days. we have consulted number of doctors but haven’t seen any progress. All gave us pain killers only. I’d like to know if homeopathy can ease the pain immediately and is there any gel, tube available? . Kindly reply.

  481. sajidiqbal says:

    sir . i have back pain last 4 year. after that i got mri but that was ok .than i got digital x ray .report was ,,,lv5 s1 between two disc space reduce …i use lot of treatments but no bani fit .now a days i face big problem .when i sit i fell to much pain in my hips and end point .so i cant sit .and some time i fell pain is going to my both lags ….and al so fell namness in my hips . pls tell me some thing .

  482. sudhir kumar says:

    Hello sir
    My name sudhir age of 47 male suffering from AS from last 30 years.
    But today my condition is I am on bed from last 5 days
    Totally spine is full of pain and stiffness,
    Taking dolowin plus but temp rely reliefe,
    Sir please suggest me homophobic medicine,
    Spine stiffness and pain lower to neck,
    Sir please its urgent,
    Thank you.

  483. rohit kumar says:

    i am starting shaking of penis from the age of 12. now i am in the age of 25. i have hand tremors in right hand from the age of 9 years. now i have too much low back region pain in the right side from 6 months. i have fallen on the floor before one year on the back weight. i have constipation problem. i have fuzzy vision since last one year. i have too much cold sensitive.i have too much cough problem in cold weather. i have too much problem of gas. i can conclude that my full body is now have problem.

  484. sudha kumari says:

    Pain in last bone of vertebral column due to fall to bike before a week so u send the name of medicine

  485. Satish Garg says:

    I had four lower back spinal surgeries at L4/L5 & L5/S1 level. Both levels disc are removed. Now my Neourosurgron says I have to get spinal fusion at both level. I feel pain in sitting. Please suggest if I can avoid spinal fusion. My age is 59 and having back pain since May 1994, with respect. Satish Garg

  486. somedip nayak says:

    Sir, my son 16 yrs old is suffering from degenerative disc disease l1-l2, l3-l4 bulging disc disc .He is having severe pain cant sit for long time or stand long so he cant go to school.We took him to physiotherapist but his pain increased so much after doing excercise that he had fever. He is having multiple ulcers so cannot take pain killers. Please give your valuable advice and help my son to get relief. His weight is95kgs and height 5’6″.Thank you.utparna nayak 28.11.2014

  487. TARIQUE RIZVI says:

    My age is 57 years. I have been suffering from backpain for the last two days either because of standing in bus, train, platform or may be because of having milk before sleeping which causes gas and because of gas it may cause of backpain. I feel heavy weight on my both the shoulders. When I get up in the morning hours, if something is lying down I cant pickup because I feel severe pain if I bend my back downwards. Simultaneoulsy I dont pass latrine and urine satisfactorily and I dont feel any relief after passing urine or latrine. I am 57 years old. Please advise me good homeopathic medicines for backpain.

  488. Nimasty Doc ,

    i m from Pakistan , i made 3 surgeries of intestinal obstruction , now i want preventive measures from 4th expected attack of obstruction , i am suffering from Low Back Pain also since 2 month.

    pleeeeeez help me and recommended homeo medication.
    thanx a lot Sharma G.

    Sami , Peshawar , Pak

  489. Mr. Dwipen Mudiar says:

    My wife aged 40 years has been suffering from Lower back pain since last 12 years. The symptoms are as follows:
    1. Excessive pain in Lumbo-sacral zone radiating to thigh, Knee, Lower parts of Legs and Hands.
    2. Pain aggravates while sitting or standing for long time and during walking.
    3. Feels excruciating pain during night.
    4. Muscles becomes very weak sometimes with stiffness.

    Examination done are:
    1. MRI in 2004 which revealed no significant deformity.
    2. X-Ray done which revealed complete sacralisation of L5-S1
    3. Blood Test revealed defficiancy of D3 Vitamin.

    Treatment done in:
    1. Went to AIIMS, New Delhi, Apollo Hospital, Chennai, Patna Orthopaedic Hospital, but gets no improvement. Now surviving with the pain associated with weakness round O’ clock.

    Please advise treatment.

  490. Neelam ahmed says:

    I had back surgery since October 2009 because l had sciatica pain. The doctor just made the hole bigger and the surgery was successful. But l am now having back pain again. When l take muscles relaxtion pills it goes away mainly in my back, but my hips and thigh muscles have too much pain. l know a little about homeopathic medicine but don’t know what to do to make my muscles pain free. l also do exercise and stretches but they help that much. Thank you.

  491. Jaissik Dhabhai says:

    Im having a very painful backpain when I sit and stand please help me

  492. I have severe backache since 6 months.It occurs in whole back but mainly in middle and lower portion.i am not able to sit or stand up for long and it is stiff in morning when i wake up.
    Since 1 month i started feeling pain in my feet also when i put it on floor first after resting for some time and it goes away when i walk for a little.

    Please help me out.

  493. Dilip Manjrekar says:

    Dear Sir
    Mai Dilip Manjrekar 36 years Old Muje Slip Disk ka Problem he Bahot Bahot Taklif ho rahi he Bahot sari Dawai khaya lekin Aaram Nahi hua MRI bhi nikala hu us me 4 Jagah Gap aaya he To please Help me Koi Dawai bata do jis se Taklif Dur ho

  494. Dr Shariful Islam says:

    Back pian treatment .

  495. Hi, Iam suffering with severe back pain problem for the last 2-3 years.
    kindly suggest

  496. Santosh Kumar Brahma says:

    Dear sir,

    I am suffering back pain from past 10 days. I used to get back pain if I perform hard work . I have taken so many tablets still no result. Request your help in get relief from pain.

    Santosh Kumar brahma

  497. mohammad mashkoor says:

    Dr Sharma
    i am suffering from back pain in side spines also when i press it gas will pass away , i am suffering from undigested problem too please suggest a medicine for this problem
    thank you

  498. md.quamruzzaman says:

    my age now 40 y,wait kg.66.2005 fall on the reaksha break bone near left hip joint & displace femoral head.two times operation.few month movement normal, once fell pain joint break bone.then gone surgical doctor who two times operation before .then check up and say you now suffer preoperative a vascular necrosis femoral head,lack the blood supply.give some pain Keller & calcium medicine.use crutch when working time.please advice for-recover now problem by homeopath-medicine.

  499. Smt Sita Devi says:

    Respected Doctor Saheb,
    I am 65 yr old housewife.I have back pain in lumbo sacral region for 2 years which increases due to long hours sitting, normal house works, standing and walking.Sir, plz give me your e mail id, so that i can send you my test reports.Plz suggest me medicines.

  500. Pradeep Sinha says:

    I am suffering from last 10 days from upper let side of back pain. There are few trigger spots from where originally pain started. Pain radiates from those trigger spots and spreads in the whole left upper back and left hand. Upper hand becomes very painful on both (inner and outer) very painful. I also feel a sensation of a current flowing from upper hand to lower hand along with some pain up till my wrist. little and ring finger. It feels like nerve pain.
    What homeopathic treatment would you suggest?

  501. Padmaya Purkayastha, Guwahati says:

    Dear Sir, My daughter aged 15 years is suffering in pain in lumbar region. She got sprain in the month of Feb’14 while she was doing Yoga at school. After that she fell down and got hurt also. We took help of Allopathic treatment. She lied in hard bed for one month. But till today she feel pain at night when lying in bed. It has also a morning pack pain and the longer she lied in the bed the more the back pain. My daughter also feels pain at the time of walking and sitting. Her pain is like that as if struck by a hammer.

  502. bhaskar chandra panda says:

    i suffer from backache after sitting for two to three hours . i am 48 year old . ihave not taken any medicines . it is since one month pain

    kindly reply sir

  503. Aanchal Iyer says:

    Hello Dr.,
    i have delivered my second child on Sept 24. Im 32 yrs in age and have to get up for household work now. Although m being cautious of not straining myself much, since delivery i have been havi,g a backpain. I had a caesarean delivery, but m not talking about lower back pain. This is in my upper back somewhere close to my right hand.. Everytime i bend or work a bit, i get this pain which gets relieved wen i lie on my back. M really miserable due to the pain. Pls suggest a good homeopathy medicine.

  504. hello sir…..i m 25 years ,male…..from the last couple of months….i have been suffering from lower back pain….the pain is severe during night time…..during day,the pain is not that much severe….i feel that the pain may be due to mental stress which is caused by my studies….which i used to do when i was a student and now when i am a teacher….but i am not sure about the actual cause of the pain…..please give your valuable advice……thank you in anticipation…….

  505. Kumud kumar ranjan says:

    Mri report says Herinated disk n compression bet L5 n S1. Sever lower back pain since last 7 month. Pain aggrevate in posture change, walking, sitting, n driving. Relex on sleeping. Pain up to low right side of thigh only , no nimbness in leg. Can I take Arnika, Rhus tox, Colocynth drug .pl reply

  506. Kumud kumar ranjan says:

    Mri repor says :herinated disk n compression between L5&S1. Sever lower back pain continue since last 7 months. Relax while sleeping. Pain Aggrevate when posture change, standing,sitting, walking n comes up to low only right thigh. Can I take Arnika, Rhus Tox n Colocynth reply

  507. samit kr. roy says:


    I have been suffering lower back pain for last 5 months, the pain start from the back and goes to legs. I was meet to the doctor in R.G.Kar Medical Hospital, Kolkata and they given me “MRI of LS spine” . The report shows L4 & L5 problem and they advice me for surgery, then I was gone to the private doctor namely Jaideep Mukherjee and he given me some medicine, exercise and LS belt. After that I was little fit for last two months but few days I am suffering a pain in lower back portion. So you please suggest me will I cure the with help of homeopathy.

  508. AMOD KAUSHIK says:

    Dear Sir,

    I m veg. not like oily foodings , 50+ having wt. 82 kgs , I hav taken, fucas v-Q , Phytolacca Q & 200 also,
    Kindly advise

  509. Kindly add me on Facebook I have many confusions about h.apathy I want to ssk from u I have passed homeopathy n I was friend

  510. Abhishek Mukherjee says:

    My back pain is quite unique-
    About 4-5 months back I fall on my back from stairs not more than 2-3ft of height and inflicted some minor injury. I had some pain initially but it went away which didn’t bother much.

    But over the last 1-2 months I am having a pain on lower back(left side) moving towards the spine and sometime it also move towards the right(rarely).
    The pain increases if the gas is formed OR due to indigestion.
    The time I feel the pain, when I stand up and starts walking after I sit for 30-45 at a stretch and then it goes away.There is no pain when I walk but i feel a bit of it when i run.
    The x-ray shows no sign of damage and the doctor said its absolutely fine. Currently I am seeing a homeopathy doctor( for 1 month) and the pain has eases a bit, but it is not substantial.

