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Cervical ,Neck pain Treatment- Homeopathy

Neck pain or cervical pain is perhaps one of the most common disorders that are caused by the modern life-style. Lack of exercise, poor posture, prolonged working hours and long driving hours are the primary factors that lead to neck-related disorders. And for some who suffer from chronic neck pain, cold weather adds to their woes.

Homoeopathic treatment of neck pain or cervical pain can provide great relief to the patients as it not only treats the pain but also treats the underlying causes to make sure that pain does not recur.

Although neck pain may be caused by many factors, cervical strain is the most frequent diagnosis. The pain can be severe and can temporarily limit the patient’s everyday activities. This condition is very often (by mistake) thought of as spondylosis. Although both the conditions – strain and spondylosis – are different from each other, their symptoms resemble closely.

Cervical strain affects the muscles of the neck, particularly those at the back of the neck. This straining occurs after an overuse of the muscles – prolonged studying, driving, awkward positions such as cradling the phone between the ear and the shoulder, sitting in a chair that offers no support, or working at an ill-designed computer station or any activity where one has to hold the head in one position for hours.

This actually causes the muscles at the back of the neck to get tired, resulting in pain and stiffness in the back of the neck and at times this pain can also be felt in the shoulders and the back part of the head. When this overuse of muscles is repeated again and again, the pain becomes chronic. This is also called as “repetitive stress injuries”. Pain can also occur due to cervical sprain. Sprain occurs due to trauma to the neck as in whiplash (when the head is suddenly and quickly forced forward and backward) injuries in car accidents, falls and sport injuries.

Another major cause for neck pain is cervical spondylosis. Like other joints, cervical joints tend to deteriorate with age. This includes the wear and tear of the vertebrae, degeneration and herniation of the cushions between the vertebrae (also commonly called as disks). Abnormal growth of the bones also occurs on the vertebrae (cervical bones). These accumulated changes (cervical spondylosis) result in pressure on the nerve root. This results in the symptoms that are produced in spondylosis – neck pain, loss of sensation or abnormal sensation in arms and shoulder, stiffness in neck, episodes of loss of balance, headache at the back side of the head.

The treatment of neck pain with homoeopathy has distinct advantages unlike the conventional system of medicine, it does not suppress the pain symptoms. Homoeopathy treats the underlying condition that is causing pain. For example, if one suffers from pain due to spondylosis, the treatment will be aimed at treating the degenerative changes. Medicine for pain due to the straining of cervical muscles are different from the ones that will treat spondylosis. Further differentiation is also made on the individual variations of symptoms.

Thus homoeopathy customises the treatment based on individuals underlying disorder and symptom. This high level of customisation is what provides homoeopathy an edge in stopping the recurrence by curing the disease. Cervical strain can be very effectively and speedily treated with homoeopathy. The homeopathic treatment of cervical spondylosis require more time as the changes are at the physical level and also have occurred over a long period. The treatment in cervical spondylosis depends upon the extent of damage.

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  1. Pain in neck

  2. Krishna pandit says:

    Cervical neck pain mai homeopathic medicine
    kya medicine hai.plg suggest me



  4. jyoti sharma says:

    sir, my son is 10 years old and he suffers from cough and cold . his nose is sneezing in the morning when he gets up. and when the wheat harvesing month is coming he is feel difficulty in breathing and his cold fell in his lungs and he feel difficulty in breathing doctors says that he suffers from allergy. Is there any treatment of allergy in homopathy and how many months course is this.

  5. neha khetarpal says:

    neck pain, pain in arms and shoulder, stiffness in neck, headache at the back side of the head, sometimes numbness in hand n head.please tell us homeopathy medicine for this problem.

  6. I have severe back pain that has spanned 40 years. I had a low back injury 40 years ago and a broken left tibia and fibula 20 years ago. The rest is fall-out from those.

  7. Krishna Pandit says:

    Dear sir, mai Krishna Pandit. Mai haat se much likhne ka prayas karta hun to right leg mai ghuta ke pass kampaan hota hai.chalne par waist ke pass hichhak hoti hai and jyda jor se loudly bolne par body mai asantulan aa jata hai.
    Plg suggest me and kya medicine lena uchhit ho .main an teacher hun. And ye ghtatna motorcycle se girne ki wajh se hai.

  8. sir mera nam sakman h sir main up unnao se hu mujhe jgangho me fungal infection h maine kafi dawa ki but sahi nhi ho raha h 4 months ho gaya h aap bataye main kya karu ?

  9. Rakesh Ranjan says:

    Dear Sir
    I have pain in my neck in back side..just below neck, on cervical region, while moving the neck. Some cracking sound is also there. Sometimes I feel pain in backbone, just above waist.
    What are these symptoms ?
    Please suggest me some medicine and exercise for this.

    Thank you Sir

  10. Rupali sharma says:

    Neck pain

  11. Mahendra More says:

    Now I am 43 years old.

  12. Mahendra More says:

    My C2 was disloceted at the age of 14-15. I had struck by Quadriplasi. My all limbs were not working .
    I was opperated by a very well known Orthopedic Sergion in India .Now i can perform most of my activity . But usually i feel pain above C2 towards the back side of head . Please tell me what to do.

  13. Kalyan Kumar Roy says:

    Sir, I have been suffering from Cervical Spondylosis since 2002 and got relief after prolonged treatment since 2004. Now I have facing severe neck pain since last 10 days. If you kindly suggest me the treatment I shall be thankful tro you. Thanking you

  14. Sabiha bhatti says:

    Hi Dr,sharma

    I am suffering neck pain for long time nearly 20 years . I have different sort of t treatment to sort out my problem . my neck become tired when I concentrate on anything and cant focuses as well my eyes becomes tired and I feel weak and dizzy also. when I had a MRI DR said about cervical spondylosis I have. I also have IBS for that reason I have to go to the toilet 2 to 3 times in a day while the stool are normal every time I go. I also build a gas in my lower stomach and passes it frequently. please could you tell me which medicine I should take for this reason.

    kind regards
    sabiha bhatti

  15. Col Mohinder Singh says:

    Pain on left side in muscle near the spine from lower back upto middle of back. Back lost curvature.pain also in the centre of bumbs

  16. Dear Dr
    I have suffering from back pain daily at least 1month particularly have pain middle back e.g sholder joint tell me what I do

  17. Suresh kumar says:

    Dr saab i have problem of my back neck side,shoulder,
    And some time pain in my headnear about ear and i m very upset because my pain not still its change some time right shoulder,sometime left and neck and back bone near about neck and when i drive car i feel pain in my back bone 7 to 8 inches lower from neck so please tell me what i do.

  18. Tayo Duduyemi says:

    I was diagnosed for Cervical Spondylosis in 2015 after going through some Xray&test.I was given some drugs& was asked to use Neck Collarfor almost 2months.I later discovered that my right arm became heavy&when I went to see the doctor I was told its the same nek pain that have extended to my arm.How can I treat it finally to end the pains?

  19. Kulvinder Deep Kaur says:

    Dr Sahib …I have a severe backache from my right thigh area till toes from the last one month which occurs generally at night and stays till morning…kindly suggest

  20. Balvinder singh says:

    Sir, I have cervical problem since last 25 years. I am taking homeopathy medicine for the last so many years. Now a days my headache ( back side) has increased and I do not get a sound sleep. I sleep for only 3 to 4 hours . I am diabetic. Albumin is 3+ since last 10 years. Hb is 7.5. Creatinine is 1.5.My age is 63.Some times I feel tired after travelling and doing work. Now back pain has also started which does not allow me do any work.kindly advice the best medicine.I am talking only homeopathy medicines from the from a long time.

  21. p.l.sharma says:

    Sir i in the year2005 dr. Digonosed me for the vertigo and give me vertin 16mg and trinerve capsul for two month and remaid ok January 2017 now again started with giddness revolving things around me and spinning myself in freequenty dr.digonosed me with cervical spondelites this time i am unable to differencate. Now i have cracking sounds in my both ears sometime stiffness in my neck sudden chakars/giddyness spinning saa saa in my ears.kindly suggest me is ther any remedy of my illness in homopathy snd how long time it take.

  22. Nidhi ladani says:

    Hi sir…i have cervical spine injury before 3 month becz of accidnt n than i take bad rest for 2 month now i have same pain in neck n ear so plz give me same home remedies for perment relif

  23. Lakhbir singh says:

    I have cervical spondylotic myelopathy is there any homepathy today hat can treat my case .I have no pain and my tips of fingre and feet numb.

    • Sunil sharma says:

      I have a cervical myelopathy from 3 months is there any homeopathy treat my case.I have no finger are numb.