  511. ramdhari kumar says:

    Sir, My mother aged- 58 yrs is suffering from waist pain i.e. vains problem. please advice treatment or otherwise.

  512. Sir,

    My age 55 years. I am having back pain since last 25 years but now pain is acute. Now, without
    back rest I can not sit even for 10 minutes. Body structure – normal weight- 60 KG, height -173 cm,
    chest 85-92 cm,. Working as a Marketing executive, Avoiding 2 wheeler. Working in computor
    with full back rest chair. Since last two months, suffering from burning urination. No fever and
    no other complications. Urine RE is OK.

    Kindly advice the Homepathy medicine and your fees for remittance.

    With regards


  513. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I have pain in my back, hand and legs.
    and feeling weakness, and my weight going down. and feel giddiness in head all time please advice me.

  514. I have fshd a dorm of Muscular Dystrophy and have severe lower back pain and hip pain..what do you suggest for pain relief cause the pharmaceutical ways are not working and don’t like the side affects

  515. sudesh kumar aggarwal says:

    ihave pain in my neck and spinal code and back bone . please suggest me any medicine to cure from this desease.

  516. dharmendra kumar sinha says:

    good morning s
    sir i am suffering from server back pain for last 6 years along with mri has been done and reported that patches/blokage in nerves.i am treated by an orthopedian but not experiene more reliefe.
    please sir adviced me.thanks

  517. jaya prakash says:

    Iam already post op for L4&L5 in ihave back MRI disc bulg at L3-L4&L5-S1 osteophytes in L3-L4&L3-L4 discs are fusion ihave a sivier pain at low back please give me the solution Dr.thank u

  518. Sir I have been suffering from Hpylori . My report says 3.94 value whereas starting vaule is 1.1. i m very upset about it. I remain lazy , bloated & chronic gastric patient. My tongue color is yellow & black spots. Moreover my sinuses are always choked i nver had influenza. Body aches & head aches starts from back neck as i m always hypertensive.

    I will always keep u in prayers for sending me the names of medicines for usage. I m poor fellow cant afford treatment sir . pl oblige me and prescribe some medicine for use.

    I will remain grateful for this kind of act.


  519. Likeshwar Verma says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have been suffering from Back pain since last four months. Tried with rhus tox and brayoniya but getting relief . I need your kind suggestions.
    Thank you
    likeshwar verma

  520. Dear Sir/Mam,
    My age is 36 years. I have a severe left side back pain & left side neck pain along with shoulders since year 2008 at the left side of my spinal cord below the left shoulder. It stays 24 hours at their in increasing & decreasing status. And many times it gives me hard headache also. Most of the times I couldn’t bend my back & neck smoothly. It is all severe & unbearable pain I’ve. Hence I feel so weak .. pessimist etc. I gone through all the tests i.e. Arthritis, Scan, MRI and other tests like pathalogy & etc recommended by the top orthopaedic as well as General physician MD. But the all remarks is Nil said by reports and doctors. Doctors says it is just a muscular pain. They gives medicine and ointment for muscular pain & suggest normal exercise at home.
    Since last 3 years I’ve gone through all these stuff but no relief I’ve.
    Therefore kindly requesting you to suggest me the way that I got relief from all these bloody pain.
    Thanking you !

  521. Dear Sir/Mam,
    My age is 36 years. I have a severe left side back pain & left side neck pain since year 2008 at the left side of my spinal cord below the left shoulder. It stays 24 hours at their in increasing & decreasing status. And many times it gives me hard headache also. Most of the times I couldn’t bend my back & neck smoothly. It is all severe & unbearable pain I’ve. Hence I feel so weak .. pessimist etc. I gone through all the tests i.e. Arthritis, Scan, MRI and other tests like pathalogy & etc recommended by the top orthopaedic as well as General physician MD. But the all remarks is Nil said by reports and doctors. Doctors says it is just a muscular pain. They gives medicine and ointment for muscular pain & suggest normal exercise at home.
    Since last 3 years I’ve gone through all these stuff but no relief I’ve.
    Therefore kindly requesting you to suggest me the way that I got relief from all these bloody pain.
    Thanking you !

  522. sarojini negi says:

    I m 31year old. I have been suffering from backache from last one year. Whenever I worked in water like washing clothes etc. My backache would be started and swelling also. Pl suggest me.

  523. I have been suffering from back for six years,got an x-ray, in which it was seen that gap between lumber 4 and 5 reduced.I got allopathic treatment ,homeopathic treatment but the condition is the same. Please suggest an effective medical treatment.Thank you.

  524. pravina shah says:

    I was in shower. Ater lather soap on body, my left leg turn on wrong direction and i slipped down. I went in urgent care. They took X-Ray and nothing broken but in report it says that- There is loss of normal cervical lordosis consistent with neck muscle spasm. There is no evidence of fracture or subluxation. There are degenerative disc and facet C5-6 andC6-C7 levels. The pre vertebral soft tissue i s unremarkable.

    I hope , I have provide you a useful information/


  525. Serious pain at extreme lower back for3 yrs. Increase at bed time. Pls suggest remedy.

  526. poonamnarula says:

    My husband is facing back ache problem.May be it is mmuscular pain . Please tell me.

  527. mahendra kumar says:

    low back pain agg long standing, constipated, right side morecompailn

  528. RAGHUNANDAN says:

    i have severe back ache, kinldy advise me for the treatment

  529. HARINDRA SHARMA says:


  530. Sir,Last 12 year ago at the time of high jump I was injured and after ex-ray it shown small broken in my back side right side bone then taken medicine & exacise and cure last year from then I am unable to play cricket & football. some day ago I found my back pain. some stiffness arises from lower to meddle of back bone and after morning wake-up or after some time sitting when I want to wake up then pain arises in my back side and a stiffness arises. After some time bending the body its tolerate the boy. I take Arnica 200 -6 dose but have no result. Please inform the name of medicine & exercise for relief the problem.


    MOB. 09322289495.

  532. Sanjib Dam says:

    backaches after hard work & long setting both. As per x-ray, Lumber spine -A/P & Lethal : IV disc space L5-S with anterolisthesis of body of vertebral L5 over S. 2nd Cavial spine A/P & Lathal: 1/S/0 of lastly DJD.

  533. sanjay kumar says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from back pain from last 8 month. It started with fever, lot of SHIHRAN in back with cold and next day auto jump on breaker, after that my back pain started. Now too much gas form in stomach. Due to gas, pain increase lots. In morning time we are feeling too much pain. After releasing gas in stomach I feel some relief. In morning stool are not coming proper. Sometime I am feeling left side pain and some time right side but most time in right side. We I am seating to press the back in any surface I feels better. When I use hot bag in back side, I feels better.
    Sanjay kumar

  534. My Daughter is 28. Four years ago she was hurt at work. She injured her L5-S1 and has chronic nerve damage. She is in constant pain. The doctors want to give her a spinal cord stimulator. They say it is her only hope. Can you help?

  535. My MRI report reveals that MRI of the lumbar spine was performed in axial T1 & T2, coronal STIR, Sagittal T1 & T2 sequence and coronal fat supressed sequence of the SI joints.
    L5 appears to be sacralized. There is loss of normal lumbar lordosis. The posterior alignment of lumbar spine is maintained. Marrow signals of the lumbar vertebrae are of normal adult type. minimal facetal denerations are seen involving multiple lumbar vertebra.
    The vertical hfights of the lumbar intervertebral discs are maintained. The signal intensities of the nucleus pulposus and annulus fibrosus of the lumbar intervertebral disc are partially lost at L4-L5 suggesting early disc desiccation. There is left posterior para central herniation of the L4-L5 disc with left foraminal narrowing, anterior thecal compression with caudal migration of the herniated disc causing mild impingement of the left travsering nerve root. Ligamentum flavum is unremarkable. No evidence of altered signal intensities are seen in the ALL & PLL. Paravertebral soft tissue, spinal cord ends at L1 Conus medullaris & both SI joints are normal.

    What to do sir? Can homeopathy help me out from this problem? At present I am facing pain in my left leg & hip joint.

  536. Binayak Misra says:

    every day morning when I leave the bed side ribs,back in bet hips pain ,difficlt to rise and waalk. grdually bet relief after walking for some time.When I sit for some time pain revives.I take rhostox 200 in morning.I had tried bryonia 200 and Arnica 200 also.Please suggest.

  537. K. SIVA SANKAR PRASAD says:

    sir i am a sports person,am i suffering lower back pain since one month. please tell me what medic

    ine i have to use.

  538. Sir my mother suffers a back pain for 6 yeas .what should she take.

  539. Geeta Sharma says:

    back pain exactly little under age is 41 & i am house wife.

  540. Hi Doctor,

    I have a problem in my right hip and stiffness in lower back area so please give me the correct advice.



    Back pain since last 4 years .MRI report says Herinated disk and compression between L5 -S1.

  542. RAM NATH MISHRA says:

    sir, I am having knee pain and also backache since a long also pain in all nail of both legs. my age is 62 years weight 86 kgs after checking some cholestrol is also encreased. please medicines . Thanks and regards

  543. Dear sir,
    I am Sekar.few years ago I fall down and I got a severe pain in my back bone.especially third and fourth disc.I am business man and I have to go to many localities in my bike.but due to this back pain I am not able to travel for long,being understanding my feelings,please say me some remedy.


  544. kanti devi says:

    This is my sister,the pain start from down back bone and go up to knee,same as pain in back nack start and go toward hand, she has age -40 and lin and thin,this pain continuous from two yearn
    please give suggestion for remeady the pain.

    Thanks &Regards,
    sudhir Prasad.

  545. Ravi Kumar says:

    Dear Sir, My sister’s age 60 years old, she has been suffering from leg joints and back ace pain since last 3 years, she has take alleopathic treatment from last 3 years, but could not get relief. In the mean time she started homeopathic treatment from last 5 months , Doctor says cause of Vitamin D3 problems, it was not so helpful to relief in pain till date .
    So please help we r looking towards you for homeo remedies & treatment in minimise her relief & glimpse of hope i n positive sense.