  24. Hi dctr I got cervical pain c5 c 6 pls help

    • Raghvendrasingh says:

      Sir I am suffering from cervical spondylitis and sexual cervical no pain but rounds tight nerves system .in sex standing power ver low or less and fall in few seconds. Please tell md what medicine we used. Thanks

  25. Dear sir i have been suffering from cervical spondylosis from frour years . I a clerk and have to work on computer. Due to prolong working hours my neak and soulders pain increase always. So please help me.

  26. pushpa reddy says:


  27. Aanchal kukkar says:

    Hello Dr
    M aanchal kukkar .m suffering from sciatica can homeopathy help to cure it. Plz suggest the medicine in ur previous mail u asked my no. It’s 9649460133
    Plz helping suggest the ryt treatment m not able to walk or sit can’t do my daily course.

  28. Mian Rashid Mehmood says:

    Dear Doctor, I am businessman having pain and stiffness in my neck and both shoulders since last six months .Pain has worsened day by day.neruo surjoon says nothing to worry. Only use hot pad , locally enesthise it and use muscles relexent .but no permanent relief. Tingling pain at shoulder. Please suggest medicine.

    • Rajesh kumar says:

      Sir I am 44 year old my name is Rajesh Moga. I have pain in my neck and some sound also occurs.Ihave pain in my arms and both wrists also.I feel it is musclur pain.Pls give me some advice and suggest medicine.

  29. Rini Mahapatra says:

    Dear Sir
    I am a computer professional.because of neck pain I left my job in 2014.Till date the pain is continuing.Done mri ct all are normal. Now having a 4mnths baby. Pain has worsened. Left side neck and shoulder stiffness and pain. Tingling pain at shoulder. Please suggest medicine.

    • SURENDER VIG says:

      Dear sir i have been suffering from cervical spondylosis for 3 years .My neck and back become stiff. I have work on computer for quite some time. Exercises have helped a little. Prolong working makes my neak and back stiff and there is a dull pain in my neck ,upper back and lower back all the times. Please help.

  30. Sir
    My wife suffering with virtigo. Spondolysis and pain on left soulder upper side and neck. Please suggest single medicine .

    • p.l.sharma says:

      Sir i in the year2005 dr. Digonosed me for the vertigo and give me vertin 16mg and trinerve capsul for two month and remaid ok January 2017 now again started with giddness revolving things around me and spinning myself in freequenty dr.digonosed me with cervical spondelites this time i am unable to differencate. Now i have cracking sounds in my both ears sometime stiffness in my neck sudden chakars/giddyness spinning saa saa in my ears.kindly suggest me is ther any remedy of my illness in homopathy and how long time it take.

  31. Good evening!
    I need help! i have neck right pain. burnig,bearing. i want to move for relief.Another sympton is watery stool in the morning. I received nux vom 30c. Stool is better. But pain in the neck is strong. Pain in the neck and along spine and right shoulder(upper part).
    Thack you.
    S. Peterburg. Russia

  32. Mrs Raghavan says:

    How could I get hold of this pain relivieng medicine, Iam suffering from chronic neck and Cervical pain for the last 2 years,


  33. Neelima Misra says:

    When I sit in air-conditioned room or car within 15 min I feel my nose is blocked head and back have pain until I don’t take any antibiotic and painkiller .

  34. I have degenerative disk disease c4 c5. Is there anything to help me?

  35. Ratnakar Rout says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am 53 years old and suffering from mild neck pain and pain and tingling in my shoulder and upper part of the right hand since 18 th. July,2014.I have been detected with slightly high blood sugar for last 3 months. I have done the X Ray but nothing adverse found.I am not able to write. When i start writing ,i am getting stiffness in my muscle in right hand shoulder. Besides,the pain is continuing all along. Painkiller works momentarily. kindly suggest the medicines for permanent cure.Thanking you . Your’s sincerely.
    Ratnakar Rout

  36. Vaibhav Mathur says:

    Dr saab Pl suggest the homeopathic medicine to get rid of this irritative neck pain and wat all is written in the article is very useful information. pl suggest a medicine for relief.

  37. Sir im suffering from severe cervical pain im talking many painkillers but they r not working at all I need ur help plz recommend any medicine I’ll be greatful

  38. Rishi kumar says:

    3/4 days before pain in my nack snowly but aftet 2 hour is storng pian speakless . Sir plz suggest to me can i do for this pain .

  39. Rosalyn Paul says:

    I have pain in the base neck going 2 inches down the back on the left side. It goes across the shoulder and down to the elbows. It feels like pain. Sometimes it is intense. I was told I have arthritus per the X rays. I had cortizone on the right size and it is about 50 percent better. Ice helps sometimes and a hot shower temporarily helps.

    I am 93.

    Stretches given by the the physical therapist helps a little.

    Is there a homopathic I can use

  40. dr.piyush gujarathi says:

    good evening sir,
    1 of the my pt. female ,30, suffering from neck pain,,jerk injury1 year old , rt hand pain, and giddiness. i suggested MRI …. SO FINDINGS OF MRI IS MINIMAL FLUID COLLECTION IN SUBACROMIAL SUBDELTOID BURSA
    so plz sir suggest the diagnosis and homoeopathic treatment
    Thanking you

  41. Prashant vyas says:

    I have pain of neck,from last two three months, like freeze neck,freeze back of head and little pain of shoulders also, after wake up in morning stiffness is more,i can move my neck easily any direction but it feels muscles becomes so hard like,also my eyes sleepy whole day,please suggest homeopathy treatment.ok

  42. Prashant vyas says:

    I have pain of neck,from last two three months, like freeze neck,freeze back of head and little pain of shoulders also, after wake up in morning stiffness is more,i can move my neck easily any direction but it feels muscles becomes so hard like,also my eyes sleepy whole day,please suggest homeopathy treatment.

  43. Biswajeet Paul says:

    I have been suffering cervical pain (left side of the neck and head). I am taking Mag Phos 6 four granules thrice in a day. It gives me quite relax…… what should I do.

  44. severe aatack of neck pain and vertigo one week before menses.accompanied by severe vomiting.more of regurgitation forcible .

  45. KEWAL KRISHAN says:

    Pain from neck to hand in right side mainly,Some times pain in left shoulder. My nerves are very weak.

  46. irshad khan says:

    Tingling in left fingers pain in back neck along spine in left arm. MRI shows narrowing of spine in c6 -c7 region.kindly tellme medicine

  47. anita jain says:

    Upper back pain …had MRI scan that shows cervical.

  48. shahid khan says:

    i am suffering from sciatica pain for the last 4 weeks on my left side.initially i started alupathy where doctor gave me zeegap starting from 25mg to 75mg,but no releif.then i started with homeopathy,now it is almost 2 weeks without relief.i am regular sportsman and used to play golf daily,but now i am on rest.i am 53 year old.request advise,it is confirm sciatica as seen by x-ray with nerve compressed.

  49. Deepak Bhasin says:

    I have been experiencing pain in my neck whiich travels to the shoulder and of late experience numbness in my fingers of my hand and feet with tingling sensation followed by pain at times. The doctors have got a CT scan done and advised micro invasive surgery called aminoplasty. can there be a homeopathic treatment to address the problem. I am currently in the USA.

  50. Swati Srivastava says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am a housewife , Suffering from right hand pain starting from middle of palm and spread to whole arm, shoulder joint and neck …

    Kindly suggest is it possible that homeopathy can help me?

    regards & thanks,

  51. h mullick says:

    Feeling pain at lower neck for a few day. It appears at long interval suddenly during breathing exercise. origin point seems to be below the top of the backbone. the some times changes its place. Radiation towards upper neck sometimes towards left shoulder. relief after hot compression. I took Rhus Tox 30 4/5 doses. result not satisfactory. Please suggest.

  52. Kimberly Torres says:

    June 2012, I had acdf surgery. After surgery completely pain free for up to 4 months, then same pain in between shoulders and right side of neck,muscle spasms. No relief with pt or with muscle relaxers. I cannot take ansaids due to bleeding issues. I had an mri & cat scan done to see if the triple fusion had indeed fused. 4-5,5-6 had fused but 6-7 has not, so now I am back in pt/ and wearing a tens unit at night & a bone stimulator 4 hrs per day thru july. I have been doing this for weeks now, no relief in pain. Please help.

  53. ANIL KAPOOR says:

    For the last 10 days i am suffering from neck pain ( the centre point is near rt shoulder blade) to my elbow with stiffness, swelling at elbow. Sever pain is there. I took spigelia 2 dose of 10M. Could not found any relief. My job includes 7 hrs computer working. Kindly suggest

  54. mitu agarwal says:

    my uncle hv sm paralise prob & cervical prob. & for this prob his suffring neck pain. he do net wear spects on his not movement proprly of his body parts..