  546. Umakant Tripathi says:

    Dear sir,
    I have pain in my left hip joint. I worked in computer for 8 to 10 hours a day. There is no pain when I am sitting, lying on bed, rest and when there is no movement of body parts. Pain start in left hip when I get up in the morning and after a little walk pain reduces to 10 to 20 % level. However when I go far walking after 10 to 15 minute walk ,again the muscles pain starts and I have to stop and to take rest. After 10 to 15 rest, I can again take a 20 minute walk and again pain start. there is little or no pain in day time , however the pain start in the evening time. I have been player of badminton for last 4-5 years. Before this pain (since last six month) I was very active and go far every day jogging of 7 to 10 kms every day. My age is 45 , height 5-10, weight 74 kgs , blood pressure 70 -113 , no dibities , cholesterol level is low and otherwise no abnormality. Please advise.

  547. P Venugopal says:

    Hi Sir,

    This is Venu,

    I have a problem in nexk C4, C5 & C6, which seems like cervical problem.

    Is there a permanent solution to this in homeopathy, if please advise?

    Thanks You.

  548. Dear Doctor,
    My mother is suffering with sciatic and she is not able to sleep/walk or sit.
    Her age is 61 could you please let me know any ayurvedic treatment will bring her relief from these extreme pains.We are staying in hyderabad.


  549. I have taken didital xray that shows loss of lumbar lordosis is seen and I am suffering pain from centre to lower

  550. Parmanandkumar says:

    Sir i hv problem in spinal L4 L5 their is break in l4 l5 vertibrates i hve this problem since 4 months my age is 24 and i m gymnst n i hv also pain in my left shoulder and right leg of my hill in back and know i dont do gym due to pain can i get permanent recovery from this all.And i suffer from night fall also i take medicine but i cant get any result. So please kindly give me suggestion for this.

  551. poras singh says:

    i had suffered with low back pain about ten years ago go treated with alopathic antiinflamatory and analgesic medicine Now I am suffering from low back pain after taking exercise which lying down and warm application. Pl. suggest me accurate homo.eo remedies.

  552. Bhupesh Sinha says:

    Dear Sir,
    This is Bhupesh aged 40 suffering from back pain because of which I cann’t do brisk walking in morning. I’m constantly putting up weight, it is now 100 plus. Whenever I try the back pain aggrevates. Kindly suggest me some suitable medication.

    Thanking you,

    Yours Truly
    Bhupesh Sinha

  553. Tariq Malik says:

    Dr Sharma; my wife right shoulder blade and muscles around it are severely paining and no allopathay medicines are working, she is 55 years and in great distress. Please suggest some good homeopathic medicine.


  554. Amit K. Singhal says:

    Dear sir
    I am suffering fromlower bach ache from a long time. Previously it was only in winter at lsleeping time only. But now a days it is continiously doing. will you pl. help me to remove this. Because my age is only 38 years & because of it i am unable to do many works like lifting of luggage etc. Because of sensitive liver i can not take allopathich medicines. so pl.

  555. jay prakash singH says:

    Dear Sir, i have been pain in my both legs behind the knee from 5-6 Yrs.I have shown it to many place many doctors but I did not get any relaxation in this pain.I have taken the medicine from allopathik,hameopethi,ayurvedi,but there is no difference please tell what can do for thisd

  556. Hai Sharma ji,

    hope u are doing well.
    I need your professional advise on my case , I hope u will help me.
    I got severe jerk on Feb 2014 in an accident, car hit our car from back and I got severe jerk due to it. At that time i was ok but after few hours I felt pain at my left area of lower back pain.
    My MRI report reflects disc dehydration at L4 and L5 level and nerve root compression. My pain becomes severe on sitting but I feel relief on rest specially on back and by heat.

    I have taken Rhus tox which gives relief for time being, Arnica, Ruta and for some time colocynythis also when pain radiates in left leg.
    Doctors said its very minor problem but after 6 months I stand on same situation. By any strong posture and sitting on chair creates problem.
    I am writing u with good hope that u will help me.

  557. nitya gopal sarkar says:

    after 30minutes sitting and standing i feel back pain 20 years continuously. MRI report reduce my gap ( l1, l5). I am 47 years. Please advise and prscribe medicine. Thanking you.

  558. Srinivasan says:

    Dear Dr I am 38 years old and strained my lower back while doing a difficult yoga pose. The physio whom I am consulting states that it is a disc prolapse. The pain is sharp and I find it difficult to sit or bend forward. Back bends are much easier though not painless.

    Do advise which medicine I should take.

  559. Sanjay Kumar Nayer says:

    I am suffering from lower backpain which i get only when i go to sleep. Pain on changing positions. Morning when i get up and sit. However, once i start moving, i have no pain & am able to do all my work. I have no problem in driving etc.

    Will Rhus Tox help me.

  560. vishwanath kandalgaonkar. says:

    In prostategland found E coli i.e chronicprostatics pl give advice for homeopathic med age 55

  561. Mithun Goswami says:

    Dear sir, I have only problem l5 position by the xray report. I stand continue no problem .only problem band in front and I seat continue this two time pain .pls u say which medicine I take. my age 30 year (m) unmarried.
    Thanks & Regards
    Mithun Goswami

  562. gokhale p.r. says:

    hello, i am 77 years old with otherwise good health and background of regular exercise. i get severe lower back pain when i get up in the morning. using the toilet (indian type) is really very difficult. after walking for some time the pain subsides. during the day i have very little problem. i had upper back pain slightly below the left shoulder for some time and it has stopped after taking a course of Aesculus H. I am also suffering from hard stools. i have tried kali, phos kali sulph with little relief. please advise

  563. Sir, I am chronic feeling right upper back pain and stiffness/tightness while driving the car. This also happen when I use computer in my office/home. The pain some time radiate to right under arm and chest area. Kindly suggest some homeopathy remedies for the same.

    with warm regards.


  564. A.K.Chandra says:

    from 2008 I have been suffering from back pain. In X-ray it has been seen that the gap between L4 & L5 have been reduced. I have done a physiotherapy course for 1 and half month and have used a Lumber spine belt and got relief. But last 7 days in 2014 the old pain has raised. I am using Lumber spine belt. Please tell me some remedies. I am 37 years male living at Murshidabad, West Bengal.
    Regards Atanu

  565. Dear Dr ,
    I am suffering from tail bone pain from last 2years during sitting position. Pls suggest homeopathic medicine. My no. is 9415608013



    I have a back pain at right side and neck pain at left sideankle pain at left foot which is felt very much severe when I get wake up in the morning. I have seen if sleep in the posture at back side on the bed , next day morning my right side and also the lumbo-sarcral region is very much painful and stiff. Gradually it is getting relief after movement. Again next day morning it happens.

    Just 2-3 days bI have started Rhustox -30 liq. 3to 4 drops 4/5 times a day.
    Along with this should I take GUAIACUM MOTHER 3 to 4 drops. & URTICA URENS MOTHER 3 to 4 drops.

    Please advise as early as possible.

    Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully,
    Saibal Mukhopadhyay

  567. Sudarshan says:


    I have severe back ache for the past 10 years. Age 32 years. It kept on reducing and then increasing. Every third or second year I experience severe pain the lower back. Latest mri report taken 2 days ago says disc degeneration in L3-L4,L4-L5,L5-S1 AND C5-C6 levels.

    Pain keeps shifting from left to right and then to centre.
    Increases when I sit for long hours. Standing becomes difficult and vice versa.
    Cannot sleep with stretched legs. Have to fold legs most of the time.
    I have acidity also for the last one year. Gas keeps on releasing and has to go to toilet when
    Ever the pressure increases in the stomach. Stomach keeps on bulging. When acidity increases it directly impacts the nerve at the lower back. I have been using carbo veg for acidity.

    Motion is ok. Sleep is ok. No numbness. Good sensitivity.

    Back pain will be more in the morning. Comes down after little exercises. Increases after prolong sitting. My weight is 73 kgs. Height 165 cm.

    Please suggest remedy.

  568. Aloke Nath Mukherjee says:

    I have severe giddiness problem when lying down on my left side. While lying flat I cannot turn my head on my left side, then immediately giddiness starts. Therefore I cannot sleep on my left side. I always sleep on my right side posture. And sometimes I feel giddiness also while looking at upward. I have been suffering from this disease for the last 16 years. Please advise me the immaculate and correct homeopathic remedies to get rid of my problem and disease once for all (my age is 64 plus


    My wife is suffering from a pain in lower back (spinal cord) and it increases after sometime of sitting. She usually sit in the floor by bending her knees and slowly. Kindly tell me any solution of this problem.

    I am sorry for my bad English.

  570. Danish Ansari says:

    Dear Sir,

    Good morning.
    My father is suffering from lower acute back bone pain for 2 years, but it was normal during the treatment , last month doctor said that the course is over now no medicine is necessary. Now just after 3 day an acute pain has started and doctor advised to take only pain killer but per day cost of tablet comes 90 rupees . And my father is a shopkeeper he has a pan stall. And currenty we are studying and only my father is the primary earner of my family there is no other source of income. On the top the doctor finally advised compelete bed rest. So please help me to recover from this disease and give any cure to my father .
    For this i shall ever your obliged.


  571. Abhishek Tiwari says:

    I am suffering from lower back pain for more than one month. My age is 23 years. I have done MRI scan and it shows bulging bet L4-L5 disc and canal narrowing at another disc. the elopathy treatment only relieves pain for few times. Pl. help to suggest any effective treatment for it’s cure in homeopathy without surgery.

  572. gurmeet singh dhumi says:

    i had a fall on the marble floor. two of the vertebrae were dislocated. the event took place about 3 years back. since then i had tried a number of allopathic, ayurvedic & other therapies. the situation has improved a little. but not to 100%. i always feel my back strained when lying for a short time & sitting straight for any time.
    with regards

  573. Hellp Dr. Sharma.

    Im 40 year old and have suffered slip disc with sciatica, undergone surgey in 2011, but is the case of failed back surgery syndrome. I am still facing lots of pain and sometimes feel like ending myself. I am a working woman and mine is a desk job.
    Please provide me remedy with Homeopathic medicine which may help me get my pain away and i lead maximum normal life.
    Thank you!

  574. amit prakash says:

    i have heaviness in back for nine years.i could not sit or stand even half an hour .dr said it lumbor lordosis.slow and continious pain in the back(right side) and sometime vibration in the spine.heaviness in the head.always feel weakness however hemoglobine level is right.mostly Right side is affected.