  55. anjum farooq says:

    sir i have pain in neck and feel my nerves very tens .and in this conditin i loose my temper kindly help me

  56. KK Sharma says:

    Hello Dr., I have problem of neck pain. two days back i had pain in my neck. To overcome that I put a roll of cloth below the neck while sleeping and slept. When i tried to get up in the morning, i could not, because i was feeling heavy giddiness and every thing was rotating, i felt back on th bed. after sometime slowly i could get up. now since than i feel same when i try to liedown on the bed and getup. any sudden movement of body makes me feel giddiness. Pl advise.

  57. mahendra kumar ameria says:

    I have been told by doctor that i have inguianal hernia left side initial stage.can homeopathy cure this.

  58. Khalid ijaz from pakistan says:

    Sir my name is khalid ijaz and i have survical pain for the last 4 months and the xray shows some osteophytes has developed in vertebre. Sir i am very upset my age is 46 yrs old

  59. hi
    I am having neck pain from past 5days it started from riighy side from morning itself and then next day left side and now i am having entire side of neck i just cant sleep it get nvrease in night pls suggest which medicine should i go for it and how.

    Thank u
    Wasim khan


  61. nasir imran says:

    I have neck pain / cervical spine. What Homeopathic Medicines should I use for neck pain? Best regards.Thanking you.

  62. I have recently develped spondolysis and there is dull pain in the neck. Doctors have suggested exercises but they say it can be done only after pain subsides. But, I have constant dull pain. Sometimes, I feel Ok but sometimes I feel stiffness.

  63. Prithvi Raj says:

    Iam 52 years old and working in Bank. Iam suffering from Back Pain in the dorsal region as well as throasic region since two year back.The problem has accelarated from 8 month back. However iam getting treatment from Forts Hospital Noida and also taking homeopatic treatment with little benefit.
    Kindly suggest me.


  65. Muhammad Yousaf says:

    Sir, I am from pakistan, kindly advise me a treatment (medicine name) for servical spondylosis, which available in our country. thanks

  66. i got a pain on my abdomen for 2 1/2 weeks now and i aint pregnant any advice and also i get a lot of back pains

  67. preeti trehan says:

    i have cervical pain with seviour hand and leg pain with blocked nerves of leg and hands i get acidity and head pain also after geeting malish done i feel better but its very painful suggest for good treatment

  68. i feel i have all kinds of pain. every now and then i feel pain in back, around kideney area, fivrish jus anytime suddenly .. major part is i have had neck pain since 12 yrs now.. no1 has been able to tell me anything jus suggest sum or other kind of medicines.. since 12 years when pain is out of control i have been taking combiflam . recently over 6-8 months, i have noticed pain specificaly hapens jus 2-3 days before periods and ends as soon as periods starts or atleast is minimum. rest entire month its fine. I end up eating 5-6 painkillers in a month and get different responses from many people about geting hearing problem or hair loss or kidney issues etc cause of painkilers.. I am so confused. i always feel low exhausted with 0 energy. pain can start or increase on eating raw onion, spicy stuff, pickles sauce, lemon, karela or may be at times simple gas or acidity can get neck pain start. so besicaly anything hapens neck is first target and then rets of the body. PLzz help i m tired of this pain over 12 yrs now. 1. imp question, how bad is contribution of painkiller to my body or could b for future if on an avgerage i eat 5-6 in a month?

  69. SAMIR BOSE says:


  70. Kindly let me know the authentic/best homeopathic doctor/specialist of cervical problems in pakistan

  71. sanjay thakar says:


  72. sanjay thakar says:

    cervicle spndolysis since last one and half year head ach,both soldier pain,backpain vertigo during morning walk with un balance of body during whole day combiflam and brufen taking during heavy pain when i drive two wheeler wearing cervicle hard/soft coller doctor saheb please suggest me homoepathic medicine for this

  73. Vrushali M Patne says:

    I had not got spondylosis but where I was working there I was alone & so I always stare at the computer for long time & suddenly I realised that my neck is moving instantly at only my left side & I can’t stop it. This problem I have from May 2008 & I had tried lot of homeopathy & everything but still they are not able to cure me. So Please Suggest me some exercise or something so that I will be able to be free from this problem.
    Please help him. Now I can’t take it any more.

  74. liaqat khan says:

    i m suffering from neck pain since 2007.this was very valuable information about neck pain.i would like to know the best homeopathy doctor in pakistan.i am from peshawar.thanks

  75. bijoy shankar bikuj says:

    pain in right hand from shoulder to wrist, joints effected,

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