  575. yogendra kumar jaiswal says:

    i am 65 year old.played badminton at national level and still playing badminton. i also started playing golf at the age 58.i feel due to playing golf i developed pain at right side of back. sevear pain in winter seson at the back rightside developed last year with sever pain in stomach reigon also wich restrict movment in sleep at bed. after taking some pain killer like low back tab. get relief. same condition develop this year at the end pf jan. this time pain prolonge and no relief from pain killar medicine. then taken wisolon for 5 days wich give reliev specially at stomach region and relief in sleeping condion. hoever pain at the back still percist with sciatica nerve inflamation resulting tention upto knee.mri report disk degeneration seen l2-3;l3-4;l4-5;andl5s1. difuse posterior disc herniation at l4-5

  576. Jaiveer Singh says:

    I am 42 years old and I have lower back pain and left hip pain 24 hour time for the last 9 years and 2009 MRI report as MRI of the Lumbosacral spine reveals subtotal disc dessication at L5-S1 level with posterocentral disc bulge at this level. and 2010 MRI report MR finding are suggestive of moderate posterocentral disc extrusion at L5-S1 level and moderate posterior disc bulge at L4-5 level. treatment avail in alopathic,ayurvedic and panchkarm, homiopathic countinew. but not relif lower back and left hip pain. please suggest best homiopathic ramedy for permanent cure aboe my problem.

    with regards.
    jaiveer singh,
    Rishikesh, uttarakhand

  577. sreejith says:

    sir am from kerala…mri scan shows a disc prolapse l5s1…from this april i started pain killers…nw pain is ok…bt iritation is thrre…am from kerala…i can walk..doing exercises…i cant sit…is this curable…

  578. alka dua says:

    I hv chronic backpain due to l5l4s1 nerve compression pain is worse on sitting less in movement but more on long standings

  579. vishal vyas says:

    My father is suffering from lumbar spine stenosis and the compression is on l3-l4 and l4-l5 the pain is worsened and goes straight to the legs and while passing wind it shoots like hell he is a heart and epilepsy patient also we have gone thru so many doctors but the result is zero.pain killers and muscle relaxant are worthless as they produce a lot of acidity .he stops eating well due to this I need your advice as I want homeopathy instead of allopathic medicine. Kindly suggest some wonder drug for relief from pain and which does not create acidity.looking forward for your kind reply at the earliest.

    vishal vyas

  580. Saira.junaid says:

    Hi! Im 45 years old lady. I had backache (L4.. L5) in my MRI my reports show that my veins are compressed due to my over weight . Im gradually shed my 10kg in a month with the help of exercise and sauna and control my diet. But still I didnt reach my goal. Nw im 120kg. I cant stand just 5 minutes, my whole body starts sweating and im feelin that if I will not sit, I will fall down. A sharp pain is start after standing. Plzzzzz suggest any good homeooath medicine for me that help me to reduce this severe backache. Im hypothyroid and taking eltroxine 200mcg every morning b4 breakfast.Thanku God bless you.

  581. ramakanta sahoo says:

    serious lower back pain since 10months afer pregnancy of of my wife. now also pain in legs ,headache and pain increases whole body. plz suggest what to take to get rid of that problem . kali carb/nox vomica30c/calc flour+Ruta/rhustox+sepia

  582. suresh choudhary says:

    My disk has compressed to my nubge on spine at level L4-L5, Please advise me which treatment should I take homeopathy or ayurved and what is the result.

  583. sir , my age is 24 ,i am having a severe lower back pain at the intial stage but now it seems to be bearable .
    this pain started when i and my partner were having intercourse , alittle bleeding came from the tip of my pennis ,my doubt is whether this pain is caused due to that injury ,i went to a urologist he said its ok but i am having lower back pain , i am unable to do my activities comfortably ,please give me some suggestion

    the exact pain spot is above the butt , tail bone of my back and medimus are cant sit or stand comfortably . please suggest me a best treatment

    i can do my activities and all no problem in that but i am not feeling comfort .i am afraid a lot
    waiting for your reply .

  584. About back pain similar to muscle or ligament pain

  585. RAJ MOHAN VERMA says:

    my wife aged 62 suffering from kneepain left , is more worried about the pain on the back muscles of knee in the morning when she pain at rest

  586. Nupur nandini,30/F says:

    I am in teaching profession and having pain in my spine above tailbone/lumber 6-7 for the last one month. married for last 7 years having one son.slightly overweight.
    The pain increases; with movement/bending/sitting position/sleeping straight on back.
    don’t feel pain while sleeping on any side.
    Other health problem- Hyperthyrodism-taking homeo medicine ” Thyrodinum 3X thrice daily
    – sometimes face menstrual problem
    Kindly suggest medicines

  587. sharda vaishnav says:

    muje 3 saal se back pain h.mene 2011 me mri kraye the jisme l4,l5,s1 btaya tha. ku6 tym me bilkul tik..suddnly mere fir se drd start ho gya.ise mnth mene fir mri kraye.mere back ke niche ke part me.hips se lekr pero ke nichle part tk drd rhta ni8 me soty tym pero me bht drd rhta h/…
    so sir plz advice me in hindi

  588. knolly st.lewis says:

    i fell down a stair and landed on my back about 8yrs ago and now affected.i am 73yrs old and experenceing lower back pain neck and both shoulders down to my finger.i had an mir done that showed 4 herniated discs to the neck and four to the lower back. with all this i have trouble to walk because my thighs and legs get stiff.what can i do about this condition please let me know thanks

  589. manoj kumar sharma says:

    nameste sir i have back pain since 1year and I have pain my left side hand and leg please sum treatment

  590. Chavi S. says:

    Hello Dr.,
    I got severe lower back pain after working out in the gym, may be over stressed my muscles. I was advised Arnica 30 and Mag Phos 30x alternately after 1hour by the homeopath whom I have been consulting since few years.. The pain was on the right side of the lower spine. It becomes worse with walking, doing household work. I find very difficult to bend and squat. I tried to do some stretching exercises but it became worse. After the above treatment for 2 days I felt much better. So I tried to do cycling in the gym after the treatment. I observed that after the cycling all the blue veins were visible under the skin on my thighs. Since then the pain has also increased. Though it is not so severe as earlier but the problem is still there. Now I have a pulsating pain which radiates to my thigh joints under the lower abdomen. Applying hot compress makes me feel better but does not relieve the pain. Kindly advise.

  591. Aurobinda Prasad Nayak says:

    When i was sitting on ground or chair ,then after half an hour my lower back pain will start& this disease is from 2 year .plz sir suggest me what is the cause and treatment.

  592. KUMARI JYOTI says:

    hello Doctor,

    I have Tethering cord base on MRI report and given suggestion for operation .
    can treatment in homeopath .

  593. Vijay kumar shrama says:

    My father Sri Rameshwar sharma of age 78 years , suffering from back pain in L4 & L5 .When he sitting pain & rising pain increses,but moving no pain.Plz give the support.
    Vijay kr sharma

  594. rahul dev says:

    sir mai november 2013 se mere left pair me
    back side buttck se thigh tak bahut pain
    hota hai MRI karai hai L5S1 disc herniation
    nikla hai without sergery mai iska permanent
    treatment chahta hu kaise kya karu sir bahut
    doctor’s ko dikhaya lekin koi aaraam nahi mila please sir please sir

  595. Urmila Jana says:

    I am Urmila Jana (50 years) from Calcutta, West Bengal, India.
    I am suffering in Back Pain during nearly 8 months.It’s on my right side of my back.
    8 months back while traveled in bus,a massive jerk was happened for a mistake of bus driver. I was then fell on my seat after floated 4/5 feet. At that time I felt very uneasy and survive with some ice and medicine. From there I visited several practitioners but the pain remains in it’s own.

    So please suggest me medicine with doses and also any other treatment if needed.

    Waiting for your reply.

  596. Hello sir i m shaheen from hydrbd.. I m having midle and uper bck pain since get worts whle sitting and standing..i got my lumbr spine xrays it was normal..i tried al medicines gabapentin,aceproxyvon,muscle relaxants..but nothing worth it..plz give me a best sugetn sir

  597. sir as my mri reports shown l4 l5 l5 s1 disc herniation with thick impression. kinly suggest treatment

  598. Atul Rathi says:


  599. Manish Verma says:

    My sacrum is very weak, due to it’s weakness my semen is always flow, what should i do, how can i make strong it, pls tell me.

  600. MRS.SWATI SHEKHAR says:

    THK YOU.

  601. Silvana Spano says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I have been diagnosed with an injury to my sacrum. Not sure how I got it… unless it is a very old injury that never healed or has gotten stirred up again in the last 3 years. The pain is felt on the right side of my hip. When I move a certain way (several ways), it is always there. It is hard to exercise or dance the way I would love to. The pain has been very persistent. I have tried chiropractics, a good healing diet, neural therapy and acupuncture. So he will keep trying to adapt his work. The acupuncturist took a good look and confirmed the pain is right on the bone. I have had good results with homeopathy in the past, for other issues. Is there anything that you know that could help with this injury, and or with the pain? Thanks very much for any guidance you can give me. If you have the products, I would gladly get them from you. Blessings to you. from Silvana

  602. Annabel Burns says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma. I am 56yrs old. 3 weeks ago I went cycling two days in a row. I developed a burning pain when sitting. It still hurts. I tried a gel with Aloe vera,arnica and tea tree.
    I have tried combination A tissue salts with Ferr phos Kali Phos and Mag phos, but still no relief. Can you please help. I went over on my right fot 3 years ago and I still have pain. I am now seeing a phsiotherapist on the NHS and have exercises to loosen tight buttocks on the right side. I miss cycling, and swimming due to chronic eczema in my ears. I want to be able to play racket games again, but ankle is sore. I keep walking though.. I am just about to try mers sol for my buttocks as my tongue is also sore and a metallic pain in mouth.

    Many thanks
    Annabel Burns.

  603. Saiful Islam says:

    I have been suffering from severe upper left side back pain. I also feel pain at left arm. I work long on computer. Pain increase during sitting and in the evening and night. Please tell me which medicine should I take and what dose.

    Thank you.

  604. s.n.singh says:

    Sir,I am 56 years old .I am suffering from low back pain LBP (L5-S1) since last 12 years. MRI report says,”there is loss of disc hydration at L5-S1level withannular tear.Therer is central buldge of L5-S1 disc indenting the thecal sac.No evidence of neural foraminal narrowing.My lower backpain is extending down into the back of legs and is usually worse in the mornings .The pain in my lower back grows when I walk.

  605. gulshan kaur says:

    hello sir,
    my father 56 years old he met an accident 25 years ago and have pain in lower back and both the legs. we have tried many of the medicines and treatment but nothing worked out . he cant even stand properly . doctors told that is not enough lubricant between joints .. please tell me what shall i do ?

  606. during playing football in 2007 I hurt my left side of lower back and had to take bed rest for two months, as I was not able to stand up straight after getting up from bed and my lower back vertebrate hurts badly when doing side stretching as compared to forward and back bending . after that I got almost well as I can stretch in all directions but what’s the remain was pain in my left leg sometimes on outer and sometimes in inner side upto toe.
    In 2009 I got cold flu which again attack my lower back vertebrate and this time more acute and symptoms was similar to previous one but this time recovery period about five months and for treatment I done a mri scan which diagnosed herniated and bulged of (L-4, L-5&S-1) invertebrea disc, the doctor prescribed indocap medicine for five months and after five months I was again normal and start doing back exercise which relieved pain to certain extent. presently I’m in training consist of physical activities and I am experiencing pain in hip area and left leg up to toe.please suggest homeopathic medicine and treatment for my case.

  607. Asha Pettit says:

    Im writing for my husband who is so much pain. He is 28 and had back surgery where they fused his L4 to S1 . The reason for the surgery was due to a car accident that caused the disc degeneration , and also a hairline fracture. He had his surgery in November so 4 months ago but his pain is worse then before the surgery and is gradually getting worse everyday. Pain medication dosent work like it should casue he has been on them for 3 years . His back specalist says everything is healing great good bone growth but dosent understand why his pain level is going up . He is in constint pain no matter what he is doing, sleeping, sitting, walking, bending, just all the time. He cant play with our children anymore. Please I need help for my husband .
    Thank You,
    Asha Pettit

  608. MAMTA GHOSH says:

    I had a sever body pain for the last 6 mnth and also having lower back pain, upper shoulder pain, tendency of spasam. my age is 45

  609. renuka maganti says:

    Respected sir
    I’m renuka suffering with severe back pain in the side
    My Mri reports says diffused disc bulge with focal annular tear L3- L4 L4 -L5 levels narrowing canal and indentation on thecal sac…Please suggest me good homeopathic treatment or medication…..Thank you u sir

  610. a z m nasir uddin says:

    dear sir i would like to inform you i am suffering low back pain (PLID) or disc prolapse L4 L5 S1 from june 2008, i face to many Bangladeshi prominent doctor maximum doctor suggest to operation. but i am not agree to operation. long time i have physio therapy treatment & some remedy to pain laste time i have 3 epidural injection on 28th dec,2014, 28th jan-14 & 28th feb-14 than pain some remedy but two legs thai pain additional include .

    So sir i need proper advice for this reply.nasir

  611. Sir,
    iam 165cm tall ,47kg, 21 ,year old boy suffering from backpain for the last 4 years. Mri diagnosis was fine .i have muscle spasm,no problem with discs . It was peak in morning and increases when i stand and sit much. Please suggest me how to relieve from this.
    Thank you

  612. Nisar Ali says:

    Respected Sir, My mother is suffering from various diseases. 1. piles (with bleeding). 2. fibroid (in uterus), 3. constipation 4. most problematic is the back pain of right side. she is 55 years old and little healthy. she often feels acidity in her stomach.
    please help me in treating her for all these problems.


  613. respected doctor
    i have repeated history of back ache.This generally happens after bending forward, lifting objects,after strain,sexual intercourse etc
    I have consulted many doctors and of late i took laser treatment.It was fine for 1 year but now and then i have backaches
    Please guide me.
    i will be very grateful to you sir
    thank u

  614. mohan verma says:

    i have been suffering with back pain for sometimes.please help me

  615. Im 32year old.I have been suffering from lower back pain. And my MRI report is…Disc bulge at L4-L5 level indenting thecal sac appear to abut the traversing L5 nerve evedence of significant neural foraminal encroachment .so please give suggestions.

  616. Hello Sir,
    I am 32 years old. Since a year, I have been suffering from the lower back pain specially in the right part which has moved in the mid of spine now. I consult to the doctor already and did the MRI also , they said my nerve route has been narrow and have to do some therapy ,,, but these exercises are not helping me not at all. I have burning and tingling senses all in my right part. Is there any solution????

  617. Vineet Jsyadwsl says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am 38 yrs man. I work in a office if a Play school, as an administration-in-charge.I
    have been suffering with lower lumbar or lower back pain for six years.There is No injury.X-Report is OK. I can not wake up morning due to this severe pain. Pain increases when I stands more than 10 minutes on road,in Bus or anywhere. Pain starts anytime.
    Please tell me correct homeopathic medicine and the reason also why is this pain.
    Thank you!
    Vneet Jayaswal

  618. Vijayashankar S.N. says:

    Sir, Please tell me which medicine from above shall I use for my lower back ache which i am suffering since 4 days. When I put hot water treatment it will come down to some extent. Thanks Doctor.

  619. marie cress says:

    lower back injury had 3 surgeries with spinal fusion/ upper back small fractures with cervical spondalydosis/ have some feeling in legs with muscle and nerve damage/ i am in constant pain/ they have me on vicodine 350 as needed for pain napraxion / i cant take any other pain meds and i dont want to take the one i am taking now. i have always taken a natural remedy for my health care and i dont want to be addicted to this pain med, I work in the health care field as a dialysis tech for 20 years so i am on my feet 12 hrs a day/ i can’t stop working ssi wont give me enough to pay to live on and i am the only one who works. i am a single mom putting two kids in college. so if you can recommend me something i can take that wonte hurt my liver or kidneys and will help with all this pain i would be grateful .

  620. shamshudeen chacku says:

    Dear sir
    I have operate on 21 march 2014 n even my stitches are nt open. I am into marketing job and I havbe to join on 23 march last or I woill lose my job. N it is a new job plz suggest me how can I be fit and start my work coz I csnt affort as all my saving are gone in my operation plz suggest me wat to do
    Thankl you

  621. renu prabhakar says:

    respected sir i am having backache from last 10 years .MRI report degeneration in l2 l3 l4 .difficulty in sitting.tried many homeopathic medicines but little relief.please prescribe me homeopathic age is55years wt 73 kgs height 5feet 4 inches.i am having high blood pressure. thanking you renu prabhakar

  622. Mominul Hoque says:

    I am suffering low back pain from 10 years
    my age 41
    weight 60kg

  623. Feb 15

    I am Suresh from Dubai. I had operation at back bone of L5S1 disc two times one year interval the date of 02.05.2012 and 12.06.2013. My first problem was right leg foot no sense then more heavy pain for that reason you did operation for me the date of 02.05.2012.Then again same problem I got next year at date of 12.06.2013 I had operation. After this second operation but still same problem I have right leg foot no sense with pain is that I consult here one doctor he took one MRI scene, as per that MRI scene report doctor said you need to make operation once again. I have more worried about this. What can I do now please give your suggestion. I waiting for your answer.Every year like this problem coming means how I can solve. There is good solution is there please prefer that. I waiting for your answer.

    I hope your needful answer for me.

    Thanking you sir.

  624. Nadeem Khalid says:

    I feel pain in back especially in lower left side. I cannot stand for long time due to pain. when i stand after sitting I cannot stand straight easily.when I do shave I feel pain in my back. Please diagnose and suggest useful medicine.

  625. Atul Kulshrestha says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am 37 yr old ,since last 1-2 months i am suffering from lower back pain . The pain severe when i gets up in the morning and it will go less as i start moving , but when ever i sit ,the pain again start growing . And in the Evening when i go for rest in the bed it will again become a severe . Pls. suggest Homeopathic Med. for that.

    Atul Kulshrestha

  626. GIRISH JOSHI says:

    Respected Sir
    I have stomach pain, Indigestion & loose motion since last 10 years ,In morning i go to toilet 3 to 4 times

    Feeling pain in stomach. in hindi says( mitha dard, Marod)

    At present I am taking nux vomica 30, 10 drops with some water after meal, I feel Batter.

    Kindly suggest me Sir.

    Girish joshi

  627. GIRISH JOSHI says:

    Respected Sir, I have some indigestion problem since last 10 year,mucus ,loose motion , in morning I goto toilet 3 to 4 times and I feel pain in stomach. At present I take Nux vomica 30 , 10drops with some water After meal. I feel pain( in hindi Mitha mitha dard(marod).

    Kindly sujest me Sir.

    Girish joshi
    9,Abhishak Nagar-2
    Beawar 305901
    Dist. Ajmer (Raj.)

  628. sir i am having lower backache right above my ass to its side bones , it hurts me alot sir my age is 24 and this pain is from 4 months is this serious can it be treated with homeo

  629. VINOD SAINI says:

    I m suffering for back pain last 1 year in lower side of back.
    While moving around & standing up its increases.
    Pl advise medicine

  630. Monir Hossain says:

    This is Munir Hossain, 35 years old from Bangladesh. i have back pain ( disk problem)

    Xry report is under:
    Lumbar lordosis is straightened with normal vertebral alignment.
    Early osteophytic lippings are noted in L4 & L5 vertebrae
    Disk Spaces are maintained
    Both SI joint appear normal

    Comments : Early degenerative ahange.

    i want to full cure , what to do. please inform/ help me.

    Thank you.

  631. Respected Doc, my daughter is 20 yrs. Old . She felt back ache many times . In X rays report we found that her lumber curvature is straightened. Kindly tell how this can be cured. She is taking Ruta G as per Doc advise.

  632. Rajani kant singh says:

    i am 34 year old and work 8 hour with computrer geting Back Pain very Hard alwyas please sugest me Medicene in HomeoPath.


  633. sir, i had been suffering from intolerableb pain, swelling in the left foot. The aggravation of all sympts are exaftly at7 pm and extejd upto midnight. Feel a bit releived on waking. My blood uric acid level is 8.2. Please help

  634. severe back pain due to continous sitting and travelling

  635. Shahid Sheikh says:

    I am suffering in pain at left side scapular, some time feels under arm also in left arm, crickets noise always sarounding in ears, blood in gums suddenly flows, during walking pain increases, hot season is not suitable, blood sugar since last 8 years, but said pain appeared 12 years ago, this time my age is 52 years, working as office superintendent, in the light of above metnioned semptoms can you suggest homoeopathic medicine for myself?

    I have been taken many homoeo medicines by various Homoeo Doctors but in vain. Name of some medicines which i had used are appended below for reference please:

    Nux Vomica, Phosphorus, Merc Sol.

    Hope u will help me in this regard.

    Thanking you in anticipation

  636. shuchi pandey says:

    Dear Sir,

    I had an accident long back in 1999, where it was diagnosed that the ligaments of my knees were hurt. i am an athlete and hve no problem in walking & running but while jumping i cannot land straight on the ground or if i ever slip while walking , balancing myself causes severe pain in my knee resulting in limping for some time. Could you suggest some remedy which can strengthen my knees. I am 32 yrs old .


  637. sir i m suffering from lower back pain n it increases on walking .please ell i will do for relief

  638. sir,
    i am 41yrs old, i have suffering with backache from a fall during pregnancy 17 yrs back.mri shows spondilosis,sponlolestheis,l4l5 pain aggrevates gettig ng up from sitting and standing in one

    position for 10min ,sometimes pain in hips thighs.with some rest in the middle i am able to do my daily work. but i am afraid .please help me sir by suggesting cure.

  639. Sajid Mallick says:

    Thanks Dr. Vikas for informative article.


  640. sir, Iam suffering from severe backpain(disc) since one week. I am using homeomedicins like ( Arnica, Ruta, Gnathalium) since three days but no change in my problem. so i request you to suggest any medicine to my problem.

  641. N N Srivastava says:

    I feel severe abdominal back pain when I go for fresh, after fresh in toilet, when I stood up I feel very chronic back pain, my age is 62 yrs please suggest what should I do

  642. BISWAJIT JANA says:

    Sir I have been suffering in back pain since my boyhood(class – eight).Now it becomes severe when
    I sit down for long time.Please give advice for recovery.

  643. pradeep Harel says:


    I have suffering from last 5 years from backpain and gastric trouble (higher acidity) and low digastion problem, primiliney I have taken elopathic treatment later 2 years I was gone for aurvedic treatment but still yet not be covered up to the mark, past 02 months I take homeopathic medicine but existing the disage can’t gone perfectly , I am also suffring from fobia ( Alone timidity) I am an 30 years old male, is my problems got resolved by homeopath, kindly suggest pertians to said disage .

    Thanking You

    Pradeep Sharma

  644. Miss.Junmit says:

    Dear sir,
    I am 48 yrs old suffering from back pain from last one year,due to car dashed me from backside.Many test had been done & nothing found in test.I have acute pain in back .All of sudden occured something pulled my back,any time can take place terrible accident.I can’t control.
    I am suffering legs cramp pain since long.I am BP and Diabedic patient.Pl advice
    me which homoeopathic medicine available in India, I use get parmanent relieve from my backpain and legs cramps.Also advice me to how to take medicine.I shall ever remain grateful to you.

    With thanks.

    West Bengal,

  645. Dear Doctor,

    I am riding daily two wheeler from last 4 to 5 years. From last 1 year i am getting severe pain on my buttock(seat position)on both side. I can not sit comfortly while riding the two wheeler now a days. Eventhough i cant sit in the bus seats also. I am also having motion problem. Kindly adivce me a medicine which will cure my pain and also i have get good motion with digestion.



  646. Dear Doctor Sharmaji,
    I am 54 year old and suffering from Disc bulge which was confirmed by MRI scan that bulges noted at L4-L5, L5-S1. I am under treatment of Allopathic Orthopedic but it is not responding to me.
    The pain aggravate when I sit on chair which goes to buttock, thy and is very acute.
    Kindly obliged me by suggesting some homeopathic medicine.
    Thanks in anticipation.


  647. subodh kumar says:

    i am suffring from back pain in last 2-3 month when i seat i can not stand after seating and not seat well please sugest any homeo path medicine

  648. K V Ramachandra Rao says:

    Dear Dr Sharma Garu,

    i am aged 58, and by profession, being a steno, have to sit longer hours (min. of two hours) without any gap to move around, for taking dictations by my Chairman.

    for the last 3-4 days, i am feeling uneasiness with chest pain, specifically at upper left side back portion (may be back of chest portion), especially during mid night (2 to 4 a.m.). Day time no pain is there.
    Also, i am experiencing lot of pain at ‘lower back’ (left side mainly). Cardiologist ruled out chest related problem and said it is due to ‘muscle’ related and prescribed tablets (Pantodac; Myospat & Lyrica) for 3-days. yesterday onwards i am taking tablets and i am feeling giddiness (may be because of tablets).
    I am also feeling stomach fullness and gas problem.
    Sir, can you please suggest me Homeo treatment, as i am not able to take tablets. Thanks Sir.

  649. s r harihara says:

    sever lowerback pain thigh pain calfmuscle pain .i can,t use indian toilet,
    while standing possiensionfoot pain pl help

  650. back pain in the morning bed time

  651. sukanta mondal says:

    acute back pain.

  652. This is re.Male 50 years age. He was having some lower back pain for about ten days and trying to do some yoga exercises and pranayam for relief.One morning just bending a little he got almost totally immobilised and in acute pain. by night time he was in severe pain unable to turn or move. We had to call the ambulance to rush him to the hospital. They have given him the usual codine, valium and some muscle relaxing medicine. Blood work is ok. Probably herniated disk is the diagnosis. The pain is in the very lower end part of the back. Before going to the hospital he was taking arnica 30 C one drop every few hours and arnica ointment locally but had no relief. He took arnica 1 or two drops every two hours or so the day of acute pain. Please advise. I think Rhus Tox was a better option. Anyway your professional guidance will be appreciated. The patient is tall thin almost underweight, delicate digestive system , very caring also has a very spiritual bent of mind . The problem may be due to an old injury due to a car accident when he had to get physical therapy etc. for some time.
    Raj Prabha

  653. Zahedul Islam says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have been suffering from back pain for six months. At first it was at the end of spinal cord. Now the pain has moved to my thighs. some time it pains around my hips. At morning when I get down from bed I feel uneasy. Sometimes I feel bad pain and sometimes I feel normal.

    I am an Accountant and have to work on desk for long period.

    As per X-ray report my discs are quite ok.

    Please prescribe proper medicine for my cure.

  654. hello sir,
    I have got back pain and my doctor asked me for MRI

    Minimal degenerative changes in lumbar spine with mild disc protrusions at L3-L4, L4-L5 & L5-S1 levels
    causing indentation over thecal sac with mild neural compromise more so on left side at L4-L5 level and
    posterocentrally at L5-S1 level with annular tear and caudal migration of disc.

    Iam 30 years old and my doctor suggested me for traction through latest technology DRX-9000
    so is it good for me or have you got any medicine for this in homeopathy. Is it good if I get DRX-9000 and homeopathy
    or only one is enough Iam interested in homeopathy . I hope you reply me ASAP. thankyou

  655. Najla munir says:

    I am 35 years old , single and have my iron level dropped to 3 for these I am taking intravenous injections for ferrus sulphate 100 mg for 8 days. I have suffered from bladder infections, kidney infections very often I have been prescribed canthaharis. Apis Mel , sulpur, silica etc etc to fight infections now I am taking red meat on daily basis and 1 apple a day to raise my iron levels can you please advise any homeopathic medicine to overcome severe anameia

    Thanks and regards,

    Najla munir

  656. Anupam Srivastava says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    My back pain is due to sitting and long driving. I get pain in my legs, which starts in my lower back. It appears to be sciatica. The pain and soreness is in my buttocks, and goes to my legs. When I get it pressed, it gets better. Pain is more obvious on the left side of the tail bone. My age is 44, my general health is good, and I jog and walk for health. I was helped by Nat Mur 200 and Dioscora 30 but now it seems not to help.
    Looking forward to your reply.
    Anupam Srivastava
    New Delhi

  657. Roopa Kanjani says:

    Hi Dr Sharma

    About a week before I was resting on my left elbow half way lay down, when I sit up right side of my curve below rib and above the hip bone got sever pain can’t change sides easily can’t sit on one spot like some kind of nerve it pulling realy bad pain. I have taken Bryonia 1M, Rush t. 1M, right now taking ruta 30 and Arnica 30 alternate not much relief please advise.

  658. Ramesh Shrestha says:

    I washed the clothes by standing and bending over the bucket for around 30 minutes. But during that time I did not feel any backache. But after 2 days I started feeling shearing pain whenever I bend and do something. Sometime the pain goes through my back even I would be sitting. So kindly suggest me the treatment for this. Thanks

  659. Shivakumar Gutpe says:

    Hello Doctor,

    I am shiva 27yrs i am suffering from Disc bulge which was confirmed by MRI scan that bulges noted at L4-L5, L5-S1, L2-L3,and L3 – L4 I am Consulting a homeo doctor but i dont find any improvement since 2 months what sholud i do pls provide a solutipn to my problem.

  660. Dear sir,
    I have been suffering from chronic lower back pain, on right side (mainly on buttocks) which radiates to leg and ancle on sitting, since april /may 2013 after lifting a weight. In starting the pain was not much pinching but with the lapse of time it increased as my job consists of long sitting of about 9 to 10 hrs. Now from June onwards the pain is very excessive and untolerable, it even starts pinching after sitting of only 30 mins.
    Kindly advise me the medicne useful to recover from the situation.

    Yours faithfully


  661. vijay kumar says:

    i am having back pain for the past 1 month and i consult or-tho doctor and taken x ray and result cushioning in the back bones and it was stiffen is and given me pain killer i am a diabetic past 10 years while getting in the morning the pain is horrible i request u to kindly advise me homeo medicine

  662. Sir,
    I am suffering from lower back pain and stiffness of back from along time,please suggest
    good remedy for the same.

  663. Hello,
    I can hardly move any more, I’m male 43, overweight, after my wife had surgery last month and I had to stand for hours, and then slept on a hard chair, my lower back started to hurt very bad, I wake up with no pain, and can move for some time, take a bath, cook, then it starts to hurt, it gives me like shocks if I walk fast, or try to bend if I´m sitting, or any move I do that involves my back, all the muscles feel like if they were tense, it even gets hard to go back to bed, after I lie down for some hours the pain goes away. I don’t want to take pills for the pain or inflammation.

  664. hallow sir,

    I have cervical osteoporosis n lordosis from last 5 years. i have tried many
    ayurvedic,homeopathic,physiotherapy n yoga treatments. it doest work permanently.

    can u pl pl pl suggest any best homeopathic remedy on it.

    Thank u so much.


  665. Dear sir, I am suffring from back pain due to lpg cylinder moving from one place to another place since 1 year .light pain always be there in the area of back right arm near spinal cord,please write me

  666. pawan kumar says:

    R/Dr Saab,

    I am 35 year old male, married, weight is 63 kg and height is 5 feet 7 inches. I am working as scientist, so my job is sitting job.
    Since last few days i am suffering from back pain in during office hours i.e while working on computer and while driving bike. i feel pain in my upper and middle back. sometimes i feel pain in neck and shoulders.
    I daily play badminton for one hour in the morning and i feel no pain while playing badminton.

    please suggest treatment.

    thanks and regards

  667. Rahul Yadav says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am having pain in my lower back and right buttock and sometimes i feel weakness in right Leg since last one year. MRI scan report says that i am having a disc bulge at L4-L5 which is causing significant nerve root compression. Pain aggrevates on walking for more than 10-15 minutes and also after i keep sitting for long. I am not taking any medicines, Just doing certain exercises at home which provides relief but the pain comes back if i do not do the exercises for 3-4 days continuously.
    Please advise.
    Thanks & Regards,

  668. munish garg says:

    sir i am having acute low back pain from 3-5years which is gradually agrevating.i have been diagnosed as l5-s1 pivd and my actual syptoms are very acute as pain persist throughout the day stiffness in morning and evening pain in all postures sitting standing moving sleeping i havd been taking pain killers,phisiotherapy,tonicals-calcium,methylcobalamin,vit d3 sachets with on-off intervals but with no relief.pls suggest me is homepathy is effective in my case tn relieve pain and strenthening the muscles.

  669. Amit Sinha says:

    I have a severe lower back pain which expend through siatica nerves to feet . now Iam feeling numness in fingers of feet, I feels lot of pain when Iam driving the car, or climbing staircase. as well as pain in left knee… I had taken pregabalin M75 for last two years but there is no benefit…due to its side effect I put More wait on my belly… due to this Iam unable to walk freequently… today I purchsed VERTEFINE for lower back pain of SBL how it is effected? here I will not forget to mention that Iam Diabitic pateint of type-2, Last time my Hbaic was 6.7… will you plese suggest some remedy… due to long allopathic treatment I become patient of acidity also… Thanx

  670. L GURUMURTHY says:

    sir iam suffering back pain and low back pain .some times it goes right and left legs .it is inconvenent to walk .mainly muscele stiffness and cramps, in frequiently. i consult an orthro he suggest to take M R I SCANNE . the result showes every thing normal slight bulge in disc. he advised bed rest and avoid cycleing and bike riding.he priscrbied pain killer. but routinely iam suffering pain pls suggest treat ment to remedie my problem. and iam havi ng sinus polip alergy .iam using homeo medicene poli aid . regular runnig nose and sneegings ear ache and feverish. in long period . pls priscribe right medicine.sympathise my request.respected DOCTOR.iam great ful to you.

  671. RAJKUMAR SINGH says:

    Respected Doctor,
    I’m 45 years old.From10days I feel low backache and day by day it increases.I took some pain killer and feel some relief.But after long time sitting I feel much pain.Please advice me some homeopathic medicines. Thank you.

  672. seema mishra says:

    I am suffering from low back pain since 15 days. I am an active woman of 42 and do my household work as well as work on computer the entire day. I also used to take a brisk walk of 45 minutes in the evening. I have been taking rest and giving hot water bag treatment to my back but have received little relief. Please suggest some homeopathic medicine so that I get back to my normal activities soon.


  673. Neeraj Sharma says:

    Dear Dr.
    My brother is suffering from severe lower back pain. he is having stiffness, not able to move around, not even in condition to visit fresh room by his own. already we have get dome MRI of lower back and reports suggest that he is having disc dessication at L2-3 to L5-S1 intervertebral discs with marginal osteophytes. End plates defects with schmorl’s node formation are seen at multiple levels. its was all written in his medical reports.

    He is now on bed rest and u/supervision of allophathy doctor who is giving him Medrol 16mg on reducing basis to cover 6 days course to reduce inflammation and on painkiller.

    please suggest is there any effective treatment in homeopathy to treat chronic condition of lower back pain. he is just 32 years old and we as a family totally scattered in pieces please suggest us what to do?


  674. i have back pain since 4-5 years,mri showing dik protrusion in L1-L2 and L4-L5.can it be cured n how long it will take?plz sugget.

  675. Dear doctor
    I am suffering from lower back pain on left side and it goes till my left but . When I sleep I feel better but when I get up from the bed it’s painful and difficult to get up. Also when I sit in a chair it’s ok for some time but after some time I can feel the pain and again very difficult to get up need some ones help to hold me while i get up . When I walk it’s not paining . I had same pain 5 years back and now again it has started since 4 days . please advise me

  676. arvind parties says:

    last 2year morning back pain which potency rhus tox

  677. Lower right side Backache after sitting for long periods and while sleeping stright, right side etc. i have also left side shoulder pain .I am professional who spend long hours working on their desks.

  678. Thx

  679. sir,
    my myther is suffering from very heavy backpain. she is 72 yesrs old. plz suggest me the proper medicine.

    • md.quamruzzaman says:

      Good morning.Now i suffer post operative a vascular necrosis femoral left hip joint.10 years past a fall on the reaksha,break near left hip joint,& displace box two times operation success the break part but after two years fell the hip joint pain, doctor indicate lack the blood supply,when peas her the joint then fell when i move use crutch. please give me information by homeopathy age 42. high 5.1″ wait kg.

  680. Rana Asghar says:

    sir meri backache may hardness bohat zedyia hay meray muscles weak hay right joint say pain leg ke taraf jati hay may chal nahi sakta agar chalta ho pain hoti hay aur angle be teakh nahi hota please suggests your opoion.thanks

  681. Mr. Ajit Srivastava says:

    Sir, My mom is 52 years old. she suffering very pain from leg,back & knee also .she had treatment such take medicine alopathic treatment but not get any result .so please suggest me who is best medicine in homeopathic for her.

  682. Santanu Banerjee says:

    I have pain at back, on spinal chord and it spread to both legs from groin to downwards.As advised by my doctor I have taken Rhustox200, hyperricum200, macrotin-3x, Calceria flour and high dose(1M) of bryonia in aquas solution alternatively but of little effect. It started way back in 2000 and aggravated recently to a great degree. It is difficult to lie down on my back and I have to usually sleep sideways to left. In the morning getting down from my bed is very much painful but the pain subsides after few minute walk within the the rooms and balcony. After getting up from sitting position I am also experiencing pain. Kindly advise for proper medicine.


    I am a 41 year old male, I have an old history of back pain in L4-L5 region way back in 2006, it developed due to sudden jerk with heavy weight and worsened due to dripping mercury (at around 5-6 deg cent) in North India in 2006. I practiced yoga and took Ayurveda for two years continuously. It subsided slowly however was off and on since then but normally vanishes after 3-4 days when I take rest and heat treatment, very rarely used muscle relaxant Brufen MR. Now since I have joined a new job (in December 12) which is completely a sedentary one compared to previous one which was really hectic, I am having pain in my whole of back. Actually nowadays after 4-5 hours of sleep I wake up due to extreme pain all over my back, and these days I seldom have lower back pains. They arise only if I am exposed to cold weather or consume some sour food like tamarind or pickle or if I get exhausted. The pain in the back during night is quite disturbing as I cannot sleep even though I feel sleepy, I then get up and get a message and take hot water bag and walk for a while, only then the pain in the whole back subsides but till then its the time to go to office. Please help sir.

  684. deepa singh says:

    Dear sir,
    I am suffering from back pain from last three years. Many test had been done & nothing found in test. I have acute pain in back in the morning when I get up from bed. After some movement I get little relieve in pain. Please advise me which homeopathic medicine I use get relieve from my back pain. Please also advice me to how to take medicine. Thanking you.


      I am m/63, I have back pain, generally in the winter session I used to take hot water bag .But now due to high temp every day I took bath evening also for this reason may be
      I have tremendious back pain I am taking rhus tox 200 but no good result.Would you
      kindly advice me good homeo medicine for this.

      With my best regards

  685. debabrata das barman says:

    Sir ,I have been sufferring from lbp since 1989.Pain comes and go.Pain remain in the buttock regeion.Sometime it occure on the left and sometime right and sometime it shift left to right or left to right.I m 52 now.Please help

  686. Hello Dr. Sharma, recently I injured my back when improperly lifting two chairs and then turning to bend down while I was cleaning and experienced excruciating lower back pain as well as pain in my pelvis area and sides of the upper part of my buttocks. I literally felt paralyzed and could not move at all so I had to go on all fours on the floor and have my daughter place cold packs on my back and then I proceeded to take Ibuprofen pain reliever. This is the second day and I feel better but now my stomach is hurting for some reason. I feel bloated and have a lot of unreleased gas and some cramping but this may be because my period will be starting soon. It still hurts to move around in bed or to walk especially my right side and my right leg and hip. I think that R Graveolens would be most effective but at which dosage?? 30C or something higher? Thank you most kindly for your response on this matter!


  687. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I hope you can direct me to the best (& strongest long lasting) homopathic med. I have 3 herniated discs, 2 bulging discs, spinal stenosis, nerve damage & a cyst in my lower back. Been to so many orthopedic drs who will do NOTHING but give me perscription drugs. And they don’t even work. Been to pain mgmt. dr who was happy to give me valium, & low dose hydrocodene which actually worked at bedtime.

    Now I hope your recommendation can help me P L E A S E. Thank you.

  688. jitendra kumar says:

    sir ,i m suffering from back pain

    previous one year so give me suggestions hw it Will be cure

  689. Hi,
    I have recently got lower back pain. It started with a back sprain. The sprain took the usual time to get better after taking anti-inflammatories. But the pain came back after a week. I am taking anti inflammatories right now too. It hurts and hurts more for specific bends.
    The doctor has advised me physical therapy and took an x-ray which does not really tell much.

    Please advice.


  690. I’m having severe lower back pain since past 3 yrs. I was in London for 2 yrs and was seeing physio there but of no help as the therapy was a temporary relief only. The pain came back when started stretching exercises. This pinching/stabbing pain in the back happened due to overstretching when I was bending sideways towards left. The pain is in the L4-L5 & L5/S1 region and is felt on lateral side of left knee. This Pain is severe in the back than legs. The MRI scan six months before shows mild disc bulge in the L4-L5 region and degenerative disc disease in L5-S1 region.I also got a facet block injection on the l4-l5 left facet joint recently (3 weeks ago )but no relief. The pain is worse while sitting. While standing is better. Lying down straight feels best. But when I lie down sideways towards left/right or on stomach it starts giving tearing unbearable pain.

    had taken lot of pain killers, facet block shot. Had taken dr reckwegs r-71 and r-11 for 2 months during feb and mar,2013. Ruta 200 for 1 month. Also have taken Ruta 10m 4 doses since past 4 days. felt relief in aggravation in pain in back.
    . Age 30+.

    Can this be cured permanently with homeo ? Can u suggest me a remedy ?

    • rafiqul islam says:

      Dear sir, i am a soldier of bangladesh army. i have a lower back pain due to 1 year. recently i goes to our loacal doctor. At last he advise for MRI of ls spine & i got my mri report. mri report finding my disease are l5 – s1. doctor suggest me for surgery.but iam not willing for surgery. please help me.

      Can this be cured permanently with homeo ? Can u suggest me a remedy ?

  691. hello Doctor,

    I suffer from Discomfort during menstrual periods cramps, low back pain, aching legs, a heavy feeling in the abdomen and pelvis and weakness. Flow is fine and there is no miss in period cycle every month. Kindly suggest what medicine i can take to get rid of this problem.
    Thanks in advance:)

  692. Muzaffar says:

    Respected doctor iam having severe back pain sine 15 months have been to various hospitals but in vain done mri says mild disc bulge from L3 L4 extends upto L5 L6 which intending to thecal sac done phsyio took pain killers no use doctors advised me not to use two wheeler always my back needs a support pls help tp lead a normal life thanks in advance

  693. dr muhammad anwar khan says:

    I have severe coccydinia since two years have tried hypericum and sepia africa 200 potency each but not relieved pain is relieved foe 24 hours by tab. voltren 100 mg. Kindly suggest homeopathic remedy and am a consultant eye surgeon age 65 years regards dr anwar

  694. D.Margabandu says:

    My scan report: Impression: Disc desiccation with no loss of disc space height in L5-S1 disc. Circumferential disc bulge with posterior disc protrusion of L5-S1 disc causing spinal canel narrowing bilateral neural foraminal narrowing with indentation over exiting L5 nerve roots on both sides. This is my scan report. I am working as Field audit. I am travelling 120 kms teavel i bike & bus per day. I have heavy back pain. so pls tel me wat i do? i waiting for your reply. I am from tamilnadu. Thank u.

    • BISHNU PADA BALA says:

      I am suffering from back pain in cervical region more than one year. As per the recent MRI report osteophytic lippings are seen in C5,C6 & C7 cervical vertebrae.Another problem pain in back side of right leg from waist to amkle.This may of ciatica nerve problem. Kindly suggest what to do?

  695. S.M.Abdur Rouf Bhuiyan says:

    Dear Sir,
    I’ve suffering from severe back pain; problem is on L4,L5 (disc bulging). MRI report shows disc herniation of L4 & L5.
    Please let me know if there is any homeopathy remedy….
    Abdur Rouf

  696. das upendrajit says:

    my wife slipped in bathroom & injured on tail bone, x ray shows no fracture and abnormality, but after 20 days she still feels pain & could not sleep straight please help .

    • bhupinder singh says:

      My age is 60 yr ,wt 82 kg still working as gm of steel plant I am ex airforce wg cdr. for last 4/5 yrs after lying in bed for long period my upper back muscles become stiff some times it wakes me up at 4 am for painful stiffness. after getting up becomes normal but some stiffness may remain all day but not disturbing. sitting on chair for any length of time is not painful .affected muscles are on the back side covering the ribs. neck normal lower back normal.suggest medicine

  697. A.R.K. Sarma says:


    On 20.5.2013 I felt severe back pain, which improved day by day even after taking medicines as prescribed by the Doctor. Finally I took an X-ray which states ” Early Osteophytic Lipping is shown in Lower Lumbar Vertebrae. Vertebral end plates are Sclerotic. Intervertebral joint space is diminished between L4 and L5.” After getting the X-ray reported I got Laser ray treatment and doing some exercises. Now I am getting some relief but still light pain is there.

    I shall be grateful if you please suggest me some homoepathy medicines and precautions to be taken to cure this back pain for ever. My age is 65 years.

    A.R.K. Sarma

  698. Dear Sir, I’m a patient of acute lower back pain suffering since 5-6 years. Some times it seems that it has gone but the next moment it again starts troubling. Kindly let me know that whether there is effective treatment in homeopathy for getting permanent rid of acute lower back pain. Since, I am suffering with this pain for more than 5 years I have been given to understand that now I can get away from this pain through allopathy only. Kindly let me know whether I should opt for homeopathy or not as I am afraid of side effects of allopathy treatment. Thankx and best regards.

  699. Oyelowo Nasimot says:

    I always have backache everyday especially in the morning. I normaly use tramadol capsule but any day i fail to use it, i wl sufer for the pain.

  700. devendra singh negi says:

    Respected sir, I have been suffering from back pain since last10 yrs. Doctor see my mri report n told a little slip disc. I can play long time I can run long time but I can sit for lobg time stiffness occurs at a point l4. Not too much pain but feel much stiffeness that gives trouble me.I do yoga n exercise daily.but I want permanent solution. Please suggest me homeo effective treatment. For the last one years there creats problem in my neck.mostly it happens when I bend my neck for long time.please suggest homeo treatment. I will be very ……….very oblige u. Mr.negi thanks sir wait for reply a

  701. Sanjay Bhatnagar says:

    Dear Dr,
    I have lower back pain due to slip disc in L3/L4. Also pain in hips, sometimes on left hip & then shifts to right hip. Also getting shoulder & neck pain.
    I have started on Rhus Tox 30, 4 drops in some water, 3 times a day. Alongwith Colocynthis 30, 4 drops in water 3 times a day.
    I have relief.
    Kindly advise if the potency of both medicines is correct, & how long to continue this treatment for a full cure.

    • Joshua Arrieta says:

      My son. Joshua has suffered 3 car accidents and his mid back hurts a lot actually the pain travels from back upper lft side to the front ribs. He has excruciating pain. When I massaged it feels that the upper left Side is inflamated. Please recommend what can he do? Also he is 10 lbs overweight. Please tell me stat homeopathic remedy you can recommend?
      Thank you

  702. Sanjay Das Paul says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma, I am suffering back pain including shoulder pain from last few years. Some times I feel pains in my mussle also. So you are requested to pl. let me know what medicine i can take for my problem to solve it permanently. Pl. help me.

  703. ujjal kr das says:

    i am suffering with ankylosing spondylitis and diabetes . My neck is almost joint along with my whole spinal cord and hip which pains regularly . I am taking injection every month namely ENBRIL but I am getting no result . I want a relief from it and hope that you will be able to cure it. I am also a diabetic patient. I take insulin 2 times a day . I want a apointment with you to discuss my problem and i wll do as you say.

  704. VIKAS MOHAN says:

    DEAR DR.


  705. Harev singh says:

    my mother has disk problem and she suffer back pain .please i want know the effective homeopathic medicine to relief of my mother.

  706. AJAY SRIVASTAVA says:


  707. Manikantan.R says:

    i took mri scan last month. it says disc prolapse. iam 38 yrs old/male. i have sciatica and back pain. pls. advice me about your treatment.

  708. Surinder Gill says:

    There is arthritis in C- Spline And Arthritis in Lower 4-5 joint of spline. The pain in my lower back grows when I walk. More pain is in the very lower right side of back and Hip . After MRI the doctor said you have a Nerve pinch in Neck & Lower back. I am taking pain killers.

    • krishnamoorthy says:

      I am 66 years old and I have lower back pain for the last 1 1/2 years due to disc prolapse and also
      neck shoulder and upper arm pain. Our local homeo doctor has prescribed Colocynthis 200c for back pain and Rhus tox 200c ,Arnica 200c and Causticum tinctures to be taken 10 drops in little water 2 to 3 times daily. I have got improvement from severe pain to low intensity pain now.

      Do you recomment any other alternate homeo medicine to speed up the recovery.

      The pains are stronger when I wake up in the morning but subsides after walking in the park and few exercises.

      Please reply


      • shrikant duey says:

        Dear sir
        my wife has been suffering from LBP (L5-S1) since last 6-7 years.we have gone to sgpgims lko for treatment but could not get relief.In the mean time she started some homeopathic treatment it was not so helpful.again we tried for alleopathic in vivekanand polyclinic lko.there doctors advice for again MRI. now it is position
        MRI report says …..screeningof spine reveals straightening of cervical curvature,osteophytes,desiccated discs with posterior bulge of multiple cervical,dorsal and lumber discs.
        There is mild spinal cord compression atC3-4 and D6-7 levels. there is thickening of ligamentum flavum at few levels.there is sacralization of L5 with small L5-S1 disc.
        she has acute pain in left side of whole body from left shoulder to left hand left thigh pain including lbp.
        So please help we r looking towards you for homeo remedies & ttretmet in minimise her relief & glimpse of hope i n positive sense.
        Thx & rgds
        Shrikant Dubey

        • Udayakumar K N says:

          In the year 2008 I was suffered injury in an accident by falling from the motor bike on the road in a sitting position, leads to compression in L2. I admitted in a hospital and healed traction for 15 days and 1 & 1/2 months house rest. Diagnosys – compression in L2.
          For the past 5 years I feel no sever back paid. But nine months before I felt sever back pain and could not sit or stand. Consulted the same Doctor. Diagnosys – freezing of muscles and sacralization of L5.
          Kindly advice me.

          • suparna kar says:

            Iam 37 years old ,i have back pain for 3 mants. Xray report suggest Cervical Sondilitis.the symptoms are in my right shoulder and right hand very pain and pain lower back. please Sir sum treatment .

      • shraddha says:

        Hello sir, I follow ur post many times, and I am keen student of homoeopathy also,.. I study few medecines from ur posts as well. Kindly guide me sir, what are the medicines suggested for disc prolaps, as my elder brother is suffering through it and I want to take case in my hand.
        thank you sir, waiting for your reply.

      • Bhupinder singh says:

        When I get up in the morning I feel ok after walking 15 min when I sit down and bend my back 70% there is no pain when I bend more the pain started After 3-4 time bending I got relief
        Please suggest me medicine

      • INDERA PAL GARG says:

        I am 66years old. From last more than one year, I am sufferinf from sever pain in lower R.H.S of my back. When I sit on chair or any article & try to get up, for few minutes it is very hard & difficult to get straighten .Sitting on floor & get up is a very serous problem. Dr says that it is the problem in lower limber 5&6, R H S solders also get stiff & it pains when sleeping in night. I do not have any sugar & B.P. Continous sitting is the requirement of my Job.
        In addition to it I have dry gagrane in lower half of my feets & glycoma in my eyes.
        Pl. suggest some suitable Homeopathic treatment.
        Thanking you with regards

    • Hi

      I was diagnosed with circumferntial l4 l5 l5 s1 buldge disc 2 years ago. The symptons are numbness in left arm, shoulder pain, both heels pain and pain lower back and pain in both legs sorness specially bone on the side thigh and buttocks. I recently showed images to a chiro however i was told it is not a buldge disc it is lordosis and i have a arch back.

      I look forward to hear from you

      Many thanks

    • manoj kumar sharma says:

      nameste sir i have back pain since 1year and I have pain my left side hand and leg please sum treatment

    • suparna kar says:

      Iam 37 years old ,i have back pain for 3 mants. Xray report suggest Cervical Sondilitis.the symptoms are in my right shoulder and right hand very pain and pain lower back. please Sir sum treatment .

    • suparna kar says:

      iam 37 yers old .my problem is right side sulder pain .afrer xray the doctor said you have a cervical spon daylitis

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